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Outlaw JT
10th September 2002, 06:13 PM
After the age of the original Z Fighters passed, the saiyan race began to
die. The few remaining bloodlines got thinner and thinner as time went by
until many of the newly born part saiyans no longer had tails. Out of a
sense of debt to the saiyans of the past that had struggled to save earth,
many humans dedicated themselves to restoring the saiyan line to full blood.
Using advance techniques in genetics and the magic of the mighy dragon balls
they succeeded and all partial saiyans were restored to full blood.
They lived together on earth with humans for two generations until problems
arose. Cities grew too crowded and the pride of the saiyans caused feelings
of unease among humans. After two generations of living on earth the saiyan
population used the magic of earth's dragon balls to find them a new home,
which they named planet Vegetta in honor of their former royal family.
Things went back to normal on earth and the different races started to
develop. Nearly 300 years passed since the saiyans and humans had been
seperated. Each race had grown into interstellar trade with the Nameks and
the newly discovered race of changelings. Seperated from earth, the saiyan
culture developed much along the lines it had before the intervention of the
evil Frieza. It became a proud race of warriors once again.
This was not all good however. Many of the saiyan warriors, filled with
pride and ego, lusted after more. Earth had been partly theirs for a
century. The new royalty agreed with these ideas and they launched a
campaign. Joined by the poor but strong contingent of changelings they
declared war on earth to claim it as part of a saiyan empire. To battle
against this Earth enlisted the help of the Nameks to fight back a saiyan
Something about the war was deadly wrong though. The Saiyan royalty seemed
almost to act blindly and the bloodlust of their Generals seemed
dishonorable. Something else seemed to be behind their goals.
It is up to a new generation of determined warriors from various backgrounds
to find out what is behind this unexpected war. Why would the noble Saiyan
royalty suddenly bear such ill will to their former home, earth? And how far
would they go to claim dominion?

First off, there will not be any SSJ's in this rpg. Everyone should be on
power levels comparable to the Z-Fighters at the beginning of the fight
against Nappa(excluding Goku). Also, not everyone is going to be a saiyan. I
am allowing 3 of every race, meaning 3 saiyans, 3 nameks, 3 humans, 3
changelings. the saiyans are already spoken for by former member of DBVG as
well as 1 human and 1 changeling. Here is a brief rundown of the races.
Secondly, I'm not gonna tolerate power RPing in here. That means no one
suddenly becoming more powerful than everyone else, no one beating down the
bad guys in a flash without the slightest effort, no one learning a new
technique that wipes everything out in a second......you get the idea.......

Saiyan: powerful and quick, saiyans gain strength after every battle. they
are less versatile with energy attacks however. not everyone agrees with
this new saiyan campaign against earth and a few brave warriors will rise up
to stop the meaningless conflict.

Human: quick and agile and able to gain strength quickly through intense
training. they are formidable with energy attacks. while the human armies
gear up to face a powerful saiyan army, a few warriors realise that
something else is going on behind the scenes on Planet Vegetta and they set
out to uncover the truth behind the unfounded saiyan hostilities.

Nameks: strong and agile, they are a bit slower than humans or saiyans but
can use a few very powerful energy attacks. fearing that involvement in this
brewing war could bring the battle to their peaceful homeworld, a few
namekkian warriors set out to try and stop it before things get that far.

Changelings(Frieza's race): average strength and speed but very agile. they
can use a wide variety of energy techniques. seeing the potential for their
poor race of refugees to be turned against once the saiyans finished their
campaign against earth, a few of them set out to discover the saiyan
royalties true intentions before their attention turns to these one-time

The Form-

Age: 17-25
Race: duh
History: brief history

Here are the sign ups so far:

Name: Garen(like you were expecting something else)
Age: 22
Race: Changeling
Sex: male
Appearance: build very similar to Piccolo, tall for a changeling(average for
a human/saiyan), instead of pinkish skin like Frieza his is a pale yellow,
violet eyes, ice blue plating(like Frieza's was violet/purple), wears saiyan
armor like Vegetta's only pitch black in color, his tail ends in a flattish
diamond shape and his horns are curve slightly down and back instead of
pointing straight out like most changelings in their primary form
History: Around the time Frieza rose to power the changelings were near
extinct, roaming the galaxy like refugees. After centuries of wandering they
found a home on a planet in the same star system the new Planet Vegetta was
in. Because of this and their limited numbers they quickly formed an
alliance with the saiyan race. Garen grew up and trained in the saiyan army.
His fighting skill was above average so he was enlisted by General Rogatis
as an enforcer used for special errands. General Rogatis is one of the three
generals running the saiyan army and their campaign against earth. Garen is
often used as an advanced scout or an escort for important personnel. Though
he fights and obeys orders without question he does have somewhat of a sense
of honor. He won't kill a weaker opponent.
Attacks: Chunzieg(advanced energy manipulation technique created by
changelings), Frieza's variation of the Kienzan(destructo disk....it's
purple instead of yellow), Gallick Gun
Other: yep.....for the moment he is one of the bad guys. say hello to the
Vegetta of FS.


The room was dark, illuminated only by the dying rays of light creeping through the windows on the northern wall. The windows overlooked a massive compound, ordered and arrayed for readiness. It was the central base for all saiyan military activity and in this room the saiyan generals sat patiently, thinking on their next actions.
"I say we should just advance now. The human army is pitiful next to ours. They may have numbers and technology but our warriors are far superior. And the humans are poorly organised so far. If we invade and strike now we will face only minimal resistance," one of them spoke at last, his patience having given way.
"What about the nameks? They could time an attack to our rear while we were advancing and close our warriors in a crossfire. We have to plan a more strategic approach if we hope to attain control of......" another responded till a loud noise broke his focus.
"You forget our long term goals men," one of them said, removing his fist from the steel wall. He was not like the others present in the room. At all times his visage seemed imposing. No one would dare interupt him. "It is too early to make any of our plans known. There are resources we seek that might be destroyed in an early direct conflict. Let us secure them first, then we may invade!"
"I still think..." the first, less patient, general started before the third general raised his hand. Without hesitation that hand silenced him.
"We shall need to scout ahead for certain resources we will need to acquire. Send for Garen. We will send him with an elite squad of saiyans for reconaissance. Have them start with the ruins of Capsule Corp and branch out from there. Garen knows what to look for," the third, most imposing general said firmly.
Without hesitation the other two sprang to action. Once his mind was set, this third general was not a man to be questioned. As the other two left to make arrangements for this advance squad he stood by the window in the fading light, watching his warriors below. They would be ready when the time came. Soon enough everything he had planned would be brough to fruition and he would hold dominion over all!

10th September 2002, 07:59 PM
YAAAAY! *tackles Jeff* I was loooking forward to thiiiiis!!!

Name: Yasuminatokurathysnesticstis (but everyone will call her, "Yasu" for
Age: Unknown
Race: Undefined
Sex: Female.
Appearance: Here she is!!! I made it with my crappy photo system-thingy...
but oh well!! Tis good enough!! (http://groups.msn.com/NewBeginningsTheChaosBegins/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=25)
History: This is more of her BIO..
Yasuminatokurthysnesticstis, or Yasu, (Yah-soo), is currently the only one
of her 'kind known to any being in the universe. Nothing however, is known
about her 'kind' for she has no name for waht she really is. Only her "ID"
or name to which she responds to is known. Yasu seems to know little about
herself as well, and her ideas about her own abilities likewise.
Don't let Yasu's appearance and size surprise you. When standing on all four
delicate legs, to the the tips of her curiously large ears, she is a full,
1'1 ft. tall, and she is also 1'5 ft. long, not including her small, slender
3 ft tail. Her fine fu coat is pure black, with a hint of deep violet
magenta. Upon her head, is a small, star jewel of silver-crystallic
color.Upon her back, are a set of two wings, in a shinning, reddish-crimson
color which seems metallic. Folded to her back, they almost disappear... but
when fully extended, they reach out about a half a foot. Don't let her
appearance fool you however. Despite her size, and lack of memory of herself, Yasu is extremely valuable
to whoever she befriends or whoever has her in their grasp. She is extremely
knowledgable about the universe, and she is a valuable guide. Her own
abilities in her body and mind however are yet to be seen, but by myth they
say she can lead anyone to what they wish to find.
Yasu's spirit however, is intrappe dinside a dragon ball-like sphere. It
loos exactly like a 1 star dragon ball, only to the very cryptic eye could
one tell the difference. However, when some one touches the ball... Yasu can
finally be released.
Other: ^^ Yasu will eventually have some abilities... none of them will
likely be attacks however. They will come out later in the RPG... for she
doesn't know them herself right now! She's been trapped in a BALL for CRYING

Yasuminatokurathysnesticstis (Yasu) - F/Currently in 1-star dragon ball-like sphere.

The sun shined brightly over the beautiful land scape... there was a forest, thickly covering one area which had not fallen victim to any war or attacks... it was lucky for now. A small, yet pure stream ran through the forest... as if cutting it in half, and offering a refreshing and cool drink to all of those who came to it. Above the trees... if you stood upon a rock in the stream, in the middle of the forest where it rose up onto a hill- you would see the mountains... with their glistening white caps.

Animals were busily chattering... but fell ever silent when any thing with evil intentions came near- but those who were peaceful, the animals seemed to know- and stayed in their blissful mood. Amongst the middle part of the forest... next to the small, sandy-smooth shoreline of one side of the creek- was a glistening sphere.

To anyone in the distance, it would look like a strange... yellow orb, shinning brightly and reflecting the sun's bright rays. At closer attention however... you would see a single, red star in the middle of this yellow sphere-like ball. Any one who knew of the dragon balls... would probably think this was one of the Legendary Balls. However... this one, was indeed not. It's bluff... was that it instead of being one of the key's to power, it WAS a key to wisdom. Within the ball... held the strange, unknown being of a creature called, "Yasuminatokurathysnesticstis" or as most would soon know her as.. "Yasu."

Yasu's soul stirred inside the ball... and she pleaded softly, wanting to be released.

I need to get out of here... I need to get out of this sphere! I can sense it! I can sense some thing... some thing in this world has madly gone amiss... and for too long have I stayed with in this entrapment silent! I need to help...

Yasu said to herself, swirling with in teh ball... although unseen to anyone outside. Her soul burned to aid... for, by most thought in legend, that she was born for that purpose. It was said by legend... that to any who released her or captured her- good or bad- could be lead to what they desired in life - for she had extensive knowledge. Of course... it was purely legend. Yasu had never been found before... and it seemed as if her sphere changed it's position ever so often. Only recently... had it landed in a steam, and had been carried down by it's current until finally it brushed up against a sandy shore.

... if only... I could let myself out. Here I am, in a sphere which looks to be of one of those mystical star balls... what was it called.. oh yes, those 'dragon balls' and still no one has found this sphere. I don't know how... but I know if some one comes.. I'll... I'll be of aid to ... to anyone.. to any thing...

Yasu sighed to herself, as the wind suddenly picked up just a bit... and the waves of the stream lapped up against the ball. The ball... the dragon ball-like sphere would not move however... for it was clearly held firm by the sandy shore of the stream.

... bad times... they approach... I can sense it...
Yasu quivered inside her sphereical prison...

Master Rudy
10th September 2002, 10:33 PM
Name-Rudy Summers
Appearance-Looks like Mirai Trunks when he had long hair and also has a similar fasion sense. Normally wears a black CC jacket with a white shirt and blue jeans. Has also been known to wear a training gi like Goku's but the colors are reversed like Vegeto's. Rudy has blue hair and eyes and stands at about 5 foot 10. Like all other Saiyans he also has a tail.
History-Rudy's family was among the last of the Saiyans that remained on Earth. He is a decendant of Vegeta and Trunks and his family were the former owners of Capsule Corperation. They had no reason to fight the humans and disagreed with what the Saiyans on the new Planet Vegeta were doing. Up until two years ago everything was going fine. However the Saiyans from Vegeta knew his family would not help them and that the humans would have a strong ally if they were to join with the Earthlings. As a result Capsule was attacked late one night in an attempt to catch the Summers off guard. Him and his parents were no match for these Saiyans who not only out numbered them but also overpowered them. As the building was destroyed the three of them were left for dead. Despite his injuries Rudy somehow survived but his parents were not so lucky. Since that night two years ago Rudy has been training in an attempt to try to help the humans put an end to the war but he knows that unless he can find some help that there is no way he can do this alone.
Attacks-Currently knows only the Masenko
Other-During the attack the Dragon Radar was also destroyed. Rudy has been trying to make a new one but until he succeeds it will be almost impossible to gather the Dragon Balls

Rudy Summers
In the middle of the firey hell that had once been my home I had only one thing on my mind and it was the pain I was in. Having just been tossed out a nearby window I hit the ground hard. However despite all my injuries I quickly got up and got ready before the next blow came. I wasn't much of a fighter but I wasn't going to make things easy for these creeps. I already saw what had happened to my father and it wasn't a pretty sight. However deep down I knew it was a lost cause. Of the few Saiyans that remained on Earth my dad was the strongest with my mother being a close second. If our attackers were able to take him out then there was no chance for me and my mother if she was still alive.

As an explosion from behind me caught my attention I turned to look at it. This soon proved to be a bad mistake as my attacker suddenly came flying right at me from what seemed to be nowhere. In an attempt to stop the oncoming attack I instintively put up my left arm to block but this guy read me like a book. Before I knew it my arm had been snapped like a twig and I had been knocked to the floor again. As I layed there moaning in pain I heard a quick laugh and was then surprised by the voice of a woman. In the darkened halls of the Capsule Corperation I had though it was a man attacking me. "I was expecting you to put up some kind of fight but this is sad. The least you could have done was entertain me." Looking at her I thought to myself that she might as well have been a man. She stood at nearly six feet tall, built like a brick wall and had a face that even a mother couldn't love. However her uglyness was not the thing surprising me. What had really caught my attention was what was behind her.

"A tail....." I mumbled in a low whisper. This could only mean that we were being attacked by Saiyans. At this point I was very confused. Why would we be attacked by our own race? It made no sense at all but from the looks of it I wasn't about to get an answer. As she grabbed me by my own tail I let out a scream of agony. Looking her right in the eye I said "You *****. I hope you burn in hell for this." At this she just simply laughed. "Your pretty tough for a one armed weakling! But don't feel too bad about it kid. You should be happy because I'm about to reunite you with your old man." It was at this point that she brought her hand to my head as she started to charge a ball of ki that she was planning to fire right in my face.

I knew it was over at this point and just closed my eyes while I waited for the end. However just as she started to laugh again it suddenly became a gasp of pain. Opening my eyes I saw the end of a sword sticking right out of her chest. As the Saiyan's body slowly fell right next to me I heard another woman's voice. "This is what happens when you mess with my family." Looking up I saw my mother a few feet away from me starting to make her way over to help me. However before she even had the chance to make sure I was ok a ki blast tore right into her back and out her stomach spraying blood on my face. The last thing I could see before blacking out was the look of shock on her face......

Quickly and suddenly I sat up in bed pouring with sweat. For awhile things had started to get a bit better but now I was having this nightmare every night as opposed to once a week. Looking at a nearby clock I saw it was a little before four in the morning. As tired as I was there was no way I was going to get back to sleep. Getting out of the bed I started to think about that night two years ago once again:

After I had blacked out I was pretty sure I'd be joining my parents in the Other World. However as I woke up the stinging pain I felt all over quickly told me I was still alive. As the doctors started to explain things to me all I was thinking about was getting out of here quickly so I could get the Dragon Radar from back home and getting the Dragon Balls as soon as I could so that I could bring my parents back to life. "I know it's hard but would you like to see the pictures?" a nurse seemed to ask out of nowhere. I didn't say a word but it was clear I was suddenly confused. Seeing this she started to explain again. "You've been in a coma for three days. There isn't really a way to easily explain this but I just going to cut right to the chase. In the attack about 95% of West City was completely destroyed." This was a yet another sudden shock to me. Not only did the Saiyans kill my parents but they had also leveled a city full of nearly three million innocent people. I was almost afraid to ask but I needed to know the answer to this question. "How many survivors are there?" The doctors and nurses seemed like they didn't want to answer. I could even see the fear in their eyes. However when I finally got my answer I had wished that I never asked "Only about 1000 people got out alive." Despite the shock of this I didn't say anything. However deep down I knew that no one was going to be coming back from this since there was no way in hell the DR had survived the attack......"

Since that day I learned who it was that did this. For a long time the Saiyans from the new Planet Vegeta had their eyes on the Earth. 300 years ago my ancestors had decided to remain behind despite the fact that they were the ones who had the right to our races throne. Now the Saiyans who were now in charge saw my family as one of their biggest threats. Luckly they didn't know I was alive so this gave me the chance to train and become stronger. I made up my mind a long time ago that they had to pay for what happened and I would try to stop them from doing this again.

By this time it was about five in the morning. After a small breakfast of only about nine plates of food I got dressed and figured that some early morning training would be a good idea. It wasn't long before I was flying on the way to see my friend Yoshi. However on the way I asked myself a question that had been on my mind for the past two year.

"Out of my whole family why was I unlucky enough to live?"
Ok I think I may have set a new record and beat out my first two opening posts for DBVG combined. Now if you guys will excuse me I need some sleep
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11th September 2002, 02:53 PM
Hey... I uploaded some pictures. If you guys want me too... I can draw your characters. ^^ I get bored. Just make sure your 'apperance' of your character is very specific. It would also help if you tell me what DBZ character to sorta model your character after.

Here are the links if you want to see.... they are crappy qualities, so don't complain 'cuz I can't help the JPG formatting.

DBZ-like thing (http://groups.msn.com/newbeginningsthechaosbegins/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=28)
Dragon (http://groups.msn.com/newbeginningsthechaosbegins/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=29)

The Muffin Man
11th September 2002, 03:46 PM
Good pics Bulba! Get on MSN? ^^;;; maybe you can do a request? Everyone else cops out on me...

I sighed as I finished my training for the day. It had been a long day, and all day I had been thinking about my place in this world. As a saiyan(blarg) I was held at a higher responsibility. I couldn't just go blasting anyone in my way. My PL may have been nearly 730 from the scanners, which seemed to be all destroyed in the CC blast, but it was so long ago. Not it had to have shot up to at LEAST 750!(OOC - BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!) I looked down as I walked through the forest, and sighed. Something glimmered in the corner of my eye...I looked over to it and blinked.
"What the heck..."
I knelt down and picked it up, examining it slowly.
"Hmm...sounds like somethings inside..."I mumbled.

11th September 2002, 05:00 PM
Kal Hounder
Age: 25
Race: Namek
Sex: Male
Appearance: Wears a black version of what Vegeta wore to the WMAT (no
armour) but has made his own armour out of various binded metals (picture
Jango Fett) and wears a black mask covering his head apart from the eyes.
History: A lone warrior, he neither wanted to leave Earth to go to Namek nor
did he want to stay with the other fighters. He is aware of the Saiyans that
remained on Earth and he always keeps a watchful eye over them as well as
trying to keep ahead of them in power terms. He trains alone in Greenland
and the Arctic Circle. He has a certain distrust of Saiyans and really
doesn't like them. He does occasionaly meet with the other Saiyans though.
He did watch as the Saiyans attacked Rudy and Yoshi but didn't intervene,
secretly hoping they would die.
Attack: Special Beam Cannon, Triform, Rapid Fire Blast
Other: He has a large silver sword with a blue diamond dragon-shaped recess
down the blade. Picture Trunks's sword except bigger.


Kal Hounder


I watched at the icy stalagmite fell into two pieces. I lift up one piece and melted it, then flew it into my mouth. I needed a drink. I was still worried about my omens. I knew I was training for a higher purpose than just making sure the Saiyans don't flip. I looked down at a family of polar bears on the ice below me. Carefree, I wish I could be. But, while Earth is under-threat, even if it is passive-Saiyans, they are still a threat, and it is my duty to guard this planet. I may not be the guardian of the Earth, but I sure fight like one.

My antennae picke dup a sudden surge in power. I paused. It wasn't evil energy. It was...good energy. Nice energy. So why was I scared? I concentrated my sensors a bit more. YIKES! Yoshi was right next to it...as for Rudy, well, he was headed for it. What are those goddamed Saiyans upto now? I couldn't feel Makura though...looks like she wasn't in on this plan...but still, the Saiyan boys were still up to no good by the looks of it. I powered up and headed straight for the source of this good energy...

11th September 2002, 05:06 PM
Erm... can I still join? ^^;;;

11th September 2002, 08:34 PM
Yasu - F/Inside the Dragon ball -like sphere

Suddenly, the sphere which Yasu was captive in was suddenly picked up. UP!

Some creature has me!! Yes! If only ...
Yasu felt faint, and her soul stirred. Instantly, as Yoshi had picked up her captive sphere... it sent out a bright, brilliant flash of gold in color. The star with in it began to pulsate maddenly... as if telling everyone nearbye of it's existance.

Touch was which activated the ball... but Yasu would not be released. Not until another creature had placed it's hands upon it... for it required four hands placed upon the ball for Yasu's energy to be released.

I hope... perhaps this being knows this? Perhaps it will show it to others? Maybe others will come? I need... I just need to be released... and I need... another being..
Yasu whispered to herself, as her soul stirred even more.

THough Yasu could not detect it, the ball itself which held Yasu... sensed some other creatures nearbye. One of the creatures was coming upon the dragon ball-like sphere very fast... as if direly needing to get there. Another one... didn't come quite as fast...
Any of these energies would be useful...

Perhaps... my callings have been answered... I can only hope..

Yasu whispered...

The Muffin Man
11th September 2002, 09:09 PM
I grumbled under my breath as I put the dragon ball under my arm.
"Oh great...kids..."I mumbled. One was young and eager to get to the stream, but the one behind him looked like Rudy.
"Hey Rudy..."I called. I looked around. The ball was pulsating...but the kid wasn't setting it off, while Rudy seemed to be making it glow a bit differently. I sighed and shook my head.
"What a weird day..."I grumbled. Rudy looked the ball over and gasped.
"A Dragon Ball!? Yoshi! Lemme see that!"
He put his hands on it and tried to grab it away.
"No! Calm down, I'll give it to you when we get to your place!"
"Just give it to me now, I wanna see it!!"He protested against Yoshi. The ball was pulsing bright as we both put our hands on it. I blinked a few times and looked at it.

sorry it's short. Writers block...not in the best of moods either

12th September 2002, 09:08 PM
Yasu - F/ Being Released
<1st person>

I felt as though I were being released... as if a suddenly release of energy grasped out at my spirit and pulled me out from my prison-like sphere. Another energy... had come and set its hands upon the sphere-like ball. That being seemed to be tugging upon my sphere-like imprisonment... along with the first being which had found me. I could sense another being (the namek) was close to arriving as well..

The dragonball-like sphere suddenly began to glow a brilliant white color as the two beings (Rudy and Yoshi) tugged at the ball. Instantly, an eruption occured- not of physical proportions... but of light. An explosion of light was set careening forth. The dome-like shape of light spread out in all directions from the ball... hitting the trees and all objects with such a fierocity that it seemed they would be wiped out. STrangely.. only a huge gust of wind was the real threat, which only blew off some leaves and made all the clouds in the area move away so they were not seen. The ball had vanished instantly... and both Rudy and Yoshi had fallen back wards, but in instinct they had jumped back to their feet.

I sat upon the ground... blinking suddenly, gazing at my surroundings. I was FREE!!! I was released! Finally the glory of the sun was upon my figure and I could smell the fresh air... taste the spirits around me...

The two beings, which had freed me, took a few steps towards me in awe. I blinked, stretching my dainty legs and long, elegant tail a bit. Wiggling my hilariously large ears, I gazed at them slightly... the star upon my forehead glowing with an orangeish glow... but then slowly dying back to its normal dragonball-like color. They stared at me... I blinked, looking to both of them, while standing upon the ground.


They still stared... either they were shocked, or they didn't understand the universal language of English. Perhaps they were abnormalties?

Hola!!! Bonjour?! Hai! Ho-

"We understand!" The one creature said, the one with the sparklings blue eyes and sky-coated hair. The other one instantly chimed in,
"Yeah!" I instantly recognized their voice tone... and I didn't even want to know if they both had tails.

Your Saiyans! I suddenly said, not with a surprised tone... but more of a femine-matter-of-fact tone. Instantly my almost transparent, crimson wings began to flap rapidly back and forth. They flew back and forth so quickly that to any eye... they would just see a small blur.

I am Yasuminatokurathysnesticstis... -
The one who did not have blue hair instantly looked disgruntled, as he spoke.

I am Yasuminato-
" Can we just call you... Yasu or some thing? Its easier to say.." The one with blue eyes said, still looking kind of shocked. I blinked a bit, flying over to him, around his head with my ears perked forward in a curious manner.
Well... sure, I suppose if it is easier for your kind to speak, go ahead.

(I'll let either Rudy or Mike continue... do whatever. Ask Yasu questions and u can use her history to have her answer them or whatever... ^^; You can have conflicts with the Namek too! Ooooo... conflicts! Oh- and if you want, you can know a little about the Legend of Yasu's Dragonball-like sphere... because it does happen to be one. ^^; Do whatever.)

12th September 2002, 09:51 PM
JT said I could have my wittle Namek charry... ^^;;
Hope no one minds..

Name: Idah (Dun call 'em Idaho either!!!)
Age: Unknown... he is Dende's age during the Frieza saga.
Race: Namek!!
Sex: He is a Genderless Green d00d j00 f00!
Appearance: JUST like Dende... with the same clothing and everything. There is only a minor detail. His eyes are a more purplish-color, with a hint of swirling light blue. Also, you know how Dende wears a white robe underneath the red-like robish thing on his body? Well Idah wears the same white underneath robe, but he wears a black robe over it other then a red one. ^^; He's a cuuutie!
History: Idah is one of the few remaining decendants of Dende. He doesn't currently have any connections with the dragonballs however... one of his elders does, and he hasn't died yet! XD His elders have tried to shelter him from such attacks from the Saiyan army, but have failed a bit to do so. His old village was attacked, for they were positioned by the old Capsule Corp.’s remains. Everyone was killed… except for the last elder who holds the keys of the dragonballs and Idah himself (because he carried Idah to saftey.) In a few short years, Idah learned many new minor healing techniques and how to fly at a surprisingly fast rate for a Namek of his age. Despite the Namek elder’s attempts to make Idah a calm, unadventure-filled Namekian, Idah often wishes to help the humans and good Saiyans against the other Saiyan Empire.
Attacks: He doesn’t have attacks currently… he isn’t a fighter really. He only is training currently to heal minor injuries on a regular basis. Though as the RPG goes on… he’ll techniques will improve. Because desperate times call for desperate measures!
Other: ^^ He’s kyuute!

Idah – Namekian/Currently wandering around in a forest… semi-close to Rudy and Yoshi

Idah walked along the forest floor, gazing about at all the plants which surrounded him. He was secretly thankful for the bountiful amount of herbs and other medicine plants… for most forests didn’t harvest so many at this year or at this time in the universe. Browsing slightly, Idah suddenly smiled brightly with a big, cute grin as he bent down and plucked a plant from its spot on the ground. It had four large leaves… and it’s green color was amazingly bright.
“Here it is!”
He exclaimed, immediately shoving it into his pocket as he prepared to return to try to duplicate the effects which plants did upon people and Nameks. Humming softly to himself, his mind raced about madly..
The earth was in grave danger… with all these new Saiyan attacks… the poor humans and his kind were being targets for huge attacks. For some reasons… the Saiyans have been consumed by greed and lust for power… Idah just didn’t understand why the sudden change.
I only hope… well,that there is hope left to defend ourselves and defeat or change them..
Idah sighed, as he slowly continued to trudge along the path. Suddenly however, his antenna’s wiggled slightly, as he took notice of a rapid swirl of light blind him temporarily, and then a gust of wind blw against his face. His eyes widened… as he sweatdropped.
“Whah-what was that?!”
He felt around with his mind… nad instantly picked up signatures. A Namek being… flying very fast towards a location… where he could sense two … Saiyans and… some thing else he could not explain.
Feeling rather bewildered.. Idah slowly thought.
What should I do… ? Perhaps..
Idah suddenly picked up his pace as he prepared to spy one whatever was occuring around this new signature…

Master Rudy
12th September 2002, 10:23 PM
OOC-Well I'm not really too sure of what to post yet so I'm just gonna wait until Kalah, Mike or PK posts and see where things go from there or if no ones posted by the time I'm ready to do so I'll just come back and edit this ^_~

13th September 2002, 12:27 PM
Kal Hounder - Namek

I felt the good power I felt become more open. I know this creature is (most likely) no danger to the fair planet, but those Saiyans...what are they up to? Maybe I should be more trusting of our Saiyan neighbours...maybe I should stop thinking like that! I finally saw the two Saiyans and then managed to see the strange creature. I stopped and began listening, using my sensitive hearing...

So, what are you, exactly?

I don't know...I'm the only one of my kind left...I think...

I then flew down.

"Oh, great, its Kal," Yoshi said.

"Kal? The Namek?"

"Yeah, he doesn't trust us, but we all protect this planet."

(Those were the bits I wasn't supposed to hear)

I landed.

"Hi Kal!" Rudy said, trying to smile. I continued with my stern face and looked at the strange creature. Of course, I really shouldn't say that...because I'm green.
"Little one, what's your name?" I asked.
"Yasuminatokurathysnesticstis...if you can't pronounce it, these Saiyans have dubbed me Yasu..."
I smiled.
"So, Yasuminatokurathysnesticstis, how come you know so much about the universe? How come you knew I was a Namek and my...comrades were Saiyans?"
I grinned as the Saiyans's jaw dropped. The Namek tongue handle simple tongue-twisters with ease.

13th September 2002, 03:23 PM
<1st persona!! wooo!>

Yasu - F/Currently with Kal, Rudy and Yoshi

I blinked at the Namek, and gingerly gave a smile. I flew over to him, and swirled around his head while looking him over.. he looked to be very stern... and I could only wonder what he was thinking.

I... I do not really understand myself. I simply know... things... well, its like amnesia I suppose. I know things about the universe from tiny microorganisms to the legends which creatures around us have come to believe in. Yet... I do not know much about myself. I know that... that I have a desire to help and aid, that I am in a legend that few Earthlings or creatures remember anymore.. but, I do not know much else about myself.

I sighed, as the others fumbled...
Besides, I knew they were Saiyans by their voice tone... since their stature is rather similar to humans, their voice tone gives them away however. And... well, Nameks are rather easy to decifer.
I grinned softly, as Kal chuckled a bit.

*I'll add mor elater tonight... g2g!*

Outlaw JT
13th September 2002, 04:08 PM

As they approached the ruins of Capsule Corp Garen looked at his unit warily. Six elite saiyan warriors seemed a bit much to accompany him given the simplicity of their objectives. It was little more than a reconaissance mission so seven warriors was almost excessive.
Earth's armies were gathering offworld to prepare for the coming war so there would be very little resistance on the planet. To his knowledge there was no human warrior that could match a saiyan elite in singular combat and barely a handful of saiyans loyal to earth on this soaked dustball of a planet. In his opinion three warriors would have sufficed as company.
"Fan out and start picking through the debris. Rogantis outlined very clearly what we must find," Garen ordered confidently.
Although he was far from one of the guys to saiyan warriors he was respected among them. Aside from the generals, who stood mountains above everyone, few saiyan warriors could best him and those that could were all among the elite. All a much higher rank in the saiyan army than himself as well. The warriors with him were called elite but Garen knew better. They were better than the average foot soldier but they paled next to true elite.
"Careful!" Garen shouted as one of the warriors used a ki blast to loosen some rubble. "If those diagrams are destroyed Rogantis will not take our report well you fools!"
The saiyan warriors halted for a moment before continuing with their search. For whatever reason they were here looking for blueprints, diagrams, writings of technology from Capsule Corp's past that had been long forgotten by all, even the owners themselves. Garen did not know what purpose these lost technologies served but it was not his place to question their importance.
This was not his only mission on earth today though. He was also supposed to determine if there were any warriors worthy of true combat. This is the objective that held Garen's interest.
As the warriors continued to scan through the ruins of CC Garen's senses started to tingle. Somewhere nearby a few signatures were starting to escalate. Power levels were rising as if to fight each other but they were not focused towards him and the saiyan elite he travelled with. How odd.....
"Continue the search. When you are done here proceed to point beta and commence a search there as well for anything we might claim for our general!" Garen said firmly, turning his attention slowly towards the rising power levels. "I will rejoin you there."
Without further hesitation Garen took to the air, heading with blinding speed towards a nearby forest. Three powers were there focusing on something else......something both powerful and weak. Something impossible for him to decipher.
As he neared he could understand what he sensed. Two of them were preparing to defend themselves from the third and the third was doing the same. It seemed no one was intent on attacking but they did not trust each other. It was obvious why as he entered the clearing they were in.
He came upon two saiyans and a namek. The distrust must be quite inherent between them given current events. Quickly all three turned to face him as he landed not far from them.
"What the.....who are you?" one of the saiyans asked hesitantly.
"hmph," Garen chuckled to himself. "So you are the saiyans earth has to offer in its defense?"
"Again.....who are you?" the saiyan persisted, ignoring his comment for the moment.
"I am Garen. And who might you be?" Garen replied coldly, keeping his focus on the saiyan farthest from him.
"I'm Yoshi and this is Rudy Summers," the saiyan answered hesitantly.
"Summers....?" Garen said slowly, trying to recall something. "Ah.....yes. The former owners of Capsule Corp. I remember reading the reports on that attack before leaving Vegetta. The general thought it might prove useful when I arrived on this quaint little planet. I'm afraid I do not recall reading of your name though."
"What did you just....." Rudy spoke up suddenly, anger rising somewhat.
"Do not take my presence personally. I was not present at the attack on your home saiyan. However, Rogantis might order me to kill you knowing you've survived. In any case, your power levels intrigued me. I am here to determine if any threat remained on earth," Garen said, a smile broadening on his face. "I suppose that means I must challenge you. Lets see what the saiyans of earth can do!"
With that Garen launched at Rudy, swiftly landing his punch on Rudy's jaw. Yoshi reacted quickly and charged at Garen, fist raised. Garen brought his left arm up to deflect the attack while preparing to shift away from the namek who also wished to join in the fight.
His blood began to boil with excitement. None of their power levels were high enough to defeat him but combined they might offer quite a fight. Garen lived for the fight and he had found one. He only hoped they would offer enough resistance for him to report back. It would be horribly disappointing if he could defeat all three of them without serious effort.

(OOC: remember that Garen is a villain right now and villains are always stronger at the beginning)

13th September 2002, 05:08 PM
Kal Hounder

What the...a Changeling! He seemed more intrigued with the Saiyans than me...the fool. Yoshi and Rudy seemed to be holding their own, but eventually the changeling would win...and then I was next. Ironic...I was reluctant to save him when he was a child, yet he now holds my life, and I need to help him. Damn irony, it always sneaks up on me!

"Rudy, Yoshi, heads up!" I yelled and threw a couple of ki balls at Garen and quickly flew around him as Rudy and Yoshi quickly ducked out of the way. He dodged them with relative ease but that wasn't my main aim...

"Damn, Namek! Wait until..." he began but I whizzed behind him while he was distracted by my light show.

"Don't even finish that sentence!" I said, appearing behind him. He turned around and I axe-handled him head.


Damn, it was like punching a rock! However, I felt I caused some damage to him, but not enough. I quickly grabbed my sword and sliced...

I felt it connect with something, and then I looked in horror. I had only managed to get the tip of one of his fingernails. Garen smiled, grabbed my sword and punched me down. I hit the ground, hard. He then dropped my sword down, barely missing my head. I looked up as he looked down on me, mocking me. The Saiyans then double-teamed him. Hold in there, I'll be right up...

I then sat up and began preparing for the tri-form technique...

Ultimate Charizard
13th September 2002, 07:30 PM
Name: Gavin Wynder
Age: 19
Race: Human ( i wanted to be my freak)
Sex: Male
Appearance: 6ft tall, Brown hair blue eyes. Sort of like Teen Gohan with a
different face. Wears Black T-Shirt, Blue jeans and Black fingerless gloves.
History: Was raised and taught by his Grandfather as he was orphaned at an
early age. Learend to fight but chose not to involve himself in meaningless
Attacks: Kamehameha, Ki Grenade(own), and Kamesenko(own)
Other: Has tried to build up his Ki for speed and Attacks but physical
strength has suffered.


I watched as the battle continued. I had been attracted by power levels raising in this area. The trio were having particular trouble with this lone changeling. Not surprising really after hearing the tales of others of their kind.
Keeping my power level hidden was an easy enough task, it wasnt anything remarkable in the first place so concealing myself wasnt a problem, which allowed myself to get a closer look through the trees.
After a small scuffle, the Namek broke away and began powering up some sort of attack. Before my eyes he multiplied and there were 3 Nameks where one had been. An impressive technique.
"Impressive indeed" i muttered to myself. "But foolish" As i watched my judgement was proved correct. Although the Triform can be used to confuse and overwhelm weaker opponents it still reduces the power level of the user. It wont create 3 exact copies, only 3 copies with one third of the Users power level. against a foe as powefull as this changeling it was reckless and a waste of energy.

It didnt take long for the Namek to be 'returned' to his single form and after a while i decided to step in.
The one Saiyan, Rudy i believe had been caught by a particularly clever punch which sent him reeling and as the Changeling powered up a Ki blast to finish him i decided i couldnt wait any longer.
Raising my arms above my head i created a ball of energy.
Splitting the ball in two i stretched my arms out to each side of me, a ball in each hand.
Once fully charged i whipped both arms forward and together, elongating the two balls into blades of KI and as soon as they met each other in the middle they rushed forward(Think Guiles Sonic boom).

I watched as the deadly blade rushed forward, slicing neatly through trees which seemed to stay in place for a few seconds before falling, as if not realising they had been cut. It emerged into the clearing where the combatants were fighting, headed straight for the changeling who, preoccupied with trying to destroy rudy had not yet seen it coming.

Nothing much but u know im here. for those who dont know the Kamasenko is my own Destructo disk, just stronger.

Outlaw JT
13th September 2002, 08:31 PM

The changeling heard the wind rush towards him and reacted swiftly. He raised his hand sideways and a ball of ki energy launched into the branches. he could hear it bounce off something with an explosive thud and a second later a diverted yellowish blade-like ball of energy sailed harmlessly overhead.
"It is cowardly to strike out from the shadows stranger," Garen shouted, sidestepping Yoshi as he tried to kick him. "I am outnumbered. Are you afraid to face me?"
That achieved the desired effect and another form burst out from the trees. It had no tail so Garen guessed it to be a human. The humans power level had not gone up yet but it took a defensive stance.
Until it powered up the human was of no interest to Garen though. So, he turned his focus back to the two saiyans and the namek. They were the focus of this encounter.
Garen launched towards the namek. It rolled to the side in time to avoid his fist but was met with Garen's tail as he shifted his weight and swung sideways. In the same motion he kicked the saiyan named Rudy in the gut. Focusing on the two attacks though left him just distracted enough for Yoshi to move in and land a solid punch to his jaw.
Garen backstepped and then quickly leapt into the air over Yoshi's assault. Quickly he thursted back downwards to kick Yoshi in the back of the head, sending him stumbling forward. Before he could continue though he had to take the defensive as both the namek and the saiyan named Rudy attacked him from both sides. They were faster than he expected. It took his full concentration to handily deflect all their advances. The two were relentless though and left him no opening to counter.
His opening came when the human finally powered up and launched into the fray. With careful grace his tail snaked out and grabbed the namek by the ankle. In a powerful motion he swung his body around, sending the namek flying towards the human. The two met halfway and fell to the ground with a thud. Garen then turned and launched his assault on Rudy.
Speed was more important than power for the moment so he lashed out with lightning strikes. Rudy still managed to deflect a few but most were getting through to cause minor bits of damage.
Garen continued pushing Rudy back. it went on for nearly three seconds. At that point though Yoshi had recovered and sent a ki ball flying at Garen. It managed to hit his side and push him away from Rudy. Another ki ball flew towards him but this one Garen deflected towards the namek and human who were also back on their feet now. They both dodged it but were lightly scorched from the resulting explosion as it hit the ground where they had just been.
"This is not your best," Garen said quietly, more to himself than his opponents.
It was clear he held the advantage but he could sense something deeper in these four warriors. They had untapped potential somewhere inside. The four regrouped with this sudden pause and readied themselves together to face him.
They seemed quite determined and for the first time were facing him as a united front. Maybe he would find a challenge afterall. He floated to the ground and took a fighting stance opposite them.
"What are your names?" he asked calmly while looking towards the human and the namek.
"Kal Hounder," the namek replied evenly.
"Gav," the human said abruptly.
"It will be a pleasure to fight the four of you," Garen said, smiling coolly at them.
As soon as he finished his sentence the four of them launched at him together. As a unified force, Garen had to admit they were able to keep him on the defensive. He dodged, weaved, and deflected blows from all four with moderate effort but was left no chances to go on the attack. He would have to wait till one of them became cocky.

Master Rudy
13th September 2002, 11:34 PM
Rudy Summers
For a few moments I stepped back a bit and out of the way to catch my breath and put my mind into overdrive and try to figure this all out. As I wiped away a tiny bit of blood from my mouth I couldn't help but think that this wasn't going to be a normal day. With the speed at which things were happening there was no telling just what would be next. First we had the whole incident with releasing Yasu. It was quite shocking and very unexpected but then from what seemed out of nowhere Kal showed up. It was true that he was helping us out here but I know of his distrust among Saiyans so there is no telling if he will turn against us once this is over with. Next up is the Changeling. I don't think his intentions are to kill us because it seems like he's holding back a bit and testing us. Chances are it's to see if we pose a threat but in any case my life might soon be in danger again once the Saiyan army learns I had survived that night. With my current power level there is no way I can pose much of a threat but I knew if they were smart they would try to take care of things before I could cause any problems for them. Finally we had a human jump in and help us out. It seems his intentions are good but now I have the feeling this poor guy managed to involve himself in something much bigger.

By this point Yoshi had also backed off a bit and was also catching his breath. He took one quick look at me and said "Talk about your unexpected surprises. You thinking what I'm thinking?" All I did was nod my head and reply "If your thinking this is going to be a long day then I'm just going to go ahead and say your right." Suddenly I saw a chance to strike. At the moment the Changeling had his back to us and wasn't paying that much attention since he was currently focused on Kal and the human. Not wanting to miss out on a chance to possibly do a little damage to this guy I raised my hands above my head and quickly charged up a Masenko. However before I even had the chance to release it the Changeling quickly turned around and fired a small blast at me. With no time to react at all I took it full force and was sent flying into a tree. As the wind was knocked out of me he just chuckled for a moment and then said "Did you honestly think you could catch me off guard like that?" As I got to my feet ready to continue this fight I couldn't help but think about the last thing I had said to Yoshi. This was really shaping up to be a long and tiring day......

I know that it's not the greatest post in the world but I kinda had somewhat of a long day myself. Hopefully I can come up with something better over the weekend

14th September 2002, 12:42 PM
Yaaay! Them Fight'n words! *ish too happy/tired to really make sense* Errrm... yah.
I'm gonna post Yasu and Idah's post together.

Yasu - F/Currently Watching Eventful fight

As soon it seemed, that Yasu had answered the Namek's question, another creature had thrusted itself onto the scene- but for a far different purpose. Yasu instantly recognized the creature as a Changling...
Yasu also recognized the power levels of this Changling... and how currently, it far surpassed the two Saiyans and Namek's. As the fight started... Yasu madly flapped her wings and easily flew too the side of the fight. Landing upon a branch of a tree on the outter edges of teh forest, she laid down upon the branch and watched curiously.
The Changling had not spotted her so far... and even if he had, he probably would have not taken interest in her small form. This gave her ease... for now.

She had never liked evil... and if anything was as true as the legends, evil would never use power for good.

Though, as she watched the battle insue... she some how began to think that perhaps, this 'evil' which she had deemed to be the CHangling, might not be fully evil. She fully believed that all creatures had some good inside... it was only up to fate and themselves, whether that good had any chance to grow or not. For now... however, the good was not apparant at all. A human had joined... one who showed great promise in her eyes, but yet in the same way was getting himself into a great mess.

I just came out... able to move freely in a world I know more about then I thought I did... and I can already see that war and hate is evident still. Now... with this, I can see why my soul had desired to be released more then ever now...

Yasu could sense that these four here, would need her... or at least, she could aid them if not greatly... then a little bit to at least make some help. She hightly doubted this 'villian' right now would kill them... for clearly, if he had wanted to do so... he probably would have done it by now... or caused more pain then he was putting out.
He seems more defensive...

Suddenly however, Yasu's ears twitched.
A rustling...
Yasu's wide eyes scanned below, and then instantly stopped upon a small creature below her... hiding behind a bush, watching the fight as she did from a tree.
A Namek... a young Namek..
She thought, and instantly felt a great desire to warn this poor young one, not to get caught. Standing up upon all her four, and stretching herself out quickly, she spurred her wings and flew down to him.


Idah leapt back a bit, horrified and yet bewildered to see a strange... cat-like being, with huge ears, a long gentle tail and ... wings?! It was there... before him, sitting there looking small, and harmless... yet still, he had never seen anything like it.

Young one... watch yourself.

The creature spoke, smiling softly... Idah relaxed, he didn't think this creature was harmful- he could sense the warmth and good inside of it. Walking up to the creature, he smiled. Both of them were still behind the small bush which seperated them from the sights of the fight... but explosions, grunts, words and yells could be heard still. Idah had just been walking to see teh Saiyans and the Namek he sensed... but once he arrived, a horrible creature had arrived... and attacked them.

Idah bent down to the creature- even though he himself was very small because of his age, it was comforting to see such a harmless-looking creature be smaller then him.
" What... what are you?" He whispered, so not to be heard.

I am Yasuminatokurathysnesticstis... that is my name- but you, young one... may call me Yasu.

Idah blinked a bit, and then nodded... Both of them, as if having answered all the questions, peered back through the bush to see one of the Saiyans get thrusted to the ground in a show of cloudy dirt.

"What... what is that thing?" Idah whispered, his voice child-like and full of innocence... yet, if listened to closely- for Yasu tha twas, she could tell a greater being inside of his small frame.
THat is called a Changling, he goes by the name of Garen. Be warned though, Young One, if he spots us... you must stay out of his way.

Idah shivered, and Yasu could sense him fearing of being caught.
"What will you do?" He whispered, his voice barely audible...
Do not worry about I. I will be helping those who desire my aid... and if you young one, need aid... I will be there try to help you as I can.
Idah nodded slowly, as Yasu slowly hovered in the air above Idah's head... they watched the fight insue...

Idah was watching the NAmek, knowing his name... Kal. Idah had seen Kal from time to time... for most Namek's, new everyone else. It was just... that way. Idah also watched as a human tried to aid the Saiyans... who seemed to be a primary target most of the time. Idah was terrified... he thought the Changling was going to kill them... kill them all...

Yasu watched, with a more nuetral thinking process. She cared for all creatures... and did not wish destruction unless it was needed to be. Yet... she watched, intrested in how the outcome was going to upturn... or rather, how it was going to end.

Outlaw JT
14th September 2002, 01:06 PM

As the fight progressed Garen's four opponents slowly got spread out around him. The farther they got from each other the more openings he had and he could finally press an attack. With careful precision his tail shot out to jab one of the saiyan square in the face. it swung upwards and then back down, slamming the saiyan into the ground.
Garen then shifted to the side as the namek charged, letting him slide past him. Quickly he grabbed the nameks arm and twisted, throwing him into the other saiyan. Garen turned to face the human and charged at him.
The first couple blows were deflected handily but it did not take long for Garen to get past the humans defense one on one. As he managed to push both the humans arms upward he tackled him, slamming hard into the humans gut with his shoulder. He bulldozed him right into the first saiyan who was struggling to get to his feet.
Before any of them could get back up this time Garen floated up above them and extended his arms as if to halt them. He moved to one side until he was facing all four again.
"I suggest you get some rest warriors. I have some other business to attend to," Garen said softly.
Without hesitation he turned away from the four who were now just getting back to their feet and flew away. He did not get far before his senses told him to stop. Something was directly below him. Cautiously he floated down until he was within feet of whatever he was sensing.
"You may come out. I will not attack those that cannot defend themselves," Garen said calmly.
Slowly two forms emerged from the bushes at his feet. A young namek and a creature he had never seen before. A strange creature that had no power and yet held something even more dangerous inside. It was a hard feeling to describe.
"Interesting," Garen said quietly. "I wonder if you might be the fountain of knowledge we seek little feline."
The namek and the strange cat-like creature said nothing. Garen examined them for a moment but eventually floated back up and away. It had been an eventful enough day thus far. He must check Capsule Corp again to make sure his saiyan comrades had not missed anything, then he must rejoin them at Point Beta. He would have much to report when they returned to Vegetta.

14th September 2002, 01:32 PM
Idah - Namek - Cowering with Yasu nearbye.

I froze when that Changling had stood over me. It was terrifying... such a vile creature, frothing with power and lust for more of it... had let me live.
All though... perhaps he had some set of morals, because he said he wouldn't attack those who were defenseless- and yet, I've seen his own kind destroy buildings..
Like my village.. I thought.
He had looked at the little creature called Yasu, and called her, "the fountain of knowledge". Why? Did this creature hold some thing that I did not know it possessed?
"Y-yasu..." I managed to choke out, after the Changling had left... but I was still shivering madly.
"-w-why did he c-call you the, 'f-fountain of knnowl-ledge?"

Yasu's expression made me blink... she looked at me... as if she was very worried... but yet, no fear was in her expression at all.
Because... some how he must have sensed knowledge with in me. I know things Young One... know things even I, at the time... never knew I had known.

I nodded, and then looked at the ones who had fought the one named, 'Garen.'
Let us go to them Young One..
Slowly... I followed Yasu, who this time had landed upon the ground on her four dainty feet and was madly dashing through the ground. She was very fast... and I could not keep up with her. Yet... I knew where she was going.

Soon, I stopped at the spot where Yasu sat upon the ground... near the outside edgeof the circle where the two Saiyans, one human, and Kal were. They seemed angry at being outdone... and yet, worried at teh same time.
"He... he was just testing us.." one of the Saiyans spoke, the one with blue hair. He wiped his mouth which had a trace of blood on it, and seemed a bit bitter about it.
" He was... powerful... "

Yasu though,I expected to speak- to tell them the things Garen had said. But she did not... she just sat there, like a tiny little creature simply abserving the matter at hand. I walked up to her side and was suddenly surprised to hear Kal's voice.

" Idah? Is that- IDAH!"
Idah cowered a bit, looking at Kal who had a stern face... even now, as he looked defeated and beaten.
"What are you doing here?!"

I blanked out... how would i respond? Yasu looked at me, and suddenly I heard her whisper...
Tell the truth.

"I-I... I was out trying to find a certain herb in the forest.."
I reached into my pocket and pulled out the great, four-leaved herb.
"I-I was g-going to study it so-so I could m-mimic it's h-healing pr-properties so I could get better at ..it... but then I sensed two Saiyans..."
I paused...
".. and you, so I walked over to see what you guys were up to. I met Yasu here... and, well... I watched you guys fight and-"

I broke it off, I didn't need to remind themof their defeat. Yasu smiled and suddenly took flight, and landed inbetween the blue eyed Saiyan and the human who also had fought.

Ultimate Charizard
14th September 2002, 02:18 PM
i dont have time to post tonight but for anyone that does post keep in mind my charachter doesnt know u guys, just decided to help. Hed most likely be stood off to one side thinking.

Master Rudy
14th September 2002, 07:21 PM
Rudy Summers
For a few moments I was once again deep in thought about this whole situation. Something just didn't seem right. Before leaving us the Changeling talked about taking care of business. Hearing that caught my attention and I didn't like it one bit. Just what kind of business was he talking about? Looking over at Yoshi I said "You feel like taking a little trip?" From the look on his face this somewhat worried him. "A trip? Please tell me your not planning on going after that guy." Without saying yes or no I asked "Are you worried? I just want to see what's going on before we find out the hard way." While his tone of voice didn't give it away I knew Yoshi didn't want to meet up with that Changeling again. "I don't think I need to remind you how bad that fight we had just went. He was only toying with us there. I would hate to see what he does if you go after him and piss him off." With a bit of a chuckle I said "That's why I'm going to make sure he doesn't see me. If you want to stay behind that's fine with me. I'll just go alone if that's the case." Looking at everyone else there I said "If any of you feel like coming you better decide now. I will go alone if I have to but I could use the help in case things turn sour." With that I took off into the air in the direction the Changeling had headed. I had to admit this kind of attitude wasn't normal for me and I was being a bit cocky and acting somewhat like my ancestor Vegeta. However I was just nothing more than stressed out and all I really wanted were some answers. After having the day start off like this the last thing we needed were more surprises......

14th September 2002, 08:03 PM
Yasu -F

I watched as teh Saiyan who I had heard was named Rudy flew off. Everyone paused a bit...
Well... I was released by you all... and I feel I need to go with him- he will need my knowledge more then you need if yous tay here..
WIth that, I hovered in the air,and took off... with in a blur. Despite myl ack of power... which I easily sensed in myself, I knew I could catch up to him...
I soon had him in my sights- he wasn't going full speed, since I doubted the other Changling named Garen wasn't really high-tailing it that much either. Catching up to him, I quietly spoke just above teh roaring wind...
I will join you Rudy!
He looked at me, and nodded... he probably had no idea how I could help him... or doubted that I could help at all. bUt... perhaps the fact of knowing I was there... perhaps that comforted him enough.

Idah - M/Namek

I watched in horror as Rudy and Yasu flew off.
"Its suicide!" I cried, sweatdropping as I thought of what that Changling could do to them both.
"I... I will go too!" I caught myself saying,a nd was shocked at my own words.
"No Idah- your just a child! There is nothing you can do to help!" Kal growled, looking at me with a look that told me he would see to it I would not go. Looking at him with saddnened eyes... I spoke again.
"I WILL go Kal! Please? I might not be able to fight... but I do have some minor healing abilities that could be useful!"
"Idah I don't think-"
"Please Kal? I know we have no obligations to help the Saiyans... but... I believe if we don't help that Saiyan and Yasu... some thing... horrible could happen. We need everyone who is against the Saiyan Army to defeat them! No one can do it alone!"

Kal paused, along with the human who seemed to be thinking to himself... and the other Saiyan seemed to nod.

Kuro Espeon
15th September 2002, 01:16 PM
Hello all! Sorry I'm late! I didn't see that the new board was up until this morning.

Name: Makura (I'm doing it because you all are doing it and...I'm too lazy to think of something else...)
Age: 22
Race: Saiya-jin (don't worry, this spot was reserved for me!)
Sex: unknown (haha! J/K!) Female
Appearance: (I'm making it a little different). Shoulder-length brown hair and emerald green eyes that are narrow and cold. About 5'6 in height. Has a tail (duh!) that she keeps wrapped around her waist. Wears all black. This includes a halter top, semi-tight knee-length skirt , knee-high boots (You can only see her KNEES! Sorry boys.), a big black cloak and sunglasses.
History: Not much is known about her past. It's so shrouded even SHE doesn't know what it is! She can't remember anything about herself before the beginning of the war. But for some reason she knows how to fight (really well) and enjoys using her talent. The only thing she can remember is her name and that she is a Saiya-jin. She became a war mercenary/bounty hunter, taking on pretty much any job that pays well enough, no matter what side is employing her. She travels around waiting for job offers and searching for clues about her past. (Can you tell that I'm lazy?)
Abilities: Extreme Agility and speed (not an attack, just a skill)
Kuro Kakumei (Black Revolution) - charge ki attack using the fear and anger of the opponent as it's base.
Kamehameha - Come on...you all know what this is.
Saku-yugare (Last Nightfall) - Shadow attack. Mysterious power.
Other: Is very apathetic. Couldn't care less about anyone or anything except finding out who she is.

