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12th December 2002, 07:35 PM
Yep. Now draw your sword, and may we duel =D

*grabs Styx and holds him out in front of me* En Garde!

Styx: Whoa! Watch where you're pointing me! *crash* OUCH! That was my head!

Let's see...
2 on 2
DQ: meh...something
I'll choose first
You can attack first

Arena: The Tower of Isengard (Minus the Orcs, wizards, evil eyes wreathed in flame, etc of course :p)

A tall stone tower, rising from the once great and prosperous land of Isengard below. However, in the present day, it is the sole structure left standing among a barren wasteland of fire, ash, and lots of other nasty stuff. Battle will actually begin on the bottom most of eight stories. Now, for obvious reasons, Ground-type attacks may not be used here. For they may bring the very walls of the tower down in their fury. To this end, Saruman himself keeps watch over this arena, and will smite the user of any such attacks for 20% damage.

Every other round, a mysterious magic will teleport both combatants up one floor. Once they both reach the eighth (top) story, the arena becomes a vast, open-air platform on top of the tower itself. There are railings to prevent most pokemon from falling off on their own accord; but it is still possible to cause this through the use of certain moves. If a pokemon falls from the tower and is unable to get back up through its own means, Saruman will teleport it back to the top, but not before it loses roughly 10% of its health. The night sky itself, now visible above, twinkles with the glow of moonlight and starlight through the faint whisis of clouds. Obviously, this is the only floor in the arena where weather-altering attacks can be used.

And lastly, since Gandalf himself seems to be rather busy at the moment and cannot serve as my "pokemon," I shall choose Psyche (Golduck, Female)

12th December 2002, 08:05 PM
I'll ref this, though I may need a motivational kick from time to time to be entirely reliable. ^_^

15th December 2002, 03:25 PM
Truly sorry for the wait. ^_^; I had an exam, which result’s are most likely is going to label me as Osama bin Laden with a ˇ§Kill me, I’m worth your while” sign stuck on my back, while wearing a shirt that says ˇ§I „Z NY„¦”. Meh.

Anyway, challenged accepted, O silly traveler, meet your doom! *Draws butter knife* Eat hot plastic! En Guarde!

I choose SpeedDragon! *Brings out duct taped cardboard box concealing a Pokey inside* [Dragonair] [Female]

SpeedDragon, begin this very foremost round by blasting forth a Thunder Wave at Psyche. It’ll aid your battle abilities later on.

Next, cast a Safeguard, followed by obliterating (As much as possible anyways ^^;) Psyche with a Dragon Rage.

Thunder Wave/Safeguard/Dragon Rage

Pink looks nice. :) Gee, it’s nice being in touch with my feminine touch for once.

15th December 2002, 03:29 PM
*sighs* Don't you just hate it when those funny looking symbols fail and end up looing like some retarded Japanese kaikaze smilie like "^_^" or "^.^"? I'm so tempted to edit ;\

15th December 2002, 04:39 PM
I'd like to thank you for using Safeguard on the second action instead of the first. You see, that gives Psyche the time she needs to coat you in a vile Toxic.

And then she can play a little bit of Baseball with you. Seismic Toss the thing into the ceiling, and on his way down, swing for the fences! Iron Tail! Try for a Home Run, but a double or triple will suffice if needed.

Toxic~Seismic Toss~Iron Tail

21st December 2002, 11:11 PM
*hears crickets chirping* Prodigy? Hello... It would be nice to know you're alive ^_^

Now get in the holiday spirit and ref this, would you? :p

22nd December 2002, 10:54 AM
Oh, I seriously doubt we'll be getting this reffed anytime soon. At this rate, our battle won't finish till we're both asking for quarters from pedestrians because we both failed school ;p I think it's time we ditch ye old bastard, and get a sub ref... for the remainder of the battle. ;x


6th January 2003, 05:19 PM
*laughs nervously*

Today's match will feature 00 Agent Syberia as he takes on ASB's resident dragon chaser (formerly saexy alien), crazybone inside the legendary Tower of Isengard itself, sans, naturally, the orcs, wizards, and evil eyes wreathed in flame. I guess they'll have to make this a particularly interesting battle to make up for it, right? Syberia has already chosen his first of two representatives: Psyche, a female Golduck. This sleek blue warrior will have to do without her favored environment for this match, but Psyche isn't worried.. she's an agile, proficient fighter both in and out of the water, and she reassures her trainer by performing a show-offish spin, assuming a cocky pose, winking, and flashing the thumbs up sign, all with a confident "Golduh!"

