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“What is life? Is life merely about living until the day we die? Is what we see really what we get- to work, pay bills, sleep – to do monotonous things every single day? I have to believe there is something more to life… aspects of magic or the surreal. There has to be limitless colors in the spectrum of life.”

To the eye of a regular person, life is a set of facts. Humans cannot grow wings and fly. Magic does not exist- nearly the presence of illusion. Humans are bound by the laws of things such as gravity. What you see is what you get. This was how things were for a great deal, even into the modern society of today.
However… it changed just the other day. A large monstrous animal seemed to blast out from Lake Michigan, a large body of water in the northern parts of the USA. The monster seemed to float in the air without wings and it attacked several coastal towns. Calls were made out to the armed forces of the military, but before they could arrive suddenly a strange humanoid-like character arrived and destroyed the beast. Details were left out or simply unknown, due to the shock and the swiftness of the battle.
That was the start of the occurrences… not too overwhelming, but ever so often another mysterious ‘monster’ would rise from some where- usually occurring near the area of the first. Scientists go on to state that perhaps they are new species, while extremists say they’re governmental experiments gone wrong. Still, they aren’t numerous enough to cause chaos or panic… and life goes on like usual.
Especially for the regular everyday human.
You, however, are surprised to find that you are not one of those regulars.
One day, perhaps on a regular and normal routine, you find yourself staring or coming across a creature that doesn’t seem to be possible. It could be the fact that it shouldn’t exist – or it could be the fact that it is talking to you, quite clearly. Animals and little creatures… shouldn’t talk, right?

Yet… the animalistic creature continues to talk, and as it talks you can envision what it says a bit… and for some odd reason, you feel a twinge of recognition. The monsters occurrences- they’re not what everyone believes them to be. They’re uprising due to an evil power, but in order to subdue and make the evil eventually go away… the monsters must all die. If left to normal humans, they would simply fail or succumb to the evil themselves.
Continuing, they answer your questions- how is this thing talking? Why is it talking to you?
It is a creature linked with the good of the world- a sprite of some sort, taking on its own chosen form. Almost perhaps like an Angel- an angel of God in a way, but they call themselves sprite and link themselves to the world. You are not just a regular human being- by divine intervention, which you yourself don’t perhaps understand. You’re chosen by God and have the ability to gain the power to destroy the creatures. The power is yours to do what you chose to do with it, but the monsters must be destroyed or slowly the human populace will fall to the evil and things will be destroyed as you know it.

The Setting: Carrigan (town’s name) The city of Carrigan is a large and in it are several High School districts (grades 9 – 12, or ages 14 – 18). Also in the town is a large college, St. Peter University. Carrigan is near the shore of Lake Michigan, a large body of water found in the United States- one of the Great Lakes.

Monsters (Bubu): Bubus (*sniggers*) are the names of the monsters that have been uprising. They come in all shapes and forms… big and small. They all have their own personalities, but eventually become destructive in the end or even just from the beginning. They can’t talk and generally are like demons in a way or nature.

Fallen Humans (Hei’an Ren): Hei’an Ren are just regular people, who have suddenly become like the monsters but a bit worse in the way that they seem like regular people. The only way to know truly is by a sixth sense, which takes some time to identify or to notice a dramatic personality change. They eventually do sinister acts to hurt others, in hopes that they become Hei’an Ren too. The evil in them can be banished, but if they have been Hei’an Ren too long… the evil is permanent.

Humans: People… like you and me… except not like the chosen people.

Sprites (shishi): (*sniggers again*) Shishi are the little animal creatures that are sort of the guides and power aids of the chosen humans. They can come in any animal form- myth or real, and some even take the form of cute little faeries. They’re all very small, never being bigger than a cat. They can speak like humans and can be seen by anyone. Their powers vary, and it is them who awaken and give the power to the chosen human. The chosen human’s powers depend on the type of sprite they have. (It will be explained later).

Chosen Humans (Bing Ren): Bing Ren is the formal name of the Chosen humans, but most would call them the “Chosen.” They were once average humans, until running into their Sprite. Each Chosen has the ability to transform and change appearance, and their power depends on their sprite. Otherwise they live normal lives as regular humans do… despite the whole ‘monster sprite’ thing.

Powers (chi): A Chosen Human’s powers are totally dependant upon the sprite. While the Chosen human has power, it cannot be ‘activated’ without the sprite. Activation occurs by either merging with the sprite, the sprite actively and consciously touching the human with the mindset to activate their powers, or by some other means. Once activated, the chosen human has two levels of “transformation”. The first level is just a mere humanoid appearance change to look like a different human- but nothing quite major. In this state they can access small to medium amounts of power. In the second level of transformation, the chosen human gains attributes of their Sprite- depending on how well trained they are, how experiences they are or the emotional state of the chosen human… their powers and appearance can grow more drastically and become highly powerful.
Powers cannot be used without transformation first. Powers are dependant on the sprite still, but some sprites have similar powers. (Example of powers would be: summon fire, invisibility, flight, energy summons, materializing weapons etc.)

Okay! If you have questions, feel free to ask. Bios are below!
Oh, and the genre of the RPG is action/fantasy/romance and probably some angst. All my RPGs have them, because I wuv wuv wuv it. Lol

If you want to make more human characters, go ahead. Just post the sign-up and go with it... and I'll let you know if something is wrong. Also, have fun and some freedom with your posts. Don't do anything obviously TOO obnoxiouly over-the-top...b ut have fun. ^_^ This RPG will have some obvious Mai HiME and Air undertones eventually. lol... have fun! My post is slightly introductory.

Name: Kara Trumain
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: She stands about 5’8 with a tall and graceful build. She has a athletic yet nicely curved figure, with a body that puts a bit of emphasis on her legs and shoulder line. Her bust is slightly bigger than average and seems well-proportioned with her body. Her skin is pale but average Caucasian and seems to contrast well with her dark hair. She has long flowing slightly auburn brunette hair which flows a good few inches past her shoulders and has a wave to it. Her eyes are a striking crystal blue color that stand out with the complimentary dark eyebrows and hair. She usually is found adorning a pair of dark stone-washed jeans with blue and white tennis shoes. Upon her top she usually layers with wearing a tight thin red cranberry red shirt, and over that a long-sleeved thin stony gray/black shirt. Around her neck she wears silver chain with a star pendant upon it, along with a silver ring.
Personality: Kara tries to always be cheerful and optimistic, and is the type of person whom people perceive as the type of person you can talk to and not have to worry about you judging her. She’s a bit sensitive and likes to follow her instincts and heart, and tends to be a dreamer when it comes to romance and things related. However, in regular aspects of life she’s quite level-headed. Lately she’s been stressed and has been battling some internal problems.
Hobbies/Activities: Kara loves painting and drawing, along with listening to music. She attempts to make her own songs… but she struggles to learn to play an instrument since she doesn’t own any. She likes sports as well, but tends to go out for walks and explore outside more than anything.
Job/School Level: A sophomore in college and she waitresses on occasion at a nearby restaurant.
Sprite: A Ninetails named Mei
Powers: 1.) & 2.) Energy summoning… much like chakra in Naruto. It can be manipulated to be throwing orbs or used as an aura of sorts. Since the energy is so manipulative, I put it as two powers. Her energy form can be in light or dark, depending.
3.) Sword. She can materialize a large sword (think Miroku from Mai HiME). For some reason the sword is reasonably light for her, compared to its actual weight which is too heavy to carry for others. It is usually a brilliant black in the blade, while the handle is crafted in silver.
Transformation 1: Her skin becomes slightly more tanned and her body becomes a bit less athletic and more elegantly skinny. (Instead of a basketball player, she looks like a dancer in comparison for example.) Her hair becomes a sunny blonde and naturally curled, but with large loose curls. Her eyes become the exact replica of her old eyes, just in a shade of dazzling green. Her voice also is a bit higher in tone.
“ “ 2: Kara usually gains the black fox ears upon her head, and her eyes instantly become wolfish in appearance. Usually only two tails appear, one being white and tipped in black while the other is black and tipped in white. Occasionally her bottom feet become pawed and fur sprouts in various places. She usually always grows the symbol of the yinyang right above the center of her collarbone. No matter what, the necklace she originally wears stays around her neck though.
Relations: Kara has a lot of friends, and she prides herself in being a good friend. She doesn’t have any real close family except for her split parents, so she considers some of her friends to be like family. Recently she had her heart broken by her past boyfriend, and is struggling to cope with many issues because of that, but still loves him.

Name: Mei
Species: Ninetails
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mei is about the size of a kit fox. He has extremely large ears and a short snout, which is fox-like. He only has two tails, despite being a Ninetails and they’re quite large and bushy. His fur overall is extremely soft to the touch, being softer than most animal furs and snowy-thick. His eyes are a dazzling silver ice-blue, with an obvious wolfish appearance. The color of his fur all around is white, except for the tips of his tails, paws and his ears- which are black. He has large puppy feet too.
Personality: Mei is quite practical, but he has a soft spot for Kara. He’s protective of her, and some times reveals himself a bit too much because of it. He has a natural bitterness towards the male gender, due to Kara’s history.
Time of Meeting: Mei and Kara became partners recently, about two months ago.

Kara Trumain
"Only time will tell when I will be free... "

The cool summer air softly whispered through the trees as Kara walked slowly from her dorm room down the twisting side walk. Trees dotted between the sidewalk and the edge of the large lake near her college, but the deep glittering water was easily visible. Stars sparkled like they were laughing with their secrets, and the moon’s gentle rays were taunting in the night. It was what one would call a beautiful summer night… despite the brisk feeling with the oncoming autumn nipping at the season’s heels.

Kara however, didn’t feel very comforted by the night but instead she walked with no purpose- as if she was running away from something unseen. Her deep colored hair danced like ribbons in the wind as she walked, hugging her figure softly like the lonely figure she felt like. Her faded dark blue jeans hugged her figure along with the candy apple red shirt as she continued to walk aimlessly down the sidewalk. The dim street lights flickered occasionally, barely lighting the walking area for it to be filled with comfort.
Pausing for a moment, Kara stood still- the only chance for the single tear rolling down her cheek to have clinging – before she suddenly closed her eyes and the tear went riding upon the wind, glittering in the moon for only a short instant. Kara turned off the path of the sidewalk eventually and went through the sparse trees, before she came to the rocky shore of the lake. The large waves rhythmically crashed against the shore as she stopped walking as her tennis shoes stood on top on one of the flat rocks. Only a few specks of spray brushed into her face occasionally with a few of the more wild waves as she stood there, staring out onto the lake as if it held answers.

All was quiet and alone in the dark… she stood, staring at the lake and the reflecting moon. It was a few minutes as her lip remained firm and then slowly began to quiver… her screaming eyes of ice blue staring longingly at the water. Water began to brim at the edges of her eyelids as she felt another tear drip down her face, followed by one more when she closed her eyes. A staggering breath… she tried to calm herself, but found it was almost impossible.
How long had it been? What had happened since that time…? And why now…?
“Please… please don’t do it… “ Kara whispered to no one, her voice cracking slightly as she softly added. “… don’t fade away from me…” And then that was the striking point, as she suddenly crouched down in one rapid motion and hugged her knees upon that rock. And Kara sobbed. The tears rained down her cheeks as the spray of the waves occasionally were the only cool source of liquid. She lowered her forehead to her knees and continued to sob, feeling the all-too familiar pain burn through her veins.
She thought she’d grow out of the pain… that it had to go away eventually. How did it come to be that it always haunted her? Teased her… the pain…

“Kara?” A small voice raised over the air, and still crying softly Kara looked up to see in front of her, was Mei. His small kitten-like body sat neatly in front of her on another rock, his white fur glistening in the light. His sky eyes seemed filled with remorse, but Kara didn’t need him to say anything. Beyond him… she saw a large, looming figure in the distance of a bird-like creature soaring above the lake in the night sky. It gave a roar and a blast of energy suddenly erupted into the water, sending a large wave off in a random direction.

Staggering up to her feet, Kara’s pained eyes stared at that bird as if she was in a dull haze.
“Kara… I’m sorry but-“ Mei began, but Kara suddenly firmly shook her head.
“I’m fine.” She said in a firm voice, once again pulling a blanket over her emotions as she tried to lie to herself again. Raising her arm she wiped her face in one stroke and withdrew a strong breath. Mei jumped at Kara and almost seemed to disappear as he vanished almost into her in a glow. Extending her arm, she opened her palms and almost instantly a brilliant orb of energy appeared of dazzling purple across her palm. It grew and then molded itself into a large and impressive sword. All too soon, glowing ears and a tail emerged as well and then the glow went away to reveal furred ears. Kara then lifted the sword up with both hands, her eyes set on the bird as she leapt and seemed to vanish into the air.


