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15th January 2007, 07:17 AM
This was the RPG idea for the final entry of the RPG tourney, I wanted to wait til after the scores were up before posting it as an actual RPG (because I had plans for this idea to be an RPG anyway :>) but its taking too long so F it XD

~A Shadow upon Heaven~

The Earth, a beautiful blue-green marble, hangs in the quiet expanse of stars. How small, how fragile it appears from afar, its marbled surface resembling a jewel resting gently on a bed of black velvet studded with diamonds. Earth is a jem indeed.
The closer you look the more you see, lush forests, wide oceans, stark tundra. Life thrives everywhere on its surface, and with that life comes the beauty of One-ness. Everything on and under the earths surface is connected, from the smallest bacteria to the largest animal. Nature is wild and untamed, the strong live while the weak die, and in doing so the earth is in balance, a perfect balance of life and death, dark and light.

But humans have always been the wild card.

For humans, though they are apart of the cycle of life on earth, have always deviated from its natural pattern. Some save the lives of those deemed by nature to die, while others cut short the lives meant to be lived. Medicines and science aid the lives of defective humans, while also creating new ones without the aid of a mother and fathers union. The balance of nature swings askew wherever humans have set foot. Forests are cut down while species are saved from extinction. Plants, wildlife, people are displaced from their natural habitat and learn to live somewhere else. Life and death have become unbalanced, the dark and light are blurred. But heaven forgives this, for it is in the nature of humans to do so, it is how they were made. It is what is given with the gift of "free will".

The free will to choose for themselves the path of good or evil.

Unknown to humans themselves, heaven and hell have been playing a game for ages. Those denziens of Hell perfer to call this game a war, one that they must win at all costs. But it is indeed a game, and humans are as pawns in the game, pieces to be used for one side or the other. The kind stranger who sees a man walking alone in the cold with a gas can and picks him up is a pawn for the Lords of Heaven. The desperate man who takes that kindness as weakness and robs from this kind stranger, is a counter move from the forces of hell. Many humans have an immune system built up against these dark forces, they have a well established sense of right and wrong. Children, who see good in all things, can sometimes teach an adult that has gone astray. But even so the dark forces surrounding this world are hard at work, for they know they are damned, and want to drag as many humans down with them as they can before the game ends. That is their only sense of dark victory, tainting those who once existed in the light.

But recently the Earth has seen a dark time. The human population seems almost to descend into madness, as the balance that was carefully won between the forces of the Dark and Light seems to have shifted violently in favor of the Dark. People that seemed almost immune to the dark forces find themselves slipping into thoughts of hate and despair. The earth and its people seemed to have been infected, though not their bodies, their souls. Hatred spreads throughout the world, and it seems not even the purest of hearts is safe. Like a maggot it digs in deep and feeds off petty emotions, growing in strength until the soul is all but consumed. The forces of the Light have seen this shift in the balance, and began to fear. For never in their time watching upon the earth have they seen such a dark thing infect so many people, even those thought to be immune. The sickness of the soul is spreading, the world is awash in a desperate battle for balance under the surface of normality.

Will balance be restored, or will the world become a living hell?

~Cast List~
..Angels of Light..
Angel of Truth-Shilain-Asilynne
Angel of Hope-Remiel-Drusie!
Angel of Compassion-Alexiel -Kalah
Angel of Fortitude-Rastion-Dark Sage

Anthony Daniels-Samchu
Oliver Costello-Ghost
Kiran Daray-FRANK-NESS!

..Angels of Darkness..
Angel of Hatred-Hatred-reserved for Shaka
Angel of Despair-Misery-Mystic Clown
Angel of Sloth-??-Chiko-sai reserved
Angel of Avarice-Simeon-Dr Mcninja

...Agents for either side...

The world this RPG exists in is Earth, but an Earth without much of the high technology of today. Humans live in towns and minor cities, you would not see a car but may see small forms of technology like electric lights. Think the technology availiable in the 1800s and youve pretty much got the idea. Humans may or may not be the only race living on Earth, although they are the main pawns in the Game. Races like Elves, Dwarves, Pixies etc MAY exist but keep in mind that these are otherworldy, much like angels but without a fixed tie to either Light or Dark. Instead of pawns in the Game these can be agents to either side, like the very lowest rank in either side. These, if they have chosen a side, would be like the agents on Earth, whereas most Angels in normal circumstances watch and influence from above (or below).
However anything with human blood is considered a human for all practical aspects.

In this RPG Im looking for players to be one of three groups:

Angels of Light: These angels work for the Light and all it stands for, they play the game in favor of whats good in the world, and influence humans to commit selfless acts of kindness and generosity. In thier most divine form they appear to almost be glowing, and they are supremely beautiful, while wandering on earth to humans they will appear as normal, if slightly more attractive to the eye. All except the lowest rank of these angels have wings, and the lowest rank do what they can to earn them and prove themselves to the Light. The wings are always large birdlike wings, varying in color though never pitch black. The wings are never visible to humans, except for the most pure of heart.
Examples of these angels (these are playable if you would like, but are not the only choices, you may make up your own provided it fits with how an angel of light would be):
Angel of Truth- This Angel's main mission is exposing the Dark Lies for what they are, and bringing justice and truth to the world. The Divine Truth is that in the end of the world the Dark will fall and take its followers with it, and she wants to make it known to humans that this is what will be. Now fights to expose the truth of what is happening to the world. Opposite is Lies.
Angel of Clarity- Also called the Angel of Peace, this one rules over the calm heart. Clarity strives to bring gentleness and peace to those who suffer, in body and in mind. Soothing the chaos of insanity and working to seeing a world of peace are its goals. Now works to prevent the balance from being overthrown. Opposite is Chaos, War.
Angel of Love- This Angel spreads the love that the Light holds for all things, and encourages love in all those whose life it touches. It believes the the worlds problems could all be solved by love, and that if strong love exists in the heart there is no room for hate. Recently however, due to the outbreak of Hatred in the world, this Angel has fallen into a deep sleep, seemingly to protect itself from being totally destroyed by Hatred. It tosses fitfully in its sleep. Opposite is Hatred.
Angel of Hope- This Angel strives to never let humans feel the crushing blow of despair, there is always something good to believe in. It whispers in the ear of those who need it, "everything will be ok" Hope looks to the sun as a promise of a new day with new chances for salvation, and shares that view silently with the world and all who are open to it. Due to the outbreak upon the world this Angel works even harder, so those living confused and alone in this world of despair dont lose hope that everything will turn out right. Opposite is Despair.

Again, feel free to make up your own as these are mere examples ^-~

Humans: Humans are indeed the wild card of the Earth, having the power to either work for the Light or for the Dark. Some are easily swayed, whether towards the Light by divine gifts or towards the Dark, by a feeling of desperation or power-seeking. Humans have the gift of being very free and open to making any decision they want, however they have the curse of being easily manipulated by either the Light or the Dark. Any decision they make is theirs alone, and yet, may have been influenced to do so. nevertheless as a human you alone have sole power to determine the outcome of your life, and whichever force you listen to, is of your choice.

