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12th December 2002, 10:16 AM
I would like to have a match against you
Areana: A small tropical island, air is warming slightly increase damage from fire attacks and hindering ice attacks. A large cave is on the west side of the arena with grey smoke occasionally bellowing forth. Some trees for cover. 1 week DQ.

2 vs 2, 1 vs 1 at a time

I choose first pokemon, you attack first

Banshee my female Gastly, no sig move.

12th December 2002, 10:18 AM
That sounds a lot like the arena in our match (minus the outdoor setting).

Any way. I'll ref it if Super Pika accepts.

I need the DQ time, number of pokemon, and number of fighters at once (1on1, 2on2, etc.)

Super pika
12th December 2002, 11:44 AM
I acept this chalenge, I'll send out my pokemon when I'm finnished whomping UC.

12th December 2002, 11:48 AM
you can do up to 3 matchs at once...

Super pika
12th December 2002, 01:15 PM
Originally posted by Cyrus
you can do up to 3 matchs at once... OH!!!:o

Ok. GO, POOP (pidgy) (m). Poop, fly then use gust, then, peck!

12th December 2002, 01:22 PM
ok Banshee, start this off with double team, before he uses Gust step back into the shadows to avoid the damage. When he comes in to peck, use Psywave.

12th December 2002, 02:08 PM
Alrighty, let's get this started!

Pre-Battle Stats

Cyrus (Host) Female gastly (Banshee)

Super Pika (Challenger) Male Pidgey (Poop?)

Double Team~Fade into Darkness(I think this is what you are referring to)~Psy Wave


The two trainers arrive on the tropical beach. Wearing sunglasses and a swimming suit (some R & R after the battle?)Super Pika tosses his brightly colored pokeball to reveal a small pidgey that is oddly named Poop. "Go get 'im Poop!" He yells to his pokemon.

In stark contrast to the bright, sunny island, another trainer arrives. Wearing a dark blue cloak, he throws a pokeball of an unearthly color. It reveals a pokemon of equal nature, a Gastly. "Go, Banshee," he says, pulling a long sword from his person and pointing it like a general, "fight in my name!"

Pika doesn't seem to know what's up with his opponent, but he doesn't let it bother him. "Poop! Fly high and start with a speed advantage!"

Poop obeys and flies high, and begins to gain momentum in preparation for its next attack.

Meanwhile...Banshee seems to be growing. This doesn't seem right...it's now twice its normal size! And...it's splitting itself in half. Me and Super Pika look on in astonishment as Cyrus smiles. Has Banshee really mutliplied into two? Or is this a bluff?

Meanwhile, Poop begins to dive, he spins himself in circles as he dives. And then in mid-flight Poop stops hard, and unleashes a moderately sized whirlwind at Banshee(s?).

Banshee looks confident as the flurry of wind approaches. Suddenly...she's gone. The attack hits a tree, which drops some coconuts onto the sand.

Suddenly, Banshee reappears and begins to appear to concentrate. Poop begins to fly toward banshee, and it seems that ramming the ghost in some way is the goal.

But suddenly the images of Banshee releases a shockwave of psychic energy. Poop's concertation is broken as it falls towards one of the Banshees. Banshee is hit by the bird's beak, but is not seriously hurt as much as it would be if Poop's focus had no been broken.

Poop regains control and pulls up hard in order to gain altitude. Poop circles his opponent, as the two mimages of Banshee stare at him with a eerie glare.

And ends Round one.



Banshee 95% Low fatigue Has one mirror image.

Poop 93% Low-Moderate Fatigue Strained to regain altitude after losing concentration.

Arena & Other Info

There is one mirror image of Banshee in play. Poop therefore sees two Banshees.

Picture of arena below.

[attachment deleted by admin]

12th December 2002, 02:15 PM
A good start Banshee. Lets keep the pressure on. Start off with Hypnosis then use Dream Eater twice. If Hypnosis doesn't work use confusion ray. If the flying chicken wakes up before you finish your meal, use NightShade. If at any point he uses double team use Psywave as a wave to shatter the clones.