Roy Karrde
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Name: Scott Morgan
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wearing glasses that always seem to slip and fall off his nose, Scott remains some one you wouldn’t notice if you walked past him each day. He has shaggy black hair that comes almost to the rim of his glasses, covering his forehead. A bit of a lanky build and looking some what of a nerd. He always keeps his head down so people never notice is deep blue eyes which is basically the most and only attractive feature about him.
Personality: Scott is easily influenced by those that do pay attention to him, when they do notice him. He has a very hard time speaking to people mainly because he was born with a speech impediment, causing most of the people to just tune out during his class reports. Scott can easily believe people like him even if they mistreat him, and he is pretty smart, which is where most of the mistreatment stems from.
Hobbies/Activities: Water Boy for the Football team
Job/School Level: English Class President
Sprite: Gryphon, Name: Wish
Powers: 1,2: Stone Age: Progressively his power to turn objects into stone strengthens at first he can only turn small objects such as fruit to stone by concentration. Later on he will be able to completely turn people and larger objects like cars to stone
3: Fly: Scott will finally be able to take flight with or with out the wings used in his second transformation.
Transformation 1: His hair loosens near his eyes, which turn a goldish yellow, the hair actually lengthens in the back almost down to his shoulder blades, the hair also turning a goldish color to match his eyes.
Transformation 2: Becomes a full body Gryphon with long silver wings.
Relations: He has a crush on Kara but is too shy to say anything.
Other: blah

Name: Wish
Species: Gryphon
Gender: Male
Appearance: A small brown lion like creature; the Gryphon has the body of a lion, with beautiful white wings connected to it.
Personality: Wish has taken a bit of pity on scott, always pushing him to do more for him self and usually ends up getting scott into unfortunate situations. So far he does not know about Scott’s crush
Time of Meeting: Over a year ago.
Other: blah

Scott Morgan
~*~*~*~*~ Having School Problems ~*~*~*~*~

Papers fluttered from Scott’s hands, drifting to the floor as he tried to adjust his glasses, everything seemed a blur even with the glasses on. Sweat dripped down off his brow and onto the glasses, which even worsened the vision. “Next week… next week…” Scott strained to look at his notes as he stood in front of the class.

Class Presidents were not anything new in High Schools, just something to make announcements and take up papers so that the teachers were not bothered. Some teacher’s including the one in Scott’s class took the time to go outside and smoke while the trusted class president took care of business. “Oh I have it here some where.” He whimpered, flipping through the papers one last time, his words falling onto deaf ears as the class continued to talk and carried on with their own business.

After a few minutes of obvious frustration he slowly walked back to his chair, his head held low in defeat before sitting down. For a second he just sat there with a unusual expression on his face, and then he stirred in his seat, the familiar feeling of gum mixing with the seat of his pants. Putting his head in his arms, he laid his head down on the desk in embarrassment.

Zoe wrinkled her nose in frustration as she and Scott walked along, the bottom of Scott’s pants wet with pieces of gum still stuck to it even after hours of scrubbing. “You never stand up for yourself.” She sighed glancing one eye over at Scott who walked in silence, always looking down to try and avoid her gaze, at least that was what he did on the worse days.

“Do too.” Scott mumbled, glancing down at the binder in his arms, a picture that he kept hidden behind a piece of paper, and from everyone else held his attention.

Zoe sighed in frustration and took the binder from Scott’s arms, holding it out at arms length to get a look at the picture. It was one of the beautiful scenery of the College Campus in town, but in the background stood a beautiful woman in mid stride. Her auburn hair flowing in the breeze as she walked with such grace across the picture. Zoe looked down at the picture again and then gave Scott an odd look. “She’s too old for you.” She stated matter of factly, handing the binder back to him. “Besides you don’t even know her name.”

Scott sighed and flashed a small grin, knowing that his friend was only playing around with him and gave her a playful nudge. “Next thing you will tell me is that she was abducted by aliens.” He laughed as Wish appeared next to him, landing on Zoe’s shoulder.

“Maybe she was.” Zoe’s interest was piped as she touched Wish’s small nose with her pointer finger, drawing a grin from the small sprite.

Scott gave both of them odd looks and took a few steps forward to put some difference between him and Zoe. “You know, he’s my sprite yet he seems to get along with you better than he gets along with me.” Scott grunted in frustration.

“That is because we both agree that you should use your powers to defend yourself.” Wish landed on top of Scott’s head. Looking up at him for a second, he drew a sigh and glanced back down at the binder in his arms. Even though he couldn’t see the picture he knew what it… what she looked like. So beautiful. So graceful. He just had to meet her.

Who ever she was….

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I.love.AIR. O.O

Name: Shin Akagi
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance:Unlike the common Japanese sterotype, Shin is actually tall; standing at around 6'1"-ish in height.(Tall enough to through off the sterotype, I guess.) However, that is the only trait he received from his mother, the rest are of a typical Japanese: black hair and brown eyes. His black hair is well kept and similar in style to the VA in this picture thats holding an apple.(Here (http://randomc.animeblogger.net/image/DEATH%20NOTE/DEATH%20NOTE%20-%20Special%20-%20Large%2011.jpg))Cept its more dark.:x His skin is fair and tends to wear a pair of faded jeans or denim, and a crimson or blueish shirt. All depends on his mood.
Personality: Shin is one you can always talk to about your own problems for advice, but he never asks for advice himself. He holds everything in and leads to a few outbursts of anger or panic attacks. He has a deep envy of anyone who is close to their parents and will act oddly near them; it's due to him never being close to his parents himself. Is optimistic and can and will act courageous, even when scared.
Hobbies/Activities: Taking walks, Track and Video Games.
Job/School Level: 11th grade/ Works @ video/game rental store part time.
Sprite: Tora, baby tiger.
1.Speed: Allows Shin to run/walk faster, almost in the blink in an eye. It does consume calories,so Shin does need to eat(and he'll have a big appetite after using it a bit)
2.Tora's Barrier: While concentrating, Shin can concentrate his energy in a barrier. However, it doesn't last long and he has to point his finger in the direction where he needs the most protection.(The japanese symbol for Tora appears at the tip of his finger when used)
3.Twilight Blast: By gathering the suns or moons energy, Shin can send out the energy in either a beam or a blast. Requires concentration.
Transformation 1: Eyes turn a light copper brown with slits while his hair gains tints of orange(some black remains). Gains more leg muscle
“ “ 2: Nails turn pointy and into a claw like structure. The attributes from Transformation 1 are in 2, as well as he gains more definition overall in his body while his teeth become pointy and sharp. When he gains more traits, he'll gain a tail and some stripes.
Relations: Open
Other: Gains the strange liking for meat after his first transformation. Like a craving.

Name: Tora
Species: Baby tiger.
Gender: Female
Appearance: About the size of a kitten, Tora has full orange fur/white underfur with some black stripes and a tail. Her eyes are a light copper brown while her teeth are small, yet pointy.
Personality: Sponatnous and willing to pick a fight with anyone. Tora thinks highly of herself and thinks of Shin as her "underling", although she deeply is concerned for him. Basically a spunky little tiger.
Time of Meeting: One month ago
Other: Demands milk every morning!>=O Needs milk!

::Shin Akagi

"not..now"Shin grumbled, fidgeting his right hand around his alarm clock to hit the snooze button. Upon pressing it, his arm fell limp as he drifted back to sleep, as if the prior motion was a conditioned response to the alarm. His hair was a mess, as usual, as so was his sheets and blanket.

"Insolence!"A small voice cried, and bit onto the limp arms shirtsleeve."Wake up Shin! Lazy human" She slowly pulled Shin off the bed, his face falling first into the carpet.
"I swear...one day"..He grumbled, slowly getting up and picking up the small creature by her scruff."I'm getting you a leash and a small cage. Animals should be kept in cages you know."

"I am not an animal! I am Tora the strong, and mighty!"Tora hastily responded, but stopped short as Shin interrupted her
"and small."He added in, smiling and dropping her to the ground. He then walked to his closet, picking out the days wear: a Longsleeve red and white flannel top(not thick) and a white shirt, along with one of his many pairs of jeans. "I'm washing up Tora. Work was busy yesterday and I passed out when I came home."
"What about my milk!?"
"When I get out."He replied quickly, another conditioned response to Tora's cry for milk. He quickly made it into the restroom and closed the door swiftly before Tora had a chance to act.

"Stupid humans.." She mumbled, then looked patiently at the bathroom door, her tail remainning curled up.

Later that day ~ school

"So, thats what I should tell him, Shin?" One of Shin's many..how would you put it...advice askers, asked him. She looked upset, and uncertain as to what to do.
"Yeah"He nodded, leaning against the lunchroom wall, waiting for his chance to get the daily horror(aka school food.)."Tell your friend that he needs to take it one step at a time, his dog isn't going to get any better if he panics about it."
"Thanks!"She smiled, and ran off back to the tables.

'Shouldn't her friend asked me, not her?..' He briefly thought, then chuckled a little as he reached the thought that it was the girl, Amanda, who needed the advice directly. She was the one to not like animals in class, but to have a dog at home..'People live two lives, their social and their personal.'

"Shin!"Someone from behind said, and Shin jumped and glared behind him, only to reveal teammate Brian, also a close friend of Shin."You need to hook up with her, she always asks you for advice. She's either waiting for you or doesn't have the courage herself"
"Next time you do that, and I'll make sure the coach has you do extra laps for track"
"You wouldn't"
"I would"Shin replied, sarcastically."Anyway, I doubt it.."

"You're such a chicken." Brian replied." How is small shit doing?"
"You mean my cat? Just fine." Shin mumbled. Brian was the only one who knew about Tora being able to talk, but he didn't know the real relationship between Shin and her.*
"I mean..first I was afraid, but she's funny as hell." He laughed as the line finally moved," Plus she orders you around like a drill sergeant."
"She needs to stop that.."Shin sighed, and looked out the windows parralel, to the bushes outside.

' I hope she doesn't attract attention out there..'Shin thought, and remembered to make a note of saving the milk carton for her.

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Name: Dedrick Dysert
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: He stands at 6' even, with a thin but toned frame. He has thick, moppish golden hair that is only styled with a comb in the morning. His eyes are a rich, deep honey color and his skin is fairly dark (think tanned Arab). He doesn't have a great deal of facial hair, so his face is fairly smooth. His clothing is as casual as his attitude. Jeans and a t-shirt that usually is a souvenir from someplace he or a relative visited. His shoes are fairly worn and green from a failed dye job. He slouches a lot, though he can have good posture. He usually has a bored expression on his face.
Personality: He's very casual, easy-going, and open minded. He hardly every gets truly angry, though he can be irritated fairly easily. He's fairly deliberate, preferring to plan things out. However, he's adaptable and can improvise his plans in the face of new challenges or facts. He hates standing out, and usually gets very embarrassed if he becomes the center of attention, though he'll hide it by acting aloof and indifferent.
Hobbies/Activities: Reading, people-watching, thinking about different philosophical issues, and ping-pong. He gets into fights fairly often, but that's not really a 'hobby.'
Job/School Level: Works part-time as a host in a local restaurant (seating people, clearing tables, etc.) and is a sophomore in high school.
Sprite: A Du-Sith (black elf) named Mara.
1&2) Power over Shadows and Darkness. He's able to manipulate shadows to conceal and confuse, but he's also able to change it into a solid form, such as a binding shroud or even a weapon. In its most powerful states, he gains the ability to even add physical attributes to himself, such as wings, claws, etc. These are very advanced, though. He won't be accomplishing that right away.
The amount of light present affects his powers. When it's dark, he has a great deal of 'material' to work with, though it's difficult to make it into a dense state. Solid isn't that big of a deal, but it won't be making a sword easily. In light he can't form as much from shadows, but what shadow there is already fairly dense and sharply defined, so it's easier to craft things like weapons or shields.
3) Necromancy, sort of. He's able to summon spirits and the like either to speak with them or even, in more advanced stages, act as a medium and channel their abilities and powers. He can only summon nearby spirits (No reaching across the globe). He also slowly gains the ability to raise the dead, but they only exist like that for a short time, it's draining, and he has trouble controlling them. This usually means they lumber about aimlessly, not go on a brain-sucking rampage.
Transformation 1: He shrinks a bit, 5'9". He also...becomes an albino with white skin, long, thin, straight, white hair, and smoky pink eyes (just the iris). He also looses his muscle tone, looking rather malnourished.
“ “ 2: His ears become pointed, his hair turns black and straightens, and his eyes also turn black in color. His skin also becomes grayish. The stronger his powers, the blacker his skin becomes.
Relations: Open
Other: Is a fan of Carl Jung, and considers Mara to be his Shadow Half.
Myers-Briggs: INTJ

Name: Mara
Species: Du-Sith (a black elf)
Gender: Female
Appearance: She's about the height of a Barbie doll with black skin; black, long, thin hair; black eyes; and a simple, black, long-sleeved dress that descends to her ankles. (Sense a theme?) She's barefoot. She also has lengthy, thin, pointed ears that she can move about easily to indicate moods or hear better in a certain direction.
Personality: Dressed in black down to her DNA, she has to be dark and mournful, right? Screw that.
She's happy, bouncy, talkative, and enthusiastic about almost anything, especially if it's fun. Think of the typical genki school-girl. She can go through rapid mood changes. She's mostly happy, but can be sad (again, think anime school-girl) and, sometimes, serious and focused. The last one usually only happens when she has to be.
Time of Meeting: 8 months, 14 days ago according to Mara. Dedrick adjusted to the fact that he has a tiny elf that follows him everywhere after about a month (or five minutes, I'm not sure).
Other: Moves about using her powers over shadows, so she can fly, hover, etc. Dedrick, thus, is glad he doesn't have to carry her everywhere. She's also good at hiding herself, which she does out of respect for Dedrick's desire for anonymity.
Consumes sweets en masse
Myers-Briggs: ESFP

Dedrick Dysert
"And so, yeah, that's why they have they have that 'Under God' bit in the Pledge of Allegiance despite the whole 'separation of church and state' edict." Dedrick took another sip from his milk carton, shuffling through his lunch bag for another baby carrot.