Angels of Darkness: These are the Angels who have fallen from the Light long ago, the agents of the Dark One himself. Despite popular human belief only the lowest ranks of these angels are ugly and deformed, most are not very different in appearance from the Angels of Light. They are very attractive and also have wings, they may appear open and harmless. But this is merely visually for the differences are apparent in the aura around them. While near an Angel of Light you would feel warmth and peace, around an Angel of Dark you would feel fear or a sickness in the belly, or even in the case of some humans a sense of great and desired power. Their sole purpose is to drag down as many good souls as possible before the end. However recently they have begun to treat the game not like a losing battle, but like a war they have the ability to win. This strikes fear in the Agents of Light.
Examples of these Angels:
Angel of Lies- This Angel uses half truths or full lies to manipulate those to do what he wants. It makes it seem acceptable to tell little lies, for "What is the harm in a little white lie?". It blurs the lines of truth, making it difficult to know what is real and what isnt. Confusion, distrust, and apprehension are its tools. Recently due to the outbreak this angel has been working to make it seem like its ok to have these dark feelings, they are just and right. Why shouldnt you hate those who wrong you? Opposite is Truth.
Angel of War- aka the Angel of Chaos as the two intertwine. This Angel manipulates the population of the world to harm their fellow man. The reasons it gives for war are absurd under the light of Clarity, but for those without the sight it seems right. Senseless fighting is this Angels favorite thing. When those who used to care for each other brutally fight, when children cruelly shout and beat their fellow playmates, these are icing on the cake. This Angel has redoubled its efforts for war and pain, using the outbreak of hatred to fuel its desires. Opposite is Clarity, Peace.
Angel of Hatred- This Angel has gained strength in recent years, slowly at first to escape notice, and now is ravaging the world with its spiritual disease. Destroying the bonds between people is what he does. And he does it well, silently and almost unnoticably, for to humans it would appear to be their own dark thoughts rising to the surface. Which is true, Hatred is the most subtle of the Dark Angels, working only on that which already exists, and enhancing it. He does not create hatred in people, he makes it grow until it consumes them, body and soul. Currently he is the most dangerous of the Angels, as his opposite is unable to stop him. Opposite is Love.
Angel of Despair- This Angel drags you down into a dark pit, and your only belief is that it will get far worse and there is no way to stop it. It works on peoples fears, making them believe that nothing good can come of anything, people in this weakened state are easy prey to the other Dark Angels, for they rarely look to the Light when they are despairing. In this world currently Despair is hard at work, but finding it easy to make people feel his ways. Killing Hope in peoples hearts has been easy, and more and more humans each day kill themselves from it, delivering themselves to the Dark. Opposite is Hope.

Again if you want a race other than Human, please post with the form and a description of the race and it will be approved and added to the list of possible races. Another note, when an Angel is in close proximity of their opposite, their powers to influence humans in the way they are designed are neutralized. This means that if say, the Angel of Truth encountered the Angel of Lies, her ability to see the exact truth would be dumbed down to that of a normal human, and likewise, the Angel of Lies' power to manipulate others by using lies would be as a humans ability. So the opposites do what they can to avoid directly confronting each other, lest their powers be negated by each other.

Heres the sign up sheet :>
Name: (self explanitory)
Angel Rank/Title: (if you are an angel of light or dark this is for you, Basically its what your the angel of, ex: Love, Truth, Hatred etc.)
Race: (Human, angel of light, angel of dark or anything else)
Gender: (please tell me you know the answer)
Age: (either how old your character is if human/mortal or how old they appear if angel)
Appearance: (what your character looks like, clothes, gear etc)
Personality: (What your character acts like, their inner depth etc)
History: (What made your character who they are, events in their life that changed them for better or worse etc)
Talents: (What is your character good at? skills abilities etc)
Other: (Anything that hasnt been covered and you just have to spill your guts somewhere XD)

Here is my sign up:

Name: Shilain (Shee-LAYN)
Angel Rank/Title: Angel of Truth
Race: Angel of Light
Gender: Female
Age: Angels of Light or of Darkness are ageless, however she appears to be in her mid twenties.
Appearance: Long red slightly wavy hair, piercing green eyes. She is beautiful, but it seems as though this beauty has been strained, by some strife or pain, she has a look of desperate sadness upon her face. Her wings are large and golden when they are visible. She has what looks like a scar or a tattoo around her left eye, it spirals in a chaotic pattern. She is pale with red lips and a slight blush to her cheeks. Moderately tall in her physical form, with a slight build. When visible to humans they too can see her tattoo.
Clothing and Gear: In her purest angelic form she wears nothing, but normally appears to wear white flowing garments with gold trim, a gold circlet around her head, and low gold rimmed boots. Has a white and gold choker around her neck inlaid with a blood red stone. She still sports the choker in her human-like form, though she wears plainer clothes in greens and browns, in order to not stand out to a humans passing glance. She is often seen in angelic form to hold either a golden staff or a fan made of pearl and gold.
Personality: There was a time when Shilain brought truth to the world with a golden aura of satisfaction. But ever since the infection rose upon the Earth that has changed. Now she is desperate and defiant, seeking to find the truth herself. For the sickness had invaded her soul too. Hatred had gotten ahold of her loathing for lies, loathing, a thing that an Angel of Light is supposed to be above, and forced it to grow. The sickness in her soul has invaded her physical form as well, thus the scar/tattoo upon her eye. Now feelings of bitterness fight to be heard as her natural resilience to dark feelings fights for control. Because of her exposure to the Dark she has fallen from her collegues but does not make them an enemy, and she still considers herself one of them. She fights not only the Dark Angels and the infection upon the earth but also the infection within herself, and so is a very determined individual. She never admits defeat and will go to any lengths to ensure that the world does not fall into darkness, even if that means the sacrifice of herself. But she will never lie. That is something she cannot do, and could never even think of.
History: From the beginning she was heralded as the Angel of Truth for her unwavering dedication to what is real and true in the world. The Divine Truth of the world is her creed, and it is what she lives by, the fact that in the end of the World the Light will win the Game, and the Dark and all its pawns will fall forever from grace. The infection of souls threw this balance and this truth off course, and because it now appears that the Divine Truth will no longer be true, she has fallen. The infection has begun to run its course within her, but she will never allow the Divine Truth to fall completely as long as she exists, so she still fights for the truth and they infection to end.
Talents: She can see the complete truth of everything she looks at, can instantly tell if someone is lying, and can reveal the truth to humans and other mortals with the help of Clarity. The truth shall set you free indeed in her eyes, and with truth comes the justice for the truth. Her main powers are the ability to influence humans into telling the truth, into bringing fair justice to those who deserve it, and rewarding those who live their lives with honesty. Her power can be used against her by Lies however, as in the cases where a human is manipulated by Lies to believe that justice is best served with violence.
Other: She and Lies can never be together lest both lose their powers and sense of being. She considers every Angel of Light to be her brother or sister.

15th January 2007, 01:06 PM
XD I'd never noticed my quote there in your sig... What can I say, I DO love to say fuck...

I want to reserve the Angel of Hope... I'm working on it right now, but I need to finish cleaning and stuff, so I'll post it in a little while...

15th January 2007, 07:16 PM
Yeah I <3 that quote XD :> reserved for the Drusie :>

15th January 2007, 11:51 PM
I will have to work further on details, especially talents, but for now...

Name: Remiel, though she also goes by just Hope
Angel Rank/Title: Angel of Hope
Race: Angel of Light
Gender: What if I don't know the answer? ^_~ Female
Age: Appearance of early twenties
Appearance: Her physical form is that of a tall, slender, young female adult with dark purple thigh-length hair, though to most mortal eyes it looks black. Her eyes are a rich forest green that glow with power, and her deep magenta lips are almost always in a sad, gentle smile.
In her human form, she wears black ankle-high boots, dark blue denim jeans, a plain aquamarine t-shirt, and black leather duster. Her physical angelic appearance has wings with purple feathers streaked silver, and she wears a purple and aquamarine floor-length robe with a silver girdle riding low on her hips. In any physical manifestation, she has silver earrings with aquamarine and amethyst gemstones with a matching pendant (I'll have to see about drawing these...). She carries a longsword on her back (invisible to human eyes while in her human form), with the hilt resting against her neck. The pommelstone is pure amethyst, and Celtic knots flow over the hilt and along the blade, which is enscribed with words in a long-forgotten language.
Personality: She believes in the good in all beings, even those seen as 'evil'. Never will she turn her back on someone in need, and no matter the faint call, she hears the cry of souls in misery. She is saddened by the lack of faith and hope in Creation, and stands resilliant against the enslaught of Dispair.
History: Hope is what makes humans who they are; without hope, they lose identity. Remiel has fought to keep hope alive through the centuries, though it has become increasingly difficult. True to form, however, she refuses to give up, for when Hope gives up on herself, everything is over. She feels even those who oppose her have some part of them that can be saved, even her opposite Misery.
Talents: Just her presence seems to bring light into even the bleakest dark. She will fight for the oppressed, both spiritually and physically, and is as talented with swordplay as she is with her power.
Other: Remiel and the Angel of Dispair cannot be together peacefully, yet she still feels that he can be saved as well.