Crazybone, meanwhile, surveys his collection of duct-taped cardboard boxes, wondering which of his Pokemon would be best adapted to dispatching this Golduck in this particular environment. After giving all available options some consideration, he chooses one and kicks it. A lithe, twisting dragon slithers out of the box, fire in her eyes. SpeedDragon resents having to live in a cardboard box instead of the cushioned, gold-plated Master Ball she deserves, and although Crazybone has told her time and time again that he can't afford it, she is still somewhat miffed that all of his funds are going towards premium memberships to about a dozen.. websites.. instead of being spent on her. Besides, she just got word that she's been cut out of the new Pokemon games in favor of.. Goldeen? Gloom? Golbat?

And Golduck.

Oh, yeah, she's ready to throw down.

http://www.pokemasters.net/images/games/ruby_sapphire/rs159.png versus http://www.pokemasters.net/images/games/ruby_sapphire/rs303.png

Psyche the Golduck: uninjured (100%), fresh (100%)
SpeedDragon the Dragonair: uninjured (100%), fresh (100%)

Sparks do indeed fly.. crackling furiously, SpeedDragon issues a burst of blue electricity, which arcs through the air and slams into Psyche, who temporarily sprouts metaphorical teeth for the purpose of gritting them, which, at least in theory, will make this reffing considerably more interesting thanks to attention to detail. After a time, satisified, SpeedDragon halts the attack, and although the surge deals no significant amount of damage (if SpeedDragon tried to knock out Psyche by using three Thunder Waves every round, she would eventually succeed, but the referee would get frustrated after about twelve rounds and arbitrarily drop a comet on both combatants to keep things interesting), the lingering effects of the attack will manifest themselves in the form of short electrical seizures, typically at the most inopportune of times, according to the whim of the calculator. SpeedDragon has taken the lead, at least at here at the start, but that's nothing a little poison wouldn't cure.. a quick spurt of blackish-purple goo later, a potent venom surges through SpeedDragon's veins.

"They're just trading warning blows now," the announcer points out helpfully.

Although it's a little too late for that, SpeedDragon enshrouds herself in a colorful veil of sparkling white light in order to ward off any nasty status changers Psyche might throw her way. "It's Safeguard," the announcer explains, "She's concentrating on improving her status." The Safeguard does little to combat the already present poison, however, and Psyche takes advantage of SpeedDragon's momentary distraction by seizing the end of the serpent's tail with her webbed claws, swinging the startled Dragonair around and around and around and around and around and.. up. SpeedDragon hurtles towards the ceiling, and since Syberia is too lazy to re-watch his Fellowship of the Rings DVD to find out just how the ceiling is, I'll go by memory and say that SpeedDragon never actually hits the ceiling, instead twisting herself around midair so that she's aiming straight down as she falls.

SpeedDragon will KILL! Lungs churning with draconic fury, SpeedDragon spews forth a billowing mass of blue dragon fire at the Golduck below, which, um, hurts, I guess, being a billowing mass of blue dragon fire and all. Psyche takes the blast, though, and delivers a crushing blow of retribution with a swing of her metal-plated tail. "Oh, it's Iron Tail!" screeches the announcer with glee, before being blasted into small chunks by the referee's Destruction spell. Meanwhile, Dragonair flies through the air and hits the wall hard before sliding to the floor in a crumpled heap. After a time, though, she uncoils herself and slithers back to meet her foe head on.

Psyche: slightly injured (91%), slightly fatigued (87%), paralyzed
SpeedDragon: injured (78%), slightly fatigued (88%), Toxic poisoned
Announcer: dead (0%), scattered about arena

9th January 2003, 07:31 PM
o_O SS reffed
*wasn't expecting it, hence the reason he hasn't posted attacks*

Hmm...Psyche, I want you to use a Foresight to uhh...see him. Yep. Just as the eye of Sauron sees all, you shall too. Then use an Icy Wind and finally a Psychic.

Foresight~Icy Wind~Psychic

9th January 2003, 07:59 PM
SpeedDragon, as he Foresights you for whatever incentive, wait till he is finished, just as to diminish the chances of her seeing you while you cleverly Substitute off.

Next, spawn two electrical waves, one after the other, and blast it at Psyche.

Substitute/Thunderbolt x 2

On a side note… I was given the notion that Dragonairs levitated rather than slithered on the ground…