It was dark outside. Of course, it was dark on the the planet Nekron because it is a planet without a sun. There was no daytime. Just a long, cold, endless night. (Maybe considered the exact opposite of the planet Namek, which has constant daylight.) It's only light source, which wasn't much anyway, was a small star that was too far away to be considered a sun.
I sighed heavily and wrapped my cloak around me tightly, trying to fight back the biting cold, as I walked through the rubble of what used to be a town. I shook my head. Why anyone would WANT to live on this planet was beyond me, much less why there would be a fight over it. But nevertheless, there had been a battle here recently. An army of changlings had attacked the inhabitants without warning, and had comepleatly wiped them out. Or at least...it looked that way seeing as there was not a single soul around.
"Man..." I said aloud, kicking at a peice of debris, "This place is dead. Not that it wasn't already." I picked up the chuck of debris, which appeared like it used to be part of a house, and turned it over and over in my hands. "Why the changlings attacked a place like this is a mystery to me. What would they want with a stupid frozen rock like Nekron?"
I paused for a moment then threw the chuck of rock over my shoulder nonchalantly. "Eh," I shrugged, "Oh well. It's not MY problem."
I continued to look around, but after several more minutes, I began to wonder why I had even come down here in the first place. You'd think the Nekronians would have something of value, but if they did it certainly wasn't here. I shook my head again and decided to head back to my ship. But as I turned around to go back, I saw a small shimmer out of the corner of my eye. I stopped in my tracks and looked over to the location of the glint. it seemed to be coming from underneath a small pile of rubble. I narrowed my eyes in curiousity and walked over to it. I knealt down next to the pile and slowly began to move the pieces away. Before long I had uncovered a small, glowing orange orb that was about the size of my hand. On the orb there were three stars arranged in a triangle. I raised one eyebrow.
"A dragonball?" I said with a hint of surprise. I picked up the ball and examined it. "Hmmm...Maybe THIS is what the changlings were looking for...strange that they didn't find it." How a dragonball got to be on this ice cube was beyond me, and the fact that the changling army didn't find it was strange as well. But frankly, I didn't care. I grinned slyly. "No matter. It's mine now. I'm sure it'll fetch a good price," I said, placing the dragonball underneath my cloak. I stood up and returned to my ship. I was glad to take refuge from the cold and settled into the pilot seat of my one-person spaceship. After taking off I turned my attention towards my navigation computer and set the suto pilot to my next destination. The planet Earth.

15th September 2002, 03:58 PM
Yeesh, sorry I'm late guys! I finally came up with a feasible character. I won't ask for a Saiyan spot, as that would be unfair to the other RPGers. So, I altered him to fit Namekian-ish. I'll also need you guys to help me get up to speed on the events that have occurred so far. For now I'll have my character start off somewhere meditating in a waterfall ;D.

Name: Hamma (Whoever can spot the reference here gets a cookie.)
Age: Shouldn't a Namekian be older? Oh well, I'll say 25 =\
Race: Namek
Sex: Genderless Gastropod (props to Jarrod for introducing me to this neat word)
Appearance: They all look the same. He's alot like Piccollo, only slightly larger in size. Oh yeah, he's GREEN.
History: He has no history. (aka I have to think of some plausible BS. Get back to this later.) He's a descendant of Nail's DNA within Piccoro (hint hint)
Attacks: I'll just use the ones from Kabuli. Hamma has the Makankosappo, Lunar Flare (no relation to the Solar Flare. This attack deals some heavy damage), and the Tetra Disaster (for those who weren't in VG, this attack is a massive 4-element bomb, requires similar preparation to the Spirit Bomb). NOTE: Tetra Disaster will be his ultimate attack and will NOT be learned until later in the series (to avoid any "omg powerRPer wtf" controversy). Lunar Flare will also not be used much, at least until he's stronger.
Other: did I mention he's GREEN?

Ultimate Charizard
15th September 2002, 04:01 PM
#1 Hamma - Nail

#2 Not much has happened, its only page 2, wont take u a minuite to catch up

15th September 2002, 05:15 PM
Yo, Bear! Where you been, my dude?!

*high-fives the Bearmeister*

Anyway, a Kal post.

By the way Bear, reckon your Namek could do a double-act with mine and...well...become the KNC?

(the Kicking Namek Crew)

Include Kal in your history if you want. Since all Nameks of the same age are usually from the same generation because they are all born from big fatty, or the Eldest Namek, call him your brother or best friend or something, I dunno, include him in your history as long as it doesn't muck mine up.


Kal Hounder (Namek/currently being abused by other RPers when HPK isn't around :) )

I thought about it, then looked at where Rudy flew. Damn Saiyans...never could resist a fight. I wiped the blood from my mouth and walked over to where my sword lay and picked it up. I put it back in the holster on my back and had my back to the group.
"I am really not fond of you going...Garen sounds honorable, but there is no such thing as an honorable Changeling. But I can't stop you, but I'm not as foolish as Rudy. Flying puts out too much energy and he'll be spotted for sure. It is best for us to take the ground alternative...or..."
I then used my ears to pick up the sounds of rushing water. I smiled.
"Anyone fancy a swim?" I asked. They all pondered.
"Hey, I hear a waterfall too!" Idah said.
"Water should be able to mask our energies. Well, I prefer my oppenent to NOT know where I am."
And with that I burned off and straight into the river. I increased my power to effectively create a ki heat shield around me to stop myself from getting wet and to prolong how long I could stay underwater...

Master Rudy
15th September 2002, 09:02 PM
Rudy Summers
After flying for a few minutes I could sense eight power signatures ahead. While it might have already been too late I had decided to touch down and lower my power. If I could sense whoever was with this Changeling then there was a good chance that they could sense me as well. I quickly looked around the area to see if I could figure out where I was. Up ahead was the end of a cliff and except for a nearby river that came from the direction of the forest we were in there was nothing here. Suddenly I knew where this group I was tracking was at. "This just keeps on getting better and better" I said out loud. Yasu seemed a bit confused and asked What do you mean? Looking at her I said "Take a look over that cliff." As soon as she caught view of what was up ahead I heard her gasp. What happened to this place! she asked me with a tone of shock. Looking away from the direction she was in so I wouldn't have to see it for myself I said "That's what is left of West City. A little over two years ago a major battle took place there." I didn't say anything else but I was sure the way I was acting gave something away to her because the next thing Yasu asked me was You were there weren't you? Without facing her I brought a hand up to wipe away a tear and said "It's not something I enjoy talking about. As much as I would like to try and forget what happened there I see images of it every night."

In an attempt to change the subject I tried to read each of the power signatures that was in West City to get an idea of what I would be facing. It seemed that two of them where somewhat weaker then me and Yoshi while four others were about equal to us. As for the last two the first was doing a very good job at hiding their true power level. The final one was unmistakeable. It was that Changeling we had fought in the forest. Even so there was no telling if any of these were the true power levels of who I was sensing. For all I knew the other seven could have been equal to the Changeling. Shaking my head I said "What did I get myself into? I should have waited to see if anyone else would come before blasting off alone." As I sat down by the river Yasu asked me So what are we going to do now? Looking back at her I said "I guess the only thing to do is wait. I'm gonna give the others about 30 minutes. If no one comes by then I guess I'm going in there alone. I just hope I'm not found before then." The only thing I could do at this point was wait and hope that I didn't have to do this all by myself......

If your the one that posts next JT feel free to send your Saiyan goons after Rudy if you want ^_~

15th September 2002, 10:06 PM
Well, "Hamma" was supposed to be like "hammer", you know, hammer and Nail? *rimshot*. Ok I'm done now. Time for a char post methinks. Oh, and HPK, feel free to use Hamma in your posts.

Hamma (Currently in waterfall)

Flash. Another bright light flsshed in my eyes. As I meditated high above the ground in the mist of the waterfall, I sensed disturbance all around me. The Earth seemed to be in chaos. A powerful force was attacking them. I thought to myself "It must be the Saiyans."
Ever since the day they left to go to their own planet, I feared the day would come that their thirst for power would lead them back here. I sensed that my fears had become real. This was bad. I would have to step up my training if I wanted to adequately protect the planet I lived on. I went back to meditating and filled my head with thoughts of energy and peace.

hope that's ok for first post...

The Muffin Man
16th September 2002, 07:13 AM
I touched down beside Yasu and Rudy. Yasu spun around and arched her back in surprise before relaxing.
"It's ok Rudy...it's only Yoshi..."She reassured Rudy before he turned around.
"I knew I sensed familiar energy somewhere..."
"What the hell are you doing here!?"I immedeatly snapped at him. He blinked and sighed.
"Sorry, but I had to go..."
"Let's go find the others..."
"No time...they look prepared for something, we'd never get Kal and that human here in time..."
I sighed and looked down. He was probably right.
"So what are we gonna do?? Just sit here and get out-numbered?"
"We'll have to fight them, Yoshi..."
I nodded.
"THAT'S the saiyan spirit!"I said triumphantly. I hunkered against the wall, checking the energy signitures every now and then.
"None of 'em are changing...why would that lower one hide itself among its' minions for so long?"I asked.
Rudy just shrugged. It had almost been 30 minutes. Whoever was gonna come had to come fast...
I almost immedeatly sensed a strange presence in the river that cut around the town.
"That fool...!!"
"If they don't focus, the waves can distort his energy..."
"So?? Is that bad??"
"No, unless he's putting off MORE energy by using a shield!"
I readied for battle, knowing if the saiyans felt that energy, how long till they felt ours?

16th September 2002, 02:41 PM
Idah - M/Namek

I watched, as Kal flew off by the river... and the human still sat there, as if pondering. I was alone... well, except for the human but he didn’t seem to really care if I was there or not. Sighing, I thought for a moment. I COULD fly... but I wasn’t nearly fast enough... it... it just wasn’t...
“No... I want to help, but if I come it probably would be too late... who knows where they would be.” I wasn’t a fighter... never was meant to be. My ancestor is Dende... and he was always a healer, I was a healer likewise.. never a fighter like the desendants of the great Piccolo. Sighing again, I sat down and thought.
“I always want to help... but it seems like I never manage to do so.”
Sighing again, suddenly a voice popped up in my head.
You could come... but do you really want to get yourself involved? It could be extremely dangerous...
“Of course I want to help!” I said in agony, and the human looked up at me suddenly at my sudden outburst. I quickly shrunk back down, as the voice spoke again.
If you really desire to... then you could. Remember Yasu’s signature? If you concentrate hard enough... using your healing energy intermixed with your flying ability, it should create a reaction somewhat like teleportation. Its an ability long forgotten... and it will make you a bit tired... but, since you are a healer- you have no need for fighting energy such as to run or dodge.... try...
Then the voice was gone. I blinked... could that be? I never... never thought about any possible way to do that.
“Its worth a try...”

I closed my eyes tightly, and felt some of my healing tendancies rise up from with in me. I levitated slightly above the ground... trying to bright my flying energy to intertwine into my healing ki like the voice had told me too. I then... concentrated on Yasu at the same time. I remembered the feel of her low energy... yet, teh strange mysterious force it emitted. It took a lot... it was hard to concentrate on all three things at once... and it took my mind a lot of focus. Suddenly however... I felt as though my body were fading away. In fear more than anything, I kept my eyes tightly shut. Trembling with fear, I felt as though my body were no longer on earth... I felt as if I were in a void- in empty space.

“I want to be where Yasu and the others are!” My mind screamed, and suddenly I felt the earth’s presense of gravity occur again. I heard muffled voices... as my body slowly tingled and told me it was back to normal. The voices suddenly became clearer however, and I recognized a sharp cry-
Idah... I knew you would find a way to come. Open your eyes Young One, you have completed what you started.
Opening my eyes, I saw the two Saiyans and Yasu. The Saiyans didn’t seem to notice me... but Yasu’s eyes twinkled as she turned her gaze from me, back to a cliff.
A battle may occur Idah... if it does, run back a bit and hid behind the large rock which is behind us.
I nodded... as one of the Saiyans looked at me.
“ What the- how... well, that isn’t important now. Are you hiding your signature?” The blue –haired Saiyan asked, as the other turned around.
“With Kal flying... I doubt it matters anyway. They probably already recognized us already... besides, this Namek’s powerlevel is too low to arrouse anything to begin with.”
The Saiyan said that as if... with a tone of... pitty, or belittling. I frowned, but then gazed up at the sky.
“Is that where... THEY are...?” I could sense figures ahead of us... one of them being the Changling. Fear gripped me...

16th September 2002, 03:48 PM
Kal Hounder - Namek

I was nearing the Saiyans...so I lowed my shield. The others had probably felt it by now, so I resorted to swimming instead of flying, lowering my energy as low as possible. I then picked up a small signal...the Saiyans wouldn't pick it up, but as a fellow Namek...I did. Hamma. I quickly swam as the river estuary and swam up until I found a waterfall. I jumped up and jumped through. Yes, my instincts were correct.
"Greetings Kal, long time no see," he said, still meditating. I smiled.
"Didn't know you were still on Earth. I thought you went to live on New Namek?" I inquired.
"I was...for a few months...but I had a funny feeling Earth was in danger."
"You too? Man, what is it with us Nameks?" I replied. He stood up, breaking his meditation and we gave each other a firm handshake and a pat on the back.
"So, what do you know about the Saiyans on Earth?" he asked.
"It's worse you can imagine. They've got a changeling, and he means business. In fact, he could beat me...and did."
"What about the Saiyans?"
"Well, the ones on 'our side' are okay, but the ones as C.C. shouldn't be too much of a concern...on their own anyway. If each of us, including the Saiyands and the human took them on without the changeling involved..."
"Then we could all go for the changeling!"
"It's not as simple as that. We couldn't beat him when we worked together."
"We could fuse..." he said. I shook my head.
"I don't think fusing would be the best strategy...plus I prefer my freedom. The changeling would most likely change into a more powerful form."
"Good point. If only we didn't have to do it the Namek way. Damn, is there anyway to beat them?"
"There is always a way to beat them, but not now. First of all, the changeling led us right to his squad. It is almost like him wants up to attack them..."
"Do the Saiyans know this?"
"They're arrogant monkeys. They'd attack the changelings troops and probably win while the changeling escaped."
"Then why don't we stop the changeling escaping?" Hamma suggested.
"That's actually a pretty good idea! But to what end will this work? Of course! He wants to report us back to the main army, and if we destroy the Saiyans, then he'll have a better excuse to destroy us! If he is stuck here, we can buy Earth the time it needs to train for the arrival!"
Hamma and I nodded at each other.
"In the meantime...let's stay here and meditate. I'll need to be at elite strength to hold off the changling."


I know it sounds like a very ideaous post, but, it is just musings from the KNC!

17th September 2002, 05:52 PM
I snapped out of my restless sleep when I suddenly sensed something strange. I shifted in my chair and looked at the monitor, which was currently displaying a view of the fastly approaching earth. There was something going on down there...I could feel it. There were power levels rising all over the place. It felt like a battle was brewing...
But after I thought about it, it wasn't that strange. We WERE in the middle of a war after all. Battles weren't uncommon anymore. But if figured that something had to start on the planet I was heading too. I shrugged.
"Oh well. It could be fun..." I thought, "It's been a while since my last fight. Maybe I can get a good job offer from one of the sides. And if not I can just beat up someone random. That's almost as much fun."
I increased the speed on my ship and headed into Earth's atmosphere. My ship shook all over from the pressure of the entry but it held strong. As I emerged into the clouds, I got a better sense of where the increasing power levels were coming from. I slowed down my speed and landed the ship in a small canyon, where there didn't seem to be a soul around. I emerged and blinked a few times to get used to the light of the Earth's sun. I jumped down to the ground and stood silent for a moment, concentrating on the chi of the warriors preparing for battle.
I smiled crookedly as I pinpointed the location.
"There they are...."
I powered up and jumped off, flying full speed towards the eminet battle.

Kuro Espeon
17th September 2002, 06:02 PM
oopsies. Sorry, I forgot to sign out of Bear's SN. That last post was mine. (you could've probably figured that out without me telling you but I thought I'd tell you anyway, just in case.)

Master Rudy
18th September 2002, 02:46 PM
Rudy Summers
For a second me and Yoshi were worried about Kal's energy signature giving us away. However within moments of us detecting it we couldn't sense him anymore. Looking back at the ruins I took a moment to see if I could sense a change in the power levels of the team sent there or if I could see any signs of them getting ready for a battle. Luckly it didn't seem like Kal gave us away. "I guess he's smarter than he looks" Yoshi said to no one in paticular. I was about to say something else when Yasu suddenly spoke up. Do you guys feel that? Someone else is heading toward the city. A few moments after she said this me, Yoshi and Idah also felt it. "Whoever it is it's not that human that helped the two of you" Idah said.

While I was keeping my cool I was becoming more irratated over everything going on. However I wouldn't have the time to think things over. Three of the power levels in West City took a quick jump and were heading our way. Looking at the others I shouted "In the water! Don't let them see us!" Within moments the four of us had dove into the nearby river and as soon as we sensed they had passed by we surfaced. Yoshi was quick to point out the obvious. "If I knew who that was I'd thank them. They just managed to get rid of three of them for us!" However I didn't share his excitment over this. "That may be true but whoever it is will have a serious problem on their hands in a moment." Before I had the chance to say anything else Yoshi put up a hand to stop me. "Let me guess. Your feeling the need to play the hero who saves everyone aren't you?" I didn't have to say anything at all because I knew that Yoshi already knew I was going.

Sighing he said "I guess West City will still be there when we get back. I just hope we don't lose the chance to see what that Changeling is up to." I nodded and then looked back at Yasu and Idah. "I have a feeling things are about to get rough. Could you guys wait here for now?" Idah didn't need to be told twice. As far as I knew he didn't have any fighting skills. I did have to admit however that the kid had some serious guts if he was sticking around after that last fight. Had it been me about seven years ago I would have run without a second thought. Already knowing he didn't want to be in the middle of another fight I looked at Yasu. Normally I would go with you despite the fact that I really couldn't help you much. However I think I should just stay here in case Kal or that human shows up. As I was slowly starting to hover off the ground I said "Ok then. Just wait for us or the others here. If anyone else comes just hide in the water again." With that both me and Yoshi flew off to see just who it was who caught that trio's attention......

18th September 2002, 10:13 PM
Yasu - F

I shook my body, making my fur ruffle about the place as I did so. Instantly it flattened however... as I looked at Rudy and Yoshi. Idah watched them too. I sighed... feeling a bit... saddened and annoyed at teh same time.
These Saiyans were going off by themselves... and thought me useless, and I had just blurted I thought so too.
Deep inside though... I could feel that there was some secret. As I gazed to the young Idah, I could feel he wanted to go too.. but knew he would not be of help. He was not a fighter... but he was a healer. Before Rudy and Yoshi took off, I flew up to their head levels.
Look... be careful. I can sense that a surprise will meet you soon enough to where you are heading- and it isn't good, so be wary. If you are hurt... come back, reguardless if they will follow you or not. Idah, though young, has abnormally good healing powers. Do not worry about us... if you come, because you must remember - this is Idah's home as well, along with I believe mine- and we want to save it as well.

They nodded... and flew off.
"Now what?" Idah sighed, sitting down.
"I feel so helpless... and those Saiyans just pointed it out. I feel horrible..."
Me as well little one...
We sat in silence, as I thought... I thought about the battles, how I could remember more wisdom to offer... and about what that Changling had also said to me.

Then it hit me.

The Legend...
"What?" Idah said, I saw he was practacing his healing skills just by sitting... for he neatly repaired a piece of the ground which was baren- now plush with life. Looking at him, ... as I recalled some of the Legend more, my face drained.

Th-the... L-legend... if it does speak the truth, which it must be since it states how to bring me to life, and a bit about my knowledge and purposes. But one thing was also added to the legend... oen thing I myself, had over looked.
Idah gazed... bewildered.
I... I will not tell you the Legend Idah. I feel if I tell you... it will put you in danger. I can sense though... that perhaps, it is that part of the legend could be why the Changling was seeking for me... if he was.... let us pray to the gods, he wasn't.

"Are... are you going to tell the Saiyans?"
No... they do not believe in my abilities now, nor do they understand them or I myself fully yet. It is best they do not know Idah... it is best no one knows for now.

He nodded... as we sat upon the ground, awaiting for... well, some thing to occur...

Ultimate Charizard
20th September 2002, 10:18 AM

I was alone now in the clearing, thinking about what had happened and recovering a little from the fatigue of battle.
Whatever was going on was obviously big. To have Changelings, Nameks and Saiyans fighting here on earth was serious.
I quickly decided to follow, keeping myself out of sight once again. I reached a ridge overlooking what was left of West City. I could sense multiple saiyan's. The two that had been at the clearing were nearby, they were hiding their power levels from the second group but i could still feel them as i was much closer.

The second group were down in the rubble of the City. At least half a dozen of them, each pretty strong although the changeling definitely had the power advantage.

I settled down on the Ridge, intent on finding out what they were up to, and helping out if i was needed.

***its not much but at least ive caught up. Gotta head to work now. Oh the Joy!***

Kuro Espeon
20th September 2002, 05:35 PM
I'm guessing the person that the three changlings are heading towards is Makura...ne?
BTW- totally off the subject of the RPG. I'm going to be auditioning for All County Honors Choir tomorrow. Wish me luck!

As I sped towards the city, I suddenly sensed three powers heading towards me. And these were comepletely different chis from the warriors I had sensed before. In fact...from the feel of them, they weren't even Saiyans. Or Nameks for that matter...and no human I had ever met had ever reached a power level that high. They had to be Changlings!
I smiled. This was excellent. Since the changlings were the allies of the Saiya-jins I would have no problem dealing with them. With luck I'd be able to sell some items and maybe get a job offer. But if dealing with them turned out to be a no-go...Then I'd be able to have some fun and battle them. Three changling rogues...shouldn't be TOO much of a challenge. (OOC: Can you tell she's arrogant? :P )
I stopped flying and lowered down to the ground. I figured I might as well let them come to me instead of wasting my energy flying. I sat down on a nearby boulder to wait for them to arrive. I took the three-star dragonball out of my cloak and began to shine it. It wouldn't sell if it didn't look authentic.
It didn't take the changlings as long as I had expected to reach me. 10 minutes later I felt them drawing closer. they were coming in from the west. I stood up and faced the horizon. And there, sure enough, I saw the figures of the three changlings flying towards me at full speed. I put the dragonball back in my cloak and preapred to welcome them. In no time at all they had landed in front of me, all wearing identical armor and the same cheesy grin. The taller of the three, who I took to be their leader, stepped forward.
"You there! Indentify yourself!"
"Who me?" I replied, feigning innocence.
"Yes, you! Tell us who you are and what your intentions are here!"
"Well if I told you then it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?" I said shrugging, a sly grin on my face. 'I just love toying with changlings.'
The changling leader narrowed his eyes and grunted in disdain.
"Hmph. I don't have time for these silly games!" he said, flipping on the scanner attached to his head-helmet. As he proceeded to scan me, I loosened my cloak slightly and unravelled my long brown tail, letting hang down in full veiw. When the changling noticed this, a smile slowly crept onto his face. "Oh...I see. You're a Saiya-jin...And judging by your power level I can tell that you are a warrior as well."
Now, one the other changlings spoke up. "Hmmm...a female Saiya-jin warrior. Don't see too many off those around. Huh, boss?." he said with a chuckle. There was something about the tone of his voice that made me want to slug him, but I managed to restrain myself.
"Yes indeed..." The leader said, his expression unchanged, "Very peculiar. And why she's on earth, out in the middle of nowhere is strange as well. Unless....I am correct in assuming that you are the famous Saiya-jin Bounty Hunter. You're Makura...aren't you, girl?"
"So what if I am?" I grinned. "You want something from me?"
He paused as if thinking about the proper answer.
"Is it true...that you will take any job, no matter what side offer it too you?" He asked curiously.
"Depends on the cash, friend," I replied, rubbing my thumb and first finger together in the universal symbol for "dough." He chuckled and pointed in the direction they had just come from.
"There are two people coming this way. It seems they have locked on to your coordinents and are heading here to investigate. My commrades and I have already comfirmed that they are of our enemy. They should be here soon. I want you to extract information from them and then...kill them."
"Ah! An Assaination job, huh? Well I'll warn you now that those aren't cheap. You'll need to make me pretty good offer. Especially since there are TWO of them. So...what do you say horn-head? How much are you willing to pay?" I held out my palm expectantly. The changling looked at my hand for a moment, then back at my face.
"How about 100,000 zeni?" He offered. I tried not to laugh.
"Not likely!" I replied sharply, "It has to be at least 2,000,000!"
His eyes widened and the jaws of the other two dropped open in loud gasps.
"WHAT in the- are you kidding me?"
"Pay up or I ain't buying!"
He sweatdropped and sighed in defeat. "Very well...but you must comeplete the task first, THEN we will pay you."
"Ah-ah-ah! Sorry, but that's not how my business works! Money always comes up front! No IOU's and no refunds!"
The leader growled and beckoned one of the others. The soldier came forward and presented me with a moeny card, good for 2,000,000 zeni.
"Thank you! A pleasure doing business with you gentlemen!"
As they turned to go one last questioned popped into my mind.
"Oh! One more thing! Why is it that you're hiring me to do your dirty work? Why don't you just kill them yourself?"
The leader looked over his shoulder at me as the flosted up into the air.
'We have more important things to worry about right now. We don't have time to mess around with rebels." With that they sped off and disappeared.
'Rebels?' I thought, cocking my eyebrow curiously. I put the card into my pocket and sat back down on the boulder to wait for my opponents to arrive.

20th September 2002, 10:02 PM
Good luck Sarah!

I find it easier to wish her luck now that I don't have to wake up at 8:00 AM to drive her to the school! ;).

Forgive me for not making an IC post, but it's 11 PM, I'm tired, and I'm still trying to figure out what's going on. I'll make a long IC post when I finish reading and understanding all the other posts. Sorry again!

Master Rudy
22nd September 2002, 08:20 PM
First off I want to point out that those were Saiyans that met up with Makura not Changelings. Also good luck with those auditions Kuro ^_~

Rudy Summers
As me and Yoshi followed the three Saiyans something odd happened. The three of them were now hiding their power levels and we couldn't sense them at all. Meanwhile the fourth signal was still strong. In addition their were no signs of a battle during the whole time we were flying. Stopping in midair I looked at Yoshi and said "Something's not right about this." Yoshi also shared my concern. "You think this might be a trap of some sort?" he asked. Looking back toward the direction of the signal I said "I'm not sure. We're already in over our heads with this whole situation. However unless we go ahead and meet this person for ourselfs then we might not find out just what's going on until it's too late."

We continued to fly in silence for the next few minutes. However in the back of my mind I was worried. I didn't like the way things looked at all. After about another minute Yoshi stopped right in front of me and without saying a word pointed down at the ground. Below us was a woman who appeared to be in her early 20's. She was dressed in all black and was just standing around as if she was waiting for someone. At that moment she looked up to us and I couldn't help but burst out laughing. She didn't seem to think it was that funny and said in a serious voice "May I ask you why your cracking up like that?" I was still laughing like a guy in the loony bin when I said "You look like you could be a stunt double in that one movie that had the crappy special effects that made it look like they could fight like Saiyans!" At this point she gave me a blank look. However I just kept on going. "You know don't you? The one with that Reeves guy?" Despite the fact I couldn't stop laughing I tried to do a somewhat serious voice and said "We need guns. Lots of guns."

She still had a blank look and even looked a littled pissed about what I was doing. As I turned back toward Yoshi I said "I guess she didn't see that one." However he wasn't laughing at all and looked very serious. "If my hunch is right I don't think what your doing is very smart." Now it was my turn to be confused. Yoshi continued and said "Take a good look at her. She has brown hair, wears all black and has a trench coat. Also has sunglasses and knee high boots. Sound like anybody you know?" It all suddenly clicked and I knew just who we were dealing with. "You've got to be kidding. Please tell me that's not....." I stopped not even wanting to think about the stories I heard. Yoshi just floated there and nodded "You've been mocking the bounty hunter Makura." Looking back down at her she just stood there with her arms crossed and said "Well I can clearly see who the brains of this group is."

Without looking back at Yoshi I became serious and said in a low voice "You've got to get out of here now." He clearly wasn't happy about this. "This is a joke right? Do you honestly think you can fight her alone?" I kept my eyes on Makura and told him "If she's as good as people say she is then this won't be a pretty sight. We're both pretty much equal so if I lose then what chance do you think you have?" Yoshi was clearly getting frustrated by now and said in a somewhat loud voice. "I hate it when your right Rudy but....." Suddenly from down below Makura interupted him. "Did you just call him what I think you did? That's very interesting because the only Saiyan I know of that's called Rudy is suppose to be dead." With a slight smirk I said "Well I just don't know when to call it quits and start pushing up the flowers." Makura suddenly looked toward Yoshi and said in a somewhat cocky tone "Leave us. I can always deal with you later but right now your friend is mine." I could suddenly feel Yoshi's power level starting to rise but before he could do anything I got in front of him. "This is your chance" I said. "If something happens to me then you'll have a little time to prepare. However if you stick around here she'll get us both." It seemed like I finally convinced him to go but before leaving he told me "You better come back alive or else I'm gonna slap that smirk off of your face when I meet you up there."

Once Yoshi had finally left I turned my attention to Makura and started to float down to the ground. As I got into my fighting stance she started to take off the coat and sunglasses and said "The reputation of your family is great but the question is are you going to live up to it?" With another smirk I told her "Give it a few moments. I think by the time this is over that whoever paid you will be wishing they kept the money instead of wasting it on some second rate bounty hunter." This seemed to strike a nerve with her but Makura simply kept her cool as she got into her own stance. "It's a shame I have to kill you but keep in mind it's nothing personal. I assure you that this is strictly business." With that both of us rushed each other. By the time this fight is over only one of us would be standing. I only prayed it would be me......

Sorry but I couldn't help tossing in the reference to The Matrix due to the way Makura is dressed in this new RPG! Also before I get flamed I want to point out that I think it's a great film. However I could imagine what kinds of comments someone like Vegeta would make if that movie existed in the DB world and figured it would be great for a few laughs if I tossed something like that in ^_~

23rd September 2002, 11:53 AM
Kal Hounder

I then felt Yoshi's power level dim while Rudy's and another Saiyan's get more powerful. I thought it over, and then visualised it.

"My God, it's a female Saiyan..." I said.
"Hmm, so? How is it different to a male?"
"True...I've just never met one of such a gender...I'm going to go investigate."

I jumped down from the waterfall and supressed my power level and began running. Hamma was now alongside me and we ran to where the battle was taking place. We were right on top of a cliff above the battle scene.

"Mask your power level. With any luck, she won't notice us because she'll be too obsessed with Rudy," I said.
"It's been done. Hey, here's an idea..." he replied.
"From what I can sense, this is going to be a long battle, but Rudy is most likely to lose. And, unlike you, I like Rudy, and I intend to help him. My plan is simple. Wait until Rudy wears the female down enough so we can attack and destroy her!"

I smiled.

"Yeah, when it is time, I'll distract her while you prepare a Special Beam Cannon. I'll try and slice her as much as I can with my sword...and if I could get her to hold still for long enough...then we'd destroy her!"

We both smiled.

Kuro Espeon
23rd September 2002, 05:47 PM
Oooh...an ambush is it? hr hr hr. We'll just see about that.

As The one called Rudy And I flew towrads each other I suddenly sensed another presence.
"Hold it!" I said holding out my palm. Rudy jerked to a stop and just stared at me.
I didn't answer immedietly for I was concentrating on what I had sensed. I could tell it wasn't Rudy's friend come back to help him. No...this didn't feel like a Saiya-jin. In fact it felt like a Namek. No! Two Nameks! I turned my attention towards the nearby cliff face and smirked.
"It seems that we have an audiance." I said, without taking my eyes off of the cliff.
"Huh?" Rudy replied.
I shook my head and called out.
"If want to watch the fight, you might as well come out here! You'll get a much better veiw!" I felt the two powers drop down to their lowest point to where I almost couldn't sense them anymore. They were trying hide. "Don't both trying to hide now. My chi sensing abilities are very acute. So you might as well come out where we can see you."
After a brief moment I saw two green heads poking up from behind the rock. I heard Rudy gasp.
"Kal?" He said with surprise.
"Hm? You know them?" I said with fake interest. I continued to watch the two Nameks as they emerged. "You two were planning an ambush, weren't you? Very cute. It wouldn't have worked though. Besides, I have no business with either of you, whoever you are, so there really is no point in fighting you. I only fight for profit. Rudy here is merely part of a contract agreement."
"Contract!? Don't make me laugh!" The Namek called Kal shouted. That's my friend down there and I'll do whatever it takes to help him!"
I let out a cold-hearted chuckled.
"Oh! How absolutely gut-renching! Well, if you insist Namek! after I'm finished with your Saiya-jin friend here I'd be more than happy to kill you next! But until then, just sit back, be quiet, and watch the fight. I assure you it will be interesting!"
"Why you impudent little-" Kal growled, getting into a fighting stance.
"Stop kal!" Rudy called. "I already said I'd fight her alone and I intend to keep that promise." Kal looked dumbstruck by this remark. I finally looked back at Rudy.
"Well Well, Rudy boy. I'm impressed. I have to admit that I admire your courage. You're very bold. I wouldn't expect less from the beneficiary of Capsule Corp."
"Not that you'd know anything about loyalty Makura," Rudy shot back, "There are three sides to this war, why aren't you at least on ONE of them?"
I shrugged my shoulders. "I find that choosing one side or the other in a meaningless battle is pointless. But this way, I can still have fun and make a little profit on the side." Rudy just narrowed his eyes at me. I could tell he didn't like my answer but I wasn't going to give a chance to retort. "Well now, I think we've delayed this long enough, don't you think? What do you say we get this show on the road, Frooty?"
"My name's Rudy, got it?" he snarled, "And don't forget it!"
I just chuckled and resumed my fighting stance.
"And remember...if either of those two interfere...they die. Get it?" he didn't reply so I took a dramatic pause before uttering the last word.

WoW! I'm actually making worth while posts!!! I think it's because I don't have as much homework tonight...*shrug*

24th September 2002, 02:59 PM
Kal Hounder

So, Rudy wanted to go this alone. Well, sorry Rudy, but if you lose, then the Earth's loses. In case you haven't noticed, you are one of the five strongest warriors Earth has to offer, you dimwit! I don't care about you, and, as much as I hate you, I know you will be needed for the battle for Earth. I am not going to let you die, but I will not interfere...unless you lose.

"Okay, Makura. You have our guarantee we won't interfere," I lied. "However, it seems you also have another person to kill. Who might that be?"
"I think his name was Yoshi. But that doesn't matter. They will both die and if you get in my way, you two will too."
Yes, I managed to get the information out of her.
"Fine, I will sit on top of this cliff, but my friend has to go. He'll be back, don't worry, we won't attack you."
"You are smart Namek. Pity you are going to witness your friend's fate!"
I felt enraged inside.
"I do not make friends with Saiyans! All I know is that he is one of the strongest Earth has to offer, and we are merely allies!"
"Temper, temper. Watch that your antennae don't explode!" she laughed. I took Hamma back to the cliff top.
"Hamma, go get Yoshi and Gav and tell them that Yoshi is on this babe's hitlist and Rudy is in the process of being killed."
"What about you?"
"I am the insurance that Rudy doesn't die. These two seem evenly matched, but Makura is stronger, but only slightly. The changeling was much stronger than this girl. Rudy will not die today. Now go."
He nodded and flew off.
"Any more interruptions, Namek?" she asked.
"No. You may fight."
"Good. Go!"

I watched as they collided in a flurry of fists and feet. Godspeed Hamma, we need you to bring Yoshi here 'cause we need the Saiyans alive...for now.

Ultimate Charizard
24th September 2002, 05:18 PM
Heald, Gav isnt hanging around with Rudy, come to think of it, noone even knows his name yet.

Kuro Espeon
24th September 2002, 05:43 PM
Yeah...not to mention that Yoshi alreadu KNOWS about Makura. He left on prupose because Rudy told him to.
Also, I just want to make something clear. Makura has no intention of "taking over Earth" or anything. In fact, she couldn't care less about it. She's just fighting Rudy because she was hired to do it...So technically, Makura really isn't a "villan" per-say so you shouldn't make her out to BE one. She's not evil...just incredibly arrogant and apathetic.

Sorry I can't make a post right now I'm kind of in a rush. Besides, I want to give Rudy a chance to post the first part of the fight. Just one request though: Keep in mind that Makura is about the same power level as Rudy (maybe a little higher), so try and make it an even fight.

The Muffin Man
24th September 2002, 06:49 PM
Heald, read the post...

Yoshi knows about Makura
Yoshi is with Rudy
Yoshi is more-than-likely the one who got YOU!

Do not ignore others post or you'll be warned

Master Rudy
24th September 2002, 10:27 PM
OOC-Hey PK I know you want Kal to get in on the action but do you think you could just leave Rudy and Makura to settle their differences alone? I highly doubt they need Kal breathing down their necks and ready to jump in at any moment. As for myself I don't really have the time at the moment for an IC post. If I don't get anything down in the next day or two then feel free to start it off yourself Kuro ^_~

25th September 2002, 01:01 PM
Oops, sorry. I hadn't read the posts since about 4 days before I made that psot so I kinda forgot.

Ultimate Charizard : Sorry, but JT posted a Garen post where Gav said his name, so I took it for granted, so it really isn't my fault.

Muffin Man : Kal doesn't know if Yoshi knows yet, so, again, it is just adding to the IC suspension

Rudy : Okay, I'll get Kal away from the fight. Any of you have permission to use him in your posts to have him fly away.

Kuro : Kal hates all Saiyans and knows that if Makura kills Rudy then the Earth is screwed.

Well, since it is an OOC about our characters day, I'll post mine!

Kal really isn't one to give up his names to villains, so can you kinda have him not saying 'Hi, my name's Kal' since his character really isn't one to have his name circulating around the criminal empire.

Kuro Espeon
25th September 2002, 02:12 PM
Yes, we know Heald. We were all just trying to make, basically, the same point. Don't post until you've read the posts before it. That way you'll be sure not to make a mistake. And also, you can't expect everyone to know EXACTLY how your character acts. When other people include Kal in their posts, they have to guess (aka: BSing) at how to make Kal act. YOU are the only one who can play Kal correctly because he's YOUR character, so you can't blame us if we make a small mistake. (Everybody say DUH on the count of three...)
I'm not trying to be mean or argumentive, I'm just stating the facts. Nothing personal Heald.

27th September 2002, 08:59 PM
[COLOR=royalblue]Hey, I finally found you Makura!
Ahem..Hi all, is the signups still going on? Also I heard that there are limited slots for races, are half-saiyan, human or android filled up yet? I look forward to meeting you all. ^-^

Master Rudy
28th September 2002, 01:08 AM
Looking back at this topic I don't know what scares me more. Bear's avatar or PK's All Your Base pic
Anyway I'm overdue for a post. I think it's about time to get this fight moving ^_~

Rudy Summers
At the moment both me and Makura were currently facing Kal. He's was being a bit stubbon about staying out of this. Kal was first to speak as the three of us stood there facing each other. "I'm not going to lie to you Rudy. I don't like you or your race." Makura didn't seem to care about this at all but I was wondering about something. "First off you can't judge an entire race by the actions by the majority of them. Look at me and Yoshi. Have you ever seen either of us go out and destroy cities and kill humans just for the hell of it?" I asked him. Kal just stood quietly and didn't even act like he heard me. However I had one more question and said "Secondly if you hate me so much just why are you sticking around?" Once again he stood there for a few seconds and said nothing. I was about to give up on Kal when he finally spoke up. "I'm here because your a great asset to the Earth's safety. If you get yourself killed fighting a third rate merc it could....." Makura wasn't going to have any of this however. "HEY! I'm standing right here you know! What the hell is it with the two of you calling me third rate?!" Looking at her with a slight grin I said "At least I was a bit nicer. I only called you second rate."

By this point she couldn't take it anymore. "Your pushing your luck kid. First I'm going to deal with your green friend and then your next." Just as she was about to rush him I grabbed her by the arm. Makura was about to say something but I stopped her before she could get a word out. "I've been nice about this so far. I could understand wanting to start something with Yoshi if he were still around but Kal doesn't even concern you. If you want to go ahead and attack him that's fine by me. However I don't think the people that hired you will be very happy if they find out you failed because you started a fight with someone that wasn't even on your contract. If you ignore him I'll keep this as a fair one on one fight but if you want to push your luck then I have no problems with letting this become two against one." For a brief moment Makura seemed slightly surprised at the fact that I would go so far to keep things fair despite the fact she was hired to take me out. However as quickly as the surprise came she was back to the same attitude she usually had within seconds. "You've got a minute to get rid of him. If he's still here at the end of that time I'll fight both of you regardless of the risk." I didn't waste no time getting right to the subject. As I turned toward Kal I said "She's gunning for both me and Yoshi. Despite the fact that you don't like us at all I want you to set aside your differences and make sure nothing happens to him in case I don't make it back. Losing me would be bad enough but if Makura, that Changeling or the other Saiyans get to Yoshi as well it could possibly be the death blow for Earth." Like he usually did Kal was a bit quite but I knew what was on his mind. "I'll be fine. I've been in rougher spots before. A hired killer is just going to be a walk in the park. Just head back to the city and wait with the others. If Makura shows up don't hestite to make your move against the Saiyans. If she shows up first it's a bad sign." Kal just simply turned away as if he was about to leave but before doing that he said "I'll make sure your friend stays alive for now but once this war ends there is no more promise. Yoshi might need protection from me." Finally after what seemed like forever Kal flew off and me and Makura were finally alone.

Turning back to face her again I quickly got into my fighting stance once more. Before she did the same she said "I don't want you to get the wrong idea. If I had to do so I could have easily fought both you and that Namek." With a smirk I replied "I'm sure of it but I figured I'd be nice to Kal and chase him off before he made an idiot of himself." Makura just couldn't help but laugh a bit at that comment. "I must admit that I like your attitude kid. It almost makes me feel sorry over the fact I have to kill you." The final thing I told her was "Don't be sorry because I know I'm not going to die today." Without another word I rushed at her and finally got things moving. Makura was expecting something like this and quickly attacked me with a high kick but it was easily ducked. As I did this I made an attempt to sweep her but she saw it coming and got out of the way with a cartwheel. With amazing speed she managed to get behind me and kick my legs out but I soon showed her that I was also quick when I did a backflip to quickly recover from it. Rushing her again I changed my attack pattern slightly. This time as she attempted to attack me I quickly dodged and left a few after images in the process. Before she was able to figure out where I had gone I managed to spin around and kick Makura in the stomach. It was quickly followed up by an elbow to her face. Afterwards I backed off slightly to avoid anything unexpected.

As Makura recovered she just looked at me as she wiped away a tiny bit of blood from her lip. She seemed somewhat impressed over the fact that I was keeping up with her. "It's not too often I find someone nearly equal with me. I'm getting the feeling that I'm really going to enjoy this one." At this point she flew up in the air. I would have followed but I stayed on the ground waiting to see what she would do. Suddenly she started to quickly fire off ki blasts at me. Quickly I raised my hands above my head and got ready for my own attack. With a shout I brought them down in front of my chest and let loose with my own energy attack. "Masenko HAAAA!!!" It quickly took out what was coming at me and went right at Makura. However instead of trying to counter it with another ki attack she quickly managed to shift her position in the air and swatted it at an angle that sent it right back at me. Doing this caused my Masenko to come back at a much higher speed than normal. With no time to react I crossed my arms in front of my face in an attempt to try and block it as best I could. It knocked me down but overall the damage it caused wasn't bad at all. Since I originally didn't put much power into it my attack didn't pack much of a punch. As I got back up I saw that Makura had landed in front of me and was just waiting to see what I would do next. I had consider my options carefully. As equal as we were what she had just did prooved she had experience on her side. If I made one wrong move it would all be over......
Care to take it from here Kuro?

Outlaw JT
28th September 2002, 05:02 AM
It's about time I got back in here to do a little damage control and make a post to move the overall story along a bit.

First off, this is not a pick on PK topic. Yes he made a couple mistakes and he apologized. It ends there! We all make mistakes and I don't wanna see any more unfair criticisms based on personal opinions.

I'll restate for everyone READ ALL THE POSTS BEFORE POSTING!!! That one little effort will solve so many of the problems that cropped up in my absence before they even start.

Secondly, I am hereby requiring that no one include their signature in their posts. A few of you have signatures that are overly long and take up way too much page space.....I mean.....they are longer than half the posts everyone makes for cryin out loud! So, no more siggy's in this rpg please.

Anyways, on to an actual post for all you people to play off of in the vein of the overall story.....


As he reached the ruins of Capsule corp he looked around with some distaste. He had been gone for well over an hour and the saiyan warriors were still searching the ruins for what they sought. They should have finished this search while he was checking out the few power levels within range.
"The General will not be pleased if we return empty handed," Garen commented evenly, almost no trace of emotion in his voice.
Instantly they redoubled their efforts, flying about faster than they had before. They rushed through the debris with unlikely precision. They had a very specific list of things to find and had so far turned up nothing.
As their search of the ruins continued one of the warriors flew up to Garen with an inquisitive look. He leaned in as if to whisper something.
"Sir, I am sensing several muffled powers gathering around our position. Should we mount an attack before they try to spring whatever trap they have....." he began only to be silenced as Garen raised his hand.
"No! We are to leave them alone as they are not of concern to our mission," Garen responded quickly and firmly. "If they try to interfere you may take whatever steps you deem necessary in dealing with them but until they make such attempts you shall leave them be. They are of no direct threat to us on this mission."
Garen scanned the area carefully. He had felt them all approach despite their efforts to remain hidden. In his opinion, their encounter with him earlier should be enough to dissuade them from trying to interfere.
The saiyan grimaced, obviously displeased but not willing to question the matter further. Their mission was to locate certain things however, not to dispose of local warriors. Garen was not one to kill without express orders or reason. If he was ordered back to earth to kill them so be it but he had been sent here to retrieve information.
His thoughts on the matter could wait though. Something else had just come up. A power signature he recognized from previous experience.
"Makura," he whispered under his breath.
He had only met the woman once but he recognized her signature instantly when she arrived on earth. She had made quite an impression, embarassing several male saiyans as he watched fromt he sidelines. Something about her attitude and mannerisms intrigued and amused him. Still, her presence here could be bad if these earthlings reached her first.
"Goshilk, Hajin, Verh, I want the three of you to continue on. A new being has arrived here on earth and I want you to greet her. Preferrably with some semblance of respect," Garen said with disdain. This brand of saiyan warriors were not known for their manners or diplomacy. "Then I want you to proceed on and locate this Lookout amongst the clouds we are also here to find. Once you find it, make sure to notate it's location on a map. Do so and the General will be quite pleased with you."
Three of his saiyan counterparts gathered, hesitated for a moment, then took off towards the east. They had also sensed Makura's arrival but did not know who she was.
The other saiyans with him went back to rummaging through debris. With little effort he focused on a spot that had not yet been gone through and floated down. He pushed aside some rubble to uncover exactly what they had been looking for among these ruins.
From a distance one could only see scratchings on a blue sheet of paper. Garen recognized a set of blueprints with ease. He had studied many similar works before leaving for earth. Always learn about your goal before seeking it out. it was a philosophy he used in all facets of life. Always learn about your opponent before mounting a serious attack.
This had been a very informative mission in those regards. He gathered the diagrams up and floated back into the air. He turned and began flying away at slow speed.
"We have what we came here for. We shall return to the ship and await the others return," Garen said firmly.
Without hesitation the remaining saiyan warriors fell in behind him. No one in the saiyan army questioned the chain of command. Not given the General's in command of it. Even if these other saiyans despised his kind, he had been placed in command and thus would not be questioned. It was clear they all wanted to fight with those errant powers they had all felt around them.

OOC: take from this what you will. the plot thickens.....what was it Garen found in the ruins of Capsule Corp? Why are they looking for the location of the fabled Lookout? Next time on Dragon Ball FS....neither of those questions gets answered but we'll have fun anyway.

28th September 2002, 11:56 AM
Boy, I have a lot of reading to do. Well, let me see if I can try my hand at this.

~ Dina ~

Deep within my meditative state, I sensed it. Two great powers locked in a life or death struggle. Elsewhere, a powerful force was making decisions that could affect the entire planet.
Always I have ignored these feelings. I have let events take thier own course and have just taken care of myself. Like the others, this was not my problem.
And yet, somehow, this seemed different. This seemed to take my thread of fate and entwine it with these others. This I could not just ignore.
I opened my eyes. It was time I made it my problem. If only to see what was going on. I stood up and started flying towards where the two people were fighting.
Well, there we go, for the first post. ^-^

28th September 2002, 03:13 PM
Yasu - (F) - Alone w/Idah (the Child Namekian)


I gave a weak smile to Idah, as the young child practiced his healing powers upon a small plant. He was trying to help it grow further... and I only had half interest upon it.

The sky almost seemed to darken... with powers which I could sense, growing more and more chaotic- unstable.
I could sense him getting into trouble... he had encountered another Saiyan which wasn't exactly having a friendly energy signal.
I blinked. How..h-how did I know that?
"I just don't understand even myself... I don't know why.. I.. know things... I don't know wha tI am... what I can DO... I only know of the legends... and that doesn't tell me much. HOw can I possibly help them if I can't even help myself?"
I frowned, pawing at teh ground with a soft padded tip.

I always tried to stay Neutral... always tried to ... to be positive, optimistic in times of despair. But... now, now I was doubting myself. My worth... I probably was useless. The Saiyans and the human, and the Nameks... they would probably be better off with out me trying to interfere or help. I probably would just get them killed.

" Yasu... look, I think I've learned some thing."

Jolting from my thoughts, I turned my head to see Idah, and my eyes widened in amazement. He had taken an ordinary herb... one that was cutt off from its roots, and restored it into the ground, looking healthier then ever. But that didn't make me think... it was what he DID with the herb after that. The herb... couldn't really be called an herb anymore. It was... huge, giangantic. It was about the size of a tree... but with no trunk, it had just a severly large stem, and huge leaves the size of blankets. I didn't even know how the herb grew there with out... with out... falling.

{ Idah... that... that... is wonderful! You are an incredible learner! I do not understand how a Namekian child could learn healing techniques so fast... }

Idah smiled, proud of his own accomplishment too.

{ ... even for being a descendant of Dende, that is almost unbelievable.}
Idah's eyes widened, as he suddenly stuttered..
"How..h-how did you.."
{ Please, do not ask. I am afraid for once, I do not have the answer to that. I know little to anything about how I know... }

Idah nodded, and then poked the tree-herb. It didn't even budge.
I smiled softly, but then after carefully watching Idah wash his hands in the small stream... I saw his face and frowned. Idah looked as if he were trying to hold some thing back... as if he were hiding his emotions. I cocked my head to the side, and then slowly spoke...
{Idah... what is the matter?}
Idah turned his back to me further, and I could see him shaking. Immediatly I flew into the air and slowly swirled around so that I faced his green-antennaed face...
"I... I... I am worried."

I nodded softly, as Idah sat back while looking up at me. He did not cry... poor Idah, such a young one trying to be so brave in a cruel world.
" I am worried about Earth... about those two Saiyans... about Kal... What if they are killed? What hope would Earth have left? I can't do... do ANYTHING! It... it makes me angry! I want to help... but I can't... "

Idah clenched his fists, and gritted his teeth... his little body I was afraid, if it were a Saiyan, would have fired a massive ki energy right there and blown the area we were in up.

"... everyone always told me I am too young... that I am not a fighter... " Idah sighed frustratedly..
" ... I KNOW I am not a fighter! And I wish I were! Why couldn't I be a descendant of one of the great Namek fighters? Why was I cursed with being the descendant of Dende... he was only a healer... healers are useless... they-"
{Stop. Stop now Idah.}

Idah stopped, but I could tell he felt better by even yelling now. I could feel deep inside... he ... he was different from healers... different from most Nameks... and children...
{ You are a healer- you cannot change what you are. Do not curse at your ancestors... for they bless you with their gifts.}

Idah waited for me to say more, but I was silent. I knew deep down.. Idah wanted me to say he wasn't worthless, that he was very important.

But I couldn't.

It wasn't that I believed he was worthless... in fact, I thought healers were far important for if it were not for them, there would be countless ancestors dead... and many more to follow. The reason I did not respond... was because his words had stabbed me like a knife. We... I... couldn't do anything... his words only helped my thoughts before... about how I wasn't of much worth to this world.

Perhaps I should be sent back into the crystallic sphere in which I came... Perhaps that would be better.

"Yasu... w-what do we do?"
I gazed sadly to Idah, and then gave a weak smile, trying to reassure him despite my bitter thoughts.
{ We wait here, until I foresee any reason to move. I can feel one of the Saiyans in a great battle... and your Namekian friends are not far behind, but I sense they aren't involved yet. The Changling before... well, I can sense his energies moving away. We'll be safe... I presume, if nothing shifts directions or anything else comes along.}

Idah nodded... and sat down, closing his eyes and still trying to hold back his agony. It ate at me aswell... for a child right now, was holding back his emotions which raged with in him... along with me, who was holding back my bitter thoughts...

Kuro Espeon
30th September 2002, 04:36 PM
WAAAA!!! Asi-chan!! *glomps Asilynne* You're HEEEEEEERE!!! (annoying chibi voice) Yipee! Yipee! Yay! (Can you all tell that we're best friends?)
This won't be long because I have to go to soccer practice soon, but I thought I'd make a contribution to the fight at least.

I looked at Rudy with a much higher regard than I had had for him at the beginning of the fight. He had turned out to be a much better challenge for me than I had originally thought.
'This kid is pretty good...' I thought to myself. 'This sould be interesting...its been a while since I've had a good fight.'
I quickly racked my brain for how I should attack nest. A head-on attack was out of the question. Rudy was almost as, or maybe just as, fast as me so he'd be able to block. The only way to hit him would be to trick him and catch him off gaurd. I grinned slyly. I already knew what I was going to do.
I leaped off the ground and flew straight at Rudy. Thinking I was going for an offensive strike, Rudy prepared to counter. But as soon as I was within his range I quickly faded out and reappeared above him, slamming both of my fists down on his back. He gasped and fell to the ground with a crash, shattering the rocks beneath him. I leaped back and landed on the ground, getting back into stance as quickly as I could. He was not done yet.
Rudy slowly got to his feet and faced me, wiping the trickle of blood away from his mouth. The look in his eyes was priceless.
"In...Instent Transmission??" He stammered in surprise. "You know the IT technique?"
"Yes. Quite remarkable isn't it? Unfourtunetly though, it's not fully developed yet, so it's only good for short range transmissions. But..." I turned my head slightly and gave him a sideways glance. "...it's perfect for defeating my opponents in battle."
Rudy just grummbled. "Why don't we just skip the small talk, eh Makura? I'd like to get this over with as soon as possible so I can follow Yoshi and Kal."
"I admire you're optimistic attitude but I'm afraid it won't be that easy, kid."
Rudy began to fight again, this time coming at me with a high kick I avoided it by bending backward, but was surprised when I recieved an almost immediete blow from below. Rudy had swung with his left leg but then quickly switched to his right leg after I had dodged and delivered a sharp blow in the back. I was knocked into the air and ended up landing on my stomach. As I got back up, rubbing my back, Rudy just smiled.
"You're not the only one who can use tricks, Makura." He said simply. Surprisingly, this remark made me smile as well. I realized now that this battle was far from over.

2nd October 2002, 09:26 AM
Hey Maku-chan! EEEEEEEEEEE!!! IIIII MIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!! *Ahem* Oh guess what all, I finally have those pics I drew for Dragonball VG back in the day! Im gonna try and post them here, I just need to figure out how -.-()
^-^ well I hope you like them!

Oh I guess it would help if I posted my profile here too -.-()
Name: Dina
Age: 18
Race: Human and proud of it!
Sex: Female
Appearance: Long wavy light purple hair, shiny black eyes. She wears baggy white pants and a dark blue shirt with the chinese character for 'twilight dragon' above her heart and on her back. Usually prefers to go everywhere barefoot. Wears black fingerless gloves with titanium plates on the knuckles.
History: Lived and trained with many martial arts masters in China and Japan. Her parents left her an orphan at age 5 and she was then found and taken in by the Master of the Twilight Dragon dojo. Has been alone for most of her life, so she lacks a lot of people skills.
Attacks: *'Chinese Checkers'- creates a ball of energy and aims for the area above her target. Ball erupts into smaller balls, spraying all around the target, then the balls pull towards each other, catching the target in the middle of the explosion.
*Soul Spear- targets the Ki energy of the victim. If successful, it disrupts the flow of Ki energy within a person, causing the victim to have trouble concentrating and focusing thier ki. Has varying degrees of success, ranging from not having any effect at all to causing the victim to fire off ki blasts uncontrollably, or even not being able to use energy attacks at all. However, the stronger the ki of the person affected, the shorter the time Soul Spear is in effect.
Other: Usually a rather quiet and focused fighter, as a descendant of Lunch, every time she sneezes she reverts to her silver haired, bubbly and rather peaceful alter ego. When this happens, she is utterly useless as a fighter so she avoids this change whenever possible.


