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26th October 2007, 05:15 PM
Bulbie's RPG
Halloween Contest

Greetings you busy and bored RPers! In the spirit of Halloween, I randomly decided to hold a Halloween Contest! Of course, this is very impromptu and very un-official, so this is just a contest I wanted to do for the forum to have a little fun. I would give the winners and stuffs money and large grand prizes for winning, but unfortunately I am unable to do so. ;_; So WE WILL MAKE DO!!

WTF? <Contest Info>
Submit an RPG sample post relating to a current RPG you are participating in or are going to participate in. (This means it can have to do with your characters and/or characters in the RPG). The post obviously will be fictional and does not have to directly relate to the current plot of that RPG. Instead, incorporate a Halloween theme! I'm sure you by now get the gist.

Contest Submission Rules
+ Must have Halloween theme (of some sort... interpret this as you will.)
+ Must be 650 words or less. (I don't want to read until my eyes bleed.)
+ Must be recieved by Midnight of October 31st, Central USA time.
+ Give credit to characters you use or RPGs you use that are not yours. (Just to be formal and nice... just include it in tiny letter at the beginning or end of your post sample).
+ Posts with Mature content need to have a rating in the beginning of the sample.
+ Post Entries in this topic.

Contest Submission Awards (Eh heh.. if you could call it that...)
+ The right to put that you won in your signature.
+ A free RPG fandom-related piece done by Bulbasaur4. (You can request a short story, art work piece, a song dedicated to your character or RPG (XD XD) or anything related to those abilities that Bulbie can do.
+ Virtual Candy

* Can I do a joint submission with another RPer?
If you really want to, but remember you don't have much time. If you do a joint submission, your word limit increases to 1,300 words.

* Can I incorporate a past RPG or characters instead?
No. The point of this contest is to have fun, but it also is to encourage others to join RPGs, keep them going. But I'm sure if you are an RPer, you are involved in one RPG at least. RPGs that are a "little haitus" but have had posts in the last month will count.

* What is this "virtual candy"?
My soul. ... j/k. Actually, it's much like my flamethrower- but the opposite. You decide.

* The prizes suck. Why would I want to bother to win the contest?
You suck. Don't enter and go away. :p

* Who will be judging this and what are they judging on?
I will be judging it. I will be judging the posts based on: Creativity, Appearance, Quality and Factor X. The more creative your post and the more thought you put into it, the better. And what I mean by 'appearance' is don't be afraid to make your post pretty! I encourage pretty fonts, musical themes and what-not.

* Does the word limit include my title and such, which is usually included in every post?
Nah. Just the content of the post itself. (the beef!)

Have fun! If you have questions, feel free to ask. Remember that all submissions are posted in this topic. ^_^

31st October 2007, 06:39 PM
I don't know if anyone is going to be interested in this or not... but remember the max is 650 words so it isn't long by any means.

Anywho, the contest ends tonight. ;3

Roy Karrde
31st October 2007, 10:32 PM
C'mon guys this is fun! And Bulba was pretty creative in coming up with this

Laura Karrde
~*~*~*~*~ Sitting around the Camp Fire on All Hallow’s Eve~*~*~*~*~

Nights in the Digital World were like every other night in the Digital World, that being that they were paradise. Each night you received a cool breeze, keeping the temperature perfect, and for the viewing pleasure a star lit sky that you could watch for hours upon hours and never get bored. It was a comforting feeling that no matter how alien this world was, that you could look up at the sky and feel like you were back on Earth.

“What day do you think it is?” Lianne wondered out loud, counting on her fingers the number of days we had been in the Digital World. It got to the point that each day seemed to blend together, days, weeks, months, they were all one collective mush.

“October thirty first.” Shun yawned, his back to the crackling campfire that was more for safety than for warmth. “I’ve been keeping count.” He opened one eye when no one spoke up.

“Halloween!” Lianne jumped up, a look of excitement upon her face.

“Halloween? Candy!” The thought bubbled up inside of my head, a faint memory of dressing up and going door to door with my father bubbled up in my head.

“You remember Halloween?” Satoshi asked, touching my shoulder with a look of relief and a bit of happiness.

I gave him a slow nod, concentrating on the memory. “I would dress up in a costume and go to different houses and they gave me so much candy that I would be stuffed for weeks. I hid it under my bed too!” I explained, the words tumbling out of my mouth so fast that it just flowed together with my thoughts.

“Dressing up for candy? Shun I want to dress up for candy!” Gatomon tugged on Shun’s leg, dragging him in the direction of the town that we had left just a day before.

“Not letting you.” Shun glared, shaking his leg out of Gatomon’s claws before turning his sharp glare in my direction. “Besides, Halloween isn’t about candy, it’s a Gaelic festival for the end of the harvest season.”

