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24th September 2006, 10:06 PM
OK, everybody! We're finally ready to get this RPG started!


I'd like to first say thank you all for joining. Currently, we have fourteen players ready to get started, and any new candidates are more than welcome to join in. Just fill out the form and we'll add you to the game.

With that having been said, here's a recap of what's happened so far. Get ready...

An RPG by Blademaster and Houndoom_Lover

It was long ago...

Jump City was a city like no other, larger and more prosperous than anywhere else in the country. Silvery skyscrapers reaching high into the sky, towering over the much smaller houses and apartment complexes like guardians, sturdy and stoic as they stood proudly against the crystal-blue sky behind them. It was quite a majestic sight, one which millions of people called home...

But what really made Jump City stand out were its five defenders - a group that many would call the most unlikely heroes of all...

...Beast Boy, a wisecracking, peabrained youth with a big heart and a passion for video games, capable of changing into any animal he wished...

...Raven, a shy and snidely sarcastic young woman with a penchant for peril - and psychokinetic powers like none other...

...Cyborg, a street-smart bio-mechanical bruiser with a heart of gold - and a treasure trove of high-tech weaponry at his disposal...

...Starfire, the lovable alien princess with powers of flight and super strength, much like a certain other alien superhero of fame...

...And, of course, Robin the Boy Wonder, a steel-nerved martial arts master with years of training under the Dark Knight himself...

These five superheroes, known collectively as the Teen Titans, guarded Jump City from countless forces of evil... The maniacally manipulative mind reader Brother Blood, the dark lord Trigon, the Brotherhood of Evil, and the evil genius Slade, to name but a few. Countless times villians such as these would arise to terrorize the citizens of Jump City, and countless times the Titans would unite and halt their evil plans...

Until one fateful day...

A sinister psychopath known only as Tetanus arrived with the intent to take over Jump City, as many of his predecessors had. A retired super-secret agent with an IQ exceeding 200, Tetanus did not strike his nemeses outright. With precision and skill that far surpassed any other marksman, he instead hunted down the Titans one by one, terminating them swiftly and with virtually no effort. In a single night, Tetanus had infiltrated Titans Tower, breached the security systems, and slain all but one Titan.

The single surviving Titan was Starfire, whose alien body was impervious to the cyanide injections Tetanus had slain her teammates with - in fact, cyanide had an energy-boosting effect on her, and upon being injected, she immediately awoke and fled to alert her teammates, only to find them dead. Emotionally shattered, Starfire flew into a fit of rage and mercilessly beat and killed Tetanus. After coming to her senses and realizing what she'd done, the poor alien girl lost it; she fled Jump City - and quite possibly Earth altogether - and hasn't been seen since...

With the Titans gone, Jump City dissolved into chaos. Villians both minor and major united and quickly took over the city. Most of Jump City's citizens fled, while others remain trapped within the city's walls, attempting to eke out an existence under the rule of tyrannical supervillians hoping to use the city's resources to acquire... more... The bright and majestic Jump City has been long lost; in its place now stands the dark and dismal Doom City...

This all happened long ago...

Now, three decades later, supervillians have come and gone; the current 'council' of villians ruling the city has come to be known as the Legion of Despair. Few have ever seen them, for once the Legion called to have an audience with a man, he usually would not be leaving... ever.

And thus, Doom City has existed in near-total darkness for thirty years, expanding and swallowing surrounding cities, growing larger and more powerful as the Legion drew its plans for total domination; they are close to completion...

But just as light cannot exist without darkness, darkness in turn cannot exist without light...

And now, some thirty years later, a new group of unlikely superheroes will rise - a point of light in the darkness. Five new heroes have joined together, taking back and re-establishing the long-abandoned Titans Tower. They have united in hopes of liberating Doom City...

Once they get their priorities in order, that is.

The Teen Titans are long gone...

When there's trouble, who can you call now?

The I-Squad!

Current players:


1. Enigma (Blademaster)
2. Wiggly (Houndoom_Lover)
3. Dark Angel (Dark Sage)
4. Daylight (Asilynne)
5. Sting (Ghost)

Legion of Despair

1. Nargel (Waves_of_Darkness)
2. Moui Akumu (Tsuki Megami)
3. Monte Carlo (Mystic_clown)
4. Blizzard (envoy of time)
5. [Open]

Other Characters

1. Stasis (Heald) - Villian
2. Rune (Crystal Tears) - Neutral
3. Agni (Prof. JB Wolf) - Hero
4. Wyvern (The_Missing_Link) - Heroine
5. Abaris (Shadow Djinn) - Neutral

Now, LSU's if you'll please fill out the form that follows, we'll be glad to add you to the game! :cool:

(NOTE: If it isn't obvious (Which it probably is, but I'll say it anyway.), each player can only have one character.)

Name: (the nickname of your character, obviously)
Age: (how old you are [or approximately are])
Gender: (male or female)
Role: (I-Squad member, Legion of Pain member, minor villian, minor good guy, or other [Please specify 'other.'])
Appearance: (height, weight, costume, physical features... the usual)
Personality: (What is he/she like?)
History: (any relevant details about your character's past)
Power(s): (What can he/she do? Be fair - I don't want everyone running around with every power under the Sun! One broad-sprectrum power or a few minor ones is fine.)
Known Weakness(es): (Superman had his kryptonite, The Hulk had anger management, Aquaman had anyplace outside an aquarium... What do you have?)
Other: (anything else you may want to add about your character [Optional])

As for the current players, don't forget your sign-ups, either! They're all here:


Here's mine:

Name: Enigma
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Role: I-Squad Leader
Appearance: 6'1", 205 pounds. Caucasian. Shaggy black hair, blue eyes. Wears a red bodysuit with a navy-blue crotch and rings the same color around the shoulders, as well as black boots and gloves. The only form of 'mask' he wears is a goggle-like orange visor over his eyes.
Personality: Enigma, despite his status as the I-Squad's leader and founder, is in truth one of the most unlikely heroes of all. Rude, crude, lewd, lazy, and violent, Enigma never seems to be in a good mood, except when he's hitting on his girlfriend and teammate, Wiggle Wonder (AKA 'Wiggly').
History: Enigma was born with a rare genetic defect that rendered him virtually helpless the first seven years of his life. Day after day, he remained in a vegetative state, his unstable genes threatening to dissolve at any second. It's a miracle he lasted as long as he did, but he lasted in his sad, pitiful state day after day, until the disaster struck... His home town was victimized by a near-Earth disaster similar to the infamous Tunguska Event of Siberia. The intense blast, whose origins are still unknown, wiped out the entire town and its inhabitants, save for one boy... Somehow, the cosmic radiation from the blast strengthened the boy's unstable cells instead of destroying them, giving him mobility and true consciousness - in exchange for most of his cellular stability. He was powerful, yet totally unstable - much like plutonium. Homeless and experiencing abrupt transformations at odd intervals, the boy lived on the streets for years, an outcast and a freak. Eventually, the strange young man began to display some form of control over his abilities, and after several more years, he seemed in total mastery of them, but not before his cruel life robbed him of most of his good qualities - he no longer felt the need for things such as modesty, sympathy, and friendship. He couldn't even remember his name anymore, and so he adopted a new title that reflected his mysterious past and unpredictable powers: Enigma. More than likely, Enigma would've become a villian, but when the nomadic shapeshifter arrived in Doom City, something deep in his mind triggered; memories of the people he lost all those years ago - memories of his own time on the street with little chance of survival - came flooding back. Long-repressed memories returned to him, the changeling decided to use his powers to try and give this city what he himself never had: a chance for a real life.
Power(s): Enigma is a shapeshifter, capable of metamorphosizing any part of himself into anything else. Though he cannot replicate living tissue, he can transform into inanimate objects very easily and with quite a bit of creativity. Because of this, Enigma doesn't really have a definite form - the above-mentioned form is merely his favorite. However, some part of him must remain human, or else he'll be stuck in inanimate form forever.
Known Weaknesses: Though Enigma does have something of a weakness to beautiful women, his true Achilles heel is electricity - though he can utilize electricity with his powers, if caught off-guard and shocked, his unstable cells react violently to electricity: They essentially scramble temporarily, causing Enigma great pain and discomfort as well as draining most of his energy. Repeated electrocution can prove fatal to him.
Other: A running gag that will likely pop up a lot is Enigma's 'healthy libido' when around Wiggly - and the fact that he always fails in attaining what he desires, usually due to Wiggly's cluelessness or outside interference.

Now, before I get this RPG started, a few quick reminders:

This RPG is rated T for Teen, so if you're offended by violence, heavy swearing, and the occasional sexual implication, then go play a different RPG, you sissy. ;)

Also, if you wish to join the game, but you have little to no creative skills, fear not! Pre-made characters are ready and waiting! Simply PM me for a few made-up heroes or Houndoom_Lover for a couple of choices of villians, take your pick, and then you can take it from there!

LSU's are still being accepted for the final Legion of Despair member, and minor villians and heroes are always welcome.

Now, I hate to be a pill, but I'd like to lay down a few ground rules before we begin:

1. You all joined this game, so I expect you to stick with it and actually post every now and then. If you're gone for like three weeks with no explanation, well... we can't guarantee that you're character will remain in the game, so please remember to post every so often!
2. I know some of you (I won't name names.) like to post a lot, but please, control yourselves. Every other post can't be yours, you know. Posting often is fine, but don't be involved in everything at once, OK?
3. Posts should have at least a little substance. No one-liners and two-liners - you should be doing something of some merit if you're posting. A paragraph or two is good enough; more, as they say, is better.
4. Lastly, though something of a no-brainer, I'll say it anyway: Keep the general RPG rules in mind, OK? I don't want Kalah, Roy, Tsukasa, or whoever else yelling at me.

Understand? Good... I hope I'm not scaring anybody away with all this stuff. :sweat:

Oh, and one last thing.

I don't dislike the Teen Titans in the least, in case you're wondering why they're all dead. I am a huge fan of the Titans, and I wasn't happy about having to get rid of them, but I was aiming for a somewhat darker RPG/storyline that was set in the Teen Titans world; this is the only reasonable idea H_L and I could come up with...

However, even though the Teen Titans themselves are long gone, this is still a Teen Titans-inspired RPG, so don't be scared of goofing off like in the anime - the members of the I-Squad and the people playing them are (mostly) a bunch of teenagers, after all - they aren't too serious. Whatever you do here, just have fun; go nuts (Not too nuts!) - the only time I expect any seriousness is in battle or some other such dire circumstances... Use your own judgment.

With all that having been said, let's (finally) begin...



The Moon hung low over Doom City that night, its pale glow casting a grey light over the city, mixing with the dim light of poorly-maintained streetlights and burning refuse inside trash cans and dumpsters, coating most of the downtown area in a dim, yellowish glow. Shadows danced around each and every corner, all of which looked relatively harmless to the untrained eye.

The citizens of Doom City, however, knew better - any sudden movement or soft noise from the shadows usually meant big trouble for any unfortunate soul nearby. Over the years, thousands of muggings, rapes, and homicides had occured across the sleeping city, such that any smart person in Doom City would make damn sure to get home to 'safety' before nightfall. Only the extremely brave - or the suicidal - wandered the streets at night unprotected anymore...

Somewhere in downtown Doom City, however, there was one such person. He stood about six feet tall, though most of his form was concealed by a long black cloak, black pants, boots, and gloves. A fedora hid much of his face, which was lowered and hidden behind thick sunglasses.

He was not suicidal, though he had cursed his existence more than a few times over the course of his life, but he wasn't extremely brave either...

In all honesty, he wandered the streets because he simply didn't care what happened to him - he welcomed any potential threat.

'I need a drink.' he thought, his dark form seemingly slipping in and out of the shadows.

The gothic figure knew most people in Doom City wouldn't be open at night, but a choice handful had enough protection to afford to stay open at night - if anyone came and threatened such a business, the fool would be shot and left on the curb for the dogs.

One such place, rather infamously known as Sam's Pit, was not too far away; that was where the black-clad rogue was cureently heading.

Knowing a shortcut to his destination, the dark man entered an alley and made his way through a series of twisting back alleys. To some, they looked like a black maze of no return; to this man, they were like his own hallway. He turned another corner...

And then, he stopped. Behind his shades, his eyes darted from side to side; several snickers and wicked laughs reached his ears.

'Oh, shit...' he thought - not in fear or concern for himself, but merely out of irritation.

One by one, several tall, lanky figures stepped out of the shadows. They each wore scuffed sneakers, tattered jeans and black, long-sleeved shirts. Several of them had mohawks and multiple piercings; others were bald and/or heavily tattooed. Each one of them carried a weapon - knives, bats, chains, pipes, and more. One shorter one looked like he was carrying a broken chair leg.

"Well, well, well, boys..." the tallest one and most heavily tattooed one said. "Looks like we've got ourselves a visitor..."

"Heh heh heh heh heh..." a shorter one chuckled. "Nice duds, pal... You must be pretty loaded to afford threads like that."

"I agree." a third punk chipped in, swinging a chain in his hand. "Hey, brother, can you spare a few bucks so we can buy clothes like that, too?"

"Great idea, Backlash." the leader said, removing a switchblade from his pocket and taking a step towards the mysterious intruder. "Whattaya say, pal? You feel like bein'..."



The punks took a few steps towards the man.

Under his fedora, however, he smiled.

"Hell," he said just loud enough for the lead punk to hear, "why not? I could use a little entertainment..."

With that, the man held out his right hand, snapping his thumb and middle finger together.

As his fingers scraped past one another, a spark jumped from his thumb, erupting into a flame that sat perched atop his raised thumb like it was a lighter...

The lead punk's smile vanished; his eyes widened.

The dark man raised his lit thumb to his mouth and opened his lips slightly...

"Oh, shit." the lead punk gasped.

The dark man exhaled...


The lead punk screamed as the flame atop the man's thumb erupted into a stream of intense flames that slammed right into his face, knocking him to the ground. He slammed headfirst into the ground, unconscious before he even realized his eyebrows, eyelashes, and mohawk were gone.

The remaining punks looked down in shock at their fallen leader; they looked at the man who'd just ignited him.

And then, they panicked.

"Shit, it's Enigma!" the chain-weilding punk yelped.

"Cheese it!" another one hollered.

Before the cloaked man, now identified as Enigma, could choose another target, they were gone, leaving their leader unconscious in the alley behind him.

'Spineless bastards...' Enigma thought, glaring down at the hairless leader. 'Good to see they're so loyal to one another...'

With that, Enigma continued on his way, making sure to take a step on the lead punk's stomach as he went.


OOC: OK, I'd say that's enough for now - our loveable anti-hero, Enigma, needs a little time alone (as usual), so if anyone just wants to pick things up back at the I-Squad Tower, the Legion HQ, or somewhere else in the city, then go on.

And let me know if I forgot anything important - this is my first RPG, remember.

Have fun! :wave:

Dark Sage
24th September 2006, 10:36 PM
[B][size=3][color=violet]Dark Angel

Not all parts of Doom City were doom and gloom. Some parts of it were somewhat bright.

The entertainment district was rather bright, if not flashy - and gaudy. You could find a good time here if you could afford it. Of course, in a city ruled by evil, this part of it catered to base instincts. Prostitution and gambling were the main attractions, as were other X-rated establishments...

Monte Carlo knew what the upper crust wanted, and he gave it to them.

Under the flashing neon, as the call girls consorted with riffraff, a cloaked form wandered down the street. She seemed out of place, dressed all in black, the outfit made into a midriff and a skirt covered by a hood and cape.

As she passed by two young men, one of them whistled.

"Hey," said one of them. "I didn't know the Goth look was in."

She didn't look at them. It would be better to just keep on going.

"Come on babe," said the other. "You buying or selling?"

Her eyes glowed with a dim light. They were following.

"Go, away..." she said.

"Oh, a tough one..." said one of them.

And then he slapped her on the behind.


That was a mistake.

She glared at them, her eyes burning with fire.

"Aw shit, Mark..." said one of them.

The girl raised her arm, and the two thugs were enveloped in pure darkness. She clenched her fists, and they were lifted off the ground.

"Don't kill us!" begged one of them. "We'll do anything..."

"You'll do anything?" asked the girl. "You two work for Monte Carlo, right?"

They nervously nodded.

"We're just a pair of two-bit bouncers for his casino, but..." started one of them.

"Try to give him a message," said the girl. "Tell him that Dark Angel wants to meet with him for a friendly chat. No fighting, no strings attached, nothing serious... I just want to have a friendly chat. Can you do that?"

They nodded nervously.

"Good..." she said.

She unclenched her fist and they dropped to the ground.

A dark portal opened, and Dark Angel vanished into it, leaving them shivering in fear.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

It seems that Dark Angel has a strange agenda. What is it? Message to Monte Carlo... The ball is in your court.

envoy of time
24th September 2006, 11:03 PM
Role:Legion of Despair
Appearance:Tall,slim,some what muscular build.Has snow white skin and hair and Ice blue eyes.Wears a sky blue ninja robe,bandanna and and face scarf.
Personality:Usually stays in his lair(Huge ice tower,kinda hard too miss)Very Smart with icy wit,loves too play games with his opponents.Usually sarcastic to every one he meets.
History:Trained since birth in the art of ninjas, he was trained to be an expert assassin.Fulfilling his masters wishes he became a world class gun for hire.After knocking off an important cryotechnition he suffered an accident that gave him control over ice.Made Twice as deadly from the accident he decided to get into the super villaining business.After seeing his talents first hand The Legion couldn't take him in fast enough.He now has his own section of doom city in an icy grip.Spends his time hunting remaining citizens,and playing chess with the chess computer unit he stole earlier.
Powers:As stated above he can control ice,and is twice as deadly because of it.He uses said powers to craft himself an unlimited supply of weapons.Using every ninja trick in the book.
Weakness:Although extremely usefull his acedent left him with one flaw,he's very susceptible to heat and fire.He had his suit fire proofed because of this but after being seriously burned he is a little pyrofobic.

The East side of Doom City had very few residents because it was the area that housed the the second in comand of the Legion of Despair, Blizzard.His lair was a tall structior made of ice.Inside was many items he claimed before his rebirth as he called it.The man in question was in the heart of the building, Seated in front of a communication monitor talking to his his private spy.

"So the one called Dark Angel wants a meeting with Monte Carlo eh?Good work Crystal,keep me posted of any further developments."He told the blond haired girl on the screen before shutting it off.I do believe Nargel will be interested in this he thought to him self reaching into his robe to pull out a small stone.

I think that's enough for me thanks.

Shadow Djinn
24th September 2006, 11:57 PM
Name: Abaris
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Role: Other: Neutral
Appearance: Standing at 6'1, Abaris has long blue hair, usually tied in a boyish ponytail. His main outfit is a black coat, though slightly oversized for him. On his left hand he has a black fingerless glove, while on the other a white fingerless glove. A leather belt adorns his waist, adorned with various things (among them, smoke and flash bombs) that he uses in a sticky situation. He's relatively thin, and many mistake him for a drug dealer at times. He usually has a dagger upon his person in strange hiding places that he uses from time to time. One of his eyes are blue while the other is green. A white scarf also usually decorates his neck, usually pulled up to his mouth.
Personality: Abaris is calm, but dislikes taking orders from anyone. He's an incredibly good actor, he uses various personalities to fit the situation, quick to adapt and assimilate such appropriate behaviors. If something excites him he is outgoing about it, and though his powers are destructive, he is usually quite passive unless forced not to be. Though he doesn't like to be bothered (mainly the reason why he posseses no teammate or sidekick), he's been known to help both the I-Squad and Legion of Pain from time to time, but usually regrets it after. He's incredibly frustrated with his random inability to control his powers, and sometimes destroys random things in a fit of anger.
History: Before he took the name Abaris, his name was Long, and simply Long. He and his parents lived in a strange city called Paradise City, though it was anything but. Crime was rampant, and the police were corrupt. Though his parents tried to hide it from him, he saw it all, and he slowly grew angrier. When he was 12 his parents were killed in a grocery store when it was raided, though Long did not know until a week after it occured. In sheer anger, he unleashed his powers, blowing up his house (though he was strangely unaffected but injured his hand), and he met the Justice Riders, a team of superheroes that saved him from the crumbling house and took them to their base. For two years he trained with them, usually with the leader who had similar powers. However, when the tallest building in the city, a skyscraper built long ago was under attack when they were in it, the Justice Riders chose to flee instead of saving innocent people. While Long left with them, he slowly realized they weren't the real heroes he aspired to be, and left for Jump City. Along the way he gathered his thoughts and realized heroes weren't the right path, nor was becoming a villian. He bought new clothes and found a reclusive hideout in the city to hone his powers, until the battle between the I-Squad and the Legion of Pain erupted, when he realized that such things weren't going to save people, and set out to do it himself. His thoughts are warped at times, and his objectives change constantly, confusing poeple as to where his loyalties lie. Knowing the Justice Riders also roam the city of Jump somewhere, he seeks to find them and make them pay for his actions, but has no luck so far.
Power(s): Abaris' main power is to create explosions. Such is done by forming a fiery orb in his palm before hurling it-- wherever it lands is where the explosion starts. Usually the larger the orb the larger area the explosion covers, but distance is incredibly hard to judge, especially with Abaris. He usually likes to create small orbs consistently and hurl them, but his powers can sometimes go out of control, and form a much larger explosion then he intended. Aside from that, with deep concentration Abaris can be protected from explosions and flames of any sort for several moments, whcih he usually calls 'Flare Coat.' However, this is incredibly taxing on his body and his energy, sometimes resulting in a pain splitting headache just from using it for a second.
Known Weakness(es): Abaris' hand injury (his left) makes it difficult at time to use his powers. Also, he is easily affected by memories, he can break down at times if he sees or is reminded of something he had done in the past, which makes him lose all control of his powers. Water and ice are also easy counterattacks to his powers. If ice or pretty much any substance touches his hands when he's using his powers, he usually loses them for about 10 hours, which is only from just a nick of contact. Full contact results in a 24 hour loss of his powers, which can make him very vulnerable.
Other: He's also called 'Ao' at times. I may refer to him as Ao occasionally.

Abaris - Long - Neutral

Abaris scowled as he paced along the streets of Doom city, gloves stuffed in his black coat. His eyes swiveled constantly, just waiting for an attacker to get sent flying by a mysterious explosion...

You shouldn't be here. His bland concious suddenly interjected.

He knew he shouldn't.

The east side of Doom City was known to be ruled by a mysterious man simply called 'Blizzard.' Such a name made Abaris shiver, but he knew one thing.

If there was a place being ruled by a villian, that villian had to be strong. And if he was strong, he was bound to be part of the Legion of Despair.

And, he deduced, there'll be a certain few people most likely with him.

Certain people Ao liked to call the Justice Riders.

A scowl flitted across his face as he ducked down an alley, looking around for a door of some sort. There were always bars in some discreet location. Discreet was good -- that mean there was information. And usually a lot of it.

At the very end of the alley he saw a small door -- painted brick red like the building to camoflauge it. This sounded close enough.

He paced towards the door briskly, reaching slowly for the handle.

His gloves grasped it, and he began to pull...

" Hey there junior." Abaris turned, not bothering to hide the annoyance he felt at the sudden interruption.

He saw a blue haired man in a leather jacket, holding up a baseball bat rather menacingly. He was slightly taller then Ao, and at least double his size.

It didn't really matter.

Abaris didn't bother to reply, coolly extending a sleeve covered arm, forming a fiery red orb that quickly swelled in size.

The bat-wielding man frowned, stepping back, but brandishing his cruel weapon all the same.

" Wait a sec, what're you -- "

A small explosion lit the air as the man flew into a wall with a strangled cry, landing among a couple of discarded boxes. Abaris walked through the smoke, the flaring red aura he erected quickly dissipating. He charged another orb, much smaller this time, and held it outward, glancing down calmly as he spoke.

" Know someone named Blizzard?"

" Y-yea. He told me to watch out for a guy named Engima..'sat you?"

Ao allowed himself a hollow laugh.

" No. Engima's a teenager whose trying to play hero. He probably smells too, damn shapeshifters. But that's not the point."

The orb grew slightly bigger.

" Tell me something about Blizzard."

The man's eyes grew wider, he frantically looked around, but saw no one.

" W-well. I've never met him in person. But I heard he can control ice and --"

" Oh, really?" Abaris replied blandly, kneeling down.

The boy's eyes flared as the orb grew bigger.

" Do please stop playing around. Where can I find this man?"

" I don't know. Like I said...I-I've never met him. Who are you?"

A sigh escaped the boy's lips.

For the second time that night, an explosion lit the ally, and for the second time, a scream echoed throughout the night sky.

A boy left the alley, red aura brimming around him, gloves tucked into his coat.

He hurled another flaming orb into the air, large in size, brimming with energy.

What was somewhat like a red firework lit the air, as the creator smirked.

" Come on out Blizzard..."

In case anyone missed the other, I refer to Abaris as Ao from time to time (as I had planned to call him, but Abaris is more power-y...). In any case, I'm callin' you out Blizzard! It's your cue.

25th September 2006, 12:23 AM
Name: Monte Carlo
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Role: Legion of Pain
Appearance: He’s tall, standing at about 5’87’’ with a lean, yet toned build. He has short-ish dark brown hair and electric blue eyes which are usually full of life. He’s quite a handsome man.

As for his outfit, he wears a white undershirt, a red vest and a black coat with red cufflinks shaped like a heart and diamond (heart on the left, diamond on the right). He wears black pants with red patches shaped like a spade and club on each knee (spade on the left, clubs on the right), shiny white shoes, white gloves and a red bow tie. He sometimes carries a cane with him.
Personality: Even though he’s a villain, Monte Carlo’s pretty upbeat, always in for a good time. He treats life as if it’s a game and loves to toy with his enemies, not really taking much seriously. He prefers spending his time on doing his favourite things, gambling, listening to Jazz and singing to Jazz. He’s awfully courteous for a villain.
History: He had always loved games of chance and card games, even as a little boy. His parents were worried he’d develop a gambling problem, but this wasn’t the case. He enjoyed it, but it didn’t become a habit, also he was pretty good. He often attended casinos, winning tons of cash and holding parties. It was during one of these parties he found the devil dice in his attic, while searching for some dice. Needless to say, the party turned out to be a disaster, when he accidentally summoned a demon. This however changed nothing in his lifestyle, except for the fact that he now always carried the devil dice on him. The incident however attracted the attention of a member of the Legion and contacted him, asking him to join. Realizing how much power his dice can give him, he agreed. Years afterwards and Monte Carlo now controls the entertainment district of Doom City (his favourite place is, you guessed it, the casino).
Power(s): His devil dice. He throws them and, depending on the number rolled, a demon is summoned. Depending on the number of the dice, the demon has varying strength. Since there’s about 18 demons in all (there’s three dice), he’s forced to carry a list naming them all. He also has the power of calling them back by snapping his fingers, mainly so no one else can use them.
Known Weakness(es): His dice act as a double edged sword, for example, if he rolled a really low number (1 being the lowest) the demon summoned could be very weak. Also, apart from his die, Monte Carlo himself isn’t anything special.
Other: He has a bit of interest in Daylight (hope you don’t mind).

Monte Carlo
"Hmmm, so Dark Angel wants to meet me huh?"

The two bouncers before him nodded timidly. Monte leaned his head on his hand, wondering whether or not to accept. It was pretty interesting that one of those 'heroes' wanted to have a little talk all of a sudden, but then again, this whole thing smelled like a trap. Sure, she was supposedly a 'good guy', but who ever plays fair these days?

His eyes fell to the devil dice he was toying with in his hand. If this was an ambush, all he needed to do was throw these babies and he'd have a nice new playmate for them. He smirked and as a small chuckle ecaped his lips.

"Alright," he said finally, "If she wants to talk, so be it," his eyes fell on the bouncers again, "Where are we to meet?"

The bouncers looked between themselves nervously.

"Well, um," one said nervously, "She never really said where."

Monte Carlo's eyes narrowed.

"Did she not tell you? Or did you just forget?"

The two were really getting nervous now. Monte repressed a small smile. He loved messing with his henchmen like this.

"She never said. She just said she wanted to talk to you."

Monte sighed, hiding his amusement.

"Alright then. Get back to work."

The two bouncers couldn't leave fast enough. The brunette rose to his feet. What was it with these heroes? They emaned meetings yet never said where. Not all villians are psychics you know.

"I guess it's time for a little stroll," he said to himself as he grabbed his tophat and cane. He figured if he just wandered around for a bit, Dark Angel would simply come to him.

"Now then, let's see what little miss hero wants."

25th September 2006, 01:25 AM
" No. Engima's a teenager whose trying to play hero. He probably smells too, damn shapeshifters. But that's not the point."

Wiseass. :p



In another part of town...

Enigma, still mostly hidden behind his dark ensemble, stopped and looked up.

A red-and-yellow neon sign reading 'SAM'S PIT' (or, more accurately, 'S M'S PI ') hung over a steel door on a rather featureless brick building. In fact, save for a few barred, spiked windows and a roll of barbed wire around the roof, the bar seemed like nothing more than a big block of bricks.

Enigma walked up to the door and knocked on it a few times.

Nothing happened for a moment, until a smaller metal door opened at eye level. Two eyes - one of which was pupilless and scarred badly - appeared in it and glared at Enigma.

"Password." a deep, guttural voice said on the other side of the door.

"Death to Despair."

The eyes narrowed.

"Second password." the throaty bouncer demanded again.

"Open the fucking door." Enigma growled. "There is no second password."

The eyes widened a little; the small door slid shut.

And then, the whole door opened, and a 7-foot bouncer in a grey suit stood in the doorway.

"Welcome to Sam's Pit." he said in his deep voice, standing aside.

Without a 'Thank you.,' or even a nod, Enigma stepped into the bar, the bouncer shutting the door behind him.

Before Enigma was the worst type of bar imaginable. Several strippers - male and female - danced on stages against the back wall, watching whom were several rough, shady, ominous, and just plain weird patrons. Two men seemed to be playing darts in the corner, using handguns instead of darts; other patrons were busily arm-wrestling, drinking, smoking, and just beating each other up. A skinny man was hanging from a ceiling fan, several bikers throwing quarters and bits of glass and garbage up at him.

