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Tyler and Hobbes
21st January 2007, 01:21 AM

So, there’s this man – one of the greatest musicians in the entire universe. And he’s driving through the desert on a slick, shined black motorcycle, through the vast white sands of the desert, the wheels gliding over the sand, his mirrors cracking the faster he’s going. And he’s going faster and faster and faster, and the motorcycle mirrors just shatter. And the paint starts to peel off, and the rubber of the wheels starts to melt off. And above his head he’s swinging a midnight guitar like a sword, and he just keeps driving faster and faster and faster, and the guitar follows the same course, thousands of chords and melodies falling into the air. And the sky begins to burn up, and a great, massive ball of light shoots across the apocalyptic red atmosphere, straight for him, like the bullet that German would later use to end his life after he realized that he was perhaps wrong about a few things. And it streaks straight towards him, and he raises his arm farther back, grinning. And hundreds upon thousands of melodies combine to form a great, monstrous thing, growing louder and louder as the man drives directly towards that deep blinding light. And right before the great falling star comes to meet him, to obliterate the world, to annihilate all puppies and rainbows and shit like that, he swung the guitar…

One, Two
One, Two, Three, Four

So there’s a little town called Esperance, in New York, in America. We’ve lived there all our petty little lives, and until now everything’s been ordinary. Not that I’m especially complaining, only that it can be so goddamned frustrating sometimes – how nothing ever happens here, how our one-track lives are completely pointless. Everything around us is nonsense. Oh well, what can you do? It’s not like anything else is going any better in the world outside of Esperance. So, when that bright light fell down from the sky, everyone got really excited, like something amazing was going to happen. And then those people from the government came, asking questions to all us kids, like exactly what we had seen. And there were these other people, people acting all strange whenever they saw anyone, including each other, approaching. It all stretches to when that light fell from heaven, to prick our trembling shell of tranquility. Nothing ever happens here. We live in an insignificant little suburb in an insignificant little spinning blue world, every second hurtling towards imminent destruction. Tomorrow will be exactly the same as today – nothing ever changes. Might as well screw whimpers and go out with a bang though, huh?

Play it louder, boys!

Did you see it? A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, a bright orb of light fell from the vast, dreamless night sky, right into the middle of Esperance, New York, a small little suburb made for autumn, that is, all the shops and houses are splattered with red and orange paints, and the trees that dot the highways are eternally stripped. The bright light soon became known as “The Star” by all the kids of the town, though the adults had brought in a special scientist with a thick white beard and an even thicker German accent, who pronounced that this rock was called “Nimrod”, after some great hunter, or musician, or something. It was later found out that the scientist had been on… things. That’s all the adults said. That he had been on things. A few days after the Star arrived, different people began to appear, some on motorcycles or vespas, but most just out of nowhere, with maybe one suitcase and the clothes on their backs. They didn’t seem to come together, but some of them seemed to know each other, the way they gave each other dirty looks. It was whispered that some of these were time travelers, and aliens, and even members of the government (though a few days after that, government officials that actually looked the part took over the mayor’s house temporarily, pronouncing it the property of the state). Most tried to squeeze jobs, or spare rooms from the folks around town, and depending on how attractive they were, they were instantly given whatever they asked. A few of us kids have found shards of the star, but that really doesn’t mean anything. Sure they’re pretty, but still… At least Valentine’s Day’s just around the corner.

Take I for my first shot at a quirky, absurdist, adrenaline-shooting, psychedelic RPG, in which a star falls into a small town, and now aliens, time travelers, and government officials are all showing up, trying to ____ (insert what I'm going to pm you based on your characters here), along with making all the kid's lives hell. Also, every kid RPed has a shard of the star for some odd reason. God, I should stay off the drink when I'm writing a story... (:

Sign Ups:

