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Fai D. Flowright
8th October 2007, 02:26 AM
Ok, so I decided to make a new team based around my obsession with Tsubasa Chronicle and this is what I've come up with. I could use some more opinions before I get too started in raising them all. ^_^

Mostly I'm aiming my attention at Lucario, as I'm not too happy with it... I need something to cover Dragons without it's advantages restrained to only Dragons (thus the HP Ice). But using HP means that I either have to go with Special attacks or try mixing Phys and Spec, which can be rough... I'd like suggestions with that, big time.

Syaoran @: Expert Belt
Ability: Steadfast
Nature: Timid Male
EV: 30 HP, 240 SA, 240 SP

Aura Sphere
Hidden Power (Ice)
Calm Mind
Me First

So yeah, lotsa help needed here. I'm kinda at a loss on how to make this work with the rest of my team. Major suggestions would be appreciated here.

Sakura @: Big Root
Ability: Flower Gift
Nature: Timid Female
EV: 136 HP, 120 DF, 134 SA, 120 SD

Sunny Day
Leech Seed

Pretty simple. Sunny Day for cutting Solarbeam charge, Leech Seed (with Big Root) for a nice chunk of recovery, and Protect to help delay the effects of the Leech Seed.

Kurogane @: Wise Glasses
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Modest Male
EV: 30 HP, 240 SA, 240 SP

Dark Pulse
Nasty Plot

Pretty simple special attacker. Nasty Plot for Special Attack, then Flame or Pulse. Wisp for physical attackers that might threathen my Doomy! ...and colateral damage! ^_^

Fai @: Muscle Band
Ability: Steadfast
Nature: Adamant Male
EV: 38 HP, 252 AT, 220 SP

Close Combat
Night Slash
Swords Dance

Rather straight-forward Physical Sweeper. SD for Attack then all out attack for a nice type coverage set.

Yuuko @: Razor Fang
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid Female
EV: 100 HP, 254 SA, 156 SP

Mean Look
Perish Song
Dark Pulse

Your evil demise! Muhahaha! Mean Look to trap, Perish Song to start the death countdown, and Dark Pulse and Protect until just before doom. Rather standard Songer.

Hane @: Leftovers
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Timid Female
EV: 184 HP, 184 SA, 142 SP

Double Team
Baton Pass
Air Slash
Ancient Power

Pretty much my set-up opener. Double Team for evasion, then Air Slash/Ancient Power for type coverage and the nice chance for the full stat boost with the help of Serene Grace. Then pass it on to the next Pogey of need!

So yeah.... Help is much appreciated!

Perfect Chaos
8th October 2007, 08:46 AM
Lucario: I guess try going for a Phys. Atker considering most of your team already uses Sp. Atks

Lucario@Salac Berry

Swords Dance
Close Combat
Crunch/Stone Edge/Rock Slide

-Just SD and Subbing up until Salac Berry kicks in and then sweep away . Close Combat will nearly kill almost everything except Ghosts and Flying-types, which is why Crunch and Stone Edge/Rock Slide is in there (whichever ones give you the most trouble)

Cherrim: Hmm...I would say replace Protect with Grasswhistle and maybe Leech Seed with HP-Fire, so you're not stuck using only ONE type of Attack

Houndoom: Standard set, its fine

Gallade: Works fine too

Mismagius: Hmm...well, I was going to say no point in having an Attack there since its Perish-Trapping but then what would be the point when its your last Pokemon out. I would replace Pulse with Shadow Ball since at least it gets STAB from that

Togekiss: Works I suppose (don't know much about it)

Good luck with the team!

Triple T
5th January 2008, 08:46 PM
Is Nasty Plot>Double Team a legal option?