Enigma walked past a couple of filthy bikers chugging two pitchers of what looked like beer - or maybe it was unleaded, hard to tell - and up to the bar. He sat on a stool between a female gang member wearing spiked knuckles on both hands and a scarred man with one foot missing.

"Sam." Enigma said flatly, not looking up around him.

The owner, Sam, walked up to the bar, standing on top of a soapbox behind the counter.

Sam was a pretty short man - a dwarf, actually - with bushy red eyebrows, beard, and moustache.

In all honesty, he looked like Yosemite Sam. Still, the last man to call him that got shot in the foot, so nobody else made that joke.

"Whatchu want?" Sam growled, sounding almost like Yosemite Sam as well.

"Scotch on the rocks." Enigma replied, tossing a few random dollar bills on the counter. "The biggest one you got."

Sam shrugged and took the money; a moment later, he put down a large beer mug full of ice and scotch in front of Enigma, which he picked up and tilted back, downing it in one gulp.

"I needed that." Enigma muttered, getting down off the stool and turning away.

Then, he locked eyes with someone across the bar that he did NOT want to see.

It was a short, skinny man with dirty blonde hair and beady eyes hidden behind thin glasses. He wore a brown sleeveless shirt and boots, as well as maroon pants and a matching headband. Two shivs were strapped to his sides.

"Oh, shit." the man muttered, turning around.

Two seconds later, Enigma had the man by the front of his shirt, glaring daggers at the spectacled gangster.

"Well if it ain't my buddy Cliff..." Enigma said, sneering at the man. "What are you doing in a place like this, old chum?"

"E-E-Enigma..." the man named Cliff stuttered. "H-hey, pal... Wassup? Nice night isn't it?"

"Just lovely." Enigma said sarcastically. "What're you doing here? Last I heard, you were in jail for holding up a bank - three times in a row!"

"I... got out on good behavior?" Cliff explained.

Enigma lifted Cliff and slammed him against the wall.

"Yeah, I bet." Enigma snarled. "Gimme one good reason why I shouldn't take you back in right now."

"Uh... because I'm good for information?" Cliff replied. "Remember how I helped you track down Dynamo? You'd still be wandering around the warehouse district on Hamilton Street if it wasn't for me!"

Enigma narrowed his eyes.

"You got any good information for me now?" he asked, his tone warning Cliff he was about to lose a vital body part if he didn't.

Cliff nodded.

"Yeah," he explained, "I heard through the grapevine that some twerpy guy in weird armor has been raising Hell around the city looking for the Legion. They say he wants to take the Legion out, but why... Well, why, we ain't sure. Maybe he's a good Samaritan; maybe he wants to take their place. I have no clue. You may wanna talk to him."

"Talk to him?!" Enigma shouted. "If I find him, I'll kick his skinny ass-"

"Bad idea." Cliff interrupted. "See, I heard he's pretty stealthy, and he specializes in electric attacks. You might not want to have him as an enemy..."

Enigma paused.

"Where is he?" he asked after a moment.

"I dunno, somewhere north-northwest of you guys' Tower. That's where he was seen last, anyway."

Enigma dropped Cliff, who landed and stumbled on his feet, backing against the wall.

"Thanks." Enigma finally said, which translated into 'If I see you again, you'd better have some more information for me, or you're screwed.'

Before Cliff could reply, Enigma turned and headed back to the bouncer, who opened the door and let Enigma out, shutting it behind him.

'A skinny guy in weird armor...' he thought, looking up at the sky. 'Damn it, it's alays something...'

Enigma swayed a little.

'Aw, shit, I see a hangover in my future. Again.'

With that, Enigma closed his eyes and inhaled deeply...

Then, the black cloak he wore seemed to melt off him, pooling behind his back and around his shoulders in a dark mass that seemed to settle over his shoulder blades, then expand into two large appendages that faded from black to silver, spreading behind him like what looked like tin foil. Segments formed over the masses, which pulled into two large teardrop shapes that spread out until they were twenty feet across - wings.

Enigma opened his eyes and squatted down, and then he leapt up, soaring into the sky. He had to get back to the Tower and do a little research - and before his inebriety caused him to crash into a building.


OOC: Yes, I know my posts are long. That's my fanfic mentality - get used to it. ;)

Dark Sage
25th September 2006, 08:55 AM
[B][size=3][color=violet]Dark Angel

Dark Angel had known better than to designate a specific spot. She didn’t want Monte Carlo to set a trap. Although, she had no intention of setting one.

Under the light of a street lamp, she watched as the elegant villain strode towards her. He noticed her quickly – he wasn’t dumb.

“Evening, Mr. Carlo,” she said. “Glad you could come.”

He grinned a slight grin.

Dark Angel held up her empty hands.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m in no mood to mess with those dice of yours…”

“Then what’s this all about?” he asked.

“Mr. Carlo…” she asked. “You fancy yourself a card shark and a high roller… And a pretty successful one at that…”

“I should say so,” he replied.

“Maybe you have the ability to control the laws of probability themselves.”

Carlo looked surprised.

“That seems unlikely,” he said.

Dark Angel paused.

“Mr. Carlo,” she said, “you ever hear of the legend of Jeremo the Natterer?”

Carlo shook his head.

“Well, long ago,” said Dark Angel, Jeremo the Natterer was a gambler much like you, who had a lot of success. One day at the tables, he had incredible luck. Every roll he made came up in his favor, and he was winning everything. Eventually, he boasted that the gods themselves must have favored him for him to have such luck.

“Now, such a bold claim cannot go unchallenged. A hooded stranger appeared to challenge him. Suddenly, Jeremo’s luck turned sour. He couldn’t make a single roll, while the stranger made all of his.

“Finally, having lost everything, Jeremo wagered the one thing he had left: his soul.

“Against this wager, the stranger wagered a fancy bronze horn.

“Jeremo made the toss… and he won.

“The stranger smiled, and said that what he won would decide his fate, and the fate of others.

“Now, no one is sure what happened to Jeremo after this, but this fancy bronze horn, the Horn of Change as it has been called, became known as a powerful artifact. It is said that the holder can alter probability, granting himself the best luck, and granting his foes misfortune.”

Carlo chuckled.

“An interesting story,” he said. “A gambler’s dream.”

Dark Angel smiled.

“Glad we could have this chat, Mr. Carlo. I’ll keep in touch. Maybe next time, I’ll show you the Horn of Change…”

She started to vanish.

“…after all, I know where it is.”

She vanished into darkness.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

Dark Angel is returning to the Tower, or maybe she was already there. For now, feel free to pick up on this.

25th September 2006, 11:37 AM
Name: Stasis

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Role: Rogue (leaning towards evil but dislikes the Legion's stranglehold of Edge City)

Appearance: At only 5' 11" and about 110lbs, he is not the burliest of men. He has black hair and a goatee, plus a scar down the right side of his face. His nose is fairly long and pointed. His suit is made out of a lightweight silver-coloured metal alloy with wires that glow blue when it is active. This suit covers his torso, his upper arms, his fists and his legs and feet. He also has a helmet of the same alloy with a black visor.

Personality: Snide, sarcastic but very intelligent. He has remarkable social skills and when he wants to, he can convince most people that he is an ally. However, he has no qualms with betraying anyone at the drop of a penny and has no honour and barely any humanity. Sneak attacks, running away and blackmail are his tactics. He will use people to get what he wants.

History: Born and orphaned in the beginning of the Legion's rule, his foster parents were good people and excellent scientists. The bitter Stasis took an interest in the science his foster parents pursued, that of space-time-dialation. At 19, his foster parent's lab came under attack by the Legion searching for new tech. However, they kept their most secret projects back in a vault at home. Neither his parents nor their co-workers survived. Stasis found an incomplete suit and salvaging research and technology from the remains of the lab, he finished the suit, not to be a tool but a weapon. His goal is to make the suit more powerful and so he steals technology and money to fund these ends. He also wishes to bring about the end of the Legion.

Power(s): He wears an energy suit that grants him enhanced speed, reflexes, senses and strength, but nothing beyond the maximum of human proportions. This suit also has a visor with a holographic display giving him a HUD with a wealth of information e.g. incoming threats, satnav etc. He also carries a power-pole that can emit an electric charge of either non-lethal or lethal proportions. However, his suit's main power is to create stasis fields. Basically, these are fields perfectly spherical and can be as small or as big as he wants them to be. However, the larger they are and the longer he wishes to sustain them, the more power it draws from his suit. He can also create simultaneous fields, but this drains his power even faster. Inside the fields, it appears as if the plane that is in stasis is floating in space as the walls will be completely black. Likewise, one outside the field will only see a black sphere where the plane once existed. Nothing can get in or out of this field, not even light.

Known Weakness(es): When his suit runs out of power, he is more or less powerless.

Other: He has a pair of pistols, but only uses them as a last resort.



Stasis wandered into the darkness of the hall. He had chosen to loot the City Hall this time. This job had been made pretty easy - the Legion shut down the Mayor years ago and froze the hall over with Blizzard's ice power - trapping everything and everyone inside it, doomed to a horrible fate. However, Stasis guessed that they weren't smart enough to bother freezing the subterranean tunnels, the sewers, underneath. He had anticipated this correctly. He had adapted his power-pole to because a resonancy enhancer - able to shatter large sections of ice in an instant. Naturally, this shattered the items - and corpses - trapped in the sections he had chosen to shatter. No loss, he thought. He eventually found what he had been looking for - the trapdoor going down into the archives. As this had been shut at the time of the freezing, the archives were unfrozen and, apart from being a bit dusty, were preserved perfectly.

He descended into the archives and looked around. There were newspaper files, artifacts, uncommissioned statues - a historical goldmine. Finally, he came to what he was looking for - the blueprints. Using his photoscanner, he began carefully scanning every useful blueprint he could find - manors, banks, shops; all of these were useful for looting and building up his revenue. He then looked for more useful items to loot than money and riches - arnament warehouses, secret weapons caches, power grids and generators, water supplies, aqueducts and dams. He had acquired all the information he needed and with that he returned to the sewers and headed for the surface.

As a supervillain, especially one who the Legion were not particularly fond of, he crossed the city via the rooftops, in the shadows of other buildings so the Legion's CCTV systems did not catch him. Returning to his lair, he heard two people talking, one talking in a distincy, instantly noticeable accent - Monte Carlo.

Stasis hid in the shadows and amplified the volume on his suit to pick up the conversation.

“...no one is sure what happened to Jeremo after this, but this fancy bronze horn, the Horn of Change as it has been called, became known as a powerful artifact. It is said that the holder can alter probability, granting himself the best luck, and granting his foes misfortune.”

“An interesting story...A gambler’s dream.”

“Glad we could have this chat, Mr. Carlo. I’ll keep in touch. Maybe next time, I’ll show you the Horn of Change…”

“…after all, I know where it is.”

When both Monte Carlo and the goth girl had disappeared, Stasis emerged from the shadows, with a snide grin. The Horn of Change could be a useful item to add to his repertoire and a bargaining device to trick Monte Carlo. Carlo being a compulsive gambler, Stasis would wager he would give up one of his precious devil dice just for the ability to win any gamble. Of course, Stasis wasn't interested in his dice, but Stasis knew there were other things Carlo could provide him. Stasis snapped out of his dream. It was time for a plan. He'd head back to his lair and find a way to track the goth girl and her magical Horn.

envoy of time
25th September 2006, 01:00 PM
Blizzard was playing chess in his liar with his chess playing robot that was a Christmas gift from Moui.The computer moved a piece with it's robotic arm."Checkmate."It said in a cold metallic voice.Blizzard checked the board but as usual it was right.He groaned"Why do I keep this over groan toaster?"

Then his communication screen burst to life.Blizzard got up"I'll deal with you later."Then turning to the screen."Yes.Oh it's you Jacob err what happened to your eye brows."The man on screen look very beaten and burnt almost as if he was in an explosion."That's what I'm talking to you about.Theres a super that wants a piece of you."The man known as Jacob said to the icy ninja.Blizzard seemed to pause for a moment."okay I'll look for him You stick to your post and recover."He said shutting the screen off.He then took the small stone from his robe again."It's about time.I hardly remember the last time I had a good fight."

Okay challenge accepted.I'll let you find me.

Tsuki Megami
25th September 2006, 05:27 PM
Name: Moui Akumu
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Role: Legion of Despair
Appearance: Your stereotypical Japanese school girl, she stands about 5’5, has a beautiful body that makes other girls envious of, and long, perfectly straight black hair with a blue shine to it usually up in a ponytail, but even then her hair falls to the middle of her back. She wears the typical outfit aswell: short red skirt, back tank tops with a red tie, her irises are no longer circular but jagged, sharp and a beautiful silver color with diamond pupils.
Personality: She’s cold, cruel, and rather mean. She cares for no one, but will help them if it somehow manages to help her own cause. People prefer her that way, when you get deeper into her soul, she’s worse, she’ll kill people horrible ways for a good way.
History: Not much is known about her, her father did tests on her, he was later found dead, horribly mutilated.
Power(s): Nightmares: Well sort of, Moui can take creatures from her own mind and throw them into the actual world. Some form amour, while others are ghouls. She’s quite relentless in what she can create.
Known Weakness(es): None are known, but it has been said if your kind to her, she might be thrown off and run away...
Other: Not much…


It was incredibly dark, but the darkness had nothing on the girl, she hung about on the roof tops, quietly sipping a small alcoholic drink which she had forgotten the name of. It wasn’t worrisome though, she didn’t exactly like it. Alcohol wasn’t her thing, killing a person that was what lit her spirit on fire.
Speaking of killing a person, Moui smiled sweetly as she looked at the large man. He was terrified, but then again, who wouldn’t be? An odd black organism wrapped around his body, keeping his arms and his legs together as it dangled him above what people would presume was its mouth: an empty void that definitely did not lead to the top floor of this rather pathetic building.

“Please don’t kill me!” He begged, as the rather thin organic arm lowered him closer to the darkness. “Please!”

The girl was of Japanese decent; her long black hair that shone a deep blue in the moonlight was oddly enough, down tonight. It framed her face in a demonic manner as she strode up to her rather disgusting and fat prisoner. Who had horribly taste in any beverage.

“I’ve had better drinks at McDonalds.” She snarled, whipping the glass at the pudgy man who cringed and cried out as the glass shattered on his red face. “Now, tell me, what was a fakku like you doing following me?”

“Following? On no you-“ His lie was interrupted with horribly cries of pain as black veins from the twisted arm stabbed into his soft, blubbery body. He cringed. “I got a letter to follow you!”

“From who?” She smiled, as the arm put his head and the dark pit mere inches from each other. “Come now… An akisu like you must have a reason…”

He was silent, she frowned, walking away from him as the creature dropped him, he cries echoed into the night sky, but then were silence onto the creature dissipated.

“Shimatta…” She muttered, brushing off her shirt, and then fixing her skirt a bit before taking a seat on a small stole that was there. “This city is brimming with useless people…” She hissed, crossing her arms as she began to dream up another versions of creatures.

25th September 2006, 05:38 PM
Name: Daylight
Age: Appears to be 22 though her real age is unknown
Gender: Female
Role: I-Squad member
Appearance: 5'8", 130lbs, she has reddish brown hair with gold highlights that comes down to her shoulders, with a slight wave. Leaf green eyes. Has a golden tan color to her skin, showing that she spends a lot of time in the sun. Her costume is gold and green, and she has a symbol of a rising sun on her chest, cloak and headband (I have a pic, just need to put it up lol)
Personality: Shes pretty shy and tends to shy away from people upon first meeting them. She opens up slowly like the bud of a newborn leaf, but as she grows accustomed to new people she opens up and reveals the real her, a sweet cheerful girl that looks for the good in life. While she can be withdrawn and seemingly unfriendly to strangers, she gives fully to those who've earned her trust and cant stand to see someone in trouble or being bullied. Has a strong sense of justice and despite her shy-ish nature is not timid. She will not back down to defend a cause that is right. She would give up everything for a friends wellbeing.
History: A long time ago, when she was only 16 she ran away from home. Her mother had taken her away from her dad at a young age, and her stepfather was abusive, so one day she couldnt take anymore and left. Finding herself alone with no money and no where to go, she answered an ad that promised to give 1000 dollars to those who would participate in a study. Being young and desperate she went to the lab, where they made good on their promise, but for a price. The lab was studying the photosensitive cells in plants and in solar cells, and they believed that they could alter the human makeup to make use of the same elements. Their dream was to cure obesity, depression and laziness by making it possible for humans to recieve the energy they needed. It would have benefits for everyone, they thought, after all, you can get so much more done if you didnt need to sleep or eat. Humans spend half their lives asleep, and to these scientists, that was too much wasted time. It should have been a brilliant idea, but nature is a vengeful mistress that doesnt like to be messed with. Many of the subjects died, and Daylight herself went into a coma for many years. The doctors thought she would never awake but years later she did, and found herself in an unfamiliar world. The company, Photogenetics, had long been shut down, and her mother had never gone looking for her, so to this world she was an unknown. Her real name she kept locked away in her own head, and upon discovering the surge of energy that came from her first dawn upon waking she named herself Daylight. The name also honors her dad, and one of the last things he said to her before they were separated: "Daylight comes to chase away the dark" To this day she has made it her mission to track down her real father and be reunited with him, and this search is what brought her to Doom City in the first place. The first friend she made there was Rune, and she eventually fell in with the I-Squad crowd (I need help with the 'how' of this lol).
Power(s): What about one power under the Sun? lol Her powers are sun/light based, she gains strength from such light and warmth much like a plant and harnesses it, making her very versatle with any form of heat (like causing a pot of water to vaporise in moments at her best), light ( like bright blinding flashes, or something as simple as illuminating a dark cave to see), and refractions of light (minor invisibility, and weak shields as examples) Like a hot air balloon she can heat up her particles and become lighter than air, but only when she is exposed to a lot of constant light for this takes a lot of energy.
Known Weakness(es): Like a solar powered battery, Daylight can only hold so much without exploding, which means in the daytime or when shes exposed to a lot of light she has to periodically use some of the energy in some way. If she doesnt, it will build up within her and eventually kill her. Likewise in low light conditions, she has a limited supply of energy, and when it is gone she will pass out with no chance of waking her unless she is placed under direct light. It needs to be kept balanced or she is screwed lol
Other: Here comes the sun doobedoobbee...... lol


It was night. The moon shone above in the sky, filtering its skimpy light upon the world below. Likewise the streetlamps outside the Tower shone with a dim light upon those brave enough to walk the darkness. But the light wasnt enough for me, and so I chose to spend my nights inside, rather than risk passing out from lack of light outside where anyone could find me.
So I sat in my big leather chair, every light in the room on, reading the phone book. All I had was a name to go by, just one name, and dim memories from my childhood. Those dim memories led me here, to what used to be Jump City. in the search to find my real father. Though part of me wondered if he was still alive I ignored it. I would find him, no matter where he was, no matter what. I snacked on some beef jerky as I read, and then a dark shadow materialized in the middle of the room. "Welcome back Angel," I said without looking up. "Having fun teasing the Legion?"
She looked at what I was reading and plopped on the couch. "More fun than you apparently. Phone book? You must really be bored"
"My fathers out there somewhere," I said, setting the book down as I stood up to stretch. I began to walk into the kitchen area and rummaged through the food. At night I always got really hungry, due to the fact I couldnt feed on sunlight. I went back to my chair, arms loaded up with snacks and drinks, and began to snack on everything.
Dark Angel went to grab some of the snacks I brought with me and stopped, seeing I was bent on eating them all. She watched me with a mellowed look of shock and I finished eating everything. When I noticed her gaze she shook her head.
"You know if you want we could build you a greenhouse, Plant Girl......"
Ah it sucks but I need interaction to build off of lol ^-^()

25th September 2006, 06:42 PM

About a mile away from the Tower, which Enigma and his team (mostly his team, actually) had long since added onto enough to make the overall 'T' shape look like an 'I,' a dark form soared through the night sky, his silhouette passing by the moon making him almost look like an angel.

Yeah, right.

Enigma's eyes were drooping a little, but he fought his exhaustion off and continued on, speeding through the sky like a bullet. He sailed up and over the side of the Tower, doropping a good twenty feet onto the roof a moment later. He crouched down upon impact, falling to one hand and one knee as he landed.

'Home sweet home...' Enigma thought in his typical sarcastic manner as he stood up. He glanced down at himself.

'Black...' he thought flatly. 'I hate black. It looks awful on me...'

With that, Enigma closed his eyes and began to concentrate, his body beginning to change.

His wings folded over his shoulders and seemed to melt over his torso, spreading down to his waist and changing from a silver metal to some sort of stretchy red fabric. The crotch of his paints smoothed out and became a similar material, though blue; the legs also smoothed out and seemed to shrink a little, turning the same shade of red as his shirt. The blue and red connected, stitching together into a single full-body article of clothing. His boots and gloves remained black; his fedora turned pitch-black and began to droop, several ruffled strands of fabric poking out of it as it assumed its natural form: Enigma's mop of black hair.

Finally, Enigma's sunglasses spread out slightly, changing to a shape much like 3-D glasses, though made entirely of what looked like black plastic; the black lightened to brown, and then to a vivid orange, making Enigma's icy blue eyes look surprisingly dark.

'Much better.' he thought. 'You can't beat the classic look.'

Enigma then headed for the stairs, yanking the rusty door open and quickly making his way down to the central control room of the Tower (also somewhat loosely known by some of the Squad as 'the big-ass living room'). The automatic doors slid open, granting him access.

"I'm back." he said curtly, not knowing or caring who he was talking to. "Anything happen I should know about?"

Enigma didn't really care much what happened in his absence; he sensed Daylight and Dark Angel knew that, too.

Still, he figured, what could've possibly happened that he needed to know about?

25th September 2006, 07:57 PM
Name: Sting, but is mostly referred to as Jake, his real name.
Age: 19
Role: I-Squad Member
Appearance: Jake stands around 6'4", weighing only 180 pounds, with short dirty blonde hair and piercing black eyes. He has a slim build, and he is very much like a stick. Generally wears a black hooded sweatshirt and a pair of black jeans,though his costume is a totally different story. His costume covers his whole body, including face, and is pure black with no isignas(sp) on it whatsoever, letting him blend in perfectly. While in his costume, his muscles grow to nearly triple their sizes, showing a muscular body. Think Venom, with no Insigna, sharp teeth, or weird lashing out tongue.
Personality: Jake usually keeps to himself., sometimes having idle chit-chat with other people, but usually nothing more. He doesn't like interaction with others for his fears of rejection, so therefore doesn't talk much.
History: When Jake was 17, he thought that everything in life was perfect. His parents loved him, he had fun at school and had many friends, and was passing classes with flying colors. Yet one day, when he returned home, he found his parents and c few of his friends that were waiting for him for his surprise birthday party brutally butchered in his house, blood everywhere. Jake went nearly insane,and nearly thought of suicide himself. Yet,before he was about to cut his own throat, A burst of light came from out of the pool of blood in the middle of the floor, and what stood there was a creature that claimed he was the devil himself. He todl him that instead of wasting his life, he could take this power that burdened him for so long, and with it, fight the people that took them from him. Seeing no other, option he took the powers, infusing himself with a demon, giving him eternal powers, but for a price.
Power(s): With his powers, he is invincible and invunerable to almost anything. Bullets, rockets, cannons, rocks... Anything that is thrown on him will barely hurt him. Suoer Strength, stuff like that.
Known Weakness(es): His powers have one major downside: His energy is drained immensely, and he must take energy from others. He can set certain limits to his powers: The less power he uses, the less energy that is drained.He also has one extra weakness: Mental attacks for some reason do the most damage, even trying to read his mind will result in him having jolts up and done his whole body


It was total darkness in Doom City, the place he had called home for many years. It seemed as if every nook and cranny in this city was memorized in his head, as if he was a map of Doom City itself. The city wasn't all that big anymore; most of it had been destroyed by various villains, including Slade and Tetanus.

Why did Jake stay in this place? He didn't know, and he didn't care either. He didn't stay here because of the companionship of his "friends", they could die for all he cared. He didn't stay for family, seeing as he had none. He just supposed that he stayed because it was the only real city where there was any crime to be fought. He could think of no other reason.

So for now, Sting sat perched up upon a distant rooftop, watching the city from above. Trouble was happening everywhere ofcourse; Muggings were happening nearly everywhere. You could barely walk home from work (if you had a job) without getting mugged.Gang fights went on below, but nothing too severe, or else he would of stopped them. But he felt that something strange was going on, he just couldn't get a feel on it...

When he heard a scream a few hundred meters behind him. He turned around to see a man fall far to his death. Yet, he didn't fall to his death; He fell into some sort of black portal. He would of tried to stop him, but not being in his demon form and jumping all the way over there would take too much time. He would just have to go over there and investigate.

He felt a strange feeling as he flicked open a pouch off his belt, and tons of black sand started to pour to the ground, slowing inching towards his body. He braced himself the sand started to combine with him, becoming him, enhancing his reflexes, strength, intelligence, everything. Though what he was now was no longer him; and he had a hard time controlling it. This demon was slowly taking over his body every time he used it, inching towards dominating him and staying attached to him forever. But he supposed that was the risk he would have to take to fight evil.

Looking down at his now completely black and heavily muscled body, he felt a immense burst of strength and energy burst through him. As long as he didn't use too much of the energy, he would be fine.

Starting off at a hard sprint, he ran to the edge of the building, and using his legs as gigantic springs, propelled himself hundreds of meters to the rooftop he needed to be on. With a large thud, he landed right a few meters behind a woman sitting on a stool, sipping some type of beverage.

"Well, having some fun now aren't we?" He said in his new deep, adamant voice, that sent shivers through most people's spines, though apparently it had no effect on this woman. "I take it you don't like beefier men do you?"

Shadow Djinn
25th September 2006, 09:01 PM
Insulting is always fun, Blademaster! Heh heh.

Abaris - Long/Ao - Neutral

" I'm getting impatient." Ao muttered to himself as he left another alley, irritatingly scanning the street.

" It's almost dawn," The boy wondered aloud. " And I've no clue where this Frosty guy is..." He scowled, scuffing the ground with ragged shoes, consulting the various panicked descriptions of Blizzard he'd heard.

He's somewhere icy. Where's somewhere icy...

His eyes surveyed the area...

" Well." Abaris stated flatly as his eyes fell on the glistening ice tower. " This could've saved a lot of time."

A growl escaped his throat as he paced toward the tower.

" I could rest and do this tomorrow...but I guess some things just can't wait."


The man sitting at the entrance of the icy tower grasped his handgun tightly. He wasn't excactly a fan of being a bodyguard to such a creepy man like Blizzard, but then again, he'd seen those incredibly realistic ice sculptures..

Besides, the man thought, no one would be crazy enough to attack this place..

He loosened the grip on his handgun and adjusted his jacket, scanning the surveyings warily.

A blue haired boy stood at a distance, an arm outstretched.

" Hey," the man called hoarsely, holding up his gun. " This is restricted."

He could've sworn he heard laughter.

A minute later he was flying sideways, spinning a few times before hitting the side of another building with a sickening crunch.

Ao cursed as he began to feel a headache coming on, eyeing the tower.

The entrance was a rusted door, so it didn't seem to be entirely made of ice...

Regardless...might as well do this the old fashioned way.

A swift kick sent the rusted door spiralling backward, revealing a cold dark room. Ao entered, surveying it lazily.

" Usually there's goons behind the door and the whole 'kick it down' thing is funner." He grumbled, starting up the icy stairs.

" Unfortunately, not all of us are stupid enough to do that."

Ao stopped, turning.

A man had emerged from a door he'd missed in the entrance room, wrapped in a blue cloak.

The super blinked, but then he began to scowl.

" I've already kicked enough of Blizzard's goons tonight. I'm trying to save myself up for your head honcho if you don't mind."

His enemy gave a cold laugh, and leaped forward, cloak flapping wildly from the acceleration. Ao saw a flash of silver -- his eyes widened, and he somersaulted through the air, throwing a flaming orb behind him.

The explosion was small -- his assailant easily avoided it, and sent a variety of icy weapons forward.

Ao rolled to the left in desperation, cursing, wondering how he'd let his enemy gain control of the battle so fast..

Two flaming spheres raced forward, peppering the wall. A navy mantle swirled in the smoke as the now uncovered assailant raced through the air, brandishing a blade. All Abaris could see was a flash of teal, but enough for him to fire another projectile...

He heard a scream this time, and the body falling to the ground.

A growl escaped as he pounced, pulling a dagger from his sleeve, the sheath falling to the ground a few feet away.

" So," The super said calmly. " A ninja eh?"

His captive writhed, but Ao held firm.

" Where's your old pal?"

The ninja muttered a few curses under his breath.

" Too bad," Ao sighed, not in a mood to waste time. " Wrong answer."

He plunged the dagger into the assassin's throat before scavenging his person for any things to rob. The sword was too heavy for his taste, but three throwing knives were found amongst his person, which he tucked into various places.

He stood up, brushing himself off. A ringing clapping was heard.

Abaris turned, instinctively summoning an orb of energy.

A second man stepped out, still clapping.

" You've done well, but it seems you're tired."

The engima stopped moving, obscuring himself in the shadows.

Ao stopped his heavy breathing.

" Do I look like I'm tired?" He retorted irritably.

" Yes."

" Well, I am. But that's not the point." The super scowled, realizing he'd been outsmarted.

" The point is I'm about to kick your ass, whoever you are." Ao tensed himself, adopting an odd fighting stance.

" It's been a long time since I've had a good fight." His opponent replied calmly. Ao felt a rush of cold wind.

" You felt that, yes?"

A deep chuckle filled the room.

" They don't call me Blizzard for nothing..."


It goes to you, envoy.

envoy of time
25th September 2006, 09:58 PM
Abaris looked in surprise at the gaunt figure in front of him.

"So your Blizzard huh?You don't look very impressive."He sneered at the baddy.Blizzard mearly flicked his wrist and hit Ao with a shuriken before he could even flinch"Looks can be very deceiving."Blizzard said coolly.

"So why don't you finish me off?"Ao said through gritted teeth.

Blizzard seemed to smirk behind his scarf"Two reasons.One It wouldn't be any fun killing a tired opponent.Two I'm planning something you might want in on."

The next hour was spent with one of Blizzards servants tending to Ao's wound and Blizzard explaining his plans to the young super.

