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Roy Karrde
25th July 2008, 12:39 AM

Well I went through some searching and I found a variety of servers and well the Way Back Machine that allowed you to partially access the old RPG forum, and even some old RPGs! So I figured we could actually use these, many of these RPGs hold special memories for us, and some were utterly huge! So I thought we could use these to possibly bring back our favorites, or some that we remember from that time. Just as something that could help the forum ^_^ Here are the links.

RPG Forum Apr 5th 2001 (http://web.archive.org/web/20010413235150/

RPG Forum Jul 21, 2001 (http://web.archive.org/web/20010610162838/www.pokemasters.net/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=forum&f=13)

RPG Forum Jul 25, 2002 (http://web.archive.org/web/20030317100648/pub12.ezboard.com/fpokemasters86831frm17)

RPG Forum Sep 23, 2002 (http://web.archive.org/web/20031117092314/www.pokemasters.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?forumid=77)

RPG Forum, two years ago? (http://www.pokemasters.net/smf_old/index.php?board=77.0)

25th July 2008, 01:28 AM
OMG I love the old RPG picture its so beautiful. All those pictures were beautiful in my opinion.

I'll try my luck at some stage as well. Also you may want to see the Fanfic board as well as some RPGs were initially played there.

25th July 2008, 08:34 AM
Aaahhhh... I loved those pics, too! I got an error message when I tried to connect, but oh well.

I feel so nostalgic, now! Back when RPGs went on into the twenty-something pages, and sometimes multiple topics...

I miss Ginger Cat so much, and I wish she would come back. I've talked to her several times about it, but she's so busy these days. We always steal memes from each other on LJ though, hehe.

Roy Karrde
25th July 2008, 10:18 AM
Sorry guys about the errors, the server is tempermental when it comes to this, so just wait a while and click again and they may work.

25th July 2008, 02:18 PM
lol Roy you rock. It's funny, for ages I couldn't find the web archive site. Thought they had gone down or something. Glad to see it's back and functional.

Feel old and nostalgic heading to July '01 and seeing, comfortably tucked away at the bottom of page one, Team Rocket: Revolution Now, the RPG that I joined even before I was DragoKnight (I made an account one day earlier, but didn't like the name so I made a new one). Of course, reading my posts as Forrest Galanof makes me cringe, but hey it was more innocent times, I could get away with it. It's funny how the best thing that happened to the character was when I was absent for a month, and everyone else held control over him. Midnightangel was far more beneficial to old Frosty than I ever was.

Kinda makes me want to try and tally all of my RPing forays again, I had a fairly comprehensive history stored away on my old computer, but that was all lost when the D drive died. And with it, the entire chronicles of my golden days of Pokemen in Black and Pokebabies, when I was still a horrible RPer but at least played a fond part in supporting roles.

Roy Karrde
25th July 2008, 03:12 PM
Thank you DragoKnight ^_^ anyway I wanted to throw out some ideas for people. First as you probably have seen, Pokemon Schools and other schools were very big back in the day, would you want to see those return?

Also another thing that struck me, was a RPG Called Anime Wars. Where you played your favorite Anime Character in a Game/RPG. Now obviously if this came back things would be tweeked, such as you cant just come in and say "I kill you" to get a person to lose a health bar. But it could be a fun experience, here is the original Anime Wars thread.


If the server on it is down here is the original dialogue for it.

Each person can choose a character from their favorite anime, cartoon, or game to do battle. I will stay neutral to settle disagreements. You choose one character and ally yourself with a certain group. I will update this when necessary. I decide when you have been killed also. Start registering now. Please try to balance teams or I will. If you have any questions please address them to me. This will start when all positions are taken. Please have training battles until I officially start this. Each character will have a health bar that looks like this IIIIIIIIIIIIIII, when you get hit you take on damage, and everyone will have a revival bar which looks like this IIIIIIIII, when you want to regain some health you ask me to take one of the bars off of this and put in on your health bar. When you post can you do it like this:

(put name here)

(put name here)

~Attack or Defense(If it is a life or death situation please put * Dead * at the end of your post)

One recovery per person. NO ATTACKING YOUR OWN TEAM! You can only attack a MAXIMUM of two people per attack. You can only attack a person twice per day. No ganging up on people which means that only two different people can attack a person at a single time. No attacking yourself in a suicide attempt. NO sneaking, hiding, training, UNLESS you may not go to a computer. Please post this and tell me if possible about future absenses. No imaginary weapons/attacks that can not be learned except when you team up with another person. You may only team up with people of your own team to attack. Alliances made be formed but you must use PMs to communicate....



Five distinct races, each pocessing a different power of ancient elements(Plus powers you already have; what ever group you join just gives you extra attacks you wouldn't normally pocess), have extended their civilizations to the boundaries of their areas. A new,lush,fertile territory has been discovered and each race is gridlocked in a war with one another to decide who gets the land. It was finally decided to avoid mass bloodshed by having a tournament to resolve this. Three fighters from each race were sent to neutral ground to battle it out for the success of their civilization. You have been chosen as one of these elite fighters....will you help your culture to prosper or will it fade into the history books?

Note: No element has an advantage over any other.(i.e. Aquarius does not have an advantage over Enkindlmation)


31st July 2008, 01:27 PM
We tried a Pokemon School with Lapras Valley High, and alas, people stopped postingggg. T_T; I liked that one too.