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Crystal Tears
21st January 2007, 10:22 PM
A long time ago, this world was beautiful.

The desert seemed to stretch for miles, but even so, the riders of the large, yellow birds called Chocobos pressed on. The armour on their bodies acting like ovens: roasting them alive. One man suddenly fell upon the soft sand, his armour unmoving; while his bright green eyes turned a dull, dead-grey color. Some stopped, holding a clenched, armoured fist to their chest while bowing their heads. Others just kept moving, not wanting to be the next to fall prey to the harsh sun.

The waters in the rivers were crystal clear, and fish were abundant.

The riders inched closer to their destination, crossing over a deep gash in the sand; a gash that used to run with life. Now, all it contained was a thick black substance which drained the life of all who crossed it. The bridge wobbled, threatening to collapse. One bird lost its balance, crying in with its rider as they tumbled into the dark liquid, their bodies rotting away before their comrades’ eyes before being swallowed by the darkness.

People said the planet died; the life force which flows through us all abandoned the earth, leaving all on its surface to die.

The leader of the riders held up her hand. Her long hair moved lightly in the wind and her Chocobo fell silent, lowering its head in fear of something before them.

The ground shook as it approached; a monster, with a long, snake-like head clad in bone-mail armour and bull horns that curved around its head. Its body was slender and moved like a serpent, with black feathered wings sprouting from the shoulders of sharp clawed feet.

“Attack!” She cried, pulling out her sword and pointing it forward. Her Chocobo suddenly moved, launching itself forward in a brave fashion for its rider. The sword slices into the creature’s skin, but does little.

Her men follow suit, charging bravely. Some get killed by melee attacks; others manage to survive, using their weapons to cut into the scaly skin of the serpent.

Replacing the life force; would be a demon. So powerful, that even when someone would defeat it, it would summon itself back; causing endless years of destruction.

All around her, men died. Their screams of agony piercing into her mind like a hot knife through butter. Leaping from her Chocobo, her body slammed to the ground. The captain watched, helpless, as her own bird is snapped up into the jaws of the creature and then swallowed whole.
Her legs suddenly began to work again. Pushing herself off the ground, she stood back, next to the few men left beside her, weapons at the ready.

There were some who, gifted with a connection with the soul of the earth, could call upon its help to defeat any creature.

Light, a brilliant light with a golden aura spawned from the Captain’s heart, moving like water, ribbons of turquoise energy crawled across the ground, forming what looked like veins. Wrapping themselves around the massive beast, the army watched as it dissipated, its own darkness consuming its physical body before fading away.

It is with their help that life will be brought back to the planet; it is their sacrifice that will bring to an end the chaotic reign of the master demon.


Grammar Freak Approved By:

Weasel Overlord


Fai D. Flowright

Well come to my new Final Fantasy RPG. It has been a while since I did one, and I thank Kirsten for telling me to make one, and not being overly picky on the details (Seriously, her only instructions was to make one, and not to a specific version either). In case you are wondering, everyone who joins this RPG will be one of the Heroes that must save the world. There are, in fact, 47 different species in the Final Fantasy Realm; so to make my life easier, I have chosen only four which you can be. If you really want to be a different race (or any other questions) please PM me. Asking on this topic will only cause clutter.


Guado: A race that usually dwells deep inside an ancient forest, they are secretive for the most part and tend to keep to themselves when war is around. Are very knowledgeable about the Life Stream and love to boast to others (when the opportunity arises) about how they are the ultimate race.
Picture Of Guado (http://images.google.ca/url?q=http://www.ffcompendium.com/art/10-guado-a.jpg&usg=___RvMWp7oJHNtJYQ1aXil3Ld9c54=)
1. Fynaer Guado ~ Weasel Overlord[SUMMONER CLASS]

Hume: Hume is a term for Human, they are the race that dominants this world, and when their beloved earth perishes, they will probably be the last to go. They tend to jump to conclusions and love to start wars and abuse the planet.
Picture Not Needed (if you don’t know what a human looks like, go look in a mirror…)
1. Reserved for River [WARRIOR CLASS]
2. Oren ~Samchu
3. Reserved for Mystic_Clown [THIEF CLASS]

Ronso: Preferring to live in the coldest regions, Ronso are very suspicious of outsiders and their ways. They believe in the Spirit of the tallest mountain in the land; honouring and protecting it at all costs. When an ancient war broke out across the world, Ronso were nearly annihilated because they refused to give up Mt.Er’rai. They now live in solitude on the mountain, though a few have left the mountain.
Picture of Ronso (http://idata.over-blog.com/0/24/42/74/final-fantasy-x/kimahri2.jpg)

Cetra: A race very similar to Humes. The difference being that the Cetra can call upon the soul of the earth to aid them in battle. Because of this link, many fiends were sent by the Master Demon to attack the Cetra, trying to sever whatever connection the race’s have to the earth. The only physical difference between the Cetra and the Hume is that the Cetra’s eyes are always light blue with a turquoise outer and inner ring. [Limited Amount of Space]
1. Suzuka ~ Crystal Tears
2. Dergan ~ Blademaster
3. Reserved for Shadow Djinn


Warrior: The fighter brand of the group, these people specialize in combat and only use magic when necessary. Because of their efficient skill from sword play to firearms, Warriors are allowed a secondary weapon.

Black Mage: A class blessed with a bond to the darker side of the Planet, Black Mages can use the offensive spells. Their link with the Life Stream has granted them an extra slot in magic usage.

White Mage: A class who follow in the belief of the Cetra, though not able to fully manipulate the Life Stream, they can heal the most potent of poisons, and the most gruesome of wounds. Their link with the Life Stream has granted them an extra slot in magic usage.

