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8th April 2003, 11:12 AM
Chapter one - The meeting with pokémon

'But who says I want a pokémon?' Drake said.
'Drake, most kids begin their journey when they are 10 years old. You are 13 years old! Beginning late or never beginning, you will regret this!' Drake's father, Alexandre said.
Drake replied: 'But dad, listen to me. All the pokémon starters here suck!'
'Drake!', Alexandre said angry, 'You have three pokémon to choose from!'
'But if you just look at them: A chicken on fire, a torso with vines and a tail, and a mudfish! What the hell is a mudfish!' Drake said stubborn.
'That are very strong pokémon! And besides, after we've moved we can go to Prof. Elm my good friend, and maybe we can get a much better pokémon.' Alexandre continued.
'Oh great, what'll it be? Maybe it's a flee with giant dragon wings!' Drake said while walking away.

Then a young boy walked up drake. He had a Rattata on his right shoulder and said: 'You better admit it bro, you need a pokémon, everybody has one.' Drake grabbed the Rattata at the skin in it's neck, looked at it, and threw it threw the air. 'You jerk, hands of my Rattata!' Drake's little brother said. Drake replied: 'Matt, your disgusting with your rats and other pokémon!

-----The next morning-----

'Ready Drake?' Alexandre said. 'Huh, ready for what?' moaned Drake. 'What?! You forgot, we're going to new bark town with the S.S. Aqua today!' Alexandre yelled in panic. 'Oh that, yeah I'm ready.' said the tired Drake. Drake and Alexandre walked down, while Matt was already sitting in the car. They packed the boxes in the car, and they got in the car themselves. 'Ready boys?' Asked Alexandre and they drove away.

-----Arriving at the S.S. Aqua-----

'Attention attention, the S.S. Aqua will be leaving in 10 minutes, all passengers aboard!' the speaker boomed. 'Ah, here we are, room 115' Alexandre said. The three went inside and took there places. Matt released his pokémon. Drake saw a pokémon Drake never saw Matt with before. It was purple little monkey, with some kind of big hand as a tail, 2 big ears and an even bigger smile. Matt told Drake it was a Aipom. Drake asked: 'How did you get it?' Matt said: 'I traded him for my Shroomish.' Drake already knew who Shroomish where, and Matt's other pokémon: Croconaw, Tyrogue, Marowak, Nidorino, Beedrill, Mr. Mime and now Aipom. Choosing between those six, Drake liked Nidorino most. Matt grabbed his bagback and took a strange glowing stone out. Drake asked: 'What's that, and what's it good for?' Matt replied with a strange laugh on his face: 'It's a moon stone, which I'm gonna use to let Nidorino evolve. It will be my second strongest pokémon then.' Drake knew his strongest pokémon was his favorite, Croconaw. He got him as a Totodile from Alexandre, when he turned ten, a year ago. Drake also really liked his fathers pokémon, six really strong pokémon: Golduck, Absol, Tropius, Zangoose, Skarmory, and a funny colored Golbat. Drake, Matt and Alexandre then went to dinner.

-----At the dinner------

'Wow it looks so great' Matt said. Drake answered smiling: 'And I bet it tastes better then it looks. Charge!' While they were eating, all of a sudden the lights went black. They heard a sound of water smashing against a rock threw the beat of rock music. Then men in blue pirates suits with an 'A' on their head patches jumped from out of nowhere, telling everybody: 'Give us your belongies! We want everyting: Jewels, Money, Pokemon, water pokemon prefered!' A pirate came towards me and said: 'You look strong, give me your pokémon!' I said angry: 'I don't care about pokémon!' Then the pirate said: 'Don't lie to me, everybody has pokémon, and I'll make you give me your pokémon: Octillery, Vaporeon go! Matt looked like he was in trouble to. A pirate came to him and Matt challenged him to a fight. The pirate threw out 2 pokémon. Matt said it where a Kingler and a Poliwrath. Matt threw two pokéballs at Drake for Drake to fight with. It where Mr. Mime and Nidoking.

