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Ultimate Charizard
9th April 2003, 06:35 PM
Engineered Destruction

In the not too distant future the human race has attained a level of advancement far beyond that of today. After massive leaps in the technological and scientific fields man became a species devoted to surpassing themselves. With this desire inevitably came wars. Nations battled over the best technologies, each developing new and better weapons. The technological nations made more powerful and destructive weapons while the scientific nations began researching genetics and mutations.

Inevitably this all came to a head. The Great War broke out in 2045. By 2050 the human race was in tatters. The better the prize the more extreme the force used to attain them. Ironically it was an old technology that finally sealed man’s fate. Two nations resorted to reviving nuclear technology. One used it for mutation, the other for good old fashioned explosives. When these two forces met it was catastrophic. Not so much from the fighting, but the aftermath.
When the smoke had cleared reports came in of cities being overrun, populations disappearing and huge organic structures popping up. Any attempt at approaching these structures was a sure fire way to lose a research team. As these occurrences spread, radiating out with ground zero of the Great War at its centre the world was faced with a new threat. As more and more cities were ‘blitzed’ as it had been labelled, the many nations decided that working together would be the only way to find out and solve what was going on.
Using the best soldiers and researchers they had they set out to stop this mysterious threat.

To cut a long story short, they failed.

In the year 2070, twenty years after the Great War. Humanity had become an endangered species. What was left now lived nomadic lives, moving from place to place in an effort to evade extinction. Some were slowly picked off or decimated by the mysterious foe, others were attacked by other humans who had resorted to piracy to survive. Those that were lucky, the people of the technologically advanced nations took refuge in armoured military bases. It was from these bases that man decided to fight back. It took time and men but eventually they discovered the identity of the enemy, a mutated race of creatures, powerful giants that seemed to have one goal, to eat. If it could be chewed and broken down then it was food. Plants, Rocks, Metal even humans were nothing but snacks. The organic structures that had dominated the skylines of the worlds cities were nests for these beasts, each resembling some sort of termite hill it matched the insect like appearance of the creatures, named as Terra's. They also operated as insects, following a single minded goal almost like machines. With armoured hides and incredible strength they seemed invincible.
Over time the humans had developed ways to defend themselves. Mobile Armour Vehicle Suits or MAVS were designed. Nicknamed ‘Shrikes’ by those that used them they were large exo-suits, some tracked, some free standing all were heavily armed with strong hydraulic limbs, they were the front line against the beasts. And so far, they were doing their jobs.
Now however the Terra’s were adapting, learning and breaking through defences. As a last resort the scientists at one particular base on the south american continent, Fort Stanley went back to their bioengineering. Hoping to create a poison to defeat the Terra, they thought they had come close when they’re work was interrupted by a terra attack. An explosion in the laboratories caused a leak of the experimental chemicals and it was the humans, not the Terra that were infected. Many scientists, soldiers and civilians were lost in the attack, encased in the Terra's cocoon forming spray, waiting to be devoured. The ones that escaped managed to reach Fort McConnell, the most advanced of all the outposts, it had the best defences and the best laboratories of any facility still populated by humans.
In the following months life went on as normal, and with the dwindling population breeding had become an important factor in everyday life. Through the breeding program it was discovered that the accident at Fort Stanley had apparently had side effects. Every child born to a mother who had been exposed to the chemicals at Ft Stanley began to display…..abilities. Wether this was mutation or an evolutionary leap didnt matter, the military saw potential in these abilities and decided to ‘commandeer’ these children, for the good of the species…they were to be mankind’s saviour.
Now in the year 2090, they would realise their destiny.


Damn that was long. I hope u read it all…..it took long enough to type up.

Now for the information side. Ill keep this short and blunt, any questions pm me.

You can choose to be either a normal Shrike soldier or a ‘gifted’ child however if you do choose gifted choose your ability wisely, I will not allow any offensive abilities, power rpg’ing will be cut out immediately. Terra are incredibly tough. A dozen could overrun a city so I don’t want to see anyone cutting through an entire swarm. Gifted charachters can use Shrikes, since ur abilities are defensive/tactical then youll need to be armed however the 'Marines' will be better in combat situations
Also in this time population is key....the military will not throw away extra men to save one. If a man loses the use of a leg in a fight and slows the group down he is a danger to them all and he is left for dead. Sympathy doesnt carry well among the Marines. The gifted havent had training quite as strict so some emotions may/will creep in.

Now the tech specs

There are many species of Terra although only 6 have been identified. Although very different all Terra share some traits. They all seem to follow the commands of their nest, without question and with deadly efficiency. They all have the same weakspot however. The only true way to kill a Terra is to destroy its brain, this is usually very heavily protected with thick layers of armour. Destroying its body beyond its healing capabilities is also an option although much less efficient. All Terra can spray a white/grey foam that quickly hardns into a brown fossilized Resin. Any human caught with this spray becomes cocooned and beyond help. Theyre fate is in the belly of the next Terra that gets hungry.

Stumpy - Squat, four legged Terra, about the size of a horse resembles a cross between a boar and a beetle. Tough armour but can be cracked with heavy fire. One of the quicker species of Terra. Its main weapons are its blade like mandibles.

Worm - Long snake like Terra that can burrow quickly underground. Its entire body is covered in a rock like armour with a blade like tail edge. It has razor sharp mandibles for slicing up prey. The most heavily armed Terra.

Brute - This is a large Terra, can smash through lightly armoured walls with its sheer physical strength. It can also burrow amazingly fast for something its size.

Buzzer - A flying Terra, uses blade like mandibles and forelegs. Resembles a cross between a dragonfly and a Mosquito.

Twinhorn - A slug like Terra, the lightest armoured it can be penetrated by the weakest of weapons however only a shot to its weak spot can stop it. It grasps at prey with long jelly like tendrils and absorb it into its skin. Seems to have a head at each end so finding the true soft spot is difficult.

Blader - A large Mantis like Terra, rarely ventures outside the nest it is a defence Terra. It will attack and dismember any intruder. One of the most lethal terra it is fast, strong, heavily armed and scarily efficient.

All shrikes have a similar style although have variants. They resemble the Power Loader from Aliens, but much more heavily armoured and faster.

Armour Shrike - The heaviest shrike it comes with thick armour and strengthened hydraulics. Can physically fight most terra hand to hand it struggles with Brute’s and is too slow to deal with Bladers.

Gun Shrike - A walking Arsenal, covered in guns and other weapons, it carries no specific ‘big gun’ but has so many rapid firing weapons it can hold back the weaker Terra’s. Has no chance against something like a Worm.

Cannon Shrike - Similar to the Gun Shrike this carries less, but much more powerful weapons. Slower than the Gun Shrike

Blade Shrike - The quickest and most Agile Shrike it carries light long range weaponry although has two long extendable blades, stored on its back almost like wings. Lethal to softer bodied Terra, they can pierce harder armour if enough force is applied.

All shrikes can use MAV Guns. Large versions of infantry weapons that fire anti tank shells. They resemble any gun the pilot chooses, be it an automatic rifle or a simple Handgun.


Name -
Age - (under 20 if ur gifted)
Sex -
Looks -
Personality - Remember uve been raised by the military if your under 40 and wont remember the time before the terra.
Position - Gifted or Soldier
Ability - (doesn’t apply if u choose soldier) Only defensive/tactical, not offensive abilities.
Shrike - Pick from the list above.
Gun - What does your shrike Gun look like.
Other -

I dont want everyone to sign up as gifted, infact im only allowing 2 Gifted signups, the rest must be 'Marines'
The only exception are the 'pre-recruited cast' that ive been in talks with.....damn it almost sounds proffessional dont it.

And heres my signup.

Name - Gavin Wynder
Age - 19
Sex - male
Looks - 6ft 2, brown hair, blue eyes. Physically fit and strong although not a musclebound jock. Fairly agile and fast for someone his size usually wears blue jeans and a black t-shirt when not in Uniform. Always wears black fingerless gloves.
Personality - Pretty carefree for someone raised in a military base. Likes to fool around and make jokes but gets serious when he has to. Hides personal problems with humour, preffering to deal with friends problems than face his own.
Position - Gifted
Ability - Moderate Teleportation. Only a few metres, not as if he can warp to the other side of the planet etc....can only transport himself and perhaps one other person but that is extremely tiring. Cannot move heavy machinery. (his shrike)
Shrike - Blade Shrike
Gun - Large handgun resembling the Lawgiver from Judge Dredd
Other - Has a severe problem with authority, at least those who try and enforce authority rather than earn it. (Woo, i actually used 'other')

It Begins

"Get them loaded now!" called out one of the superior officers. I looked down from my vantage point in my shrike and he looked up at me. "Are you deaf son?, get that shrike in the transport now"
I stepped foward and walked towards the transporter. It resembled an old style Semi truck......or so id been told. The cab section was large and heavily armoured to protect the driver. Two large cannons sat on swivel mounts on the top. The trailer it pulled was currently folded open. Its sides and back reaching down to the floor with ramps to allow the shrikes access to the stroage bays.
i found the bay designated for my shrike and 'parked it' I looked around, my MAV Gun in a holster to one side and a recharge point on the other. Hooking up the cables i flicked a button and the suit began to charge up. I looked back out. A number of other Shrikes were approaching the transport and the 3rd cannon swivelled around on the back of the trailer, in testing mode.
I looked forward to the Cab and saw 'it'. The baby terra that for some reason had attatched itself to one of our kind. Arguments had been held, the scientists wanting to slice it up for information. I had defended this beast for some reason. Sure i didnt trust it, but i didnt like to see any infant creature suffer, and besides i did like its 'owner' Detta. She was the transport driver, choosing not to limit herself to the Shrikes.
I watched her climb in her cab as other shrikes were loaded in with me. Eventually the bays on this side were full and this half of the transports trailer closed, pitching us into darkness.

All i could do now was wait till it was opened......i hated these training missions.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
9th April 2003, 07:20 PM
Name: Kage Ikagaide
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Looks: 6'8" tall and very muscular. He has short, spikey black hair and dark brown eyes. He is very pale and that makes him look...well, creepy. When not in uniform, he wears all black, usually a large black cloak over black denim pants and a black sleeveless shirt.
Personality: Sometimes he seems detached, but he can be a fun kind of guy. He doesn't often talk to women, though he'll save them if there is a need. He's like that mostly-ignored goth kid from school.
Position: Gifted
Ability: Can sense an attack a few seconds before it happens, unfortunately, if it is a response-attack that has no real thought involved, he's as vunerable as anyone.
Shrike: Blade Shrike
Gun: Like the Graviton gun from Silent Mobius http://www.anime.com.au/vtong/amp_idx.html
Other: Always enjoys a good fight and will battle with all his power to survive.

Kage Ikagaide
I looked over at one of the other Blade Shrikes in the transport and flipped on a secured comm channel to it. "Gavin, remind me again why we have to go on these training missions."

"So we can grow stronger and enhance or capabilities, as well as learn how to effectively kill the enemy," he said, doing a perfect impression of our superior. I laughed.

"That's right, I almost forgot. Here I was thinking they were just a pain in the ***," I joked. I did a systems check of my Shrike--manually, since we had enough time on our hands. As I scanned through everything, I noticed that there was an anomaly in the right arm. I turned on the suit-scan HUD and told the system to identify it. "What the..." I muttered. It was a prototype power enhancer of some kind. "If this thing blows up, I'm gonna kill the Commander."

"If what blows up?" came Gavin's voice. Apparently, I had left the comm open.

"I've got some sort of prototype power enhancer in my suit, check yours, see if you've got one."
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

Thought I'd help get things started on an interesting note.

