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6th October 2006, 10:13 PM
Warning: The following contains randomness, clichés and the torture of characters. If you don’t like such things, find a more serious RPG. If you enjoy such things, get your head examined, or better yet, sign up for this thing!

A Mystic_clown and Alisynne production…

It Sucks to be Us!

It started out like a normal day at <yet to be named> apartments (look, we couldn’t think of a name ok? Don’t you judge me!!). Anyway, it started out like a normal day (well, as normal as these guys could get). Suddenly, out of nowhere, the ground began to shake, like a freak earthquake or something, which rocked the whole building. Lightning fell all over the place (yet for some bizarre reason, noone was hit) and the sky went from blue, to green, to red, to various shades of purple (ooo, pretty).

Then there was flash of light (don’t forget your shades), and the place was rubble.

Thankfully, the residents that lived there survived (if they didn’t, you could kiss this RPG goodbye!). They were confused, hurting and wondering who the hell to blame for leveling the place. Thankfully, before any finger pointing and fighting can begin, their attention was caught by a strange old man who appeared out of almost nowhere.

“I suppose you’re all wondering what just happened right?”

Wanting to know who to blame for all this, they nodded.

“Well, as you all know, this world is divided into different versions of itself called “genres”, each contained by a barrier right?”

Being from different genre’s themselves, they all nod.

“Well, an evil group calling themselves “The Council” (because they couldn’t think of a cooler name) have broken the barriers, causing the different genres to pour into each other like so much cheap liquor.”

Everyone gasps.

“It seems they’re after an artifact known as the Gem of Incredible-But Never-Really-Explained-Powers, an extremely powerful gem. I could tell you what it does, but I don’t have the time.”

“Why are they doing this?” One of them asks.

“Well…because we really needed a plot for this RPG.”


“Anyway. It’s up to you to stop them. You must foil their plans and get the Gem of Incredible-But Never-Really-Explained-Powers before they do.”

“But, why us?”

“Well duh, the rest of the plot focused on you so far hasn’t it? You’re the bloody main characters!”

“And if we refuse.”

“Don’t you get it? You don’t have a choice! You’re slaves to the story! You’re going on this bloody quest whether you like it or not! MWAHAHAHA!!”

The man couldn’t help noticing he strange looks he was getting and immediately stopped laughing evilly.

“Anyway, you must be going, and so must I.”

“Wait! Aren’t you coming with us?”

“No. I’m not a main character, and my role in this thing ends here. See ya!”

In a puff of smoke, he was gone, leaving our ‘heroes’ standing in the ruins of their home. Will they do what the old man said and go on their quest? Of course they will! As the old dude said, they don’t have a choice!

Ok, just so I can make it clear to you guys, this is a parody, but it’s a parody of RPGs as a whole, so feel free to bring in (and poke fun at) clichéd events, torture your characters, get yourself involved, etc. Overall, have fun! However, there’s one little rule about this RPG, your character must belong to a certain genre, whether it’s romance, horror, fantasy, etc. Please pick one from the list below, or make one of your own.

~Drama (TAKEN - Hinata)
~Action (TAKEN - Kuro Espeon)
~Adventure (RESERVED - Crazy Elf Boy)
~Comedy (TAKEN - Blademaster)
~Romance (TAKEN - Houndoom_Lover)
~Gothic (TAKEN - Shizo)
~Fantasy (TAKEN - Crystal Tears)
~Survival (TAKEN – Alisynne)
~Sci-Fi (TAKEN - Inferno_Dragon)
~Horror (TAKEN – Mystic_clown)
~Espionage (TAKEN – Master Rudy)
~School (TAKEN - Arnen)

If you wanna join now, you have to make up your own genre (and for hte love of all things holy, not erotica!)

Now, onto the sign ups!

Name: (Obviously what your character is called, make it fit the genre even if its in a ridiculous way. Adds to the fun ^-~)
Age: (how old is your character, again, fit it to the genre)
Gender: (duh)
Species: (its possible we all wont be humans so what species?)
Personality: (how your character behaves and what goes on in their head)
History: (How you character got to where they are now, important things in their life etc.)
Physical Appearance: (what your character looks like)
Typical clothes: (what do they usually wear day to day?)
Genre: (What genre are they from? choose one from the list or make up your own)
Weapon/Gear: (What your character uses to fight, and the items they have with them)
Catchphrase: (optional, if your char has a stereotypical thing they like to say it goes here)
Other: (you know what to do surely)

Now, for mine.

Name: Jack Scarecrow
Age: He’s about 56, but looks like he’s in his early twenties.
Gender: Male
Species: Corpse/Scarecrow (he’s a corpse made up of different body parts stuffed with straw).
Personality: He’s not exactly quite right in the head. At one time, he seems like a normal person, a bit of a smart ass and any attempt he makes at coming off as scary end up as being lame. On the other hand, he can go completely insane and homicidal on your ass. It’s these times he can be considered scary. When he’s ‘sane’, he’s normally a nice guy/scarecrow/zombie/whatever!
History: He was built from old body parts by a mad scientist to act as a scarecrow for his garden. However, it wasn’t long before he got bored with scaring crows and began wanting to scare the nearby villagers as well. He always had a dream of being a famous horror monster, like Dracula or Frankenstein, but unfortunately his attempts as being scary only came off as annoying, up to the point where his mad scientist father kicked him out. He’s been wandering around ever since, trying to scare people (and getting chased out) until he found residence at the <yet to be named> apartments. He managed to get a job at a supermarket, but has recently been laid off.
Physical Appearance: Standing at about 6 foot, Jack’s pretty much made up off different body parts from other corpses (as mentioned two previous times in this sign up form). His skin’s deathly pale, going on gray and while on eye is a dull green, the other’s a dull blue (they were from different bodies). His dirty blonde hair resembles straw, and speaking of straw, large numbers of it are poking our through his stitches. Despite being an undead/scarecrow thingy, he’s quite handsome.
Typical clothes: He wears the same clothing he got on the day of his ‘birth’, a dirty white shirt, and old brown jacket and old gray pants with a few tears in it. He also wears brown boots, old white glove sand a crooked gray steeple hat. He also managed to get hold of a red scarf.
Genre: Horror
Weapon/Gear: His main weapon is the cross he hung from, which is mainly two logs tied into the shape of a cross. All four ends are sharpened to a point, so it’s very good for stabbing and such.

He also carries around and extra bag of hay and a ball of thread and a needle. You never know when you need to replace some stuffing or stitches.
Catchphrase: You wanna know why we’re called SCAREcrows? (yeah, I know, it’s supposed to be lame).
Other: He’s friends with Jane.

Jack Scarecrow
Jack sighed as he slowly walked into the lobby of the <yet to be named> apartment building, his wooden cross (which he carried around with him everywhere) hung over his shoulder.

He headed up the stairs to his floor, the massive cross not seeming to weigh him down or anything. He let out a small sigh as he reached the top.

The was a twang, and Jack tilted his head to the side.

And arrow buried itself in the wall behind him.

“It’s only me Jane.”

The blonde survival nut lowered her crudely made bow with a small relieved expression on her face.

“Sorry about that,” she said. Whether she really meant it or not, Jack wasn’t sure.

“It’s ok,” he sighed. Jane noticed something was wrong.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked.

“The bloody store laid me off.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Once again, Jack wasn’t sure if she was sincere.

“Me too,” he sighed, “I mean, look at me! I had a dream of being up there with all the horror legends! Dracula, Freddy Kruger, The Wolf Man! Now look at me! Working as a check out chick, and I can’t even get that right!”


“Ok, and that’ll be $60.75 miss”

The woman handed Jack the money. Jack grabbed the bag of groceries and was about to hand it to her…

…when the stitches in his wrist gave out, and the groceries went all over the floor.

The woman looked down at the smashed items and then glared at the now handless Jack, who was grinning sheepishly.

“he he…oops?”

------ok, back to the present-----

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Jane responded, not really paying attention, “By the way, did you see that animal, man creature around here?”

“You mean Terone? Nope.”

“Ok then.” And with that, Jane ran off, spear in hand in search of her target. Jack just sighed and headed back to his room.

Ok folks, we’re starting out before the apartments get leveled. Just go about your daily business, interact a bit and if you need to go to the bathroom, do it now! Either men or Allisyne will kick of the disaster.

6th October 2006, 10:33 PM
Name: Terone Nemast
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Human ... but he is actually a combination of animals.
Personality: He is mostly calm, despite what happened to him but when he does get angry, he does go berserk. He tries to make friends, but he is not that good being social ... but he does care for others even if he knows them for a second for a lifetime.
History: At the age of 18, he was chosen to participate in a breakthrough science experiment. What Terone didn't know that he would become the labrat. The scientist did every experiment on him. They intended to create a soldier with many different animal abilities but after several examinations, they called Terone a reject and threw him out the street not caring what would happen to him. Unknown to them, Terone was the perfect specimen with each ability performing at its best. He found a holographic watch left behind by a some other creature (wink wink) and decided to hide his appearance until he needs to reveal his true self.
Physical Appearance: In his human form, he is a 5'11 with a mixture of brownish and blond hair. His eyes are a greenish blue. He had a scar from accidentally cutting his arm on a jagged steel-iron fence. In his animal warrior form, he has bald eagle wings, komodo dragon eyes, huskie-like nose, bear-like claws/Kangaroo Hands (one side had the claws and one side has the hands), Cobra Venom-Sacs, Shark-Teeth and the tail of cheetah. With all the combinations of the animals, he is a pretty formidable foe.
Typical clothes: His holographic form allows him to choose what he wants to wear from day to day so it is pretty random although he does wear bermuda shorts and a white shirt occasionally.
Genre: Sci-Fi
Weapon/Gear: Although he does carry a dagger on him from time to time, his real weapons are his animal instincts and resources (claws, poison, etc.). He does carry a bag of food and medical equipment in case he or anybody else gets hurt.
Catchphrase: You think you can go up against Primal Rage? Well, you just try to stop me.
Other: Truthfully, he doesn't hate what the scientists did to him (okay, a little bit) but finds that this is excellent experience.

Terone Nemast

Terone had locked the door after receiving my weekly groceries. Normally, I would have to but with Jane out there, I knew that inside was safer. I sat down and then the phone rang. I looked at the clock. It is time for my daily work so I picked up the phone.

"This is Terone Nemast of Life's A Blessing. How may I help you?" I asked.

Oh yes, I do work. I got my old job back at this Call-a-Person hotline. Why I lost my job is another story to tell but they wanted me back despite my new appearance. Basically, what I would talk to the person and chat with the them and if they had any major problems, I would help sort them out. Just because I am a human-animal warrior doesn't mean that I can be sympathetic.

"Terone, this is Jennifer. It happened again."

Fifth time this week, this lady would call me more than any other caller. And it is always the same problem. If this situation gets worse, I might have to call the local psychiatric ward and ask them to take care of her.

"I tried what you asked me to do but it all went wrong ... "

This was going to be awhile. I got a bottle water and sat down. I took out the manual and started to listen to her. I took out a dagger out of the magazine rack just in case Jane showed up. I didn't want to be disturbed. Hopefully, beside Jane's attempts to hunt me down and Jennifer's neurotic problems, this day would turn out better than it would ever been.

7th October 2006, 12:48 AM
Name: Andrew Dodger
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Andrew is a joker by nature, always quick to throw in a quip or pun whenever he can. He can be somewhat overdramatic at times, and his sense of humor can range from :rotfl: to :mad2:. Andrew is also something of a romantic and will throw in a compliment or polite courtesy whenever a pretty girl gives him the opportunity.
History: Andrew's father was a clown, and his mother was a stand-up comic, so his humorous persona isn't really surprising - he was actually born during one of his mother's performances! :eek: As Andrew got older and began to understand the world around him, he came to realize that life is too short to waste on things like work - he devotes himself to humor and making others happy, which is what has actually sustained him for much of his life. He dropped out of high school when he was 17, and has since lived with his 'friends' in the <yet to be named> apartments. A few months after moving in, he helped a homeless man market an idea which eventually made him millions; the former hobo donated $250,000 to Andrew, which he uses to pay his rent and other amenities.
Physical Appearance: Andrew is somewhat unkempt, looking in need of a shave and a haircut. He has blue-green eyes, thick, wild black hair, and a moustache; his legs are unusually long, making him quite fast (Good thing, too - he can't fight for ****.).
Typical clothes: Andrew wears jeans that have been torn in several places, the same sneakers he's worn since he was fifteen, and a T-shirt with some funny image or quote on it.
Genre: Comedy, baby!
Weapon/Gear: Andrew's gear consists of whatever is in his pockets, which usually includes his housekey, a wallet, an outdated cell phone, a few paper clips, some rubber bands, a pack of gum, a pocketknife, some dental floss, some loose change, a small notebook, a nail clipper, a lighter, a pencil, a laser pointer, two buttons, and a deck of cards.
Catchphrase: "PWN3D!!" (BTW, he incorrectly pronounces it as 'pwinned,' instead of the more common 'poaned.')
Other: He loves peaches, peanuts, pasta, pizza... Oddly enough, most of his favorite foods begin with the letter 'P.'



Andrew Dodger walked merrily up the stairs of the <Yet to be named> apartment building's lobby, humming the Bob-Omb Battlefield theme to himself as he went, taking the steps three at a time like he always did.

Andrew was one of the oddballs of the tennants here; considering his neighbors, that was saying a lot. Most of his neighbors were very serious, dramatic, active, depressing, obsessive, or just plain creepy, and most of them had some quite unlikely jobs; Andrew, on the other hand, was a carefree guy with no employer - he had over 200 grand in the bank, which he knew how to spend sparingly. Most of his day was spent asleep, eating, or just lounging around wherever he wound up.

If ignorance truly was bliss, Andrew was proof.

"...La lalala-la lala la, la lalala, lalala, la-la la la, lala-la." he hummed joyfully, catching sight of a familiar face at the top of the stairs.

"Hey, Jack!" he called, waving. "Nice day, huh?"

The living scarecrow tilted his head towards the source of the sound, but an arrow striking the wall four inches from his head seemed to distract him.

"Oh, well." Andrew muttered. "Guess he's busy."

Shrugging, the lanky teen sauntered down the hallway towards his room on the first floor.

"Home sweet home." Andrew said with a smile, fishing his key out of his right front pocket and unlocking the door.

Andrew's apartment, for all intents and purposes, was nothing impressive. His living room consisted basically of a TV on an old crate with a GameCube (inside of which was his copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee) hooked up to it, a couch across the room, and a rug with a ficas sitting atop one corner. A small air conditioner sat in the room's one window, and a tilted cuckoo clock hung from the far wall.

The rest of Andrew's apartment wasn't anything major, either - his kitchen was a table and two chairs surrounded by a sink, a refrgerator, a dishwasher, and a microwave, toaster, and blender on a counter (He was scared of ovens, so he naturally didn't own one.). His bedroom was even less - an alarm clock shaped like Master Shake beside a bed made with red sheets, a garbage pail in the corner, a dresser and a few boxes of clothes and old toys and books, and a closet with an actual skeleton in it that he could joke about. Posters on the walls depicted everything from a swimsuit model to Jason Voorhees to the Ghostbusters and their Ecto-1.

Basically, Andrew was a very complex individual and a very simple one at the same time.

'Another day, another donut.' Andrew thought, locking the door behind him and dropping on the couch. He picked up his Wireless GameCube Controller and turned on the TV.

'I wonder if anyone else is free?' he thought, pulling out his cell phone and opening it. He dialed a number.

"Laura?" he said after a moment. "It's Andrew. I w- hello? Hello?"


Andrew shrugged and dialed another number.

"Hey, David," he said with a grin, "it's me. Andrew. Yeah, the lazy bastard on the first flo...or... Hey, wait, what? Oh, never mind. You wanna come down and play some Super Smash Bros. Me- hello?"

Silence again.

Andrew shook his head and dialed another number.

"Exomus!" he said. "It's Andrew! You wanna come over and play Super Smash Bros. Melee?"

"NO!" a horrible voice bellowed through the phone, causing Andrew to jerk his head away. "AND IF YOU CALL HERE AGAIN, I WILL KILL YOU!!" CRACK!


Andrew paused for a few seconds; he sighed and tossed the cell phone aside.

'Oh, well.' he thought, selecting '100-Man Melee' on the Game Selection Screen. 'Plan B. The record is 6:52... Come on, Andrew; focus, focus...'

7th October 2006, 01:33 PM
Name: F.R.O.G the third(Fredrik Regenald Octavain the Great the third)
Age: Does age matter in love!?
Gender: Male
Species: Does species created distance between us? I shall denounce it all to be with you!
Personality: I fancy myself a flexiable indivulal who enjoy long walks or just being close to you.
History: My tragic history has left me...alone and fragile, will you be the one to chase the nightmares away, my love?
Physical Appearance: *pushes F.R.O.G out of the way to explane* He's tall, not as dark but does have black hair that is flowing ^.^. He has blue..or maybe green eyes.. would you venture that close? *F.R.O.G pulls me away* I am just your type...if not, I shall become it!
Typical clothes: My threds are rick and silky, fluffy with love! But I'd give it all away to be with you.
Genre: Ro-freakin'-mance (Romance)
Weapon/Gear:Fight!? The only war I will wage is the one for your heart.
Catchphrase: See above!
Other: What shall I do here...without you.


F.R.O.G was rich, and though he lived in <Yet to be named> apartments, it wasn't because he was misering his money. Though a swift hand of crock and darts, his cousin N.E.W.T and his soon to be wife, Naka, stole his house. And to boot, Ruff-Ruff, his once soon to be wife was lost in Germany somewhere.

Now, you may all be wondering why he is here and not in Germany. You may ask also why the egg and the chiken question gives you a headache. These thing may never be known.

The apartments serve free food up to b:M 0'clock.

Now, F.R.O.G was a modest man, and his pure gold curtants told of his modesty. He could have got them ruby studed.

He woke up from his short beauty nap, his flawless careless face all ready for the new afternoon. PUtting on a silk cape overr his fluffy nightgrown and a pair of puff pants, he sctolled out the door with a graceful gait.

Kuro Espeon
8th October 2006, 09:23 PM
Name: Brigh (pronounced "Bree") Dangerfield
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: Tries to be sociable, but she's so high-strung and violent that she doesn't easily make friends. She tends to be overly paranoid about "attackers" and will jump into fights that don't even exist. While she has the best of intentions, she often expresses them in an overtly wrong way.
History: The daughter of a war veteran (he never told her WHICH war though), she was raised in a very militaristic household. Ever since she was a small child she was drilled in warfare tactics and trained on all the advanced forms of weaponry. She also learned various forsm of Tai Jutsu and Tae Kwon Do and incorporates them into her fighting style. She was taught to never let her guard down and always be on the look out for potential assailants. She took this philosophy to heart (perhaps TOO much) and became the ultimate fighting machine (at least in her own mind). She briefy attended college but was kicked out for drawing a missle launcher on her professor when she suspected him of sabotaging her exam. Since then she's worked as a demolitions expert for a construction company where she gets to put her skills to a slightly better use.
Physical Appearance: About 5'10" with a toned and semi-muscular build. Long, black hair in a tight braid and dark hazel eyes. She has various scars on her arms and one across her left cheek (they're mostly by her own doing, but she calls them "Battle scars").
Typical clothes: Typical green and brown army pants and boots with a black tanktop. Has a utiliity belt containing various equipment and always keeps a strap of ammunition strapped across her shoulder at all times. Also wears a pair of black arm bands and fingerless leather gloves.
Genre: Action
Weapon/Gear: Basically every type of weapon you can think of. She has a vast arsenal of guns, blades, and explosives at her disposal that she will whip out at a moments notice (seemingly out of nowhere...). She also has the keys to her father's tank. Heh...heh...heeeeeh....
Catchphrase: "This looks like a job for......Mr. BoJangles!!" (The name of her favorite machine gun)
Relationships: Gets along well with David Johnson and always tries to come along on his missions, since she's convinced that her expertise would come in handy. (Hope that's ok, Rudy! MWAHAA! violence!! XD)
Other: Has a strange affinity for muffins....


Brigh Dangerfield:
On the top floor of the <Yet To Be Named> Apartment building, Brigh was just finishing up her daily lock-down and security check. After she slid the last of several dead bolts across her reinforced steel shutters and secured them, she stepped back with her hands on her hips to admire a job well down. She glanced around the small apartment to make sure she hadn't missed anything. Every window was sealed tight and fronted by thick steel. Sandbags and barbed wire lined the walls also crossed in front of her bedroom door (least anyone attempt to attack her while she slept). She had used her couch and other various tables and chairs to make herself a convenient foxhole. She would've preferred it to be subterranean, but when she asked the landlord about it he didn't seem too keen on the idea of her digging a trench in the floor, so she had settled for having a top floor apartment as an extra precaution. She clapped her hands together and grinned triumphantly.

"Security check complete! Perimeter secured! Now all that's left is to check the--"


"--DOOOOOOOR!!!" Brigh suddenly snapped and immediently pulled out a pair of semi-automatics (seemingly out of nowhere). Ready for action she charged the door and did a flying jump-kick. Despite the dozens of bolts and locks on the door, she knocked it clear off it's hinges and rode it down as it fell foreward. A shout of surprise was quickly muffled as the door landed, crushing the unsuspecting victim to the floor.

"INTRUDER ALERT! Invade me will you! You'll never get out of her alive, you scum!" Brigh shouted at the top of her lungs while branishing her weapons in full view.
"Brigh?" said a familiar male voice. Brigh looked up from her perch on top of the door to see her next door neighbor David Johnson staring down at the carnage with a bag of groceries in his right hand. "Oh dear lord.... What are you doing?"
"Oh, hi David! Just dealing with this highly dangerous intruder! No worries! I have it under control!"
"Brigh, that's the pizza delivery man..." David replied.
"How do you know that's who he is?"
"Because he's wearing the Totini's Pizzaria uniform and he has a pizza in hand..."
She looked down and saw a twitching arm sticking out from under the door, a pizza box still clutched in it's fingers. A hat that had flown off of the man's head was off to the side and had the logo for Totini's Pizzaria printed boldly on the front.
"He's probably just undercover to take me off-gaurd! Besides, I didn't order a pizza!"
"That's because I did. He just knocked on the wrong door."
"Getf diff fing offa me!" the delivery man pleaded. Brigh laughed and put her guns away, quickly sliding off the door. She picked the door up and put it back on it's hinges and then turned to pull the man up.
"Ah-hahaha! Oh well! No harm done!" After the pizza had been paid for and the man had left, bruised and quite disgruntled, Brigh turned back to David. "So! What's in the bag? Secret spy stuff?"
"....Secret spy cornflakes?"

Crystal Tears
9th October 2006, 01:55 PM
[color=green][font=sylfaen]Name: Exomus
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Summon/Aeon/Esper (all basically the same thing… if you could call him anything)
Personality: Quite a simple beast, Exomus is quite incapable of controlling his (if you can call it any gender) strength. Quick to anger, and knows little reasoning, Exomus only knows pain, and it quite fixed on inflicting it onto his opponents. Though he is quite a brute, he tends show his ‘soft’ side (which basically consists of defending) to his ‘master’, who he will obey without really thinking. Though sometimes he can show a massively surprisingly amount of intelligence, usually he remains quite, waiting for orders.
History: Exomus is a creature from the fantasy world, he tumbled in by accident and has been reeking havoc ever since. His devastating powers tend to get him in more trouble them he wants, but since he’s so large and dangerous, no one has ever tried to stop him.
Though he is actually searching for his master… Hopefully he finds him or her, it is said with his master’s help he can be restored to his pre-summon form, which he longs for.
Physical Appearance: Basically a massive centaur, standing at a terrifying 12 feet high (his human part) and his horse part stand at large 17 hands tall. For a better description and appearance click here (http://www.ff12-europe.com/Images/summons/ff12-chaos.jpg)
Typical clothes: His armour is in the piccy.
Genre: Fantasy
Weapon/Gear: Exomus usually uses two enormous black swords that can cut through just about everything that are clamped onto his back. He also has magic, but he can only use that when he is extremely angry.
Catchphrase: DIE! DIE! DIE! (._.)
Other: His master is Laura. And uh, Exomus has a deep, demonic voice that scares anyone. Oh, and because he's so large, his master can ride on his back.

