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24th November 2006, 03:41 PM
I don't have Diamond or Pearl yet; I'm planning to get one sometime soon. I don't read Japanese either (I can read "Flip a coin" from all of my Japanese Pokémon cards, but that's it and I doubt it'll help), so I'll be rather confused when I get it. But I've been planning out teams and movesets all the same. Now, despite the fact that I'm a National Champion I'm actually not the greatest at team design and I'm better at serious double battles than at serious single ones; furthermore, as no major tournaments have occurred that we've been able to look at, we don't know much about how exactly the metagame will work, what with the battle system changes and all.

Long story short, I happen to think that this moveset (for a Ramuparudo/Rampard) is good, but it may not be that good an idea depending on what the metagame and such is like. But here goes:

Ramuparudo @ Salac Berry
Jolly Nature
Unconventional (or whatever it's called) Ability
252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 SD

Rock Cart
Stone Edge

For those of you who don't know or don't have the Serebii translations, Rock Cart is a Rock-type move that increases the user's Speed by 2 (a la Agility) and Stone Edge is a Rock-type physical attack that is a bit inaccurate but has a high critical rate.

So basically, I would lead with a different Pokémon. The ideal situation would be to switch him in against a Pokémon that has no effective attacks against Rock-types. Next turn, while the opponent switches to a more effective Pokemon, Ramuparudo uses Rock Cart. When the better-matched opponent is out and attacks, Ramuparudo uses Endure; its defensive abilities are so terrible that one good Earthquake or something would probably KO it anyway, so Endure (and therefore the Salac Berry) should kick in. The use of Rock Cart, combined with the Berry, should make Ramuparudo much faster than its abysmally low Speed would normally allow, and that coupled with its obscenely high Attack (base 165... only Attack-Forme Deoxys is stronger) should be enough to let him sweep with Earthquake or Stone Edge.

This moveset could also be used for a double battle, but Ramuparudo would have to be paired with something that knows Follow Me so he could have some setup turns with Rock Cart and not die because of his terrible defenses. An opposing Earthquake would be the only conceivable problem there, I guess...

Anyway, what do you think? Did I actually do a good job with this, or is it stupid beyond belief and if I did it in real life people will laugh at me? I really want to be able to use a Ramuparudo, considering I love dinosaurs and this is the first real dinosaur Pokémon we've had (okay, there's the Triceratops-things, but I don't like them as much). Does it work or not?