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9th April 2003, 04:51 PM
Ohhh, so nervous. Haven't started an RPG in a looooooong time. Like two years or something. *gulp* Anyway, I gotta piece this together...

This RPG is based on Song Quest, a kewlas little book my little sister brought home one day. I stole it from her, and she wannntsss it.
I strongly suggest you read this book. It's a very low on the reading level scale, but it's still as entertaining as anything. It's written by Katherine Roberts, by the way.
**NOTE** This RPG takes place as if the other books have never happened.

Here is the plot of the RPG:

Nestled in the blue waters of the Western Sea is the Isle of Echoes. Good and evil live in harmony around it, thanks to the power of a truly mysterious people- the Singers. Singers can hear the silent voices of half human half animal creatures and can communicate over extremely long distances using just their minds. Hidden in the Isle of Echoes, they use the power of their songs to keep peace.

Long ago, a great evil threatened to destroy their peaceful Isle and all that was good in the world. Only two young Singers in training could defeat the dark forces- soft and gentle Rialle, her voice sweeter than honey, and the rebel Kherron, feisty and determined if anything.
Alone, without help, stranded utterly far from home, Rialle and Kherron were caught in a dangerous web of evil, struggling against the powers of darkness that threatened to destroy their perfect world.
Young Rialle had been chosen by the First Singer, Eliya, to accompany a delegation to the Mainland to investigate the slaughter of some of the merlee, half human, half fish creatures. Kherron, overcome by jealousy, ran away from the Isle of Echoes, where they were both training to be Singers.
From the tough beginning to a wonderful bond, Rialle and Kherron defeated the forces of evil, to return home to their beloved Isle... to the arms of their friends, the ones they adored. Tragedy and new happiness waited for them on the Isle
They began to believe the evil had disappeared as their picturesque world returned to them. But they were both deceieved.
A new evil brewed in Karchhold, source of all their former problems. A new Karchlord arises, a new Khizpriest, and together their power is unmistakable. They vow to take revenge for their fallen forefathers, and continue their work- by killing merlee and taking their eggs to be prepared for the mouths of the Karchlord, and by inhumanely torturing the quetzals to do their will. It is up to a handful of inexperienced Singers-in-training and the Second Singer to stop the two powerful Karchholders.

This is where you come into play.

Here is the glossary of words your character may use.