~ ~ ~

Exomus looked at the broken table and the crunched phone. He was mentally slapping himself for being so strong and dimwitted when it came to technology, the phone had been one of the few things he understands, and he had destroyed it again, all because of that twerp on the first floor.
In fact, because of that twerp who kept on calling him, most of his room was in ruins, the lights had been bashed out; mind you, he had purposely done this because he liked the darkness. But any sort of furniture that used to be whole was now torn apart and scattered in his room. It looked much like a cave as Exomus rested in the middle of it, and that’s how he liked it.

He ponder something’s for a moment, he could go visit Laura, her room was right beside his of course. Or he could be true to his word to an extent and kill the twerp on the first level. He groaned as his heavy body lifted from the floor, which shook as he stomped his way out of his room and arrived at Laura’s. Nervously he knocked. Which was a lot like someone pounding on the door to come in.

Master Rudy
9th October 2006, 02:05 PM
Name-David Johnson (ever notice how angets and spies have normal sounding names such as Jack, James and Sam?)
Foxhound Code Name-Maniac Dolphin
Personality-If your innocent he'll be caring towards you. If your not then your not going to be on his good side. Will do whatever it takes to get his mission done. Rumored to be unstable and a bit of a loose cannon as he claims he's been a huge help on many missions that aren't listed in his dossier.
History-Former NYPD police officer. Eventually joined the army and was recruited into Foxhound for a mission in the middle east. Upon returning to the US he eventually joined the CIA's New York branch of CTU but has been inactive for several years since the terrorists only seem to focus on Los Angeles. Is currently living at the apartment complex and working as a security guard at a local office building while waiting for CTU and the President of the United States to call him back into action. Also despite being out of action it's not uncommon for his to disappear for days on end as he helps other agents requesting his help.
Physical Appearance-Standing at 5 foot 11 he's not exactly tall but the way he's built he doesn't need to be. Has short blond hair in sort of a Trunks style haircut, blue eyes and a kind face......until some random terrorist asshole pisses him off.
Typical clothes-Usually wears a brown leather jacket with blue jeans and a green shirt. When he's clothed he always has at least two handguns hidden somewhere on him. If he's on a mission he'll swap out his normal clothes for CTU tactial gear: a dark blue long sleeve shirt with CTU and CIA emblems on each arm, a black flak jacket and black combat pants.
Weapon/Gear-Uses a varitiy of handguns but usually carries a Sig P228 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sig_P226). As a backup weapon he uses a Springfield Micro .45 GAP (http://www.gunsandammomag.com/ga_handguns/GAhandguns_011105H.jpg) in an ankle holster under his pants. Also carries a cell phone and a PDA. When in his tactial gear he adds a combat knife to the mix and a suppressor to his Sig.
Catchphrases-We're running out of time! (since no federal agent or spy in TV, games and movies has ever said THAT)
Dammit! (a fav of Gabe Logan from Syphon Filter and Jack Bauer from 24)
Other-I can't give you other! You've got to tell me what other things I need to know because we're running out of time dammit!
Relationships-Knows some of the other characters in the complex and is friendly towards them but mainly keeps to himself. Outside of the complex he's friends with just about every fictional spy ever created. Claims that he did all the work in missions such as destroying Goldenye, curing the Omega Strain of Syphon Filter and saving David Palmer's life. This cannot be proven as all these missions are top secret and officals from the respective agenties involved cannot be reached for comment.

David Johnson
"Man one of these days someone's gonna get killed" I sighed as I set down the pizza and locked the door. Brigh was a good girl but she wasn't exactly the type who you could walk up to her door and knock. I learned that the hard way when I first moved into this apartment complex. Somehow I had lost my can opener during the move so naturally I tried to borrow one from the next door neighbor. Within two seconds Brigh had me pinned against the wall with a knife to my throat. and I had my .45 level with her head. Lucky for both of us that clown from downstairs and that rich guy with the gold curtains somehow got everything taken care of and managed to calm both of us down. Despite that first meeting I was quick to become friends with her. She had a love for all things military and I was always willing to share tips of the trade with someone intrested. Her old man had a few good war stories as well but I never could figure out where and when he served.

As time went on I quickly learned the apartment was full of oddballs but I wasn't one to judge. Granted I was a bit on my guard with that jungle girl and the vampire at first. It wasn't everyday someone walked down the hallway outside your door with a spear. Of course the blood sucking undead was a much rarer sight still. However considering the first meeting I had with a neighbor I gave them both a chance. No one in this apartment was really dangerous towards one another so eventually everything just seemed normal.

Just as I was about to open up the pizza box a beeping sound I hadn't heard in a long time came from my bedroom. If someone's contacting me by Codec this can't be good I thought to myself as I placed the reciever into my ear. "This is Agent Joh......I mean Dolphin" I said with a sigh. It was common knowledge among Foxhound members that I hated that codename but I had a feeling this wasn't the time for it. "Dolphin this is Campbell. We've got a terrible situation!" Letting that sink in along with the knowledge of who was calling it didn't take long to figure out what might be happening. "How bad is it sir?" I asked. "Are we talking Metal Gear bad?" Campbell almost seemed paniced as he spoke. "NO! It's far worse than that!" If it was worse than a new Metal Gear then the shit was about to hit the fan.....or so I thought.

"It's monkeys! You've got to do something about them Dolphin!" If it was possible to do a face fault like in one or those Japanese cartoons Otacon was always watching then I'm sure I would have done it right then and there. "Excuse me sir....." I started to ask as polite as I could. "Did you just say monkeys?" While I soon saw it as nothing more than a big joke Campbell was still acting like he was serious. "YESSSS! APES!" he shouted in a voice so loud I almost had to turn off the Codec. Trying not to laugh I asked him "What about Snake? Can't he take on this mission of life or death?" After a brief pause Campbell calmly but still very seriously said "Damn.....I uh.....almost forgot about Snake. Good idea! I'll call him!" With that he ended the call but his mood at the end left me rather confused.

Was he for real?

Hope those that have played MGS3 get a nice laugh from that one ^_~

9th October 2006, 05:33 PM
Name: Jane Fox
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: If it was in one word, she would be described as 'intense'. Shes big into covering her escape routes if necissary and is always looking out for a huge wild animal of some sort to come barreling out of nowhere and try to gobble her up. Shes careful to the point of obsession, and shed do anything to survive, even if it means sacrificing members of the group to ensure the rest will live (lol). She never laughs unless shes killing something that tried to kill her and she likes her meat raw.
History: OMG what?? SHES AN ORPHAN! (who saw that coming? XD) lol her parents were killed while exploring a distant jungle on another world when she was just a child, and from that young age shes had to eke out an existance far from human contact. Because of that her people skills are almost nonexistant and she goes more on instinct than anything else. Eventually she was rescued by a passing space cruise liner, and finding no place for her among normal humans, was forced to live with all the other misfits in the Yet to be Named complex. She has one companion though, a small lizard-wolf puppy she calls "Meat"
Physical Appearance: Stand at about 5'9", short blond hair, blue eyes. Very tan skin from being out in the wild, and a lean muscular build. Usually has an intense desperate expression on her face lol
Typical clothes: Camo everything, lol she wears a camo tank top that shows her stomach, tattered camo shorts and a camo headband that she wears with her blond bangs over it. She often wears black lines on her face and applies them like most women apply makeup. When she wears shoes they are usually lightweight and khaki.
Genre: Survival
Weapon/Gear: Daggars, spears, just about every kind of weapon that primitive man has had. She also has a crude fishing kit (a line and a hook, and a net) an equally crude first aid kit (with medicine and balms made from plants and animals) And what looks like a bear toothed necklace/.
Catchphrase: "We re all going to die...."
Other: I also forgot relationships so let me add that in ^-~
Relationships: Friends with Jack Scarecrow, meaning she doesnt want to kill him...lol ^v~ Open to anyone else as well!

~~Jane Fox~~
Living in a world of deadly everythings

It seemed like a normal day at first.

Get up two hours before dawn. Spring out of bed fully dressed and alert. Have a quick breakfast of dried meat and berries before getting down to business. The other freaks that lived here had no idea, they were so oblivious! They pranced around in their merry little soft lives, while they sit stupidly unawares that at any moment their pitiful lives could end. Do they take the necissary precautions day to day? NO! But that was ok, because it would go after the weak first, and so when one of them ends up dead Ill know its coming and Ill have a better chance to survive. Im sure that sounded harsh to others ears but it was the cold hard facts. Sometimes to live others have to die. It was the way of the world, I didnt make it that way.

Anyway, it was a normal day. The traps had been set around the perimeter of the outside of the <yet to be named> apts, pit traps, traps with spikes to fall onto, traps with tigers waiting below to tear whatever fell in to pieces. Rope traps to string them up, and cage traps to hold any kind of animal that dared to try and kill me. Cause I knew they were out there, I could see their eyes glowing hungrily at night from the small windows in my basement apt. They were always watching, waiting for me to let my guard down so they could lunge in for the kill.

But the animals outside werent the only problems, there was one actually LIVING in the apts. I knew it had only moved here because it was a trained assassin for the king of the beasts, in their twisted society they stalk their prey and even try to befriend it before making the kill. Ive tried getting the jump on it, and Ive also tried shouting at it to stop the facade and just battle me outright, but it proved elusive.

I was ready this time though. This time I would catch it as it came outside, and its meat would be sweet. The squirrels and rabbits grew wary of my traps after awhile, and I refused to eat the filth my neighbors tried to feed me. I wanted fresh exotic meat! So as I hid within the tree across from his floors window, I prepared to shoot a life ending arrow at the next bit of movement I saw.

Which happened to be Jack.

I leapt from the tree into the window and landed with a light thump on the hardwood floor. Well I missed, which was bad news, if it had been the animal he would have been wise to my hiding spot. There could be no mistakes, else one mistake could mean the end! I would have to practice more. After a brief convo with Jack I stalked in search of my prey, deep into the bowels of the apts.

Passing a door, my ears picked up a word that filled me with terror. "Apes." They had long been the bane of my existance, huge apes hurtling out of the wilderness on knuckles as crushing as stone to anything in its path. APES! They were always around even if you couldnt see them, masquerading as humans to lure you close. Ah yes apes.......and whoever was talking about them was probably one of them as well. Kicking open the door and giving a primal scream, I rushed the seemingly innocent though definately dangerous young man within. He had a pizza hanging out of his mouth and was staring at me in a mix of shock and fear as I leapt at him and shoved my spear in his face. "APES!" I yelled out. "Your consorting with apes are you!"

"N....No!!!" He gasped out while almost choking on his pizza. "N-not me, Snake is!"

Snake, ah the snake. Quiet killer it prowls close and kills you while you sleep. If the apes and a snake are joining forces, that was bad news, very bad news.

It meant we were all going to die......

Anybody can pick up on this since she made enough noise lol theres for first post ^-^()

9th October 2006, 06:20 PM
~Name: Seyelin Hatsuke (^ ^)
~Age: Really really old, but looks 17.
~Gender: Male
~Species: Terminian
~Physical Appearance: Seyelin has a rather athletic build -- not scrawny, but not hulking either. He has pale silvery hair, with even paler skin. Despite the alarmingly light tone to his flesh, his face does not appear sunken or gaunt. His ears are slightly pointed, in typical Terminian fashion, and his eyes are a pure, icy blue.
~Typical clothes: Dark grey tunic, slightly tattered black pants, Dodongo-hide gauntlets, coat, and boots (with the coat being black and the gloves and boots being brown), and a black scarf that usually conceals the lower half of his face
.~Personality: Seyelin is a very insane dude. He never, ever smiles (and if he does, you can't tell because his scarf is in the way), and his favorite pastime is killing innocent bystanders. He's usually very quiet, and chooses only to speak when he has something important to say.
~Genre: School >D
~Weapon/Gear: He carries his trusty double-helixed sword, Soulcutter, as well as his also-trusty spiked chain.
~History: Seyelin has a very long and complicated past involving dying and being resurrected by ice and wind spirits, but for purposes of this RPG, I decided to send him to high school, because everyone should know how history and math and English and stuff ^^ The school he's attending is Yet-to-be-Named High, which conveniently has a magical barrier around it preventing violence, sadly enough for Seyelin.
~Catchphrase: ".......WHY did she put me in the SCHOOL genre? =_="
~Other: Hmmm. I like to torture Seyelin. ^.^ Oh, and, for people don't know, his pulse is practically nonexistant, his skin is cold to the touch, and he has wind and ice powers. Yes.

~^* Seyelin *^~

The room was dark. Seyelin lay on his bead, one knee bent as he stared vacantly at the ceiling, a few strands of silver hair falling across his white face. The curtains were drawn, effectively blocking out any light from outside. Outside... Seyelin hated it out there. The city air was too filled with smog, the people packed close like a penned herd. It made him feel.. claustrophobic.

Of course, it was a might better than wandering the halls of Yet-To-Be-Named Apartments. Its myriad bizarre inhabitants never failed to annoy Seyelin. Of course, none of them were nearly as obnoxious as....

Heeeey! Seyeliiiiiiiin, do somethiiiiiing!

That voice! The voice of his creator, echoing blaringly through his mind. He was unable to escape from it, unable to sink into the dark recesses of his consciousness as he could to forget the apartment's residents.

Why must you insist upon irritating me so...?

Because it's fun!

Her mental voice was positively dripping with glee. Seyelin heaved a sigh, lowering his face to his outspread palm. Why was he always the one with the inane voices in his head..? Perhaps --

His musings were cut short by a rather loud cry of "APES!" from one of the other rooms. Growling in annoyance, Seyelin sat up. After confirming that his sword and chain were on his person, he lurched forward, shifting his weight to lean over the edge of the bed. Swinging his legs around, he stood, then strode to the door, quietly slamming it open (it can be done!) to glare around the hallway.


The grey letters are my speech inside poor Seyelin's head, if you can't tell. xP Yeah, it's a bit late, but um... look, a distraction! ^^; *runs off*

Kuro Espeon
9th October 2006, 07:31 PM
Brigh Dangerfield:
Brigh had only just finished repairing her door when she heard a primal scream come from David's apartment next door. A pair of twin kodachi were instantly in her hands as she burst back out through her door. It had to be that pizza delivery boy coming back to ambush David! She knew she had been right about him!

She charged the very short distance between the two doors while ignoring the glares she recieved from her other neighbor down the hall (who, coincidentally, was a very suspicious character himself, and Brigh had always meant to check him out someday. With his pale skin and hair she figured he was probably an assassain from Russia or somewhere like that...). She burst into David's living room and found, not the pizza man, but a girl with short blond hair and a tan holding a spear to David's throat. Only seeing her from behind Brigh determined that she was an invader and ran at her.

"David! I'll take care of th--" She was cut off as the girl spun around and held the spear to her throat just as Brigh had raised her kodachi to do the same. It only took her a moment to recognize the girl as one of her other neighbors from downstairs. "Oh. It's only you, Jane..." Brigh sighed and disappointedly lowered her blade and waiting for Jane to do the same. When the spear still remained, Brigh casually reached up and pushed it away from her face. "Mind pointing that thing somewhere else?"

Brigh had always had a certain respect for Jane Fox. Even though they were completely different, they were both warriors who were ready for anything. Not to mention they were of almost the exact same height and build and strength, so a fight between them would probably take a while to finish.

"You didn't see a suspicious man in a pizza delivery uniform go through here, did you?"

9th October 2006, 07:41 PM
Terone Nemast


I had just finished my grueling session with Jessica when I heard all the commotion. I thought about it for a second. I could go out there and see what was going on and even try to help. But Jane might be out but she might not be. It is worth a shot. Making sure that I was still in my animal form and had my knife strapped to my side, I exited my room. I walked down to where I heard the suspicious noise. I came across the open door. I knew that this room belong to David. I had chatted with him for a few seconds when I was getting my mail which had been delayed at the lobby. He was a pretty nice guy. His next door neighbor was nice but to my mind, she was a little crazy. I stepped into the room.

"Okay, people what is going on here?"

I stopped when I saw David, Brigh and Jane. God why on earth did she have to be here? And why was she pointing her spear at the Brigh. Maybe I could sneak out but she saw me at the corner of her eye. Just great, just great. I walked over to David with my knife in my hand.

"You okay, David. Can you tell what just happened here?" I asked.

9th October 2006, 09:15 PM

One floor below the commotion, Andrew's jaw clenched in determination as his fingers pounded the buttons of his controller. On the TV screen, Link hurled his Boomerang at a Male Wire Frame, who went flying back and crashing into another Male Wire Frame, sending them both flying off the stage in different directions.


Only 5 left...



A barrage of sound effects filled Andrew's ears as the green-clad elven warrior swung his sword over his head and spun it around himself, sending another 2 Male Wire Frames flying.

Only 3 left...


Link produced a bomb from behind his back (Where does he get all those, anyway?) and hurled it, catching another Female Wire Frame in the blast and sending her flying.

Only 2 left...


'I've got this one in the bag!' Andrew thought excitedly as Link grabbed another Female Wire Frame with his chain and flung her into the troposphere.

Just 1 left!


Andrew pushed the Control STick; Link charged at the last Male Wire Frame, his HP peaking 200%...

"APES!" a voice screamed, sounding to be right over his head.

In a split-second moment of distraction, Andrew loosened his hold on the Control Stick. Link slowed down as the final Male Wire Frame pulled back...


Link screamed in pain as a super-charged Smash Attack slammed him right in the chin, sending him flying clear off the screen. Somewhere beyond the screen, a white flash exploded into existence; a daunting message appeared on the screen:


Andrew's face darkned; he lowered his Controller.

"Pwn3d..." he muttered to himself with a sigh.

Overhead, the noise still continued; it sounded like afew people were fighting up there.

'What the heck is going on up there?' he thought, tilting his head up to the ceiling.

A crash overhead made him flinch.

'Sounds bad, whatever it is.' Andrew thought, getting up and striking a heroic pose.

"This," he said bravely, "looks like a job for..."

He paused; he abandoned his heroic stance.

"...Someone else." he finished. "But, I'm bored, so I might as well go check it out."

Andrew turned off his TV and left his apartment, locking the door behind him and heading back to the stairs. A few seconds later (I told you he was fast!), he'd scaled the stairs and made his way down the second-story hallway, an open door from which the sound seemed to be coming attracting his attention.

"Well, what have we here?" Andrew mused, poking his head in the door.

His eyes flew open.

In the room in front of him was a man who looked like Dr. Seuss's worst nightmare with a knife in his hand, standing beside a very flustered-looking man resembling something from a bad spy move. In front of him, a woman resembling an Amazonian G.I. Jane and a black-haired female Marine glared suspiciously at one another, a spear and swords (respectively) in their hands.

Andrew sighed and took a step forward, knocking on the doorframe.

"Hey," he said, trying to sound as nonchalant as a guy facing a monster and several government agents could, "you guys shoulda told me you were having the Halloween party early this year. My new Freddie Krueger costume just arrived yesterday."

10th October 2006, 12:45 AM
Jack Scarecrow

Jack wanted to bang his head on his cross. What the hell was it with Jane and thinking that every animal in existance was out to get her. For hte love of all things holy, they lived in an urban area. The only animals around her were dogs, cats, some rats, harmless birds and Terone (but he wasn't really THAT dangerous). Judging from the sound, he figured it came from one of the rooms down the hall.

He walked out into the hall to see a number of tenants already gathered, including Seyelin, another of the undead residents here.

Looking in, he saw David, the resident secret agent, Jane, Brigh, the trigger happy gun nut, Terone and Andrew. Jane and Brigh had a spear/knife pointed at eachother's throats. Terone was asking David what had happened.

"I think we'd all like to know what happened," Jack spoke up. David, Jane and Brigh all began talking at once, until Jack slammed the long end of his cross into the floor.

"One at a time!"

"Well," David began, "I got a...um...call from someone saying something about apes. I assumed it must have...uh...been a prankcall or something." Judging by the look on David's face, Jack knew there was a bit more to the 'call' but dropped it. It was none of his business.

"And then," David continued, "SHE came in pointing that spear at me and screaming something about me working with the apes."

Jack rolled his eyes. He knew of Jane's little fear of apes and knew she must have flipped out upon hearing the word.

"I heard all the noise happening here," Brigh explained, "And I came in to see what was happening. I saw her pointing a spear at David and then she started pointing that thing at me."

Jack nodded. Sounded reasonable, though he didn't feel like asking why Brigh's door had been kicked down.

"And you Jane?"

"I thought htis guy was consorting with the apes," she explained, "but it's even worse! The apes and the snake have started an alliance!"

Oh for the love of...

"Jane..." Jack sighed, but she cut him off.

"There's no stopping them! They wont stop until they're all dead! We're all going to die!" She screamed out, starting to panic. Jack's eyes widened.

Oh God! She's going hyper!

Jack quickly ran up to her, pulled the spear out of her hands and gripped her tightly.

"Jane! Calm down! The apes and snakes are not forming an alliance!"

"Yes they are! We're all going to die!"

Jack gripped her tighter and shook her to stop her from thrashing around.

"Jane! Listen to me! It's ok. There are no apes or snakes here."

This wasn't the only time Jack had to calm a hyper Jane down. The undead scarecrow figured he should become a psychologist.

"It's ok Jane. Noone's going to hurt you."

Jane calmed down slightly, but was still a bit panicy.

"Look, let's go back to my room, get you some coffee and get you calmed down ok?"

And by coffee, Jack meant coffee laced with Tranquilisers. It was funny considering that Jack had gotten those tranquilisers from Jane, and she still hadn't figured out what he was using them for.

"There's no snakes or apes in my room, ok? you'll be safe there."

Jane shakily nodded.

"Ok," Jack said soothingly, "now come on."

Holding his cross over his shoulder with one hand and his other on Jane's shoulder, Jack lead the shaken up blonde out of the room.

"Oh, sorry about the floor David," Jack called back.

Hope you don't mind Alissyne. I can just picture Jane getting all hyped up like that.

