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12th December 2002, 12:44 AM
Battle City is over, Yugi now posseses 3 Millenium Items, the Puzzle, the Necklace, and the Rod.....but what of the other 4? Shadi, Keeper of the Items posseses 2, the Scale and Key and the other two are well....locked up....within the dormant mind of one such Bakura...

Chpt.1 The Migrain

*Domino High during school*

*Yugi and Joey are dueling*
*the score is Yugi: 3050 Joey: 2450*

Joey: Polymerization! Masaki the Legendary Swordsman and Flame Manipulator create Flame Swordsman!!....Attack the Beaver Warrior!

Yugi: Not so fast, Mirror Force!

Joey: Ah No!!! My Swordsman!!

*FS is destroyed*

Yugi: My turn! *draws card* I use Graceful Charity and discard my Gaia the Fierce Knight and Kuriboh, Now I sacrifice my Beaver Warrior to summon Curse of Dragon! *the CoD is summoned* *Joey sweatdrops* Now I use Monster Reborn to bring back Gaia!! *Joey has big sweatdrop*

Joey: Oh no you arent..

Yugi: Yeah, I use Fusion Sage to get Polymerization from my deck and fuse Gaia and CoD to make Gaia the Dragon Champ.!! *GtDC is summoned*Gaia attack Joey! *Joey looses*

*group meets at the lunch table after the duel*

Yugi: Its great that Kaiba has mass produced those Dueling Disks and gave us 2 free pairs...

Tea: I couldnt watch the duel cuz I had Math...

Tristan: Me too...

Tea: Isnt that Bakura?

*Bakura joins the group*

Bakura: Swell day were having?

Tristan: yeah, so did you watch the duel?

Yugi: I won, but Joey sure had me worried....

Bakura: Oh the duel...well...*ungh*...

Yugi: Are you okay Bakura?

Bakura: I have been having Migrains since I got out of the hospital

*the group thinks about how horrible BC was*

*Inside Bakura's mind*

Yami Bakura: Listen to me Kill him...kill him....take his puzzle and kill him....

*back at the table*

Bakura: *stares blankly for a second*

Joey: Bakura WAKE UP!!

Bakura: Uh....what happened?

Tristan: You zoned out on us for a sec....maybe you should go see the nurse...

Bakura: okay...see you tomorrow! *waves and leaves*

Group: BYE!

Yugi: I dont know...I sense something wrong with Bakura.....

------------------------END of Chpt.1-----------------------------------

Chpt.2 Shadi's Return

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12th December 2002, 04:08 PM
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Chpt.2 Shadi's Return (~ = Yami in Bakura's mind)

*Bakura's Room*

Bakura: Maybe this Advil'l help...

~not after what i will do to you hehe....~

Bakura: *im hearing things...*

~hehe...maybe you are maybe ou arent...

Bakura: Maybe I should go to sleep...

~NO YOU WONT! first we have some arrons to accomplish~

Bakura: Whoever you are SHUT UP!!

~MUAHAHAHA!! I am you youre self, all your inner hatred, no I COMMAND YOU!! go to the school..~

Bakura: NO!


*The Group, after school*

Yugi: Tea could you help me with my Math homework?

Tea: Sure ill go with u to your house!

Tristan: Oh well....me and Joey are going to go visit Serenity later, so see you tomorow!

*Tristan leaves*

Tea: Wait a minute...shouldnt we check on Bakura to see if hes okay?

Yugi: Maybe thats a good idea....he lives about 8 blocks away from my house...

*Rumbling in bushes*

Tea: What was that?

Yugi: *turns around* I dont know...

Man: Its I Pharoah....

*Yugi and Tea turn around*

Yugi: Shadi?

Shadi: Yes...I come bearing bad news...

Tea: What?

Shadi: The Tomb Raider is still about and hes gaining more control as we speak...

Yugi and Tea: Who's the Tomb Raider

Shadi: Time will reveal that....One of your Items is in danger Yugi, the Rod..

Yugi: The Rod?

Shadi: And I will wager my Millenium Scale in a duel to see not only who deserves to safeguard the Items, but who will be able to find the Tomb Raider, because only one of such darkness will set off the Scale's sensors...

Yami (Yami Yugi): You're on!

Shadi: Pharaohj, glad to see you in your presence, the warning I give you before our duel is that if the Rod falls into the Tomb Robbers hands, he will finally have full posesion of his body....

---------------------------------End of Chpt.2------------------

Chpt.3 Tri-Horned Terror....

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