"Oh, I suppose that makes sense," Mara said, "but why are you pledging allegiance to a flag?"

"Still working on that." It was a basic sunny day, a cheery sun that was shrouded occasionally by large cumulus clouds. A small breeze ruffled his already rumpled hair. There were some birds chirping nearby, though Dedrick didn't know from where, nor did he particularly care. He stretched out his legs on the grass, eating, as he usually did, outside. It didn't matter how times the faculty yelled at him about leaving the school building, he always found someplace new to perch. Eventually, they gave up, and Dedrick continued doing exactly what he had been doing with one change: he now had a lunch partner.

"Hey, hey, you have it, right?" Mara said, leaping higher than her tiny frame would seem to allow so she perched on Dedrick's bent knee. That allowed her to be at eye level. Her black eyes shone with hopeful longing.

"Yes, of course," Shan said, reaching back into his pack. His hand emerged with a small cookie dotted with a generous helping of chocolate chips. "Here you go."

"Eeeeeeee!" Mara squealed, clapping her hands and grinning as she took the cookie. Though it was small for a human, the tiny sprite had to not only hold the cookie with both hands, she had to sit and rest it on her lap in order to nibble it properly. The most amazing part was that she'd be finished with it before lunch ended.

"So...why don't you eat inside with the other people?" She asked in between mouthfuls.

"I've told you this. I think I say it every day, in fact. One, I don't wish to eat the biohazardous slop that they try to pass off as nutrients. Two, I really don't want to hang around with the large majority of students who are more idiot than human." He leaned back to lie on the soft grass, keeping his right knee propped up for Mara.

Mara cocked her head to the side, her ears perked up slightly. "I just wonder," She put the cookie down and rose into the air on dark wings, bits of feathery shadow breaking off and vanishing in the light, "what it is that scares you so much."

"Oh, don't start that argument," Dedrick grumbled as Mara drifted toward the windows of the cafeteria, which Dedrick had chosen to picnic in front of today. He didn't worry a great deal about Mara being seen. She was a master of hiding.

"Yes you are, you're scared. Scaredy, scaredy, scaredy!" She was also a master of being annoying. "They scare you, the other students. You just need to open up some more and-" She stopped abruptly. "Ooooo!" She dived down from the window into the bushes below. "A kitty! Hey, pretty kitty! Aren't you adorable and sweet?"

"Hey, what you mean 'sweet'?" came an unanticipated reply. "I'll show you 'sweet'!"

"Ahhhhh!!" Mara screamed, bursting from between the leaves at a high speed run. Her long black hair whipped rapidly in the wind she generated with her mad rush. Right behind her came a small kitten colored like a miniature tiger. Mara was either teasing the feline by staying grounded or she was so freaked out she forgot that she could fly.

Dedrick took another sip of milk, watching as the small black elf and the kitten tiger ran in circles around him, the latter yelling taunts and the former screaming incomprehensibly. "Huh, what do you know?" Dedrick mused aloud. "A talking cat."

^_^ Guess who? Hope I did Tora alright.
Dedrick's not being mean. He just knows Mara doesn't need help. Plus, it's a pretty funny scene, and the day has been rather boring so far.

6th January 2007, 09:17 PM
Caylen hovered silently over the lake. Only the soft weight of Cammie, her presence providing the focus that Caylen required to lift his internal energy from the pull of the Earth, interupting an otherwise weightless feeling. It was somewhere he could truly be alone, few personal vessels went this far out into the lake and should any happen along he could always pull the dark energy around him into an obscuring shroud that would allow him to quickly slip away. It was good practice and calming as heck. At least it would be if that damn bird would find somewhere else to have his fun. Feeling Cammie's impatience, Caylen opened his eyes.

"Yeah yeah, I know. Time to get to work."

Well if you don't hurry, Kara and Mei are going to have all the fun!

"I still don't see what's so fun about this...."

Oh C'mon Caylie, when we aren't moments away from a screamingly painful death, it's a blast!


Feeling Cammie's feet sink ever so slightly furthur into his shoulder, they wouldn't need to fully bind until the fight was joined, Caylen drew out a bit more of his internal energy, manifesting it in a faint, shimmering layer of emerald that hovered lightly over his skin. Pulling himself up from his seated position on the softly moving water beneath, Caylen propeled himself towards the bird's latest blast, trying his best to enjoy the moonlight as he flew towards possible death. As he neared the creature, he began to feel the odd emptiness in his energy sense that he was beginning to identify with Kara's presence.

7th January 2007, 01:43 PM
Name: Karrie Crawford
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: When looking at Karrie, she doesn't really stand out that much. She's about 5'6", medium body size, with reddish-brown, (cocoa) shoulder length hair. Her hair tends to stay on the messy side no matter how often Karrie combs or brushes it, and at the end of some of the locks, she gets ringlet curls that annoyingly pop up.
Karrie has blue eyes, and she's quite pale in skin tone, but not sickly or ghostly--comes from the Irish side of the family. She also wears a red-framed pair of glasses that enhance her features.
What makes Karrie stand out the most is her love of black--clothing, shoes and accessories. She dresses semi-goth with a touch of rocker chic thrown in for a good measure. Karrie mostly wears black pants or jeans, a dark T-shirt with a design on it (her faves: Careful...I Had A Bowl Of Attitude For Breakfast and a Happy Bunny shirt--says It's Cute How Stupid You Are) or a dark colored shirt--burgundy, purple, blue, or red, a large studded belt, various pieces of jewelry, and either black sneakers or boots. Sometimes will wear blue jeans in a pinch but keeps the rest of her attire and accessories the same.
Personality: Karrie is a rather an odd girl. Either she's extremely hyper-bubbly, or she's a quiet daydreamer--drifts off from conversations or her schoolwork, and stays focused on her personal agenda (her hobbies)
Otherwise she's argumentative, and tries to draw people into her arguments to prove a point, usually adults not related to her and the peers she doesn't associate with the most.
Hobbies/Activities: When she's not in school doing homework she's reading, writing, and drawing clothing or figures. Has dreams of writing for a living, or doing fashion design. Likes anime, music (alternative), and watching TV.
Job/School Level: In high school~~Sophomore Blah :P
Takes Algebra I, French I, Science II, English II Honors, Drawing & Painting I, Sociology, World History
Relations: Karrie has a few friends that hang out with her at school--mostly those that are like her in some way~artsy, dreamy, etc. She dislikes popularity and the "popular crowd", and doesn't have time for them, or boys as she considers them a "major pain in her butt"
She lives in a modest apartment with her mother (who she loves like crazy, despite the fact mom works all the time) and a couple of kitties.
Other: Karrie has dreams of the future--a sort of like deja vu and is able to predict future events although she doesn't understand why she can do this. She also uses a tarot deck to confirm her suspicions or for general information.

Karrie Crawford (Human)
I've said this before, and I'll say it again...
School sucks.

I was the only one of my gang that had the final lunch period of the day. All my friends--Nona, Jaden, Sabryna, Myrta, Ian and James had already had lunch and are now trying hard to stay awake while they listening to the boring mindless monotone of drivel that the school system shoves down our throats.
I guess I should be lucky.
Yeah, lucky me.

Truth is...I miss my friends, and that what hurts. I miss hanging out and talking to them about music, art, and our plans. We are the only ones that know each other...understand each other, and don't judge ourselves--or each other for our faults.

I sat in the cafeteria alone before my fifth period art class, and from behind my sunglasses, watched the other students with a mix of boredom and mild annoyance. I was attempting to sketch, and tune out the loud obnoxious laughter of the jocks and their girlfriends two tables away with my Creative Zen player. I was humming to myself, deep into "Mr Brightside" by the Killers, when one of the guys interrupted the guitar solo with a loud resounding belch, much to the amusement of his comrades, and to the displeasure of the the few girls at the table.

I faced the group, pulled my shades down and stared at the offensive fellow with a hard glare that would make any guy's privates crawl back up inside him. The smile faded and the guy seemed to shrink in his seat a little.
I smiled slightly, and turned back to my art book and casually adjusted my clothing--a dark grey T-shirt that has "Killer Licks" on it and a dark pair of jeans, and continued to sketch.
Just a little more...a little bit more. Shade here. Highlight there.
I sighed, and set down the sketch pencil and examined my work. I have had alot of dreams in the past few weeks, some involving light and darkness. As soon as I woke up though the images were gone, fading into nothingness. Other dreams I've had involved little animals or other creatures. At first I thought I was going crazy, but decided to do like my mom suggested, and write down my dreams. But instead of writing...I draw my dreams out.

The ears were a little pointier than I remembered, I muttered "...not right..." and laid the pad down and began to erase--

All of a sudden, my drawing was covered in brown wetness...I jumped off the chair quickly and grabbed my Mp3 player, so not to ruin the machine with the stickiness of Coca-Cola.

"Ohhh Sorrry.....I dropped my coke...."
The sugary sweet voice meant only one thing. I yanked off my sunglasses, and cursed as I fought for my regular eyewear. Standing in front of me was Jenny in all her bleached-blonde splendor. Behind her was her little group of preppie gal pals.
I yelled "You moron! Look what you did to my drawing!"
She smiled "Looks like I did you a favor." Jenny looked at the now-soaked pad "Looked like crap anyway--"
I moved forward, fists curled and yelled "You b---"

A solid, firm hand clamped my shoulder. "Is there a problem ladies??" It was a teacher I've never met before, and I should know...I've harassed a few teachers in the last few years. He was tall, fair skinned, and dressed sort of nerdy looking. I glared at him "It's none of your business!"

He grabbed my shoulder, and gripped it tighter if that were possible. He glared back at me "When you try to give another of my students a facial rearrangement, you make it my business!"
I sat there and held myself in check as the ending lunch bell rang, then felt my anger boil up again as the jerk dismissed Jenny. He turned his attention to me "And since you have all this pent-up energy Miss Crawford, you can clean every table in the cafeteria. Starting with this one." He gestured at the sopping wet table in front of me.
I yelled "Who are you to tell me to clean this slop?!? That witch started it--"
He growled "I can be your worst nightmare Miss Crawford if you don't shut up and get to work!!!"

I stomped over to where the cafeteria workers were and was given cleaning supplies and cloths. Apparently the workers overheard the little spat between me and the new teacher. I stomped over to where my sketchbook was and sadly put the remains into the garbage can, then started to clean the table.
Oh great...the late bell. Art class...and I'm missing it...

As time ticked by, I cleaned every table--from one side of the cafeteria to the other. I wiped the sweat from my face and stretched, wincing as I straightened my body. I heard the class bell ending art and starting World History class some time ago and I was too exhausted to go to class.
"Well now...that wasn't so bad--was it??" The No Named teacher strolled into the cafeteria, his voice echoed through the almost empty building.
"I guess not..." I muttered, as I grabbed my book bag and pencils.
"Guess not what Miss Crawford?!?" No Name glared hard at me.
"Guess not....sir..."
"Much better Miss Crawford." He added almost too casually "By the way Miss Crawford...it's Vice Principal Skinner. Don't ever forget it..."
Idiot. Major Idiot

I shoved the door open as hard as possible and broke from the confines of the pseudo jail cell, eager to feel the fresh air. I needed to see my friends, talk to them. World History had almost ended so I went to the ladies room to freshen up.

When the bell rang, I left the bathroom and headed toward my English class. I stepped around the corner, and almost collided with a freshman. I was still too worn out from my earlier scrubbing duties to yell at her, so I settled for growling at her. That caused the girl to skirt around me, and run toward her next class. I laughed softly and headed toward my own class....

