View Full Version : Breeding Beldums Question.

5th October 2007, 10:53 PM
So, if I breed Beldums, and I use a Ditto, will the Ditto's base stats be the base stats of the Beldum, or if I juice that Ditto up with vitamins or train it to have better stats, will those stats be the offspring's base stats? Also, is there any possible way or reason to chain-breed Beldums?

5th October 2007, 11:47 PM
I have no idea what you're talking about. Pokémon don't inherit base stats. All Beldum have the same base stats: HP 40, ATK 55, DEF 80, SAT 35, SDF 60, SPD 30.

Assuming this hasn't changed from Ruby/Sapphire, a pokémon inherits three of its IVs from its parents and the other three are random. Also, which three are inherited is random. IVs, Individual Values, are values between 0 and 31 that give your stats a slight boost and are different for every pokémon; they create stat variety within a species. There is no way to alter a pokémon's IVs.

As for your last question, chain-breeding is typically done for either of two reasons. The first is to achieve a certain move set, but since Beldum can only breed with Ditto, it doesn't have any Egg Moves. Thus, you wouldn't ever chain-breed Beldum for that.

The other reason pokémon get chain-bred is to try to achieve a descendent with perfect IVs; an IV of 31 for all six stats. For example, if you had a Ditto with at least two, ideally more, IVs at 30 or 31, you might breed that Ditto with a Beldum, hope the child inherits a 31 or two, then breed the child with the Ditto and hope the baby inherits 31s from both parents. Of course, since three of a child's IVs are completely random anyway, perfection is hard to come by.