Summoner: A class long forgotten, these people are bordering on being Cetra. Almost fully connected with the planet, they can summon a beast to help them in battle. The summon bonds itself with the Summoner, turning them into a fearsome creature. [Limited Amount of Space]
Note: I will not allow A Cetra to be a Summoner.

Thief: A class known for being gifted in the arts of deception and stealth. They usually wield smaller weapons, or silenced firearms. Because of their class, they’re choice of magic widens for Haste.


Spell Description (http://www.freewebs.com/silver62/spells.htm)

Magic Code…
* - Black
+ - White
^ - Arcane

Basic Spells: Fire*, Thunder*, Water*, Blizzard*, Dark^, Blindna+, Poisona+, Cure+, Blind^
Moderate Spells: Haste+, Slow^, Darka^, Fira*, Watera*, Thundara*, Blizzara*, Cura+, Stona+, Aero*, Life+, Shell+, Protect+, Poison^, Confuse^
Advanced Spells: Hastega+, Slowga^, Darkaga^, Firaga*, Wateraga*, Thundaga*, Blizzaga*, Curaga+, Esuna+, Stop^, Berserk^, Break^, Reflect+, Bio^, Blindaga^, Insanity^
Higher Spells: Aeroga*, Gravity^, Holy+, Flare*, Full Life+, Ultima^

Name: A very wide-range here, just remember; nothing too normal, but nothing way out there.
Age: 15-35
Gender: Male / Female
Species: Guado, Hume, Cetra, Ronso
Physical Appearance:
Weapon: [Final Fantasy has anything from Guns to Swords, take your pick. Nothing over the top]
Secondary Weapon: [Only for Warriors]
Class: Warrior, Black Mage, White Mage, thief, Summoner [Limited Amount of Space]
Magic: Basic Spells Only Please. You may have up to two spells. Thieves have widen MagicRange
Slot 1– [Open for Any Class]
Slot 2- [Open for any Class]
Slot 3- [Open Black Mage and White Mage Only]
Union: [Only for Cetra] One Spell that requires the Life Stream, spell is powerful, can heal, defend, or attack. Cannot be a summon.
Aeon: [Summoner Class Only] A creature bound to an element; powerful, but cannot be used in heavy repetition.
Name of Aeon-
Element- Fire, Water, Thunder, Blizzard, Arcane, White
Spells- [Aeons may have up two Basic Spells, and one Moderate]
Limit Break / Overdrive- A devastating attack that is rarely used. [Describe Aeon’s Limit Break here]

Name: Suzuka
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Cetra
Physical Appearance: Has long black hair that ends in vibrant red highlights, the hair itself is extremely long and perfectly straight. It’s usually tied up in a ponytail that manages to come down to her buttocks. She has a graceful, agile, and beautiful body while she stands at 5’8’’and she has moderately long fingers nails. Her skin is lightly tanned, and despite her roaming in the desert, it refuses to tan anymore.All around, she is quite attractive, and is some sorry that her figure attracts so much unwanted attention.
Clothing: Clinging tightly to her skin is a black, rather thick tank top that has a silver zipper always half way undone. On her forearms are black-leather arm warmers that are plated with reflective black armour squares lined with faint silver. The tank top gets cut short and exposes everything below her last rib. Her pants are black-leather like her arm warmers and are loose; having zippers run up the outside side of her legs but never are actually undone, also has straps on the back of her pants that form a ‘X’ (Bondage Straps woot). Tied around her hips is a black cape that comes down to her ankles. Her hair is tied up with a black ribbon, and around her eyes is black cloth.
Personality: Suzuka is rather polite in most cases, if she talks. She tends to stay silent and watch from afar, this isn’t because she anti-social, but because she doesn’t know what exactly to say. She mostly has a quiet but cheery disposition that makes her someone everyone wants to be around, just because she’ll listen, and won’t interrupt. Advice isn’t really her specialty, but some say she has a heart of gold that she hides because it’s been to many times. She isn’t one to take threats lightly though, and she’ll reveal a darker, crueller side to her that has made her efficient at her job as a Mercenary.
Weapon: Great Sword: It’s Obsidian black with a crimson hilt. It’s about five feet long and hangs on Suzuka’s back.
Secondary Weapon: N/A
Class: Black Mage
Slot 1– Fire
Slot 2- Blizzard
Slot 3- Cure
Union: TBR
Aeon: N/A
History: Though her past is much of a secret, it is known that Suzuka’s mother was the famous Captain you vanquished the demon with it first appeared. Because of this though, Suzuka is reluctant to speak of her name, in fear of gathering attention.
Other: As a small silver trinket on a silver chain; the trinket itself as from one to twenty inscribed on the inner circle in roman numerals.

Perfect Chaos
21st January 2007, 10:49 PM
Oh wow, an FFRPG after a LONG LONG time. I guess I might as well make my re-entrance back into RPG through this. I'd like to reserve a sign-up. I'll see if I can post one up by tommorrow

21st January 2007, 11:51 PM
Hmm, cool. Could I reserve a human theif please? I'm a bit confused by their use of magic though. Could you explain it to me?

22nd January 2007, 04:30 AM
Can I reserve a Hume Warrior? Sign-up will come tonight.

Crystal Tears
22nd January 2007, 07:43 AM
Weasel Overlord, I didn't change your status (Being reserved) on the main post because your sign up is incomplete, just so you know. Everyone else has been account for, Perfect Chaos, didn't know where to reserve you, so you're mentally noted.
Mystic_Clown, all that Thief's magic sense means is that instead of only having the basic spells to choose from, you can pick Haste spell(A moderate) spell if you want to. No extra slots or anything though.