7th January 2007, 02:14 PM
::Shin Akagi

"You have to remember to put a copy of that game when it comes in for me, got it?"Brian jokingly reminded Shin as they walked to their table. Shin nodded, already having spent 5 dollars on the reservation fee for Brian. Placing games on the side without it was strictly forbidden, even for an employee.
"And you better pay me..."Shin said a few minutes after, but seemed to stop midsentence, choking on his spit while his line of sight was viewed at the window..

'Tora..'He could feel a chill of forbidding ride down his spine, and then he looked at Brian and stood.
"I need to go outside for some air."He managed to say without almost being obvious that something was wrong outside. He grabbed the carton of milk and walked quickly to the door, avoiding the slight fight he could hear in the background. He placed his hand on the door, only to be stopped by a lunch monitor.

"I need some fresh air.."He mumbled out, and started to act like he was hyperventilating- a complete act. He needed some reason to go outside, otherwise he could risk Tora being..
"Are you ok? You sure you just need air, I can take you.."The lunch monitor patted his back in concern, but sighed as Shin was able to shake his head."You have 6 minutes. I trust you because your on the same team as my son"

Shin sighed a breath of relief inside of his head and walked quickly outside the door, hearing Brian behind him but being denied exit. Letting out a breath of deep air, he looked around to where he could find a small, human like being running around in panic while something like a kitten; Tora, chasing it.

"Aaaaiieee!"The human like thing said, her black hair whipping in the wind. Shin watched for a second and quickly joinned the game, only to grab Tora by her scruff and hold her back from pouncing on what seemed to be..something..not human. A monster?

"I'm not sweet! I'm TORA! the mighty!"Tora proclaimed loudly, "and let me go SHIN!!" She moved around and Shin used his other hand and forced Tora to put her claws in his jacket.
"and I told you to behave, or this is the last time you're coming here."He replied, trying to calm her down as she tried to get free of his grasp. He sighed dejectedly as the small, covered in black clothing and hair human-like being came up to him, with a smile as wide as her face on..

Shin ruins Tora's fun.Booo

7th January 2007, 09:01 PM
Name: Zoe Powell
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: It would be hard to miss Zoe, a short but colorful looking individual. Five feet tall with slightly tanned skin and fiery red hair kept in a long ponytail, tied in her green-and-white "lucky" scrunchie. Her eyes are a bright green that seem to shine when she smiles. A few freckles lie under her eyes. She can usually be seen with loud colored clothes and paint somewhere on her face or clothes.
Personality: Raised to be a sophisticated young lady by her rich parents, Zoe instead acts like an eccentric genius. One minute she'll be pretending to be a snobby know-it-all, the next she turns into a complete goof. She's usually a loudmouth that says whatever is on her mind, but will quickly apologize if she thinks that it was the wrong thing to say. She's also quick to anger if someone rubs her the wrong way. It takes her a while for her to calm down once she's fired up. But she does let it show that she's smart with her quick albeit random thinking.
Hobbies/Activities: Art Club, Drama Club, Shakespeare, music in general and playing the piano
Job/School Level: High school...sophomore.
Relations: Friend of Scott Morgan, whom she trusts with every secret (among them her belief in aliens and other mythical creatures).
Other: Secretly believes in aliens, dragons, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and Santa Claus (among them less important mythical beings) as well as the city of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle.

"You have to see the sketch I did in my free time! I'm really proud of this one!" I said excitedly to Scott as we both headed to our last period. I fumbled around with my sketchbook until I got to the last page and showed it to him.

"It's a...winged horse," he said in confusion. "Zoe, I know there aren't any winged horses in the world."

"Of course there aren't any," I said loudly. He relaxed before I continued. "That's because they're an extinct species. They were wiped out during the great flood back in biblical times."

Scott sighed. "Now that theory is almost believable. I've been hanging around you too long."

"Speaking of hanging around me..." I put an arm around his shoulder. "I need someone to keep me company at the penthouse. You know, the one with the PS3 and the HDTV. My parents aren't going to be there until midnight."

"I'll think about it," he said with uncertainty.

I stopped him and looked him in the eyes. He was definitely preoccupied about something. I felt a pang of jealousy as he glanced down at the picture again. "You're obviously thinking about that girl again. This is why I don't date." I left him as we went our separate ways.

7th January 2007, 10:49 PM
Kara Trumain
"Some times you know what the answer is, but even then you can't even grasp it."

Kara’s graceful form had leapt into the air easily, propelling herself from the rocky shore as she seemed to almost fly in the air. The sword in her hand felt smooth and light as she gripped it tightly, flattening her ears as she began to swing the sword back just as her figure was nearing the belly of the beast with surprising accuracy. Her hair rippled in the moonlight as she gave out a growl-like grunt as she swung the sword with all of her might into the bird’s underside. The sword plunged into the underbelly, sinking deeply into the bird but not all the way through- the skin was quite thick, reminding Kara for a second of a blubber-like feel.

Taking her feet and swinging them upwards, Kara pushed herself from the bird and began to fall back towards the lake water. Just as Kara began to plummet, her keen eye caught the sight of another figure- one that Kara recognized as Caylen. Ignoring him for the moment, Kara managed to flip her body in the air using the weight of her sword as she concentrated harshly upon the water below. She could feel the churning balance of the yin and yang within the water… leaning more towards the yin, and swiftly she concentrated on releasing the yin. A slow glow of black began to spark forward from the water, collecting to form a glistening surface along the top of the water. Kara grunted as she landed directly upon the spot, the balance of the energies causing the water to harden for her as she spent no time hesitating to bunch up her legs and leap gracefully into the air again.

The roar of the bird in the air caused Kara to glance upwards and see Caylen dealing his own blow to the bird, as the bird tried to blast at him. Absently biting into her lip, Kara concentrated on her sword as it began to glow- a purple aura flickering wildly around the blade as if a deep monster within it had been released. Giving out a cry… Kara reached the underside of the bird again and this time she managed to slice the sword cleanly through its underside, adding to the damage as a spray of blood and tissue erupted into the air…

Kara stood upon the rocky shore once again, breathing deeply as she gazed out onto the lake’s surface as the moon’s rays still reflected softly upon them. The sword had vanished and slowly the tail and her ears disappeared as Mei sat quite balanced upon her shoulder. Kara withdrew another deep breath, turning to walk away until she heard a voice in the air. Glancing, she saw the figure of Caylen in the dimly lit night sky. Lowering her head, she closed her eyes briefly before rising her gaze to meet his and nodding. The bird had all but vanished from her mind, and replacing it was the pain that had caused her to come out here upon this night to begin with. So looking to Caylen, she flashed a smile- a pained and tearful smile – and then walked away at first, until she disappeared into the trees with a light sprint.


“Kara… Kara!!” Mei’s voice rose loudly, as he seemed to perch himself on top of the dresser in her room. Slowly opening up her exhausted eyes, Kara blinked for a moment before trying to comprehend why Mei had woken her up.
“W-what…” Kara’s agitated voice rose as she slowly turned on her side, nestling herself into the bed again.
“It’s already the afternoon! I’m hungry, I’m bored and you shouldn’t sleep so much!” Mei said, leaping from the dresser on onto her bed.
“I was up late last night.”
“True, but you still should try to stick to a normal schedule.”
“I don’t have a schedule- I don’t have classes today.”
“Still… food is part of a schedule.”
Finally giving in, Kara pushed the covers aside and sat up, rubbing her eyes. Soon she had showered and put on a normal pair of light blue jeans and a neat form-fitting white shirt. Tennis shoes slid on her feet as she absently grabbed her lanyard and shoved it into her pocket, exiting her dorm room and heading out the door.

“Let’s go to the restaurant on top of the hill.” Kara said absently, as Mei frolicked along side of her. His two tails were slightly intertwined, so it looked as if he was some sort of cute puppy that looked like a kit fox, with a huge fluffy tail and abnormally large ears. Adorable, to say the least.
“Why? I thought the caf today was serving chiiiicken…” Mei whined, and Kara couldn’t help but laugh.
“Yes, but I don’t feel like eating in the caf.”
“… you know, your friends care about you.” Mei’s voice almost whispered, as Kara withdrew a sigh and nodded. Not responding however, Kara let her lips curve into a light smile as she glanced down at him.
“They have chicken at the restaurant. I just got paid yesterday, so we can go wild.”
Mei stared at her for a moment as Kara averted her gaze down the street, and Mei shook his head but also seemed to half-way smile. He felt much of her pain, since they were linked in a way… but yet, he knew he could never understand nor ever feel even half of what she felt. He has wished in some way he could make it go away for Kara… that he could help her find the answer that she was looking for- some type of hope, some type of cure… anything to make her smile- truly smile, again.

The two of them arrived at the restaurant. It was directly across from the High School, and of course the high school and the University were only a half a mile away from each other to begin with- well, from the end of campus anyway.
“Already Mei, got some of that foxy goodness?” Kara said, as Mei gave a wink and swiftly seemed to vanish by Kara’s feet. Opening the door, Kara smiled to the waitress as she prepared to eat a decently late afternoon meal.

8th January 2007, 10:44 AM
Dedrick Dysert
Mara and the tiger-cat had ran out of sight. As he finished the last of his milk, Dedrick started to seriously wonder why there was a talking cat about to begin with. Cats didn't normally talk.

I've been around Mara too long, He thought as he gathered the remain of his meal and put them back in his blue lunchbag. Only beginning to wonder about this now is proof of that. He stood and stretched before wandering around the corner where the two had gone. Could that cat be a Sprite like Mara? She had said there were others like her and, consequently, like himself. He hadn't met any, but for now that was the only explination Dedrick had that didn't include hallucinations.

The sounds of Mara's shrieks were gone, though Dedrick suddenly thought that maybe he should have stopped the little chase scene sooner. Cats could be dismissed, but a black elf...

He had rounded the corner and his thoughts came to a stomach-lurching halt before screaming into hyperactivity. Before him was another student. He was tall, Asian, and his name completely escaped Dedrick's mind. Standing directly in front of him, being stared at by the other student...was he a junior?...was Mara. Mara was not hiding, not disguising herself in anyway, and was, in fact, raising and arm high and shouting out a cheery "Hi!"

"Um...hi?" the Asian said. He was holding the cat in his arms, who was not happy to be there.

"Thanks alot for helping me out!" Mara continued.

"...You're welcome." That's when he...Shin! That was it!...looked up and saw Dedrick.

What was he going to do? How was he going to explain Mara? Say she was a new, advance toy? Act surprised as well? But he couldn't leave her. But she could also take care of herself. But then they'd know she existed. But no one would believe Shin, hopefully, and no one could connect Mara to Dedrick.

Mara turned and smiled. "Hey, Dedrick!" Well, scratch that last thought.

"Hey, Mara," he said in a faux casual way. She saw through to his inner panic, though.

"Oh, don't worry! He's okay! He has a sprite!" She formed butterfly wings and flew to eye-level. "See?" She pointed to the cat. "The kitty is a sprite!"

"Stop calling me a kitty! I am not a 'kitty'! I am Tora!" The self-proclaimed Tora struggled even more to no avail.

"Ha! That's what you get for being mean and chasing me." Mara tossed back her hair and laughed until Dedrick reach out a hand and grabbed her black wings between his fingers.

"Question," Dedrick said as he pulled her toward his face. "Why didn't you fly away before if you didn't want to be chased?"

Mara raised a finger to her chin in thought. "....Oh...I suppose I could have done that, couldn't I?"

Dedrick turned back to the real problem. "Are you Shin?"

"Yes, and you're Dedrick." He blinked his brown eyes. He seemed as lost as Dedrick of what to say.

"Then, if Tora's a sprite like Mara is, we're comrades in arms."

"Yeah, I suppose we are."

Making assumptions, setting-wise. Whee.

