View Full Version : Where's the Rival?

Dark Sage
30th July 2007, 05:47 AM

I heard that after you get the National Dex, your Rival shows up at the Fight Area every week, and you can battle him. However, I have gone there every day, and he's never there (aside from the time when he greeted me when I first got there, at which point I couldn't battle him). Does anyone know how to unlock this weekly event?

30th July 2007, 10:31 AM
Your rival will be at the fight area on Saturday and Sunday. You will have to complete the Stark Mountain sidequest (going to Stark Mountain, taking Buck to the back room where he takes the rock, then going back to his house back at the Survival Area which causes him to go back to Stark Mountain, which ends with you defeating/catching the Heatran in the final room where the rock that Buck took was at.) before you can fight him.

31st July 2007, 12:28 PM
Ah, so that's why my Rival keeps showing up there! I thought maybe it was something to do with the Battle Tower.

5th August 2007, 09:31 AM
Where is he exactly? Wouldn't mind whipping him to help speed up leveling of my fricking Espeon and Leafeon to 71 (*WHOSE SMART IDEA WAS IT TO PUT LEAF BLADE ON LVL 71!!! >_<)