I stopped flying about a hundred feet from the fight. I didnt want to be seen just yet, but I wanted to get the best view of these strangers that I could. The cold, higher altitude wind blew my long lavendar hair in front of my eyes and I brushed it away idly. It was insane, these people, their power levels were enormous, and their ki felt somehow....alien. Just then the brown-haired female knocked the blue haired male into the ground and I caught a glimpse of----no but that was impossible! Humans don't have tails! I shook my head, not believing what I had just seen, when I felt something. My nose began to itch. It seemed that some of the dust thrown into the air from the battle in front of me had been blown by the wind right into my face. No....No it cant happen, not now!! I thought with a stab of panic. But it was too late. "Aaaaaa.....aaaaaaaAAAA...AAAAAACCCHHHHOOOOO!"

~Dina~ (changed form)
I rubbed my nose and looked around me. Wooooooowwwww, was it windy or what? I felt like a kite, the way I was floating in the air like this! Weeeeeee!!! I twirled and flipped in the air until I was dizzy. "I didnt know I could fly! woooow this is better than the carnival! Hey, whats that?" I spotted two people who looked like they might have been dancing in the air. How strange to be dancing floating in the air! I wanted to try! But...how do I move forward? I sat back, thinking. "um, giddyup?" I said and just then I started to fly towards the people. "Woooow it worked.....HEY PEOPLE!!! CAN YOU TEACH ME HOW TO DANCE IN THE AIR? I WANT TO TRY!!!" The people didnt seem to hear me yet, but I was getting closer. I just decided to sit back and wait. Usually Im all alone, but now theres finally people around. Finally I can make some friends. I grinned. Thisll be fun!

Master Rudy
2nd October 2002, 10:48 PM
Since it's been a few days since my last post I'm going to attempt to come up with something quick before I log out for the night.

Rudy Summers
The battle between me and Makura was slowly becoming more intense. As it went into the air I managed to get several hard blows in on her. However she was able to get an idea of what was coming next and grabbed my hand before I was able to land another punch. With a quick move Makura had managed to kick me right in the stomach knocking the wind out of me and followed it up with a hammerblow to my back. The force of the attack sent me right into the ground face first.

As I slowly managed to get back up I placed a hand to my head and winched at the stinging pain as I felt a trickle of blood run down my face from a cut above my eyebrow. The last attack managed to take a bit out of me. As I looked back up at Makura I saw two things. First off her tail was waving back and forth indicating that she was starting to get somewhat annoyed. She may have been enjoying the fight earlier but now I could see that she was frustrated. If I had to take a guess I would say that she wasn't use to having an equal. The other thing I could see was that like me she was also starting to get a bit winded. From the way things were looking this wasn't going to be much longer but I knew anything was possible. With enough motivation anyone would be able to push themself more than they normally could.

Suddenly from what seemed like out of nowhere a girls voice rang out. This caught both me and Makura by surprise as we looked over in the air at her. From her looks she seemed to be a human. In addition to it she seemed somewhat clueless as to what was going on. I was about to shout a warning when something caught my eye. Something was clearly underneath Makura's coat that she tossed aside at the start of the fight. wondering what it was I went a bit closer to check it out and saw an orange glow from the object that was slightly sticking out. There was no doubt about it. Makura had a Dragon Ball on her. I didn't know how she got it but I saw my chance. She was yelling at the girl that just showed up and wasn't paying any attention to what was happening on the ground. Rather than pay attention I quickly grabbed the Dragon Ball before she could look at what I was doing and hid it in my gi. As I looked back up at them I saw that she had no idea what I just did. Now I started to think about what to do next. I could make a break for it and get away very easy if she kept on arguing with this girl. If I stayed to finish this I ran the risk of being discovered with the Dragon Ball during the battle. Either way I went my next choice would be risky both ways. I either ran the risk of being found with the Dragon Ball or would wind up getting the human girl killed if I ran off. It was a tough choice and I knew it wouldn't take long for Makura to remember me......

Looks like someone needs to tell my character that stealing is bad!

The Muffin Man
3rd October 2002, 06:54 AM
*taps foot and looks up*
Hmm? Oh don't mind me I'm just waiting for my character to be acknowledged again...otherwise all else I'll be doing is flying off. I can't stretch that beyond a paragraph.

3rd October 2002, 09:22 AM
Well, I guess it's high time for an IC post with Hamma. BTW, hiyaz Asi-Chan! Let's see what I can come up with for this namek...


As I watched these two warriors go at it full force, I was amazed at the skills they showed. I had previously underestimated the potential of the Saiyans. This girl Makura was much stronger than I expected, which made me a little apprehensive. I would love to test my skill against a fighter of her caliber, but I might die in the process. The other fighter, Rudy, was incredibly resilient for a . His techniques were very smoothe, and he had shown that he could take hits. Makura seemed to have a slight upper hand, but the battle was far from over. What was really bothering me was trying to determine Makura's allegiance. She was a Saiyan, but she didn't fight like she supported their cause. I was getting this sense that she was not with the other Saiyans, but she wasn't on our side either. As I pondered this, I almost failed to dodge a stray energy beam that came at me. This was my wake up call that the fight had started up again. Makura, while arguing with this girl, had blindly shot a beam in Rudy's general direction, hoping to catch him off guard. Instead it almost hit me, and I was wide awake now. However, Rudy was not attacking. Then I saw what he did. He had stolen the Dragonball that Makura possessed, and she had not realized it. Now Rudy was thinking hard about what to do next, and I could see he was in a slight dilemma. At that point, i decided I would help him out, so I sent him a psychic message.
[i]Rudy, please be quiet and listen. I'm going to attack Makura. I'm doing this to create a diversion so you can escape with the Dragonball. Do not worry about me, just get outta here. I'll catch up with you later. Nod if you understand.
I glanced over at Rudy, and he glanced over at me. He gave me a reluctant nod. I got to my feet and slowly rose into the air. Trying to keep out of Makura's peripheral view, flew around behind her, and slowly inched closer, as she was still arguing with the girl. I started to power up for a beam attack, holding the ball of light in my hand....

Master Rudy
3rd October 2002, 02:16 PM
OOC-If I remember correctly didn't Hamma leave with Kal? Unless I made a mistake then the only ones who should be there at the moment are Rudy, Makura and Dina

3rd October 2002, 03:47 PM
OOC : Yeah, Bear, Rudy is right, sorry, I kinda had your character leave the area, then mine after 'Happy Hour', or 'Bash-the-HPK Hour' :)

Kal Hounder - Namek

Reluctantly, I left and speeded to full speed to catch up with Hamma.
"Kal! What happened?"
I looked at him, frowning.
"The fool wants to lose by himself."
He nodded.
"Let him do what he will," he said, reassuringly. We both then picked up a new power. Human.
"Do you feel that? That ain't Gav...it's a female to boot anyway," I said. Hamma nodded.
"Strange the fight has stopped. What's going on?" he asked me. I shrugged.
"Use our Namek Long-Range Sight."
He nodded and we both closed our eyes. I saw...

Makura was yelling at the human girl...Rudy...Rudy is stealing Makura's Dragonball...what the, Rudy! Attack from behind! You will win if you just sneak up behind her and blast her!

"Dammit, Rudy, blast the b***h!" I yelled out loud. Hamma looked at me.
"I don't think Rudy can hear you..." he said. I had a huge sweatdrop.
"I KNOW!!!"
"I don't think Rudy is that unorthodox..." he continued. I looked at him, then chuckled.
"A Saiyan has no orthodoxity. Saiyans are the sneakiest b*****ds in the galaxy. They will do whatever it does to beat the other one, no matter how sneaky," I lectured.
"A Saiyan also has pride," he replied. I thought about this. It was true, but I just knew Rudy could win this now. God, how much do I hate Saiyans? Rudy would rather put pride in front of the security of this planet. You dumb...
"Look, Kal, shall we get moving?"
I looked at me again, arms crossed.
"Okay, then." and we blasted off. We finally picked up Yoshi's power and caught up with him. He stopped to let us catch up.
"I noticed you met Makura, Kal," he said, cockily.
"I guess you have too," I replied, sternly.
"So, what's going down? I can feel another power level there. A human, hmm?" Yoshi asked.
"Well, a human is unknowingly distracting Makura, meaning Rudy can steal Makura's Dragonball. Rudy can also blast Makura in the back, but doesn't. Yoshi, why are you Saiyans, well, so arrogant, and so proud?! It really ticks me off!"
"Woah, Greeny, don't get your antennae in a twist! Saiyans are a royal species! We aren't sneaky! Maybe we do employ underhanded tactics, but this situation between Rudy and Makura is a sacred situation!"
"Woah, Kal, you're turning purple..." Hamma said. Yoshi laughed.
"Anyway, a Saiyan versus a Saiyan isn't just one of your run-of-the-mill fights. Saiyans prove who's better through fists, not faults. We just, well, are noble."
I spat to my right.
"Well, we should find Yasu and Idah," I said. Yoshi nodded and we flew off in their general direction.

Outlaw JT
4th October 2002, 12:22 AM
OOC: I am not checking in with an actual post right now. Just got a quick note.....I had mentioned in the original sign up page that no one can know techniques like Final Flash, Instant Transmission......It can give an unfair advantage to what is otherwise a fair fight. Too early in for people to know techniques like that. Sorry Makura, can't use it. No one can at this point. Might I suggest it just be a really superb after image technique?!

And again...read everyones posts carefully before posting! That is for everyone!

4th October 2002, 11:57 AM
Bleh, I must have missed that part of HPK's post. I didn't want my character to leave the area though, because I was planning this action the whole time. Since nobody really interacted with him, can we just pretend he never left the scene? That would probably make it run a whole lot smoother, because at least this way my character has something to DO. Gives me a chance to make more IC posts ;D.

Kuro Espeon
4th October 2002, 05:09 PM
Eh-heh....Whoopsies. Gomen nasai GT. I guess I forgot. Oh well, everyone's allowed ONE mistake right? Hmmm...ok! I'll just say that What makura did really wasn't Instant Transmission, it was just a really fast teleport. I DID say she was very quick and agile. That's allowed right?
I'll have Makura admit later that it wasn't IT. She was saying it was to throw Rudy off.
BTW Bear- Rudy is a Saiyan, not a human.
And Mike, we're not ignoring you. It's just that all of out characters are busy with something right now. We can't just drop what we're doing and say: "Oh, let's go find Yoshi." It doesn't work that way. You can always have Yoshi come back to the battle site if you want. Then he'd have something to do. It's just a suggestion.

As I was yelling at the stupid human girl who had arrived, I was becoming more and more aggravated with her. She kept saying things like: "I wanna learn to dance in the air too!" ......what a moron...
Then suddenly I felt the chi energy behind me change. I could feel another energy signiture rising up slowly. It felt like...A Namek. Upon futher thought, I realized it wasn't Kal, it was Hamma. It still amazed me that these "warriors" still hadn't figured out that my chi-sensing abilities were very sharp.
'Sooo...the Namek is going to try a sneak attack, is he? Well, he's in for a surprise, for sure. When will they ever learn...' I decided not to let on that I knew he was there. Instead of HIM surprising ME, it would be the other way around. I laughed inwardly.
I waited until he got closer to me. I felt his energy being focused into one central spot as he powered up an attack. An energy ball, most likely. Holding my hand out of his view, and still yelling at the human girl to make them think that I hadn't noticed, I quickly formed an energy ball of my own. As Hamma preapred to fire, I quickly spun around and fired off my energy ball. Taken by surprise, Hamma quickly fired his. The balls collided and a small explosion followed. When the smoke cleared, the Namek was still floating there, slightly surprised by my attack, but still serious and focused. I smiled at him.
"Nice try, Namek. Do you really think I'm that stupid?" I said in a half shout.
Hamma replied simply. "Do you really want me to answer that question?"
I ignored that insult for now and glanced over at Rudy.
"So, little Rudy can't rely on his own strength after all. Too bad Rudy, I was actually beginning to respect you!"
Rudy didn't respond and semed slightly unnerved about something. He simply watched me carefully, as if he was waiting for something. I narrowed my eyes in suspision. He was hiding something....but I didn't have time to find out what it was just yet. I looked back at Hamma.
"Alright Namek. You want to play too? Bring it on then! Unless that pathetic excuse for a surprise attack was ALL you had planned?"

4th October 2002, 07:41 PM
Hey Bear, whats up? ^-^ Oh a moron, huh Maku-chan?! Well you just wait til I sneeze again ;)

I was confused. I came over to the weird girl with the tail to be friends, but she was just yelling at me, like I had done something wrong. "Im sorry that I dont know how to dance in the air, you shouldnt yell at me just for that." I said, pouting. I dont know why but that only seemed to make her angrier. "Shut up you dam idiot weakling!!" She yelled at me and then she threw something at one of her friends, a guy who was the lOvElIeSt shade of green! "Wooooooooooowwwww!!" I said, glancing from the green guy to the guy with blue hair. "You have friends ALLLLLLLL colors of the RaInBoW!!!!!" I felt that the angry girl just needed a hug so I went to give her one, but she yanked away from me with a swish of her tail. I figured I was allergic to tails because just then my nose felt funny and I snee-----

-----zed....Suddenly I sensed that I was in a bit of trouble. Glancing around quickly I assesed my surroundings. The two people I sensed earlier had stopped fighting---and were staring right at me, the woman with the tail looking extremely angry. There was also someone else, a man with green skin, who looked rather startled. Just then a thought jolted through me. Oh no....I had sneezed back there, and my other self mustve--
I gulped and got into a defensive stance. I now had to prepare to defend myself, depending on what happened next. What had that silver-haired idiot gotten me into.....

Ultimate Charizard
4th October 2002, 08:28 PM
Hmm, i guess its time i got myself involved


There was alot of commotion off in the distance there. Some sort of fight i guessed. But what was worrying me is that the changeling and Saiyans that we had been watching were now leaving in the opposite direction and noone as yet had seemed too bothered.
"Fine then" i muttered to myself as the group split and began to fly off. Since it seemed obvious the Changeling was leading this little field trip i decided to head after him and the few saiyans he had as escorts. I decided to keep myself lower to the ground, trying not to attract any attention. I was actually pleased to be alone, its much easier to conceal yourself when you dont have to watch everyone else around you.
I felt concerned over the other Saiyans and where they were headed, especially with the young Namek and that creature left defenceless on the cliff top but i had made my choice and now i would follow it.

Ok its just basic. im trying to get myself goin in this rpg im just short of ideas

4th October 2002, 08:53 PM
Yay my fellow human is here! ^-^ Nice to meet you Charizard, Im Asilynne!

Master Rudy
5th October 2002, 12:39 AM
Rudy Summers
I didn't like the way things were going right now. Kal's friend had just tried a surprise attack and failed. Meanwhile the looks Makura had given me seemed to show that she knew I was hiding something. At this point I could just hope she was clueless to what I had done. In addition there was that human girl. A moment ago she was acting like your typical clueless blonde and now all of a sudden she seemed to be alert as to what was going on. More surprising however was the fact that she seemed ready to fight as well. I wasn't sure what was up with her yet but now my next problem was keeping this between just me and Makura so that no one else got hurt.
Looking between everyone who was now here I saw that the other Namekian and Makura were getting ready to square off. Before anything could take place however I got between the two of them. I took a moment to look both of them in the eyes and then turned to the Namekian first and said to him "I know you and the others want to help me but this is my fight. I know it may look like I'm being foolish and that I'm putting my pride first but the truth is I don't want anyone other than myself involved. I know I'll need your help at some point but this is nothing more than a pointless battle between myself and an assassin. Including my family I've seen too many innocent people get hurt or killed. The last thing I want to do is add my friends to that list." The Namek was about to say something but a slight chuckle from Makura stopped him. "That's so noble kid. However I also find it amusing." Without turning to face her I simply asked "Care to explain why?" I didn't turn around but I was pretty sure she had a nice big smirk on her face as she answered. "Well it's not everyday you see a Saiyan with a soft side. It may be true that you were raised here on Earth but if you look at our entire race a good number of them have returned to the old ways. Fighting and taking over other planets is what we live for. It's in our blood." This time I faced her as I spoke. "I don't need to hear this crap. Instead I'm just going to take a wild guess and say that you going to give that famous speech about how you share those views. After that your going to go into that thing where you say my talent is wasted helping the humans and that I need to join you right?" Makura just cracked up at that. "You have got to be kidding! I don't give a damn about who I work for and I couldn't care less what side your on either! I was just comparing you to the other Saiyans. The thing with me is if your paying I'll do your dirty work." Hearing this made me frown. With a more serious tone I said "That's a very cold way to act. There's no doubt that your a great fighter. With your talent you could be helping us win but instead you just go with the highest bidder." Makura just smiled at me while she spoke. "If it bothers you so much then you could just simply pay me if you want me on your side that bad. I took the contract to kill you and that other Saiyan for two million. For three million I could just forget about it. If you value the life of your friend so much I advise you pay up. I know you can easily pay me and end this now but you can't keep up this fight forever. Eventually I will find a way to kill you."
It was a very tempting offer. For me that kind of cash was chump change. However I wasn't going to go low enough to hire someone like Makura. For all I knew the Saiyans could just as easily pay even more and bring her back to them. Rather than give her an answer I turned to the Namekian and started to whisper. "I'm sure you saw me grab what she had right?" He just nodded and I continued. "Be ready because I'm going to toss it to you. I'm sure Makura is going to be very pissed so get out of here as fast as you can and don't look back." Once I was done with him I went over to the human this time. "I have no idea who you are but I'm pretty sure it's a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When he starts to leave go with him until your sure your far away from the fight that's about to take place. After that it would be best if you just went off on your own because getting involved would be a very bad thing for you." The human was about to say something but I put up my hand and just simply shook my head. I knew she was confused but now was not the time for answers.
Just then Makura spoke up. "So how about it kid? Do we have a deal?" Looking at Makura I smiled and said "I'm many things. I'm a fighter and an inventor....." At this point with a quick motion I grabbed the Dragon Ball I hidden and tossed it over to the Namekian. As soon as he caught it both him and and the human girl got out of there as fast as they could. With a shocked and anger filled look Makura was about to give chase but I quickly put an end to it with a swift kick to her head. As she stumbled back in the air a bit I added "However I'm not stupid. In the meantime why don't you add thief to that list?" I just simply smiled as she wiped away some blood from a cut on the side of her face. As angry as Makura must have been she spoke with a calm voice. "I think that will be your last mistake Rudy. However instead of adding thief to your list how about we add 'dead hero?'" As she came at me I prepared to fight once again. I just hoped Makura was wrong about this being my last mistake......

After that I think Kuro has the right to beat up Rudy. Just don't end the fight. I have one or two other things in mind and I'd like to get in at least one more post ^_~

5th October 2002, 01:32 AM
I guess Rudy doesn't want to escape with the Dragonball then =\. Oh well, I guess I'll sit and watch some more, praying for a chance to make an IC post...

Thanks for telling me Rudy was a Saiyan, I wasn't sure.

5th October 2002, 01:36 AM
Whew....crazy. Ok Bear Im gonna try not to mess up your character, If I make any mistakes then whack me upside the head and I ll fix it. ()

Despite what I felt I should do, I respected the Blue haired man's wishes and went with the green one. My mind was swimming with questions I wanted to ask him, but where should I begin? Everything had changed when I decided to leave my hermits life in search of an answer. Had I lived such a sheltered life that humans were now growing tails and turning green?
The green man noticed me staring at him and grunted to get my attention. "What are you staring at?" he growled, in a deep voice that seemed to rattle my bones.
This caught me off guard. I blinked my black eyes and shook my head. "I uh....well, Ive never seen--........Youre green." I finished lamely.
"Very observant...." We flew on in silence for a while, until I spoke. "Im sorry for being rude, its just...Ive never seen green people before, or people with tails, and I didnt know that humans---"
"Im a Namek," he cut me off. "And those people with tails are called Saiyans. We are not a mutated form of your species. Now," He stopped flying and turned his glaring gaze to me. "Tell me how is it that one minute youre a complete idiot and the next youre ready to fight against 2 beings much more powerful than yourself?"
(OOC:Just to skip all the stuff you already know...)
I sighed and began to explain who I was and why I felt I had to come here. "I cant explain it, I just felt that the Earth was in danger, and I ...needed to do something. The most important lesson of the School of the Twilight Dragon is to care for Earth as if it were your kin." I stood up straight and looked the strange green ma---Namek-- right in the eyes. "Now you tell me, what has put my planet in danger?"
He sighed and placed a hand on my head. "It would be easier if I did this," he said and suddenly images flashed through my mind. Changlings.
Great citys being destroyed. People dying.
More saiyans, rising up against the evil ones, neither winning, nor losing.
Strange flying creatures. Dragonballs.
Wait... I thought, amid all the clutter in my mind. Dragonballs......
"So this is......a dragonball?" I reached into the pocket of my white pants and pulled out a translucient yellow orb with a single red star in the middle. Hamma, for that was the Namek's name, actually looked shocked. "H.....How did you..."
I interrupted him for a change. "I got it as a gift from my martial arts teacher the day before I ran away..Its the only thing anyones ever given me..." I looked at its shiny surface. "Yours seems like a noble cause. I wouldnt mind giving it to you," He started to take it from my outstreched hand but I pulled away. "But...I will hang onto it for you...this planets in danger and whether or not I can be of any help, I want to try. I will try. And I wont let you keep me from doing that."
By the look on the Nameks face I could tell my words didnt make him happy in the least.

Phew....well I hope I didnt mess up too much on that one....Oh and my dragonball is the real one star ball, I know Rudy found the fake one that Yasu was in so I didnt think anyone else had the real one. If Im wrong, Im sorry.

Master Rudy
7th October 2002, 10:34 PM
OOC-In case you guys didn't see it in the awards topic I'll say it quickly here. Congrats to all the former Dragon Ball VG members. In total the RPG and it's cast/characters took 14 awards! ^_~

Anyway I forgot to mention it in my last post but I wanted to know if Kuro had any objections to ending the fight shortly after her next post with no clear winner. In other words are there any problems with a tie?

9th October 2002, 12:47 PM
OOC~ Just a note to add to the good news. ^-^ Today is Bear's birthday so everyone give him his BIRTHDAY BEATDOWN!! AAAHahahahahahahahaha!!! *starts pounding on Bear* hee hee, and a pinch to grow an inch!!!

Master Rudy
9th October 2002, 09:24 PM
OOC-Happy b-day Bear. Have a good time and don't do anything I wouldn't do (I'm sure that's very reassuring ^_^;)

Anyway I'm kinda still waiting on Kuro. If worse comes to worse and this still hasn't moved on by the weekend I'll go ahead and start making my ending post. I'll kinda have my work cut out but it seems that right now things aren't really going to go much further while Makura and Rudy are still fighting. Hopefully Kuro will be able to post something before then. I'd hate to end things without her being able to get in at least one more post

10th October 2002, 10:53 AM
Thanks for the wishes. But attempting to give a Namek a birthday beatdown is NOT a good idea...

Kuro Espeon
10th October 2002, 04:15 PM
ARGH! *rushes in and slams the door behind her* Man! Sorry I'm late! Damn traffic!!
Anyway, that's fine Rudy. I was planning on not having a specific winner anyway. I mean...Makura is most likely gonna join up with them eventually...but not right now, obviously.
*glomps her brother* WAI! Happy B-day Brother Bear!! *snickers and joins Asilynne in the Birthday Beatdowns*
I guess I'll make a short post before you finish it up. I won't really do too much action in this one though. Mostly Makura's "inner thoughts"

I flew at Rudy and we engaged in fighting once again. I needed to finish this quickly so I could persue that Namek and that human girl who had made off with my Dragonball. That thing was worth something to me I couldn't just let it fly away. But right now I had to keep my mind focused on Rudy. Now that he was determined it was going to be harder than before. ....not that I still couldn't win, he was just going to put up more of a fight now.
This Rudy kid was starting to confuse me. The way he acted, the way he talked and his motives for fighting...all of them made no sense to me. Why would he fight for a race and entire planet that dispised him? Why earthlings? Why would he betray his own race for them? I knew my own motives for fighting. I fought for my own pleasure and profit. In my opinion, one should only fight if they will benefit from it. There is no point in fighting for no reason, right? I thought so. That's why I fought for fun and money. I may not have a proper side in this bloody battle...but at least I was gaining from it, and I didn't make an enemy of either side. That was my philosophy on this whole ordeal. But yet...this Rudy...fought for something else. Something deep inside of him that I couldn't undestand yet. As far as I could see, he wasn't getting anything from this war, so why fight?
Why fight? That was a question I was determined to have answered by the end of this. And I always got my answers when I set out for them.

There you go Rudy! You can finish this up if now if you want.

Btw- ATTENTION all DBVG veterens! I have special treat for you all! (or at least Gav, Rudy, and Yoshi...) Courtosy of my dear friend Asilynne *points to Asilynne* I am finally able to put up the pictures of four of the DBVG chars. They are doubled up on each page to save paper. I will post one now and one with my next post. The first one, with Gav & Rudy, I will put on the attachment. Enjoy!

Kuro Espeon
10th October 2002, 04:31 PM
Oops...I wonder why the attachment didn't show up...here let me try again.

10th October 2002, 09:33 PM
Hehe, our computer doesn't like you sis. It refuses to post the pictures until you get one of Kabuli ;).

EDIT: It probably won't show up because the picture is over the limit as far as bytes are concerned. Try posting it on a site and linking instead. I can put them up on mine, if you like.

11th October 2002, 08:27 PM
Yeah thats what happened to me when I started trying to post them...-.- computers hate me

BTW Bear, when are you gonna respond to my post?

Master Rudy
14th October 2002, 10:42 PM
Sorry about this guys! >_<
I would have gotten around to finishing this up much sooner but each time I planned to get my butt over here something came up. First off was the fact that this had to be the weekend from hell. Next up was the fact that what little time I've had here over the weekend was not nearly enough for me to get to work on a good post. Finally add in a tiny bit of writer's block and you've now got someone who has turned into a retard from not being able to think straight. I've narrowed things down to two possible endings for the fight but now the problem is finding out which one to use. The first is a bit overdone when you have two characters equal in power while the other would leave Makura looking slightly overpowered. I've come up with a good excuse for the second one but after considering things it wouldn't make much sense without a bit of work. In other words I'm a bit stuck. For now I'm going to get a start on things and then by tommorow I should have everything ready for the last post ^_~

Rudy Summers
Makura clearly wasn't happy about the way things were going for her. First off Hamma managed to get away with her Dragon Ball. Next was the fact that despite her best efforts Makura was having trouble fighting me. She may have had more experience in fighting but anyone could see that we were equals in this battle. At this point in the battle I was playing defense. Makura's strikes were packing a ton of power but in her anger she was attacking me blindly. As temping as it was to take advantage of the situation I was not one to take an easy way out. I had always been taught to fight fairly and with honor.
After blocking one of her punches with a quick forearm I quickly grabbed her arm with her free hand and went to hit her in the face. However at the last possible moment I pulled back and then let go. Expecting her to come at me again I got ready. However she had stopped. Makura just hovered there and was clearly confused by my actions. After a few moments of silence she asked me "Why is it that your treating this as nothing more than a game?" Getting out of my stance for a moment I just simply said "It should be obvious by now. While I may have tricked you with that Dragon Ball I will not resort to such things in a fight." This confused her even more. As Makura got ready once again she said "You may want to keep things fair but it is somewhat foolish of you to do so. Even if you manage to beat the odds and survive this fight you will soon learn that there are others who are not as forgiving as me. They will take advantage of how you act. As you stand now your way too soft to pose much of a threat." As this point I also got back into my fighting stance. "That may be true but in the end I feel that the way I fight and do things will one day pay off in the long run."
Makura just got more and more confused with each thing I said or did. "Your a strange one. I'm afraid I'll never figure you out on my own so just do me one favor and tell me why it is you fight?" With a slight smile I said "That's simple. All I really do I fight for what I believe is right." Once again I caught that look of confusion on her face. However it wasn't long before it became serious again. "Like I said before your a bit odd kid. However enough with the small talk. It's time to end this." With a quick nod I replied "Your right. There is nothing more to discuss." As i rushed at Makura I remined myself it wasn't true. That wasn't the whole reason why I fought. However I didn't want to go into the details because in the end she wouldn't understand. All I wanted to do now was get this over with......

15th October 2002, 11:48 AM
Since you're probably itching for something to do Mike, I'm going to attempt to bring your character into this post. However, I forget which side you are on, so I'll leave it a bit vague for you to finish up.


Despite the difference in species and moods, I think Dina and I had come to a mutual understanding. I was more surprised to find out that she had a REAL Dragonball and the other one was a fake. But I pushed that out of my mind as we started flying again.
"Do you have any suggestions on what our destination should be? My plan was scrapped, so I'm open for new ideas." I said to her as we got farther away from the fight, still able to feel the pulse of the energy emitted.
"Well, from the looks of it, those two are going to go at it for a while longer, so we have time to move. I say we get as far away from that battle as we can and try to find others on our side."
I don't think either of us were ready for what we did find though. As we flew over long treeless fields and mountains, it seemed rather quiet down below. Naturally keeping to myself, I assumed the battles hadn't reached this part of the planet yet. We continued flying, looking around for an adequate place to stop and rest, when we saw a figure levitating up ahead.
"What's that?" said Dina.
"Well, the best I can tell is that it's a Saiyan. It has a tail like one."
"Ohhhhh, THAT'S a Saiyan." She replied, almost cheerful.
"It's nothing to be excited about. Saiyans are ruthless, amazingly powerful warriors. They are part of the reason this planet is in chaos." I said back, sternly.
"Yes. This could get ugly, you'd better take cover down there quickly before he sees you."
"But, I want to fight too!"
"No! I'm not about to let both of us get killed. Go now!" I said, trying to keep my voice low. Reluctantly, she agreed, and let herself float down into a wooded area. When she was out of sight, I began to move toward this unknown Saiyan....

The Saiyan is Yoshi, so he can continue as he sees fit.

Outlaw JT
15th October 2002, 12:14 PM
Oh BROTHER!!!! Doesn't ANYONE read all the posts before posting?!!

Hamma has already met Yoshi and knows which side he is on. Since you had your character arrive from behind so he couldn't identify Yoshi by his face it can slide but you should know these things and would know them if you read everything.

Once again, a friendly reminder for everyone. Read before you post!

I will be making a post later today to help move things along a little bit. Until then.......

Kuro Espeon
15th October 2002, 02:54 PM
I think I'll just let you finish up Rudy. I have nothing left to add to it. I'm braindead today....but just one request though. can you try a littler harder not to make Makura seem like a jackass? She's not really mean...she just has no tact and atwisted sense of humor. Not to mention...Rudy always seems to be getting the best of Makura. Keep in mind that they are pretty much equal in power. I don't think either one of them is stronger so make sure to give her one or two good shots before the end of this. Pretty please? I'm not complaining or anything, it's just a polite request.

15th October 2002, 04:35 PM
I spoke the way I did because we really don't know who it is yet. I only said it was Yoshi to give a signal to Mike. Acknowledging it was Yoshi was OOC, so Hamma and Dina don't know who it is yet. Calm down and read through my own post before you jump to conclusions please.

Outlaw JT
15th October 2002, 04:45 PM
Hamma met everyone overlooking the ruins of Capsule Corp when they were trying to spy on Garen and company before Rudy and Yoshi and later Hamma and Kal went off to the fight with Makura. That is where he joined Kal and everyone was there at the time except Gav and Dina. I did have my facts straigh and I am not trying to make you change your post if you read my comments carefully. I'll thank you not to make accusations of my being critical without checking your facts carefully first.

Now lets put this behind us and move on!

Master Rudy
15th October 2002, 10:45 PM
Sorry about doing that Kuro. Not including that brief little fight with Garen at the start of this (I really didn't have much input on that one)it's been a long time since I've done a fighting post. I wasn't trying to make it look like Rudy was getting the best of Makura at every single turn. Hopefully I can avoid that as I wrap things up ^_~

Rudy Summers
As I once again started to battle Makura I had several things on my mind. The main one was the fact that this battle was taking way too long and I had to end it soon. This time around both of us were all business. There were no more taunts or one liners. As for myself I was also being a bit more serious this time. The winner of this battle would live to fight another day. As for the loser I saw one of two things happening. It was all too obvious what Makura would do to me if I lost but I saw things happening differently if I came out on top. Rather that finish the job I'd simply let Makura go. I knew the others would think it was unwise to do such a thing but I felt killing her would prove nothing. As crazy as the others may have thought the idea was I saw this as a possible chance to gain an ally. Knowing how unforgiving some of the Saiyans were I would have wished I was dead if I were in her spot and failed. While it was possible that doing something like this could backfire I knew that if I could win that my chances of beating her again were very good. Once again I started to think how the others would call my crazy but by this point I felt that despite her attitude and the fact that she wasn't taking sides that Makura wasn't as cold as I once thought. Even I had to admit that I dropped my guard way too many times and yet she didn't take the chance to end it at that moment. Once again I started to think this might just be a bad idea waiting to happen but I knew of stranger things occuring.
For the past few minutes things had been equal but it was at this point I made a huge mistake. Instead of focusing on the battle I was too busy thinking about what I would do or what might happen. Makura faked a punch up high and when I went to block it she saw her chance. The next thing I knew I was doubled over after a very hard kick to the stomach. Makura wasted no time now. Grabbing me she proceeded to ram her knee into my stomach several more times before driving an elbow into my back and sending me into the forest below. Extremely winded I didn't have the power to stop myself as the tree branches cut into my skin and ripped my gi in several places. As I hit the ground hard I started to cough up some blood. Moments ago things were still quite even but it had now taken a turn for the worse. The damage had been done. I was starting to doubt my odds of getting out of this battle alive.
As I painfully struggled to my feet I quickly looked around for Makura. She was nowhere to be seen so I doubted she would be going for a direct attack. Suddenly from behind me I felt a power rising. Turning around quickly I saw her attempting a sneak attack. I had almost no time to act but yet by pure luck I brought a knee up to block. After exchanging several quick blows I managed to swat away an oncoming punch. As a result it left Makura wide open. I managed to get in two good hits as I drove my elbow into her chest and followed it up with a backhand to her face. However at this point my injuries came into play. I struggled as I grabbed Makura and attempted to drop her to the floor. It didn't take her long to reverse the hold and slam me to the ground.
After waiting for a blow that didn't come I painfully got up once more. I saw Makura had retreated to a safe distance and was charging up some kind of energy attack that I had never seen before. Suddenly what looked like a black wave of ki came flying at me. not giving her a chance for an easy victory I started to power up a Masenko and fired it directly at the blast. I was sure that what Makura was thinking would be an easy victory turned into surprise that I was still able to fight as the two beams met about halfway between us. Out of anger and frustration she shouted "It's pointless now! With those injuries you can't last much longer!" Deep down I didn't like my chances but rather than admit defeat I yelled right back at her "If it's my destiny to die today then so be it. However I'll be damned if you think I'm going to make it easy!" At this point both of us started to put more power into our attacks. After a few moments of no change I put everything I had left into this attack. I was now straining to keep up my Masenko as it slowly started to overpower her attack. However Makura also put more power into her own beam. Suddenly something didn't seem right. The energy at the center was starting to create a crater in the ground as the beams created a huge orb of ki. Suddenly it hit me but it was too late. Within seconds a deafing explosion of the gathered energy sent both me and Makura flying away from each other. Before blacking out I sensed a huge drop in her power. Makura wasn't dead but she wouldn't be getting back up anytime soon. My last thought was So that's how it goes? There is no winner or loser. This battle turned into nothing more than a draw......

Sorry if that seemed crappy but I really needed to end this without making Rudy look too strong. Sorry for taking you out too Kuro but I really wasn't sure how to handle it. However I'm sure we'll both be back soon once Yasu finds us (hint, hint B4! ^_^;)

And in case you guys were wondering I got the idea to do something like this from one of the scenes in the Majin Vegeta/Goku fight. Anyway hopefully now we can get going since none of you are waiting on me or Kuro to finish anymore ^_~

17th October 2002, 11:51 AM
I posted the way I did in response to Asilynne's post, since she had us leaving the fight and flying off.
My intent was to give Mike something to do, but where is he???

Master Rudy
17th October 2002, 06:03 PM
OOC-It seems like everyone has been somewhat busy as of late. I'm sure if you just give Mike some time he'll get around to reply ^_~

18th October 2002, 06:05 PM
I'll give Dina a chance to make her own decisions. ;)

BTW, Dina is NOT in her 'idiot' form right now, just so everyone knows ^-^


I landed on the forest floor, slightly disgruntled. You better take cover, he says.... This thought floated in my mind as I shook my head. I was not helpless, if he was going to risk his life for the sake of the planet, I couldn't just stand by! But, I reasoned, I don't really know exactly what Im getting into...it would probably be wiser if I observed how the 'Namek' handles this guy...besides...he said that this was one of the creatures threatening Earth.
But there was something I didn't understand. If 'Saiyans' were threatening the Earth, then what was the deal with that blue haired man, Rudy? He was a Saiyan. and yet he had seemed like he was fighting for Earth's benefit. Yes, he had been, I was sure of it.
Just then I felt a large surge of power over where the two saiyans were dueling. Not long after I felt the sinking feeling of someones chi level going down drastically. But who's was it? Someone's down for the count, but was it the saiyan female, or....was it...Rudy? I clenched my fists. If it was Rudy, then I have to help him.....but if THIS saiyan here is an enemy like Hamma thinks he might be, then I can't leave him to fight alone--!!
"What should I do....." I whispered to myself. What I did next rested on whether the saiyan in front of Hamma was friend or foe.
I eyed him tensely, waiting for him to make his move.

Oh, the tangled web we weave!! Now, I know that Yoshi's a friend, and that Rudy's not hurt, but Dina doesn't, and I love tense, decision-making scenes! :P

The Muffin Man
18th October 2002, 06:20 PM
I landed and walked through a break in the forest wall, a beautiful young girl waiting, ready to attack.
"Wh-who are you...?"she demanded.
"Hey, hey, calm down!"I said softly. She fell from her stance,"my names Yoshi...I may be a Saiya-jin, but I'm a friend!"

After a few minues of talking with Dina, we stood up and decided to find Rudy.
"Where the heck could he be...?"I wondered, looking around...

short, but to let you know I'm still alive...and are ANY of you gonna post the pictures?? It's been quite a while now and I'm pretty sure at least ONE of you 3(two, since Bear is...I mean since Sarah and Bear share a comp) can send one of us the pics to post FOR you...

18th October 2002, 07:18 PM
OOC~*sighs* Ok....since I can't post them here, and my ^^%^%&*^% computer won't let me upload them to a website, Im just going to email them to you all....Or Sarah can......well PM either one of us with your e-mail and we'll take care of it.

^-^() BTW.......I hope theyre worth the wait to you guys....I drew those a while back and since then I've gotten better....so....-.-

Kuro Espeon
19th October 2002, 11:53 AM
Well Makura is unconcious right now so I guess that means I'll have to wait and picka time for her to wake up!

Ok ok...I know that's a lame excuse but I'm suffering from writters block again and I don't have a alot of time right now. busy weekend....ya know...

But I'll post in a little bit don't worry! And about the pics, Bear can probably upload them onto his website and link them from there. I'll see if he can do that for us.

20th October 2002, 10:59 AM


My ears flickered up...
I could sense Rudy... and an explosion... the other Saiyan..
Both of the power levels which were fighting had dropped extremely low.
< Rudy is injured... >
I blinked, and slowly rose to my feet, and looked at Idaia.
< Idaia! Rudy the Saiyan is injured... he is in need of your assistance. We should leave now.>
Idaia rose to his feet and nodded, and I quickly gazed up at the giant herb tree her grew.
<... I will need some of this..> I flew into the air and quickly swiped of a leaf, and let it fall to teh ground. With that I closed my eyes, and touched my paw to the leaf. Instantly the leaf disappear, and a leaf imprint was left upon the pad of my paw. I smiled and looked at Idaia.
< Let us be off.>
With that we both flew... racing as fast as we could towards the weak signature of Rudy. Idaia was a bit slower then I... so I swirled around his flying body, until suddenly I sensed some thing below.
We slowed down until we were nothing more then floating in the air, and I gazed below. There... amongst a pile of rubble and rocks, was Rudy's body... bloody, battered... and almost dead it seemed. We flew down instantly, and I landed gingerly on a small rock next to his head.
< Rudy... I have brought Idaia here. He can heal you...>
I then looked to Idaia, and slowly whispered to him.
< You heal Rudy... then do as he says. I ... I have some one I have to find.>
With that I flew off...

Trees raced below me, as I zoomed along the tree tops and darted past the branches. The air was clear... and the sun was setting slowly- nightfall was coming. I narrowed my eyes and peered around... trying to find what I was looking for... trying...
Then I sensed it.
Instantly I dropped below the trees, and dodged the branches and tree trunks in my way. My eyes easily adjusted to the forest.. until suddenly it became quite clear.
There... there was the sphere. The sphere with 7 stars.
A Dragon Ball.
< I sensed you earlier... and I will get you before the 'others' do.> I whispered, and slowly padded to it. The ball hummed slightly... as if aknowledging me to be here. I slowly sat before the ball, and closed my eyes. Instantly the star upon my forehead began to swirl and glow... fading in its reddened color, adn then flourishing to a yellow white... making my whole body flicker with teh aura. I then slowly concentrated upon the ball... and it grew yellow as well.
<Asith mnak retar!>
The ball then suddenly disappeared... and it its place, it was a glowing ball of light about the size of my eye. It hovered there... and then suddenly, it went into my jewel and disappeared. Myb ody glowed brighter for a second...and t hen suddenly, it faded and returned to normal. I sighed...
< One less to worry about... >
I then flew up into the air, and slowly floated back to where Rudy and Idaia were...

(I was thinking, Asilynne, if you want Yasu to run across your char go ahead... if not, then post whatever you were plann'n too.)

20th October 2002, 01:17 PM
Yeah, ok. That would be cool. I was also thinking that Dina could meet Idaia (hes the guardian of earth right?) Since they both have a connection with the Earth. *shrugs* Ok this is probably gonna be kind of short -.-()

The saiyan turned out to be a friend....and an ally of the one called Rudy. He also sensed the fading power and was concerned so we decided to go make sure everything was alright.
In my haste to check on Rudy I didn't notice the Namek wasn't with us.
Soon we came to the area where I had first encountered these strange people. The female saiyan was lying unconsious in the dirt, and Rudy was just then getting to his feet. He seemed to be fine...
"There.." a small calm voice said. I looked to see a miniature Namek kneeling on the ground beside Rudy. "Thanks Idaia," Rudy said, brushing himself off.
Before I could say anything, a strange looking creature floated down and landed beside the little Namek. <Good, he's healed....are you ok now, Rudy?>
"Yeah..." Rudy said, glancing over at the fallen saiyan female with a concerned look on his face. "Heh," the saiyan called Yoshi crossed his arms. "You sure cut it close there, Summers.."
I was glad Rudy was ok. I glanced at him but looked away. "Im...glad your not hurt..." I said feebly. Suddenly I felt embarrassed. Living alone my whole life didn't prepare me for talking with people, and I was horrible at it. To dispel the akward silence that followed I turned my attention to the strange creature on the ground. I knelt beside it. "Um, what are you?" I asked.
I was not prepared for the answer..................

Oh man, that kinda sucked.....I couldn't really get much of Yoshi's attitude from that so it might not be too good. Whoever posts next could have me sneeze if they want ;) but right now Im kinda having a writers block. Curse the writers block!! *Attempts to karate chop the writers block and sprains her hand* Ow........

Kuro Espeon
20th October 2002, 06:08 PM
Awww! Dina likes Rudy! :P

Makura: (Still unconcious)
The first thing I could see...was a room. A cold, dark room. It was only lit by a soft white light. It was so dim I could barely see. I could only see the dark silhouettes of human-like figures as they silently moved around me. Even though I could not see their faces, I could feel their eyes on me...burning through me. Who were they? Where was I?
It took me a minute to realize that I was lying down. I was on...a table? A cold metal table. I couldn't feel any part of my body, not even my hands or legs. I couldn't hear anything either. It almost felt like all of my senses expect for my sight were knocked out. I opened and closed my eyes several times trying to clear my vision and dephier the strange figures that continued to stare at me as if I was a specimen. Their mouths were moving but I heard not sound being admitted from them. What were they talking about? What were they doing to me? Why couldn't I move? Where the Hell was I?
All these questions...they were all spinning through my brain. But they all were inconsequential in comparison to the one thing that pounded against the back of my mind. Who...was I? What was this strange feeling inside of me. What was this feeling of uncertainty and panic that had never felt before. Fear. Was that what it was called? Fear? I suddenly knew what it was called. I suddenly knew alot of things and I didn't understand why. I knew I was alive and I knew what things were called....but I had no idea who I was or what was going on. I didn't have a memory...I didn't have a past. Why didn't I? Why...was I here?
Then...for the first time...I heard them speak...A whole jumble of words spoken by so many unfamiliar voices. They came one after another, not even following any sort of conversational order. Some running into one another...
"Is she awake now?"
"She is..."
"It worked..."
"She's perfect!"
"Not yet, not yet! She's not complete!"
"She will be soon..."
"What do we call her?"
"What's her name?"
"Yes...yes...she must have a name!"
There was a pause...then a deep voice echoed off the walls and filled my head and imprinted it into my new found conciousness forever.
"She will be called Makkura. The name of Total Darkness."

I jolted awake. The bright sun was beating down upon me as I lay battered and beaten on the hard, dusty ground. I heard voices. They were familiar. I knew who they were, or at least most of them. But I paid no attention to them. That strange vision...what...did it mean?

Master Rudy
21st October 2002, 10:44 PM
This is gonna be rather quick since I'm a bit short on time

Rudy Summers
I wasn't sure how much time had passed since I was knocked out but it couldn't have been that long. Looking around I saw that the damage to the surrounding area was pretty heavy. That must have been one hell of a blast I thought to myself. At the moment the human girl I had met was speaking with Yasu. I didn't remember catching her name so I made it a poin to ask her the first chance I got. Meanwhile Yoshi and Idaia walked over to me. The next question Yoshi asked was what I expected from him. "Are you sure your ok after all that?" he said looking a bit concerned. Nodding I looked at Idaia and said "Of course I am. This kid may be young but his healing powers are excellent."
The boy was about to say something when suddenly we heard a painful moan nearby. Looking over I quietly cursed at myself for forgeting about Makura. As we all walked over to her I saw that she was now awake but due to her injuries she was having trouble getting up. Not wanting her to hear Yoshi talked to us in a whisper. "If you ask me it serves her right. However the question is what do we do now?" Not even wasting any time to answer I looked back at Idaia and said "Could you heal her as well?" Once again he was about to say something when he was interrupted by Yoshi. "Are you crazy Rudy? She tried to kill you!" Turning back to him I said "Maybe so but do think after everything I've seen and been through that I'm gonna leave her there? At this point I don't care what side she is on. Besides with all of us here do you honestly think she'll try something?"
I didn't need to say anything else. I already made my point. Looking at Idaia again I was about to ask one more time but before I could he simply said "This shouldn't be a problem. It'll only take a few seconds." As soon as her was by her side he placed his hands on Makura as she was surrounded by a blue aura. Within seconds all of her wounds were healed. After he had stepped back Makura got up on her feet. Both Yoshi and the human girl prepared for a battle as she checked herself out. Like I had told them I didn't expected Makura to do anything but as she looked at us even I started to wonder what was on her mind. Could this have been a bad idea?

Sorry for the shortness and suckyness but I figured with 15 minutes I could get out something quick. I'll leave the rest up to everyone else who is there at the moment ^_~

Kuro Espeon
22nd October 2002, 04:32 PM
As I regained conciousness, I saw Rudy and the others kneels over me. When they saw I was awake they immedietly backed off. I stood up slowly and loooked down at my body. I was completely healed! But...how was that possible? I looked at the little Namek who was cowering behind one of the older Nameks. Had they....told him to heal me?
When I looked up at the others, a few of the insantly got into a fighting stance as their power levels rose slightly. It was obvious that they expected me to try something, but Rudy on the other hand...seemed perfectly calm. But he was watching me closely. The first words out of my mouth were monotonous but they reflected the confusion I felt.
"Why...didn't you kill me?"
His facial expression didn't change. "Because. That's not the kind of person I am," he replied plainly, "I'm not the kind of cold-hearted Saiya-jins that you're used to, who will not hesitate to kill a man, or woman in your case, when they're down. I just couldn't bring myself to kill you after our match ended in a tie. It just wouldn't be fair, you know."
There was an akward silence following his statement as I let what he had said sink in. The more I learned about his fighting morals and his way of thinking, the more confused I became. His logic puzzled me. Why you would allow your opponent to live, even when you knew that that opponent would not have the same mercy for you, was beyond me.
Much to the surprise of Rudy and his friends, I did not make any sign of attacking. Instead...I threw back my head and laughed. This time Rudy's face did change. It twisted into a confused stare and his mouth hung open slightly.
"What...what's so funny?" he said slowly.
Still chuckling lightly I replied with grin.
"You people really are strange! I don't understand you Rudy! Knowing perfectly well that I might very well have tried to kill you again, you still brought me back in stead of finishing me off because it 'wouldn't be fair'?" I shook my head. "I don't know wether to admire you or smack you upside your puny little head!" I placed my hands on my hips and titled my head to one side. "Have you always been this stupid or did you just grow that way?"
Rudy just shrugged. The other saiya-jin, Rudy's friend Yoshi I believe, spoke up.
"So....you're NOT going to try and kill Rudy again?" he asked, scratching his head.
"Well considering you guys fixed me up it would be rude to take advantage of that and attack."
"But...what about your contract with those Changlings?" Said Rudy.
"I'll consider your act of kindness, or stupidity rather, as payment," I replied, "That, AND the dragonball you took from me. It'll cancel out the 2 million zeni that those changlings gave me to kill Rudy and Yoshi. Consider the contract null and void. Our exchange is over and down with, Rudy Summers. See? I told you that it was nothing personal."
"So, does that mean you're gonna join up and fight with us now?" asked Rudy with a small smirk.
"Ha! Like hell I am! I join up with no one, pal. This lioness hunts alone, out of the pack." With that I turned my back to them and grabbed my cloak off of the rock I had left it on. Without turning back around I held up my hand gave it a wave as I began walking away. "See ya guys around!" I pushed off into the air and flew back to my ship, leaving all thoughts of Rudy and the rebel fighter behind.

Or so I thought....

Hey! What can I say? She's a loner! She'll come around eventually, don't worry!

Master Rudy
23rd October 2002, 10:43 PM
Rudy Summers
As I stood and watched Makura leave I felt a bit relieved that she decided to just go ahead and ignore her contract. However doing so was more than likely going to put her in hot water with the other Saiyans. While things might not be too good for her soon I knew she could take care of it herself. In any case I had a feeling that despite the fact she wanted nothing else to do with us that we would be running into Makura again in the future. After several moments of quiet Yoshi finally spoke up. "I know things turned out well in the end but I still think what you did was foolish Rudy." I turned to him as he continued talking. "What if she had decided to come back for a second round? Your power level may have taken a small jump since you were near death and recovered but despite how even things were she does have more experience. I doubt Makura would have made all the same mistakes a second time." I knew Yoshi was right but I has taken all that into account beforehand. Despite the fact that I was putting us all into danger with my choice I just didn't think it would have been right to finish Makura off like that. Ever since the war had started I had seen too much death and by this point I was getting sick of it. Others might see me as soft but I feel that it is worth it if I can handle problems without an unnessary body count.
It was at this point Yasu spoke up. You may have a different opinion Yoshi but I can see why Rudy did that. There are times in life where you might need to take big risks in order to get somewhere. It may backfire in the end but how do you know something is going to work without even trying it? she said. Before I could answer however the human girl spoke up. "Sorry if I'm jumping in but right now I'm really confused about nearly everything." Looking at me and Yoshi she said "If you two are Saiyans then why is it your not helping the rest of them take over the Earth?" Yoshi seemed a little shock that someone would know so little but I just brushed it off. I figured what she had to say might just explain why she seemed so clueless about certain things. Walking over to her I put out my hand and said "I know things were a bit hectic before so I'm afraid we haven't been introduced. The name's Summers. Rudy Summers. And you are?" As she shook my hand she said "My name is Dina." I was sure she had questions but I needed to know something. "If you don't mind me asking Dina why is it that you seem to know next to nothing about the Saiyans?" She seemed a bit embarassed as she answered "I haven't exactly been around people much and grew up away from the rest of the world. To tell the truth up until the time I ran into you I thought that humans were the only ones on this planet."
Everyone seemed slightly shocked over the fact that someone in this day and age would know so little about the rest of the world. As we let it sink in I was already planning our next move. "Well if seems like you have a ton of catching up to do. However we don't exactly have the time to sit around here. Since your already in a bit over your head I guess you can go ahead and come with us. I'll explain everything about the Saiyans to you on the way to West City." Everyone except for Dina seemed confused over this. Idaia was the first to speak up. "Wouldn't the Saiyans be long gone by now?" Yoshi also was wondering about this and said "The kid is right. Out encounter with Makura really slowed us down. Whatever business they had at the city ruins is more than likely over with and I'm sure they are long gone by now. Just what is it your planning to do there?" This wasn't going to take long to explain. "I'm doubtful we're going to find out exactly why they were there but perhaps we might find a clue on where they were headed next or their next move. In addition my home should be on the way. It may be unfinished but the last thing I want to do with all this going on is leave the new Dragon Radar behind. I don't have any proof yet but it wouldn't surprise me if Dragon Balls were on their list of stuff to find. Things might turn very sour if the Saiyans somehow find out where I live and manage to get it working." Without wasting another moment I took to the air with the others close behind me. I slower down enough to fly side by side with Dina. Looking at me she said "So what exactly is the deal with your race?" Keeping an eye out for any trouble I replied "It's a very long story so I guess I might as well start off with the events leading up to Goku's arrival on this planet." I wasn't going to go into too much detail but by the time we reached West City I planned on her knowing all the basics. The destruction of Planet Vegeta, the arrival of Kakarott who would become known as Goku, Frieza, the Legendary Super Saiya-jins, the events leading up to this war and everything in between......

24th October 2002, 04:17 PM
*uses her powers to combine Idaia and Yasu's post into one*


As Yasu was about to answer Dina's question about who.. or rather what she was... suddenly Makura came to full after Idaia had healed her. After a brief chat... she simply left...

Idaia was soon flying along with Yoshi, Yasu, Dina, and Rudy. We were flying to West City... and he could only imagine how badly it looked before... and how worse it would probably look now. Wincing slightly, he over heard Rudy chatting it up with Dina... and it was like getting a second history lesson. Trying to shut it out, Idaia glanced over at Yasu... who seemed to be deep in thought.
[ What is she thinking?] He wondered slightly, and then gazed at Yoshi was gazed at the ground below...
[ How strange...] Idaia was quite proud of teh work he did on Rudy, and on Makura for that matter....
[ Makura can't be all that bad... I had little trouble healing her. If she was truely so evil... it would have been deeply harder, perhaps hurting me. But I didn't feel a thing..]

Here we are.. Yasu announced, as they slowly came to a large pile of ... well, ruins and rubble. Slowly the group landed, as Rudy sighed..
"They aren't here... we'll have to look for clues."
So, they began to walk amongst the piles of ruins... bits and pieces of computer data here, smaller particles of stuff there... and occasional cave made by a fallen building.
"I hate coming here..." Idaia spoke, and Dina cocked her head to teh side.
"Why is that?"
" ... because, it only reminds me what I couldn't do. My Earthen Namekian village was over there..."
Idaia painfully pointed to teh west.
"It was completely destroyed... adn countless were killed. The only reason an Elder risked coming back to get me... was just because of my ancient line."
Dina looked even more thorougly confused then before, and grinning sheepishly Idaia smiled.
" Oh... I guess I forgot to tell you. I'm a descendant of Dende."
Dina thought for a moment..
"Oh, I remember Rudy saying some thing about him. He was on planet Namek... and he also created the new Dragon Balls."
Idaia nodded, "Yeah... that is why the elder rescued me. Because if the current elder dies... who is a relative of Dende, then I have to be alive so the Dragon BAlls do not perish."

