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Fai D. Flowright
7th December 2006, 02:21 PM
Fragments of Time
Brought to you by: Fai-chan!

The night is silent and calm throughout the forests and plains, but in the distant city, just on the horizon of sunrise, comes an explosion. Smoke and shrapnel burst in all directions as a blur rushes from the disaster zone. One followed by another, the same occurs to various robots on patrol inside the gates of a base. Search lights scan the area as the heavy security machines come to life and begin to chase after the blur, but their chances of capture are low, for this distortion is none other than Sonic the hedgehog!

As the robots tighten the base protection, only one man could be Sonic’s target, the diabolical Dr. Eggman. Inside the control room of his base he watches as Sonic continues to infiltrate and either destroy or dodge each robot that crosses his path. The base begins lock-down as Eggman watches the security cameras from his lab. As one of his servant mecha reports the status of the base protection, Eggman mutters, “Why must that pest always interfere?”

Without a second thought, a voice speaks up from behind him. A small rabbit and her pet chao, Cream and Cheese, are trapped inside of a glass tube surrounded by a large, circular machine. “It’s because you’re always doing nothing but bad things!”

Turning to Cream with a sly smirk upon his face, he takes the upper hand, “Well, he’s too late!” Pulling a large red gem from his back pocket, he begins to explain. “When the last Chaos Emerald is inserted in this machine, my mecha will have infinite power!”

“No! Please stop,” Cream pleas to the doctor! Cheese speaks up as well, making various “chao-chao” sounds in protest. “Sonic won’t let you.” Cream translates from the chao’s comments.

“Nyeheheheheh! All the bulkheads are in place!” Eggman chortles as he approaches the device...

Back outside, Sonic is becoming overwhelmed by the robots and takes a hard hit, but in the nick of time, an aircraft appears out of the night sky! “SONIC!” a childish voice calls from the plane as it descends into the base. Piloting the craft is the two-tailed fox, Tails, with Amy Rose in tow. Closing in on the airborne hedgehog, the machines take quick note of the biplane and begin raining fire upon them, making several hits; enough to put their attempts to save Sonic in vain. As both the hedgehog and the Tornado fall towards the ground, Amy hollers ahead, “What are we going to do, Tails!?”

In only a slight fret, Tails responds, “It’s all right, Amy!” Quietly wishing, “Just a bit further...,” he pulls a lever that fires a missile towards Sonic which cracks open to release a large, shimmering Gold Ring.

As Sonic’s collision with the ground becomes imminent, the ring arrives just in time! Grabbing it from the air, he’s instantly surrounded in a powerful aura. The burst of energy launches Sonic from the surface in a blazing, swirling ball and a low boom as he breaks through the sound barrier. Ricocheting off of the various patrolbots and slicing through even the hardest armor, he quickly makes it to the doors of Eggman’s main laboratory, where he, Cream, and Cheese are all located.

“He won’t be able to break in that easi-” Eggman is cut off as an impact crumbles the wall in the machine room. Sighing in dismay, as if he were to give up, Eggman gives another smirk and quickly turns to an empty chamber in the device's console. Opening the hatch and shoving the last emerald into the slot, he turns back to Sonic, who is standing in the new doorway. “No matter. I’m a step ahead of you.” Frantically pressing buttons on a control pad, he pulls out a small detonator trigger and holds it temptingly. “So, all I have to do is press this button...”

Eggman lets out a nasally laugh, but Sonic cuts off his would-be victory. “How about I just take it from you?” the sarcastic hedgehog taunts, but unknowing to him, a small gunbot appears out of the smoke behind him.

Chuckling more, the doctor makes the reply that would not only ruin his plans, but affect much more than the two of them, “I’d like to see you try!” The robot behind Sonic begins firing, only to miss him as he dashes carelessly around the room. “That’s it! Keep shooting!” Eggman cheers as Sonic comes to land between him and the machine gun. “S-S-S-STOP!” he shouts, but the robot takes the shot! Sonic zips out of the way as Eggman ducks down under the bullet flurry, only to let them impact the delicate machinery behind him! As he stands back up, he locks to his hand to see the button depressed under his thumb. “What have I done?” Bolts of electricity spark all over the console as Eggman, Sonic, Cream and Cheese, as well as Eggman’s servants and the inconspicuous Rouge watch the broken machine explodes with light!

With the Tornado safely landed thanks to Knuckles’ aid, he, Tails, and Amy look on as the entire base is engulfed in a bright light. Amy, in ghastly shock, questions, “What the?”

As the rays of light spread and grow into a dome, the only response heard from Knuckles is a single phrase... “Chaos Control.” The explosion quickly spreads across the land in a burst of energy, surrounding all three in its expansive radius.