Dark Sage
16th January 2007, 10:56 AM
I want to reserve a place. I'll fill in the details later.

My character is an Angel of Light, but of a different subspecies than you have. Call his subspecies an Angel of Fortitude. If that's okay, that is.

- Dark Sage

16th January 2007, 12:00 PM
I have class right now... but I'll put my sign up later!

I would like to be an Angel of Light, however I have an interesting idea for mine- "Angel of Compassion" which is rooted with love, but I have an idea connecting the two since the Angel of Love is sleeping. ^_^

Oh, and if it is allowed... I'll play a human too.

16th January 2007, 04:17 PM
Sorry I've been gone for so long guys.

Name: His real name has been forgotten by all but a few (only a few angels remember it), but heís commonly referred to as Misery.
Angel Rank/Title: Despair
Race: Angel of Dark
Gender: Male
Age: Like all angels, heís ageless, but he looks to be in his early twenties.
Appearance: standing at an average height with a thin build and really pale skin. Despite the fact he looks young, he has chin length gray hair with pale blue highlights, covering one of his sad, deep blue eyes. While his face looks delicate and almost beautiful, he has dark circles under his eyes, streaks from constant crying and a look of pure misery on his face. When visible, his wings are pitch black, but look so torn and broken that itís amazing he can still fly with them.

In his angelic form, heís topless with a pair of old, torn gray pants. He wears shackles on his wrists on ankles with broken chains hanging from them. In his human form, he wears a deep blue undershirt, a black coat, black, torn jeans, black knee high boots and gloves with rhinestones on the knuckles. He wears a spiked choker and a silver earring on his right ear with a deep blue gemstone on it.
Personality: Miserable, depressed and lonely. He seems incapable of feeling any positive emotion, due to his almost endless depression and negative perception of things. He hates what he is, but feels that thereís nothing he can do, and that heís doomed to be miserable and lonely forever. He focuses on the negative of everything and because of this, he can make almost any situation seem bleak and hopeless.
History: Heís the bleak, depressing angel of despair. Itís a mystery how exactly he fell from grace (only a few know), but itís clear itís made him nothing but miserable. Being an angel of darkness and hence seen as evil and hated, Misery feels heíll forever be alone, which only worsens his depression. The Devine Truth, which says that the angels of darkness will fall from grace forever only makes things worse, as he feels he has know chance of happiness. He feels jealous of everyone elseís happiness and wish for everyone to fell his pain as well. He uses the cold, harsh truth to do this, offering no form of comfort, but mainly focusing on the negative. He alienates himself from the other angels.
Talents: Everything seems to get bleaker and colder when heís around. The depressing atmosphere he generates around him seems to suck all the joy out of everyone. In some cases it even rains. His words can almost fill a soul with sadness.
Other: He canít be near Hope for his powers will be nullified. Yet for some reason, his pain and misery seem to lessen whenever heís near her.

16th January 2007, 04:50 PM
Human sign-up! YAY!

Name: Anthony Daniels
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: http://www.advancedanime.com/displayimage.php?pid=166762 (the silver-haired one)
Personality: Anthony is very withdrawn from the world. He was once full of life but no longer sees the point in anything in it and so he intends to spend his days in as much solitude as reality will allow. He won't take his life - because it is something he could never do - and spends his days trapped in the nothingness that borders despair. There is still life in him, goodness and caring etc, but it is buried deep within him.
History: Anthony never had much luck in his life but it came to him at last in the form of a beautiful young woman named Elisabeth. She was too good for him - he knew that from the beginning - but for some reason she fell for him and pretty soon he found himself proposing to her. Everything seemed to be improving for him until one night when he arrived home from work to find her dead. During the investigation that followed, Anthony was wrongly accused and jailed for her murder. He served five years behind bars until a retrial found that the evidence was too circumstancial to warrant conviction and he was released on bail. With nowhere else to turn he moved back home with his mother - who had always believed in his innocence. However, the majority of the town is against him and so he has found himself with little control over his life.
Talents: She's quite good at sculpting and wood-carvings
Other: He's innocent I say! INNOCENT!

Tyler and Hobbes
16th January 2007, 05:56 PM
Name: Carcas (“the knocker”)

Race: Div (see below)

Gender: Male

Age: Around 800, though from what anyone can tell he could look like a fit thirty year old.

Appearance: Carcas stands at about 6’ 2”, his thick muscles completely visible under his thin layer of chalk-white skin, pulsing with ever move he makes. Oddly, no veins are visible anywhere on his rigid body. Even after all this, his weight is just over two hundred pounds. All over his face and body are markings, tiny black dots the size of coins, burned into his skin, almost like spots on a jackal. There’s something incredibly cruel about his physique, how at one moment he can be considered fit and in another a hulking monstrosity, how he can adjust his frame so that his muscles are strained the most. Therefore, every step he takes is like a ton falling onto his shoulders, though from the bestial ease with which he stalks you might never know. His face is darker than the rest of his body, though still the consistent chalk-white that runs from his claw-like nails to the roots of his hairs. His eyes sit like indifferent black marbles in his skull, pupil-less, observing everything and nothing. His lips are the one part of his body that isn’t the color of chalk, instead, a thin midnight streak that runs from one edge of his face to the other. His tongue is a squirming pink snake inside his mouth, two rows of tiny razor-like teeth nailed inside his jaws. His nose is pushed up against his face, nothing more than a tiny black button. His hair is a bright orange, almost reddish color, falling in waves down his back, just above his knees. His clothes, of all things, seem to be made out of crows. Hundreds of crow feathers act as a type of cloak, draped over his marble body.

Personality: He is never satisfied with anything, always discontent with just what he has – whether power, food, or women: he always wants more. He wants more, and he will go through any means necessary to get it. There is no logic at all in his behavior, only his simple range of emotions, which mostly constitutes dissatisfaction, cruelty, and discord. He loves just the feel of power, of someone else submitting to him, whether a female for his pleasure, or a child for his nourishment, it makes no difference. He just loves the cries that they make, the way they might squirm, might bargain, might get angry, might beg for the calm release of death. If he has you in his power, he will torture you until you break, and then, he will ask you if you want to live. If you say yes, he disposes of you then and there, and if you say no, he breaks you three times over. He takes obscene pleasure from making others suffer, almost to the point of ecstasy. He is a sociopath, and all are advised to stay away from him.

History: The knocker was one of the leaders of the local Div tribes, due to having eaten the previous one. He was as powerful as any two of his companions, coupled with the fact that he was almost as cunning as any human. At his “crowning ceremony” (uncertain, rather the ceremony that a Div must pass through to become chief), Carcas ended up slaughtering a score of Peri, as well as a few of his fellow chieftains too. This is how Carcas became the leader of the entire realm of the Div, from the Thams to the Nile. But Carcas was never as stable as some of the other chiefs had been – no, he enjoyed when other suffered far too much, killing just for the fun of it, sometimes not even eating the remains. His tribe had been one of those allied with the dark, the Children of Shaitan, as they were called. When he seized power over all the tribes, they were automatically allied with the Fallen Ones too. Recently, there have been rumors of massacres of entire human villages at the hands of the Div. Nothing has proved conclusive.