Weasel Overlord
22nd January 2007, 04:42 PM
Deleted old sign-up, so nyer. *is in a strange mood tonight* There will be a picture appearing at some point ^_^

Name: Fynaer | Pronunciation: [fy-nare] (stressed first syllable)
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Species: Guado
Physical Appearance: Fynaer is tall, as Guado are. He stands at around 6’5”, and his fingers and arms have the usual elongated appearance of the Guado. Fy’s features are unusually delicate; his nose is small, but in proportion, as are his ears and eyes. Fy’s eyes are very interesting, actually. They are oval and beautiful with sweeping black lashes which hide one startlingly green eye (the left) and one so dark it is almost black (the right). He can see perfectly from the black eye, but the green one is almost totally blind; all Fynaer can see out of it are shapes and slight blurs of colour.
Fynaer’s hair is as black as his right eye, and it sweeps down his back in long, tangling curls which he does not comb. His hair reaches to about halfway down his back, and he has a shortish fringe, cut straight across which still manages to be as straggly and curly as the rest of his hair.
His eyebrows are as dark as his hair; slender and well-shaped, with a sarcastic arch to them which matches Fynaer’s often biting nature perfectly, and in his left ear he wears a single silver hoop earring, wrapped with a slender wire off which a small green and white bead hangs.
All over Fy’s hands are thin scars in a complex network tracing across his fingers and palms. These are mostly covered by his shirt-cuffs, but a single one reaches up his left “ring” finger, right up the middle, all the way to his fingernail. This particular scar thickens as it passes over the knuckle, and then tapers off at the fingernail.
Fynaer’s complexion is pale; almost what you’d describe as an “English rose”, (lol) apart from the fact that he’s a Guado, and so has a green tinge to it. It’s a dark green, almost foresty in colour, and across his cheeks and forehead are sort-of-veins-things… They are almost scars, but really dark grey in colour, almost black in the right light, and they branch off into little, um…branches that reach up to his ears.
Clothing: Fynaer wears a black shirt, tight-fitting with long sleeves (they come down around his hands) and large, turned over cuffs. The shirt has a shining silvery-white trim, stitched around the edge where the hems are. (i.e.: the hems ^_~) The cuffs reach down to his knuckles, leaving only the…ends (for want of a better word) of his fingers showing. (the two end bones, basically) His shirt has a collar, as shirts often do, and it only has buttons up to the breastbone, leaving a nice v of pale, unmarred flesh showing.
Preferring simpler clothes, Fynaer wears a pair of linen pants, close-fitting to the waist but looser as they go down; the bottom of each leg manages to cover his feet, upon which he wears a pair of hardy leather boots, dyed a dark green. His pants are, once more, black, but this time they have embroidered green patterns all across the right leg. The stitching is green also.
Personality: Fy’s aloof, much of the time, safe in the knowledge that he is, in fact, da bomb. As well as being teh sex. He’s prideful, as most Guado are, and he has a tendency to keep himself to himself. Which is not to say that he doesn’t value the company of a select few. Which is to say, a very select few. Namely, those who can stand his aloofness for more than ten minutes at a time. Since he’s an Arcane spellcaster primarily, some people might find it odd that he’s the Summoner of a White Aeon, but Fynaer simply could not care less. He’s well practised in ignoring the negative opinions of others, and his bond with Naer makes up for everything.
Fynaer is calm and cool and collected, even in the heat of battle. He fights with a complete detachment, the only sign on any emotion is when he summons Naer, and for a brief moment, a look of pure joy and contentment can be seen flashing across his face before being replaced with his usual sarcastic twitch of the mouth.
He doesn’t often laugh, and certainly doesn’t ever giggle; but Fynaer appreciates a good joke as much as the next person, and if you see his mouth quirking at a corner then you know that you’ve amused him in some way. Which isn’t always a good thing, as Fy is vengeful to a fault. If someone’s wounded him in some way, whether only with words or with a weapon, he will endeavour to get them back; with a cutting remark, a raise of the eyebrow and a sardonic smile, or with a swift jab in the eye. He fast with his wand is Fynaer. Oh yes.
Weapon: Fynaer carries a simple wand as his weapon. It’s made of ebony, and is exactly twenty inches long, and half an inch in thickness. It has a carved handle inlaid with jade which is about an inch in thickness. (the handle, not the jade, hehe) When he’s not using magic, or calling Naer, Fy uses the wand to jab at enemies. It proves very handy for poking fiends in the eye. ^_^
Class: Summoner
Magic: Dark, Blind
History:Dagnabbit *kicks history*Well fine.Fynaer was rejected by his mother for choosing the path of the Summoner. She had very elaborate plans for him to be an Assassin which involved Fynaer taking maaaany boring years learning the trade of Assassins and then…well…assassinating people. He got bored about halfway through his education, and buggered the hell right off out of there; taking with him a disdain for normal weapons (HENCE THE SISSY WAND, HAHAHAA) and his knowledge of Arcane magic. Once he’d started upon the path of the Summoner and gained his Aeon, all his bitterness about wasted years faded away with the infusion of Naer’s Light into his personality.
Even though his Aeon is Light, Fy stuck with his Arcane magic, leading to Naer being influenced by it slightly.
Other: VV FTW!! Ahem… I mean… *slaps VV in the faces of the RPG’ers then runs*
And so what if Fynaer is like Vetinari… -_- I happen to like Vetinari…