10th October 2006, 04:13 PM
Name: Moth Atergo
Age: around 420 (she gave up going by exact years and now goes by decades) Looks 18.
Gender: Female (omfg it's a girl!)
Species: Vampire
Personality: As can be expected from a goth, thoughts of death, demise, despair, and lots of other words beginning with 'de-' occupy her thoughts. There is darkness in the world, and she seeks to embody it. She'll relate her rather poetic philosophies to those around her in a quiet, sage-like voice. She has no fear of the ultimate end (she didn't even when she was human) and will suggest her thoughts on how it would be to be killed in different ways. However, that list of 'de-' words from before? That also includes words such as deli-styled and dentist. She can go from discussing the joys of hearing a body being crushed under a slowly rolling stone wheel to, "Are you going to eat those fries?" Most likely, you won't at that point. She feels no restrictions from the goth stereotypes and acts basically however she wants.
It is also difficult to get her to yell, though that doesn't mean you don't know if she's angry, happy, etc. She uses the same way of talking, but the tone...the tooonnne....
Also, her opinions on many things are rather open, so don't be surprised for her to take a romantic interest in you, any of you.
History: Her human life was one of a daughter of a well-to-do merchant, his wife, and a dog named Flappy. Her existence as a creature of the night began the eve when a vampire came with the intent to feed and kill her when her parents were away. He didn't catch her asleep, and she didn't run screaming. Instead, she offered a bet: They would have a staring contest, no physical contact, no funny faces. If she blinked first, she would offer no resistance and do whatever he wished. If he blinked first, he was to turn her into a vampire. He agreed. The contest began, and she promptly threw a handful of dirt in his face. This, of course, lead to him shutting his eyes and tearing up in an attempt to rid his eyes from the granular foreign objects, and so Moth won. The vampire stuck to his word (surprisingly) and so Moth left home that very night, a newly born vampire.
She had absolutely no trouble adjusting, and used her powers and her rather resourceful mind to move from place to place and from time to time, feeding and taking on many lovers, many of which died mysteriously. She'd rather be living in a nice old Victorian home beside a cemetery, but she's low on cash, so she's taken up residence in the nanashi apartments.
Physical Appearance: She stands around 5'5" with a slim build and a rather small chest. Her silvery grey hair is shoulder-length with bangs that brush the corners of her eyes, which are also a pale grey, though they glow yellow when she is extremely angry or hungry. Her face is usually set into a somewhat bored, far-away expression, twisting into a malicious grin when she plans to do equally malicious things. Her skin is a rich mocha, and her fangs aren't terribly noticeable when retracted; her canines just seem pointier than normal. They extend well beyond her lower lip at their longest length, though.
Typical clothes: She is a great fan of dark Victorian and Gothic Lolita clothing, wearing large, antique dresses with lace and ribbons all colored in dark shades of blue, green, red, and black. However, she also enjoys shopping at the store known as "Hot Topic" and so has a variety of low-riding black pants and tight shirts with various sayings on them. She doesn't always know what the phrase means, but she doesn't care. These shirts can range from being black to hot pink. She'll often wear eyeliner and eyeshadow that alters in color to match her outfit.
One can always count on her wearing her heavy, black, steel toe boots. Do not get kicked by these suckers.
Genre: Gothic
Weapon/Gear: "There is no requirement for me to bear a weapon, for I, myself, am a weapon of deadly grace." She is an exceptional fighter with vampiric speed and strength, but she does carry a fine silvery dagger with her. She also has a sort of familiar: a dark purple moth. It should also be stated that she is bringing a few packs of blood. That should last her awhile, at least.
Catchphrase: Closest I can think of is her tendency to say "It should be noted that..." when explaining something.
-She does not like sunlight, but it does not burn her. Her eyes are extremely sensitive to light, so it does burn her retinas in a sense.
-She can go for a while without blood, but the longer she goes without, the more feral she becomes. Her vampiric side grows in strength, and her motivations move steadily toward satisfying her bloodlust on a nearby warm-blooded creature.
-She can fill herself without draining her prey or even seriously harming it. The more feral she is, however, the more blood she requires, and the more likely it is that her prey won't survive.
-Fire is bad for her. Very bad.
-Do not say anything along the lines of "Don't vampires have pale skin?" It will result in pain.
-Theme Song: "Welcome to the Machine" by Pink Floyd

Moth Atergo

Moth found herself pausing in midpour at that declaration from two floors up. Apes. The apartment was filled with apes. The person who was shouting about primates was an ape. Humans were, scientifically speaking, members of the great ape family. Is it a necessity for the people here to loudly proclaim it when she was attempting to relax? Last night had been a rather harried affair for her at the hospital, and all she wanted was to rest on her large, overstuffed couch, sip quietly from her crystalline wine glass filled partway with red liquid, and silently listen to music. What she would give to have her home in that abandoned church again. Unfortunately, she didn't own the building, it had fallen into disrepair, and it had subsequently been demolished.

And so she had been forced here, into Yettobenamed Apartments, where the residents were loud, always awake, and had such an eclectic collection of personalities and defaults it was nigh impossible to track and predict all of their movements. This, however, was also an added charm. Life...or unlife, she rethought...could become rather dull, and the occasional irrational outburst could be a welcomed interruption from the silence and tedium. This wasn't one of those times.

The sound of a door opening and shutting above allowed Moth to relax a bit more. Jack was on top of things again, it seemed. Many of the residents needed constant monitoring to ensure no one was murdered in a fit of rage or other uncontrolled emotion. Jack was the one who had taken it upon himself to uphold the peace, which Moth was grateful for. She enjoyed Jack; they could see eye to eye on many issues. She settled on the couch as the commotion upstairs decrescendo to a dull roar. Her sitting room was decorated rather like a Victorian era parlor, lit only by several dim lamps. The windows had been covered with heavy maroon curtains to prevent light from intruding. She took a small mouthful out of her glass as she pick up the remote for her CD player. How she enjoyed a glass of cabernet while relaxing. Pressing play, she sank into the cushions. Another advantage to an apartment of such mismatched fellows was that she had no need to hide her true nature from them. They were also living with an animated corpse and a summoned spirit, so she freely confessed to what she was. Besides, the more paranoid residents, such as Jane and Brigh, would have discovered it sooner or later. Since she also wasn't using them as easily accessed cattle, none have taken it into their minds to stab her through the heart yet. That was a lesson she learned early on: When forced to reside in a domicile with multiple occupied living spaces, never harm the other residents. There were plenty of opportunities to acquire blood at her job; she didn't need the other residents for prey.

She began humming along with the tune. As relaxed as she was, though, she couldn't shake the feeling that impending disaster would strike, and that the consequences would not be enjoyable. Since this was a large disaster she was sensing, the last part of her faux prophesy made little sense.

10th October 2006, 06:11 PM
[font=Tahoma]Name: Laura Anderson (I needed an average-sounding name, so my real name it shall be...looks like we might be related, Kalah!)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: Laura, as one could figure just by looking at her genre, is an angst-filled girl who has gone through a lot in her life, and as a result, she considers it slightly unjust, yet at the same time due to her minor practices with Wicca, she considers it karma, and is trying her hardest to find ways out of her misery by doing good. In spite of getting along well with her relatives, friends, and teachers, she is mostly quiet, unless she is trying to get a good laugh, or as considered by a past figure, "asking for pity." With a lack of a good self-esteem, she often expresses herself honestly to her friends, and in a time without them, she will write, draw, or even play an acoustic guitar. However, she is now beginning to turn towards cutting herself, which somewhat goes against the Wiccan Rede, due to lack of a self-esteem, and almost nobody to save her.
History: Laura has lead a cliché, adult novel-like life. She was born as the first child to a young couple, yet as time passed with her being the only child, her father began to have interracial affairs, and as a result, her parents divorced when she was merely five, considered too young to understand the concept. However, it became brutal as she was in her mother's care, as she withstood both physical and emotional abuse from her mother and eventual step-father. This continued until she was ten, and by then, as already matured and tormented as she was, she was taken into the custody of her grandfather, in which brought peace into her life.
Under the care of her grandfather, Laura grew into the seemingly beautiful young woman she is today, already developing a lot of traits still seen in her today. However, this peace only lasted for three years, in which her grandfather died. Heartbroken, as she felt he was the only person who truly cared about her, she was laid back into her mother's custody.
Starting high school was tough for Laura. While she had made friends, many still saw her as a freak due to her background, and occasionally coming to school with bruises, which go unnoticed even by guidance counselors. She began heavy therapy and taking dosages of anti-depressants around this time, due to the fact that her mother believed she was crazy. While all was hopeless for her, she met the young man who she thought originally was meant for her not too long after her grandfather's death. They began dating, and their relationship lasted almost three years, resulting in brutal emotional abuse from this young man, who even raped her after all of this. After the rape, she was called crazy, an attention whore, and had her feelings for somebody else literally shrugged off; all of this quite recent, she is seemingly traumatized and wishes to find the quickest way out.
Physical Appearance: Laura is considered by some a beautiful young woman. Standing at 5'2" with a average, yet curved, build on a medium frame, her skin now has a slight tan due to years of sunlight taking toll on her during the marching season in band. Her face is well-rounded, but appears slim due to her glasses, and has a few scars from acne. Her eyes are a deep forest green color with a faint tinge of golden brown around each pupil, and her hair, thick in depth, is a deep, natural dark brown in color, and is kept at shoulder length.
Typical clothes: Laura often shields herself within slightly baggy clothes that would rather suit a guy. This consists of a beige-colored polo with a white emblem derived from British heraldry, dark green pants with several pockets that can convert into shorts, and black and dark grey tennis shoes. She wears a thin pair of glasses on her face due to eyesight issues, and a hemp rope necklace with blue beads and cowrie shells. Her hair is occasionally tied back.
Genre: Drama! ^^ Oh, wait...;_;
Weapon/Gear: Carries a few belongings in a miniature messenger bag-like purse which is black in color with two army green stars, which consists of a notepad, pen, pencil, sharpener, razor blades, guitar strings, and a bottle of water. The strings and blades serve as smaller weapons, yet she has decided to convert her sharpener to use to carve sticks.
Catchphrase: "I absolutely HATE you!"
Other: Aww....so emo! ;_; Oh, and she's Exomus' master.

Laura Anderson ~ Drama(-rama)

The young girl sat there in thought, alone in her apartment, a look of grief on her face. Taking off her glasses, she smothered her face in the fluffiness of a down-filled pillow and whimpered out of her sorrow, tears streaking from her face down onto the pillowcase. Thoughts of the recent years of her life ran thick through her mind as she cried; normally, she would've been told to shut up and get over it, but she chose to distance herself from these people slowly. Rape, loss...she had no seeming escape. Except maybe alcohol and wrist-slitting mixed together, but she did this rarely out of fear of death of her body and soul.

Thinking for the good things she had been told in the past, she slowly began to calm down, as a loud banging noise could be heard from outside of her room. Having a good feeling of who this could be, Laura jolted up from laying down and relocated the glasses upon her face. Slipping a dark woolen robe over her red camisole and black flannel pajama pants, she answered the door to see her centaur-like familiar, Exomus.

"Hey, Exo..." she said, her voice still trembling even after having calmed down from crying even as she used her pet name for him. "Is there anything you need?"

"Not really..." the centaur dubbed "Exo" responded, before noticing the dried stains on his master's cheeks. "Have you been crying, though?"

"Yeah," Laura answered sheepishly, her hand brushing against the back of her head. "But did you want to talk or something?

10th October 2006, 07:50 PM
Terone Nemast

After everything was calmed down by Jack, I decided to do one more thing before I would take a nap. The strangest thing was that Jane didn't try to attack me. Maybe it was all about this obession with Apes. I was probably thinking that it was one of her bad childhood experiences or she just really hated them more than any animal. Thank goodness, those scientists didn't get the idea to do anything with monkeys or apes. I would just be much more of a target than I was now. Although since I do have part Cobra DNA what with the Poison Sacs, I am still much of a threat than ever but I wasn't going to tell her that ... anytime soon.

According to the layout of the apartments, Moth's room was two stories down. I hadn't had a good chance to even meet or get to know the vampire living there. It was either I was too busy from work or too busy trying not to be attacked by Jane. I might look weird but I was one of the few non-human creature. I mean there was Jack and Exomus. Exomus was a strange one. I had more of a friendship with Jack then Exomus.

Finally arriving on the last floor, I headed towards Moth's Door. I stopped by my room to deposit the knife. I didn't want Moth to think anything off me. I knocked on the door hoping to get to know her more. If she didn't answer, well there was always next time. If she did answer, I would explain everything about me and my lifestory if she wanted to hear about it ... and that was a big if.

10th October 2006, 09:11 PM
Moth Atergo
Moth had settled into a comfortable state of repose when the rhythm of her playing CD was supplemented with a wooden knock from the door. The sound confused her a bit. Just as she did not harm the other residents of the apartment building, so did they seem, on general agreement, to not involve themselves with her. It wasn't that she explicitly refused company, but equating as a predator to most of the others residing here causes one to not be bothered a great deal.

Still clasping her glass, which was down to being filled only a quarter-way with liquid, she stood and crossed to the door. Almost hesitantly, the knock came again, but she opened the door before more than two strikes could be made against the wood. Standing in the entryway was a young man who stood a few inches taller than Moth with a rather odd mixture of golden and brown strands of hair. His soft marine eyes looked surprised at her appearance, as if he had partway expected there to be no response from within, which wasn't an off-target assumption normally.

"Oh, hi, Moth. How are you?" he began. Moth noticed his eyes drift toward her glass.

"It is wine," she said before he gained the wrong idea of what the container held. "I am doing as well as one can expect, to answer your question. You are...Terone, yes? The hybrid?"

"That's one way of putting it, I suppose."

"I'm mildly shocked to see you roaming the halls freely, considering the fear I've heard you possess regarding the primal woman. I assume Jack has invited her for a drink to soothe her savage nerves." She found herself pausing. "May I ask what her shouting was about earlier?"

"I'm not really sure. She did mention something about the snakes and the apes working together."

"I suppose we can attribute that partly to her paranoia regarding the animal kingdom." Moth stepped to the side. "I assume you wish to speak with me, and that would be done far more easily without one of us standing in the hallway."

"Oh, thanks," Terone said, stepping in. Moth watched him a bit. He didn't seem to hold a great deal of fear towards her. This would have disappointed her a few centuries back, but the present day had mellowed her desire to terrify. It became tedious if one planned to spend more than a meal with the individual. He stepped carefully through the dimly lit room as Moth closed the door.

"Forgive the lack of lights. As you can surmise, I enjoy the darkness. If the music is not to your liking, I can silence it."

Terone settled into one of the two chairs that shared space with her couch. Looking to the CD player he raised an eyebrow and asked, "Pink Floyd?"

"Wish You Were Here, to be precise. Would you like a drink, or perhaps to tell me the purpose of your visit?"

"I'll, uh, have an ice water. I guess I just realized that I didn't know much about you, so I thought maybe we could-"

"Converse and become better aquainted?" Moth interrupted. Terone nodded. For a moment, she only looked him in the eye, dreary winter against the sea, as if she were silently berating him for daring to trespass into her private life. "Very well." She walked back toward the sitting area. "I have chilled bottled water, if that will suffice." She mostly kept bottled beverages so those that did visit didn't think she tampered with the drinks. It wasn't as though anyone here had been suspicious of something like that occurring, but there had been that one event in France she didn't wish to repeat.

"Thanks," he said, accepting the bottle and twisting the top free. Moth settled back on the couch, tucking the fabric of her long, dark blue dress and legs underneath her. She sipped again from her glass.

"So, Terone, why don't you begin? Tell me about the trials and tribulations that come with life as a hybrid."

Accomodating, isn't she? And, no, I don't know all the details of what happened in France. They just don't bear repeating.

10th October 2006, 10:09 PM
Terone Nemast

After being let into Moth's apartment, Moth asked me about the whole hybrid thing. I figured he wanted to know the backstory. I wasn't going to let him not miss any important details. I needed the strength to finally get Jane to understand I wasn't a threat ... if I could.

"Well, it all started about 6 years ago." I said.

"6 Years? I wouldn't have expected that long." Moth said,

"Well, it was. It all started my final week at Life's A Blessing."

"You got Fired?" Moth asked.

"Well, actually no ... you see it was one of those company things and they need new blood. I was the best employee so I decided that I would allow them to let me leave the company and when every thing was settled, I could have my job back. I was a couple day later when I heard about the thing that would change my life." I said.

I told Moth how this research company was offering the chance of a lifetime. I thought that this was an opportunity that I couldn't miss so after getting some opinions from my parents, I decided to take this challenge. I arrived at the research building. Before I stepped in, I could sense a faint aura around the building but I shook my head because there was a waste plant next door spewing out toxic fumes. I assumed that the fumes made me believe that there was something wrong with this place. I opened the door and was greeted by two men in lab coats. They had black hair and black glasses over their eyes. I thought that they were probably sensitive to light or blind. But after seeing them without a guide dog or walking cane, blindless was out of the question. If they were blind, I would say no thank you and would walk out of the door.

"I don't have anything against blind people. I just didn't want anything bad to happen. Boy was I wrong?" I said in a sad tone.

They started doing some test and showed me their collection of animals. At first, it was pretty weird. But that's when it happened. They strapped me down to a table. They used some gas to knock me out. They would do it several times. I told Moth that during the operations (which I believed was going on) I had no idea what was happening. I didn't even know how much time passed. It wasn't until a couple weeks (which I believed was a couple weeks) until I finally woke up. I stood up and looked in the mirror. I stepped back and screamed.

"Screamed?" Moth asked.

I deactivated my holographic watch to show Moth my true form with the wings, shark teeth, lizard eyes (I even pointed out where the venom sacs were.) and all my animal glory. I didn't notice a reaction because I wanted to make sure she got every detail.

"Yes, Venom sacs. Don't ask me why but those scientists thought it would be an excellent addition to their project."

"Why?" Moth asked.

"After I looked at my new self, they explained everything. The military had given them money to make the next warrior or soldier. This scientist were top of the line with genetics and decided to make a human/animal soldier. But they needed a guinea pig. And I was that guinea pig but not everything was going to plan.

"Going to plan?" Moth asked.

"A couple days later, they did some test on me to see how well they made me. I thought the tests were stupid and I was right. At 5:00 PM, they came to me. They lead me to a door. I thought it was another test but they threw me into an alleyway. I can still remember their last words. 'You are a worthless piece of experimentation. I knew we should haven't tried this." I explained.

"They rejected you but you don't look like a failure." Moth said while glancing at my hybrid body.

"I am not a failure. Whatever tests they did, they must have done them wrong because a couple hours later, I saved this girl from some thugs ... with my hybrid body. In fact, I have been getting stronger and stronger. I am glad they thought I was a failure because that allow me to continue my life despite the new changes."

I continued on and explained that I came across an old employee that worked at Life's A Blessing. I had just saved some old lady from being ran over when she showed up. We were good friends. Apparently, even in this form, she was able to recognize me. We met at a company's secret studio where all important business agendas were held. She was not only able to get me my job back but allowed me to come to this apartment.

"Sure, I have had rough times what with Jane trying to hunt me. I don't go out very much not because of Jane, but with the expection of my company, I don't think the world is ready to see or experience a animal/human hybrid soldier just yet. I only go out when it involves business and I have my mail set up to my room. And all food is delivered so I most survive on take-out."

I took a breather. That was a long story. I never knew how long it was. I took a long sip of the drink and put it down. I turned towards Moth. Now it was the time for the reaction ... was she going to be scared of me? Could we become friends? It all rested on her reaction.


Tried to get all information but not try to make it a lengthy post.

13th October 2006, 06:37 PM
(You're fonts make my eyes bleed :eek:)

F.R.O.G. was rudely awaken by screaming of random drama. With the flare, he jumped out of bed and pulled out his reaper.

A huge furry age lugned.

"MONKEYS! MONKEYS MONKEYS! TASTE THE STEEL OF MY HEART!" The slashed the monkey thing down, and now he needed a lady to save. He jumped out his door, cape fluttering and dived into the hall. "Furry beasts! I shall vanquish you and save my dear!! First! I must fine one..." He mused, slashing another beast down with a back hand. A breeze out of no where caused his hair to flutter.

14th October 2006, 04:48 AM
Um, Houdoom, you do realize there really weren't any apes. That was just Jane going overboard...

Where is everybody?

14th October 2006, 07:11 AM
I'm here. I was just plotting. Or was I scheming?

Anyway, here's a post.

Moth Atergo
Moth had to admit, Terone's story turned out to be far more intriguing that what she originally expected. And his true form...She had believed that he was a hybrid of a human and just one animal. The reality...well, it was quite amazing. He could have turned into a living nightmare, a creature of hatred and revenge, but here he sat, seeking companionship, and working for a charity organization. When Terone took a chance to take another drink, she felt it was time to speak of something that had been on her mind for part of the conversation.

"These scientists..." she began, "they just abandoned you to the streets?"

"That's right," he said. He might have been waiting for a stronger reaction, but Moth wanted an explanation first.

"Why would they do that?"

"They said I was a failure, so..."

"I do not grasp that logic. From only casually observing you, it is quite obvious even to me that, though you may not be what they sought for in their original specifications, there was a margin of success in altering your corporal form." She stood, deciding that she needed to refill her glass. "Also, I doubt the general public would be very pleased with their work, if you were to reveal yourself to normal society, thus abandoning you as they did only proves the idiocy these scientists possess, your current self being the only bit of proof I have that the truth of their intelligence my lie elsewhere."

Moth uncorked the bottle of cabernet that sat on the counter and began to pour. "What should they have done then?" Terone asked, perhaps with a bit of hesitation.

"First, I would never release my failed experiment alive if I was just to abandon the project. The corpse of such a mutated form would certainly rouse the interest of the public, but a living, breathing specimen? I would just as soon avoid that attention. Second, considering that, if you are a failure, you are only a partial one, I would most likely have you euthanized to study the cadaver, to learn from whatever perceived mistakes I made."

She recorked the bottle and leaned against the counter in thought. "I suppose, though, it would take a period of thought before a suitable means of execution could be found. You need to be intact so you can be properly studied at the anatomical and histological levels, so there could be no prior incisions. Lethal chemicals would work, but, considering the possibly volatile state of your cells, considering the adjustments they were forced to undergo, that may alter your genetic structure in an unwanted way. Of course, I am not a scientist, so that may not be true. Yes...lethal injection would be the best way, assuming there would be no adverse effects."

"....You do realize that you’re talking about killing me..." Terone said.


"And I'm sitting right here."


"....Doesn't that...bother you on some level?"

"Should it? This is your death we are speaking of, not mine." She took a sip from her glass. "They could be observing you from a distance. I could not grasp the purpose, but it is the only reason I can formulate for you being alive." Moth crossed back over to the couch and seated herself, tucking her legs and dress beneath her. "It is time for me to share about my past then?"

"If you don't mind," Terone said. It suddenly struck Moth that perhaps her small speech had disturbed him, but since he still sat here, she would not bother herself about it greatly. "Like, could you tell me how you became a vampire?"

"Certainly. A vampire, one night, came into my room and turned me into what I am today."

There was a very, very long stretch of silence.

"That's it?"

"In essence, yes."

"...Do you think you can tell me a bit more?"

Moth looked over at him a bit, thinking. "Very well, considering how candid you were with your life's story, there is no reason for me not to return the favor." She made certain she was comfortable before beginning. "I was born in Europe around four hundred years ago. The country is not important. A simple peasant, I lived in a small, dirt-floored hut with my family. One night, as I said before, I was alone in the house and was visited by a vampire. His name was Vicenti. He was entirely intent on draining my body as I slept, but I was not sleeping. I might have surprised him a bit by not screaming and begging for my life. Instead, I offered a bet.

"It was a simple bet, really, one I am certain he only accepted because the thought amused him. We would have a staring contest. Simplistic, no? There was to be no physical contact, no psychological tricks attempted to cause the other to blink. If I won, he was to change me into a vampire."

"What if you lost?"

"Then he could have me, however he wanted me. Yes, I am implying more than consuming my blood. As I said, either because he was serious about this or he found it entertaining, he agreed. We sat across from each other at the dining table and the contest began, after I had knocked a dirty fork that was on the table onto the floor and was thus forced to retrieve it. After a few seconds, I won."

