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1st April 2003, 06:50 AM
Inside Joke When a joke is shared by a group of people, and only they know that joke, so it becomes pointless and stupid to all else who do not know the joke.

(1) Do you have an Inside Joke with anyone?
(2) How did this Joke come about?
(3) Do you know of any inside jokes that you are developing?

(1) Do you have an Inside Joke with anyone?
2 with my good friend Brynn
Brussel Sprouts
1 with my good friend Ceri

(2) How did this Joke come about?
Y'ALL QUEER KNICKERBOCKERS! In English, we had to make a list of all the words we like, and all the words we hate. Y'all, Queer and Knickerbockers were all suggestions, along with things like Detroit, Statistics, Hippopotamus etc. We had to then take 3 words and string them into a sentence, then walk around and greet others using this sentence we just formed. Byrnn immediaely walked up to me and said: Y'ALL QUEER KNICKERBOCKERS and I fell on the floor laughing. Now, we say it to each other all the time.

Brussel Sprouts This actually came up today in Geography, when we were trying to make the other person laugh while they tried to keep a straight face.

CHEESEMAN In Economics, we were watching a video about Entrepreneurs, and this guy came on, and he was all very regal and posh. All of a sudden he told us how he had to change his name from Mister Cheeseman to something different because people got confused. I told my friend Ceri at lunch, and we both cracked up - halarious.

(3) Do you know of any inside jokes that you are developing?
Yes - Im developing one with my friend Paul about Pole Vaulting, and now it seems whatever happens in my dream the night before is turned into an inside joke with the person XD


White Gryphon
1st April 2003, 08:41 AM
(1) Here's my list...
Rachel, your car is on fire!
Aaaah my hand!
"It's hotter than %#$ out here."
"Yes, where my breasts are bedded."

Well, all those I can remember...

- Rachel, your car is on fire!
My mom drove me to the high school parking lot for band practice, and as got their early so I just sat and waited for the director to come open up the band room doors. A lot of other band students were coming and sitting around in the parking lot, and a few of them started tossing around a little nerf football. Then in comes this car that parks a few spaces in front of us, and soon after the driver steps out and walks into the band room, smoke starts billowing out from under the hood. One of the girls over playing football yelled, "Rachel, your car is on fire..." and I don't think Rachel heard, because she never came back out to see what was going on. A couple minutes later, in the same volume, pitch, and tone, I hear, "Rachel, your car is on fire..." and some of the redneck boys I happen to go to school with come over and opened the hood just to have the smoke roll over them... I think they were going to see if they knew how to fix it.

- Aaaaah my hand!
I was sitting in some vocational laboratory class with six wasted guys, watching a video on jobs, and this scene came up with a guy working in a paper-grinding mill or something, sliding pieces of wood into a saw, and one of the guys in class yells out "Aaaah my hand!!!"

My friend and I used to collect Sonic the Hedgehog comics, and while I was reading one out loud (Sonic 3-D Blast 48-page Special) I got to the part where the giant bird statue yelled out "FLICKY!!!" and I recited it in the deepest voice I had, and my friend keeled over laughing.

- Ouuuuuuch...
My friends and I were standing in line for a ride at Universal, and we were bored, so we started pointing at each other E.T.-style and saying, "Ouuuuuch..."

- "It's hotter than %#$ out here."
My gothic friend, while we were standing in line for Back to the Future, reached a state of boredom where she didn't think anyone else cared what she said, so she says to the guy in front of her, "It's hotter than %#$ out here." The guy says "Yeah."

- "Yes, where my breasts are bedded."
My Literature class and I were reading The Crucible out loud, and the all-star football redneck jock made a Freudian slip while reading one of John Proctor's lines. The actual line is "Yes, where my beasts are bedded."

(3) No, not currently. If I do, I've forgotten about them.

EDIT: Oh, I remembered some more...

"MICROSM!" - My BritLit teacher had a hard time saying "microcosm" and he preferred to say "microsm" (pronounced "my-crozzm") instead... one day he was talking to the class about how saying the word "strength" would make you feel like you gained strength... so would the word "cookie"... then he tried "microsm!" and then he said that we shouldn't try doing that at a stoplight, where someone in the car beside us could hear us saying that. "Microsm...!"

1st April 2003, 09:48 AM
o_O you guys have alot of inside jokes... me and my friends just sit around and get stoned all day...

thats where the phrase destroyall and t.v. (not television come from) tv is tommy vercetti something that is great

1st April 2003, 12:26 PM
1. We have many! My social group is quite weird so we get a lot weird phrases.

2. Most of them come from our friend Greg who has trouble grasping the English language and often gets words confused and mixed up. Some classics include
Stell me poin! - When some random street seller tried to sell him something. I believe he was aiming for "She tried to sell me something wrapped in foil".
Alan the Ashdey - Greg was playing Neopets one day on a game called Gormball (if you know what this is, cool, if you don't, too bad). He announced that it wasn't him who has died on the game, it was "Alan the Ashdey" real name - Alien Aisha...

