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10th February 2007, 10:17 PM
The Hidden Curse

In the land of Konoha, every year new students graduate from the Ninja Academy to become Genin. These Genin all have their own unique goals- to become a Jounin, to bring pride to their family, to protect Konoha or even to become Hokage. However, within such a basic goal are many trials and tests, not only specifically from missions but from every pocket of life. To become a Ninja, one must not only be prepared for battle upon the mission or a war, but even from places that we originally thought were safe…

[ You are a Konoha ninja, or at least… have recently graduated as a Ninja from Hidden Leaf Village. All your hard work (or perhaps… natural talent) has paid off, and finally you awake the next day to realize that you are officially one of the revered Ninja. Of course, you may or may not know that your life from this moment onward will be filled with many hard duties and tasks… staring with the very first day.
You are due to meet back at your old graduate classroom, where you will be assigned your official team and then finally able to go off on missions to work your way up the ranks to fulfill your goal. And little do you know… this is just a large step into a soon-to-be leap into a demanding world where you’ll be forced down paths that you may not be ready to take...

Alright, I’ve once again been hooked by the addiction that is Naruto. This RPG will be unlike my last idea, and instead it will follow the Naruto anime’s basic plotline. (Mission taking, Chuunin Exam) and it will include original Naruto characters as well. With that in mind, I ask that if you sign up you be at least somewhat familiar with the anime… and feel free to brush yourself up on Naruto-related fandoms by going to a good website. (I recommend Wikipedia for an easy source.)

In this RPG, your main character will be one that you have made up. Feel free to get as creative as you want… but within reason. I reserve the right to deny and accept anyone that I chose, as the creator. Not only am I allowing people to create their own character, but you may also play a pre-existing Naruto character. The only prerequisites is that you must have a made-up character before you are allowed to play an already made one. Also, make sure you have a GOOD understand of the Naruto character… (stay in character! Of course there is a little give and take in this area… but I don’t want to see Gaara loving everyone and giving them huggles… unless he’s on drugs. And even then…)

Obviously since we’ll be having made-up characters, the RPG will stray from everything that occurs in the anime. However, things like Oochimaru and Itachi still exist… I just might not use them as huge source plots in the exact time that the anime does. The first part of this RPG will be to get to know your fellow characters, your abilities and the Naruto Universe.

Another thing: Jutsus. You guys can summarize what your character is working to specializing is or what they use… but you are not allowed to use any uber-powerful Jutsus unless I grant them to you. I might, from time to time, PM you and grant you a Jutsu. If you have a specific Jutsu you want to work towards your character getting, then PM me and I will keep it in mind for you. I just don’t want some Genin knowing the Chidori or something right off the bat… and I’m sure you understand. I trust everyone won’t try to be uber powerful, so I won’t go into too much detail here unless it becomes a problem later on.

Oh! And a fun thing… make sure to have character relations. It helps… and it is fun to see people already have pre-existing rivalries and/or such things like that. While the beginning of this RPG will have us “getting to know each other” (Chiyoko: YAY!)… it is fun to have some bg to work with.

I’m repeating myself, but the start of this RPG will be a day after you graduate from the Academy. That means right off the bat we’ll be getting team assignments… and I’ll be randomly drawing those once everyone is signed up.

Any other questions? I’m making a topic in the RPG LOUNGE so post them there and they will be answered. Also, discussion and what-nots can take place there. ^_^ (It also might be noted, that I’m a character whore and I had to add in one character from… well, based off my other character from Shikou. ^^;;)

OOOhhhh! One more thing. Made-up characters may only be Genin, unless I’ve given special permission. If you wish to acquire special permission for a certain character… PM me. Also, the only playable Naruto characters are the obvious ones… like, as in not Itachi or Oorochimaru. I also made Kakashi, Naruto, Gaara and Sasuke unplayable… but if you really want to play them, let me know via PM or in the lounge topic.
I will reserve characters too.


- Kakashi
- Naruto
- Sasuke
- Gaara

- Rock Lee
- Neji


Age: (Approx, should be between 10 – 17)
Appearance: ( Every Ninja has a black head band with a silver plate upon it with the symbol of your village etched in it. (this symbol is found in the village guide link I provided). Make sure to include how your character wears this, because it doesn’t have to be on your head.)
History: (I like details. ^_^ )
Main Jutsu: ( What’s your main Jutsu form? Genjutsu (Illusion Techniques), Ninjutsu (Ninja techniques), or Taijutsu (Body techniques.) You can choose to be well-balanced, but then you wouldn’t have the extreme abilities of any specific Jutsu.
Special Abilities: (Every Ninja has a ‘main’ attack ability or special ability. This can be anywhere from a special attack they have perfected (Such as Shadow Replication Technique, which allows you to create replications of yourself) or a special technique passed on by your family’s bloodline etc… get creative here. Look over the website for helpful hints and such if you need advice or simply ask me.)
Hobbies: (What do you like to do?)
Relations: (You can know other characters if you’d like, even if they’re from other villages.)
Other: (Anything else you’d like to say here such as your character’s goals, weaknesses etc…)


Now for miiine!

Name: Kakashi, Yukiso
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Appearance: Yukiso strangely… well, until you look at his history, looks just like Kakashi. However, his hair is not a silvery grey but his is completely black, with a slightly reddish tint to it in the sunlight. Yukiso however does not have the Sharingan like Kakashi, so he wears his protector on his forehead, but usually the metal part is to the right side. [For an image of what Kakashi looks like for reference, click here (http://narutosasukeanime.tripod.com/images/Kakashi.jpg). ]
Personality: Yukiso is pretty laid back and generally has a good sense of humor. However, when dealing with training issues or missions he seems to do a complete 180. He becomes extremely serious and very cold to a point. Often when around Kakashi, he seems to like to try to push Kakashi’s buttons and the two are almost comical at times. Yukiso also seems to have a dangerously curious nature and loves learning, and often will halt anything for the opportunity to learn something new.
History: Yukiso was born into the Kakashi family, two years after Hatake Kakashi. Mirroring his brother, Yukiso was a very talented student and extremely smart. While his talents seemed to not be as quite up to part as Hatake’s, his wit and intelligence seemed far beyond (when comparing their academy life). Yukiso also became a Jounin at age 13, like his brother. However, as soon as the war ended… Yukiso went off to do training in other villages to hone his skills and learn advanced knowledge.
Growing up, Yukiso and Hatake had a great rivalry… mostly from Hatake, who did not like the idea of his younger brother surpassing him. This only grew when Hatake gained the Sharingan, in which Yukiso worked extra hard to learn advanced techniques to rival the powerful ability of the Sharingan. They seem to have glimpses of this rivalry from time to time, however it is not as nearly prominent as it used to be.
Today, Yukiso has come back from his travels to become a sensei for new Genin. No one seems to know this yet… (his arrival will be a surprise to anyone, for no one knows Hatake has a brother except for some Jounin and such.) Yukiso is a Jounin, like Hatake.