Name: Anything really…
Age: I want mostly Esperance kids, so mostly 12-16, but for anyone else, anything’s fine.
Gender: I swear to God, if anybody explains their character’s sex away as metaphysical….
Faction: This for what you are, whether an Esperance Child, an Alien, a Time Traveler, a Government Official, or anything else science-fiction-y (has to look human!). Feel free to improvise something else too.
Appearance: Everyone looks human, including the non-Esperance characters. Just so that whether or not you’re human can be left ambiguous.
Personality: As quirky as you can make it.
History: Okay, I realize that I left the Star (Nimrod) ambiguous, so anyone not born in Esperance would have a hard time with this, as to why they’re there, so I’m going to make this optional for now, with it required for the actual RPG. I’m gonna try to pm every faction on their own roles after I see who’s gonna be in this.
Relationships: I’m not gonna say that everyone has to be related to everyone, but it would help if a few Time Travelers knew each other, and every Esperance kid would go to the same school, so they have to at least recognize each other. Government officials would obviously be acquaintances. Aliens have a free ride on this ;)
Other: FLCL + Select pages from Catch 22 + Death to the Pixies = Vertigo.

My sign-ups:

Name: Peter Devereaux

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Faction: Esperance Child

Appearance: He’s tall for his age, but I guess that could be applied to any fifteen year old. His face has a perpetually stoned-expression, the way his eyes (one of them is wandering, by the way) always float towards his brain, the heavy bags under his light-brown bloodshot eyes just adding to this appearance. His face is usually blank, but when he thinks something especially wicked, there’s sure to be an odd grin slashed under his nose. There’s a slight pale hunger to his face, like someone who hasn’t slept in a few days, and doesn’t plan to sleep until something spectacular happens. His hair at least looks healthy, a tuft of tawny brown running from the tip of his neck to just below his eyes, parted so that one eye is half-covered. His chin is pale, slight, but that could be said for all his features, including his body. There’s a slight androgynous streak running throughout, his muscles available only when he wants you to see them, and he’s basically hairless except for a few choice areas. Appearances really don’t matter to him (though not mattering, to him, would mean to other people, extremely vain). He’ll usually wear a white on black T-shirt of some unknown design, and long tight jeans. There’s a devilishness to him, always just under the shadow’s of his eyes.

Personality: Peter is a bad person. Or not, maybe just indifferent. He really doesn’t worry about anything, not even things that are directly connected to him, or anyone that he cares about (which, he really doesn’t). His friends and family put up with it, just because Peter’s a nice guy, even though if they actually analyzed what he said, they’d know that he’s a bit of a bastard. He’s lazy with the little things, holding doors, listening, but when it comes to words and feelings and emotions, he can pretend quite well, and will compliment any girl on anything. He’s got no self-control, you see, and he doesn’t care enough to develop an addiction to anything, so Peter would be best described as a casual drug-user, and will have unprotected-sex with pretty much anyone with a vagina. But since he doesn’t care, he usually gets swept away with the moment, and will adapt to whatever the situation demands. His musical skills are about average, but when it comes to lyrics and words, that’s where Peter really shines, he can make anything sound beautiful. But he really does hate his family, and Esperance itself as an extension of that, and he feels that one day he’s just gonna get up and walk away. He’s apathetic, this boy, but that’s part of his charm, because he doesn’t worry about anything, not others or himself.

History: Peter was born in Esperance, and has lived his entire meaningless life there, with his father and older sister. Just last year, his father died, and so the Devereaux were left to fend for themselves, precisely because Peter’s older sister was twenty already, and they had no other relatives that would be willing or able to take them in. The house had already been paid for, so they simply just kept living there, taking on the family business of flower-selling, just steady as she goes. But Peter’s sister was what polite society would call… a slut. There’s always moaning in the house, which makes it extremely difficult to do anything but just take showers and think. As long as she had a job, whatever that was, he wouldn’t complain. But then, a few days ago, that star fell. He had been out picking up groceries, and he had seen the bright light just start falling, thirty-thousand feet. When he arrived back at the house, along with the groceries, he had a shard of some opaque stone.

Relationships: Open for friends, classmates, acquaintances, and Peter’s sister (who would probably be the easiest character to play).

Other: What do you see? A fish. And what does that fish make you think of? Other fish.