Totodile Lover
9th April 2003, 07:23 PM
Name - Jennifer(her real name ain't known she'sknown as Thriller)
Age - 20 (lol the youngest marine person)
Sex - female
Looks -http://www.the-movie-times.com/thrs...y.mv?jlopez+125
(same shirt, same short shorts) when not in uniform, her left eye seems to change all gel like and mix between deep blue, navy blue, blue and aqua blue, when angry.
Personality - Secretive, shy and quiet, it seems higher ranks never really got to her personality. On a mission she's out going, tough and sometimes *****y.
Position - soldier
Ability - HA N/A
Shrike - Cannon Shrike
Gun - Mp3000 Rocket Launcher, needs clamps on the side on the shrike to clamp down befor able to fire, or the shrik would fly backwards.
Other - other.. uhhh... nope.

Yes to point out this one fact I forgot to point out! THIS SIGN UP FORM WAS MADE BY ME IN PICHU LUVERS NAME!! I'm sorry I forgot to tell you, but we share a comp and we got stuck in hers

The one masive cannon on the top stop dead, looking at the shrike befor me, lucky he wasn't a enemy, I'd blast em to spreads. The only one problem with this shrike, one cannon, ment for hitting tough and small groups of Terra.
"Alright! We're on our way, don't mess up!" Over everyone com.
I switched off my com towards him, nothing much to be said going there, only bordom now.
"It's a Training Mission, Why can't we have a little fun?" I taunted.
"Thriller he'll have your *** if you screw this up, like the last." Another soldier answer(not a person just random..).
Blow you up next time buddy... I thought.
I switch my com to everybody again. No need to talk to anyone, just to listen to what they're saying, nothing else to do.
Where the hell ddi I get the nickname Thriller from again? Meh, don't know don't care. I thought, I blocked it out of my mind, this ride was more boring then I thought it was going to be.

"I've got some sort of prototype power enhancer in my suit, check yours, see if you've got one." Kage sounded worried, didn't blame em.
"Why the hell would he put that ****in in? He wants us to go boom more easily." I questioned myself and maybe other people. It searched threw and found it, ****!!! ran through my mind. "Yo, it's in mine too. Kage, I think I'll be pleased when you do kill him. It's screwing around with everything."

9th April 2003, 07:38 PM
Name - Boris Black a.k.a. "The Titan"
Age - 25
Sex - Male
Looks - Boris Black is taller than the average person (7'4), and has a well-tanned body as well as a great athletic build. He has sharp sapphire eyes as well as dark blue hair. When he goes about casual, he wears a dark blue T-shirt with midnight black jeans and white boots. In battle, he usually wears a sky blue sleeveless vest and bright green army pants with boots. Often appears hunchbacked when entering doors. Sometimes, wears a pair of sunglasses.
Personality - Boris is one of the few Marines with heavy values in teamwork and loyalty. He is highly intelligent, fearless in battle, and able to command respect (allies) and fear (enemies). Socially, however, he is not that great. He is generally shy to strangers, and never really talks, preferring to listen. His true love is technology, he is often found working on machines in his spare time. He never leaves his comrades behind, and always backs them up. Usually calm, but it is hard to calm him down when angered. Despite social problems, Boris is somewhat sensitive to others, and very kind and generous to a certain extent. Often prefers to compromise when he comes across an argument
Position - Soldier
Ability - Though he isn't gifted. He is slightly stronger than the average man (SLIGHTLY stronger). He has an incredible skill in machinery and computers.
History: Boris' first heroes were his father Iro and Great-Great-Grandfather Garibaldi (whom he learned about through reading his journal). From Iro, he gained his incredible technological knowledge and military training. From Garibaldi, he gained his military values of teamwork and loyalty. Boris became a Marine at an early age, but his incredible human relations skills (despite social problems) and his techno-prowess quickly got him a job leading a small group of MAV pilots. Because he was young when he got this 'promotion', he wasn't taken seriously and was given the task of leading one of the most undisciplined groups in Marine history. To the surprise of his superiors, he was quickly able to make them a highly efficient set of fighters. He still leads them into battle, and few doubt his teammates skills.
Shrike - Armour Shrike 'Titan' (he calls it that)
Gun - Those giant cannons on tanks
Other - Most people only know his team through their nicknames (only one doesn't have one). His team includes Dallas (Gun MAV), Valkyrie (Cannon), Oxford (Blade), and Iron Wall (another Armor). He dreams of designing (if not making) some specialized MAVs that can fly or dig. Also has a vehicle design in progress called an Armored Rescue Transport (ART) for when a MAV has broken down.

He can easily lead his team, because he makes no claims to being a leader. He once said, "Each member of the team has a place. Dallas is our marksmen, Oxford is our Infantry, Valkyrie is the big gun, and Iron Wall is the muscle. I coordinate the team, but I am not the commander. To be the commander has often meant that you tell others to die from a cushy chair. I give orders, but I never gave an order if I weren't willing to do it myself. That is what I told them when I met them. To this day, they have never failed me"
"Alright, remember, team, we were just called for guard duty. They had found a baby Terra and wish for us to be on the ready if something bad goes down. So, Dallas, can we avoid any funny stuff," I spoke over our newly designed Com-links. Well, MY newly designed Com-links. I was the one that made them. The response came from all of my teammates, all of them full of hysterical laughter.

"Yeah, what was I thinking?"

"So, Titan, what do you think they will want to do with it?" came the British accent of Oxford. (Of course you will need to imagine it, I'm not good at this stuff)

"I would assume they are going to slice it open and see what makes it tick, or put it in a simulated environment to see how it acts," I said, "Also, we aren't in public. Call me Boris, Gierfried."

Then Valkyrie chose to respond, "Disect a baby? Those MONSTERS!" she was always emotional.

"Live with it Amy," was Iron Wall's two cents. I had said he was the muscle, and hence, the tough guy. Still, this just ended up in a bunch of bickering. That was something we always did when we were nervous.

"All of you, SHUT UP!"
"Yes, Boris," came the team in unison. We were quickly approaching the transport. Still open, we activated the Com-link.

-This is the Metal Giants. Repeat. Metal Giants, requesting permission to dock, over-
-Request granted, proceed." was the simple answer. We quickly got on and sent our respective MAVs into dock. I quickly jumped out. As I looked around, I noticed someone else. I quickly jogged up to the guy. At close range, he appeared to be in his late teens

"Hi there! Am I in the right transport? My team was assigned for guard duty when we were told about a baby Terran being caught," I told him.

Ultimate Charizard
9th April 2003, 08:05 PM
Sorry Socram, there arent going to be any Terra encounters till we at least get everone here......i have something planned, if its excitement u want dont worry ull get it but i doubt a brute would sneak up, especially since were still in the base (loading to go on a training mission etc)

This isnt gonna be all guns blazing and monsters all the time so anyone who plans on being a bit trigger happy and over powered can leave now ok.

(hope that didnt sound too harsh)

Darkmaster Kagemusha
9th April 2003, 08:24 PM
lol. I've got no problem with that. Blade Shrikes don't seem to be the kind someone would go in guns blazing with ;). I also have something planned for some fun, despite the fact that I'm not in charge of this RPG. I'll PM you about it. I'll post a little later on, when someone makes this go a bit further.

9th April 2003, 08:44 PM
Hey! Don't discriminate against the trigger-happy people. The NPC, Dallas, is always trigger-happy (He rides the Gun MAV for a reason). Oh wait, you're talking about the RP'ers themselves. I can understand that. I'll agree, if it were all gun fights, we'd have no real characters, would we?

Kagemusha: I'm curious, though you weren't talking to me, what did you have in mind?

9th April 2003, 08:55 PM
Wow, that was quick. Sorry I wasn't on for like an hour or two O.O

Name: Isanryu Syzuka
Age: 18
Gender: Male
5'7, short. A thin build, with his face lean, smooth, and cold-looking. Long, organized dark silver(result of the genetic mutation) hair, tied at a ponytail and goes half-way down his back. His eyes are the only part of him that seems to show any emotion, and they're bright silver, and livid, making him look kinda crazy. Wears a black sleeveless shirt w/ red arm band doubled up near his left shoulder. Over that he wears a white trenchcoat that goes down all the way to his knees, and has red trim. His pants are made of leather and are tight and black. He wears a solid silver necklace that he's always had. He was told it belonged to his mother, and Isanryu has no idea why he keeps it.

Personality: Very detached, doesn't seem to care about anything. He's constantly searching for the perpose of his life, and the only time where he actually feels alive is when he's in battle. Despite this, he only fights to protect others.

Position: Gifted

Ability: Can see the future. Not much, just maybe a few seconds to a minute from the present. He can't control what he sees or when he sees it, just visions of what is to come randomly pop up.

History: Isanryu's parents where just average workers at Fort Stanley. When the explosion happened, his father was killed. His mother was carried all the way to Fort McConnel by one of her friends. The explosion and her despair drove her insane, and after Isanryu's birth, she killed herself. Isanryu was raised to be a soldier, but his visions kept him ahead of everybody. He was tops in everything, and worked his head off because he knew nothing better. He couldn't read, write, do math, or anything. However, on an excursion, a Terra attack changed Isanryu's life forever. A Twinhorn attacked his group. Over half of them where absorbed, and Isanryu was almost one of them, but the tour leader knocked Isanryu out of the Twinhorn's grasp, and got absorbed himself. Isanryu ran back, but that sparked something. Once he got back to McConnel, he started to try to find the meaning of his life. Seeing the leader sacrifice himself for Isanryu made Isanryu want to find something important to do with his life. After graduating from the military academy 4 years ahead of anybody his age, he continued to struggle with this question and does so to his day.
Shrike: Armor Shrike
Gun: resembles Wing-Zero's Buster Rifle from Gundam Wing, automatic rifle.
Other: nothing
Isanryu climbed easily into his Shrike, grabbing the edges loosely and pulling himself inside, pulling off his trenchcoat and putting it under the pilot's seat. He quickly flipped a switch and the Shrike roared to life, the cockpit lighted, various screens shooting down, giving Isanryu a 360 degree view of his surroundings.
"Everything ok, Syzuka?" the tech guy asked, sticking his head into the cockpit.
"Everything looks fine, good job," Isanryu said in his usual faraway voice, flipping various switches, running manual tests. Outside, the Shrike's arms moved, legs lifted, even took it's gun out of it's holister across the Shrike's back.
"Looks like the power enhancer's doing it's job," the tech guy replied, tapping a consule lightly.
"What power enhancer?" Isanryu said, jerking to attention abruptly.
"We installed them in every Shrike. Must've forgotten to tell you..." the tech guy said nonchalantly, and not at all convincing. Isanryu ignored it.
"Whatever. Goodbye." Isanryu said coldly, flipping a switch, closing the cockpit. The tech guy jumped away quickly, screaming something that Isanryu didn't hear. He smirked. I never get tired of doing that he thought. He waved at the tech guy with the Shrike's mechanical arm. A good start to an otherwise boring test run. Isanryu flipped on the comm.
"I've got some sort of prototype power enhancer in my suit, check yours, see if you've got one." some guy, who Isanryu recognized as Kage, said. He sounded kinda worried.
"Why the hell would he put that **** in? He wants us to go boom more easily....Yo, it's in mine too. Kage, I think I'll be pleased when you do kill him. It's screwing around with everything." came Thriller's voice. Isanryu knew Thriller a little, some tough marine woman. That wasn't important though.
"Idiot techs. Can't keep their hands on their own toys," Isanryu mumbled angrily.
Just wait until after this test run... Isanryu thought, trying to calm himself down. He drove his Shrike into a transport. A long, boring while later, Isanryu climbed out. The area was a massive, dense forest. Strange shrieks pierced the air, giving the forest a mysterious feel. The sun's rays just managed to prod through the thick branches of the canopy. The air was completely still, and felt very damp. One of the couple of jungles remaining on Earth. Isanryu sighed. He could get used to this place...