-----The fight-----

This should be kinda easy for Drake, concidering he has always heard Matt use attacks when battling. The pirate yelled: 'Octillery, sludge! Vaporeon, acid armor!' It was Drake's turn now. With blood going faster and faster threw his vains, Drake yelled: 'Mr. Mime, Barrier! Nidoking, Take down at Vaporeon!' Vaporeon got knocked back, and Mr. Mime's Barrier defended from sludge. The pirate yelled: 'Vaporeon and Octillery, Ice Beam!' It was Drake's turn again: 'Mr. Mime, substitute! Nidoking, Fissure!' Mr. Mime blocked Octillery's Ice Beam with Substitute, and Nidoking got hit by Vaporeon's Ice Beam. Nidoking did his Fissure and it was an One-Hit-K.O. for Vaporeon. The pirate looked scared and said with a pitched voise: Vaporeon, come back! Octillery, Smoke Screen. Mr. Mime and Nidoking couldn't see a thing. Then Octillery used his 8 arms to attack Nidoking and Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime's Substitute broke and he fainted. Drake yelled: 'Come back Mr. Mime, great job!' Then Matt yelled at me: 'Tell Nidoking to use Earthquake!' Drake said: 'Nidoking, Eartquake!' Nidoking used Earthquake, and a crack in the boat appeared. Drake called back Nidoking, and gave both pokéballs to Matt.

-----The escape-----

Drake was worried, and looking if he could find his dad or Matt, but they where nowhere to be seen. He was grabbed by sailors, and took outside. When Drake got outside, he saw hundreds of passengers in life boats, or on pokémon like Azumarill, Lapras, Laturns or Dewgong. And he saw hundreds of the pirates on big Tentacruels, Mantines, Kingdras and Walreins. Everybody appeared out of sight while Drake was alone, and he thought this was the end for him. Then all of the sudden he saw a snake with a little horn and little angelwings as ears transform in a big yellow dragon with a little horn, a yellow tail and blue/yellow wings. The dragon grabbed him, and flew with him threw the air. The dragon dropped Drake in the water near the passengers. There was a man who said he got a spare water pokémon for Drake to sit on. The man let a shark pokémon out of a pokéball, and Drake was brought back to shore. There he reunited with Matt and Alexandre. Matt, Alexandre and Drake took the bus from Olivine City to Newbark Town. When they arrived, a strange man was waiting there. The man had a light brown skin, brown hairs, glasses and a laboratorium coat. The man shook hands with the three travellers and said: 'Hello, I'm Professor Elm, and you must be Matt and Drake'...

Afterword: I would love to get replies and tips from readers. If i know people are reading this I will make a 2nd Chapter. Also, please go easy on me, this is my very first fic.

9th April 2003, 09:56 AM
Chapter two - Hello and Goodbye

With an exciting first adventure behind them, Alexandre, Matt and Drake arrived at their new home town, New Bark Town. There they came across Alexandre's friend, Prof. Elm. As Matt and Drake where investigating this new town, Alexandre and Elm where talking.

Elm: 'Good that you have come here, I'll help you unpack!'
Alexandre: 'Thanks, but I have a request. See I tried talking Drake into beginning his own pokémon adventure, but he is just to stubborn. Will you give him a pokémon to start his journey with?'
Elm: 'Sure, I do that to completely strange kids, why not to the child of my friend? This year we have Mudkip, Torchic and Treecko.'
Alexandre: 'Well you see, That's another problem. Drake doesn't really likes those pokémon.'
Elm: 'Hmm, I see your problem. I'll look what I have.'
*Elm and Alexandre walked to a room full with pokéballs*
Elm: 'Oh there it is. This trainer gave up on pokémon training after he simply couldn't win his third badge. He took some pokémon home with him, and he wanted me to have his other pokémon. This pokéball contains Drake's starter pokémon!'
Alexandre: 'That's just great, wait untill Drake hears about this!'