Name: Mary Aldridge

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Faction: Time Traveler

Appearance: If Marilyn Monroe had been a Time Traveler, and maybe an inch shorter, she’d be Mary Aldridge. She’s (Aldridge, not Monroe) got a slight smokiness to her, from her big, platinum blonde hair to the way her uniform seems too snug sometimes. Her eyes are another enigma, one a pretty rose, and the other a cold teal, seemingly too large for her face. Her lips are carefully painted, so that they look like red rosebuds, and her eyelids are painted with blue. Her body isn’t especially voluptuous, but somehow she can make her small frame seem full. Her skin is that exact snowy white that makes snowflakes look dull, completely unblemished except for a small mole under her left eye. Her uniform is usually a tight red and blue jumpsuit, streaked with black, that leaves almost nothing to the imagination (read; nipples), though she’s been known to adopt other outfits based on what the situation calls for. Currently she’s pilfered a small leather jacket, under which she wears a pink and white T-shirt with a peace-symbol on it.

Personality: There are two sides to Miss Mary Aldridge. On one, she’s a bubbly nitwit that couldn’t do anything without making one mistake, and the other, she’s a cunning, calculating Time Traveler, who will do anything to make sure that her mission is fulfilled. Mary Aldridge, at best can be called glamorous, and at worst an empty headed fool that gets by only on her looks. She’s sweet though, and polite, but that won’t stop her from doing and doing away with anything that gets in her way. I guess she has too much control over her emotions to actually have a set personality, and so she can be anything she wants to be: a seductress, a foolhardy officer of the Time Brigade, a naïve little daddy’s girl, a cold hearted rogue from the future, even a mother. She can slip from any side to any other, so she could probably best be described as sly. It’s not really clear which is her real personality, though sometimes one part of her slips into the other.

History: Mary Aldridge was born into the screaming spoon of luxury. Everything she could ever want: cars, servants, even an entire wing of a mansion that was essentially hers. The Aldridge family had all been valued members of the international community, due to having given considerable sums to the government. So, there was never any reason for any member of the Aldridge clan to enter the military, least not the Time Brigade. Ho hum. At the age of seventeen, Ms. Mary Aldridge was enrolled in the academy, and, though her skills were nothing to sniff at, she was safely kept out of harm the field. That was a mistake though. She could do it. She could do it better than anyone! There was a slight disturbance, one day, something that shouldn’t have happened. By the time her superior officers realized it, Miss Mary Aldridge was already well and gone to Esperance.

Relationships: Open.

Other: Do not expect too much of the end of the world.

Name: Colonel James Prophet

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Faction: Government

Appearance: James looks a bit young for his age, and uses this to all his advantages. His long dark hair has red highlights, though he botched the dye, so it ended up dying the entire thing, so now his hair is a red shade of black. He has a square chin, and always seems to have a frown on his face. His shit-brown eyes are always happy though, a thin veil beneath which is assumed knowledge. He has a dark beard, a smallish, wispy one, that only touches parts of chin. He’s pretty well-built for his age, though he’s a tad short too. His figure is commanding, and his voice expects you to jump at every hard consonant. He wears a combination of bad suits and bad ties, navy blues and avocadoes, and one time even orange. Currently he’s taken to wearing a mahogany hat, like one of those old detectives in the movies, and a long sand-colored coat. His shirts are all a plain identical white, even when he’s undercover as a civilian. His tie is a vomity combination of red and orange. Oh, and his shoes are probably brown too. Mr. Prophet loves his shit-clothes…

Personality: He thinks he knows everything, as if God himself talks directly to him, and he uses morals and religion to justify about everything he does. He works in blacks and whites, right and wrong, there is no gray area. A man murders his wife. Give him the chair. His wife was about to kill their only child. Give him the chair. He treats women like second-class citizens, and will avoid them in non-sexual matters if he can help it. Another thing the Prophet prefers to avoid is violence, except when it comes to others instead of himself, and then he’s all for it. He thinks he’s fair and balanced, but he’s stubborn, and stupid too. He considers every man to be the maker of his own fate, and so won’t help anyone that can help themselves, and he thinks that everyone can help themselves, going so far as making it harder on them if he can. He has absolutely no idea what’s going on outside of that little bubble of this, and so is considered quite unbalanced, and maybe even mad. He speaks with a southern drawl, though it’s buried under years of living in New York. Anyone he doesn’t consider morally right, he considers the ally of the Devil. Another thing about Mr. Prophet – he’s an alcoholic.