While Sonic and all his friends (even some enemies) are taken away to another planet from the Control incident, they survive, unscathed. Yet, the same cannot be said about their home world. In various locations on the planet small disturbances, which look like tears in fabric, begin to appear here and there. Not only are these rips unstable, but many contain or lead to absolute nothingness. As if things weren’t worse enough already, not only are the normal heroes of this world gone, but so are the precious Chaos Emeralds, the only power that could actually reverse the damage.

But through the shades of darkness is a ray of hope! Some of the torn portals lead to fragments of the world’s past; isolated archives of the many areas and zones of the planet. Within many of these is debris and ruins of the robots and machines made by Eggman and destroyed by Super Sonic through their many clashes in history. These parts, devices, and pieces all contain residual Chaos energy from Super Sonic’s aura. If enough of these can be gathered together, the Chaos energy can be pooled and utilized to make a second Chaos Control blast to revert the entire planet to its once former glory.

Yet the question stands... Who of the few remaining population can and WILL stand up to this challenge against time, space, and reality itself?

FORMATIONS: *each team will be made up of three characters, one from each formation type*
Speed: Characters that excel with speed and have a variety of attacks to help move the characters forward through areas quickly and efficiently. These characters have their highest potential with a balance of ground and midair abilities.
Fly: Characters that excel in flight, but have a short list of abilities. While their main potential is to lift the team where the other members can’t go, their major part is to create development within the story and the other characters.
Power: Characters that excel in combat and destruction, these are the ones that enjoy the thrill of the fight. They develop the need for teamwork and help the party get through blockades and enemy waves. Unfortunately, Power characters have little use in midair.

ABILITIES: *those listed in bold are customizable by the character and should be renamed*
Homing Attack: This attack surrounds the character in an energy sphere that automatically homes in on an enemy or object at or below the current height. You can bounce continuously as long as there are things to aim at, but the sphere won’t protect you from attacks.
Spin: The same energy aura surrounds you as you curl into a ball and roll down hills and ramps for big speed boosts.
Rocket Accel: This is an enhanced form of the Spin technique in which your allies pull up close behind you and kick or push you forward with rocket speed! The intense acceleration can be used to attack enemies and weak objects.
Triangle Jump: When the walls are close enough together, this abilities allows you to use Homing Attack to jump between them at an angle. It’s a great way to cross narrow gaps, but you only have a couple seconds after each jump to think about your next move before gravity takes over and you fall.
Tornado Jump: This ability has your character create a strong, spiraling wind that can blow enemies up into the air or tear apart weak objects. In where the wind is near an object that could easily be spiraled up, Tornado Jump will let your character twirl up be thrust forward with a powerful force.
Solo Attack: This is a simple, unique attack that the character can execute when they are all alone.
Specialty: In certain situations, your character may be able to use an inherent ability to help the team. While it can’t attack, it can move the team forward either as an ability by itself or an extension of one of the above abilities.

Flying: Your character’s ability to fly is given by their formation type. While flying is a great way to get set your sights on higher ledges, your character is only so strong and is able to carry everyone for short periods.
Thunder Shoot: This ability allows the character the fling the others members at enemies and objects in order to weaken them or put them in range for the others to attack using their own skills.
Solo Attack: This is a simple, unique attack that the character can execute when they are all alone.

Triangle Dive: The three characters combine together with Power in lead and use air currents to glide through the air. This can be done in various ways, depending on the characters innate abilities or some applicable attribute or object.
Fighting Pose: This pose is the general form your character uses with your teammates to battle and defeat enemies and bust through solid objects. How the character utilizes your allies depends on their fighting style. This can range from martial arts to a basic use of hammerspace.
Fire Dunk: During this attack, the Power character uses the Speed and Flying characters as a sort of ammunition for a cannonball blast at enemies. How your character utilizes this attack should be based upon their Fighting Pose and Combo/Solo Attacks.
Combo/Solo Attacks: While in the Fighting Pose, various moves and abilities can be used in combination with your allies. These attacks, whether with your teammates or not, are extremely power and can destroy most normal enemies and objects. Skills used can vary from punches, slices, and kicks to body presses, hammer swings, and other normal or abstract impacting attacks. (Wisely, it’s best to have your character master a certain style of battle than be average with many.)
Finisher: A unique, but devastating end to a long combo that has a decent attack radius. As with the other abilities of Power characters, this attack should have some kind of common theme with their other attacks.

