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11th October 2008, 01:32 PM
A Private Invitation RP

The school of Kangjia University is a seemingly ordinary private boarding school for higher education. Being well-funded by alumni and various donators, the large and rather luxurious school has top-of-the-line facilities for all who are privileged enough to be accepted. The school is like a dream to those who have never been to such a high-caliber school- from the crystal clear swimming pool, the gourmet cafeteria to the large, plush dormitories, it seemingly has what anyone could hope for. (And perhaps more). Getting into the school is quite an accomplishment and anyone who attends is held in high regard by the town in which the school resides. While some get into the school by their excellent grades, others are allowed in by their athletic prowress, their creativity or some other "gift" that they seemingly have.

The only strict policy the school has is their policy on gender- for Kangjia University is an all-males private school. The only females to be found are the teachers or a few girls that are hired to help with cooking in the cafeteria or sorting the mail.

A new school year has begun for Kangjia University and it appears that everything will go as perfect as it normally would be. However, there is an inner darkness growing from within the school and a mysterious secret that slowly is emerging. Before the school year even began there was a mysterious attack on a student. The student survived, but the burn markings upon his skin had occured while he was in a park just outside the school. The boy himself was unable to identify how he had even gotten them... claiming he thought there were "monsters".

The council sent him home for the school year, but already the tone upon the wind feels quite different than last year...

Okay guys, sorry for the crappy intro. This is based of Mai-HiME, except with all guys- so you know what you're doing. :3 Below I have listed all the original child and powers, but feel free to "overwrite one". What does that mean? Well let's say you hate the child Harry, so you choose to take Harry's spot and "overwrite" him. That means you describe/make your own child and the weapons (or just the child and keep the weapons.. etc.) You also can just keep what is already there too, of course!

Feel free to make AS MANY characters as you want- including NPCs. I want to fill out all the main characters with childs, so when you're done making your PCs that you'll play, feel free to make NPCs as well and give them 'child' positions. No one will be in charge of those NPCs, but we'll all be able to play them- just so you know.

If no one ends up making NPCs, I'll just have to make them all to fill the positions. (Lol.)

Since this RPG is just for fun and has a rather carefree attitude about it, here are some things that I want yah all to know!

~ Double posting is fine, even triple posting.
Since there are only a few of us, if you get bored and want to post again- even a post that doesn't have anything to do with your PCs, then go ahead! Don't edit your post, because then we won't see that you've posted again, plus it helps differentiate things.
~ We're all decent posters, so feel free to take control of other PCs.
You know what I mean by this. If you're interacting with another PC, feel free to play them out. We're all smart enough to play other characters and keep them "in character". And if we make a mistake, we're mature enough to point it out! :D
~ Invites are allowed
If you want to extend an invite into this RPG to another RPer you know would be interested, go ahead. You don't need to check with me.

Alright, here is the official list. Thanks to Faiz and his old Mai HiME RPG for the links, it saved me a lot of time browsing through japanese. :3

Child's Name (Animal) - Element [Taken By]
Kagutsuchi (Phoenix) - Techigai (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/kagutsuchi.html) Kurama, Ushiwaka [Dr.McNinja]
Duran (Wolf) - Plasma Stream Bazooka (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/dhuran.html) Suzuki Kenji [Emotional Faun Chiko-sai]
Miroku (Armor) - Obsidian Sword (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/miroku.html) Tai, Yuuto
Gakutenou (Dog/Scorpion) - Poleaxe (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/gakuteno.html) Kuroda, Masahiro[Bulbasaur4]
Julia (Spider) - Bow/Arrow (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/jullya.html) Surishino Hikari [EngiMatikul]
Diana (Plant/Insect) - Mirrors (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/diana.html) Fukawa Jinnai[classy_cat18]
Vlas (Unicorn) - Threadclaws (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/vrus.html) ?????? [Dr. McNinja]
Kiyohime (Serpent/Squid) - Chain Spear (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/kiyohime.html) Hikimaru Jun [Weasel Overlord]
Yatagarasu (Crow) - Flute (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/k.html) Sato Akihiko [Weasel Overlord]
Gennai (Toad) - bokutou (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/gennnai.html) Kinoshita Tetsuya [Emotional Faun Chiko-sai]
Kazahana (Demon) - Scythe (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/m.html) Suzuro, Kai [classy_cat18]
Harry (Tiger) - Dual Tonfas (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/child/hurry.html) Soujiro, Hasegawa [Bulbasaur4]