Ao looked in surprise"Wow your really do all that?"

"Only with your help.So are we partners?"He said to extending his hand to Ao.

He looked very unsure."Well..."

Ooh cliffhanger. The balls in your court Djnn.

(Mod):Sorry about that.Hopfully this is better.

Shadow Djinn
25th September 2006, 10:12 PM
I do believe you mean me. I'll post later, don't want to post -too- often, heh.

25th September 2006, 10:20 PM
In the mantime, envoy, I suggest you do some editting - I didn't even understand half of that last post.

Dark Sage
26th September 2006, 02:06 AM
Name: Dark Angel

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Role: I-Squad Member

Appearance: 6’2”, slim and robust. Wears a costume best described as a cross between Raven’s and a typical Goth – a shirt made into a halter, a short skirt, and a cape and hood like the kind she wore, all black. Her hair is black with a bleached with streak. Her eyes are pale blue.

Personality: Typical of any Goth. Gloomy most of the time, but not unfriendly. She’s more than willing to socialize, but it would take a lot to get her to smile, and even more to get her to laugh.

History: Her real name is Sarah May. She was once just a typical teenager struggling to survive in Jump, when she uncovered a hidden stash of strange books, one of them a journal. She soon discovered that these books were hidden away by Raven shortly before she met her doom.

Despite a warning with the books stating that they were dangerous, Sarah began to study them, and learned eldritch spells and incantations. She was surprised at how easy it seemed, and decided she could do something with them…

But there was a reason why it was easy. The books contained a type of magic that Raven was wary of – dark magic. Sarah now possesses magical powers, but using them is always risky…

Powers: She’s still learning what she can do with the magical energy she has learned. At present she can levitate, use telekinesis, throw bolts of destructive energy, and teleport herself and one or two other people short distances.

Known Weaknesses: The magic that Dark Angel uses is dark magic; although she can use it for good purposes, she must always be wary. If she uses too much of it, she risks it running out of control, and causing terrible disasters. Even worse, she runs the risk of dark forces trying to control her. Evil powers constantly look for those who are skilled in dark magic.

Other: Dark Angel has no connection to Azarath, Trigun, or even really to Raven, other than the fact that her books were once hers. The magic she uses is of a different type. Darkness wears many faces.

[B]* * * * * * * * * *

As Angel chowed on pizza with her two teamates (friends, she hoped), she held a plain wooden box in her hand.

"Daylight..." she muttered, "I wasn't really teasing the Legion, as you put it. I was trying to set up a bargaining chip if any of us get in trouble."

"Angel..." said Daylight. "We're good, they're bad..."

"Are we good?" asked Angel. "That's open for interpretation.

She slowly opened the box, revealing a fancy horn.

"What's in this box holds dark magic of terrible power," she said. "It's an item of ultimate chaos. Something I don't ever dare use. But should Nargel get his claws on one of us, this may be a bargaining chip they wouldn't refuse."

"I see..." said Enigma, somewhat sarcastically. "If one us gets captured, you'd trade us for a horn."

Angel closed the box.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that," she said. "In the meantime, we should be careful...

"...at least one other person is interested in this. I had the strangest feeling our conversation was eavedropped on, but not by one of Carlo's people."

26th September 2006, 12:26 PM
Legion of Despair, or LoD, Leader
Here (http://www.toonmasters.hpg.ig.com.br/entretenimento/18/Animes-Cartoons/Inuyasha/IY%20-%20Inuyasha.jpg) is a good close up of his face; long white hair, young complexion, and golden eyes. No, he does NOT have the dog ears. This (http://uk.geocities.com/ahh_my_gundam/inuyasha.jpg) is a good mostly-full-body picture of him, but there are differences. He is barefoot, but his pants and shirt are black instead of the full red outfit he has on.
And for those of you who think he's cute, take a look at his fighting face (http://myanimecards.com/albums/userpics/10501/inuyasha%201_.jpg). Yeah, I dare you to hug that.
Nargel might as well have no soul. He's pure evil, and intends on keeping the city that way. He has no friends, and he's perfectly fine with that. Nargel can't do much one-on-one, but he is a useful asset to the LoD.
This will be incorporated into my first post.
Nargel has one secret power that the I-Squad must discover before they hope to beat the LoD (Legion of Despair.) As for his primary power, Nargel is very strong, and VERY fast. Those who have seen Nargel and lived say that Nargel seems to fade in and out of reality, or as if his molecules are constantly moving around his body.
[b]Known Weakness(es):
Only the pure of heart can hope to stand up to Nargel...
Anyone up for a game of Go? (This is a hint in order to destroy Nargel... and no, you don't have to beat him in a game of Go.)



[I][size=7pt][color=yellow]Enter: Hell

The Legion of Despair
The full moon hung low in the sky over what was formerly known as Jump City; fragments of the city burned towards the atmosphere, making the moon seem to glow a ghostly red. The darkened light from the moon barely illuminated the shops of the city, leaving alleyways pitch-black and damp. A perfect night for crime. Then again, every night was a perfect night for the villains of Doom city.

At first glance, you wouldn’t recognize it as the base of evil. You’d be walking down the street, past the drug store, and suddenly the road would end, making you turn either left or right. It doesn’t matter which way you take; the road goes in a complete circle from there, all the way around what looks to be a burnt hospital. No harm done.

Forget bringing your aches and pains to this place, however; it’s surrounded by a thick, black-stoned wall, about seven feet tall, and a single steel gate for entry. If one were brave enough (or dumb enough) to cross past the gates, into the grounds, it is said that you are greeted with creatures from hell. Where they come from is anyone’s guess, though many claim that they are from a demon girl, one who has the ability to rip demons from her mind and place them here, in our world.

Beyond the grounds is the building itself; it seems to stand no more than two stories tall, however the air around it can play tricks on the mind. It is black- or is it dark green? No, perhaps a shade of deep purple… The large, rusted handle can be pulled, and then, you enter the base of the Legion of Despair.

Never judge a book by its cover.

One look, and you’ll think you’ve stepped into a black and white television set. The floors are midnight black, and the walls are pure white. Black pillars stretch up towards the ceiling- or are they falling towards the ground? They are too small around to be supporting anything up, perhaps they are just decoration? The walls stretch about sixty yards in width and length, with only one, solid purple door at the other end of the front doorway.

There is nothing in the room… well, almost nothing. There is indeed something. Something so simple, and yet so unbelievably powerful, if put in the wrong hands.

Unfortunately for the good men of the city, the creator of this powerful something still owns it, as he is the only man who knows how to use it- and he is, indeed, the person with the wrong hands.


I have a lot more written--with Nargel--however I thought that since I can't post at the moment, I thought I would at least get in what the Legion of Despair looks like (so if any LoD member wants to go there, understand that Nargel isn't in that room yet.) Also, any LoD member should know what the secret item is in the middle of the room :). If you don't, ask me.

26th September 2006, 06:25 PM
Name: Wiggle Wonder (A.K.A Wiggly...she prefers it..sometimes, more than not.)

Age: 17.

Gender: Female

Role: I-Squad's bestest member evera!

Appearance: She's five feet of bouncy, rubbery joy. Naturally, she has silky blond hair that shimmers and shines with volume, though it somehow remains straight. She has bright bubbily blue happy joyful eyes that want to hug you all, and a constant happy no body's home look on her face should be trademarked. Though her hight is small, her ability to strech to different lengths makes it hard for people to guess it. She just prefers that hight. Her skin is a creamy white, cheek usualy pink or red with blush and wish natural red lips, she's quiet a looker. Thanks to the encasement of chemicals, she had a very womanly body, which is the constant distraction to her Team Mate, which she calls affectionatly 'E'; as in EEEeee! ^-^. Her suit is bright jolly bright pink with blue WW crossing over each other and high rubber light blue boots. Her costume allows her to strech.

Personality: She loves everything! Which makes up for the love of her life's personality flaws. She's freakish chibi like, with a constant happy out look on life, even though she should hate it. Even in battles, she's can stop being bubbily, looking at the bright side of life. Every cloud has a silver lining in Wiggly's world.

History: Came from a rich family, whose mother was a famous model and her father, a wealthy biotecnision. (sp? -_-) Crazed man, who was her Father's second command, snuffed her father and married her mother. He was creating a chemical that could make a soround person type of armor/synthetic skin that pretty much was unbreakable, but still very pliable. Kinda like space-age armor+rubber+stem cells all in one. (omit)...Opps, unforunetly, WW does want her real name known, but anyhow, she snuch into the lab because her Late Father would let her all the time, she found him monologing about how he killed her father. She ran, unfortunetly, is and was rather clusmy, and knocked over stuff. He caught her quicky and shoved her into the chemical tank. This melted her body, and stayed there for seven years....the project was cut. The chemicals evenually took form, with the help of the Human DNA, to the girl we know and love today.

Power(s): She can strech like rubber...even farther! And when she's blown up, she can come back together again.

Known Weakness(es): Ultra cold and then ultra heat. In that order. Also, wip-lash causes her to pause until she recovers.

Other: Her free time is spent on neopets, her name is dragon11153681. She's known to leave a mission early for the Snowager or a IM friend.

Wiggle Wonder layed on the floor of her room. Her room was painted pink, with pink rugs and pink stuff. The crosword puzzle layed open as she clicked her pen against her perfect bright white teeth.

"Okay...I've got this..." Wiggily said to herself, consentrating very hard by the looks of it. Finially, she wrote the word fish down in an eight letter blank.

"Take that evil crossword puzzle!!" The girl laughed, brushing some blond hair out of her pretty girl face.

There was somthing she needed to do...but what? What could it have been...

"Mr. Snoobby!" She cried, and raced crossed the room to fed her pet hampster. Snoobby squeaked and started to eat as she smiled. (World crappiest post ever -_-)

26th September 2006, 06:39 PM
Don't beat yourself up, Houndy. Just make your posts a bit longer and a little more serious when need be, and you'll be fine.

Anyway, Shadow has the right idea - I'll give someone else a chance to take the reins for now.

Shadow Djinn
26th September 2006, 10:16 PM
I'll post less after this, I promise.


Abaris - Ao/Long - Neutral

Think fast.

Ao recalled his past experiences, grimacing, calculating.

I can't take him. Not now. But if I join him I'll be just as pathetic as...

His mind recoiled as he brought back distant memories.

He saw a broad shouldered man, standing by a younger version of himself, green orbs calmly flashing in his palm. His hair was red, flowing, crimson. Green eyes that reflected knowledge. The boy's role model. He spoke soft words, then tossed forward the two glistening orbs. They decimated the wall before them. His pupil attempted to do the same thing and gave a cry as he was thrown back. His teacher brought him to his feet with a kind smile. Brimming adolescent eyes looked up to him brightly.


Panicked screams pierced the momentary silence. He saw himself once more -- on a tall tower, confused. With his teacher again and three others clad in various outfits, all in deep discussion. A bomb, ticking. The crimson-haired leader barking several commands.

The others nodding, and grabbing the boy roughly, they fled.

Though he did not voice it, the boy had realized something. They weren't heroes. No way no how.

His world had been destroyed.


The single word sounded in his now clear mind.

You're not as low as they are. You're not as low as some pompous man trying to play hero...

Anger surged in his heart.

A smirk flitted across Abaris' face.

The man called Bliizzard should have seen what was coming.

A flash of red began to resonate from the young super, his eyes glinting. Realization pulsed through his assailant.

Flaming embers swirled in an outstretched hand, orb slowly expanding and swelling to a massive size...

" Stop!" The ninja barked, reaching for another shuriken.

An explosion split the silence, smoke clouds rising from the top of the tower.

The shimmering crystal walls shattered as a lone figure dashed past one of the villian's vassals, still glowing.

He felt pain stab his mind, but kept going doggedly, panting, pain coursing through his arms..

The aura began to fade.

His eyes widened, still feeling the flames around him -- his sleeve catching a small ember, a yelp escaping his throat...

A shuriken slashed his wrist and he stumbled, loosing a cry of pain.

He prepared to summon a flaming orb...

But cold stabbed through his entire body.

His palm twitched, and he grabbed for the itchy feeling he felt. His eyes widened as he saw an icy sickle in his fingers.

A roar split the air as he dashed forward with a burst of speed, ignoring the blue zephyr speeding forward -- feeling cold steel rip through his shoulder.

In the night a black shadow leapt from the tower, watching the ground come closer and closer.

He saw a building to his left, doggedly grasping for the brick wall.

His hand spasmed with pain as he latched onto the roof edge.

Abaris hung there in the night, gasping for breath. But amidst all the pandemonium he had just endured, he let a grin cross his face.

" I'm not playing hero."

And in the shadows a throaty laugh pierced the frosty air.

Rather chaotic post there. The fall wasn't how I planned it -- but I had to get out somehow. As anyone whose just been cut apart, he'll be spending a lot of time healing. Sorry if it seems a bit godmoding (or whatever else), I'll edit it if necessary. The next few posts I make will probably be reminescing, you're free to chase after me if you wish Envoy, but he won't put up much of a fight.

envoy of time
26th September 2006, 10:48 PM
Blizzard stood in the ruins of what was once the entrance to his lair looking through the whole which Abaris used to escape and sighed "Going after him would be to much trouble."he said shaking his head.

He then concentrated and began to repair said hole when he felt something close to his chest pulsate.
"What now?"He asked no one in particular as he pulled the stone from his robe which glowed with an unexplainable light."Great a bigger headache."He mummbled ending his work on the hole and snapped his fingers.

Two guards not unlike the one Abris killed appeared from the shadows and bowed."What is your bidding master?" they spoke in unison."I'm going into town.Clean up the mess our "friend" left, Get rid of the body, Keep this place safe, and no wild parties."Blizzard instructed his ninja as he walked out the door too his secret agenda.

Okay Shadow your off the hook for now.I've currently got other fish to fry or freeze as the case may be.

26th September 2006, 10:59 PM
OOC: Well, while the action is subsided...



Enigma munched silently on a slice of mushroom pizza.

Enigma wasn't a very social person, in case you haven't figured that out already. More often than not, he worked alone; he only worked with his four teammates because he knew he couldn't defeat the Legion of Despair alone.

That was how he felt years ago, when he'd first founded the I-Squad. Though he didn't like much of anybody, his four teammates did grow on him over time.

'Like fungus.' he would often think bitterly.

Enigma's teammates were very strange, just like him; they were all alone, just like him. (Well, for the most part anyway.)

In a way, they were almost like family to him.

But that still didn't mean he had to like them.

Enigma couldn't help but comment once or twice, taking another bite of his pizza as he listened to Dark Angel's story.

But as she finished, two things happened.

The first was that Dark Angel just told him something he didn't want to hear at all.

The second was that a thought came to Enigma's mind that only made him think of something he REALLY didn't want to hear.

"So let me see if I've got this right." he said in his typical snide manner. "You have access to 'an item of ultimate chaos,' which Nargel could probably use to make himself king of the ****ing world like that-"

He snapped his fingers.

"-and, so, what do you do? You seek out Nargel's third-in-command, tell him about it, and you think someone overheard your story?"

Dark Angel simply nodded.

Enigma's upper lip raised a little...

And then, he brought his fist down on the table, fast and hard enough to tear through it like paper, ripping a large wedge of wood and paint out of his side of the table.

Daylight and Dark Angel barely flinched.


Enigma paused to take a breath.

"The Legion knows about this thing now." he snarled. "And so does God-knows-who-else. It won't be long before every other asshole in the city knows, too.

****ing perfect."

27th September 2006, 03:33 AM
Monte Carlo
The Horn of Probability huh? A very interesting artifact indeed, a true gambler's dream.

Monte Carlo tapped his chin with his cane in thought as he leaned back in his chair. If he had such a horn, he'd never loose. He'd be the luckiest man in the world. Noone could stop him.

Then again, chance had always been a passion of Monte's. If he had some way to determine the outcome of every game, what wa the point? Where's the fun in playing when you know you'll win. That's why alays loved dice games and card games. There's always that chance you'll loose.

Another thing was bothering the gambling supervillian. Why had Dark Angel told him all this? Further more, she said she'd bring the horn at their next meeting. That horn would give the Legion ultimate power, you'd think super heroes would want to keep such stuff a SECRET. Monte could only draw three conclusions from it all.

1. She wanted to switch sides...
2. She had something planned...
3. She was really, really stupid...

Monte Carlo knew he could rule out the third option. He knew these kids long enough to know they weren't complete morons. So what was that girl planning? Maybe she was just taunting him and they were planning to use the horn on them. If so, why the hell tell him about it? Keeping it a secret would work much better.

He'd just never understand heroes. Being a super villian's much more simple.

He looked back at the devil dice he was once again toying with in his hand. Still even if he had no idea why she'd tell him all this, and he wasn't sure whether HE wanted it or not, there were others who would be very interested to know. Mainly he's partners in the Legion.

Yes, they'd be very interested in this little piece of information.

Dark Sage
27th September 2006, 04:49 AM
Dark Angel sighed as she walked into her room.

Enigma was hard to work with, even harder to like. But he was kind of growning on her too.

She chanted a spell and a small portal appeared in the air. She stashed the small box inside it and it vanished.

Not even Nargel would be able to steal it from there. Not unless he had time to search the infinity of the dimension where sorcerers like her stored such things.

She hated only telling half-truths, but she would have gladly used the Horn of Change it affecting the laws of probability were all it did. And it did that well...

But there were many things she was keeping secret, both from her Carlo, and her teamates.

After all, she didn't want her teamates to use the Horn of Change any more than Enigma wanted Nargel to use it.

29th September 2006, 01:54 PM
Legion of Despair, or LoD, Leader
Here (http://www.toonmasters.hpg.ig.com.br/entretenimento/18/Animes-Cartoons/Inuyasha/IY%20-%20Inuyasha.jpg) is a good close up of his face; long white hair, young complexion, and golden eyes. No, he does NOT have the dog ears. This (http://uk.geocities.com/ahh_my_gundam/inuyasha.jpg) is a good mostly-full-body picture of him, but there are differences. He is barefoot, but his pants and shirt are black instead of the full red outfit he has on.
And for those of you who think he's cute, take a look at his fighting face (http://myanimecards.com/albums/userpics/10501/inuyasha%201_.jpg). Yeah, I dare you to hug that.
Nargel might as well have no soul. He's pure evil, and intends on keeping the city that way. He has no friends, and he's perfectly fine with that. Nargel can't do much one-on-one, but he is a useful asset to the LoD.
This will be incorporated into my first post.
Nargel has one secret power that the I-Squad must discover before they hope to beat the LoD (Legion of Despair.) As for his primary power, Nargel is very strong, and VERY fast. Those who have seen Nargel and lived say that Nargel seems to fade in and out of reality, or as if his molecules are constantly moving around his body.
[b]Known Weakness(es):
Only the pure of heart can hope to stand up to Nargel...
Anyone up for a game of Go? (This is a hint in order to destroy Nargel... and no, you don't have to beat him in a game of Go.)



[size=7pt][color=yellow]Speak of the Devil

Family Issues in the Past
[I]“It’s so satisfying to see them angry,” Taisho crooned with a deep voice. His evil aura was terrifying even to the dark that enveloped him. Two thugs, who were buddies just a minute ago, were now slashing at each other’s throats in the middle of the street, outside of the Legion of Despair’s lair. Taisho looked around from the roof of the building and saw another couple on the corner, getting into a small spat with each other over… something, he couldn’t make it out.

He grinned, and snapped his fingers… the expression on the woman’s face, who was only just a bit peeved, suddenly grew livid, and then turned into extreme hate. “I’ll kill you! I hate you! You must die!” raved the woman to her confused husband. She suddenly pulled out a pistol from her undergarments (probably for safety in this city,) and shot her husband square in the head. Seconds later, the woman dropped the gun, and ran screaming into the night about what she had done.

Taisho laughed. “It’s fun to play with their emotions!” he exclaimed. “Just a snap of my fingers, and even the most minute of feelings can be amplified! Anger, love, aggravation… multiply a young couple’s annoyance for each other’s little things in life into an all-out blood bath for each other’s throats, and you’ve got yourself a show! Are you watching this, Nargel? Nargel!”
Taisho looked over his shoulder to see his son sitting on the ground, hunched over. Nargel’s long white hair covered his face and sat on the floor.
“Nargel, why won’t you join me here? If you’re to rule in the near future, then you must begin acting like a ruler!”
Nargel sat up straight, his hair pulling back to rest on his chest. His head turned towards his father.

Nargel had the face any mother would love. It was soft, young, and perfect in every way. His pupils gleamed in a golden color. His long white hair clashed against his black, baggy shirt and pants. Oddly enough, Nargel did not wear shoes. He preferred to feel the ground beneath his feet. Certainly not your average demon.

There was one thing about Nargel that made him extremely different from the other members of the Legion of Despair; for some reason, he seemingly was not born with any powers. As it can be imagined, this was a huge shock to Taisho to find that his son, the son of the most feared demon of the entire world, was seemingly… human.

Taisho, on the other hand, had two powers; his first (and “useless” power, as Taisho calls it,) was super speed. Taisho could move so fast, it was almost as if he was transporting from one spot to another. His second power was to take someone’s emotions and increase them to maximum potential. Any sign of hatred or sadness, and Taisho would have you either loathing someone, or wishing you were dead.

“Go?” Nargel said, and he pointed to a game board, seated in front of him. Black and white stones littered the board.
Nargel’s father heaved a deep sigh. “No, Nargel, when are you going to learn? Get rid of this game, it’s a useless game by humans. I don’t even know why you bothered collecting all of those stones in order to even play, that must have taken hours… STOP IT!” Taisho roared, as Nargel picked up another black stone and placed it on the board. Taisho stormed towards Nargel, and kicked the wooden board. He then picked Nargel up by the shirt, and held him in midair. “ARE YOU MY SON, OR AREN’T YOU? YOU PITIFUL EXCUSE FOR A…” Suddenly, he stopped. “Ah,” Taisho chuckled, “I sense a bit of resentment towards me, eh?”
Nargel was struggling to breath in midair. He was indeed a little peeved that his father had destroyed his Go board. “Well? What do you want to do to me, son? I feel your anger… USE IT!!”

Nargel’s hatred suddenly burst forth in his heart; Taisho was using his powers to bring out Nargel’s hate. “C’mon, stop being such a loser and act like a man!”
Nargel couldn’t answer, however he looked at his father with fire in his eyes. His blackened heart seethed for his father’s blood.
[I]“I will kill you… I will eat you… consume you…”
Nargel’s jaw suddenly unhinged; his mouth began to grow very quickly into an enormous size.
“What the hell is going-…” Taisho began.
Moments later, Nargel’s mouth had enveloped his father.

After a few swift chomps and gulps, Taisho was gone.

Nargel’s mouth slowly returned to normal. His body writhed- every atom in him seemed to be speeding up, vibrating at tremendous speeds. His eyes began to glow a sickly red.
“AAAHH!!” Nargel screamed, his hollow voice echoed through the night. He felt like his brain was melting.
“No… nooo…”
He stumbled down the stairs, back into the building, and continued to moan while holding his head.
Nargel ran down the stairs- no, he practically flew down the stairs. Everything around him was moving in slow motion, so slow it was almost as if time had stopped.
He sped out of the Legion of Despair doors, tearing them from their hinges. The pavement behind him cracked and set ablaze behind him as he tore town the street. He ran and jumped; he was going so fast he jumped hundreds of feet in the air, and landed on a very tall building. Nargel finally stopped, and screamed at the moon.


The Now
“So silent. ‘Tis always quiet, nowadays,” Nargel thought.

A pouch tied to Nargel’s side jingled; it sounded like small marbles bumping together.[I]

“Who’s there? Nobody’s there. Nobody’s ever there, get it together, get it together, nobody’s ever been there, get some friends, I don’t need friends I got Go and myself, I don’t need YOU, GET OUT OF MY HEAD, GET OUT OF MY BODY!”


“Soon… soon, you will be gone, yes, soon I will be free, and you will be useless father, such a useless father, I’ll keep your powers, you are nothing, I HATE you, you ****ing father of my pitiful family…”

Nargel pulls a few small black stones from his pouch.

“There is a way… oh yes, there is a way to get rid of you… I must have it… the horn…”

After a few preparations…

“Come to me, my fellow Legion members. I have a request…”


As “The Now” section suggests, Nargel doesn’t pay too much attention to his surroundings; however whenever another person is around, he comes back into reality a little bit more. Oh, and Nargel is calling the Legion members to him (you guys know what to do, Blizzard’s already started.)

envoy of time
29th September 2006, 04:05 PM
Blizzard stared at the seemingly abandoned hospital before before him."Cozy."He murmered as he steped inside.After shuting the door he was nearly tackled as Nargal appeared with out warning."Gah!You I hate it when you do that!"Blizzard said in surprise.Nargel smiled"Hehehe. The cold one is frightened."

The Next thing Nargel knew Blizzard had him by the front of his shirt with an icicle at his throat."I'm never frightened."He said icily as he droped his leader."So any one else here yet."Blizzard asked leaning on the door,spining the icicle on his finger."No but soon we will be all together."Nargle said pacing twards the middle of the room."What ever you whackadoo."Blizzard said making himself a place to sit.

Okay that's enough damage for one day.

Dark Sage
29th September 2006, 09:43 PM
Dark Angel sat in her room in the dark. Her legs were crossed, and her eyes were closed. Slowly, she breathed in and out. In and out.

The meditation was necessary. It helped her control the dark magic, and kept it from controling her.

Slowly it came to her...

He wants it... she thought. That fiend Nargel wants it... Seems I've planted the desire in him...

She paused.

But he knows... He knows what the rules are for the Horn of Change...

Even if I carried it with me right into his headquarters, he couldn't ambush me and steal it... He couldn't kill me and take it from my corpse...

There's only one way to own the Horn of Change...

29th September 2006, 10:52 PM

A short while after Enigma had finished 'talking' to Dark Angel and Daylight, the I-Squad leader had retired to his room.

Enigma's room was pretty much all that could be expected of him: the walls were blood-red and covered with posters of dark and ominous figures (None of which were villians, oddly.), not to mention more than a couple of nude women. His bed consisted of a worn mattress atop a worn boxspring, made with a black blanket and pillows. Hid dresser and nightstand were old and chipped, and his dek and floor looked like they hadn't been cleaned since the bicentennial. Even his electronics and other possessions were dusty and outdated.

In short, Enigma's room looked like a disaster area; the walls and windows were cracked and broken in several spots, partly from years of abandonment and partly from Enigma's frequent 'tantrums.'

At the moment, Enigma was still quite hot under the collar (literally, actually) over what Dark Angel had told him, but the small amount of faith he had in his teammates calmed him down enough to stop worrying about Dark Angel and her Horn of... whatever she called it.

After all, he had other things on his mind right now.

'OK, Cliff,' he thought as he booted up his computer, 'you'd better be right about this...'

Enigma's fingers flew over the keyboard at breakneck speed as he pulled up a Google search page.

'Let's see now...' he thought. He typed ' "Doom City," "criminal," -"Legion of Pain," "current events," "electricity," "armor" ' into the Search Bar and clicked 'Go.'


'0 matches found.'

"Damn it." Enigma muttered, deleting "electricity" and "armor" from the Search Bar and trying again.

'13,697 matches found.'

"Damn it..." Enigma growled. "****ing Google."

Enigma put his fist to his mouth and tried a different approach, pulling up a map of Doom City instead. He enlarged the map so that it prominently displayed every area of Doom City north and northwest of the I-Squad Tower. He pulled up all recent criminal activities in the area.

Enigma scowled - at least 100 or so red spots appeared on the screen.

'Criminal is too broad in this city.' he thought. 'Let's try... vigilante.'

Enigma switched the settings on the map; almost all the red spots vanished, leaving eleven spots still on the map. Realizing most of those were from his team, he quickly switched the settings again so that all I-Squad involvements were erased.

Eight of the eleven spots vanished.

Enigma raised an eyebrow. The last three markers were spaced apart random distances at different areas of the city, one of which he noticed was near what was once Jump City Hall...

'Well...' the transforming anti-hero thought, clicking on the marker. A new page came up.

As Enigma read it, his face contorted in concentration, confusion, annoyance, confusion again, annoyance again, anger, deep thought, and finally, more annoyance.

'Damn it all.' Enigma thought, X-ing out the map and forgotten Google search page before turning his computer off. He got up and walked over to the window, looking out over the dark metropolis.

'Who is this guy?'

29th September 2006, 10:53 PM
Monte Carlo
Hmm, I wonder what Nargel wants. Maybe the Dark Angel girl told him about the horn as well.

The brunette stepped into the halls of the Legion's headquarters. Monte often wondered why they chose an abandoned hosptial a their base. You think that being in power for so long, they'd get themselves a REAL base built.

He shrugged. Couldn't be helped...yet. It was mainly for this reason he chose to stay at his casino.

He entered the main room to see that Blizzard was already there. The two didn't always get along. Blizzard thought that Monte always prefered having fun rather then doing his job, and Monte thought he needed to loosen up.

I mean, what was the point of being a super villian if you couldn't have fun while doing it?

Hello guys," he said casually as he sat down at his seat at the table.

29th September 2006, 11:25 PM
OOC: Sorry, I was busy with college and I've come down with a sinus infection so I'll be hampered by that for a while

Name: Wyvern
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Role: Definitely not evil but some of the I-Squad members irk her (pretty much Enigma and Wiggly) so she limits her contact with them
Appearance: Wyvern stands at 5'6 and is thin and sort of pale but doesn't look sickly and is in fact quite strong. Her hair is a chocolate brown that lies straight down a little past her shoulders although when she's on duty, it's in a ponytail. Her eyes are a mix of blue, gray and green and are quite penetrating when you look at them. Her outfit is a black leotard with a matching skirt covering her midsection (think ice skating outfit but less frilly). She wears black boots and her eyes are covered by a sapphire mask (think Batgirl from the Batman movie). Her civilian clothes are jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt
Personality: She's a strong willed person who's not afraid to speak up and express her opinion. She can be a good leader when she wants to be but is content with following or just doing her own thing. Both on and off duty, she's a pleasant person to get along with and knows when to have a good time but destroying the Legion of Despair is in the forefront of her mind
History: Her real name is Aidan Kendrick and likes to be called that when in her civilian clothes. When she was ten, she discovered upon a plain looking black box while rumaging through the basement (she was bored). She would have ignored it except that it eminated such power that she had to look inside. She opened up the box to discovered it held a flat silver rendering of a dragon's head that had sapphire eyes with an iron chain attached (full pic (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/1483226/?qo=505&q=by%3Araptor85+sort%3Atime+-in%) - the dragon is navy blue with black splotches instead of golden brown). Instantly drawn in, Aidan put the chain over her head and as it lay on her chest, she felt an immense power course through her body. At first, she felt frightened but then oddly at peace. She went upstairs to show her parents the strange artifact and her father mentioned that it was the family heirloom. They didn't know how it was found but that the family had it for many generations old and the pendant was probably older than that due to its perfect condition. That night, she had a dream about discovering the pendant's powers and using them to defeat the people who were controlling Doom City. Already disgusted with the way the city was taken over by villians, she told her parents of her dream the next morning and declared that she was going to use the amulet's powers and restore the city to the way it was. Her parents were hesitant but eventually agreed since they saw what the Teen Titans did when they were younger.