EDIT: fixed up the desert thing

Outlaw JT
9th April 2003, 10:25 PM
Name - Goner(his real name was lost when he was 6 years old)
Age - 19
Sex - male
Looks - When standing at full height Goner is about 6'2" tall. He appears much shorter than this as his back is always arched and he stays low to the ground like an animal cautiously scanning its surroundings or preparing to pounce. He has long dirty and unkept red hair and he has some barely noticeable stubble on his face. It looks almost as if he hasn't had a haircut or a shave his entire young life. His body is very thin yet wiry. He doesn't look it but he is much stronger than his appearance would indicate. He wears nothing but a very torn up and tattered pair of black pants that are actually too big for him. They are tied to his waist by some hand made rope fashioned from the stripping of a pine tree. His skin is a smooth light tan although it is impossible to see as it is also covered in dirt. It looks almost as if Goner hadn't bathed in months. Goner's skin is also covered in small nicks and scars.
Personality - erratic......Goner is unique and only his behavior and history will be able to explain his personality.
Position - Gifted
Ability - He has the ability to sense the terra's presence as well as understand the basics of their communication. He also seems to be able to remain undetected by them unless they are staring into his eyes but it is unclear if this is truly an ability or just a survival trait he has learned.
History - Goner's parent also worked on the toxin to destroy the terra's. His mother was pregnant at the time of the explosion and so he was more directly effected than most of the other gifted children. Since his parents were closer to the explosion though they did not make it out with the main group. They had to leave the base heading away from Fort McConnel instead of towards it. They met up with a wandering group of nomads who were kind enough to take them in. It was into this group of nomads that Goner was born. He was given a full name but there is no one left alive who knew it. He was raised with his older brother(whom was already 12 when Goner was born) in the ways of the nomads. They were taught how to forage and stay hidden as much as anyone could from the terra's. When Goner was 5 though the terra's caught up with the nomads and attacked their ever moving camp. Goner's brother as well as five of the other teenagers were on the edge of camp and managed to escape but not before Goner witnessed his parents being slaughtered by a buzzer. Due to the shock of it Goner lost the ability to talk for quite awhile. The only thing they had left now of their parents was their fathers dogtag which Goner's brother wore. His brother and the other teenagers kept on living as they had been taught to among the nomads. Days passed into months passed into a year. It wasn't until his sixth birthday that Goner finally managed to start talking again. He had finally gotten accustomed to his new life without his parents. His brother was very good at taking care of him. Unfortunately fate was not yet finished with him. One day while they were hunting for food they stumbled upon what they thought to be a dead buzzer. Goner wouldn't go anywhere near it but the others went to examine it more closely. It had been wounded by something and was covered in its own blood. They figured it would make some great armor for them and it's mandibles would make great weapons so they walked right up to it to start dismantling it. Sadly, the creature was not dead and is they got right next to it it sprung to life. It decapitated two of the teenagers in a heartbeat. One more was impaled through the chest as he tried to run. Goner's brother and the other two picked up their crude spears and some rocks and tried to fight it though. It lasted only a minute but when it was over the creature was dead along with everyone but Goner and his brother. Goner watched on in horror as his brother lay there next to the dead creature and their friends, badly wounded and bleeding. Goner went to his brothers side and clutched him tightly in his small lap. His brothers blood soaked into all of his clothing. As his brother lie there bleeding to death he looked up into Goner's eyes and said, "I'm not gonna....you...you'll need to be on your own now Josh. I.....I'm a....goner........" His brothers eyes slid shut and he sat there, rocking in place. The last word he heard his brother say kept repeating in his mind over and over as he tried to understand what was happening. Since then the only thing he has been able to remember was that the last thing his brother called him was Goner so that became his name. He took their fathers dogtag from his brothers neck and put it on himself. He continued to sit there for hours. When he finally did snap out of it though he proceeded to do his best to tear the dead buzzer apart. As a reminder of that the evil thing that had claimed both his parents and his brother was dead, he took with him one of the buzzers long blade like arms(much like that of a praying mantis). Over time he fashioned it into a sword with about a three foot long blade with a foot long handle(similar to a katana). He has been surviving on his own in the wild since he saw his brother die 13 years ago. He has lost all knowledge of the human world he once belonged to. Somewhere deep inside he remembers how to speak but for now all he knows are a few key words and phrazes.
Shrike - n/a He believes the Shrikes to be ghosts of dead terra's....or rather terra's that were born without souls.
Gun - n/a
Other - He is a survivor and he's gotten very tough over the years. He may look weak and malnourished but he is quite strong and extremely agile. No one truly believes his strengths until they are able to witness them personally.


He looked on from the edge of the jungle. He counted eight of them moving towards his domain. Eight emptybeasts rattling towards him. They moved loudly and stirred up much dust as they moved.
"Dumb emptybeasts," he mused aloud.
Everything in the forest could sense those things coming. If they were looking for prey they wouldn't be able to find it with all the noise they were making. It made things much easier when the beasts made noise.
As the eight emptybeasts neared his jungle he turned and bounded deep into the forest. They would not find him unless he wanted to be found. By the time he could hear the trees breaking as the emptybeasts entered he was already well hidden among the trees.
The noisy intruders spread out as they moved through his jungle. He could hear their clanking and rattling and the breaking of trees. None of them came within sight but he knew they were there.
He listened and watched as the beasts stomped through his jungle. They made all kinds of noise, speeding up, slowing down, making explosions.........they came to destroy something.........he hated when the beasts came to destroy. So much more suffered then the whatever they were after then.
"No...." he said with quiet conviction.
With that he leapt to the next branch. From there he leapt to the next. He bounded through the trees like a creature possessed. He would have to see what the beasts were after.
Moments after he began moving all the sound stopped. The beasts had stopped moving for some reason. Had they found what they were after? Were they pausing to think of a new approach? Whatever the case it bought him time.
He moved through the trees with increased speed until finally he came upon one of them. It was an emptybeast alright. It stood there silently, not moving.He also saw something he did not expect to see.
A small figure moved around at the feet of the emptybeast. It sighed and moved like it was stretching its limbs. It looked an awful lot like himself but that seemed unlikely. He could hardly remember there being any animals that looked like him.
Soon the figure moved towards the emptybeast and started climbing up its exterior. He thought for a moment to shout out. To warn the figure what it was doing. That would likely only wake the emptybeast up though which would just as quickly kill the figure.
Instead he watched timidly. As the figure climbed up to the emptybeasts mouth it opened and the figure disappeared. It was too late now.
He continued watching sadly but the emptybeast still didn't move. It hadn't seen him yet. He looked down at the blade at his side and gripped its handle. He thought for a minute.
He had killed beasts before. Even the biggest beasts could be killed if they had no idea anything was there. All he'd have to do is drop onto it's back from the trees and make one quick strike with his blade. It would be one less beast and that figures death would be avenged.
He quietly leapt to the next tree. Then two more until he was right over the emptybeast. It still made no sound or movement. It must have been sleeping.
In one smooth motion he dropped from the tree onto the emptybeast. He thrust his blade forward to where the softspot should be but it clanged and bounced off. The soft spot wasn't there. He started thrusting violently at the back of the emptybeasts head but every time it was bounced off. It only took a few seconds for the emptybeast to roar to life. It started to shake about as if trying to bump him off. He jumped from his perch on its back and took off running.
This emptybeast was not like other beasts he had been so close to. All beasts had a soft spot towards the back or side of its head. This beast had no soft spot. He didn't know how to kill it so all he could do was run.
He fled through the trees with great speed but he could hear the emptybeasts all around him moving again. It seemed the first one had told the others about him and they were all chasing him. At least he could lead them away from the jungle. The other animals would be a little more safe.

OOC: in case you couldn't tell the emptybeasts he is talking about are the eight shrikes on a practice run. keep in mind that Goner doesn't move like a normal human. he is very fast, pretty strong, and extremely agile so it won't be easy to keep up with him, let alone catch him.

9th April 2003, 10:34 PM
Name - Nekyiah (Neck-EE-ah) Shoukra (Shoe-krah)
Age - 16
Sex - Female
Looks - [Attached Below!! ^^ That is how her face/hair/eyes look... but I'll give the clothing description. She wears a skin-tight, long sleeved white shirt which is cut off at teh bottom just a tad bit, and at the sleeve cuffs are outlined in a glittery silver. Upon her lower half, she wears slender black pants which seemed to be made out of a smooth, cloth-like material that are very stretchy and have a string around them to keep them comfortabley up. She doesn't wear shoes, but when she has to she usually goes for teh atheltic-type since it's in training that she wears them. Those shoes are black, with soft white markings with a mixture of grays and grippies upon the bottom! Aroun d her neck she wears a simple, silver chain with a tag upon it, which has a strange number on it. Attached with that, (added by herself, with out any question from authorities) is a cresent-moon symbol pendant, which she found in her apartment underneath the bed. IT fit her necklace perfectly.
Personality - She's actually quite soft spoken, and doesn't talk that much. She's shy... and doens't like to cause or draw attention to herself, but she'll respond or talk if you make the effort to. She tends to always seem distant, or as if she is thinking of some thing else then what it at present. She shies away from peple some times as well... for she always seems to be or have a slight fear of things. But she's extremely nice and cheerful and/or optimistic about things, although she is EXTREMELY warey when going into fighting-type resistance.
Position - Gifted
Ability - Her ability is rather eerie and almost ethereal. She can see the souls of those who have parished, both Terra's and human's alike. She can 'capture' the soul and then replace it in another body if she wishes, but that body must be unharmed and in almost perfect state- (no wounds n'such.) If she feels threatened, she can also withdraw the soul from some thing which would kill it- but she tends to only with draw a little to disarm the person. If your soul has been sapped away at a little bit, the person almost freezes and goes quite on instant- the feeling as if they've lost some thing close to them. She doesn't like to do it for that reason, and because it causes severe mental strain. If a soul is hostile, it is harder for her to capture and can infact inflict pain upon herself.
Shrike - Blade Shrike (It's dark blue with silver ringlets too... woo! )
Gun - It's a small, silver and compact- gun. Looks almost harmless, but infact it's a higher type of flamethrower. The burning power in sensationable as far as heat temperature goes, but it takes a long while to recharge and should be used in an emergency. She never uses it.
Other - Her history is unknown, but is said that at her birth a strange thing happened. When the doctors held her up, she refused to open her eyes. When they tapped her, she wouldn't cry. They were worried that some thing was horribly wrong with her... and they had suspicions that maybe she had a mutation of some sort which would result in death. But when she opened her eyes, suddenly she began to cry and when she did several doctors died.
They immediatly took her away from her parents and placed her until care. They poked her... and tried to figure out what her ability was, but were unable. No one died however, for she never cried. As soon as she was old enough to read and write, they quickly had her describe what she felt or saw. She didn't make much sense... saying that she could, 'see the true person'. Finally however, she made them tell her where her parents were. They agreed to tell her, only if she would demonstrate her powers again upon a living subject- a dog. She was devastated, and didn't want to harm the dog. They practically threatened to kill her... but she still refused. They then said tha tif she did not, they would kill her parents. Finally she agreed, and after severe mental anguish by forcing herself to do some thing against her will- she killed the dog. She then was analzying, and they could find a slight downfall in her temperature, along with severe and almost an 'eruption' of brainwave activity which was never used by a human before. She then described how she coudl see 'life forces' when they left the body- this time, the body of the dog.

They then began to slowly understand that she could manipulate or capture souls, and thus they began to train her to control how much of a soul she coudl take out. This trainign was done entirely by herself, since no one themselves could ever really 'teach' how to do it. Just wordly advice was given.

She found out after several years finally, that her parents were already dead. They had died a few years after her birth, when they were sent out against the terras. They were so badly injured, that they could only tell the death proof by their DNA- or what was left to pick from it. She was sadly devasted... for she had no living relatives, and the scientists would not allow her to venture out upon her own to live her life or even become a soldier. She t hen discovered about 'gifted' children after eavesdropping upon the scientists. They had kept her in a small, apartment-like building after she proved she could harness her ability fully by having her emotions severely roused. (Being practically tortured... in inhumane ways, really.) Her apartment was small, and they tried putting cameras in but she would manage to some how break them so they gave up. Her doors were always surveyed by guards, and windows had bars upon them. She lived this way... training, going into the apartment, and training. She only met a few other people... or 'kids' her age, but they were strictly soldiers and practically had no lifer or were the children of higher command.