Rudy stopped short, and then turned around.
"I never knew you were a descendant of Dende..."
Yoshi nodded, as Yasu suddenly pipped up.
Speaking of Dragon Balls... well, I.. I don't mean to be rude, but...
Idaia looked at Dina, and then at Rudy.
Have either of you two been incontact with a Dragon Ball recently? Or have you two HAVE a Dragon Ball with you? I... I can sense the Dragon Ball aura upon you too- and it is very strong.
Dina and Rudy both.. at the same time, gazed at the ground and then sheepishly looked up.
"... Why?" Dina inquired, and Yasu slowly whirled around her and then Rudy... making a figure 8 as she did so.

Well you see... I have a sort of... well, 'connection' with the Dragon Balls... so I can sense them. I also... well, let me just say that I came incontact with a Dragon Ball while Idaia was healing Rudy. If you two have one... or more.. I'd like to see it... err, them.

Idaia never saw Yasu so.. nervous... as if she was holding some thing back.
[Was there some thing she wasn't telling us? She did mention some thing about a ... a'legend' but she refused to tell me. She didn't... oh what was it taht she said? Some thing about not hurting me? I don't remember... ]
Yasu whirled around them... gazing at them with a curious gaze..

25th October 2002, 11:44 PM
SAR-RAH!!!! Youre gonna embarrass Dina, you know shes shy! ;)
Hm..a mystery...what does the little animal have up its sleave?! Yasu, harmless looking, yet equally enigmatic. ^-^ BTW, purple's really hard to read, so whenever Dina has purple hair I'll just type in pink instead. ^-^()

I watched the animal curiously, as it weaved in and out between me and Rudy. Somehow, it could sense the energy sig that Dragonballs give off...but...what did this creature want with them?
I glanced at Rudy. The story he told me about Saiyans and Nameks and ancient battles for Earth's safety was swimming around in my head. It might take a little while for it all to sink in, but right then I wasn't sure what to think. I had seen Rudy toss that Dragon ball at Hamma, so what Yasu was sensing from Rudy was just the ball's residue sig. I could show Yasu the ball I had.........but........something told me that wasn't a good idea. I don't know why, but I didn't trust her. Still, I didn't want to lie to these people...
Yeah, Dina are you going to lie to the first people you've seen in 7 years? Could it be Ive been alone so long I forgot how to trust...? I gulped nervously. I didn't want to lie......
While I was desperately thinking of what to do, I kicked idly at the rubble of the city---and saw something that most definately wasnt rubble. It was circular and flat, with a button on top, and a green circle on the flat part. I pushed the button, but nothing happened. It, whatever it was, must've been busted....
"The Dragon Radar!" Rudy exclaimed, taking it from my hands. After a moment of staring at it he looked at me. "Its a device used to find the exact location of any of the 7 dragonballs. Finding them all would be really tough without this. On the other hand, if our enemies had this, it would be nothing for them to find the dragonballs..........and us......." He looked knowingly at me.
He mustve realised that I was hiding something....and when Yasu mentioned the dragonballs.....
"Um..." I looked at the animal out of the corner of my eye. It had stopped twirling, and was now watching me intently. "Uh..Can I talk to you Rudy?" I whispered at him.
Rudy looked up from toying with the machine. "Sure, I need to see if I can dig up a few supplies from whats left of my home, what is it...?"
I walked swiftly away, avoiding the gaze of the creature, and I told Rudy what was bothering me. "There something strange about that animal....."
"What? Yasu? Yeah, she doesn't even know anything about herself. But, somehow she knows a lot about certain things,....like dragonballs...." He looked at me intently. "I know you have one. I saw the way you reached into your pocket as soon as Yasu mentioned them."
Oh. I hadn't even realised I did that. I blushed slightly. "Yes....I..I didn't want to lie to you--to any of you,..but..." I brought the ball out of my pocket. Its one red star looked back at me as I stared at its familiar shiny orange surface. "I got the sense that it...she...wanted it. And I didn't want anyone to take it. It...it was the only thing...anyone ever gave me...."
Suddenly feeling embarrassed, I turned my face away so he couldn't see it. "Im sorry, I know I must seem to be confused and clueless all the time...here." I took his hand and shakily placed my dragonball in it. "I know you'll do the right thing with it." Suddenly feeling strong, I looked him right in the eyes. "I hope you don't mind, but I've decided to involve myself in all this. Knowing what I know now, I can't just ignore whats going on. "
The Earth isn't home to just humans.....Nameks and Saiyans and whatever Yasu is... live here too. Its thier home too...Thats all the more reason to keep it safe...
He looked at me thoughtfully, then handed the dragonball back to me. "Here, hang onto it...we can show it to Yasu later....right now though," He knelt down and started digging though the rubble of a large yellow building we came to. "We have to get the dragon radar working....and find out where the changlings and the other saiyans are headed next. If we could catch them off guard...."
I nodded and put the dragonball safely back in my pocket. I had the feeling Rudy wasn't going to let on that I had a dragonball and I was grateful. I began to search though the rubble of the building, not quite sure what I was looking for, but figuring I would know when I found it.
I was so intent in my search that I practically ignored Yasu's approaching aura.........................

...Well, I hope I didn't ramble too much. ^-^()
I really don't know what Yasu's deal is so I don't completely trust her ;) That little animal is a tricky one.....
Rudy, I hope it doesn't come off as really sappy ^-^()
And Maku-chan.....SHUT UP! ;)

Master Rudy
29th October 2002, 02:28 PM
OOC-Seems like things are moving real slow as of late. Anyway I don't have the time to post at the moment. All I wanted to do was clear something up. Asilynne mentioned finding the Dragon Radar at what was left of CC. If you look back at my profile you'll see I mentioned that the original was destroyed and that Rudy's been working on a new one. However don't worry about it. I know you came in late and it could have happened to anyone joining late in any RPG. As I always tend to do I'll just work around it. Chances are the way I'll do it is by a brief mention of stopping off at Rudy's home to get the new one. From there I'll just have him say something about thinking the original was gone for good.

BTW I saw the RPG you started Asliynne. I've never seen VHD and I usually prefer to stick with one RPG at a time. However I think I might make an exception this time around because it looked like it had a good plot so in the next day or two expect to see a sign up from me if you could still use more people ^_~

Kuro Espeon
29th October 2002, 03:44 PM
I can't really make an actually post for now. But I'm just posting this to let you all know that I'm keeping up with what's going on. I just read through all the posts since my last one so I'm not behind as of now.
I'll try to make a substantial post sometime before the end of the week...

29th October 2002, 06:44 PM

I blinked, as I floated over to the whispering words of Rudy and Dina. It was rather strange... but I had heard bits and pieces of what they were talking about. I honestly didn't try to listen- I tried to refrain- but it was hard, when hearing was one of your main senses.
I didn't ahve these big ears for nothing...
So, it seems they don't trust me...
I frowned, glancing painfully at the ground. It was forgein to me- to have knowledge that some body didn't trust me... that had never happened to me before. I guess I never knew trust could be taken away....

I floated over to Dina, and when she saw me she stiffened- gazing at me with wide eyes.
[ I am truely sorry- if you do not wish for me to see your dragon ball then you do not have to.]
Her eyes widened, and I shook my head.
[ I find it rather ... strange, to find that you seem uneasy about me. Surely you can sense mypower level- and find that I have none. I am not a fighter- therefore it is strange to think some one feels threatened or uneasy.]
I then blushed, flattening my ears..
[ I am sorry... I could over hear your conversation... I tried not to hear all of it- I am truely sorry. I have gone beyond my bounds..]

I sighed, and flew away from with in an instant with my tiny wings. I hovered above Idaia for a second, wondering... and then I slowly landed upon a large boulder, flattening my ears as I thought...
I have absorbed one dragon ball..- but there are six more. I can sense one not too far off, one here... and the other four split apart- but not too far out of reach. If I can absorb all six... then I can forefill what I desire deep inside. Though I do not know any thing about me but the legend, I sense that I can make the legend come true...
I blinked slightly, and then sighed.
Perhaps the legend was still only... that, a myth- a mere tale.
BUt what if it was true?

Idaia - Namakian

I stood up and watched as Yasu sat upon a rock, and I shrugged.
Poor Yasu... I could tell some thing was bugging the poor creature. I sighed, and suddenly spoke up to Rudy and Dina who were off a ways.
"Hey Rudy, what exactly are we looking for here? You said some thing about finding DRagon RAdar... but what else?"

It made me puzzled, as Yoshi agreed with me- wondering what exactly Rudy would want to do here. Just as Rudy opened his mouth to explain... suddenly a brilliant flash of white light rippled through the air like a massive explosion. The while light didn't seem to affect anyone around me... but it hit me full force. I yelled in pain, as I suddenly was flung backwards and my back struck against a nearbye rubbled wall. I cried out as I hit it, adn thten slowly slid to the ground. I sat there... my back against the torn wall, breathing staggering. I felt a burning sensation in my back slightly from the force of the blow... but more importantly, I felt the strong stinging in my mind- as if a bunch of spears were stabbing at my head. I trembled all over... shaking... feeling cold sweat cover me suddenly.

"Idaia!" Rudy yelled, and I heard his footsteps run towards me as a few others did as well. I could hear the humming of Yasu and as I slowly opened my eyes, I saw Rudy there staring- Yasu perched on his shoulder, as Yoshi ran up too with Dina not too far behind. I blinked slightly... feeling my vision blur, but slowly it cleared as I gasped for a breath of air again- but with each breath, I grew stronger again.

"What- what happened?" Dina said, her eyes wide and bewildered... as I gulped slightly.
"It was as if you were struck by a hidden force- that white light that echoed... it seemed to hit you." Yoshi said, and I nodded.
"But it didn't affect us- why?" Rudy asked, as he peered at me again.
"Will you be okay?"
I nodded, slowly trying to rise to my feet. Rudy helped me up slightly, as I staggered there in one spot, Yoshi and Rudy trying to steady me.

Then Dina yelped. We both starred at her, as she gazed at her pocket as if it held some hidious beast. I blinked slightly... bewildered, when suddenly Rudy made sure Yoshi kept me up, as he dashed over to Dina. Yasu left his shoulder and hovered around us. They murmured for a moment... and after a while, Rudy came back with Dina, both of them looking bewildered and taken aback.
"What?" I asked, still breathing slightly staggering...
"Oh... " Rudy began, when Yasu's eyes glinted a bit at Dina and Rudy, as she suddenly spoke.

[ I can sense some thing. ] Yasu landed upon Rudy's shoulder again, as she gazed intently upon me, and then at everyone else.
[ The Dragon Balls- that white flash was the Dragon Balls. They were flashing- swirling with colors... they turned to stone. But only for a moment. Then the orders realligned and they became whole again. ]

I gasped- the Dragon Balls? Become stone? But that... that means..
"The elder... he...he..."
[ He is dead. ]
Everyone stood there in silence, as I trembled, Yoshi's grip was free from me, and as I stood there... I couldn't grasp the fact... it took me a while to think...
No... not the elder... he couldn't have...
Then I caught what was happening.
I cried out and fell to the ground, I took my small fist and pounded it sharply.
"No... he couldn't have died... not the Elder Namekian! Why... why did he die?"
I didn't need an answer- some one must have killed him. Nameks do not die or pass away suddenly like that- they could predict their natural deaths with ease..- no, if he were to die he would have prepared the Nameks. The humans. But if some one killed him- it would happen suddenly... with out warning.
"Some one killed him!" I cried out in rage, tears flooding down my cheeks as I sobbed there...
Maybe I was acting childless, maybe I wasn't being very couragous nor smart for crying... but... I didn't care. The Elder had taught me all I knew about healing, he had taught me all my teachings... he had taught me about the world- and I still had so much to learn...

I heard murmurs as Rudy softly spoke.
"If the Elder has died- why... why are the Dragon Balls still here?"
Everyone was silent... until Yoshi spoke.
"Unless... the Elder had a descendant, or some one in his blood line to take his place. Then the Dragon Balls would still exist- but with out some one in the line..."
Dina suddenly blinked...
"Aren't the Dragon Balls the new creation of... or that some updated creation of that Namek called Dende?" She gazed at Rudy, and blinked..
"Dende- that Namek you told me about in the history. And well... "
I slowly stood up, clenching my fists as I stared at the ground..
"Its true.." I said softly, gazing up at them with tears.
" The Elder who died was a descendant of Dende of course..."
"But you told us..." Rudy began, and I nodded.

"Yes... I am the only living descendant of Dende left. I am.."
I closed my eyes for a brief moment, tears streaming down my face still...
"... and that means that the Dragon Balls now are connected souly to me... "
I sighed a staggering breath..
I felt helpless... the Elder... his death... the killers? I had so much to learn- how could this be? No one as young as me ever had connections to the DRagon Balls..- not even Dende at his age...
Things were just getting worse.

(*pats Idaia* Poor Idaia..)

Master Rudy
29th October 2002, 10:48 PM
I don't have much to add in at the moment. All I'm really going to do is mention the others who haven't been around in awhile and then try to get some things happening:

Rudy Summers
"This just keeps on getting odder. In fact it doesn't make any sense at all." The others looked at me as I pulled out the Dragon Radar I had been working on for awhile along with what was left of the other one. "I think I have a basic understanding of what this is about. Somehow I'm getting the feeling they want the Dragon Balls. I'm pretty sure leaving the Dragon Radar behind can be explained by the fact it's not working." I stopped as Yoshi started to speak. "I see where this is going and I'm wondering the same thing. The real question is that if the Saiyans want the Earth Dragon Balls then why did they kill the Namekian Elder?" Usually I was good at figuring things out but for once even I was clueless. All I could do was shake my head and say "Something doesn't add up."
After waiting around for a few more moments Dina asked me "So what's our next move?" Before making my choice I did a quick check of nearby power levels. Hamma seemed to be making his way to Kal and if I wasn't mistaken both were not far away. Meanwhile the human we had run into earlier seemed to be real far away from West City at the moment. I had no idea what Gav was up to but then I sensed 'him' as well. The Changeling was ahead of Gav with his men and it seemed Gav was tailing them. I knew he could take care of himself but if just one of them saw him then Gav would be in over his head. Finally as much as I knew the others more than likely would not want to deal with her by this point I was more than willing to shell out some cash to hire Makura and get her to help. However I couldn't find her anywhere. We all knew she was alive so the only explanation was that she was hiding her power signature for some reason. For now I figured the best thing we could do was discuss it among the group and figure out who we should go after. Should we try and find the other Namekians first? Would Gav be needing backup anytime soon? As for Makura I knew she didn't have time to get that far away so looking for her might not be that hard. Right now we were running out of time and I was running out of ideas. A choice had to be made before something else happened......
I'll let someone else take it from here. Hopefully everyone can discuss this and have some kind of input ^_~

30th October 2002, 01:41 PM
Eek! Gomen, Rudy! ^-^() Well you covered up pretty good, phew! :P
Ok this is probably gonna be really short since I dont have much time..(college tonight ;o )

Rudy explained to us our options. We could either get Hamma and another Namek, aid 'Gav' who was another human in the pursuit of the 'changlings' (one of the principle threats to Earth I noted to myself), or we could find the saiyan female Rudy had been fighting. Apparently she was a fighter for hire, and would gladly join our side if the price was right.
There was only one option that seemed to be best in a situation like this. I looked at everyone in the group, the saiyan Yoshi, the Namek Idaia (who still seemed upset, I made a mental note to console him), and the ...creature...Yasu(who, I decided, I should apologise to next chance I get), before finally resting my gaze on Rudy. "Well, maybe we should split up....a couple people could gather our allies the Nameks, some go find Makura, and the rest can aid the one called Gav."
I watched the others discuss the idea amongst themselves quietly. I didn't want to tell anyone, but all the dust from the rubble of the city was making my nose itch. I wasn't sure at that moment if I was going to sneeze anytime soon, but I thought it best if I kept it to myself. No sense in making anyone worry.....
Hope that doesn't sound too "Lets split up gang!" (stupid scooby doo)...^-^
Yay!! That would be great if you joined Rudy! Its my first RPG and the more the merrier!
BTW (since I wont be on tomorrow) Happy Halloween/Samhain!

Outlaw JT
31st October 2002, 08:23 AM
OOC: Egads......I so love it when people make assumptions about what the villains are planning.......especially when they are wrong assumptions..........Sorry this post is so drastically overdue. My dad had knee surgery last week and before that was largely disabled and he is changing a ton of things in his life right now so I have been helping out. I have still been around online somewhat but because of helping out my energy has been really drained. I'll try not to let it happen again. Sorry guys.....
Anyvays, on with the show.....


Earthlings all seemed quite foolish to him at this point. Casting their lives away in the face of those obviously stronger than themselves. Extremely foolish and very brave. Garen had to respect that.
"Report," Garen said casually as he sensed the last of his men returning to the clearing their ship was in.
"We found the lookout just as the General asked. We eliminated everyone present there and destroyed their training facilities so no one may use them. The rumored 'guardian of earth' was nothing more than a weak old namek. He presented no challenge and was easily disposed of. With no keeper and no guardian that lookout is completely nullified sir," the saiyan warrior said quickly and with pride at having carried out his orders flawlessly.
"The general will be pleased," Garen said plainly. It was not pleasant business to destroy those no longer capable of defending themselves but orders were orders. "Prepare the ship for departure. We will be leaving earth shortly to report in."
"Someone has been listening sir, shouldn't we take care of him before leaving," another of the saiyans said to him.
"Leave that petty nuisance to me. You secure our prize and get the ship ready. We leave for Planet Vegetta as soon as I return," Garen said calmly, a smile slowly creeping across his face.
He floated up effortlessly and turned in midair till he found what he was looking for. A lone human had been following them ever since they left the ruins of Capsule Corp. It was one of the beings he had fought earlier in the day. It was greatly amusing for someone who had so recently been defeated by one warrior, chase after that warrior alone when the warrior was accompanied by three others. It was simply ludicrous. Such a person had to be both immortally brave and deathly stupid. Garen intended to see which side of that scale this human leaned towards.
It did not take long to find the human. Garen circled wide behind him without being noticed and landed softly. He watched the human observing the ship, taking a moment to appreciate the dumb courage of the man.
"Are all humans this foolish?" Garen asked casually. His tone was not malevolent. On the contrary it was curious and amused, like that of someone watching a person pushing a boulder up a hill. "I quite handily defeated you earlier when you had company and yet you favor your chances against me and my entourage alone?! Are all earthlings in such a hurry to die?"
The human spun around quickly and immediately fell into a fighting stance. He looked about wildly, as if seeing if there was a way to escape. He could not fly fast enough to evade Garen when they were this close though. His only options were to fight his way out or talk his way out. Neither one seemed like promising options from Garen's perspective so the changeling watched the human carefully, amused by the chance to study his behavior.
"I'd suggest you decide on your course of action quickly human. I only have so much patience," Garen said plainly, still clearly amused.

OOC: ok, no one can jump in here EXCEPT Gav. As soon as he posts I will make another post that will point out where things go next.....although you should already have an idea of that even if you don't know why.

Master Rudy
2nd November 2002, 01:35 AM
OOC-I'm just checking stuff out on the RPG forum before heading out for the night but that's not the main reason why I'm posting. In regards to the artwork from our original DB RPG I've noticed that the three of you (Kuro, Bear and Asilynne)have not been able to get it posted. As a suggestion how about just e-mailing the artwork to everyone? Even if there is a person you can't reach I shouldn't have any problems since I've got the entire cast from Dragon Ball VG on my MSN contact list ^_~

Ultimate Charizard
2nd November 2002, 11:25 AM
Sorry rudy i totally blanked. I have Rudy's pic. Asylinne drew it on the same Page as Gav's.

Ill send it over MSN next time i see u.

As for a post, its coming....just dunno when

Kuro Espeon
3rd November 2002, 09:57 AM
Woooow...I think I'll actually make a post today! *Unified gasp*

I'm sticking with this color because it's easier to read.

I was alone again. I finally had a chance to think about that strange dream that had I had experianced while I was unconcious. Even though it had already begun to fade, like most dreams do, I could still still the vivid images of it. What did it all mean? Did it have to do with my missing past? The memories I had never known? Or was it just something my mind had created due to my fatigue from battling....
I usually didn't like thinking about my past (or lack there of...) because it always depressed me. Never knowing who I was or where I come from...who my parents were. The farthest back that I could remember was right about the beginning of the great war...
It was cold and dark...There was a full moon in the night sky as it reflected brilliently off the freshly fallen snow. I awoke beside a smoldering ship on a desolate planet , with nothing else around as far as the eye could see. Just a vast snow-covered terrain. I immedietly felt a feeling in the pit of my stomache that was colder than the world around me. It was fear. I was scared. Who was I? What was I? What was I doing here?
I slowly got to my feet. I could stand! I looked behind me and saw a long brown tail waving lightly around. A tail? Why did I have one of those?
Oh...that's right. I'm was a Saiya-jin. All Saiya-jin's had tails. But...my name. My name was...
...Makkura. That was...my name. But two "k's" looked silly. I think I'll just stick with one "k". My name was Makura, and I was a Saiya-jin. Saiya-jin's are...
...fighters! Of course! I'm supposed to fight! But did I know how? I started throwing punches in the air. fast, sharp ones. I tried a high kick, then a spin kick and then...holding my hand palm up, I formed a small ball of light..
..no, chi. An Energy ball. I drew my hand back and hurtled the ball into the distance.
I knew my name. I knew I was a saiya-jin. I knew...how to fight.

But that was all I knew...

I sighed. Up until know that was the first thing I ever knew in my "life". But know...something else had entered into that jumbled mess of my past memories. This dream of mine...what significance did it have...to my origin?

But that was all

Ultimate Charizard
4th November 2002, 09:09 PM
Damn, i know ive been missing from this a while and a few have wanted posts so.....
....Whoop, there it is!


"Im not the one thats going to die here" i stated almost too confidently. The changeling simply laughed. "You think you can challenge me. Why do you even bother."

"Why Do you" i countered, "even the Saiyans have a reason, they fight because its in their blood, they enjoy the challenge of a good fight. You changelings are just murderers, killing for sport"

This seemed to change the Changleings mood. His face became much more serious. "My reasons are of no concern to you Human, but be certain i am no Murderer"
I clenched my fists tight, causing the knuckles to crack. The sound clearly Audible he cocked his head to one side, examining me.
"So you do wish to fight" he stated with a hint of surprise in his voice. "Im impressed to see a fighter willing to stand his ground against somone far superior"

"Superior" i Mocked "Power levels dont mean nothing to me, theres something we have on this planet that you criminals may not have heard of" I charged an energy ball in my palm.

"Its called the will to live"
I charged the ball further than i felt i could actually manage before releasing it....
"Its called Survival!!!"

Master Rudy
4th November 2002, 11:06 PM
This won't be long but I think it'll help show that Gav is in a nasty situation at the moment. In addition since JT wanted no one jumping in for the time being I figured it would set things up in a way so that no one can suddenly appear at the battle site ^_~

Rudy Summers
The group had just about decided who was going to look for each of the others when Yoshi suddenly stopped all of us. "Hey do you guys feel that?" he asked looking toward the source of a growing power level. After taking a moment to check it myself I noticed it was Gav. "This can't be good" Idaia had said. "If he's powering up that must mean he's been spotted and has no choice but to fight." Suddenly as if it were a reply I sensed the Changeling also powering up. The look on Dina's face showed her shock at what she was sensing. She appeared as if she were about to say something but seemed to be speechless.

Yoshi suddenly took to the air without a single word. Not expecting this the rest of the group quickly followed with me in the lead. Once I caught up to him I was about to say something when he spoke first. "Screw looking for Makura or the Namekians at the moment! We've got no choice but to try and help him." I agreed with Yoshi about that but despite the fact I was staying calm I felt about ready to panic knowing just how much trouble Gav was in. "I wasn't going to stop you but this isn't good at all. Judging from how far away he is I'd say it'll take us about 30 minutes to catch up to them." At this point I had everyone's attention. "You can't be serious!" Yoshi yelled not wanting to believe Gav had to fight him for that long alone. I grimly nodded and told them "If we manage to speed it up and haul *** then I'd say only about 15 to 20 minutes. But still......" I didn't finish want to finish knowing just how it might end. As a team me, Yoshi, Gav and Kal couldn't take this guy on. Even worse was the fact that this Changeling wasn't even at his full power in the last fight. In fact he was toying with us! All we could do for now was hope Gav had the power to try and survive long enough for us to give him some help......

5th November 2002, 12:13 AM
We raced towards the impending battle. All thoughts of my own problems flew out of my head as I flew with the others. Rudy said that if we haul @$$ we'd get to where Gav was fighting the changling in about 20 minutes at the most.
The only problem is, he wasn't kidding about hauling @$$.
I was finding myself slipping farther and farther behind. The small Namek and I weren't a match speed-wise for the saiyans, who were already 30 ft ahead of us. This irritated me, why couldn't I be faster than this?! I HAD to get to where the changling was, a fellow human was in battle for the safety of the Earth. And plus, these people had become special to me, and I couldnt let them get into a life or death battle without being there to help them out. I couldnt forgive myself if something happened to them,...even though judging by the changlings chi I don't think I'd be much help anyway.
Even so....
Rudy turned back to look at us. The look on his face showed his desperation, but also his hesitance on going faster. We were just slowing him and the others down. I realized that my presence in this particular crisis could only hinder more than help everyone.
He paused for a minute, then nodded once. Then he and the saiyan Yoshi kicked it into overdrive and soon became little dots on the horizon.
Wow, we had been slowing them down.
I glanced over at Idaia, who still looked disturbed and troubled. I smiled faintly. "Don't worry, we're not giving up. Your elder will be avenged, we might get there later than everyone else but it'll be ok."
I wasn't sure if that was the truth, if things would really turn out all right, but it seemed to cheer up the green child a little.
Just then I felt a surge of power. It seemed as though the fight between Gav and the changling had begun. Rudy and Yoshi will get there first, its really up to them... I pushed myself to the limits of my speed, I had to try harder. God speed.....

Outlaw JT
5th November 2002, 01:33 AM
OOC: thanks all for not interfering.


"Survival? Will to live? What would you know about such things on this tiny blue orb?" Garen said firmly, a hint of agitation creeping into his voice.
Gav took this is a sign to attack and let fly the energy he had been charging. Garen swiftly floated up and to the side letting the ball pass harmlessly past him. He floated back down and fell into a fighting stance.
"Plenty changeling! We've had to live through all those raids sent by your saiyan friends and your fellow changelings. You can't imagine the destruction this world has seen," Gav said confidently.
"You know nothing of my race," Garen said with some bitterness.
"Don't I? Only a handful of changelings have ever come to earth and all of em came to wipe us out. Murderers seems like a fair description," Gav coyly continued his arguement.
Without giving Garen a chance to answer back he charged forward. fist extended. He swung at Garen but missed as Garen crouched down. He followed it up with a sweeping motion but Garen sprung above the kick to deliver a kick of his own, knocking Gav back several yards.
"Let me tell you about my race human," Garen said forcefully. "My people have not known peace or freedom for a millenia. A madman named Frieza nearly wiped us all out centuries ago and we've been refugees ever since, shifting from one tyrant to the next. Our numbers have never had the chance to grow cause every time we found a new home some power hungry warrior would rise up and 'enlist' our best as his soldiers. You ask why I fight? The saiyans have let us keep our first home in centuries and left us to ourselves so long as we abide by their laws. They have given us more peace then we've known forever so we gladly fight their fights with them. We may still act as their warriors but at least we have a home now thanks to them."
"So, your helping to wipe out earth for a time share?" Gav chuckled as he got up, wiping away a trickle of blood from his lip.
"It's not so simple human," Garen replied, his voice calming again.
"Right. I'm sure its real complicated. Your wiping out another race because your landlord won't take a check," Gav continued, laughing softly with a cough as he readied his next attack.
Gav launched numerous ki balls at Garen. Most missed their target as Garen weaved in and out of the oncoming energy. A few managed to connect though even if they were just deflected away. Garen just smiled through the assault confidently. It may appear to keep him busy but these attacks were useless. It would take a lot more power and speed for such attacks to overwhelm him.
"Pathetic," Garen said quietly as he continued to dodge and deflect attacks.
"Thought you might assume that," Gav said with a smile.
The stream of ki balls continued with no change until Garen deflected another one. This time instead of sailing off in another direction it exploded on contact. For a brief moment Garen was caught off guard and Gav moved in quickly. He managed to land two quick punches before Garen recovered and brought up his arm to block.
"Enough games," Garen said coldly as he pushed Gav back with the one arm.
gav came at him again with a punch but this time Garen was not going to sit back. Almost faster than Gav could observe his punch was parried upward and then countered by a right hook. Before his head could even turn from the force of the blow he was doubled over as Garen brought his knee up into Gav's gut. Garen then pulled his knee away and swiped his other leg into Gav's side, sending him flying into a nearby tree. His body crashed through the tree, splintering it in half. It toppled over and fell only inches away from Gav's body.
Gav slowly struggled to get up but had no time to recover his footing as Garens shoulder slammed into his chest, sending him back into another tree. This one stopped him though and he fell limp at its base. Gav lifted his head and again started trying to pull himself up.
"i'm........not.........gonnaa.........lose......." he coughed out as he pulled himself up to one knee.
"Aren't you now?" Garen said confidently.
His tail snaked out and grasped Gav loosely around the neck, hoisting him up to eye level. He stared into the humans eyes calmly. he could see the fire burning there. Despite his terrible condition the human still had the will to fight. A warrior had to respect that.
"Your friends should be along in a few minutes to help you. I suggest you make the most of that time by lying still and not trying to waste any more energy in futile gestures or bravery," Garen said with a grin as he set Gav back down on the ground.
"you're not......going ta...kill me?" Gav asked meakly.
"I was not ordered to kill any humans on my mission here. I don't kill without order or reason," Garen responded calmly.
With that he floated up and drifted away slowly. A few meters later he paused and turned back to look at the beaten human. Something about this warrior left him conflicted. He knew what lie ahead for earth's inhabitants and felt badly about leaving a warrior alive only to have him die weeks later without a chance to defend himself.
"Gav, wasn't it?" Garen looked back and waited for the human to nod in response. "I would find a way to leave earth if you can Gav. This was to be the last reconaissance mission. The saiyan General's will be planning their assault after I report in and earth's forces are no match. Anyone here to fight will be wiped out."
'why?" Gav asked quietly.
"Too many reasons to explain so quickly. Resentment for being cast out, human attempts on the royal families lives. Whatever the reason the saiyan generals intend to conquer earth and anyone in their way will be eliminated. Good luck with your survival Gav," this time Garen did not linger and flew off back towards his ship.
In moments he was aboard and the ship had lifted off. They would head back to Planet Vegetta and report all their findings. They would also turn over the blueprints they had recovered from CC. Whatever plans the saiyan generals had for invading earth, they would beign soon and the only way to stop that invasion, would be to stop the generals themselves.

OOC: lemme know if the next move the good guys should make isn't blatantly obvious

Kuro Espeon
11th November 2002, 01:53 PM
wow...not too many new posts since I looked last....
I just got back from Nekocon V yesterday! It was a blast, bt man am I tired! I'm SOO glad we don't have school today. Hurray for Veterens Day!!
I don't have anything to post right now...My brain is completly shot. But if you guys want to see a picture of me in my Costume from Nekocon (I went as Rath fron the Dragon Knights manga), my friend Nyoko posted a link for it in my Rurouni Kenshin RPG. Go here if you want to look at it. It's on the last page.

11th November 2002, 02:51 PM
Well… ^^; Dina and Rudy- what ‘star’ dragon balls do you have again? I plan on having Yasu stumble across some DBs and I need to know what stars they are. ^^; I gotta start kick’n my plan in action as well.

Yasu – (F)

I gazed back at Idaia and Dina, as she yelled at us to go ahead.
{ Be well young Idaia, I am sure Dina will surely take good care of you.}
I then flew next to Rudy and Yoshi… my speed being one thing of advantage, for I could fly as fast as them. My mind began to wander… as I felt the powerlevels of the Changeling barely fluctating, and the one of Gav greatly lowering. It worried me… the poor human would not stand a chance if the Changling were to want to make a quick kill. As far as what I could judge, he could do pretty much that. We were getting closer… when suddenly I felt the Changling’s powerlevel fade away- he must have been moving. But Gav’s powerlevel had stayed in the one spot… but at least it was still there.
Perhaps he managed to hold on…
“There he is!” Yoshi yelled, pointing down below.

Idaia – (M) – Namakian

I flew next to Dina, as we continued to follow the path that Rudy and Yoshi took.
“Saiyans can sure fly fast…” I said quietly, as Dina nodded.
“Not really my thing either…” She smiled, and I nodded.
Dina sped up quite fast… to where I was having a difficult time in catching up with her.
“Go ahead Dina… catch up to Rudy and Yoshi and Yasu… I’ll follow in time.”
Dina blinked a bit as if hesitating… and then she shook her head.
“No Idaia… I couldn’t’ leave you alone. If the Saiyans were to attack you, I’d never forgive myself.” She stayed a bit ahead of me, but well with in reach as we still tore off.

I began to wonder what I was getting myself into… here I was, just a healer following such great fighters and a wise guide. I didn’t believe I had the right to follow them at times… like I wasn’t worthy enough. Yet, I still desired to help… and until they told me to leave, I would remain with them.

11th November 2002, 04:10 PM
OOC-Hey, this is Asilynne. My computer wont let me log out of my sisters so Im just answering a question for now. I have the one star ball ^-^
Oh and dont look at my pic! Its a really bad one of me! -.-()
^-^ Well, Ill post later cause my brains tired too! and I have to go home now!

Master Rudy
12th November 2002, 08:47 PM
Yes I'm still alive!
Sorry about not being around as of late. As I was telling JT I've been slightly busy as of late due to school and having to read and look over some college papers. Because of that any time I spent was used more on Dawn of the Blood Moon. Anyway this isn't going to be very long since there isn't much Rudy can do at the moment other than get to Gav.

Rudy Summers
My heart was racing as I tried to go faster. The battle had ended and it seemed as if the changeling was leaving the planet. As for Gav I couldn't sense him at all. "That b@stard!" I shouted out of anger. Both Yasu and Yoshi looked at me not sure why I was mad. "I can't feel Gav anymore! He's gone!" Yoshi who had been ahead of me slowed down a bit and said "You've really got to calm down and focus more Rudy. He's weak but Gav is still with us." I soon breathed a sign of relief after closing my eyes for a moment to concentrate a little better. Gav was still there but in my panic I didn't notice. Finally after what seemed like forever we had reached the area where the battle took place. Not wasting anytime at all I quickly got to his side. Despite the fact that he had taken a beating he just laughed a bit and said "Better later than never eh?" After seeing he was fine I started to relax a bit. After he was healed our next task would be to go after them. The only problem was that we had no idea where the changeling was headed and even if we did we would need a ship. Luckly there was one person I could think of that might know where to find a ship. The only question was how much she would charge us......

I wonder if I could have made who Rudy had in mind any more obvious.
BTW B4 was asking about DB's. If I'm not mistaken Dina has the one star. Rudy stole the three star from Makura and then gave it to Hamma. However I've been talking with JT about the RPG. For the time being you can just ignore the Dragon Balls. He said that they will be pretty much useless for the rest of the current saga

Kuro Espeon
13th November 2002, 07:29 PM
Originally posted by SSJ Rudy:
Luckly there was one person I could think of that might know where to find a ship. The only question was how much she would charge us......

Yeah, yeah, I get where you're goin' with that. I can take a hint! ;) thanks for giving me something to do at least. I've been trying to think of ways to get Makura back in the game. Currently she's just been pondering and talking to herself about her past. I don't know if you all have the faintest clue as to where I'm going with it but I'm sure some of you may have figured out some things about Makura already. Pretty much that will be something I intend to play around with for the whole RPG: Makura trying to find herself.


I walked in circles around my ship inspecting it all over. For some reason it wouldn't start and I was trying to figure out what was wrong with it. I gave it a few light kicks with led to a small spark from the main panel covering the engine. I bent down and removed the panel and found a fried engine behind it. I sighed.
"Great...the engine's shot." I said, proping my elbows up on my knees and resting my chin in my hands. "It must have been screwed up from the impact. Damn! Stupid rocky terrain! Stuid piece of junk!" I got up and gave the side of the ship another swift kick. This time it was followed by a loud whirring noise and the ship began to vibrate slightly.
"Uh-oh....that's not good..."
Then the humming stopped and the whole engine exploded sending me flying backward. I flew a good 10 feet before hitting the ground, rolling several times, and landing on my butt.
"Ouch..." I said rubbing my rear as I got back to my feet. I glanced up again at my, now completely useless, ship and sighed.
"Well...looks I'm not getting out of her for a while. Damn! And I was SO looking forward to getting another job! Man! *sigh* Well...I guess I'd better start looking for a new engine. Or else, I'll never get out of here! And just the thought of being stranded on a planet like Earth gives me the chills!"
I sat down on a rock and leaned up against the side of the ship.
"Might as well take a nap before I head out. I haven't slept in days!"

15th November 2002, 07:56 PM
Originally posted by SSJ Rudy:
Because of that any time I spent was used more on Dawn of the Blood Moon.
lol yeah Ive noticed! Man how long does it take you to write all that?!
Well anyway, I figure its about time for the idiot to resurface ^-^
Myself and the Namek child flew on towards the faint chi of the human Gav. He was ok, I could feel it. But then, I felt something else. The thing I had been worried about ever since we came from the remains of the city was bothering me again. And this time, it wasnt a false alarm.

*Dina* (idiot form)
I sneezed again. I always felt weird when I sneezed, like my head was....uh.....doing something, I dont know! But it didnt matter then cause my sneeze was making me fall. Oh I mustve been floating in the air again, how weird!!! I looked down and saw the ground was rushing up at me! Awwww the Earth IS my friend, and it couldnt wait until I was back on it, so it was coming to me! I thought gleefully. "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" I shouted.
Then the ground stopped rushing, and something was holding me under the arms. "Oh HI GREEN KID!!!" I yelled up at him. "Does the Earth wanna be your friend too??!?"
"Uh....." he said, sounding confused. Poor green kid, maybe he didnt understand. "What happened to you, Dina?"
Ohhhhh!! I guess he didnt know!!! "Oh well you see I sneezed." I said nodding. "Yeah and when I do that my head gets all FuNnY!!! Yeah cool huh?!"
"Uh.....ok" The poor green kid didnt seem to get it. Maybe he was slow or something. "Thats nice, but, we really need to hurry..."
Hurry....? OH YEAH!!! THERE WAS SOMETHING IMpORTANT!! "Yeah Lets goooooo!!! Faster green kid, FASTER!!!!........................................ ........
...........Where are we going again?"
The kid sighed. "Oh man...."

Oh man.....Dont ask me how I can act that stupid...*shoots a look at Makura that says 'Dont say a word...'*
lol ^-^

16th November 2002, 12:24 AM
Idaia - Namekian

I clutched the shoulders of Dina, as she gleefully kicked her legs wildly in the air and shouted all the happy joys of the earth.
I was frightened by her sudden decomposure... but yet, she was harmless.
At least when she sneezes she doesn't turn into a psychotic killer..
I thought on the bright side, and sighed.
"Woooow- lookie I'm FLYING still! Go faster Green Dude! We gotta get to... wherever we gotta get too!"
Dina flailed her hands a bit as I clutched her shoulders tighter against my small body.
She was much larger than me in comparision... but luckily, I some how found the strength to hold her in the air. But she had slowed me down... severely. I wasn't a fast flyer to begin with, but this was just ridicolous.
At this rate... we'll never get there.
"Why doesn't the earth want to give you a hug? Shouldn't you let it give you a hug instead of flying away?"
Dina questioned, reaching up and grabbing my green antena.
I yelped and dropped her instantly...
Grabbing a Namekian's antena was not very smart- it hurt... a lot.
"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Dina began to exclaim, as her body flew down towards the ground..

I groaned and suddenly dropped down and dove towards the earth and Dina... her arms spread wide in a motion in giving a hug.
I gotta... grab her..
I thought, and an extra burst of speed came. I zoomed down extremely far until suddenly my hand caught a grasp of her hair and soon I had found her shoulders again and grabbed underneath them. I t hen thrusted all my ki downwards at the earth... and instantly we both jerked free from the gravity of the earth.
We stopped about 10 feet from the earth's ever present crust.
I breathed heavily... (*imagines a small Dende, clutching for life*)
I sweatdropped as I gazed at the ground and my eyes widened in horror... how bad that could have been.
I groaned and slowly lowered to the earth until I had set Dina down, and then I too collapsed next to her. DIna however, rose to her feet and instantly ran straight to a rock and gave it a huge hug. I gazed at her, and shook my head, sighing.

I sat on a large boulder for a while, catching my breath.
I can sense Rudy and Yoshi... and barely Gav. Gav is going to need me... hopefully we can get to them some time, and if not... hopefully Gav is able enough to be carried by Rudy and Yoshi here... or... hopefully Gav can hold on for that long.

I was worried... as the new EArth Guardian, and resident healer... I would be needed. It made me feel guilty that I was not there to help gav..
"Come little green guy! Hug a rock will you?"
Dina suddenly was in front of me, holding a piece of dirt in my face. I yelped and fell backwards off the boulder, my face to the sky and my back throbbing with the fall.
"Ooo.. ooo... are you okay?"
Dina poked her head over the boulder, and I slowly nodded, groaning.
"Yeah... uhh-"
"YAY! I wanna try!"
Dina flung herself downward off the boulder and landed smack in the ground on her back as well. She laid there for a moemnt... the oxygen out of her lungs... until she regained her lost wind.
"Woah... what a ruuuusshhh..."

I rose to my feet, gazing at Dina as she ran to another rock to give it a huge too. I wanted to grab my own antenas right there... what to do with Dina? I was the kid here... the youngster, and here I was babysitting an Adult. It was a strange concept to me.... maybe I was growing up a bit more- for my age at least?
Or maybe she's just shrinking..
I sighed and gazed away, until suddenly a figure caught my eye...
I gasped and took two steps back, gulping.
She slept... and it... frightened me horribly. She was leaning against her ship... and her well-equipped figure (*snickers* You can take that more then one way...) was sleeping soundlessly.
I tip toed backwards... praying that Dina wouldn't see -
Dina suddenly rushed over, a handful of rocks in her arms until she saw Makura. She instantly dropped her rocks and squealed in delight.
"Wow! A nnnewww friend! With a BIG TOY TOO!"
She rushed over to this 'friend' to probably poke her to death until she woke up..

"No no no no Dina! No-"
I tried to warn her... but it was no use. Dina was in full speed right now... and would have probably taken an army to stop her.
Or maybe more.

Kuro Espeon
16th November 2002, 01:33 PM
Originally posted by Asilynne:
Oh man.....Dont ask me how I can act that stupid...*shoots a look at Makura that says 'Dont say a word...'*
lol ^-^

*whistles innocently* I wasn't going to say anything....really...

It was that same dream again....the same one I'd been having for months now. Those strange men...and that dark room...their demonic sounding-voices echoing throughout that seemingly endless void of blank memories. What did they mean to me? Why did they just keep staring at me and examining me like some sort of animal or....a specimen?
Then I felt something I hadn't felt in my past dreams. It felt like one of the dark figures was poking me. A constant prodding jabbed at the side of my head. Then it started to poke me on the shoulder...BOTH of my shoulders and all the way down my arms. It was beginning to annoy me...
What was happening?
Then I heard a female voice come through clearly amoung the mummbles of the men.
"Heeeey.....why don'tcha wake up?" Right after the voice trailed off the prodding ceased but was followed almost immedietly by a sharp jab in the stomache.

"OW! What the HELL...!" I jolted awake and sat up sharply, throwing back the girl that had been crouched over me.
"Yea! New Friend is awake!" Said a sickenly cheerful voice that was oddly familiar. I looked up and saw a girl with silver hair and bright, wide eyes staring at me with the stupidest grin that I had ever seen on her face.
"Who the hell are..." I snapped, about ready to punch her. BUt then I stopped and examined this girl more closely. I realized instant that it was that same human moron who had interrupted my fight with Rudy before! I looked to the side and saw a very nervous Namek child hiding behind a boulder and staring at me wide-eyed.
"Heeeey..." I said slowly, "You're that little Namek who was hanging out with Rudy and his friends aren't you? And YOU'RE that human twit who interrupted my fight with Rudy!" I paused and glared at them curiously. "What are YOU two doing here?"

16th November 2002, 02:36 PM
Idaia - Namakian

I cowered behind the boulder- I had run behind it as soon as I saw Dina start poking Makura with out most persistancy.
BUt... unfortunately, after several hundred pokes Makura woke up with a curse...
After coming to her senses, Makura immediatly saw me and Dina... and recognized us as well.
"What are YOU two doing here?" She exclaimed, sitting down upon her rock as Dina pranced around.
"We were flyyyying to some where very impooortant! BUT the earth wanted to gimme a hug so I-"
Makura immediatly put out her leg, and made Dina trip so that she fell flat on her face. Makura raised an eye brow, probably annoyed by Dina's chatter already. Dina seemed to bounce up, and it didn't phase her...
"Well... you see... uhh.."
Should I tell Makura? If I do... what would her actions be?
I didn't know what to think, but Makura saw my hesitation.
"Look here little guy, if you don't want to tell me... don't. But I think you should give me SOME reason why you are near my space ship... and it better be good... because I can tell who lies.."
I gulped, and figured telling the truth would be far better then becoming Namekian Soup. Dina smiled brightly as she saw yet another boulder she never hugged... squealing in delight she hugged it.
"Well... we were flying to aid a friend of ours who came in contact with a powerful changling. He is injured... and Rudy and his friend went ahead of us... and well, she went all ... weird... on me... and we sorta crashed when she wants to give the earth a hug...and-"
"Enough.." Makura said, getting up and sighing as she stretched a bit.
Dina immediatly smiled.
"You should give the earth a hug too."

I sighed... wondering how anything could get any worse at this moment..

Master Rudy
16th November 2002, 03:41 PM
Rudy Summers
"I don't understand what could be taking the two of them so long" Yoshi said to me and Gav. "They should have been here by now." Gav may have been injured pretty badly but it was becoming clear that it wasn't as nasty as me and Yoshi had first thought. "Perhaps they are being delayed by something?" he suggested after coughing up a small amount of blood. As if to answer us I suddenly sensed Makura. Every since our battle she had been doing a very good job at keeping her power level low enough so we couldn't detect it. Oddly enough I wasn't too surprised when I also sensed both Idaia and Dina near her as well.

Yoshi was about ready to jump up and fight her but I stopped him. I had the feeling that he still didn't quiet trust Makura after she had been hired to kill us. "Would you just relax?" I told him. "She may be a merc but I honestly don't think her intentions are that bad." He seemed to be about ready to go off at that comment but Yoshi knew better than to try and stop me while I was trying to make a point. "It's understandable that you might not trust her. However at this point I don't really think there is much else we can do. Besides do you know of a place we can get a ship so that we can follow the Saiyans?" Yoshi just took a deep breath and sighed. As much as he may have wanted to protest he knew that I was right. As I got up from where I had been sitting the past few minutes I looked at both Gav and Yoshi and said "Gav isn't in any shape to travel anywhere. For now the two of you should wait here. I shouldn't be that long. I'm just going to go meet the three of them and then we'll be back." With that I took off toward the area where they were. We didn't have a moment to lose if we were to find out what the Saiyans and that Changeling has planned for the Earth......

Kuro Espeon
18th November 2002, 05:01 PM
This Dina was an even bigger idiot thatn I had originally thought. In fact...she slightly scared me...and there weren't many things in this universe that scared me.....
I shook my head as I watched her prance about happily, hugging every boulder in sight. I sighed and put my hands on my hips.
"What...is her problem exactly?" I asked Idaia, not taking my eyes off the overly extatic Dina.
"I'm...not sure. She just....sneezed all of a sudden and then she started acting like this...." Idaia replied, also watching DIna carefully, "I've never seen such bizarre behavior..."
"You mean...she doesn't always act like this?" I said, in a slightly surprised tone. Idaia shook his head. I thought for a moment and then something came to me. "I remember hearing a story similar to this...it was about a girl who lived on Earth about 1000 years ago or so...her name was Lunch I believe. Normally she was a very average ditzy blond. But she had this strange condition that whenever she sneezed she turned into a, violent, raging psychomaniac .... Could this girl have some connection with her?"
Idaia shrugged. "Seems so..."
Just then I felt a familiar energy signature quickly approaching. After a minute I recognized who it was.
"Ah-ha! And here comes your buddy Rudy! I was wondering when he'd show up! So....he comes to ask for my help, does he? Hm! Well...let's just see how he pleads his case shall we?" I rose up into the air casually and floated there, waiting for his arrival.

21st November 2002, 02:50 PM
Name: Kiaran Weslii
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Female
Side: She is sorta neutral... yet she likes helping the rebels against the Saiyan Army.
Appearance: She looks exactly like Andriod 18, except her hair is a bit longer to about her shoulders, and layered to frame her face. (shorter hair lengths to the front of her face, getting longer from the back.) Her hair is blonde like Andriod 18, except it has some strawberry-blonde hues. She stands about 5’8, (I think that is a bit taller then Andriod 18..) But besides that, her facial and body figure is exactly the same. The clothing she wears currently is a black, sleeveless t-shirt which hugs her figure, along with a light blue, jean-like jacket over it. She wears black pants, which are more fighter-styled pants but they huge at her legs more and are sleekish look’n. Her shoes are the regular DBZ styled shoes except blue in color. She wears a silver necklace around her neck, with a pendant of the moon upon it made out of simple silver.
Personality: She’s rather down to earth and sensable, and very protective of what she comes to love and/or respect. She isn’t a push over, and some times can be bull-headed about things- but she isn’t unreasonable. She’ll help those who she thinks needs aiding... and will laugh- she’s tough, but she isn’t cold.
History: She was raised by humans who found her Saiyan parents dead- because they disobeyed the Saiyan Empire. They raised her... and tried to make Kiaran not want to fight, for they didn’t want violence- but were unsuccessful. Kiaran trained herself hard, and soon was trained by many teachers whom she... ahem, ‘persistantly’ picked on until they let in. The experience has helped her greatly... making her an extreme fighter, despite her appearance or ‘sexist’ thinkers.
Abilities: They vary... she knows Distro Disk- which is just like Destructo Disk, except it swirls around like blades and is a whole lot wider... and did I mention it was wider?
She knows other basic Ki attacks... and a few tricks up her sleeve.
Other: kills other

I’ll add her later... right now messa g2g!!!!

Kuro Espeon
21st November 2002, 03:37 PM
Alright! Another Female saiya-jin! I'm NOT the only one anymore! KWAHAHAHAHA! hmmm...her clothes sound kinda similar to Makura's outfit from Dragonball VG......

21st November 2002, 04:24 PM
OOps!! ^^;; I didn't know that... if you want, I can change her clothing so it doesn't look like your past character... ^^;;; She'll change outfits in this rpg a bit too... lol, just incase you didn't like that.

I think I'll post now for Kiaran now.

Kiaran Weslii - (F) - Saiyan

Kiaran kicked the plaster which used to be part of a huge, towering building with a tremendous force. The plaster instantly sprayed into dust in the air, as she brought forth her fist and smacked it into the ground. Her face was sweating, her fists were bloody and her hair dirtied with the swirling dirt. Smoke still filled her nose... as the smell of blood, ash, dirt and death hung in the air. Blinking a few more times... Kiaran yelled out- cried out- in frustration.
"DAMN YOU!" She swore into the air, but nothing- no one heard her cry. She fell to her knees, staring at the foundation of where the old house which she knew for so long used to stand... used to. Now it was gone... towers were crashed, houses were dismembered and bodies distintigrated and long dead. Her eyes narrowed at teh foundation... as anger boiled upinside her. Frustration and grief was the most of it however... and it stung and struck with a knife so cruel no man could ever weild it's power.

She had left for only a small trip- a trip to pick up some new, rare capsuls for her human parents... ever since the destruction of Capsule Corp- most have been hard to come by. Kiaran succedded, but upon her return she had a sickenign feeling like she was missing some thing. But she took her time like her human parents told her too- she stopped to oversee some wreckage that the Saiyan Army did- and also stopped by several hidden Namekian villages. When she arrived however... it was too late. She was struck with hard reality..
Her City- Mesai City- was destroyed. Rubble every where.. smoke thickening the air, as houses were gone... the people dead. Nothing remained... absolutely nothing. Nothing but a Saiyan Scavenger- a small, worthless Saiyan who did trade with teh Saiyan Army. Those types stole from people and Nameks of earth and did business with the SAiyan Army... and when he saw her, he was shocked. At first he saw the tail and was relieved...
but when death faced him, he realized she was not one of 'them'.

"You worthless piece of ..." She had yelled at him, filled with anger and rage as the man stammered- saying he did nothing of this. She then accused him, saying he had no right to work with the Saiyan Army, steal from the victims, the dead... and the innocent. The more he spoke however... the more enraged she became. She then killed him... it wasn't really on purpose,buti t just sort of happened. She thrusted him so deep into a fallen wall of a building... that his bones couldn't take the weight. He then cried for mercy - for the pain to be taken away so he could rest peacefully... And she realized that she had caused too much damage. She had crippled him... and it was far better to die. So she killed him... but in a way, she was not sorry nor guilty. He had deserved it... and he served the Saiyan Army- he was appart of the massacre.

Slowly rising to her feet, Kiaran brushed a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear and released her tense, balled-up fists. What would she do now? What could she possibly do now...
The world was horrendous... little innocence was left. The life she had grown up in was a lie- far from reality of what it was. They tried to keep her in peace... but her Saiyan blood made sure she was fit. She trained even though her parents or her community showed her no reason too- and yet she did it fiercefully and with outmost heart. Now here she was... with otu any of thelm, yet she remained. In a way it made sense though... maybe she was doomed to stay on the war side- the blood side, the side which there was no innocence. Besides... ever since she was born, and her human parents found her birth parents dead.... - it was determined.