Name: A short, simple, representative name (full names or those that can’t be nicely shortened can be used, but should include a nickname)
Age: Anywhere from 5 to 20
Gender: Male or Female (if applicable)
Appearance: Please include good details that include any clothing, standout traits, and the animal your character is based on. I will also accept 1 or 2 people as robots, but the rest must be all or mostly animals (having an appendage or whatnot roboticized is acceptable)
Personality: Standard, just include nice details.
Formation: You character’s role in your team, as listed above.
Abilities: The abilities of your character for their formation type, as listed above. (Only the bolded abilities need to be listed here)
Teammates/Name: The name of your team (Team ‘Something or other’), which should have some basis with your characters, and your teammates names. Leave this blank for now, as teams will be decided randomly.
Team Blast: An ability that combines the powers of all three members at one time. Include name and description of execution and effects (during and temporarily afterwards). Leave this blank for now, as your team will decide on the attack together.
Theme Song: A song that represents your ENTIRE team, not just your own character (Optional). Leave this blank for now, as your team will need to decide the song together.
Relationships: Any characters that you knew before the start of this.
Other: Anything else which you feel that couldn’t have been included above.

Tsukasa: Link (Mongoose [M]) {Taken}
Shadow Djinn: Windfall (Hawk [M]) {Taken}
Toxicitiy: Snow (Chinchilla [F]) {Taken}
Sheila Rae: Cadamay (Fox [F]) {Taken}
Mystic_clown: Punk (Robot [/]) {Taken}
DragoKnight: Pie Piper (Magpie [M]) {Taken}
Emo Faun Chiko: Blanka (Jerboa [F]) {Taken}
Prof. Jb Wolf: Ironheart (Wolf [M]) {Taken}
Shizo: Ruda (Penguin [F]) {Taken}

Finally, after all that, I can put my own form, which I will complete ASAP. I mainly put it up as an example for the more complicated sections (Abilities, specifically).

Name: Link
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Albino mongoose with chain used as a propeller
Personality: Link is, well, a self-proclaimed comedian, if you will. The main reason for this is the fact that he loves making jokes about anything he can, but many are childish, overly subtle, disconnected, or simply lame. It also doesn't help that he'll take every opportunity he can to make joke or tease about something. Even through all of his bad comedy, Link does have respect for *most of* the things he razzes, but merely prefers to take it all in a lighthearted manner. In general, Link is quite the carefree spirit, usually making decisions and saying things off the top of his head.
Formation: Speed
Metal Cyclone: Link twirls his chain in front of him, creating a horizontal tornado with a metal sound vibration pulse through it.
Asterisk Blast: Link swings his chain around across the front, the back across over his head, and around with a diagonal slash downwards, each letting out a wave of energy that, when viewed from ahead or behind the attack, looks like an asterisk.
Helicopter: Link spins his chain quickly above his head, allowing him to float by himself in the air for a short time.
Teammates/Name: Cadamay (Fly) and Blanka (Power)
Team Blast: In teh works...
Theme Song: TBD
Relationships: Very open!
Other: I’ll spare him for now, as I might need him for something...

I think that is everything! There's a LOT of stuff here, so don't hesitate to ask questions if you need to. I'll take one more reservation for a Speed, and then back up reservations if the current 2-day reservations run out. Hope to see some forms up soon!

Shadow Djinn
7th December 2006, 06:24 PM
I'd like to reserve the last speed position. I'm guessing animals are human like in terms of how they run, stand, etc?

7th December 2006, 06:37 PM
Silly Fai, thinking I'll join this.

Well, you're right.

Name: Ozy (short for Ozymandius)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: 'Tis an opossum, a marsupial who resides in North America and under my deck.
Personality: TBC
Formation: Power! Rawr!...Growl?...What sound do possums make besides hissing noises?
Abilities: The abilities of your character for their formation type, as listed above. (Only the bolded abilities need to be listed here)
Teammates/Name: N/A
Team Blast: N/A
Theme Song: N/A
Relationships: Link, if that's okay
Other: TBC

I need to run, but I'll finish this tomorrow at the latest. Just showing I'm here.

Fai D. Flowright
7th December 2006, 11:10 PM
Huzzah! Great you see you remembered and noticed this, Shizo! You should get online again so we can discuss character stuffs and whatnot!

Shadow Djinn: Reserved! Kinda figured you'd grab that one real quick since you posted in the Y/N topic too. Glad to see you aboard!

Mystic_Clown: Gomen gomen! SD definitely reserved before you, but I'll put you on the backup reserves for Speed if you'd like (or whatever formation you would prefer in that case)!

Thanks much, guys!

7th December 2006, 11:15 PM
I noticed after I posted, sorry.

can I reserve a back up for the fly formation? I'm thinking of bringing back a vcharacter from the comics.