8th January 2007, 05:33 PM
Name: Matthew (Matt) Henderson
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://www.advancedanime.com/pictures/yodame.jpg
Personality: Matt has a somewhat withdrawn nature, he keeps himself to himself and doesn't like to converse with others unless it's absolutely necessary. He acts so withdrawn because he believes that to feel compansion for another person is a weakness because everyone he has ever cared about has left him in some way. Hime is a slight exception to this; he tries to keep a strcitly parental interest in her but he is slowly beginning to develop concern for her. Once Matt opens up he can reveal the full abundance of his character. He is actually a very strong-minded and sharp-witted individual and he will take charge if he feels he has to. This links in to his protective nature (albeit a hidden one) which is slowly coming through during the time he spends with Hime.
Hobbies/Activities: Matt has always had a deep interest in Japanese culture, especially samurai and has taken to studying some of their beliefs and ways. It was his way of 'escaping' his history and helped to define his personality.
Job/School Level: He works delivery for a local catering firm and delivers to many of the cafe's and restaurants in the area.
Sprite: Hime the dragon hatchling.
1) Whirlwind Barrier - he can create a small barrier of wind which can repel objects, however, the length and size of the barrier is limited
2) Wind-Piercing Arrow - he can summon a bow and arrows that fire fast enough to split air
3) Rise - he can levitate objects of small mass for short distances.
Transformation 1: He bulks up, his shoulders and chest become more defined (similar to a footballer in uniform) and his hair gains streaks of red in them.
“ “ 2: His physique remains normal but he obtains a pair of emerald green wings and a tail that reaches three feet in length. He can't use his wings to fly but with practice he could probably learn.
Relations: None
Other: None

Name: Hime
Species: Dragon hatchling
Gender: Female
Appearance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Baby_Saphira.jpg (is she not adorable?)
Personality: Despite her infant appearance Hime has a wisened mind which appeals to Matt's inner self. She always knows how to cut through his darkened exterior and touch his soul - though he hates to admit it. He has a soft spot for her and an almost parental concern for her which he shows on occassion but will not openly accept. She will try on occassion to play 'matchmaker' for him, believing that all he needs is to find the right person to bring out the good in him.
Time of Meeting: Three months
Other: None


It was one of those nights when everything just sits silent and waits. One of those nights when something big is going to happen. I'd been driving home after a late shift, Hime curled up in the front seat. Normally I wouldn't bring her but it was dark and no one would notice a dragon curled up in the front seat of a van - whether they looked or not. We were passing near the schools when she reared up, stretching up on her hind legs for as long as she was able just to try and peer through the window as we drove past.

"Another one..." she growled lightly.

I pulled over and peered into the sky, watching the shadow that streaked across it. "They seem to have it covered." I pulled the van back into the road and Hime curled back up on the leather seat beside me. We knew there were others, two at least, who managed to take care of most 'incidents' near the school. I took care of the city - so far as I knew. It was my territory. School had never been for me.

I pulled the van up outside my apartment and put the clamp on the back tire as Hime crawled into my backpack. This was a dangerous neighbourhood but you don't get paid much without a decent education. I took what I could get and I dealt with it, that's how it worked round there. The building was a slum; faded print hung from the walls, hidden by the broken lightbulbs. A few remained, casting dim light onto the gloomy surroundings. Times like that I was thankful for whatever light the place would give me, trying to navigate the missing steps in the dark was dangerously perilous and not a feat I ever planned on attempting.

Two floors up and I was at my room - 3B. Though it was often mistaken for 3I as half the painted 'B' had worn away over the years. I didn't are ask the landlord to replace it, I didn't dare ask him anything; I made sure he got his rent and that was all, the less contact we had the better it would be - for me. Not much of an apartment to tell the truth, just a glorified match box. No tv or radio and a shower that only ran cold - if it ran at all. The carpet was a faded olive and still as sticky as the day I'd moved in and my bed had seen better days. The only working light was in the corner - I kept it going with a stack of lightbulbs - with my books stacked out beneath it. It came in handy as a reading light but there were no chairs to sit on so I often found myself perched on the floor - I rarely used the bed if I could help it. Someday I'd move out but for now it was the only thing I could afford. There was rent to pay, clothes to buy, food for myself and Hime, aside from that I rarely had any cash in my pocket. I'd save for months just to get a book or magazine to read, something to keep my interests peaked; they were my pride and joy - though not my most treasured.

There was one thing I owned that was more precious to me than anything in the world; my sword. I'd worked three jobs back-to-back just to get my hands on it, sleeping about 20 minutes during the day and 15 at night. But it had been worth it. The blade was a perfectly crafted piece of stainlessly steel artwork, curved ever-so-sightly to give it that traditional katana-like feel. Hime had found it the first day and had tocuhed her nose to it. All of a sudden there was this bright light and next thing I knew there were engravings all the way down the blade. I don;'t know how she did it - and I bet she doesn't either - but I'll say one thing, it sure as hell comes in handy when those 'things' show up.

* * *

Work the next day was a drag. Sometimes you get to meet interesting people and sometimes you don't. It was a "don't" day. I was thankful when my lunch break finally arrived and I decided to 'endulge' a little to cheer myself up. There was a restuarant opposite the High School that I delivered to on occasion. Nice service, good food, couldn't hurt to sit for a bit and fill the belly. Hime was at home with a small piece of meat i'd picked up earlier, she'd be fine.

I made my way inside, nodding at the waitress who knew me and taking my seat. Knowing people is also a great way of getting your orders quick and getting served pretty quick too. I took a sip of my coffee and scanned the various tables for no reason. I'd never expected to actually see someone I knew. Well...'knew' was a strong word, she was more of a vague aquaintance, hell I didn't even know her name. She worked, part-time, and had occasionally signed for a few orders but that was all. I had no intention of going over there, or even saying 'hi' - it wasn't my style. But there was something about that pet of hers...

"Hey there."

She looked up at me, the slightest flicker signaling that she recognised who I was. "Hi."

"Can I...?" I motioned to the empty seat with a portion of plate and chips. She nodded and I sat. "That's an interesting pet you have," I said, nodding towards the peculiar puppy-like creature tucking happily into a piece of steaming chicken.

"He certainly is," there was a hidden hint of something. I was curious as to what that something was but my attentions were distracted by a question of her own. "Do you have a pet?"

"I have a..." it took a moment to think of a honorable response, "lizard. She is most certainly interesting." The girl nodded nad we went to silent eating. I wanted to say something, without conversation there was no reason for me to share her table but her pet...I was eager to learn more. Perhaps this was also a 'unique' species. But I was rusty on the art of conversation...heaven knows it'd been a while since I'd had an honest one - with a human being that is. "Um...my names Matthew by the way...Matt to most people."

"I'm Kara."

"Kara...that's um...that's a really nice name...um..." God I was ballsing this up so bad. For God sakes it was just a conversation! "So Kara, aside from the obvious waitressing, what...uh...do you do, exactly?"

Roy Karrde
8th January 2007, 06:22 PM
Scott Morgan
~*~*~*~*~ Walking Home ~*~*~*~*~

Scott finally turned and leaned against the windows of the dinner after having made a circular trip of several blocks back to the school. “And why are we back here?” Zoe sighed turning to look back at the school, shifting the weight of the backpack from one shoulder to the other before turning to look back at Scott.

Fumbling with his words as he always had, Scott’s eyes instinctively went to his feet. “It was just such a beautiful day I didn’t want to go home yet.” He explained.

Zoe winkled her nose in annoyance, tapping her left foot as if she could see straight through his lie. “You were looking for that girl in your picture.” She replied, causing Scott’s face to warm quickly in embarrassment.

“I…” He began to say, looking back at Zoe to find her looking past him into the café behind him. He opened his mouth to ask what Zoe was looking at when she pointed to something behind him. Slowly turning around his heart went into his throat. It was she; it was the girl, no woman from his picture. “It’s her.” He gulped.

Scott’s arms went limp, the papers and binders went cluttering to the ground sending them everywhere. The woman looked up and the two made eye contact for a mere second before Scott stumbled off, running as fast as he could away from Zoe, away from the dinner, away from everywhere.

Over an hour later Scott laid back on the sofa, trying to rid his mind of the previous hour’s events. Zoe came walking in from the previous room slumping down on the sofa next to him and gave him a sympathetic smile. “I looked everywhere, I couldn’t find it.” She sighed, speaking of the picture of the mystery woman that had fallen out of the binder when Scott dropped them.

With out even making a noise he rose from the sofa and placed the controller down before walking into the bathroom, slamming the door shut. Wish slowly materialized on Scott’s shoulder, watching him curiously as tears began to drip down Scott’s cheeks. “You can’t take it out on her…” He tried to say sympathetically. With out even raising his head Scott pointed toward the door. “But…”

Scott jerked his finger at the door again, frowning ever so slightly wish passed through the door, leaving Scott alone.

10th January 2007, 12:01 AM
Zoe Powell

Wish phased through the door and sat next to me on the couch. "I couldn't cheer him up," he said quietly.

"What's wrong with that guy? No offense to him but that girl didn't look like she was worth crying over!" I said angrily.

"Now what do we do?"

"Let him sulk for a while. He'll feel better soon." I glared at the bathroom door one more time before picking up his controller and continuing the game.

After a few hours of blowing up things and people to cheer myself up, my eyelids started to feel a little heavy. Scott was still in the bathroom so I decided to change in his room. A few minutes later I came out wearing my pajamas. My hair was down and my scrunchie was in my hand. I plopped down on the sofa and stretched out, ready for a long snooze.

My head momentarily rose at the sound of the bathroom door opening. Scott came out, got a good look at me, and walked rather quickly to his room. I sighed to myself and lay back down. "What's his problem now?"

11th January 2007, 04:53 AM
::Shin Akagi

An awkward silence followed after their brief conversation. Tora slowly calmed down in Shin's arms as she smelled the milk carton he held in his other hand. "Mara", as Dedrick called the small, elfen like creature, tried to pet Tora to no avial.

"I'm sorry for the grief she caused you."Shin talked to Mara, although it was slightly mean't to Dedrick himself aswell."She's a bit fiesty...and commanding."

"It's alright,"Mara said cheerfully, with her wings still out."She's a cute kitty!"
"I am not a kitty! Tora the tiger! The ferocious!" Tora blurted out as she pawed around with the milk carton that was in Shin's other hand. He sighed and put her down, opening the milk carton and giving Tora her lunch.

Sorry!>< it's been a while since I've rp'ed and I'm so..bad at writing up social encounters for my characters..

Roy Karrde
11th January 2007, 09:25 PM
Scott Morgan
~*~*~*~*~ Hurt ~*~*~*~*~

Scott laid on his bed for what seemed like an hour in his mind before the door slowly creaked open, signaling that Zoe was coming in to check on him. He twisted around in his bed not wanting to face her. Seeing her there on the couch was just too much for him. In his mind he kept asking himself, of all the nights she could sleep over, why tonight? “You’re acting stranger than usual, care to talk about it?” She asked a bit quietly, stepping into the room and clutching her chest in worry.

Kicking off a layer of sheet’s in frustration he remained with his back toward her. “…no.” He finally replied, his voice sounding more and more childish in this situation.

Crossing her arms across her chest in frustration, Zoe stuck out her tongue prepared to be as childish as he was. “If you’re going to act like a kid, then I am too.” She replied as childishly as she could. This brought about a chuckle from Scott.

“You have it so easy..” He began, inside Scott was trying his best to form the emotions into words. “It’s just… I sometimes forget that you are actually a girl.” He explained, Zoe let out a small sigh and sat down next to him on the bed, running her hand over his back.

“I’ m sure you’re not the only one who forgets.” She tried to say.

Scott shook his head in frustration, burying his head further into the pillow. In his mind Scott could only imagine Zoe meeting the perfect guy, and getting married, having a full life. Losing the picture, his hope and dreams of meeting that girl, smashed by cowardly fear. “I’m never going to get a girlfriend or date or anything, that picture, it was a bit of false home.” The pillow now wet with tear stains.

“That’s not true, and it’s only true if you keep thinking that.” She tried to comfort him.

Sitting up slowly and letting Zoe see the tears dripping down his face he drew in a long sigh. “I… guess, but I am such a coward.”

Standing up and puffing out her chest in anger Zoe marched around the room till she was on his side of the bed. “What are you afraid of? That girl is not going to kick your butt if you talk to her… like a sane human.” Her voice drifted off a bit on the last line. “And if she rejects you, then maybe she’s not the one.”

Looking up at her, Scott moved his hand over and turned on the lamp next to his bed. “No matter what girl I find, you will always say she may not be the one for me.” He cocked his head curiously. Having heard Zoe’s speech before when they were middle schoolers and his first crush which didn’t pan out.

Letting out a sigh she spun around on her left foot and looked out the window to the sun dipping down the horizon. “Yeah but what do I know?” She shrugged, turning to walk out the door.

Reaching up Scott grabbed Zoe’s arm holding on to the sleeve of her pajamas. “What about you? Are you the right girl?” He asked curiously, wondering how far her standards were for Scott’s girlfriend.

In the soft light of the room even Scott could see the blushed color of Zoe’s face. “Why do you ask that?” She coughed her voice filled with shock and surprise.

“I don’t know, just felt like the right thing to ask.” He lied, wondering how long he could push this.

Zoe walked to the end of the room, resting her hand on the door and keeping her back to him. “I don’t know, only you will know who’s right for you.” She opened the door and stepped out of the room walking into the den with Scoot following her quietly. By the time she had picked up the controller, Scott reared back and shoved her as hard as she could sending Zoe stumbling forward. “What was that for?” She screamed back in shock.

“You know me, sometimes something has to smack me in the face before I realize it.” Scott chuckled bringing a smile to Zoe’s face. “Oh no, no.” He warned backing up a few feet as Zoe grabbed a pillow and advanced toward Scott.