[b]"Normal" NPCS
Tomohisa, Ootani - Twin Brother of Yumi - Bulbie's Creation
Tomohisa, Yumi - Twin Brother of Ootani - Bulbie's Creation
Raki Ayaka - Girlfriend of Suzuro, Kai - Classy's Creation
Ishikawa Hiko - Weasel's Creation

[u]School Uniforms

The uniforms look like so: HERE (http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/my-hime/web/character/chara/yuichi.html). Except instead of that yellow color, they're blue. You can modify your uniform how you want though. :3

Here be your sign-up forms! Feel free to discuss things in this topic as well for pre-ideas.

Age: [High schoolish/collegeish... age...]
School Year: [1-4]
Gender: Male
History: [ If any... don't have to be very detailed if you don't want to.]

Name: Tai, Yuuto
Age: 19
School Year: 4
Gender: Male
Appearance: His basic appearance is here, excuse the shitty doodleness of it and the words. ^_^;; (http://www.unowen.net/tegaki/images/200810/10/15/122366747035-18906.png) Like that, although his eyes don't glow- they're more of a greenish, yellow-flecked olive color. He does have the long, thing scar across his abdomen and a similar one across his shoulder blades. His silken red hair is usually tied back into a long ponytail that is messily folded so that its length is cut in half. He also doesn't have those odd facial markings like in the picture, although he does have tattoos that look likeeeee this: SHAMELESS STEALING, BWHAHAHA (http://fc55.deviantart.com/fs25/f/2008/038/0/c/Kamina_tattoo_guideeee_by_Vinexsu.jpg)
Personality: Yuuto is usually a level-headed and down-to-earth person. He's what most would call a 'pillar of strength' for his friends, always having the calm, collected answers and appearance. However, he has his own outbursts- such as when a friend snuggles too close to him or if someone insults him, but usually they end up being a low growl/grumble. He tries is best to not show sort of caring emotion, although deep down he does care a great deal- just doesn't want to shake that "I'm a serious tough guy" attitude.
Child&Element: Miroku, Obsidian Sword
History: Yuuto came from a family that didn't have a whole lot of money, and because of that Yuuto worked some family jobs when he was pretty young. Raised up in a public school, his grades were okay but due to his family's needs, he didn't have much studying time. However, he did take up a passion and talent for Kendo, and any free time he had he would play around with his kendo stick and soon became extremely adept at the sport. When he came to the age of 15, he and his whole family was surprised that he given an invitation to enter Kangjia University- on a full ride scholarship, as long as he joined the kendo team. At first Yuuto was not going to accept, but his family (and other friends who had recieved a similiar invitation) pressured and pushed him to go. He's been living at the school ever since, his family no longer wishing him to work for them but to focus on his school work.
Relationships: Helped out Hikari from bullies once, sorta had a crush on what he thought was "her". Was then scarred for life when this "her" turned out to be a "he". Knows Kenji due to the proximity of Kenji with Hikari. Knows anyone that ever attends a Kendo match and has a rep in the school for being the "silent, scary one" at times.
Other: R..w...ar...?