"Only that long?"

"Remember the rules. I had this strategy planned since the beginning. When I recovered the fork, I also took a liberal handful of dust from the floor of my lovely little home. This dust was thrown into Vicenti's face, with the expected results.

"I truly expected him to fly into a rage, and he was angry. He kept to his bargain, and I became a creature of the night, leaving with Vicenti that very evening. We became lovers of a sort for many years as I learned about vampirism from him. Eventually, he was killed by hunters and I wandered alone until I ended up living and working here."

"You have a job? What could a vampire do?"

"I work as a phlebotomist at night, in the hospital near here. Not only am I very good at the job, since I have spent several centuries drawing blood, but it is also a good source for meals. No, I need not kill anyone. Most prey just feel weak and a bit light-headed when they awake. Otherwise, they are fully capable." She sipped again. "Will that suffice?"

"Yeah, I honestly didn't expect you to tell me as much as you did."

Moth shrugged. "No reason for me not to. The oddities that have gathered in this domicile have made it possible for the two of us to live here without fear of retribution for being what we are...well, besides that conflict between yourself and Jane. May I ask something else?"

"Sure, what?"

"Those venom sacs...they're fascinating. Have you ever tested their level of toxicity?"

What Moth is thinking is, "I want venom sacs...." Venom sacs rock.

14th October 2006, 03:17 PM
Terone Nemast

After listening to Moth's story about becoming a vampire, she decided to ask me about my Venom Sacs. But before I could answer her, I began to think about the whole vampire thing. When I was young, I loved reading books about vampires or werewolves. And I would beg my parents to let me watch movies about them no matter if they were scary or not. When I got a little bit older, I dreamed that one day I would encounter either a vampire or a werewolf. Then I would allow them to make me one of their kind. Right now, I had the chance but I had to resist.

Why? I had no idea how those scientist created the form that I was now used to. That's why I had to be very careful with certain things. That's why I was resisting my chance to become a vampire. Who knows how badly it would affect this body?

"So you want to know about my venom sacs?" I asked.

"Yes." Moth asked.

"I'll tell you all I know."

I told her the first time I knew I had them. It was two weeks ago after I was thrown out of the lab. Some rapist was targeting young woman and I happened to be in the cross-fire. On the way from a lunch with an old friend, I happened to be in the middle of the action. Unfortunately, the man saw me and decided I was a threat. Deactivating my watch, I decided to fight. At one point, my teeth sank into the man's arms. That's when he screamed in pain. At first, I thought it was because of the sharpness of the teeth but I then knew of the situation. I recognized this from a health class. I knew the sympthoms. He has been poisoned ... by me. That's when I knew I had a poison apparatus or poison sacs in my body. The girl paniked and so was I. I had her call 911. I told her to explain everything as it was normal. The ambulance game and I explained that he was poisoned by a snake. I showed the medicial officers a snake that I killed seconds before they arrived.

"That's when I decided to do some tests." I said.

Not wanting to harm another human with my poisonous teeth or fangs in this case, I decided to test my venom on animals. Allowing my animals instincts at work, I did several hunts at night and day. After poisoning the animals, I did scientific research. I found the more I trained, the stronger the venom would become. I was even able to make some antidotes.

"I made them because I wanted to torture the ones who made the way I am. Sure, I do like my new body, but they deserve revenge on what they did to me." I said.

I took out the poach that contained the viles of antidotes and venoms (just in case my enemy decideds to clamp my mouth shut) and showed them to Moth. Then I said something that might sound risky.

"Moth, if I ever figure how those scientists did this to me, one day I might want to become a vampire or werewolf. One day ... if I am successful, will you help me accomplish that goals no matter how silly it sounds?" I said to Moth.

************************************************** *****

I know my genre is Science-Fiction but i think I can tie in fantasy in the near future of this RPG.

14th October 2006, 03:56 PM
OOC: Well, for the sake of clarity, I might as well...


A few minutes after the general ruckus had subsided, Andrew remained alone in David's room with David and Brigh.

"Man," he said in his usual goofy way, "there's never a dull moment when you guys are around, is there?"

"Death lurks around every corner." Brigh responded, her gaze saying quite clearly that she didn't trust Andrew, either. "I have to stay on my guard, for my sake and the sake of those around me."

Andrew scratched his head.

"Kind of an unusual philosophy, but I guess I can understand that. You can never be too caref-"

Andrew paused, sniffing the air.

"Hey..." he said after a moment. "Did somebody order a pizza?"


OOC: Way too short, I know; I'm useless around other people without any interactivity. :sweat3:

Master Rudy
16th October 2006, 03:09 AM
David Johnson
"Hey did somebody order a pizza?"

Before anyone could say a word I had my SIG out and pointed at Andrew's head. "Nobody takes my food without asking" I said to him with zero emotion. I could see the look of nervousness on his face as my finger slowly pulled the trigger back.....


Andrew looked about ready to pass out as me and Brigh just started to laugh. Even so he still looked very uneasy and I knew then that maybe pulling the trigger on an empty gun wasn't the best of jokes to pull. As he still stared at me in shock I just sighed and said "Come on kid. Did you honestly think I was going to shoot? Go ahead and help yourself to the pizza." Slowly he came around and grabbed a slice but he was still eyeing me carefully. In the meantime I had placed my SIG, my .45, two Beretta's and an M-16 on the table and started to take them apart. It had been awhile seen they've all been cleaned and Brigh had offered to help. As we did this I started to think about where I currently was at in life. In all honesty I was getting tired of the normal life. Nothing big had happened in awhile. Domestic terrorists? All the major CTU threats were on the west coast but always got taken care of by Jack. Metal Gear? Snake and Raiden were on that. I had offered to help but they both felt that detection would be greatly reduced if it was just a two man team in the field. 007? Getting laid by multiple women as he no doubt stopped some madman in some remote corner of the world. As for me? The world's 5th greatest spy was working as a security guard and living in an apartment complex with neighbors who ranked a 9.3 on the weird shit-o-meter.

How low the mighty had fallen.......

Just needed to post something to show I'm still alive ^_~

16th October 2006, 04:35 PM
~~Jane Fox~~
Dont ask how an ape and a snake would communicate...please....

Jack led me out of the room and into his, saying something about coffee. Now, I liked coffee, it was perhaps the only thing I liked that wasnt bleeding. It was strong and bitter, taking it black as I always did it was so strong it made you want to die. It gave me that extra bite that reminded me I wasnt dead yet. And Jack had it, which is why if the apes ever became brave enough to attack right off, I wouldnt throw him in front of me so that I could escape. I might even kick him in the ribs to save his life. Might. That was saying a lot.

Sitting crosslegged on the edge of his coffin, body poised to leap up at the slightest sign of danger, I watched intently as Jack brewed the coffee. "Jack, things have gotten serious. If that man is right then hes a spy for the Ape Snake Alliance, and his presence here cant be tolerated. The King of the Apes has always wanted to kill me, he wants me dead so bad he even tracked me all the way to this apartment complex." Jack nodded his head half-heartedly as he prepared the coffee.
"There there Jane just sip this and youll feel better...." He said in a coddling tone as he handed me the steaming mug of coffee. I shook my head and jumped to my feet, bare toes gripping the side of the coffin. "I cant stay here Jack, they know where I am. I have to go into hiding before they catch me off guard. I must go in search of the Apes hidden lair and strike first!"

Jack blinked at me, still holding the coffee. "What about the Snake?"

My eyes widened with a thought that hadnt occured to me before. "Thats right, what if the Snake is the mastermind! He was probably using the apes to get at me, theyre sneaky like that..... But the snake will be harder to track down, they cover their trails so well. Of course the snake! Why didnt I think of that earlier??"

Jack grinned. "Well it seems like you have a busy day ahead of you! Why dont you have some of this coffee to give you a boost of energy?"

Nodding I took the cup, but as I was taking a sip the floor shook. A loud crack sounded and the roof began to come down on top of us with a crash. I just knew it was the work of the giant fist of an ape!!!!!!!!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed as I tried to shield myself from the crumbling apartment building....

Tag Jack and anyone else, its happening :D
BTW, its ok if houndoom fought an ape, after all, random insanity rules in this RPG lol Mayber that ape can go into play later ^-~

19th October 2006, 03:13 AM
"Jane!" Jack cried as a large chunk of the ceiling crashed down on Jane. Out of instinct, the undead scarecow instantly got down on his knees, trying to pull the rubble off of his friend.

He was distracted however by crashes of lightning coming from outside.

Running over to the window, he saw lightning showering down from the sky. The ground was cracking open and the sky was changing from one colour to the other (it's a chaotic rainbow!).


At that moment, a chunk of ceiling fell above Jack. Our undead hero just managed to dive out of the way.

"That was close," he sighed with relief.

Then the floor gave way underneath him.

"Oh gravity you bitch!"

sorry for he shortness folks.

19th October 2006, 03:37 PM

Andrew took a tentative bite of the pizza David had given him, looking away from him and Brigh.

"Ehhhh heh heh heh heh... funny." he said nervously. "Really, uh... good one... Um, can I use your bathroom?"

"Fine." David said, pointing to a door past the kitchen. "Just don't mess with anything."

Andrew nodded and quickly walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind him.

And then, he broke down and began to cry.

'That... wasn't funny.' he thought, sputtering a little as he tried to compose himself.

Andrew had quite the sense of humor, and he didn't mind making people laugh, smile, sigh, groan, grumble, chuckle, or even want to punch him.

But he had a strict policy against jokes that hurt people, and having a gun pointed at his head and the trigger pulled was very frightening.

Andrew whined softly, memories of being stuffed in lockers and garbage cans as a child returning to him and amplifying his emotions even more. He began to cry more loudly, eventually risking David and Brigh hearing him, but before he could reach that point...


"Eeeeeeeeeeeee!" Andrew screamed like a little girl as a bolt of lightning crashed down outside and slammed into the apartment building!

Andrew bolted out of the bathroom, his sadness instantly replaced by fear.

"WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he wailed, running around in circles.

"Calm down, kid!" David snapped. "It's only a little lightning!"


The ceiling over head began to crack; chunks of plaster fell down, bouncing off Andrew's head or just shattering on contact, all with quite a surprisingly rhythmic tempo.


Andrew stood perfectly still for a few seconds...

And then, he fell over like a statue, chuckling drunkenly as a few small birds flew around his head.


Heh heh... Now things are gonna get interesting... :rolleyes:

Kuro Espeon
19th October 2006, 10:14 PM

"Hmm... don't think he took that too well," Brigh thought out loud as she watched Andrew lock himself up in the bathroom. "Don't you think you went a bit overboard, David? After all, he is just a civilian."
"Aw, come on, it was just a joke. He knows that!"
"Mm, yeah. But I don't necessarily think that his brand of humor matches that of a fully-trained secret agent. He probably wasn't even aware that you had one..."
"I guess you're right..."
"Maybe you should apologize?" During the conversation, Brigh's eyes had wandered over the table where the pizza box was sitting, Next to the box was David's SIG and it was taking all of her willpower to keep herself from rushing over there and examining it. Or maybe just stroke it... she would settle for a stroke. Maybe he'd let her lick it....? Obviously sensing her intention, David slowly laid a protective hand on top of the SIG while keeping a close eye on the .45. Brigh sighed and glanced back toward the bathroom door. "I wonder what's keeping him."
Suddenly, a though occured to her and her eyes widened. "You don't suppose...he's.... doing that...do you?" She said with a gulp.
"I doubt it..." David rolled his eyes.
"Maybe I should check on---" KRA-KOWOOM!

Brigh didn't get to finish her sentence due to being suddenly interrupted by a loud crack of lightning. The whole building gave a tremendous shake as if the bolt had crashed into it and chunks of plaster began falling down around them. The shake had caught Brigh slightly off balance and she stumbled to the side. She turned the stumble into a rolling dodge and rolled dramatically behind the couch. She reemerged over the top, a pair of machine guns in hand and a white bandana that had mysteriously appeared around her forehead. "It's the Pizza Man! He's come back for more!! I'll show 'em! Bring 'em one! BRING 'EM ON!!"
"Brigh! It's just the--"
Andrew bolted out of the bathroom, obviously realizing the same thing that she did.
"WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed while running around in circles.
"Calm down, kid!" David snapped at him. "It's only a little lightning!"


Another crack of lightning followed, and the ceiling began to crumble in around them. Several of the chunks managed to hit Andrew systematically on the head, knocking him unconcious.
"Andrew!" Brigh called out, leaping up from her hovel behind the couch and running, in slow motion, toward her fallen neighbor. Now the Pizza Man had gone too far! He had injured one of her comrades! He would pay for thi---

The floor beneath Brigh waited until just that moment to crumble and break, a hole opening up under her feet. After staying suspended in the air for a brief moment (in a very Wile E. Coyote-ish fashion) she dropped like a rock.
"MAYDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" she called out as she fell. As she passed into the second story, that floor began to crumble as well and she crashed through it with little effort. Now through to the first floor, she landed with a solid "Fwumpf" on to something soft and kinda furry. After the dust cleared she looked up to see the animalistic face of Terone Nemast, her downstairs neighbor that looked like he had just escaped from the circus. Across from Terone was the owner of this particular apartment, Moth Atergo, a pale girl that had claimed to be a vampire. Brigh had always kinda thought it was a cover-up...
"Umm..." said Terone, glancing back and forth between Brigh, who had landed in his lap, and the gaping hole in the ceiling.
"Eh-heh...oops..." said Brigh.

I'll let you guys continue the mayhem! XD

19th October 2006, 10:41 PM
Terone Nemast

Before Moth could even respond to my question, the whole place started to shake and there was crashes of lightning. I heard scream from the apartment above us. I couldn't actually tell who was screaming but this wasn't good. Suddenly, it went like a flash. The above floors were collapsing and suddenly something fell in my lap. As the dust settled, it was Brigh. Well, at least it wasn't Jane. But she was in my lap and that was pretty strange. I decided to move her off onto the floor while dusting myself off. I turned toward Moth to see if she was alright. At first, I thought this was an earthquake but I knew earthquakes and this was no earthquake.

"Moth, you okay? I am going to check to see if anyone else is okay. We will continue our conversation later." I said.

I ran out the door to see if anybody else needed help. Hopefully, there was some logical reason why this was happening.

24th October 2006, 02:40 PM
Um, where is everyone? I'd post something myself, but Andrew is...

(looks at a semi-conscious Andrew laying on the floor)

...Well, he's busy right now. Anybody else feel like filling in?

26th October 2006, 06:58 AM
I'm just waiting for others to post before I do.

2nd November 2006, 06:06 PM
Sorry for the double post, but where the heck is everyone!? Everyone was quick to join up and then it dies before it can even begin!

2nd November 2006, 06:45 PM
You know I'm here, but I'm kinda incapacitated, so I need someone to lend me a hand.

Kuro Espeon
9th November 2006, 10:31 PM
*sigh* Well, if no one ELSE is going to post....

After Brigh was shoved off onto the floor by Terone, he apologized to Moth and ran out the door. Brigh was slightly miffed about being thrown and then ignored, but quickly forgot about it as she glanced around the apartment. Even after her mighty fall through two stories, the first thing she could think of was..."Wow....this apartment has NO defenses what-so-ever. It's a wonder that Jane hasn't picked him off yet...."

Before she could go any further in her thoughts, she was interrupted by another loud rumble as the entire building let out a tremendous shudder, dust clouds filling the air and rubble crumbling down around her. The semi-quake seemed to last for a while, but it was probably only a few seconds. After it was over, everything went still. Dead still. Freakishly still. So still you could EAT off it! Wait...that's not the right saying, is it....


With one final, booming crack, the entire building fell apart. Brigh looked up just in time to see the ceiling rushing toward her.
"Oh......Shhhhhhi--" *FWUMP*

Ok, it wasn't much, but at least it was something. Hopefully, some other people will help pick up the pace on this.

9th November 2006, 10:49 PM
I hope so too. Let's just skip till after the disaster shall we?

Jack groaned as he opened his eyes. All he could see was dust and rubble covering him. He tried to push the rubble away from him, but he couldn't feel his arms, plus he felt a little light headed.

"What...the crap...just happened," Jack groaned.

He laid there in silince for a moment before hearing something moving the rubble. At first he was blinded by the light, but after his eyes focused he could see that it was his favourite fellow undead.

"Hey Moth," Jack groaned.

"Need some help?" she asked politely.

"I can't feel my legs," was Jack's response, "Along with the rest of my body."

Moth chuckled slightly as she helped move the rubble out of the way. She widened her eyes slightly before her expression returned to normal.

"I can see why," she said. Jack was a little confused before Moth picked him up by the head.

Apparently everything below Jack's neck was gone. Jack chuckled nervously.

"Um, I suppose you wont help me find my body will you?"

9th November 2006, 11:30 PM
OOC: Halleluiah! IStbU lives!!! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:



Andrew slowly stirred and opened his eyes. Everything around him looked like a blur for a few moments as his brain 'rebooted' itself, fixing his eyesight and erasing a few choice memories in the process.

"Oooooh, my head..." he mumbled, shaking his head. A cloud of grey dust fell from his hair, prompting a sneeze from him.

"Uhhhhhh..." Andrew muttered, several of his bones cracking as he stood up. Luckily for him, the floor he'd been knocked out on flipped over and landed with one edge against a pile of rubble, providing the lackluster laugh-inducer a shield from the falling building.

Andrew looked around him, amidst the chunks of wood and concrete strewn all around him. His eyes caught sight of something purple amidst the debris. Curious, he bent down and picked it up...

It was his beloved Gamecube, split almost in half and crushed to pieces. Stray bits of machinery and wiring dangled and fell from the crushed system, which still had a few silver shards embedded in it - his copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Andrew said nothing - a single tear running down his cheek before dropping down onto the destroyed Power Button spoke for him. He held the crushed system to his chest for a long moment, before finally setting it down in a small hole and covering it with bits of rubble.

"Rest in peace, old friend." he sobbed.

Suddenly, his eyes widened.

'Friend!?' he thought in fear. 'Oh, no! My friends!'

"GUYS!" Andrew shouted, scrambling over the debris and pawing through it like a dog. "BRIGH! TERONE! LAURA! DAVID!"

Frantically, Andrew dug through the rubble, his hands quickly torn and bleeding from the effort. He grit his teeth against the pain of getting dirt and dust (and maybe some asbestos) in the wounds and ran to and fro, looking for any sign of his roommates.

"WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!?" Andrew shouted, head darting back and forth.

Finally, he caught sight of something green poking up from a pile of broken plaster and glass. It looked like a hand... a decayed hand...

"JACK!" Andrew cried in a mix of fear and relief.

The greenish hand waved weakly under the rubble; Andrew jumped down and grabbed the hand, pulling hard.

"Rrrrr... Hang on, Jack-O!" Andrew called, letting go and pulling several large hunks of mortar away. "I'll getcha out!"

After a few minutes, Andrew had cleared enough of the wreckage to pull Jack free. He grabbed the scarecrow's hand and pulled him up...

And then, his eyes widened as he realized Jack had no head.

"......Whoa." was all Andrew could manage. "Jack...?"

The scarecrow seemed to 'nod' in response.

"...Were you gonna be the headless horseman again for Halloween?" Andrew asked. "You seriously need a new costume, buddy..."

The scarecrow clenched his fists and replied to Andrew in sign language:

'No-you-id-iot-I-lost-my-head-in-the-crash. Help-me-find-it-will-ya-?'

"Wha...?" Andrew muttered, trying to understand. "Oh, the building falling over... It knocked your block off, huh? OK, stick with me; I'll help you find it. Hopefully we'll find the rest of our friends, too - I hope they got out OK..."

Andrew grabbed Jack's hand and pulled him over the rubble, hoping to guide the decapitated figure towards his head.

God help him...

Master Rudy
12th November 2006, 02:47 AM
Damn.....I am soooooo overdue here.

David Johnson

My mind was racing as the building started to crumble all around us. Brigh had already fallen through a hole and Andrew was down for the count. Before I could help him however some rubble had fallen and not only blocked me from him but the exit as well. I didn't have much time left. Quickly I gathered what I could easily carry and get to within 5 seconds. I grabbed my SIG and .45, my cell phone and my PDA and proceeded to place them in in either holsters or pockets. As far as my Codec went I still had it in my ear from Campbell's call. Once I was sure I had everything I could carry I quickly scanned the room for possible exits. I saw only one option and in the end it wasn't going to feel good. Then again on the flip side being crushed under rubble wasn't much better. Breaking off into a run as the rest of the room started to come down I dived for the glass window on the other end. However in my panic I forgot one important detail:

I was three floors up.....
"OH FUC......."

15 minutes later
"Shit....." I moaned as I slowly came to and slowly started to stir. Despite being sore from the fall and having a small cut above my right eye I was ok. As I layed there trying to recover I went for my cell phone and hit the speed dial. It only took two rings before I got an answer. "CTU, O'Brian" the voice on the other end said. For the second time today I heard a familiar voice I wasn't expecting at all. "Chloe? What the hell are you doing here?" I said with an obvious hint of pain in my voice. The woman on the other end also seemed surprised. "Didn't expect to talk to you today David. We're currently in the middle of a situation with Jack and China. He's been MIA for some time now and I'm here working with your local office to see if we can track him. However from the sound of it Jack is the least of your worries. You don't sound too good." The news of Jack Bauer being MIA was not good and didn't sit well with me but now was not the time for it. I quickly explained to Chloe about how our apartment building came down with seemingly no explanation. "I'm going to need a search and rescue team to help pull out survivors. I'd also like to get a CSI team down here to help me determine the cause. How soon can you have them here?" I asked. CTU's resident computer expert once again proved how quick she was. "Already got the request for S&R in the system. Give them about 10-15 minutes. As for crime scene investigation I can't do that David. We've got them dealing with the aftermath of a hostage situation in another part of the city. I'm sorry I can't do more." Finally pulling myself up to my feet I shook my head despite the fact that Chloe couldn't see it. "That's ok. Right now the most important thing is getting everyone out. It'll just have to be left to the local cops to figure out. In any case I'm starting to think that this is going to be the a long day. I'll get back to you later. Thanks for all the help." With that I ended the call.

Turning around I saw for the first time how much of a mess the place was now. Still unsure of the true cause I wasn't about to take a chance. Pulling out my SIG and a clip I made sure it was loaded and I was ready for anything. I had to be very careful however. I only had one clip for my SIG. My .45 clip was lost in the chaos. While I could get more ammo later on right now if there were hostiles I had to be careful not to waste bullets. As I moved along I kept my eyes open for signs of movement. Instead of movement however a sound was the thing that got my attention. On pure instinct as soon as I heard the cracking of glass behind me I turned around with my weapon ready. "CTU! Come out with your hands up! NOW!" I shouted. To my surprise however it was just Andrew with his hands in the air. "No more guns please! I haven't done anything to you!" he yelled almost crying. Lowing my weapon I sighed and said "It's good to see your ok Andrew but please don't scare me like that." Afterwards another figure caught my attention. This one was clearly Jack. He too had his hands up but the poor guy was missing his head. Before I could even say a word I heard Jack voice coming from behind me. "Ah! That's good! You guys found it I see." Turning around once more I saw Jack......well Jack's head at least being carried by that vampiress. Despite getting use to the strange going ons at this building and the people that lived here all I could do was state the obvious.

"Man.....this is pretty fucked up."

