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11th September 2007, 02:22 AM
So, I felt we needed a chat topic to discuss things since my writing style can be very confusing and I'm sure many people will have questions.

Or you can just talk about whatever here. I'll be keeping track of the character list, and so on.

The cast list:
Librarian - Albireo (Hinoryu)
Battle Instructor -Dru Pyronson (Drusilla)
Math Instructor - Legato Hutch (Mystic Clown)

Himono, Hime (Hinoryu) (Grade 10)
Himono, Tatsuya (Hinoryu) (Grade 10)
Myle Coratheren (Macerator) (Grade 11)
Elwyn Loosestrife (Weasel Overlord) (Grade 12)
Yamazaki, Shun (Chiko-sai) (Grade 12)
Mortimer Ainsley (DragoKnight) (Grade 12)
Alec Wong (Shadow Djinn) (Grade 12)
Serena Ellesmere (Magmar) (Grade 8)
Thomas Bradley (darktyranitar) (Grade 10)