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30th June 2007, 05:36 PM
Hey, got a Tourney, with weird rules. Kinda made me think. But this team, its really not good. Help me out with suggestions.

No items allowed.

Pokemon additions/removal is a VERY slight possibility.But yeah, rate away.

Togekiss--Hustle(I wasn't arguing with this or Serene, first Modest one popped up, I rejoiced.)
EV: 252 Sp. A/252 Spd/6HP
Nasty Plot
Air Slash
Baton Pass

BPer. Sturdy sucker.

EV's 252 ATK/40HP/216 Spd
Ice Shard
Aerial Ace
Brick Break
Night Slash

Phys Sweeper-albiet fragile

EV's 252 HP/228 Def/ 28 Spd
Power Whip
Leech Seed
Knock Off
Sleep Powder

-Annoyer/Tank. Here to piss you oiff

EV's 252 Sp. A/172 HP/84 Spd
Flash Cannon
Rain Dance

Weak Spec Sweeper..

EV's: 252 HP/100 Def/32 Spd/124 Atk

--This is just for laughs.EDIT: Yeah just saw Counter is a Emerald tradeover -.-. I am SO unhappy right now that my gag is gone. Now I'm working on a Dunsparce, as making a Lickylicky now is just well, too much fricking work to get to this point now {I just finished EV training it -.-}

EV's: 252 HP/DEF 6 Atk
Rapid Spin
Knock Off
Stone Edge

I hate Spikes with a passion.

30th June 2007, 06:21 PM
Ergh... I'm really not fond of the 3x weakness to Fire here (Weavile, Tangrowth, and Magnezone). It wouldn't be quite as bad if you were this weak to something like Rock, but Fire's one of those really common attack types. When a couple of Flamethrowers can take out half your team, you have to question your strategy.

And now that I think of it, you're 3x weak to Ice as well! Togekiss, Tangrowth, and Donphan can all get wrecked by Ice Beams - another very common move for special sweepers. And there may be others, too. Since you really don't want to have any more than two Pokemon weak against any given type, you may have a lot of problems with this particular lineup...

Perfect Chaos
30th June 2007, 06:27 PM
Hmm...let's see now

Togekiss: I guess that works. I'm assuming you would be BPing Nasty Plots to Magnezone. Too bad it can't learn Agility, or else that would help it out alot. I guess Yawn works out pretty well in place.

Weavile: Yeah, sorry for asking, but what's Ice Shard doing there? Replace it with Ice Punch. Also, its best if you max EVs for Speed. Since its so fragile, it should be doing alot of damage quickly before it dies right?

Tangrowth: Normally, an Annoyer/Tank has high stats in both Def AND Sp. Def. The thing is with Tangrowth is that while its Def is pretty high now, its goina go down hard and fast to a Fire and/or Ice attack (the latter being more common on competitive teams). My recommendation is that you switch it for another Pokemon (like Shuckle or Umbreon) that have the Defenses you need for an Annoyer/Tank

Magnezone: If you going to use Rain Dance, you might as well give it Thunder instead of Discharge. I say you also should give him HP-Ice, to help counter Grass and Ground types. While it gets STAB from Flash Cannon, it doesn't cover alot of types to warrant usage. I say give it this set:

HP - Ice
Thunder Wave

Endure gives it a chance to last at least one more round. If you max out EVs for Speed, have a Timid Nature, and give it a Salac Berry, the Speed boost might allow it to KO some more Pokemon before it goes out.

Lickilicky: Yeah, I just don't know. I think someone asked for a moveset in a topic earlier, so look at that and see what you can come up with

Donphan: W00t, kudos to you for using one of my favs :D. Honestly, I think you should go with this set:

Rapid Spin
Thunder Fang/Rest
Fire Fang/Rest

Its rather intriguing set if you ask me. Still keeps the Rapid Spin aspect, but allows you to have some versitility by using either Fire Fang (for Grass and Ice-types) or Thunder Fang (for Water-types). Rest is there for regular health restoration. If you want, you can add in Rock Slide/Stone Edge for Rock-support.

Hope this helps

30th June 2007, 07:50 PM
Taking both advice here, been trying to find ways to nullify those weaknesses. Can't really x_x I'm pretty weak to Ice...that's funny x_x

Tangrowth, yeah..I think I wrote something wrong and was supposed to go split 114 Sp Def and Def. Too late now for that, but I'm hustling for a Vaporeon right now as well, so we may have a switch in the works. I know its not the premiere Annoyer/Tank, but Im trying to be a LIL different.

I like the Donphan Idea. Alot. Ice Fang ftw >> But I'm using Dusknoir with Ice punch {Stupid, yes?} So Im gonna hold off on Donphan for the time being.

And those subs did NOTHING for my Fire or Ice Weaknesses -.- Damn lol

And how do I get Ice Punch on Weavie? If its breeding, then its a no go (for now at least-after this tourney I'll really break these guys down and rework stuff.} I did Ice Shard for Super Priority >>

Perfect Chaos
30th June 2007, 09:19 PM
Yeah for to get Ice Punch on Weavile, you gotta breed it (dunno who the father needs to be).

I don't think Donphan can learn Ice Fang (I'd personally stick with Fire Fang).