Talents: Carcas is as strong as Div come, which is to say, able to bend a street lamp with one hand. He’s also smart, which is to say, able to understand the fundamental tenets of arithmetic.

Other: Loves the taste of children.

Div: The Div are a sub-species of demons, which are split further into clans and tribes. Rather than being creatures of Hell though, they are in most cases similar to humans, that is, being bound to the world. The Div are carnivores, and will eat anything, sometimes even resorting to eating other Div, and in rare cases devouring members of their own extended family. They live in tribes, mostly between the Middle East and Mainland Europe. In appearance they look incredibly like humans, and the females are all as tall as most human men. Their characteristics are usually combined human and animal, sometimes developing horns, or mass amounts of hair, and their bodies come in a range of hues from red to blue to black. Most are benign, but those said to have befriended a Div usually don’t live to talk about it. A single tribe may chose to fight for heaven, or hell.

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
16th January 2007, 11:59 PM
Oooh! Can I please reserve an Angel of Darkness?

As soon as I get round to posting in Furuba, I'll be sticking up a sign-up for the Angel of Sloth. (if that subspecies of angel is allowed...)


17th January 2007, 12:53 AM
I'd like to reserve an Angel of Darkness

Dark Sage
17th January 2007, 07:20 AM
Here is my character:

Name: Rastion

Angel Rank/Title: Angel of Fortitude

Race: Angel of Light

Gender: Male

Age: Angels are ageless, but he appears to be in his twenties.

Appearance: In his true angelic form, Rastion is muscular, handsome, with flowing, blonde hair, and bronze skin, with golden, pupiless eyes. His only clothing is a breechcloth and sandals. He appears to be unarmed, but like all Angels of Fortitude, he can summon his weapon in an instant - a sword made of pure light. This weapon can deal terrible damage to demons and other evil beings, and is actually an extention of himself, so he cannot be unarmed.

In human form, Rastion wears a leather jacket, jeans, and sunglasses. He can call forth his sword in this form too, but seldom does. He much rather prefers to urge humans against threats when he must travel the mortal world.

Personality: Rastion knows no fear, and fights the forces of Hell without reprieve. He is much like any Angel of Fortitude (see below), and like them, he is brave, but not foolhardy. He knows enough not to take unnecessary risks. Rastion believes that all mortals can be saved from Hell, but sometimes desperate steps must be taken to save ones that would perish needlessly. He knows that it isn't a perfect world.

History: Rastion has observed many horrible conflicts throughout the ages, most often opposing an Angel of War. He was one of many Angels of Fortitude who urged the Allied forces to fight the Axis during World War II. Earlier than that, he stood beside Wellington when he led his army against Napolean at Waterloo. Rastion has had many victories, and he hopes his best is yet to come.

Talents: Unlike an Angel of War, who is violent for violence's sake, an Angel of Fortitude is a master of strategy and planning. Rastion is no exception. He is quite capable of holding his own in a fight, but he always has a plan and a backup plan (or two) in case things go wrong. This is one of the main reasons that humans tend not to tolerate dictators.


The Angels of Fortitude have two jobs. First, they combat the forces of evil, mostly Angels of Darkness and demons such as the Divs. Second, they encourage humans to combat and rebel against evil in the mortal world. Some say that their job is to take over when the efforts of the Angels of Clarity and Love have failed, but they'd never admit that.

Their greatest foes are the Angels of War. An Angel of Fortitude does his best to stop wars and stop them from running out of control, the opposite of an Angel of War's goal. An Angel of Fortitude (or several) supports whatever side of a conflict has the best moral outlook - if both do, they leave it to the Angels of Clarity, or if neither do, they try to cripple both sides. Hopefully, the end result will be the end of a tyrannical reign and peace for those involved.

Unfortunately, to make an omelette, one must break a few eggs. Angels of Fortitude are still warriors, and they won't hesitate to fight. Their methods often bring them into disagreement with Angels of Love and Clarity. Angels of Fortitude try hard to avoid outright arguements. They know that when the forces of Good clash, the only victor is Evil.

17th January 2007, 04:14 PM
Wow, ok lets see what weve got here ^-^

@Dark Sage- Approved!! Nice new rank :>

@Kalah- Yeah no prob ^-^ just explain it and itll be fine! Oh and of course you can make a human, humans are the most important really :>

@MC- Approved :> I hope you draw that guy he sounds cool looking :D

@Samchu-Yay our first human! I look forward to manipulating--I mean guiding him....XD j/k :> approved!

@Fireguardian- Sounds very interesting :D definately approved!

@Chiko- Reserved :> yeah itll be fine just be sure to explain the sub species and its all good :D

@McNinja- Reserved ^-^

I may make a human too, and if anyone wants to have a second character that is a human you may ^v^

17th January 2007, 05:56 PM
Hey, do you mind if I reserve a Human? I'm working on the character right now and I'll post it in a bit.

EDIT: Human FTW!

Name: Oliver Costello
Race: Human (yay?)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Appearance: Oliver is a tall guy, roughly around 6'5", and weighs about 215 pounds. Oliver appears to be very muscular, and is; he got that way by working on his fathers farm for eighteen years. Oliver has short brown hair and hazel eyes, and has tanned skin because of all his work outside. If he lived in today's modern world, He would be somewhat compared to Matt Damon (Heh, Matt Damon). Normally wears a shirt (mostly black) and a pair of pants when he is doing work or when he is around the house.(Can't think of much else to put...)
Personality: Generally Oliver is considered to be somewhat non-social, generally not wanting to talk to others then his family. Though if he is forced to do something with someone else he will try to get along with someone. Oliver secretly does not like to meet new people because he is afraid of being close to someone, though no one knows that but him. Sometimes Oliver can be somewhat reckless when it comes to what he wants to do, but only his mother was able to get him out of what he wanted to do (Will explain later on). This is why generally Oliver stays at home when he's not a work.
History: Oliver was born when his parents were only twenty, and because his Father was always out working on the fields he was very close to his mother. At the age of only six his father started to make him work on the fields, and his mother would home school him in the afternoon. His mother always knew that Oliver was a genius while doing his work, it only took him a few minutes to complete whatever his mother had assigned him. But because his father had become weak when he turned Eighteen, he decided to stay at home and work at the farm instead of going to many of the top colleges he could of gone to. His father died when he was twenty, and this affected him greatly because his father had taught him to be disciplined and many of his life morals. Then, only four years later, his mother died and he was deeply saddened by this because he was even closer to his mother then his father. To comfort him, his Uncle John and Aunt Margaret moved into his house with their eighteen year old daughter, though generally Oliver and Laura (their daughter) do not get along very well.
Talents: Oliver is very smart and is a good farmer, but also is very good with his hands and can fix many household things with ease.
Other: ... none? ( I hope this is good enough.)

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@Ghost-Perfect! accepted :> and yes human ftw :D lol

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Oh god. I apologize if my RPing sucks. I haven't done it in such a long time.