Name of Aeon: Naer | Pronunciation: [Nare]
Element: White
Description: Naer resembles a pure white wolf in appearance. He is rangy and tall, standing at about one hundred and thirty centimetres, and he’s quite well-muscled, but it’s the sort of wiry muscle you can hardly see, tense beneath the surface. His teeth are gleaming white and viciously pointed, and Naer’s eyes are pitch black, just like his Summoner’s.
About his neck Naer sports a rather fetching grey mane, similar to a lions, in fact, only it doesn’t go down between his front paws. It’s a sort of stormy grey in colour, and streaked with dark, foresty green. The mane thing is kinda like the scruff on a dog, you know, where the fur’s thicker at the back of the neck, only it’s much longer hair. Around his neck (and ruff, lol) Naer wears a thick metal collar-type thingy. It’s about three inches across, and one inch thick metal; pure silver with hoops of metal pinched through it at regular intervals. Off each hoop hangs a tiny silver bell which tinkles musically, and a sea green bead.
Through his right ear, Naer has an earring almost identical to Fy’s. It’s a pure silver hoop, only bigger than the one Fy wears, and it has a green and white bead dangling from a wire, exactly like Fy’s does.
Spells: Cure, Blindna, Darka
Overdrive: Blinding Light – Naer combines its huge curative powers into one, curing blast of light that envelops the entire party, as well as the enemy. This light heals and takes away blind status for the party. However, the light is so bright that it causes Blind status on each enemy, as well as confusion. Well, wouldn’t you be confused if a really bright light suddenly flashed in your face?!

22nd January 2007, 05:12 PM
Um... OK...


Name: Dergan
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Cetra
Physical Appearance: Dergan is a pretty scrawny guy, a good 65 inches tall and weighing only 124 pounds. He has bright, vibrant eyes and a pale complexion; he is rather gaunt, as though he is malnourished, and his thick blonde hair looks like he cut it himself. On his left shoulder he has a birthmark shaped like a crescent moon.
Clothing: Dergan wears a baggy sky-blue T-shirt with the sleeves cut off, and VERY baggy black pants with a trio of metal straps around each leg. He wears a brown belt pulled to its tightest - it's the only way to keep his pants up. Around his left bicep is a white strap with red stains on it, and on either of his wrists is a thin black band with white studs all around it.
Personality: Dergan is a coward. A scaredy-cat. A pansy. He is in a near-constant state of fear, shaking and stuttering almost constantly. Only when he's alone does his anxiety seem to disappear - being around other people makes him horribly nervous, such to the point that usually, people don't want to bother with him.
Weapon: Dergan is unarmed; he carries an intricate metal staff with a red gem seated at the top, which could be considered his weapon. What the staff is or why he has it is unknown - all he knows of it is that it was left with him on the night he was left on the old couple's doorstep.
Secondary Weapon: N/A
Class: White Mage
Slot 1 - Cure
Slot 2 - Blindna
Slot 3 - Poisona
Union: Purity Blitzkrieg - When Dergan's life is in jeopardy, or his emotions become critical, a sphere of white light surrounds him and then bursts outward as a series of baseball-sized light balls. The lights can vaporize evil creatures, purify non-evil creatures tainted by evil, and blow much of anything else to pieces. The attack is immensely powerful, but it is also hard to use properly, since Dargen is typically too terrified to really aim it properly...
Aeon: N/A
History: Dargen was, basically, a 'doorbell baby,' left laying in a basket on an elderly couple's front step. But, unlike on TV, the elderly couple didn't take him in - they instead put him up for adoption. He remained in an orphanage for 6 years, where he was bullied and picked on for his small size and timid personality, until finally the orphanage was shut down. The remaining orphans had nowhere to go, until a strange man adopted them all. Dargen was adopted along with 34 others, but as time wore on, Dargen realized something odd - namely, some of the other orphans seemed to vanish without a trace. Whenever the orphans' whereabouts came up, the old man replied that they'd been adopted.
He was lying, naturally - one day, Dargen and a few other orphans ventured down into the man's basement, eventually stumbling upon a secret room - a room littered by child-sized bones and inhabited by a very unfriendly Queen Coeurl. In a B-movie-like fashion, the Queen attacked, killing several of the orphans and later the man himself before the survivors burned down the house and scattered.
Ever since then, Dergan has lived on the street; he's never gotten over the ordeal with the old man and the Coeurl, or the sight of 9 people mutilted and devoured before his eyes, which accounts for his severe paranoia. He doesn't show signs of recovering anytime soon, which is ironic considering the strange new powers he's recently become aware he possesses...
Other: "Screw the other - I have money!" X3

Um... Just out of curiosity, Weas... Does anyone actually READ all that? :ninja:

Shadow Djinn
22nd January 2007, 06:17 PM
Popping in for a quick moment to request a Cetra reservation please. I should have it up soon I think -- yay for holidays from finals! >_>;

22nd January 2007, 06:54 PM
Name: Oren
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Hume
Physical Appearance: Oren stands at 5'9" in height. His build is vaguely defined - he has muscles but is not considered muscular - and therefore his weightlifting abilities are limited. However, having a slightly smaller physique allows him to be faster than most others his size and this is what he uses to his advantage during battles. He has very short brown hair. One eye is blue-green and because of an accident when he was young the other is a dark, clouded red with no pupil.
Clothing: He wears a baggy open-collared shirt that reveals some of his chest, baggy black pants and a pair of brown light-weight boots. He also wears a silver chain around his neck but no pendant - no one knows why exactly.
Personality: Oren is a very complex person. On the outside he always appears very calm and composed but he often has a lot of conflicting thoughts and emotions raging inside of him. He is very loyal but only to people who prove to him that they can be trusted. When it comes to Oren you get one chance to earn that trust, from then on you’re going to have to pull something big to earn his respect. He’ll be friendly with anyone who wants him to but tends to reveal very little about himself. His training with weaponry has developed a dark, emotionless persona and it is a part of him that keeps so many of his emotions locked away. They’re not unreachable though…
Weapon: A very light-weight blade with a curved, crimson-red blade. The hilt is gold-coloured and surrounded by black coils. It is only 3 feet in length but there is no questioning the sharpness of its edges.
Secondary Weapon: Long bow. He carries it with a quiver of arrows on his back. It is made of light but durable wood and is curved at the ends.
Class: Warrior
Magic: None
History: Oren grew up on his family’s Chocobo Ranch and learnt all he needed to know during his time there. When he was 8 years old a fire broke out in the ranch, panicking the chocobos. He ran with his father to help out but was trampled in the face for his troubles. The attack destroyed blood vessels in his eye (thus then unusual appearance) but the rest of the damage healed naturally. When he left home he found a job in another ranch – as he knew nothing else – and has been working there ever since. Despite this, he has a hidden fear of chocobos – a result of the attack. He doesn’t know how to ride one nor does he own one of his own. His free time is spent instead on perfecting his skills with sword and bow, to protect the ranch from fiend attacks.
Other: none