Alexandre: 'Drake, look what Prof. Elm has gotten you; your very first pokémon.'
Drake: 'It better be something else then those lame starters!'
Alexandre: 'It sure is, here is the pokéball'
Drake: 'Come out, pokémon!'
*A bird with pink feathers on it's head, yellow/pink feathers as a tail and the rest brown and white came out*
Pidgeotto: 'Pidgeot...Pidgeotto!'
Drake: 'Wow, this is a very cool pokémon!'
Elm: 'Drake, this pokémon really loved his previous owner, so It'll take a while before it will love you just as much, seeing it was disowned.'
Drake: 'Don't worry prof, this Pidgeotto is in good hands!'

-----Inside Elm's house-----

'Hello everybody!' said a female voice. Drake turned around and say a girl, a beautyfull girl. She had two black ponytails and each side of her head, blue eyes, a lovely face and a nice body. She was wearing a red with blue jacket, and small jeans. She had a tiny blue water-droplet pokémon on her right shoulder.
Elm said: 'Everybody, this is Jane, my neece. She's starting her pokémon journey tomorrow. And on her shoulder is Castform, her first pokémon.'
Jane said smiling: 'Hey everybody, just moved in town?' Alexandre shook her hand and said: 'Yes, we are your new neighbours, according to Elm's story. This is Drake, and his little brother Matt.' Drake stood up too, shook her hand and said: 'You know, I'm starting my pokémon journey tomorrow too.' Everybody except for Drake and Jane asked: 'You are?' and Drake was laughing. Jane said: 'Oh, then lets travel together!' 'Sure!' a blushing Drake said. Then Elm stood up, handing Jane, Drake and Matt a funny red device. He said: 'This is a pokédex, this is made to identify any pokémon. Also, if you come across new one it's picture is automaticly stored in it's data.' Drake pointed the device at Castform, and the pokédex sprung open, saying: 'Castform, a weather pokémon. This pokémon's type is based upon the weather. When hailing it's ice, When raining it's water, when sunny it's fire.' And the pokédex showed three other castform pictures: one as a fireball, one as a water droplett, one as a hail stone. Drake said: 'So i guess it started raining huh?'


'Have you ever had a pokémon battle before?' Jane asked smiling. Drake replied: 'No, not really. 'Come on then, I want to be the first to battle you!' Drake had a big grin on his face saying: 'Sure, let me test my pokémon out!' Matt yelled: 'Hey, I want to fight too!' But Drake said angry: 'That wouldn't be fair, concidering you have experienced pokémon.' 'Then I'll use my newest one, Rattata!' replied an angry Matt. 'Chill out guys, ofcourse he can join.' said Jane smiling!

Jane: 'Castform, time to go sweetie!'
Matt: 'Rattata, show what you're made of!'
Drake: 'Rock and Roll, Pidgeotto!'
Jane: 'Castform, weather attack!'
*rainwater was pointed at Rattata and Pidgeotto, Rattata got hit*
Matt: 'No Rattata! Thundershock at Casterform!'
Drake: 'Pidgeotto, Wing attack at Rattata!'
Jane: 'Castform, dogde, he has the upperhand! Use Sunny Day! See, Castform is a fire type now!'
Matt: 'Rattata, Thundershock at Pidgeotto!'
*Pidgeotto got hit and fell on the ground*
Drake: 'No Pidgeotto! Try the Sky attack at Rattata!'
*Rattata got hit by Pidgeotto's Sky Attack, turning out to be a critical hit*
Matt: 'Rattata, come back!'
Jane: 'Now it's just you and me Drake!'

The fight went on for about 5 minutes, untill...
Matt: 'Go Croconaw! Croconaw Surf!' *Castform and Pidgeotto fainted*
Drake was angry at Matt, but Jane was laughing, and that made Drake laughing to. With the three of them they went back inside for dinner.

-----The next morning-----

Drake had been busy all night, packing his backpack. When he got downstairs everybody was having breakfast. After breakfast Jane and Drake said goodbye, and left with their backpacks and pokémon. Elm gave each of them 5 pokéballs, which could be used for them to catch their first pokémon. They where walking threw a grassy area, looking at all the pokémon there. They saw Hoothoots, Caterpies and Weedles, Wurmples, Poochyenas and even some Sentrets. Drake wanted to catch all of them, but Jane said they where weak. This looks like the begin of something beautyfull!