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Pokemaster Ash
18th June 2007, 09:41 PM
Okay, I KNOW I'm not the only one who thinks the PokéRadar is a piece of crap. It sounded semi-impressive in the past, save the fact that a lot of good Pokémon had to be found with it, but it could be endured.....until two important details came about.

1: They don't turn off regular wild encounters when you use the Radar. Thus when you're walking towards what you think might be that Ditto or Ralts you want, you get something else appearing out of nowhere and interrupting your work.

2: The PokéRadar apparently increases the chance of running into things that were already annoyingly common in that area in the first place.

Is there a way to tell what might potentially be what you're looking for or otherwise cheat the damn thing's annoyance level. I'm already using Repels to deal with problem 1, but problem 2 is just....ugh.

18th June 2007, 10:11 PM
Use a max repel to cancel the random wild things encounters. Reset the radar if you run into something you don't want; I'm not sure that it really does increase the rate of encountering common pokémon--I think that might be an issue of perception rather than function.

Anyway, I used to think the pokéradar was a worthless item. Then I learned about shiny hunting. I may have no patience whatsoever and consequently not be able to do it, but some people have gone nuts with it, and it's a cool idea.

18th June 2007, 10:27 PM
Meh, the PokeRadar can be kinda annoying/confusing. When trying to find a rare Pokemon, try searching in the grass that rustles for a shorter time, where the grass looks like it is kinda white. The grass that rustles gentler for a longer time seems to have a higher chance of having a common Pokemon in it, but this isn't always true. Truth be told, I relied mostly on the Pal Park to import most of those PokeRadar exclusive Pokemon.

Also, if you try chaining, make sure that you go towards grass that is far away from where you are currently standing while using the PokeRadar, and make sure that it rustles in the same way as it did when you encountered the Pokemon that you are chaining.

19th June 2007, 02:13 AM
2 words: EV training.

There might be better places sure, but man if you can have 30 Kricketunes in a row think of all the EVs you can get! :<