Name: Kuroda, Masahiro
Age: 16
School Year: 2
Gender: Male
Appearance: Him, here! (http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2388/1878806402_fe0eeec19d.jpg) Just like that, including the silverish eyes.
Personality: Masahiro is a hard-to-pin-down sort of guy, being that his personality would be considered "all over the board." On one end of the spectrum, he's pretty short-tempered and extremely dramatic. He has a habit of telling far-fetched tales whenever he wants to emphasize a point, which can be annoying and amusing at the same time. He also doesn't like being belittled or made fun of, and will burst out against anyone even hinting to do so- however, there rarely is any real anger. Now, on the other side of his personality spectrum, Masahiro is very open about his sexuality and has literally no personal space. He's not afraid to offer affection to anyone who he deems 'needing' of it. He also spends hours in the bathroom, before school, making sure his hair is perfect and clean along with his entire body. ^_^;;
Child&Element: Gakutenou / Poleaxe
History: Masahiro is the youngest of 4 other brothers, which easily stemmed his inferiority complex early on. His family was rather wealthy, but being the youngest Masahiro often recieved the 'short end' of the stick. Still, this fueled his need to surpass his brothers and so he studied hard at the elementary private school that he attended. His grades were top-notch, and soon his work paid off as he received and invitation to Kangjia University. He now enjoys the prestige that the school has brought him, and has worked up quite the reputation at the school. However, if someone challenges him (even at something he's horrible at... O.o;;) he'll overwork himself in determination to be superior.
Relationships: He knows almost everyone at the entire school. He despises Ushi and does everything in his power to find faults with said Ushi- his inferiority complex goes into hyper mode here. He has a fondness for Aki, perhaps because Aki doesn't mind Masahiro's random hugs or touchy feely habits. He also loves to poke fun at Kai's girlfriend and Kai for having said girlfriend.

11th October 2008, 02:30 PM
Will be completed later!

EDIT: NPC to be given later. Hopefully I'll get my Internet back sometime this year. XP

Name: Suzuro, Kai
Age: 17
School Year: 3
Gender: Male (duh)
Appearance: Kai usually has a relaxed expression, which contrasts with his appearance. His black hair sticks out in every direction in long, slightly drooping spikes. This almost takes eyes away from his striking yellow eyes, which give him the appearance of a bird of prey when he's angry. He has a dangling cross earring that he wears on his left ear.
Personality: Most of the time Kai is cheerful, even though there are times when he spaces out and he gives an intense stare that makes him look angry. He sometimes muses on the most unusual and random things and then goes back to the matter at hand. This is the attitude that his male friends sees, his natural side. His temper is shorter than others think but he manages to hide it with a fake smile or a calm look. He has a talent of lying through his teeth to hide his true nature. If anyone actually sees anger on his face, it's a bad sign.
Child&Element: Kazahana/Scythe
History: Unknown to everyone but his friends, Kai is only half Japanese. His father, William, is of American lineage and proud of it. Although Kai showed great promise in baseball to William's delight, it seemed that the son was more interested in the piano (which was his mother's talent). He spent most of his time satisfying both himself and his father but it was the piano that gave Kai a full scholarship to the prestigious school. He has all but abandoned baseball.
Relationships: He has a girlfriend named Ayaka but her unbearable attitude leads others to believe that she's just a cover. Other relationships are welcome.
Other: Loves pocky and animals. He's also a good singer, and it shows when he's singing softly to himself.

Weasel Overlord
11th October 2008, 03:51 PM

12th October 2008, 12:32 AM
Name: Ushiwaka Kurama

Age: 17

School Year: 3

Gender: Male

Appearance: “Ushi” as his friends call him is as blatant in his dress as he is in his attitude. His perusal into the rules after his election into the student council caused him to stumble upon the little known fact that the dress code only specifies which KIND of clothes the student must wear…not the color. As a result he is dressed exactly as in this picture http://kalandy44.deviantart.com/art/The-Wedding-of-Truth-59102562. He does let his hair down after school to let it hang free but he likes to keep up appearances at least when class is in session.

Personality: Happy go lucky doesn’t even begin to describe Ushi. He is energetic beyond a child on a sugar rush, bright, unfamiliar with the concept of person space, and fiendishly mischievious. His high, joyful voice is often the last thing someone hears before spinning headlong into the grass and his implike giggle is sure to follow any prank gone well.

Child&Element: Kagutsuchi/Tekigai. Ushi’s Tekigai are less enlarged jeweled bracelets than they are chakram. They are flat and bladed and he can take the ones from his wrists and fling them from his hands, directing them from a distance. They retain their fire abilities as well.