Main Jutsu: Genjutsu – he’s renown for his impressive Genjutsu techniques, because they’re very unique compared to normal Genjutsu. <mwhahahaa…>
Special Abilities: Time Illusion: Passing Days – [ A Genjutsu that is extremely hard to detect, but has the ability to trick the victim for a long amount of time into believing an illusion. A day could pass in their realty, when really only an hour has passed or the reverse etc… ]
Hobbies: Yukiso likes to read books, like Hatake. However, he is found reading ridiculously hard text books… like the Theorems of Calculus etc. He also loves to “pop” in on people randomly, usually by surprise. He is very much a people person.
Relations: Brother of Hatake Kakashi. (Any other relations or acquaintances is accepted! Future relations… (like if anyone wants to look up to my Yukiso… aww… that’s fine too!))
Other: Yukiso rocks. That is all.

Name: Okami, Chiyoko
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Appearance: Chiyoko!! ( http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs15/f/2007/022/a/9/Chiyoko_Okami_by_kalandy44.png)
Personality: Chiyoko is very cheerful and welcoming of others, and some how finds a way to be endearing despite her occasional ditzy moments. She often goes out of her way to help others or to even say “hi” and often tries to make as many friends as possible. While she doesn’t avoid conflict, she is not fond of it. However, if threatened by something while she is near someone she cares about… she’ll turn incredibly stubborn and fiercely loyal.
History: Chiyoko’s true origins and past are pretty sketchy, even to herself. She cannot remember anything beyond the age of 7. She was raised in the Hidden Cloud Village, where everyone showered her with affection and she was raised as a whole by the village. She was told by the leader that her parents were killed during the Hyuga Clan conflict by accident. Nothing else was ever spoken to her about her family or her family line. However, Chiyoko trusted the words of the village and grew up happy and optimistic of people.
Chiyoko seemed to have a natural talent and ambition however, and excelled at school. However, about a half year ago the village told Chiyoko that she would be better suited to graduate from the Konoha village’s academy. Thus, they sent her to Konoha and to the fellow students at the Academy, she is very new. Has has only been in Konoha for six months, but easily passed and is excited about being a Konoha Ninja. She hopes that at some point she can return to the Hidden Cloud village to be a Ninja for her beloved town as well.

Main Jutsu: Ninjutsu, however later on in the RPG she’ll be interested in perhaps learning some Genjutsu.
Special Abilities: Her special ability is not apparent yet, but as the RPG progresses she’ll learn she has a natural ability for Ice-based Jutsus. Currently however, she uses a water-blast technique and body freezing technique, neither she's great at.
Hobbies: Chiyoko likes exploring and cooking in her spare time. She often will be searching for ingredients in the forest for her latest “cooking” experiment, which nearly always turn out to be hits.
Relations: [ None yet, again… if you’d like some, let me know! No family relations please.]
Other: Dogs love Chiyoko and she has no idea why.

10th February 2007, 11:50 PM
May I reserve a spot please? Oh, and is it ok if my character knows yours?

So, for our special ability, does it have to be an existing jutsu, or can we make it up?

11th February 2007, 12:13 AM
I'll allow anyone to make it up, if I pre-approve it. PM me for any special abilities..

11th February 2007, 12:21 AM
Name: Hyuga, Raizen
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Appearance: As a member of the Hyuga clan Raizen has the characteristic lavender, pupiless eyes. He has spiky brown hair that extends into a Hyuga style ponytail in the back. Raizen will normally be found wearing a light green t-shirt and beige shorts. Unlike most Hyuga members, Raizen does not wear his Konoha headband on his forehead, but on the sleeve of his left arm. This leaves the cursed seal of the side branch open on his forehead. Also Raizen has bandages up to his knees. He trains in high speed combat and works his legs quite a bit, not to mention the bandages just plain look cool.
Personality: Raizen is a pretty laid back guy. He has his ambitions to hold up the honor of his family and become a powerful ninja, but unlike Naruto or some others, he doesn’t feel the need to express this to the world. Some might think Raizen is shy, but that is just because they do not know him. He is just a person that rarely speaks unless you have really gotten to know him, or he has something important to say. He usually seems quite serious, but like I said, once you get to know him, Raizen will open up and joke around.
History: Raizen has lived in Konoha all his life but has traveled outside a few times, and knows his way around the world. The main aspect of Raizen’s history is his Hyuga lineage. When he was four Raizen was given the side branch’s cursed seal. This is a mark on the forehead that when activated by any main branch Hyuga member, will literally destroy brain cells. If activated for a long enough period of time the seal will cause more than just pain, but also permanent brain damage and eventual death. The curse also seals the secrets of the Byakugan in case a Hyuga member ever falls in battle. Because of this side/main branch turmoil; Raizen has a strong dislike for his main branch family members, and any person born into a place of power, such as a prince. Although he does his duty to the Hyuga clan, partially out of honor for the clan, partially for fear of his brain melting.
Main Jutsu: Raizen is a taijustu specialist, though this does not mean he can’t or doesn’t use ninjutsu or genjutsu. This also means that as described before, Raizen trains his legs, and is faster than most ninja.
Special Ability: The gentle fist. This is a form of taijutsu that involves using his bloodline limit, the Byakugan, to see and attack in various ways the chakra network that runs through every person’s body. This can cause physical damage as well as temporary, but lengthy chakra damage. The byakugan is a pupil condition that only appears in the members of the Hyuga family that gives the user the ability to see through solid objects, see chakra both inside and out of a person’s network, and the ability to see in every direction, that’s right, 360 degree vision, with only a small blind spot, the location of which only Hyuga clan members know, and they aren’t telling. Also with enough training the byakugan’s range of vision can be extended. Eventually Neji Hyuga can detect anything within an 800 meter radius of himself.
Hobbies: If he isn’t on a mission, one can usually find Raizen training with Neji. Though he does have a fondness for tenpin bowling.
Relations: Raizen is Neji Hyuga’s younger brother, making him Hinata’s cousin. Raizen gets along quite well with his brother, and although would never admit it, sees him as both a rival, and someone to be respected for his great skill.
Other: Raizen hates baseball, but loves um…kittens.