23rd November 2002, 01:52 PM
...Saiyans....they think they own the world.... ^-~
I think I'll have Dina stay in her idiot form a bit longer ^-^
~~~Dina~~~ (Still an idiot)
I LOVED hugging the Earth! The Earth was a wonderful place and not enough people in the world took time to show it a little love in return for being so COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! The only problem is the Earth never hugged back....
Then I had a thought! WOW! That girl with the tail, I was gonna give her a hug! She wouldnt let me before but maybe shes not so cranky now that she had a nap! "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!! Taaaaaiiiiiilll giiiiiiirrrrrrrllllll!!!!!!!" I yelled to the world as I pranced joyfully over to her. But maybe she was hard of hearing because she just floated up into the air. Oh! I did that once! But then I sneezed and the Earth was rushing at me. And then.......
"HEY GREEN KID!!!" I ran up and jumped on his back. "Up!! UP!! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!" I kicked my legs at him playfully. "GIDDYUP!"
The green kid just sighed. I guess he didnt like to play around, how sad. Little kids shouldnt hate to play! But he flew up anyway! What a nice kid!
Then something came flying from the distance. I squinted my eyes and lifted a hand to shield them from the sun. "..............EEEEEEEEEEEE!! ^-^" I saw a faint spot of blue. YAY!!
I laughed. "Silly green kid, If I fall the Earth will catch me! The Earth is my friend, you see.."
He just shook his head. Well, I wasnt going to worry about falling. Nimbly I leapt up and stood on the green kids shoulders as he floated, balancing perfectly. The green kid looked like he was turning even greener. "DINA!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THAT IS?!?!?!?!"
I grinned down at him and did a little hopping dance on his shoulders.
"You worry too much!"

Holy crap Im annoying myself!

Kuro Espeon
23rd November 2002, 06:51 PM
No its ok B4. You can keep her description. All I said was that her outfit sounded a little bit similar. Makura's old outfit was a tight black tanktop, matching dark blue demin jacket and skirt and black knee-high boots. I'll let you decided if that's too close. It doesn't matter to me really, but you can change it if you want to.

P.S. - To Asilynne: *pssst* you're beginning to annoy me too! :D :P ;)

Master Rudy
24th November 2002, 09:27 PM
Rudy Summers
After flying for several minutes I was finally able to see Makura hovering on the horizion waiting for me but what really caught my eye was the sight behind her. Was that Dina trying to stand on Idaia? I really wasn't sure what to think of it. On the one hand I was starting to wonder what was up with her. dina would seem normal one moment and then do things like this the next. On the other hand I was really hoping I had a camera with me and it was taking all the control I had to keep a straight face. Just then Dina layed eyes on me as I got closer and without warning jumped off of Idaia and tackled me in midair. I wasn't expecting this at all and was caught off guard as the two of us went flying toward the ground while she was screaming at the top of her lungs as if this was some kind of amusement park ride. At the last possible moment I managed to regain control and stopped our fall about an inch away from the ground. Dina just looked at me oddly and said "Why'd you have to stop? That was soooo much fun! It wasn't like the fall was going to hurt you." With a nervous chuckle I said "It's never the fall that hurts. It's the sudden stop at the end." All she did at this point was start laughing as if that was the funniest thing in the world. As Dina got off of me she laughed a bit more before saying "Don't be silly! The Earth loves us all and would never hurt us!!!" I wasn't quite sure how to handle the situation but then an idea popped into my head. As I stood up I told Dina "Well right now I've got to take care of some business. In the meantime why don't you protect the trees and help save the Earth?" She seemed to like the idea but just as I started to fly up I suddenly heard her shout "But I also want to go flyiiinnnnggggg!" It was at this point that Dina did the worst possible thing you could do to a Saiyan:

In the hopes of hitching a ride she had grabbed me by the tail.

It didn't take a scientist to see what the end result of this would be. As soon as it happened I lost all my power and hit the ground face first. While I was down on the ground groaning in pain I heard Dina give a loud whistle and say "Wow! That must have hurt!" Little did she know that her actions just put another one of us in pain as I heard Idaia shout about his ears. As I slowly got up I heard Makura say from up about us in her usual voice "Why do I get the feeling that girl is going to be the death of you guys?" I just decided not to say a word at this point as I made it back to my feet. I was still feeling a bit sore but once I had recovered enough from my mishap I flew up to meet Makura. However this time around I made it a point to do so a good distance from Dina. She started to yell about not being ready to go up yet but I honestly think everyone was ignoring her at the moment. Makura just floated there with her arms crossed and a huge smirk on her face. "It would seem that fighting the Saiyan Army is not the most dangerous thing in the world. But enough small talk. I know your here for a reason but the question is why did you come?" I wasted no time getting straight to the point. "It's simple really. The reason why I wanted to talk with you is because I'd like to hire you." Makura looked somewhat surprised that I would want to do such a thing but rather than ask about it she just asked "So what is it you want me to do?" Once again I wasn't wasting any time with small talk. "Well we need a transport to Planet Vegeta. Something big enough for three Saiyans, three Namekiens, two humans and Yasu plus equipment. It would be best if you could get it within 48 hours because right now it's looking like things could turn ugly if we aren't there in time to figure out just what the hell they've got planned." Makura didn't seem quite sure as to why we would need it so fast and said "What's the hurry exactly? It isn't like the Saiyans are gonna invade tommorow." The look on my face must have said it all because the next thing she said was "Your kidding right? When exactly are they planning to do this?" Shaking my head I said "I'm not sure but it would seem having their own planet is not good enough anymore."

It seemed like Makura was a bit indifferent over what might happen to the Earth but she seemed to be willing to help. "Well I don't think it would take me very long to get you your ship but tell me one thing. Who exactly is this third Saiyan you speak of? The only ones I know of are yourself and Yoshi." It was my turn to smirk this time as I answered. "Did you really think that was all I needed? I also came to ask you to join us." Once again Makura seemed a bit surprised that I would even consider asking her to come but it looked like she knew she could get some quick cash for this considering who I was. "Well the ship would have been cheap but as I'm sure you know my services can be quite expensive. We're looking at abo......" Before she could finish I put my hand up to stop her and said "I was thinking three million zeni, a new set of armor and whatever other equipment you might need. In addition I'll admit that taking the Dragon Ball the way I did was a bit cheap so as a result I'm tossing in another 500,000 to make up for that." The look on Makura's face was priceless since she looked about ready to choke over how much I was going to pay her. Considering everything I had lost I was willing to put what was left of my family's money into ending this war. Seeing how I lived it really didn't matter if I had nothing at all or a few hundred million. What I was going to pay may have been a small fraction of how much I had to use but I would have been perfectly willing to give it all up if it would help bring peace. I had no doubts about Makura supplying us a ship but the real question was if she would join us as well......
The advantages of being related to Bulma Briefs! :D

Kuro Espeon
25th November 2002, 03:01 PM
I was silent for a moment. I liked keeping Rudy in suspense. 3,500,000 zeni was alot of money...but I could sense that Rudy was up to something. he was probably planning to try and sway me to keep on fight with them even after the contract ran out and then get me into this whole "fight for the peace of the universe and make everyone equal" shpeel. I raised my eyebrow. I could tell that's what he wanted me to do, but I doubted that he would get it. I would stay only until the contract ran out and not a minute longer! After all...I had a business to maintain.
I chuckled slightly and patted Rudy on the shoulder.
"Very well, Summers! I accept your offer! But let me make it clear that I am, under no circumstances, 'fighting for your cause.' This is strictly business. Understand?"
Rudy nodded. "Perfectly."
"Alrightly then! I'll go into my shi-" I stopped short when I remembered something important. I sweatdropped and put my hand behind my head, turning back to Rudy again. "Eh-heh...on second thought...would you mind if I added another condition to this contract?"
Rudy blinked curiously. "Uhhh...yeah sure. What is it?"
"I uhhh...kinda need an engine. The one on my ship exploded..."
Rudy just stared at me and the only thing heard was Dina giggling insanely and running around happily on the ground below.

25th November 2002, 10:13 PM
WOOOO!! This is where my charry can get in!! How about her 'city', where Kiaran is in, is(*ahem* WAS) known for their high manufacturing rate in Space ship parts. (like engiiines for them..) Rudy, Makura & Company could travel to Mesai City, thinking it is still up and running and POOF! They find it destroyed and Kiaran there! *grinz*

Kiaran Weslii - (F) - Currently in Mesai City

I kicked another hunk of rock, and watched as the remains sprayed everywhere. It was helpless... all around me the city was destroyed. And by whom? The same group which destroyed my parents which I never knew, long ago.
The Saiyan Empire.
Narrowing my eyes, I walked over to the small MeroycycleXV. It was shinning black, sleek in design and seemingly new. Streaks of red were upon some of it, in a deep crimson color. (A Merocycle is like a hovercraft, except in the shape of a motorcycle and very slim and sleek in design- like the sporty type of motorcycle.) I quickly hopped on it, and kicked at the gas and instantly I soared over the small pieces of rubble- but dodging the huge, what used to be towers, in my way. Though the city was in ruins... I could only hope some if it remained standing.
There it was... one of the few buildings which remained some what decient. A hotel, half of it ripped apart, so the side was gaping open but it was there I was hoping to clean up after my fits of rage.
I turned up the speed, and quickly pulled the Meroycycle next to a ripped floor on the first floor of this ex-hotel. Sighing I got up, shaking a bit still from the shock... but I had already accepted everything that happened. What was it again? oh yes... First Denial, Second Anger, Third Grief... Fourth, Acceptance. I was on the fourth stage... though the lingering anger remained hidden.

I walked into the ripped up room... it was in shreds, every thing was. That didn't matter... I walked to the back room, and saw there indeed was a washing up area. A broken mirror hung upon one of the walls... and I gazed at it, and was surprised to see how dirty and red it was from my anger. I quickly looked away, and then saw a shower. Reaching out to it, I pressed a button, set the temperature, and quickly stripped away my clothes. They weren't extremely bad... I took my black bag off my shoulder, quickly took out a cleaning-spay and misted it over my clothing. I then went into the warm water, and was thankful that at least the city had warm water running. As I stood there.. cleaning my hair and body, I kept wondering..
They destroyed the city... wiped out all the humans who lived here- completely. It just... was horrible. The bodies... the faces...

I closed my eyes tight and smacked my fist against the pipe. Instantly it shut off, and I rolled my eyes. I quickly found a few good pieces of cloth, and dried myself off. I then consentrated on my Ki, and soon warmed myself up enough so that my hair was dry. I then put back on my cloths... and slowly walked out. Sighing, I gazed up at the sky... it was so blue.

What to do now? I had no clue..

28th November 2002, 11:20 PM
Bulma ROCKS! I dont care what anyone says, she IS important to DBZ, and not because she can bear Super saiyan children ^-~
Anyway....*asks everyone to excuse her sudden, seemingly pointless outburst*
Hehe! Even though Rudy wouldnt take me flying, I wasnt upset. How could anyone be upset on such a beautiful day! But...something...something was happening to my nose...
It mustve been the tails again..when I grabbed Rudy's tail and he fell down, it kinda made my nose itch. Yes, I mustve been allergic to tai----------


The first thing I thought after I sneezed was, Not again... It wasnt so bad before, when I was alone and I sneezed, I couldnt harm anyone with my other side's idiocy. But now, my idiot form was proving to be quite a nuiscance. Not only that, but I sensed that it had also caused people harm. I had pulled Rudy's tail, and something told me that pulling the tails of 'Saiyans' was not something one did without permission.
I had to apologise.. I thought to myself, embarrassed, when looking up I saw Rudy was busy talking with that saiyan female, Makura her name was. Oh great... I had just realised that this was the second time I had encountered Makura in my idiot form. She must think that Im some sort of freaky retarded human. Well, in any case, she was half right. And if it came down to it, she would probably underestimate me in a fight.
A little later, I came to find out that it probably wouldnt come down to a fight. Rudy had hired Makura so for the moment anyway, she was a friend. I gulped. Well since we would be allies for a while I felt I had better introduce myself.

"Hello, Im Dina. Im.....sorry for the way Ive acted before, I can explain."
Makura, upon seeing my hair suddenly purple instead of silver and hearing me speak in intellegent complete sentances, started back in surprise. "You...What the hell are you?! One minute youre trying to kill yourself and babbling on about how the Earth is your 'friend', and the next youre....youre..." She trailed off and just pointed at me.
I looked away and clasped my hands in front of me nervously. "Well, you see, its a family condition...actually its more like a curse... Well to make a long story short, every girl in my family has two sides of thier personality, two sides that are completely opposite, and whenever we sneeze, its like flipping a coin. The other one surfaces. And since Im...well...Im kind of shy..."
Makura looked thoughtful. "...Youre OTHER side is very outgoing..." she finished. She thought a moment. "And very stupid."
I nodded. I took no offence to Makura's statement because I knew it was true. "Yes, so...thats why I acted so differently."
Rudy nodded. "So thats why....." He mumbled to himself. Then he shook his head. "Well, we had better head over to Mesai City and get the new engine for Makura's ship. Since West City was destroyed, its the top remaining city in manufacturing. If we can find a spare engine anywhere, it would be there." He turned to Idaia. "Gav is hurt, he's over there. Heal him and tell him to meet us in Mesai City, ok? Oh and take care of yourself." Idaia gave me a nervous look but then looked at Rudy and nodded. "Right," he said and then headed off to where Rudy indicated.
I blushed. I remembered all the stuff my idiot form did to Idaia, and I felt bad for putting him through that when he had no Idea what had happened to me. I shook me head. Now that I was back to my normal self, I wanted to stay that way. Another sneeze and I could risk endangering the mission.
I sighed as we started flying towards Mesai City. They had seemed to understand and accept me for all my weirdness but I wondered if anyone could really understand.
Well, I thought to myself as I eyed the tails of Makura and Rudy warily. I just wont let it happen again...
:wave: *waves bye bye to the idiot* Even though it probably WILL happen again lol
hehe..oh, BTW:
Originally posted by SSJ Rudy:
"Why do I get the feeling that girl is going to be the death of you guys?"
Could this be.....foreshadowing? lol ^.~

29th November 2002, 01:50 PM
Oh, just a note: No one knows Mesai city is destroyed. ^^ Come'on... we need some, 'surprise' lol! XD like we haven't had enough already...

Idaia - Namekian)


I nodded to Rudy, glancing nervously at Dina. I was glad she was back in her normal form... because I was afraid if she went back to the other form again, she would whistle a lot. Whistling hurt...
"Right." I said to Rudy as slowly I took off into the air to the signature I now found to be Yoshi's. He had to be next to Gav... since he didn't come with Rudy. So I flew over to that signature... while thinking..

It would be nice to go the Mesai City... they have a lot of Nameks there, and maybe I could talk to one about the Elder- like how he was killed. Maybe get some guidance too... being with these Saiyans and humans really is exciting, but some times I feel lost.

I then suddenly saw two figures below... with one extremely small one hovering by Yoshi. I landed gently upon the ground, as the Saiyan named Yoshi eyed me.
"It is about time... " I bowed slightly.
"I'm sorry... ran into trouble on the way."

I quickly hobbled over to Gav, who was breathing pretty hard. His body was badly injured... but he wasn't about to die. He was a bit worse the Rudy.. but since he was good, it should be fairly easy to heal.
[ Did Rudy encounter Makura?] Yasu asked me, her small, cat-figure hovering by my head.
"Yeah... Makura is gonna help us."
"WHAT?!" Yoshi blinked in surprise, but I merely nodded.
"With a price..."

With that I placed my hands upon Gav's chest and slowly mumbled a few Namekian words. Instantly the air around us grew darker... as my hands began to glow a slight yellow, golden color. The aura spread around my body like a figure, and after I whispered a few more words in Namekian... the glow spread to Gav's body. Instantly the aura turned red... a bright, blinding red as I closed my eyes and chanted more words. I felt Gav's injuries... and slowly I concentrated upon the internal ones, and felt as the aura fed to them and quickly mended them. Soon the aura had healed the internal injuries... and upon opening my eyes, I saw the fire-like aura had changed its color to a deep blue. I then healed the visible injuires... as the energy of healing with in me took care of that. The glow of both of us changed back to a yellow color... and I thought of one more thing to do.

I chanted the words of energy, and took some of my extra healing ki and poured it into Gav's soul. It would feed him some energy... giving him some more so he would feel refreshed. I then sighed and sealed the healing with one last word, and then took my hands off. Instantly the glow seased around Gav, and shimmered to a fade around me within a few seconds.

"There..." I sighed a bit, blinking. THough it wasn't hard... it still was like running a bit- I was winded.

Master Rudy
1st December 2002, 09:40 PM
Very typical.....
I plan on being able to make a ton of posts over the weekend and then I become busy the entire time. In any case here's a post to get things going again ;)

Quick warning:
There is going to be a small amount of foul language in this post

Rudy Summers
It was nothing more than a wasteland of rocks and rubble now.

Makura, Dina and myself were in the middle of what was left of Mesai City. After sending Idaia to take care of Gav the three of us had spent the past ten minutes or so flying toward the city. During the whole trip I had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. I couldn't sense a single person in the area. While normal humans may have not had much of anything to sense a large number of them shouldn't have been too hard to find. However since neither Dina nor Makura had said anything I had assumed it was just me. The problem was I just didn't know how wrong I was. Upon touching down I could see that this was going to be much worse then West City was a few years ago. From the way this place looked I knew we would be lucky if we pulled out even one survivor.

For the most part the overall mood was very grim and quiet. No one said a single word as we walked through the ruins. During this time I had images of that fateful night two years ago flash in my mind over and over. It seemed as if my mind was about to show me the events in detail when our attention was turned to a sound from under the rocks. Turning in the direction of the sound I powered up a very weak blast of ki. It would be strong enough to get rid of that top layer of rubble but anyone under it would not be harmed. Doing so revealed a young human girl that could not have been any older than me. One look at her instantly said there was no way she was going to be alive in the next minute or so. Even if Idaia had been with us I doubted he would have been able to help her. Trying not to move her too much I said "It's ok. Your not alone anymore." Weakly opening her eyes she seemed somewhat happy to see us until she saw Makura's tail. Despite her injuries she struggled to get away from me and in a very weak voice said "Get the f*** away from me! You people are animals and you've destroyed everything I cared about...and...I-I hope you bastards all burn in h-hell. Just let me.....d-die.....in p-p-peace." With a low gasp she started to cough up some blood and that was it.

All I did after setting down her body was look ahead at what had happened around us. In her usual tone Makura just scoffed and said "What a wonderful welcome for the rescue party." I knew she wasn't going to show it but in my mind I had a feeling that deep down she also didn't like to lay her eyes on what had happened here. Turning around I could see she was looking around while Dina was sitting on one of the rocks crying quietly. In my whole life I didn't think I was ever as serious as I was at this moment. Looking at Makura right in the eyes I asked her "You wanted to know didn't you?" She seemed to know where I was going with this and just let me go on rather than say a word. Poining behind me I said "Take a look around. This is why I fight. Up until two years ago I had a pretty normal and peaceful life. Suddenly within a matter of minutes it was all taken away from me. I doubt hell would even compare to what I witnessed on that night. You try waking up to the sounds of screaming and knowing your family and friends are dying around you. Not enough? Afterwards how about finding your dad's body disfigured so badly that you hardly even know it's him. Finally top it all off by watching your mother get blasted to bits mere feet from you!" At this point I needed to take some deep breaths and try to calm down. Dina and Makura were looking at me and seemed to be surprised that someone who could seem so calm and friendly would have so much rage inside of him. Once I felt that I was a little more calm I told them "Following that night I learned that there are things worse than death. I lost my everyone that matted to me and my home. With nothing left to lose I no longer feared dying or getting killed. However there is one thing I always feared and that was seeing a repeat performance of what happened in West City."

Turning away I surveyed the destruction one more time and said "Some f****** hero I turned out to be." Starting to walk away I said to them in a tone much closer to my normal voice "I'll be ok. I just need to be alone for a few moments. I'll be back once the others also arrive." As I kept on walking I heard Dina shout at me. "Wait up Rudy!" Rather than answer her I only continued to walk. As she shouted my name again I started to turn around but as I did so I noticed at hotel in the distance that was actually still standing. How I missed it the first time was beyond me but that wasn't the only thing that caught my attention. I could sense a power level inside which was clearly not human. I instantly went on guard and then shouted at Makura and Dina "You guys might want to power up because I've got the feeling we're not alone!"

From this point I'll let either Kuro/Asilynne have their characters react to what's going on or Kalah can feel free to move things along in whatever way she sees fit ^_~

Kuro Espeon
4th December 2002, 04:25 PM
I had never seen Rudy so serious....not even in his fight with me. His story came as sort of a surprise to me. But it wasn't the graphic nature of it that surprised me. I knew all about the rages and horrible terrors of war and the pain it could cause. I knew because I LIVED the war. In all the places I had been and all the battles I had seen, I had seen my fair share of death and destruction. I could understand what he was going through and I felt sorry for him...I guess...
The surprising thing was not the content of the story, but the story in itself. Hearing him speak of his parents, his past, and his life...his memories, no matter how horrible they may be, were there. These were things that someone like me, someone without a past of their own, could not comprehend easily. Parents...I never had parents. At least..not ones that i could remember. Family...didn't have that either. I've been alone my whole life. Life? Tch. What life...? Several years of war is hardly what I'd call a life.
Rudy's memories, even though they were painful, hearing them made me....a little bit jealous. Rudy was able to recall his memories so clearly...why couldn't I, damnit! I clenched my fist tightly.
My thoughts were interuppted when Rudy called out suddenly:
"You guys might want to power up because I've got the feeling we're not alone!"
I felt his power level rise slowly. Then I realized...I did feel something abnormal. I just hadn't noticed it till now because of my deep thought session. I quickly traced to the only standing building in the entire ruins of the city. A hotel. And the power...I knew instantly that it wasn't human. yes...no doubt about it...it was a Saiya-jin! (OOC: remember, makura has very keen senses and can determine the race of an unknown energy signiture very quickly! ;) )
I quickly, but discretely, began to power up. I kept it surpressed slightly for now. I figured it was probably best to keep our presence hidden until we knew who it was we were dealing with.

4th December 2002, 07:03 PM
Kiaran Weslii - (F) - Mesai City

I began to walk back to my MeroycycleXV, when suddenly I paused. Blinking, I stood there... unmoving, until suddenly it dawned on me why my body told me to stop. I sensed a power signature... it was rising slightly, as if on guard. I narrowed my eyes and focused more... until I realized there were actually three power signatures. This made me frown, as I pondered one what to do. I could sense one of the power signatures as human... and the other two I was unsure of. Perhaps Saiyan? I wasn't too keen on recognizing Saiyan signatures... since I was not around them very much.

"Well... no doubt they've probably sensed me if they are Saiyans. there's no choice."

I decided I'd go meet them. If they were here to steal... I'd battle them for it, if they were here for some other reason... then maybe things would work. But who were they... t hat was my first goal.

I quickly hopped on my MeroycycleXV and instantly kicked the moter going. Instantly I took off towards the power signatures, as my hover motorcycle-like vehicle easily soared over the dust and dirt, and I dodged the more high object which it could not hover over. I realed in fast, not wanting to waste a minute. My hair rippled in the wind, as I eyed the scene before me. It wasn't long at all until I saw three figures standing strangely... and I knew the expect me. I quickly slowed my vehicle down away from them, but they saw me and instantly eyed me slowly. I sat there on my MeroycycleXV a bit, gazing at them sternly. I then kicked off the motor and got off. Brushing my black pants, getting rid of the dirt, I slowly walked towards them cooly. One of them was a male... and I could see obviously he was a Saiyan, along with the female next to him. There also was another female, a human... who stared at me as well. I blinked slightly, wondering what they were doing...

"You better not be apart of the Saiyan Army." I spoke sternly, but not coldly... more of a demanding tone.

"Because if you are, get out. I've already killed off your trading scum... and if you plan on stealing from the dead or destroying more, then you'll have to get through me."

Kuro Espeon
6th December 2002, 03:47 PM
"Heh. So she wants to fight us, huh?" I said cracking my knuckles expectantly. "Heh heh heh. Bring it on!"
Rudy sighed. "Hold it there, Makura. We're not going to fight her."
"Why not? It'll be fun!"
Rudy sweatdropped and gave a look that said: 'I can't believe this girl...'
"Because...she's not the enemy. We're not here to start fights, we're here to stop them."
"Oh come on! I'm not gonna kill her! I'm just gonna rough her up a bit!" I urged. :D
Rudy paused, then, very bluntly said:
"Awwww...You suck."

Rudy shook his head and looked back at the girl who had approached us.
"Don't worry Miss, we're not with the Saiyan army. In fact, we're trying to stop them. We only came here to find a engine. But...we had no idea that this place had been destroyed."
She raised on eyebrow and stared at him skeptically, boviously not beliving his story. "Oh really? Then why did that one want to 'rough me up'?" She indicated Makura.
"Her? Oh, don't mind her. She's just a little slap-happy. She's pretty much harmless."
"Hey! Who are you calling harmless?" I said harshly. Rudy ignored me.
"My name's Rudy Summers," he said, extending his hand to her, "That's Dina over there and the loud one is Makura." The girl eyed his and warily and hesitated in taking it. But eventually she put out her own hand and accepted his greeting.
"I'm Kiaran Weslii" She said bluntly. I came foreward and gave Rudy a light shove out of the way.
"You'd better watch who're you're calling 'loud', Summers. May I remind you that we're still on a contract here? Just because we're on the same team doesn't mean I can't still beat the crap outta you." I finished glaring at him and turned to Kiaran. "Tell me...Your energy signiture....you're a Saiya-jin aren't you?"

6th December 2002, 10:36 PM
Kiaran Weslii - (F) - Saiyan

I gazed at the one called Makura and nodded slowly.
"Yes... I am."
She nodded, saying how she sensed me because of my power signature. I nodded again and sighed..
"How... how did this happen?" Dina inquired, as I gazed to all three of them and sighed.

" I... I don't know the whole idea of it. You see, my human parents told me-"
"human parents?" Makura raised an eye brow, looking skeptical at this. I nodded, gritting my teeth at the memory of them being dead now... but nodded slowly.
"Yes... my Saiya-jin parents were killed because they tried to defect from the Saiya-jin Army. Humans found me and raised me."
Makura crossed her arms at this, and I wondered slightly at what she was thinking.
She probably thinks I must be one of the weakling Saiyans..
I thought, but shrugging I turned to gaze at the wreckage.
"Anyway, my human parents wanted me to go to a few cities to look for rare Capsule Corp. Capsuls... or the rare ones that were left anyway."

Rudy twitched at this, and I faintly remembered some thing about a Summers being tied into that stuff...
" I found some, and upon return I sensed some thing was wrong. My human parents told me to take my time howver... and to look at the sights since I hadn't traveled outside of this city much. So I did despite my feelings... and when I arrived..."
I sighed.
"It was like this. There was a pathetic Saiya-jin trader, stealing from the dead bodies... but I... I... I-destroyed him. Worthless..."
I gritted my teeth and kicked a stone in front of me.

"So you see... the Army destroyed everything I ever knew. My family...friends... life, it's dead now. I should have come earlier... I should have been there for them... I could have stopped this from happening if I was here!"

I took a few more steps away from them, and took my fist and smashed a bit of a wall remaining from a crumbled building.
"I was so stupid... I ignored my feeling and I stayed. Dammit! I could have saved them... my family could have still been here..."
I sighed, feeling my anger erupting in me but I managed to keep it slightly in check, along with my sadness.
I shook slightly to myself... still clenching my fists as I whirled around to face the one called Rudy.
"That was what happened... I could have stopped it, but... i was too late. It was my fault... my fault Mesai City was destroyed."

RUdy shook his head..
"There's no way it could be your fault... I mean, there had to have been other saiyans who tried to stop it here-"
I shook my head...
" I am the only one." His eyes grew bigger as Dina spoke..
"You mean to tell me you are the only, or were the only Saiya-jin in this city?!"
I nodded... and shook my head.
"Don't you get it? You are the few rebel Saiyans I know. Practically all Saiya-jins have joined the army... there are only a handful of rebellion ones left. I used to be neutral... I trained here ever since I was a kid, but it was just for fun. I fought for the spirit of it... but now... "
I sighed..
"Now I do'nt know what to do.."

7th December 2002, 02:13 AM
I knew how she felt.
Not about being the only saiya-jin, or about having a city destroyed around me, but about not knowing what to do. That was a feeling I knew all too well. I didnt know what to do when I was orphened at a young age, so I ran away. I didn't know what to do when I was shown kindness and given a gift, my first gift, when I lived at the School of the Twilight Dragon, so I ran away from there too. And I didn't know what to do, when I was torn between running away like Rudy said to or doing what my heart told me to and help him. And yet I still ran away.
But Ive stopped running, I didnt run when I was shown kindness by my new friends and allies, I didnt run when my idiot half embarrassed me, and I didn't run when I saw that girl, human, like me, die in front of my watching, horrified eyes.
Looking at Kiaran I could tell she wasn't going to run either.
"Then join us." My sudden outburst seemed to surprise everyone, and they looked at me with widened, questionable eyes. I plowed on, determined to get it all out. "Help take revenge on those who've destroyed your world. Help stop the people who've ruined your life and taken away everything you cared about. Help us save our home, the Earth. ...The Earth is the only family I have, and I would rather die than see it fall into the hands of people like that. So, will you join us?"
That was the most I had ever said to anyone at one time, and I said it as much to myself and Rudy & Makura as to Kiaran. I felt like it was something that needed to be said, so we didn't lose sight of what we really were fighting for.
I waited for the saiyan to answer....

8th December 2002, 12:45 PM
(Ummm... I sorta wanna get Idaia going, but let's bug Gav to post sum'thin? Since I guess Mike is outta...w ell, you know.)

Kiaran Weslii - (F) - Saiya-jin

I stood there, pondering this... help save earth. I never thought of me ever battling.. to kill, to protect...
I had always battled for fun... but I had battled my heart out.
But my birth had been plagued with death from the beginning...

I gazed up at the sky, and thought about what Dina had said. These three did seem nice... they did seem like they fought for a good cause. And I didn't want the Saiyan Army to win... they destroyed my home, my family... my life. They destroyed the innocence I had grown to know so well...

And they would pay.

I nodded slowly, narrowing my eyes as I looked at Dina, Rudy and then Myra at last. I nodded again.

" I will join you then... it would give me great pleasure to destroy the Saiyan Army- and I will not allow them to hurt others like they have hurt me..."

Dina smiled as Rudy gave a look of approval. I then thought for a moment...
" I will help you in anyway that I can. Whether it is by fighting or any other means. But... I ask you, why did you come to Mesia City to begin with?"

Master Rudy
9th December 2002, 04:41 PM
Rudy Summers
After my outburst I was just keeping quiet. However it was mostly silent rage more than anything else because history had repeated itself. Kiaran and myself had so much in common following the destruction of Mesia. I was not normally a violent person but I felt every action the Saiyans made against the Earth was just one more reason for me to try and kill them all. I just didn't care about the fact I was one of them. I had lost my family and slowly seen my planet destroyed and I felt it was enough. Kiaran had agreed to join us and I knew it would be a major help. As much as I didn't like to admit it I knew the humans stood no chance if the Saiyans were to launch a full scale assault. While it was true that me, Kiaran and Makura might not make that much of a difference we did have to try.

"So why is it that you came here?" Kiaran asked us. This snapped me away from my thoughts. Looking over at her I answered. "We've learned that the Saiyans are planning to invade at any time now. Me and my friends had the idea of going to Planet Vegeta to see if there would be some way we could slow them down or hopefully stop there plans. I'm not gonna lie to you. To tell the truth it might just be nothing more than suicide. However none of us are just going to sit around any longer. Chances are if we just stay here we'll die anyway. I say that if it has to happen that we might as well go down fighting." Kiaran nodded and said "Seems like a good reason for wanting to go after them. However it still doesn't explain why you came here." This time Dina was the one to speak. "It was Rudy's idea to come here. Makura's in need of a engine." I continued for her. "I would have been able to easily get one but as I'm sure we all know Capsule Corp. hasn't exactly been in the shape to be providing parts for ship." Kiaran was looking at me as if I had just answered an unspoken question. "I had a feeling I heard your name mentioned before with CC. What exactly was it that you did for them?"

The question really didn't surprise me all that much. Up until only recently we had been known as the Briefs until my mother married my father. Some people that didn't follow the companies every move still thought we were the Briefs. Knowing I was going to get one or two shocked looks from those around me I simply smiled and said "Well I didn't work for them myself. Not yet anyway. It use to be owned by my mother." As expected both Kiaran and Dina were surprised so I went on and explained a little more. "It might seem as if ownership had changed hands but it really hasn't" I said. "Kiaren would know us better as the Briefs family." That remark caused her to go wide eyed. "Your related to Vegeta and Trunks?!" she asked in a shocked tone. Dina on the other hands was calm and simply said "Aren't they two of the Saiyans you were telling me about earlier on?" I was about to answer both of them when Makura jumped in. "Sorry to interrupt this chit chat Summers but don't you think we've got more important things to deal with at the moment?" All I did was nod and get back down to business. "Your right Makura." I said to her as I looked at Kiaren. "I know the city is a mess but do you think we might somehow find an engine that is intact?" She looked as if she was unsure but then suddenly seemed to have an idea. "On my way through the ruins I saw that one of the factories wasn't completely destroyed. I can't say that I'm 100% sure your going to find what your looking for but right now it's the only place I can think of." I knew she was doubtful but from the way the rest of the town looked I knew this might be our only chance to find something. "Ok then. You care to lead the way?" I asked her. Nodding she took to the sky while the rest of us followed.

As we flew there I started to think about what we were about to do. Once we had a ship I could provide some armor for everyone but that alone wasn't going to be enough. The only thing left to help us would be our skills and I knew that with our current power levels we didn't stand a chance. We would be better off just walking right up to some Saiyan general and asking him to kill us. I felt that unless there was some huge stroke of luck that we would all be dead within a matter of minutes if we got into a fight with the elites. Was there something we could possiblely do at the last minute before heading off that would help our chances for survival?

Does it seem like Rudy's having some doubts about this whole thing?

Kuro Espeon
11th December 2002, 03:21 PM
As we flew towards the abandoned factory, I couldn't help but notice that Rudy seemed distracted. He was obviously worrying about something and it showed on his face. Most likely, he was beginning to doubt out success on this mission, and personally, I didn't blame him. Going up against the entire Saiya-jin army did seem crazy. Plus the fact that the Saiyans were allied with Changlings...which was a problematic race in itself. Even from the beginning of this I had thought this whole thing to be rather far fetched and suicidal, and I wondered why Rudy was doing it. but after seeing this wrecked city (even though i had seen many before...) I began to understand his reasoning more and more. even though it seemed hopeless, he wasn't going to give up on this even if it meant his life.
I actually was impressed by this. There weren't many fighters in this day and age that would do something like this. But one thing was for sure...we weren't going to win if he kept on thinking negatively. I decided to..."talk some sense into him" (OOC: aka- Makura's version of a pep-talk...). I slowed down slightly until i was even with him. I then gave him a friendly clop on the shoulder to bring him to his senses.
"What's the matter, Summers? Don't tell me you're having doubts already?"
Rudy just looked at me and blinked, surprised that I was starting a conversation.
"Listen Briefs Boy, you're the leader of this kamikaze operation, and leaders can't go thinking thoughts like that! It rubs off on the rest of your team. Look, I know what's going through yor head, and All I'll say is that you're probably right. This battle does seem rather pointless. But since when has that ever stopped a Saiya-jin?! For crying out loud, you'll never win if you think you won't! It's all about attitude, Summers! If you keep complete faith in what you're fighting for then that's all that matters right? The good guys always win in the end, so if you're absolutly positive that you're fighting for the right reasons then you can't lose!"
Rudy paused. "Makura...?"
"Besides! You've got Makura on your side! Success is already gauranteed! Heh!" I said with a wide grin, "So cheer up Rudy! Before I bash your brains out!"
Rudy, for the first time since before we arrived in Mesai City, smiled. "Thanks Makura...I had no idea you could be so supportive..."
"Who said I was being supportive? I was just sick and tired of watching you sulk!"
"Awww, Makura!" Dina chimed in as she flew up beside us, "You really do care about us!"
I narrowed my eyes. "Tch! Like hell I do! What is it with you Earthlings misinterrpreting help with caring!"
Rudy laughed.
"It's not funny, Damnit!"
"Excuse me," Kiaran said. We all stopped and looked up at her. She was sweatdropping with her eyes narrowed, obviously confused as to why we were fighting so much. She pointed down at a diagonal at a building ahead of us. "We're here."


Kuro: Awww! She DOES care!
Makura: I DO NOT!!!!
Kuro: Awww! Denial!!
Makura: SHUT UP!!!! *dives on Kuro and beats her senseless*
Kuro: (@.@) oroooooo.....*dies* (x.x)

11th December 2002, 08:04 PM
Idaia: *whines* I'm boooored!
Kiaran: Where did the green guy come from?
Everyone: You've never seen a Namek???
Kiaran: A Namek? What's that?
*all fall down*

Yeah... pooor pooor Idaia... *slaps Gav* PPPOST!

Kiaran - (F) - Saiya-jin

I watched as the three argued with each other... but it made me smile. They cared for eachother... that was obvious. It was nice to see I was with people who worked together... even if they did argue. But I could sense it... I've been around humans long enough to know about full-fledged emotions, and these two Saiyans and one human were no difference.

"We're here." I said... (Umm... you made her go off with out her hover-motorcycle? *sniff*)
"I'll show you inside, maybe I can find that engine you need."
After Makura scoffed at Dina for calling her 'sensative' we slowly landed upon the ground.

"This is the old factory building... Reclo Corp. They've built many space ship parts for Capsule Corp. when they couldn't make it themselves."
I was still astonished at teh fact that Rudy was related to the famous Bulma Breifs... but that was sinking in now, and I wasn't as shocked as before.
I opened the crooked door, to find that the whole outer frame of the enterance fell off. I winced and leapt back..
" We should probably be careful... the building could collapse."
I whispered, as they nodded adn we trudged in. It was rather light inside... since there were many hole openings and windows.

"This way..." We turned into a right corridor, then a left, a right, a left... a right...
"Do you know where you're going?" Makura insisted, as I nodded.
"My human father used to work here.. when I was little I would journey inside and try to make my own inventions with their spare parts."
"Did you ever make anything?" Rudy asked, as I nodded.
" A few little gadgets here and there- oh! Here we go!"

Instantly we entered a huge room... much like a ship's engine room. Thrown pieces of metal were about... with clutters all over. Many punched out walls were thrown... and it looks like a literal war happened here.

There was not a solid piece of gear anywhere... the engines which should have been here... were gone- destroyed.
"oh no..." Makura groaned as Dina shook her head.
"It's all in pieces!"
"They must have attacked this area hard..." Rudy sighed, as I walked over to a curiously large pile of rubble.
" Yes... the Saiyan Army must not want any ships about. THey probably attacked this place along with all major corportations so trade and economy would go down... and no one could get off earth. Smart... very cruely smart."

I bent down nimbly and dug in the rubble of metal. Surveying the contents closely... I needed to look for one thing. I found it...
"But... they didn't count on me. They may have killed many of the engineers... but they didn't get me."
I smiled at the three of them weakly.
"Anyone up for building a high class space ship Engine?"

Master Rudy
11th December 2002, 10:31 PM
I'm going to be attempting to make Rudy and Kiaran sound intellegent in this post. In other words don't let any big words or device names I may use scare you ^_~

Rudy Summers
I was already quite impressed with the fact that Kiaran knew enough about these engines to be able to fix them. With two people working together the repairs would go much faster. Walking around the engine to check it out from all angles I said "Well from the looks of it I guess we could expect several minor repair jobs with one or two major ones." Kiaran was also looking it over but seemed a bit more concerned about it. "We may be able to get this working but I'm already seeing one big problem." Looking at her I asked "And what would that be?" Pointing out a few of the damaged parts she said "Obviously we can't use the factory machines to repair this. We can get it to work but the big question is can we even make it to Planet Vegeta before it gives out? Doing this by hands will only temporarly fix some of these problems. Just take one look at this hyperdrive." She did have a point there. Crossing my arms as I looked at some of the damage more closely I told her "Your right but the damage to the sublight motor makes the repairs to the hyperdrive look like something I could have easily fixed when I was 10."

By this point both Dina and Makura seemed totally lost as to what we were talking about. Makura was the first to speak up about it. "Well she may know about this stuff and you may be related to a family of geniuses but what about the two of us? Your going to have to put this in simple terms Summers. I lost you at that subhyper lighter thing and I'm pretty sure your human friend is also quite confused." With a chuckle I just rubbed the back of my head and was about to explain it a little better when Makura stopped me. All she did was point and say "For a guy that's related to Vegeta you sure as hell don't act like your related." Feeling a bit confused I asked her what she was talking about. Makura just laughed for a moment before going on. "Well look at yourself. Right now your doing something that Goku was known for. I heard he did that all the time. Plus there's the way you act. You seem like you'd be better suited for the Son's than the Breifs. If it wasn't for the fact that you can fight, you look like Trunks and had Bulma's brains I would have written you off as a member of that family a long time ago." Just then Dina stopped Makura from saying anything else. "As much as I'm sure we would all like to relax and talk about the history of your race I'd would like to know what's going on with the engine."

Once she was done talking I looked at Makura and then Kiaran. When I was sure that they had nothing to say I went on. "Ok then" I started. "I'm going to explain this in a way we can all understand. First off as Kiaran was saying earlier we can't use the factory machines to repair this. If we could it would only take an hour or two at the most and it would be in perfect working order. However the two of us need to do this by hand using tools. Our main problem is that fixing it like this means it could give out at any time. If we do somehow beat the odds and make it to Planet Vegeta we're going to have a new set of problems on our hands." Now that Makura was able to understand it all she was eagar to know more. "Problems such as?" she asked. This time Kiaran was the one to explain. "Well if we can get on the planet the new problem is going to be getting off. Me and Rudy might be able to only make enough repairs for a one way trip. Once we get there doing repairs out in the open just so we can return to Earth might be risky." Despite what Makura had said early on in the back of my mind I told myself Returning might be risky if we manage to live that long. I just shook my head and tried to get that out. Makura was right. If I was going to lead this whole thing then I couldn't think like that.

Getting back to the task at hand Dina seemed worried about what was just said. "Are you saying we're going to be stuck there." Shaking my head I told her "There are always other options. We could steal ships form the Saiyans but I'm sure we all know that might be very risky." It was a bit quiet for a moment before Kiaran spoke up. "In any case we're going to need to get to work. This could take all night long and the two of us need to get to work." Nodding I added "Could the two of you go get Idaia, Gav and Yasu and bring them here? I don't think we will be leaving for some time so it might be best if everyone is in one place." Dina was about ready to go and I didn't blame her. After everything she saw in this city I was still surprised she was even with us. Makura on the other hand hung back for a moment. "You still continue to amaze me Summers. Maybe you really are the right person to lead this insane plans." With that the two of them took off. Thinking about all the things Makura had recently said I smiled. Despite how she may have acted I was now positive that deep down Makura cared. Kiaran drew my attention back to the engine. "So where do you think we should start?" she asked. Pulling out one of the few capsules I sometimes kept on me I tossed it to the ground. This set up a nice size work area with some tools made for tough jobs like this. This repair job would take awhile but hopefully with both of our minds working together we could get this done quickly......

11th December 2002, 10:51 PM
Kiaran - (F) - Saiya-jin

I watched as the one named Myra and Dina flew off. I smiled softly, and couldn't help but laugh a small bit. Rudy turned to look at me, his face full of confusement.
"Why are you laughing?"
I grinned sheepishly and shook my head softly.
"Oh... never mind."
With that I quickly turned to the engine, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind my ear as I determined the two main points of the Engine that we would need to work on. Rudy walked over and glanced at it too, until I spoke softly.
" I can work on one part of the engine, and you can work on the other. That way we... well, we won't be in each other's way. Four hands fixing one part is a bit much..."
Rudy nodded, as he pointed out what I should take and what he would take.
"Sounds great! Let's get this thing going..."

We soon were working furiously,both of us with our own thoughts. The work was rather routine... but it was an extremely long process to do since you wanted to make sure you didn't mess up. Every little tinker here and there was seriously important... but still, I couldn't help but let my mind wander.

I thought about this group I was in... but more focused, I thought about this guy who called himself Rudy. He was a very curious Saiyan... he didn't act like what I thought they would by the history books. He did act like Goku... more of a Son then a Briefs. He looked like... well... from the pictures, he looked like the one named Trunks. I remember from one of the old, faded pictures back with ... or that was with my human parents. I wondered though... what was his story? He acted like he's had experience... like he's had bad run ins before... but- he managed to get through it. Or at least it seemed so... he seemed nice and level-headed... a trait not found often among many species.

"Umm... Rudy?"
He looked up from his work, and I suddenly bursted out laughing. He frowned at this...
"Why are you laughing again?"
I snickered slightly, but composured myself better. I gazed up at Rudy's face... covered in some type of liquid, probably the fuel or liquidizer. (XD)
"You've got... heh, some liquid on your nose. Really getting into your work huh?"
Rudy immediatly wiped it off and laughed slightly to himself.
" Yeah... "
"So what is your story?" I continued, as he turned to look at me with a bewildered gaze. He looked at me as if I were an alien... or an odd looking Namekian. I gave him a confused look back as he shrugged and looked back to his work...

(I'll let Rudy take it from heeere!)

Kuro Espeon
13th December 2002, 05:39 PM
B4....not to be picky....but why do you keep calling Makura....Myra?? :confused: :confused:

As I flew with Dina out of the city I looked over my shoulder and the wreckage and rubble of what used to be a prosperous human city slowly shrank behind us.
We flew in silence. This didn't surprise me. Dina and I really did not have much to talk about. This was fine with me though. I was used to peace and quiet from being by myself so much. Now just as long as she didn't sneeze.....
As we began our return flight to Gav, Idaia and the others over the endless rocky terrain, my mind began to wander. I began to think about what Rudy had said earlier.
"We'll be able to fix up the engine well enough to get to Planet Vegeta...but we may not be able leave...."
This was indeed problamatic. Not to mention that my ship, being originally built for one person only, would probably not be the best choice for the long flight to Vegeta.
This gave me an idea....
I chuckled to myself. Dina heard me and looked over curiously.
'What are you laughing about, Makura?" she asked. I looked back at her and suddenly thought of something else. I could tell by the way she acted around him that Dina liked Rudy. A cute little human crush....I grinned evilly. I decided to have a little fun and torture her a little bit.
"Say Dina..." I said slyly, "Do you think it was such a good idea to leave Rudy back there with Kiaran?"
"Huh? What do you mean?" she replied, raising one eyebrow.
"You know what I mean kid. Rudy's a Saiya-jin, and so is Kiaran. He's a boy...she's a girl.....get where I'm going with this?"
"Ummm...not really..."
"I'm saying, Dina, that who knows what could happen between those two while we're gone! I don't know about you, but it seemed to me that Kiaran kind of has the hots for him, and we Saiyajin women have a knack for always getting what we want if you know what I mean..."
That did it.
Dina faltered and practically fell out of the air. Her eyes bugged out and she looked at me with a very paniced expression.
"Y-y-you....you mean....th-that they c-could.....NO WAY!!!"
"Yes way! And if I were you Dina, I'd be keeping a closer watch on my man."
"My...My what?" she stuttered, turning beat red.
"Oh come on, Dina! Don't play dumb! I know you like Rudy! It's written all over your face! Hmm...and you just left him alone with another woman." I paused, enjoying watching the horror on her face. Then I smiled reassuringly and patted her on the back. "Oh well! Nevermind about that! I'm sure he'll be fine. I mean...what could possibly happen in a dark warehouse...just the two of them...alone all night...." With that I turned and sped foreward, snickering all the way, leaving Dina frozen and dumbfounded. Playing with human's minds was so much fun! It should be a sport.....

*looks back over her post*
Kuro: Oh man...I didn't know I could be so mean....Makura's rubbing off on me....But at least it's mean in a funny way! *lol* poor Dina!
Makura: Heh heh heeeeh.....

13th December 2002, 07:33 PM
OHHH You...you SUCK MAKU!! that is sooooo evil!!! AAAAAAAAAAARRGGGG!! ^-~ I'll get you you wait, but first I have to fix my moms computer, its acting up (also why I dont have time to log out of me sisters) So until then, you have time to live! lol

13th December 2002, 10:42 PM
*sigh* FINALLY got my moms stupid computer running right....I swear....
lol you keep calling Maku-chan Myra! Yup, thats what too much Dawn will do to ya! ^-~
Ok, down to the business of getting Makura back for her treatment of Dina! Mwahahahaha!
Dina: Yeah get her back! She embarrassed me!
Asilynne: What the--- how are you there! Your practically ME! Well at least, a part of me...
Dina: So you mean Im sitting here talking to myself?!
Asilynne: Yeah practically, I mean, think about it, I created you. You are a product of MY mind.
Dina: Oh I see, so we should really stop talking to ourselves right?
Asilynne: Right.
......Well that was a strange experience....
Anyway, on with the show ^-^
I floated there, frozen, unable to move. I just kept replaying what Makura had said over and over again in my mind. ...Could that...be true..? Could Makura be right?......
Stupid...your being stupid Dina. I mean, its not like he IS YOUR man....heck hes probably only the first guy close to your age that you ever met! THATS probably why you feel like this...
Yeah. And anyway, he's an alien, its not like it would work or anything...maybe they only go with their own kind...

But still, what Makura had said in that almost cheerful voice of hers had left me feeling uneasy and a little upset.

Where was Makura anyway? Wait....she HAD seemed almost happy about telling me that....and why had she chosen that moment to taunt me, when it would have been a lot more embarrassing for me had anyone else been around. I frowned, realising at last what had happened. Ive been had....I cant believe I let her get to me! Well, shes not getting off that easy!
For the first time in a long while, I was genuinely angry. I was used to being embarrassed in my idiot form, but to use something like how I feel for a boy when I had been alone for so long just to trick me was something unpleasently new.

And it was also something I did not forgive easily.

Quickly I zeroed in on her chi. She didnt even bother hiding it, probably still thinking me an idiot that couldnt sense her way out of a wet paper bag. She also probably thought Id rush back to where Rudy was to do heaven knows what. I felt my face grow very hot again. Oh, was she wrong.
A couple minutes later I caught up to her. She turned her head to look at me and stopped flying. "Oh, your back. So, I guess they wanted their privacy, huh? Heh, yeah, three IS a crowd..."
I was so angry my face was probably beet red and I was panting with fury. Angry, embarrassed tears stung in my eyes, and I forgot all about the ship, the mission, and Earth. "You...." I said in a strained voice I barely recognised. "How dare you...toy with....my feelings......like that....."
Makura put her hands on her hips and almost laughed. "What, are you gonna cry? I swear, you humans and your crazy emotions..." She shrugged and turned to fly away, but never got the chance. Because I grabbed her tail and gave it a squeeze just enough to show her I meant business. "Im NOT going to cry....but YOU...." I gulped, because in my fury I was finding it a bit hard to breathe. "You ARE going to fight me....."
As totally illogical as it was, I challenged the Saiyan Makura. She had embarrassed me terribly, and had said things that had hurt me, to the point where nothing mattered but making her feel a little of my pain. It wasnt right, she was an ally; and it wasnt smart, because saiyans had proven that they were stronger than humans, but I didnt care.
I gritted my teeth. Things like this was why I had been alone so long...
Whoa...craziness....Dina can only take so much until BAM..
Heh, its always the quiet ones that snap first ^-~ So come on Makura bring it on !! AAAAhahahhahaahahaaaa!!

Kuro Espeon
15th December 2002, 04:43 PM
Hmmm....interesting...... Alright Asi-chan, I guess we're even now!
Makura: Like HELL! She grabbed my tail! I'll KILL her!!!
Kuro: Whoa...chill out, it's only an RPG.
Makura: Didn't I kill you?
Kuro: Errrrrrr.....nooooo.....*looks around innocently*

I almost fell out of the air as a throbbing pain shot through my body. If there was one weakness that we Saiya-jins had...it was our tails. The slightest squeeze who render us almost completely powerless. But luckily, Dina wasn't squezing that hard so I was able to maintain my composure and looked over my shoulder giving her a the evilest glare I had ever given in my life.
"Get....off...the tail...." I choked out forcefully. To my surprise, Dina complied rather quickly. She dropped my tail and folded her arms across her chest, her stern face still set in a challenging glare. I felt my power returning to me but the slight throbbing still remained. I grabbed my tail and began to massage it. "What the hell is your problem girl? Can't you take a joke?"
"Joke or no joke , Makura, you hurt my feelings. And that's something I don't forgive. So....I'm going to fight you! Are you ready?" Dina dropped her arms and got into a mid-air fighting stance.
I sweatdropped. She couldn't be serious? I sighed and shook my head in disbelief.
"Oh....brother...." I said bluntly.
"What's wrong!? Come and get me!" Dina taunted, throwing a couple of practice punches in the air.
"Oh come on, Dina....are you serious? You honestly think you can beat me? Hmm...I'm sure that's not it. Even you're not that stupid." I smiled cunningly and folded my arms. "So then it must be that you want me to kick the living S*** outta you? Would that make you feel better?"
Dina froze and stared at me. Then, after a brief moment she clenched her fists and stared to growl at me, steam practically pouring out of her ears. She didn't reply but her face said it all. I couldn't help but laugh.
"OH man! You're really weird, you know that? But you've got guts, I'll admit that. Not to many humans nowadays would have the gall to challenge a Saiya-jin." I smiled, "But I'm not gonna fight you so don't even try."
"Why not!?" Dina demanded.
"Because...it's not worth my time. Besides...I only fight for profit or when I feel like. And neither is the case this time so....no thanks. I'm gonna have to decline your offer."
"But....but....What about...?"
"You guys don't seem to understand. Here, let metry to explain," I said. I began to speak slowly, using hand motions to illustrate. "The only reason....that I am here.....is because Summers....gave me money! And if....someone else....gave me MORE money....I would be gone! Understand? This is just my contract and I'm following it. I won't fight someone who's not in the deal. Get it? Got it? Good. Let's keep moving. Gav and the others are waiting for us."
With that I spun back around and flew off again. That Dina....she had alot more courage that i had originally gave her credit for. Maybe working with her wouldn't SO bad....
Now she just had to lighten up a bit....

Master Rudy
17th December 2002, 06:01 PM
I would have been around to post sooner but my brain has once again turned into mush. And that was quite evil Kuro......


One of the best lines I've heard in some time:
"Oh well! Nevermind about that! I'm sure he'll be fine. I mean...what could possibly happen in a dark warehouse...just the two of them...alone all night..."

You weren't kidding when you say that this Makura was going to be totally different from the original. Anyway on with the show.....

Rudy Summers
Not again was the first thing that came to mind when Kiaran asked me that question. It was already bad enough to have the dreams but did I also have to be reminded while I was awake. I looked at her for one moment before getting back to work. I assumed she got the message that it wasn't a good question because rather than ask again it sounded like she had also gone back to working on the engine parts. After several minutes I stopped. It wasn't right for me to treat Kiaran like I had a moment ago. Setting down my tools I got up and walked over to where she was working. Kiaran looked up at me and seemed unsure of what I might say so I just started out simple. "Look I'm very sorry about that. The past two years have been very rough on me. Everything that you are going through right now has already happened to me." Kiaran nodded and seemed to get the idea. At first it didn't seem like she would say anything so I started to walk away. Just before I tried to sit down to get to work again she asked "So how exactly did you deal with it?"

Facing her once more I figured the best thing I could do as I spoke was spare her the details of how the most important people in my life died. Instead I decided to move on to what I did afterwards. "Well for the most part I just managed to stay low. That's the main reason why most people think I'm dead. Afterwards I guess all I focused on was training." I stopped for a moment and it seemed Kiaran got the idea that I was done. "That doesn't seem like everything Rudy. I know there has got to be more." Nodding I went on to say "You won't believe how many times in the past two years that I had thought of killing myself. Once that night had passed I just learned to stop fearing death. However the only thing that has stopped me from doing so is the fact that it wouldn't be helping myself or anyone. Humans may outnumber those with Saiyan blood but there is no way in hell they can match their power. Despite the fact that I just wanted it to all end I made it my goal to try and live long enough to see the end of this war. I just wish I had an idea of what the outcome might be. All I can do now is hope it doesn't end with the human race being wiped out or this planet being completely destroyed."

Looking outside one of the windows I could see it was slowly starting to rain over the ruins of the city. As I did this I starting thinking about what I just said. While I didn't like to remember it all I had to admit it did feel somewhat good to talk to someone about it. The outburst I had earlier around Makura and Dina scared even myself for a brief moment. The past was all over with and I just had to move on. There was nothing I could do about what had happened but I could at least have a hand in what was going to happen. Suddenly from behind me Kiaran said "Let's say that this war ends with a victory for the Earth. Exactly what do you think your going to do once this is all over?" Without turning around I just kinda shrugged and said "I honestly don't know. However I know for a fact the first thing I plan on doing is helping to rebuild all the cities that have been destroyed." Looking at her I asked "What about you? What do you have in mind?" Kiaran seemed even more unsure than I did "Well it's never been something that I had given much thought. Even if I had I'm not sure what I'm going to do now after all of this."

As I continued to look out the window as it rained Kiaran said "Well I think that's enough talking about what has happened and what could happened. We really need to get back to work." I just remained there as she started to walk back over to the parts. I knew we needed to be getting back to work but I had other things on my mind at the moment. Walking back over to her I said "I know we should really be working but how do you feel about taking a break for about 15 minutes?" She didn't seem to know what I was talking about and asked "Just what is it you've got in mind?" Pointing outside I told her "I know this isn't exactly the best weather in the world but exactly when was the last time you've sparred with someone?" I decided to ask for several reasons. First I already had a basic idea of how strong Makura and Gav were but I wanted to get a chance to see Kiaran and Dina in action before we left. I felt it was important to know everyone's strengths and weaknesses before leaving so that we wouldn't have any unexpect surprises. Next was the fact that I had a feeling Kiaran didn't have many chances to fight Saiyans. Win or lose it would be good experience for the upcoming battles. Kiaran seemed to like the idea but didn't seem very sure about it. If she didn't want to fight then I wouldn't force her to do so. The only question on my mind now was if she would be up for it......

I'll let Kalah decide on if Kiaran and Rudy should have a quick battle or keep on working ^_~

18th December 2002, 02:42 PM
Kiaran - F - Saiya-jin


A spar? With him? I blinked at the idea… it caught me off guard to say the least.
“ I don’t mean it in rivalry by far Kiaran… I just want to get an idea of our power levels before we leave.”
I averted my gaze at Rudy…
“I don’t know if it is such a good idea…”
Rudy seemed confused by this, and I sighed. I turned to gaze back at him, my icy blue eyed gaze blinking slightly as my blonde hair tucked behind my ear. Sure I would admit it, I didn’t meet many Saiyans- but I had met a few. And all of them wanted to battle me before… because they were scouts from the Saiya-jin Army. They were ordered to patrol Mesai City… and of course, like most Saiyans, their pig-headed selves wanted to test their powers against mind. Even when I was only 5 they wanted to do it… against a poor child. The Namekians were far different from the Saiya-jins… they would battle, but it was more of a battle of honor then of pig-headed winning. They wanted to simply raise their level of battle… and I had the chance to battle many of the fighters. Humans were good to spar as well… but I found the more diverse opponents, the better the chance of getting stronger. Even when I was a child I had wanted to spar for the sport…
And soon I will not be sparring anymore… it will be a life or death battle.
I had already killed that scouter… and the horrible images of it haunted me.

“ It’s okay If you don’t feel comfortable sparring me…” I gazed up at him slowly and gave a meek smile.
“No, it’s not that… it’s just… I don’t know. Everything is changing like a whirlpool around me. Ever since I was a child I wanted to spar… at every chance. But after this… I killed some one for the first time- a Saiyan Trader who was stealing the dead’s belongings. I’ve never killed anyone before… let alone thought of it. Just the whole idea of going off to a foreign planet to… to kill… “
Rudy gave me a saddened gaze.
“We aren’t going there to kill… we… are..” He tried to find the words but I shook my head.
“ Maybe that isn’t our goal, but we will end up doing it. You know we’ll be attacked, and because of it we will have to kill to defend.. “

Rudy gave a soft smile after a long period of silence.
“ Don’t worry, if you want to spar me it will be a friendly spar.”
I set down the tool I was using and nodded at him softly. Rudy Summers was definatly not like the Saiyans I had met before, nor was he like his companions as far as I could tell. He had a serious demeaner yet… with a sense of laughter and kindness intermixed. He reminded me of the ones I used to know a long time ago…
“ Let us go outside then and have ourselves a friendly spar.”

With that we soon found ourselves amongst a wide area of flat rubble with little or nothing in our way. We stood away from each other in a good manner as I slowly took a tie from my wrist. Gingerly I pushed back my hair and formed a ponytail and held it up there with the tie. My strange, albino tail swished side to side as I smiled at him.
“Alright then Rudy… let us begin.”

Idaia - Namek

I sat there boredly, as Yoshi and Gav talked amongst themselves about some thing I had no idea about.
"I could really use some of those magazines right now..." Yoshi sighed, leaning back against a rock.
"What magazines are you talking about?" I turned and gazed at Gav and Yoshi, and immediatly both sweatdropped.
"Uhh... nothing Idaia- it is too complicated for a young kid like you."
Yasu and I both gazed at eachother bewildered but I shrugged.
"Why does Rudy always have to tell me to stay put? I'm going to rust here if they don't come and get me soon..." Yoshi sighed, as Gav suddenly went to his feet.
" Hey... why don't we go try to find those other Nameks?" I blinked, gazing at the two Saiyans.
[ They probably are off some where- ]
" They weren't with Rudy or the others were they?" Gav asked, gazing at me and interupting Yasu.
"N-no they weren't."
"Well then... maybe we should go find those two and then catch up with Rudy and his 'friends' later. We need to do some thing other then wait..."

Yoshi and Gav mumured amongst each other, until finally Yoshi gazed at me.
"Look Idaia, you won't be able to catch up to me... or Gav, so you stay put and tell Rudy if he gets back that we'll find him later. Yasu.. do whatever you want."
With that, and in a blast of Ki, both of the two Saiyans went off...
[ Those two sure seem restless. It would be helpful if they found the other Nameks however..]
I nodded and sat down again, sighing.

Kuro Espeon
21st December 2002, 05:07 PM
I'm not going to make a full post right now, but I'm letting you know that I'm keeping up to date and have read all the current posts.
And thanks Rudy! ^_^ I try my best to be funny, even though it doesn't always work..........

21st December 2002, 07:58 PM
looks like I'm long overdue for a post. I've read everything up to date, and I THINK I understand what's going on. But please let me know if I screw up someone's plans -_-.

Hamma ~ Namek ~ With Cal...somewhere, waterfall

Cal and I had both been silent for a good long time. Both of us were anxious to finally get a good fight, so we were eager to train hard. We had both been meditating for several days straight, neither of us saying a word. Finally, Cal broke the silence.
"You think we'll actually be able to defeat the Saiyans? I mean, if they're anything like that Makura, that means their very strong, right?"
"I suppose so."
"So, do you think it's really a good idea to be here? I mean shouldn't we be helping the others find a ship?"
"It's their will to go to New Vegeta now, not mine. I'd be perfectly content staying here another year and training."
"But, what if the Saiyans suddenly decide to strike? The people of the planet won't stand a chance. We need to make the first move!"
I opened my eyes and looked over at Cal. He looked eager, but I saw a hint of apprehension in his eyes.
"I understand how you feel. Strategy is half of a battle, not just strength. I'm a little reluctant to go because I haven't had the time to train as much as I'd like. I think the others are being hasty."
Cal paused for a few moments, then said a few words that stuck in my mind like glue.
"But, even if we aren't strong enough, the important thing is that we fight together, right?"
This caught my attention, and made me think. That was the end of conversation for the remainder of the day. We resumed our meditative states.
"Together? Important? Why is having companions important?" I thought to myself. These words had really gotten me pondering. I kept thinking and thinking, and gradually the meaning came to me. Physical and mental strength was not the key to defeating evil. It was using the powers of your friends and yourself in synchronization. You can accomplish much more that way....
A slight smile came to my lips as I drifted off into meditation again. Night had fallen, and the moon was full.
"I wonder what our 'friends' are doing right now..."

Hope that's adequate. Good to see you all again!

22nd December 2002, 09:42 PM
OOC~ Im not going to post right now, but I just wanted to put up the url for a FS pic I drew recently. ^-^ It has the main good guy fighters of FS (except for the Nameks because they havent been posting in awhile and I kinda forgot about them, sorry! -.-() )
Ok here it is:

Hope you like it!

Kuro Espeon
23rd December 2002, 03:18 PM
Yo! this is Kuro! just wanted to give a NOTICE:
Starting tomorrow and going until thursday afternoon I will be in Maryland visitig relatives for X-mas. Most people will probably be away for the holidays anyway, but I figured I'd let you all know anyway.
BTW- Asilynne......just FYI, the link didn't work. My bro said it was because you can't link directly from Angelfire or sumthin' like that....*shrug*
Happy Holidays from Kuro Espeon! I luv you guys!

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ! ! !

Master Rudy
23rd December 2002, 03:58 PM
OOC-Angelfire has been known for that stupid little thing that blocks you but an easy way around it is to just cut and paste the link into your address bar. Anyway I should be around all day today and all night but tommorow I think I'm going to be quite busy. I'm just letting you guys know that if I'm around at all it might not be until very late (about midnight)tommorow night ^_~

Master Rudy
23rd December 2002, 09:54 PM
Rudy Summers
The rain started to come down a little heavier as me and Kiaran prepared to square off against one another. While this was going to be nothing more than a match to see how we fared against one another I was going to make it a point to get an idea of how Kiaran fought. I always made it a point to watch out for my friends and I needed to know exactly what kinds of weaknesses some of us had. This way I could know what to look out for later on if anyone got into trouble and needed a little help. Before this battle got underway I decided to set down some rules to keep things fair and to make sure one of us didn't get hurt too badly. "This sparring session is going to be anything goes. You can do whatever it takes to win but keep in mind that the tail is off limits." I was pretty sure that I didn't have to worry about that with Kiaran but saying that was a bit of a habit. Over the years I had seen several people try a dirty tatic such as that and I didn't like it one bit. Kiaran quickly nodded and then asked "Is there anything else I should be aware of?" As I stretched out a bit I said "Try not to worry about winning or losing this fight. If your not too sure about being able to go on without getting yourself hurt then make sure you say something. This is only to let each other get an idea of how the other fights and to see how we stand right now."

Once I was done talking both of us got into fighting stances. For a moment we both just stood there and studied each other. Kiaran seemed to be waiting for a sign to know when to start so I nodded to let her know it was ok to begin. With that both of us rushed each other as our fight started. As soon as we each begun to exchange blows I knew Kiaran was not going to be any kind of pushover. Not only was she able to hold her own with me but she was clearly thinking about what to do and not do. Rather than go in hitting she was taking a moment to play defense and see how I moved. After a few seconds of this she started to fight back. From the way she was attacking I could see that she liked to use quick moves rather than go for raw power. Of course I knew that just because she was fighting like this now didn't mean she would always do so. Any experienced fighter could change their tatics just like that and I knew that one always had to be on the lookout for things like that.

As she made an attempt to kick me I grabbed Kiaran's foot and swept her leg out from under her. Not wanting to take a chance to leave myself open to a counter attack as she got up I jumped away from where she went down. With a quick move I saw her quickly flip up and get back onto her feet. For just a moment we stood there watching each other. Before things got going again I felt the need to complement Kiaran on how well she was doing. "Not bad at all. I wasn't expecting you to be this fast Kiaran." With a smile she said "Thanks a lot. Your not doing too badly yourself. It's what I expected from someone who is a decendant of Vegeta and Trunks." Smiling back at her I asked "Shall we continue this then?" Just then without warning Kiaran rushed right at me. I wasn't expecting her to come this quickly and wound up paying the price as several of her blows hit their mark. Finally I managed to get my right arm up to block just as she was about to hit me with a move that would send me flying. I made several attempts to strike her but Kiaran quickly turned the battle back into her favor as she dodged out of the way of one of my punches and landed an elbow into my back. She gave me one moment to get back to my feet before coming at me again. I knew at this point that I would have to fight a bit differently than I normally did. If I was going to want to match her then I would have to focus more on speed than power. After all what good was a strong attack if you didn't have the speed to hit your opponent?

As I ducked under one of Kiaran's high kicks I saw my chance. The move left her open a bit and I made such to make these blows count. Not focusing so much on power this time I unleashed a fury of punches on her before ending my attack with a ki blast that sent Kiaran flying away from me. It didn't put her down for long but it would give me a moment to catch my breath. It was a good thing that I was getting a break for a moment too. From the look in Kiaran's eyes she was about to get real serious. Both of us were fighting at a low power level and it was time for the real thing now. I knew that this was going to be one hell of a sparring session as we both started to power up......

It's all yours now Kalah ^_~

23rd December 2002, 10:22 PM
What?! Stupid angelfire! Oh well, just take Rudy's advice then ^-^
Im going to post now cause I dont know when the next time I'll be on is, and plus now I have an idea heh heh heh. So Makura, you want Dina to lighten up, do ya? ^-~
That whole thing, about Rudy, a-and Kiaran...and...and....the dark warehouse all alone...ALL NIGHT............!!!
I wasnt used to jokes. No one ever joked with me before, they were always quick to make jokes ABOUT me, during the few times I was actually around people, but none of them had ever joked WITH me. So, Makura had been....joking?!
Suddenly without warning I started to laugh. I cant believe I was so STUPID!!! To think, I got all upset like that! I laughed at how lame I acted until a thought occurred to me. She had joked WITH me......could that mean......we were.....FRIENDS? I smiled. A friend....
I rushed to catch up to Makura. When I finally did she glanced over at me. "Well, you seem happier, maybe something got through to that brain of yours..."
I smiled at her as we flew. "Yeah, something did," I said slyly. "Just that I know now that you really do consider us your friends...."
Makura stopped short with an annoyed look on her face. "Look, sister, how many times do I have to tell you? IIIIIII.....DOOOOOONNNTTTTT.......hey, what are you doing?" She stopped in mid-rant as she saw a strange look on my face.
I narrowed my eyes. "Aahhhhhh.......ahhhhhhhhhhh...."
Realisation hit her as she saw what was happening. "No.....no dont you DARE do it!!! I am NOT going to be stuck dragging around some DAMN IDIOT!!! You hear me!!"
"DONT YOU DARE!!!!!" She yelled, sounding half panicked as she smacked her hands over my mouth. A few tense moment passed as she waited for me to sneeze. When she finally took her hand off of my mouth, I looked her right in the eyes and grinned. "...choo.." I said, smirking.
She gazed at me, horrified, for all of 30 seconds. I could see her face twitching as she fluctuated anger and shock. Then she threw her head back and laughed.
"Well, Ive got to admit, I didnt think you had it in you! Looks like we're even now!" She said, giving me a friendly slap on the back that almost sent me carreening through the air.
I nodded and we continued flying towards where the others were. I smiled to myself. Someone had joked with me and I had joked with them back. Maybe I was getting the hang of this 'being with other people' thing after all. ^-^

I dont think I should post Makura and Dina meeting Gav and the others because I dont really know Gav's personality yet, so maybe Gav could post that *hint hint* :D

Kuro Espeon
28th December 2002, 02:14 PM
Yeah....where IS Gav, anyway? Should someone try to contact him and ask him if he is going to post any time soon? And what about JT? We sortof need him to be the bad guy...

Master Rudy
28th December 2002, 03:54 PM
OOC-Well Gav has been around but it would seem he's been very low on ideas as of late. JT on the other hand has been extremely busy. He only just recently made his third post in DotBM. As for myself I guess I'm kinda waiting on Kalah to post Kiaran's POV in the training match she is having with Rudy.

29th December 2002, 12:34 AM
Those two have been too busy trying to force me to join Gav's RPG to have time to think of anything....:mad:
Well, if they dont post anything soon, could you post our arrival Maku-chan? ^-^

30th December 2002, 08:45 PM
One thing Kuro and Asylinne-
In my last post, I put that Gav and Yoshi went off to find the two nameks. ^^; I did that because they weren't posting so I thought if when they did post they could simply catch up again, but if they didn't post then it wouldn't hurt our story line at all. So right now Idaia and Yasu are basically just waiting by themselves..

Kiaran - F - Saiya-jin

I was hurled backwards by Rudy's ki blast, and hit the ground hard upon my back. Feeling for a grip, I pressed my feet against the ground and flipped myself back into standing position. Shaking my head, I narrowed my eyes as I saw Rudy catching his breath.
He's caught onto my speed stratedgy and changed his as well... he's smart. But now I guess it was time to push things a little harder for him..

I gazed at Rudy with my icy stare, as he gazed back at me. I smiled softly at him- for such a strange person, his kind and caring nature didn't match his battle style. He fought with his heart... and he fought well. Most who were kind and caring didn't find strength in fighting abilities. He impressed me.. and I found him trustworthy. I didn't find some one like him since... well, since as far back as I can remember.

With that, I consentrated deeply into my soul... and felt inside of my body for the key- the key to my power. I searched inside and found it, burning deep with in me waiting to be released. I grasped it in my mind, and then peeled it away... unleashing it bit by bit. FInally however, I grasped most of it and let it uprise in itself. Immediatly my eyes melted away in their blue appearance, but instead went total green- an intense, almost unsaiyan appearance. A bright, slime-like green aura uproared around me like an intense fire which did not burn as Rudy watched me. He too released some of his ki as well... as we both powered up some what.

I then bent my knees and kicked upwards, until I was floating over the ground just a few bits. I had the speed to rival Rudy's... and he raised his speed to rival mine. But now it was time to focus on my power as well...
In my hand I clenched my fist, and inside of my palm grew a small, white ball of explosive ki. I consentrated on the ball, as I stared at Rudy... and the ki was only about the size of a large marble. But inside of it, I had given it enough power to cause quite an explosion. After I felt it had reached a good level of power, I then consentrated a little shield with some of ki around this small ball... so that it would not explode in my hand if I squeezed it too much. Clenching the ball, I knew Rudy had no idea what I was planning... but yet I knew he had plans of his own as well.

We then charged at each other. Both of us flew straight at each other and as we approached suddenly Rudy formed five energy balls. He flailed them at me, and it took me by surprise- I thought he would go for a more hand-to-hand approach. I crossed my arms and took the hits, and when they were gone I gazed up to see Rudy come flying at me again.

We threw punches and kicks at eachother in a mad furry... and he was on the more offensive quick side so I was constantly defending myself. We worked so hard in this furry that we rose high into the air, and finally I found the opportunity we were looking for. Rudy aimed a kick straight at my gut, and before his foot connected I quickly grabbed it. Rudy was ready, and brought forth his other foot to combat it, but as he did so I suddenly released the foot I was holding and brought forth my right hand containing the energy ball. I released the shield I had around it and quickly, powering up my arm and putting strength into it... I smacked him hard in the chest, and instantly the ball made contact. The force of the small explosion sent him hurling backwards, projecting away from me. I quickly flew downwards towards the earth... and hovered above it a few feet as I waited for Rudy to catch his breath and do whatever he had plan next. AS he did so, I quickly powered myself up a small bit again... waiting for anything he might throw at me. I was very offensive at times, but I would remain defensive for now... in hopes to find a weakness point in his furry of moves and take advantage of it. I found that that can be a key point to doing damage.

Rudy was very quick when he wanted... and I knew he also had power to back that up. We were pretty evenly matched, for both of us had speed and power at pretty equal levels. I tended to favor my speed, and I knew by Rudy's first barrage of power moves that he probably liked his power better. But still, he could unleash his demanding speed just like I could unleash the demanding of power. I enjoyed sparring Rudy... it was quite a demanding spar at that, and I liked the challenge of it.

My white tail twitched slightly as I stood there... feeling my adrenaline run through my body, along with my energy sparking around me as I regained and recharged my body... ready for the next set of blows Rudy might throw at me.

Ultimate Charizard
30th December 2002, 09:05 PM
Very short, Very pointless just saying im alive.


I landed where i felt the energy signiatures and to my surprise i saw Rudy another female Fighting.
"What is it with him and fighting girls?" i thought to myself as i noticed others standing around watching.

Told u it was gonna be short but ill keep up from now on.
Just say i left Yoshi to investigate the power levels or something since hes not cooperating anymore.

30th December 2002, 09:10 PM
Umm, could you guys hurry up and find us? We can only levitate in this waterfall for so long....

Master Rudy
31st December 2002, 12:12 AM
OOC-Well most of the characters seem to be busy doing something else at the moment Bear. However since Mike is no longer in this that makes Yoshi an NPC. Perhaps you guys could use that to your advantage and just have him come get you? After that I guess everyone could meet up in the city where Rudy, Gav and Kiaran are right now. All you guys would really have to do is sense the battle and check it out since Yoshi and the Namekians don't really know where he is at the moment

Master Rudy
5th January 2003, 11:18 PM
Man I'm really overdue for a post here. Since I don't think there is much else me and Kalah can do with the fight I think I'll just end it here ;)

Rudy Summers
As I was trying to catch my breath Kiaran just hovered off the ground a bit as she waited for my next move. While this was nothing more than training she was still pushing me to my limit. However by this point there was something in the back of my mind. As even as we were I started to wonder if it was possible she was stronger than me. If she was then was I even the right person to be leading this suicidal operation? However now was not the time to think of that. If the time came and I felt she was stronger then I'd let her know that I didn't think I was cut out to be a leader. Until then I had to focus on things and take it one step at a time.

Once I felt I was ready to continue this I decided to try another approach to this battle. If hand to hand wasn't going to work then how about ki? Raising my hands above my head I quickly charged up a Masenko and let it loose. Before that could even hit however I charged a weaker one as well and also fired that. Finally I ended things with several basic blasts. Doing all this in such a short amount of time left me really tired but chances were Kiaran would be in the same shape following all of this. As I went down on my knees and tried to catch my breath again I looked up at the outcome. There was a pretty good distance between us so as I expected she quickly dodged the first Masenko. The second one wasn't as strong so with a quick move she swated that out of the way and sent it into what was left of a building. As for the standard ki blasts I saw my plan go into action. Kiaran was focused on avoiding the Masenko's I fired and forgot about those ki blasts. At the last possible moment she looked toward them but it was too late as they hit their mark.

Seeing my chance as she also went down I got up and using what power I had left tried to rush her. However as I soon learned Kiaran also wasn't quite done. Within seconds the hand to hand battle once again started but despite how tired we both were somehow we managed to avoid each others blows. That quickly came to an end however when we both landed punches at the same time. My blow had made contact with her stomach while her's landed right in the middle of my face. Once that happened that was pretty much it to this fight. Both of us were down for the count and we weren't getting up. For several moments neither of us made any attempts to move. Closing my eyes I took several deep breaths as I just layed there. At this point I didn't even think I'd get up for a free buffet. Finally as I opened my eyes I saw Kiaran standing over me. She had one of her hands out to help me up while she held her stomach with the other. As I grabbed it she said "That was some pretty intense fighting there. Are you ok Rudy?" Wiping away some blood on my face I told her "I'll be fine. As for the battle you were right. That did get very intense for a moment. Like I said before I wasn't expecting you to be so fast." Kiaran was about to say something when suddenly we heard a voice.

"So is fighting women your way of picking up a date Rudy?"

Looking over I saw it was Gav standing there. During the battle I didn't even notice him so I asked "And just how much of that did you see?" As he walked toward us he said "Enough to figure out this wasn't serious. I was going to jump in but then I noticed that if this battle was for real that the two of you wouldn't have been standing around as much. So who's your new friend?" After introducing Gav to Kiaran I said "So where are Dina and Makura?" Gav suddenly looked confused over this. "Wait a moment. Isn't Makura on the other side? And who is Dina?" Now it was my turn to be a little confused so I asked him "Well if you didn't run into them then how did you know to come here?" Gav took the time to explain how him and Yoshi left Idaia and Yasu behind for a moment while they looked for the other Namekians. "As we were flying I felt your power level take a jump so I went to check things out." At that point Kiaran said "In that case shouldn't you look for your other friends Rudy?" Nodding I said "Your right. Let's meet up with Dina and Makura and then we'll go get Idaia and Yasu. After that we can come back here and get back to work on that engine." Once again Gav gave me a confused look so I told him "I'll explain everything about Makura, Dina, what happened here and that engine on the way. In the meantime let's get going. It's been raining pretty hard in this city for awhile now and I'm sure all of us want to get out of this storm." With that I lead the way as the three of us took off toward the power signatures of Makura and Dina......

5th January 2003, 11:51 PM
Kiaran - F - Saiya-jin

I flew next to Rudy and this human named 'GAv'. It felt nice to be in contact with a human, since I had grown up around them all my life. His signature was far more readable then Rudy's... and it just gave me a sense of calm.

Rudy was a great fighter, and the spar we had was probably the best thing for me. It took my mind off my city being destroyed.. and it took my mind off everything but the battle. I had forgotten how good a friendly spar could be for relieving stress... Rudy had helped me. I smiled softly as I gazed at him and then I thought about the Engine. He was extremely smart too, and reminded me a lot of my old sparring partner.

As I was immersed in my thoughts as we flew suddenly I overheard Gav talking to RUdy about a young Namekian and a being named Yasu.
I turned my gaze to Rudy and made a confused look.
"Who is this Idaia and Yasu?"

Rudy cracked a smile,
"Idaia is a small Namekian who is now the Elder... well, Kid of the Dragonballs. Yasu... well, Yasu is a strange, cat-like creature who is extremely smart."

I blinked for a moment, and pondered. Why would they have a young Namekian who is the elder- kid of the dragonballs? What did tha tmean? And Yasu... what...
I stopped myself before I asked too many questions to myself. I laughed softly as the wind played with my hair..
"Why are you laughing?" The human named Gav asked.
" I ask too many questions..."
Both of them gazed at my strangely, as I smiled.
"Why do you have a young Namekian with you?"
"Well... he sorta followed us- and he's a heck of a good healer."

I nodded... as we flew further onwards.
"I can sense Dina and Makura ahead..."

Kuro Espeon
6th January 2003, 06:09 PM
I suddenly halted in the air, and I did so so abruptly that dina nearly crashed into me.
"Agh! Makura! Give me some warning when you're gonna do that!" Dina cried, "What are you stopping for?"
I held up my hand to silence her. "Pay attention nitwit! Didn't you feel that just now? The Energy signitures of Gav and the others have changed positions. It seems that they're now heading for Rudy and Kiaran." I sighed. "I wish these people would make up their minds. I'm tired of flying back and forth."
"So I guess that means we're going back the way we came huh?" Dina asked with an annoyed tone, a sweatdrop appearing on the side of her head.
"Yeah....we'd better get going. We need tog et back there before they decided to move again...."
With that Dina and I rushed off, back towards Mesai City.

When we arrived Rudy, Kiaran, Gav, and Yoshi were all gathered together and had obviously sensed us coming for Rudy gave us an excited wave the moment he saw us coming. We landed beside them and I put on the biggest scowl I could muster.
"I wish you all would make up your mind! I have better things to do than chase you around all day! Can you all stay in one place for at least a day!!!!"
Rudy just laughed lightly and smiled. "Sorry Makura, but it looks like they came to us first."
I rolled my eyes as I began to wonder why I even joined up with such morons....

6th January 2003, 09:07 PM
I'll post soon... I just wanna make a note that Yasu and Idaia aren't with the 'group'. They're a ways off where Gav left them.


Kuro Espeon
10th January 2003, 10:42 AM
Originally posted by Bulbasaur4:
I'll post soon... I just wanna make a note that Yasu and Idaia aren't with the 'group'. They're a ways off where Gav left them.

Gomen B4...I changed it....

11th January 2003, 02:08 AM
I am not posting... but I finally uploaded my pic for this RPG.

Now let me say some thing

- It is very fuzzy because of .jpg format
- It isn't the greatest because I can't draw the best
- I screwed up on RUdy's char because I had no pictures of trunks to get his facial features right.
- I love Gav's char's pose
- Asi's char is a bit lighter then I wanted it...
- I am editing this on my program some time on the computer to add some better coloring effects or some thing like that.

Other then that... ^^;;; Hope you like it?

You MUST cut/copy and paste in the url bar to get the picture. It is a bit large so it might take a while to load- and if anything looks pink please tell me. lol, GAv said it did when he gazed at it one time and I was freaked. lol.

18th January 2003, 01:16 PM
Ok, I decided that Ill break the ice, since I have some idea of what to write. BTW, Bulbie thats a cool pic, from what my computer will show me anyway! Arg, It cut off the bottom half so I couldnt see how you drew Dina! Oh well, could you maybe send it to me if you ever see me online? ^-^

"Ok Yasu, a little to the left...."
After much shuffling around from place to place to find all of Rudy's friends, we were finally all gathered outside the old engine factory in Mesai City. Since re-building the engine was a two person job, and I didnt know anything about technological things anyway, there was really nothing for me to do. So to pass the time I decided to do one of my favorite hobbies--chi-painting.
Holding one hand in front of me to hold the chi in place, I created different color chi with the other one, and put it in place. The end result of so much concentration and patience was usually a 3 dimensional model of whatever my subject was at the time.
Todays subject was Yasu.
<What an interesting concept...> Yasu said, as she turned her little cat-like head to look at how it was coming. I nodded and put my drawing hand down. "There....its done."
Makura came over and looked at what I did. "So. Whats the point of expending chi like that? It doesnt DO anything..." she scoffed, studying the floating, slightly glowing model of Yasu with a pissed look on her face. I didnt get upset at her though, I knew she was probably still mad at having to 'fly all over this damn planet'. I just smiled. "Actually it does," I said and, concentrating harder, moved the fingers of my drawing hand in a running motion. The model of Yasu did the same.
It mustve caught the eye of the human Gav because he came over to investigate. "Hey thats pretty cool," he started to say and reached out a finger to touch it.
I was alarmed. "N---NO!" I shouted but it was too late. Because of Gav's touch the stability of the suspended chi lost its cohesion, and, in short, exploded. The result was a slightly charred Gav. "uhh.....sorry, I shouldve warned you about that...." I said sheepishly.
".....ow.....hey Idaia can I get some healing over here?" Gav said with a puff of smoke. The others laughed and I sweatdropped, with a slight smile on my face. It felt good to be able to just goof off with other people.
Just then Rudy and Kiaran burst out of the warehouse in fighting stances. "What the hell is going on out here?!" Rudy asked, after surveying the scene and not seeing anything obviously dangerous. I almost started laughing at the look on his face but I caught myself. "Its ok Rudy," I said quietly, trying to surpress my laughter. "I was just painting, see?" I quickly formed an orange ball and drew a single red star in the middle. I held the finished 'dragon ball' out for Rudy to see.
"...Wow...." He came over and poked it with a finger. I winced as it made a small explosion and singed the tip of Rudy's finger.

For the second time that day I laughed sheepishly. "Look dont touch," I said. Everyone laughed, and I felt a happiness well up inside me. I felt like I was part of a family, and that no matter what as long as we were all together we were invincible.

Little did I know that this peaceful time was only a calm before a storm.
Sorry had to stick that forshadowing thing in there! Just a little thing I felt like writing, to kinda get things moving again ^-^

Kuro Espeon
18th January 2003, 02:33 PM
Cool pic B4! You are SO much better at drawing than I am....I hate you....lol, j/k! I'm guessing that Makura is the one on the bottom left? And speaking of Makura.....I think it's about time we speed things up a bit...

It was a long, boring wait, but by the next morning, RUdy and Kiaran had successfully repaired the engine. And soon after that we had all decided to pack up our things and take the engine back to the location of my ship. After a painstaking effort of trying to install the engine (considering that the ship was being finicky and kept on shooting the engine back out again, hitting rudy in the chest every time), we managed to get the ship up and running again.
Brushing the sweat off of my brow I sighed with relief.
"Finally! After all that trouble we finally have a ship that works! ...not WELL mind you, but at least it'll fly!"
"Well, that's good," Rudy replied with a little laugh.
"Yeah...THAT's good...." I said under my breath. Rudy had obviously heard me because he tilted his head slightly and raised one eyebrow curiously.
"What do you mean Makura?" he asked slowly.
My problem from before came rushing back to me. I remembered how, on the way to pick up Gav and the others, I realized that my spaceship (which was only built for one person) was not going to be sufficient for a trip all the way to Planet Vegeta. I sighed and folded my arms across my chest.
"Well....in case you haven't noticed Summers. My ship is a ONE-person spaceship. At most i could comfortable fit two people in there and still make it to Vegeta. But with 4 Saiya-jins, 2 humans, a Namek and a...and a....Yasu, I don' think this ship would be able to support us all for that long."
Rudy didn;t reply. He Kiaran was the first one to speak.
"So...what are we going to do?" she asked, in a flat, hopeless tone. I turned to with a sly grin on my face.
"well, gee don't make it sound so hopeless Kiaran! Don't you think I'd've thought of something by now? I AM a merc after all and I'm good at last minute planning!"
"So you have a plan?" Gav asked hopefully, his eyes sparkling.
"Of course!" I grinned, "You expected less?"
Everyone sweatdropped. I decided to ignore them.
"Of course I have a plan!" I paused and looked around at eveyrone, making sure I had their complete attention. "For now, we're all going to ride in my spaceship. It may be a little cramped but it's all we have for now. Then, we're going to head for the planet of Slypha, which is right outside of the Solar System and we should be able to make it there before life support runs out."
"What's Slypha?" Rudy asked, scratching his head.
"What's SLYPHA? ONly the biggest intergalactic trading port this side of the universe! It's the best place to go if you need to buy something, and it just so happens that I'm aquainted with one of the top ship builders there. I'm sure we can get a decent ship for a good price!" I paused and smiled cuningly. "It's also the biggest hang out for mercenaries and bounty hunters. I always go there when I'm looking for a good job. I can usual get some good offers there."
"Alright," said Rudy, "But just remember that you're already on contract..."

Sorry that post isnt all that good. I'm kind of in a hurry....

18th January 2003, 09:49 PM
Kiaran - F - Saiya-jin

I winced slightly, as Makura talked to me. She reminded me of some one... but I couldn't place my finger on it. Luckily she had a plan- to go on a ship to a planet called Slypha to get another ship. But she did manage to mention mercs would be there along with Bounty Hunters..
"For once in my life, I'm glad there is no one out to get me with money on my head." I said softly, as slowly we decided we should try to get out of here the best that we can. Makura went into the piloting part of the ship- which was basically the whole ship. Soon we all managed to forcefully push ourselves in. I was near Makura, by one of the control panels w hich monitored the engine. If anything went wrong... hopefully I could do some high-tech panel surfing to fix it. I took notice that Gav was probably the least comfortable of us all- he basically had to stand, plastered against the wall. His expression was rather grim, as Idaia sat cross-legged by his feet, next to Rudy and Dina. I laughed slightly, as Gav narrowed his eyes.

"What are YOU laughing at?" He said, with a faint annoyance in his tone.
"oh... nothing... nothing at all." I said, winking to him and everyone else. Everyone else pretty much laughed, well.. Makura was sort of busy getting the ship to start. Slowly it began to rise off the ground, and Makura sighed.
"This definatly would be a good plan to stop at Slypha... let's just hope that no one decided to hit our ship. It would probably explode by just a smidge of contact."

Idaia's eyes enlarged, as he blinked softly.
"R-really?" He said, and I smiled. Idaia was such a child.... he was so innocent, and it was hard to believe the potential he had to have inside of him.
"You haven't flown before- have you?" Rudy asked Idaia, and he nodded slowly.
"I fly... but I don't fly out of the earth!"
"Well, don't worry about it kid.." Makura said, trying to sound reassuring, which I found very... curious and nice at the same time.
"With me flying this thing, nothing will go wrong. And as soon as we get to Slypha, then I'll show you was real flying is!" Idaia nodded, and seemed to drift into a thought. I wondered what he was thinking about...

"Where's Yasu?" Dina asked, suddenly looking around with a confused glance.
[ here..]
A small voice said, as I glanced at Rudy and suddenly Yasu poked out of his jacket. Rudy jumped- surprised by Yasu so suddenly poking out of his jacket.
"How-how did you... I didn't know you.." He stuttered, as I laughed.
[ I am nervous. I know how overweight this ship is... and I've never flown before. I don't even remember anything of earth but what I've known since you and the namek awakened me. ]

Nodding, Yasu fluttered out of the inside of Rudy's jacket and then settled into Rudy's pocket. If I wasn't mistaken... I would have said that Yasu felt protected when she was near Rudy. I didn't know why... maybe it was just because I was overly sensative to other's state of mind.
"I just can't wait till we get out of here..." Gav moaned.

19th January 2003, 12:12 AM
I had never been in such an enclosed space in my entire life.
Always, the four corners of the Earth served as my walls, I had always been able to see it, to touch it, when I felt scared or alone. The Earth was always there.
Until I felt the small round ship shudder and take off, I didnt realize that it wouldnt be there within my reach for very long. And with that realization, all calm within me left.