His voice dropped into a deep, almost scary voice as his eyes lowered and the fire shadowed his face. “They believed that October thirty first was the day that the spirit world would over lap our own, and the dead would come back to life.”

I begun to back up, trembling in fear as Shun smirked from across the fire. “Don’t worry Laura, Shun’s lying. The only way he would know that is if it was printed across the back of a USB card.” Satoshi touched my shoulder, giving me a comforting smile to calm my trembles.

“I tend to get bored easily, like right now.” Shun settled back down into his blanket, propping his head against his arm. “There are websites on the net that tell you things, you would know that if you ever got on the net.”

“Since we don’t have any candy.” Kasim rose, his voice loud enough to direct everyone’s attention his way. “How about we celebrate Halloween by telling ghost stories around the fire?”

“Ghost stories?” I asked through chattering teeth, the very name seemed scary.

Satoshi wrapped his arm around my shoulders, bringing me into a comforting one-sided hug. “Ghost stories are scary stories, and I will go first.” He explained, pausing a moment before leaning forward. “It was a dark and stormy night…” He began.

“Boring.” Shun called out.

Satoshi muttered under his breath, and took in a long deep breath. “I remember one about ten kids, they were on a hiking trip and decided to stop in a field, that looked just like this one…”

Character's used.
Shun = PoLHaruko-san
Satoshi = PoLHaruko-san
Kasim = Mystic_Clown
Lianne = Toxicity

1st November 2007, 10:55 PM
Only character not mine is Kalah's Draconin. Kalah is extending the deadline in the hopes of getting more entries.


Yes, Gabriel was annoyed enough to use such a qualifier for an entire race, surrounded by such choice examples as he was now, he really had no qualms about classifying all of humanity as a bumbling morass of idiots. Around him, the wicker torso of the effigy bent and strained under the large monstrosity’s weight, the artificial body swaying under its own mass. The crowd of idiots meandered around the base, shouting meaningless prayers to demon spirits, shouts of derision for their prisoner mixing in with the pseudo-prayers.

It was a simple idea, at least to Gabriel it was. To get rid of a demon: you killed it; you filled it full of sanctified steel until its innards steamed on the floor, and then you shot it again just to make sure. You didn’t perform made-up rituals, you didn’t dress up in ridiculous costumes, you didn’t burn effigies of the demon in the hopes that you could drive the evil thing away. Human’s were a superstitious lot of morons. Gabriel idly flipped the worn pages of his Bible as the chanting and frolicking, and who knew what else continued down below. It was not until the torches began being lit that Gabriel slowly closed the Good Book and glanced out of his prison. If Draconin could see him now...

The village’s quasi-pagan religious leader was speaking.

“And yea on this Hallow’s Eve, we shall sacrifice one of supreme evil and turn that evil against itself! The power of the fire that shall consume its bones will drive away that which plagues us! Hearken to me and you shall be saved!”

Gabriel stood from his makeshift seat atop a bundle of the fibers as the bottom layers of the thing begin to smolder. A small smile formed on his face as he spoke softly.

“I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

Coming into view of those below, Gabriel heard their screaming increase, the frantic preachings of the pagan becoming more and more frenzied. Gabriel’s left hand wrapped around one of the thick wooden poles making up the effigy’s torso.

“When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stout hearted.”

The fire’s licked at the effigy’s legs, the heat reaching Gabriel as the winds blew his cassock and hair around him. His hand tightened and the pole began to creak. Vicious looking masks gibbered up at him as the throng clawed at him as if he was some circus exhibit.

“By his light I walked through darkness.”

The wood snapped as Gabriel squeezed, his frail frame exerting strength far beyond what seemed possible. A quiet descended down below as the crowd felt a sudden unease. Even the pagan leader faltered. Thus it was perfectly silent as Gabriel twisted and pulled, ripping a seven foot section of the wooden pole away from the torso. A foot smashed through the remaining poles in front of the priest and a mighty leap sent him flying through the tops of the dancing flames into the air above the crowd. Burning eyes glared through the lenses of his glasses at the leader who suddenly seemed much smaller and twisted. Gabriel fell from the sky, the pole in his arm leading the way to drive through the skull of the leader, impaling his head to the soft ground beneath him. A moment passed and the man’s skin melted away, revealing something ugly and unnatural beneath. The crowd stared mutely behind their suddenly pathetic looking costumes as Gabriel stood and removed his Velvet Nightmares from the demon’s body. Gabriel stared back at them for a long while before turning in disgust, his footsteps steady as he departed this forsaken village, his voice accusing, “Your Hallow’s Eve is a mockery to God, be thankful you are too pathetic for him to take notice.”

2nd November 2007, 02:45 AM
Deadline is extended until November 5th. If anyone wants to enter still, enter ASAP. It's only 650 words. ^_^;;