She jsut longs for some thing else worth living for...

(I'm not sure where the Gifteds are supposed to be... but for now, I'll have Nekyiah start off in her 'quarters' or more like her jail cell until they let her out or whatever.. GAv, I'll let you take that part over. ^^;; I'm not sure what you have planned fer her.)

Nekyiah (Neck-EE-ah) Shoukra (Shoe-krah) - F - Gifted

"Now Nekyiah."

Closing my eyes, I briefly gave a faint hesitation as I gazed at the poor animal... and watched as it growled at me- as if it stood a chance against me and was about to take me on. I knewit was only defending itself. The people probably had tortured this animal, so it was ferocious for these tests- probably starved it too. I felt pain for it... as I stood there, my eyes closed as I heard the animal's muscles tense. An aura of fear, anger and the act of being hungry wavered over my body... as I felt the soul's radiation softly meeting my own.


Order... they used that word a lot. I was their tool, their toy... their meer play thing in the urge and feeling to find ways to take down Terras. Sure, I had never met one. They didn't trust me yet- fear that I would run away. I remembered that talk with that one man...

" Even if they did let you out- which they won't for a long time, you wouldn't have a chance to r un away. So never think about running away- because we'd send our machines upon you in an instant and yo'ud be here twice as long. Be a good girl, and maybe you'll spark a chancet o leave- but you'll a lways have some equipment upon you. Just in case. So don't you ever believe you're out of our grip."


I opened my eyes, one tear streaming down my cheek as I instantly flickered my gloved hand upwards and my hair slightly blazed about me- rippling in the strange, mysterious wind which flowed through my hair. My startling, emerald eyes flickered with a gleam as I suddenly clutched my hand and an eerie, light blue aura began to burst around it like a fire. The lion then paused... frozen, as if struck by some paralyzation. I then clenched my fist, and instantly a blue fire seemed to erupt from the lion, and it didn't even make a move. Instantly the lion fell down in a heep, as a glittery blue haze came from it's body in the shape of itself, but more blury... viscious. It gave me a gleam... almost a glare.

I thought the soul would attack my mind... but instead, it almost seemed glad to be out of it's body. I then relaxed my hand, and the soul was released. My mind eased as the blue aura wavered away from my hand an dthe soul was gone...

" There... happy." I said slowly, sadly and rather quiet.
"Good, your training is done for today."

THe stupid, bitter fat man said as he pointed towards the metal doors. I slowly walked away... they had me in their strange training suits, calling it some thing like a Shrike pre-suit. To 'train' me, for the Terras- which they were jumping back and forth to the idea of me helping. They weren't 'sure' if I was ready.

I slowly sat down with in my 'quarter's. They called it an apartment, Ic alled it a jail. I wasn't ever out of their eye... What was out there? I heard of creatures, but other then the ones they showed me I had no idea. I never saw the things they taught me about... the Angiosperms or the Conferae forests, not even of blue water or reddened skies. Sure I saw some sky out of my barred windows... but everything here was bleak and gray, filled with sand.

"I want to be free..." I thought, as I slowly sat down. I should take off my suit.. so slowly I meandered to a pile of clothes which they had me quickly change out of . Quickly I rid myself of the suit, and then placed my tight, long-sleeved yet comfortable white shirt with the sleek, yet comfy bottoms. Sighing, I sat down cross-legged upon the floor and thought...

But it was then I heard a mumur of voices out side my door, and a bunch of feet.
What was that? Not more training? Surprise training? They usually only did that if I did badly upon a test.... I coul donly hope it was just some thing unassociated with me.
But that was unlikely.

9th April 2003, 10:36 PM
Oh, and below is the attachment picture of my character.

Gav said it will be the 'basic' look of the suits, but of course it will have minor changes depending on your shrike and gender.

[attachment deleted by admin]

10th April 2003, 12:32 AM
Name: Tio Nova
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has long, scruffy, purple hair and green, glowing eyes. He wears a white shirt, a black leather jacket, torn jeans, red and white sneakers and a black glove on his right hand.
Personality: He's very quiet and serious. He seems cold, but he's a pretty nice guy deep down.
Position: Marine
Ability: n/a
History: He's spent his life on the streets and has developed a tough attitude. He totally hates the Terra after they killed averyone he cared about. He's usually a nomad but joined the marines because he thought this was the perfect oppertunity to get revenge on the Terra.
Shrike: Blade Shrike
Gun: A large gun similar to the Rail Gun on Metal Gear Solid 2.
Other: He's currently looking for love.

I'll rewrite his intro later.

Ultimate Charizard
10th April 2003, 03:24 AM
MC, Bulba's char is 'from what shes told me' in a high security section of the base......i doubt that youd be able to just walk in like that and i doubt even more that she'd know where the dorms are.

And DarkTemplar, sorry to correct so many so early but as a way to get JT's char introduced ull have to swap your Arid desert for a jungle.

Things will improve as the RPG gets going.

10th April 2003, 12:11 PM
Name -Detta "Vendetta" Nighter (Sometimes called Vens)

Age - 28

Sex -female

Looks - Long darkish blondish/reddish hair(if that makes sense) green eyes, her hair is loosely tied back and she wears a camo tank top and baggy camo pants, combat boots and has a black band around her arm below the shoulder,has her fathers dogtags (doesnt everybody) and a gold heart shaped locket her mom gave her, with a picture of her parents holding her as a baby, a lost memory of a time that would never come again. Its the only thing she has soft feelings about, but she d only open it up and look at it if she was alone or she thought no one was watching her.

Personality - hates the Terra with a vengance, was raised to regard her life as usuable only to destroy them, and to free Earth from their clutches. Her father died in a suicide attack to protect his family and her mother and baby brother are currently in hiding. She considers it her duty to continue her fathers line of work--killing Terras. Her father was killed while he was in a shrike because it was slow and not very maneuverable, so she refuses to weaken herself by using one and instead uses her hunting instincts and skills to kill the Terras one on one.

Position - Not gifted, just crazy lol

Ability - Is very, very good at killing Terras ^-~ Well versed in a variety of hand weapons and is very agile. Has managed to sucessfully survive and kill a number of Terra without knowing how to operate a shrike...actually she could be gifted in a way, but if so then shes not aware of it...maybe not gifted in the sense that the children in this RPG are gifted anyway.. Heck Ill figure it out as I go thats what I always do lol

Other - Im not good with guns and machines and mechs and what not so....shes going to fight the Terra using herself and a variety of hand held guns as weapons, hey its possible to be a one woman army right? ^-^ She has the power of vengance on her side! Oh and she has a 'pet' Terra that nobody better kill, its not CaPtUrEd either so leave it alone! lol

~"Vens" Nighter~
Her 'Big Rig'
:::Just hangin out,watchin the test:::
"PssssssssshhTTTTTT~~~~!!! HEY!! C'mere Sparks!!!" I whistled loudly over the roar of the Rigs engine. I hopped down from the drivers seat and turned towards where a semi-large giant beetle was thundering towards me, mandibles clashing and making a sort of clicking, rumbling noise. That sight was usually enough to have someone wet their pants and go screaming for their mommys. So it might have come as a surprise to anyone who didnt know me that I smiled.
"Theres my Sparks!!" I said almost gently to the giant beast, as I rubbed its exoskeleton affectionatly. Though Sparks was a Terra he was very gentle to me, and anyone I was friends with, as he was still only a baby. He was one of a group of Stumpys that tried to kill me once when I stumbled into their territory. I probably wouldve died if I didnt managed to use the Rigs power source and electrocute them all. All of them died except for Sparks, and after it happened he just kinda walked around confused. I dont know what made me try to befriend it, but I did, and ever since then Sparks has tagged along with me everywhere I go.
Though I dont know how the other Marines feel about having a potentially dangerous member of the alien enemy living with them on a daily basis.
But everyone pretty much leaves me alone. They know better than to get on my bad side, and plus, no one has a reason to get on my bad side. Im just in this for Revenge. On those damn Bladers that killed my dad...he ran his Shrike into one of their hidden nests during at test run and the Shrike was too damn slow to get away in time. I grabbed my locket tightly in one fist. Too damn SLOW......

Suddenly I noticed that all the Shrikes were changing direction, and seemed to be chasing something. Something that was too small to be seen from where I was. What could it be?
Grinning I gave Sparks a pat. "Get up! In the back, come on!!" He complied immediatly, he always seemed to know what I was saying. Once he was in I leaped up into the drivers seat and slammed the door. Letting the engine roar for a brief moment I got that sucker moving. Just cause I refuse to be limited by a Shrike doesnt mean Im gonna be left outta the fun!

Hope thats ok for first post ^-^

10th April 2003, 05:06 PM
I walked around the complex, looking for something to kill time. I had a training session and I had to find something to do till then. I then turned the corner to see some armed guards patrolling some hall. I casually walked up to one of them.
“What are ya guarding?” I asked.
“I can’t give that information. Now get lost.” He replied. I then quickly had an idea.
“Fine,” I replied, turning around, “I guess you don’t want to know that the Terra in the training have broken loose.”
“What was that!?” he asked.
“Like I said, all the Terra have escaped. They’re running amok all over the base. You should try to stop them quickly.”
“Thanks bub,” he replied He then turned to his partner.
“Let’s go!” The two ran down the hall and were gone.
“Sucker,” I thought, “Now to see what those morons were guarding.” I then bolted down the hall.


Pichu Luver
10th April 2003, 07:20 PM
ok I'm lost wtf is going on? allwell I go along with my other post..

"Oh **** Oh ****.." I called out over the comm, my mind was racing, beeping thingy, couldn't be good, not good.
"what?" Gavin called over.
"Buttons, Buttons.. What to push?" I luckily found the right one, I quickly pushed it.
I chose a hell of a day to drink.. I thought, I quickly switch on my radio I had packed in here, to give myself some entertainment. I was quietly giggling to myself, rememberin the captins face when I blew up our check point last time.
"Thriller you going to screw it up?"
"Kage, you know me, I love screwin around, specially training crap."
I spotted one button what wasn't here before, oh, that engineer and captin was going to pay for this. I grumbled to myself.
"Who the hell allowed the engineer to put a selfdistruct button and program in this machine?" I muttered to myself, sighing, this was a more screwed up then last time I was in it.
"Thriller I have a suggestion, turn on your radio. Lets here some music." Isanryu said. "give us something to atleast listen too."
you people can choose the song..

11th April 2003, 07:39 PM
I ran down the hall, looking for what does morons were guarding. Suddenly, another two guards came 'round the corner.
"YIKES!!"I cried as prepared to run.
"Hey you!" called a guard.
"Crap!" I thought, "Busted!"
"What are ya doing here?" he asked. I had to think fast.
"Oh I was on my way to the training area."
"The training areas on the other side of the base."
"It is? Well sorry. I'll just be going now." I walkde past them, just as those two last guards were coming down the hall.
"Have you seen a guy with long purple hair?" one of them asked.
"Because he told us that the Terra in the training centre have escaped. I want to kick his ***!"
"He just went around the corner." But before the guard came around, I ran around the corner and out of the area.
"Phew," I panted, "I'm not doing that again."

Is that better?

Ultimate Charizard
12th April 2003, 07:19 PM
MC.......I dunno why but your sole intention seems to be to reach B4's Char. Which bit of 'High security' wasnt pointed out. This is a military base, there arent just gonna be two guards, gullible enough to run off and leave theyre post with no notice to superiors, especially with no alarms or anything.

I know B4 seems a bit isolated and its good that ud want to include her (unless ur just doin it for you charachters 'lookin for love' bit in the other column) but i have something coming up that will get everyone involved.

12th April 2003, 08:57 PM
I know this may sound contradictory, but then again, I can't do anything until at least one person with a 19 year old character reacts to me. Instead of just posting what people can and can't so, make a post about what people can and can't do WHILE making a character post, I am so sick of waiting. Would ya, please, UC?

