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Darien Shields
18th October 2006, 09:04 PM
I've noticed some odd anomolies while raising berries in this game (compared to guides based on Ruby and Sapphire)

Most promenant is that I've been able to get 5 berries out of any plant. If I water it enough, 5 will come, it seems. (This means I was able to turn a handful of Sitrus berries into 240 in a few days.) Old reports indicate that Sitrus Berries should only have an output of 3 at a maximum, and others less. So, evidently a bit of a switch around here.

I'm rather in favour of this, personally, being a berry maniac (They're free, and you can multiply them endlessly!), but I guess it could, umm... actually, no, there is no downside. More berries, more power.

Although at the same time, the one new berry I've found takes at the very least 48 hours to grow. I think it's actually more than that, but I didn't keep track. It's Number 50 (reassigned. The E-Reader berries are all now at the end of the list), a spiky purple doo-dad. According to Serebii.net it "reduces damage from Dark Types". I have no idea whether this means "when eaten" or just "when held". There are a full range of them, for all types, but I've only found this one so far.

Something else that I just noticed- I was healing up on Sitrus Berries out of battle (hey, when you have over 200, they're more economic than potions), and they were healing about 42 HP a piece. My sources said they restored 30 HP, so this is a bit out of the ordinary. Then again, perhaps they've always restored more out of battle...? I don't know, I didn't keep that close track.

18th October 2006, 09:10 PM
To the higher production: What's not to love?

About that last part, here's my question. What was your Pokemon's max HP at the time? It could be that healing berries will heal a certain percentage of your max HP, like 15% or 20%, for instance.

19th October 2006, 08:02 PM
Sitrus berries always used to heal 30HP in or out of combat. If they're doing more now, it's a change.

The only minor downside to berries is time spent. You could argue that poitions are more economical since you can earn the money equivalent of more potions in a good trainer battle than you would get berries for the same amount of game time played planting, watering and gathering them.

(In point of fact, Pickup is the most efficient way to get healing items)