View Full Version : Pal Park -Scoring System?

Dark Sage
18th June 2007, 11:28 PM
I just started using the Pal Park. I like being able to import my Pokemon, and it's kind of fun looking for Pokemon that you can catch automatically. It's kinda like a... bonus round.

But I'm a little confused about the score you get when you're done.

I understand your Time Points. That's an easy one.

But you also get "Catch Points" and "Type Points". I don't understand those at all.

Can anyone tell me how this scoring system works? I'm hoping that I can get a Berry that's really rare by scoring big, once I find out how the system works. (Yeah, I'm going to try the Contests eventually.)

Mega Horny
19th June 2007, 12:04 AM
Highest score I've ever gotten unintentionally was 3400-something. Think I got an Iapapa berry. Type points represent the variety of types you migrate, I believe. When I have a wide variety, I tend to score higher, while I got a much lower type score when I transfered over my ground monotype team. Catch baffles me as well, but it may have to do with the rarity of the Pokemon you migrate. Usually i get 480 catch points or so, but one time when i transfered over 4 legendaries in one I got 500.