Fai D. Flowright
7th December 2006, 11:45 PM
No problem! I'll move your name into the Fly area instead. I would prefer that you make your own, original character for this RPG, but whatever floats your boat! ^_^

Shadow Djinn
8th December 2006, 02:53 AM
Name: Windfall Falken ( Called Falken, Windfall, Wind, etc..)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Looks slightly like Jet (http://www.eversonic.net/images/Jeux/Xbox/SonicRiders/artworks/Riders_Jet.jpg). A black feathered hawk who strangely lacks wings, instead using steel gauntlets along his arms that have featherlike appendages attatched to them. He has that mohawk-esque hair like Jet (refer to above). There's always some type of headgear on his forehead (bandanna usually, and streaks of red run across his face. Black fingerless gloves cover his hands (with the feather things going along the underarm thing of the arm..? I suck at explaining), and he has rather stylish shoes. His tail feathers are lined with silver and red, along with his mohawk (or whatever you call that...seriously.) He wields a bladed fan as well to use most of his techniques. The fan's green, sort of oriental in comparison to contemporary ones.
Personality: Rather cocky, he's more of the "I only care about my goals" type of guy. He puts himself first before others, and really hates the people who have to do everything just right. Because of this he's rather lazy, but loves to fight. He enjoys various speed related activities and is competetive if the event is something he's good at. If he sucks at something he shows disinterest, and dislikes making a fool of himself in front of others. His morals are rather crude; he wouldn't object to stealing if he had to, and almost never apologizes for his actions. . Despite this, he's actually rather intelligent (but dislikes showing it). Another thing he likes to do is make fun of someone intentionally for something they dislike about themselves, label them by nicknames, and insult them.
Formation: Speed
Spiral Twister: A sweep of Wind's fan creates a powerful upward gust with slightly sharp air pockets that can decimate objects of small resilience.

Gale Burst: Wind smashes his fan into the ground, creating a wave of jade energy. This can be done continiously -- or Wind can skid forward and slash an X with his feather gauntlets.

Turbulent Breeze: Wind leaps into the air and uses a gentle gust from his fan that allows him to glide a short distance, or for several seconds.
Teammates/Name: TBA
Team Blast: TBA
Theme Song: Personal Song: 'Believer' - IKUO (go savers, waha! <_>)
Relationships: Open.
Other: How he is referred to varies, those who are more sophisticated call him Windfall, those who know him well usually refer to him as 'Wind' and sometimes 'Falken.'

I hope this is all right -- let me know if anything needs to be changed.

Fai D. Flowright
8th December 2006, 05:26 AM
Awesome! Everything looks great! Accepted!

Hope to see even more forms soon!

Sheila Rae
10th December 2006, 12:23 AM
Name: Cadamay Miya
Age: 13
Gender: female
[pic (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/hitchi/memories_cadamay_lg.jpg)] She is a fox with muted, beige-grey fur. Her "hair" is similar to that of a hedgehog's, with thick strands that go to about her chin. They are highlighted with a dark orchid shade that matches her large, soft eyes. She also has three bangs that stem from the top center of her forehead and lack the purple colour. Her eyelashes are long, appearing almost onerous. Her fox ears pop up between the first and second strands. Cadamay wears a drab, grey robe that goes to her feet and has sleeves that are too long. There are two belts for it; one ties the robe closed, and the other hangs loosely. When her hands can be seen, she wears typical white gloves. On her feet, she has modest, earthen sandals with ties that crisscross up her shins. Her foxtail is white-tipped, thick, and bushy. (Picture drawn by my friends Jennifer, known here as Crimson_Flygon…anyone remember her? :O Colored by me.)
Personality: Cadamay appears to be always solemn, but she is usually just thinking or pondering something trivial in her always-flowing stream of consciousness. She is timid when it comes to meeting people, but she is deeply moved by even the smallest acts of kindness, and hence she can be too trusting and possibly exploited. Overall, she has a gentle disposition and takes joy in simple, immaterial things, and enjoys helping others when she is able to overcome her shyness.
Formation: Fly
Thunder Shoot
Whiplash: Cadamay brandishes her untied robe belt and strikes the enemy with a swift flick of her wrist for a mid-range attack.
Teammates/Name: TBD.
Team Blast: Another TBD.
Theme Song: If she had her own theme, it would be a "beautifully haunting" song, meaning that it is sort of eerie, but with melodious minor chords. I don't know if that influences team song at all.
Relationships: None as of yet.
Other (History): As long as she can remember, Cadamay has been in servitude, the maid of an old man and two children, who eventually grew up and moved away. Many of her tasks made her into a messenger, so her master taught her to use her willpower to fly, but she can only glide and float for short periods of time. She did not mind her work, though it was a tedious life, for she knew nothing else.

Sorry, I got tired, so...this got weird. XD

Fai D. Flowright
10th December 2006, 12:50 AM
Wonderful! Everything looks good! Accepted, no doubt.

Hope to see more soon!