Name: Hyuga, Neji
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Appearance: Neji has long brown hair, and the characteristic lavender, pupiless eyes. He wears a beige shirt, and brown shorts. His right arm and leg are both are both covered in bandages.
Personality: Neji isn’t exactly a nice person. He believes that destiny is fixed and no amount of hard work can change that. He graduated first in his academy class and is widely recognized as a genius.
History: Neji has a history very similar to Raizen’s, as they are brothers. A darker aspect of their past is the fact that Neji and Raizen’s father was sacrificed in place of his twin brother, the leader of the Hyuga clan. This is the main reason why Raizen and Neji despise the main branch.
Main Jutsu: Neji specializes in taijutsu.
Special Ability: The byakugan. This gives him increased insight and the ability to see through solid objects, see chakra in all its forms, and see in almost 360 degrees.
Hobbies: Neji doesn’t have any hobbies, he trains, a lot.
Relations: He is already teammates with Rock Lee and Tenten under Gai sensei. Raizen is his younger brother, and Hinata his cousin.
Other: Neji is awesome, and he will kick your ass.

11th February 2007, 12:23 AM

Perfect Chaos
11th February 2007, 01:44 AM
lol, I too got into a Naruto addiction. Currently on the Sasuke Retrieval (I know, I know, I'm WAY WAY behind). Anyways, I'd like to reserve a spot, but I won't be able to post a sign-up until Wednesday, as I got a big exam on Tuesday to prep for :sweat:


11th February 2007, 03:01 AM
Name: Retsun Selekis.
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Appearance: with a dangerously thin build and a pale complexion, Selekis has chin length, white hair with blue highlights which is considered less than neat and covers in left eye. His eyes are blood red, leading people to mistakenly believe he has the Shaningan ability. His sharp eyes stand out on his otherwise smooth, beautiful face. This combination of sharpness and beauty leads to a lot of people staring at his face (a characteristic Selekis doesn’t like).

He wears a black, sleeveless shirt with a white jacket over it, hiding his thin form. He also wears a pair of black jeans and shoes. He wears his Konoha headband around his neck, like a choker.
Personality: Distant and pretty much anti-social. He prefers to be alone, why is pretty much a mystery, although it must have something to do with how he was brought up. Selekis can be considered a brilliant tactician, preferring to stay out of battle and plan. The most noticeable part of his personality is his refusal to speak. He never says a word, instead communicating via writing it down on a piece of paper. This have lead people to believe he’s mute, although this hasn’t been proved.
History: He was found at the age of five wandering around the outskirts of the Konoha Village. However, when approached, a nightmarish beast would appear, frightening the approaching parties away. The beast was really an illusion unconsciously conjured up by Selekis. The Hokage was the one to realize it was all an illusion and brought the boy into the village. He was adopted by the Retsun family, who were still a bit wary about him and his Nightmare Beast. Selekis interpreted this as mistrust and had shut himself off from everyone else, not saying a word and using his illusion to frighten people away.

He entered the Konoha academy and has been studying there for a year now, successfully keeping himself isolated. However, lately, he met a girl whom caught his interest. Okami Chiyoko. Much to Selekis’ amazement, his illusion didn’t seem to affect the happy girl. While he does not consider himself her friend, he continues to keep an eye on her.
Main Jutsu: Genjutsu
Special Abilities:
Nightmare Beast
The user conjures up the image of a terrifying demon, capable of instilling at least a small amount of fear within the victim. The beast however is not real and hence cannot hurt the victim, merely scare them.
Hobbies: Selekis prefers to simply read and once in a while can also be seen drawing, though what he draws he wont reveal.
Relations: Although he does not consider himself her ‘friend’, he seems to show an interest in Chiyoko, whom is immune to his illusions and hence the only person who willingly talks to him.
Other: Ever since he was first seen, no one has ever heard Selekis’ voice, not even the Hokage.

Prof. Jb Wolf
11th February 2007, 05:39 AM
Name: Inuzuka Hige
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Appearance: Like any Inuzuka worth his name, Hige has a wild almost feral look to him. Somewhat stocky, he's larger around than most of his clan due to both a case of genetics and a love of food. Hair is light brown in color that falls just past his chin in messy locks. His eyes are a dark golden-brown though in times of stress or extreme emotion, his pupils narrow into animalistic slits. His hitai-ate headband is worn around his left bicep, but before he goes into battle, he place it around his head in a bandanna style. This leaves dark shadows around his eyes that make him seem all the more fierce. Having graduated, he's also earned the right to wear the Inuzuka Clan markings, the double red fangs, just beneath his eyes. Usually wears a red shirt beneath a black hooded-jacket that's half-way zipped up, navy blue cargo pants, and sandaru. Instead of wearing a kunai/scroll pack on his left leg like most nin, he instead had his pants modified so that both pockets on each side can serve as such. A crescent moon mixed with the Konoha Leafmark is stitched on the back of his jacket in white and green. He wears a dog collar that matches the one to his own dog, Ginmaru, though its a fang that dangles from it rather than a bone.

Personality: A wild, hot-blooded individual, Hige is often the first to a battle and the loudest. He puts a lot of energy into anything and everything he does, whether its training, cooking, or even walking Ginmaru. Despite being a bit reckless, he realizes that a ninja can't face every situation with yelling and fists. He knows that during a mission, a ninja needs to be able to rely on his teammate and will reign in his impulses. An affable and loyal person, Hige is a stalwart guy who will defend his village and his friends with a ferocity few can match.

History: Born and raised in Konohagakure, his father was heavily injured by Kyuubi during its attack. Though he recovered, he was deemed unfit to be a ninja any longer. So while he was raised by his father and mother (one of the non-ninja inhabitants of Konoha), he was trained by his Aunt Tsume. A natural, he and his partner Ginmaru have been together since he was old enough to crawl. He is one of the youngest members of the clan to take the Rite of Passage, where he and Ginmaru spent half a week within the outskirts of the Forest of Death. Upon completion he was presented with his father's dagger, carved from the fang of one of the First Inuzuka's dogs. He carries this with him wherever he goes. Nowadays he spends his days wandering Konhagakure and its outlying forests or frequent Ichiraku Ramen.

Main Jutsu: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu - Well versed in his family's techniques, Hige is also a capable fighter on his own whether armed or unarmed.
Special Abilities -Jujin no Jutsu (Man Beast Techniques) The ancestral art of the Inuzuka Clan, passed down from generation to generation. Techniques include

Shikyaku no Jutsu (Four Legged Technique) A supplementary technique, it forms the basis for the rest. By tapping into his chakra and the more primal nature of his body, Hige is given a boost in strength and speed while his nails lengthen into claws. His senses of hearing and smell are also enhanced, though this is as much a liability as an advantage. Often much more feral and wild in this state.