With one strong swing she sent him sprawling to the ground, hands going crazy as they latched on to something for support as he hit the ground. Zoe seemed to scream out of nowhere as well as the sound of popping as he hit the ground and a weight came ontop of him. “Ow.” Zoe moaned rubbing her head and looking up at Scott as Scott himself felt a few round smooth buttons in his hands. Looking down at Zoe, he found himself with a nice moderate shot of cleavage, which caused his face to warm in embarrassment.

“You didn’t have to pull me down with you.” Zoe looked up, her eyes matching Scott’s as she moved her head off of his chest. “I umm.. “ She stammered for her words for a second as both of them kept their eyes on eachother.

11th January 2007, 10:37 PM
Kara Trumain
"Sometimes God gives us wings, but sometimes God locks us in cages."

Kara stared intently at the guy sitting in front of her for a moment, as he fumbled his words in asking her what else she did. It wasn't the way he spoke or perhaps the way he had just magically sat down before her... it was his name. It froze her for a second, causing her to lose her senses for a moment. No longer was she sitting in the restaurant or idly amusing herself by watching Mei, no... instead she was back at the shore. Staring out at the lake, feeling hot tears flood her vision and stream down her face. She was staring at the moon, wishing that some how... it would take her away from such a wretched place. Strange, how a name can do such a thing-
"Umm, Kara? Did I say something?" Matt's voice spoke louder, snapping Kara out of her thoughts for a moment as she blinked a few times and gently shook her head.
"Oh, um... sorry." She said lightly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Mei glanced up nervously at Matt, as if knowing something but he was smart to stay silent.
"I am a student." She swiftly declared, trying to cover up her blunder. "I go to the University. What about you? What do you do?"
Matt stopped for a moment, before shrugging lightly. "I uhh... do a lot of odd jobs here and there. You know, earning money to get a few things I need and things like that to get buy."
Kara nodded, finishing the last of her meal. She then delicately took her hand and grasped the glass of water she had and took a large gulp.
"Well... I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I have to head back to campus now. I have a few things I have to finish." Kara stood up, causing Matt to nod and stand up quickly as well.
"Oh... yeah, well... umm... perhaps we could meet again."
Mei's ears perked up as he looked at Matt, and then to Kara. Kara swallowed a bit, as if thinking about something else as she then nodded. Looking at Matt she gave a nod.
"Sure. Here." She took out a pen and took one of the napkins from the table and wrote upon it. She then wrote her cell phone number.
"There. And if you are around campus, look up my name in the directory. Kara, Kara Trumain."
She then gave a low nod, excusing herself as she walked out of the restuarant in a bit of a hurry. Pushing open the door, Kara felt the cool air hit her face as Mei scampered at her heels.

"You were off in a hurry." Mei said after a few minutes as the two of them entered the edge of campus, walking through some of the trees while heading towards one of the large dorms.
"I'm sure you know why." Kara said almost in a whisper, withdrawing a slow breath. Stopping short, Kara looked at Mei and smiled.
"It was good chicken, wasn't it?"
Mei sighed, "Do you always avert conversations?"
Kara shrugged as she started to walk again, "I don't know. Do you want to face what you can't solve?"
"It would be a problem."


Opening her dorm room door, Kara instantly plopped on her bed, staring at the ceiling. Mei swiftly sat down next to her, curling up as he closed his eyes. He assumed it was nap time and prepared to sleep, as Kara continued to stare at the ceiling and her mind refused to yield to sleep.

12th January 2007, 08:33 AM
Yay! Then we're both lost!

Dedrick Dysert & Mara
Mara looked down from her lofty height (five feet) when Shin put his carton down for Tora. She watched him lap the milk up for a few moments before turning slowly to Dedrick.

"Dedrick," she said in a low, almost menacing voice, "where's my cookie?"

Dedrick reopened his lunch bag and searched for a moment by touch. "Here," he finally said, pulling out the partially nibbled cookie.

"Yay!" She grabbed it and descended next to Tora in order to eat it properly on the ground. "Do you mind if I have some of that milk?" she asked.

"I guess they both demand their favorite treats from us," Shin said in the same awkward tone one uses to describe the weather.

"Yep," Dedrick replied in a smoother but no less awkward way.

"No! It's my milk!" Tora growled.

"C'mon, I'll let you have some of my cookie," Mara said sweetly. "I just want to dunk it, that's all."

"Isn't that thing kinda big for her?" Shin asked.

"I thought at first it would be too. She can eat a half dozen of those in one sitting, I've discovered, though it takes awhile. She'll have that cookie gone by the time lunch ends."

"You'll get crumbs in it," Tora argued.

"So? It adds to the flavor! This is a really good cookie, too. Dedrick's mom made it. A nice, fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookie. How can you resist?"

Shin kicked his foot into the grass slightly, searching for something to say.

"How long have you had Tora, anyway?" Dedrick interrupted.

Shin was glad that Dedrick was actually going to contribute more than answers to the conversation-if you could call it that. "About a month. You and Mara?"

"Mara, how long has it been?" Dedrick shouted down.

"Hang on," she quickly said to the tiger. "Eight months, 14 days, 6 hours-"

"Thanks, that's accurate enough," Dedrick interrupted.

"You're welcome! So, Tora, how about it?"

"I've never had a cookie before, I think."

Mara gave a horrified gasp. "Then you definitely need some. Here!" She broke the cookie in half. "For free. You need cookie. Cookie is life, the essence of the soul."

"Wow, she's sharing," Dedrick commented. Both boys had turned to the conversation below them.

Shin might have had a reply, but Dedrick suddenly swooped down, grabbed Mara-who dropped half of the broken cookie in her surprise-and plopped her in his bag. "Someone's coming," he explained quickly.

Shin turned to see the lunch monitor walking outside. "Shin, are you alright now? You're six minutes are more than up." She turned to look at Dedrick. "What are you doing outside?" she asked suspiciously.

"Eating lunch, sir," Dedrick said with all the seriousness of a private to a drill sergent. Shin could hear the sarcasm.

"Students are not permitted to eat anywhere except the cafeteria. What's your name?"

"Puddin' Tame, sir."

The monitor was not amused. "Both of you, inside. Now." She went in ahead of them, but she wasn't going to give them a long time to follow.

"Why are you eating out here anyway?" Shin asked, thankful the monitor hadn't noticed Tora.

"I don't like people," Dedrick replied.

Mara popped her head out, her body blending in to the shadows of the bag's interior. "That's Dedrick-ese for 'I'm shy and scared of getting to know new people.'"

"No it's not and adding '-ese' to a word does not make it a language."

Shin watched both of them for a moment, thinking. "If you don't have anywhere to sit, Dedrick," he said, "You can sit with me."

Dedrick looked up. Mara giggled when she saw he wasn't able to mask his surprise fast enough. "...I've got to sit somewhere, I suppose," he answered.

"Then I'll stay with Tora!" Mara shouted.

"Not so loud. Tora can be explained as a cat, but the most I have for you is a very life-like doll, which doesn't work since you don't stay still."

"I can't help that. It's the sugar."

"Do you two always talk like this?" Shin interrupted.

Mara and Dedrick replied in unison. "Yes."

I hope we all know by now that Dedrick has very little respect for authority figures.
Boy, that's a lot of dialogue. And there's two conversations going at once. Fun.

13th January 2007, 07:29 AM
::Shin Akagi

"Tora tends to stay outside anyway" Shin said, after laughing a little to Dedrick and Mara's unison reply. "We've tried the inside thing..didn't work"
"You humans..*munch*are all the same!"Tora blurted, "Too talkative and too superficia--"

"Both of you, stop stalling and inside, NOW! The bell is going to ring any second," The lunch monitor tapped her foot impatiently on the grass outside the door, glaring at both Shin and Dedrick.
"Tora, go to the track field after the last bell and meet me there after practice"Shin bent down, smiling a little to Tora slowly eating the small bit of a cookie and her milk. She nodded and he stood back up and started to walk back to the door.

"So..."Shin shuffled his fingers around in his pockets as they entered the school building, sensing a tensness in Dedrick,"you can sit at my table if you like, we don't bite."
"uh..Yeah.."Dedrick replied, a bit tense. Was it the smell of the rotten cafeteria food, or the overcrowding of the cafeteria?

Shin started to walk to his table, hoping Dedrick would take follow as suddenly, the school bell rang. Shin sighed and picked up his bag from his table, and looked back to fidn Dedrick gone - either going to his next class or the hell away from all of these people. Shin decided to do the same, Brian would probably have something to pick on Shin for missing their daily chitchat.

other semi-blah post. Cat is pissing me off because she keeps on bitting on my AC wires for lappy. BAD KITTY.

14th January 2007, 09:03 PM
Karrie Crawford

English class was a bore.

The teacher droned on and on about grammar--nouns, prepositions--all that crap. I was sitting in the back of the room with my hand propped under my chin while trying not to fall asleep from his dull, monotone voice. I sighed heavily, shifted in the seat, and pulled out my notebook out from underneath the textbook on the desk. From the teacher's view, it looked like I was taking notes little did he know. Ha ha. Go me.

I was intent on drawing something funny--something about our new vice principal detailing his lack of manhood so my friends and I could have a good laugh about it later. But as I started to sketch, my hand and my mind seemed to have other plans, and pretty soon the drawing started to take form, the lines and curves wrapped and connected to each other.

Finally I sat back and stared at my creation. I kind of wished that I was able to draw it in color though, but for a straight pencil drawing it looked alright. Sitting in the tall brush I drew was a cute little tiger cub. The tigers' eyes stared back at me almost curiously...almost intense--like it was alive. I heard a voice ring through my head--

I am Tora the mighty!

It was like....my dream... My hands began to shake and my breathing became heavier


I stood up and dropped my notebook on my desk, where it slipped and fell onto the floor. Twenty pairs of eyes stared in my direction--some curious, some concerned, some amused--and the rest were annoyed that I interrupted their nap.
As my breathing slowed down, became more normal, the teacher--Mr. Daniels said "Karrie come here please."
I was about to protest, but since I actually liked this class and Mr. Daniels-despite his boring nature, I bit my tongue and hurried over to his desk.

"Is everything alright Karrie?" Mr Daniels asked with concern. "You're not sick or anything?"
I hesitated. What could I say? That I was hearing voices from my drawing and was going nuts?? I whispered "No sir. Just saw a nasty looking bug over there, and that startled me..." It wasn't the truth, but who cares?

The bell rang signaling for the next class and Mr Daniels said "Alright Karrie, go on to your next class." I smiled slightly, grateful for not getting into trouble this time, and went over to my desk to collect my belongings. The overturned notebook, laying face-down on the floor sat under my chair. I snatched the notebook up and stuffed it deep into my book bag and headed out the door.

Kuro Espeon
15th January 2007, 02:03 PM
Writer's block sucks... >_<

Name: Faith Livian
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Stands at an average 5'6, fairly curvy build and lighty tanned skin. Has wavy brown hair that reaches just past her shoulders and a few freckles under her purplish eyes and thin frame glasses. Usually wears something comfortable but fashionable, and often wears blouses with long sleeves that cover most of her hands.
Personality: On the surface she's sociable and friendly to anyone she interacts with, but is actually quite introverted and doesn't make friends easily. Because of that, she's not close to too many people. While she's fully aware of her strengths and weaknesses and accepts them, she often harbors hidden jealousy of those that are more outgoing and popular, like her best friend Kara. However, it takes a lot to get her to admit what she really feels.
Hobbies/Activities: Member of her college's photography club and enjoys taking pictures of things that inspire her so she is never far from her camera. She also has played guitar since she was 7 and has an unspoken desire to be a musician (but has found that she doesn't have a lot of talent for writing lyrics...)
Job/School Level: College sophmore
Relations: Has two parents and a younger brother, but isn't all that close to them. She has been best friends with Kara since elementary school.
Other: Has a small tattoo of a dragon around her left ankle.

~*~*~*Faith Livian*~*~*~

What does it take to be truly accepted? What makes a person so special that everyone loves them, even if they don't love themselves? More importantly...why can't the average, unspecial people find that same kindness and acceptance? What does it take?

...Someone please tell me.... I'm running out of air....

*click* *click* *click*
The shutter on the camera snapped quietly and repeatedly as Faith sat crossed-legged on the grass, idly taking pictures of the scenery around her as well as the various other park-goers. Her eyes scanned the area with interest and settled on a small girl that was crouched in the grass and was inspecting a butterfly perched on a flower with a child-like innocence and curiosity. Finding it very picturesque, Faith snapped a shot. Moments later a woman, presumablely the girl's mother, arrived and scooped the child into her arms, holding her lovingly. Another picture was taken, Faith making sure to capture the smiles on both of their faces. It was such a cliche moment, but it was something that moved her none-the-less.

