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T3h Ky0gr3 L0rd
18th May 2007, 12:47 PM
Ok, i've never done this b4, w/ the whole rating thing, but the new aspects of of D/P's physical/special attack labels realling got me thinking. Now it really really isn't about fastest atk Deoxys=rapeage, or strongest speed D=m0ar rape....

i saw some things that raised my eyebrows several inches off my face. Ex: take shuckle. Poor bastard can't even hurt a fly, and is pro'ly the slowest thing alive....the continents drift faster than shuckle!

But then i checked out its moveset....Power trick, swaps ATK with DEF. Shuckle has max cap of 614 DEF....that means highest attack stat! (sorry ATK Deoxys), but tis speed is another problem...., But i also remembered trick room, slowest go first.

So, i was thinking, Mew2, guard swap (is that what its called?) on shuckle (in a team match), then shuckle uses power trick. next turn, Mewtwo uses trick room and shuckle uses earthquake....Would that work?

I mean, the Mew3 can now take hits, can't really die now(recover), and the shuckle is the fastest thing in the world, w/ over 600 atk stat!

Also, I'm not done yet, just don't have enough time to type (at school... sci-tech, springfield MA, i take all challenges)...But i will post my thoughts on move sets, pokemanz and items to be held. I'll take any advice that's not futile(use swift on Giratina during Shadow Force! 0.o)

~Seth V.