Jujin Bunshin no Jutsu (Man Beast Doppleganger Technique) A transformation technique, it is usually performed by or on Ginmaru. It transforms his canine companion into a physical replica of Hige in while using Shikyaku no Jutsu. The two are prety much indistinguishable from each other while the technique is in place, though if struck Ginmaru returns to his normal form. He must also be in this form in order for the two to unleash Jujin Taijutsu Ougi: Gatsuuga

Tsuuga (Piercing Fang) An offensive technique that both Hige and Ginmaru can pull off on their own. Launching themselves forward at the opponent, they begin to spin rapidly becoming literal whirlwinds of fang and claw. Jujin Taijutsu Ougi: Gatsuuga (Man Beast Ultimate Taijutsu: Double Piercing Fang) is a more powerful version of this technique as Ginmaru and Hige use Tsuuga at the same time, usually crisscrossing in mid-air. While the two have to stop between normal Tsuugas, while using Gatsuugathe two are able to attack continously though it takes a toll on both of their bodies.

Jujin Henge no Jutsu ~ Zangetsu (Man Beast Transformation Technique ~ Moon Cutter) Another transformation technique, this one is unique to Hige himself. Having once read of the ability to transformed a summoned beast into a powerful weapon, Hige immediately latched on to the idea. Using this technique, Ginmaru is transformed into a large metal claw-gauntlet that attaches itself to Hige's right arm. It substantianally increases his strength and speed, but he can only hold it for a minute at most before the two are seperate again. At the beginning he will still be developing this technique and even then he's wary of the reprecussions it might have on Ginmaru's body so is loathed to use it beyond a last resort.

Hobbies: Cooking, Playing catch, 'Walking' Ginmaru
Relations: Hige is the nephew of Tsume Inuzuka, making him Kiba and Hana's cousin. He's on good terms with all three of them, though he and Kiba are the closest having grown up together. Harbors a bit of a crush on Ayame, the owner of Ichiraku Ramen's daughter. Friendly with Chiyoko, mostly because she forages near where he and Ginmaru train.
Other: Hige only has one goal in life - To always have his father proud of him.

Name: Ginmaru
Gender: Male
Appearance: Somewhat of a runt in comparison to his parents, Ginmaru barely comes above Hige's knee when sitting. He gets his name from the silvery-white color of his fur. Resembles a labrador somewhat with his muscular yet lanky build and squarish features. Wears a collar similar to Hige's though his has a paw print charm.
Personality: More laid-back than Hige, Ginmaru enjoys sleeping in the noon sun or having his belly rubbed. That's not to say he isn't energetic, but it comes in strange fits and bursts. He was once nicknamed cannonball for his strength and sheer momentum would often topple others over. He is deathly loyal to his partner and would gladly lay his life down for him.

11th February 2007, 09:43 AM
Name: Yakusha, Inakamo
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Appearance: About 5' 8". Very slim and doesn't look muscular, although he is very flexible. He covers the left-side of his face (right-side if you're looking at him) with a clay mask of a scary, almost evil looking clown. He also paints the area around his right eye black with a white cross. He wears a top with the left sleeve cut off and and the right sleeve long to the wrist. The left side of the top is orange and black vertical stripes, while the left side is black. He has an orange belt and wears his headband over the buckle. He wears black tight-fitting pants and the normal ninja shoes. His hair is worn both up and is black with red and orange streaks.
Personality: He acts somewhat insane and has a habit of tricking, pranking and annoying people. He'll turn up the annoyance on people he especially doesn't like and turn it down on people he wants to be friends with. Most people would think he is a bit of a weirdo but he has a loveable aspect to him - also, people seem to think if they get on the wrong side of him, he might murder them in their sleep. As a ninja though, although he might not act it in battle, he is a serious and dedicated contender, although he tends to annoy or wind his opponent up to get the upper hand.

On a side note, he loves bright lights, music, explosions and generally mayhem. He especially loves carnivals and festivals, hence why he dresses up as a clown.
History: Not much is known about Inakamo. He has not come from one of the main families and was raised by a foster family after his mother died shortly after his birth from natural causes, only saying his full name. His foster father saw he had great ninja potential and contacted one of his friends, a Jonin from the Village Hidden In The Leaves who suggested that Inakamo be enlisted into the Academy. He graduated a few years afterwards.
Main Jutsu: Ninjutsu
Special Abilities: Chakra Strings Jutsu - much like how this is used to control puppets, Inakamo uses Chakra strings to set traps and launch heavy objects at great speed. While he can use Chakra strings on the living, it uses up far more chakra, plus an unsuspecting opponent, or at least an opponent who has far less chakra than him.
Carnival Ball Jutsu - He can summon his favourite toy from a scroll, a large wooden colourful ball. Due to his familiarity with this toy and his practice with it, he can keep a somewhat unlimited and unbreakable control over it using his Chakra Strings, and then launch it at his opponents, usually when they least expect it.
Hobbies: Practice circus tricks, mainly. Also, sneak up on other characters and surprise them.
Relations: Friends with Chiyoko, mainly because she is the only person who doesn't shun him and doesn't mind his pranks (hence he stops pranking her).
Other: Along with his Carnival Ball, he also keeps summoning scrolls for explosives, flash bangs, fireworks and even an anvil.

11th February 2007, 11:15 AM
Everyone is approved!

Chaos - The RPG might start before Wednesday, but you can join in if it has by then.

11th February 2007, 01:27 PM
Name: Kurama Ushi

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: Ushi dresses a bit more colorfully than most other ninja. A multi-layered Jinbei of colors ranging from dark purple to pink is left untucked at the waist, flowing into the loose purple pants he wears. On his feet he wears a simple pair of white tabi and straw sandles. He wears his headband normally, using it to keep his long white hair out of his eyes. His hair hangs down to his waist, its ends a subtle red color, whether natural or dyed is a question he is quite adept at avoiding. On the right side of his waist he wears a white scabbard from which protrudes a sword grip wrapped in white leather and decorated with cherry blossoms. A golden guard rests tightly in the sheathe. On his right side, or more commonly in his hands, is a simple laquered wooden flute.

Personality: Ushi is friendly, talkative, enthusiastic, and seemingly completely oblivious to most problems in the world. His soft, high-pitched voice is almost always unconcerned and frighteningly happy. He has a tendency to ask questions that he already knows the answer to, seeming to take great pleasure in the responses. On a rare occasion one may find him somber, though these moments are passing and always followed with what almost seems like an attempt to be even more upbeat and utterly insane than before

History: Ushi is from the Kurama clan, a clan who’s Village Hidden in the Stars was destroyed years ago. Even the villages location is a mystery, so secretive were they that it took almost a year of inactivity before any of the other villages realized it something was wrong. Reports from the North spoke of it’s disappearance from the world. It was ten years later that Ushi arrived at Konoha, bearing with him the distinctive owl headdress that had marked the Kurama clan for generations, seeming to confirm his identity as one of its heirs. His remarkable skill in Genjutsu also confirmed what he said, the Kurama’s had long been known for their prowess with Genjutsu. Whether he remembers of his clan, although he guesses his age to be 14, he has been alone for as long as he can remember, is unknown, perhaps their secrets are best left buried with their holders.