After the pair had moved out of view, Faith stood up, brushing off the loose blades of grass that were still clinging to her jeans. With a sigh, she returned her camera to it's leather pouch and slung the strap over her shoulder. She figured it was about time for lunch, but decided to stop back in her dorm room to drop off her camera. The small park was only a 5 minute walk from the college campus so it wouldn't take her long.

A short time later she arrived at her dorm room to find it unlocked. "Kara must be back," she devised. She hadn't seen her roommate (who also happened to be her best friend) since she had gone out somewhere late last night. Faith had been asleep when she returned and vaguely remembered hearing her leave the room in the morning. She turned the knob and pushed the door open to find, sure enough, Kara, sitting on her bed and staring at the ceiling, apparently lost in thought. Next to her, curled up in a ball, was the small, foxlike creature, Mei. This didn't shock Faith in the slightest. She was already aware of Kara's special "condition" as well as her spritely partner, both of which had arrived about two months ago.

"Kara! There you are! Where have you been?" Faith said casually as she walked across the room to her side and gently placed her camera case on the top shelf in her closet. At first she got no reply from her friend and tried again. "Kara?"

Still no reply. With another sigh, Faith walked over to Kara and waved a hand in front of her eyes. She finally got a reaction as Kara jerked slightly in surprised and turned a pair of wide blue eyes on Faith.
"Huh?" she said.
"What's up with you?" Faith asked, jokingly, "You're totally spaced out."
"Oh... sorry. Just...thinking."
"Uh-huh..." Faith knew there was more to it than that. She had known Kara since elementary school. But she also knew that she shouldn't push it. There was no point in trying to make Kara talk about something until she wanted to. Instead, Faith returned to her side and sat on her own bed and pulled open the drawer on her bedside table and began to rummage aimlessly.
"Say...Kara. I heard some people talking in the park this morning. Apparently, there's a rumor going around about a strange bird-creature that appeared over the lake last night." She looked at Kara knowingly out of the corner of her indigo eyes. "You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

Sorry if that sucks. ^^() I was drawing a blank for a while.

17th January 2007, 02:23 AM
Eep! Sorry for not posting! As compansation, please accept these cookies *gives out cookies* please don't hurt me.

Name: Edward Mizer (pronounced Miser)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standing at about 6 foot with a lean build and an extremely pale complexion, which has led people to believe he’s albino. His chin length snow white hair seem to push the albino theory even further and his eyes are a lively green. His face is sharp, yet attractive and almost seems made for the constant smile he has on his face.

As for clothing, any fashion fan would say he prefers to wear ‘cold colours’. He wears an egg blue button-up long sleeve shirt, with a white sleeveless vest over it, normally left open. He also wears a pair of matching white pants and a pair of black, well kept shoes. He also wears a couple of silver rings, one on his right hand and two on his left.
Personality: Jovial, Cheerful and overall a friendly guy. He enjoys nothing more than getting a smile and a laugh out of people. However, he normally does this at the expense of others, so it’s resulted in him getting a few enemies with the more uptight members of the community. He also likes to put on a show and tries to do things with as much flare as possible. Because of this, some people consider him a showman, others consider him a show off. While he rarely gets angry or upset, it is possible.
Hobbies/Activities: Edward considers himself a great dancer and isn’t too bad a singer as well. However, he finds more joy in comedy and telling jokes.
Job/School Level: A senior in college (I have no idea how college works ok?) and he’s also snagged a job as a bartender at a nearby nightclub.
Sprite: an albino spider monkey named Kael
1.) Frost Breeze – Edward blows a powerful blast of super cold air, cold enough to freeze the moisture in the air, and even a few things in its path.
2.) Ice Trap – Edward enchants a small area (which can be determined by the cold mist on the ground, which lets loose a freezing blast of air onto whoever steps into it, usually freezing them.
3.) Katar – Edward calls forth a pair of katar made from almost unbreakable (and unmeltable) ice. These katar are extremely light, and extremely sharp. Oddly enough, to everyone else, they are extremely cold, but Edward doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.
Transformation 1: His skin goes from almost albino to very dark. His hair remains pure white, but becomes much longer, even covering one of his eyes. His build also becomes more chiselled, more toned, almost like that of an acrobat.
“ “ 2: His ears are replaced with those of a monkey and he sprouts a monkey tail. His feet also seem to turn into those of a monkey.
Relations: He’s got a number of friends, and a number of enemies who Edward describes as (unable to take a joke).

Name: Kael
Species: albino spider monkey
Gender: Male
Appearance: An albino spider monkey with pink eyes. Even though his fur is pure white, he does have a few rings of black hair on his tail.
Personality: He’s a lot like Edward, as in fun loving and willing to play rather than do anything serious. He’s quite an easy sprite to get along with, but hates it when people spoil his fun.
Time of Meeting: Edward and Kael met about 7 months ago.

I'll write up his intro when I think of it. Once again, sorry.

20th January 2007, 02:07 PM
Dedrick Dysert
I. Despise. Crowds.

Dedrick wandered into the cafeteria after Shin. He thought that the faculty had let up on his choice of eating places, but they apparently hadn't. Perhaps he had just become stealthier? That wouldn't surprise him, considering his time with Mara. The best way to use shadow was to be stealthy, like a ninja. Be one with the shadows.

Dedrick caught himself before his train of thought wandered too far off track. He looked around at the various people that made up his fellow pupils. All of them yelling at each other to be heard because of the din caused by the yelling. The shoving hoards trying to save a few seconds of their time to turn their trays in; only resulting in being far slower than if they took their time. Where were they hurrying to? Laughing girls gossiping about and jocks picking on those they deemed lower. Looking around, Dedrick had one thought in mind.

What a waste of oxygen. He hardly knew the name of any of the other students; his greatest wish was to never see them again, so he cared little about getting chummy. The only fairly sane person that he knew, really, was Shin. It wasn't just because he was another Chosen, but because he seemed to actually possess a brain.

"So..." Shin said as they entered the building, "you can sit at my table if you like; we don't bite." He looked at Dedrick with a look of concern. Dedrick quietly noted it, but ignored it for the moment.

"Uh, yeah," Dedrick replied, hunching his shoulders slightly. Shin began walking, but the bell rang. Without a word, Dedrick turned away and left.

Next class: English. It was entirely boring, per usual, except for when a girl sitting two seats in front of him with terra cotta hair stood up and screamed. Except for that break, the tedium Mr. Daniels wove remained uninterrupted. It wasn't until the bell rang that Dedrick realized that Shin might be wondering where he was. Leaving without saying anything was a bad habit of his.

Oh, well. I probably won't see him again, anyway... He had finished putting his notebook into his bag when the second thought hit. Shit, I am seeing him again. Stupid Mara.

"Yay! I'm so happy we found another Chosen and sprite! I was really worried that we'd never meet any others, since Dedrick doesn't seem interested in looking for them," Mara bounced about with glee beside Tora, her high leaps slowed by a faint swirl of black. "We ought to do something to celebrate!...I know! I'll invite Shin over to our house! Dedrick's mom will be thrilled!"

Tora laughed. "Why in the world would she be excited about that?"

"Well," Mara hovered in midair, putting a finger to her chin as she thought. "Dedrick's not very...sociable."

"I kinda noticed," Tora said, sitting on the grass and licking a paw. "He seems to have a pretty big limb stuffed up his butt."

"No, it's not that...It's just..." Mara switched gears. "He doesn't have a lot of friends, really. His mom's always pushing him to be more extroverted, but he doesn't."

Tora flopped on the grass. "I'm boooored, and Shin isn't getting back for hours."

Mara placed her finger back on her chin. A wicked grin spread across her face. "Well, there are some things I've always wanted to do, but I couldn't because I felt I needed...a partner."

Tora looked at the elf suspiciously. "Like what?"

The grin widened. "I think the first stop should be the gym. I think there's a freshmen class going on there. We'll just go in and...give the kids a bit of excitement when they're done."

"Ah, so you really need an accomplice."

Mara nodded.

"You know, Shin and Dedrick, I'm sure wouldn't like this. If I cared, that might actually matter."

"Alright! Come this way. We're gonna have fun."

Yes, I do have some ideas for pranks, lame as they are.
C'mon, these two are getting bored and Mara's a bad influence.

20th January 2007, 03:16 PM
Edward Miser
The white haired young man leaned back in his seat as he took a sip of coffee. He had a free lesson at the moment so now he was just laying around killing time. Normally he'd be joking around and surrounded by people (either those who love his jokes or those who want to kill him BECAUSE of his jokes).

Unfortunately, noone else was around.

So now, as crazy as it sounds, Edward was bored out of his mind.

He looked over at the albino monkey beside him. Kael seemed just as bored as he was.

Hoping to get a bit of excitement, Edward reached over, picking up the sprite by his tail. Kael didn't seem to respond to this one bit, instead he just hung there, almost asleep. He sighed.

"It's a lazy, monkey-danglin afternoon," he sighed.

Then something caught the monkey sprite's eye.

Without saying a word, he pointed towards the entrance. Edward looked over to see none other than Mara. He had met the girl once or twice before. Bubbly, bouncy, and overall someone he enjoyed being around.

A small smile appeared on his sharp face.

"Hmm," he murmured softly to himself, "I wonder what she could be doing here?"

Sorry for the crappiness folks.

20th January 2007, 11:41 PM
Zoe Powell

I glared at Scott and snatched my pajama top away from him. "These were my favorite pajamas. Now I need another top to sleep in." Without asking his permission, I walked to his room and grabbed one of his T-shirts.

"I didn't say you could borrow one," Scott grumbled.

"I didn't say you could ruin my pajama top. If you wanted to see my breasts so badly, you should have asked." I stuck my tongue out at him and laughed at his blush.

We finally went back to our respective sleeping places and went to sleep. Well, Scott did. I lay on the sofa and moped about Scott's new crush. It wasn't that I liked him in that way. Just that the poor guy didn't have good taste in girls. Each and every one of them dumped him in the most devastating way. Unfortunately I had to be the one to keep him going. After a while I not only had a pessimistic attitude against his crushes but also against every guy I ever liked. I took a silent bet of how long it would take for someone to break his...or my...heart.

Everyone just assumed that my heart has never been broken. They've never been more wrong. There are just people that can't see me brokenhearted. But I wished for one thing...

"A kiss. Just one kiss." I brought my hand up to my lips for a second, turned on my side and went to sleep.

22nd January 2007, 07:57 PM
::Shin Akagi

It's almost been one month already.

"Today we'll be discussing what led upto World War 2, and start to go into the United States involvement before the bell rings."Mr. Lyon moved the projector to where it'd best be suited, and took a clear sheet that had the notes on it. He signaled Johnathan, the closest to the light switch, to turn off the light and he turned on the projector..

"As we know from Global, the treaty of.."

I continued to take notes, but I stopped paying attention there. It had been nearly one month since me and tora meeting, and now there was another? How many like us existed, and what for?!

~Flashback time!

"So much envy, sorrow!" I heard a crackling laugh behind me, as I flew..more so in terms of running, through the alleyways of the main street. It was nighttime, my pleas of help went unheard of. Dirt and trash flew behind me as I tried to lose..whatever that thing was. What was she talking about..?

"You can deny it Shin, but everytime you see a family come in together to pick up a movie, your heart cringes in envy. I see it all the time."She laughed. I stopped, I had ran so much - and I was hungry - that I was out of breath. I fell onto my knees and coughed, holding my chest tightly.

"So pathetic, I don't even need to summon a bubu." I could feel her over me, and I felt her hand come onto my shoulder. I slapped it and stood up, and saw what truely a monster she was.
"Become one of us, Shin. We can understand what pain you have."She smiled, "I won't kill you if you do."

A long silence arose....

"NOT IN MY LIFETIME!" A loud roar passed us. The..whatever she was, and I looked around for the source, and I turned around to see a small tiger like creature. Was I dreaming!? I was being chased by some supernatural being, and now a talking baby tiger. "I won't lose my charge in my first day! Not after finding him!"

After the small speech, she jumped on my shoulder and began to glow, fading into me. I felt a surge of energy and my leg muscles toned out more.

'I'll protect you, human! So let me guide you'I heard in my head, and my body moved on its own. Everything became like a daze as we moved, faster then I could ever. We circled around the demonic supernatural being until wind was manipulated enough to form strong gusts. Garbage was flown into the wind and distracted the being long enough for..whatever was in my body to run me far way.

'I'll follow you, Shin. The darkness in your heart will grow and only we can tend to it.'I can hear her mentally say we landed in the backyard of my house. I glew faintly and the small tiger appeared infront of me, jumping onto my chest.

"I'm Tora, Shin."

~end flashback

'And I've been paranoid everyday, bringing that thing with me to school, practice, and work...'I thought to myself, finishing the notes. My eyes hurt a little as the light turned on. Darkness..envy. Humans commit sins all the time, was mine so bad?