Name: Kiran Daray
Angel Rank/Title: Oh noes. If this were munchkins, I'd have no class :P As with most humans, he goes either way - or neither way. I don't know. Don't look at me :P
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: At first glance, his hair catches their eye. Some might write him off as an insane person, but the careful eye would notice that it is the do of one that no longer cares. His hair is long - if smoothed down, would be around shoulder length - and wild, growing this way and that and sticking out in odd directions. However, a careful eye is not needed to see the patches of white hair marking his black-like brown hair. His eyes were of a clear shade of grey, like a pool of grey water, but are now dull, only to light up in anger. He wears the garb of a beggar - dirty, old, and tattered. In his eyes, anything is better than what he wore before. He is fit, though is showing signs of deterioration, in mind and body, from self-apathy.
Personality: If Kiran was to be summed up by one word, it would be disillusioned. He no longer knows what to fight for, who to fight for. Everything he knew and believed was shattered long ago. He is cold to those he knows and might as well be non-existent to those he doesn't.
History: Kiran wasn't always like this. In a previous life, he was once an optimistic young man, studying to become priest in the Order of the Light - the supposed first line of defense against all that is evil on Earth. The Order of the Light believed in hope, love, and compassion, worshiped the light, and hoped to bring everyone these gifts of life. Kiran believed in these values with his whole heart and soul.

One day, while wandering in one of the many groves in the Order's temple, his eyes fell on a young nun-in-training. After that point, he began doting on her, bringing her food, bringing her flowers. Against the rules of the Order, he wanted to love - to have her love. Months after, weeks before his full initiation, he followed her into a secluded corner of the temple. He found himself among a rogue faction of the priests and nuns, conspiring to spread the infection of the dark and hatred - among them, his love. In a fit of rage - at this betrayal of beliefs...(and most importantly) of the heart, he entered the room.

When he awoke, he found himself surrounded by bodies - of those who were in that dark meeting. He saw some of his tutors, one of the high priests, his mentor. He saw blood - their blood - staining his tattered robes, dried upon his hands.

He left the order immediately - unable to face what had happened and unable to believe in what he once believed.
Talents: He can sulk.
Other: RE-Habilitation Tank One.

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Name: Simeon

Angel Rank/Title: Angel of Avarice

Race: Angel of Dark

Gender: Male

Age: Seems about 30

Appearance: In his human form, the form he is most likely to take unless pressed, Simeon wears a worn, brown leather coat over a white button-up shirt. A simple pair of light brown slacks completes the basic outfit. His face is doted with a five o’clock shadow that softens his otherwise angular jaw. Glittering green eyes peer out from the face, framed by short, neatly trimmed black hair. His body is nothing too extraordinary, similar to an average person’s build who excercises somewhat often and rigorously.

In his angel form, he appears as a tall figure who’s torso is wrapped with dozens of leather bindings, holding his arms close to his sides. His hair lengthens to cover his face and much of his upper chest, giving only glimpses of his green eyes now filled with an insane burning. His pants also change to leather, growing longer and wider and literally falling past his feet to pool around him.

Personality: Simeon is sarcastic, sardonic, uncaring, sadistic, manipulative, and just generally not a nice person…and he does it all without batting an eyelash. He can destroy a person’s sense of self worth with just as much emotion as he has when getting dressed. His self indulging smile is one of the only hints of the large amount of pleasure he gets from his job. Of course…this is in his human form.

Should he be forced to take his angel form, Simeon’s emotions which he keeps buried under his human faÁade come to the surface. Insane isn’t a good word for it…psychotic might be a better one. Either way, his desire for pain and suffering, for sending his victims into an eternity of helpless apathy reaches extremely excessive heights.

History: Simeon used to care, used to want to do what he could for those around him. Striving to reach the upper echelons of the angelic hierarchy he worked his hardest, always sacrificing what was needed in order to complete his duties. When that sacrifice began extending to those around him however, he began to attract less than admiring attention. Simeon found this strange, why wouldn’t others wish to sacrifice as much as he did for his duties? Surely they were just as compassionate as he was? When one of his missions led him to sacrifice his entire support team as well as several innocents in completion of his goal however, he was brought to justice and cast out. Having fallen, Simeon’s attitude became twisted, if his morphed idea of Compassion (if others were as compassionate as him they would have been happy to help him complete his mission) was not accepted, then he would no longer care what others needed.

Talents: Simeon’s prowess in convincing and manipulating others is his strongest weapon. He would rather cause someone to defeat themselves with uncaring rather than have to work himself. In his human form he is quite skilled with the collection of razor wires he keeps in the sleeves of his coat, covered in flexible metal plates which also help in case some melee weapon wielding fool gets close enough to swing at him, preferring their quiet efficiency to something more flashy…obvious greed such as that was no use to him. In his angel form, his mental abilities manifest further, allowing him to mentally attack his enemies or simply throw things at them with his mind. He has also been known to use his wires in this form as well.

Other: He is something of an opposite to the Angel of Compassion. Where she inspires caring and empathy in others, Simeon promotes self indulgence and personal gain. They possess an odd relationship, with Simeon doing his best to befuddle the Angel of Compassion, though in a more generally amusing way than the normal malice in which he conducts himself.

Human application will come later

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Dr Mcninja- Approved good sir! Im guesing Kalahs angel of compassion will be your opposite?

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That was the intent. Being able to walk downstairs and discuss characters makes things like that much easier.

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*pokes Asi* Check your PM inbox!! I would've stuck my questions here, but it's a LOT of text >.<;; sorry to be a bother ><

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Name: Alexiel
Angel Rank/Title: Angel of Compassion
Race: Angel of Light
Gender: Female
Age: In the Earthly realm, Alexiel appears to be about 5 or 7
Appearance: In her earthen form, Alexiel appears as a delicate yet energetic little girl. She has thick, flowing hair of wavy blonde that reaches midway down her back. The layers of her blonde hair frame her beaming face and a few bangs occasionally hang in front of her eyes. Her eyes are a brilliant ice-bitten blue, that seem to be slightly large and doe-like. Her skin is fairly pale but not in a death-like way, and usually her cheeks are flushed with a soft tint of pink. She usually is seen wearing a simplistic dress of white with spaghetti straps. The dress cuts off at about knee-length, but the bottom of the dress is layered in soft frilly lace. (It looks like a white summer dress). Upon her feet she wears pink flip-flop like sandals, that magically seem to always stay on her feet. Around her right wrist, she wears a silver charm bracelet that has two charms on it- a feather and a heart.

In her true form, Alexiel remains to be the same little girl. However, her face no longer brims with a child-like innocence, but seems to mature slightly. Her hair lengthens to reach down to about midway on her calves. She wears a dress still, however it seems to gleam with a hint of silver and takes on a more silk-like appearance. She does not wear shoes and large wings- double her body size, emerge from her back. The tips of each feather seem to have a blue-grey tint to them. Her aura, if one could see auras, is a silvery blue.

Personality: Alexiel at a first rough glance would seem to be nothing more than a typical young girl. Innocent, young, and full of a kind gentle hope. If one were to hang around he more however and perhaps to prod, they would realize that Alexiel is much wiser beyond her years- even if she does have a naÔve way of thinking of things. She seems to have a greater understanding than most of love, hope, God and faith and has a strange yet curious way of thinking about things. For a young and seemingly simplistic girl, she’s rather complex and hard to figure out.
History: Alexiel, while being designated as the “Angel of Compassion” is technically an apprentice to the Angel of Love. She spent a great many years being almost an assistant to the Angel of Love- although to other Angels, it seemed to be a complex relationship. Either it was a business relationship or perhaps a relationship like that of a family- for Alexiel’s pure form and earthly form cause her to have the appearance of a young girl- and reasons for that were often rumored about, but still remain unclear.
Still, Alexiel listened to the Angel of Love contently and seemed to absorb all that they had to say. She consistently would run errands or eagerly volunteer to aid others in the name of Love. During this time, Alexiel actually did not have an official title at all. Alexiel wasn’t even a full-fledged Angel of Light, but rather was seen as one rank below that (and to those who based things soley off appearance, some had the misconception that she was even lower.) and thus the reason why she was constantly an apprentice to the Angel of Love. Still, no Angel could deny that there was some unforeseen power or strength lurking within Alexiel, although whether that true gift will or would come out yet remains to be seen.
However, when the Angel of Love went into hibernation due to the hatred in the world… Alexiel continued to carry on the duties of the Angel of Love. A bit frightened and a tad bit unsure, Alexiel tried her best to work in the Angel of Love’s stead. However, the odd thing was although Alexiel had been closely linked with the Angel of Love… the hatred in the world never seemed to bother Alexiel. Not that it didn’t make her sad, but it didn’t seem to burden her powers like it did to the Angel of Love. Still, Alexiel grew the belief that if she worked hard enough and proved herself… she could not only show her true inner “being”, but also she could bring back her beloved Angel of Love.