Main Jutsu: Genjutsu

Special Abilities: Mousetsu-tai no Jutsu (False Reality Technique). Through the use of his Kurama bloodline, Ushi is able to force his own version of reality, manifested through his Genjutsu, into actuality. Using this ability he can perform technique otherwise impossible, such as ignoring gravity enough to allow him to jump to incredible heights. One of his favorite uses of this ability is his Shukuchi attacks in which he reduces the distance between him and his target in such a way that he seems to be moving almost faster than the eye can see. Chakra usage is dependant on the degree to which reality is altered as well as how long the manifested illusion must be maintained. A simple super-jump he might be able to do dozens of but something as complex as Shukuchi or bringing something into existence for a long time is a risky maneuver.

Hobbies: Bothering Raizen, poking fun at Chiyoko, annoying Neji, bugging Selekis, pushing Hige’s buttons, getting in Inakamo’s nerves, often with Yukiso. Playing his flute, chess, going on long walks in the forests surrounding Konoha

Relations: Most people know of him, none are that close to him due to the fact that he has only been in the village for about 2 years. He managed to graduate the academy in such a short time due to the fact that he already knew many of the basic techniques required.

Other: Ushi is…interesting. Why and how he survived his villages destruction is a question that may be worth finding out. Yeah, he's crazy, but talking to yourself THAT much has to have some reason behind it.


Name: Rock Lee

Gender: Male

Age: 13



Personality: Rock Lee is polite, well mannered, and a hopeless romantic. Ready to step in to defend anyone he respects or loves, he will not hesitate to keep fighting until he can no longer move or function. Fanatically hard working, it is his goal in life to prove that hard work can accomplish just as much as pure talent. He never, ever, gives up.

History: From a young age it was obvious that Rock Lee had little talent. Completely inept at Ninjutsu and Genutsu and barely adequate at Taijutsu, is was unlikely that he would ever become a true Ninja. Refusing to give up however, he focused on the one set of abilities he could perform, Taijutsu, and became so skilled with it that he was allowed to graduate the academy despite lacking any other ninja skills to speak of. Under the tutelage of Master Guy with whom he shares an unusually close student/teacher bond with, he has flourished even more. Putting in more hours of work, more days of pain and sweat than any other Genin graduate, he seeks to prove his Ninja way.

Main Jutsu: Taijutsu

Special Abilities: The Eight Gates. By unlocking the eight chakra gates, Rock Lee can increase his speed and strength past any expectations. Along with the releasing of the gates comes the ability to use the Lotus attack. With the first gate release, Rock Lee can use the Secondary or Front Lotus. After three gates have been released he is able to use the Primary or Reverse Lotus. These attacks are brutally powerful though similarly draining. At the start, Rock Lee can open five gates.

Relations: He is teammates with Neji, probably knows Raizen through him, and is one of Master Guy’s students. Since it seems to be a theme, he probably knows Chiyoko too ^_^

Other: His main weakness is that he can’t use any other forms of ninja techniques outside of Taijutsu….of course this just means that his Taijutsu is nigh-unbeatable in a straight up fight. Also, although he is already fast he also constantly wears weights under leg warmers…very heavy weights that can boost his speed even higher when removed.

11th February 2007, 03:05 PM
Wow, my first RP in a while >>; Eheh.

~Name: Kozue Haru
~Gender: Male
~Age: 13

~Appearance: People usually look at Haru and assume that he is much younger than he actually is. This may be because many boys his age have already started going through puberty; it may be because of the soft look to his face. Whatever the case, he is definitely several inches shorter than most of his male classmates, and much smaller of build. The slight paleness to his skin may also attribute to his feeble appearance, contrasted with the tousled black hair that falls to just below the nape of his neck, being slightly longer in the back. His eyes are brown, being the color of sun-baked mud toward the pupils and getting darker towards the edges of the irises. Usually, he is seen garbed in a white short-sleeved shirt with sky-blue collar and sleeve-cuffs. A round green tab adorns each cuff, which can be used to buckle on a pair of matched gloves, which have navy-blue fishnet at the knuckles and fingers, and straps at the top to connect to his shirtsleeves. His pants are olive-green capri-style cargos, leaving a few inches of his calves bare above his standard-issue blue sandals. His ninja band is worn tied around his neck, as it falls down onto his nose when he attempts to wear it on his forehead.

~Personality: Haru is a very timid boy. He prefers to play by himself instead of with his classmates, and tends to get nervous when approached. Because he speaks very little, his voice is very quiet, and he has a slight stutter and sometimes stumbles over his words. His fellow Genin peg him as stupid because of this, which makes it all the more difficult for him to connect with other kids his age. He also tends to get wrapped up in his story-writing, which often lulls him into a state of reverie in which his perception of reality becomes somewhat skewed for several minutes after he puts down his pen.

~Main Jutsu: He specializes in medical Jutsu (which I noticed wasn't on the list Oo), although he also handles Genjutsu fairly well (his special technique being of this variety).

~Special Abilities: Iki ta Monogatari no Jutsu - Living Story Jutsu
This Genjutsu enables him to use his words to create a fairly strong illusion. The person he uses it on will not hear the descriptions he works into the Jutsu, as he whispers, but will gradually see the scenery around him change as though he were a character in a story being told by Haru. (Example: Haru could activate the Jutsu and say something like, "A heavy fog rolled in, obscuring everything beyond a few feet in front of so-and-so," and whoever he was using it on would suddenly see fog all around them.) However, the person will not be able to touch or feel any of these effects (as in the last example, they would not have felt the damp of the fog).

~History: Haru's parents work at the hospital in Konoha, with his mother being a surgeon and his father being a pediatrician. It is through them that he learned much of his medi-nin abilities. Living in a house near the edge of Konoha proper, Haru never made many friends growing up, as he hardly ever left his parents' property. When he finally did start school, he had a tendency to stick to himself, choosing to sit in the grass and dream up fantastical stories instead of running and playing at recess.

~Hobbies: Haru likes to write stories. In classes, he's always seen scrawling away in one of his notebooks. He also enjoys helping his parents in the hospital.

~Relations: Friends with Kukai, who shares his love of stories.