Super pika
12th December 2002, 03:22 PM
Poop, use whirl wind, then use gust, after that, use head but!

12th December 2002, 03:51 PM
Alright, moving on...

Pre-Round Stats

Banshee 95% Low fatigue Has one mirror image.

Poop 93% Low-Moderate Fatigue Strained to regain altitude after losing concentration.

Hypnosis/Psywave~Dream Eater/Confuse Ray/Psywave~Dream Eater/NightShade/Psywave


Banshee is feeling very confident. She begins to gaze at Poop.

Poop starts to feel...odd. He realizes that he is being affected by some strange mind power. He takes his wings and begins to flap furiously. The constant flapping creates a maelstrom, picking up dust and debris.

Banshee is forces to let go of her trance as the sand picks up. When everything dies down, Banshee looks at the result of the attack. Her fragile is gone...no doubt hit by some random object.

She then returnes her focus to her foe, who is already beging to charge, spinning like he did in the previous round. This time Banshee creates a brilliant flash of light, which sets off various synapses in Poop's brain.

Sudden the victim of various hallucinations, Poop continues the assault indaunted. He continues to charge, getting closer and closer.

Before he can stop to unleash the gust, he smack into a tree.

With his depth perception off, and currently hallucinating, Poop figured that the tree was Banshee! He shakes off the hit, and goes up into the air.

Suddenly...Poop feels...ill. His insides burn with a strange corruption. He looks at his opponent and knows that it's Banshee is the cause of this searing pain inside him. As the last of the burning fades away, Poop charges his foe. This time, no more fancy tricks, he hits head-on! He agains approaches his foe once more...

and eats sand as he rams into the ground. Once again, the deceptive effects of confusion have messed with Poop. He is getting annoyed by this pokemon.

Why won't she fight like a true warrior? Why the deception?

...and ends round two.


Banshee 93% Moderate-High Fatigue Mirror Image gone. Took some damage from the debris kicked up by whirlwind. Feeling very confident, almost to the point of cocky.

Poop 75% Moderate Confused. Depth Perception is off and hallucinating. 50% chance of attacks failing. Getting annoyed.

Arena & Other Info

Poop will be confused for one more Round.

Super pika
12th December 2002, 04:42 PM
Poop, use gust on this intire island!! Then use tackle attack! Fanaly use use fustration!

12th December 2002, 04:51 PM
Alright, again Banshee a good showing for your first battle. Keep the pressure on. Use Thunderbolt to knock the chicken out of the sky. Then take the next two actions to cool down, you have earned it.

12th December 2002, 05:34 PM
Let's start:

Pre-Round Stats

Banshee 93% Moderate-High Fatigue Mirror Image gone. Took some damage from the debris kicked up by whirlwind. Feeling very confident, almost to the point of cocky.

Poop 75% Moderate Confused. Depth Perception is off and hallucinating. 50% chance of attacks failing. Getting annoyed.

Thunderbolt~Take a Break~Take a Break


"Do it it Poop!" Super Pika yells, "gust this whole Island!"

Unfortunately, Super Pika did not realize that this island seems a lot larger when you are a pidgey. Pdigey beats his wings...more....more...more...

Banshee moves towards the ocean as the gust very slowly covers the Island. Banshee wait for the right moment...

Then shocks the tiring bird with a burst of electric energy. Pidgey plumments to the ground.

Banshee clams down and rests as pidgey breathes heavily. Gust the entire Island? What was he...thinking?

He looks helplessly at his trainer. Hopefully, he can get Poop out of this.

End round three.



Banshee 93% Moderate Fatigue Feeling very confident.

Poop 68% Dangerous Fatigue Level Nearly passed out from fatigue. Can't fly. No longer Confused.

Arena & Other info

Banshee is near the coast, while Poop is about in the middle of the island.

12th December 2002, 05:39 PM
Ok, after the breather, teleport directly infront of pidgey. Then use hypnosis. If it works have a snack on his dreams (Dream Eater) if not T-bolt again.

If Pidgey moves after teleport, Thunderbolt, then Thunderbolt again

Super pika
12th December 2002, 05:45 PM
Don't look at me Poop, I don't...... OH!

Use, detect, then protect, then, endure!

12th December 2002, 06:19 PM
Super Pika, I am quoting the official Attack Data Base for Detect:

Detect: The user uses senses that border on precognition and telepathy to determine many details about the opponentís next action, including attack method, attack vector, attack target, attack source, etc. This knowledge can be used in whatever way is plausible, but the most common way is to move to a location that is not within the attack vector or attack area. The ability operates slower each time it is used due to mounting fatigue, so if used repeatedly the chance that the user will be able to act on the newfound knowledge in time decreases. Detect also burns an unusual amount of fatigue, so caution is warranted. Excellent but decreasing accuracy.

Next time be more careful in what attacks you choose.

Pre-Round Stats

Banshee 93% Moderate Fatigue Feeling very confident.

Poop 68% Dangerous Fatigue Level Nearly passed out from fatigue. Can't fly. No longer Confused.

Teleport~Hypnosis~Dream Eater/Thunderbolt


Poop knows he need to be careful. He closes his eye and begins to heighten his senses in order to sense his opponent's next moves.

What's this!? Everything is black! Has Poop gone blind? Is this more of Banshee's trickery!?

Unfortunately, it is not. Poop has passed out, and is in a comatose state.

Banshee teleports towards his prey, only to find a passed out pidgey on the sand.

Banshee smiles as Poop is recalled. Her smugness could be her undoing next round...

end Round Four.


Banshee 93% Moderate Fatigue Extremely cocky.

Poop 68% Passed Out

Arena & Other Info

Poop is...well...pooped and is unable to fight. Super Pika must choose a replacement or forfeit the match.

Cyrus's Pokemon: OO

Super Pika's Pokemon: XO

Banshee is in the center of the Island.

Super pika
12th December 2002, 06:27 PM
Poop, return! Good job poop, you deserve some rest. GO, PEKE!!!! (pichu)(m) (Peke comes out of ball) Peke, flash, then, rain dance, then, thunder!!

12th December 2002, 07:39 PM
Good job Banshee, your first KO.

Alright, use teleport again to move directly behind that little mouse. Place yourself so you can't see the flash. place yourself directly behind the back of the mouse's head. If it turns around use hypnosis before it can attack. If it fails to turn around move yourself over the little mouses head. If the mouse is asleep eat his dreams. If you are on his head. Explode

12th December 2002, 08:24 PM
Let's continue:

Pre-Round Stats

Banshee 93% Moderate Fatigue Extremely cocky.

Peke(male Pichu) 100% No Fatigue

Teleport~Hypnosis~Dream Eater/Explosion
Flash~Rain Dance~Thunder


Super Pika runs towards the center of the island, hurling another pokeball. Inside is a male Pichu, who discovered to be the pre-evolution of Pikachu a few years back.

Cyrus is undaunted, "Teleport behind his head!" Banshee obeys, and the little Pichu is unaware of the spirit's new location behind him.

Suddenly, Peke feels relaxed. Feeling an prescence behind him....that just isn't right. As if a reflex, Peke behind white with energy and emits a flash of lumiescence. The pichu runs as fast as he can and assumes a defensive pose.

Sparks are flying in the head (?) of Banshee. She howls in pain. A lucky, cheap shot! Suddenly, she feels the wetness of water on her being. Rain? The pichu must have done something.

Banshee smiles. No matter. She screams in fury, and her body is ripped apart as an explosion shakes the Island.

Pichu is a good distance from Banshee, something Banshee did not know due to Blindness from the mouse. Pichu manages to escape the worst part, and the heat is not too bad due to the water. But it's still a bad blow.

Banshee is nowhere in sight. Cyrus frowns. It could've gone better, but the game is still in his favor.

and ends Round Five.


Banshee 0% KO'ed.

Peke 82% Moderate Fatigue Tired from running. Minor burns and bruises. Feeling very lucky.

Arena & Other Info

There is a downpour in effect. It will last for four more rounds.

Banshee has destroyed herself. Cyrus must find a replacement or forfeit the match.

Super Pika's Pokemon: XO

Cyrus's Pokemon: XO

The arena has been dramatically changed. Please refer to the picture for an update.

[attachment deleted by admin]

12th December 2002, 08:50 PM
Nice try Banshee. Return. Alright, Perhaps Raptor will be better suited for this Enviorment. Go Raptor. (Male Aerodactyl).
Start with a double team, if it attempts an electric or ice move, use substitue. Follow up double team with Fly. Then use Bodyslam. If you can, use your hearing to track the mouse if he were to use Flash.

Super pika
13th December 2002, 09:37 AM
Peke, use thunder all over the island 2 times, then, protect!!

13th December 2002, 10:01 AM
Super Pika, having a pokemon use attack X "all over the Island" is going to wear out your pokemon very quickly. Try using some strategy with your attacks or you will have pokemon passing out left & right.

Cyrus, it may help to tell Raptor what size Sub to make. You can't really tell him to make a X% sub (since he can't convert his health to a number), but can give him a general idea)

Too late to turn back though...for either of you...

Pre-Round Stats

Raptor: 100% No Fatigue

Peke 82% Moderate Fatigue Tired from running. Minor burns and bruises. Feeling very lucky.

Double Team/Substitute~Fly/Substitute~Body Slam/Substitute


A crimson pokeball flies into the arena, revealing a pokemon of times long past. A healthy male Aerodactyl has been unleashed, and it looks hungry for battle.

"Peke, Thunder over the whole Island twice!" yells Super Pika.

Pichu begins to charge. It takes a lot of charging to have enough electricity to cover the whole Island.

"Piiiiiiiiiii..." Peke says as he prepares to unleash his power.

"CHU!" A bright flare of light and energy covers the island. All onlookers cover their eyes as the attack is performed.

The energy dies down, and Pichu looks at his opponent. He looks very weak. Another blast should do it!

"Piiiiiiii..." Peke prepares again, "CHU!"

And again the Island is covered with Pichu's power.

This time the Aerodactyl has had enough. He slowly falls to the ground.

The Pichu smiles. He has won his first match! And in one round as well!

Peke is suddenly knocked over by a powerful, unseen force. What was that!? Pichu goes into a defensive stance, putting up a glowing field of energy, as the mysterious attacker charges into Pichu.

CRASH! The Aerodactyl is not so easily dispatched! He rams into Peke, attacking with full force! Peke's Shield is the only thing protecting him from Raptor's attack.

Raptor manages to break the shield, causing Peke to falls over. Raptor again takes t the sky. The shield prevented the attack, but it is now gone. And Peke has seen better days. The pichu is started to look flushed.

Raptor takes perch on a tree.

This battle will end soon.

...and ends Round Six.



Raptor 89% Low Fatigue Showing no extreme emotions.

Pekep 82% High Fatigue Flushed. Getting scared.

Arena & Other Info

Raptor's Substitute has broken.

Peke's Shield is destroyed.

Peke is about in the centrer of the Island. Raptor is perched on one of the trees nearby.

Super pika
13th December 2002, 10:18 AM
Peke, use doble team attack 2 times, then use rest.

13th December 2002, 11:45 AM
Alright Raptor, This is in the bag. Use Earthquake to destroy the first batch of clones and make him shaken. Then use... Earthquake to make him baked. Then use Earthquake one last time, to make him dinner.

13th December 2002, 12:10 PM
Not a very complicated match...