Isle of Echoes An Island in the Western Sea, the only place in the world where bluestone is found.
Echorium Home to the Singers. Made entirely of bluestone, the ancient building rests on the highest point of the Isle. The windows have no glass for they would be shattered by the power of the Songs.
Pentanglethe heart of the Echorium, where Songs are given for healing, rehabilitation, or punishment. A large bluestone chamber with a five pointed star(the pentangle) engraved into the floor. The recipient of the song sits on a spinning stool in the center. Singers stand on each of the five points. They wear grey silk and dye their hair blue regularly so that bright colours do not interfere with the Songs.
The Songs of PowerFive wordless songs that have the power to control emotions and memories-
-Challa the Dream song. Most common form of healing. Puts people to sleep and helps them forget their troubles.
-Kashe the Laughter song. Wakes people up, cures depression.
-Shi, the Pain song. Forces people to confront their pain, and it heals through tears.
-Aushan the Fear song. Gives life to inner fears. Makes people scream.
-Yehn the Death song. It closes doors in the head. In extreme cases, it leads to a form of "living death".
Song-potion a relaxant given to people before they have a song, ensuring the treatment has maximum effect. The recipe is a closely guarded secret.
Singer One trained in the proper use of the Songs. A singer has other related skills:
-farlistening Listen for vibration over a distance far greater than the normal range of the human ear. It is greatly enhanced by bluestone, or water. Skilled singers can also project their own voice(farspeaking).
Some young Singers can use this ability to communicate with the Half Creatures, but lose this skill has they get older.
-truth listening Sorting truth from lies by listening carefully to a person's voice and body language.
First Singer Singer in charge of the Echorium- always remains on the Isle.
Second Singer Singer in charge of Echorium business abroad- travels frequently.
novice Child below the age of pu bery who is training to be a Singer. Some gifted ones can hear and communicate with Half Creatures.
orderlies Men and (rarely) women who don't become Singers. They are employed in the Echorium as guards, cooks, servants, etc. They may also act as bodyguards and sailors when Singers leave the Isle. Be aware of this term, some male novices will be sent to orderly training if their voices crack.
pallets Dormitories where novices sleep.
"Crazy" Pallet-slang for someone not right in the head who is brought to the Echorium for healing.
pallet-whisper A nearly soundless, controlled whisper for the ears of one person only. Used by novices in the pallets when they don't want their teacher to overhear.
sunstep An Isle measurement of time. The time it takes the shadow of the Echorium's flapbole to move between two marks on the outer wall(about half an hour).
bluestone Stone with magical properties. Used by Singers to amplify the Songs and to transmit their voices across great distances.
Birthing house Ordinary slate houses attached to the Echorium, where women who don't become Singers attend Singer-mothers during childbirth and care for the next generation of novices until they're old enough to enter the Echorium.
All Singers are expected to donate at least one child to the Birthing House, but because the mothers return straight to their duties in the Echorium, the children grow up without family.
Five Thousand Steps A famous flight of steps, leading from the Isle harbor to the main gates of the Echorium.
Wavesong the Echorium ship, used by Singers when they leave the Isle on official business.
Trust gift Bluestone jewellery, traditionally given to those who agree to let a Singer settle their dispute, and worn as a sign that they are willing to honor the terms of the Echorium treaty.
Karch Cold, mountainous region of red rock to the northeast of the Silver Shore.
Karchhold Underground system of tunnels and caves, high in the mountains of Karch.
Karchholder Any person who lives in the Karchhold, but generally used to refer to a Karch warrior.
Karchlord The Supreme ruler of the Karch, a hereditary position.
death braids Worn in the hair of a karchholder to show how many enemies he has slain. Each braid is fastened with the finger bone of a slain enemy.
manhood braid Karch boy's first braid, to show he has completed his warrior training and is old enough to fight. Normally fastened with the finger bone of a karchholder who has died but not in combat- often a woman's.
single-braider a youth who wears only a manhood braid and hasn't made his first kill.
multi-braider Karchholder with more than one braid. The more braids he has, the mightier he is.
Khiz Spear of black crystal with similar properties to bluestone. Can be used to sort lies from truth, and to control people's thoughts. A symbol of office and object of worship.
Khizpriest The Chief priest of the Karch. Only person with the power and the right to wield the khiz.
Half Creatures Ancient creatures, part human, part animal. Limited intelligence and very shy of adult humans, but they sometimes communicate with children. They are many breeds, but two most commonly appear in this RPG.
-merlee Part human, part fish. Found in the Western Sea and in the waters around the Isle of Echoes. Their songs have power over the wind and the waves, and they have short memories.
-quetzal Part human, part bird. Found in the dense and unexplored Quetzal Forest, southeast of the Silver Shore. Perfect mimics with great memories.

Here are sign-up forms! You can choose to be one who lives in Karch, or someone who trains to be a singer. I will allow one Karchlord and one Khizpriest. As for Echorium, I will be taking the part of the First Singer, who will be Rialle. :P

Of Karch

Position(karchholder, khizpriest, etc.):

Of the Isle

Position(first singer, novice, orderly, etc.):
Special Ability(not off the chart):

You can have as many characters as you think you can handle :) I'll have a few. I'd also like someone to take over Kherron, he should be Second Singer.
As for my signups...

Name: Rialle
Gender: Female
Age: Mmm... round 30?
Position: First Singer
Personality: Kind, gentle and forgiving, she's just what a Singer should be. She visits the Birthing House often because she feels sympathy for the children without mothers, and the children have taken to calling her "mother". Awwww. She is rather attached to Frenn, childhood friend from the beginning, and Chissar, who she has also known forever.
Appearance: She's prettyish, she's got that blue Singer hair and equally blue eyes. I don't want to go off describing her because I know so little of her appearance. Lots of people liked her when she was younger.. LOL!
Special Ability: Farspeaking. She used to be able to communicate with the Half creatures.
Other: She has a voice "sweeter than honey", apparently. She also wears a red bracelet that Frenn found for her the day everything came to the light for her.

Name: Arlawyn
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Position: Novice
Personality: Sweet, happy and childish as you can get, she reminds many of the young Rialle. She's awfully bright, and loves figuring things out. She believes in and is well aware of the Echorium rules, and wouldn't dream of breaking them. She is afraid of Aushan, although she doesn't care much for Yehn- she knows that no one in their right mind would ever use it on her.
Appearance: The blue singer hair, and wonderful deep sparkling blue eyes. Her skin is healthy and pink, and she's got a rather pretty face. Her petite size is rather unnerving to some other novices, as if they think they'll hurt her. She will prove, though, to be one of the tallest Singer girls.
Special Ability: Like Rialle, she has the ability to communicate with Half-creatures, and has most of the skills a grown Singer would have. Her voice is strong, but frail if singing Aushan, the song she is most afraid of.
Other: Top of the class, usually. She's bright and carefree, which helps when making a first impression on a teacher.
Ughh. Hope that sounds interesting enough!