~Other: Haru's a little older than the other kids in his class, despite his younger appearance. His birthday is right after the cut-off date, so he turned 13 before most of his classmates.

11th February 2007, 03:59 PM
Both approved! ^_^ *ish excited*

Roy Karrde
11th February 2007, 04:28 PM
Name: Iokawa, Hiro
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Appearance: His hair is messy black, dipping down to his eyes which are hidden underneath the hair. His skin is soft and a light tan. He is only five foot, two but his body is extremely muscular and hidden beneath a black one-piece jumpsuit. He keeps the head band placed in his messy hair to which it can some times be glimpsed. He carries a long a long yellow pocketed belt around his waist that he uses to carry any ninja related objects needed for missions.
Personality: Although it may not look like it he is extremely friendly to people, and keeps his past and hidden pains a secret. He doesn’t like to talk about his past and will usually lie about it. When asked about why he doesn’t use Chakara he will boast about how he has gotten too strong with Chakara and wanted to try something else out.
History: Originally born in the war torn Sand Village, Hiro only saw death and destruction at the hands of ninjas and chakara. Seeing this and seeing his father and friends killed at the hands of a bloody war, he shut out all connections of chakara within them, scared to even touch or use his own chakara in fear of causing the exact same harm that he had seen brought upon his home. When he was five his mother smuggled him into the Leaf village making a small and meager life inside of the village. Plagued with nightmares of his past Hiro eventually set out to become a ninja but would not use his Chakara no matter what.
Main Jutsu: Taijutsu
Special Abilities: Mighty Fist of Wind – A Taijutsu that uses the fist and arm to strengthen the air around it, compressing and firing the wind at a speed that when hit it feels the same strength as if hit straight on by the fist. This can be used for long range attacks against further away foes.
Hobbies: He builds small sand castles and clay figurines which give away a clue of where he was originally from.
Relations: Open
Other: Does not know how to use his Chakara, because of this is Chakara is very raw and if used can be extremely damaging to both him and his opponent.

Outlaw JT
11th February 2007, 06:03 PM
Name: Onitoge
Gender: male
Age: 12
Appearance: Onitoge is very lean and of average height for his age. His hair is short, spiky and blood red. His eyes are also a piercing crimson color with very thin pupils. He typically wears a sleeveless black training gi and a heavily weighted long black hooded cloak. When on a mission he pulls the hood forward and wears a cloth mask that covers the lower portion of his face so that only his red eyes are visible. Unlike the other shinobi of Konoha he wears two identifying silver plates. One for the Land of Fire for where he was raised and one for the Land of Water which was the only thing found on him as an infant. He wears them on his belt on either hip; Water on his right and Fire on his left. When he gets real serious about a match he removes the weighted cloak so he can move at full speed.
Personality: He tends to be reserved and quiet and a bit of a tag-a-long. He is eager to be more open and try to make friends but is afraid of what happens when he doesn't hold back. This carries into training as well because of a few accidents in training when he was younger.
History: Onitoge was found at the edge of Konoha clutched in the arms of a dead woman with nothing but a silver shinobi plate from the Land of Water to identify him as an infant. A retired Shinobi named Urukani, Shenji claimed responsibility for him and tried to return him to the Land of Water. The old ninja returned a month later with the baby in his arms and several wounds on his person including several puncture marks. He told the village elders and the hokage that he would raise the infant and that he had named it Onitoge. So, Onitoge grew up in the care of Shenji. While he always took great care of Onitoge he always seemed saddened and worried on the inside. He took it upon himself to train the young boy as soon as he was old enough to stand and kept him fairly isolated from other people. Onitoge learned everything he could from Shenji, soaking up information related to Shinobi like a spunge. He was very eager to learn the secrets of Jutsu. His early training stopped when Shenji succumbed to age and illness when Onitoge was only 7. Since then he had been passed around the village to whomever had time to care for him but never found another true home. Shortly after he started training at the academy, just as he was starting to make friends for the first time he accidentally injured another student while training. It took a month for the other student to recover and since then everyone has always picked on him. He has also taken to holding back both in training and social situations for fear of hurting someone again. He even went so far as to take up wearing a heavily weighted cloak to keep his speed and strength in check so he wouldn't accidentally go too far in a match.
Main Jutsu: Taijutsu
Special Abilities: He has developed no known special techniques yet but has a fair knowledge of basic Genjutsu and Ninjutsu as well as the extreme speed and strength you'd expect of someone who focuses on Taijutsu. He also has the strange and unique ability to summon a seemingly endless supply of ivory colored weapons from under his cloak even though none are ever visible until he produces them for use. Onitoge claims that he doesn't even know how he summons them and because of this rarely uses the ability for fear of the unknown.
Hobbies: Onitoge doesn't have hobbies of his own but instead picks up the hobbies of those around him as a way of trying to make friends. He reads when he is around people like Kakashi, he plays chess around people like Shikamaru, he trains vigorously when around people like Heji
Relations: He spends time occasionally reading with Hatake Kakashi who treats him both kindly and with concern. He also plays chess with Shikamaru a lot even though he can never win. (open to anyone else who wants to be acquainted or friends).
Other: Although the people of Konoha aren't as disrespectful and suspicious of him as they are of Naruto he is generally looked down upon except by the Jounin who knew Urukani Shenji well.

11th February 2007, 07:34 PM
You both are approved.

Shadow Djinn
11th February 2007, 11:25 PM
I like Naruto rpgs. >_>

Name: Yagyu Shiro
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Appearance: His jet black-blue hair is one detail that people seem to recognize when they first look at Shiro. His pupils are ice blue, though often looking cheerful and making people feel comfortable around him. He wears his forehead protector on his right arm, just slightly above the elbow, and tied very loosely. A thin, black, spiky star serves as his clan's birthmark, placed on the back of his left hand. Though kept very unkempt, Kyoshiro's hair is also stylish in a certain matter, pausing just above his neck, while his bangs often stray into his eyes. He possesses a lean and compact build, though he possesses a degree of strength behind him, standing at roughly 5'6. Black, leather fingerless gloves guise his hands, allowing him greater flexibility. His main garb is usually a black, blue or white gi to maximize his agility. Occasionally for more serious missions, he wears a black bodysuit, with violet straps going across his chest, with shoulder pads of identical color. A belt loops across his waist (even if he's wearing a gi), holding shuriken or kunai, along with other tools he might need for the mission. Pads also go above his knee, along with shin and arm guards. Occasionally he lets his dark hair grow long, and he ties it into a rat tail or ponytail. His main footwear is plain oriental sandals, and sometimes he hides throwing knives, or a plain dagger strapped to his calve or ankle. Otherwise he may have a sheath on his belt for a melee weapon.