Prof. Jb Wolf
10th December 2006, 01:30 AM
Name: Ironheart
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Towering over many even with his slightly hunched posture, Ironheart has been partially robotocized by Eggman. His entire skeleton has been replaced with a flexible bio-steel and both of his arms have been transformed into power steel claws with weapons concealed within. Fur is a dark blue in color with whiite patches at his muzzle, belly and toes. Has a long mane of slightly spiked hair that falls just above his tail. Eyes are bright gold in color.
Personality: Left with little memory of his life before beinig robotocized, he has spent the last few years battling Eggman's robots. He can be gruff and unfriendly at times, but he's really a kind and honest beast. Honorable to a fault, he is deathly loyal to any that he claims as a friend. A natural warrior, his ferocity and skill in battle can sometimes frighten others which is why he puts up his unfriendly facade.
Formation: Power
Triangle Dive: Umbrella Glider ~ Raising his left arm, a large umbrella extends from his palm. While his teammates latch on to him he leaps out into the air, fans allowing him to move upward while being able to glide usinig the umbrella itself.
Fighting Pose: Shoulder Guard ~ Being larger than his fellow teammates, both fit very nicely on Ironheart's shoulders, leaving his hands free for battle and for launching them with his Fire Dunk.
Fire Dunk: Launcher System ~ Arms reconfigure into a pair of launch ramps that his allies leap on to. When initiated, it shoots his teammate forward like a bullet, smashing into enemies and walls.
Combo/Solo Attacks: Iron Dervish ~ Like a tornado of steel and fang, Ironheart drives into the enemies like a force of nature. His claws are his primary weapons, smashing minor enemies like bowling pins and leaving larger ones scrap metal. When he really gets going his claws can heat them to a burning level, capable of melting iron and settinig wood alight. Even with all his ferocity, he keeps an eye on his teammates to make sure they don't fall off his shoulders when they are.
Finisher: Howling Buster ~ One of the unseen robotocized parts include Ironheart's vocal chords. Modified by Eggman's machines, Ironheart can draw in ambient sound all around him which he unleashes in a powerful sonic howl. It can be unleashed as a cone of sound that encompasses those before him or as a powerful 360' attack that blows enemies back.
Teammates/Name: TBA
Team Blast: TBA
Theme Song
Team ~ TBA
Personal ~
Relationships: Any characters that you knew before the start of this.
Other: Anything else which you feel that couldn’t have been included above.

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
10th December 2006, 03:05 AM
Name: Vlanadjska "Blanka" Mrjnt... note that she doesn't like being called by her nickname, but everyone calls her that anyway either because they find her first name a handful or because they just want to see her whip someone/something.
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Picture. :3 (http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l37/starstray/blanka.gif) To be exact, she's a sandy-furred jerboa, or 'jumping rat', whose tail doubles as a whip. Parts of her are robotized (she claims it was for cosmetic reasons), namely her feet (customized with retractable heels) and her tail, which can be lengthened or shortened at will. Her bodice is black, lined with gold, but the ribbon and sleeves are white, and her eyes are turquoise blue. A way to test whether she's listening or not is to call her 'rat'. (Comes with certain physical risks such as impairment of body movement due to whiplash.)
Personality: The summary is: very very bitchy. Ahem. Blanka is very formal in her speech and actions, yet brutally violent as well. I mean, she can be calling you 'my esteemed friend' or something and smacking you with her whip at the same time. She gets angry at the slightest provocation, or maybe none at all, but you can tell when she's really frustrated because she'll begin to insult using the same word again and again, eg. "you moronic moron from a land of moronic morons with moronic moron's notions". However, when she's in the wrong, she'll admit, although not very gracefully; she does have a sense of honour. She secretly despises her partial robotization. Also, she dislikes jokes.
Formation: Power
Lohengrin [Triangle Dive] : Coming soon... eventually
Tosca [Fighting Pose] : Blanka stands atop the Speed and Fly characters, who are in in their revolving-dais-of-light form (dunno what you call it), as if they were a pair of rollerblades. She can conceivably do some decent rollerblading/airblading *cough*AIRGEAR*cough* using the two.
Aschenputtel [Fire Dunk] : Blanka tosses the Speed and Fly characters forward with a nonchalant twist of her heels, and lands a quick, strong blow on each with her whip, sending them crashing into the enemy.
Larkspur (what, you thought I was gonna call this Whipcrack? :p) [Combo/Solo Attack] : If there is enough space, Blanka finds a good vantage point where she has a good range with her whip, and proceeds to give the enemies a good course of proverbial whip-leather.
Schwarzerschwan [Combo/Solo Attack] : If she is in a place where she may potentially damage her team members with her whip, she reverts to her own form of capoera, where she busts through obstacles with an odd version of violent kicking/breakdancing. Also includes a rather lethal drop kick, where her heels can cause some considerable pain.
Turandot [Finisher] : Blanka jumps up high, boosted by her robotic feet/heels; then comes down with a general whiplashing all round and a very, very painful series of drop-kicks - where you'd normally have one drop-kick, she does a whole lot of them so quickly it hurts.
Teammates/Name: To be filled in
Team Blast: To be filled in
Theme Song: To be filled in, although I feel that something orchestral and angry would be appropriate for Blanka, like the 1812 Overture. xD
Relationships: To be filled in
Other: She came from an aristocratic family, and her father had been a very powerful warrior, who was proud of his partial robotization, and used it to the greatest effect in combat. Her favourite flowers are tulips. Also note that no one calls her attacks by the names listed here except Blanka herself. They tend to gloss over them with a general label of 'whip action' or 'explosion thingy'.