The next three years she trained in secret until one day, Aidan decided to go off on her own so her training and power could expand. She packed her things and during the night, she was barely able to escape and make her way to the nearest town. For the past six years, she's been training and fighting off evil whenever and wherever she can.
Power(s): She's been given the basic dragon powers: flight, the ability to breathe fire, hardened skin so less damage is done to her, and her nails can extend and become as hard and sharp as diamonds
Known Weakness(es): Obviously, only wearing the amulet grants her dragon powers. Without it, she's just a normal girl who knows hand-to-hand combat. It can be stolen but her bond with it is so strong that she will know what direction it's in. Also, her strength depends on how powerful she can be. The amulet is ancient and incredibly powerful but will not grant its fullest power to her until she becomes stronger herself

Wyvern - Rogue
In a dark alleyway, Wyvern stared down at the two punks in disgust as one laid flat out cold and the other was groaning in pain and bleeding profusely from the nose. It was a pastime of hers to show the common crooks that there was someone always out there watching them but one of them happened to make an unfortunate remark about raping her and it's never wise to talk about such things in front of a superhero so she did was anyone else would do and kicked their asses. As she flew back up into the sky, she hoped that they would possibly think twice about what they were getting themselves into but ever since Jump City was taken over by the Legion of Despair, it was hard to live a normal, uncorrupt life.

As she hovered above the city, she sighed as she did every night. Doom City still had a few remnants of Jump City's reign but for the most part, it was a dump. To the East was Blizzard's domain, an icy lair where few came in and fewer left. Across the city was the Entertainment District, where Monte Carlo ruled supreme and catered to the rich and stupid. It made sense that he resided across town since it was well known that Monte and Blizzard didn't care for each other even though they served under the same master.

Speaking of which...Wyvern looked to the north and found Nargel's lair, home to the most evil of them all. Despite looking at all three areas each night, she was still unable to think of a definite way to destroy them for good. Of course she couldn't do it alone but ever since the downfall of the Teen Titans, no group of superheroes were ever able to band together to defeat a great evil, thus how Doom City came to be.

Wyvern sighed again and decided to make her to the Entertainment District, which was corrupt but at least festively corrupt. As she traveled lower above the buildings, she happened to spot Monte Carlo walking on his own. She wasn't that stupid to take him on alone but she was curious as to where he was going. She flew in the direction opposite to him as to not raise suspicion and then redoubled her tracks before spotting him turning around a corner. She flew down and hovered quietly behind before he stopped under a street lamp. She raised an eyebrow as Dark Angel was already standing under the light.
Are they going to fight? she wondered. Maybe the other I-Squad members are hiding somewhere.
But it wasn't the case as the two starting chatting. Luckily for Wyvern, her hearing was good enough on it own and she heard them discuss an item called the Horn of Change. Obviously, it's importance didn't register with the dragon hero until its powers were explained. Dark Angel soon left and Wyvern quickly took that as a sign for her departure. She started rubbing the warm amulet around her neck as she made her way back to her living quarters.
"Why would she talk to him about something that powerful?" she mused. "Most likely, it's just bait to lure him in but if she knows where it is, why doesn't she use its power to destroy the Legion? Perhaps there's a deadly consequence in using the horn but it seems rather foolhardy to throw her knowledge of its location out into the open. And since she was alone, it's likely her teammates don't know about its existance either. She's either really clever or just plain idiotic."

Shadow Djinn
30th September 2006, 12:33 AM
Abaris - Ao/Long - Neutral



A ragged figure stumbled along a narrow alleyway, clutching his shoulder with a bloodied hand.


Blood spattered the ground with each hollow step the figure took, throwing off his coat in disgust.


An ice cold eye examined a now crimson silk shirt, trying to ignore the pain that wracked his gaunt frame.

He turned, attempting to summon a flamy orb but failing, and letting out a loud curse.

Red hands fumbled for a knob, grasping frantically before coming upon the small handle and pulling back..

" Damnit." Ao muttered, eyeing his gloves as he stepped into his secluded hideaway.

He eyed the messy matress and the battered laptop -- his only real possession technically, and scowled.

With a sigh he heaved himself onto the ragged matress, looking at the gray forboding walls.

" I'm going to be like this for a while..." Ao muttered, fumbling for the bandages under his bed.

Triumphantly he pulled out a long strand of white cloth, ripping open his bloody shirt and began wrapping it around the large wound he had been dealt.

" Just like with Fei. Bah."

Images swirled around him -- he saw that younger, eager version of himself once more with an oriental man by his side, fighting a dark clad assailant..

His companion shouted something at the enemy, tossing a black dagger forward -- slashing a sleeve but inflicting no flesh damage.

His younger self shuffled uneasily, charging up a fiery orb.

His enemy preyed on such fear, and lunged forward with a roar, gleaming black blade slashing down the shoulder..

The boy gave a cry, falling over, blood spattering the ground.

His companion was on the villain in a minute, his own katana drawn, slashing wildly..

The dark teenager scowled, shaking away the images. His blue hair had become undone in the scuffle, he silently noted, before laying back on the matress again.

Looks like I'm stuck here for a bit. A sigh escaped before Abaris tiredly shuffled into sleep.

OoC: Crappy post yea, but eh.

30th September 2006, 12:59 PM

As Stasis turned around to head back to the lair, his HUD registered an airbound presence. He looked around and his nightvision immediately kicked in. Flying very low, in the shadows of the other buildings, was a dragon-like entity. S/he had also been listening in the conversation. This could cause a problem for his own plans. He quickly turned back and engaged a stasis field, about 100 metres in diameter. Luckily only he and the dragon were caught in it - Carlo must've picked a location where no one lived.

At first the dragon entity was bewildered, so Stasis called out,
"You! Come here! I want to talk to you!"
The dragon flew down towards him and he could see it was actually a girl, who just had dragon features. He hadn't seen her before, but she could have been a member of the Legion - he readied his power-pole.
"Who are you? What dimension is this you have taken me to?"
Stasis smiled.
"Don't be alarmed - this is simply a Stasis field - a bubble in time and space. When I disengage the field, we will be standing in Doom City once again. I have just engaged the field for...privacy."
He began to downsize the field to only about 10 metres for subtlety and to save power.
"Now, girl, how much of Carlo's conversation did you hear?"
She scowled.
"First of all, I'm not just a girl, you can call me Wyvern. Second of all, why shouldn't I just beat you up right now, creep?"
Stasis smirked; this girl was definitely a handful, and as long as he kept his cool, she shouldn't be too much of a pest.
"Okay, Wyvern, I'm guessing you eavesdropped on Carlo and the goth because you are trying to take down the Legion, am I right?"
Her fists clenched.
"Why? What's it to you?"
"I'm simply a soldier in the fight to bring down the Legion too."
She began to relax.
"Okay, so lets say hypothetically I do want to take the Legion down; as I said, what's it to you?"
"I'm guessing you heard about the Horn of Change?"
"This I-Squad - they're a bunch of juvenile jokes, and no doubt if Carlo and the Legion get their filthy hands on that Horn, we'll all pretty much screwed, and with those punks protecting it? It's just an accident waiting to happen."
"So what do you propose?"
"If you help me recover the horn from the goth before the Legion steal it for themselves, I can use my technology to throw it into a space-time anomaly, erasing it from existence."
I awaited her answer.

1st October 2006, 10:57 PM
OOC: Actually, Wyvern is a normal looking girl

Wyvern sneered at the man as he made his proposal. The Cyborg clone's presence and the way he captured her didn't sit right plus his motives for obtaining the horn seemed different than with the way he handled himself. It was one big contradiction.
"It's true that some of the members of the I-Squad are less than pleasant to be around but they are no fools. In fact, I think Dark Angel is the most capable of them all. It would rather fight beside them and make sure the Horn was in good hands rather than team up with a complete stranger to obtain it. Besides, having the Horn would probably be more trouble than it's worth."

She could tell that her dismissive and nonchalant attitude didn't sit well with him as his face contorted in a frown. Either he didn't expect her to refuse his proposal or he was just overconfident but Wyvern could sense that he wasn't too pleased.
"So, what now?" she asked. "I seriously doubt you could hold me in this statis field forever and I'm all but ready to fight my way out of here."

3rd October 2006, 08:37 PM
OOC: Awwwww, nobody likes Enigma... No wonder the poor guy is so ****ed up. :nut:

Anyway, while we're waiting for Heald/TML and Tsuki/Ghost to finish up...



A bored Enigma trudged down the hall a short while later. He had an idea, but as much as he hated to admit it, he needed help.

But who could he ask? Sting?

'No,' he thought, 'that guy creeps me out.'

Dark Angel?

Enigma's fists ignited, providing his answer to that idea...


'Well, it's either her or Daylight.' he thought. 'Wiggly's more trustworthy, but she has rubber for brains... Daylight on the other hand isn't stupid, but I wouldn't trust her with my life either...'

Enigma stopped and looked at the door to his immediate right - a door covered with stickers and rushed doodles.

The door to Wiggly's room.

Enigma sighed and looked down the hall. Then he glanced back at the door.

'God damn it all.' Enigma thought, his brow furrowing as he made his choice - he walked up to Wiggly's door and knocked.

6th October 2006, 10:16 AM
The door flug open, nearly killing Big E.

Wiggily had the world biggest smile on her face. She had four hampsters sitting on her head and a crossword puzzle in her hand.

"What's a four letter word for underwater critter?" She asked, as Ruby the brown hampster lept from her head to Enigma's.

"Oh, when did you get back? The Swans truck has been here TWICE! We'll have to move again, and I was watching that show with the fat black lady again, doesn't her hair make her face look small? Oh! We're out of milk..or sour cream, I'm not sure, but that strange girl who delivers our newspaper ate whatever is was. So," She held up her newspaper," This is from last Friday, she's so evil like that!" Wiggily said all this in like that same breath so it took about five seconds to spit out. "You look stress out, the lady said that's bad for your health." She would have just continued to talk and talk.

Dark Sage
6th October 2006, 11:08 PM
Dark Angel tossed and turned in bed, half-awake.

She had more nightmares than other people.

Of course, it was hard to tell which were real nightmares, and which were whisperings from demons, trying to make deals. She had gotten a few of those ever since she had started to use dark magic.

She ignored them all now...

The ONE time she answered one... Well, that was how she got the Horn of Change, but she had been forced to place a terrible wager against it.

She sat up in bed. She sighed.

Sometimes she wished she was like Wiggly. That girl was so full of joy. Not a care in the world, even in a city ruled by evil...

Dark Angel thought for a minute.


Wonder if Wiggly would like to go out for breakfast?

6th October 2006, 11:52 PM
OOC: Crap, I knew I forgot something yesterday. :sweat:



Enigma stared emotionlessly at his girlfriend as she foamed at the mouth, talking about everything and nothing simultaneously. As if that weren't bad enough, one of her hamsters was now asleep in his hair as he waited for her to finish.

One would probably be surprised that Enigma would actually wait for her to finish. Truth be told, he'd have snapped and told anyone else to shut the **** up a long time ago, but he knew better, ever since a few months after he and Wiggly had first met. She was just as talkative then as she currently was, and Enigma was just as crass, but he didn't know just how emotional she was yet; he snapped at her during one of her rants, scaring the poor rubber girl half to death.

The result was bad - Wiggly ran back into her room crying and didn't come out for days. Even after she finally seemed to calm down, she still scrunched herself into a ball for weeks whenever Enigma got too close to her. If not for Enigma pulverizing a would-be rapist who she actually figured out meant her harm, she'd still likely be a nervous wreck around him.

When Wiggly finally paused to take a breath (which wasn't until she'd literally deflated a decent amount), Enigma made his move:

"Yeah, that's great." he muttered, grabbing the hamster perched on his head and dropping it in Wiggly's hair. "Listen, I have some... field work to do tomorrow."

"Field?" Wiggly asked, her eyes sparkling as she sucked in a deep breath, reinflating herself. "Like a fied trip?! Oh, that sounds great! I'll get my picnic basket and we can go to-"

"No, not a field trip." Enigma interrupted flatly. "Research. I know that isn't really your forte, but I want you to come with me. The rest of the Squad can watch the Tower, but I may-"

Enigma wasn't even half done before Wiggly's arms surged forward and wrapped around him like snakes.

"Oooooooh, I'd love to!" she squealed. "Me and my Big E on a secret mission! This is gonna be so much fun. I'll get my picnic basket and pack us some lunches and get my picnic basket and then we can go out and..."

As Wiggly droned on and on, Enigma began having second thoughts about his idea...

But then, he glanced down over her shoulder, staring at her butt as he often did.

'Then again,' he thought with a sly grin, 'maybe a little private time with Wiggly won't be so bad after all...'

7th October 2006, 05:45 AM
Monte Carlo
The gambling genius' head sat on his palm as he gave out a bored sigh. Where the hell was everyone? It was just him, Blizzard and Nergal. He and the iceman didn't get along and Nergal wasn't much of a conversationalist. He knew very well the meeting wouldn't start until everyone was here. Where the bloody hell were they?

He toyed with his demon dice in his hand. He was almost tempted to 'accidently' drop them just to 'accidently' summon something to cure his boredom. But, knowing his comrades, namely Blizzard, it would just end badly.

So, for the moment, Monte Carlo was just going over all he knew on the people he knew, mainly those I-Squad kids.

The Enigma guy is one angry kid. Monte often wondered why he was fighting against them and hadn't joined them. He would have made a nice addition to the Legion. Unfortunately he had to be a goody two shoes and now he was just a pain in the side.

His girlfriend Wiggily was a rather confusing character. She just seemed so...happy. While Monte found her fun loving attitude refreshing (he considered himslf surrounded by killjoys), the way she just went on and on can get on a man's last nerve. How the heck Enigma put up with her was a mystery. But then again, being able to stretch would have some advantages.

Monte chuckled at his own though.

Dark Angel was a mystery. She seemed like the typical gothic occultist who was into legends and that stuff. She was a lot like Raven from the legendary Teen Titans. He often wondered why she was fighting on the side of good. She didn't seem like the kind of person to care about this world and more importantly, she told him about the Horn of Change. Why the heck did she do that?

Then there was Daylight, little miss plant girl. Oddly enough, Monte found her the most interesting. He was more interested in her than in her powers. He liked to get a bit of background on his enemies, but Daylight's interesting him. He knew that she'd spent some time in a coma, but often wondered what she was like before hand. It seemed even she didn't know.

Maybe I should ask her some time. It would be nice to get to know them better.

He looked around the room. The others still weren't here yet. He let out another bored sigh.

Um, where's the rest of the Legion?

7th October 2006, 01:08 PM
( :D My breath tastes like ham!)

"I have this hat! It's bright pink, I got you one too, but yours is lime green. We'll look so swab together! Isn't swab a funny word? You know, you wear those sunglasses? It's a good thing too, the sun makes crowsfeet! Oh! Is it going to be a night picnic? In that case, I have the cutest ear muffles for you. You have to protect your ears for old age you know!" Wiggily turned her head back and forth.

"Oh yeah, shhh, it's a secret. Can I get ready now?" She asked, batting her long eyelashes at him as she released him from her killer hug. "I have to get my hampsters a babysister!"

She took a white hampster down from her head.

"This one wants to kiss you..."

7th October 2006, 04:36 PM

Stasis smiled. This girl was being pretty stubborn and there was no way he was going to change her opinion anytime soon.
"Fine then. No point holding you further than I need to."
And with that he blasted a bright flash from his power pole. He quickly disappeared into the darkness, disabling the stasis field at the same time.

He fled back to his lab, deep in an abandoned part of the city - a separist movement had attempted to collate here earlier and the Legion destroyed most of this part of the city, leaving it empty; a ghost town. Stasis took off his suit and plugged it into the power terminal to let it recharge. He sat down at his computer and checked his files to see if his newly acquired blueprints had been uploaded, which, to his delight, they had. He poured himself a coffee and grabbed a bagel from his stash - even his provisions were looted, much like everything he owned.

Standing from his chair, he walked over to his workshop - where he invented new gadgets, usually improvements to his suit or new weapons, but he had been tinkering with something new lately - interdimensional gap generators. As his stasis field generator had proven, he could transport areas of this plane of existence into a parallel one and back again. However, his interdimension gap theory was that there was a space in between this dimension and the parallel one he creates portals too. This space was not parallel, in fact it was empty, however, it was possible to transport areas of space permenantly into these gaps - the space that remains is a dark void - empty space that not even light affected - any area transported isn't corporeal. However, he has only had the power to transport a small section of a room he was experimenting in so far - to rip a hole between the two dimensions requires far more power than mere stasis fields do. He could open and close it and keep items in it - at the moment he was only keeping milk in it as it doesn't age in these interdimensional gaps and he could not risk keeping important items in a field that could potentially cease to exist or otherwise he could lose access too. Still, it was a good start, and the next step was to turn this technology into a deadly weapon.

He turned away from his machines - he was too tired to tinker and instead slumped into his hammock to catch up on his sleep.

7th October 2006, 07:18 PM
Legion of Despair, or LoD, Leader
Here (http://www.toonmasters.hpg.ig.com.br/entretenimento/18/Animes-Cartoons/Inuyasha/IY%20-%20Inuyasha.jpg) is a good close up of his face; long white hair, young complexion, and golden eyes. No, he does NOT have the dog ears. This (http://uk.geocities.com/ahh_my_gundam/inuyasha.jpg) is a good mostly-full-body picture of him, but there are differences. He is barefoot, but his pants and shirt are black instead of the full red outfit he has on.
And for those of you who think he's cute, take a look at his fighting face (http://myanimecards.com/albums/userpics/10501/inuyasha%201_.jpg). Yeah, I dare you to hug that.
Nargel might as well have no soul. He's pure evil, and intends on keeping the city that way. He has no friends, and he's perfectly fine with that. Nargel can't do much one-on-one, but he is a useful asset to the LoD.
Read my second post.
Nargel is very strong, and VERY fast. Those who have seen Nargel and lived say that Nargel seems to fade in and out of reality, or as if his molecules are constantly moving around his body.
[b]Known Weakness(es):
Only the pure of heart can hope to stand up to Nargel... do not let your emotions get the better of you.
Anyone up for a game of Go? (This is a hint in order to destroy Nargel... and no, you don't have to beat him in a game of Go.)



[I][size=7pt][color=yellow]Legion members… assemble!

“Always late, always late, little Moui is always late…” Nargel thought, twitching. His thought turned into a little bit of a song, and he began to bounce a little to his rhyme.
“Always late, always late, little Moui always late…” He started to move from side to side, a grin spreading across his face. “Always late, always late, little Moui always late,” he muttered, then picked up his dancing pace.
“Always late, always late, little Moui always late!”
Nargel’s dance skipped around the room, around Monte Carlo…
He danced in circles, around and around… Blizzard's voice stopped him.
“Oh, for crying out loud, stop that!”
Nargel froze in the last dancing position he was in, and slowly brought it back to normal standing position, facing Blizzard.
“The ice-man doesn’t like my dancing?” Nargel hissed.
“No,” Blizzard answered sarcastically, “The ‘ice-man’ doesn’t like your dancing.”
The two supervillains glared at each other.

Monte Carlo coughed, loudly. “I hate to break this up, but I have some interesting news that may be of-…”
“The horn of change!” Nargel yelped, his eyes fixed on Blizzard.
Monte raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Er, yes, the horn of change…”
“I must find it,” Nargel mumbled. He wasn’t listening all that much to the others around him. “I must have it…”
Monte looked a bit annoyed at Nargel’s interruptions. “If you would just listen for a moment, Nargel… I know who has the horn of change…”
Not a moment later, Nargel was right up in Monte’s face, holding him by the collar of his red vest. Nargel exclaimed, “WHERE IS IT?!”
Startled, Monte tripped backwards over his chair and hit the floor. Luckily he was able to hold on to his demon dice.

“Damnit, Nargel!” Monte growled, pushing himself up from the ground. “I don’t know why we put up with you…”
Nargel’s voice suddenly grew cold, and very deep. “You put up with me,” he whispered with a maniacal tone, “because if you don’t, I will devour you like I did my father.”

Monte twitched; he didn’t know that it was an empty threat. In reality, Nargel could no longer eat anyone else; he had the power to eat and take the powers of one person and one person alone, however after Nargel took revenge on his father, everyone thought that Nargel had the power to simply devour anyone and everyone. This fear of Nargel kept all of the Legion members in check. Of course, there was another reason why the others trusted Nargel so much… but that reason is to be kept secret, as the author of this post is afraid that a member of the I-Squad will read it.

Monte raised his head towards Nargel with newly entertained rage in his eyes. “Wait a minute,” he said, “if you could devour all of us, why don’t you go devour the I-Squad members?”
“He has much to know, much to know,” Nargel mumbled to himself, then faced Monte. “The gambler wants no fun?” Nargel laughed. He turned his back to Monte and started towards the purple door, leading to his room. “The gambler doesn’t want to gamble… the gambler doesn’t want to play games with the kiddies… poor gambler… Moui is late, always late, her lateness will make me irate… always late, always late, Moui then will make us wait…”

9th October 2006, 05:10 PM
OOC: A few quick things:

1. You guys only have to put your profiles in your very first posts, OK? After that, you don't have to anymore.

2. I'm giving an ultimatum - Tsuki, you all haven't posted anything in two weeks, and I haven't heard from you telling me you'd be away. We're all waiting for you (especially Ghost), so please post something within the next week, or you may lose your spot as a Legion member. Thank you.



"Tomorrow." Enigma told his girlfriend flatly. "Tomorrow afternoon, we go. Until then, we stay here, and you can play with your rats-"

"Hamsters." Wiggly corrected him.

"Whatever." Enigma grumbled. "The safest part of the day is the mid-afternoon, so we'll leave about 2pm."

"OK!" Wiggly chirped, still holding her white hamster in his face. "Now, kiss-kiss!"

Enigma's eyebrow twitched.

"No." he said emotionlessly.

"Awwwwwww, come on." Wiggly urged, pushing the hamster closer to his face. "Give him a kiss!"

"I don't want to." Enigma said coldly, his short fuse lighting once again.

Wiggly looked up at him sadly, her big eyes tearing up (Enigma never understood how a girl made entirely of a rubber polymer could produce tears, but he didn't really care, so it evened out.).

"You don't like my hamster...?" she whimpered.

Enigma's eyes turned a little red; he glanced back and forth across the hall.

No one else was around. No one else was watching.

'God damn mother****ing little furry ****...'

A long stream of curse words filled Enigma's mind as he slowly moved his face closer to the hamster before finally his lips touched its forehead.

"OK, there." he huffed, pulling back instantly. "Ya happy now?"

Wiggly responded by squealing and wrapping her arms around Enigma again.

"You're so sweeeeeeeeeet!" she cooed.

Enigma couldn't help but smile his sneaky smile.

"That I am..." he said smoothly, trying to reach with his bound hand and stroke her behind.

But he couldn't reach.

'If there is a God,' Enigma thought miserably, 'he hates me.'

10th October 2006, 02:13 PM
I forget, but I believe that something happened to Tsuki (I seem to forget... damn short attention span). If Tsuki doesn't post by Friday I suppose I can just pretend my first post didn't happen and continue going on normally... Though I gotta catch up on what happens :0

Shadow Djinn
11th October 2006, 07:50 PM
Less frequent posts for a bit, I'm nearing completion of some stuff I'd like to finish so that had a bit more priority.

Abaris - Ao/Long - Neutral


" You're grown a bit stronger, neh?" A cackle filled a dimly lit chamber, echoing across the grim walls. A mane of red hair obscured green eyes, a cloak of violet masking a gaunt figure.

Across him stood a boy, panting, blue-haired, sweatshirt ripped and torn. He feebly attempted to form a ball of flames, croaking in pain as he was unsuccessful. The engima shook his head with a thin smile, forming an emerald orb in an indigo covered hand.

" Some fake hero I am," The man said softly, stepping closer. " It seems such myrmidons to justice are the first to die..."

The orb whistled past his victim's ear, cutting it slightly, inciting a curse from his weary opponent. He struggled to get up, eyes blazing with vigor that should have been long exhausted -- but unable to be applied as he attempted a flaming orb -- and got nothing.

" Damn." He wheezed, stumbling backwards a bit.

" A bit pathetic." A second laugh echoed around the room as the man stepped even closer. His hands were linked together by an emerald ball of glimmering force, eyes lit with a powerful flame, muscles tensing as he prepared to throw it. The red mane bristled as he shook his head, heels clicking on the cold floor.

The boy gave a croak, reaching a dagger from his belt, raising it feebly.

" You've exhausted yourself." The man said blandly, holding the orb in one pale hand now. " A myrmidon to justice." He repeated, shaking his head. " What a poet you've become, neh? Heheh. Unfortunately," Thin lips curled in a menacing grin. " Us fake heroes..." He gestured now, as the only door in the chamber opened, three figures stepping in -- illuminated by jade light.

A curse escaped the boy's mouth as he saw his enemies -- the ones he loathed so dearly, but could do nothing about it...

"We survive." The man finished plainly, throwing the orb.

Ao woke with a start.

" Third time I've had that dream this week." Ao cursed, pulling off his dusty covers. " It's been damn boring in here..but at least it's just a scab now." He finished gingerly, removing the bandages. The wound had been hardened into red crust, disgusting and morbid, but much better then the bleeding that had occured before. His healing was more then exceptional -- Ao noted -- but, he thought, only because he thrived on fruit and vegetation.

He flexed a bony arm, summoning a small, flickering ball of flame just to see how well it had recovered.

Then he cursed as it exploded on him, red spreading across two fingers.

"Damn you Blizzard." He muttered to himself grimly, wounded hand resting against a cracked wall.

"I'll get you yet."


Yea, still crappy. I don't want to pull a WTF time skip so I'll just wait I guess. :/

13th October 2006, 06:24 PM
"You're sweater than Boo berry, Count Chocula, and...and....Frankin Berry! FRANKIN BERRY! You're a mega cavity." She squeezed him again, tightly...rib breaking tight.

"Be sure to pack sunblock, you're skin is at risk!" Wiggily let go of him and smiled, placing three of her hampsters under she upper, she had an inside pocket, of couse.

"...Eeeeee?" She whined suddenly, looking actully perposeful. "Why are we going on an afternoon picnick? You hate the afternoon."

(Another in need of spell check, but it's giving me heck -_-)

13th October 2006, 08:36 PM

Enigma frowned in irritation at his girlfriend's ignorance.

'For ****ing sake...' Enigma thought, his already-flimsy patience running out. 'Why do I put up with her...?'

He looked down at her breasts.

'Oh, yeah...'

"Wiggly," he said, trying to figure out what smaller words he could use that she would understand, "listen to me and listen closely. I have to go on a secret mission tomorrow afternoon, and I may need your help. That's why we're going out in the afternoon. But right now, I need sleep. OK?"

Wiggly looked up at him like a child trying to understand something complicated.

Enigma's teeth gritted.

"Just... stay here until tomorrow afternoon, OK?"

Wiggly smiled and nodded.

"OK!" she said cheerily, giving him a 'V for victory' sign.

"Good." Enigma muttered, turning and walking back to his room. He locked the door behind him and dropped face-first onto his bed.

'Another lovely day in the life of Enigma draws to a close...' he thought snidely. He knew that virtually nobody in Doom City liked him - villians hated him for being a 'good guy,' other heroes hated him for his sarcastic, anti-heroic attitude and violent temper, and everyone else just seemed to hate him because.

'Bunch of ****ing ingrates.' Enigma thought snarkily, rolling onto his back. He stared up at the black ceiling.

'Being a hero is a thankless job.' he thought, eventually closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

And as always, he was greeted by nightmare after horrible nightmare...

14th October 2006, 07:57 PM
OK, that's it. If something truly bad happened to Tsuki, then I can sympathize, but I'm not going to let the other thirteen people in this game wait for one.

Ghost, if you want to ignore your first post, or just delete it altogether, or do something to get out of it, then be my guest.

As a great man once said (Curse you and your often-used phrases, Dark Sage!), the show must go on.

14th October 2006, 10:14 PM

I mean absolutely no disrespect to Tsuki when I say this, but... I say Ghost has a little fun and kills her off, giving the I-Squad a happy boost of moral. Then, Nargel and his gang can squash their hopes and dreams! It's no fun when there are no hopes or dreams to squash... *sad face*

Anyway, my main point of adding in this comment is to ask Dark-Sage something; could you perhaps use the Horn of Change to give us an example of it's power? You know, just in case someone happens to win the horn... someone like Nargel... :D

Dark Sage
14th October 2006, 10:16 PM
We'll see. But continue with your meeting first. I'd have to have morning come before I could do that.