"NOOO! GET ME OFF!! I WANT OUT LET ME OUT LETMEOUTLETMEOUT!!!" I shouted as I tried to stand up, bumping my head in the process. Pure panic was running through my veins and I couldnt think straight. I felt hands grab me and yank me back down, as a voice said, "Dina! Calm down we are perfectly SAFE!" I felt tears come to my eyes as I grabbed the jacket of the person beside me. "Please, please let me out!! I...the Earth.." I trailed off, knowing that it was hopeless.
Gav studied me carefully from his standing place on the far wall. "Dont tell me your afraid of heights, Ive seen you fly.."
A little calmer, though no less afraid I turned to look at him. "Yes, but...I was always able to see the Earth below me...and if I wanted to, I could always land and feel it under my feet..but...." I tried not to start crying, I was not a small child. Makura stared at me for a minute, then smiled. "Dont worry Dina, see, the Earth's right there! Nothin to worry about!" She said in a slightly coddling voice as she pointed out the window. I looked and instanly tried to jump up, bumping my head on the ceiling yet again. Out the window, a small blue orb shone against the darkness of space as the rickety spaceship hurtled jerkly away from it. I grabbed the first thing I could and buried my face in it, which was, unfortunately for Rudy, his tail. He merely stiffened and made little squeaks every now and then, but at the time I didnt realise I was causing him pain. I might have unwittingly rendered Rudy unconsious had Idaia not spoken up. "Dina, its ok. I am the Guardian of the Earth now, so within me I carry a little of the Earth's spirit. So as long as Im around a little bit of Earth will always be with us." he said in a soft gentle voice.
I relaxed my hold on the tail and looked at Idaia. The little Namek was right, as long as we were all alive the spirit of Earth was with us, and I now realized that in this case to protect the Earth we would have to leave it. I smiled. "Thank you," I said, and then glanced at the pale Rudy. "....whats wrong?"
Suddenly something WAS wrong. My nose began to itch like it always did when I came in contact with saiyan tails. NO! I managed to think before I sneezed.

"Gesundhtyt." the brown haired guy said. I wondered what it meant. wow was it tight in here or what? Hey maybe this was some sort of ride and we were all on it together! Wooooow I was in a canival ride, with so many people! I had so many friends! "HEY!!!" I yelled. "WOW what a cool ride!"
The tail girl just looked at me and shook her head. "Now, of ALL times..." I looked at the tail girl, what was she saying about now? Was it that it should go faster now? Hey what was that next to her?
I tried to bolt up to see but Rudy held me back. "Please Dina just sit down..." he said. Oh it sounded like Rudy wasnt having fun. Yeah no one seemed to be having fun, especially the tail girl. Maybe she DID want it to go faster?
Just then I heard a new person. "What the heck got into her?" she said. I looked, it was a yellow haired girl. "Oh hey, are you a new friend? Nice to meet you!!"
Rudy just sighed. "Dont ask," he said and I started to get bored. I wished the ride would go faster. But then I saw something cool. It was a panel full of buttons. "OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo......" I said with glee as I pushed one. A bright light went on and off and a noise was going and a voice shouted in a different language. Yay! That mustve been it, cause no one was bored anymore! Rudy grabbed my arms and shouted something like, "Makura, can you shut it off?" Just then the lights and everything stopped and the tail girl said, "That idiot almost killed us all! Turning on the self destruct! I say we leave her at the next station!"
But I wasnt paying attention to the angry tail girl, I knew she got cranky for no reason, and I saw something poking out of Rudy's pocket. Wooooow it looked like an animal!!! I reached in and grabbed it. Yeah it was an animal!! A cute little furry kitty animal!!!
"awwwwwww......." I said as I flopped down and put it in my lap. "Its sooo cute........" I pet it calmly and leaned against the wall. Everyone else seemed relaxed too, that was cool maybe they liked the animal too. "Sorry Yasu..." I heard Rudy mumble, who was that? Well maybe Rudy had an imaginary friend. <Its ok, at least shes calm now,> I heard a voice say. Was it the animal? Wow a talking animal! That was awesome!
"What a great trip!" I said happily as I pet the animal.
The tail girl sighed and rolled her eyes. "Cant this thing go faster?"
Whew man Im on a posting roll lately! lol as if things couldnt get more crowded on that ship! BTW sorry bout the tail thing Rudy ^-^()

23rd January 2003, 04:57 PM
You know, if you guys didn't want me in the RPG, you could have just said so a long time ago. Honestly, I really don't know what to do anymore.

I didn't post for a while because I was having trouble following the action. I WAS reading all the posts, trying desperately to keep up. Finally, I understood what was happening, and made a post to bring myself back into the RPG. I think it was a good post, and I'm thankful that at least a couple people even noticed it. I brought myself back in a good distance away from the rest of the group. Ok. I knew you guys were preparing to find a ship to go into space in. I was kind of hoping for someone to respond to my post to give me something to post ABOUT. But, I soon realized you had already forgotten me, and were content to just ignore me and head off into space without me. Despite my attempts to get people to respond to my post, it was all in vain. And don't even bother trying to tell me you "just forgot" as my sister told me, as it's just a poor excuse. I suppose Bulbasaur4 "just forgot" to include me in the FS picture she drew, or "just forgot" to invite me to the DBRB RPG she started (Which I might add she invited EVERYONE but me to, including Mike).
But maybe that isn't the case. Maybe you guys didn't "just forget". Maybe you're trying to drive me away on purpose, and excluding me from everything in the hopes I'll get fed up and leave. Well, you're going to get your wish then. It would have saved you alot of time and effort if you told me up front that you didn't like me and you wanted me gone.

Kuro Espeon
24th January 2003, 02:19 PM
*sighes* Bear...I could've swore I told you this already. We DON'T hate you. I'm sure everyone is sorry for not including you, but I'm almost absolutely positive that everyone, including me, thought you weren't going to post anymore.
Also, you can't expect everyone to jsut drop what they are doing and go off and find Hamma. I've said this to several people on several different occasions: You have to get yourself involved, you can't expect others to get you involved FOR you, you have to make an effort. I'm also sorry that you got lost, but everyone gets lost sometimes. And sometimes you just have to deal.
Once again, I'm sorry that we excluded you but You really didn't make as much of an effort as you think.
If you truely want to stay we can work you in. And trust me, no one here was trying to "Force you out". You are a good RPGer, and a respected one, please stopping acting like this, you remind me of....*decides not to mention names for fear of being quoted later*...well...I think you know who I'm talking about. But anyway, do you understand what I'm saying? We don't hate you and we want you to stay.

24th January 2003, 02:36 PM
-.-.......Bear....I didnt forget about you I just didnt know how to go about finding you and what not! I was getting confused what with Dina and Makura going off to find Gav but him not being there and then Kiaran and Rudy going to find us and then us going back but then Idaia and Yasu still needing to be found.....I was trying to find a way so that everything would work but I guess I messed up ..:(
And as for pictures, I DID draw a pic for you of Kabuli and Ill send it to you in the Vegeta 1/2 notebook through Shaka...
You could always get a ship if you want (Im sure thats not the only ship on the whole planet) or find another creative way to get to that station (your creative ^-^) and then when the rest show up surprise them and be all indignant that they left without you. Theres always a way ?^-^?
Anyway what Im trying to say is Im sorry, Ive been left out of things before and its not a good feeling, so if theres anything I can do to make you feel better I will. So.......yeah....

Yeah thats what I was going to say anyway....I just hope Im not being painfully nice for no reason..

24th January 2003, 05:15 PM
Originally posted by Kuro Espeon
I've said this to several people on several different occasions: You have to get yourself involved, you can't expect others to get you involved FOR you, you have to make an effort.

This is my entire point. I DID make posts to get myself back into the story, but they were completely ignored. I DON'T expect people to always involve me, but I DO expect to get a response when I post, even if it's OOC asking me to get my own character there. I can't have my own separate little plot. I have to follow the storyline, and it takes more than one person to carry it. When I make posts that involve other people, I expect them to at least acknowledge me. You ask me to give a little. Well, I ask you to repay the favor.

And I also never accused you guys of hating me. I just said that you seemed to not want me here. I have no doubt in my mind that you all like and respect me.

Master Rudy
24th January 2003, 08:34 PM
OOC-Well I've read both your post in the awards topic and your post in this one and I've come to one of two conclusions. Either your pissed because you haven't been involved in any of the posts or someone in this group did something to make you mad. Now I don't know for sure what's going on here but I want you to know that the characters for the most part couldn't get to Hamma. Most characters either didn't know Hamma or had no idea where he was. Even if they did you have to remember that we can't exactly drop everything to go to him. Your sister did make some good points. Your posts were few and far between and it really wouldn't surprise me if what she said was right. Even I was starting to think you were gonna drop out of this RPG. As for the other reasons(such as Kalah not inviting you to join DBRB) I can't say much. Your gonna have to take those reason up with whoever you believe to be the cause of them.

Anyway what I'm saying is that it's silly to get worked up over all this. Don't you think leaving TPM is a little extreme? If you still want to leave this RPG then I can't stop you. However I think you should reconsider leaving TPM. While you migh think otherwise I believe that there are many people here that would hate to see you go.

Master Rudy
26th January 2003, 11:25 PM
Well I have no idea how this whole thing with Bear is gonna turn out. For now I guess I might as well focus on what's going on at the moment.

Rudy Summers
As bad as things were I didn't mind being cramped up with everyone in this tiny little ship as much as having my tail grabbed. Even so I couldn't really blame Dina for the way she was acting. With Makura being the exception I believed that none of us had even been off the Earth. On the bright side of things Makura was taking us somewhere where we could get another ship. I honestly didn't think I could last the entire way to Planet Vegeta in conditions as bad as this.

Suddenly the one thing that I was such none of us wanted to happen did. As I tried to move around a bit my tail brushed up against Dina's face and caused her to sneeze. After a 'minor' mishap involving a self-destruct system Makura managed to get things under control. With a sigh of relief I said "I never understood the point behind those damn things." Makura just looked ahead while she spoke since she could't really turn around much. "Well if you ever get in a situation where you know your gonna get captured it's a good thing to have. There are some nasty races out there. Some would toss you in a jail just for the pleasure of being able to see you in pain as they beat you day and night. I'm not saying I want to kill myself but if it ever came down to having to use it then I'd sure as hell make sure I can bring down as many of them as I can." While I could see her reasoning to an extent I just shook my head in disagreement. "I wouldn't waste my time with those. It's not because I'm afraid to die. I'm pretty sure you and the normal Dina remember what I said awhile back. However if I knew I was going to die I believe it would be better to go down fighting rather than blow myself up. For all I know there could have still been a way out of it." Afterwards everyone was quiet including Dina's other personality for some reason. It seemed funny talking about death like this. With Dina being the exception for the moment I was sure we all knew what awaited us on Planet Vegeta. Between now and then we had no time to train or improve our power levels in any way. As much as I hated admiting it I knew this was suicide. I remembered what Makura had told me but it wasn't helping. Even so it felt better knowing I was going to go down trying to end this.

As I sighed once more I decided it wasn't good to do this to myself. I started to think about this and suddenly knew my attitude wasn't going to be a great help. Maybe I really am being too hard on us. If everyone else sees me like this it's not going to help the situation much. Win or lose I'm going to try to stay positive until the end. It'll be one hell of a price to pay if we lose but there isn't anyone else. We are pretty much the only ones left who can do anything. Starting to feel a bit better about this whole thing I asked Makura "So how much longer until we land?" From what I could see she appeared to be checking a few gauges and then said "A bit over an hour. Luckly this planet too far from the Earth." I simply just nodded as I looked outside the small window and watched the stars pass by......

Not long or my best post but right now I'm just trying to get things going again. Hopefully within the week we can get our characters to Vegeta. I'm pretty sure JT can't wait for a chance to be able to post as his character again. As for myself that's when I believe the real fun is going to start ^_~

Kuro Espeon
28th January 2003, 10:24 AM
ok ok, I'll fianlly post...

it was times like this when I remembered why i enjoyed travelling alone. At least when I was by myself I didn't have to worry about some hyper schizophrenic ditz accidentally blowing me to smitherines!
The next hour seemed to last forever, and I felt like I was going to snap at any second. At the beginning of the trip, my patience had been holding out surprisingly well. But now, the figurative sheet of ice covering my temper was growing slowly thinner and it was only a matter of time before it broke. Especially with an idiot Dina skating on it with freshly sharpened ice skates.
"Are we there yet?"
I sighed. "...No, we're not there yet."
Dina paused and looked out the window. A second later I heard her sigh.
"Are we there yet?"
"Are we there yet?"
"Are we there YEEEEET?"
"Are we-"
"DINA!! If you ask me that one more time, I swear, I'm gonna stop this ship and dump you off right here!! Understand?!" I yelled, glaring angrily at Dina.
She just smiled and nodded, continuing to stroke Yasu. I sighed irratly and turned back to the control panel. I was beginning to feel like a parent---
"Are we there y-"
*Sound of the figurative ice breaking*
"AAAAAAAAAAAH!" I screamed, leaping out of my seat and launching myself at Dina. Rudy instantly realized my murderous intentions and quickly leapt up (hitting his head on the ceiling in the process) and grabbed my arms from behind, trying to holding me back.
"Makura! OOF!" Rudy cried as I violently flailed in my attempt to get to Dina (occasionally nailing him in the stomache or stepping on his foot). "Take it eas-OUCH! She...doesn't know what she's... doing!"
"Errrrrrg! Let me GO, Summers! I'm gonna KILL her!!"
"If you don't get back in that drivers seat you're gonna kill us ALL!" Rudy said forcefully.
Dina was just smiling happily, her arms outstreched. "AW! My new friend wants to give me a HUG! Gimme a hug, tail girl!!!" She squealed.
"AH!" Gav suddenly shouted, pointing ahead of him with a shaky finger. "The Road! Watch the road!"
We all turned and looked back at the front window. Heading straight for us at top speed was a giant flaming rock.
"AAH!" I cried as I leapt foreward and grabbed hold of the steering wheel and turned it hard to the right. The ship swerved sharply and the meteoroid blazed by missing the side of the ship by mere inches. We all sighed with relief and I, my mind know sufficiently taken off of Dina, sat back down in the drivers seat. Still a little bit pissed however, I scowled and stared straight ahead, refusing to look at anyone.
(OOC: This next part was a idea by Bear and me, and I hope he's happy now...)
Suddenly, something on the main power board caught me eye. A blinking on the radar indicated that another ship was nearing ours. It was small ship...most likely a one-man ship. I looked out of the side window and I saw a small pod slowly flying up next to ours.
"Er...what's that?" I said, pointing at it. Rudy and the others all turned to look. The strange ship pulled up close enough now that we could see inside the cockpit. What we saw inside shocked us. We saw a full grown Namek angrily shaking his fist at us.
"Is that...?" I began, but Gav finished it.
There was an akward silence that followed which was broken by Rudy as he laughed nervously and sheepsihly said: "Eh-heh...I think we forgot something..."

*bad William Daniels impression*"There you go Bear! You've got your involvment, little good may it do you, now POST, damn you..."

28th January 2003, 01:23 PM
=P Kuro


When I found out the others had left earth and forgotten about me, I was rather irritated.
"No way they're leaving me behind!"
It took me a couple of days, but I finally found a ship that was in good enough order to fly to Vegeta. It was cramped even for one man, but it would get me there. I finally caught up to the others after a few days of flying. As I pulled up beside the ship, I finally caught their attention, shaking my fist at them with an extremely annoyed Namek look on my face (you know how those are). I could see very sheepish expressions on their faces. I turned on the intership comm line.
"When we get to Vegeta, you guys have a lot of explaining to do" I said in an obviously aggravated tone. Makura came in on the other side.
"Well...uh...we...were...just testing to see how persistent you were! *anime rimshot*"
I could see all the others in the ship groan at her comment.

I hope we can arrive at Vegeta soon. And this is the only place I am continuing to post at TPM, so you guys know =P.

Kuro Espeon
6th February 2003, 05:20 PM
*knocks on the computer screen glass*
Moshi-moshi? (*translation: "Hello?" -this is typically used for answering the phone but I really don't care right now....)
Moshi-moshi? Anyone home? Just wondering...ia anyone gonna post here?

Master Rudy
6th February 2003, 06:01 PM
OOC-Just letting you guys know I haven't forgotten about this RPG. Anyway it's been one of those weeks. I'll see what I can do about a post in FS later ^_~

Master Rudy
11th February 2003, 01:42 PM
Rudy Summers
With a light cough I said "Hey watch moving around like that! You just hit me in the stomach!" With an annoyed growl Makura shouted back "Well at least I didn't say anything when you stepped on my tail not once but TWICE!!!" Suddenly from under the rest of us Gav spoke while he was seemingly out of breath. "Speaking of being stepped on I don't think having three Saiyans, a human and a Namekian on my back is doing good things to my spine right about now."

This was the scene as our group tried to get out of Makura's ship. We had just landed on Planet Slypha and from the looks of things we had attracted a pretty big crowd. There was no doubt that they were rather confused by this odd sight. Once we had finally managed to make our way out of the ship I heard someone's voice from behind us. "Well after seeing how bad things were on your ship I'm starting to think it was a good thing I got left behind." Turning around I saw Hamma behind us. I was going to try to explain why we left him behind. Most of the group kinda forgot about him or didn't even know who he was. As for those that did remember we couldn't find him anywhere. I was about to try and explain all that when he put up his hand. "Forget it Rudy" he started to say. "It's in the past now. The important thing is that everyone that wanted to go is here."

Suddenly our attention was drawn to a member of the group that had a unique problem at the moment. "Look at all the different rainbow colored people!" Dina had yelled in an excited voice. For the first time I saw just how many different races were on the planet. I easily picked out some humans, Saiyans, Namekians and even a Changeling or two. However there was also another race that I had never seen before. They seemed human but had skin and hair colors that I never dreamed of seeing. Some would have orange skin with white hair. Others would have a light green skin color with dark blue hair. However that was just two of the many colors I saw out of the group. Looking around a bit more it seemed as if we had landed at some type of busy spaceport. For the most part just about everyone in the group didn't seem to know what to think. The exceptions were Dina, Hamma and Makura. Dina due to the fact that in this form she was way too out of it to think about things. Hamma seemed rather indifferent about it and could seem to care one way or the other. As for Makura I assumed this was nothing new to her.

Kiaran was the first to speak about why we were here. "So exactly how long do you think it'll take to get that ship Makura?" She was about to answer when she just stopped and turned to face Dina. At the moment she had Makura's tail in her hands and was petting it in much the same way she was doing to Yasu back on the ship. Makura on the other hand didn't seem to like it one bit. Reaching behind herself she pulled it away from Dina before letting it wrap around her waist. What she had to say was pretty simple as she looked Dina right in the eyes and said "Off limits!" For a brief moment she seemed defeated but I knew that in a matter of moments something else would catch her intrest. Finally after a few moments I couldn't help it any longer and started to laugh. Pretty soon both Gav and Kiaran also joined in as well. Makura didn't like this at all and yelled "Laugh it up! Go ahead! I highly doubt that you or the other Saiyan would be laughing if it happened to you!" After a few more moments we had stopped. As for Makura she was looking at me now. Shaking her head she said "If it wasn't for the fact that you were paying me so much I'd blast you right now and go find another job. Don't forget that my original contract was to kill you." I highly doubted she'd do that at this point but it seemed to worry some of the others in the group. However once they saw that I wasn't worried they just shruged it off.

After walking down the streets for several minutes in silence I brought the issue of transportation up again. Once she was calm Makura took the time to explain the situation. "Well with luck my friend will have something ready to go that's big enough to support the entire group. If that's the case we can be out of here within the hour if you guys are ready. However....." She paused slightly worrying me a bit. "However what?" I asked. Moving on she said "If there isn't anything big enough for all of us we'll have to settle for several small ships. Depending on what he has this might break us into small groups of anywhere between one and three. The type of ship and it's speed will affect the landing sites. As a result we could be seprated by some pretty large distances." I knew that what Makura had just said could be good or bad. Chances were that they could easily pick up a large ship coming toward the planet. On the other hand smaller ships might not be detected giving us a chance to land without any problem. However if things turned sour any one of those groups might be quickly overpowered if a serious battle broke out and they were greatly outnumbered. As I was thinking about this I said "Well as much as you guys may like a large ship I'm starting to think several small ones might be the way to go. Perhaps we can discuss this before we decide." Idaia wasn't sure where I was going with this and said "What do you mean Rudy?" Just as he finished saying that my stomach had answered for me. Even those that weren't around Saiyans much knew what was about to happen. As I started to walk to a nearby resturant Yasu said Somehow I get the feeling this is going to take awhile. Afterwards I was soon joined by Kiaran and even Makura. From behind us I thought I heard Gav say with a sigh "Correction. This is going to take a very long time!"

Seeing that it's been awhile since anyone made a post in this RPG I'm just taking the time to try and get things back on track by having the group discuss what the best way to head to Planet Vegeta would be ^_~

EDIT-I almost forgot. I described the race on this planet as looking like Jeice and Zarbon. Perhaps this could be the planet that they had originally came from?

11th February 2003, 03:41 PM
Kiaran - F - Saiyan

I sweatdropped as Dina flung herself at every living object with in a one-mile radius. Glancing about with my own blue eyes however... I saw this planet indeed was strange. There were many other species... and some I didn't even know or saw before. I caught myself gawking at points... until I heard Makura shouting at Dina for grabbing her tail. Gazing over, I shook my head and started to giggle and t hen break out into laughter as Makura eyed Dina with a glare... but Dina wasn't even phased.

Then Rudy suddenly disappeared... and I departed to look fo rhim- but then immediatly saw where he went.
Food place...

My stomach suddenly grumbled... growling low and fiercely... as my albino-white tail lashed at the air in a fit at being hungry. I smiled and quickly dashed inside and immediatly saw Rudy's plate piled higher then most would deem normal. There was a buffet... and that was good enough for me. Soon my plate was just as filled... and I plopped myself across from Rudy and gave a grin.
" Now THIS is what I like to do!"

I then immediatly started heaving food into my mouth... and surprsingly, even Makura came by us to eat. The other sort of gawked at us strangley... Gav complained how this was going to take forever, as Rudy, Makura and I ate at least six helpings with more to spare.

Idaia seemed dumb-founded... as the other decided to eat with us, but only one plate for the Namekian, and Dina... well... Dina-

Mashed food hit Makura straight in the face... and she stopped in midchew, her face burning red as I swore steam hissed from where the food hit her in the forehead.
Dina then had flung more food... b ut this time it hit the hovering Yasu, who was gawking at Rudy's food consumption... but the food was not as.. mashed as Makura's, and it hit Yasu directly upon the head causing her to loose her flight and fall directly upon Rudy's food.

".... Saiyans don't eat poor little cats, do they?" Idaia asked, his eyes wide as if horrified Rudy would suddenly inhale Yasu along with the other 7 plates he easily swallowed..

Kuro Espeon
12th February 2003, 09:35 PM
Woohoo! We're back on track!
BTW B4- Legolas can't be yours...cause he's MINE!!!!! *grabs Lego-chan and huggles him protectivly*
OH, and Namek's don't eat, they just need water. So...Hamma wouldn't have a plate would he? :D

It was taking all of my effort not to go into instant kill mode...Even after getting off the ship my nerves were still shot and on the fritz and I felt like killing someone...unfourtunetly I couldn't do that because it would attract some unwanted attention...but the thought of maming Dina to the point of near-death sounded really tempting at the moment. I sighed and pushed back my chair, standing up and wiping the mashed food off of my cape.
"If you children are done playing with your food, I'm going to go find Torek and see about getting us our ship...or ships if the case may be. If you want my personal opinion, I believe Rudy's idea of going in several small ships is a good plan. In an operation like this, stealth is definetly the key. Now...if you'll excuse m-"
"HeEeEeEeEeeeey!!" DIna shouted at the top of her lungs, "Who wants to play charades!!! Or how 'bout Twister! RIGHT HAND BLUUUUUE!!!!!"
"ARGH!!!! THAT'S IT!" I screamed in fury. I quickly snatched the pepper shaker off of the nearby table and swung it furiously at Dina. The pepper shot out of the shaker and went all over Dina....and up her nose. And Within seconds....
"Ah....AH........CHOOO! ..... Hey...Where am I?" said Dina, now back to normal and scratching her head in confusion.
"There, that's better," I said with a grin. "Anyway, I'm leaving now. if any one wants to come speak up now. And the rest of you are welcome to stay and finish your food fight if you like."
With that I turned and began walking towards the door. Rudy's voice followed.
"Hey Makura! Wait up! I'm comin'!"
"Me too!" shouted Kiaran, "I'm interested to see the kind of mechanics they have on this planet."

Soon after, the three of us were walking down Daigen Alley, the main location of the planets top shipbuilders, mechanics and traders. I couldn't help but grin slightly as I noticed the dazzled and dumbfounded expressions on both Rudy and Kiaran's faces. This place was nothing new to me, but I was fairly sure that neither of those two had ever been off the planet Earth. All of this was bound to be interesting to them. I turned right into a small outlet that was set bck from the main street. Back here was the enterance to a small house with the door hanging wide open. Without even knocked I stepped through through the threshold with Rudy and Kiaran close behind.
The small room was filled, wall to wall, with engines, metal panels and spare mechanical parts and was so cluttered that it looked vaguely like a scrape yard. As Kiaran and Rudy turned every-which-way to examine the strange surroundings walked towards the back door, which was also wide open, and called out:
"Yo Torek! You might want to think about heightening your security measures around this place! If you don't, someone's bound to just walk right in!"
There was a loud, metallic, clang that sounded like a large peice of metal being dropped, followed by a light thud and a loud "OW!" accompanied by several extreme explitives. After a breif pause a head peeked in through the open back door. His face was young, in his late 20's, and he had a set of untidy silver hair that stuck straight up and flopped to one side. One of his eyes was covered by a large metal eyeplate that was firmly fastened around his head, but his other visible eye was a bright bluish-green. A long, blurry streak of some kind of oil or grease was smearred across his right cheek which was a sign that he had been working just now. After he saw me his mouth curved into a wide grin.
"Makura? That you?" He chirpped stepping in through the door. "Haven't seen you in ages! You haven't been back here to Slypha in quite a while!"
"Well, I've been busy," I said with a crooked grin, "How you doin', Torek?"
"Oh, can't complain," he replied, " Though business has been kinda slow lately. You lookin' for a job?"
"No, actually I'm already on contract. That's why I'm here as a matter of fact." I stepped to the side and motioned for Rudy and Kiaran to come forward. "This is Rudy Summers, my currently "Empolyer" and the leader of the operation. And this is Kiaran, fellow "co-worker". They're both Saiyans from Earth." I waved my hand introducingly at Torek. "Rudy, Kiaran, this is Torek Kalman."
"H'lo!" Said Torek with a quick wave of his hand.
"Hello," Rudy replied, "Nice to meet you."
"Same here," said Kiaran. Torek walked over to a nearby counter (the only one that WASN'T covered with stuff) , picked up a half-empty glass of water and came back over. He took a sip of water and looked at Rudy with an interested and curious expression.
"So, what's this "job" you guys are wokring on?" He asked, taking another sip of water.
"We're going to Planet Vegeta to face the Saiya-jin army and try to stop the war." Rudy replied bluntly. This caused Torek to choke and he spat out his mouth full of water in shock. He coughed and sputtered as he tried to take in what Rudy had just said.
I sighed and leaned back against the counter. This was going to take a while....

WHOA!! Gee...that's a long post for me....I usually don't write that much....(I leave that up to RUDY!!! :D :D :D ) I guess I was on a roll! *takes a sip of tea* Ahhh! I can feel the creative juices flowing!
BTW- if anyone is wondering what Sylpha looks like, just imagine Tatooine DBZ-style and that's pretty much it!
I reckon that while Rudy, Makura and Kiaran are securing the ship, Dina, Hamma, Gav, Idaia and Yasu can go in search of an inn or soemthing. I'm planning on having them spend at least one night on Sylpha while their ship is being prepared.

Master Rudy
12th February 2003, 11:29 PM
OOC-Glad to see things are back on track here. Anyway there's no time to post now but I've been thinking. You can't expect the group to conclude their business on that planet without any trouble right? If JT's got no problems with it then perhaps some kind of fight could break out while they are there. Not sure exactly how many people would be involved yet but it's just an idea to think about ^_~

Kuro Espeon
13th February 2003, 05:36 PM
Yeah, that's true! I was actually planning on doing something with Makura (Teeheehee...Evil plot twist this way comes...*cackle*) that's going to bring her off on her own and I was planing on doing it before they left Sylpha. Maybe while she's gone something could....happen... to the rest of the group... *grin* It would keep you guys busy at least.
I love side plots....Mwahaha...
OH BTW minna! Starting tomorrow(Friday) I, as well as Asilynne and Bear, will be out of town at Katsucon 9 in Crystal City! (Woohoo! Katsu! PH34R D4 P0W3R 0F D4 C0N!!!!!) We will be returning on Sunday (probably late) so we won't be able to post. So it's up to you guys to keep going!

Rudy: You three are ALL going to Katsucon? ....man...I feel sorry for the Con.
Asilynne/Kuro/Bear: *cracking knuckles* What was that?
Rudy: *sheepish* Nothin'! :D

Ultimate Charizard
13th February 2003, 06:04 PM
Oooh. A fight could be good. Since at the moment the only 2 decent fighters in the other group are Gav and Hamma it could be fun (cracks knuckles). A bar room brawl or something lol.

Although havin to watch out for a small Cat, a young Namek and a fruitloop girl could be trouble. hmmm Can Dina fight in her normal form?

Master Rudy
15th February 2003, 01:51 AM
You don't have to worry about Dina at all Gav. In her normal form she can fight just as well as anyone else. The only non-combatants in the group are Idaia and Yasu.

Anyway I'm gonna have Rudy explore some of the shops and trading area on his own. In addition provided that JT doesn't mind I'm gonna set events into motion for a battle. It's been a bit too quiet as of late.

Rudy Summers
Planet Sylpha was quite different from Earth to say the least. Earth may have been known for Capsule Corperation at one point but even I had to admit that some of technology on this planet was much better than some of the things I had on Earth. At the moment I was just looking around some of the shops for anything that might be useful in the upcoming battle. While I was searching I came across a shop that had just about anything related to Saiyans. Some of it was junk but there were some things that could have been a big help. One of the things they carried was the armor that the elite Saiyan warriors usually wore. Seeing it in the shop gave me a bit of a plan so I made sure to buy some for myself, Kiaran and Makura. Not only would it give us some exrta protection but it would also give the three of us a chance to sneak around the planet without many problems provided that we didn't cause too much trouble and weren't noticed when we landed.

Once I had paid for the armor I asked the owner to keep it for us for the time being so that we could pick it up later. He didn't seem to have a problem with that and said that whenever we were ready I could come get it. As I was leaving something caught my eye. In one of the junk bins was something I had only seen a few times. Picking it up I turned to the owner and asked "Is this what I think it is?" Once he saw what I had he said "Depends on what you think it is. That's called a scouter. You don't see those very often anymore. The Saiyans have only started to recently use them again. It's mainly used for....." However rather than give him a chance to finish I decided to check and see what I remembered about them. Putting a hand up to stop him I said "It's used for measuring and tracking power levels. In addition to that it can be used for communication. The only problem with them is that huge jumps in power levels can sometimes damage or destroy them." Once I had finished the owner smiled and said "You seem to know your stuff." With a smirk I told him "Unlike what other planets may think the Earth isn't as primitive as some people believe. How much would you charge for this?" The owner of the shop crossed his arms and said "That damn thing has been busted for a long time. If you want it take it for nothing." I wasn't quite expecting that but rather than say anything I thanked him.

After leaving the shop I took out the small bag of tools that I usually kept with me when I wasn't expecting trouble. Back before West City was destroyed CC was trying to replicate the design and function of scouters. We had managed to finally make one that worked after several failed attempts. However before we could start to mass produce them the city was destroyed. Looking over the device it seemed much more simple compared to the ones we were making on Earth. I didn't think it would take me very long to fix. Sure enough within about ten minutes i had it working. However as soon as I had gotten it to work it started to go off. Looks like I've got good timing I thought to myself. Putting it on I saw that it was reading three power levels. The first one was about 900 and heading towards Gav's group. The other two were around 1300 and moving towards where I had left Kiaran and Makura. Since Gav's group was going to be three on one I hoped they would be fine on their own as I took to the air. Within seconds I was in the sky heading back to where Makura and Kiaran were. Whoever it was looking to fight them I knew that they would be very sorry that they messed with three Saiyans once it was over......

Hopw you guys didn't mind me adding the scouter in. I figured it would be an intresting thing to have for now. As for the PL's keep in mind that JT said everyone would be at around the level of the Z Fighters during the Saiyan Saga. Since everyone is pretty much equal at this point I'd say the heroes with the exception of Yasu and Idaia are all around 1000. Anyway if JT doesn't like the idea of the scouter I can always let it get destroyed in my next post. Besides the main point of it this time was for Rudy to get a bit of a warning about the surprise attack.

Kuro Espeon
17th February 2003, 12:44 PM
I personally like the idea of a scouter. As long as we only have one that could prove to be interesting. :D

26th February 2003, 09:20 PM
Well, guess I'll get the ball rolling then! You've given me no indication as to what kind of creatures these power levels belong to, so I'll take some liberties with it, ok?


Now that Rudy, Kiaran, and Makura had left, the place quieted down a little. I still couldn't believe they had dragged me here. They know Nameks don't eat....
Oh well. Gav seemed to be the quiet one of the bunch, so I was relieved he was the one who stayed behind. However, just as I was beginning to relax, the entrance door to the bar was suddenly knocked open, blown completely off its hinges and into the counter. I looked over, and in the doorway stood a tall creature, humanoid in appearance but with very obvious differences. He stomped up to the front of the bar, sneering at the bartender.
"Give me a drink, NOW!" He shouted.
"uh...y-yes sir!" the tender stammered, quickly filling a glass and putting it on the counter. The rough looking guy slugged it down quickly, and slammed the glass on the counter. He turned and started to walk out the door, when Gav stood up.
"Hey buddy, ain't ya gonna PAY for that?" He called over, with a slightly taunting tone of voice. The guy stopped in his tracks and turned his head, giving Gav the most evil death glare I've ever seen. He walked slowly over until he was staring Gav right in the face.
"Are you gonna make me, tough guy?" He said, giving Gav a shove. At this point I intervened.
"Hey, if you two are gonna fight, take it outside." I said in my usual gruff tone. The guy (who shall hereafter be referred to as "Gorgax" turned to me with the same nasty glare.
"Don't you know who I am?"
"Sorry, I haven't had the displeasure..."
"The name's Gorgax, and I'll FIGHT wherever the hell I WANT to fight!" He shouted, throwing a nasty right hook. Normally I'd have been able to dodge a punch quite easily, but this guy had alot of power hidden in him, and it was much faster than I expected. He connected, and sent me backwards into a nearby table. It frailly collapsed under my weight, making a rather large noise. Gav wasted no time, and proceeded to clear a space to power up. As I got to my feet and dusted off, I tried to figure out how that guy pulled off a punch so strong and fast. I didn't have much time to ponder though, as the fight had already gotten started. Gav struck first, throwing out a string of fast punch and kick attacks. But Gorgax blocked them all, seemingly with ease. He countered with his own offensive, which Gav blocked with some effort. This man had already reached almost 75% of his full power, and he didn't even have to power up! It was a rather shady situation, as both Gav and I needed time to power up before getting into heavy action. I couldn't waste any more time, so I clenched my fists and started to power up. Gav, on the other hand, didn't exactly have the same chance. His hands were full just keeping Gorgax at bay. All he could do was block, and couldn't attack, at least not before he was at full power. After a few minutes, he looked to be losing his control, so I decided I was close enough. As quickly as I could, I lunged forward and dropkicked Gorgax, hitting him in the side and sending him flying into a pile of stacked chairs across the room. I gave a wave to Gav, signaling it was my turn, and he should start powering up. I started to walk across to the demolished chairs, with a very angry Gorgax standing in the middle of them. I hadn't been able to get to full power, so I was only around 1000, a good 20% short of my maximum. Gorgax wasn't at his max either, obviously. He got to his feet and we stared at each other, each with a stone-hard face....

I'll let Gav or somebody else take it from here.

27th February 2003, 11:17 PM
Originally posted by Bear

You've given me no indication as to what kind of creatures these power levels belong to, so I'll take some liberties with it, ok?


Originally posted by SSJ Rudy

The first one was about 900 and heading towards Gav's group. The other two were around 1300 and moving towards where I had left Kiaran and Makura.

^-^() eheh....so your like, a LOT more powerful than him.....unless hes hiding his power level...... But I doubt that for how angry that guy seemed.....aw heck whatever works I guess! @.@
Well in any case, Im gonna post a little something, but Im not going to end the fight, since I wouldnt want to ruin you guys FuN! lol
After Makura threw the pepper at me and changed me back to normal, I had mostly just kept quiet and watched as she left with Rudy and Kiaran. The Namek Hamma, the human called Gav, Idaia and Yasu were all pretty quiet too, and no one was really eating anything anymore. Well, me being the exception, you'd be amazed at how much energy it takes to be an idiot. So I was pretty much eating everything within range.
"Hey the fruitloop got hungry all of a sudden. Well at least shes eating it, and not throwing it..." Gav said mostly to himself, in a voice that was merely commentary, not malicious. So after swallowing my food and wiping my mouth with a napkin I stated, "I know it may have seemed like I wasnt very smart a few minutes ago but I assure you that my intellegence is back to normal. You dont need to worry about me throwing any food around, as Im pretty hungry." And then I went back to eating.
Gav almost fell out of his chair.
Soon things were quiet once again, until a big angry creature that called itself 'Gorgax' stormed into the bar and proceeded to cause trouble. Trouble that Gav and Hamma quickly got themselves involved in. Swallowing the last bite of my food I stood up seconds before Hamma came smashing into the table, breaking in with a loud BANG. I whirled around to see Gav already exchanging blows with the creature and then Hamma rushed in as Gav began to power up.
Usually I wouldnt get involved, considering this wasnt my fight and there was really no point to this battle, but something about the attacker seemed.......odd. His aura seemed more focused and purposeful than his outside demeanor implied, as if he had come in here to attack our group specifically. I wasnt sure what kind of enemies we couldve made on this planet in such a short time, but one thing was for sure---somebody didnt like us and wanted to stop us RIGHT here.
Just then something flew at me and smacked me in the face. Catching it and studying it closer I saw that it.....it was.... an ARM! "AAAAAAHh!" I yelped as I tossed it away from me. The arm was green and looked like it belonged to Hamma. I wished I hadnt eaten so much......
If I rushed right in, I would probably be the next one to lose a limb, so thinking quickly, I whipped up a little diversion. The next thing Gorgax knew was a small, slightly glowing cat-like creature was wizzing around his head. Several identical ones soon joined it and it seemed to make Gorgax even more angry. He swatted at them and managed to connect with one. He was rewarded with an explosion. As the various other Yasu's began to explode all around him I ran up and kicked him in the stomach. I didnt know how well I would fare in hand to hand combat, as I hadnt sparred with another person in a while, but I figured that Id be able to hold my own as well as Gav and Hamma.
After all, some things you never forget.
Ill stop right there for now ^-^ Give everybody a chance to have fun with a fight!

28th February 2003, 08:20 AM
I assumed that the guy's power level was at 900 when Rudy measured him. But it said nothing about that being his max. He was at 900 with the plans of going to get a drink. Although yourpost revealed alternate intentions, that was my take on the situation. He had no way to read our levels, so I guess he thought 900 would suffice to get the job done. You've heard the saying "Always save your aces for last" right?

Kuro Espeon
28th February 2003, 03:34 PM
guess I'll post now...
Has anyone seen B4? She hasn't posted here or in her other RPG's for a while....

"I still say you people are crazy!" Torek exclaimed as he turned the wrench on a bolt he was securing to the door panel of a small ship. "Taking on the entire Saiya-jin and Changling army all by yourselves! It's suicide! I mean honestly! I knew Makura'd do almost any job for moeny but...I didn't think she was THAT insane!"
"Oh, shut your trap Torek! And keep workin on that ship! We need it as soon as possible!" I snapped at him. "We're not asking you to go along, are we?"
We were in Torek's backyard (if you'd CALL it a backyard...) which was even more unorganized than the inside. Torek was working on the first of several small ships that he was preparing for us. They were all in pretty good shape and just needed minor tune-ups before we could take them. Kiaran was waiting inside and curiously inspecting some of Torek's alien gadgets. Rudy had gone out to explore the area and I was supervising Torek.
"Alright, alright, keep your shirt on! I'm going as fast as I can. You want the ships to fly don't you?"
"Yea yea..whatev-" I began, but I stopped short. I froze as a cold feeling spread through my body. I was sensing something. A power level....a strong one... and it was heading this way. Torek obviously noticed the serious look on my face and stopped turning the wrench, looking at me with his forehead scrunched curiously.
"Makura? What's wrong?" he asked.
"There's...something coming. Something strong...." I replied, my look of surprise fading into seriousness. My senses were incredible sharp and I was therefore able to sesne energy signitures sooner than most people. But it didn't take long before Kiaran came out the back door and came towards us. She sensed it too.
"Makura...do you feel that?" She asked, knowing perfectly well that I did, "That power....it's headed straight for us."
"Yes...I feel it..." I stood up straight and walked towards the house. "Come on Kiaran...we should go and greet our visitors. Torek, you should probably stay back here."
"Right," Kiaran and Torek said together. Kiaran followed me inside the house and we went towards the front door to wait for the mysterious fighter.

3rd March 2003, 07:24 PM
*long story* I was sick too.. lol. But I post!


I had sensed the power signature, and standing outside I had waited... but feeling ever nervous, I finally went to see Makura. She had sensed it... and soon we walked back outside.
I wish Rudy would hurry and get back.. I thought, as my white tail swish side to side a bit.
" So there's the.. culprit."
Makura suddenly said, her voice going very cold for a while. I quickly turned and saw who held such a massive power level, and it made me want to go into a defensive pose, but I held my demeanor and just watched.
The figure was large... about twice the size in height of myself, and one of his arms was about the size of my leg. He looked like an alien type however... with faint blue skin, strange horns protruding from the sides of his head and a long, scaley tail. He wore normal clothing however... which wasn't much to be said. His menacing eyes gazed at Makura and I... as he suddenly bellowed.
" There you are!! You no good trouble-makers!"
He suddenly charged at us... and Makura clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.
" Looks like we've got company... and he isn't in the mood to talkk."
The alien creature aimed at us with his shoulder, lowering it to take us out but Makura leapt to one side and I leapt to the other. He stepped on the breaks before he smashed the wall, and he whirled around at the two of us. Aiming a swift punch at Makura he missed again... and then he snapped his tail at me which I barely dodged with a quickly roll to the ground.
"Come on and fight!! I know what you've done and I'm ready to take you all out!"

I swallowed... obviously we couldn't 'talk' our way out of this one. Makura smirked as she pushed her fists together and leapt into the air- deciding it was her turn to fight.
" Just try it!" She shouted, and I decided to join in. Clenching my fists I aimed a kick for his legs, prefurrably in his shins. We were going ot attack if he wasn't going to let us talk.
Come on Rudy! Come join the fun!

I thought... smiling as I prepared to help take the big lug down.

Yasu + Idaia

Idaia decided to hang back and let Gav and Hamma have some fun, along with Dina. He watched from behind a protective chair... sweatdrop forming at the side of his head. Yasu however was more curious, as she hovered about Gorgax's head, and every time some one would make a move she would watch intensely but managed to always remain out of the way. She then hovered even right in front of Gorgax's eye, and as he made yet another move to swap the cat-creature away, she would not let him touch her and simply avoid it.

"Hey Yasu! Why don't you make yourself useful and make some distraction?" Gav said, holding his stomach as if he suffered some massive punch. Yasu's ears twitched, and she nodded.
If it will suffice....
Suddenly Yasu went to Gorgax and stuck out a row of several, needle-sharp claws from her paw. She then suddenly swiped right at Gorgax's eyes, and managed to stab him right in the middle. He cried out in pain, and lunged at Yasu but ofcourse- the speedy little cat was far to quick for him. She then bit at his ear, which caused him to cry out again... Yasu then decided to cause another distraction by buzzing around his head... Dina laughed slightly, as Idaia kept watching with wonder.

Poor Gorgax was in for a lot of confusion and pain..

Kuro Espeon
16th March 2003, 10:21 AM
WHOA!! The 4th page!! Come on people!!!!
I was waiting for Rudy to post before I put another fight post but if he doesn't post in a few more days I'll put up another one.
BTW B4: I'm Sam? *laughes* I like it...

Master Rudy
16th March 2003, 01:54 PM
I've been meaning to post in this but I've been a bit unsure of how to handle things. Anyway I've got a general idea now about how to get Rudy involved so I think it's about time to get things going here.

Rudy Summers
As I was still making my way back to the area where Kiaran and Makura were fighting I quickly found out just how far away I had gotten from the others while looking around. Soon after picking up the two power levels going after them my scouter lost track of one of them. What was up with that? Was this person trying to hide their level? Were they planning an ambush? I was very worried about that and felt like I needed to get to them as soon as I could. I had a feeling that pretty soon they were going to need my help.

As I finally started to approach Kiaran and Makura I saw that they were fighting some type of alien. From the looks of things he seemed to be a bit stronger than us but the two things that seemed to hurt him were the fact that he was outnumbered and he couldn't move fast. Well they look like they've got things under control. But where is the other power level I picked up? I was scanning the ground around me to see if they were down below looking for a possible ambush. All I knew was that they were hiding their power level so that they could prepare an ambush of some sort.

What I didn't know however was that I would soon become the target of that ambush and a deadly attack......
Is it short? Yes
Is it a cliffhanger? Oh yeah
Is it an evil one? Hell yeah!

I'll let either Kuro or Kalah figure out how to deal with the situation. Just don't let Rudy or anyone else die because I think it would suck to see a main character bite it here.

21st March 2003, 01:12 PM
Well James, Gav, you had your chance! I have an idea, and its about time this wagon train got moving again! lol ^-^()

As Hamma, Gav and I all exchanged blows with Gorgax, I was deep in thought. Something about Gorgax wasnt right, it seemed it would have been nothing for any ONE of us to take him down. Indeed it seemed like, with his apparent preference for brute strength rather than skill, and his seemingly low power level/intellegence, that it wouldve been easy for YASU to chase him off, well, maybe that WAS an exaggeration. ^-^() But still, it soon became apparent that what we saw of Gorgax was NOT all he had. As I fought with him, I tried to study his movements, the expressions on his face, and I tried to see what exactly was under that facade of pointless anger and arrogence. What higher purpose he could possibly have for attacking our group. And then it hit me:
Whoever wanted us gone had sent one of their WEAKER fighters after us.
Gorgax WAS an idiot! He WAS a super strong idiot and the only reason he seemed strong to us was because whatever sent him was infinately stronger! I could quickly see that we could not win this, for even if we managed to beat him, someone else would surely be sent after us, hoping to stop us before we reached our final destination....
As I thought this, Gorgax swung his massive fist straight at my head. Thankfully I was able to block, though it did knock me back a bit. And then I flung myself backwards as if his punch had thrown me until I landed behind one of the smashed up tables in the bar. Still having to deal with 2 other fighters plus a cat creature, Gorgax didnt seem to care that I was missing.
Excellent ^-~
I quickly began devising another diversion, only this one had to be bigger.....and more annoying by far...

Gorgax finally got sick of Yasu flying about his head, biting and scratching him repeatedly, so he flung his arms out and let loose an energy attack that blew out the back wall of the bar but thankfully missed Yasu. He roared for a moment, and then his attention was captured by a cheerful female voice. "Hey, ya big FATTY!!"
Gorgax turned to see a girl with long lavendar hair looking at him with a mischievious look on her face. In his anger he didnt realise it was very odd to see a girl that was slightly glowing. "Wh...WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" He roared.
The girl just laughed. "Why dont you pick on someone your OWN size!? OHHHH But I guess thats not many people when you weigh ABOUT A MILLION POUNDS!!! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!" The girl laughed and then stuck her toungue out at him. For Gorgax, that was the last straw. He ran like a wild bull towards the girl, who quickly took off running.
I ran too, but towards Gav and Hamma, who, after seeing the girl run off with Gorgax after her, just stared in shock. Grabbing their arms, I pulled them towards the hole in the back wall.
They looked at me with surprise. "But....you....didnt you just....I mean....a...a.....ah..." Hamma seemed to be at a loss for words.
I shook my head. "That wont hold his attention for long, its only a matter of time before----" Suddenly a loud explosion followed by the angry bellow of Gorgax was heard. I smiled briefly. "Looks like he caught me...."

As we ran they demanded to know what was going on. I sighed. "I dont really know myself. But one things for sure:
It seems we have worn out our welcome..."
Hope I didnt make any assumptions that will mess up the plot later on JT. If anything I put is plot damaging then let me know and Ill try and fix it! 8)

Master Rudy
24th March 2003, 08:09 PM
OCC-It seems to me that things have been moving really slowly as of late in this RPG. Seeing that the end of school is around the corner I'm assuming most of us are busy with end of the year tests, graduation plans, ect. Whatever the case might be I'll give Kalah or Kuro a few more days to get their POV's in on this. If there isn't anything new near the end of the week then I'll get to work on continuing things myself ^_~

Kuro Espeon
25th March 2003, 06:17 PM
*cries* I'm SORRY! I meant ot post! I really DID!! Waaaa....

This is probably going to be short but at least it's something...

I was obvious to me, from the very first punch he threw, that this creature wasn't at his full power yet. He seemed to be surpressing his power level, most likely to lull us into a false sense of security. Probably hoping that we'd drop our guard. But due to my accute power sense, it was hard for people to hide their power from me. I wasn't going to let up...
But even though I could sense that he was hiding his strength, it didn't seem like he was all that powerful anyway...He wasn;t going to be to big of a challenge.
After several failed punches, kicks and charges from both sides, all three of us ended up in opposite corners of the small opening. Our blue-skinned opponent eyed both of us warily, as if trying to decide which one of us to attack first. I caught Kiaran's eye and gave her a sideways grin.
"Hey, Kiaran, if you don't mind...I'd like to take this one alone." I said calmly. Kiaran turned her head sharply and looked at me in surprise, her eyes as wide as dragonballs.
"What?" She replied, "Why, Makura?"
"Well, there really isn't much room in here for all three of us to duke it out, now is there?" I said, motioning to the tight area around us. "It'll be much easier to move around if we take him one on one. Besides..." I added folding my arms over my chest, "You should really have learned by now, Kiaran, that I fight alone. It's just my nature not to accept help in a fight from anyone. No offense, of course."
Kiaran just stared at me, her face showing a look of disbelief. "Uh-huh...."
"So, if you would please step back for a bit? You can hang out over there with Torek." I said taking a few steps foreward so iwaas directly facing our attacker. I heard Kiaran sigh behind me.
"Whatever..." she said dryly, walking over to stand next to Torek in the doorway of the house.
Meanwhile, I had gotten back into fighting stance, cracking my knuckles and giving him a threatening and taunting glare.
"Well buddy, today's your unlucky day! You made the wrong choice when you decided to take me on! Normally I don't fight off contract, but for your ugly arse I think I'll make an exception."
At that comment the alien growled and the muscles in his massive arms twitched in aggravation and anticipation. "And DAMN are you ugly!"
I balled up one of my hands into a fist and slammed it into the palm of my other hand.
"You live to regret the day that you went up against Makura! If I lt you live that is....Heh..." I paused, bending my arms at my sides into an attack position. Then I began to power up, my battle aura building up and swirling around me.

27th March 2003, 12:25 PM
Kiaran - F - Saiyan

I stood back in the, 'side lines' as I watched Makura take this guy by herself. It made me a bit discomforted.... i wanted to take him on as well... but seeing before how Makura had her temper, I decided it was best to just let her have her way. Besides, it was just a fight- right? Nothing to really have any glory...
We just need a ship... a ship... that is what we should just try to get.
I thought, and sighed until a flickering came into my mind.
What is..
I gazed up to see Rudy, floating in the air and gazing down below at Makura and her starting the fight with that ugly blue creature. No... it wasn't Rudy though, I had sensed his power signature earlier and he wasn't the cause of the prickling sensation upon my neck.
What in the wor-

Suddenly I saw a blur of emotion heading straight towards Rudy. The power signature was trying to be cloaked!
Thank goodness for instincts.. I thought in a flash, as suddenly adrenaline came to my body. I couldn't let Rudy get hurt... he was about to be assaulted by some unknown being or force!
"RUDY WATCH OUT!" I yelled, but I knew this wasn't enough time. Deep inside of me, my body churned until with a flare of ki I pushed myself upwards with a huge thrusting force. Stones flew about as I zoomed straight towards Rudy. He turned to see a blur of Kiaran suddenly go whizzing behind him.
I made contact with the figure who had tried to sneak up behind Rudy and do who-knows-what. The force of this creature going so fast at Rudy, and the force of me going so fast to protect Rudy caused both of our bodies to fly through the air and crash into the hard, stone ground below. We barely missed a building, as cracks rippled like a mere wave through the cement at our bodies hit against the ground.
As soon as everything was able to come into a little less of a blur, Iq uickly pushed the figure away from my body and stood up. The figure did the same as it glared at me with glowing red eyes.
Oh yeah.
This guy's powerlevel was now officially uncloaked.
And he was probably mad that I spoiled his plans...
"Don't you DARE try to sneak up upon Rudy!" I growled, as I took a fighting stance amongst the cracked ground.

(Thought I'd get some battles going..)

Kuro Espeon
30th March 2003, 04:37 PM
You know....I wonder what it is about Rudy (the character) that makes all these girls attracted to him. LOL! All three of the girls seem to have little crushes on him! :D

Makura: WHAT?! I do not! Take back that ridiculous statement immiedietly!!!!!!
Kuro: ....no! :D I don't think I will! :) ;) :)
Makura: >.< ARGH!! *dives on Kuro and begins to beat the stuffing out of her*
Kuro: Oy ve...*oof* not again...why do my characters always turn on me....*OUCH!!*

31st March 2003, 10:44 AM
lol!! ^^ *watches contently as Makura beats upon Kuro*
B4: 0.0;;; Me? Errhh... uhhh... nothing! ^^;;;;; Absolutely nothing! *whistles and looks away*

I think it's funny too! *gazes about* Now if RUDY *emphasizes the name* would jsut poooost...it would make things easier! lol.

Kiaran: You're not suggesting I like him, are you?
B4: We are. Mwhaha-
Kiaran: NOOOOO!!! *tackles B4 and covers her mouth as she struggles to tie her up with duck tape*
B4: MWHamhphhpmmpphhhh!! mphhhh! *wiggles, after being wrapped up in duck tape tightly*
Kiaran: ^^ That's betteR!

31st March 2003, 03:54 PM
Dina: You know, maybe hes not posting, cause EVERYONES EMBARRASSING HIM!!! *blushes* I mean, you guys are beating up your split personalitys for goodness sake! Leave the poor boy alo---

Asilynne: *breaking in* You know, we could make a movie, and it would be called 'Theres Something about Rudy' and it could be like a police action drama instead of that stupid romantic-comedy 'theres something about Mary', and it would be TOTALLY AWESOME!

Dina: ........

Asilynne: And then, we could rip off The Shield, and the Matrix, and James Bond, and Austin Powers, and---

Dina: *backhands Asi*

Asilynne: Ow....or...I could just shut up now?

Dina: You got it. :rolleyes: 8)

Master Rudy
31st March 2003, 08:32 PM
OOC-If the three of you keep this up then Rudy might just turn into the next Master Roshi.
Rudy-HEY! What the hell makes you think I'd become a perv?! I would never......OHHHH!!! A penny!!! ^_^

On second thought I don't think we will have to worry about that ^_^;

Time to be serious now. I know I've got to post in FS. While waiting for others to post in this I've taken the time to plan out some cool yet slightly nasty things for my character in Dawn. Now that I've got things taken care of there I can sit back for a moment or two in that and get back to work here. Look for a new post from me soon ^_~

Master Rudy
5th April 2003, 10:38 PM
It's time to get this back on track now that I've finally got the time to take care of this. This is only ment to get things moving once more. As a result this might be on the quick side ^_~

Rudy Summers
I had been expecting an ambush of some sort but I would have never expected myself to be the target. Being totally unaware would have been a mistake that would have cost me my life. However Kiaran managed to stop the attack before that could happen. I definately owed her one after that. Touching down next to her I got into my fighting stance and said to my attacker "The first rule of trying to ambush someone is to make sure no one else is going to see you." However I soon noticed that this guy couldn't care less about me at the moment. I may have been the target but he was clearly upset about his plan being ruined by Kiaran. I could see he was intent on fighting her. As much as I wanted a bit of the action I knew better than to get in the way of this. After backing off a bit the two of them took to the sky and were soon going at it.

As I watched the two battles from the ground I quickly noticed something. The two attackers seemed to be powered up fully but no matter what they did neither of them could lay a finger on Makura or Kiaran. As for them I could tell from my own battles with them that this was not their full power. Even so this looked like child's play for them. This got me wondering about the power levels of everyone fighting. Within moments I was getting new readings from my scouter and was quickly shocked over the results. The big guy with the horns came in at 1274 while Makura's power level read 1843. Meanwhile the one with the red eyes had a power level of 1311 opposed to Kiaran's 1800. The two of them were already much stronger than these guys and I knew full well that they could go much higher than this.

Suddenly I started to wonder about this. Looking toward where I had picked up the third power level I attempted to scan for the levels of everyone involved in the other fight. Sure enough it was more of the same situation. I had a power level of 921 up against three reading in at 1502, 1510 and 1573. While I had no way of knowing who was who I knew it was a safe bet that the three strongest levels were Hamma, Gav and Dina. I didn't understand this at all. Here were three fighters trying to take us on and we managed to outpower all of them. Why attack us if you knew we were stronger? But what if they didn't know you were stronger? I suddenly thought to myself.

Whatever the case may be I knew that something wasn't right......

I know the power levels between the Saiyans and the others may seem uneven but keep in mind no one is fully powered up. Since everyone is equal you could expect much more even levels when everyone is at their max ^_~

Master Rudy
14th April 2003, 06:52 PM
OOC-Page three?
Please tell me I'm not the only one who wants to keep on going with this RPG.

Kuro Espeon
14th April 2003, 08:30 PM
Oops! Gomen, gomen, gomen Nasai!!! I really should have replied here sooner! I think I was hesitating because...I was never that good at writing battle scenes....^^() But I'll give it a try.

The battle was finally underway, and I had to admit, it felt good to finally be able to battle, even if it was only a weakling henchmen. I still didn't know who had sent them, but I was almost positive that our target had learned of our plan and was most likely behind this attack.
The creature finally jumped into an attack stance and charged me with, what looked like, full force. I held up my arms in a cross and blocked his oncoming fist with ease.
"Is that all you got?! At least give me a decent fight!" I smirked, "I guess I overestimated your strength!" I pushed him off and jumped back, landing back in my fighting stance, all the while, still steadily increasing my power level. Now it was my turn!
"HYYYAAA!!" I jumped up and flew straight at him, hailing him with a constant barrage of punches. He managed too block most of them, but I still managed to get a few through. Even tually one landed smack dab in the middle of his face and knocked him back. I touched back down, still maintaining my stance, and laughed. "Well! You seem to be pretty good on the defensive! But how are you on offense?" I hled out my hand, palm up and beckoned him on with my fingers. "Come on! Don't be shy! Show me what you got! You might as well go all out before you die!"
The lizard creature snarled menacingly, trying to sound intimidating, and was obviously irritated by my comments. I saw his battle aura begin to widen and glow as he too raised his power level. Hm... So he did have more power. I suspected as much. I knew that he was surpressing his power and I had been purposefully been taunting him to draw it out. I always enjoyed a match more when it was actually somewhat of a challenge. It was more fun that way! It gave me satisfaction knowing that my victims put up a good fight before they died.
The creature finally finished powering up and charged again, this time much faster and with more force than before. In fact, I was surprised at how much stronger he had become. And this surprise cause my gaurd to drop breifly, which was a mistake I shouldn't have made. A hard punch landed on my face, knocking me back, and while I was stummbling a hand grabbed the front of my jacket. He then brought up his knee and rammed my right in the stomache. A choked gasp escaped my mouth as I was temporarily winded. I wrenched free and jumped back, cluching one hand over my stomache. After a few seconds i stood up striaght again. I looked at him and a sinister grin spread across my face as I titled my head to the side.
"Huh! I'm impressed! You actually managed to hit me! But...don't get used to it. I've already memorized your fighting style and I don't pan on making that same mistake again. So, what do you say..." I slowly brought my arms out in front of me and and brought a pair of cupped hands up towards my right shoulder, keeping them an equal distance apart. I spread my legs apart slghtly, one of them positioned about a foot in front of the other. Twisting back slightly (OOC: kinda like a Kamehameha stance) and smirked at the creautre. "...let's turn things up a notch!"
Yes. I was ready now...I was in the stance and ready to start my power up for one of my favorite and best attacks...

...The Kuro Kakumei...

Argh, sorry that was bad. I told you I'm not good at describing battles. I'll try harder next time!! Promise!

Kuro Espeon
23rd April 2003, 03:11 PM
*clears throat loudly* Ahem! *taps foot rythmically*
Alright...I can't be blamed for it this time, I was the alst one to post so I cant be expected to pick this up. Come on, people! Keep this going! Don't let it die

Oh BTW- I know this girl at my school who is VERY GOOD at drawing. I'm gonig to talk to her and see if I can convince her to draw a Dragonball FS doujinshi (comic)! I'm even willing to pay her, but I don't think it will come to that...I hope. I'm probably just going to print out the posts from the RPG and have her draw one of the best scenes. If there are any requests, please make them to me now.

Master Rudy
23rd April 2003, 08:15 PM
OOC-Well if your taking requests how about the part where Makura and Rudy are locked in a power struggle before the 'explosive' draw to their fight? A way to make it look cool IMO is to divide it into two frames with Makura in the top left and Rudy in the bottom right. Both could look a little worse for wear and beaten up as that is going on. For the moves in that scene I believe they were Rudy's Masenko and Makura's Kakumei if I'm not mistaken.

As far as a post goes I'll see what I can do once I take care of some posts elsewhere ^_~

24th April 2003, 06:21 PM
OOOoo! That would be awesome!! *gets all starry eyed*

I think a picture with the spaceship would be funny... where they are all crammed in there. lol. Or a picture of Dina falling over that rock with Idaia looking quite frightened. XD And Makura just standing there with a 'what-a-loser-look' upon her face! ^^

I( really don't know what to post tho... are we supposed to easily beat these guys or is there a surprise? I'm thinking we shoul perhaps get a move on so we can get JT's char back. ^^

Kuro Espeon
25th April 2003, 01:06 PM
Yeah, those would be some good ones! The next time I see her (I'm not quite sure when that will be though...) I'll ask er about it.
But I'm having a little dilemma...you see...in order to put this into a manga format, I'm gonna need to print up the story and give it too her (preferable in a scrit format to make it easier for her to follow) But The problem is, We ahve several cahracters who were in the RPG in the beginning (ex: Yoshi and Kal) that disappeared after a while. I'm figuring that I may have to take a few liberties and redo cerain parts of the beginning in order to write them out. If anyone could help me out with this I would greatly appriciate it. Arigatou! :)

I'm thining also we should hurry up and finish these fights or else this RPG is gonna drop. I say just have everyone finsh their battles and start to head back to the others. But don't include Makura because I'm planning on doing something. So how bout everyone just wors on finishing up their own fights first and we'll go from there?

Kuro Espeon
2nd May 2003, 04:58 PM
ARGH!! ALright! FINE! I guess I'LL post, since no one else IS!!!

I understand if you guys are busy, but honestly, I don't think it's hard to make a short little post just to say, "this is what's happening" and "my character is doing so and so..."

Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you guys but I'd appriciate it if someone made an attempt to post. I really enjoy this RPG and I don't want to see it die!

...The Kuro Kakumei.

IT was an attack that gained power by feeding off the negative energy of either the user or the opponent, depending on the situation. Anger...depression....fear....all of these things were emotions that could feed into the Kuro Kakumei. And from looking at my opponent, I could tell that he had a lot of negative energy (most of which was due to anger and evil intention). Excellent....it should definetly make my attack highly effective!
The creature obviously ssensed that I was about to do something, so he began to charge up an energy attack of his own. Not that it would make much of a differance in the end....Heh.
As I concentrated harder and harder, I could feel all of the negative emotion and energy flowing into me and I forced it down to form a flickering black orb of chi in between my hands. I smiled at my assailant.
"Go ahead, lizard-face. Make your move..." I taunted. The creature snarled yet again and, drawing back his large arm and swinging it foreward forcefully, propelling a large ball of dark blue energy straight at me. Still holding on to my own chi ball, I jumped quiclly out of the way, though the blast missed me by mere inches. It flew past me and crashed into one of the buildings on the ground.
"Hmm...an impressive shot! That one almost hit me!" I paused and put on an intense face...the face that I always wore when I was getting serious about a fight. "Now...It's MY turn!"
I backed up and, focusing my energy into this one intense attack, threw my arms foreward, along with a black beam of dark energy.
"KURO....KAKUMEI!!!" I cried. The black energy swelled and enveloped the creature, which was accompanied by a metalic screech as he was insinerated into nothing but dust that was picked up and blown away in the breeze. I grinned as I looked at the febble remains of my opponent fly away.
I floated back the ground and touched down lightly on one foot. I put my hands on my hips and grin a very satisfied grin.
"Well! That sure was easy! How come I can never get a good challenge nowadays?" I chuckled. But then...a strange thought crossed my mind that made me break my celebration. That creautre was easily defeated....in fact...it was almost too easy... He had obviously been sent to attack us by someone who had heard of our plans and wanted us out of the way. Our main enemy... But why, if he wanted to get rid of us so badly, would he send one of his lowest ranking soldiers? Especially since the Saiya-jin army was full of high-level fighters that could easily have taken us on and stood more of a chance. And our enemy most likely knew this...
It might be that I was overreacting, but for some reason this thought troubled me. But I decided that it wasn't worth worrying about it right now.
I looked up and saw that both Kiaran and Rudy were still engaged in fighting, but I knew that it probably wasn't gong to take them long to finish up their resepctive fights if their opponents were as weak as mine had been. I decided to go and check on Torek. And when I did I almost regretted doing so...
"Hey, Torek! You alright back th- WHAT THE....?!"
Torek was standing at the front door of his house...or...at least what was left of it...and looking extremely stunned. It seemed that the ki blast from the lizard man that I had dodged had continued on it's way and crashed into Torek's house instead. It hadn't been completely destroyed, but a sizeable chunk of it was now reduced to rubble, including part of his backyard.
But nothign was as depressing as the look on Torek's face. A look of horror and disbelief and shock was frozen on his face as he stared at his house, twitching convulsively.
"My...MY HOUSE!!!" He cried, holding his hands to the sides of his head. "LOOK AT MY HOUSE!! NO! NO! NOOO! WHY?! WHY ME?!!!"
"T...Torek..." I said, sweatdropping. I didn;t quite know what to say considering that it had been our fighting that had caused it. "Eh-heh....uhhh...well, look at the bright side Torek! At least it's still standing..."
"WAAAAAAAAAAA!!! And look at the ships!!"
"Yeah! The ships I was working on for you guys! The explosion messed them all up! I'm gonna have to start again! It'll take me all night!"

Damn....this was getting more complicated by the minute....

THERE!!! I posted, since no one ELSE WOULD!!! *grumble*
I left it open so that everyone could finish up their fights and then we'll have to find a hotel to stay in for the night. now PLEASE someone post!!!

Master Rudy
3rd May 2003, 06:34 PM
Sorry about not posting in this. I've got just enough time to take care of a quick post. Hopefully what I'm about to do won't affect things too much

Rudy Summers
Things seemed to be under pretty good control at the moment. Makura had just finished off her opponent and Kiaran still had the upper hand. I would have stayed with them but at the moment my attention was drawn to the others. Their power levels had suddenly dropped off my scouter. I didn't think that they had been beaten but I was a bit concerned. Whoever was fighting them was now at 1200 and still rising. Without a single word I had left Kiaran and Makura to see what was going on with the others.

I hadn't been flying for very long when a voice from behind suddenly shouted "And where the hell are you off to?" Turning around I saw Makura flying right behind me. "You did see what happened right?" she had asked me. I didn't say a single word since I was a bit focused on the rising power level at the moment. She seemed to be getting annoyed and said "That son of a b**** I was fighting took out our ships!" Stopping in midair I looked at her and asked "Your not serious are you?" Makura just crossed her arms and said in a tone that seemed to be proud and yet annoyed at the same time "Since when am I not serious Summers?" I could see her point pretty well. As I started to fly again I told her "That's a big problem but it's going to have to wait for now." Taking off my scouter I handed it to Makura and let her see for herself. Once she had it on she seemed to get a little more angry and said "So it's a power level of 1350. What's your point?" I quickly explained to her why it was a cause for concern. "While you and Kiaran were fighting that power level was in the low 900's. Everyone else measured in the low to high 1500's."

Makura seemed rather indifferent about what it could mean. "Isn't this typical. The humans or Namekians get someone they can't handle and then suddenly it's up to the Saiyans to bail them out" she said with a sigh. I didn't say a word but her cold attitude about others was kinda bugging me a bit now. Instead I commented on the rising power level they were dealing with and told her "Somehow I get the feeling this one might not be as easy as those other two." Getting excited now Makura shouted "Well that's great news! This guy might be more of a challenge but he'll still be no problem for the two of us!"

I could only hope she was right about the fact that we could easily win this......

Seeing that everyone's had a role in these battles I figured that perhaps Gorgax was not showing his true power. This could be a good chance to have Rudy fight again provided it doesn't cause problems for anything that JT might have planned.

Kuro Espeon
4th May 2003, 09:36 AM
I don't think that should be a problem, Rudy....considering none of the people invovlved in that fight have posted in a while. Asilynne told me that she promised to post sometimes soon, but I'm not sure about Gav. If you could talk to him and ask him to post that would be nice. You probably see him around more often than I do.
My brother on the other hand...I honestly don't think he's going to post anymore. He hasn't been coming to TPM at all recently and he doesn't show any sign of making a comeback...*sigh* but instead of writing out Hamma again, I think we should probably just make him an NPC. It's easier that way...
Now, as for B4 and Jt....I really don;t know. Knowing Kalah she'll make a comeback and post again soon, but I haven't heard anything from JT in quite a while, and I find that odd considering that this is his RPG.
But thanks for posting Rudy, that should probably get things going again.

6th May 2003, 04:28 PM
(^^ *doesn't make a word and dashes in*)


"Ksssshaaaraaanta!" I cried out, as energy formed with in my hands and literally jabbed straight into the alien creature, enough to make him cry out and suddenly start to swell.
" Feeling a little bloated? Try this!" I stated, taking my foot and making a final blow to his head. The alien creature flew several feet... before crash landing some where in the distance, and I knew he woul dnot be back for more.
Brushing myself off, I gazed to see Makura and Rudy speaking with each other. Instantly I dashed over to them and heard just the last sentence of their conversation..

"Well that's great news! This guy might be more of a challenge but he'll still be no problem for the two of us!"

My eyes widened. "What? There is another?"
Makura rolled her eyes as Rudy nodded. " The others are battling a guy whose getting stronger... we'll have to go back."
I nodded, as I gazed back and sighed... but then my eyes widened.
" So, this was it."
"What?" Makura commented, as I gazed to Rudy and her both.
" I bet anything that these two guys who came here were just a set up. Some thing to slow us down... I don't like to say it, but I often have the uncanny ability to feel or predict things, and I predict that this was a set up to slow us down so we didn't return to the others as fast."

Rudy gazed to Makura, and nodded... "Even if your feelings are wrong, I wouldn't want to wait for them to prove me otherwise. Let's get moving then."

Makura, Rudy and I then immediatly went back to where the others were... in hopes at least, to find them in one piece.
Some thing isn't right... I thought... and tried to shake it off as we began to come back.


Yasu fluttered about, until suddenly she froze. Pausing in mid-air next to Dina, her eyes widened as her cat-like expression turned into a horrified gaze.
{ Dina... Dina! }
"What?" Dina said, gazing towards me as Hamma and Gav continued to beat upon the alien creature.
{ I recognize this creature- this alien we are fighting.}
"Oh? What is it?"
{ I just remembered that their powerlevel increases after substaining many hits... not only that, but their intelligence rating goes up as well. If you were to defeat it, you woul dhave ot kill it quickly before it gained power from your attacks. But I am afraid that his defense is quite high... }

Dina's eyes widened, as she quickly turned and called out to Gav and Hamma but they were to into the battle. Yasu swallowed.. as Dina then turned back to the cat.
" You and Idaia should perhaps go look for Rudy, Makura and Kiaran. We might need some Saiyans..."
Gorgax suddenly threw Gav threw a window, and Yasu did not wait for another second. Instantly she zoomed to Idaia, and Idaia got the notion and followed the cat out of teh building. Yasu floated in the air, as if debating on what direction to take.
" I sense them not too far this way... " Idaia said, pointing to the right. Yasu nodded, and floated above Idaia as they briskfully walked towards the direction- but before they even got five feet away from the door which led inside to where Gorgax and the othesr were, a ghastly hand suddenly reached out and seized Yasu.

Yasu made a squeak at teh grab, and Idaia stopped immedaitly to whirl around and suddenly freeze with terror. There... was the strangest alien to be seen thus far. It reminded Idaia of an Earthly creatured called a Scorpion.. except this alien walked upon to legs, but still had many arms of a scorpion upon his upper body. A long tail drapped over his shoulder, and it was that tail which looked deadly. Two large claws were the last of his arms, and one of them tightly held Yasu. Yasu's wings were also grasped, and one ofthem looked broken or twisted oddly. Yasu grimaced, as her face- although black furred, seemed to whiten and look sickly pale. Her body was limp, as her eyes closed suddenly after a message to Idaia..
{ i sense Ru-}
Idaia froze, as the alien sneered and coarsely spoke to Idaia...
"What's this... I've found a green bug to squish while I take the little kitty away!" Then laughter came. Idaia tried to run... but found that a tail smacked him in the back which caused him to fall to the ground. Idaia was a little boy, but he was not stupid- he was Earth's new Guardian after all...

He called for help.

Kuro Espeon
10th May 2003, 09:34 AM

Rudy and Kiaran had heard it to. I could tell from the looks on both of their faces that they had. Without stopping we all looked at one another, Rudy and Kiaran's faces one's of seriousness and urgancy.
"That...That was Idaia!" Rudy cried, instinctively clenching his fists.
"I knew something was wrong!" Kiaran added. Her eyes narrowed. "We need to hurry!"
"Right!" Rudy agreed.
"Alright! More alien ARSE to kick!" I chimed in, grinning from ear-to-ear.
Rudy and Kiaran both stared at me, skeptical looks on their faces.
"You really need to refigure your priorities, Makura..." Rudy stated bluntly, shaking his head.
"What..? Hey I didn't say I wasn't worried about the kid! I'm gonna help him! I'm just glad I get to have some fun in the process! I hope that this one is more of a challenge than the last one though..."
Suddenly, Rudy's head seemed to grow about ten sizes as he finally snapped. (OOC: hehehe...enlarged anime head...hehehehe)
"Ahh! Alright, alright! Chill out, Summers!! I was only kidding! Don't go getting your tail in a twist!!" I replied, recoiling from Rudy's violent reprimand.
Kiaran simply sweatdropped. "You were asking for that one...
"Shut up! No one asked you!" I yelled.
"Nevermind that now!" she replied, "We have to get going and help Idaia and the others!"
Rudy nodded and he and Kiaran sped up, zooming towards the retaurant where we had left the others. I sighed and followed. These Earth Saiya-jins were quite and enigma...I didn't think I'd every figure them out...

14th May 2003, 10:10 PM
This seemed like it wasnt gonna be one of my better days.
After leading Hamma, Gav and the rest away from Gorgax we had hid in a small alley behind one of the strange alien buildings to figure out what was going on. As I thought to myself about our strange attacker, and that we should all try and find Rudy and the rest and get off this planet as soon as possible, Hamma took the time to display one of the bizzare powers of his race.
With a sickening ripping/splashing noise an arm shot out of what a few seconds before had been just a bloody stub.
Feeling like I had been kicked in the stomach, I wished for the second time that day that I hadnt eaten so much.

But I wasnt going to have time to be disgusted because a few seconds later, Gorgax had found us again. And by the look on his face and the way he was panting like a raging bull, I had a feeling my 'exploding double' technique wasnt going to work on him again. Gav and Hamma rushed at him again without a word, but for a moment I just stood there. Theres got to be SOMETHING.....he HAS to have SOME weak point....Now WHAT IS IT!?
Yasu took that moment to tell me just the opposite. { I just remembered that their power level increases after substaining many hits... not only that, but their intelligence rating goes up as well. If you were to defeat it, you would have to kill it quickly before it gained power from your attacks. But I am afraid that his defense is quite high... }

Dammit....as if we needed MORE problems.... I started to warn Hamma and Gav, but stopped. Theyd find out soon enough. Right now it would be best if Yasu and Idaia got as far away from here as they could. Things could only get worse and if they were here it would be guarunteed they would be harmed in some way. So, after telling them to find Rudy and the others for reinforcements, I joined in the fray.

I soon found out HOW worse thing could get.

A well placed punch sent me hurtling into a dumpster, where a half full bag of flour was laying in. With a *poof* a cloud of white dust rose up around me and started to affect my sinuses. Oh ****.. I had time to think just as I sneezed.....


"Wooow where am I?" I chirped as I looked around the small metal room, funny white clouds dancing around. There was a hole at the top, what a funny place! I climbed out and looked around and saw the green guy and the guy with spiky brown hair dancing with a weird dude. We mustve been playing hide and seek! Or maybe even Tag! I realised. Hey and that means they didnt find me yet! So that meant if I tagged one then Id win!

I giggled as I snuck up on the new person. He was new so I figured why not let him be on my team? ^-^ Getting closer, he was so busy with my friends he didnt see me. I reached back a hand and smacked him on the back. "TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGG GG!!!!!" I yelled as loud as I could! Now we could REALLY start to play!

But he didnt want to play, he mustve been a bully cause he just whirled around and smacked me right in the face! It hurt a lot and as I fell to the ground I almost started to cry but then....
Then.....I got mad.
Here I was, trying to play with him because he was new and he looked like he needed friends and he HIT ME!! He WAS a bully! And then I realised he was hitting my friends too!! I stood up, clenching my fists and came over to him. I was so angry that my face was turning red and colors were rising up around me and I didnt even notice how pretty they were! Thats how mad I was!
I grabbed him by the shirt and before he could do anything I slammed him up against the wall. "YOU LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE YOU BIG BULLY!!!!" I yelled at him and brought my other hand up. It was glowing, but I wasnt paying attention to that really, I just hit him. Then he got free and tried to hit me but somehow I never got hit, I guess it was cause I was so mad.
After a lot of him trying to hit me I just got so mad that the glow around me got bigger, and then a lot of glowing lights came out of my hands!
I was surprised. "Woooow how did I-----"
"Dina?!" I looked, and saw Rudy looked surprised too. "Hi Rudy!" I said, waving a glowing hand. Stray lights shot out of it which Rudy dodged. "hehe Sorry! I was just teaching this bully a lesson!" I pointed to where Hamma and Gav were pounding on Gorgax. He was slumped on the ground and he looked charred and crispy.
Rudy just stared at me. I guess he couldnt believe anyone would want to bully us cause we were so nice. ^-^

Lets get this show back on the road, shall we? ^-~
Idiot Dina may be all nice and stupidly innocent, but when she gets mad, shes too stupid, so nothings really in the way restraining her power ^-^ Thats how she was able to whoop on Gorgax! lol ^-~

Master Rudy
26th May 2003, 02:04 AM
Hopefully we can get back on track here

Rudy Summers
I just looked at Dina in shock after seeing that last blast she let loose. She may have been in her so called 'idiot form' but that was still amazing. I had never seen any human use such power before. I can't believe it. All that power just from getting angry. Suddenly I stopped thinking about that for a moment. The signs were starting to point in another direction. I could think of only one person that let their true power loose when they started to get mad. Was it possible that Dina was actually......

Suddenly a blow to the stomach caught my attention. As the wind was knocked out of me another blow to my face sent me through the window of a nearby shop. As I got up and brushed the glass off myself I looked at myself. I wasn't cut up too bad but the top of my gi got ripped pretty bad. Seeing that it would only get in the way I pulled it off and threw it to the side leaving myself with just my orange shirt now. As I stepped back outside I looked right at the alien who had attacked the others and then come after me. Those blows weren't strong enough to do serious damage but it was enough to let me know that this guy was all business. Even without my new scouter I was able to tell that he was almost as strong as a Saiyan. However I was sure that I was still at least stronger than him Without a word I prepared to attack since I felt that I'd be able able to handle this no problem. Lucky for me a sudden warning from Hamma stopped me. "Be very careful Rudy! His power level increases as he's injured." As I looked at him I saw looks of disbelief on the faces of Kiaran and Makura. I was also shocked but I was not going to let that get to me.

Getting into a battle stance I focused on the creature again and said "I'll keep that in mind." The alien however was not amused and told me "I don't care if you are a Saiyan. Do you honestly think you can beat the mighty Gorgax?" Despite his advantage I showed no sign of backing down as I spoke. "You seem to be putting too much trust in your ability. Everyone has limits to their power. Also it's rare to find someone that does not have some kind of weakness." My words only seemed to anger Gorgax more as he got into his own stance. "Well my tiny friend I must say that your a confidant one. However your weakness showed itself before you even said or did anything. The pride of a Saiyan is the biggest downfall of your race. None of you can seem to admit when you are outclassed. Plus your two female friends also go to prove that when you crush one there's always another waiting. It's one of two things you have in common with roaches. And before you ask about the other I'll just go ahead right now and say that both of you are pests. At least the roaches aren't so troublesome." While I kept my cool and said nothing I could feel Makura's power level rising. It wasn't anywhere near her max but it was high enough to show that she was ready to fight. Gorgax seemed focused on her rather than me. I had the general idea of what he was about to do as he started to power up but before he could do anything to her I rushed right at him as I charged an attack. Before he could even react I had already fired a Masenko at point blank range. All of us watched as he flew back several feet and hit a wall hard. Surprisingly he recovered from the blow very fast and was back on his feet in no time. Gorgax put a hand on what appeared to be a very painful burn that was on his chest as he looked at me with pure rage. "Your going to pay for that Saiyan. It's a debt that will be paid for with your life!" With those words he came flying right at me with deadly intentions. The battle was underway and all eyes watching were hoping that I'd be the victor......

26th May 2003, 09:01 AM

"Ehhh!" Idaia gave a blunt cry, as suddenly the scorpion-like alien took a massive claw and bluntly struck him with a blow to teh stomach- hard. Idaia went flying and landed in a massive groupings of trash and various metal objects. Objects flew into the air as it lightened his fall, but as he slowly got to his feet again, poking his head out from the trash- he saw the alien coming at him again.
" I'll squash yer bluntlilhead like a buurggg!"
He slurred his human language, as Idaia's eyes widened as the bug charged straight at him. In his claw was Yasu still, limp and motionless... it was odd to Idaia that the alien wanted to kill him, but yet it only disabled Yasu and kept her in his claw with out 'disposing' of her.

"Eeeeeeeeugh!" Idaia suddenly rolled to teh side just as the alien made a 'fwack!' and tried to smack him upside the head. Idaia had moved in time, just before beng made into Namek trash himself. Idaia had sensed Kiaran, Rudy and Makura coming... but for some reason, he couldn't see them. Where were they?! He could sense them near... near Dina's, but they were not here.
Holy God of the Dragons... they've gone by Gorgax instead..
He thought, and swallowed hard as suddenly the alien made another attempt and cleanly disabling Idaia's head permanantly.
IDaia ducked in th enick of time, trembling from fear of being made into an alien sport trophy..

"Stop mov'n yer ugly gren burg!"
The alien growled, and Idaia decided that it would be best if he ran. He couldn't really help Yasu being saved if he stuck around enough to get his head sliced clean off..
As Idaia turned to run however, instaedof taking a massive claw to strike Idaia upside the head, the alien took it's massive Scorpion tail and swung it from the side which hit Idaia solidly in his legs and abdomin. It caused hte poor young boy to fly wildly, and slam against a cement wall hard. Idaia's head backlashed so that it hit the wall as well, causing Idaia to be consumed by the blackness... as he fell to teh floor, out cold.

The alien still clutched Yasu tightly in it's claw-like grip, as it smirked and jeered..
"Mission accomplissshed... havuh the prooofEsea, nowah must keeell thuh heeealur."


"He's just getting stronger!" Kiaran gave a shout, as she frantically looked at Rudy and Makura, then to the others.
Gorgax suddenly charged at Rudy with a fierce speed, but Kiaran was going to have none of that. She quickly took to the air and with a thrust of heavy ki, she sped her body straight towards Gorgax's side and knocked him off his 'crash course' with Rudy. The blow to Gorgax was massive, as it knocked him deadly off his path into a wall- causign it to crumble.
The force of impact was painful to Kiaran's shoulder, as it popped out of place with the contact made. She quickly hovered in front of Rudy however, and popped it back into place. Gorgax- as expected, rose to his feet.
"We've got to attack him at the same time... all of us, with one massive blow to take him out before he gets any stronger."
Hamma commented, as Kiaran nodded.
"Let's powe-"
Kiaran stopped short, as suddenly she sensed some thing...
Some thing was not right..
The others did not seem to notice her pause, for they all were focused directly upon Gorgax. Kiaran quickly floated behind them all, and landed...
Some thing was telling her to leave them and go....
Maybe I shoul- no, I should stay here with Rudy and the others!
She nodded to herself, as the others were powering up their biggest ki attacks. Kiaran quickly placed her fingers, the tips of them, together except for her pinky fingers... which she spread out. Instantly with a flicker and a little ki to ignite it, a small ball of glowing, brilliant blue aura began to swirl and grow with in her hands. As she fired more energy into it... the color began to interchurn with many various even lighter and brighter shades of blue...
"Let's get this sucker..." Kiaran said, smiling as her hair began to ripple in teh slight wind..

Ultimate Charizard
27th May 2003, 09:36 PM
Sorry ive been away but im comin back with a Vengeance.


"Excuse me" i said as i tapped the bug like creature on the shoulder. It turned slowly and looked blankly at my grinning face.
"Wahut doo you want?" it hissed at me.
"Im sorry to interrupt but that little stuffed animal in your uh...hand...." It raised its arm holding up the weakened form of Yasu. "...yeah thats it, i was wondering where u got it cos my little sister would love to Kick your a$$"

It looked at me confused and growled. "Oh im sorry, what i meant was, my sister would love that.....im gonna kick your a$$"
Before it could react i snatched Yasu from its grip, being carefull not to hurt her and span planting my foot firmly in its face. Knocking it away.
Idaia looked up at me, he was a little shaken but not too badly hurt. I gently handed him Yasu and moved him behind me as the creature stood. Without the element of surprise taking him down was gonna be tough but since the others seemed to have thier hands full i guess ill have to do my best.


Ill write in a cover stroy for my absence when i can think of one!

Kuro Espeon
28th May 2003, 08:40 AM
You don't need a cover story U_C. Gav was haning around with Dina, Hamma, Idaia and Yasu. We've included your character in our posts so Gav doesn't need an excuse for anything. Actually, I like your post! It's about time the humans got in on the action (other than Dina I mean!)

Kuro Espeon
10th June 2003, 04:25 PM
Finally! A challenge! Now, this was more like it! Even if our opponent did have no apparent weakness...but that just added to the fun of it! The answer was obviously not going to be brute force, seeing as how this Gorgax increased in strength every time her was hit and recovered. The answer then, as it seemed to me, was to hit him with an attack that was so powerful that he wouldn't be ABLE to recover. In other words: an All-or-Nothing.
A soft yellow aura swirled around me and the breeze created from it tumbled through my hair, lifting it off of my neck.
"Alright, Summers," I said, grinning smugly and glancing at him out of the corner of my eye, "You actually got a plan, or is this just a muscle flexing contest?"
"I suppose you do?" he replied blandly.
"I'm so glad you asked! As a matter of fact, I did have something in mind."
"Do tell." Both he and Kiaran looked at me, waiting for my suggestion.
I looked back over at Gorgax, who was preoccupied with watching Dina (who was bouncing around like and idiot and blowing rasberries at him). "We'll split up. You go to the left, Kiaran will go to the right, and I'll take the middle. Once we begin to charge, start to bring up your most powerful attack, and then at the same time we fire. There's no way he could stop all three of them and the combined energy of the blast might be enough to destroy him."

Master Rudy
14th June 2003, 01:37 AM
Let me be the first to wish Kuro a happy 17th birthday ^_~

Anyway I've finally got an idea for this fight.

Rudy Summers
It seemed like a good plan. Obviously one attack was one going to make Gorgax stronger. However the combined attacks of three Saiyans would be enough to put this guy down for good. There was just one small problem that we hadn't taken into account as we powered up.

Gorgax was not going to just sit back and get killed.

Before any of us were even ready he had fired a blast from his mouth right at the three of us. As soon as I saw the flash I let the energy I was gathering disapate and shouted "Hit the deck!" Kiaran and Makura didn't need to be told twice as the three of us dove down. The resulting explosion took out the building behind us and sent dust and rubble all over the place. Once I was sure we were out of danger I quickly got to my feet and looked around. Everyone seemed ok. Just then it had hit me. That wasn't an attack intended to kill us. Gorgax simply did it to get us to stop gathering power for our combined attack. Now I knew that one of us had to distract the big guy long enough to let the others finish him off. Looking at Kiaran, Makura and Hamma I said "There's no way we'll get an attack off like this. I'll distract him and keep him away from you guys. No matter what happens to me you have to make sure you guys keep powering up. All I'll need is three minutes. By that time the combined effort of everyones attack should hopefully be able to put a stop to him." In a concerned voice Kiaran asked me "Are you sure about this Rudy? Three minutes may not be that long but in a situation such as this it can feel like forever." Hamma had his own comments as well about this. "Try not to damage him too much Rudy. Not only will you be putting yourself at a greater risk but his higher power level might help him take even a combined attack with no problems. If he survives this attack then we're going to be in serious trouble." I had already taken all of that into account. If I had a feeling he'd live then I'd make sure to let them know to power up some more.

However this was not a time for small talk. Gorgax was rushing right at us. If I didn't pay attention from this point forward then all I'd be doing was give him a free attack. Without a word I ducked under a right fist and got around him. Before he had time to turn around to face me I had grabbed the big lizard like alien's tail and flung him towards the nearest building. I just stood there and waited as the others started to power up. There was no sense in hitting him more times than I had to. While Gorgax was recovering I also used this moment to power up to my full strength. Right now Gorgax was equal to my own power level but I knew that it wouldn't be for very long if I had to hit him some more. All of this had happened in no more than 20 seconds. As the alien got up from the rubble he laughed at me and said "You honestly don't think I don't know what you are trying to do? Give me a break kid! Once I start to get really strong two Saiyans and a Namekian won't even make me break a sweat. What do you think I'll do to you when your alone?" It was my turn to laugh and smirk a bit as Gorgax started to get a bit full of himself and foolish. "I wouldn't be one to brag just yet" I told him. "All this talking is just eating away at your time. Right now I'd say you've got a little over two minutes if your hoping to get the job done." Gorgax finally saw his mistake and got on with the fight. I prepared myself as he charged at me again. I knew that I had to try not to hit him as much as I could. However it was a task easier said than done since it would be next to impossible to keep him away from the others without striking him. The real question was if three minutes to power up would be all it took to finish him. Somehow I had the feeling this was going to be much longer than I originally expected......

Kuro Espeon
23rd June 2003, 03:31 PM
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black....but where is everyone? *hears crickets chirpping* Rudy and I have posted most recently, so where are the rest of you?
If this doesn't get a reply in 2 days I'll go ahead and post....but please don't let this die!!

23rd June 2003, 04:14 PM
I'm gonna post after Basketball tonight. Already promised GAv. ^^

24th June 2003, 12:23 AM
Idaia - M - Young Namek(Current Earth's Guardian)

Idaia was full of shock.
Probably because the creature wanted to squish Idaia like a bug.
Probably because he was not even half the size of that creature.
Probably because he had not one ounce of fighting ability.
Probably because Yasu was either dead or unconsious.
Probably because out of no where Gav came to his rescue.
Probably because Gav pissed off the creature in the process.
Probably because he was... well, terrified of huge, scorpian-like creatures with gaping jaws of death and evil, beady eyes.
One one those would suit Idaia's cause of shock just fine.

"Gav! You came just in time! I was so frightened... I don't know why this creature attacked us... but for some reason-"
Idaia spoke about a mile a minute, which caused Gav to hold out his hand.
"Idaia... really, now is not the time."
"Oh... sorry."
"See that space-trash can there? The big dumpster?"
"That would be a good place to hide."
Idaia got the hint with that one, and quickly scurried off behind the dumpter, holding the soft, fluffy kitten-like creature in his arms. For as small as Yasu was, Idaia was equally as small for holding the small kitten-sized cat fully in his arms.
Idaia was confused however... as the creature suddenly growled at Gav, looking hungrily at Idaia. Idaia sweatdropped....
"Iwuhsh gonnah eet dah greeene buggger..." The creature said, his voice rather almost un-hearable.
"Ineiidsh da cat too. Neeed dat kitty..."

Idaia was very confused, but he hugged the limp and un-awakened Yasu at the mention of 'kitty'. why did this strange, alien-thing want with Yasu? It was strang ehow he wanted to eat Idaia... and not Yasu. It made Idaia even more terrified at the thought that he was to be eaten.

"Gav, remembered how I healed you?" Idaia said quickly,as it seemed that both Gav and the creature were sizing each other up... and because the creature kept trying to get to Idaia, and Gav would quickly leap in the way, cuasing the creature to backup.
"Yes... EHH!" Gav suddenly aimed a punch at the creature's head, which glanced off to the side and hit the creature's eye instead.
" Well, please...uhh.. I don't want to heal you a second time. I'm afraid I might not be able to."
Gav let a small chuckle escape from his throat, before getting a bit distracted and punched in the gut. Gav looked very unhappy about this... and quickly narrowed his eyes.
"Lucky shot!"

29th June 2003, 11:00 PM
Heheheh I have an interesting idea for how to get this fight finished!
~~~Dina~~~ (Idiot Form)