History: James was a boy, sown and reaped in Texas, born to a rich, conservative family. His father was pretty ambitious politically, so James was free to do pretty much anything he wanted. Early on he became addicted to drugs, and an alcoholic, though by now his drug abuse was kicked for image, and he’s hidden his love for whiskey quite well. His father’s connections even allowed him to skip out on the war, choosing instead to stay at home and go to school, with simply an honorary title. The expensive college he was sent to really didn’t help his intellectual abilities, and this was just a time when he hit the bottle even harder. Another thing that happened during his years at college was his new-found faith. After college he actually did become a cadet in the army, but only because he had even more power there than he had at school, and because there wasn’t a war even in distant sights. When this new fangled holy war got started, he thought he would be done in for sure, and he was on the list to be next sent into the field. It was only a week ago that he got the word that a star had fallen, and he had been chosen on his discreet abilities to go investigate, somewhere close by, a little town called Esperance.

Relationships: Open.

Other: The prince of darkness is a gentleman.

I know I've said it before, but this time I actually do have a set plot and plan. Just create some characters, and I'll send you all the details, depending on who you are. With that said, let the war machines keep turning.

21st January 2007, 02:09 AM
Name: Eridot (pronounce Eridoe)
Age: In his race’s years, he’s around his mid twenties.
Gender: Male
Faction: Alien
Appearance: He’s tall, about 2 meters tall with a thin, almost lanky build. His entire body is covered, not a single bit of skin, hair or anything his shown. His entire body except for his face is covered by a black, rubbery body suit. His face is covered with a white mask with a long, thin nose and large black eyes.

Over his suit, he where a suit made from some strange alien alloy. While the areas around his lower torso, arms and large are a silver color. The areas around his chest, shoulders, elbows, knees, feet and crotch area are a pinkish purple. On his hands are golden, claw like gauntlets and on his back are mechanical wings, allowing flight. Also, he managed to acquire a dark green hooded sweater jeans and sneakers, for when he goes under cover amongst the humans.
Personality: He has a bit of an uppity, ‘I’m superior than you’ attitude. He’s sly, cunning and overall a grand tactician, he also tends to get annoyed by the stupidity displayed in others. He gets slightly confused by human culture and regards them as inferior than others, although there is a select few for whom he shows respect for. While he pretends to have no interest in humans, he secretly finds himself attracted to their women, for as the universal rule says, aliens love earth women.
History: On his own planet, he’s a bit of a war hero and a highly respected member of the armed forces. He’s fought in a number of conflicts and as a result, he’s now reached the alien equivalent to a commander. However, these victories of his have gone to his head and as a result he’s become a bit boastful and developed a bit of a superiority complex. Recently, he was sent on a solo mission to the planet Earth. However, upon entering the atmosphere, his ship was struck and damaged by a falling object, causing his ship to crash a few miles outside of a small town.
Relationships: None at the moment.
Other: I was winning wars and conquering civilizations, while you were still in short pants!

If you want me to change anything in his history, just tell me.

21st January 2007, 04:39 PM
aliens, time travellers, and espers, huh? hmmmmmmmmm......

22nd January 2007, 02:43 PM
Wow, i just hafta sign up to this!

Name: Irma Canning

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Faction: Esperance Child

Appearance: Irma is around 5'5", with an average shaped, yet quite generously curved, body. She has wavy brown hair that flows to just past her shoulders and a side fringe to the right of her head, which often falls into her right eye. Her eyes are a shimmering hazel colour, but are sometimes covered by a rather petite pair of glasses that Irma only wears when looking at things far away, working in class or watching the horizon (a rather peculiar habit of hers). Irma’s skin is as white as snow, but she adores being pale so doesn’t waste anytime tanning. Her facial features are delicate and soft, with a gentle, welcoming smile. Irma usually just wears a pair of jeans, or a black skirt, and any random top, most of which have an interesting saying printed on them, but dresses up more when she’s out with her friends. She is strangely fond of vibrantly coloured tights and amusing socks.