Outlaw JT
13th April 2003, 05:52 AM
Originally posted by Ultimate Charizard
MC.......I dunno why but your sole intention seems to be to reach B4's Char. Which bit of 'High security' wasnt pointed out. This is a military base, there arent just gonna be two guards, gullible enough to run off and leave theyre post with no notice to superiors, especially with no alarms or anything.

I know B4 seems a bit isolated and its good that ud want to include her (unless ur just doin it for you charachters 'lookin for love' bit in the other column) but i have something coming up that will get everyone involved.

Mystic_Clown......perhaps you didn't understand that the above post I have quoted as addressed to you. Or, perhaps you just don't understand the concepts of high security and military base. In either case you have persisted down this same road twice after being warned against it. I feel the need to step in personally and define things a little more bluntly for you since the previous two warnings by our GM seem to have slipped by your notice.
First, there wouldn't be dorms! It is a military base, not a college campus. There would be assigned quarters or bunkhouses.
Second, How in the world can you interpret the words "High Security" as just three or four stray gullible guards that give up in a heartbeat if their goal isn't directly in front of them?! The fact that this is a military base just drastically adds to that madness. High Security for a military base means there would be numerous checkpoints in place where you would have to provide valid ID with security clearance. Not to mention security camera's, a multitude of armed and well trained guards, cardkey doors, etc. Also, being that it is a military base during a wartime setting guards would likely be ordered to shoot any intruders on sight for breaching a high security area. Meaning the second one of those guards laid an eye on your character he would've been put down(meaning killed in case you miss my point).
Whether you didn't understand what U_C was trying to tell you or you chose to ignore it, you need to start thinking before your post. Aside from the sci-fi setting of the rpg it is meant to have a quite realistic and gritty feel to it. Posts that remove all challenge, such as yours have, go a long way towards deconstructing the atmosphere the rpg was intended to have. Many rpgs have been ruined that way and I very much want this rpg to remain alive. So, please start thinking before you make a post and please pay more careful attention to warnings such as the two U_C gave before and this one. If you are uncertain about something you want to do in your post, PM it to U_C or myself first to ask about it. That would go a long way towards avoiding situations like this.

Ultimate Charizard
13th April 2003, 11:43 AM
Thanks for stepping in JT, for anyone who think's hes sticking his nose in he's one of the influences for this RPG and without him i probably may not have revived it.

As for my own post, i work at weekends and am a student during the week. Ill get round to it tonight.

13th April 2003, 05:57 PM
Hiiiya! I'm back from my camp! *wavies*
I can't post either, well... because I did post, and am waiting to see where Gav takes this.

But I will say this:

The rules state, the when you join an RPG, what the RPG maker says, GOES! Thus, if he doesn't want you to do some thing in his/her rpg... then you shouldn't do so. It's for a reason, so MC, perhaps interact with other chars.

Now, since Gav has warned you twice I please and kindly ask you to delete your previous posts. Edit ONE of them to make it say some thing else, (perhaps interact with Goner's persuers or become one of them). If you want to meet my char, you'l lhave your chance... just please wait. I specifically stated that
GAv, I'll let you take that part over. ^^;; I'm not sure what you have planned fer her.)

^^; That means i want Gav to decide what to do next w/her. ^^ So don't worry, we'll get a chance to interact- you usually do at some point with every char in an RPG anyway.

Ultimate Charizard
13th April 2003, 07:49 PM
Sorry i took so long...ill try and get some things going.

Also, for some reason only about 2 posts took part pre-mission then suddenly we were out in the jungle. Just read each others posts etc and use some sense. Im really sorry if it feels like im being too critical but my rpg's have been killed by people not using their brains.

Gavin Wynder

"What the hell?" I shouted as i heard a number of clangs on my Shrike. I twisted it around and saw something leap up into the trees.
I gave chase, calling on the radio. "Grey unit this is Grey 2, i think ive found a new Terra, it jumped me in an ambush and then ran off" I pressed a button and transmitted my homing signal so the others could find me.
"Grey 2 this is Grey Leader, did you get a look at it?" I tried to keep track of the beast. "Not really Grey Leader, its small, roughly the same size as a man, very agile. Its currently traversing the tree tops at high speed"
As the others closed in it changed direction, i swerved around, almost colliding with a large tree. As the others gave chase i had an idea and dropped my shrike to its track's, rushing ahead at top speed i tried to guess where it was going to go. I dashed towards a tree and used my Shrike's blades to slice through it. I looked up and saw the creature reach for a branch as it slowly fell away. It clawed frantically at the air, trying to grasp any nearby branch but none were available. It fell and hit the ground hard but seemed relatively unfazed.
It climbed to its feet as the others arrived and we realised it wasnt a Terra. "Great" i head someone say "All that commotion and he's only found some Monkey"
It was human, undenibly. A little scruffy, hunched over but it was human. It raised its sword and lunged forward. It was a natural reaction, any wild creature, as this person obviously was, always reacted with aggression when cornered.
The sword seemed familiar, it looked like a claw or mandible from a Terra with a handle. It was scratching the Shrike it was attacking but without the sheer muscle the Terra's had the weapon wasnt doing too much damage.

"Someone gonna help me out here?" called the pilot of the Shrike. "I really dont want to waste the ammo." One shrike aimed its machine Gun when Grey Leader spoke up. "Do not kill this subject, i just got orders from command. Its obviously survived out here for a while, the lab guys wanna know how he avoided the Terra's. Take him alive" I looked through my supply box and found the medkit. The Tranq gas was supposed to be used to knock out badly injured soldiers in situations where leaving them wasnt an option. Basically to shut them up so they wouldnt attract Terra.
I grabbed the can and concentrated. Using my ability i teleported just behind the man-beast and grabbed him roughly, slipping the Mask over his mouth. He struggled and seemed stronger than he should be, almost throwing me off. I was alos weak after teleporting but it seemed he wasnt expecting me to appear and id caught him off guard.
He struggled a little longer before going quiet. As if to change the mood the Transport came crashing through the trees. Detta poked her head out the window. "Ive just been told to come get you guys, something about some specimen" I put the man over my shoulder and carried him to the transport. Restrained and tied down it was safe enough to leave him in the Cab with Detta as we loaded up our shrikes.
I rode back in the cab rather than the trailer, a gun with me to guard our new 'friend'.

I looked over at Detta as she drove, she was tapping the Com system. "Whats wrong?" i asked. "There was something wierd about my last contact with base." she tapped the mike again. "It seemed to cut off short and i havent been able to get them back since"
As we came over the brow of the last hill we saw the reason why. There were Terra everywhere. Two Buzzers were taking out the towers and occaisionally diving into the compound. At one point i saw one dive down out of sight and when it returned it had a soldier, skewered on each of its forearms. Three Brutes smashed at the outer walls while 5 stumpies growled and ran around beside them, looking for any smaller gap to enter untill the brutes had broken through. There were also the telltale mounds, like giant molehills that the worms left behind after surfacing.
"Holy ****!" i exclaimed as Detta braked hard "What the hell?" Detta added in reply to my own outburst. "Theres so many, Terra dont attack so coordinated in a group. Theres gotta be about 15 of them.
"Its a full scale assault. The bastards know Fort McConnel is heavily defended so theyre goin all out"
I jumped out of the cab and headed to the back. The sides folded down as Detta hit the button and i climbed up to my shrike.

"Whats going on" shouted Grey Leader. I flicked a button that gave a view of Ft McConnel on each Shrike's screen. "We have trouble Sir"

13th April 2003, 08:09 PM
I've edited all my posts (except for the first one). Is this finally good enough?

13th April 2003, 09:34 PM
Isanryu looked on in horror as the Terras attacked Fort McConnel. Nearly 15 Terras where pounding relentlessly on the base's ever-weakening defenses. Buzzers dove inbetween missiles, slashing at the fort's turrets. Brutes litterally beated on the door to the base. Soldiers ran around chaotically, some frozen in fear, some trying to fight, some running away in complete terror. Various Terra's mounds littered the lush jungle surrounding the base, like really, really ugly warts.
"We have trouble Sir," Grey 2's voice came over the comm.
"Trouble?! We've got 15 Terras attacking our most important base! Trouble's a bit of an understatement, don't you think?!" Isanryu remarked.
"We don't stand a chance against that many Terras!" somebody's frightened voice said.
"Point taken. We need a plan though. We can't leave McConnel to be overrun, but us dying against the Terras won't do anybody much good," Grey Leader's voice came, calm with just a tinge of worry.
"Why don't we send somebody to a nearby comm station for reinforcements, while we go and assist the defense of the fort?" another voice asked.
"Very well. Grey 7, you go signal a priority 1 distress call to the rest of the fleet. and come back as soon as you can. We should have about 50 more shrikes here within 45 minutes. The rest of you, come with me," Grey Leader said, waving the Shrike's mechanical arm toward the base.
Isanryu's eyes grew wide, glowing crazily. His heart pounded, adrenaline pumping. He was afraid, sure, but the battle-fear felt good. A slight chuckle rose inside Isanryu. Time to fry some Terras...