Fai D. Flowright
10th December 2006, 03:11 AM
Huzzahs all around! Once you three finish your forms, we'll have all of our Power characters ready! *does giddy dance*

To both Prof. and EFC, everything you have so far looks excellent! This should be QUITE entertaining once we get started!

Shadow Djinn
10th December 2006, 04:04 AM
EFC: Do I detect Von Karma references? >_>

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
10th December 2006, 06:39 AM
...Dammit, I want english Gyakusai 3 so badly. There was not enough von Karma, not enough Edgey-poo, not enough Gumshoe crushing, not enough annoying old windbag lady!!! *froths at mouth* In short, not enough GAME!!! And what was with feeding me Hotti clinic LOLZ and then smacking me with LAST CASE IN THE GAME BLUES!!! *passes out*

10th December 2006, 12:58 PM
Name: Bella Snowblind. She's often called "Snow," or sometimes "Bell," but in general, she's considered "The Blizzard."
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Bella, in spite of her young-ish age, actually seems quite mature. She's not exactly short and chubby, in spite of being a chinchilla. With large, dark eyes, her fur is a silvery grey, with a few dark markings along her fur. (she's a Silver Mosaic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:ChinChin.jpg)) Her tail is the only robotic thing about her, often used to curl around things to boost speed by means of inertia. With a tall and slender build, her clothing does not exactly give off any sort of "seductive" side, mainly due to a hidden feeling to be explained.
For clothing, Bella wears a somewhat-loose tunic-like shirt of black and white horizontal stripes, donned with a steel blue-colored camisole underneath, held to her form by a black belt with black, white, and grey ruffles around her waist, worn only slightly above hip level. She also wears pure black tights with leggings that come down to her high-topped shoes of black and white with chilly patterns of this same steel blue. Also, she wears a plain black headband with silver-lined holes to hold back two icy white bangs tipped in (you guessed it...) steel blue, that drift down to the sides of her face, right next to her ears. As frivolous as it may be, it feels somewhat comfortable and is actually non-restricting to her formation.
Bella also carries around with her a grappling hook-like object, often used for offensive and transportation purposes when her formation alone cannot help. The hook, however, is in the form of a metal scythe.
Personality: Bella is, contrary to assumption, the "anti-emo" depressed kid. She tries to act like her age group, but somehow seems a lot older; she doesn't try to be different, yet somehow, she feels like she is, in fact, alone, hated...all of this coming from past experience. She's rather bipolar; as in, she can be happy, and then upset in a matter of a split second. Although she never feels truly happy, Bella tries to get a good laugh in every now and then. Often basing things on observations and inner emotions, she doesn't truly hate anybody other than herself, after all of the downfalls she's went through. As a result, she just wants to run away. She's often unintentionally bitter and can come off cold, while she is, in fact, a kind, caring soul.
Formation: Speed!
Jet Stream Leap: Bella curls her tail around a thin, cylindrical object such as a pole and runs around it until her speed is increased. She then lets go and goes off in any direction in a swift spiral, which can be used to help anybody holding onto her.
Bladed Gust: Bella spins her blade around by means of the rope it is attached to. She then tosses it forward, causing the blade to spin through the air with a cutting motion.
Whirlwind: A single slash by means of her weapon allows Bella to create a small, swift gust of wind, often silver in color. This "blade"-like blow can rip through minor objects and knock opponents back a few feet, or into the nearest solid surface. (whichever comes first)
Teammates/Name: (To Be Filled)
Team Blast: (To Be Filled)
Theme Song: (To Be Filled, as long as nobody suggests Gerbil by Stephen Lynch)
(joke option of personal theme - Lonely Day by System of a Down or The Emo Song by Adam and Andrew)
Relationships: None. ;-;
(at least not yet...)
Other: Bella hates her life for many reasons, although the main reason is unknown. The true purpose could vary from how her grandfather died, how she was abandoned by both of her parents at a young age, how she's lived in foster care since the death of her grandfather, or a combination of these things causing her to feel a bit "forsaken," even if she isn't exactly the most religious person, or animal.

Fai D. Flowright
10th December 2006, 11:41 PM
Wonderful! Love the idea of a chinchilla; it's such a cute idea! *huggles Snow* Everything looks good though! And it seems like everyone has an interest in doing a theme song for their own character (and possibly the one for the entire team, once decided), so feel free to add in your own songs to represent your character too!