Personality: Irma is rather reclusive. She has no lack in confidence to be outgoing, but prefers to stick with the people she knows. Fully attached to her close friends, Irma has no concern whatsoever for aging mother. Irma often dreams of a better, more exciting life and is drawn to books for the excitement that the characters bring. Certain that there is more to the world than what she sees, Irma spends every day working for an elderly neighbour so she can save up enough money to travel the world. Irma is much more interested in the “what”s of the world than the “why”’ and pays very little interest in the technicalities and science of the world – she embraces what there is, rather than questioning it. The rather simple view of the world could explain her deep love for photography, and why she adores nothing more to be in peace with her camera. A budding photographer, Irma sees the beauty in everything and everyone, but is not at all naïve. She knows there is always a darker side and believes that everyone has the potential in them to kill. Although Irma is relatively optimistic, deep inside she is scared that the simple, beautiful world she sees and knows is there, will one day lie in ruins – as a curse placed upon the greed of the human soul. Inside she knows that humans will destroy themselves, so takes everyday as it comes and lives it to its most. Irma is opinionated and stubborn, but always accepts that others are different and have different views.

History: Irma has always led a very basic and simple life, carried out in the very plain Esperance. Originally born in England to an English father (1/2 Scottish) and an American mother, Irma developed a perfect English accent, although she was taken from England aged only 4 when her father was shot dead. The rest of her life was lived out just in Esperance with her mother, who remarried when Irma was seven to a particularly unkind. When her mother’s second husband realised that she was still in love with Irma’s father, he left, after just three months. Irma’s mother never recovered from her two heartbreaks and went for the drink. From the age of eight, Irma has been fending for herself, though she was always quite content to do so. Other than that, Irma has had a rather typical past, and enrolled at Esperance School when she was expected. Since she was eight, nothing in her life had really changed. That is, not until the night that the star fell. Irma had been stood in the local park, taking pictures on her camera when she saw the sky consumed by an intense light. As her camera continued to snap away, Irma watched the star fall, having seen nothing like it before.

Later that night, as she was packing away her camera equipment, she found a shaving of some strange substance in her jeans pocket.

Relationships: Open. I guess, considering the age, she would be a classmate of Peter.

Other: ‘You never know, the end of the world might be the best thing to ever happen to us.’

Ok, now im gonna read everyone else's sign up, cause i always forget to with these, lol.

Tyler and Hobbes
22nd January 2007, 07:37 PM
Mystic - When I just browsed through it, I wasn't quite sure, but I've read it over again, more slowly, and I'm pretty certain that it's gonna work. I had specified to make it look human (I should have been more clear and said exactly human), but for this once I'll make an exception. All other aliens must be earth human looking, k? Welcome on board.

Matikul - Um... O_o; I'm sure I don't know what you mean... honestly, I hadn't even been thinking about that at the time... ho hum, at least it's only time travelers and aliens, standards of any science-fuckery. But yeah, I should finish reading Haruhi sometime...

Mascara - Yes, that's pretty much exactly what I wanted. Absolutely great subtle amount of quirkiness, so, erm... yeah O_o I really wish I had more to say, except that her and Peter would probably, at least recognize each other. Thanks though, you're in.

So we've got an Alien, a Time Traveler, two Esperance Children, and a Government Official...

28th January 2007, 05:47 AM
Ehm...can I reserve? My spacebar is clogged, and I have to punch it to get a space.
Oh, and alien reserve. Once I get my spacebar fixed, I'll type it up and post it.
Really nice idea, BTW.

Tyler and Hobbes
29th January 2007, 05:48 PM
Umm... thanks. Yeah, spacebars can do that, that sort of thing (has absolutely no knowledge at all of computers aside from how to appease them). But yeah, just post it when you're ready.