Hope that moves it along a bit more ^_~

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:38 PM
Inferno_Dragon: Terone Nemast

After leaving Moth's room, I wanted to search the area but this place was crumbling. I knew we had to get out of here. I don't know what was happening. I didn't know what to do next. I couldn't help the others if the place was crumbling. That's when I saw her. Jane was struggling under a pile of rubble. I knew that she and I didn't get along very well but I couldn't let her get hurt or die. I had to make her understand that I was a threat. I rushed over to lift the ceiling on top of her. I threw it aside causing a boom. Before I could run, the place started to collapse even more.

"Oh just great. I thought this place was structured for accidents." I said with a frown.

Knocking pieces of the apartment out of my way, I knew there was only one solution. I had to get out of here but I had to warn the others. Hopefully, they could save the other. With Jane in my hands, I rushed to where Moth's apartment was located. I knocked down the door. Unfortunately, the situation was getting worse. I had no time to explain. So I shouted out right as I turned around. This was my message.

"This place is falling to pieces. Find the others and get out as fast as you can."

Using my awesome strength and speed, I rushed out towards an exit. Using my wings, I flew down to the ground with Jane in my hands. I still heard the rumble of the apartment building. I hoped Jack and the others would make it out okay. I landed on the ground and put Jane resting on the ground. I found a tree to lean against and started to relax but not too much. I probably would have to go in there but hopefully that wasn't the case.


I wanted to reply to another person's response after my character ran into them but I guess I had to take things into my own hand. Maybe this will help the RPG pick-up faster and get everyone to respond.

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:39 PM
Um, Blademaster, Jack's skin is grey-ish, not green-ish


Jack Scarecrow
A few minutes of stuffing and stitching later...

Jack cricked his neck, getting used to his head being back on his body.

"That's better," he said, putting his sowing supplies back in his pocket. He lookde over at the little group that gathered.

"Anyone got any idea what happened?" All three shook their heads.

"This is completely insane," David commented, "Does anybody know if anyone else survived?

Jack's eyes widened.

"Oh crap! Jane!" Jack run off frantically to try and find his friend, hoping she was still alive.

Sorry for the crappiness, but, yeah...

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:44 PM
Master Rudy:

I know it's may not really be my place to say so but as a suggestion MC how about those that don't post by the 24th are considered to have been killed in the destruction (or in the case of characters that already made it out due to the posts of others they just go in their own direction)? Granted I know this isn't suppose to be a serious RPG but at the same time we need active people in this. Plus I think it would be a good way to open up slots for people that may wish to join.

David Johnson
As Jack ran off to look for Jane I myself turned back to Andrew and Moth. "Ok. We need to figure out who may still be trapped inside and alive in there. Let's start retracing our steps. We know that Andrew was in my apartment and you were in your own Moth. Each of you found a part of Jack whom I assume was still with Jane." Both of them nodded. So far it was easy to follow and it made sense. Jack was already off searching outside for Jane. "Did either of you see anyone else on your way out?" I asked. Andrew nodded no which was not surprising. He did get knocked out. Moth on the other hand was standing there squinting. I assumed it was due to the sunlight so I was quick to hand her a pair of sunglasses I had that where in my jacket pocket and somehow survived my swan dive. After thanking me she said "I was in my apartment with Terone when Brigh came crashing in. Terone had gone off to try to help other people get out while myself and Brigh were left in my apartment. Before either of us could leave however we got seperated. The way the rubble fell left me unharmed but I do not know about your own friend. Once everything was calm again I climbed out of a hole in the roof and then found Jack's head. The rest I'm sure you know from there so an explanation from that point on is not warrented." Almost on cue Jack was walking back to us joined by Terone. Terone was the first to speak up and said "I got Jane out. She's currently out but she'll be alright." Nodding I went over the facts real quick in my head and said "Ok.....at the very least we know Brigh is stuck inside still. Also since I haven't seen anyone else myself I'm going to assume everyone else is also still inside." I continued to speak as I checked my watch. "I've called a CTU search and rescue team here to help make sure everyone gets out ok. Once that's done I'm going to use the local branch office to try and figure out what the hell happened. For the time being if you guys want to the rescue teams can take you all back there as well to give you guys any medical treatment you may need. In the meantime I'm going back inside to search for the others. While I know some of you are more than capable of helping I suggest staying out here and waiting. Your all out already. In the end you won't be helping anyone if you also get into a situation where you need to be saved."

Granted I knew it may have sounded harsh to some of them but I was trying to look out of everyone's safety. Without waiting to hear protests I made my way back to what was left of the building. As I carefully jumped down from a pile of rubble into a hole I found myself in what was once the first floor hallway. I also knew that jumping down was a one way road since it was too high to just climb back up. I'd need to find another way out now that I was back inside. Looking at one end of the hall I saw that the main exit was blocked off. It was clearly not an option so I made for the stairs to see how they held up. I could still get back up to the 2nd floor but the third was inaccessable. I'd likely need to make my way to the 2nd floor and then find some way to climb up to the third. Of course first things first. I needed to check this floor before moving to the next. As I glanced back down the hall I saw a small fire was starting to build up and fill the hall with smoke. Letting a fire spread in this situation was not good so taking careful aim I shot a sprinkler right above where it had flared up. That put a quick end to it and ensured that I'd have at least a little time.

As I made my was slowly back down the hall with my weapon ready I saw that for the most part it was fairly intact but I also knew that the appearence of safety could be deceptive. Just as I passed under the hole I came in I heard a slight noise up above. If it wasn't for the fact that I had a feeling I was being followed I would have paid it no mind so naturally I turned around with my weapon ready. Myself and one of Snake's old trainers refered to it as a 6th sense. If something didn't feel right it usually wasn't. I was right in the fact that I had someone behind me but it was someone I was clearly no match for. Within seconds Moth had disarmed me and before I could figure out what was going on she had my gun arm twisted behind my back with one hand and with her other hand had my head tilted to the side and my neck exposed. When I felt the tips of fangs on my neck I got real nervous and tense but as quickly as I had been overtaken she gently released me. Turning back towards her I eyed her for a moment before bending down to pick up my weapon. "I commend your ability to sense danger and be ready for it Mr. Johnson. Your reaction time is most impressive" she said in her usual calm tone. "However it should be noted that pulling a weapon on any vampire will usually have that result. Let that be the lesson for the day and remember it." Her facial expressions and voice usually didn't differ too much so it usually made Moth hard to read. However for the first time since she moved in I saw her eyes glow yellow and a slight hint of fangs as she spoke. While I was clearly no expert on vampires my gut told me that she should not be messed with right now. Still unsure of her intent I said "Well with all due respect given our current situation you shouldn't expect to sneak up on a trained federal agent and not have some sort of weapon stuck in your face. Soldiers that have seen a few of their friends die in very unflattering ways tend to develop a 6th sense for survival." Moth didn't say anything but her fangs were no longer visible and her eyes were back to normal. However knowing her I'd be lucky to get any kind of answer so all I could do was guess at what she was thinking. After a few more seconds of staring each other down I sighed and asked "In any case what are you doing here?"
Ok I'm turning it over to Shi right now to let her take it from there. Keep in mind David just fired his weapon so that could be one reason why someone came to check up on him but you don't have to limit yourself like that. In any case I think we've now got what I consider to be the two most serious characters in this whole thing in one room. This should prove to be intresting.

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:44 PM

Well, I would've posted long ago, except for one little detail: Seyelin's only been MENTIONED ONCE since the start of the RP. So, I don't really have much to go on as far as character interaction goes. Plus, my time is being eaten up by school, clubs, and me being sick.

Since it's highly unlikely that a collapsing building could destroy Seyelin, if you want to kill him off, just have him wander off somewhere instead. I might bring him back later, but right now I don't really have the time or the energy.

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:45 PM
Kuro Espeon:

Hmm...well now... way to show dedication. -_- As far as interaction... you can't always rely on others to interact with your character (since their characters may be busy elsewhere). Sometimes you have to forcefully initiate the interaction on your own in order to get involved. Just have Seyelin appear from the rubble (assumably perturbed) and start a convo with someone else. You can have him find Brigh if you want... ^_^ Or if you really want, I'll get Brigh to approach Seyelin in my next post (which should be soon). But feel free to start something before that.

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:46 PM
As I said, lack of character interaction is not the only reason I haven't posted. School has been sapping what creativity I have, so I can't even think of anything to post for Seyelin. I mean, I suppose I could give it a try, but I doubt it'd be very good.

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:47 PM
I'm sure you'd do fine. This RPG isn't supposed to be super-duper-serious anyway. ^_~ But I understand the schoolwork thing. I have that problem too.... damn college professors...>_<
But here, I'll help:

Brigh didn't know how long she had been out for. When she first came to she could barely feel anything and didn't really know where she was. It was compelte dark around her except for a few cracks of light. The last thing she remembered was being in Moth's apartment as the building crumbled down around her due to some unseen attack.
"That's right...the building collapsed. I must be trapped under the rubble," she thought through her befuddled conciousness. As she thought about it, she began to feel a weight pressing down on her stomach. She craned her neck up and even though it was dark she realized that it was a long, wooden beam that was, as of now, pinning her to the ground. But as far as she could tell, there was nothing else that was inhibiting her, and she wasn't injured. She let out a sigh and dropped her head back to the ground. "Man...if only I had the tank... or a bulldozer. Great, just great. First, we're all attacked by assassains dressed and pizza delivery men, and then they used some kind of high tech weaponry to destroy the entire apartment complex! Our new adversaries must be quite skilled at....at...."
Just then, a new thought crossed her mind. One that hadn't occured to her before. The realization of it made her blood run cold for a few moments before it shifted and nearly boiled. It filled her with anger and frustration and seemed to give her a new strength....
"GODDAMMIT!!!" She screamed as she burst through the surface of the rubble, covered in dirt and gravel.
"Oh, Brigh! You're alright!" said Andrew, almost too cheerfully considering the current situation. "Thank goodness! But what are you yelling about?" Brigh clenched her fists and tilted her head to the sky, cursing the heavens.
"I just paid the next three months RENT on this place!!!"
Andrew's face faulted and he almost fell over in shock. He quickly recovered but was visibly twitching.
"That's what you're thinking about? At a time like this?! Fer crying out loud, help us search for people!"
But Brigh wasn't listening. She had already pulled out a full set of large hunting knives and several hand grenades and looked like she was ready to go on a rampage. "SOMEONE'S GONNA DIE!!!"


Brigh stopped when she heard a muffled sound from below her. It didn't take her long to realize that the sound had been made from someone underneath the piece of wall that she had, til now, been standing on. She jumped off the pile ad began pulling away at the rubble. It didn't take her long before she uncovered the pale face of Seyelin Hatsuke, one of her neighbors from the second floor (well, what used to be the second floor....). His face was set, as it always was, in a strange sort of stony glare. The kind of look that said 'I hate you and all of humanity.' He was always so quiet (Brigh couldn't remember him every saying more than 2 words), that she never really knew what he was thinking about. He was another suspicious character... but now wasn't the time for that.
"Oh...you alright?" She said, offering him her hand to pull him out.

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:47 PM
I'm sorry! School had begun to really kick into high gear, but now it's nearing Thanksgiving, I'll put something in...

Again, sorry! I really do want to do this! I haven't played a girl in forever.

Oh, and, um...just a reminder that Moth is atypical in that she has fairly dark skin. 'Tis one reason people don't usually believe she is a vampire.

Moth Atergo
He was quick. This fact immediately registered deep into Moth's internal lexicon of possible opponents. Mr. Johnson possessed speed and had an innate sense that scanned the world around him independent of his other senses. It was very possible that he could have shot her if it wasn't for the briefest of moments where the man was startled by the slight noise of her stepping down into what was previously known as the first floor.

"I have many reasons, though I do admit startling you into reacting violently was not one of my intentions. Moving quietly is a natural trait of mine, I am afraid. I will attempt to create more noise when you do not know I am within your vicinity."

"...Yeah, you do that." Mr. Johnson still held his weapon at the ready, though his muscles had relaxed slightly and his pulse lessened in its intensity.

She looked back toward the hole that they had both entered through. "You are aware that leaving this area will be difficult, correct?"

"Yes," He replied shortly and continued down the raining hallway. Moth chose to follow. It was not that she could not free herself, egressing through the entrance, but she was beginning to remember the various reasons she was unappreciative of the sun's warmth. The darkened glasses aided her tremendously, but being in the cool dampness of the ruins was far more comfortable for her. "Are you here to help me, then?"

"If you desire it."

"I work better alone."

"As do I. However, I only chose to investigate your wellbeing when the sound of your weapon's discharge echoed across the fallen walls. The principle reason I chose not to obey your edict were my hopes to discover whose signature was placed upon this suicide note."

"Suicide note?" He asked, stopping and turning in confusion.

"The place where I choose to take residence develops a certain measure of sacredness, at least in my eyes. Destroying my domicile when I have wronged the destructive parties is acceptable, but rendering me homeless without provocation is a request for death. A suicide note."

"Who says you didn't bother someone?" He began walking again. I followed in step.

"There has been no need to. The health facility I work at has ample supplies of freshly harvested blood, and I have strove to not offend any who live near here, especially those within. This does, however, cause me to become something of a voluntary exile."

"Come to think of it, this is the longest I've ever heard you talk at one time."

"True. Terone's visit and offer of companionship seems to have made me momentarily sociable." Moth paused to listen to the creaking of failing supports. "If my presence irks or troubles you, then you are free to express that with me. I can look elsewhere."

Hope that's somewhat good.
Note: M. Rudy, nice job with Moth's speech patterns.

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:48 PM
Eep! I can't BELIEVE I've gone this long without posting something! Sorry about that! http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/Smileys/default/frown.gif


Andrew's eyes sparkled in their typical 'I'm too stupid to realize it' way as Brigh removed the rubble from Seyelin, exposing his icy face underneath.

"Oh, you alright?" Brigh asked, offering Seyelin her hand.

But the icy man simply hissed and pulled his left hand free.

"I am fine." he replied, which Andrew was too oblivious to notice translated roughly into "Touch me and I shall obliterate your pathetic existence from this world."

But, as stated, Andrew wasn't paying attention.

"Seyelin!" Andrew cheered, grabbing the demon's (or whatever Terminians are) hand and yanking him free.

And then, to Brigh's shock, Andrew hugged him!

"Seyelin, you're alright!" Andrew said, grinning broadly as he stepped back. "We were really worried about you! Do you know what happened? I think God is mad at somebody in the apartments or something..."

Only then did Andrew notice how quiet Seyelin was...

And the icy chill that was eminating from his body...

And the eerie, Village-of-the-Damned-ish blue glow his eyes cast on Andrew.

Andrew chuckled nervously, sweat pouring down his face. Slowly, he reached into his pocket and removed a Groucho Marx mask (The big nose and glasses with bushy eyebrows and moustache, for all you stupid people out there. ;-D), which he then put on.

"You woul'n' hittaguy wearin' glasses, wouldja?" he asked in his best Groucho Marx voice.


A few moments later, higher up in the shambles of the apartment, a roughly bathroom-sized opening still remained of one of the rooms, inside of which rested a young woman nestled under the protective muscles of a large, shadowy creature...

"E-e-exo..." the woman sobbed. "W-what happened?"

"The building collapsed, m'lady." the figure growled in response. "Are you hurt?"

"N-no..." the woman replied. "Sc-scared half to d-death, yes, but otherwise I'm OK. You?"

"It takes more than wood and crumbling mortar to harm me, Laura. You know that."

"Oh... right."

A pause.

"Do you hear something?" the one called Laura asked.

The figure known as Exo perked up his ears.

'What the...?' he thought. 'Is that...?'



Laura curled in a ball under the kneeling Exo's torso as something plummeted through what little roof remained over the pair.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooh........." a voice groaned from the wreckage.

Exo's eyes instantly narrowed.

'Damn, he's still alive.' the beast thought.

Laura, realizing she wasn't about to be crushed to pulp, slowly uncurled herself and peered over Exo's arms at the debris that had just crashed down a few feet away. Slowly, a think, lanky form pushed a few stray chunks of plaster aside and shakily stood up.

"Andrew!" Laura gasped.


OK, Crys, Hinata, you can take it from there.

(And no, Andrew's not wearing his mask anymore - Seyelin 'removed' it.)

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:49 PM
Laura Anderson
I don't know how to live through this hell
Woken up, I'm still locked in this shell
Frozen soul, frozen down to the core
Break the ice, I can't take anymore

"Andrew!" The teen-aged girl gasped, shocked that somebody else had managed to survive this mysterious near-apocalypse...at least for the apartment, as far as anybody knew. Standing up, she quickly dashed towards him in disbelief; mostly to make sure that he could stand up on his own, of course. Seeing that he would be fine, the rather short young woman stepped back to give her taller counterpart some room.

"So, exactly what happened...?" She asked, suddenly concerned for his well-being. Laura then shifted her glance for a moment to a rather disturbed Exomus; was there possible jealousy in his heart over possibly a new person entering the life of his object of protection?

"Let's just say Terminians are strong and aren't so friendly in the worst of times," her neighbor and friend grinned sheepishly, a hand running across the back of his head; she immediately knew who he was refering to - Seyelin. The demon-like boy was cute in a morbid sense, Laura thought, but she knew that the most Seyelin would ever be, for anybody, would be an object of lust rather than love. Nodding, the young woman was confused as to what to do. She had already changed out of her pajamas into a more reasonable attire, right before the incident happened, but she had no idea what to do. Immediately, she dashed over and picked up her small bag, fumbling through what was inside before sliding the traveling bag which protective held her acoustic guitar over her shoulder.

"Exactly WHAT are you doing?" Andrew asked for a moment, confused; this tone caused Exomus, however, to clench his fists. The centaur was ready to fight an already beaten young man.

"Oh? This?" Laura responded. "I just figured that it's not safe around here anymore. It'd be better if we just left, you know? The music could, well, lighten us, as well..."

"I see your point," He responded, nodding his head with agreement. The two then talked randomly for a moment, much to the aeon's dismay, before making up their mind to head back towards where the other survivors were gathering at. Andrew led the way, Laura a few steps behind, pausing to motion her partner to come. The beast sighed and followed his mistress. Treading carefully and quietly across the debris and gravel, they arrived at the location within what, to Laura, seemed like forever.

The others paused for a moment to stare at the trio, mostly at the two masculine forms; a giant beast, and what, to everybody, was the true definition of what Laura knew as "deedeedees."

"I'm sorry if this shocks anybody," She spoke nervously, hands raised so she could attempt to keep herself calm. Real intelligent, Laura...yeah. "We just...don't know where to go, either. Could we possibly try to get along, and maybe keep peace until we figure out what's going on?"

The girl stood there for a moment, only hoping that there weren't blows coming her way.

Sorry if this isn't good enough; I tried. But hey, I posted. ^^;

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:49 PM
Everything was quiet for a moment. Seyelin was glaring at everyone and everyone could almost sense Exo's desire to murder Andrew right there and then.

"I think I'll go check up on Jane, ok?" Jack said as he began walking away from the group. Mental, Jack breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't want to be anywhere near that mob if a fight broke out.

He walked quickly over to where Jane was resting. Laying up against a tree. Jack knelt down in front of her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Jane," he said softly, shaking her lightly, "Can you hear me?"

Jane mumbled something as she slowly opened her eyes.

"Jack?" she muttered softly. Jack pulled her into a warm hug.

"Thank God you're ok."

"What happened?" Jack paused for a moment. He didn't know how to tell her that the place somehow collapsed on itself. Unfortunately for him, Jane remembered.

"THE APES ARE ATTACKING!!" she shrieked.

Oh crap...

Weasel Overlord
23rd November 2006, 12:50 PM

Andrew gave Laura a sympathetic look as he and Exo left the crumbled remains of the apartment.

'Poor thing.' Andrew thought, trying hard not to look at Laura, lest he get Exo even more 'upset' with him.

Andrew knew well about Laura's sad past - probably more than anyone else in the apartment aside from Exo. He'd always tried to get Laura to try and be more cheerful - for her own sake, if nothing else - but the young woman chose to stay in her room almost all the time. Try as he may, Andrew usually only saw Laura a few times a month, and most of those times, she tried to avoid him.

'She's been through so much her whole life.' Andrew thought. 'I just wish I could help her, but everytime I try to get near her, that crazy centaur tries to break my face...'

Andrew sighed softly, glancing the other way.

'I just wish she'd realize that she's only making things harder on herself than they have to be by distancing herself from everybody...'

Andrew was distracted from his thoughts by something glinting out of the corner of his eye.

'Hey, a lucky penny!' he thought, kneeling down and grabbing the copper-plated coin in his hand.

And leering over him was Exomus.

Andrew looked up at the scowling monster, a weak grin on his face.

"Uhhhhh... you drop this?" Andrew asked nervously, offering Exomus the penny.

Exomus raised an eyebrow; he took the coin.

Andrew smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, Exomus clenched the penny in his fist before opening his hand.

A crushed wad of copper fell and bounced along the ground, coming to rest under a broken floorboard.

Andrew gulped and turned the other way.


Andrew's ears perked up; he spun around, fear in his eyes.

But then, he noticed out of the side of his view Laura, who looked equally scared - almost on the verge of crying.

Andrew's eyes narrowed; he gritted his teeth.

"Let's go." he growled under his breath, assuming a fighting stance on one side of the girl, with Exomus stepping forward to defend the other.


Sorry to post again so soon, but... Well, you know how it is.

...Or maybe not. Either way.

24th November 2006, 11:47 PM
Thanks Weasel Overlord, we appreciate that.

25th November 2006, 01:18 PM
Yay, IStbU is back!


Thanks, Miss Weasel! ^^

Master Rudy
26th November 2006, 04:09 PM
OOC-Just a note guys. Might be a few days before Asi can post again. She never changed her e-mail when we came back so all password recoveries are being sent to an old and dead e-mail account she has not used in years.

1st December 2006, 11:45 PM
Ok then, apart from Sai who has an excuse, there are some of those here who still need to post. You know who you are.

3rd December 2006, 01:52 AM
Ok then, apart from Sai who has an excuse, there are some of those here who still need to post. You know who you are.

I know Im one of them but tell me, is it hard for you to write when your disappointed? I come to TPM and check RPG every day for some progress on the tourney and there is NOTHING so I have no motivation to write anything. Start jacking people up about it and when its finally resolved Ill be able to post again, Im sorry x.x

3rd December 2006, 01:55 AM
oops, sorry, I was supposed to write Asi, not Sai, that was a typo. You've got an excuse asi. Others however...-.-

10th December 2006, 02:09 AM
Well, if diplomacy won't work...


(shakes fist)

10th December 2006, 01:22 PM
Eep! Yessir!

~Jane Fox~
The world falls down around you...and it hurts, it really does

"Jack..." I spoke with a quivering voice, sitting up through my aching muscles. "That crash could only have been caused by a giant ape." My head was ringing slightly but I was sure thats how it happened. In fact, I could almost hear the apes now, and even though the world was spinning I could almost see the furry apes jumping around in front of me....

Hang on what WAS that thing?

"Oooh well I bet you all are wondering what happened?"

It was a little furry old man, he COULD have been an ape Im sure, but he looked a little too scrawny for one really. Also I wasnt sure I saw many apes that talked, but I didnt want to take any chances. I leapt up and balanced on my toes, crouched in a position where I could pounce at any moment as I glared in his direction. Jack stood up to his full height and surveyed the old man. "Who are you? And did you cause this??"
The old man chuckled. "Dear boy I can barely lift my own limbs, how could I knock down a building?!" His face grew serious for a moment. He pointed a long bony finger at the two of us.