Talents: Alexiel doesn’t have the ability to fight- mostly for the fact that she is completely against such acts. However, the aura around her seems to always spur a tingle of light-heartedness or a quick flash of innocence- even for the darkest of demons for at least a moment. While her powers are linked to Love, it seems that she spurs a bit of a stronger emotional reaction at times- which links for her becoming title. She has slowly began to harbor an ability to heal, but it is in the beginning stages and some thing she is working on.
Other: Alexiel is the Angel of Compassion, but I’m playing it sorta at the idea that her title hasn’t really “been discovered” yet- it’ll be discovered in the RPG as her powers grow and she becomes more identified. Others could discover that she has that title before she does too. ^_^

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@Kalah- Looks nice :> approved of course!
Dont worry Chiko I got them and replyed :D

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...Changed my mind about the angel >_> <_<

Name: Hob [Robert] Trenting
Angel Rank/Title: N/A
Race: Human/Witch
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: About 5'11" in height. Hob's built spare and angular, with a determined set to the chin. Otherwise, his appearance is common as muck, though it's some pretty presentable muck. The thing that might appear out of the ordinary is the premature bleaching of the hair about his temples; slowly, yet surely, it's spreading to the rest of his head, in barely noticeable streaks snaking round the back of his skull. The actual colour of Hob's hair is something approaching blonde but not quite blonde, and not quite brown either. It's cut short and ragged. His eyes are a smudgey kind of violet, as if someone put them in with sooty fingertips.
Hob wears clothes that might be considered slightly formal for the modern world: black dress shirt, black waistcoat, black coat that isn't a proper long overcoat but rather an extension of a regular coat, black trousers and black boots, all of which are visibly frayed and battered, and have seen better days. He does possess the witch's pointed black hat, though he doesn't wear it, and a broom, that he uses to sweep floors with. When on journeys he carries his belongings around in an old sack - complete with pointy hat.
Personality: Being young still, Hob hasn't had enough experience yet to develop a fully honed sense of knowing just how different people tick, but he does have that little root of cynicism that makes anyone automatically old, at least personality-wise. He's usually right in what he assumes about people, though. He often feels as if he is standing outside the world, watching all the people talk and walk and act their parts, and on occasion it worries him: he can't understand why people never seem to think. He has a compulsion to know things, to know what, why, when and how. Like all witches he is uneasy around the points where two states meet, like mirrors, and gates, and doors. He has an extremely well developed definition of Right and Wrong, and underlining this is a conviction that everybody should look for the Truth - even if it should cripple them. Hob can be very nasty when he wants to, and is indeed possessed of a short temper; most of the time, he's generally satisfied with dispensing common sense and salves to the masses.
History: (Un)fortunately for him, Hob was the first male to be born for seven generations in the witching community of the British Isles who displayed talent. As he grew older it was apparent that this 'talent' was spreading into the grounds of 'uncanny ability' - for male standards, the older witches were quick to point out. 'Magical' energy seemed to attach itself to him of its own accord; this was physically manifested in humans by turning their hair prematurely white, though usually it happened at the age of thirty or more, with Hob the hair at his temples turned white at twelve.
He was put under apprenticeship to the only other witch whose hair ever turned white before thirty (for her, age ten), his great-aunt Heath. In a nutshell, he was her slave for a very long time. Also learnt herblore and woodsmanslore on his days off (unwillingly).
For now, Hob has officially 'finished' his apprenticeship; though the older witches insist he's a long way to go yet, and they're probably right.
Talents: Making poultices and potions, the ability to point out and summarize facts with almost painful bluntness. Notoriously able to see the world from more than one viewpoint. Also, imagination is horrifically graphic. Especially notable is his affinity with the energies of both Light and Dark (a feature of the witching bloodline); at times, when he is focusing, he can even identify the presence of angels, although he is confused as to what they are.
Other: Allergic to cats. Has been known to inflict grievous bodily harm on people who make lewd remarks about his gender and/or pointy hats and broomstick. I've been reading PTerry... also felt like playing Hob again, bah.


The common belief that the term witch only applies to females is 99% true, but the idea that male witches are termed warlocks is not. Warlocks are warlocks, and witches are witches - they are two different classes of magic wielders, although witches feel that their role is not to use magic but to observe that a balance is kept. The definition of 'magic' is very loose: in fact, few believe that it exists at all. Magic is now a term almost exclusively used by witches to describe the mysterious energy of the Light and Dark.

Witches are human. They are small in number, clannish, suspicious of all other races (this does not exclude the rest of humanity), and live mostly on isolated steppes and jungles (Asia, Africa, South America) or remote countryside (the UK) or mountainous wooded areas (Europe). There seem to be no witches in North America, save those that came over with the African slaves, concentrated mostly in modern Louisiana. Each clan of witches has its own rules and what is broadly named 'religious coda', or dealings with spirits. Witches practice a wholly matriarchal society.

In ability, witches are merely humans who have a compass in their heads pointed due Magic : they can sense it, even manipulate or work around it, though they will never use it. The best of witches has a 'magic radar' on all the time. They are thus finely attuned to the balances of Light and Dark, although they may or may not know about the existence of the angels (they ARE humans, after all). They are certain that there is an energy to this earth, and it is divided in twain. When one is more than the other, the witches will know. And they will want to find out why.

In principle, witches say that it is important to have balance, and thus, they do not support either faction of Light or Dark. They will work for either faction if they feel that one of them is losing or being overwhelmed by the other in some way.

A good witch has a sense of Right and Wrong, which is *not* the same as Light and Dark.

Witching itself is a bloodline, as well as a profession. It is technically possible for males to be witches, and naturally not unprecedented, however, it has been a long time since a boy was born with the witches' gift; in addition to that, it should be noted that men who are part of a witching bloodline are usually only carriers of the gene. It is extremely rare for males to display witching talent. Female witches explain this by stating that men do not have a high enough level of inborn intuition.

They are a grey area in themselves that they cannot be said to be truly pawns or agents for either side: they know more than a pawn should know, and yet don't know quite enough, yet, to become agents of either side.

