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29th April 2007, 09:49 PM
Alright so my team needs a bit of help... Currently i'm trying to build it up, any suggestions?

My team so far goes

Gyarados (lvl.38)
Heracross(lvl.16 (in training) )
Alakazam (lvl 36)
Larvitar (lvl 26 (in training)
Noctowl (lvl 35)
Luxray (lvl 36)

I'm trying to get all my guys to lvl 45 currently... I've replaced Machamp with Heracross (not so sure about this move) and i filled in my Larvitar for an empty slot... I'm seeing that my only thing missing is a fire type, which I have been searching for.

Suggestions? Help? Hints? Tips?

Also, I just beat the Team Galaxy Boss. What do i do in Mt. Coronet? I have no clue.

P.S. ... Where is a good training spot for trying to get me up to lvl 45/50?

Shadow Djinn
29th April 2007, 10:02 PM
Unfortunately fire type avability in this game is REALLY sparse, which makes Infernape REALLY valuable. Sticking some fire moves on your pokes should be good enough, IMO. Fire isn't that greatly needed in the Elite Four.

After you beat the boss, you should go up to the legendary behind him and fight him (capture if you want). A good place to train following that is the grass by Sunyshore city, which you can get to from Valor Lakefront. It was previously blocked, but the man lets you through after these events. To be honest Staraptor is a LOT better than Noctowl and is pretty helpful in the E4. If you don't mind training him up, he'll be a good help. Dialga/Palkia would also help for the Elite Four if you train them up. A good level for the E4 is with a good team of 6 at 55.

Silent Dragonfly
29th April 2007, 10:31 PM
I'm seeing that my only thing missing is a fire type, which I have been searching for.

I got a Ponyta fairly early on, it's a pain that it doesn't evolve until Lv.40 but it wasn't a bad team member. Rapidash was significantly useful against Aaron (Bug user) and Flint (due to Flash Fire ability) of the Elite Four.

Also, I just beat the Team Galaxy Boss. What do i do in Mt. Coronet? I have no clue.

Head into Mt.Coronet from the southwestern cave enterance (from Oreburgh) go northeast and Surf across, Use Rock Climb to get higher and follow the path as it opens up to you, defeating Galactic Grunts as you go. Keep going up and you'll reach the Spear Pillar.

Question: How did you get Larvitar pre-National Dex?

Shadow Djinn
30th April 2007, 02:01 AM
Question: How did you get Larvitar pre-National Dex?

I'm pretty sure he got it off a trade.

Mega Horny
30th April 2007, 11:28 AM
All I can say is, you should probably start using your VS Seeker to level up, dude. I'm only just finished with the third gym, and my entire team is leveled higher than your strongest guy. I understand you've been going through a few changes and making up your mind, but as soon as you figure out who you want, focus on training them up. From what i've seen, the elite four is pretty tough.

Silent Dragonfly
30th April 2007, 11:33 AM
The champion is VERY tough, having battle style on SET didn't help but I was underlevelled by 6, went through about 15 Hyper Potions and 6 Max Revives with a team of 4 Pokémon at Lv57 and a couple of HM slaves and barely scraped through. Garchomp is definitely something to fear, I only I wish I'd taught Ice Beam to a team member, I suggest you do too.

30th April 2007, 06:27 PM
Totally agree with that sentiment. I went all out on this game with the great Idea that I was hot fire for only having a Staraptor, Luxray and Torterra-which by the way, makes for the sickest combination to get through DP, hands down.

I got through the league good enough, those three on level 56 sliced through the E4.

the Champion....yeah...switches out so many times!!...@_@...

Garchomp...who I was planning on leveling up when I found Gible but when I did I was far too far along to actually care...eats souls. Land Shark for real man x_X!

Spiritomb doesn't help either -.- Stupid Dark Pulse wtfever move -.-!

But its ok! I got past her. Barely. With the skin of my teeth.

Darth Cookie Monster
22nd March 2008, 06:47 PM
If I were you I would thow in a Bronzong. I sliced through the elite four with mine

Darth Cookie Monster

25th July 2008, 06:28 PM
just have 25 hyper potions 25 revives and 10 full heals and ull be fine.. make sure to have fire moves and ice moves.. i did it without but it was hard.. strong grass moves arent neccesary but come in handy against the ground elite 4..

hope it helps:)


28th July 2008, 10:30 PM
...Yeah, there's really no need to necro threads like this, as the actual discussion ended well over a year ago. Any comments about the team Ghost provided 15 months ago would probably be irrelevant at this point. :sweat2: