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Fai D. Flowright
18th February 2008, 09:28 PM
Hey all! It's been a while! But now it's time for some good ol', Fai RPG fun! Unfortunately, my mind is being horribly indecisive, so I'm turning to the people to see what they would like me start as a new RPG!

For those that notice, the first two are old RPGs that I would like to restart and the last is a co-op RPG between Becki (PokemonLuver) and myself. Please post comments and/or vote in the polls to let me know which you'd like to see started in the main forum! Mind you, these are all short and simple summaries of each RPG. Very little of the plot is actually revealed here. If you want to know more about any of them, please post here or PM me any questions (Becki can also be PMed for info on LON).

First, a summary of my ancient RPG, Paradigm of the Past, which has an 'elemental chosen' air in design, quite similar to a number of the RPGs on the forum now (Max cast: 7):

Thousands of years ago, before the human kind began overpopulating the earth, there were thirteen giant crystals that resided in various locations across the world. These crystals maintained life and order throughout the entire planet. Everything was in harmony and all creatures lived in sync with one another. That was how everything existed for thousands of years. Until mankinds greedy nature and a bit of luck, caused the gems to be cracked. A single shard of each has been collected and separated through the eras.

The time is now and chaos seems to be taking over this world. Strange things are beginning to occur as the days drag on. Those fearing the destruction of the world have, once again, begun stirring up controversy across the world as to what should be done to preserve normalcy and existence. Hype continues to increase as more and more people slowly begin to believe that “Armageddon is upon is.” Fortunately for you, no such bizarre activity has happened in the area, but the gears are in motion and fate will soon cast its icy breath upon the neck of seven unsuspecting teens. You are one of them, and will become part of an even greater story to correct the mistakes of the past.
Next is Sonic Zeroes: Fragments of Time, a Sonic based RPG from not too long ago. This was made to work around 'teamwork missions' as the major plot elements (Max cast: 6, 9, or 12, depending on interest):

While Sonic and all his friends (even some enemies) are taken away to another planet from the Control incident, they survive, unscathed. Yet, the same cannot be said about their home world. In various locations on the planet small disturbances, which look like tears in fabric, begin to appear here and there. Not only are these rips unstable, but many contain or lead to absolute nothingness. As if things weren’t worse enough already, not only are the normal heroes of this world gone, but so are the precious Chaos Emeralds, the only power that could actually reverse the damage.

But through the shades of darkness is a ray of hope! Some of the torn portals lead to fragments of the world’s past; isolated archives of the many areas and zones of the planet. Within many of these is debris and ruins of the robots and machines made by Eggman and destroyed by Super Sonic through their many clashes in history. These parts, devices, and pieces all contain residual Chaos energy from Super Sonic’s aura. If enough of these can be gathered together, the Chaos energy can be pooled and utilized to make a second Chaos Control blast to revert the entire planet to its once former glory.

Yet the question stands... Who of the few remaining population can and WILL stand up to this challenge against time, space, and reality itself?
The final RPG is a new one, called Lunar Orchid's Note, as will be run by both me and Becki. This RPG focuses on a more 'group adventure' angle and is a little different from what we've seen as of late (Max cast: Unlimited):

This is the story known by all, even you, as the history of our world, Achaerodice. The tale of how mana waned, like the moon, placing existance on the verge of exinction, and how three travellers repaired the flow to save mankind. Whether it is real or fiction is up to you, but as we look at the world we live in now, things are looking scarily similar. Mana, in the past, was bountiful and flowed freely from the orchids that inhabit the planet. But now, that power slowly fades away as everyone clings to the world they once knew.

The world has finally come to its point of no return. If action is not taken now, the mana will disappear and all existence will go with it. The 4 Great Isbets, the highest leaders of each country in our world, have called for a convention on Anualle Island, inviting people from the every corner of the world to come and listen. You, either sent (or brought) by your family, traveling of your own will, or a simple resident of the isle, have come to the open tribunal...
Again, please post your opinions on each and vote in the pole. Which ever has the highest vote tally after a week or two will be started! So tell us your thoughts!!!

19th February 2008, 03:02 AM
Oooh! Look! A vote for Lunar Orchid! I wonder who that could have been!

*shifty eyes*

I'll make cookies if people vote Lunar Orchid :3 *is not bias*

*Is dragged off by her ear by T-chan* But everyone likes coookieees TT___TT

19th February 2008, 04:42 AM
I don't really mind, but I have been wanting to start a Sonic RPG for a while, and I suppose there'd be a conflict of interests if you started one too, so I chose Paradigm as that has an intriguing background, although if you want we could collaborate on a Sonic RPG if you like.

Fai D. Flowright
19th February 2008, 11:43 PM
Hellz yeah! That's surely a possibility. Of course, I don't wanna get myself bogged down too much, but I'd be more than will to collaborate a bit with you on a Sonic RPG! ^_^ PM me sometime, or catch me on a messenger (if you use one).