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5th September 2007, 01:32 AM
My roommates and I are going to be having a bit of a mini-tournament, so I've been in the works of conceptualizing a team to take them on. It's not all worked out just yet, but here's what I have:

Umbreon (Impish)
@Fire Orb
252 HP/126 SpDef/126 Def
Confuse Ray/Baton Pass

The idea with this is to Protect on the first turn before the Fire Orb sets everything up (or switch if it's a Heracross/Special kinda guy) and let the enemy get burned through Synchronize. Most of the main leads, from my observations, are physical attackers, so this would really cripple their big advantage. Confuse Ray is there to either cause a switch to infect more of the team or get the opponent to injure the poor Umbreon less frequently. I see Wish everywhere as a nice recovery move, but I'm not sure why it's so popular, so I have Moonlight on as another option. Payback is to deal some damage, get some STAB, and take advantage of Umbreon's Speed (or lack thereof). I'm considering a Baton Pass set instead, but I'm not sure if the BP would also pass the attack reduction caused by the burn.

Granbull (Adamant)
@Choice Band
252 HP/252 Attack
Ice Fang
Thunder Fang
Close Combat

It comes into something it can handle (ideally near the end of the game when Pokémon are sufficiently statused) and takes the guy out with his ridiculous Strength boosted by the Choice Band. He gets an amazing amount of type coverage, and with the bonus from Choice Band, should be able to one-hit a Garchomp with Ice Fang. Get it in, do some damage, and switch it out to one of my sturdier guys.

Hitmontop (Impish)
172 HP/108 Attack/136 Defense/92 Special Defense
Rapid Spin
Aerial Ace
Bulk Up

Here to be an ass kicker and a Rapid Spinner. With Technician, Revenge has a base power of 135 (270 if he gets hit first!), Rapid Spin to get rid of Spike, Aerial Ace for reliability and power, and Bulk Up to boost him up a bit more. I went with the chosen EVs so he can better take a hit to use Revenge after and Leftovers are there to give him some health back. It's somewhat of a self-destructive set, but it can be brutally effective.

Gengar (Modest)
@Choice Specs/Scarf
252 SpAt/252 Spd
Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb/HP Ice

He's here for a few reasons. Firstly, he can switch in on a Choice Itemer, ideally one using an attack he's immune to (such as if Umbreon detected a Close Combat on the first turn) and use an attack that would be super effective against whatever the predicted switch is to. Otherwise, he's just here to be a reliable Choice Specs (or Scarf. I'm not really sure which would be better for him) guy. He's got pretty decent type coverage, Sludge Bomb for in-game and HP Ice for a NetBattle situation (or if I decide to get the patience and breed for HP Ice). I'm considering a Shedinja replacement so he'd be better able to switch in to Choice users, but I have a feeling that Shedinja would do little other than allow the opponent to switch to a Pokémon that can take it out in one shot.

Initially I had an Alakazam acting as a Knock Offer (fastest one available), but I just felt too bad using it for such a not-Alakazam purpose and a Probopass as an all around wall/staller. Those two have been taken off my team, though, so I'm looking for replacements. The general theme is to slow down the opponents and use abilities that even the playing field a bit (such as Protect+Flame Orb+Synchronize, Knock Off and Skill Swap on Alakazam, etc.), so keeping in that theme would be nice.

I'm thinking of throwing in a Weezing to counter Heracross (I know one of the kids is running one) to toss in as a replacement should Heracross be his lead. I wouldn't want Umbreon to burn Heracross, after all!

So yeah... have fun?

13th September 2007, 01:56 PM
I have some Umbreon experience, so I can offer a few things there.

Your Protect/Wish/Confuse Ray/Payback set looks really good to me. If you'd really feel like you'd like to Baton Pass the Agility to another team member, you can go that way, but I like your first set, because that Umbreon can hold its own ground in a fight.

Oh, but you should know, that if Confuse Ray forces a switch, Synchronize will not burn subsequent targets. From personal experience, Synchronize only kicks in when your pokemon first receives the status effect.

And the reason Wish is so popular is that it can be a little more versatile than Moonlight. Wish has more PP, and can be used to heal other party members in a pinch, by switching out right after using the move. That's what I love about it, anyway. If you'd rather have fast healing for just Umbreon, you can always use Moonlight.

And your other couple team members look good, to me. I don't have experience with either, so I'm a bit unsure how to advise. But it sounds good...?

13th September 2007, 02:00 PM
Ha, I assumed this would have died, but the team's gone through some reconstruction. I've found out that Synchronize doesn't work with the orbs, so I've had to make a few replacements to my lineup. Thanks, though! And I might try to work out that Payback set with my Umbreon in another team, so who knows, maybe it'll still get to see the light of day!