9th April 2003, 05:41 PM
Name: Lance Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-Three
Position: Karchholder
Braids: Ninty-Nine
Personality: Cold and full of hate. He dislikes everything living in general. He has always wanted to experiance friendship, but because he doesn't trust anyone, nobody really sticks around with him very long. He is very smart for an uneducated man, but he is also very strong and skilled with the sword.
Appearance: He is rather smug looking. He has black untamed hair that is short, but messy. He has a trim beard and mustache combo. He wears black armor with silver designs upon it. His armor covers his shoulders, chest, back and thighs. The rest of his body is covered in chainmail, minus his head which is free. In a holdster on his back he has a javelin, which is an expert at throwing. If it is lost he can easily make another out of wood and rock. He also has a wooden shield on his back. In a sheath on his left leg he has a sword.
Other: He doesn't really like anyone, and because of this he has spent all his time slaying enemies.

9th April 2003, 06:42 PM
Of Karch

Name: Aries Payne
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Position: Karchholder
Braids: 97
Personality: Aries is tough and hates to give up. She refuses to surrender, and has to almost be stabbed to get her to back down. She loves fighting and... stuff. She normally shows no mercy... but, there are occasions when she spares her foes. Sometimes, she can be sweet... but, not usually.
Appearance: Aries stands a height of about 5'10". Her hair is a deep brown. Her eyes are the unusual color of black. She wears black armor that covers most of her body. This inclues a chest plate, plates that cover her legs and arms. Across the shoulders are spikes that are about an inch or so high. She also wears black boots that come up to her mid-shin. She wears a belt around her waist, and hooked to it is a sheath with a sword stuck in it.. Click-ish-ness (http://www.wtv-zone.com/tigger/Other/Roxy2.jpg)
Other: Kinda has this....thing.... for Lance.. (hehe... so sue me..)

Ginger Cat
9th April 2003, 09:23 PM
*will try to do this correctly...*
I dum, but this idea 'tis coolness.

Name: Revelle Mikkitah
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Position: Um... no position... Is that all right? He lives in the wildreness, doing whatever he feels, going where he pleases...
Personality: Cryptic, though that could simply be because he's usually alone. He prefers solitude, though he'll speak and/or work with others if necessary. He helps those who need help, but usually gets out after his help is no longer needed. He feels as if he's searching for something, or being drawn to something, much of the time. Takes interest in tales, and listens to any that someone will tell him. Aside from that? S'pose it'll come out as this goes...
Appearance: 6'1". Body frame is somewhat lanky, though not clumsy; quite agile, actually. Hair is black, somewhat mussy-looking, not terribly long, though. Eyes are an odd bright gold color. Skin is fairly pale. Wears black pants, with black boots--he's had the boots for quite a while, but they still work very well for thier purposes. Dark gray shirt with black overshirt. Also wears a cloak--the color is somewhere between a deep green and a black; it seems to shimmer, and yet doesn't seem to shimmer... O_o Carries a bow with arrows, as well as several knives and a strange amulet he found some time ago, and keeps with him at all times.
Special Ability: Excellent in fighting, navigation... In general, he gets around very well with the outdoors. Also has a tendency toward odd dreams and has some thoughts that aren't quite his own when he wants.
Other: ...bwip... (aka maybe later...)

Probably do at least one more later... Izzat okay? Can change if it isn't...

10th April 2003, 07:37 AM
I really don't need to be joining any more RPGs... not to mention I'm supposed to be working on a new idea... *sigh*

Name: Junasta Kalaan
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Position: Singer
Personality: Quiet... seems distant, but she's always listening. She does have a vicious temper, but tends to keep it under control by avoiding people. She believes in the power and message of dreams
Appearance: Like this (http://www.hottopic.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&ITEM=202784&RN=147), but the dress is a silvery light blue... this (http://www.hottopic.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&ITEM=262948&RN=187) necklace too
Special Ability: Say what? Erm... very gifted with the Yehn
Other: O.o;;

Is that OK?

10th April 2003, 05:51 PM
Wheee! I had no idea this was even vaguely interesting... Thankies everyone!

Everyone is accepted, lurvely characters everyone. Ginger, your character not having a position will be... interesting. *evil look* And if anyone wants super-special abilities 0_O then you can PM me, and I'll respond as quickly as my little fingers will let me. :) Thanks again everyone for signing up.