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Approved Chiko ^-^ I <3 it :>
Ok its all looking great so far, just looking for a few more reservations to get in, and Ill also post my human in the next few days. Ill finalize everything on Sat the 27th so try to get everything up by then and then Ill start it :>

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Name: Grace Illuminati
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Appearance: Long reddish gold hair that she keeps braided halfway down her back, soft blue eyes. She has a slight but tall build, with muscular arms and legs from working on her family's farm growing up. However she lost most of her childhood tan from recent years working in the city. When not wearing her city official uniform, she wears light tunics in grays whites and blues. Has a peaceful look on her face most of the time, and rarely breaks that tranquil atmosphere.
Personality: Shes calm and patient, thinking through something carefully and looking at it from all sides before doing something she might regret. In the past she leapt right in, and greeted everyone she met with a wide open heart and no thought whatsoever that she would be rejected, hurt, or lied to. But as she grew that changed, people she trusted turned on her, and broke her emotinally in places that are still trying to heal. But the Light within is still alive, she still cares for people and will not hesitate to help someone in need, the only change is she is more wary of strangers and opening her heart completely. Her only fear is that the people she cares about will leave her, she hates to be alone. She is the type that refuses to give up on something she believes in, even if it seems hopeless, some might even call her stubborn to a fault.
History: When she was only 10 years old, her mother tried to sell her into a band of slavers that were travelling the countryside in those days. Their family was large and poor, the crops had been bad that year, and her mother had in some twisted way figured that the oldest daughter would be honored to help the rest of the family survive by sacrificing herself. But when her father learned of this he put an end to it immediately and cast her mother out of the house. Grace never knew what became of her mother after that, and to anyone who asks she tells them her mother is dead. As she grew up she began to realise she had a knack for leadership and speaking to people, as she grew up as the oldest in her family she often led her younger siblings on litle 'adventures' through the countryside. So when she turned 17 she travelled to the nearest town to live with some relatives, and work her way to going to school there. Her family was too poor to afford paying for it, so she got a job at a local kitchen cafe, the money from which she used to go to school. After a few years of studying she became a minor city official in the town, and as such has become aware of the city's deterioration over time. Crime was up and so were suicides and other deaths. Divorce was high as well, and less children were being born. She sees this, but doesnt understand what is happening exactly and why. But that didnt stop her from making it her mission to make things right.
Talents: Shes good at speaking and reasoning with people, and good at being a beacon of leadership for those around her that are lost, even if she is lost herself. Her problems are on the back burner always until shes satisfied she helped everyone she could. Shes strong and determined, but if she is forced to bear too much pressure, she is liable to break down having held in too much. She has a strong spirit but it is not invincible.
Other: Open for anyone to be related with in any way possible :D

Ok! Im probably going to start this rpg right now so, if you still want to sign up as either a human or an angel or anything in between, use this topic and Ill approve when necissary :>

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A member of law enforcement?


Rastion looks forward to working with her...

28th January 2007, 12:43 AM
Name: Abigail, nickname Abby. Her last name changes frequently to conceal her identity.
Angel Rank/Title: Formerly known as Angel of Equity before she went missing.
Race: Human
Age: 27 (Human)
Appearance: Possibly a remnant of her previous angelic form, she looks significantly young and attractive for her age (many would assume she would be around 16 years old). She stands at medium height, her build is seemingly fragile, and her skin is remarkably white with occasional patches of bruises and dirt. Her black ebony hair is relatively short, reaching down to her shoulders, but her bangs are long and kept back by a cheap clip with a daisy flower design. Her eyes are of a soft black color, with no light reflecting off of them; those who looked into her eyes feel as though they are being sucked into them like miniature vortexes before breaking their glance. Her eyes are probably the most disturbing part out of her otherwise innocent appearance.
Her outfit consists of a rather cheap white blouse and a long patterned skirt. The blouse and skirt seems rather wrinkled and, due to her size, seem a bit large for her, despite the fact that she's had the clothes for years. She wears ragged tennis shoes that seem to have been to many places...
Personality: For the most part, she seems rather absent minded. She does express her feelings rather soundly when she's adamant about something, but she always seems to be staring into the sky, for the most part. At least, according to people who've been around her. Despite being through several hardships in her life, she seems rather kind and trusts a lot of people she meets for the first time. In many cases this results in catastrophe, which then the only thing she can think of doing is running away to a new place, changing her name, and starting her life over again in hopes that she could live "normally".
This is Abigail's outside character. She presents an alternate persona when she is confronted with an Angel; then, she is suddenly remarkably steadfast and unmoving to any of the Angel's emotional powers. She will question the Angel on his/her purpose, and quietly yet firmly convincing the Angel to begin doubting his/her's own title before taking away their Angelic powers. After that and a good old unconscious sleep, she will resort back to her "human" personality.
The Angelic personality seems to have complete recollection of the human personality, memories, and events, and indeed suffers through the same sorts of feelings as the human part of her does. So its not like Angel persona turns off and says "go suffer on your own" to her human counterpart. :p
History: She's been through a myriad of events, some good, some not so good, some truamatizing. Her earliest recall as a human is being on the streets at the age of seven, struggling to survive without money, food, or place to stay. However, she was soon found by a social worker working in a homeless shelter and she was taken in. They provided her some food and clothing and were even able to send her to school for a short time. But as luck would have it, she did not fare well, socially, in school. She was frequently vied upon by the boys bullied by other girls apparently sick of her innocent nature. Eventually she was caught up in a scheme where she was brutally victimized and "unwillingly lost her virginity". Although she tried consulting with her caretakers about it, the culprits were never punished. She then left the town out of humiliation and found herself a temporary job in another town as a secretary. But that failed when the boss tried to hit on her, and she left again. Instead of making a million more little stories about her miserable adventures, I'll just suffice to say she's gone through the same thing many times and will likely continue to do so.
Her growing misery does seem to attract Angels, though, who find her to be a curious subject and approach her without caution.
Talents: As if it hadn't been figured out already, Abigail was once an Angel, but forfeited all her powers except for one unique power: to neutralize other Angels' powers and turn them human. The ritual for the removal of Angelic power takes some time, but starts as soon as Abby is aware that an angel is around and reverts to her alternate personality. She does this very discretely; the target angel, usually, has no idea whatsoever of the ritual until it is too late, where in a great flash of light the aura that surrounds the angel suddenly spirals into the hands Abby, and both the Angel and Abby fall down unconscious.
The ritual does not have a absolute success rate and can easily be interrupted by an intruder such as another human or angel (angels are more rare, but she does not possess the power to neutralize more than one angel at a time).
Typically, whether the ritual succeeds or not, the Angel will not retain a clear memory of the event.
Other:Note that because she is human in every respect, she can also die. So, theoretically, an angel (probably an angel of darkness) could hire an assassin or make another human go crazy and kill her before she can use her power. :x

Fallen Archangel.
One time in the distant past, where there were both Angels of Light and Angels of Darkness, there remained one that stood in the center. Her existance melded all the angels together like sides on a coin; the light was eternally connected with the dark, love with hate, truth with deception, etc. Two beings that could not be further apart from each other were no more than rival siblings for as long as she existed; as far and seperate as they may want to be from each other, they were like physically bonded twins that could not move without the other stepping foward as well.
That angel has long disappeared from this world. Some say in the Heavenly Worlds that it is because the Angel's disappearance that the world has begun falling into chaos, but many saw the "power shift" before the angel had disappeared. Most were under the rumor that she had "died" or given up of some sort, but the wiser believe she may be somewhere in the world, proposing a unique plan of her own to solve the world issue.

In Recent times, some Angels on both sides have gone missing. Most presume it to be due to the war against each other, but a few have begun to wonder if there were another force somewhere in the human world secretly bringing down angels one by one. Since each angel mysteriously disappeared without a trace, nobody could tell for sure who or what was causing this; The two sides are too busy dealing with each other to care too much about it, anyway. However, sure enough, one by one the angels continue dwindling...

