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4th September 2007, 06:59 PM
I know some of you are currently having a little trouble posting. I had meant to put this thread up eons ago, but I seem to have forgotten. In any case, this being an out-of-character thread, you know what to do. Please discuss any motives, subplots, and all other such character relations that you have planned so that we might better coordinate future posts.

As long as I have the moment, props to you River. You nailed Joseph's personality in your post. I am working on the continuation of their conversation at the moment. Also, Yi-wen: we talked about the Titania and Oberon before. Can you recap what your ideas were, as I am not sure where you plan on going with your whole "fairy sabotage" plan.

4th September 2007, 08:46 PM
<---Needs interaction ^-^()

But if I dont get any I have a back up plan lol

Weasel Overlord
5th September 2007, 04:48 PM
Laharr, interaction you say!? *is writing Tryfan post* Yes, I AM! *glares around at naggers*

Kalah, hope you don't mind me summarising Watcher and Tryf's interaction in my post, rather than detailing anything from it... blame the naggers, I say.

And Cxjenious, are you alive? Still wanna do something with Samael and Arioch? If not, it doesn't matter, I'll just have him being called on by whoever was meant to visit him. *cannot remember the name*

Pichu Luver
5th September 2007, 04:54 PM
As long as I have the moment, props to you River. You nailed Joseph's personality in your post.

Huh, thank goodness. Oo''' I was worried about that. I think I had in mind the 'polite to strangers', but 'always doubting and cynical' as well. So yeah, glad I got it right ^^'. If you want to know how Rajnish would say anything, just ask. Basically he's rather long winded and gets to the point gradually. Or when he feels like it. I mean, if you lived for hundreds of years, wouldn't you have fun making people have to think about exactly what you said?

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
6th September 2007, 11:30 AM
Blargh. Haven't even got time to take a crap touch the laptop these days... Anyway.

1. If by some miraculous design nobody has interacted with Samael, Lilith, Arioch, Tiger-person or Ka, or Ms Overlord hasn't yet posted by the time moving-to-Londonia-college-coursework-shedaddle-blahblahblah is over, I will be making a humongous tagfesty post.

2. Oberon and Titania: ...You know, I've forgotten what I wanted to do with this. I have nothing significant confirmed in my mind for this plot point as yet.
In any case. Titania represents the Unseelie Court (and every fairy not under her command is considered Seelie by default, I suppose). I think we were talking about her being a human adopted by fairies and all, but I forgot if we ever made it a reason for her to be evil/hate Zhila/plot to destroy River world etc.
I think Oberon is 'retired' from meddling with humans and power play, but Titania is very much active. They are probably still separated/divorced/not on friendly terms.
Titania may or may not have set Zhila up for a fall. (insert grudge and conspiracy theory here) I was thinking about doing some overblown version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, (Oberon wanting something Titania has and coming out of retirement to get it or vice versa.. blahblah) but there remains the matter of what 'something' it would be..
Also I would think fairies don't operate on the same rules as 'gods' ie. they are not entirely dependent on belief as gods seem to be, but perhaps on magic itself, magic in this case being something different from the magic/power generated through belief and worship. Demons could also be dependent on 'different' energy/power/magic... but anyway coming back to fairies... maybe Titania wants to do her sabotage because the Jungle runs on this kind of 'true magic' or something.
to make it boringly predictable, I could simply tie Titania in to your plot for the humans ( I assume you have one that you are hiding up your sleeve like a very precious card, or even multiple) but that would mean you'd have to reveal it here. Or at least parts of it.
more on this when my brain is functioning.

It';s another very long story about the house on Cottingley Avenue but for now: the Doctor's gift of imagination was NOT an order from Titania, it's his own little experiment. Ellen Brown + Puacca = demon/source of rustic-raw-uncontained-ancient-otherwordsthatmeanoldandroughandunrefined power.
I'll tell you more re: Ellen Brown, Puacca, shapeshifting demons and the Doctor's gift of imagination either online (if ever) or in a follow up plot-outline post here to be made over the weekend when I hope to get some laptop bonding time and get some posting done (here, and in other RPGs).

3. For that matter, what're you doing with Loki, Jobes? I want to make a Hela post, so I'd like to know please :3 also I believe Titania plot was tied to this.. somehow

6th September 2007, 04:24 PM
Yeeeah... I'm totally lost here, but I just want everyone to know that I'm still drifting around. I think I'm going to keep Sara as a minor character who's going to kind of drift around and interact randomly. I do have a plan for her, but it's not really big, which is a good thing. I just finally started working again, and I think that's going to keep me busy for a week or two before I get adjusted to it.

So, yeah. I'm not gone, just kinda dormant.