(super confusing, I know. I kinda scattered my thoughts >_<;)
Personality: Aloof, carefree, and sarcastic. Those would be the first things someone who just met Shiro would notice about him. Despite this, he has a rather soft side beneath that, often working hard to cheer others up, along with a strong love of messing around. However, he isn't a big fan of teamwork unless he is coordinating it, possessing a strong mind for strategy, though he is incredibly unreliable in pressing situations. His abilities are often consistent, and he posssesses little desire to excel, though he has some notable abilities. He's also a main contender in any fights he can find, unwilling to back down even if an opponent is stronger then he is. Though he seems very chivalrous, he wouldn't object to stealing if the opportunity called for it, and is very casual around people even if he just met them. He has a knack for ticking people off, and often exploits it, leading into scuffles.
History: As far as Shiro remembers, he'd been raised by an old couple in the Land of the Waves. He didn't know what clan he hailed from, who his family was, or pretty much anything about himself. Because of this, he considered himself 'unique', and formed his own clan name. (Yagyu) The husband of the couple was a retired shinobi from the Village of the Mist, and due to the harsh graduation exams (where graduate to bes were pitted against each other in a free for all to the death, if I recall) he often discouraged Shiro from becoming a shinobi. However, witnessing the many ninja that trooped into the town on missions surpassed the small damper on his spirits, and he journeyed to Konoha when he was ten, immediately enrolling in the academy. He was slow to catch onto the teachings, getting poor grades the first year, though excelling in practical work. Eventually he met one of the Jounin of Konoha, who lectured him on the importance of dedication, and since then, he began to put more effort into his work, though he tries not to show it. When he began training, he already had a small affinity for water jutsu, but began resonating with the sky instead, who was akin to him in behavior.
Main Jutsu: A mix of both Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, sort of using them in combination. He has only a small interest in Genjutsu.
Special Abilities:
Wind Manipulation - Shiro can manipulate the wind to a minor extent, creating a quick, weak breeze, or summoning a blade of cutting air for several seconds. He can also 'enchant' his weapons for a brief period, coating a throwing weapon in sharp air pockets, or one of his daggers. This ability can also be used in conjunction with his taijutsu.

Moonshine - When a cloudless night occurs, and moonlight shines on Shiro, his abilities are heightened along with his senses, along with a more serious attitude. His ninjutsu and taijutsu are also strengthened, and he has a stronger grasp of chakra. The extent of his heightened abilities depend on the moon (IE: when it's a quarter moon, it's not that noticable, full moon, big difference, etc), along with the small risk of Shiro instead feeling immensely tired, and losing a severe amount of energy. The unpredictability of Moonshine is often Shiro's downfall, since it seems that it backfires on him more then it works. If it does occur, he's often tired the next morning.
Hobbies: Athletics/Sports, along with schoolyard fights. Likes to read and draw, though he's really bad at the latter.
Relations: Open
Other: Despite Shiro's unknown origins, he feels that he was born for a purpose, though he's unsure of what. He sends frequent letters to the couple in the Land of the Waves, and is also slow to catch onto opponents' strategies.

Sorry for the choppiness of it, I feel lost for words today...

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
12th February 2007, 02:12 PM
EDIT: I FORGOT THE BRUSH!! *runs around like a headless chicken*

I'm digging my own grave by making a cultural-research-intensive character like this, but. *shoves spade in*

Name: Shodou Kukai (last name first)
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Appearance: Slightly taller than most girls of her age in Konohagakure, with a perfectly ordinary build. Her skin is a pleasant pale colour that can best be described as strawberries-and-cream; she'd like to tan, but instead tends to turn a lobstery shade of red. She has a clever, sharp face, though the soft curves of her cheeks contrast well with the general angularity of her other features. Her hair is chestnut brown, and her bangs are long and pendulous, framing the sides of her face to below her chin; conversely, the rest of her hair is chopped off short at the nape of her neck. She wears her hitai-ate back-to-front as a bandana of sorts that goes from the bottom of the back of her head to her forehead, under her bangs. Her eyes are black. For clothes, Kukai wears the fishnet shirt common of most ninjas, under a sleeveless top the colour of which is best described as ashes-of-roses, and knee-length black shorts. A kunai pouch is bound round her right thigh over her shorts. Her sandals are the same as any other genin's - navy blue and unisex. She carries a large writing brush strapped to her back, longer that she is tall; it's made of bamboo and horsehair, and hollow, so it's relatively light.
Personality: Kukai is very vocal. Please don't get her into a verbal sparring match unless you are very certain of what you're doing. She is adept with words, and feels safer with them around to play with. She is also very preoccupied with justice; she doesn't like to see others being framed, and will speak up for the underdog, regardless of whether the underdog likes it or not. Sometimes displays a certain type of blunt word-for-word memory that catches people unawares. A resourceful thinker who adapts well, Kukai is intelligent enough, although nowhere near resident lazy genius Nara Shikamaru; she usually doesn't plan, just changes according to the situation. She's easily provoked, if you know just how to get under her skin. She likes stories, although she doesn't write her own; she doesn't like lies or liars. Deception and illusion put her on edge, and she lashes out at people who try to be something else than themselves.
History: The Shodou clan is a small but established clan who have lived in Konohagakure for generations. There is no designation between main family or branch family, probably because the numbers of the clan have dwindled to the point where there is only one nuclear family left who still retain the name and traditions of the Shodou, Kukai's. This is due mainly to the fact that although all Shodou were born debaters and wordsmiths, most of them decided to capitalize on that trait, and gradually left the traditional profession of the clan, paper milling and stationery, to become, among other things, lawyers and journalists.
Kukai's father and grandfather died in the fight to contain the Kyuubi, leaving the womenfolk to tend to the small stationery shop and bring up the two children, Kukai and her older brother Ryokan. Kukai is a firm believer in the emancipation of women, possibly due to this. Ryokan, being five years older than her, is currently a chuunin working in the Hokage's office. Kukai did okay in the academy, neither too well nor too badly, except that her teachers and other students were generally wary of raising her ire in an argument, because once she started she wouldn't stop till she won. She is one year older than most genin because she went to school a year late - the missing year was spent learning the basics of calligraphy.
The Shodou have never had a reputation for being expert in offensive combat, but they are often sent on diplomatic missions since they can talk so bloody well, and on missions where survival is tantamount because they're so bloody hard to kill.
Main Jutsu: Ninjutsu - her taijutsu is decent as well, but her second favourite jutsu next to her clan jutsus is Kawarimi no Jutsu. (She's very good at Kawarimi no Jutsu. LOL) I think that explains a lot about her fighting style - run and smack, decoy, run and smack, decoy, rinse, repeat xD Kukai has an intense dislike of genjutsu, to the point where she'd rather learn ways of resisting them than performing the actual jutsu.
Special Abilities:
Sen no Kotoba - "Thousand-Word Jutsu"; likewise, this jutsu can be applied in just as many ways. It has a lot to do with calligraphy, and kanji; the way a word is written will determine the effects on the target. It's the signature jutsu of the Shodou clan. Chakra is focused into the tips of the hairs of her brush, becoming as pliant as the strokes require it to be. The user then wields the brush as if writing the word, and even the effects of the word change with the person using it as everyone has a different style of writing. For example, if you write the kanji 'fire', the damage done would be distributed over a wide area because the strokes of this kanji stick out in every direction, but if you were writing the kanji for 'one' it would just be a simple horizontal slash. This jutsu is sometimes rendered obsolete as the effects can be replicated by other damage-inducing jutsus, even taijutsu; its only unique point is that it is completely unpredictable, even if you know what word the user is thinking of. I guess this jutsu is a.. 'style' thing.
Argh, it's hard to explain -_-
Relations: Kind of... knows everybody, but doesn't really know them, sort of thing. On friendly-ish terms with most people. Friends with Haru, since he could, er, buy his notebooks from her family's stationery shop, and she likes stories, although she doesn't like his genjutsu? *pokes Nab* *aside* She'll terrify him. *cough*
Other: Primarily a fun/support character - I don't expect Kukai to come out of this RPG loaded for bear or immensely talented in any field. She'll turn out to be competent at what she does and that's it (like the other six of the original rookie nine...). She's best used as a speedy/evasive annoyer in a standard 3-man team. *is talking like a game guidebook* Her gigantic writing brush, besides being the main item used to facilitate her jutsu, may also double as a cudgel or staff. As expected, she's well-versed in the classics, and has a natural talent for exquisite calligraphy and sumi-e (ink-wash) painting. She's also ambidextrous.