Crystal Tears
22nd January 2007, 07:23 PM
Hmmm… Posts……

Shadow Djinn you’re reserved, congratulations!

Weasel Overlord, Blademaster and Samchu, you are all approved, welcome to the RPG. And thanx for joining! ^_~

Oh, and I forgot to mention this before...


22nd January 2007, 08:33 PM
Name: Zaszie
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Hume
Physical Appearance: He stands at about 6'0'' in hight with a lean, yet well toned build and a dark tan. He has a number of faint, light brown tattoos over his upper arms and torso, perhaps to act as camoflauge. His face is hidden by his mask and has wild, shoulder leangth white hair.
Clothing: He wears a pale indigo sweat shirt with a dull green leather vest over its. On his forearms and arm warmers of a dull color and brown gloves on his hands. He wears a pair of pale brown shorts which reach just below his knees and are tucked into his metal shinguards. His feet are wrapped in badages but otherwise he's barefoot. His face is covered by a gas mask he never seems to take off.
Personality: This is one cocky dude. He's overconfident in his abilities and is quick with a wise crack and an insult. Despite acting like a jerk to everyone, he has a good sense of loyalty, as well as a keen eye for valuable items. Steal the valuable stuff and leave the worthless junk, less stuff you have to carry. Despite his cockiness, he does know when to fight and when to flee, flee being leading his opponents into a crafty trap. He takes pride in his work and hates being compared with average thieves. He sees theft as an art form, one that when perfected makes you capable of getting hold of everything.
Weapon: A Katar. The handles are earthy colours and the blades are a brilliant chrome, perfect for reflecting light and blinding people.
Secondary Weapon: N/A
Class: Thief
Slot 1– Haste
Slot 2- Blind
Slot 3- N/A
Union: N/A
Aeon: N/A
History: Zaszie was born into a roving band of desert thieves. These guys used camoflauge, traps and gorilla tactics to accomplish their missions. While his birth did keep his mother from stealing for a while, it allowed Zaszie to adapt to the harsh conditions of the desert and wasteland. He joined the group on missions when he was at the right age (14), and since then his skills have been on the rise. He salvaged the gas mask he wears from a caravan they robbed and he began wearing it to hide his face from the authorities. Now however, he wears it at all times, causing rumours to arise from the newr members of the group. At the moment, while Zazie's not the leader of the group, he's a well respected member, especially among the newer members.