"Gather the others...something grave has happened to your world."
Sorry its not very good, tag to the others and MC ^-^()

Kuro Espeon
10th December 2006, 05:00 PM
Ack, sorry, I've been meaning to post, but finals at school have been kicking my ass as of late. As soon as the semester is over and I'm home for break I'll get something up. Sorry for the excuse...^^()

Kuro Espeon
14th December 2006, 09:46 AM
*cracks knuckles* Alrighty. I promised, didn't I? ^_^


The only thing Brigh could think to say as she watched Seyelin heft Andrew through the air and crashing into (what was left of) the building, was:
"Wow. Nice Throw." She nodded in approval, completely oblviously to wether or not Andrew was alright. The way she saw it, if he survived a collapsing building, he'd survive that. He was strangely resiliant like that. And if he did die...well... no big loss. (OOC: Ouch....)

Right now their main perogative was to find a way to set up defenses. They were wide out in the open right now! Completely vulnerable! The perfect target for the enemy. Upon hearing Jane call out from off to the side, it was obviously she still believed in her crazy ape theory. As for herself, Brigh was still on the lookout for that pizza man...

Andrew returned a short time later along with Exomus and Laura. So they had survived to. Now the only ones left were David and Moth, who were still inside looking for surivivors. Seeing no other alternative, Brigh decided to take it upon herself to patrol. Already armed with oozies and two criss-crossed sleeves of bullets strapped across her chest, she was, in her own mind, the pinnacle of fortitude. (OOC: Whatever THAT means...)

"Do not fear, civilians! I, the faithful and fully capable General Dangerfield, am here to defend the innocent! I shall secure the area! Exomus! Terone! You two start shifting some more of that rubble! Andrew! Laura! You guys start building us a base of operations. And Seyelin! You...you..." Brigh paused as her eyes quickly scanned Seyelin's slight frame. Those frail arms...that pale skin... he looked as if any form of physical exertion would break him in half. But then again...he HAD thrown Andrew a pretty impressive distance... "Um...Seyelin, you can be a lookout!" She announced. Without waiting for a reply from any of them she turned on a heel and marched toward the edge of the area.

On her way, she came across Jack and Jane, who were now talking with a strange (and suspicious) old man that Brigh had never seen before. She didn't hear all of the conversation, but somehow managed to pick up the word "grave" emitted from the old man's mouth. Grave?! He must be getting ready to kill them! He must be a secret operative disguised as an old man sent to kill them all!!

With no time for planning, Brigh rushed in screaming bloody murder. She did a flying leap and tackled the assailant, knocking him to the ground where she pinned him, having an 8-inch hunting knife at his throat in a matter of seconds.
"Vile knave! How dare you sneak attack my commrades! You shall rue this day!" She looked up and smiled broadly at Jack and Jane, who were staring at her with wide-eyed disbelief. "Don't worry Jack, Jane. I got 'im right where we want him!"

Bah, that could've been better, but at least it's a post! :P

15th December 2006, 12:59 AM
Jack and Jane stood there dumbfounded as Brigh held the old man down, why was struggling to throw the trigger happy girl off of him.

"Get off of me!" he cried, trying to pull himself away. Brigh held him down, trying to keep the knife to his throat.

"You'll rue trying to attack us!"

All of a sudden, there was a crack of lightning and Brigh was on the ground twitching.

Beyond the Fourth Wall...

"Who gave you permission to shock my character?" Kuro Espeon gave Mystic_clown a small glare. MC merely shrugged.

"I had to get her off him somehow. He's important to the plot."

"Hmm, true," Kuro shrugged, "Ok, I forgive you."


Jack and Jane looked down at Brigh's twitching body as the old man got up and brushed himelf off.

"Um, is she alright?" Jack asked.

"She'll be fine," the old man replied, "The RPers wont let her die."

"Who?" Jane cocked an eyebrow.

"Nevermind. Just get the others."

21st December 2006, 01:57 PM
Late Sign-Up! I'll make a post at sundown (got to clean right now), but wanted to post your new friend :D

Name: Marian Loxley- Transformed: Maiden Mesmeric
Age: 15
Gender: Female, but has a special item that will allow her to transform into a male- this item will be censored in the dub, and won't have any actual combat value, only comic value. Will be forgotten completely after the first season.
Species: Human, with Magical Powers
Personality: Cheerful, perky, upbeat, bouncy, constantly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The only things that can get her down are being denied sweets, losing a battle, and the potential death/dismemberment/inconveniencing/change of allegiance to one of her beloved comrades. However, all depression passes by the commercial break. Was initially resistant to becoming a magical girl, but now relishes her magical powers. Also has many dreams of finding her true love.
History: One rainy day, Marian was walking home, when she saw what looked like a winged, green wombat. She picked it up and carried it home with her, drying it with her hair dryer and wrapping it in her blanket, then sneaking her dinner upstairs to feed it. The wombat introduced itself as Tuck, and said it had been sent from the mystical land of Sherwood to awaken the mighty warrior maiden who would find their princess, who had long ago been stolen and hidden by the evil Prince Gisbourne. If Marian could see him, then she must be the warrior maiden foretold, who could bring happiness back to the land of Sherwood. When she commented she thought she had read this story before, Tuck told her it was completely different.
Tuck had been able to enter the human world by following one of Prince Gisbourne's henchmen- the Sheriff- into a dimensional portal. He told her that he believed the Sheriff had been sent to this world to kill Marian before she could be awakened. Tuck then presented her with a peacock feather and the bow necklace, and showed her how to transform into the beautiful and mysterious Maiden Mesmeric. About 15 minutes after transformation, the Sheriff attacked, leading her to learn how to use the Silver Bow and Energy Arrows. The Sheriff was slaughtered, but he was evil, and disappeared as soon as he died, so she was never troubled by it. Ever since, she's lived her life as a mild-mannered schoolgirl who just happens to live by herself in <yet to be named> Apartments by day, but the mysterious Maiden Mesmeric by night. Can't go two or three days without a low-rent monster manifesting itself in her vicinity.
Physical Appearance: A little shorter than average, with very large green eyes and inappropriately bright, inappropriately long red hair that no one seems to notice as being out of place. Stays slender by unknown means, as she'll pig out on sweets at the slightest provocation.
Typical clothes: Before transformation, a standard sailor suit in green and white, though she wears a peacock feather in her hair and a large silver necklace shaped like an archery bow. No one ever comments on either the feather or the necklace. After her lengthy transformation sequence, wears a Robin Hood-style set of tights, cleavage-enhancing bodice, long gloves, boots, and hat with an exceptionally long peacock feather. The tights, gloves, and hat are all green, with the cleavage-enchancing bodice and boots in red leather. She looks and sounds exactly the same in both forms, save for her clothing. Every time she changes out of her sailor suit, people have a hard time recognizing her.
Genre: Magical Girl
Weapon/Gear: Has a silver bow with "energy arrows", that was not at all an idea stolen from the Green Arrow, but rather something completely new and unique. The arrows manifest whenever she draws her bow back, but she can run out if the plot demands she use a different attack.
Catchphrase: Many. Her transformation is 'Meritorious Merry Maiden Metamorphasis!', and her most-used attack is 'Ambrosial Arrow Annihilate!'
Other: Has a sidekick in the form of a flying, talking, minature-sized wombat. This wombat tells her of new attacks and fills her in on her history and duty as Maiden Mesmeric, though is normally nowhere to be found when it could actually be useful.

21st December 2006, 03:41 PM
I know I've said this before when you messaged me, but accepted!

Kuro Espeon
21st December 2006, 04:52 PM
Mewtwo..... rofl..... That's so absolutely perfect. You've been watching too much Sailor Moon, lol. (I'm not joking about this. She and I have been watching Japanese Sailor Moon episodes for fun lately. Don't ask why.) This'll be awesome. It'll be interesting to see how she and Brigh will get along... (or NOT get along?)

21st December 2006, 05:35 PM
Comic value, huh? Seems like Andrew might have some competition... :sweat2:

21st December 2006, 08:36 PM
Marian Loxley/Maiden Mesmeric

Yet another day at school. I had no recollection of ever opening a textbook outside of school, and I normally slept through school, but I was somehow doing just fine in all of my classes. I had stopped in an arcade after school, as Tuck said I should be on the lookout for both the Princess and my True Love (TM). I figured that they were just as likely to be in the arcade as anywhere else, since they obviously had to be in this town.

-----Expositional Flashback-----
"So, who is this princess, anyway?" I grabbed my large green teddy bear and hugged it tight.
"Our beautiful Princess Mariana. She brought happiness and peace to our kingdom, and we never had a single moment of discontent, a shadow of bad weather, and the trees of Sherwood were so delighted that they brought forth oceans of food, so every day for all of Sherwood's citizen's was spent dancing joyfully in the courtyard of her palace. Even meat grew on trees, so nothing ever had to die. The ground was so happy that it yeilded jewels and precious metals- they littered the ground, and everyone wore beautiful gems and the finest clothing at all times, but no one ever had to work or anything even vaguely unpleasant," Tuck replied solemnly.
"Soooo.... what happened?"
"The Evil Prince Gisbourne invaded our peaceful country. He had been in charge of Princess Mariana's Royal Guard, but he decided to decimate the country and kidnap Princess Mariana."
"But why?"
"Because he hated peace and happiness and light. Also, all the rich food had given him gallstones, and as no one worked, we had no doctors, and he had excruciating pain at least every two years. He decided that if he couldn't be happy, no one could. So he kidnapped Mariana, sent her into the human world, and burned down the kingdom. Since no one knew how to work or farm, our poor citizens could eat nothing but dirt and bugs. And they didn't know how to do anything but dance and play, but no one was happy enough to do that. Finally, Prince Gisbourne set up a dictatorship. He provided the people with a pittance of food, and put them all to work digging trenches for no apparent reason."
"How horrible! And no one revolted?"
Tuck sighed. "A few brave ones challenged Prince Gisbourne to a Dance-Off and Croquet Tournament, but he put them in the lemon mines."
"The lemon mines?"
"Yes, he believes that lemons form underground, and started a lemon mine on his first day in office. He sends the worst offenders to mine lemons."
"Oh..... so what does Princess Mariana look like?"
"Well, she has large green eyes, exceptionally long, exceptionally bright red hair, and she prefers to dress in a long green gown. She's also rather short and slender, though she loves sweets. She's a very cheerful person, and believes strongly in true love."
I nodded. I hadn't ever met anyone even remotely similar to this Princess Mariana. I resolved to keep my eyes open for girls with exceptionally long, exceptionally bright red hair who were always cheerfully searching for true love.

-----End Expositional Flashback-----

I walked home slowly, deep in thought. I had no idea what my True Love (TM) would look like, and I hadn't seen a redheaded girl anywhere. Tuck had told me I would find my True Love (TM) in battle... but the last six battles I had been in hadn't prompted an appearance. Maybe it was because I finished monsters off too quickly. Being competent was certainly a deterrant to finding true love.

Suddenly, from the direction of <Yet To Be Named> Apartments, I heard a loud crashing noise. A monster! Hopefully not another villianous hat...

"Meritorious Merry Maiden Metamorphasis!" I shouted. A bright green light enveloped me, my suddenly nude form retaining it's modesty by only having a few basic lines showing my anatomy. Green and red ribbons burst out of my necklace, the green ribbons entwining my legs and arms, while the red ribbons wrapped my torso and lower legs. The green ribbons solidified, forming long gloves and skin-tight leggings. The red ribbons hardened into a bright red leather bodice, my bosom increasing another cup size to fill it out adequately, and also hardened into my knee-height red leather boots- already conveniently laced up. I snapped the bow charm from my necklace, it instantly growing to a full-size silver long bow. The peacock feather in my hair sprung from it's normal, low-key, downward position to quickly sketch a Robin Hood-style cap, which it then affixed itself to with a flourish. Only my knee-length bright red braid and all my other features stayed exactly the same.
"Mysterious Maiden Mesmeric Materializes! Evil shall be eviscerated!" I shouted, assuming my trademark pose of standing tall, chest back, bow clenched in my fist, while my braid whipped wildly about.

"Let's go!" I shouted, running towards my apartment. "Tuck, where are you?"

21st December 2006, 09:22 PM
"Ok, we're all here, now what is going on old man?"

Indeed, everyone was here. Andrew stood beside Laura, his fists clenched despite the venomous looks he was getting from Laura's protector, whom she was standing close to, Jane was sending suspicious looks at Terone and Brigh was looking around, trying to find out where the lightening bolt came from. Everyone else was there two, but I cant be bothered mentioning them.

"We are still missing on person," the old man said. David cocked an eyebrow.


"Alright evil-doer! Your rampage is over!"

Everyone looked up to see non other than the resident magical girl. Most of the building's non human residance had to deal with her at one point in time, seeing as she commonly mistook them for evil monsters.

"What are you doing here?" David called.

"Um, I'm here to fight the monster," she replied, as if it was obvious. Seyelin sighed.

"Which one?" he muttered.

"Um..." she looked over the group. She had never really thought of that.

Sorry for the crapiness, I'm running a bit low on ideas at the moment.

21st December 2006, 10:34 PM
"Ok, we're all here, now what is going on old man?"

Indeed, everyone was here. Andrew stood beside Laura, his fists clenched despite the venomous looks he was getting from Laura's protector, whom she was standing close to, Jane was sending suspicious looks at Terone and Brigh was looking around, trying to find out where the lightening bolt came from.

Fixed it for you. :mad:

21st December 2006, 11:48 PM
Oh, um, sorry about the dude. I'll edit it now.

23rd December 2006, 01:22 AM
Marian Loxley/Maiden Mesmeric

I thought about his question for a few moments.

"I'm here to fight the new monster! Because I have ascertained that the rest of you are not working for Prince Gisbourne, though I intend to set up personal interviews with each of you to see what you know about Princess Mariana." I nodded sagely.
I heard a flapping and a heavy panting behind me, and whirled around.
"Tuck! You're late! The monster has already shown up, and I already challenged him!"
"Give me a break! The coupons we had for feed at the pet store expire tomorrow, so I needed to use them today."
"You're getting too fat anyway.... Anyway," I spun around to face the hairy little monster man.
"Prepare yourself, varlot. The Mysterious Maiden Mesmeric has come to end your reign of terror! Just please don't be an evil hat.... I don't think I could hold my head up after fighting three evil hats."

23rd December 2006, 02:44 AM
Well, I think this has gone on for long enough.



Andrew relaxed his very rare brave stance, a novelty-sized sweatdrop somehow forming on the back of his head as he watched his roommates bicker with the old man.

'This... could take awhile.' he thought with a sigh. 'Might as well step in...'

He glanced up at Exo, who he finally realized had been staring at Andrew in a way that may have killed a lesser organism.

'Nnnh, yeah.' Andrew thought, his normal cowardice returning to him as he inched away from the disgruntled centaur. 'Stepping in = a good idea.'

Andrew made his way to the center of the crowd and raised his hands.

"OK, OK, people, break it up already." he instructed. "We've all had long enough to post our random responses to this weird old guy, so I say we stand down for a minute and let the main character explain what's going on here."

Everyone was dead silent for a minute, before finally:

"What... did you just say?" Jack asked, a look of complete confusion on his face as well as the face of almost every other person present (except the old man, for some reason).

"I said... everybody chill out and let the old dude talk for a minute." Andrew replied nervously, glancing back and forth shiftily before looking back at Jack. "What's wrong with you guys?"

A few mutters broke out amongst the group.

"Uh... never mind." Jack finally said.

Andrew nodded, mentally breathing a sigh of relief.

'That was close.' he thought.

"Alright, then..." Andrew muttered, turning to the old man. "Now, then, old-timer, we're all listening... So, what's going on here?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you that just yet." the old man replied ominously.

Andrew raised an eyebrow.

"Whuh... why?" he asked.

The old man sighed and removed a remote control from his pocket; he quickly pressed the 'Pause' button...

And suddenly, everything stopped. Andrew's roommates, the birds in the sky, a stray dog raising his leg against a fire hydrant... All froze. Time stood still.

Only Andrew and the old man were unaffected.

"Why?" the old man replied. "Because Mystic Clown's character introduced me, not you. Ergo, only his character can have me explain my motives. So, we must wait for him to return to the RPG we're all a part of and post, so we can move on."

"I... see..." Andrew mused. He looked around at his roommates. "And... why am I the only one who can know this?"

The old man laughed.

"Why, this is a parody RPG, Andrew!" he responded. "And you were born of the comedy genre. So, you and this RPG are..."

He pressed his fingers together.

"...Simpatico. Get it?"

"Uh....... kinda." Andrew replied.

"Very well, then." the old man replied, producing his remote again and pressing 'Play' before putting the device away.

And then, everything was normal again. His roommates were moving again, the birds were flying through the air, the stray dog was -

*******(Beyond the fourth wall)*******

"Aw-ow. OW!" Blademaster cried out as Mystic Clown grabbed him in a headlock. "That hurts, dude!"

"What the Hell are you doing to my RPG, Blade!?" MC barked, rapping on the older teen's head with his free fist a few times. "Who gave you permission to break the rules of my RPG!? Andrew can't do what he's doing - it makes no sense!"

"Clown, this is a parody RPG." Blademaster wheezed. "There are no rules and nothing makes sense."

MC paused.

"Oh. Yeah." he mumbled, letting go of Blade's head. "Good point."

*******(Back at the RPG)*******

"Now, then, you were saying?" Andrew said.

"Nothing." the old man replied. "What were you saying?"

"I was asking what's going on here."

"Oh, yes..." the old man replied, rubbing his hands together. "You wish to know? Then listen up, young ones, and listen well... I'm only going to say this once..."

The motley crew of tennants all leaned in, listening eagerly to what the old man had to say...


Heh... Hope I didn't go too nuts there. :sweat2:

So, uh... Take it away, MC...?

23rd December 2006, 03:30 AM
Blade, if only more people did that ^_^. Although, I really wouldn't beat you up for that, I'd more praise you for it. Don't change it though, it's good.

Originally, Asilynne was going to do this, but due to Blade's post, looks like I'd have to.

"Alright, get explaining old man," Brigh narrowed her eyes as the man cleared his throat.

"Well," he started, "You all know that the world is divided into different versions of itself called 'genres', each contained by a barrier, right?"

Everyone nodded, although it was hard to tell whether they had any idea what he was talking about.

"Well, just moments ago, an evil group, calling themselves "The Council"-"

"The Council?" Laura asked. The old man sighed.

"They couldn't come up with a cooler name ok? Can I please continue?"

Laura nodded.

"Anyway, The Council have broken the barriers between htese worlds, causing all the genres to pour in on themselves like so much cheap liquor."

Everyone gasped.

"They must be the monsters working for Prince Gisbourne!" Maiden Mesmeric shouted. The old man sighed.

"No, they are not working with him. They're working alone. May I PLEASE continue?"

Everyone nodded.

"Anyway, It seems they're after a powerful artifact called the Gem of Incredible-But Never-Really-Explained-Powers an extremely powerful magical gem-"

"That's it!" Maiden Mesmeric shouted again, "Prince Gisbourne is after the gem!"


Maiden Mesmeric went silent.

"Ok then. ANYWAY, they're after the gem. I could tell what it's capable of, but we don't have time, we need to get this RPG going."

"But why are the after the gem?" Jane asked. The old man looked down rather sheepishly.

"Well, because we need a plot for this RPG."

Everyone was quiet.

"Anyway, it's your duty to foil their plans and get to the Gem of Incredible-But Never-Really-Explained-Powers before they do."

"But why us?" Andrew asked. The old man slapped his forehead.

"This RPG's focused on your guys so far. Who did you think was going to do it?"

"And if we refuse?" Exo asked, crossing his giant arms. The old man started laughing maniacaly.

"Don't you get it!? You don't have a choice! You're slaves t the RPG! You do what the RPers say you do! MWAHAHAHAHA!!"

Everyone stared at him wide eyed. The old man noticed and quickly gained his composure.

"Anyway, must be off."

"You're not coming with us?" David questioned. The old man chuckled.

"Nope. I'm not a main character. And my role's over. see ya."

And with a puff of smoke, the old man was gone. Everyone was silent.

"Should we get going?" Moth spoke up. Jack shrugged.

"Do we have a choice?"

No you do not!

"Oh, ok then-WOAH WHO SAID THAT!?"

28th December 2006, 01:16 PM
OOC: Uh, can somebody please post something here so we can continue? I'm out of ideas right now...

28th December 2006, 04:05 PM
~~Behind the fourth wall~~
"gee what should I write?" Asilynne thought aloud to herself, tapping one finger on the space bar repeatedly in an attempt to think of something. "it has to be something good....well worded, in depth character analysis, showing deep into Janes soul and letting the reader totally connect with who she is...."

Suddenly Asi heard a laugh, hysterically funny as it came closer. "WTF Asi do you know what RPG your in?"
"huh?" Asi leaned back in her chair to look at who was behind her. "Oh hey MC, I was wondering if this sounds good tell me what you think: 'Jane Fox: I sighed as I stared at the spot the old man was before. Seeing him reminded me of my father, but that was long ago in a galaxy far far away. And he died, along with my mother, leaving me alone and lost in a foreign dangerous world to fend for myself. Now this old man was essentially doing the same, leaving me here lost and confused about what to do next....' thats what I have so far what you think?"
"Um...yeah Asi thats not bad but...well here let my pocket Blademaster tell you." He pulled out a mini toy of Blademaster and wound it up, placing it on the table. Asi peered at it curiously as it mechanically puttered around in a circle. ="Its not a serious RPG! Go wild! Have fun! Be crazy!"= Suddenly the Blademaster Doll stopped in front of Asilynnes keyboard. With one leap it landed straight on the backspace key and deleted what she had written. Then it turned to face her. ="You see Asi, this RPG is meant for everyone to go crazy and spoof other RPGs and even your own RPG roleplaying style, so you dont need to take it seriously. Just think of the most crazy thing you can and write it down, its best if you dont think about it too hard ok?"=
Asi stared speechless at the toy for a few seconds before turning back to MC.
"Your doll was cute but now its scaring me..."

~Jane Fox~
The doll commands we move on...

The old man said his words and left, without any sort of real direction. I looked around at the others, they looked really confused. Even Jack seemed to be at a loss. It was quiet for quite a while before someone finally spoke up.
"So uh....what now?"
Jack sighed. "Well we dont have much of a choice it seems, after all our homes are destroyed. We dont really have anywhere else to go."
Brigh spoke up, brandishing bazookas and other high grade weapons. "Yeah! They bombed our home! And the old guy said we were all slaves to the rocket propelled grenades so we all better get a move on trying to find this terrorist group called the council before they open fire on us!"

Everyone mombled with nervousness and fear. They were lost in this world now, their soft comfy lives were destroyed. They didnt know how to live like I did so I would have to show them to survive in this world you had to become the animal you fear. "Come.." I said, glancing around at the group. "When I lived on the Jungle Planet I was never lost, if I wanted to find something I just walked in one direction until I find it. So it looks like we ll have to do the same."
Whistling for my little lizard puppy named Meat I started off through the woods at top speed. The Council had to be somewhere in this straight line I was running in, I was sure of it!

lol sorry if thats not good I really was at a loss XD Which genre should we stumble into first?

28th December 2006, 05:55 PM
Hm,, I'll draw a genre out of a hat, but in the meantime...

Jack sighed as Jane ran full tilt in a random direction.