18th October 2006, 02:24 PM
Name: Sting, but is mostly referred to as Jake, his real name.
Age: 19
Role: I-Squad Member
Appearance: Jake stands around 6'4", weighing only 180 pounds, with short dirty blonde hair and piercing black eyes. He has a slim build, and he is very much like a stick. Generally wears a black hooded sweatshirt and a pair of black jeans,though his costume is a totally different story. His costume covers his whole body, including face, and is pure black with no isignas(sp) on it whatsoever, letting him blend in perfectly. While in his costume, his muscles grow to nearly triple their sizes, showing a muscular body. Think Venom, with no Insigna, sharp teeth, or weird lashing out tongue.
Personality: Jake usually keeps to himself., sometimes having idle chit-chat with other people, but usually nothing more. He doesn't like interaction with others for his fears of rejection, so therefore doesn't talk much.
History: When Jake was 17, he thought that everything in life was perfect. His parents loved him, he had fun at school and had many friends, and was passing classes with flying colors. Yet one day, when he returned home, he found his parents and c few of his friends that were waiting for him for his surprise birthday party brutally butchered in his house, blood everywhere. Jake went nearly insane,and nearly thought of suicide himself. Yet,before he was about to cut his own throat, A burst of light came from out of the pool of blood in the middle of the floor, and what stood there was a creature that claimed he was the devil himself. He todl him that instead of wasting his life, he could take this power that burdened him for so long, and with it, fight the people that took them from him. Seeing no other, option he took the powers, infusing himself with a demon, giving him eternal powers, but for a price.
Power(s): With his powers, he is invincible and invunerable to almost anything. Bullets, rockets, cannons, rocks... Anything that is thrown on him will barely hurt him. Suoer Strength, stuff like that.
Known Weakness(es): His powers have one major downside: His energy is drained immensely, and he must take energy from others. He can set certain limits to his powers: The less power he uses, the less energy that is drained.He also has one extra weakness: Mental attacks for some reason do the most damage, even trying to read his mind will result in him having jolts up and done his whole body

[It was total darkness in Doom City, the place he had called home for many years. It seemed as if every nook and cranny in this city was memorized in his head, as if he was a map of Doom City itself. The city wasn't all that big anymore; most of it had been destroyed by various villains, including Slade and Tetanus.

Why did Jake stay in this place? He didn't know, and he didn't care either. He didn't stay here because of the companionship of his "friends", they could die for all he cared. He didn't stay for family, seeing as he had none. He just supposed that he stayed because it was the only real city where there was any crime to be fought. He could think of no other reason.

So for now, Sting sat perched up upon a distant rooftop, watching the city from above. Trouble was happening everywhere ofcourse; Muggings were happening nearly everywhere. You could barely walk home from work (if you had a job) without getting mugged.Gang fights went on below, but nothing too severe, or else he would of stopped them. But he felt that something strange was going on, he just couldn't get a feel on it... Like something evil was going on. He had to do something.

He felt a strange feeling as he flicked open a pouch off his belt, and tons of black sand started to pour to the ground, slowing inching towards his body. He braced himself the sand started to combine with him, becoming him, enhancing his reflexes, strength, intelligence, everything. Though what he was now was no longer him; and he had a hard time controlling it. This demon was slowly taking over his body every time he used it, inching towards dominating him and staying attached to him forever. But he supposed those were the punishments he must of faced.

Using his uncanny strength he jumped off the building and landed straight on his feet in a alley below. A few of the cats eating trash scattered away feeling the near earthquake like effects of his jump. Normally, this would kill a normal man, breaking his legs and spine because of the shockwaves. But his demon merely absorbed all the shock. An advantage of being a demon

The alleys around him seemed empty, as well as the streets. No cars or passengers had been walking by, so it would be safe to walk in the streets. Not like anyone would of saw him anyone; There were no working street lights.

He ran across the street, and ran into a nearby alley where he saw only one person walking through the streets: A Young Woman, no older then 22, probably still in college. What was she doing out here alone? Jake didn't care... He was running out of energy, and he needed food. He slowly approached the woman, walking towards her slowly, trying to not to alert her. It was too late, she turned around to see what was behind her.

Jake leaped and nearly tackled the girl to the ground, but the wall supported her. She tried to scream, but she couldn't; the demon already wrapped his hand around her mouth. "I'm sorry..." His human self muttered. She was a beautiful young lady; She wore a black sweatshirt and tight jeans, and had black hair and beautiful green eyes, his human self had thought. But the demon didn't care. It seemed like tentacles grew from his demon, Jake could never remember much that happened while feeding. The tentacles sucked the girl into him, draining all of her energy, and then spit her out. She lay there on the ground, unconcious. Jake felt great now, perfectly energized. But for some reason, he couldn't just leave the girl there. He picked her up and brought her to the top of a roof, and left for the Tower.

Jake really didn't know why he felt that way about that girl. He had had countless feelings, and normally, he didn't care one bit about them. But for some reason this one was different, he had had feelings for someone. Was he getting control of his demon form?

He know was sitting on top of the I tower, observing the town by himself and wasting time.

Basically copied most of my first post, except for the end. Let's get to some action now :D

22nd October 2006, 12:21 AM
I agree, but...

...Where is everyone? Anybody have anything they wanna finish up so we can move on to the morning?

22nd October 2006, 01:25 AM
I'm just waiting for things to move along folks.

Shadow Djinn
22nd October 2006, 02:19 AM
I'd like to move on myself.

22nd October 2006, 02:35 AM
OK, fine - let's just wait for WoD to finish his meeting-dealy and then we can finally get on with this thing.

24th October 2006, 02:03 PM
Apologies for being late... last week i was in romeo and juliet (morning and night shows,) and I totally forgot about this week being mid-term exam week!

If anyone wants to roleplay the meeting to get things going, I just wanted Nargel to state the fact that we need 1) the horn, and 2) to recruit more members (especially Stasis; Nargel has plans for him.)

Essay due today, project due Thursday, spanish test Friday, auditions Sunday and Monday that I haven't started preparing for... I'm out till next week. After, I'm as free as a bird.

Sorry for the late notifications, I was hoping to get the meeting in before R&J, and I forgot about exams. I'm really sorry! I promise to do... something... to make it up!


25th October 2006, 03:39 PM
Sorry I havent been posting >.< I need character interaction XD Can someone hook me up?


Despite the food I had eaten, and the fact that my room was bathed in the golden light of a few sunlamps, I felt like sleeping. Not because I needed to, the light in my room alone was enough to keep my body going for as long as necissary, but because quite frankly, I was bored. I needed some downtime, I had been up for the past 3 days searching, reading up on leads, trying them out and finding a dead end almost every time. The only thing that kept me going were my fathers words, and the faint memory I had of him before I was ripped away.

I wanted to dream. I needed to, for although my body could sustain itself on constant light, my mind needed rest, sanity. So I shut off my sunlamps, whispered good night to my many plants, and slowly drifted to sleep.

Darkness filled the city, and smoke billowed in the night. The sounds of sirens echoed through the hopeless streets. Somewhere a child was crying, and a cat yowled to the night. A clacking sound grew, getting louder and louder, as regular as a heartbeat. I drew nearer in my dream, peering in through a dusty window. The clacking of dice being rolled over and over, and I saw a shadowy figure rolling the dice. He rolled once more, three dice....and they all came up 1, 1, 1.

The figure looked at me and through the shadows I could make out his two souless eyes.

"You lose, I-Squad. Daylight is over, the night has begun."

I woke up with a start, as the sun came over the horizon.
I really need some character interaction to bounce off of ;.; dont make me beg! *begs anyway* lol

25th October 2006, 05:38 PM

The sun started to rise over the bleak horizon, spreading its rays on all the darkness in the city. For now, people were safe. But this comforting light did not last for long; merely after a hour of pure sunlight the sun went and hid behind the dark clouds, plunging the city back into a bleak darkness once again. Jake had gotten used to it being so dark; It was once in a blue moon that there were no clouds and the sun was out. The only thing he disliked about the clouds was that he could never watch the stars anymore; it irked him because he used to do it every night before going to bed.

So this concluded his night watch; he slowly rubbed his eyes and stood back up from his crouched position. His knees cracked when he stood up, as they did every morning; His body could barely handle sitting in that position for nine hours straight without moving. He stretched a bit before walking towards the stairs and heading into the tower for his natural morning routine. He headed into his room; at 6 in the morning not many of the squad were awake. His bed was perfectly set up as usual; he never slept in it, so it was always perfect. The black satin sheets and black comforter had only been touched once; when they were put on.

He stripped of his clothes and stepped into the shower. This was part of his routine; He sat in the shower for an hour, with nearly boiling hot water washing over him, and he reflected on what had happened the night before while he watched. Yet for some reason; all he could think of was that one woman that he ate and then saved from the streets, why had he done it? He cut his shower a bit short and stepped out, and got dressed in a pair of shorts.

He walked out the door of his room and was instantly knocked onto his back, with a woman; presumably one of the I squad, falling on top of him. He quickly pushed the person off of him and stood up, looking down at her. He felt somewhat embarrased that he was only wearing shorts at this time; normally no one was up.

"I'm sorry," Jake said half-heartedly, helping her up. She had a weird hair color; It was reddish brown with gold highlights. He didn't think he'd seen gold highlights in someone's hair before. " I wasn't paying attention." She also had green eyes, and a slight golden tan color to her. He thought he remembered he name, though he wasn't exactly positive.

"Daylight, right?"

31st October 2006, 07:09 PM
WoD, MC, envoy, we're waiting on you guys - you having your meeting or not?

1st November 2006, 09:14 PM
fine, I'll do it.

Monte Carlo
Monte scowled as Nargel sang his little song.

"Well then, since you know about the horn, I suppose you want US to ge it?" Monte said, refering to himself and Blizzard.

"Exactly," Nargel responded. Monte tried not to roll his eyes. Leave it to Nargel to make them do all the work.

"Well then, if that's all we're here for, I guess I'll be going then."

"Before you do," Blizzard cut in, "I'd like to bring up a point."


Blizzard waited 'till he had the attention of both Nargel and Monte before continueing.

"I think it's time we added some new blood to our group. With all these little 'heroes' popping up all over the place, it wouldn't hurt to have someone help control it."

"Are you saying we can't handle them ourselves?" Nargel growled.

"No, but it just gets annoying."

"Point taken."

"Ok," Monte butted in, "So we need the horn and new members. I'd say this was a great meeting guys. If we don't have anything else to talk about, I'll be off."

The other two didn't say anything as Monte left the room.

Hmmm, Nargel's little speech before has put me in the mood for some fun. Maybe it's time I payed our I-squad neighbours a visit.

Dark Sage
3rd November 2006, 02:00 AM
Morning slowly rose on the city.

After her unpleasant night, Dark Angel nervously knocked on Wiggly's door, hoping she wasn't cranky.

Aw, who was she kidding. That girl was never cranky.

The bouncy girl threw open the door, a hamster perched on her head.

"Dark Angel, good morning!" she beamed. "You're up with the sun!"

"Uh, hi..." muttered Angel. "Uh, Wiggly... I know we don't do much together as girls... The last thing we did together was fight off those Ice Knights that got away from Blizzard."

"Oh, yeah!" laughed Wiggly. "That was fun..."

"So, Wiggly..." said Angel, with a small smile, "you want to go out for breakfast, my treat? I know a place that makes good pancakes?"

The ball is in your court.

envoy of time
3rd November 2006, 10:47 AM
Blizzard jumped from roof to roof making his way home.He began going over the previous meeting"That was a completely useless meeting.We didn't cover any thing new or that I didn't know already, and we spent what felt like weeks waiting for Moui.Where was that girl anyway?" He answered his own question stopping on one roof over an unconscious form.He quickly checked her vital signs to make sure they didn't need a another new member."She's out cold."He said scooping her up in his arms.Out of the whole legion she was the only one he could tolerate.

At his Lair

He looked around at his hall seeing all evidence of the previous battle erased.He then snapped and his ninjas came once again.The bowed and Blizzard handed the Moui."Put her in the nice guest room.I'm taking a nap."His ninjas bowed and carried out their orders.

Okay Moui is now at my place.And sorry about the edit but my computer threw up.

5th November 2006, 07:27 PM
And thus ends the worst week of my life.

I'm sorry I can't explain, but I have to withdraw from this rpg. It's a long, drawn-out story that I involves more than one personal problem. I apologize for doing this.

5th November 2006, 08:08 PM
Sorry to hear that, WoD - we'll miss you.


OK, I have zero ideas right now. Lemme think about this a bit; I'll (hopefully) be back with a solution later.

In the meantime, any suggestions are welcome.

Shadow Djinn
5th November 2006, 11:06 PM
*shrugs* Engima sounds like the person who'd lead Wiggly into an assault onto one of the Legion's bases...

And of course, Ao'd be happy to join in, even if he's bleeding everywhere. ^_^

EDIT: WoD: Sorry to hear you leave. We'll miss you D:

5th November 2006, 11:14 PM
What I mean, Djinn, is that between WoD leaving and Tsuki being God-knows-where, the I-Squad - Legion ratio is now 5:2. I want the good guys to win, but come on... 5 against 2?


I knew I should've taken Heald's offer when I had the chance...

6th November 2006, 12:07 AM
*sighs* God dammit *head desks* We need more guys here, FAST! We've only two left and, let's face it, they don't like eachother.

7th November 2006, 07:20 PM
1. Enigma won't be awake until like 9, so don't bother waiting up for me/him, OK?

2. This whole 'lack of villians' is a problem, but I may just have a solution for it:

A defector.

Someone in the I-Squad isn't who he/she says he/she is. Anyone interested in this idea?

7th November 2006, 08:09 PM
Hmm, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Makes for a very good plot twist.

In the meantime, Monte's on his way to pay the I-Squad a little 'visit'.

8th November 2006, 04:00 PM
Almost forgot...

You guys can still roleplay Nargel if you want. Envoy, if you want to do what we were originally planning to do with Blizzard and Nargel, that would work, that way the Legion won't be another member down.

8th November 2006, 04:39 PM
(-_- Sorry...)

Wiggly squeeled and ran back into her room, in five seconds or less she came out in a frilly pink dress that looked like someone from 1820 spat it up.

"Oh! Where are we going, Angy? I love brekfest foods and stuff, don't you? Mmm, we can get waffuls and pancakes and sausage and bacon and eggs and orange juice and and and..." It seemed Wiggly ran out of brekfest items. She shut her door, grinning at Dark Angel. "And muffins!!!!! I love muffins!!"

8th November 2006, 04:58 PM
Sorry for yet another OOC post, but four things:

1. Envoy and WoD: If you wanna go ahead with your idea, then fine with me.

2. Houndy: Please make your posts longer - you've got at least 5 fanfictions in progress all over the web; I'm sure you can come up with at least a couple of paragraphs here.

3. Dark Sage: Huh... Good luck. :wave:

4. Everyone: We have our I-Squad turncoat; I won't reveal his/her identity just yet, but I will say this: Watch your backs, guys.

Now, back to the game...

8th November 2006, 05:42 PM
Monte Carlo
"Aah, the I-Squad Tower"

Monte sat perched on a neraby building which gave a view of the tower. The home of his enemies, the I-Squad and oddly enough, Monte's destination.

One would consider Monte's idea a little moronic. There was only one him and there was five of them.

Those people have obviously forgotten Monte's devil dice, the keys of his power.

Strangely enough, Monte wasn't really after anything for this trip. He wasn't really concerned about the horn of change, he prefered his games to have a bit of chance in them.

No, Monte had figured he'd just make a little 'social call'.

"I wonder if I'm in time for breakfast," he mused to himself with a chuckle.

Sorry for the crappiness guys.

Dark Sage
8th November 2006, 08:23 PM
"Sure Wiggly," said Angel. "Waffles, muffins, whatever you want."

She tucked a wooden box under her arm.

"And maybe we'll get lucky and get to kick some bad guy butt while we're out."

She sighed.

I must be crazy bringing along the Horn, she thought. But I know Nargel and his goons are going to try to challenge me for it. Maybe it's time to give them a demonstration...

envoy of time
9th November 2006, 04:58 PM
Nargel was currently in the lair of Blizzard because he had gotten an ugent message that it was under I-Squad attack.But as the Half demon observed there was even evidence to support that Ao'd had been attacking previously.All of the sudden He heard a voice from around the room."Hello Nargel."Nagel instantly recognized the voice and responded"Ice man.The do-goodies aren't present?"The sound of Blizzards laugh was enough to make Nargel flinch"Very observant Nargel.Yes, The I-Squad haven't attacked me, yet.You see I just wanted you on my turf so I could give you a message."Nargel looked very confused at this"What could be so importantfor you to lie about being attacked?"After pressing a secret switch Nargel was hit with a shower of water.Blizzard appeared behind the soaked Nargel."Good bye you demonic psycho!" he declared as Nargel was frozen alive.

Blizzard seemed a bit unimpressed at the simplicity of trapping his former leader."Hmm too easy.I know the universe is going to give me a cosmic wedgie later, I'm sure."He looks at the ice cube that is now Nargel."Wonder if you can hear me in there? After all I know I didn't kill you, I might need you later.In the meantime you'll make an excellent center piece for my lair!"He laughs and leaves the room to let Nargel cool off.

Bwahaa! I've taken over the Legion.Takes down "Help wanted" sign off his lair.So we've gotta rat in the I squad huh?Could someone let the new leader know who his future recruit is?

9th November 2006, 06:56 PM
Monte Carlo
"I spy with my little eye something beginning with a D and an A."

Monte smirked as he watched Dark Angel and the one known as Wiggly leaving the tower.

"Now, that leaves only Enigma, Sting and Daylight," Monte pondered, "Who should I visit?"

Listening in, he overheard Wiggly say something about pancakes or waffles.

"Mmmm, pancakes..." monte almost drooled at the thought. He loved pancakes.

"It's decided," he mused to himself, "I'm having breakfast with those two."

9th November 2006, 08:05 PM
"It's decided," he mused to himself, "I'm having breakfast with those two."

Oh, you're just asking for a fight with the E-man, aren't you? :lookout:



The fact that any electronics other than his computer remained intact and in working condition in Enigma's room was probably something of a surprise.

But embedded on the wall (crooked, naturally) was a clock - reading 8:24am - that Enigma couldn't even remember where he got it. Maybe it was in that burnt-out pawn shop on Jarvis Lane...?

In his bed, Enigma, tossed and turned uncomfortably. His dreams were never pleasant, but at the moment they were particularly violent...


Enigma was walking down a dark corridor. Cliched, yes, but that was the dream he was currently having. He was not garbed in his usual outfit, but rather black jeans secured around his waist by several white bands. His hair hung down past his shoulders, and on his hands were black gloves with blunt gold spikes on the knuckles.

'****.' he thought bitterly.

Enigma had had dreams like this for years - in fact, he'd had the same dreams so much, he'd become used to them enough to become something of a lucid dreamer.

And he knew where this dream was going...

Enigma walked to the end of the corridor, where there was a door. Knowing there was no way around this, Enigma sighed.

And then, he kicked the door open.

And on the other side of the door was the same thing Enigma had seen a thousand times before in this dream: the day he'd gained his powers.

His old neighborhood stretched out before him, houses smoking and shooting flame and gas into the red sky as shockwaves and flaming missiles rained down. The roaring of fire and explosions were matched only be the screams of pain and terror echoing through the night as the citizens fled amidst burning debris and charred corpses. A pickup truck plunged from the sky and crashed down through a burning garage, blowing another two houses into oblivion. Plaster and wood cascaded around Enigma, topling a tree that crushed a middle-aged woman like an accordion.

Enigma watched the scene in silence, waiting for it to end. Over the years, all his fear of seeing this scene play over and over had diminished; now, it meant little more to him than a scene from a B horror movie.

And then came the clincher: A young man and woman were running across the street, not seeming to have any sense of direction as they ran. They were exhausted, dirty, panicked...

And then, out of nowhere, a flaming signpost streaked through the air, impaling the woman through the back of her head. She made no sound as she fell; the man could only watch in horror and distress, until four minutes later when an overturned car slammed down on him and exploded.

That man and woman were Enigma's parents.

'No.' Enigma told himself over and over. 'Not my parents... They were that little kid's parents... that little kid who died the same day they did.'

Enigma watched with icy eyes as the place he'd once called home was burned to the ground for the 3,857th time in his life. When the chaos and destruction had finally ended, all that remained was a pile of rubble stretching some 31 blocks.

And then, a hand burst free from the rubble... One survivor pulled his body free from the rubble...

And then, he threw his head back and screamed an inhuman scream...


Enigma stirred and opened his eyes.

'Another lovely night's sleep.' he thought, glaring up at the ceiling. '**** you very much, God.'

Enigma sat up and stretched, yawning and swinging his feet over the side of the bed. He got up and headed for the bathroom, his standard outfit forming itself over his body as he walked.

'I need a cigarette.' he thought. 'That little **** Sting better not have swiped my Newports again, or I'll stick them up his ass one by one...'

Shadow Djinn
11th November 2006, 01:26 AM

Ao - Abaris - Neutral

The ragged footsteps did not cease as Ao paced along the castle halls. His heartbeat was frantic, both arms bleeding, and his face marred with numerous cuts that had opened up once more.

" Come out, dammit." He said desperately. " COME OUT!"

His reply was a mocking laugh, shadows dancing around him...

He raised an arm, preparing to blow this whole damn castle to hell...

Firm bands wrapped around his arm as a figure emerged from the wall of the hallway, greasy hair cascading down around him. A grin was plastered across his face, a hand toying with the restriction on his arm.

" Meizeru." Ao gasped. " Where's..."

" Toya?" The man replied with contempt. " You just got your ass kicked by him, threw a flame in his eye then ran. But I'll have the pleasure of finishing you."

The restrictions on Ao's limbs receded, retreating into Meizeru's open palm. The brimming force began to change colors before settling on blue.

" I think this element will be perfect to handle a boy like you." Meizeru continued. His wardrobe had altered into a marine robe, matching the now glittering sickle of ice in his bony hands.

With a triumphant howl, Ao thrust his arm into the air as he unleashed a rapid succesion of minute orbs, dashing away with the cover of the momentary smog...

He looked back for a fraction of a second...then flew in the opposite direction as a powerful gust buffeted him.

" Idiot." Meizeru muttered. His arm was jade now, but quickly changed to blue once more.

There was a fair amount of lighting in the narrow hallway, but even then it was still hard to find Meizeru's gaunt figure...until a glint of gleaming ice twirled in a deadly arc above Ao...

With a yelp, the boy leapt to the side, hugging the left wall as the sickle landed mere centimeters away. A small trace of the icy aura sent a shiver down his spine, but he quickly melted the weapon with a rapt burst.

Meizeru was walking away now, shaking his head, chuckling....

" What are you doing?" The adolescent roared indignantly. " Fight!"

The elementalist turned, amusement crossing his face. With a jab of his hand, another powerful gust sent him sprawling to the ground.

Time to do what I was going to do before...

With a howl, Abaris thrust his hand upward, a sphere of flames forming in his outstretched palm, rapidly increasing in size...

Meizeru was tearing down the hallway now, one hand sparking with a glowing neon light, tearing the ground around him, face disfigured with a bloodthirsty scowl.

With a triumphant grin, Abaris released the explosion, the earth around him giving away as he managed a red aura for a fraction of a second...

Meizeru screamed as the embers enveloped him, clawing at his searing face...

Ao was panting, encircled by roaring flames, feeling a momentary jolt of pain as his platform of stone crashed into the floor beneath him.

The marble shattered as the super got to his feet, allowing himself a ragged breath.

" You damn rat." A voice said contemptously.

A pang of powerful sorrow tore through the boy as he looked up, gazing up to see his soon-to-be killer...

Neon light flashed around him, then a sharp pain, then a powerful ringing...


A bandaged hand silenced the ringing alarm clock as Ao rolled off his matress, grimacing as the granite sent a jolt of pain through his back.

With a curse, Ao got to his feet, shrugging on a new shirt and sweatshirt.

He felt his injuries, grinning at the remarkable progress -- all had formed into bloody clots, save the gash, which Ao figured would be a small hindrance.

A grin formed as he summoned a twirling sphere of fire.

He tossed it into the air as he left his shabby quarters and was faced with a glare of sunlight.

" So many things to do today," he murmured as he exited the alley. He glanced shortly at two towers in the distance -- one azure, the other a colossal I....

" And so little time."

Dark Sage
12th November 2006, 06:30 PM
Not all of Doom City was hostile. A few places were halfway decent, if you knew where to look. Most of them owed the I-Squad after they had saved them from some threat in past.

Dark Angel had done just that for a local restaurant when it was directly in the path of a demon that had been summoned by - guess who - Monte Carlo. Angel guessed that the jerk had had too much to drink that night, and needed to blow off some steam.

Angel and Wiggly were sitting at an outside table near the buffet table. Angel had pancakes and bacon, while Wiggly had one of everything. Angel watched as her friend poured syrup on her blueberry waffles.

Angel slowly opened the box, revealing the glowing brass horn inside.

"Wiggly..." she said, slowly, "do you know how I got this?"

Wiggly looked at it.

"Dunno..." she said. "It looks real pretty!"

"I didn't get it in a willing contest, Wiggly," said Angel. "Since I got my powers, I've been hearing whisperings... whisperings coming from evil things...

"Once, I answered one of them, the last time I'll ever do so. When I did, I was trapped.

"The one who was whispering was a demon who had been attracted to the dark magic I was using. He challenged me to make a wager, and I didn't have much of a choice. It would be a game of riddles and logic problems. If I won, I would get this..."

She looked at the horn.

"...but if he won, I'd be his slave girl, forever."

Wiggly stopped in the middle of chews.

"That... that's horrible!" cried Wiggly.

"Well, I won, barely," said Angel, "so I got this for my troubles.

"And I know how this this thing works now... It can never be stolen or given away. The only way it can ever change owners is if someone wagers something incredibly valueable against it in a contest.

"I wagered my freedom, and it's mine..."

She closed the box.

"So if those Legion goons want it, they're gonna have to make a very big wager..."

12th November 2006, 11:04 PM
Monte Carlo
"Like a soul perhaps?"

The two girls looked up from their conversation to see a grinning Monte Carlo standing a few meters away from their table. Wiggly stared at him in her usual (and what Monte secretly considered cute) way, while Dark Angel just glared at him.

"Hope you don't mind if I join you," he said as he pulled up a chair, the terrified looks he was getting from the other dinners apparently not affecting them.

"You're that crazy dice guy," Wiggly stated, causing Monte to laugh and nod.

"What are you doing here?" Dark Angel asked suspiciously. Monte's grin widened.

"I just thought I'd pay my little I-Squad neighbours a visit. But when I heard you girls were getting pancakes, I just had to go with you."

And with that, Monte waved over a waitress. The frightened woman walked riggidly over to him. Monte looked back at the two girls to see Dark Angel still glaring at him.

"Oh come now," he said cheerfully, "I'm not here to pick a fight. I'm just hear to have breakfast, and to just get to know my favourite enemies a little better."

"Favourite enemies?" Wiggly cocked her head to the side. Monte nodded.

"You're more interesting than any other hero-wannabe I've faced."

Dark Sage
12th November 2006, 11:22 PM
Dark Angel frowned. Then she rubbed her chin... Maybe she could have a little fun here.

"Sure, Monte, you can join us..." she said. "Just let me stash this..."

A dark portal appeared behind her, and she placed the box inside it. It quickly closed.

"You know, Monte..." she said. "I know you love to gamble... I know you're really good at it..."

She smirked.

"I've never told anyone this, but I'm not bad either... What would you say to a very simple wager right now?"

Monte raised an eyebrow.

"What did you have in mind?" he asked.

Angel produced a five dollar bill and set it on the table. Then she took out a single die.

"It can't be more simple..." she replied. "Five dollars says I can roll a higher number with this than you can."

Monte paused.

He saw no harm in that.

"You're on," he said. He placed a five of his own on the table.

Angel pushed the die towards him.

"You first," she said. "I take it you'd be able to tell if it were loaded or not."

Monte picked up the die. It clearly wasn't...

He gave it a toss...


"Heh, heh..." he chuckled. "You'd need to be really good to tie that!"

Angel picked up the die.

"Tie, Monte?" she said. "My roll is going to beat it."

Monte looked surprised.

"That's impossible..." he said. "There isn't a number on it higher than six..."

Angel didn't answer. She stood up, and held the die in her fist...

She wound up, and threw it skyward!

Everyone looked up, and then the die crashed to the ground...

Angel, Wiggly, and Monte looked at the die. The impact had broken it in half, and two halves were face-up...

The six face, and the one face.

"There..." said Angel. "Seven. According to my calculations, that beats six..."

Angel sat back down with a smug look, as Monte looked at her.

Angel's voice echoed in Wiggly's head. Telepathy was one of her easier talents.

Be careful, Wiggly, she said. This might turn ugly in a few minutes. But don't try to get him angrier yet...

Care to retaliate, Monte?

13th November 2006, 12:04 AM
Monte Carlo
Monte's eye twitched at the two broken pieces of the die.

"That was a dirty trick," he said in a low voice, his expression looking grave. A serious look was on Dark Angels face. He knew how she expected him to react.

Dark Angel was surprised when Monte laughed.

"Quite a dirty trick, but a clever one at that. I guess you win Angel."

The look on Angel's face made Monte laugh even louder. It was priceless.

"what? Were you expecting me to get asngry and attack you?" he laughed, "If so, you got me all wrong. A good gambler knows when to win and when to loose. I'm not like Blizzard or Nargel. I can take loosing."

Wiggly was now giggling at the expression on Angel's face.

"Now then," Monte said, chuckling, "Are we going to have breakfast or not?"

Weren't expcting that were you DS?

13th November 2006, 12:28 AM
OOC: OK, I believe it says in Enigma's profile that he is 'rude, crude, lewd, lazy, and violent.' Emphasis on 'violent'; I think after three pages of relative calmness, he should step in and have a little fun...

EDIT: Maybe he wasn't, but I doubt either of you were expecting this!


Enigma walked into the Tower's large living room, his eyes still half-closed as he searched for his cigarettes.

'Well,' he thought as he looked, 'at least I don't have a hangover. That son of a bitch Sam probably watered down my scotch again...'

Enigma walked over to the table (which still had an epty pizza box on it and a large wedge from one side missing), where his cigarettes sure enough lay. He grabbed the box and tugged a cigarette free, popping the filter in his mouth and then lighting it with a snap of his fingers, much like he'd lit that gang leader's hair the previous night. He took a deep hit from the cigarette...

And then he paused, noticing something on the paper he hadn't before.

It was a piece of paper, folded in quarters and with a red kiss imprinted on it.

A note from Wiggly.