EDIT: ok, it's done

Pichu Luver
22nd January 2007, 08:48 PM
Name: Kyun (Keye-yun)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Hume
Physical Appearance: He stands right on six feet, but he is usually walking with a hunch, so when he stands up straight people are surprised. He has a medium build and very tanned. He is well toned for all the travelling he does and the years he spent with the army. He's not burly but you can definitely tell he's spent the greater portion of his life fighting. His face is round and none of the features really stand out except for his ears. Not that they are over large, but actually rather small compared to the rest of his face.
His left eye is a saddle brown but the right is turquoise with flecks of light blue. On his right eyelid is a swirling tattoo that is turquoise and light blue. It extends onto his face just a bit (right by his eye) as a small curl. His hair and eyebrows are a dirty blond colour but the top of his hair is very light. His hair is just long enough to put behind his ears, but it constantly gets free and falls into his face.
On his back is another tattoo, this one looks like a pyrefly (a tennis ball shape with a long tail) but its tail is really long. The ball is high on his right shoulder and it the tail curves down and over to the left, a sharp turn to the right and down. It finishes with a small curl to the left and takes up his entire back. It is not solid but made up of broken lines, small tendrils snake off it and flecks also follow the shape of it. It is also turquoise and blue like his eyelid.
Clothing: Typically in a navy blue t-shirt, black vest and dark grey cargo pants. The t-shirt is just a little tight and has the saying, "I missed my train ride" stitch on in white. The vest has many pockets, and silver trappings. The pants are just a little long causing the back of the hems to be ripped off because he has stepped on them for a long time. He also has a dark brown leather trench coat, with a hood. It is very beat up and looks like it has seen him through thick and thin. It is not patched or ripped but has many, many scratches in the leather (assumedly from many close calls).
His boots are a dark brown and he always, always has a pair of dark brown sunglasses on. Finally he has a necklace made of a piece of ripped leather with the tip of a Chocobo claw on it. All his weapons are kept on his back.
Personality: One pissed off dude. He has one huge chunk missing out of his shoulder and a giant grudge took its place. He keeps everyone he can at arms length and if they try to come closer he roughly shoves them back. Amazingly he is not rude, but politely tells them to bug off. Kind of like, "No I don't want to have a drink. Thank you, goodbye." He has seen a lot so is not usually fazed by what happens around him. Just lets it slide past, and if he can help it, isn't one to get involved.
Inside his rough prickly exterior is a nice man. He can be seen terrifying kids cause he'll hand over food to children that don't have any. His appearance usually makes all but the bravest run away though. He'll listen for hours to people when it suits him, and can usually leave them feeling better, no matter the circumstances they find themselves in. It's a rare occurrence when he lets people natter on though.
Around kids it's like a different person comes to inhabit him. He smiles, laughs and will hug and comfort any kid until they stop crying. It's often quite a shock to the people who thought they knew him. In certain towns, he is well known to the children. He is their solver of problems and protector for however long he is there. Once they trust him, he is often followed by at least a couple for the duration of his stay. For any adult, its the best time to get answers out of him, as he is usually in a much more amiable mood.
He may be a rough grumbly sort of person, but he isn't one to say, 'we can't do this'. He doesn't care the odds; he'll keep trying to do whatever he's set his mind on getting done.
He is often lost in thought, and may not get back into a conversation for a bit for thinking on something. He is often alone because he pushes people away but if you can catch him when he doesn't realize your watching he looks very, very sad.
Weapon: Two long knives. The steel has a light blue tinge and there is a design engraved into it. The right one is of a pyre-fly, the circular part is near the hilt and the tail waves and curls to the tip. The left one has what looks to be a ripple of water, a drop just hitting it. The indented bits are turquoise.
Secondary Weapon: A sniper rifle, that he has modified to hold many, many bullets. The gun is a dark blue with little flecks of white.
Class: Warrior
Slot 1– Cure
Slot 2- Water
History: Kyun remembers when the last of the life force left, his brother was in a battle that day and died. His Chocobo was shot out from under him and the soldiers said he had held on for a long time before finally passing on. His mother wouldn't tell him then, but he was alive for so long because the Chocobo was basically holding him together. He has been shot as well but the way they fell, the Chocobo landed on him and held him together. There couldn't get someone with Cure because they didn't know he was still alive until much too late to do anything.
He was told when he was 15 and the few months later he ran away from home and joined the army. He swore he would avenge his brother. He was too young, but managed to smuggle himself in. He was there until he was 23; fighting everything he was told to, never questioning his orders. Then he left and stared traveling around, making himself well known to the kids. Something happened to him in the army just before he left that caused the chip and grudge, but he never talks about it. He also seems to have a deep loathing for Chocobo's; he says it is because of what happened to his brother.
Oh his great grandmother was Cetra, which gave him his eye.
Other: His voice is quite deep and rough.

Shadow Djinn
24th January 2007, 12:59 AM
Name: Luneth Oberos
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Cetra
Physical Appearance: Luneth, contrary to his personality, looks very well born and distinguished. Having a very lean and muscled frame, he has long, pale white hair that drops to his shoulders, occasionally tied up in a ponytail. His eyes bear the trademark of the Cetras, having light blue eyes. A scar runs along his left ‘ribcage area’. He stands at roughly 6’2, and looks rather imposing. His skin is moderately tanned, though not enough to increase his imposing aura. His hands are bony and long, and a tattoo decorates his right shoulder – a swirling black dragon.
Clothing: His right shoulder is obscured by a leather shoulder pad, with the strap running diagonally across his chest to his left hip. A black robe that closes slight below the neckline in a v-shape accompanies his drab wardrobe, trailing down to his legs. The edges are tattered, and the sleeves run down past his wrists slightly, with white lines acting as the borders. His left hand has a leather black fingerless glove, while his right bears a brown glove that, while also fingerless, extends to cover half of his middle and index finger, though the latter appendage is slightly less covered. Unlike most robes, his is rather tight and has a mantle that starts at the waist, the inside a dark red while the outside remains a pitch black, trailing behind him. The robe from the waist down is much free-er, it splits outward once it htis the waist with a second layer beneath it, allowing the wearer free movement. The shoulders and arms of the robe are also very roomy, so it doesn't slow down the wearer in battle. A silver pendant adorns his neck, and a sword sheath is tied to his waist. Woolen socks and plain oriental sandals serve as his footwear.
Personality: Calm and reserved, Luneth is one of the laid back individuals that seem to have small worries. However, under the outer layer remains a fiery anger that he keeps in check. Witty and tolerant of most abuse, he is able to hide most emotions if he wants to, often looking content. All though he’s usually carefree and makes constant jokes, he can be serious when the time calls for it, and oddly stiffens when the topic of war is brought up. At such times, if it’s used to taunt him in any way, his anger is released and he’ll often attempt to kill the said offender. Otherwise, he is rather hypocritical in that he considers himself chivalrous (and often is), but also has low integrity and morals, willing to sink to stealing if he has to. He’s willing to take risks and always seems uncaring of the consequences – no matter what they are, undaunted by any ill matters unless he considers them really serious. He has an odd ability to accept his fate no matter how sad it is, making him a rather cheering fellow to have along. His sense of justice is formidable, and he dislikes those who bully others who have done nothing to deserve it. His sense of attunement with nature is rather shaky, not something you would expect from a Cetra. He has trouble calling on the earth to aid him unless using his sword.
Weapon: A plain nondescript katana, the blade is of lackluster silver. The hilt is wrapped in black cloth with red ‘diamonds’, with a green streak going along the middle of the blade to symbolize that Earth Magic has blessed it. The sword itself was forged by Cetrans, and thus possesses a bond not unlike Luneth’s to the earth.
Secondary Weapon: Though not really a ‘secondary weapon’, more of another form, Luneth can call upon his katana (named Raigetsu) and unleash its ‘true’ form. Doing so requires a powerful bond with his sword, and thus when he is clouded by emotions he is unable to do so. Unfortunately he still knows little of his sword – using the command words, “ Crackle, Raigetsu!” the blade becomes a pitch-black katana that matches his wardrobe, with a square cross guard of identical color. The blade is very hard, and can slice through flesh with ease, and while it’s harder to cleave through armor, it has the ability to do so. The hilt is black with red diamonds, and a chain dangles from said hilt. This form is accomplished by his (shaky) bond with the earth, though it is incredibly taxing, both mentally and physically. At the moment he can’t do anything special with Raigetsu, aside from his union. This form is called ‘unsealed form’. Luneth also labeled the unsealed Raigetsu ‘Shuurai Raigetsu.’
Class: Warrior
Slot 1– Dark
Slot 2- Thunder

