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Weasel Overlord
20th January 2007, 10:54 PM
Roll up! Roll up! *hammers up huge, fancily painted banner-of-wonder* Yes, this is an advertising topic. Bwa-ha-ha... *automated-but-creepy-laugh*

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Nexus // -Open The Door
((an RPG by Weasel Overlord))

That place between worlds; that sacred, pure and silent place. The home of all portals, all the paths to worlds millions of miles apart. They are all joined here; in the Nexus.

No portal is unattainable, no world can be left alone for long, and the crystalline peace of the Nexus will soon be broken by desperate war.

For the creatures who lurk just beyond peripheral vision will not wait much longer. Starved between the worlds, in the chill emptiness of the Void, they wait. Hungering, fighting and above all, evolving, until they no longer resemble the races they once were. Each day is a struggle to stay alive as the rapidly evolving species fight each other for food.

These Varsha are merciless, for mercy is not something they remember. They are vicious in their hunger, utterly relentless in the pursuit of their prey; the ultimate, efficient hunter.

But each hunter has its weakness. And the Varsha are no exception. They covet the Nexus more than life itself. It glimmers like a sparkling jewel to them, calling and inviting, a safe haven away from the violence and horror of the Void.

And one with perfect access to each fresh, ripe world; full of the easiest prey they will ever find.

But they cannot be allowed to take the Nexus; but it is certain that they will try their utmost to do so. This is the deadly truth of the matter.

And silent as the Nexus is, its screams can still be heard. Deep in the souls of the few as its delicate fabric is torn by eager, rending claws.

It desperately flings out pleas for help, calling those it knows will answer. For although there are few who hear the call, those who do will fervently answer, searching, ever searching for the right portal into the Nexus, where the desperate battle will commence.

Varsha must be defeated; tears must be repaired, the silence of Nexus must be restored.

The Few are the chosen ones. Called and bound by the pain of the Nexus they come, one by one, joined by the soul-call resonating deep within. For if they choose not to come, they will live out the rest of their days in gleaming madness, the calls and screams of Nexus resonating in their hearts until they finally expire, gratefully and alone.

The Few are bestowed with the power to open portals, and some of the Few are imbued with a warlike spirit. These are warriors of the highest calibre, fighting the Varsha with weapon, hands or teeth until blood spills in deathly quantities. The Warriors will fight on, even near death; unable to live with the knowledge that Varsha still draw breath.

Some are filled with a light beyond understanding. These often have powers of precognition or teleportation, but the powers of the Light are varied and never the same in two of the Few.

And thus they come. Whether through a mirror, an open door or a mere reflection upon a puddle; the Few come.

For the Nexus calls… it screams in agony and need.

And they will answer.

~Comments, criticisms, awkward questions, shoutings-at and especially-excited-super-early-character-makings welcomed with open, if weaselly arms.

21st January 2007, 10:35 AM
Oooh! Oooh ooh ooh! *jumps up and down impatiently* I wanna join, me me!

Jeez, when you said you were working on something i didn't expect it to be this good - you're getting better, i swear O_o

*whines* Iii wan-na joiiin... *pokes and pesters and wheedles and whinges* weeeeeee-zul.... ;_;

Eh, whatwhat, it's settled then? Eeexcellent.. *her mind twirls away, devising characters of the utmost expected..*

COME ONLINE!! (jobes too!) I'm bored 'n' off to back to my student digs tomorrow..


x Cark

p.s. is it snowin' up there? I heard it was gonna..

21st January 2007, 10:45 AM
Oh 'ang on - i have a suggestion!

Um, or a query. What do the varsha look like? Do they have many forms? Have they ever been seen by human eye before(or any species' eye, for that matter)? *nag weasel mcfagbag nag*

An' i think you should change the name Varsha, cos it sounds like Marsha and when i read the word in your unashamed-advertising-pitch-preview-thang i just heard ''ullo, Briiian'. It was, needless to say, unacceptably chortleable.

So change it, CHANGE IT NOW! Or not.. :)

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
21st January 2007, 11:14 PM
Varsha makes me think of history class and Sanskrit, a step up from Marsha I guess >_> <_< :x
You KNOW I'll join whatever RPG you start xD
Is the way to kill Varsha available through physical means only? No such thing as reforming, taming or petting?
^ okay stupid question xD xP;;