Enigma grabbed the paper and unfolded it, reading it as quickly as he could in his sluggish state:

Eeeeeeeee! ^.^

Me and Dark Angel went to breakfast at the pancake place a few blocks away! You know, that place that dice-guy sent his monster after? We're gonna have pancakes and muffins and waffles and all that good stuff you know I love! Well, except you, 'cuz you're still asleep! ^^ Be back soon!

-Wiggly <3

Enigma lowered the paper and looked up, the cigarette shuddering slightly in his mouth as he flicked it with his tongue. He walked over to the window across the room.

Outside, the grungy city was just waking up; though much of Enigma's view was blocked by several apartments (more like projects, actually) across the bay, he could see the upper half of The Waffle Hut protruding above and between the buildings.

Enigma narrowed his eyes; his orange visor turned jet black and expanded slightly, fastening over his eyes like goggles. Glassy lens welled at the center of each goggle.

Enigma's vision suddenly zoomed in, amplifying greatly in just a few seconds. He now was seeing The Waffle Hut as though he were standing on the roof of the building beside it.

He couldn't see anything on the ground, obviously, but the area seemed calm enough. No black energy flying about, none of Wiggly's extremities stretching or expanding into weaponry, no ice or demons streaking through the air...

Suddenly, something jettisonned up from just in front of the diner. It was very small and light-colored, whatever it was.

'What the Hell...?' Enigma thought. With feline reflexes, he followed the small object as it slowed and reversed itself; at that moment, his eyelid turned black and plastic - into a shutter, which clicked softly on the object as it fell back to Earth.

In Enigma's mind, a picture of the object appeared; it quickly focused and zoomed in, like a police camera would, until he had a clear view of the object: a 1-inch white cube with black dots on all sides...

'A die?' Enigma thought.

His binocular-goggles reverted back to his normal visor at lightning speed; his eyes flew open.

"Oh, shit!" Enigma cursed, yanking the window open and leaping onto the ledge.

In a span of 2 seconds, the entire upper half of his bodysuit turned from red to brown to black and peeled back off him, slithering around his back and pooling over his shoulders before the twin patches expanded and stretched into two 20-foot teardrops, which turned from black fabric to grey foil to silver plates. Enigma leapt off the ledge, his makeshift wings spreading as he plunged and then straightened out, soaring just inches above the water.

'Hang on, Wiggly...' he thought. 'I'm coming...'


By the way, DS, you called Dark Angel 'Raven' in one part of your post.

13th November 2006, 01:10 AM
Wyvern shielded her eyes as the weird guy emitted a flash of bright light from a pole and when the light died down, he was gone. She sighed as she decided to call it a night and head to her parent's place. So much information was racing through her head that it was too hard to think about just one thing. Sleeping on it would definitely help her situation.

She flew towards a house at the edge of the city and landed on a balcony with two french doors blocking her way in. In another time, the view would be breathtaking, an almost panoramic view of the city but nowadays the balcony didn't see much use except when Aidan came home. She was in the process of transferring her belongings from the town over to Doom City as she decided it was time to take up full residence here and for now, she was staying at her folk's place. She was eventually going to find a job and apartment and for now, she was content with mooching off her parents but she didn't want to jeopardize her family's safety any more than she had to and the sooner she found something, the better.

She unhooked the key from the chain around her neck and unlocked the doors so she could get through. She made as little noise as possible so she wouldn't scare her parents and went to her room to have a decent night's sleep but most importantly, to ponder what had happened in the past hour.

Aidan woke up the next morning feeling more rested than before and felt chipper enough to eat out at The Waffle Hut, one of the last few decent (aka clean and well meaning) restuarants around town. Since she didn't feel like wearing her costume and draw weird looks from people, she dressed down in jeans, sneakers and a nice brown top. She tucked her pendant underneath her shirt and headed outside, prefering to walk to her destination. It wasn't a long walk exactly and she made good time to the place. As soon as she could see the restaurant up close, she immediately spotted Dark Angel and Wiggly and made a beeline to the opposite part of the outside tables. It wasn't that she hated them - Dark Angel was easy enough to get along with and Wiggly was very nice but it was that Wiggly was a pain the ass to talk to. You could never get in a word in edge-wise with her and her constant happiness pissed Aidan off to no end. The fact that she was dating Engima didn't help either - the snide jackass that he was. She just couldn't be around them that much and not at all when they were together. No, she was content to stay away and eat alone in peace.

Aidan went to get her food and as she sat back down, Monte Carlo came onto the scene. As always, the same thought ran through her mind. Why was a hottie like him a villian? Life can be cruel like that sometimes. She quickly shook her head of the thought and saw him walk towards Dark Angel and Wiggly. Curious and somewhat fearful for the civilians, Aidan took her food and moved closer to listen to their conversation without being seen. Was this a peaceful encounter like last night or was it something more?

Dark Sage
13th November 2006, 01:13 AM
MC -

I truly didn't know what to expect. I figured it could have ended in a fight or in laughs.

But I know what to expect NOW! This could get interesting...

13th November 2006, 01:19 AM
Hate to be a stickler for details (Well, no I don't, but that's beside the point.), but I believe Monte and the girls are outside, Becca; it looks like you (and they) are inside. You may wanna fix that...

Dark Sage
13th November 2006, 02:00 AM
Dark Angel looked surprised all of a sudden...

Then her face fell... The Enigma Express was heading this way. He was so overprotective of his girlfriend.

He'd be here in two minutes at the latest, and he wasn't going to chit-chat or talk nice with Monte. There'd be no stopping a fight now...

Angel considered her options...

She knew from experience that Monte was dangerous, him and those Devil Dice. She'd tangled with enough of his demons to know that.

She considered using it... The Horn of Change...

It had... other powers besides the ability to alter probability, but each one was dangerous.

If Enigma got in trouble, she could invoke the Chaos Blast. That would put Monte down for the count...


...right after it did, a blast of equal power would either strike her or an ally. So her, Enigma, or Wiggly would get hurt.

She didn't want to face Enigma if the Horn ended up hurting Wiggly.

Maybe her own powers would be enough. She'd have to see...

13th November 2006, 01:45 PM
Things have gotten much better. My friend doesn't feel like killing himself anymore, my parents made up, I quit the show that was supposed to control my life, and my next semester's schedule isn't as taxing. Exams are over, we've got thanksgiving break and winter break coming up, and I'm finally caught up on my work.

Needless to say, with (most of) my personal problems out of the way, and with my future looking brighter, I can come back. With Nargel frozen, I guess I could wait a while and talk with envoy_of_time about what we're going to do about him.

Is this okay? Can I come back?

13th November 2006, 02:45 PM
I must've missed that part ^^; Fixed it, but now I'm sure it'll be easier for the others to see her listen in

Dark Sage
13th November 2006, 05:59 PM
I vote we let Waves of Darkness back in.

After all, according to Nargel's profile, ice cannot defeat him.

13th November 2006, 07:12 PM
Well, that was fast...

Welcome back, WoD - we saved your spot and kept your ramshackle hospital in one piece while you were away. :wave:

15th November 2006, 04:49 PM
(Yes to all! *frails my arms around*)

"Hey, guys, gambling is illigal." Wiggily said, bad timing as usual, licking off the left over suyrup on her plate happily. She turned around and stole some fat man's creped (sp? That french thingy) and started to down that to.

"I remember, one time, in game camp-"

The fat man turned around," Hey! I paided for that."

"I saved your children!" She snapped, holding on to the plate as he grabbed and yanked the plate.

"I don't have children!"

"I'll kick your dog into a fan! Now, give me that plate." He ripped the plate out of her hands. Wiggily stuck her fork in her mouth, looking clueless as usual.

15th November 2006, 05:50 PM
Monte Carlo
Monte blinked a few times at Wiggly's theft of the crep.

"And she seemed so innocent too," he muttered absently, taking a bit out of his pancakes.

However, his meal was cut short by someone bursting through a wall.

"Monte Carlo!"

The three lookde over at a very pissed of Enigma.

"Hey there," Monte said, grinning, "You're just in time for break..." He did't get to finish his sentance as Enigma punched the eccentric supervillian across the room.

Causing him to drop his demon dice.

Everything went quiet as the three dice bounced on the floor before stopping.

A six, a four and a three. thirteen.

Enigma and Dark Angel's eyes widened. They knew that number well.

"Oh. Crap."

It was definately one of Monte's more uglier demons. It was a black ,twisted, humanoid mass. It had no eyes, but plenty of snapping mouth all over its body. Its face covered with an iron mask. It seemed to have no legs, it's body ending in a twiested tail. On its neck was a large stone ring, with chains connecting to the beasts arms, restricting its movement.

The creature let out a horrifying shriek.

Fight time!

15th November 2006, 06:46 PM
Heh... showtime. :cool:



'Damn, that felt good.' the I-Squad leader thought as he knocked Monte twenty feet into a wall. Stone fists were so much more damaging than his real ones...

Unfortunately, the impact caused Monte to drop his Demon Dice.

"Oh, crap..." Angel muttered behind him.

In a burst of dark energy, the gangly demon Enigma came to refer to as the 'Hellmonger' appeared and shrieked at the trio of heros.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Wiggly shrieked, covering her eyes.

Enigma's eyes turned into tiny slits. First Monte had hit on his girlfriend, and then he had scared her...

"That's... it..." Enigma growled, his body shaking with anger.

The Hellmonger slithered forward a few feet. Angel raised her arms...

But before she could make a move, Enigma had raised his right arm, which became sleek and black. His fingers merged together by their sides, producing a small metal tube that extended up into Enigma's elbow. Taking on a metallic sheen, the tube's base expanded slightly, a small silver wheel forming on either end of the expanded mass and a scope rising into position above it. The end of the tube widened into a nozzlelike shape that receded to where Enigma's wrist had been; the interior of the nozzle issued a low hum as the machinery that was once Enigma's arms whirred to life.

The Hellmonger raised a claw and surged forward, sensing the power eminating from Enigma. The beast howled...

Enigma's eyes widened slightly.

"Eat this, asshole." he muttered, aiming at the Hellmonger's chest.

Plasmatic energy coursed around the barrel of his gun-arm, and then it expanded slightly before contracting into a speck of blue light that blasted forward, transforming into a massive beam of energy that roared and engulfed the Hellmonger. Every diner who hadn't yet fled ran as the energy stream vaporized several tables and smashed the demon into a tree, snapping it in half! The monster lay on the ground in a daze...

Enigma didn't budge for a long minute; the only movement he made was the smoke billowing from his weapon.

Finally, Enigma lowered his arm and turned to Angel and Wiggly.

"You alright?" he asked them, glaring his piercing glare at Angel.

"I'm OK..." Wiggly whimpered, rushing up to him and wrapping her elastic arms around him. "Oh, Eee! You're so brave!"

Enigma stroked her back with his free arm, his furious eyes still transfixed on Angel.

Several yards away, amidst the debris of the blast, a spindly black arm protruded from the rubble.

Slowly, its six fingers curled into a fist...


Anyone care to take over?

Dark Sage
15th November 2006, 09:29 PM
Enigma didn't see it, but the Hellmonger wasn't going to go down that easy.

"Enigma, look out!" shouted Dark Angel, as the demon started to get up.

She rose into the air, and started to chant an incantation.

"Nazamoth... Insath... Terameth..." she chanted.

Her hands glowed, and a dark sword appeared in her hands.

The demon got up and roared, and Angel flew at the beast. She slammed the blade across it's chest, and it fell backwards, a deep gash where the blow had landed.

"Super!" laughed Wiggly.

"Uh, did you get it?" asked Enigma.

Hellmonger growled....

It got up, and roared in rage!

"That answer your question?" asked Angel. "Enigma, maybe we need something a little more heavy duty..."

Who's next?

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 01:35 PM
[Weas note: Since the posts are a tad short, I'm putting them all in one, ok? Sorry for any inconvenience ^^;;]


"I'll get the super bleach!" Wiggly squeeled, making an attempted to run from the fight. She hated fighting, she hated conflicts. Most of all, she hated having to fight. She just left that to her Big E man.

Wiggily's rediculous platform shoe hit a fork, which sent it spralling into the Hell Beast's head.

It turned, snorting loudly in W.W's general diriction.






Enigma's pupils shrank down to pinpoints when he heard that noise.

Those few seconds seem to go in slow motion to Enigma...

Peaceful and placid as ever, Wiggly turned and ran, hershoe skidding on a fork and back-kicking it into the Hellmonger's face. The snaking demon turned to her, its jaws dripping with saliva...

And then, it lashed out, surging over the ground past Wiggly before straightening up in front of her, a claw raised...

"Wiggly!" Angel gasped...


The demon's mouths curled in what could only be confusion as its claw slammed into Wiggly, sinking into her elastic body and stretching it to amazing lengths. Wigglky stood perfectly still, a look of confusion, nervousness, and very slight amusement on her face as everything between her breasts and her hips stretched around the Hellmonger's claw, forming a pink 'glove' for the creature that stretched some nine feet to the left of the rest of her!

"Oooo... that tickles!" Wiggly chirped after a moment.

Good old Wiggly...

Enigma snapped out of his trance. His eyes returned to normal...

And then, they narrowed and turned blood red.

"Get... your ugly claws... off my GIRL!" he hissed, charging at the monster and pulling back a fist.

The Hellmonger snarled in annoyance.

And then, it pulled away from Wiggly (whose body actually 'snapped' back into place like rubber) and spun around, slamming the much more solid Enigma with a backhand, sending him flying and slamming through a brick wall.

'Oh, Hell...' Angel thought.

A tense silence followed for a few seconds, before a faint rumbling reached the demon's ears. The rumbling grew louder, and stronger, until the ground itself began to shudder.


Enigma screamed in fury, his body glowing with a white aura that blew the brick wall to dust! The changeling stepped out of the debris, aiming a thick, metallic arm at the Hellmonger...

It was a missile launcher!

"Oh, God." Angel said, grabbing Wiggly's arm and pulling her out of harm's way. "Time to go, Wiggly."

"Whoa!" Wiggly yelped as she was dragged out of the line of fire very quickly. "But, but, but...!"

Enigma aimed his weapon at the demon, lining up the shot and taking aim at the beast's head. The monster lunged at him...


In the deepest corridors of Enigma's mind, a single command echoed out across his consciousness:




The demon's non-existent eyes widened as a foot-long cylinder of green-and-silver steel expelled itself from Enigma's arm and closed in on the monster. The projectile slammed into the beast's mask; for a few nanoseconds, the unmistakeable crack of a vertebrae and spinal cord being snapped in half rang out for all to hear, before the missile exploded in a hellish blast of orange and black flame. A thick black mist mingled with the smoke of the blast; when the smoke and flame had subsided, the Hellmonger was gone. Only a scorch mark remained where it was...

Enigma straightened up and concentrated, his arm reverting to normal in the process. He looked around the destruction, scanning for any signs of Monte Carlo...


Well, Monte? Care to have another go at it?



Monte Carlo
Monte had come out of his daze during the fight against Hellmonger. Sensing that if they one (which would probably happen), Enigma would beat the living crap out of him, the gambling villian figure now was a better time then any to get the heck out of here.


Monte froze just in time for Enigma to grab the brunette by the collar of his jacket. Monte' initial shock turned back to his trademark smile as Enigma glared at him.

"Well, this worked out well didn't it?" Monte grinned, "Well, up until the hellmonger bit."

"Shut up!" Enigma snapped, "You'll pay for what you've done!"

"Oh?" Monte chuckled, "And what, may I ask, have I done?"

Enigma snarled.

"For all this!" He through his arm out, showing all the damage. Monte just chuckled.

"I do believe," he said, "That this is because your little assault on me made me drop the devil dice, hence summoning Hellmonger. So technically, this was all your fault."

Enigma paused, processing all this information.

"But you were hitting on my girlfriend!" he barked. Monte wagged a finger.

"I don't recall saying anything to Wiggly that can count as 'hitting on her'. Isn't that right Wiggly?"

Wiggly nodded. Enigma growled.

"But what about that die before?"

Monte was confused.

"What die?"

"The one you htrew into the air before! I saw it."

Monte was quiet for a moment before bursting into laughter.

"That was just a normal die," he explained, "And before you say anything, Angel threw it, not me."

Enigma glared at Angel, who responded with a 'sheepish' grin (as sheepish as she can get). Monte pulled himself out of Enigma's grip.

"So, all this," he waved around to all the destruction, "Was caused by you jumping the gun and attacking me without a reason. So in this, I'M the innocent and YOU'RE the one causing havoc. Ironic isn't it?"

Enigma snarled, but did nothing. Monte smirked as he pulled a black stone from his pocket.

"Well, I'll leave you to clean up your mess," he said, "Oh, and Angel, thanks for the info."

Enigma looked at Angel in confusion as Monte threw the stone to the floor. With a flash of white, Monte was gone.




Monte Carlo's words rang out in Enigma's mind as the dice master vanished, leaving the I-Squad leader in a particularly bad mood.

Enigma hated having to admit he was wrong, so more often than not, he let his twisted logic pin the blame on someone else.

'I made him drop his ****ing dice... Yeah, right.' Enigma thought. 'If he dropped them, he must've been holding them, so it was only a matter of time anyway...'

Enigma finally turned his gaze to his girlfriend and teammate.

"You alright?" he asked. His tone was softer and gentler than normal as he spoke to Wiggly, but his icy glare told Angel she wasn't out of the doghouse yet.

"Yes... I'm OK." Wiggly said timidly, hugging her boyfriend. "Oh, Eeee..."

Enigma wrapped his arms around her briefly before letting go and turning to Angel.

He opened his mouth to something, but then, a strange look came over his face. He gritted his teeth...

And then, he simply turned and walked away.

"Hey," Angel called after him, "Enigma! Where are you going?"

"The Tower." Enigma replied flatly, his voice sounding strained. "Wiggly and I have something to do later and I need to get ready."

Enigma raised his wings...

"But what about the diner!" Angel demanded, gesturing to the damage around her. "You have to help us clean this place up!"

"The Hell I do." Enigma replied, leaping into the air and soaring off, leaving a very peeved Dark Angel behind.


A short while later, Enigma touched down on the roof of the I-Tower, hi costume reforming almost before he'd even landed. On the roof were a bored-looking Daylight and Sting, who was smoking a cigarette.

"Hey." Sting muttered nonchalantly. "Don't you look like He-"

Sting was abruptly cut off when Enigma pushed the smaller man aside and stormed down into the Tower.

"Rrrrr... What's his problem?!" Sting growled.

"You know how he is." Daylight replied, smiling in amusement as she helped Sting up.

Inside the tower, Enigma picked up speed as he made his way downstairs, his pace quickening more and more as he navigated through the hallways until, by the time he'd arrived at his destination, he was running. Enigma threw the door open and locked it behind him.

He was in the bathroom.

"Hngrrr..." Enigma growled, the pain in his stomach that'd been building for the past twenty minutes now at a nearly unbearable level. Anyone else who wasn't used to the sensation would've likely passed out by now.

Enigma staggered over to the toilet and flipped the seat up. His breath came in heavy gasps; sweat poured down his face as he braced one hand against the rim of the bowl and the other against the wall.

"Ha... ha... ha.. ha..." he panted in pain as the sensation in his stomach suddenly shifted, heading north. This was going to hurt...

"Hunh... hoorgh.... h.. h... hu.. HUWAAAAAAAA!!!"

A wail of torment filled the air as Enigma's pain swelled to its most intense, causing him to throw up - not bile or half-digested food, as was usually the case, but something far more shocking:

Enigma was vomiting blood. Within a few short seconds, the water in the toilet was a thick, angry red, punctuated here and there by bits of leftover metal and strips and chunks of torn flesh.

Enigma was not the smartest of people, but he was familiar with the laws of physics; he knew that matter could not just be created from nothing - it had to come from somewhere.

The missile Enigma had fired was no exception. Enigma had long since vowed to do anything to protect Wiggly, no matter what the cost.

And his haste and irrationality had just cost him a kidney.


Shadow Djinn:

So apparently I confused my project date with December 1st instead of Jan. 1st >___>

Abaris - Ao - Neutral

The cold wind around Ao made him feel uncomfortable. He'd had his powers long enough to know what affected them and what didn't...

And cold was definitely one of those things that affected him. Shivering, he glanced at his hands, thanking himself silently for the gloves. His powers were weak enough already, and he needed all the strength he could get..

His eyes fell on the several unconcious men scattered around him, reminding him why he loathed this particular domain of Doom City.

For one thing, there was an abnormal amount of goons...

And for another, there were two people he despised that lurked in this particular region..

He closed his eyes, first imagining the cold ninja-like figure of Blizzard...

And then, the violet, red-haired man he despised...

His palm emitted a luminous glow, and he slammed his hand into the brick wall.

The barricade crumpled with a fierce explosion as his anger receded; scattering the area with numerous, smoking bricks. As the debris cleared, he felt a fierce stabbing of pain..

He clutched his shoulder, gasping for air as he tumbled off the dumpster he had been sitting on, writhing on the ground.

Images tore through his mind at an amazing rate..

Seconds later, he stopped struggling, letting darkness cloud over him.


Dark Sage:

Enigma lay on the floor of his room, groaning.

He hoped he never had to do that again...

"Hurts, doesn't it?" asked an angry voice. "Blowing away a spawn of the underworld using your guts as fuel will do that."

He looked up and saw Dark Angel. He gave her an annoyed look.

"How did you..." he started to ask.

"Tell?" asked Angel. "I can see things, E. Call it a gift, call it a curse...

"Believe it or not, E, I want to stay with this team, despite the fact that you apparently don't respect anyone but yourself and Wiggly. I respect her... That's why I was nice and tried to treat her to breakfast until that jerk with the dice ruined it.

"And I had him under control until you came flying in like the madman like you are..."

"Go away..." he growled.

Angel put a small vial of green liquid on the chair next to the door.

"You don't deserve this..." said Angel, "but I made it for you anyway... It's a formula made by alchemy. It will make you sleep for six hours when you decide to drink it... And when you wake up, that kidney that you destroyed will have regenerated."

Enigma looked up, startled.

"You gotta be kidding..." he said.

She stared at him.

"Use it, or flush it down the toilet," she said. "But I'm sure not donating you my kidney if you ever pull a stunt like that again...

"Just remember, E... We're all on the same side."

She turned and left.

23rd November 2006, 05:14 PM
M-my RPG... it's back...


God bless you, Weasel Overlord...


Dark Sage
24th November 2006, 10:36 AM
I'd like to thank Weasel Overlord too. Our RPG would have been ruined without him.

envoy of time
24th November 2006, 12:28 PM
Yes thank you Weasle Overlord from both me and Blizzard.

24th November 2006, 01:29 PM
Er, Brian? Weasel Overlord is a woman. :o

Weasel Overlord
24th November 2006, 02:16 PM
Er, Brian? Weasel Overlord is a woman. :o

I'd just like to interject with "lol!" It's true you know, DS, I am in fact, a lady... snigger.

And thank's Blade, at least some people are grateful for those damn hours of achey neck! *pointed glare in Roy's direction*

24th November 2006, 07:38 PM
Thakns Weasel, we appreciate it.

Wait, you're a woman!? I always thought you were a man. Well, so much I know.

25th November 2006, 02:22 AM
Thanks from me as well... having had to edit/transfer everything from the old Fruits Basket rpg, I know exactly how long it takes to get everything transferred (and I did it before they changed the max character count to above 20,000... sheesh.)

On another note, I'm almost back in school, which means that I'll actually have time to post (yes, I'm incredibly busy here, if you haven't noticed I've been posting sometime in the early mornings recently.) I'll hopefully get Nargel back into business soon, but I need to know first if envoy_of_time is ready.

25th November 2006, 07:33 PM
Hey, hey, so where am I? ^_^U...I'll ask Blade when he get's back, bit XD *lord of the lazy*

envoy of time
25th November 2006, 09:02 PM
Okay waves I'm ready when you are.

25th November 2006, 10:25 PM
Houndoom_Lover: Well, from what I know, you're either still at the diner, or at the tower, one or the other.

25th November 2006, 11:35 PM
Well, I would HOPE Dark Angel brought Wiggly back to the Tower with her, but I guess Brian would know best, since his character was the last one to be seen with her.

26th November 2006, 12:05 AM
Hey Blade, since we're running short on villians, would you mind if I created another villian profile?

26th November 2006, 01:28 AM
Short on villians? We have 3 villain regulars and 3 hero regulars (not to mention a couple of outsiders floating around). The numbers seem pretty even to me...

Still, new ideas are always welcome; since this is a villian, PM Houndy with your idea. I'm sure you'll get a positive response from her.

Dark Sage
26th November 2006, 06:02 AM
Angel definately brought Wiggly back to the Tower with her. She wouldn't leave her alone in Doom City.

26th November 2006, 04:53 PM
(That would be messed up if she was left behind.) Wiggly was doing paper mache in the kitchen, making a horriendous looking huge pink and red heart. The heart papers were thrown this way and that. Glue was pasted (get it XD) of parts of the kitchen where were she flug peices, crazily. She placed the finished heart (not yet dryed) on the counter and went looking for a sharpe.

28th November 2006, 01:17 AM
As this was aproved by Houndoom_Lover:

Name: Shade
Age: ??? (looks to be in his teens)
Gender: Male
Role: Unknown (although his personality suggests he’s a villain, whether he’s working on his own or for the Legion is unknown).
Appearance: Standing at about 6 foot with a lean build, although it’s hard to tell with the clothing he wears. He wears a black cloak with a hood which seems a bit large to on him. Although he can’t see his feet, on some occasions you can see he wears black boot and black gloves.

His skin is pale, but flawless. His has short, pale gray hair which covers his left eyes. His eyes are a venomous green.
Personality: Quiet, yet cold. He shows off a great deal of intelligence for someone his age (whatever that is) and since his face is usually blank, it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking. He seems to show no emotion at all, which can come off as a little creepy. He seems to have a how opinion of humanity. One of his hobbies include playing the pipe organ.
History: His past is shrouded in mystery, along with the rest of him. He seems to appear all over the place with information. While it’s believed he’s working with the Legion, some witnesses report to have seen him conversing with some of the I-Squad, namely Dark Angel. He refers to her as ‘sister’, although whether they were are related or there’s some form of kinship between them is left to be established (hope you don’t mind DS).
Power(s): While the full extent of his powers are unknown, since he seems to appear and disappear into the shadows, it’s assumed that teleportation is one of them. Due to his relationship with Dark Angel, some have come to believe he dwelves in a magical art similar to hers although this is yet to be proven.
Known Weakness(es): Since he appears reluctant to get involved in any conflict, it seems that Shade may be lacking in the offensive department in terms of powers.

28th November 2006, 05:18 PM
Change of Plans

"This job sucks," one ninja sighed to another in Blizzard's lair.
"Don't let the big man hear you say that, dumbass," the second ninja warned. "Besides, we're working for the most powerful villain in all of Doom City! You should be proud."
The first ninja groaned and said, "That ain’t what I mean. I'm talking about our current job, standing guard over this statue." He jabbed a thumb backwards. Behind him was a giant spike of ice, encasing the frozen body of Nargel, leader of the Legion of Despair. The ninja huffed. "Doesn't it unsettle you a bit? I mean, this here's Nargel, the most feared half demon of the entire city, right behind us. Don'tcha think it was a bit too easy for the big B?"
"I've said it once, I'll say it again. Blizzard's pretty damn powerful, you can't underestimate him."
"Of course he is, but I still get the feelin' like he ain't dead."
"Oh. For a second there I thought you were talking about B. Of course B's still alive."
"Look, all I'm sayin’ is-..."

They heard a faint clink behind them. Faster than lightning, the ninja’s were in fighting stance, shuriken’s in hand, standing back to back. Silence followed. Finally, the first ninja broke the silence. He whispered, “You heard that, right?”
The second ninja scoffed. “Of course I heard it, I wouldn’t be pressed up against your back if I didn’t.”
“Right,” the first thought, feeling dumb. He began to think of the fight from earlier, the fight between one of Blizzard’s finest ninja’s, and that one guy who apparently had control of fire. He’d heard that the fight ended fatally for the ninja, but he managed to get the fire guy weakened considerably. Still, there had been enough time for the fire guy to recover… the ninja shivered with fright.

After a long time of silence, the first ninja spoke up.“Hey bud, you don’t suppose that the noise came from Nargel, do ya?”
The second took a second to think before answering. “No way, man. Don’t let that frozen guy get to you. And don't call me 'bud'.” Nonetheless, the two couldn’t help but steal glances at Nargel’s icy tomb as they surveyed their surroundings.
Clink. This time, there was no mistaking it; Nargel’s prison shook a little.
“Did you…?”
“Yeah, I saw it,” the second ninja growled, pushing off from the other ninja and beginning to slowly circle around Nargel.
Clink, crack.
The first ninja panicked, “It’s coming loose!”
“Shut up and get ready, will ya?” the second ninja scowled, and readied his shurikens. “He’ll probably be a lot slower than usual… that’s what happens when you’re cold, your molecules start to freeze. Besides, you’re with me, remember? I’m the top ninja here, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”
“Maybe we should tell Blizzard…”
“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time,” he spat. Nargel the icicle began to vibrate. “This is my fight. Back me up when you feel it’s needed, got that?”
The first ninja nodded, and his face hardened. What was he afraid of? He’d had intense training; there was a reason that Blizzard had chosen him to guard his domain.

The once-stationary figure of Nargel inside of the ice was beginning to blur. More and more cracks began to form on the surface, a steam of shaven ice slowly rose from the small fissures. The chamber of ice began to glow a bright orange from the inside. “He’s moving so fast, he’s shaving away the ice on the inside,” the second ninja thought, gripping his shuriken tighter. Suddenly, the orange light exploded outward, the icy shell bending the light in every direction.
“Arrgh!” the second ninja shrieked, putting an arm across his eyes to avoid going blind. The light disappeared fairly quickly, allowing the two ninja’s to uncover their eyes and discover that Nargel’s icy egg was empty.
The first ninja stared in shock at the empty icicle. “W…where’d he go?” his voice trembled.
“Quiet!” the other hissed. “He might still be here.”
“Look man, the trap’s empty…”
“Don’t you think I saw that?”
The first ninja surveyed the now-empty ice cage. “But… it ain’t broken.”
By now the second ninja was getting pissed off at his partner. “I don’t care, he’s gone and that’s what matters!”