12th February 2007, 02:17 PM
I absolutely love it! Both of you are approved, and I'm going to start this soon. Mwhahahaha..

12th February 2007, 05:23 PM
Name: Kazuma, Masato

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Appearance: Masato wears his village’s head protector on his forehead and is dressed in a thin black flank vest with a crimson hooded sweat shirt under it. He wears black leather gloves with a thin strip of metal on the back of the hand. Over the black pants he wears he covers his shins in white wraps. He has a rather average build of a thirteen year old, having jet black hair and dark brown eyes.

Personality: Masato is rather mature for his age, though that at times is broken when not in combat and tries to still have a little fun acting his own age now and then. He comes off shy or standoffish around others unless he truly knows them, though when he does become friends with anyone he is loyal to them to the end. If he feels betrayed by anyone, he can become consumed by self doubt and anger towards those that had betrayed him and will not stop until he achieves retribution.

History: Masato Kazuma is an average ninja from the village hidden in the leaves. He has trained constantly to try and stay on-par with everyone in his class. Though one night after returning from his training, Kazuma found his family dead, having been murdered by an unknown assailant. Even his puppy patches had been killed by the murderer. This sent Hamano into a deep rage in himself, he wanted revenge and to avenge the death of his family and puppy. He trained himself to the point of near death to achieve Genin status, improving his techniques and Taijutsu in order to track down his families’ murderer and finish him off in the most horrific way possible.

Main Jutsu: Taijutsu

Special Abilities: Leaf Gale: An offensive short range attack Masato his quickness and agility to perform a spinning kick to sweep his opponent off their feet.

Hobbies: Masato prefers to train his body and mind when not in battle, though to keep himself amused he likes reading cartoons.

Relations: Masato holds no real relations to anyone…yet


14th February 2007, 09:07 AM
Name: Shikamaru Nira
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Appearance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Nara_Shikamaru.jpg
Personality: Shikamaru is the sort of unenthusiastic person who would rather take a nap than get excited over something and likes the thinking games that older men are usually into, such as Shogi and Go. However, when duty calls, Shikamaru has a strong moral compass and sense of commitment to his comrades. Even though by his own testimony that he lacks bravery, he will sacrifice himself and face almost certain death for the sake of his friends without a second thought. Shikamaru's most distinctive character trait is that he finds 'all' women bossy and "troublesome"
History: He is from a family of shadow manipulators and deer herders. He thinks about how he wanted his life to go: "Marry someone who is not too ugly or not too beautiful. Have two children, first a girl, then a boy. Retire after my daughter is married, and my son becomes a successful ninja and spend the rest of my life playing Shogi or Go. Then die before my wife."
Main Jutsu: Ninjustu
Special Abilities: Shadow Imitation Technique: The signature move of the Nara family, this jutsu allows the user to control their own shadow and merge it with their opponent's shadow, combining them. This links the movements of the user with the target; the target is subsequently forced to make any movement the user makes. It is an extremely versatile technique, as the user can contract and change the shape of their shadow, potentially grabbing multiple targets at once. The degree to which the user's shadow can be stretched is limited by its total surface area. Using the shadows of other objects, the user can extend their shadow beyond its normal range. The amount of time for which an opponent can be held is limited by the user's chakra, since the user must constantly maintain the jutsu. The jutsu is also more difficult to maintain at greater ranges or for multiple opponents, since the user's shadow must be stretched constantly. At closer ranges, it requires considerably less effort on the user's part. Additionally, the target can force their way free with enough effort, though the amount of effort required to do so is considerable.
Shadow Neck Bind Technique: After capturing an opponent with the Shadow Imitation Technique, the user can then further extend their shadow up to the target's throat in the shape of a hand, which chokes them to death.
Hobbies: He likes napping, Shogi, and Cloud Watching.
Relations: He has a long friendship with Choji Akimichi.
Other: His favorite foods are mackerel and kelp, but he hates boiled eggs. His signature phrase is “What a drag.”

Name: Hara Masato
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Appearance: He wears clothes that matches his interest of his love of the sky. He even died his hair light blue to match his clothes. He wears his black hand band on his head tied right above his eyes. It is rumored that he might dyed the black material blue but that is all speculation.
Personality: He is a very friendly person, but can be competitive when it comes to certain subjects. He doesn’t give up that easily. He hates that when he tries to perform a certain technique, others can do it better than him.
History: He comes from a family whose techniques involve very powerful wind jutsus. Rumors of there is a wind jutsu that would allow you to fly but not even Hara has found any sign of one. (He has even looked in every book.)
Main Jutsu: Ninjustu (Illusion Techniques)
Special Abilities: Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet:
Hobbies: He looks up the sky wishing that he could fly.
Relations: None, right now.
Other: He is on a journey to find the legendary wind jutsu that allows one to feel like they can fly.