Rudy started to play with the bully, and the bully was playing back it looked like! The tail girl and the blond girl and the green guy were just standing there watching, so they mustve been on base already! Since I had already decided Rudy was on my team, I had a great IDEA!! I could help him out with the bully by tagging Rudy, and then when Rudy made it on base we'd win the game! (OOC: Dinas so stupid shes mixing up rules and inventing her own LOL) YAY! What fun this was!

Dodging around the mess that we made earlier I got around behind Rudy. It was kinda hard because he was moving around so much but I managed to sneak up on him. And then I smacked my hand on Rudys back and shouted, "TAG YOUR IT RUDY!!!!" Rudy turned his head slightly. "Dina, not no---" He started to say but then the big guy punched him right in the face and sent him flying towards a wall. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that was a GOOD HIT! But it shouldnt have hit Rudy, because well, our team should win! I ran over to where Rudy was. "Hey Rudy...we need to tag him back." I said, matter-of-factly. Rudy opened his eyes and looked at me like I didnt know what I was talking about. "What? Dina this isnt a ga----" Then he stopped, and his eyes grew wide. "Yeah Dina your right. But we cant tag him if he can hit us, you understand?"
I nodded. "Yeah hes fast. But if I dont get caught can I tag him?" Rudy stood up and faced the big guy. "Lets play a game called 'Monkey in the middle'. You have to try and keep his attention on you without letting him hit you, hows that sound?"
My eyes lit up as Rudy started heading towards the big guy again. WOOW!! That game sounded awesome!!!!! Rudys smart and he likes to have fun too!!! This was gonna be great. "Ok Rudy!" I chirped. "HEY BIG GUY!!! YEAH YOU!! I BET YOU CANT HIT MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I ran at the big guy as Rudy ran at him from the opposite direction. While he was looking at me Rudy stomped on his tail and then poked him in the eyes as he turned to look behind him. "HAHAHAHA!!! You got CAUGHT! My Turn!!" I crowed as I poked the big guy in the stomach. He swung at me but I leapt in the air, landing on his face and doing a few hops on it before jumping down with a crunch on his toes. Then I jumped backwards and did a hopping little dance in front of his face. "hehehehehehe..."
It rubbed its face and shouted, "YOU IDIOT LITTLE TWO FACE! YOU WILL DIE FOR YO------" but then Rudy smacked it HAHAHAH!
"What was that?" I smiled at it and it got really angry. It started charging to me so I darted out of the way. Rudy looked at me with alarm. "Do you really have to get him so angry?"
I grinned and stuck my toungue out at Rudy. "Its fun! You should try it!" I said but just then the big guy grabbed me!! "Not so fun now is it?!?" It said. Uh oh this might be bad......
lol I know Rudy wouldnt want to put anyone in danger but since he knows she can sort of take care of herself he would figure why not get her to help too. Hopefully we can get this fight finished with soon and get on to the bigger game! Wahaha! I think about a minute took place in this post so you guys can judge when your ready to make him explode ^-~