3. No, to me inside jokes are random and spontaneous things, that's what makes them so funny, they're unplanned and usually something along the lines of someone being a bit crazy!

1st April 2003, 12:47 PM
Hmm... Too too many....

"I was sharing a pot of Earl Grey with Thora Hird the other day..." the rest of the line is improv, and as surreal and strange as possible. That's a one that my friend Guy says a lot, in a voice he thinks sounds like Alan Bennet (the guy who wrote the talking heads.

"Leave the maccaroons for Mother, Mrs Peel!", that's a one my friends say (I have very strange friends), aparently it's to do with The Avengers...

There are many, many more. My friends have a very unusual sense of humour...

5th April 2003, 08:28 PM
'Poor thing! You're so cruel!'
This was from camp, when someone chopped a millipede in half. Then someone else totlly smashed the thing, demanding that we had to 'kill it porperly'.
'The Lighthoue in the middle of the oval!'
My firends and I were talking about this stupid 'lighthouse campaign' our school had for fundraising. This girl said sarcastically, 'Yeah, they're gonna build a lighthouse in the middle of the oval!'
'Jelly Mutants'
Don't ask.
''Yeah, I knew her. She looked like a rabbut.'
One of my friends was sarcastically insulting this other person. So she goes, 'When I'm rich and famous, you'll be sorry you ever said that!' (That line's also an inside joke, by the way.) So we started this mock interview:
'So, you knew her when she was at school?'
'Yeah, I knew her. She looked like a rabbit.'
'The salsa...'
at camp, we had salsa for our burritos. This girl decided to tell us that the word 'salsa' meant diarrhoea in Korean.
Then we found that we had lost one of the containers of salsa. We looked everywhere, but it just wasn't there.
The next day, a girl who was peeling the onions (the one who made the 'rabbit' comment) started to cry, so she went to look for her toilet paoper. She felt this lump in her sleeping bag, thought it was the toilet paper, put her hand into the sleeping bag, and pulled out the salsa.
The phrase of the day: 'I slept with salsa last night!'

Deus Mortuorum
6th April 2003, 11:48 AM
"Carol never wore her safety goggles. Now she doesn't need them"
This was a poster promoting lab safety in chem lab. It showed a girl with dark glasses carrying a cane for blind people. My friend liked it so much he took the poster.

"Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto...gun"
This was also during chem lab, when me and two of my friends were tlaking about different ways people pronounce words and we were like potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto... and one kid just goes "gun".

"Si muy bien y tu?"
We say this when somebody says something that didn't make any sense at all.

"Claro que no!"
*shrug* Spoken at random moments.

"Y tu mama tambien!"
As a backlash. =P

"That is redundant!"
Taunting our scary art teacher.

"Je-ZEELE! Meester Kay! Zees ees my time!"
This girl in my chem class, I have no idea how to pronounce her name, my Lebanese chem teacher used to say it "Je-ZEELE!" and my friend got such a kick out of it to this day he'll just scream it randomly or whenever he sees her. The guy's name was Mr. Kadamani but everyone called him Mr. K and he had a funny accent so it's Meesterr Kay! And whenever we pissed him off he'd always scream ZEES EES MY TIME!

7th April 2003, 12:26 AM
Originally posted by Phoenix Reborn
"Si muy bien y tu?"
We say this when somebody says something that didn't make any sense at all.

as simple as that is I really need to steal this... do you mind if I do thanks I knew you wouldn't :p ^_^

1) many many many MANY. there seems to be one for every moment in time. sad thing is all of them are with the same friend @_@

2) I can't possibly name them all, I'll just sum up a few, I need to sleep x_o
1. "that is cheese." in the cafeteria in 6th grade I asked for 1 slice of pizza. she gave me 2. "...I only wanted one." "that IS cheese!" (she didn't speak much english...) there are many (MANY) more from various other cafeteria people, refered to as "cheeselings"
2. "lorin! don't pick your nose!" ahh I love this one ^_^ my friend's dad dropped us off at a big football game, and as he drove off, he stopped, backed up, and shouted out the window "lorin! don't pick your nose!" (friend=lorin btw) she hates this one and I love it ^^
3. anything involving chikin nugets (spelled that way) oatmeal, cheese, toast, eggs, and especially corn dogs. whenever we're on the phone and there's a pause, someone states the name of a food to get the conversation going again. it's also like a 'are you listening?!' test. like "so I just told her ... corn dogs"
4. "katie, it won't grow"/"corndog tree" sorta ties in with the previous one. ..I don't know why exactly, but my friend stuck a corn dog in the ground my front lawn (all standy-uppy) I walk out and theres this CORN DOG STUCK IN THE GROUND O_O; I call her up and ask if she knew anything about it, she's just like "^_^" ... I don't know what to do with it, so I leave it out there overnight. in the morning, she calls, saying she drove by that morning and saw it was still there. in the background, you can hear "tell her it won't grow" we both start cracking up ^_^
5. "oh no... it's diarrhea" epi of zim, put simply, we didn't say anything other than that for about 6 hours. o_o; still occasionally comes up
...that's enough >:]

3) they never 'develop' they just hit. o0


9th April 2003, 04:29 AM
(1) Do you have an Inside Joke with anyone?
-You are a fag.