Regardless, you're accepted! Now we wait for the Power people to finish their's and the last couple of Flyers to post theirs!

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
16th December 2006, 12:40 PM
Finished my form x) I think there's still something iffy about my Triangle Dive and Fighting Pose being almost the same.

EDIT: Moved Triangle Dive description to Fighting Pose, will think of something... eventually.

Shadow Djinn
16th December 2006, 01:27 PM
Just wondering...are you going to let the reservations run out, or wait for them to show up? It's been a while now o.o.

Fai D. Flowright
17th December 2006, 04:47 AM
Gomen, gomen! I've been a little busy with school and discussing some vital aspects of this RPG with some members.

As things stand now, it looks like we will only be starting with two teams instead of three, with the third one making an appearance later on. Once I find a third Fly character for their team, they shall join us!

BTW, Prof. and Emo, you guys look all good! Now, all I need is for Mystic to post a form and we can start!

Can't wait! ^__^

19th December 2006, 01:42 AM
Name: Punk (his full name’s SteamPunk).
Age: 4 (was created recently)
Gender: Unknown, usually referred to as male
Appearance: He’s a small, humanoid robot created by Eggman a few years back. Standing at about 2 foot, he almost resembles a human wearing a helmet. His entire ‘body; is covered with rubber ‘clothing’ , including black rubber boots and gloves, and wears a rather old cloak over that. His head is a large, bubble-esque helmet and wears a large, wide brimmed hat on top. He has a steam, jet pack like thing under his cloak, making him appear almost like a hunchback.
Personality: Rather quirky and a bit of a smart ass. While he is helpful and will do as he’s told, he’ll normally throw some smart ass remark at you while he does it. However, despite this, he is a nice guy. While he doesn’t mind comments about his height, he does get annoyed about comments about his head. For a robot, Punk acts rather, human.
Formation: Fly
Thunder Shoot:
[/B]Steam Jet:[/B] Punk’s hands fold out of the way, revealing two small cannon like weapons. These fire a blast of scalding hot steam.
Teammates/Name: TBA
Team Blast: TBA
Theme Song: TBA
Relationships: Open
Other: He’s a steam powered Robot. He was rejected by Eggman firstly for his attitude and secondly because he was dubbed ‘inferior’ to his other creations.

Fai D. Flowright
21st December 2006, 02:57 AM
Mystic: Lovely! OOC, though, would it be too much to ask for Punk to be a foot shorter? Considering that the standard Sonic character only stands around 2.5' to 3' tall, 5' would make him kinda stick out like a sore thumb. Again, I hope that's not a big issue, just a simple request.

Besides that, it looks like we might actually have our third team again! While Becki (PokemonLuver) is still busy with the holidays, DragoKnight has shown some interest in this RPG through PM, as well as a lovely responce from Shizo about her character too! And seeing how Laura (Hinata/Toxicity) was already accepted, that would make up our third team again! HOORAY!

Just thought I'd let you guys all know.

21st December 2006, 04:52 AM
Eep! Sorry about that. I was actually trying to make Punk SMALLER than everyone else. I didn't know how tall everyone was. my mistake.

Fai D. Flowright
21st December 2006, 09:28 AM
HAH! That's hilarious! I love it. Accepted! Now, all I need to do is hear news from Shizo and DKnight and we can be on our way. Regardless, I'll probably start things this weekend and keep the idea of team three joining up a little after we've started, just for the aspect of some variety.

See y'all soon!

21st December 2006, 10:02 PM
*brushes dust off self* Self, I said, I'm starting to become active again at TPM nowadays, I may as well re-live my glory days. And what better way than with an RPG? World domination, perhaps, but that's a moot point. Let's see if I'm out of practice here (comments withheld about my character name choice, it sounded funny so I went with it)

Name: Pie Piper
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Appearance: A short, chubby magpie with big, wide eyes. He is black save for a white beak and patches of white feathers surrounding his eyes and down his back. He wears white gloves covering his long, finger-like feathers, a blue cap on backwards and a green shirt adorned with red stars. He wears shorts with his tail-feathers poking out the back, and big, black gumboots.
Personality: Pie is an annoying, loud-mouthed kid who thinks he's bigger than he really is and often pays dearly. He idolises people like Sonic, and wishes he could be just as cool as him. He loves to roll around (however awkward it may be), pretending to be his hero, but unfortunately, he isn't very fast. He gets fascinated by just about anything and is quick to anger if someone picks a fight with him. About his only redeeming quality (besides his lovable tenacity) would be his proficiency with machines; he took an interest at a very young age, and though he is still learning, he shows a panache for operating with machines, robots and other technology.
Formation: Fly
Abilities: Magpie Marbles (Solo Attack) - Pie attacks enemies with a flick of a marble (of which he has many). Can also be used to hit far-off switches, and kill time. lol
Teammates/Name: ...
Team Blast: ...
Theme Song: ...
Relationships: None specified, open.
Other: Born down under, has a strong accent. He hates dingoes, or anything that resembles a dingo.