"Wait here," he said to the others before taking off after her. Even with that big cross of his, he was still pretty fast. It wasn't long before he caught up with Jane.

"Hey Jane," he said casually as he ran up alongside him.

"Hey," she muttered, not really looking at him.

"Um, shouldn't we wait for the others?"

"They'll catch up."

"But there'll not as fast as us. Brigh and David, yes, Exo, maybe, but the rest..."

"Then they'll have to learn to run faster. It's how you survive in this world."

"I still think we should-"


It was as if they had run into a wall of glass...only there was nothing there. The two fell back onto the ground, Jane's lizard puppy Meat looking around confused.

Jane sprang to her feet and tried again, except the invisable 'wall' prevented her.

"What's going on!?" she snapped.

Jack stood up tried as well.

"Why can't we go any further?"

Well, it's simple. This RPG isn't just about you two. You're not going any further until the others catch up to you!

"Oh, ok," Jane and Jack shrugged.



I'll post what genre we're going to next post.

16th January 2007, 03:16 PM
As M_C hasn't posted yet, here's some fascinating insight into the mind of the wonderful Maiden Mesmeric! Think of it was episode 12 in the series- when they're halfway finished, so they recap everything for the people who forgot.

Marian Loxley/Maiden Mesmeric

Watching Jack and Jill running into the unknown gave me a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. The feeling... so vague.... so indescribable.... so somewhere between a flashback and a spoiler.

"Tuck, what's happening?"
"The RPG seems to have stalled, so you're having your Re-cap episode. Just go with it... and don't forget to introduce one minute of new plot throughout to give people hope that they aren't completely wasting their time by reading it.
I turned to Brigh. "So, what did you think of when...."
The screen faded. About damn time.


I was running to class, as I normally did. For some reason, no matter how carefully I set the alarm, or how quickly I ate, or how early I got out of the door, time seemed to speed up in the mornings. It was as if some cruel director over my life thought it was funny to watch me choking down toast as I ran, eventually falling on my face. I had woken up at 5 AM that morning- I had set 15 alarm clocks in various parts of my apartment, but as soon as I turned off the beepers, each clock jumped ahead three hours and the sun shot into the sky. So I was running to school, choking down a piece of toast as I ran, and brushing the dust from where I had fallen on my face off my uniform.

I lived alone in <yet to be named> Apartments. My parents had given me the apartment years ago when they went out of the country for no adequately explored reason. Both were travelling the world, and I occasionally got postcards from France, or whatever country was popular that year. I had bales and bales of money, even though I had no idea what my parents did. Sometimes I felt very neglected, and cried in the night about it, though after a few artful tears, I never seemed to be able to finish my crying. Many nights I spent sitting in the bathtub, looking very pensieve. I had no idea what I felt pensieve about all the time, besides the fact that upon my contact with the water, it turned completely opaque and my nipples disappeared. That was kind of odd. But not to be worried about.

"I can't believe it!" Brigh exclaimed. "Just look at that thing!"

I suddenly got the strangest urge to stop running and look around. There, lying on top of a garbage can, was a winged green wombat. I assumed it was a toy lost by some child. Being very kind-hearted, as well as cheerful and determined, I gently picked up the wombat, and flipped him over, looking for a tag.
"Hold it!" shouted the wombat. "You can see me?"
"It talks!"
"Of course I talk," the wombat said grumpily. "I'm here on a secret mission to find the Legendary Merry Maidens."
I thought hard for a second. "The local strip club has an act called the Merry Maidens...."
"Not that! Since you can see me, you're obviously a magical girl, and one of the Merry Maidens!"
"A magical girl? Me!? It couldn't be!"
"It is."
"All right."
"Wait.... you're not going to argue with me about it? You're not going to say you're a normal schoolgirl who wants to lead a normal life and doesn't care about battling to save the planet?" the wombat looked incredulous.
"No, I believe it. And a normal life doesn't sound that fantastic. Battling to save the planet sounds a lot more interesting."
"You just believe that you have magical powers?"
"Wouldn't you believe you had magical powers if a flying green wombat told you it was so? I either have magical powers, or I'm cracking up. But being a magical girl would explain things about me... where my parents are. Why I'm always late. Why no one recognizes me when I change my clothes. Why I can eat mountains of sweets without gaining an ounce."
"Oh... well, I'm Tuck. And you are Maiden Mesmeric!" he spun around in a dance that looked a little bit like the Hora, and a peacock feather and a silver bow pendant appeared in front of me.
"Also known as Marian Loxley... so how do I work this?"
"Say 'Meritorious Merry Maiden Metamorphasis'!"
"Meritorious Merry Maiden Metamorphasis!"
"Wow... that was very different...."

"So the evil one is..."

Tuck suddenly bolted upright.
"Maiden Mesmeric! There's a monster nearby! He's probably here to kill me, or steal happiness and light from innocent civilians. You must fight him!"
"I sense him!" I shouted, taking off towards the park like a rocket. And there the monster was, a huge green derby hat with fangs in the rim, and long tentacles. His tentacles grabbed an ice cream cone from a little girl, who promptly burst into tears.
"HAHA!" laughed a voice. Standing in the air was a plump man dressed in red velvet- a doublet, a muffin cap, and tight breeches. A silver star gleamed on his chest.
"The Sheriff!" Tuck gasped.
"MAXARONIC!" shouted the monster.
"Go, Maxaronic! Once everyone in this park is made miserable, our powers will be increased for no adequately explored reasons!"
"Stop it!" I cried. "Can't you see that stealing ice cream from children is bad?"
"I don't care!" shouted the sheriff. "Now, steal those crepes... the chocolate ones!"
"Not the chocolate!" I gasped.
"MAXARONIC!" the monster hat's tentacles shot towards the crepe vendor.
"Quick, Maiden Mesmeric! Shoot the monster with your bow! Say 'Ambrosial Arrow Annihilate'!"
"Ambrosial Arrow Annihilate!" I let the arrow fly into the heart of the monster.
"MAXARONIC!!!!!" It screamed as it shrivelled into a pile of dust.
"Meddling girl!" The Sheriff cried. "I'll get you back for this!"
"No, you won't! Ambrosial Arrow Annihilate!" I shot the Sheriff right in the middle of his bulging stomach.
"OH.... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" He fell dead from the air, like a fat floating man that had been shot in the stomach by an arrow made of pure energy.

Tuck stared at me. "You.... you killed the Sheriff."
"Yes!" I struck a V-for-Victory pose.
"You weren't supposed to kill the Sheriff in your first battle... he was supposed to provide enemies for you to fight for the entire first season!"
"Oh.... oops. Well, what does that mean?"
"It means the writing staff has to come up with a new villian somewhat related to the story of Robin Hood without infringing on anyone's copyrights!"
"Oh.... Um.... sorry?"
Tuck rubbed between his eyes with a chubby paw. "We'll think of something. Most magical girls scream and run when they face their first monster, or make some mistake and have to be saved by their True Love (TM). But thanks to you being so indelicate, you may not meet your True Love (TM)."
"So you're saying that me being competent means I'll never find love?"
"It's sure shaping up that way, sister. Come on, I'll go give you more expositional flashback. Buy some Haagen-Daz- this is going to take awhile."

"So what have we established this episode?"
"Absolutely nothing that will advance the plot."

17th January 2007, 03:46 AM
Ok, I've drawn from a hat, and our first genre shall be:


Now everyone, get back to posting!

Master Rudy
20th January 2007, 02:57 AM
I do mean to post in this but right now my creative levels are pretty much running on empty. As far as the weekend goes I'll see what I can do ^_~

21st January 2007, 04:58 PM
Ok, Rudy, you have an excuse, the rest of you...WHERE ARE YOU!?

21st January 2007, 11:16 PM
Ok, Rudy, you have an excuse, the rest of you...WHERE ARE YOU!?

I've been posting, but on top of that I'm having a family crisis, and I have gallstones. Where's everyone elses excuse?

22nd January 2007, 04:16 PM
(raises hand)

Flu. Sorry.


22nd January 2007, 05:34 PM
ok, Mewtwo and Blade have an excse. But the rest of you (I'm looking at you two CT and Toxicity) post already!

22nd January 2007, 09:01 PM
Terone Nemast


After the whole ordeal and listening to the man about what is happening to this world plus watching Jane and Jack run into an invisible barrier, it made me think. Maybe we will run into those scientists that did this to me. One, I needed to know what they did. Two, when I find out what they did, I can fix a few things and three after they are done doing some changes, I will pummel them into a bloody pulp. Then I will contact the authorities to pick them up.

"Okay, we know that strange things will happen but what will happen?" I asked.

"Maybe a enemy of Prince Gisbourne will appear."

I turned around to see this Sailor Girl just standing there.

"Okay, who are you and who is this Prince Gisbourne you speak?" I asked.

"Hello, I explained everything." She said.

"You did, I didn't notice." I said.

"I am Marian Loxley ... A.K.A Maidam Mesmeric ... " She said.

"Okay, that is enough information."

"What do you mean it is enough information? I haven't told you about Prince Gisbourne yet." Marian yelled.

I ignored her. Like I really cared about this Prince ... what was his name again? Nevermind, I need to focus on the moment at hand. Thanks to these Council people, anything can happen. Like an army of strong soldiers with powerful tanks coming right at us. What a minute ... is that? Not it can't be. Are those tanks that I hear?

"Okay, note to self. Stop saying or thinking anything. It will just get you killed." I said into my portable recorder.

Master Rudy
24th January 2007, 07:08 AM
The fun part of playing a spy? I can pull off both action/adventure AND espionage! ^_~
Yes I know this is suppose to be parody but so far I've played David as what I think to be the straight man of the group. Expect mainly action with some good humor tossed in (these posts ARE A/A after all!)
Oh and there is a link to a sound clip. It took me forever to find and it goes with the character and his job so if it doesn't auto play when you click on it you BETTER listen to it! I will however advise Brandy to NOT listen to it! :P

David Johnson
"So what now?" Andrew had asked in response to everything that was going on. In all honesty I had no clue. In my mind the best thing to do was investigate what had happened. "Well I'll tell you what I think we should do once we find them" Brigh said. Giving a little chuckle I whispered to Moth "I'll bet $20 she'll want to blow them all up." Moth appeared bored with the whole debate in general but the propect of violence seemed to amuse her slightly. Personally I had the feeling that in turn helped her mood a bit. "While I usually care not for such trivial and meaningless bets I shall take it. I will say that Brigh will opt for an approach that is less messy and use her rifle. Either way both have the desired effect do they not?" I just shruged as I turned back towards Brigh. With a wicked grin on her face and a block of C4 in her hand she said "I say we hunt them down, find whatever foxhole those bastards are hiding in and then blow them all to hell!" Now it was my turn to grin as I turned towards Moth with an outstretched hand. The grin however did not last long because out of the corner of my eye I saw what appeared to be a laser sight right on Marian's chest. Without missing a beat I rushed her and tackled her to the ground. "GET DOWN!" She was knocked out of the way just in time but I wound up taking the hit. The bullet only grazed my left arm. It wasn't a serious injury and could be taken care of in the field but at the first chance I got I was going to have the doctors at CTU treat it properly.

Shortly after the first shot there was chaos all over and bullets flying. Everyone was smart enough to find some kind of cover. As for me and Brigh we were at the front of the pack since were the one armed with guns. As I tried to poke my head out to see what we were dealing with an odd thing happened. I didn't know if I was hearing things but there was a beeping sound almost like a clock and it was soon joined by some very dramatic music (http://www.songfacts.com/ringtones/polyphonic_ringtones/24tvtheme/14/songfacts/24-tv-theme/us/4552.php). To add to the confusion it was almost as if I heard it before......

From beyond the 4th wall......
From seemingly out of nowhere the 24 theme music kicked up and our posts went into the famous split screen format as the yellow clock appeared in the center almost tauntingly:


"What the hell? What did you do Rudy?" MC asked sounding very confused. I shrugged and said "Don't look at me Myst! I didn't do it!" Just then we heard some voices from another room. Getting up the two of us went to take a look and saw two men in another room messing with the RPG topic on a computer. However instead of being in the form of words it had video clips of people whom I assumed were our characters in a Windows Movie Maker file. "And who the hell are you guys?" MC asked. One of the guys was about to answer but with a huge smile on my face I said "Hey! It's Jon Cassar and Carlos Bernard! What's up guys!?" MC was perplexed at the fact that I was greeting them like old friends despite the fact that I've never met them face to face. Meanwhile Asi and Kuro who had also heard us talking came to see what was going on. While Asi didn't know Jon by sight she knew who Carlos was and let out an obvious groan of annoyment and walked away. Kuro who was now also confused looked at me and said "While I don't know what's going on I'm going to assume these guys have something to do with 24. Hence the reason for annoyment?"

Carlos nodded and said "Yeah that's right. Jon was just wanting to add some of his trademark flair as well as some of the action stereotypes since this is acton/adventure but......" Before he could finish talking Jon quickly butted in and said "YES!IAMDIRECTORMAN!!!!!I......direct.....YES!!!!TH ATSRIGHT!!!DIRECT!!!!!!" Blade who was also in the room sighed. "Dammit.....I was wondering why the hell the coffee was disappearing. Anyway I'm going to go get lunch. Taco Bell sound good everyone?" Carlos frowned and then shruged at the suggestion. "Well I'm not one for racial stereotypes but what the hell. Sounds good kid." Job on the other hand was much more excited over it. "YES!!!!TACOBELLHEADFORTHEBORDERAMIGO!!!!!!AND..... .the chalupa......DROPTHECHALUPA!!!!!"

Back to David.....
Risking a quick poke of my head over the car I was ducked behind I got a quick look at what we were dealing with. Brigh was across the street behind the side of a building. "Looks like they want to make finding them easy Dave!" she shouted from her cover point. While popping out for a quick shot and another look I yelled back. "Yeah but we won't be making any progress if we get killed! I saw a sniper on the roof. 10 o'clock! Two more closing in towards you on the street. Looks like they've got AK's and pineapples. I've got them. You ready?!" With nothing more than a nod with both jumped out to hit our targets. Brigh fired several rounds at the sniper. She only caught him in the leg but that was all we needed because he lost his footing and fell to his death. Meanwhile I was down to my last three bullets but that was more than I needed. No sense in going for the chest since they had armor on so I quicked dropped the goons with two quick headshots. As I returned to cover to load my last clip into my Sig I heard Brigh shout back at me. "Dammit! I'm out David!" That wasn't good at all. Taking a quick look I saw three more coming from a building down the road. With no other options I put the safety on my Sig so it wouldn't discharge by mistake and tossed it to Brigh. "15 plus one in the pipe! Give me covering fire and space out your rounds!"

Pulling out my .45 the two of us layed down a good amount of fire so I could make it over to the two guys I downed. As the men after us scrambled for cover I quickly grabbed a grenade, pulled the pin and rolled it towards the mercs. It wound up rolling under the car they took cover behind. Now all I had to do was distract them before they noticed. This had to work.....otherwise I was dead. Dropping my weapon I put my hands up and shouted "I surrender! Don't shoot!" To my surprise they actually fell for it. The man that appeared to be the leader said "The Council wants to have some words with you Agent Johnson. What do you have to say for yourself?" I still had the pin in my hand so with a little smirk I replied "One thing." With that I let the pin fall to the ground. "Do you guys like pineapples?" Almost on cue as the pin hit the ground the car blew up taking two of the men with it and leaving the leader a little worse for wear.

Picking my gun up again I quickly scanned for more mercs but that appeared to be it. I slowly walked over to the leader as he tried to make it back to his feet and gave him a quick kick to the ribs. "I suggest you stay on the floor. It suits scum like you just fine. Now your going to tell me who the hell you are and what the fuck The Council is. And finally your going to tell me what they want with me and my friends." Despite being beaten this man was still wanting to play the tough guy. "Go to hell Johnson." With that he spit on my shoe. If this was how he wanted to play I knew just how to soften him up. I simply shot him in the kneecap. As he rolled onto his back and yelled I placed my foot on the knee I just shot and slowly started to press down. Men like this always irritated me but everyone had a breaking point. "If you don't tell me what I want to know then it'll just be a question of how much you want it to hurt. And if you think I'm hurting you right now trust me.....I'm not. Those are simple questions. If you don't answer them then so help me god when I'm finished with you, you're gonna wish that you felt this good again. NOW TELL ME WHO THE COUNCIL IS!!!"


Once again behind the wall......
I was quite impressed with the way my post turned out with Jon's help. "Nice job" I said. "You've managed to do what I've been trying to do all along and capture elements of all my favorite fictional spies in that post. Just one thing Jon. David may be CTU but this isn't 24. You mind if we cut out the clock altogether?" Jon just quickly grabbed a Cubs mug on the desk, drank another cup of coffee in one gulp and then looked at me with crazy eyes. "THECLOCK?!?!?!IT......speaks......THECLOCKSPEAKSTO ME!!!!!YOURRUNNINGOUTOFTIME!!!!" Carlos grabbed the mug out of the director's hand and shouted at him "Hey! Did I say you could use MY mug?!"

Insane enough? I tried to save quick in character jokes for the start and threw all the weird stuff into the 4th wall parts. Now that I see no one is afraid to break that wall (or mock episode recaps for that matter)expect me to do the same. This RPG is no longer safe from my mind! :P

Kuro Espeon
24th January 2007, 06:54 PM
I am swamped with school work at the moment, but seeing as it's my genre up first I'll try to get a post up this weekend. Sorry, bear with me.

Master Rudy
27th January 2007, 05:08 AM
Is somebody going to post? I thin many of us are waiting for something to happen.

27th January 2007, 02:25 PM
I'll post tonight, I swear - the flu is mostly broken, and I have a somewhat funny idea I wanna employ before we switch genres... ;)

Just give me a few more hours, OK?

28th January 2007, 12:56 AM
Right, sorry for the double-post; I like to look back at the last few replies, and I seem unable to do that with the 'Go Advanced' feature when editting a post, so... yeah.

(rubs hands together)

Here we go...



Andrew tilted his head as Marian's flashback ended - how he managed to see it, he didn't know.

'Oh, well...' Andrew thought with a shrug. 'I'm not complaining, so long as I got to see Marian strut her stuff - she's cute. ^_^'

Andrew smiled dopily at Marian, who didn't seem to be paying attention to him.

Just then, his smile faded; a confused look replaced it.

'Wait,' he thought, 'why did I add two arrows and an underbar to that thought for no reason...?'

Andrew put a finger to his chin, a little thought bubble containing a '?' appearing over his head. But suddenly, a rumbling sound reached his ears, causing the bubble to pop.

"So what now?" he asked, referring to the faint rumbling noise.

No one else seemed to hear it over Brigh's threatening banter, which was cut abruptly short when David ran in out of nowhere and tackled Marian to the ground, a bullet whizzing past his arm just nanoseconds later!

"David! Marian!" Andrew gasped, running over to his fallen friends and kneeling down. "Are you guys alright!?"

David started to answer, but his reply was once again cut off as what sounded like a scene from Saving Private Ryan unfolded all around us. Bullets were being fired every which way, tanks began to roll down every side street for blocks, several fighter jets and helicopters zoomed overhead, and several dozen armored mercenaries armed with various weapons began to barrel down on the former apartment tenants from the opposite side of the street.

"Retreat!" David hollered, grabbing Marian and Andrew and pulling them back to the ruins of the apartment building.

"You two stay here!" he instructed, pulling out his gun. "Stay out of the line of fire - I'll handle these guys!"

Before Andrew could protest, David leapt over the debris scattered about and charged into the warzone, where Brigh was already hard at work mowing down everything that moved further down the street.

"Stay here?" Marian scoffed behind Andrew, getting to her feet. "Ha, not likely! The magical Maiden Mesmeric is more than a match for these jerks! Outta my way!"

"But Marian, wait...!" Andrew whined, reaching after her. "Marian...! Be careful out there!"

She was already out of earshot.

'Awwww, maaaaaaaaan..." Andrew moaned, peering helplessly into the cloud of dust and chaos obscuring the street in front of him. "This was so NOT in the brochure when I moved here..."

A small object flew through the air and bounced off Andrew's head, coming to rest a few feet behind him.

"Owww...!" Andrew whined, rubbing his head and turning to pick up the object. "Stupid pinecones..."

Failing to take note of the fact that said 'pinecone' was a dark greenish-black color or of the fact that it was ticking, Andrew tossed it over his shoulder with a grunt.


Several chunks of metal and assorted body parts flew threw the air, including an eyeball that bounced and rolled over the broken wall and came to rest a few feet in front of Andrew. It looked up at him with a blank, inquisitive look.

Andrew frowned.

"What're you lookin' at?" he grumbled.

The eyeball didn't answer.

Andrew narrowed his eyes.

"Little smartass..." he huffed, looking away.

The eyeball rolled over.

Andrew tried not to look back, but a moment later, his gaze returned to the eyeball, which was now looking off to the right. Andrew followed its gaze.

Some fifty feet away, a Chinook helicopter had landed, mercenaries spilling out of it like gumballs out of an overturned vanding machine, a la Godzilla. When the last of the mercenaries had disbanded, the chopper remained behind, sitting idly amidst the wreckage of the street. The only sign of life Andrew could see on-board was the pilot, who Andrew could see through the windshield holding a bottle.

Andrew retreated behind the wall, a little lightbulb flashing on over his head, then burning out. Annoyed, Andrew reached up and tapped it with his finger; the lightbulb flickered and re-lit.

Smiling in satisfaction, Andrew snuck along behind the wall, getting as close to the chopper as he could without being spotted. Ducking behind a fallen lamppost, he combat-crawled along the ground until he was right alongside the chopper. He glanced both ways, making sure nobody was watching him (which of course they weren't, but it's expected that someone would be, so he had to look just for the sake of looking), and then he turned and jumped up into the chopper, pulling the door shut behind him.

Andrew looked around - as he'd hoped, the chopper was abandoned, save for the pilot, who was still in the cockpit (snicker). Andrew walked up to the cockpit (snicker) and peered over the pilot's shoulder ever so cautiously...

The pilot was passed out, a near-empty bottle of scotch laying on the floor just below his slack right hand. The man snored deeply, but otherwise didn't react at all to Andrew's presence.

Andrew grinned and pulled the guy out of his seat, then took his place at the helm.

"You booze, you lose." he said to the inebriated pilot with a grin before turning to the controls. "Now, how do you fly this thing...?"

Andrew pushed a series of buttons, none of which did anything more interesting then cause a few lights to flash and blink. He pulled on a large lever beside the steering wheel...

The chopper's twin rotors began to spin, slowly at first but then faster and faster, until they were just blurs of movement. The helicopter lifted off the ground and took to the skies, swaying slightly as Andrew tried to figure out the controls.

"Uh, let's see here..." Andrew muttered. "This thing turns it on... this thing steers..."

His eyes fell on what looked like a joystick with a trigger mounted atop it. Just above the joystick was a screen depicting a bunch of small colored blips moving about on it, with a single whitish-yellow blob in the center.

"Oh, cool!" Andrew said with a big smile. "Pac-Man!"

Andrew grabbed the joystick and moved it about, a set of crosshairs appearing on the screen and darting around.

"Wokka-wokka-wokka-wokka-wokka-wokka..." Andrew babbled as the crosshairs flew around, eventually landing on a green blip and flashing red.

"Power pellet!" Andrew yelled triumphantly, pulling the trigger.

A missile dislodged itself from the side of the helicopter and whizzed through the air, slamming into the barrel of a tank rolling down the street, blowing it to bits.