Nargel watched the two of them from high above. He was lying down on a flat, icy bed. His cold, empty voice echoed above their heads.
“Looking for me, are we?” He giggled softly at his rhyme.
“Nargel…” the second ninja murmured under his breath. The first ninja whimpered.
“Sounds like you two are quite the couple.”
“No time for small talk!” The second ninja exclaimed, launching a shuriken with blazing speed towards Nargel.
Nargel swiftly rolled to the side, but the shuriken still barely nicked him in the upper arm. His eyes widened with surprise, and the ninja smirked. “Still recovering from being frozen, huh? Not as fast as we used to be?”
Nargel furrowed his brow, and then began to giggle again. “Not worth my time… nope, you’re not the one I’m after.” Before the second ninja could say anything else, the first ninja finally spoke up.
“Hey… how’d ya get out of the ice? I mean, I see the cracks and all, and I can see a hollow space inside…”
“How many times do I have to tell you, it doesn’t matter!” the second ninja screamed.
“But I was just…”
“Shut up! Just shut up and worry about things that matter!” He turned his attention to Nargel, but Nargel was focusing on the first ninja with interest. He smiled and said, “Awww… I’ll bet that hurt your feelings, poor little ninja.”
“Don’t talk to me, Nargel,” the first ninja snapped. “Forget I said anything.”
Despite the ninja’s sudden change, Nargel was able to delve into the ninja’s emotions. “I think it’s time you two found out why it is I’m truly feared,” Nargel mumbled. He searched the ninja’s emotions in nanoseconds, and found what he was looking for; the first ninja’s loathing for the other.

Another shuriken whizzed by Nargel’s head. He was flying from wall to wall, getting closer and closer to the second ninja, who was going through shurikens as fast as he could. The second ninja yelped to his partner, “Hurry up and help me, will ya?”
That was all Nargel needed, for he could feel the anger begin to bubble in the first ninja. Nargel smiled, swiftly made his way to the top of the room in seconds, and snapped his fingers.

“Damn it, get down here!” the ninja yelled at Nargel. “Don’t make me come up there after you!”
The first ninja stayed quiet for a couple seconds. His body began shaking with rage. The second ninja turned towards the first and spat, “Hey, what’s your problem? You gonna fight, or what?”
“Don’t,” the first ninja whispered, his head down.
“What? Don’t what?”
“Don’t… tell me WHAT TO DO!!” the first ninja shrieked, pulling out a small sword and lunging at his partner.
“Hey, what…?” was the only time the second ninja had to speak, because he too had to draw his sword to defend himself. Their swords clashed, and they exchanged a fury of blows.
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??” screamed the second ninja, barely blocking the strikes in time. Not seconds later, the second ninja found himself tripping backwards over Nargel’s outstretched leg, and then had his head lopped off by the first ninja.

Freed from the emotional spell Nargel had placed on him, the remaining ninja gasped for breath, and leaned on his sword. “What… the hell…”
“You fought brilliantly!” Nargel chuckled from beside the exhausted ninja. “I’m glad you got that out of your system.” He bent down next to the ninja’s face. “Now… it’s my turn.”
Nargel stabbed through the ninja’s chest, his arm protruding through the ninja's spine. His still beating heart was skewered in Nargel’s claws. The ninja took a sharp breath, and then died.

Nargel pulled his blood-soaked arm from the ninja’s lifeless body, and shook off the heart. “That was fun,” he giggled, wiping the blood in the snow beneath him. "Mental note: thank Blizzard for the cool-off... seems to have jarred my brain a little, and now I know exactly what I need to do. Time to go!” He pulled out a small white stone, threw it to the ground, and disappeared.

envoy of time
28th November 2006, 07:16 PM
Blizzard had finished atending to the now awakened Moui and was now going to check on Nargel. Upon entering the room and veiwing the Bloody mess only three words came to his mind "WHAT THE HELL!?" He shouted.

Blizzard was now pacing around the main room where his servants lay and his boss did not, he also had a large bottle of whiskey in his hand and was currently talking to himself"Should have killed him. Could have killed him, did I nooo.Keep him alive , I said, Could be useful lator, I said again.Thats it! I'm never talking to me again!"WRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGG!Hang ing onto his bottle tighter than ever Blizzard quickly shot icicles around the room untill he relized it was the phone. He picked it up carefully "Hello?" Over the phone an unusualy cheery voice was heard"Hello Iceman, it's me Nargel. I wanted to thank you, that "cold shower" realy helped me straiten my head.Also Monte had a bit of trouble curtisy of the runts.Also do that ever again and I'll kill you in your sleep.Good bye!" The line when dead and Blizzard hung up the phone.He then finished the bottle in his hands and passed out.

29th November 2006, 12:18 AM
OOC: Well, now that the chaos is over (In the forum, I mean; not Doom City. :p), let's get back to work:



Enigma got to his feet slowly. His eyes were narrowed in confusion and - what else - anger as Angel left. Enigma turned his gaze to the vial she'd put on his chair.

'Arrogant bitch.' he thought angrily. 'What does she know? Coming in here and complaining about me not respecting anybody... Like I should. Respect is worth shit in this city...

Besides, who should I respect? Wiggly!? Pffffft, yeah, like I'm gonna hold someone who's hamsters are smarter than she is in high regard.'

He picked up the vial and inspected it.

"You don't deserve this."

That was what she'd told him.

"Whatever." Enigma growled, not bothering to so much as pick up the vial Angel had worked so hard on for him before he turned and left, shutting his door behind him. "Probably ****ing poison, anyway."


A few minutes later, a very uncomfortable Enigma stood in the basement of the tower, his eyes locked on a large folded-up table in the corner. He walked over to the table and reached out to it...

He paused.

What'd Angel said about seeing things?

Enigma narrowed his eyes.

'Psychic power.' he thought. 'Tele... uh, what's the word... mind-reading... something or other. That's how she finds this **** out.'

Enigma scowled and closed his eyes - this was going to hurt, but Angel couldn't know about this. Nobody could...

A slight pressure began building in his head, gradually getting stronger until Enigma felt like he had a migraine. He gritted his teeth as his skull began to change, sending jolts of explosive pain racing through his nerves...

And then, the pressure vanished. Enigma reached up and tapped his scalp.


Steel. Steel covering a layer of aluminum which in turn covered a second layer of steel.

'Perfect.' he thought. 'Aluminum blocks psychic energy... Maybe now I don't have to worry about Angel snooping around in my head...'

Satisfied with his logic (or lack thereof), Enigma moved the table aside, revealing a small door with a keyhole behind it.

Enigma pointed his finger at the keyhole; his finger flattened into an intricate keylike shape, which he inserted into the hole and twisted.


Enigma stepped into the room behind the door and shut it behind him, finding himself in another room, about the size of a bathroom. At the end of the room was another door with another keyhole. Enigma repeated the same process he'd exercised earlier and opened the door, walking into a third room. He closed the door behind him and flicked on a light switch he knew was on the wall to his right. Several lights flashed on overhead...

Enigma was standing in what looked like a storeroom. Several freezers were lined against the walls; a large steel table was set up in the center.

The I-Squad leader took a deep breath and walked up to one freezer near the back corner of the room. He pulled the door open, revealing several dozen vacuum-sealed plastic bags inside. He pulled out a smaller one and shut the door, taking his prize back to the table. He sat down, the top half of his suit shearing off and stretching out of his way, and tore the plastic off the pinkish-brown, bean-shaped object he'd removed from the freezer.

A human kidney.

Enigma looked down at the side of his stomach; the skin there solidified and flipped open on a hinge, revealing a gaping, slightly bloody hole in between the soft organs underneath...

Enigma grimaced in pain as he began his 'surgery,' for what seemed like the hundredth time. This would take awhile, but still less than six hours.

And today, Enigma hadn't the time to spare.


OOC: I know, I'm so gruesome aren't I? I've had this planned for awhile; don't worry, though - Enigma isn't a serial killer or anything like that. He got his organs 'legally.' :rolleyes:

Dark Sage
29th November 2006, 05:35 PM
Angel shivered as she stood on the roof of the tower, looking over the city.

She knew he wouldn't take the potion. He didn't trust anyone.

But he was deluded if he thought metal in his head would stop her. Magic can only be blocked by magic. Technology won't do a damn thing.

She sighed.

Whoever made him leader anyway? she thought. He has the charisma of a rabid wolverine and knows as much about strategy as Cinderblock did.

She sighed again.

She thought about Monte Carlo. He was a handsome devil... In another place at another time, the two of them could have been friends, but unlike her, he had decided to embrace the evil power that had tempted him.

Things worried her.

Nargel was out there somewhere. Her hatred of him knew no bounds. She had revealed the Horn of Change hoping to bring him out. Someday she would get her revenge...

But she knew she stood no chance against him alone. Monte was one thing, Nargel was something else.

And there was one other thing that gave her chills...

Her "brother" was somewhere out there right now...

She could sense it.

29th November 2006, 06:09 PM
The gray haired youth sat perched on the edge of a tall building, his green eyes glued to the ancient text he held in his hands. Normally he'd be reading in his library in the darkness. However, today he figured some fressh air would do him good so here he was.

He pulled his eyes away from his reading material to quickly glance over the city below him.

Doom City, a place of corruption, sin, and what some might say, evil.

This city symbolised humanity's true nature.

He looked back down at his text for a moment before pulling eyes away from it a second time.

For anyone watching, they'd think Shade was simply staring into space. This wa not true. He was looking at her. He could sense her without any problem. Afterall, the two were alike, there was a bond between them.

A single word drifted from his lips.


How's that for an opening ^_^

Shadow Djinn
29th November 2006, 08:27 PM
Ao - Abaris - Neutral

It was slightly surprising that when Abaris stirred, he was still in the same place as he was before he collapsed. Usually any unconcious forms would be ransacked of their possessions and killed -- or something remotely similar. People in this city had twisted imaginations -- especially the two factions that just brought Doom City down even further -- the I-Squad and the Legion of Chaos. Unfortunately, he knew he'd have to eventually choose one side -- which was excactly what Blizzard proposed to him the other night. However, he'd made the mistake of thinking he could control of Ao..

He felt slight warmth surge through his arm as he rose, managing a faint smile. Brushing back several strands of hair as he left the alley, his gaze fell on the icy tower once more. However, as he squinted, he could see a rather distinct flash...

"What on earth..?" Abaris murmured. He strained his pupils even further before his head began to ache, and released his concentration.

"Bah," Ao commented as he increased his stride. "It's on the way..."

5th December 2006, 10:13 PM
sorry for bugging evryone, but...um...where is everyone? This is just getting good.

7th December 2006, 08:52 AM
I've been busy with finals so I won't be able to post until next Wednesday (also, I haven't been able to get in on much of the action so I'm stumped as to what to do)

7th December 2006, 04:13 PM
Well, I've been studying for mid terms, and I've been playing unhealthy doses of Battlefield 2. Unhealthy as in, 16 hours in a row without getting up excepting to go to the bathroom.

Anyways, I need a little character interaction to get going anytime soon.. volunteer?

15th December 2006, 04:34 PM

Well, if nobody else is going to keep the game going...



Enigma howled in pain as he finished his 'operation.' Connecting the tissues of the organ to his own wasn't much of a bother to him, but reattaching the nerves and pain sensors (the latter of which he wasn't even sure why he was reconnecting) was another matter altogether. And the fact that he was operating on his own body didn't help much - his hand would often go unsteady from the pain, which only resulted in injuring himself further - the pools of blood and other assorted boily fluids around his feet and staining his gloved hands and stomach were proof of that.

"God... damn it..." Enigma hissed, tears streaming down his face as he connected the last nerves to the new kidney. "Just... a little... unnh."

Enigma's head drooped; he fell to one hand and one knee as the last nerve was re-attached...

A moment later, the new kidney twitched slightly, and then made a brief gurgling noise resounded through it.

It was working.

Enigma, through his pain, managed a slight smile. In another place, another time, he would've made a Hell of a surgeon...

The changeling groaned and stood up, concentrating. In a few seconds, the 'door' that he'd formed over where he was operating had flipped back over and merged back into his skin.

'Thank God that's over...' he thought, looking down at his blood-stained hands and stomach.

Enigma raised an eyebrow.

"Uh... I think I need a shower." he said to no one in particular.


A short while later, Enigma was once again in the bathroom, this time turning the hot water on in the bathtub and running his now-gloveless hand under it.

As always, the water was ice-cold.

Enigma sighed as he waited for the hot water heater to warm up the water; nothing better to do, he walked over to the mirror and looked at himself.

His visored, unshaven, shaggy-haired face stared back at him, his icy eyes locked on themselves.

Those eyes... Within them were all the emotions that had come to be associated with Enigma over the years: anger, distrust, frustration, lust, arrogance...

But there was also one that nobody but Enigma himself saw, as much as he tried to tune it out...


Enigma stared at himself for what seemed like hours, those eyes like portals leading to his darkest, most painful memories...

Memories of a weak shell of a boy laying in bed day after day, trying to convince himself there was a justifiable reason that whatever higher power had created him had created him the way he was...

Memories of a boy who watched his parents, his few friends, his home, and his very life incinerated - destroyed without mercy by a hellish storm of fire cast down from the heavens...

Memories of a boy living on the streets in fear and isolation, with no family or friends to stand by his side and no one able to understand him or his bizarre talents...

Memories of a boy being bullied and persecuted day after day because he was different - something that modern science could not explain and was feared and loathed by every last person around him...

Memories that stayed with Enigma everyday of his life, reminding him without end of what he was, slowly eating away at the small bit of sanity he had left...

Enigma shook his head, his vision suddenly blurry. He looked around, everything looking suddenly dark and fuzzy.

'Shit, now what?' he thought, his irritation quickly returning to him. He spun around...

And out of the corner of his eye everything looked normal.

A few seconds later, he realized his visor had clouded up from the steam of the now-hot bathwater.

Enigma growled and wiped his visor with his clean hand, walking over to the bathtub and turning the shower on. His costume dissolving back into his skin, he stepped into the shower, the hot water quickly matting down his wild, unkempt hair as well as washing the dried blood and dirt of his form.

As the water cascaded down on Enigma, he glanced down at where his new kidney now resided.

Despite his shape-changing powers, there was still a thin wound there, a mark of where the skin had separated and flipped open.

Enigma sighed, shaking his head as he glanced down over himself.

Over himself...

And over the countless dozens of identical scars to the new one coating his sides, stomach, and chest, as well as various other scars covering the rest of his body.


Yeah, not much excitement right now, but hey, character development is important too, right? :sweat3:

15th December 2006, 04:57 PM
Sorry dude. I'm just waiting for DS to post, who, in turn, is waiting for Waves to post.

Shadow Djinn
15th December 2006, 05:40 PM
Ao - Abaris - Neutral

It seemed pure intuition had charted Ao's course. His eyes surveyed the surroundings that he had now arrived at, and he couldn't help but scowl.

Upon his reluctant travels towards the icy fortress Blizzard called his sanctuary, he'd discovered the charred remains of a diner.

Compiling various information, it was discovered that such decimation was the result of a missile and a hellmonger.

Abaris glanced at the landmark that had been his reason for coming. He was no fake hero -- that label he worked hard to opress. However, whether he was rather foolhardy or not was left to be debated.

The incident that had occurred at the diner obviously meant something was stirring -- and it wouldn't be pretty. The small sense of justice in Ao had welled inside him.

His eyes fell on the massive tower that was the I-Squad's humble abode. After tousling a teenage rough who owned a motor boat, he'd taken the controls of the aquatic transport with obvious inexperience. But nevertheless, fifteen minutes later, he'd arrived at his location.

I-Squad tower.

Blizzard and his schemings could wait -- the recklessness of these so-called heroes would not..

A faint red glow pulsated through Ao's outstretched hands.

Sphere began to form, mighty flames coalescing in his palms.

" I'm sure smelly ass doesn't mind me using an alternate entrance to have a chat," the super managed a slight grin.

Then the orbs flew.

Dark Sage
15th December 2006, 06:13 PM


From the rooftop, Dark Angel looked out upon the city.

He was out there. She knew it. He knew she knew it. She knew.

She sighed.

When she had found Ravens books of dark magic, the ones with the dire warnings, she had shared them with him. But he hadn’t been as… strong as she had been. She had resisted the temptations to use them for personal gain and power, and had tried to use them for benign purposes…

He took a different route.

She looked out on the city again. Worry filled her.

There was no delaying the inevitable. If she didn’t go to him, he’d go to her.

She spread out her arms, and took a step off the roof… Dark energy surrounded her.

The next moment, she was soaring over the skyline. This was what she liked most about her powers – the levitation. It was practically flying. At these times, she truly felt free…

But she needed to find him now.

As she soared over the city, she caught sight of Blizzard’s tower. She frowned. Blizzard was an egotist with a gimmicky power and an MO that had been done to death. If he weren’t a killer he’d almost be laughable. She looked forward to the day that he was taken down – she’d send him to thaw in the fires of Hell.

As she continued, she saw the run-down hospital where her real foe was…

Her eyes narrowed…

“Nargel…” she said. “We are going to meet one day, and you ARE going to pay for what you did to me…”

She flew away.

She knew where to find Shade. He couldn’t hide from her any more than she could from him.

And she had a feeling…

…that he didn’t want to.

15th December 2006, 06:40 PM

Enigma turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, feeling somewhat calm for the first time in quite awhile. The pain in his stomach had subsided, and the warm water of the shower had relaxed him a bit. Maybe today wouldn't be so bad after all...

As Enigma dried himelf off, he heard a strange noise in the distance, sounding something like a motor.

'What the Hell is that?' he thought. 'Somebody chopping trees down out there?'

Just then, the noise stopped.

Enigma shrugged and finished drying himself off, walking up to the mirror again. He needed a shave...


"Ack! SHIT!" Enigma barked, nearly falling over as a deafening noise sounded around the Tower, shaking the whole structure! In a heartbeat, Enigma's costume formed around him and he bolted for the door, not even bothering to open it but instead crashing right through it as he raced downstairs, towards the source of the sounds, which were getting louder.

'It's Nargel!' he thought, racing down a hallway and into the living room. 'I knew it! I knew he'd ****ing come here looking for that Horn-thing!'

Enigma raced into the kitchen, where a confused-looking Wiggly has several pieces of construction paper stuck to her face, hair, and pretty much everywhere else on her body.

"What was that noise!?" Enigma barked.

"I dunno - it came from over there!" Wiggly replied, pointing down the hallway across the room.

"Stay here!" Enigma said, dashing down the hallway towards the noise, which had finally stopped.

Enigma flung the door open and raced down another flight of stairs, leaping over the banister halfway down and plummeting a good twenty feet before landing and bolting into the next room, where Enigma could see a cloud of dust and smoke in the air.

"OK Nargel," Enigma snarled, his black-gloved hands stretching into claws that looked to be made of liquid metal, "now you're gonna-"

Enigma stopped dead. Standing in front of him, just in front of a huge hole in the wall, was NOT the lanky, insane, dog-faced mastermind behind the Legion of Despair, but rather what looked like a skinny high school student in a black coat and pants, a white scarf, and mismatched gloves.

For a few seconds, the two just stared at each other - the stranger in anger, Enigma in confusion - before finally Enigma spoke:

"Who the fuck are you?"


I'll let Zane kick off this little 'meeting'; remember, tread lightly... ;)

15th December 2006, 07:01 PM
"Hello sister."

Angel turned her head to see Shade, standing on one of the spires on top of one of the buildings. It was eerie how he managed ot keep his balance on the small point of the spire.

Angel stopped in mid air, looking over at him.


Shade didn't respond, instead he looked down at the city below them.

"Quite a view isn't it."

Angel, still levitating, looked down with him.

"It just show's you humanity's true nature doesn't it?"

Angel shook her head.

"No, humanity isn't like this."

Shade murmured softly, possibly laughing. Angel wasn't sure.

"You still believe in humanity's goodness? I thought all this time in Doom City would have taught you better sister."

Dark Angel glared as Shade lifted his arms.

"Look around. Humans are weak, feeble, selfish creatures only concerned with their own survival. They'll cling to anything as long as it protects them."

Shade then stepped forward, but instead of sucumbing to gravity like anyone else, it was if Shade was walking on an invisible surface, like he was on the ground instead of a few hundred feet in the air.

"They are lost and need someone superior to guide them. Someone to rule them."

Angel's eyes narrowed slightly, knowing who he meant.

"But anyway, I do believe you wanted ot talk to me about something?"

Monte Carlo
Monte cracked his neck in annoyance. That brat Enigma had ruined his breakfast. And it was pancakes too, his favourite.

He slumped back in his chair, toying with the dice in his hand. At that point, two of his bouncers entered, escorting a young woman with them.

"This girl was causing trouble sir," one of them spoke. Monte rolled his eyes.

"Oh were you?" The girl looked up at him with steely eyes.

"I"m glad I finally get to meet you mister Carlo." Monte cocked an eyebrow.

"Oh are you?" The girl smirked.

"Yeah, because now I can kill you!" Ad with that, she wipped a small knife from her pocket and lunged at the dice master. Monte simply side stepped the attack as his bouncers tackled and subdued the girl.

"Did you really think you can kill me?" he asked, "One of the most powerful men in Doom City?"

She glared up at him hatefully.

"You'll pay for all the things you've done!"

Monte sighed.

"Lady. I'm not different from everyone else in this bloody city. We all just want to survive."

He leaned closer.

"I just have a lot of power."

And with that, Monte flicked one of his dice in the air.

It landed on a five.

A metallic, skeletal snake like monster appeared, instantly leaping onto the girl. She screamed as she tried to pull the snake off of her. Monte turned and left the room, still considering whether to let it kill her or just to rough her up.

Dark Sage
15th December 2006, 09:47 PM
Dark Angel

"Shade, I know your views... I know what you want to do. And I'm worried.

"The city is about to erupt into a full-scale conflict, with the Legion on one side, and the I-Squad on the other.

"I know you don't think highly of the I-Squad, and to tell you the truth, I don't care for them much myself. Enigma is a hard guy to work with, and harder to like.

"But I need them. I don't stand a chance against Nargel alone. And he has to pay for what he did..."

Shade rubbed his chin...

"Shade, it's going to be impossible to stay neutral in this conflict. Sooner or later, everyone with power will have to choose sides.

"I don't want to fight you. I used to feel something for you, and a part of me still does...

"But if you choose the wrong side, I'll have no choice."

Shade looked at her. She turned her back.

"Think about it, Shade," she said. "It isn't too late to come out of the darkness..."

Angel's eyes opened wide.

"Oh, no..." she said.

"What is it?" asked Shade.

"Someone's attacking the tower..." sighed Angel. "I'll continue this later... I have to help Enigma before he does something else that's dumb.

"Condsider what I've said... brother..."

She vanished in a dark portal.

I'll let Shadow Djinn make the first move before Angel arrives. But she'll be there to help Enigma after that.

Shadow Djinn
15th December 2006, 10:23 PM
o_o; the things that happen when you take a 3 hour nap...

Ao - Abaris - Neutral

In truth, Ao'd never met Engima before until now -- as they faced each other in the smoking hallway. He'd been right of one thing though -- Engima was a shapeshifter, as the rumors had said.

The super managed a tiny smile, summoning another quivering sphere of sanguine force, feeling the flames circulating through his body.

" I guess I was right," Ao finally said casually. The shapeshifter narrowed his eyes and jabbed his claws forward threateningly.

Before Engima could make a reply, Ao said, " You do smell."

With a roar Engima darted forward both self-made weapons hissing forward with unexpected speed.

Slightly surprise, Ao stepped back -- his orb shot out of his hand with the lack of concentration, grazing his enemy's shoulder. The sphere combusted several seconds later, and even more smoke filled the hall.

Engima leapt back, claws extending as he growled contemptously.

" I'll ask again. Who the fuck are you?"

The fire controlling super made no comment, eyeing the shapeshifter again.

" You call yourself a hero?" Ao managed an expression of equal contempt.

" Yea," Engima was preparing to strike once more. " I do."

" Would a hero have done what YOU did in the diner?"

The shapeshifter twitched, but he still kept his claws poised. " How do you know --"

All though Ao hadn't intended to, he was tearing forward now, powered by rage. " You damn wannabes. All of you!"

Two sphere of flame danced forward, easily dodged by the shapeshifter. Engima stabbed forward with his claws, grazing Ao's arm before he could avoid the blow.

Abaris felt his shoulder tingle with slight pain, but ignoring the possible damage, he growled and prepared another fiery assault, even as he felt a headache coming on.

The shapeshifter's hands twisted into glistening blades, and with another snarl he swiped at Ao. Blood flew once more as it ripped past his arm, and the super responded with two more flaming projectiles.

Smoke was abundant in this hall now, and both teenagers doubled over in a coughing fit.

Using the distraction to back away slightly from Engima, his eyes fell on a pulsating violet portal that had appeared in the passage.

" Oh hell," he managed to murmur.


I know, not so good. >_<; Kind of sleepy right now...but I wanted to post. I'm not sure if I got Engima's persona excactly, but I gave it a shot.

Dark Sage
15th December 2006, 10:33 PM
"Ao!" shouted Angel's voice.

Angel stepped out of the portal...

....and she was holding the Horn of Change in her hand.

"Step away from Enigma, Ao," she said. "If you think you're better than we are, I'll give you a chance to prove it."

Ao paused.

"What?" he said, angrily. "What do you mean?"

"I'll give you a choice, pal..." said Angel. "Your first choice is to fight both me AND Enigma. You wouldn't stand a chance..."

She looked at the Horn.

"Your second chance is to accept a little... challenge, which will decide whether we're wannabes, or whether YOU are the wannabe."

"A challenge?" said Ao.

He paused. She stared at him.

"But a warning," said Angel. "If you accept my challenge, the one of us who loses will be banished... to Hell."

Angel's eyes glowed with eerie light.

"Feel like taking my challenge, Ao?" she asked. "Think you can defeat me when you play with eternal fire?

"Should I tell you the rules, or should we just throw down?"

Enigma watched with a dumbfounded look...

Was she serious?

I'll wait for the response. Then we'll see what transpires.

Shadow Djinn
15th December 2006, 10:54 PM
Whoo, plot twists!

Ao - Abaris - Neutral

That horn looked rather menacing.

It was rather obvious that the object was related to whatever challenge Angel was administrating.

The super gazed at the still rising smoke.

If he ran now, that would destroy all his beliefs.

HE'D be the fake hero -- the loser who pretended to be what he wasn't...

Irridescent light cascaded around the dim chamber. Ao gazed at the crimson haired man before him, panting as blood leaked from various wounds...

He attempted a flaming orb, but the sizzling red dissipated seconds later..

The crimson man cackled, dashing forward with emerald force swirling in his palm.

Even as the shards collided with the teenage super, those words kept remianing in his head...

Fake hero. No damn way.

His reverie broken, Ao managed a sneer. " Me? A fake hero? I'm not the sissy who needs a team to back them up." Confidently striding forward, once more driven by anger, Ao growled. " I'll take your stupid challenge. I'll show you smelly heroes," the super flashed a glance at Engima, " or rather, wannabes my power."

16th December 2006, 12:37 AM

Enigma looked at Dark Angel, not dumbfounded as she had thought, but appalled.

'Banished to Hell?' he thought. 'She can't possibly be serious...'

Enigma looked in her eyes, which were glowing a faint purple.

'Fuck, she IS serious!' Enigma thought.

"Me?" the one called Ao said angrily. "A fake hero? I'm not the sissy who needs a team to back them up. I'll take your stupid challenge. I'll show you smelly heroes, or rather, wannabes my power."

Ao stepped forward as he said it, making sure to cast the phrase 'smelly heroes' at Enigma just to piss him off further.

Enigma narrowed his eyes...

And then, in a split-second, he leapt forward, his swordlike hands returning to normal.


Ao's eyes widened for a fraction of a second...

And then, he fell flat on his face.


"First lesson." Enigma growled. "Never turn your back on your opponent in the midst of battle."

Then, he glared up at Angel.

And then, for a fraction of a second, the dark heroine's eyes widened at the look in Enigma's eyes.

It wasn't a look of annoyance for interrupting his battle - it was a look of...

"And you." Enigma said, his voice low and menacing. "What the fuck is the matter with you?"

Angel looked at him in silent perplexity until he continued.

"Arresting criminals I don't mind." he said. "Beating them senseless I can handle. Killing the scummier ones is fine by me..."

He looked her dead in the eye.

"But Hell?" he asked, disgust in his voice. "Do you understand what that word means? Eternal damnation - pain and fear and suffering and fire and terror forever and ever until the end of TIME?"

"I'm well aware of the biblical translations of Hell." Angel replied flatly. "Why do you care?"

Enigma's eyes narrowed further.

"Because I've been there." he replied. "For ten years, actually - ten years I wouldn't wish on anybody, let alone all eternity. Nobody deserves that."

Angel raised an eyebrow.

"Not even Nargel?" she responded.

"Nargel is a demon - he'd probably be happy there." Enigma responded flatly. "I don't know. My point still stands."

He paused.

"And just for the record, what would've happened if you lost this 'challenge' of yours? What if you were the one to be sent to Hell? Do you have even the slightest idea what would happen to you? Or to the rest of the team?"

Angel paused; not because she hadn't taken any of this into account - she knew what she'd have been getting into and the stakes involved - but because she was almost in shock at Enigma's behavior.

'Is he... actually thinking of someone besides himself?' she thought.

"You gotta smarten up." Enigma said sharply, like a man lecturing a small child. "Stop relying on that damn Lucky Trumpet or whatever it's called and start using your head..."

He knelt down and draped one of the unconscious Ao's arms over his shoulder, hefting the slim anti-hero onto his feet (kinda).

"...Because your luck can run out at any time." Enigma said, walking past Angel towards the hole in the wall, Ao's feet dragging behind him.


If Ao feels like waking up before Enigma dumps him off in his boat and sending him on his 'merry way', now's his chance. ;)

Shadow Djinn
16th December 2006, 01:40 AM
Ao - Abaris - Neutral

The timeless void that swirled around Ao seemed to emit a spiritual power. A miasma encircled the area -- his feet hovered on unseeable ground. The rift was desolate and unpopulated, blemished only ever so slightly by random streaks of black that mingled with the swirling violet.

Where am I? The super crumpled, feeling fatigue take over him.