Outlaw JT
14th April 2003, 12:16 AM

A ghost had grabbed him from behind and then there had been blackness. His mind drifted forward slowly, struggling to catch up with his new surroundings. He was no longer in the jungle. He was also no longer free.
He had been surrounded by five of the giant emptybeasts and yet he was still alive. It seemed unusual and very suspect. The beasts only rarely took anything alive. Only when they were stocking food for the shellbeasts had he ever seen things taken alive.
"Filthy beasts," he mouthed groggily as his head pounded.
They had grown much smarter to be able to catch him like that. Normally they couldn't even detect him. He would have to learn how they tracked him so well if he were to get away before they wanted to feed.
It took several minutes but he finally returned to full awareness. Much as he feared he could sense many terra's nearby. As he focused in he could also hear much commotion. Much more commotion than he had ever seen at a terra nest. Something wasn't right about it. In fact, nothing was right.
"No......" he said aloud, his voice hard.
"What are you doing back there?" something called from in front of him.
It seemed so strange to hear such sounds. They were somehow familiar even though he could place no meaning to the sounds. He didn't have time to worry about that now though. Something violent was happening outside of wherever he was bound and he had to see what it was.
He started straining against his bindings. They were tough but he was determined. He was not about to lay there and wait to be devoured. He had a jungle to watch over.
"Goner.........not.............food......." he shouted as he pulled at his bindings with all his might.
The bindings began to stretch and he had more and more room to move. One of them snapped free with a loud twang and he used his now free hand to pull even harder at the other bindings. He would not die easily.
"What the hell are you doing back here?" something said as it appeared suddenly from behind some type of cloth.
In that moment Goner snapped the rest of his bindings and he was free to move again. He looked about wildly for his blade. He finally saw it but it was behind this strange figure. He didn't know what to make of it.
It looked frighteningly like himself yet it was somehow different. It dressed like the forest and its hair was like his only it looked smoother and had a shine to it. Its frame was almost the same too, although its chest seemed to stand out abnormally. Goner stretched his hand out to poke it to see what the point of the abnormal chest was but the figure reacted violently.
"What the ****?!" it shouted as it took a mighty swing at him.
It was so surprising that Goner was almost unable to leap back before it could connect with his jaw. The figure took another swing at him but he was prepared this time and it came nowhere close to him. The figure then backed away and disappeared behind the strange cloth again. Seeing how the figure reacted to his curiosity helped him to refocus. The strange figure and the familiar sounds it made were just things he would have to worry about later. Right now he had to worry about the beasts.
He quickly grabbed for his blade and went through the cloth the figure had gone through. It led to a small open room. The figure was up there but he did not stay to try and understand it further. He instantly leapt towards one of the open spaces to get away. Unfortunately it was solid and he hit his head trying to get out. He took just a second to look closer and he could see the glare of the sun on the openness. Not wanting to take the time to understand he smashed at it with his blade and it gave way. This time as he leapt he managed to get clear without any trouble.
He ran from the open room till he was certain the figure wouldn't pursue him then he stopped to examine his surroundings. There were many terra's about and they were working together.
He could feel their thoughts as they attacked some structure together. He had never seen them so organized before.
'can't reach.......you kill'
'metal thing too strong.......need help Big'
'squash the humans'
'smash walls'
Their thoughts crashed into his head. Terra's never talked to each other this much out of the nest. At least not that Goner had seen. They were really trying to destroy this structure and they were more determined to do it than he could understand.
He watched quietly, unsure what to do. At first he thought the emptybeasts were working with the others as they also clashed up against the walls of the structure. When one of the emptybeasts crushed a smaller quickbeast uinder its foot though he began to understand differently. The emptybeasts were fighting the others. As he watched more carefully he began to undestand why. The structure under attack must be the nest for the emptybeasts. The other beasts must have been attacking it because they were both vying for the same food in this area. It must be a territorial thing.
Everything went through his mind too quickly. He couldn't begin to grasp everything about this. There were too many strange things going on and he had no explanation for them. As a buzzing noise flew over his head and his eyes came to rest on a flying beast though two things came clear.
The emptybeasts had the chance to kill him and the didn't. The emptybeasts were also fighting those flying monstrosities. He looked up at the flying beasts and the anger built on his face.
"Deathbeast...." he yelled with contempt. "Goner fight too!!!"
In an instant he sprang back into action. He ran at full speed towards the chaos and the structure. Halfway there a deepbeast erupted from the ground. It swangs its head towards him and Goner dropped, crouching to the ground on all fours. He clenched his eyes shut and waited.
The deepbeast inched towards him, sniffing for any sign of prey. He could hear its breath as its mouth hovered inches from his head. Its breath smelled foul and made very muscle tense up. It made him want to run so bad but he knew better. So long as he did not see the beasts eyes and he did not move they could not find him. It was a simple thing he had learned a long time ago.
The deepbeast continued to examine everything around Goner, never more than a couple feet away but it somehow could not see nor sense him. After a minute the deepbeast turned away and rejoined the attack on the emptybeast nest. As soon as it was far enough away Goner got up and began running again. He would have to find a way to get up into the air. The deathbeasts wings weren't vulnerable when they were near the ground but up in the air they were easy to hurt. He just had to get up there somehow. He watched them as he ran and an interesting thought occurred to him. The emptybeasts had not tried to eat him before so maybe he could use them. Afterall, the deathbeasts flew awfully close to their heads. He might be able to reach one from there. Besides, he was hardly a threat to the emptybeasts right now. Especially while they were fighting the other beasts; so why should they care if he climbed one of them to get at one of the flying beasts.
As soon as he reached the main battle he scurried up the back of the first emptybeast he came to. As he climbed it he realised it was the same one he had attacked in the jungle. It was too late to change his mind though so he climbed to the head of the emptybeast and waited. It only took a few seconds for the right opportunity. One of the flying beasts zoomed towards him and he readied himself. He gripped his blade tightly and crouched down, getting ready to push off. He waited for just the right moment and then he leapt off the front shoulder of the emptybeast with all his might. His sword strethced up into the air and he shouted.
"Die deathbeast!!!!" he screamed as he leapt at the flying creature.
His plan worked but not as perfectly as he had hoped. His blade did indeed strike the wing of the creature but in the rapid beating of the wing it got caught and he was stuck dangling from the thing in midair. This quickly hampered the things ability to fly and they both came tumbling down to the ground. The impact as they hit broke his blade free and he rolled away from the deathbeast.
Goner gripped his blade tightly again and prepared himself. He watched the deathbeast as it got up. It shook itself as if shaking off the brunt of the landing. It then spread its wings and tried to take off. It got a couple feet in the air but then crashed back to the ground. It tried again but couldn't manage to get any higher. Goners blade had done some serious damage to its wing. Flapping it while the blade had pierced it had nearly ripped it in two. Not to mention it had broken most of the struts that supported the wing. The creature then turned to face Goner and snorted.
'cruel human......cruel human hurt......cruel human pay'
"Cruel deathbeast........cruel deathbeast pay," Goner replied coldly.
He held his blade up and charged. He swung his blade at the beast and it parried with one of its bladearms. Its second bladearm took a swing but Goner rolled underneath it, slicing upwards. His slice clicked as it hit the bladeless part of the beasts arm. It bounced away but it did leave a small scratch.
Goner leapt back away from the creature as its tail swang around to slice at him. He would have to be very careful against this creature. Attacking a beast when it didn't know he was there was one thing. Facing a beast that knew he was there and was angry was something completely different. It would take everything he had to best a beast in fair battle.
The two beings danced about each other, struggling for life. Goner advanced, slicing violently with his blade. The deathbeast parried each advance away and took its own turn slicing at Goner with its tail and bladearms. Goner barely managed to stay ahead of the beast. Its speed was scary. Even on the ground the deathbeast was too fast. Goner knew he couldn't stay ahead of the creature forever. Eventually it would prove itself faster than him and he wouldn't survive. He couldn't move faster than it so his only option for survival was to outsmart it. But how? It only had two weakspots that he knew of and he couldn't get to the one in the back of the head while it was aware of him. The other weakspot, the creatures mouth, was defended by three bladejaws the length of his forearm. He could never get to it without being gored by one of the creatures many blades. Then again, the creature would never expect him to go for such a highly guarded spot. If he had to die to kill this thing, so be it. One less deathbeast in the world was a worthwhile cause!
With a sudden burst of speed Goner rolled forward under the deathbeasts bladearms. He lunged upwards and was met with great pain. He looked down to see one of the creatures bladejaws was piercing into his chest. Another one was cutting into his shoulder. The deathbeast made a chortling noise as if it were laughing but Goner only laughed back at it.
"No more." Goner said quietly.
With a mighty thrust he pushed his blade forward up into the creatures mouth. He pushed it all the way up into the creatures head. It started making bubbly noises and its blood squirted out in rhythms all over him. It finally collapsed to the ground, dragging him down with it.
Goner lay there for a minute doing nothing. His face was covered in the creatures blood. He tasted it as he lay there. It was bitter and foul but to him it was the sweetest thing in the world. He had killed the thing he hated most. The thing that had taken father and mother, the thing that had taken brother, he had killed it and that made everything sweet. He had done what his brother had not had the chance to do. He had killed a deathbeast by himself. He had avenged father, mother and brother at long last. His brother never had the chance to but he had now done it for him.
He pushed away from the creature and slowly pried himself free. As the jawblade came free of his chest his own blood started to flow heavily. He felt no pain though. He hardly even noticed he was bleeding.
He held up one of the deathbeasts limp arms and started hacking away at a jointed section where there was no blade. It took a few minutes but he managed to break it free. He held the seperated bladearm up and looked it over carefully. This would become his new blade so now he would have two. The first one was a reminder of his brother, that his brother had once killed a deathbeast. This one would be a reminder that he too had triumphed over the foul demon.
He looked at his new blade with satisfaction and thought back. He pictured the few memories he still had of his childhood. He held it up high till the sun caught the edge of the blade.
"For father..." he shouted proudly.
At that moment his vision began to blur. Everything started to glaze over and the strength seemed to leave his legs. He collapsed to the ground next to the dead beast. He lay there in a pool of his and the creatures blood and as everything went black again he once again managed to weakly mutter, "for father........"

OOC: Here is a Goner vocabulary lesson.
deathbeast or flying beast=buzzer

14th April 2003, 10:24 AM
Boris "Titan"
Apparently we got the right address. As I thanked the kid, I opened up the com-line.

"Alright, team, we have the right place"
"Nice, Titan, but now what?" came Dallas' voice.
"We will want to search the area around this vehicle for possible threats. We will work on two-hour intervals. First, Dallas and Oxford will guard the area, then Valkyrie, Iron Wall, and me."
"Why us first?" Oxford asked.
"Because you two are the fastest on this team and can cover the terrain with ease. The second group, though slower, will have more people to cover the area."

Just then the siren blared. The BAD siren. Everyone got into a panic as they scrambled toward their respective MAVs. I, having sense, ran to the front to ask what was going on.

"Fort McConnell is under attack!" was the driver's response. The urgencey in her response meant it was something big. I decided the base was going to be our top priority. The baby will have to wait. I quickly ran back to the docking area, and climbed into my MAV. I opened up the Com.

"We have a Red Alert. Repeat Red Alert. Code: Alpha Point Beta!" I called over to the rest of the team while I thought to myself [WHY are we using the emergency code that Dallas set up and not the standard?] I began looking around to see that everyone was already in their MAVs as the doors opened up.

"Metal Giants, Mobilize!" I gave the start command. We all undocked and drove out of the trailer. We began setting off after the Fort, which wasn't too far from our destination. Soon we could see the battle. We were all surprised. Dallas was the first to speak.

"You said it"

As the surprise faded, I noticed the other team their. I hailed one of them.

-This is Titan of the Metal Giants. Which team am I hailing now? Over-

-This would be Grey Team. Over- I quickly groaned. This was one of those less experienced teams. It would be a little difficult for them to handle this situation (on the other hand, so would we). This time they hailed me.

-Requesting back-up. Over- This time Dallas chose to respond. Typical.

-Hey, no problem. That's why we're here!- he buzzed on. Then he began opening up his gun ports and aiming for a Buzzer that noticed us. He was going for a technique to test its intelligence: Distract n' Destroy. He quickly unleashed a volley of missiles.

The Buzzer began swerving around all of them and was pretty successful. Still, he was caught off guard when Dallas then unleashed a volley of gunfire straight at him. That wasn't the least of it either, as the homing missiles he fired earlier came back on it. On contact with its body, the missiles quickly exploded. Sending the corpse's confetti'd body all over the place.

-Man, how stupid was that thing!?- came Dallas' response. Most Terran were usually smarter than that. Then he began swearing as he got knocked over by a Brute who saw what happened. It would take awhile for him to get back up.

-Maybe it's more goal oriented? Either way, we might want to take down the Brute. C'mon, Iron Wall- I called over the line as I headed to the insectoid monstrosity.
Just warming up my NPCs and Titan. They will normally be harder than that.

Ultimate Charizard
14th April 2003, 06:55 PM
Gavin Wynder

I gunned the Shrike forward at high speed towards the Terra attacking the wall. I fired off a short burst from the small chain gun on my shrike's arm, the shots simply ricocheted from the Carapace's of the Terra. As i rolled down the hill, picking up speed i heard a clang. Looking around i realised it was the jungle guy.
"How the hell did he escape" i asked myself "And whats he doin on my shrike"
As if in answer he leaped high into the air, straight into the path of a passing Buzzer. "Hes Crazy" i yelled as he connected, catching his sword in the creatures wing. It flew out of control for a while and dissapeared over the walls and into the base out ogf my sight. I heard a loud growl and turned to fire a couple of shots into an approaching Stumpy. One of the large shells knocked it back and i unsheathed one of my blades, punching it through the beasts head and hitting the core.
An explosion, then a loud roar was soon followed by the sound of twisting metal and a crash. I span to see a shrike go flying backwards to rest on its back. it was pounced on by the Brute that had rammed it and as it brought its monstrous foot down the Shrike collapsed and was flattened. Killing the pilot.

Pichu Luver
14th April 2003, 07:24 PM
I'm guess we're fighting..So I'll just post what I think is right..

Ok.. Where did that egineer put the clamp buttons? I thought, looking at all these new buttons, I perfered my old one.
"Thriller what are you doing?"
"Where did he put the clamp buttons?" I muttered, to many buttons, what did they all do, this training mission obviously ended, so they never really taught me what these buttons do. I pushed a button that was yellow with red stripes, clamps suddenly unlocked, shaking the vechical. "Go to hell terras." I said on the comm, not paying attetion, the Shrike shook violently, fallowed by a explosion or fire.
Some Scatter the rest were blown sky high, only they lived, and continued there attack.
"Thriller, those shells arn't doing much." Gavin called.
"I think I noticed that a long time ago.." I snapped back, turning off the comm link.
Ports opened on the side and triple vulcan guns fire upon the dazed terras, all dying.
"Thank god for back up systems." I muttered.
I switched the comm back on, I could tell tey were pissed again.
"Thriller what the hell were you doing?"
"I don't need you running my shrike, I could defeat them in no tell."
"and if they're flying?"
"I'm hidden, they can't find me."
"Your not even on the radar! turn your tracking system back on!"
"Urgg.. fine." I switch it back on.
"Thriller, theres another team helping, maybe you could give some back up?"
I looked on the Scope, strange, they were more advance then us, why would they need back up. Strange..
"I thought they didn't need back up... They're that other team.." I stopped for a moment. "Whats they're name?"
"You are really sad thriller truely very sad." Gavin answered.