"And we'll start on Pearl Harbor tomorrow class."Mr. Lyons said, heading in my direction. He then bent down as the bell ring."You ok Shin? You seem dazed throughout the whole class.If this subject is too sensitive.."

"I'm fine."I said, putting my notebook in my bookbag. "Thank you though."I smiled lightly and he nodded.I left class with the feeling of cold down my spine. Was tora in trouble, or was I?

::Tora the MIGHTY!

Mara's sick and twisted scheme of playing in the locker rooms and with their shoes seemed to be a good way to pass the time, but I liked to stay outside. To protect him..

We entered the locker room and it was a mess. I could smell Shin's stuff among all of this, so I knew which locker to avoid.
"We're taking shoes and stuff and hiding them, right?"I said to Mara, who nodded in delight. She explained it to me precisely while we sneaked inside. I took a shirt in my mouth and almost wanted to gag, but then I went and snuck into the girls locker room while leaving Mara to her schemes. I took the shirt out of my mouth infront of a partially opened locker, and stuffed it into a bra-like device. I then snuck back to Mara, who was having fun, while the taste of sweat and deoderant was still rotting in my mouth..

Roy Karrde
25th January 2007, 05:01 PM
Scott Morgan
~*~*~*~*~ Sneaky Sneak ~*~*~*~*~

With feet as light as a rabbit, Scott snuck down stairs in the early morning hours, only taking a moment to look at Zoe’s sleeping form before continuing into the kitchen. Carefully he brought out the needed materials for breakfast and began to make a early breakfast for Zoe. It wasn’t long before the smell of food filled the house and woke Zoe, sending her walking into the kitchen groggily. “You had better not burn it.” She yawned much to Scott’s dismay as he grabbed a few plates, and began to sit them around the table.

“I’m a better chief than you anyway.” He taunted, filling a glass of orange juice and sitting it in his spot, before placing an empty glass at Zoe’s spot. Along with several bottles of milk and juice.

Flicking her glass a few times she looked up at him. “What makes you say that?” She asked as Scott returned to the table with a skillet full of eggs and pieces of toast.

Making sure everything was settled Scott settled down to his spot. “Last time you made eggs they ended up burned.” He replied much to Zoe’s frowning. “Burned my tastebuds for a week.” He added.

Zoe puffed up her cheeks, crossing her arms across her chest in her typical pout position. “You’re mean.” She grumbled for a minute before grabbing a fork a bit reluctantly. “You’re lucky I’m hungry.” She stuffed a forkful of eggs into her mouth.

The conversation fell silent as Scott tried to keep his eyes off of Zoe’s chest. Last night was the closest Scott ever came to seeing a girl’s breasts. He was too much of a coward to look at the dirty websites or Playboy. So the event that happened last night shocked him, and excited him. Grabbing a piece of toast to advert his eyes, he concentrated and watched as the piece of toast turned to stone. “Hey!” Zoe yelled sending the stone cluttering to the ground. “Stop playing with the food.”

Scott frowned and pushed the dish of food away from him, sitting back and thinking. “I was thinking of going to the College Campus today, to go look for her.” He thought out loud much to Zoe’s cringing.

“You don’t even know her name! We’re not College students, and you still want to go…” She groaned pushing herself further down into the seat. “I guess it’s better than running into her and having a repeat of last time.” She finally admitted, warming up a bit to the idea.

“You could go with me.” Scott offered.
“Hmm…” Zoe pondered it. “You do need some one to watch your back.”
“Now you sound like a big sister.” He laughed.
“Good, because that’s what you need right now.” She groaned again.

Scott leaned across the table, looking her square in the eye. “A big sister who I have seen topless?” He asked, causing Zoe’s cheeks to warm in embarrassment. He shifted in the seat for a few seconds. “You know I was thinking, maybe if it didn’t work this time…” He paused. “That I dunno… maybe we could try to see a movie or something tonight.” He ended his voice coming out a whisper.

“Movie? I guess, but let’s be optimistic this time.” Zoe replied, clueless as ever.

Scott sighed and shook his head, trying to will the confidence up again. “I mean… like a date.” He asked, much to Zoe’s shock.

25th January 2007, 05:33 PM
Edward Miser
Edward and Kael chuckled as they watched Mara and her little friend, a baby tiger, go through the lockers. Judging by what the little guy was carrying, the pair figured they were hiding someone's clothes.

Edward tapped his chin in mock thought. He looked to his partner, who was perched on his shoulder.

"How's about we go down and give them a little hand?"

Kael just chuckled and nodded.

Edward smiled and the two walked down the grandstands and headed towards the pair. Mara didn't notice them coming, giggling at what she was doing. Seeing a small chance, Edward quietly came up behind her.

"Well, well, well," he chuckled when he was right behind her, "What are we up to here?"

sorry for the shortness.

25th January 2007, 05:45 PM

Early morning had hit by the time I'd finally finished my rounds. The sun was just beginning to rise in the distant east, throwing the faintest tint of sunlight onto the Earth. I crawled into bed, sighing at my inability to fall asleep as quickly as my body desired. It wasn't the broken springs or the dripping ceiling - I was used to all that - but the napkin, Kara's napkin, that sat hidden in the back pocket of my jeans. I'd never gotten a girls number before and even though I knew it wasn't that kind of number, there was still soemthing about it that was just so...

"Are you ok?" I looked across to see Hime hovering by my bedside. I nodded, forcing a smile, and she curled up next to me shoulder.

"I think I've found one. Another chosen?"

"Oh?" Hime raised an eyelid lazily.

"But I'm not sure. I have to meet her again to be sure and...you have to come with me."

"You can't tell if she has a sprite on your own?"

"I don't want her to think me...stupid," I admitted plainly.

The dragon raised her head, staring at me intently.

"I'm not very good at...speaking to people. I...made an idiot out of myself."

She nudged my shoudler with the top of her scaled head. "I can't tell you what to say."

"You can tell me when I'm making a fool out of myself."

"She might do that herself."


"Alright, alright," she sunk back into the pillow, curling up in the warm yet tattered sheet. "When are you meeting her again?"

"I don't know. I have to call her to arrange a meeting."

I could feel her eyes on my again instantly. It was as if she were trying to burn a hole into the side of my neck. "You got a girl's number?"

"I didn't ask for it," I protested, "she just...gave it to me." I sighed. "When should I call her?"

"On your lunchbreak tomorrow."

"And you?" I gazed at her sideways.

"I'll hide in the pocket of you big coat. Just be careful this time? You're too rough in that thing."

I smiled and ran a hand down her scaled spine. "Thanks Hime, I owe you."

27th January 2007, 11:42 PM
Zoe Powell

"Wah wahwah wahwahwah wah..." the Advanced Algebra teacher seemed to say as I stared off into space.

Okay, maybe that's not what he was really saying, but right then I could care less. All I could think about at that moment was Scott's offer. I took it, but not before a minute of awkward silence and some confusion. He took me by surprise. He wanted a real date with me. Sure, I was more of a backup plan but it felt great to know that I was on his mind like that.

"Having a good fantasy, Zoe?" the teacher asked me, snapping me out of my trance. Looking to my right, I could see he was right by my desk.

I ignored the snickers from the nearby classmates. "I was just contemplating the mysteries of the universe," I said casually.

"Then you won't mind contemplating the answer to the question on the blackboard."

I slowly rose from my seat and strolled over to the complex equation. He's kidding, right? I sighed and turned to the teacher. "Four over pi."

Stunned silence, followed by the teacher's shaky voice. "Are you sure?"

"If I'm right, and I'm always right." I smirked at him and went back to my seat, triumph written all over my face. A few seconds later the bell rang, allowing me to exit the classroom and escape my teacher's furious look. I had time to go to my locker and sneak out the school. Scott had convinced me to join him in playing hooky the rest of the day. Doing what I wasn't sure.

Wish appeared on my shoulder as soon as I was out of sight of everyone. "You looking forward to this?" he asked me.

I was peeved that he knew what Scott and I had planned. Wish had a problem with keeping his nose out of our business. I flicked his nose and kept silent as we waited for Scott. Once the bushes near us rustled but I brushed it off as a squirrel.

Roy Karrde
29th January 2007, 10:21 PM
Scott Morgan
~*~*~*~*~ Waiting ~*~*~*~*~

Wind blew across the top of the school; sending shivers down Scott’s spine as he stood there, bare naked, waiting for Zoe to get up there. Was this the right idea? Showing her one of my transformations? So far that was the only secret between us, now with us on the cusp of dating, I wanted to show her my final secret. All of these thoughts ran through Scott’s panicked brain.

“Where are you Wish..” He mumbled, placing his hands in front of my crotch even though no one could see him up there.

The sound of footsteps against the metal ladder leading up to the roof drew his attention, and fear sending him scurrying behind one of the large pipes rising from the roof. “Where is he? Scott?!” Zoe called out against the wind, her voice traveling lightly as Scott’s face warmed in embarrassment.

Taking in several deep breaths Scott stepped out of his hiding place. “Oh God, You’re naked.” She screamed placing her hands over her face. “So did not need to see that.” She groaned.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to rip my clothes… listen just watch this okay?” He asked as Zoe slowly peeked out between her fingers, trying to keep her eyes on Scott’s face but every few seconds her eyes would drift. “Wish..” Scott commanded as the small little Sprite flew around Scott before finally landing on his chest, sinking into his skin before disappearing.

Scott groaned for a second sending Zoe rushing forward to his side as the transformation began, a tail rolling out of his back, as his hair became more wild and animal like. His nails stiffened, small amounts of fur perked up all over his body. Usually the transformation stopped around now, but this time Scott wanted it, his emotions were riding high for sharing this with Zoe. Featherlike wings ripped out of his back before finally settling into place.

“Zoe..what ever you do, don’t scream.” He whispered in his deeper voice, his tail flicking behind him.

8th February 2007, 08:06 PM

Kara's thoughts seemed to snap back in her face as she shook her head in shock, seeing Faith in front of her. Mei stirred for a moment, but still seemed to sleep quite soundly. Fumbling a few words to Faith.. Kara tried to shake the haze from her mind, before suddenly Faith's piercing indigo eyes seemed to rest knowingly on Kara as she spoke about a winged bird from last night.
"Umm... a... a winged bird?" Kara said, trying to sound surprised and nonchalant.

Deep down, Kara had the looming impression... quite a deep one at that, that Faith knew about her. Faith obviously saw Mei, but she never seemed to say anything about it. Instead, the two of them seemed to play a game of pretend- as if everything was normal between them, like it was back in the older days. However, each day that seemed to pass by showed the two that much had changed. Both were busy, and they seemed to grow even a bit more distant when Mei came and Kara suddenly found herself in a new world of "duty".

However, things had taken a bad turn even before that... when the love of her life dumped Kara so suddenly in a time of crisis. Ever since then, something seemed to crack within Kara... a deep pain that she didn't share with anyone. Almost so deep that... inside of her, there had to be something more. Something so intense that finally the pressure of the world and the disappointment broke her into shattered pieces.

"Yes, do you know anything about it?" Faith asked again, pressing the issue slightly more as Kara swiftly shrugged and rose to her feet.
"No, I was out with a friend." Kara said quickly, growing a bit more confident with the lie as she went to her dresser. Her back was turned to Faith, allowing a little bit of relaxation in her facial features as she rummaged through the dresser for no apparent reason.
"Hmm..." Faith said, an obvious tone of disbelief in her voice although Kara pretended not to notice. Wanting to change the subject... or some thing, Kara quickly turned around and went to her desk.
"Hey... wanna go out and try some picture taking?" Kara asked, taking a camera from her desk. It was one that Faith had given her as a present not too long ago on her birthday. While Kara had little true talent with picture taking, she did enjoy pretending to be spectacular at it time to time with Faith. But her skills were far from anything Faith took, and often Kara marveled at her friend's ability to capture the most intricate moments with just a click of a button.

"I just did..." Faith said slowly, but Kara pleaded slightly.
"Okay... but let's go back out! We can head into town or go by the beach... the lake looks pretty today." Kara's voice changed back into her spunky mask, a void of any sadness remotely found on her face. This was her day face, the face that didn't have to see the problems that were truely there. If one pretended hard enough... even the most obvious of things could be pushed away.
"Alright..." Faith said, grabbing her camera as the two girls walked out of the room and locked the door. Mei managed to scamper right behind the two, but soon his body disappeared before a glance was laid upon him. They continued to walk down the stairs and soon opened the large dormitory wall to a beautiful and lovely day.

"It is so beautiful out..." Kara commented, as Faith nodded. The two of them started to head off of campus as they walked along the sidewalk, before a familiar figure came into view. Kara looked at him and instantly recognized his face... for he was a friend, although the two didn't always talk.
"Hey Caylen..." Kara said rather quietly, as Faith and her met him.

(there, interaction!)