I love sign-up forms. :D

31st December 2006, 09:21 AM
...It took me so long to get something for a sign-up I'll just post again, since it's also an entirely different character.

Name: Ruda
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: She's (http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b49/Utecr/Ruda.jpg) a penguin. An African penguin. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:508px-African.penguin.bristol.750pix_%28Pingstone%29.jpg )
Anyway, she sports an loud, patterned, maroon jacket which remains open in the front and blue-tinted goggles that usually covers her black eyes. Her pants are khakis with cargo pockets, and her shoes are green. Her feathers are black and white (big surprise there).
Personality: She's a sociable, likable character, but she possess a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor. She can state rather odd sentences in a matter-of-factly manner, usually rather poetically. Also, she's not entirely comfortable with certain forms of physical contact, like hugs.
Formation: Power
Triangle Dive: Sink and Swim: Ruda soars as if she were swimming, with her teammates holding onto her feet
Fighting Pose: Carpetbagger: Both teammates are tucked under Ruda's arms, ready to launch.
Fire Dunk: Fish Slap Dance: No actual fish involved, sadly. Each teammate is thrown, in turn, up in the air, and then smacked toward the enemy while spinning in a circle.
Combo/Solo Attacks: Sliiiiide: Exactly as it sounds. With a running leap, Ruda moves into a fast sliding attack that bowls into enemies.
Finisher: Backwash: Fires a spray of high-pressure water from her mouth.
Teammates/Name: TBE
Team Blast: TBE
Theme Song: TBE probably
Relationships: She knows Link, who calls her "Rudabega." Ruda has yet to make a verbal comment on this. She has glared, though.
Other: She doesn't wear socks.
She also doesn't like imitation crab and lobster. She wants the real thing.
She will say that her heart is no more than an engine forged from the remnants of a dead star.
Likes Eel sushi the best, but will also eat salmon, tuna, and yellow snapper.
Is allergic to shrimp.
She apparently likes food, from all the info I included here about her eating habits. She's not a glutton, but she enjoys fine cuisine.

Fai D. Flowright
31st December 2006, 05:55 PM
DKnight and Shizo, your forms look wonderous! Thanks for editing that into yours about the machine thing, Drago. That will really help in the long run. I'll add you guys back onto the roster, but, as you know, from the start we're going to have the two groups up now, with you guys coming along to join soon after! (unless you would like otherwise, I have no problem; just let me know)

I'll start this ASAP. Sorry it wasn't sooner, but I've been ill and preoccupied with *certain* Christmas presents, so I've not been on the computer much.

See y'all soon! And keep an eye out for the starting thread!

P.S. - For those of your who have not yet played this game and would like a little visual to get some kind of idea of how the battling stuffs will work, I made a couple videos for you guys with Sonic Heroes footage I got from my webcam! Here are the link:

Speed and Flying: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjn-Yn3IWIQ
Power and Team Blast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CorJQhtT8rc

(if the second isn't up yet, keep checking back; it shouldn't be long)


The teams will be organized as such for the first bit of the RPG:

Team 1:
Link (Speed)
Cadamay (Fly)
Blanka (Power)

Team 2:
Windfall (Speed)
Punk (Fly)
Ironheart (Power)

Team 3:
Snow (Speed)
Piper (Fly)
Ruda (Power)

This was decided by the order that everyone completed their sign-ups. The first of each type was put together, then the second and third. Several of these should prove interesting too!

Now, everyone needs to converse with their teammates about your Team Name, Team Blast, and Team Song (if you choose). As soon as you do, please, don't forget to edit them into your forms!

Fai D. Flowright
31st January 2007, 06:06 AM
Hey guys... Sorry about not having started this at all. I've been a little busy (unexpectedly during break and more obviously with resuming classes) as well has having a little issue with plot holes and developments conditions in the RPG... No wonder most people don't like making Sonic RPGs! The conversion from Action-Adventure Game to Role Playing Game is killer.

I'll try to keep you all updated, as a few participants are helping me to fill in this gaps and solve some problems.

As long as everyone (that being anyone I haven't contacted yet, those of which need to post/PM/IM me about their concern) is still interested, this RPG should be up within the next few weeks if everything continues as planned!

Also, if you've not yet discussed Team-related items with your partners, you should do so ASAP. While Theme Song is merely optional, your team name will probably be used in the first post and Team Blast not too far down the road.

I think that's about it for an update. If anyone has issues contacting any of the members of their team for whatever reason (PM problems, no messenger program, etc.), you can use this thread to discuss your team stuff too!

Take care, and keep checking back here for more info!