Ultimate Charizard
30th June 2003, 03:32 PM

"Great" i called out. "You guys get to tag team your guy while i have to go one on one with Ugly over here"
I knew noone was really listening, except of course my opponent he growled and lunged a clawed arm that i barely ducked under. Seeing an opening i shot a straight jab to his Gut but as i connected my fist felt like i had punched a Steel wall. The armour on his body was solid, in truth it wasnt even armour. Like the scorpion he resembled he had a tough shell like Carapace.
"Ooh natural body armour huh" The creature grinned with an ugly smile "Ill just have to find the weak spots" i said as i lashed out another punch, this time at his head. It reeled back from the shot but then swung a retaliatory claw which caught me in the chest and sent me flying away.
It glared at Idaia but then turned its attention back to me as i tried to pull myself out of the rubble of a small hut i had crashed through.
I was starting to lose patience with this guy and i knew i shouldnt be taking him so lightly. I readied myself to launch an energy wave at him but realised it was dangerous, him being so close to Idaia and Yasu.

"Great, hes got more armour than a tank, and i gotta do things the old fashioned way."

Kuro Espeon
1st July 2003, 01:38 PM
Seeing as all Kiaran, Hamma and I are doing is powering up, there really isn;t much I can post, but I'll at least put my two cents in before Rudy gives us the go ahead.

A minute had already passed, and it looked like Rudy was getting some help, no matter how little, from Dina. But being in her idiot form there really wasn't much that she could do except to be a distraction. But this seemed to be a job that she could accomplish...at least until she got herself captured, leaving Rudy with another problem to face. Now he had to fight him him without hurting Dina, AND he would have to free her before we could attack.

I turned my attention breifly back to the glowing orb of chi beween my palms that was slowly swelling as I put forth more and more of my energy. I glanced over at Kiaran and Hamma out of the corner of my eye and saw that theirs were steadily growing as well (Kiaran's more than Hamma's, but that was understandable...). It wouldn't be long now...just another minte or so. I hoped that that moron, Summers, could hold out for that long. And he'd better find a way to free that stupid human....because I as soon as we were fully charged I was wasn't going to wait, because for every moment we waited, Gorgax got stronger. And if we waited too long even our combined attacks may not be enough...So Dina or no Dina, I was going to destroy him....

Talk about pressure, huh? *sighes* That's Makura for you.... (*psst* Don't worry, she wouldn't really kill Dina...)

Master Rudy
1st July 2003, 11:46 PM
Rudy Summers
All I could do was freeze in place as Gorgax grabbed Dina. Normally I would have jumped right in to help but before I could react he had a hand to her face and was charging up an attack which would kill her. Dina didn't say a word while this happened but the look on her face said it all. Even this form knew when something wasn't good at all. Gorgax just stared me down and laughed at how indecisive I was about all this. "It there a problem Saiyan? Did something make the poor little monkey mad?" From the corner of my eye I saw Makura twitch at that insult. Thankfully she didn't try anything rash.

Right now all I could try to do was sort this out. However to my horror Gorgax would not allow me the time to think. With a deep and evil sounding laugh he said "If you don't call off your friends now I'll be sure to decorate your clothing with her blood." I knew that I had to act fast now. Waiting too long would more than likely wind up getting Dina killed. Makura still had my scouter and I couldn't tell the exact power levels of everyone but I was able to sense how strong the attacks were. It would be enough to put an end to Gorgax. However if they didn't stop powering up Dina would be finished. Either way we could end this but doing so at the cost of Dina's life was too much to handle. I had an idea but it was extremely risky. If this backfired then I'd be the one responsible for getting Dina killed. I was hoping that Gorgax knew that I'd give the word to kill him if he did something to her. With no other plans coming to mind I did the only thing I could think of.

I started to laugh at him.

It wasn't a normal laugh however. Instead it sounded more like the laugh of a madman or a killer. Meanwhile I let the biggest smirk I could have creep onto my face. "It would appear that the big bad lizard has no idea who the hell he's talking to" I said to no one in paticular. The sudden change in attitude took everyone by surprise. Kiaran didn't seem to know what to make of it and started to say "Rudy? What are you....." However I didn't want her to blow this chance. Turning to face her I shouted "Quiet girl! I never asked for your opinion on this matter did I?! Just keep on powering up your damn attack!" Not wanting to see the look on her face after that I turned back to Gorgax. "I'm sure you've heard stories about the great Prince Vegeta. Surely an overgrown animal such as yourself knows of him right? If not then I'm sure you know of Kakarot. Vegeta was one of the people who usually ran around that band of weaklings. Why he never finished him off I'll never know. I would have never shown the same mercy that my ancestor did."

A look of shock appeared on Gorgax's face for a moment before he too laughed. "Nice try kid! But I don't believe for one moment that you....." I already knew what he was going to say so before he could finish I yelled "YOU DARE MOCK THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS?!" I saw Gorgax's grip on Dina loosen for a moment before he started to speak again. "Even if your telling the truth about being part of the former royal family it still doesn't bother me. Now I won't ask again. If you don't call off your friends the girl dies." Now it was do or die time. With a laugh I said "You truely are a fool if you believe I actually give two squirts of piss about that human. Go ahead! Kill her! She means nothing to me!" I could hear the shocked gasps of everyone as I said that. Inside I was feeling sick to my stomach. I wished I could drop the act but as long and Dina was in trouble I had to keep it up. However I had a feeling it wasn't working. Gorgax seems to see my trick and called my own bluff. "Fine then! If you really don't care then why don't you kill her yourself? Either way you'd still get rid of me." Luckly I was expecting that and had a back up plan. Spreading my arms out I started to power up what looked like Vegeta's Final Flash. In truth I really didn't know the attack. Instead I had two bright orbs of ki in both of my hands. To anyone looking on it would appear as if I was ready to end it. In truth the orbs were nothing more than harmless balls of light. Gorgax however didn't seem to know the difference as I brought my hands together in front of me.

Finally the chance to attack came up. My scare tatic seemed to finally work as he pushed Dina away from him and turned to fire his attack at me. "You dirty little monkey! DIE!!!" As he fired I fell backwards and quickly shouted "Hit him now!" Just as the others got ready to fire I quickly charged up my own attack for an added bit of power as I layed on my back.


It didn't take long for all four attacks to find their mark as the air was filled with a shout of pain. As the dust started to clear I stood up. To my relief Dina was ok. As for the others they seemed a bit drained from having to power up that long but overall we were fine. As for Gorgax the only trace of him left was a smear of blood on a nearby wall. For the most part everyone was silent until a sneeze was heard. We all knew who it was before she even had the chance to ask "What happened to Gorgax?" All I could say as I walked by was "Don't worry about it. He's been taken care of." Right now I just didn't want to face anyone after what I had done and said......

2nd July 2003, 12:34 AM
Kiaran - F - Saiyan

My eyes widened in shock, as I heard Rudy's words. ...
Why was he acting like... like a jerk? Was this how Rudy really was? The guy I had been with for a whole night and sparred with, who seemed kind and caring and understanding of everything? How could he say such things?
Then he told us to fire... as Dina was thrown away from Gorgax. Before I had released my ki... I understood slowly why Rudy had acted teh way he did. It was of course, to save Dina's life.
But there was some thing so unnerving about it..

Everyone had been powering up, or at least most everyone was. My ki however, probably looked the oddest out of everyone. My whole body seemed to be consumed by a lengthy, tendril-like flame which glowed with the aura of shady blues and slight variations of magenta. It swirled around my body as if alive... and slowly I had spread my palms open to form a large ball of ki. As the aura around my body flickered and grew, slowly the 'flame' -like arms thrusted themselves to my palms nad the ball of energy began to grow rapidly. I didn't know why... whenever I formed a ball of ki, for some strange reason I grew an aura around my body which looked like blue flames, as if I were burning.

Then Rudy told us to fire... and I did.
" YOUKAI FIREO!" I gave a shout, and instantly teh ball of energy turned pitch black- colder and more sinister than even darkness itself. The energy ball of black instantly bursted into the air and the particles re-gathered again for an extra burst of energy, and slowly it took the form of a winged-beast which was only the size of a cat rather, slightly larger than Yasu. All this happened so fast however... that unless someone was paying attention to my attack in particular, they couldn't have seen the whole formation process and form of energy. Anyway, everyone let loose their most powerful attack... and instantly Gorgax was pummeled and nothing but his blood was left.

Rudy then gazed at everyone, and he looked rather awkward. Rudy's gaze flickered to mine, as I gazed to him with my gentle, liquid-blue gaze. He opened his mouth as if to say some thing... but I shook my head, mylight blonde hair wavering.
"No need to explain Rudy... i... I understand why you acted like that."

Although I spoke to him kindly, I had to turn away from his face so not to look in his own. For some reason... the words he said had hurt me far more then they should have for he didn't mean them. Why.. .
Why Kiaran are you suddenly so emotional aroun d him?
A voice questioned... but I had no time to answer it.


There was a small Namekian voice which suddenly had caught my attention.
"Oh my! Rudy, Makura- everyone... Gav and Idaia!"
I quickly exclaimed, and then turned around to quickly run to where I heard the small voice cry out.

Outlaw JT
4th July 2003, 07:13 PM
OOC: this color is just so wrong for this Garen..........oh well.


He watched from the rooftop with mild interest as the two warriors fought. Neither fighter was truly giving their all. The scorven was saving up its energies in case more came to get in his way. Gav was holding back to avoid hurting the namek boy and that fascinating creature. He was also staggering his attacks slowly to guage the scorven for weak spots in its protective skin.
"Pity," Garen thought aloud but no one could hear him.
Just then Gav and the scorven traded blows sending them both back to opposing walls. The scorven crashed into the wall directly below him. He could not remain hidden for long now. Just as well, Garen thought. He wasn't here just to observe anyway but it was entertaining to watch the energetic Gav. He had a true warriors spirit even if his power level was low compared to the saiyan elite.
Garen watched as the scorven recovered much more quickly than Gav. It sprang up and charged across the way to attack Gav while he was trying to find his feet. Garen heard the yound namek scream and decided this was the time to intervene. Garen didn't wish to see his earlier mercy go to such a shameful waste.
He floated down from the rooftop quickly and leapt forward behind the scorven.
" EEEEH! GAV WATCH OUT!" the namek boy shouted.
Garen was not after Gav this time though. With lightning speed Garen's tail snaked out and wrapped itself tightly around the scorvens neck. At the last moment he swung his body lurching the creature sideways to slam it against the wall Gav had just gotten up from. Garen punched it squarely in the face as it wriggled and writhed to break free.
At this point Gav was back at full attention and he jumped away from the pair, unsure how to react. the young namek, which was hiding next to a garbage receptiocle on this wall, ran from its spot to behind Gav since he was no farther away form them than the bin.
"That fighters life belongs to me you pathetic little scorven. It is not yours to take," Garen hissed sharply.
With that he launched a very powerful punch straight at the creatures face. With a loud cracking sound the thing stopped moving to break free. Instead it hung there limply from Garens raised tail. You'd think it were dead could you not hear a low rasping hiss coming from its throat as it tried to breath. It had only been knocked out cold and been given a fractured cheekbone.
"What the hell are you doing here?" Gav shouted bravely, cautiously falling into a defensive stance.
"You shouldn't have been holding back your attacks. You could have gotten past his shell with your strength if you had focused enough," Garen answered coldly, ignoring his question.
"That thing is harder than steel. Nothing could get through it directly," Gav replied sharply.
"Nothing?" Garen asked, slightly amused.
Garen held the scorven up against the wall and pulled back his fist. He opened it up slightly so that his knuckles were outstretched. With great and sudden force he punched forward straight at the things chest, the hardest part of its so called armor. The fist connected with a thunder like clap. His fist was flat against the armor even though his knuckles had been outstretched when he swung. He pulled his fist back to reveal the shell had been completely shattered in that spot. So much so that pieces of it had snapped off and it was oozing a clear greenish fluid.
Gav stared at Garen for a moment, his gaze shifting between Garen and the shattered spot of the scorvens chest. He looked down at his own fist for a moment and flexed it, trying to figure out how Garen could've done such a thing. Realising Garen was still watching him he quickly let go of his fist and stared back at Garen confidently. All he could do was be ready.
Neither of them had time to act though. A group of people quickly rounded the corner with worried faces. Garen spun around to see them and recognised most of them instantly. He knew they'd be coming eventually. He needed them to afterall. It might have been nice to exchange a few more words with Gav first though. Seeing them all drop into defensive positions Garen effortlessly pulled his tail back and tossed the unconscious scorven away over the rooftop to land through the roof of a nearby tavern.
"I was wondering when you would all arrive. I was amazed it took you so long to deal with that joke Gorgax. I'd hate to think I overestimated the lot of you," Garen said coldly with a hint of mischief in his voice.
The angrier they were the less efficiently they were likely to fight. Their powers had grown since their last battle and Garen did not want to risk their collective power level being higher than he could currently sense. At their current level he still held the advantage but it was foolish not to expect them to be holding their power levels down at least a little bit.
"What do you want with us now monster?" Rudy said as he took a step forward in front of everyone.
"I have no business with you today young saiyan. My business is with her," Garen said, pointing past his shoulder to Makura.
"What?" she said angrily. "Whats a lizard want with me? I've had enough of freaks with tails today!"
"I am no more a lizard than you are little saiyan mercenary!" Garen replied quickly, his voice growing deeper and stronger. "I am here to collect you for trial on Vegetta. It seems you made a contract with my colleagues back on Earth. As one of your targets is standing right beside you it is obvious you have broken that contract. While I had no desire for your deaths personally it seems our generals agreed with my colleagues decision to hire you. Since they see it that way and you have betrayed your contract they ordered me to retrieve you to be tried for that crime. I have no quarrel with the rest of you. Come with me peacefully Makura and none of your new friends need get hurt. I won't tell them I saw you all here so long as you do not keep heading in the direction of planet Vegetta."
Garen himself dropped into a defensive stance as a warning. His intuition told him they would not let one of their own be taken so easily. Even the child must know Makura would be killed once she arrived on Vegetta. Garen had no taste for it but she had broken a contract. He had respect for the laws. Even though he had no desire for her to fulfill her contract he had to bring her in for breaking it.
"I hope our previous encounter encourages you all to see reason. I do not wish to kill any of you but disobey this command and I will take her by force," Garen said sternly.
He waited patiently for their reply, readying himself to strike. Makura and this strange new saiyan girl were the biggest threats so he'd have to move on them first. That scouter could prove to useful to them. It was a great advantage being the only one able to sense power levels and he did not like giving up any advantage. And that strange technique the new girl used worried him. The attack itself was not terribly powerful in his experience but it was unlike any he had seen before. Who knew what else she was capable of?

OOC: so you know he is talking about Kiaran. He was watching both fights and he did see the full of her attack. Enjoy everybody. Feel free to kick things off but don't expect this to be a quick or easy fight becuase you have the numbers.

Kuro Espeon
5th July 2003, 02:37 PM
I stared blankly at the Changeling, my mind whirring very fast. Was this guy serious?! He actually expected me to just give up and go in quietly? Ha! Besides...The Great Bounty Hunter Makura wasn't one to go marchig off to her death when it wasn't her time to die.
There was a short time after Garen's last words that was filled with an uncomfortable silence. I could tell that everyone was nervous by the feeling of tension in the air and the constant wavering of power levels as if they were debating wether or not to attack. But most of all I noticed their expressions, a mixture of shock, nervousness, and definance. I was slightly surprised by this. Why should THEY care what happens to me? After all...I was only with them by contract. I was pretty sure that none of them did, or ever would, consider me a friend. ...Not that it mattered to me of course...
I decided to break the silence by doing something the changeling did not expect. I started laughing. The changeling's eyebrows lifted as he looked at me curiously. Rudy and the others spun around and stared at me, mouthes agape. Apparently, they did not find this a laughing matter.
"Hahaha! You've GOT to be kidding me! You seriously believe you can..."Take me in"? HAHAHA!! You're FULL of it, changeling!" I bellowed.
"You don't seem to understand your position, Saiyan." He said bluntly.
"On the contrary! I understand perfectly! You're trying to kill me! I thin it's YOU who doesn't understand, changeling!" My aggravation was starting to come to the surface and I didn't realize that I had begun to yell. "You don't seem to understand who you're dealing with! As a bounty hunter I have my own authority and I am not bound by any law! It is MY desicion on what jobs I follow through on! I broke that contract because I recieved a better offer!" I motioned to Rudy, "That is the nature of almost all bounty hunters, you should know that! Therefore, it is not for you to dictate the legality of my actions! I'M NOT STANDING TRIAL FOR ANY GOD DAMN THING!!" I curled my hands into fists at my sides, shaking with rage.
"Once again, Saiyan. You don't seem to get it." said Garen, shaking his head slightly. "The difference in our power levels is quite obvious. You wouldn't stand a chance against me if you tried to fight. You OR your friends here..."
"YOU LEAVE THEM OUT OF THIS!!" I yelled. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Rudy stopped short at this, looking at me with surprise and a twinge of compassion. "If you think you can get to me by threatening uninvolved people, you're mistaken! They have nothing to with this, and if you're bringing them into this then you're and even bigger COWARD than I thought!"
This seemed to get to him. His eyes narrowed dangerously.
"I can see that you're never going to cooperate, are you? Hmph! Well, than you leave me no choice...though I do warn you, you don't stand a chance." He cracked his knuckles as he regarded me with a twisted grin.
"I'd be more worried about yourself..." But as I said this, I felt a cold wave of doubt pass over me. For once, I was unsure about my chances of winning. But I wasn't going to come quietly, that was for sure. Just then, however, I felt a hand on my arm. I look to my elft and saw Rudy stepping foreward,a determined expression carved onto his face.
"If you want to take Makura, you'll have to get through us as well. Do you really think you can take us ALL on?" He smirked at Garen. Garen, in response, raised one eyebrow and laughed lightly.
"Such strange bonds of loyalty...You sure are quick to protect the one who, under slightly different circumstances, would be trying to kill you."
Rudy was about to reply but I held out my hand in front of him, stopping him from moving foreward.
"Get back, Summers! This doesn't concern you! This is my fight, and I'm not going to let you interfere!"
"In...Interfere?! Makura! I'm trying to help you!" He insisted.
"Well don't help me, Summers! I've survived this long without help and I can do it now!" I cried.
"Get out of here and take the others with you! This isn't your problem and my safety is NOT your concern!"

Heh heh...you can tell that Makura is just looking out for them...but she'd never admit that!

Ultimate Charizard
5th July 2003, 02:48 PM

"Fair enough" i called out. Everyone turned to look at me as i had been quiet during most of this. "Makura, you may not want help but i see a problem" She glared at me. "And just what problem might that be?"

"Well...." I began "...it seems that im standing right between you and Garen and the funny thing is i dont seem to be able to move..." I heard her curse under her breath. "..and since Garen says he owns my life he may as well get some time with his investment"

I changed my stance to something more aggressive and prepared myself. I knew the others had all been fighting longer than me and i was fractionally less fatigued, with any luck i could keep Garen stalled, either with his gloating of his superior power levels or with a fight. At least to give the others chance to work something out. I doubted a head on attack would work.

For some reason i felt i had a better chance against Garen. I wasnt the strongest fighter but there was something about him. Why would an enemy give me hints and tips for fighting if he just wanted to kill us.

6th July 2003, 12:34 PM
MAN! I had this whole thing typed up and then some how, with out selecting anything... I deleted allo f it! I had so much of it done.... *growls* UUUUUGH!
Now I have to re-type everything...

Kiaran - F - Saiyan

I watched in bewilderment, as everything was whirling into motion... so, Makura had been paid to kill Rudy? And then Rudy had paid Makura higher so she wouldn't?
It was confusing... I had no idea about it, since I had not been there... and now a changeling? Who was this changeling and how did everyone know him?
"Dang it all..." I whispered to myself, as I watched as now Gav was trying to say he should fight the changeling. For some reason I doubt that if we fighted this changeling we would win... for there was some thing about him that told me he would have many surprises instore if we did try to fight him.

Rudy was looking strained, as if he wanted to say some thing but didn't know what... it was a look of helplessness, and Rudy didn't wear the look very well. I frowned, as Dina even seemed tor ealize the seriousness of the situation and gazed onward in silence. Then however, my eyes flickered behind the changeling to see two, wide and frightened eyes staring back at me.
Idaia... clutching the what seemed to be, limp and knocked-out body of Yasu. Idaia must have some how been hiding behind the alienoid trash dumpster, while Gav had been fighting the other alien creature... and now, Idaia was behind the changeling while we were facing him. I wondered if the changeling had noticed poor Idaia.. if he had, he didn't seem the slightest interest in Yasu or Idaia,whichI considered good.
But what if things get desperate?!

I thought suddenly... what if things got so desperate, the changeling would stoop so low as to grab Idaia and/or Yasu and use them as a hostage to get his way or worse?! It made me nervous.. and I knew I would feel a whole lot better if they were on our side... literally.

"Rudy!" I whispered, taking a step towards him and although his gaze was focused on Makura and Gava nd the changeling, he flickered his gaze slightly at me.
" Look at Idaia..." Rudy did so slightly, as i whispered.
" He's so alone and frightened... and I don't trust him by the changeling, so I'm going to get him."
"What?! Kiaran you can't... what if that changeling decides to put an end to you. His power level is much higher then ours... if he decides to -"
"Rudy, I have to. You stay here, I'm not going far and you'll be able to see me once I get over there. Nothing will happen. I spared with you before, and we both never truely showed our full power, nor did I show you my true energy attacks. Iused simple ki and if you haven't noticed... my energy usually isn't supposed to be in ki form."
"kiaran I don't thin-"
"Rudy, I'm not leaving that poor namek child all alone with Yasu who seems to be knocked out from an earlier fight! he's helpless and the poor guy needs some one to help him!"
My whisper was stern and my gaze sharp, as I quickly walked away from Rudy and then slowed down my pace. Gav and Makura were still focued on the changeling, as he was upon them.
Makura was on the outside left... and so as soon as I slowly passed her, I knew Icould go.

I would have to take a wide loop left, and curl around so that I went behind the dumpster and then through to get to Idaia an dYasu. Hopefully by looping around instead of doing a straight line, the changeling wouldn't take it as an offensive manuever. Swallowing hard, I knew I would need some slight speed.. so I consentrated upon my legs. Slowly... urging my energy to swoon towards my leg muscles, an aura suddenly lit to life around my legs. It was a bright blue... and although I didn' thtink anyone was paying attention, I focused upon the color of the aura. Soon after forcing my thoughts, the aura's color faded into a transparent being. I didn't think the changeling took notice like everyone else... which was good. I always had an odd way it seemed to power up or use my energy...
Alright... now! GO!

I felt my mind command, and instantly with my newly added boost of speed and seemed to disappear. Of course, I would only seem to disappear to those with the same powerlevel as me or aorund my powerlevel. I knew that the changeling had a much higher level then anyone... and he probably could see my movement far easeir then anyone else... but I still hoped he couldn't. I doubted my hopes were good... but perhaps there was an off chance my speed and agility served me well.

Soon I had appeared behind Idaia and Yasu, and I didn't look to see what the others were doing. Instead Idaia gazed atme, and instantly his eyes brightened as he whispered.
"Kiaran! You came for us?!"
"Yeah, don't want you two to be alone... hey Idaia, was Yasu knocked out?"
Idaia nodded, looking saddened.
"Hurry, use some of your healing powers to perhaps kick her senses back to reality ad then I'll get you out of here."
Idaia nodded, as he placed his hand upon her forehead and instantly a little, small flashof green rippled around us, and when he took his hand quickly off her forehead, not even a second had passed.
[The...the...] Suddenly Yasu's eyes widened, as she gazed at me with a horrified look. I grabbed Idaia around the waist and hoisted him with one arm against my side, as I looked at Yasu.
"What's the matter?"
[ I... I remember.]
"Remember what?!"
[ I could not remember what or who I was. I...I have regained back a little of my memory.]
"Oh.... well Ya-"
[ I was awakened from the copy of the Dragonball, and I have absorbed one dragon ball because I felt I was supposed to absorb the dragon balls. I remember why now...]
I leaned closer to Yasu...
"That's good... but Yasu I would feel better if you could tell me-"
[ I absorb them because I am the Keeper, I keep them with in me and when I have absorbed all seven, whoever is my master will recieve the wish they want. I guess it's easier then hauling around all seven dragon balls... but when they are all gathered and the wish granted... then I will also do some thing...or I'll change in some way. I don't know how or what tho... that is all I have remembered so far. It's so vague...]
I nodded, and gazed to Idaia.
"So we've got a Guardian of Dragonballs and a Keeper... wonderful, but I should get you guys out of here."
I said, reaching to grab Yasu so we could get the heck out from behind the side of the dumpster.

Kuro Espeon
16th July 2003, 12:24 PM
Alright this is just gonna be short, because I'm running low on ideas at the moment. But I figured that this RPG needed another jump start. *gets out jumper cable and attaches one end to the RPG and and prepares to connect the other to the end of a large car battery*

These humans really are an enigma... I thought as I stared at Gav while he moved into a fighting stance. He can't possibly beat Garen, a changeling, in a one-on-one battle...Humans, while stubborn and bold, simply do not have the physical capacity. But yet...he's till willing to fight. He's either incredibley brave....or incredibly stupid...
After much deliberation I was leaning more towards the latter...
"Thanks for the offer, Gavin..." I shot, rather sharply, "But I will repeat...this is NOT your fight. I am not so low as to accept help from a human. You would only slow me down. Get out of the way and stay out of this!"
Gav looked slighty hurt by my comment but stil refused to move.
"Are you deaf, human?! I said GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!!"
He stayed put, not moving an inch. I sighed aggravatedly, and brushed my hair back from my face, tucking it behind my ear.
"Very well, kid. I realize I can't stop you frmo doing what you wanna do. But..." I stressed, "let me tell you this. Once this battle starts I'm not going to be looking out for you or bending over backwards to save your *** if you get yourself in trouble. If you fight, you're on your own. Consider this a warning. This is your last chance to back out."
With that I turned away from him and once again turn my attention towards the changling Garen, glaring intently. Shifting my feet on the dusty ground, I moved smoothly into a fighting stance.
"Come and get me...if you CAN!"

Kuro Espeon
4th August 2003, 12:07 PM
Um...guys? Isn't anyone gonna post here? Or am I the only one who wants to keep this going?
Honestly people...the 3rd page? Come on!

5th August 2003, 12:28 AM
Ok, Im just going to go with what I had planned, so I dont get yelled at by Maku-chan anymore ;.; lol ^-~

I watched as the strange new creature showed up and began to cause even more trouble than Gorgax had with our little group. This one called itself Garen, and its mission was to take Makura back for a trial on its planet, which by the sound of it would eventually lead up to Makuras execution. I didnt know what Makura had done before hooking up with our group, but I knew that sending her off to die couldnt be an option.
But it seemed like if we did not give her up, we would all be killed.
Garens power level far exceeded all of ours, and it made Gorgax seem like a training excercise. Though I still didnt exactly know how we made it out of that one alive, due to being in my 'Idiot form' at the time, I didnt think that same thing would work again.

It seemed the only choice we had for most of us to survive was to give in to Garens demands....

As the fight raged on in front of me I quickly darted over to where Rudy was standing. He looked very frustrated and upset with himself, like something had happened recently. Seeing that stabbed me briefly. Damn my other half!! That idiots always causing trouble...If somehow she was the cause..... I didnt let myself finish my thought. Now wasnt the time for such things.
"Rudy..." I said in a quiet voice, snapping him out of his thoughts. He glanced at me and then looked away quickly. "Yeah?"
Getting a deadly serious look on my face, I spoke up. "Garens power level is very high. If we tried to fight him theres a very good chance it would result in all of us dying." Rudy sighed and shook his head. "What else can we do Dina? We cant just give over Makura.."
I was getting frustrated. Rudy seemed like he had about given up already, and he still wasnt looking at me. Leaning closer, I stared him right in the face and said, "Why not?"
That finally got his attention. "WHAT?!! Dina you----"
"Shh!" I said and then, "Listen, Garen wont leave us alone til he has Makura, right? Well as I see it, the best thing for everyone would be to let him get what he wants. But UNDER OUR TERMS."
Rudy shook his head. "I know Makura seems hot-headed but shes our ally, we cant just hand her over to the enemy!"
Looking around and making sure no one saw what I was doing, I pulled Rudys jacket until his back was to Garen, and formed an orange ball of ki. Quickly drawing a red star in the middle I showed it to Rudy. "Looks just like the real thing doesnt it?" I asked meaningfully.
The look on Rudys face showed he understood what I was hoping to do. "I see...but, will he buy it? Garens not as stupid as Gorgax was."
Nodding, I said, "Ive thought of that. But if I have enough time, I can make it flawless." Concentrating on the false Dragonball in my hands for a few seconds, it slowly faded until its slight glow dissapated and it looked as solid as the real thing. Slowly I reached out a hand and touched it, but instead of exploding, my hand slid across its smooth surface. Still concentrating I handed it to Rudy, who took it after a few seconds. He seemed surprised at its solidity and tossed it up in the air catching it as it fell back down. His eyes widened. "This might actually work..."
I nodded and then realised my hold over it was slipping. "Drop it!" I told him and he did, just in time for it to pop and fizzle halfway to the ground.
I took a deep breath and shook my head. "But for it to work I need time. If we could delay Garen somehow, set things up to where we deliver 'Makura' at a later time and in a certain place, then we might just be able to pull this off." I smiled. "And after we re safely halfway to Planet Vegeta in our new ship Garen would be in for quite a surprise...."
Rudy smiled. "We should tell Makura, so she doesnt get the wrong idea about it. Then Ill make a deal with Garen--"
That gave me an idea. "No, dont tell Makura. Itll be better and more believeable if she thinks we re really 'selling her down the river'. It would look strange if she agreed to it without a fight."
Rudy nodded. "Agreed. Well, Im going for it. Hope this works ^-^()" He started walking off towards where Garen and the Human Gav were fighting. I stepped forward too. "Wait, Rudy. If you make the deal he ll think somethings up. You dont seem like the type that would think one of your allies was expendable." Rudy flinched as I said this and again I wondered what had happened while I was an idiot. "Ill do it, he doesnt know me yet. And anyway," I grinned. "Arent humans supposedly driven by greed?"
He looked uncomfortable for a few minutes, then nodded. "Alright. But dont get too close to him, we wouldnt want a repeat of what happened with Gorgax..." Thinking that something big HAD happened with Gorgax before, I resolved to ask him later what it was as I stepped forward to the creature that Gav was still fighting. Taking a deep breath I resolved to make this believeable. And then I grabbed Gav as he threw a punch and used all my strength to hurl him against the wall. "YOU IDIOT!" I yelled. "What have I told you! Thats not how you properly do business!!!" Rudy, Makura and Kiaran were all shocked by my behaivior, and Kiaran stepped forward with a questioning look on her face. "Whats gotten into y---" Before she could finish, I threw my hand back and smacked her across the face. "Know your place, Saiyan." I snarled and then turned to Garen. "So, you want one of my saiyans, is that it? Theyre not cheap you know, though they should be by how much they talk back." Everyone still seemed stunned by my change of attitude, except Garen, who just reguarded me with a studying gaze. "So, youd be perfectly willing to just hand Makura over?" He asked skeptically.
I walked over to Makura, stepping around her and looking at her disdainfully. "I dont know...shes a pretty good saiyan, when shes not b!tching about everything of course...."

Before Makura could get out any sort of taunt I grabbed her tail and gave it a slight squeeze. "But I think for a good price Id let her go..."
Garen folded his arms. "What makes you think Im in the mood for making deals? I could just take her, and leave you with nothing."
I had to think quick. This Garen was rather arrogent, but he seemed like he was mainly concerned with doing his job. The fact that we were all alive proved that. So I had to get him at his weak spot.
"Well its hardly honorable to take a persons property without giving something in return, dont you think? So I propose this: Pay for the repairs on our ship and youll get your monkey, but not until the repairs are complete." I looked at him with an unwavering gaze, as Makura gasped out, "Y..o.u....b....i..t..c..h.."
Smirking slightly, I said "Whatll it be?"
I realised how strange this was, and that I hurt Gav, Kiaran and Makura by acting like this. But hopefully they would think this was just another split personality. The thing that hurt me about it was I knew Rudy knew it wasnt. He knew this was part of my plan, and I hoped hed forgive me for it. Because some things just needed to be done to ensure survival. I just hoped it wouldnt be in vain.
For all our sakes, this HAD to work...

OK! lol JT, please have Garen buy this, at least the initial offer ^-^()
EDIT: Altering it a bit so its more possible ^-^()

Also on an unrelated but still RPG note, could someone PLEASE post in Sins?? I just did and Ill post again if I have to but Id like if someone else made an effort to keep that one alive. Besides mine its one of my favorite RPGs ;.;

Kuro Espeon
19th August 2003, 11:50 AM
Ummm...I'm guessing we're waiting on JT? *cough cough* I'd kinda like to go get on with this please? I really like this RPG and I'd be really pissed if it died.
Oh and welcome back Asi-chan!! *huggles*

Master Rudy
19th August 2003, 10:52 PM
Yeah it would seem that Kuro is right. Garen is your character after all JT. I'll give you some time to post since the last post made by Asi was directed at you. If nothing is up soon then I'll try to think of something myself to keep this afloat while we wait on you ^_~

21st August 2003, 08:15 AM
Well... *I* can post, and add a twist... and probably make your heads hurt with all of the things going on. ^^ Phun!

" I'm nobody's fool... I won't be hurt by it again."


I was shocked... standing there as the slight tingle from where Dina had hit me still stood. What the heck...
Part of me believed that this was all just an act, some thing to probably trick Garen... and perhaps it would work to confuse everyone like that. In the short time with Dina, I knew she didn't act this way... usually... I ... think? It hurt me however... what if ... ? It was too confusing with so many questions, and my head began to spin as I clutched Yasu in my one arm and held Idaia's hand in my left. I narrowed my eyes, it was uncalled for. There were more ways to defeat an enemy then decepting your friends and hurting them. I was sick of mind games... Rudy had done it too, and if that didn't make me feel worse enough, then Dina had to go and pull the same trick. I was done.

" Well, nice to meet you changeling, but I am leaving this party a little soon." I stood up straight, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind my ear. Rudy looked at me and quickly looked as if he were about to question me... but I shook my head.
" I'm not taking this anymore. I'm going..."
Dina's eyes filled with a little panic look, but she quickly washed it away and yelled..
" Coward Saiyan! Remember to know your place... you can't leave!" SHe said it harshly, but my eyes were narrowed.
" Make me."

With that, I looked to Yasu and Idaia and I then looked at everyone,
"I'm taking Yasu and Idaia with me, these two are in more danger than any of you know... "
With that I flew off, grabbing Idaia in my arms as Yasu nodded and fluttered by me. Flying... I felt the wind ripple through my hair, as I felt my eyes get a little watery and hot, but I quickly shunned them aside. I... I was as Saiyan, and... they didn't... cry.
[ What they did hurt you, didn't it?]
Yasu's voice rang gently through my ears... as I didn't bother to look at her, but simply nodded.
[ I understand.] Was all she said, and I was thankful that as all she was going to say... I didn't really want any advice or reassurance. Understanding from some one, or a creature, was as good as anything right now.
"Where are we going?" Idaia piped up, his eyes wide but yet full of fasination at how fast I was flying...
" To the shipyard. I believe we were going to go back there anyway... "
I said, as the shipyard came into view and I quickly veered towards it and then landed upon the ground in a huff. Dust rose a little bit, as I sat Idaia down and Yasu fluttered to perch on my shoulder.
" I... I thought you were taking us all away forever." Idaia suddenly said, looking at me with confused eyes.
" What? No... " I trailed off, smiling weakly as I sat down on a piece of scrap metal formed into a small dome.
" I... I wouldn't leave anyone, when... I made a promise to help. What they did back there... I don't think it was nessisary. To trick an enemy, you don't need to hurt your friends..."
I sighed, as I got up.
" You two stay here... or come with me if you like. I'm going to find some one here and ask if they want help. I need some thing to keep me busy and my mind off things."
Idaia nodded, as he got up and followed as Yasu remained perched on my shoulder. I walked inside... and gazed at all the ships, a lot of them broken, some of them repaired well... until I found a guy.
" Hey... you!" I said, as the guy looked at me and then walked towards me.
" Oh, hello... can... I help you again?"
I nodded, "Actually, I was hoping you could give me some thing to work on. I'm very fluant with mechanics and ... need some thing to keep me rather busy."
The guy looked at me awkwardly, but nodded as he walked forward down a row of ships and I followed... until he came to the fourth one.
" This one's electrical body frame is busted, along with the engine core which got it's wires messed up in a crash. See if you can fix that for me, and if you really are good... then fix the weapon activation field as well."
I smiled and nodded, " Thanks... I assuem I can use these tools next to it to aid me?"
He nodded, " Knock yourself out."
With that I got to work... as Idaia sat near the ship, watching and thinking to himself as Yasu sat in his lap and they both were quiet, only occasionally talking to themselves or to me off and on.
Busy...I had to keep busy to keep my mind from wandering..

Master Rudy
27th September 2003, 04:48 AM
I think this is in serious need of a jumpstart. I'm ready to go if the rest of you are still willing to be part of this RPG ^_~

Kuro Espeon
29th September 2003, 02:53 PM
*raises hand* I'm willing! I think Asi was planing something, but I was waiting for her to post. someone *cough cough RUDY cough cough* should ask her about it, and if she's gonig to come back.

29th September 2003, 05:22 PM
=^^ I AM TOOOOO! If some one could sacrafice *cough Jeff cough* and post already...
I say if he doesn't post in a reasonable amount of time, we just keep going. We can't help it if we play his character wrong, but there is no use making everybody wait. And I'm impatient! *fume fume*