14th April 2003, 09:58 PM
I ran down the halls, towards where I stored my shrike.
"Terra? Attacking? Now? This is just great!" I found my shrike, but a worm Terra was blocking it.
"I've had enough of this!" I cried. I ran up to the Terra and leapt onto it's head as it was diving at me. I quickly scrambled into my shrike.
"PREPARE TO DIE!!!!" I cried.

15th April 2003, 03:55 PM
"Stupid Terras," Isanryu muttered. A direct hit on the Brute, but it hardly looked away. It pounded relentlessly on the walls, trying to break them down as if it's life depended on it. More Terras were arriving quickly, at least 5 more had arrived since the battle started.
If the gun doesn't do it, let's go mano-a-mano Isanryu thought. The sane part of his mind told him he was crazy, that even an Armor Shrike couldn't take a Brute head on. But his crazy battle mind was in control. The shrike sheathed the gun and charged recklessly right at the Brute. Lowering it's shoulder, it leaped, hitting the Brute right in the stomach. They both went flying, knocking over a massive tree in the process.
"Take that you worthless peice of nuclear junk!" Isanryu screamed, his temples throbbing, a vein popping out in his forehead, his eyes wider than ever.
As Isanryu's Shrike got up, another vision came. He saw the Brute charging at him from the side. Coming to, Isanryu smashed the hydraulics. His shrike jumped up in the air, not a moment too soon. Hardly two seconds later, the Brute wizzed under him. As Isanryu landed, he and the Brute clashed. Their arms locked in a tense battle. Even though Isanryu struggled to grab every ounce of power he could, he could subtly feel the shrike slipping back, the Brute's superior strength slowly overwhelming his Shrike. Soon he could hear the whine of metal, the enormous pressure causing the Shrike's metallic skin to bend. The whine emerged into a hair-raising screech... the Shrike's arms would break soon... Suddenly, the Brute's head practically exploded with greenish blood. A Blade Shrike stood behind it, it's twin blades in the Brute's head. With a last, desperate moan, it collapsed to the Jungle floor, dead.
"Thank me la..." the Blade Shrike started, before a Stumpy chopped it in two. It threw the top half of the Shrike away into the dense jungle. Then it charged. Isanryu side-stepped, but not before his Shrike's left arm was completely ripped off.
It's too quick to fight in my Shrike, and the massive damage I took won't help. Let's see how I can do on foot Isanryu thought, smirking. This would be nearly impossible and Isanryu would probably be ripped apart limb from limb... In other words, fun. Isanryu climbed out of his damaged shrike, tossing his coat at the shrike's feet, and taking out two sub-machine guns. He got down into a stance, holding one gun in front of the other.
"Let's see what you've got," Isanryu said, looking nothing short of excited...

15th April 2003, 06:24 PM
Nekyiah - Gifted

Nekyiah sat silently, until suddenly her eyes were jolted open by a an ear-splitting sound of an explosion. Her whole chamber or jail-of-a-room suddenly seemed to shake, as she leapt to her feet on instinct and gazed around bewildered.
"Wha-" She began, until suddenly a huge sound of an explosion occured right next to one of the side walls of her room, which caused her to fall to the floor instantly. She got up quickly however, and heard the sound of alarms going off. It was quite eerie and loud, as many footsteps were heard by her door. She felt and heard the cries of many strange creatures outside... as the sound of explosions echoed through the air.

Curious and very frightened, Nekyiah quickly dashed over to the one window which her room offered. Stepping upon her tip of her toes, she peered her eyes through the cold metal bars and gazed out through teh foggy, dusty window. Her eyes widened inf right, as she saw many huge, monsterious creatures which reminded her faintly of bugs attacking the building which harbored herself. Many shrikes- or at least, that was what these scientists had taught her their name- were attacking the bugs, but there were so many of them that it seemed almost pointless.

Another explosion- this time, she saw that a bug had attacked one of the sides of the building which caused dust to spark into the air violently. It caused such an uproar that she quickly took a step back. Voices were heard... as she strianed to hear them.
" Terras! Their attacking in a huge number!"
"Call for back up!"
"Back up is coming but it migh tot be enough!"
"Dammit, get out there now!"

Nekyiah was extremely frightened... she didn't know what to do. Gazing about, her black pants rippled with her movements, as her white shirt seemed to suddenly not keep her warm. Her body went cold... and she felt extremely confused. If the base was attacking,w hat would she do?
"Nekyiah! Nekyiah dammit, come to this door!"

Knowing that even her torturers, the people who condemed her here would be safer to work with... she quickly ran over to the door of her apartment. Instantly the door swung open, as a large, hugely built soldier followed by four more were there. The large soldier she recognized, he had trained her often. He quickly grabbed a glowing, violet band and motioned her to be still. Nekyiah knew the band... it would stay upon her and wouldn't come off. It had only been used once upon her, but she knew what it did. It would go around her neck, like a collar, and if she tried to run off the operator of the collar could press the button upon a small remote which would cause severe pain. It could paralysis for short times or even kill if needed to be. It made Nekyiah fearful, and she knew she had to listen very closely so not to get hurt.

She felt as the glowing, yet still very cold collar touched her neck and was clamped upon her. It was as if some one harnessed the violet light itself, and placed it around her neck. She gazed up at him, as her soft, light blue hair swayed in the light and she nodded solemnly. Another huge explosion occured.
"The terras have penatrated the outside gates!! They're gonna get inside if we don't DO some thing!"
The large lead man- the name upon his vest saying, "Commander Ruah", quickly grabbed Nekyiah harshly around the wrist as the other four soldiers looked quite nervous.
"Let's GO! We've gotta clear this base, and get her out of here."

Then they ran. Nekyiah was practically dragged, as they ran through many corridors which Nekyiah had never saw before. She kept running with them... panting as she saw many windows go by, and saw the battles outside raging. As they ran, suddenly another explosion of dirt and metal flew in front of them. One of the younger soldiers ahead of the main commander screamed, and a huge growl was heard. The rest of them- five now,including Nekyiah and Ruah, backed off. Then a huge monster came out, with snake-like eyes and a buggy body.
"A TERRA! It's penatrated the base!!!"

One of the younger soldiers cried, as they took a step back. Nekyiah was absolutely filled with fear. The huge bug creature had an overwhelming sense of anger and hunger.... she could feel it heavy in th eair as she hid behind Ruah. Ruah was stiff as well, none of these soldiers had really went against a Terra with out their shrikes.
"We've gotta attack it! The gates behind us are already locked! We wouldn't get back in!"

So, the three younger soldiers took out their guns and began to rain it down upon the terra. The terra let out a small growl, but it was obvious the small guns weren't doing much harm. This terra seemed to move slow, but it seemed to have such a hard defense that pathetic little guns weren't going to do much to it. Ruah grabbed Nekyiah's wrist again, and did the only thing he could think of. He was commanded to get Nekyiah out and keep her locked up in a safe, secure place. He had to get past the terra. With the Terra distracted, he believed Nekyiah and him could get past easily. Running past the Terra... he thought he was free, until suddenly the snake-like eye twitched and saw the movement of two different figures. Like an act of rage and hunger, the terra lunged at the nearest figure.

Instantly teeth sank into Ruah's shoulder, and soon Ruah was easily consumed whole by the Terra. Munching upon th egoodness of food... still the mind of the bug-like creature chanted for more food. Turning it's hungry eyes towards the next figure it growled... at Nekyiah.

She was a few feet back, as she stood there- frozen, gazing in horror at this monster. It was hungry... she could feel it, as she shook all over. The bug creature felt the pounding of more fire arms at it's back- the soldiers had to try to kill it, there was no other way. The bug was hesitating... go afte rthe three trapped soldiers, or Nekyiah- the vulnerable female. The bug made a movement at Nekyiah- but then it stopped. there was an air about Nekyiah... some thing blocking her vulnerability, it was a sense that she was different, perhaps not as desirable a food choice when there was three healthy soldiers to eat.

so the bug suddenly jerked the other way, and aimed a devastating blow at the three soldiers, leaving Nekyiah.

So she ran... ran in fear.

Nekyiah had never been outside of the base before, and running in the dirt with out any idea or direction of where she was going, she was fearing her life. She heard many explosiions... and gazing about, she saw many shrikes battling huge bug-like creatures. She avoided contact with most... as she ran, her blue hair rippling in the wind. She was out in the open... and she was paniced. Where would she go? She was lost... she never had been outside before...

The glowing collar was tight against her neck, and every so often it would zap her a little, causing a bit of pain. She would shake or tremble, buth with adrenaline she would continue onwards. The remote control must have been swallowed by the terra... and with out the remote, the collar was useless but must have caused some pain by a malfunction. Nekyiah paid no heed however... she kept running... running..

Suddenly Nekyiah's foot hit some thing upon the ground with out her locking amongst her panick. Gazing down, she fell foward upon abody, and quickly she recoiled and scurried to her feet. Gazing back, she felt like she should run... but, some thing about this figure was different. Peering at it slowly, she saw... it wasn't wearing any uniform like the soldiers she had come to know. She wondered what creature- it had to be human, but what he was doing. blood was a pool around the body, staining the ground mercilessly. She withdrew a breath, as it became faint as she realized that the male human was loosing a lot of blood. She walked towards him slowly, until suddenly her breath almost disappeared. yes, he was dying.

Falling to her knees, she didn't know what made her feel compelled to do it... but she slowly gazed over the body. It was bleeding... hurting... and it was going to perish fi it didn't get help soon.
His soul is trying to abandon the body... but it should be able to stay a bit more.

Placing her hands upon the body of the male human, she closed her eyes slowly and then concentrated deeply. Softly, a light blue glow began to develope around him and Nekyiah... as she could feel the soul inside trying to squirm out, trying to release. But she urged it to stay... tsay..
Stay. Do not leave. STAY!

This soul was not as eager to leave as she thought it would, and it listened and heeded her voice. Staying and settling back down.. it remained. Nekyiah opened her eyes again, and the blue aura faintly glimmered around the male's body, but it would keep the soul inside until it was impossible. It would buy time.

Nekyiah was fearful... how could she save him now? She had no healing powers... and there was so much danger...
" I...I'll just wait... wait, and hope."

She whispered softly, remaining in a kneeling position right down next to the male human, resting her hands upon his body as she quivered...fearing her own life, as well as his.

She would just have to wait and hope.

15th April 2003, 07:30 PM
EDIT: My bad. My eyes aren't what they used to be. Although, in my defense, DarkTemplarZ did say five more showed up. Also, a quote from B4 threw me off.

Nekyiah had never been outside of the base before, and running in the dirt with out any idea or direction of where she was going, she was fearing her life. She heard many explosiions... and gazing about, she saw many shrikes battling huge bug-like creatures. She avoided contact with most... as she ran, her blue hair rippling in the wind. She was out in the open... and she was paniced. Where would she go? She was lost... she never had been outside before...

Man, I can't believe Dallas had to bite the dust. I had something special planned for him. Well, my fault for making him an NPC.

Outlaw JT
15th April 2003, 07:48 PM
Gladiator: a couple notes.......If you read U_C's post closely you'd know that Dallas was killed by the brute that knocked him over. You'd also know that those two lone figures (Nekyiah and Goner) are still inside the outermost wall of the base. Also, there were only two buzzers and Dallas killed one and Goner the other so there wouldn't be a third to attack them.