"Ha-HA!" Andrew cheered "Bonus points!"

Andrew pushed down on the steering mechanism; the helicopter zoomed down over the street, raining destruction down on random mercenaries without realizing it.

'This is awesome!' he thought. 'I don't even need any quarters!'


Kind of a sucky ending, but... oh well.


28th January 2007, 01:28 AM
Jack Scarecrow
"TELL ME WHO THE COUNCIL IS!" David barked, shaking the semi-concious soldier. Before the man could answer, David shook him again.


"Why don't you try giving him a chance to answer?" Jack remarked a he, Jane, Brigh and Seyelin looked over his shoulder.

David stopped shaking him and glared at him.


The soldier was about to speak up, there was an explosion just behind them, sending the group flying, and unfortunately killing their prisoner.

"God Dammit!" David cursed.

"And right before he was going to answer too," Brigh muttered.

"Well what did you expect?" Seyelin scoffed, "Did you think they'd reveal who the council were this early?"

Everyone gave Seyelin a funny look. But before anyone could say anything, the sound of a chopper filled the air.

The five looked up to see a chopper flying towards them. Piloting it none other than...Andrew?

"Andrew!" Jack called, waving his arms around, "Get your butt down here and get us out of here!"

However, instead of landing and picking them up like they wanted. The chopper fired a missile at them. The five managed to dodge it before being incinerated by it.

"What the hell is that moron doing!?" shrieked Jane in anger.

"That idiot," David muttered, "He doesn't realize it's us!"

"I'll kill him," Brigh snarled, pointing her guns at the chopper. Jack intervened.

"Let's think about this! He has a chopper! You and David are out of ammo, me and Seyelin can't reach that thing and Jane's spears and arrows aren't going to do crap against that thing!"

"Then what do you suggest!"

"Run from that thing until it runs out of fuel! Then we kill him!"

The five of them nodded before taking off away from the chopper.

Just to clear things up, Andrew has no idea he's firing on his friends. As far as he knows, he's playing Pac Man.

28th January 2007, 03:26 AM
~Jane Fox~
Somehow Jane saw it all coming

It was finally happening....
The Apes had managed to dig themselves out of their primitive ways and were using the tools of man to fulfill their deepest desires---KILLING US ALL!
Or maybe they were only PLAYING dumb all this time, maybe they ALWAYS had this technology and were just waiting for the day I would be caught off guard. Damn you apes, damn you filthy apes.
"APES!!!!! You cant hide behind the tools of man! Behind that metal dragonfly your just a DAMN DIRTY APE!"
I tied a rope that came out of nowhere to the spear I pulled out of my ass. (not literally you sickoes) Tossing the spear as hard as I could I wedged it into a part of the flying beast and began to climb the rope nimbly. Doing a flying leap I landed on the top of the machine and ducking to avoid the blades I began to pound on the top of it furiously with a club.
"Damn you apes....you killed my father.......PREPARE TO DIE!!!"
Just a lil short random thing lol sorry if it sucks >.<

28th January 2007, 12:02 PM
Terone Nemast



That was one way to describe it. The world was falling apart. And worse Andrew was in a helicopter and he was shooting at us. I have heard about his video game obsession but this takes everything to the ultimate limit. I had to do something.

"Let's think about this! He has a chopper! You and David are out of ammo, me and Seyelin can't reach that thing and Jane's spears and arrows aren't going to do crap against that thing!" Jack said.

They couldn't do anything but I could. Had they forgotten that I was part beast? I had wings. I could fly up their and knock some sense into him? But how? The minute I flew up into the air, he would fire at me and I would be a bloody mess. I had to think this clearly.

"Damn you apes....you killed my father.......PREPARE TO DIE!!!"

That's when I saw Jane on the helicopter trying to get Andrew's attention and it was working. For once in my life, I had to thank Jane's survival obsession. If she was born an ordinary girl, I might have never had the chance to be able to stop him without her ape ranting.

"Okay, guys. I need some extra distraction. I am going to stop Andrew from killing us." I said to David and Brigh.

I stretched my wings out as I was preparing to get up into the air. David and Brigh pointed their guns up. I started to run as my wings stretched open and I jumped. Suddenly, I was in the air and starting to head towards the chopper. Andrew did start to notice me but the fire of David and Brigh's guns distracted him enough so I could get a sneak attack. As I turned, I arrived the right side of the chopper. I pulled the door out and threw it to the ground watching it nearly hit Jack.

"Sorry about that." I said to Jack.

Then I got in the chopper and grabbed Andrew.

"Who are you doing? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US?" I yelled at him.

Unfortunately, he let go of the controls and the chopper started to spiral down. I pushed him to the side and grabbed the controls but I had a problem. I had no knowledge of flying this thing.

"HELP!!!" I yelled.

So, in recap, Terone stops Andrew from killing the group but he is another situation; he doesn't know how to pilot the chopper.

Kuro Espeon
28th January 2007, 01:20 PM
Yay! I'm back! Just in time for my genre! Miss me? *cricket noises* Oh, screw you guys....

(EDIT: I had to edit because Inferno managed to post right before I did, so I had to change mine a bit to put his part in the middle.)

As the helicopter, piloted by Andrew, barreled down on them, the group was making tracks, quite literally. Kicking up a large cloud of dust as they ran back and forth, forth and back, it seemed almost hopeless. But Brigh was never one to just give up and die! No sir! Stand your ground and keep fighting until your very last breath, that was her family motto! And she wasn't going down without a fight!! Brigh turned on a heel and skidded to a stop, facing down the helicopter with determination burning in her eyes (OOC: Ouch...).

"For the honor and bravery of the Dangerfields! Come and get me, you son of a--" *BLAM* "SHIT!" She jumped out of the way just in time to barely avoid the next missle that had been launched from the helicopter as it exploded on the ground, sending her tumbling off to the side and leaving an unnecessarily large, smoldering, black crater. She jumped back up, completely oblivious to the fact that the end of her braid was singed and smoking, and took off running, quickly catching up with the rest of the group. As she came up along side David, he turned and raised an eyebrow. (OOC: they're all still running, btw)
"What happened to 'honor and bravery'?"
"Screw honor! I wanna live!!"
Just then a rain of bullets nipped at their heels, accompanied by Andrew's manic laughter, and something that sounded like 'Take that, you bastard Blinky!!'
"ANDREW, YOU DUMBASS!! STOP FIRING!!" Jack screamed up at the helicopter as a bullet shot through his straw-filled torso.
"But I almost have the high score!" Andrew yelled back down.
"I'm gonna get the high score on kicking your ass if you don't stop trying to kill us!" Exomus roared, galloping along at full speed with Laura on his back.

Terone finally took action and flew up to the side of the helicopter and ripping the door off it's hinges. He managed to get the controls away from Andrew, but quickly realized that he didn't know how to fly it either.
"Help!" he yelled out. Great. Just Great.
It was just then that Brigh noticed something odd. Something shocking. Something unavoidably bad. With death and carnage behind them, they really only had one way to run, and they happened to be running right toward a cliff that lined the river that conveniently ran past the <Yet To Be Named> Apartment buildings (or at least what was left of it...). On top of that, with a glance back over her shoulder, she saw that he last of Andrew's barrage of bullets, that had probably been shot off by accident as Terone tried to work the controls, was headed straight for a large fuel tank that had been unlodged in the earthquake.
"They're gonna hit the tank!! Everybody get ready to jump!" Brigh yelled out to the group at large. The all nodded with understanding, and not a moment too soon. Right as the bullet hit the tanker, a slow-motion sequence began.

----*Beyond the Fourth Wall*----
"A Slow-motion sequence? How the hell do you do that in an online RPG?" Mystic clown asked as he peered over Kuro's shoulder.
"Well, there's always a slow-motion sequence in every action movie I've ever seen!" Kuro replied, clacking away on the keyboard. "Besides, it's been done before. Just ask Asi."
"Hey, don't bring me into this!" Asi replied from the kitchen where she was making ramen noodles, "That fanfic was a long time ago!"
"Fanfic?" MC questioned, looking at the door to the kitchen.
"Don't ask," said Kuro with a dismissive wave of her hand, "just watch the carnage unfold."
----*Back in the RPG*----
(Insert Slow-motion graphic techniques Here)
All sound was temporarily muted.
Everyone in the group jumped in unison, posing dramatically as they leapt over the cliff, the firey inferno from the explosion growing slowly larger in the background. The force of the exploding tank managed to knock the helicopter off balance, sending it into a (slow-motion) tailspin. It dislodged Jane from the roof and Andrew and Terone from the cockpit and sent them both flying in the direction of the river. As all of the bodies hit the water, the slow-motion sequence ended, bringing the scene back to normal speed and the bringing the sound back with a collective 'SPLASH'.

Brigh came to the surface a short time later, sputtering as she attempted to dislodge the water from her lungs. Luckily there was no current that day so the water was all but still. She was joined a moment later by the rest of the gang, all of whom were now soaked and scowling. All except for Andrew, who emerged from the water with his fists held triumphantly in the air.
"Aaaaalright!! That was righteous!! WOOOooohoooo!! Woooo-- what?"
Andrew finally noticed the round of glares he was getting from the other 11 people in the water. They all began to advance on him with malicious intent.
"What's wrong guys, wasn't that AWESOME? ...Hey! What're you doing?! No! StoBLUBBLUBBLUB!! *FLAIL*" Andrew was cut off as they all grabbed him and dunked him under the water.

"Ah, teamwork at it's best... how moving!" came a woman's voice from above them. Temporarily distracted, they all let go of Andrew, giving him time to return to the surface, coughing. They looked up at the ledge where they had just jumped from and saw a female figure in a long black coat standing on the edge, her face completely hidden by a large hood. She crossed her arms over her chest and chuckled. "You'll never be able to stand against the Council if you continue to act like squabbling children, I'm afraid."
"You!" David yelled, pointing up at her accusingly, "You're one of the Council, aren't you?!"
"Wow, you're fast." She replied sarcastically, "Wouldn't expect any less from the international super spy, David Johnson."
"You...know my name?"
"Of course I do, David! I know all of you! As do the rest of my esteemed colleages. It's an unfair advantage, I know. But, hey! We're the villains, after all! It wouldn't be a good RPG without the baddies being at an advantage at the beginning!"
"What do you want from us?" Jane demanded, trying to locate and arm her bow and arrow in the middle of the river. The mysterious woman was silent for a few seconds and they could almost hear her blinking.
"What? Weren't you paying attention to the strange old man from before? We want the Gem of Incredible-But-Never-Really-Explained-Powers! And, unfortunetly, you all are in our way. So you need to die."
"Oh," Said Andrew, who was calculating what she had just said on his fingers, "Well, that make sense I g... wait! How do you know about the old man?!"
"Er! Well.. uh... because I know everything, that's why! Stop asking stupid questions! I'm evil, dammit!"

Brigh had already swam over the edge of the river and clambered onto the shore. She stood up and pulled out her katanas from nowhere(OOC: don't ask where she was keeping them...), glaring up at the mystery woman with clenched teeth.
"You'll never take us alive, you cow!!"
"Tch. Well, duh!" The woman snapped her fingers, which should've been impossible since she was wearing gloves, and instantly, 8 or 9 artillary tanks appeared on the ledge around her, their massive guns pointed downward.
"SHIT! Artillary!" cried Brigh.
*SNAP* Soldiers with missle launchers joined the ranks.
"Shit! Missle launchers!"
*SNAP* Black-clad figures popped out of the shadows and surrounded them.
"Shit! Ninjas!"

"Well, I hate to comdemn you to your deaths and run, but I have an evil meeting to get to. Toodles!" The cloaked woman waved her hand in an inappropriately cheery manner and faded away as if by magic. As Brigh was joined on the banks of the river by the rest of her neighbors, she couldn't help but notice that they were outnumbered.
"...well, this sucks..."

Wow, that was long... *Dies*

30th January 2007, 12:04 AM
Well, while I'm here...



Andrew looked around at his friends nervously.

He, David, Brigh, Laura, Exomus, Terone, Jack, Jane, Marian, Moth, Seyelin, and Frederick were standing on the shore of the <Yet to be named> River, facing down a veritable army of soldiers and ninjas backed up by a fleet of tanks.

"What do we do now?" Andrew asked, shaking his head as he glanced over the droves of enemies preparing to tear him and his housemates to pieces.

"Obviously we stand no chance in a frontal assault against enemy forces this numerous." Moth mused. "We require a strategy if we are to have any chance of survival against these assailants."

Andrew blinked, a '?' appearing over his head.

"Wha...?" he asked.

"We need a plan if we wanna beat this guys without getting ourselves killed in the process." Jack translated, rolling his bloodshot eyes.

"Ohhhhh..." Andrew said, realization dawning on him.

The ninjas took a step closer towards the twelve tennants.

"OK, guys..." David said, hands in his pockets. "You thinking what I'm thinking...?"

Brigh smiled ever so slightly and nodded, as did Jane, who caught on fast enough.

"Ready..." David whispered as the ninjas advanced closer. "In 3... 2... 1...



The next split-second was like something out of Mission:Impossible. Everyone dropped to the ground or leapt into the air as Jane, Brigh, and David leapt together, backs against one another as they unleashed a spinning storm of throwing knives, shells, and bullets (respectively) on the ninjas, felling a good dozen of them instantly. The remaining ninjas raised their weapons and attacked...

At the same time, Moth and Seyelin leapt forward, claws and fangs tearing the ninjas asunder in a shower of blood.

Terone and Exomus (whose back Laura quickly mounted for protection) roared and charged, ripping more of the ninjas to pieces, their brute strength more than protecting them from the slashing katanas and shurikens flying about.

Marian leapt into the air with the grace of a swan and, somehow invulnerable to the destruction about her, morphed into her superheroine form (which Andrew almost got stabbed in the head for being too busy watching) and began firing silvery arrows every which way, some of which impaled unsuspecting ninjas and others striking down the commandos over the hill.

Jack and Frederick charged forward, wooden cross and rapier raised in front of them like a shield until he swung it, knocking the ninjas aside like rag dolls or just impaling them on the cross's spiked tips.

The ninjas being taken care of without their help, David, Brigh, and Jane began to open fire on the tanks and soldiers over the hill, who, being villians, seemed to hit everything BUT the twelve tennants. Missiles exploded, bullets fired, and grenades flew, but nothing could strike the tenants - only the ground and river around them, opening huge craters everywhere.

That just left Andrew, who had been cowering behind a rock up to this point.

'What am I doing?' Andrew scolded himself mentally. 'I have to help my friends!'

Andrew stepped forward, his knees shaking as he fumbled with his pockets.

"Must be brave... Must be brave... Must be brave..." Andrew stuttered.

'I'm gonna die... I'm gonna die... I'm gonna die.' he thought.

Slowly and shakily, Andrew withdrew a roll of dental floss and several paper clips from his pockets. He quickly unbent the paper clips and tied them together, forming a single curved line of thin metal. Quickly, he tied the dental floss around the line, forming a three-foot length of curved, semi-durable metal wrapped in floss, which he pulled taut from one end to the other, creating a makeshift bow.

Smiling in satisfaction, Andrew bent down and picked up a thin stick, a missile flying through the exact spot where his head had been a second earlier.

Standing up straight again, oblivious the the massive explosion right behind him, Andrew loaded the stick into his bow like an arrow and took aim at the nearest mercenary, who was aiming at Jack. Andrew pulled back...


The bow snapped, causing the arrow to fly back and spear Andrew through the eye.


"YEOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!" Andrew screamed, running about flailing his arms. "Oh, sweet Jesus, I'm blind!!! Call an ambulance! Call the police! Call Superman!"

Andrew ran in circles frantically, and then, he dashed off into the bushes.


Twenty feet up the ridge, a lone mercenary armed with a missile launcher took aim at Jack. Jack didn't seem to notice, being too busy spearing and clubbing ninjas down below. Jack swung his cross, sending another ninja crashing to the ground, and then the scarecrow rose the cross over his head, preparing to spear the fallen ninja through the face.

The missile launcher took his chance - he squeezed the trigger of his weapon...


Andrew burst out of the bushes, stick still embedded in his eye, and inadvertantly tackled the missile launcher, sending them both plunging off the ridge.

Before they fell, however, the missile launcher went off, its aim thrown off by the impact, causing the missile to fire over the ridge and slam into an enemy tank, blowing it up with enough force to send another tank rolling down the embankment, crushing a descending squadron of troops before finally crashing down on the rocks below, blowing it and every surviving trooper within thirty feet to bits!

A second later, the missile-launching mercenary slammed into the ground, dead, and Andrew slammed down on him, the impact jostling the stick loose from his eye and sending it bouncing away harmlessly. Like rubber, Andrew's eye popped back into place, seemingly undamaged by the stick that'd been embedded in it.

Several of Andrew's tenants looked at him in shock, amazed by what'd just happened.

Dazed, Andrew groggily lifted his head and looked up. He glanced lazily around at the decent amount of the enemy resistance he'd subdued.

He smiled weakly.

"Pwn3d..." he muttered triumphantly.

And then, he collapsed into unconsciousness.



1st February 2007, 12:23 AM
Jack Scarecrow
Everyone just stared at the unconcious form.

"Holy crap," Jack muttered after a pregnant silance.

"Yeah," Seyelin replied absently.

David walked over to the unconcious Andrew, shaking him lightly.

"Hey, wake up," he spoke softly, yet firmly. Andrew opened his eyes and sat up as if nothing happened.

"I'm ok."

Jack chuckled and walked over to him, followed shortly by the others.

"Andrew, you really amaze us sometimes."

Andrew grinned proudly.

"Does this mean you guys will finally start giving me the respect I deserve."

The caused Jack to laugh.

"No, we just wont kill you for almost blowing us away with the chopper!"

"Hmm," Brigh put her hand on her chin, "What are we going to do now?"

"Well," Andrew shrugged, "We could go find this gem before the Council does."

"Sounds like a plan. So, how are we going to get there?"

"Well," Jack pointed in a direction, "We could use those bikes."

Sure enough, over by one of the remaining walls of the <yet to be named> apartments were six motorcycles.

"Where did those come from?" Terone asked noone in particular.

"Don't ask," Moth replied, "Just go with it."

"Hmm," David counted the bikes, "There isn't enough for everyone."

"In that case," Andrew shrugged, "The rest could just ride on Exo's back."

"Like hell I'll let everyone ride me!," he giant demon snarled, "I'm a powerful demon of the underworld! Not a packmule!"

"Please Exo?" Laura looked up at her companion pleadingly. Her expression was the kind that made people go 'awwww'. Exo groaned and rolled his eyes.


Laura smiled, "Thank you."

Andrew chuckled and made a whipping motion, complete with sound effects. This earned him a death glare from the giant demon. andrew burst out laughing as everyone went to their respected rides.

1st February 2007, 11:18 AM
Terone Nemast


Although the idea of riding Exodus was a good idea, I didn't need to. I had wings that would allow me to get from point A to point B. Were they invisible to some people? I mean come on. I turned to Exodus and explained everything.

"No need. I have wings that can take me there plus after the helicopter incident, I don't think I will be riding anything mechanical for a long long long time." I said to Exodus.

"It isn't any trouble." Laura said.

"I know but I'd rather do it this way. Plus the feel of wind wiping through my wings is much better anyways." I said.

"Wait, if someone tries to shoot you down?" Moth asked.

"They had better not try to after what we just did to that army back there." I said to Moth as I point to the wreckage of the tanks and such.

"By the way, are my wings invisible or are you people just not paying attention to them? This isn't a rude question, but I really just have to know." I said while getting ready to get up into the air.

1st March 2007, 09:58 PM
*pokes* I know some of you may have a reason for not posting, but...

Where is everyone!?

7th March 2007, 10:55 PM
*pokes* I know some of you may have a reason for not posting, but...

Where is everyone!?

HUGE family crisis- my sister has been having a nervous breakdown. I'll try to think of something...

21st March 2007, 03:15 AM
Although some of you may have your reasons for not posting, I would appreciate it if some of you took the time to post if possible.

4th April 2007, 12:21 PM
Maiden Mesmeric/Marian Loxley
Magical Girl

"Motorcycles, eh?" I struck my trademark pose again. "I guess they'll help us through our cycle. Haha! Wait... that's not actually funny. Pardon me, this hat makes me want to stress certain words in a somewhat punny manner that would not make anyone older than 5 laugh."
"It's okay," Brigh said, patting my arm in an encouraging sort of manner. "We all have things we can't help for no apparent reason."
"Thank you for understanding."
Tuck landed on my shoulders, causing me to sink an inch or two.
"Sweet Sherewood! What have you been eating?"
"I ate everything in your lunchbox... sorry about that. But considering you carry a picnic basket full of food to school every day..."
"I'm a growing girl," I grumbled.
"Anyway, aren't we going to get going into the next genre?"
"Well, none of us know what the next genre is. And while I can ride a motorcycle, and there's a giant... thing and another giant... winged... thing, we should all get moving! Come on, people! We shouldn't drag our feet before this potential great adventure! Let's move boldly into the future! Can I get a hearty 'Huzzah!'?"

I waited for the sound of the hearty huzzahs. That was a pretty good motivational speech I thought.

"Great," muttered Tuck. "If you keep making the corny speeches, your True Love (TM) will have even less reason to show up. You keep usurping his job."
My face fell. "So I can't defeat monsters, I can't make motivational speeches, and I can't crack jokes or be remotely competent, or my True Love (TM) won't show up?"
"Pretty much. You're a magical girl! You're supposed to be incompetent so we can stretch 26 episodes into 338!"

12th April 2007, 01:44 AM
The group was quiet after Maiden Mesmeric's little speech. However, it wasn't her supporting words that caught their attention.

"Giant...winged thing?"

The group looked into the sky to see a bunch of giant, winged beasts flying in their direction. The weren't exactly sure as to what they were, but all they knew was that they were somehting that could chew them up and spit them out.

Sure, Exo may be able to go toe to toe with one of them, but the thing was, there was more then one.

"To the bikes!"

Maiden Mesmeric, Jack, David, Brigh and Andrew grabbed a bike, Jane went on with Jack, not really knowing how to ride one herself and not trusting to ride on Exo, Terone took off into the air and the rest piled onto Exo's back (who grumbled a bit aobut being used as a horse).

With a scream from the engines, and a rumble from Exo, the group took off, with the giant, winged...things in pursut.

Yeah, I know its short, but I'm low on ideas here.

Anyway, the next genre coming up is Fantasy.

15th April 2007, 09:05 PM
Terone Nemast

After taking off in the hour and fleeing for quite a while, Terone was indecisive. They could travel to the ends of the earth and these winged beast would still follow them. We had to get rid of these winged terrors but how? We didn't know anything about them. They could be elemental creatures. Maybe there are all elemental creatures eaching being able to use a different elemental attack. I don't think I could stand a elemental attack. The only one who could was probably Exomus and I don't know if he could handle many direct hits. But we had to do something.

"People, we can't keep on fleeing from them." I said.

"What do you suggest we fight them? Fleeing is the best option." David suggested.

"But we don't know how long this will take. It could on for seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums, etc,etc,etc." I bluntly explained to David.

"Then what do we do?" David asked.

"One of them must the leader of the group. If we take him or her out, then the rest will fall. That's only theory of course. But in logic, it does make a whole lot of sense." I suggested.

"Then who would take it on?" Brigh asked.

"Normally, I would but I don't know how powerful those things are. But seeing Exomus and I are the strongest of the two, it probably it is up to us. Unless someone else has a different plan."