Durrrrrr this signup seems iffy, may be prone to editting :x

28th January 2007, 04:35 PM
Very very approved :D Feel free to start posting now :>

Tyler and Hobbes
28th January 2007, 07:30 PM
Name: Lia Colton Armaros

Angel Rank/Title: None Angel of Disorder

Race: Human Angel of Darkness

Gender: Female Male

Age: 16 Unknown

Appearance: Lia is at about average height for a girl her age, though her slight frame makes her look smaller. Her skin is a beautiful, dark color, a tan almost reminiscent of Arabia, and her deep auburn hair curls elegantly just to the middle of her back. Her face is robotic, absent, though beautiful nevertheless. There’s just something about her face that makes it hard for anyone to not stare, like how staring at the sun is dangerous, but you do it just because it gives off life. Her eyes are wide, almost always in childlike surprise, though if you were to actually see them for more than a moment you would see that those dark ovals are apathetic, unfeeling. But they’re all the more beautiful because of it. Her face contains almost no imperfections, though she has a small mole right under her left eye, and she never seems to smile. She used to wear no makeup, but recently she’s taken to lightly rouging her cheeks, and painted black under her eyes, her eyelashes curled. She doesn’t look much a child now, and anyone that would mistake her as such would be thinking something disturbing about this child. Before she met her friend, she had never worn black in her life, but after she found a tall, chimney-topped hat, which she wears continuously now, her outfit suddenly shifted. She wears tall, dark boots, of some unknown animal, and a long dark silk jacket, almost like a cape. She wears a black tunic under this, and an entirely too short black skirt, just the way Armaros likes it.

When he appears to Lia, he looks like a man in his early twenties, pale, with the trappings of youth still in an entirely hard face. He wears an almost black, purplish coat, of a material that Lia can’t even name. There’s just something dark and fascinating about Armaros, the way his dark hair can seem wet or dry no matter what, and how his eyes seem to follow you and stop just when you see them. There’s something slightly wolfish about him, like, the way his teeth seem perfectly pointed; dog’s teeth. And there’s a dark hackled feeling that he seems to have, a slight, muscular form that could throttle you if you accidentally called him the wrong name.

Personality: She was open, naÔve about the hardships and the knowledge of life. She was kind to just about everyone, though she would pay them no more mind than absently saying their name. Truth was that she never paid anyone any more mind than just greeting them with a smile, and some might call that vanity. But Lia didn’t know vanity, or sin, all she knew was the dance, and that’s what she did. She wasn’t innocent, or naÔve, but she didn’t pay any attention to anything that much to be called anything but. So maybe she was empty-headed, and maybe she was too elegant for her own good, but that was still better than this. Anything would still be better than this. Now she’s just absent. Before when she saw money on the floor she might stop to stare, to admire the beauty of sunlight refracted on metal, but now she would just step on it, and keep walking. She’s promiscuous now, and lives just for the sheer pleasure that carnality gives her. Anything would be better than this.

Armaros is cutthroat, dark, obsessed, and is intent on one thing: the end. He is a blood-thirsty wolf who just wants to end the meaningless charade of light versus darkness, at the same time completely convinced that those who cast him and his fellows out were wrong, and too fools to even admit it. He wants to end it for everyone, men and angels, and he will use any methods to do it, even if that means destroying himself in the process. He’s lusty, not only for women, but for everything, for food, for drink, for men, anything that can occupy him for more than a moment is worth his time. But he’s also a master plotter, and he will weave you into a trap as soon as he’ll call you companion. He’ll work with others if necessary, but like a dog who was mistreated by his owner, he prefers to work alone, and anyone who approaches him unasked for will soon feel his fangs. Death would be much welcomed, but only if he could take someone with him, and life now just seems a chore. He’s manipulative, and for all intents and purposes must be taken like a wolf: violent, and graceful in his arts.

History: Lia was born, and lived, completely oblivious to others. She didn’t use others, and she didn’t need others, and at the academy that her parents sent her to, whenever she was asked to dance with a partner, she would just smile and do it, secretly pretending that it was just her up there. It wasn’t as if she didn’t like others, she just really didn’t see the point. Not even her parents could get her to say more than a few choices sentences each day, but they weren’t sure that Lia knew she was anti-social. She had friends, and all the like, and generally everyone seemed to like her (maybe a tad too much), but these were treated more as the way that you would treat puppies than you would treat human friends. Lia would just smile at them, continuing that dance that she always did in her head. Coming from a well-off family (just a few coins below being called “rich”), she was always more sheltered than anything, though by the time she was fourteen she already knew the bitter mysteries of life, taken mostly from her fellow friends and classmates, though these she just found ponderous. She wasn’t naÔve, just bored. Everyone treated her like royalty, partly because Lia was just that kind of person. When she was fifteen, her mother died. She had been out when it had happened, and the police had blocked off their mansion when she had returned, but a common rumor around that time was that her father had done it (she never knew what, exactly), after he had caught her mother fornicating with some other man (some said the man’s own brother). And so Lia was put out, her father carted off to one of prisons in the state, and all her hopes of ever studying as one of the greatest dancers’ throats were slit, just like her mother’s. This really didn’t faze the girl, who by that time had already found a tall dark hat.

He had been one of those who, long before man’s memory, had taught humanity the secrets of heaven, of sorcery, of war, and, above all things, bitterness. It’s not known what the original intent was, since all from that time had been lost, but Armaros had taken the duty of teaching man the resolving of enchantments, namely, to battle magic, like what could harm it, and destroy it, so that counter spells had been produced. But this was deemed as not fit knowledge, and Armaros, along with all his fellows, were among the first to be cast out. For a long while he lie dormant, careful not to reveal his whereabouts among the desert peoples of Australia, where he lie chained like a wolf. He became known as the spirit of the wilderness, and people were warned not to venture there, holy men more than anyone else, for “the Great Wolf of the Dream lie to spirit anyone not careful to the lost place”. If it wasn’t for his chains, he would have slaughtered them all. But his chains did break, and there was something in the air that told him that he was to travel east, something dark and playful. After massacring an entire village, he set off, though he was still too weak to even think about the flesh he would enjoy once in the continent. There, he met a girl, and he gave her a hat, and then he raped her.

Talents: She was an excellent dancer, and could probably dance longer than anyone in the world; wherever she was, it would be all right to dance there. She could have made any man do whatever she wanted, but she didn’t realize this at all, and just thought that she was a great vocalist. She didn’t even have to bully them; they would have done it anyway, gladly. She was incredibly nimble, even considering her age, she could make anything go anywhere. Armaros is a great plotter, and perhaps an even better liar, since he sees no difference between truth and lies. What he really takes pride in though, and what he once taught to humans, thousands of moons ago, was his ability to negate magic wherever he was. Anything that used magic, any spell, even the tiniest amount, would either backfire or stop working around him.

Other: Sorry for the length, and the unorthodox style of sign-uppery ^^; but I’m writing for two people dammit! >_<

On Possession: There are generally two types of possession: Parasitic, that is, when the “host” isn’t aware of the exchange that is taking place; and Schizophrenic, where the recipient knows what is happening, and the spirit becomes a type of “imaginary friend”, talking with the recipient, interacting with them, sometimes even appearing to the host as if outside of themselves, an entirely different person. These two subgroups of possession are blurred, and it’s not exactly clear whether one might lead into the other, or why a spirit would want a human host. What we know about possession is that it involves a “recipient (the human who the spirit(s) take control of)” and a “parasite (the spirit or spirits who enter the body of the recipient)”, in which the parasite enters the body or mind of the recipient, sometimes taking over completely, almost always against the will of the host. In most cases, the parasites are demons and others like, but sometimes an angel might enter the body of a human, giving the recipient most if not all of the parasite’s powers. For the human, to be possessed is quite similar to being raped. That is how it feels to the humans, and to the demons the sensation is almost as that of a rapist, though it affects them less than raping might affect a rapist. There are shamans among the Africans and the Aborigines, and to a lesser extent the Native Americans, who willingly invite spirits into themselves, beckoning them in to give knowledge and power. Once fully possessed, the hosts become for all intents and purposes the parasites themselves. It is unclear whether possession can be reversed by the recipient’s own will, though priests and magicians are known to perform “exorcisms”, that is, a ritual intended to banish the parasite, via a prayer or magic. These rarely, if ever, work.

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