Ultimate Charizard
17th April 2003, 08:58 PM
Gavin Wynder

The battle raged on, both Shrikes, soldiers and terra's were falling but it was obvious who was winning.
A large crash signalled what would be the end of this base. I span to see a brute had finally smashed through the walls and final defences of Fort McConnel. Now inside the remaining soldiers found themselves pinned. Like being caught in a cage with a hungry lion.
A worm burst from the ground and sprayed a mist of spray over at least a dozen soldiers. As the sticky goo came into contact with the men and women they seemed to be paralysed and their bodies hardened, instantly fossilizing.

"We have to get out of here" shouted Grey Leader over the com "Theyre starting to spray, turning us into goddamned food."
The order was given to pull out and we began our retreat. As we regrouped we heard a gruff voice over the comm. "All shrike units, we have injured inside the base. They must be retrieved"
I looked confused at this, since it was customary to leave those that were unable to fight. "Grey Two to Grey Leader, dont we usually leave the Terra-baits?"
An audible sigh came over the com. "Apparently they are 'experiments'. The guy we brought in earlier and some gifted kid. Myself and Red Leader are goin in to get them your in charge of Grey Group"
I barely had time to respond before they sped off back towards the base. "Detta, you there?" i called out to the slightly damaged carrier. "Youre carrying some big guns and you can help evac those injured, wanna get your hands dirty?"
As if in answer the Transports engines roared into life and the cannons all fired simoultaneously, the large shells tearing into the hide of a brute injuring, although not killing it.
The transport tore off down the hill providing the heavy firepower for the smaller shrikes.

18th April 2003, 12:59 PM
Isanryu stared down the Shrike, looking completely crazy. It looked like some twisted version of an old western shootout: on one side a guy with two sub-machine guns, on the other a demented peice of nuclear waste shaped like a beetle. Isanryu's ability told him the Terra was going to charge in a few seconds, trying to dice him up with it's left blade. As it charged, Isanryu hit the dirt, rolling to the left, feeling the wind of the Terra's blade. He popped up and fired a few rounds at the beast's shell. It roared, and ran at Isanryu, as if he had done nothing more than sting it.
"Oh ****," Isanryu said, running toward a huge tree, the Terra chasing him and gaining fast. He jumped, redirecting himself off of the tree and onto the Terra's back. The stumpy looked confused, slicing the tree up. It started to shake and jump to try to knock Isanryu off.
Despite being freaked out of his mind, Isanryu was laughing. Now this is rodeo! he thought, remembering the videos he'd seen of people about a century ago trying to hang onto bulls. Isanryu quickly took one hand off of the stumpy and fired at it's head. The stumpy slowed down for a few seconds, roaring in pain. Isanryu jumped off. The stumpy turned around to look at Isanryu. Isanryu couldn't read Terra's facial expressions, but he was sure that it was nothing short of furious. Isanryu panted. The terra was still just annoyed. Isanryu barely scratched it, and he was bordering on exhaustion.
I have to get rid of it quickly, but how? It's shell's too hard... Isanryu thought, only to be interrupted by another foresight. The stumpy was charging again in a blind rage, but stopping just as Isanryu jumped away... perfect.
Now in real life, the stumpy charged, exactly like it did in Isanryu's vision. Isanryu leaped to his right to dodge it, and the stumpy stopped... Just as Isanryu had planned. He dove toward it, landing on his back right underneath the stumpy.
"Eat this!" Isanryu yelled, firing at the stumpy's soft underbelly. The stumpy screamed in agony. Isanryu could see it's muscles struggling... Isanryu crawled out just before it collapsed. The stumpy gave one last gasp and died. Isanryu sighed, wiping the sweat off of his face with his shirt. He walked back toward his Shrike, climbing inside.
"...we have injured inside the base. They must be retrieved" came a voice over the comm, just as Isanryu activated his Shrike.
What? They actually want to save them? That's a first. Something's not right though... Isanryu thought.
"Apparently they are 'experiments'. The guy we brought in earlier and some gifted kid." Grey leader's voice answering his unspoken question.
With his Shrike damaged, Isanryu wouldn't be much help. He walked toward a nearby transport, climbing in.
"Aren't you going in to get the people in McConnel?" Isanryu asked the driver of the transport as he walked into the cockpit.
"My orders are to stay put for now, besides, they've sent another transport to get them," the driver responded, leaning back in his chair.
Isanryu sighed. Orders sucked, but he had to obey them. No more battle for today...

OOC: I'm gonna be away for about a week starting tomorrow, so this'll be my last post for a while

29th April 2003, 02:18 PM
~Detta "Vens" Nighter~

"Sh*t sh*t SH*T SH*TT!!!!!" I half howled as I took off down the hill towards the battle that was raging at Fort Connel. The sudden-ness of going 0-60 in 4 seconds woke Sparks from where he was sleeping in the back. He hummed and whirred plaintively and jostled around, his bulk threatening to tip the d*mn thing over. "Sparks! Calm down now!" I yelled and still whining a bit, he complied. I kept my eyes firmly in front of me and held the shaking vibrating wheel tightly. A Twinhorn was looming large in my path and getting closer as I roared forward. There was no way I could turn to avoid it seeing as I was already going too fast, and I highly doubted the Twinhorn would get outta my way. Ah f*ck.
With a BAM I collided with the Terra, punching a hole straight through its soft body sending its putrid guts splashing all around the inside of the cab. "Oh damn...."
The momentum still kept my transport moving and I struggled to keep the thing steering forward. I soon found out that the brakes were shot along with the front shocks seemed to be warped. I realised it would take a miracle to get this thing steering correctly before repairs. And then I saw it.

The base itself loomed large in front of me, as the transport stupidly barreled forward. With pretty much everything shot there was no way I could avoid hitting it. But I wasnt dyin today.
"Sh*t" I said for perhaps the hundredth time. Since I couldnt avoid hitting it I did everything I could to aim for the part that would give the easiest---the door.
With a lurching crunch as I hit, my head slammed forward and the world started to go dark....

Outlaw JT
29th April 2003, 04:19 PM

Sounds crept back into his world. Strange calamatous sounds. Explosions, yelling, screaming.......and them. He could hear them more clearly than anything. The beasts numbers were growing around wherever he was.
His eyes opened slowly, blinking several times to clear the blood away from his vision. The first thing he saw was the large corpse of a deathbeast, its grayed eyes staring blankly at him. He then looked up and saw that he was in the arms of another figure. The figure was similar to the one he had met the last time he woke up but different. This figure seemed gentler, more calm. For reasons unknown to him Goner found this figure quit striking.
"B...beasts......" he muttered quietly, choking on the words as he swallowed some blood.
The figure pulled back a little in surprise but then leaned down and smiled warmly. The figure had some doubt in its eyes but was trying to be brave. That only made Goner find the figure more interesting.
"You're awake. Are you alright?" it sounded smoothly.
Goner couldn't make sense of the sounds this figure made but they seemed very familiar. Like a memory on the edge of his mind. He did understand one thing though. This figure was talking to him and it called him 'you'.
"Goner" he said while pointing at himself.
Slowly he managed to sit up. It hurt but he was able to move. Somehow much of the bleeding had slowed. He waited a moment for the pain to die back down a bit and then he started to get to his feet. He almost fell over in the process but the figure stepped in for him to rest his weight on.
As soon as he was sure he'd be able to move freely he hunched forward, bending his knees, to be on all fours. He picked up his blades, both new and old, and tied them off to the rope around his waist. He looked back and waved at the figure.
"Follow Goner. Goner safe," he said quietly, wincing a little in pain.
He took off then at medium pace. He wasn't able to move any faster because of his wounds.
After a few paces he turned back to see the figure hadn't moved. He waved at it to follow him again and waited till it began moving towards him. Then he took off as fast as he could manage. He slowed every few seconds to make sure he could still hear the figures footsteps.
It took a few minutes to reach the outer walls of wherever he landed. As they neared it though the voice of the beasts grew louder. One voice in particular rang out at him. It was a strongbeast pounding for entrance to the place they were at. He had just enough time to stop and hold his arms out to shield the figure behind him before the strongbeast burst through the wall.
Stone and coldstone flew everywhere but somehow he and the figure were untouched by them. The strongbeast strolled in slowly and looked about as its nose pointed it towards prey.
"Stay," Goner whispered quietly and he could hear the figure behind him tensing.
It listened though and stopped moving. The two of them stood there frozen as the strongbeast lumbered towards them. It got real close before halting and lowering its nose and eyes to ground level. Goner stared it right in the eye, only a few short feet away, but stood there unflinching.
The strongbeast sniffed and snorted. It let out a booming low growl right in Goners face but he remained frozen. It took a minute of sniffing about but finally the strongbeast gave up on finding him and it turned to the side and took off, smashing everything in its path.
"How did you do that?" the figure behind him spoke.
Goner dismissed the unknown sounds and started moving again.
"Follow," he said bruskly.
He quickly made an exit through the giant hole the strongbeast had created. He could see clearly where they were. It was not all that far from where he had climbed the emptybeast to attack the flyer. In fact, he could see a few of the emptybeasts nearby. Allong with the strange long thing he had escaped from earlier.
He looked closely and he could see that the figure he had met early was lying there motionless. Normally he would've left such an unknown to itself but these were not normal times. He could see a small quickbeast moving towards it and he decided that it had a right not to be food.
With a sudden twist, Goner changed directions and tore off towards the thing. As he got close he could see the quickbeasts mouth hovering right next to the figure. He drew his old blade out and screamed at it as he leapt. He landed on top of the thing right next to the quickbeast. He shoved the young monster out of his way and reached in to grab the figure. He started pulling it out of its strange enclosure. The quickbeast made a motion towards them but he held up his blade menacingly and it backed down.
As Goner pulled the figure away from the enclosure he started to think. He had never seen a beast back down before. Normally a beast would just charge him for the food. It was truly strange.
As he began dragging this figure away and he was rejoined by the other figure he noticed that the quickbeast was following them. It hung back so as not to pose a threat but stayed behind them.
it worried him greatly but he was in no position to do anything about it. It was taking all his strength just to keep moving with this figure in tow. On top of that he had to keep waving for the other figure to follow.
As they moved forward Goner weighed his options. The way they were moving they could either make for the forest or for the gathering of emptybeasts. These figures seemed to come from the same place as the emptybeasts so they weren't too likely to kill them. Still, he could never truly trust a beast.
With that thought firmly entrenched he turned slightly towards the closest edge of the forest. The emptybeasts were strong and fast. If they wanted to reclaim these two figures they would be able to find them. Yes, he would take them to the forest. To his domain. That is where he knew how to stay the safest.

OOC: the two figures he is with are Nekyiah and Detta.......anyone might want to observe this......I mean, how often do your characters see a half naked men covered in blood dragging a transport driver and leading a strange woman and a stumpy through a battlezone?

Ultimate Charizard
6th May 2003, 07:48 PM
sorry this took so long....my fault.

Gavin Wynder

I watched from my vantage point on the hill. The two commanders had been holding off the stumpies till a Worm erupted from the ground. Its tail sliced through Red Leaders shrike with ease, while Grey leader kept firing. The bullets did little against its stony armour and another crushing blow left the shrike helpless. I saw a figure crawl out just as the Worm started spewing its foul immobilising spray.
Grey Leader seemed to struggle, rolling around trying to run before his movements stopped and his body solidified. He turned a shade of grey and his stiffened form keeled over like a statue.
Another crash alerted me that the Transport too had rolled and crashed.
Immediately the soldiers and staff behind me began organising another transport for my team......"My team" i thought to myself. With the loss of Grey Leader this indeed was my team, i was Grey Leader.
As we watched the events unfold i was about to call the withdraw order, the subjects would all most likely be lost when i saw something move. A figure which seemed to be carrying another and one more following behind, only one was in uniform. They staggered slowly over to a small outcropping of the jungle and vanished.
"Grey group, with me" i called as i moved down the hill to their position. The militaries code was to never risk men to recover another but they could be the ones that Grey Leader gave his life for.