(2) How did this Joke come about?
It came about when I told my friend he is a fag.

(3) Do you know of any inside jokes that you are developing?
My friend is now attempting to make a joke about calling ME a fag. Wow!!


:P :wave: :D 8) :yes: :mad:

9th April 2003, 08:26 AM
1) Yep, I have way too many to name with my friends... lol... because everything is funny to us...
I'll name the two funniest ones between us...

The Sixth Dinner

My friend was making fun of the fat teachers while talking to himself and he went "Ohh yeah, I bet in that office of theirs they eat dinner... A first dinner... A second dinner... A third dinner... A fourth dinner... A fifth dinner and a seventh dinner..." and all the while hes like talking to himself and then he says "What about the sixth dinner? Oh trust me... theres a sixth dinner..."

It was so stupid we laughed about it for hours...


We once had a substitute teacher named Mr. Wong and he kept saying "What is wong with thee question!" when he was like doing spelling...
So, we found it quite hilarious... And he was chinese so we all like bowed before we left the room, it was quite funny... Lol, were so mean...

Darkmaster Kagemusha
9th April 2003, 08:28 PM
(1) Do you have an Inside Joke with anyone?
--Yeah, my two best friends and I call people "Flookoomshinnians"
(2) How did this Joke come about?
--Well, my word is "Flookoom" and my friend Tony's phrase is "Shin Nibbler", when referring to short people, so we combined it and call people shorter or in any way **clears throat** smaller than us Flookoomshinnians. Don't even ask about how I got the word "Flookoom". It's mine and you can't have it! *Hugs "Flookoom"*
(3) Do you know of any inside jokes that you are developing?
--Hm...lesse. Well, there's the Suicide doors at ICC and the Fire Blankets (Afterall, you can't cuddle with a blanket made of fire, can you? ;))

10th April 2003, 06:43 AM
1.) Too many to name them all, but I'll give you a few.
-- ...Castle? ...Castle? ...Castle?

-- ...Castle? ...Castle? ...Castle?
My best friend Krystiana and I were hanging around her house, and her older sister came into the living and said, "Hey guys, did you know that goldfish have a memory span of only 2 seconds?" And Krystiana, somehow totally misinterpreted what she said, and replied, "What do they do with the second one?" And we're just like, "uhh...wtf?!" And she said, "How can they have 2 memories? Do they use one for bad memories and one for the good memories? Is that even possible?!" And we were like, oh lord.... so we explained it to her. She finally got it, and we kept teasing her about it, and the conversation went on to what a goldfish thinks when he sees a castle in his fish bowl, thus "...Castle? ...Castle? ...Castle?" XD
During lunch, my friends and I always go and play on the high-jump mat. Well, the other day these guys came over and started jumping on it as well. I was talking to Kristin and eating a bag of candy when this fat dude "accidently" fell and sat on me. I started yelling "HE SAT ON ME! HE SAT ON ME!" really loud, and since I had a mouth full of candy it sounded like I said "HE SHAT ON ME! HE SHAT ON ME!" lol.

3.) Inside jokes just kinda... happen with us. O_o;

13th April 2003, 10:23 AM
(1) Yeah, I have a lot 0.o the most famous being toast and shi~n.

(2)Toast is from this song by Haywood Banks called Yeah Toast, funny song, go find and listen to. Shiiiiiiiiiiiin is from my Tenchi in Tokyo tape, in ep. 2, Sasami's standing in the kitchen, and in 4 inch print, shi~n comes across the screen in hiragana. You would have to see it >.>

(3) Trowa hair is developing nicely, because my hair has an off-center part, and my bangs go over to the side like Trowa's ><

20th April 2003, 06:44 PM
(1) Do you have an Inside Joke with anyone?
Yes, I have a few inside jokes...
"Sunny Side up!"
(2) How did this Joke come about?
"BIRDS" - Well this one came about when my friend when dress shopping for the prom at my school. She came back to tell me that there was this ugly dress that looked like it had a lot of bird feathers on it. Well there is this girl at my school that everyone hates. We say that she is going to get the ugly bird feather dress so whenever we see her we say: BIRDS!!