Pre-Round Stats

Raptor 89% Low Fatigue Showing no extreme emotions.

Pekep 82% High Fatigue Flushed. Getting scared.

Double Team~DoubleTeam~Rest


Peke is scared, but still thinks he can do it. He concentrates and splits into three!

Raptor is impressed, but not much. He leaps from his perch and takes to the sky, flying as how as possible. He then comes down to the earth with extreme force, hitting the ground and creating a shockwave.

Peke panics and tries to escape, but the Island is far too small. The shockwave of sand hits Peke and his copies. The copies dissappear from the damage while Peke takes the hit as well.

Peke is now looking nervous, but tries again. This time he has done better, making five mirror images of himself.

Raptor shakes his head and smiles. Again, he flies high and then comes crashing down into sandy surface of the Island. It hurts to keep doing this, but the sand is a lot softer than most surfaces.

Again, Peke tfinds himself trapped. The Island has no hiding places for such a attack. He again takes a hit and watches his clones vanish.

Getting sleepy, Peke decides to take a nap. He falls in a deep deep sleep, his wounds recovering at amazing speeds.

Contining his onslaught, Raptor again unleashes another shockwave of sand towards his sleeping opponent.

Peke is undisturbed. He continues to sleep.

and ends Round Seven.


Raptor 81% Low-Moderate Fatigue Sore from the earthquake attacks. Feels very confident.

Peke 64% Moderate Fatigue Deeply Sleeping (Will gain 5% each action next turn and slowly loss fatigue)

Arena & Other info

Sand is heavily disturbed. Waves have increased.

Peke will wake up in no later than two rounds. Disturbing Peke will have a 33% chance of waking him up.

All of Peke's copies were destroyed.

13th December 2002, 12:43 PM
All Right Raptor, lets keep the pressure on. Apparently Earthquake isn't going to do alot on the sand the mouse is on. So use Flame thrower to bake the shaken mouse. Use Flamerthrower again to make sure it is well done. And finish it off with a Fireblast. If he wakes up and attempts to attack use substitue again. If he double teams, use swift. If he attacks with an electric attack while asleep, substitue.

Super pika
13th December 2002, 12:57 PM
Peke, while you're asleep, use Rain dance, then make doble team copys all over the island, then use a thunder all over the island!!!

13th December 2002, 01:21 PM
It's going to be mighty hard to use those attacks while sleeping...

Cry for Peke.

Pre-Round Stats

Raptor 81% Low-Moderate Fatigue Sore from the earthquake attacks. Feels very confident.

Peke 64% Moderate Fatigue Deeply Sleeping (Will gain 5% each action next turn and slowly loss fatigue)

Rain Dance~Double Team~Thunder


Peke continues to sleep peacefully. Of course, he is unaware that he is being torched!

Raptor is breathing fire at Peke, slowly roasting the small mouse.

Peke only begins to wake u, when he sees a large billow of flame coming at him!

He tries to run, but he is far too hurt and tired.

The flame is catching up, Peke stares in fear.

As the ultra-warm flames reach him, he screams out in pain. He has never felt such pain in his life.

When the smoke clears, Peke makes a small whimper, and then collaspes.

Super Pika recalls his pokemon.

The Battle is over.


Raptor 81% Moderate Feels very proud of his first win.

Peke 0% (KO'ed) Moderate

Arena & Other Info

Peke has been defeated! That is last of Super Pika's pokemon!

I declare Cyrus the winner!


Poop Passed out from Fatigue
Banshee Exploded
Peke Defeated by Raptor
Raptor Never fainted. Defeated Peke

13th December 2002, 01:25 PM
First battle is over, I choose for Dracon, male Dratini to evolve into a dragonair

Super pika
13th December 2002, 03:33 PM
(colapses and pounds on the sand)

13th December 2002, 05:25 PM
If you wish for a rematch, simply issue the challenge

Super pika
13th December 2002, 06:54 PM
I just sent you a PM chalengeing you to a re-match.