Union: Void Lightning: Calling upon the power of the lifestream, Luneth passes his hand over the blade of Raigetsu (this can only be used when it is in ‘unsealed form). As his hand passes over the weapon the metal becomes pure, azure energy, crackling wildly. With the command, “ Slice, Raigetsu!”, Luneth swings the blade downward, splitting the earth with a powerful wave of electric energy, shooting forward at a breakneck speed with the ability to cut through almost anything. When Raigetsu reverts back to normal, it is incredibly vulnerable – one clean strike can snap the blade in two.
History: Luneth never knew his parents. As far as his memory went, he’d been raised by an elderly, kind Cetra, named Lucian, who was a friend of his parents. Believing in peace no matter what, he seemed to know the truth of what happened to Luneth’s parents (though he ignorantly believed the tale that they had fallen ill and died), though said nothing for a long time. Residing in one of the bigger cities, Lucian made his living as a blacksmith – despite his age; he was rather skilled, using his bond with the earth to make quality swords. Though Luneth was unaware, demons chased both him and Lucian. After an exhausting day when Luneth was 12, he woke up to find demons standing over Lucian’s bloody body, who was clutching a sword in his hands. Realizing he was dying, Lucian quickly told Luneth what had happened to his parents – they had died in a fight against a raiding party of demons. He also hastily told him to flee his house, confessing that the Cetra were often killed by demons that hunted them. Instead of obeying the dying man, Luneth took the sword (which was Raigetsu), from Lucian’s hands, and slew the two demons that had barged into their home. He gained his tattoo upon attaining Raigetsu -- his right shoulder began to burn up the second he lay hands on the hilt, though it went away momentarily, and became the small black dragon tattoo he now has today. Realizing he had nowhere to go, Luneth took a job as a City Guard, though he was still incredibly inexperienced with Raigetsu. Eventually he was assimilated into the Royal Army of the Humes (he was assumed to be one and didn't bother saying otherwise), participating in the last battle of the Demon War. Evidently he was saved from fighting -- his Chocobo bucked and threw him off, breaking his collar bone. The lines passed over him and he was retrieved later on, presumed to be dead. However, he woke with a painful jolt a day or so after, finding himself in the royal city of the Hume civilzation. Despite his injuries, he took off with Raigetsu. Unfortunately, the blade had been drawn when he fell, and the weapon had been trampled several times, and the blade had snapped in half. Scowling, Luneth cursed the earth and the lifestream, ready to cast away his beliefs. His hand touched the flat of the sword, and it became Shuurai Raigetsu, drawing on both his connection and its own. Evidently surprised, Luneth was shocked to see the blade had been reconnected once more. He returned to his hometown, retaking his place as a City Guard. Particularly on the watch for demons, he found several small ones attacking a staff-wielding boy one night on patrol. He immediately came to the boy's aid, promptly slewing the demons. However, one of the brawnier ones had managed a gash on his ribs, creating the scar he now has today. Thinking he'd have to take the boy back to the hospital to treat his wounds (he was unconcious), he was pleasantly surprised when he stirred and calmly healed the cuts that the demons had inflicted upon him. Learning his name (Dergan), Luneth eventually befriended the White Mage. A year later, he went on a whim and resigned his position as a guard, taking up the position of Dergan's bodyguard.
Other: Though Luneth is skilled with Raigetsu; he is hopeless with any other weapon. (random fact, yay!)

Raigetsu was a really random idea I got from overdoses of Bleach. If it sounds overpowered in any way, I aplogize -- the way I intended it to be is that Luneth is hardly able to pull off Shuurai Raigetsu at all, let alone Union. With that said, it can be inferred that he has really no clue what to do with his sword and only pulls off said transformation when he's actually serious. (which is hardly)

EDIT: Altering some things to accomodate my answered questions. Thankies CT.