"Unyes" - This one happened in a family life thing. The dude was talking about safe sex blah blah blah, when he started to talk about checkers. He said: "Well you just arn't going to get undressed and start playing checkers are you?" Me and my friends started to make a joke about it. We started to say Checkers, but it changed to Unyes when we started to play the card game Uno a lot. So to make a long story short, we say Unyes to say sex in secret code, lol.

"Sunny Side up" - This one came about a few weeks ago. My science teacher, who me and my friends call gay, always goes to the computer dude's room all the time. The computer dude's name is Sunny. Well we say that my science teacher has sex with the computer teacher. So we always walk by the science teacher and say: "Sunny Side up!" (You should know what that means :p)

(3) Do you know of any inside jokes that you are developing?
Nope, I don't think im developing any right now..

14th May 2003, 08:33 PM
1: Yes...there are so many I dare not count them all....but my most common ones are:
-PINK: the color of men

2: Most of all my inside jokes came up randomly and out of nowhere..sorta

SCALLAPALOOOO: This origionally came from a comedian, who in his act mentioned rapping to albums with his black friend, and they were both nervous about what would happen when nigga or the *bum bum buummmmm* "N word" came up, and when it evetually did the comedian yells "scallapaloooo!", throws glitter in his freinds face and runs. Well, my friend Kyra and I found this hilarious and made it our offical word, saying it in random fun-time moments (mostly while on a sugar high) and such, accompanied with the throwing of glitter (virtual or otherwise) to this day the utterance of the word sends us into histerics.

MOO-LICK- This comes from a YGO humor fanfic me and my buds Larz and Kyra were writing which involved Malik bursting in and trying to strangle the authors and all the other characters, and as punishment Yami, Kyra and I shrink him to the size of a yo-yo, made him helpless and for every single word he said "moooooooooooo" came after it, hene Malik's new nickname "Moo-lick"

PINK: THE COLOR OF MEN: A DBZ bash to put in simple. See, Kyra and I aren't exactly fans of the show......bvut we do watch to make fun of and laugh at it. For example: Vegeta's pink short, hence, PINK: the color of men.

3: Like I said tese things aren't planned, they just sorta happen

14th May 2003, 08:46 PM
Yeah, with my brother:

Rocko! It's so beautiful! - We liked to watch Rocko's Modern Life on Nickolodeon. When Heffer said that during that episode when they made that big beam of light, we thought that was so funny! Now we say that when we see something with a lot of light or an explosion.

Reptilius Pyrus
14th May 2003, 10:50 PM
(1) Ohhh yes.... I'll only share a few of them, though.
"Ah. Get away. You little freak."

(2) "UMBREON!!!!!" Well, at school we have these two metal climbing poles. When I was in 5th grade (My friend was in 6th), and GS had just came out, we made these two "Tower of Pokemon" thingies, one Steel type, and one Dark. My friend would start climbing the pole, and I would give a running commentary. "You're at the Magnemite! Go! Go! Now you're at the Skarmory! Keep climbing! YES! You made it to the Steelix! Woohooo!" Anyway, the Dark one, I would always forget Umbreon. So he would say, "Houndour, Murkrow, Sneasel, Houndoom, UMBREON!!!!, Tyranitar." Yup. We're the only ones who find that funny.

"Ah. Get away. You little freak." The school computers are all Macs. They have this thing where you type something, and then the computer says it. So I made this story just to crack up listening to the comp say it. It goes: Once upon a time, there was a big radish, and the radish decided to go for a walk. On its walk, it met a cheese. The cheese said, "Moooo." The radish said, "Ahh! You little freak! Get away!" And the radish sold the cheese to a taco factory, where it was slowly melted into oblivion. One day, the radish bought a taco, and there was the cheese! The radish said, "Oh my god! It's that little freak!" And since the comp voice is emotionless, the exclamation points sound like periods. So sometimes I go up to my friend and say "Ah. You little freak. Get away."

(3) Well, another friend I have is obsessed with D&D. I mean really OBSESSED. So now whenever he does anything, I turn it into D&D. "Jump check! DC 17! You roll 18! I attack the Eli! Base attack bonus +2!" I think that's turning into an inside joke.

Hey, I just noticed that all my inside jokes happen at school.... Maybe that's because I'm bored out of my mind....

15th May 2003, 12:10 AM
Pulling your hand up and down like you do to get a truck driver to honk his horn at you has recently become an inside joke with a few of my friends :o

We were in a car, driving from you-don't-want-to-know to who-knows-where, passing through i-don't-care at just about this time, suffering from the general boredom that generally comes from this type of activity, so we started taking bets as to who could get the most people to honk at them. One of the people in the back seat started doing it way too far up and down, so that it looked like he was jacking off instead of trying to get a truck driver's attention (although it did get attention, that's another story entirely :p). Our collective minds all got the same impression from it, so we always do the truck driver horn thingy at him whenever we see him.