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Ultimate Charizard
3rd August 2007, 08:05 AM
Ok i wont go into the Exact Natures etc but wouldnt mind a little advice.
What ive been doing is going round with the Same 3 pokemon all game and now i got past Dialga im just starting to get to a 5 mon team. Now im looking for my 6th...


-Flare Blitz
-Close Combat
-Mach Punch
-Fury Swipes (plan to changewhen i get somethign better)

-Thunder Fang
-Charge (may swap for Irontail)

-Water Pulse
-Confusion (may swap for Psychic)
-Fury Swipes (will be changed when i get something worth having)

-Force Palm
-Flash Cannon

-Dragon Claw
-Fire Blast (Would prefer Flamethrower/firefang)

And then i need my 6th.
I was thinking of getting a Leafeon but its gonna be a while till i get an Eevee.

And yes i know i have 2 fighting types though i see them more as Fire/Steel respectively despite what thier moveset says)
What bothers me is how little PP Infernape will have. Also is Grass knot worth it on him against Water types?

3rd August 2007, 12:09 PM
Looks like you've got a pretty good mix of types with a variety of resistances. The only glaring weakness that you might want to cover is Ground. Ground type attacks are super effective against 3 of your pokemon: Infernape, Luxray and Lucario. Unfortunately, Ground is a bit more common later in the game, as well as in competitive battling.

I'm big on type matching, so to counter this, I'd say add either a flying type pokemon, or something with Levitate, as your 6th.

What you go with is really up to you. There are a lot of flying types out there, so you have lots of choices if you go that route. A nice Ghost type (provided they have Levitate) is always nice to have on a team; it adds immunity to Ground, Fighting and Normal type moves. (All of which are common attack types)

I love my Mismagius, but it sounds like you've got Diamond. Gengar? Murkrow (Dark/Flying, immunity to Ground and Psychic) might be also an option. One of Uxie/Mespirit/Azlef could work, or a Bronzong with Levitate. Bronzong is built like a tank, so it can be a beast to kill (just watch out for Fire!). Do any of those catch your eye?

Hmm. Grass Knot might be interesting on Infernape, actually. I just find those weight-based moves aren't for me. And Infernape's PP doesn't look bad to me; Flare Blitz has 15, only 5 for Close Combat, but lots for Mach Punch. Plus whatever else you put on 'im.

Ultimate Charizard
3rd August 2007, 12:12 PM
Well i went for Shadow Claw over Fury swipes so his Psychic weakness is covered.
I was thinking Gengar but at the moment i have no way to trade so not much chance of me getting past Haunter at this stage.
Im basically just going through the game picking up whatever i come across and seeing what i can cover with what.

Perfect Chaos
3rd August 2007, 04:45 PM
Infernape: Switch out Mach Punch and Fury Swipes with Swords Dance and Stone Edge. Flare Blitz and Close Combat will cover alot of types, the ones they can't will be taken care of with Stone Edge. But yeah, like you said, the moves he gets lack PP.

Luxray: Nope, definitely get rid of Charge. What's the point of using Charge to do double damage the next turn when you can just attack twice and possibly get the same amount of damage? Switch it for Ice Fang and Swagger for Thunder Wave because Luxray's Speed is not all that great.

Golduck: Very cool Pokemon, underused and I like him too. For a set, give him this:

Ice Beam
Calm Mind

Lucario: Man, this guy's movepool is just plain SICK. His Sp. Atk is higher than his Atk, so I would say go with this:

Flash Cannon
Aura Sphere
Water Pulse

Water Pulse is there because he has weakness to Fire and Ground. Not sure of what else to give him.

Garchomp: Looks fine, use Fire Fang instead of Fire Blast/Flamethrower since it'll run off his high Atk. Maybe also give him Swords Dance to boost his Atk even more.

You have a 3x weakness to Ground-types (Infernape, Luxray, and Lucario) which is pretty bad considering how alot of teams nowadays have some Pokemon with Earthquake or some Ground-type moves. I would recommend dropping maybe Lucario for another Pokemon (maybe a Psychic or Ghost type).

Not sure what else could you be used for your 6th member. Hope it helps

Mega Horny
3rd August 2007, 05:48 PM
Don't Listen to Sean, he don't know shit.

Lucario is terrible. He will fail you, trust me. I can honestly promise you if you ever face me in battle he will be the cause of your loss. Horrible Pokemon, I wouldn't even consider having him on your team.

I suggest you get a defensive Pokemon Like Bronzong or Snorlax, both of which can lay down the law as well as stop opponents. Garchomp is a nice defender too, but that's only because of his type combination. Weavile is good, and a healer Roserade/Hypno are both chill as well.

3rd August 2007, 06:19 PM
Again, ignore Mega Horny - he hates Lucario and would sell his own mother just to have it erased from every team on Earth.

Mega Horny
3rd August 2007, 06:25 PM
No, ignore Blademaster. He's just trying to get back at me for being...well...awesome.

I warn you, Lucario IS terrible.

3rd August 2007, 08:18 PM
Your team is x3 Weak to Ground...
I would suggest... a Flying type. or at LEAST a guy withLevitate.

Staraptor@Choice Band
Brave Bird, Close Combat, U-Turn/Pursuit, Quick Attack/Return

or Gengar@Wide Lens/ExpertBelt
Hypnosis, Focus Blast, ShadowBall, Thunderbolt.

Easy Enough to obtain In-Game, too

Ultimate Charizard
4th August 2007, 12:32 PM
Id love to use Gengar as i said above but i dont have anyone to trade with at the mo and no access to WiFi just yet either so id be stuck at Haunter.

Ill be keeping the current members of my team so im only looking to add at the min.
But the ground weakness is why i was thinking of Grass knot on Infernape. Most pokemon that know Earthquake are heavy ones and if their ground/rock types then thats more damage done.
Didnt know Lucario could learn water pulse. Is it a TM? And how would i get Firefang on Garchomp? Breeding? (ignore that i just read it should have learned it, now i need a heart scale)
Im still not up to date on what is and what isnt a TM.

Perfect Chaos
4th August 2007, 01:24 PM
Yeah, Water Pulse is a TM, not sure where you can find it (considering I don't have the game).

As for Gengar, if you can find someone you trust (say even from TPM), you can just trade your Haunter for some Pokemon and then trade right back and voila! Instant Gengar.

Infernape can learn Grass Knot, but I think it might be iffy cause the power varies (though you have a point that alot of Rock/Ground types are heavy). I guess its all based on your preference

Yeah, Fire Fang is a move you have to get using a Heart Scale. Another option over Dragon Claw is Dragon Rush, but I wouldn't use it cause the accuracy is pretty poor (75).

Ultimate Charizard
4th August 2007, 01:54 PM
Im guessing the Heart Scale wont work untill it is a Garchomp? Currently its still a Gabite and since Firefang doesnt appear on Gabites move list im assuming i cant get it till then...

Perfect Chaos
5th August 2007, 01:42 AM
Yeah, that's probably the case concerning Fire Fang.

5th August 2007, 03:30 AM
Id love to use Gengar as i said above but i dont have anyone to trade with at the mo and no access to WiFi just yet either so id be stuck at Haunter.

Wrong - go Cut your way through the north end of Eterna Forest and go into the Old Chateau; on the second floor, in the second room from the right, you'll very rarely find wild Gengar there. The room is the one with the portrait of a purple figure with red eyes that vanish if you walk too close to it.

EDIT: This only applies if you have a GBA Pokemon game in the GBA slot, so you need R/S/E or Fr/Lg for it to work. Sorry - I forgot to mention that.