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Name: Fjls Woodwarder (Fee-you-lis, Fyulis)
Age: 30-ish. Probably around 90 in Hume years.
Gender: Male
Species: Viera *thank you CT*
Physical Appearance: Very scribbly and rough sketch (http://i1.tinypic.com/3zuneon.gif); below is the textual version.
Has, oddly for a Viera (who are usually silver- or white-haired), red hair, shortish and raggedly cut. Fjls is 5'11" (without ears) and 6'8" (with ears). His ears are more rabbit-like (shorter, obvious taper) than the female Viera's, and covered in silvery cream fur. His skin is a golden-toned coffee colour, and he is, as occasion decrees, leanly muscled. Notable features of his anatomy include his extremely elongated fingers and feet, the fingernails and toes so curved they appear to be claws. Has a pair of completely normal eyes which are brownish-red in colour; they are nondescript enough that he often appears to be looking at something when he is in fact looking in the opposite direction. Strangely enough for a member of the Vieran race, his facial features and indeed general movements are coarse and devoid of grace.
Clothing: Moving from the head down! Fjls wears the visor part of a helmet he originally owned when he was a Woodwarder; following his self-induced exile, he modified it so that he could comfortably wear just the visor functioning as, collectively, sunshade, headband and forehead protection. Thus, his eyes are constantly in shadow; that's just how he likes it. On his left forearm there's an armguard; on the right bandages in place of the armguard. There are a few necklaces of Viera manufacture around his, um, neck. He does walk around barechested (I don't know how he *doesn't* catch a cold in wintry conditions, ask the Viera how they do it in their teeny-tiny almost-bikinis), but at least he wears pants. These pants are baggy, a drab blue in colour, and gathered below the knees. They are held up by an old leather belt, to which is also attached a (for lack of better word) protective. (look at the picture.. you'll know what I mean) On his feet he wears heels that are at least 3 inches high, not by choice but because Vieran feet were not meant to survive without the support of high heels.
Personality: Fjls is not a trusting creature by nature - he's a stranger in a strange world, and thinks that it's better to be suspicious of things that he doesn't know, just so he knows what to expect in a worst-case scenario. He's a snarky kind of character, but from the the looks of it sometimes he himself is not aware that he's being sarcastic and disbelieving; it's an automatic reaction. He is unashamedly racist (even against his own) and is easily provoked, though it really depends on the person. In the heat of battle, and in places where the Lifestream is concentrated, there's a chance he might go berserk, as all Viera do. He almost always feels sorry for it later. Does not like women (see History) and children, by extension dislikes the entire population of the world including himself. To say 'bitter' is an understatement. He's still fairly new to the world outside the wood, and it shows, quite tellingly, sometimes; though his past connections with the Spirit and the Viera’s wood allow him to sense things others wouldn’t usually know.
He believes in the Truth, in all its grisly glory. He won't bend the truth to suit his mind; he'll bend his mind to suit the truth. Thinks in straight lines.
Is able to laugh and smile, usually at himself, because he simply can't believe he's stupid enough to do what he's going to do in the next five seconds.
Weapon: A plain, chromed polearm that can be described as a sort of halberd, although instead of an axe-like cutting edge, it retains the leaf shape of the spearhead. The spearhead is a dark polished mythril, and larger than a regular spearhead; there are wicked grooves cut into the sides of the spearhead where razor-sharp obsidian shards have been set to allow the weapon to slash to maximum effect.
Secondary Weapon: A handheld repeating crossbow, not new, but kept in reasonably good condition by Fjls; it can be said that he dotes on his crossbow, as it's his favourite weapon. However, since the spear is more practical, he generally reserves his crossbow for times when a spear alone just won't do. Probably similar to a modified pistol crossbow (http://www.reekiesgrasmere.co.uk/trolleyed/images/products/bow1233.jpg).
Class: Warrior, although I think he's more of a 'dragoon'. Or a Knight from FF3.. HAHA can cast white magic, just low magic points -_-
Slot 1 - Blindna
Slot 2 - Poisona
Union: N/A
Aeon: N/A
History: The Viera, race of lagomorphs, even more reclusive than the Ronso and on par on esoteric knowledge with the Guado, live, as the Guado live, in an ancient wood, roughly south of the Ronso stronghold Mt. Er'rai. They have civil diplomatic ties with the Ronso, who like them are privy to a bestial nature and worship of the Spirit, and they shun all other contact. They care for nothing as long as their wood and the Spirit are not in grave danger. Few that enter their wood, Tyrfing, come out unmazed, and even fewer hold true claims that they have actually seen a Viera.
With the Viera they say that the Spirit is in everything, in an ages-old rock, in the unfurling of leaves in springtime, in the ripple of water clear over river-beds. This is possibly a corruption of the concept of the Life Stream, the name of which was originally coined by the Guado and adopted by the Cetra, who have always lived in tune with it. The Viera are headed by an Elder, who has definitive say in any issue raised in the village. Woodwarders guard the wood from monsters and intruders; Salve-makers are in essence Viera doctors.
The Viera population is largely female, owing to a matriarchal hierarchy and the fact that natural selection tends to favour the females in their race; female Viera are all taller, swifter, more adept with magic, and closer to the Spirit than are the very few males, who rarely show themselves and are most likely kept for breeding purposes only. The sole redeeming quality a male Viera has over his female counterpart is brute strength. Male Viera are watched and guarded oppressively by the females, although Fjls became a Woodwarder because their Elder at the time had a rather odd sense of humour.
This decision of the Elder was not looked favourably upon; as a collective whole the Woodwarders made it their business to make Fjls' life miserable without seeming to, as only females can. As a result Fjls made his decision to leave Tyrfing Wood, the better to explore the outside world, hitherto unseen by the vast majority of Viera; he also gained a deep and abiding suspicion of all females, in addition to his equally deep and abiding suspicion of all races other than Viera. It should be noted that his hair has turned red not because he dyed it, but because he ate a Deadly Nightshade whose fruit had not yet grown to maturity. (It was eat or die, in that case - he was at that point traveling in the middle of nowhere, and his supplies had run out.)
The only person he treats with a modicum of true respect is his (ex) Elder, Mune. All other Viera treat him as outcast.
Also, his sense of the Spirit in things is slowly dulling, in keeping with the 'curse' that Viera who wander out of the wood are visited with.
Other: I have noticed how the viera have those apparently utterly unpronounceable names (Ktjn? KRJS?! WTF?!); as such, I present Fjls. ^^;; Also, Woodwarder is not so much a surname as an ex-job-description. Feel free to mock his stilettos. Mwoahahahaha.

EDITs: Rogue Tomato ---> Deadly Nightshade (forgot Rogue Tomato was the *mark*'s name), added significantly more text to Physical Appearance and Clothing.
EDITs 2: Removed unintended double entendre

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