Damn Engima, that fucking smelly ass..

" Still blaming others, I see."

" What?" Abaris hissed.

Sparks twirled around the void, forming an obscured figure.

" You," Ao said, attempting to summon the energy to cast down the new arriver. " YOU..."

The crimson haired man smirked, emerald energy pulsating around his person.

" Why are you everywhere?" Ao roared. " Why are you and your lackies haunting me?"

" Because you're blind," the crimson man shrugged. " I thought I'd taught you better."

Flames formed in Ao's hand, despite the pain that coursed through him as he did so. " Go to fucking hell, Toya," the teenager roared.

Toya raised an eyebrow as the flames danced forward, darting towards an arm. Emerald shards rose and deflected the blow with ease. Toya scowled.

" Didn't I teach you better?" He repeated.

" You're not real," Ao spat. " This is just my dreams."

" No," Toya said simply. " We're in Etherion."

" You mean..." Abaris gasped, rising to his feet. " You bastard!" He roared again. Compressed energy swirled in his hand, and he unleashed the blast with a resounding BANG!

Toya leapt to the side, avoiding the blow.

" Yes," Ao's enemy stated blandly. " I made a dream connection. You're unconcious right now, wherever you are in Doom City. It's been a while, hasn't it?" The man chuckled.

" You slime. You despicable --"

Toya distorted in a flash of blue, appearing seconds later with an emerald sword forming in his hand. The blade ripped downward, Ao dodging only barely as he attempted another orb of fire, but once more only heard dissipating sparks.

" You're getting weaker," Toya commented. " Still angry about the Markova incident I suppose."


Toya shrugged uncaringly. " There was nothing we could've done."

" You could've tried to get some people out. Meizeru could've..."

" You don't understand." Toya spat contemptously.

" I don't understand?" Ao sneered. " I don't understand that you moronic, self preserving WANNABES put your own lives before thousands of others? EVEN AFTER YOU LABELLED YOURSELVES AS HEROES?!"

His voice rose in a violent crescendo -- he would've leapt to his feet if the agony in his shoulder was not incredibly taxing.

" It wasn't just a normal bomb," Toya said after momentary silence.

" I saw it," Ao spat. " You're just--"

" Malion Incarnate." Toya interjected.

" He used that spell?" Abaris said quietly.

" Yea," Toya replied plainly. " The night before -- we'd battled him. You were sleeping, we figured it'd be best not to wake you. He'd activated some odd artifact, and his spellcasting abilities were incredible. We couldn't have disabled the Malion Detonation, not with Meizeru, not with me, not with any of us Justice Riders."

" You didn't try," Ao managed to growl, though it was losing considerable volume. " You didn't..."

" We tried. No spell Meizeru could use, or any of us for that matter, could've stopped it. We took off to try and find Markova," Toya paused, glancing at the swirling surroundings. " But he escaped here."

" Where?" Abaris said faintly.

The void was dimming now, and considerable light was breaking through the violet darkness.

" Time's up," Toya shrugged.

The rift retracted as sunlight shattered the dark barrier, filling Ao's vision...

" TOYA!" He roared as he woke with a start.

Engima glanced at him uncaringly. He'd just been about to start the damn motorboat and get this lunatic out of here too...

" You always wake up like that?" The shapeshifter sneered.

Ao rose to his feet, angrily leaping out of the motorboat, attempting to call upon his powers. A sizzle, but nothing else.

" Give up," the shapeshifter growled.

" You shouldn't have done what you did at the diner, you bastard." Ao searched his person quickly, attempting to unearth the dagger he carried.

Engima gazed at him before shaking his head.

" You just don't get it, do you?"

" I get it all right." Ao snarled. " I get that you and those moronic H-Squad or whatever the hell you guys calls yourselves, are just ruining this city even more with that damn Legion of Despair."

" I'm helping this damn city," Engima snapped. " What I do is none of your --"

" Your methods are all wrong, you moronic disgrace!" Ao roared. His shoulder was aching even more now from his exterions in Etherion, but he didn't care.

" All right," Engima finally growled, leaping out of the motor boat. His hands pulsed with irridescent light.

Abaris had finally found his dagger, he raised it threateningly, while attempting to retrieve his powers at the same time.

Come on dammit. The boy urged. Come on...

The shapeshifter stalked forward. " You want to fight me so badly? You think I'm wrong?" Spite filled his person, hands extending to form sharp appendages. " Then let's settle this once and for all, you damn preacher of justice."

Dark Sage
16th December 2006, 04:48 AM
Angel sighed as she stashed the Horn in her extradimensional vault.

Stupid Engima. The whole part about Hell had been a bluff to scare the guy, and he was dumb enough to believe it. She had just wanted to end it all without violence in a sporting manner, and he had ruined it.

Well, fine. Now he was going to go fight the guy again. What would it cost him? His liver? Pancreas?

She sat down to think...

Enigma was stupid and violent... Her brother was domineering...

Who could help her in her goals when all was said and done?

She knew she couldn't beat Nargel herself...

Maybe it was time to strike at another part of the Legion. She had shook up Monte rather nicely...

Maybe if she shook up Blizzard a little...

16th December 2006, 03:15 PM

Enigma glared at Ao, the look in his eyes a mix of boredom and aggravation. Couldn't he go one day without some asshole annoying him? One day!?

Enigma raised his arms, which now looked something like Gigan's steel claws and glared at Ao.

Ao... who was armed with a dagger and looked like he couldn't even light a match in his current state.

"You just don't know when to give up." Enigma growled. "What the Hell are you trying to prove, anyway? You say my methods are all wrong!? I'm not the one going around blowing up peoples' houses whenever I get my feathers ruffled!"

"You forget about the diner already, stinkweed?" Ao sneered.

"First of all," Enigma snarled, "that was collateral damage - why don't you try fighting a pissed-off demon with superhuman strength in an enclosed area and see how fucking well you do?!

And second of all, will you lay off with the weak-ass insults!? I just got out of the shower, and I'm not the one who smells like overcooked hamburger meat over here!"

Ao gritted his teeth and lunged at Enigma, his hands flaring up a little bit as his powers returned to him. He stabbed with the dagger...


And the blade came right off, bending and snapping in half like cheap plastic.

Ao's eyes widened; he looked up at Enigma, who smiled slightly.

"Lesson two..." the changeling said, rapping on his stomach with his fist.


"...If you're gonna pull a weapon on a shapeshifter, don't let him see it. An inch of titanium is harder than a millimeter of steel."

Ao gritted his teeth and leapt back a few feet, tossing the broken handle of his weapon away. Enigma knelt down and picked up the broken blade, crumpling it in his fist like paper before tossing it over his shoulder, into the water.

"Give up yet?" Enigma asked, a bored tone apparent in his voice.

"Shut the Hell up!" Ao barked, his hands flaring up. He leapt at Enigma, aiming a fiery punch at the changeling's face.


Enigma caught Ao's fist in his hand, barely flinching.

'Is this kid serious?' he thought.


Enigma's head flew back as he was hit in the chin by a flaming upper cut, his visor flying up into his hair from the blow.

Ao smiled slightly, stepping back from Enigma.

'That felt good...' he thought.

Enigma stood there for a moment, his head bent back a good ninety degrees, before he finally nodded his head forward, back to its original position. He reached up and adjusted his visor, his eyes not moving from Ao for a second.

"That... hurt." Enigma said, his voice devoid of any emotion as he rubbed his chin.

"That was the idea." Ao replied flatly.

Enigma nodded, lowering his hand.

"Alright, then." he said. "You wanna play rough? Then let's get rough..."

Enigma's red bodysuit began to change to a pink color, then stark white with red trim. Slowly, the fabric began to thicken and take on a metallic luster, the shoulders welling into steel orbs, the legs becoming thick and robotic at the calves. Enigma's hair turned white and drooped over his head, wrapping around the top half of his skull like a helmet with two steel crests on either side. Hs visor receded into the helmet, turning a dark blue with several holographic lights flashing within it. His right arm lengthened into a steel tube with a claw-like barrel at the end and several rotors around the base, which began to spin and charge energy into the barrel; his left aarm sprouted a long, thin set of claws that resembled a grappling hook.

"There." Enigma said as the transformation ended, leaving him looking somewhat like a cross between Buzz Lightyear and Turbo Metal Sonic. "Much better."

Ao began to sweat slightly, but he maintained his composure nonetheless.

"Ready for round two, sparky?" Enigma dared, raising his left arm and aiming it at Ao, crosshairs appearing around him in Enigma's eyes.

Dark Sage
16th December 2006, 03:54 PM
Dark Angel

Angel sat by a rock near the entrance to the tower. She munched on popcorn from a bag as she watched what was happening.

Daylight walked out.

"What's happening?" asked Daylight.

"E's fighting some kook who broke in here a while ago," said Angel. "He wouldn't let me help, so I thought I might watch. Could be entertaining. Popcorn?"

Daylight took a handful.

"Uhm..." muttered Daylight, as the battle raged. "Looks sorta... rough..."

"Hey..." said Angel. "If the jerk had let me do what I had wanted, that weirdo would have slept for two days and he'd have been too scared to ever have bothered us again...

"But E had to use more primative methods, so a fight has started where someone's likely to get hurt.

"I'm done trying to help him. Let's just watch... This is better than pro wrestling."

"You watch pro wrestling?" asked Daylight.

"Only for laughs..." said Angel.

Shadow Djinn
16th December 2006, 04:21 PM
Ao - Abaris - Neutral

Abaris wasn't excactly new to fighting, but it sure damn seemed like it now.

He eyed the shapeshifter with forced fury, while in his mind debating his options.

That's a gun no doubt. The minute I move he'll shoot me...I've no time to create fire, my powers still feel weak...Goddammit, Toya...

I've forgotten how goddam versatile these fucking shapeshifters are...what the hell was I thinking?

His eyes flickered to the murky water that surrounded the tower.

No...that'll hurt like hell, that will...

" Always blaming others, aren't you?"

Ao recalled the swirling void -- how weak he'd been against his former mentor...

I can't defeat this guy. Not now.

Dark bangs fell to his eyes, and his pupils focused on the shapeshifter, who still had his gun barrel raised. His face was devoid of any emotion that would betray his actions; Engima would have on qualms about shooting Abaris, that was for sure.

His feet dug into the soft ground, and Ao smiled to himself, though the expression went unnoticed by his opponent.

Hell, I AM an idiot.

With a roar, Ao summoned the last of his energy into a flaming orb, immediately released the minute it formed. Engima gave a shout, releasing a projectile from his barrel as the orb danced forward, creating a pseudo explosion. Smoke began to obscure both supers' sight, and both were taking action.

Here goes.

Even as the smoke began to fade, chased away briefly by a strong gust from the city, Abaris was leaping into the air, limbs spread as he managed another smile.

The shapeshifter was howling inaudibly now, and another projectile ripped forward...

Even as Ao collided with the murky water of Doom City, his face suddenly contorted with an inaudible howl of pain as blood spilled from his back.

The swirling blue surrounded him as the projectile lodged itself inside the plummeting super's body, crimson staining the already pollutecd irrigate.

His body flapped wildly, his eyes widened as the wound sent constant jolts of pain throughout his person.

He opened his mouth in a soundless scream, but instead water streamed into his throat, and he coughed wildly as his frame fell deeper and deeper into the water...

His pupils widened only momentarily before he gave a final wheeze...

Five minutes later, an immobile, bloodstained form joined the mass of objects that were strewn about the sandy bottom of the unforgiving waters.

16th December 2006, 05:02 PM
A dark form looked down upon Ao's unconcious form. The hood was up, obscuring his face, as his poisonous green eyes looked down on Ao. Strangely enough, it looked as if the water he was currently in didn't effect him at all. It was as if he was on dry land.

This boy had proven an annoyance to the I-squad. Shade had witnessed his battle with Enigma, along with his confrontation with Angel.

His "sister's" words rang in his mind. She acted as if he was working for some ultimate evil or something. If only she saw things his way.

He looked back down at Ao. While he was blinded by pride to an extent, he was still rather skilled.

One man's annoyance, is another man's best friend.

He knelt down and placed a hand on Ao's shoulder. Then, darkness surrounded them, and they were gone.

Dark Sage
28th December 2006, 06:44 PM
Dark Angel

Angel felt like blowing off some steam.

Enigma had gotten on her bad side again, Shade was in town, and some jerk had barged into the Tower. She wasn't in the best of moods.

Fortunately, a quick fly-over had spotted an opportunity that she had been looking for - for a long time...

Two punks in ninja outfits - obviously Blizzard's men - had been chasing a teenage girl. Or rather, they had until about ten minutes ago...

"Comfy?" asked Angel, with her arms crossed.

She looked up at her quarry, who were both trapped in bindings made of dark energy.

"Well, actually, uhm..." said one of them, "this guy's elbow is in my back... If you could..."

"Shut up, Perry!" shouted the other.

Angel walked up to the one who had spoken first and looked him in the eyes. His blood ran cold. Then she did the same to the other...

"I'll give you both a sporting chance..." she said, calmly. "I'm going to ask you three questions. You have ten seconds to answer each. If either of you can answer at least one correctly, you're free to go.

"Get all three wrong, and I turn you to stone."

She smirked. The two ninjas started to sweat...

"Question one..." she said. "Who was vice president under William Howard Taft?"

They looked at her.

"What kind of a question is that?" shouted one of them.

"Oh, I'm sorry..." she said. "That was not the answer I was looking for. The correct answer was James S. Shermon. Next question..."

She smirked again.

"What is the capital of the Czech Republic?"

"Hey, this is not fair..." said the other one.

"Sorry, wrong again..." said Angel. "The answer is Prague...

"Final question..."

Her eyes glowed red...

"What were the two of you planning to do to that poor girl if you had ever caught her?"

The two of them looked at her. They started to sweat heavily...

"Well?" asked Angel.

"We... ah..." said one of them. "We wanted her purse..."

"Yeah..." said the other. "That's it..."

Angel stared at them.

"I was right..." she said with a frown. "Even the promise of such a dismal fate as the one I said you would get isn't enough to get two would-be rapists to admit it.

"Three wrong answers... You lose..."

She started to glow with black fire... The two thugs screamed...

The dark restraints vanished, and they fell on the sidewalk, out cold.

Angel looked at them.

I could have made good my threat... she thought. But sending them into a sleep full of nightmares will let them give Blizzard a message better than he'd get than if he found two statues...

She floated off the ground, and started to fly over the city.

I've shaken up Monte, but I'm not leaving Blizzard out.

Enjoy your icy domain, Blizzard. Someday, you'll be thawed out in the flames of Perdition...

But you and Monte are just stepping stones on my way to the real target...

28th December 2006, 08:48 PM
Finally, someone has posted. Thank you, Brian.

But, you called Angel 'Raven' again. :sweat2:



Enigma looked down at the murky water from the shore of the island, his visor taking on the guise of a pair of heat-seeking goggles as he scanned for any sign of Ao.

"Do you see him?" Daylight asked, a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"No..." Enigma muttered, his goggles eventually reverting to their normal form. "He must have gotten away..."

"He didn't get away." Angel growled behind him. "He was taken by my brother."

"Brother?" Enigma asked, turning to face her.

"Yes," she responded, glaring at him, "he's someone not as friendly as myself, and now thanks to you, he's got Ao."

"Thanks to me?" Enigma echoed, his anger returning. "And how do you figure that?"

He began to count off on his fingers, which he formed into exaggerated numbers just to aggravate Angel further.

"One, YOUR outrageous threat was the reason I had to step in in the first place.

Two, HE is the one who insisted on picking a fight with me when he was on the verge of collapsing.

Three, YOU are the one who sat idly by eating fucking popcorn while I fought that dipshit.

And four, YOUR demented brother is the one who came down and snatched that firebug before I had a chance to dive in and fish his carcass out!"

Enigma folded his arms and glared at Angel.

"So, WHO'S fault is this again?"

Angel fumed.

"My threat to send him to Hell was a bluff, you idiot." she growled. "If you hadn't 'stepped in,' I would've handled it just fine! But you HAD to ruin everything, like you always do, so I just let you handle it - that's what you WANTED, isn't it?"

"A bluff? You could've TOLD me that!"

"Yeah, right in front of the guy we were fighting. Brilliant idea, genius."

"You could've told me telepathetically!"

"It's telepathically, you ignoramus. And you told me to stay out of your head, remember?"

"Like you even listened when I said that! And I meant not to read anything! Talking is OK!"

Angel sighed.

"Arguing with you is like arguing with a brick wall." she said, shaking her head. "You believe whatever makes you happy, if anything ever does. I've got more important things to do."

With that, her body turned into a pitch-black silhouette and fired into the sky, quickly vanishing from sight.

"Yeah, well, the feeling's mutual!" Enigma called after her, glaring up at the sky.

"She can't hear you, you know..." Daylight offered.

"I know..." Enigma mumbled under his breath. "Arrogant bitch..."

"What?" Daylight asked, unable to hear him.

"Nothing." Enigma said, looking back at Daylight. "What time is it?"

"About 1:25pm." Daylight quickly replied, the position of the Sun giving her the answer almost before Enigma had even asked the question.

Enigma thought for a moment.

"We'd better go, then..." Enigma said to himself.

"We?" Daylight asked, misinterpreting what Enigma meant. "Where're we going?"

Enigma's eyes widened as he realized what he'd just said.

'Shit.' he thought.

"Not you." Enigma replied, walking back to the Tower. "Wiggly and I. We have work to do; you have to stay here and watch the Tower."

"But I wanna come, too!" Daylight protested. "Why can't Sting watch the Tower?"

"Because without his powers he's a weakling, and with them he's an accident waiting to happen." Enigma replied. "I'd trust him to keep an eye on the Tower about as much as I'd trust Wiggly to."

Daylight frowned.

"You guys get to do all the fun stuff." she sulked.

"Life's a bitch, ain't it?" Enigma said over his shoulder. "Complain to Angel about it when she gets back."


You're still in this, Asi! Get the lead out! ;)

envoy of time
3rd January 2007, 06:18 AM
Blizzard was a nervous reck.No one ever pissed of nargel and lived, simple as that.He hardly slept any more and what little of him that was seen looked terrible.

“Get it together B.” he told him self “Nargle didn’t even sound mad, In fact he sounded kinda happy.” He then seemed slightly more assured “yes and later I’ll go again but then I’ll do two things different first I’ll have an army with me. Next I’ll kill him yep just kill him out right.”

Suddenly the opened and Blizzard jumped twelve feet (literally) and shot a dozen icicles at a now very frightened looking minion.

Blizzard gave a sigh of relief “Oh it’s you Jacob, nice to see your eyebrows are back. Also next time please knock before you enter. Don’t just stand there obviously you’ve got something to say now say it.”

The minion shakily said “T-Two of the guys were attacked seemingly by that raven wanna be.”

Blizzard thought about this. “Hmm she’s already messed with Carlo I guess she’s after me.” He thought a bit more and snapped. “ I know take the limo, find her and bring her two lunch, tell her no tricks and we’re on mutual terms.”

The thug seemed confused but obeyed “Yeah boss alright.” And left the way he came tripping on a few icicles.

“I better prepare for my guest. I probably look a fright.” Blizzard thought as he left for his room.

Dark Sage
3rd January 2007, 10:48 AM
It was three o'clock. Angel walked down the streets of the business district, her mind rather occupied. She had blown off enough steam for now, and was thinking of going back to the tower.

She was quite surprised when a large limosine pulled up to her.

Huh? she thought.

She was even more surprised when the passenger side opened, and the passenger was revealed to be a man in ninja clothing.

Angel flinched. She prepared to cast a spell...

"M-m-miss Dark Angel..." stuttered the ninja. "Ah... Blizzard, uhm... He wanted to ask you to come. He wants to have lunch."

Angel gave him a strange look.

"Seriously?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah..." said the ninja, still nervously. "And, uh, he said to tell you you're both on equal terms."

Angel paused.

She knew that Blizzard was NOT Monte. Blizzard was a good deal more cold-blooded, in more ways than he one. He was more liable to invite someone to lunch and then lead her into a trap.

Raven gestured behind her back, and the Horn of Change appeared, slung over her shoulder.

"Lead me too him," she said. "But if you have a mobile, you'd best call ahead, and tell him, God help him if this is a trap."

"S-s-sure," said the ninja, as the back door opened. "Anything you say."

Angel got into the limo.

"W-w-why don't you just have a soda while you're back there..." said the ninja, as the limo drove off.

I've accepted your invitation, Blizzard. Whether this is going to be a meeting or a fight, I'm prepared.

envoy of time
3rd January 2007, 02:40 PM
Blizzard had just stepped out of his shower when he heard his phone ring.

"Sounds like they found her."He thought as he finished drying off.

He put on a Blue robe and picked up the phone"Yes?"

"Boss" said the voice of one of his many ninja "We've got her and she said that this better not be a trap."

Blizzard had expected distrust but was prepared. "Tell her that I just want to discuss the horn amung other things. And ask her if she's allergic tro shell fish. Understood goodbye."

Blizzard hung up the phone and made his way twoards his dresser "If she's cooperative she may help me in my fight agianst Nargel."

3rd January 2007, 04:36 PM
Monte Carlo
Monte sighed as he took a sip of his cocktail, still toying with the die in his right hand. It was a small compulsion of his. He always felt comfortable holding those die and toying with them.

He had decided to be merciful and let that woman go, after the snakes had done considerable injuries to her. As he sat there drinking his cocktail, yhis mind wondered back to the I-squad. More importantly, Daylight. There was something about that girl that drew his interest. He knew very little about her.

A small smile curled on his lips as an idea appeared in his head. He snapped his fingers and two of his minions appeared before him.

"What'll it be sir?" one asked.

"I need you to pick someone up for me."


Monte chuckled.


The two instantly looked frightened.

"The I-squad member?"

"Of course. How many Daylights are there?"

The two looked at eachother nervously.


"Just tell her I'm inviting her for a little chat."

"And if she doesn't want to come?"

Monte's expression hardened.

"Then force her. Do what you need to do. But I want her here alive."

One of the minions sighed.

"Yes sir."

With a swirl of darkness, both Shade and Ao appeared. They were no longer in Doom City, heck, they couldn't even be considered in this dimension anymore.

This was the Libary of Purgatory, a place that Shade often visited. It could almost be considered his home.

She placed the onconcious Ao on one of the chairs.

"He'll be out for a while," he murmed as he walked over towards a pile of books. Shade really wasn't one of the neatest individuals. Piles of books were scattered everywhere. He picked out one of the books and sat down.

Rouge Gallery of the Flash. Now where was I? Ah, here we are.

Flipping to where he had left off, Shade began to read again.

Dark Sage
4th January 2007, 03:30 AM
Angel couldn't help but be a little nervous as she was was lead into the entrance hall of Blizzard's citadel. As she expected, the whole place had an ice theme, sort of like an evil version of the famous Fortress of Solitude (a place she had sadly never been to, but hoped to someday). She had a reason to be nervous - aside from Blizzard's henchmen, few people who came in here ever came out. Rumor was that Blizzard sealed his defeated enemies in ice and kept them as macabre trophies.

She didn't think she had to worry much about that fate, at least not yet. Not many people invited you to dinner and went though the trouble of asking if you were allergic to shellfish (she wasn't) unless they were sincere.

She assumed now that Blizzard wanted to broker some sort or treaty. There was no harm in listening.

She flinced a little when Blizzard himself entered. Angel had founght his minions and other creations several times, but had never truly confronted Blizzard face-to-face. His clothing was similar to that of his men, but fancier and more detailed.

"Glad you could make it, Miss Angel," he said. "So nice to see you."

"I'm flattered you chose to invite me..." she replied. "But I am a little suspicious. It is all the time that the local crimelord invites the local constabulary to a dinner party."

Blizzard grinned under his mask.

Then he noticed the Horn.

"Uhm... Is that the Horn?" he asked.

Angel nodded.

"I think your boss wants it," she replied. "I don't blame him, it has great powers that a chaospawn like him might utilize if he could tame it - IF he managed to. And it's my sole bargaining chip right now to keep him in check. So long as I have it, Nargel knows he has to play by the rules."

Blizzard grinned again.

"Why don't we go to my lounge?" he said. "We can talk there while dinner is being prepared."

"I'm willing to listen, Blizzard," replied Angel, starting to follow him, "but I'll tell you right now, nothing will ever make me betray the I-Squad or turn to your side."

I've given my conditions, and like I said, I'm willing to listen. I'll turn it over to you for now.

11th January 2007, 06:29 PM
Wiggly, of course, was eating a twinky through out what had just happened. Taking tender care to peal back the plastic wrap from the sticky dessert and tossed it on the floor. She then licked the already sticky yellow dessert untill it was unberable sticky. And then she bit into it the TWinky and started to suck the cream out with a vacuum noise. Then then the twinky was swallowed.

With out a twinky, what will she do. Lost...so lost.......

23rd January 2007, 05:00 AM
Sorry for not posting or anything, but where is everyone? I'd post, but I'm waiting for either Asilynne or Shadow Djinn.

23rd January 2007, 11:43 AM
Or perhaps envoy, or any of the other half a dozen people who have disappeared recently.

23rd January 2007, 01:10 PM
I promise I will post something soon but I backed up into the corner of nothingness. My character isn't involved in any sort of plot right now so I'm sort of at a loss of what to do. It would be easy if someone wrote me in but unfortunately, I made my character dislike some of the I-Squad members so her involvement with them is minimal and they would probably call on her as a last resort

btw, does the squad give out honorary team communicators like the Teen Titans did?

Shadow Djinn
23rd January 2007, 06:30 PM
*twitches* Sorry. My time has mainly been either school or focusing on the other RPG's I'm in. I'll try to get a post up soon.

envoy of time
24th January 2007, 07:02 AM
I too have been busy (Bowes head in shame).

Shadow Djinn
24th January 2007, 09:56 PM
Ao ~ Abaris ~ Neutral

This time, when Ao materialized in the swirling void that was Etherion, he was hardly shocked.

" Toya," Ao spat, clutching the wound Engima had dealt him.

" Drifting at sea," Toya rolled his eyes. " That's how you beat a shapeshifter?"

Ao made no comment now, simply glancing at his wound once more.

" Anyway, I think I found Malion," Toya continued. " I believe some git rescued you, a mage of some sorts. Shade?"

Recognizing the name as one of the more mysterious members of the Legion of Despair, Ao scowled. " Like I'll consort with those evil morons."

Toya shrugged indifferently. " He saved your life."

" You call yourself a hero," the teenager spat in response.

" You're angsty," the former hero shot back in reply. " I'm not some Justice Rider anymore and I've accepted that. But I'll kill Malion -- that's for sure."

" I bet you couldn't beat that bloody shapeshifter."

" Electricity," Toya sneered in response.

" What?" Abaris made an effort to stand, but failed soundly.

" Most shapeshifters are weak to electricity. Remember Kanil?"

" Oh, right," Ao frowned. His mind swirled with options. " But I couldn't,"

" Time's up," Toya said, fading rapidly.

" No, dammit," Ao roared. " Stop --"

Toya muttered something inaudible, before the world faded, and Ao stirred, eyeing the cloaked, gray-haired teenager (or so it seemed) that was standing a ways off.

" Shade, I presume," the super spared the pleasantries, giving the Legion member a cool look.

Note: Ao presumes Shade is in the Legion, just an FYI.

24th January 2007, 11:01 PM
While I don't mind Ao thinking Shade's with the Legion, could you please edit out the part with Toya saying he sent Shade. Shade has nothing to do with Ao's past.

Shadow Djinn
25th January 2007, 01:15 AM
Ah, apologies. Got mixed up into thinking Shade was someone else. @_@

25th January 2007, 01:46 AM
Eek! Im sorry I havent been posting, I didnt know I was being paid attention to! XD Ill post something in the near future, so sorry -.-()

Dark Sage
25th January 2007, 02:05 AM
I'm waiting for Blizzard (Envoy of Time) to make the next move. When he moves, I'll respond. I remind him that Dark Angel came at his request.

25th January 2007, 04:01 AM
Shade looked up from his book to see that his little guest was awake.

"Ah, he said almost emotionlessly as he put a bookmarkat the page where he was up to, "It's about time you woke up."

Ao just glared at him.

"Where am I?" he said in a dangerous tone, "Why am I here?"

Shade chuckled softly as he put the book down.

"Well,for your first question, this is the Library of Purgatory. Don't try to leave because there's nowhere to go. This is a world beyond the world of the living."

He rose from his seat and looked over in Ao's direction.

"And for your question, I have an offer for you."

Ao's eyes narrowed.

"What kind of offer?" he asked suspiciously.

Shade smirked.

"Well, to get straight to the point. I wish for you to join forces with me."

Ao had a disgusted look on his face.

"I'd never join scum like you!" Shade just chuckled and shook his head slowly.

"You just don't see the big picture do you?"

"What big picture." Shade smirked.

"That humanity needs to be controlled."

Ao snarled.

"Humanity needs to be free!"

Shade's face went blank.

"Free? Freedom is the reason for the terrible events in mankind's past. Freedom is the reason there's crime and prejudice in this world. All things evil in this world is the direct result of mankind's freedom!"

TAG Dark Djinn.

envoy of time
25th January 2007, 07:28 AM
Blizzard pored himself a glass of water behind his studies bar and tuned to look at Angel “Tell me do you like your boss? I don’t care for mine very much. Personaly the crazy bastard gives me a head ache.” Angel cocked an eye brow “Why tell me this?’ Blizzard sighed and said “I’m saying that I want Nargel gone as much as you guys do and I think we can reach an agreement.”

Dark Sage
25th January 2007, 08:02 AM
Angel rubbed her chin. She guessed the old "honor among thieves" axiom was not true among the Legion.

"Let's get one thing straight," she finally said. "I won't participate in any plan that involves me turning against the I-Squad. As much as Enigma 'gives me a headache' as you say, I'd rather have him on my side.

"But anyway, I would be interested in entering a... temporary alliance to dispose of Nargel. So I'm listening.

"I'll just repeat what I know. Nargel wants this horn. The only way anyone can get it from me is to win it in a fair contest while wagering something of equal value. I think Nargel knows that. I figured I could use that against him somehow.

"So what did you have in mind?"

TAG to Blizzard. And I also want to know where Nargel is in all this.