History: As far as anyone knows, Ushi comes from a wealthy family in the Toyko area. He has no shortage of money when the occasions arise to use it. He claims his father is a doctor of some renown and his mother works in the public relations field yet the specifics of their lives change with every telling, not that Ushi seems in the least bit bothered about his lack of consistency. His first year at the school he discovered that the Student Council technically had a treasurer position though, after the last treasurer graduated nearly a decade ago and no one decided to run for the position, the duties had fallen to the Vice-President. Taking the opportunity, Ushi ran for the position that year. No one believed him in that the position actually existed until it was too late and he ended up winning by default, no one rising to oppose him. He has done his job excellently however and his general likeability has gotten him re-elected the last two years running even with opposition.

Relationships: None as of yet, open for whoever.

Other: He has an odd habit of popping into people’s rooms from odd locations such as their closet or from under their bed.

NOTE: If anyone wants the child/element of my next singup please let me know, I’ll just make a different one for him ^_^

Name: ?????

Age: 17

School Year: N/A

Gender: Male

Appearance: ?????

Personality: ?????

Child&Element: Vlas/Thread Claws

History: Some say that in the middle of the night, if one happens to be walking alone and looks to the clock that stands above the school, one might see a figure standing atop it. Black on black, only a soft glint of red in his hair breaking the darkness. He doesn’t move and those who see him quickly vacate with stories of a ghost/demon/what have you. Nightmares plague them that night as they flee through their own memories from a darkness that steps calmly behind them. The Spectre of Kangjia is quickly becoming its own school legend told to freshmen as the sun sets.

Relationships: ?????

Other: Kalah knows who and what this is so…yeah.

12th October 2008, 08:12 AM
I've responded to both of you either via PM or AIM. As soon as things are resolved/explained, I'll delete the comments plus my own here.

12th October 2008, 01:54 PM
Indeedy Vlas has the longbow and Julia gets the Thread Claws in the anime but in the anime world of my mind and as per Bulby's "Hey let's do what we want and make stuff up and make it awesomesauce" I stole the Thread Claws from Julia. Dont' worry, I sent her a nice fruit basket and a gift certificate to Bed Bath and Beyond as an apology.

Weasel Overlord
12th October 2008, 04:07 PM
1. This topic will be used as a chat topic as WELL as a signup topic.
2. Doesn't say anywhere that this isn't allowed.
3. Using the plot of an already well-established anime does not count as stealing the plot of Only a Fairy Tale (which, I'd like to add, also used the plot of Mai HiME). You don't own HiME, Tsuki. Sorry, but you don't.

And now! Onto my signup. HURRAH! :D

Name: Sato Akihiko [last name, first name]
Age: 18
School Year: 4
Gender: Male [duuuuh]
Appearance: Akihiko has hair just like [this (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y157/jingleweasel/Angealendofchapter.jpg)]. Identical, in fact. He doesn’t have the little goatee thinger that Angeal has though, since he has a general inability to grow facial hair other than his bugger-grips (haha sideburns).
His hair borders on the lighter side of black, but not enough so that it can be called grey. Think the colour in the picture and you’ll be there!
Aki’s face is very pretty. In fact, he has been mistaken for a woman many times before (aaw) by very confused boys. His eyes are bright blue and his build is definitely on the skinny side of lithe, but he doesn’t have uncomfortable corners and things that you often see on growing boys. Instead, he’s just… well, slim. Perfectly flat belly (mmf), toned muscles, and just on the taller side of 5’6”. He likes to wear makeup as his favourite Visual Kei bands do, and can often be seen sporting dramatic eyeshadow and a hell of a lot of guyliner.
Aki wears his school uniform smartly - black blazer-type thing edged with white, perfectly pressed black pants, and a tank top the same blue as this font. The only difference is that his tank has a polo-neck (like Angeal’s in picture four (at the bottom). He also doesn’t wear a shirt underneath.
Personality: Prefers people to call him Aki (hur hur hur, any yaoi fangirl worth her salt will know just where that name comes from XD). Akihiko is quite flamboyantly gay, and certainly not afraid to have people know this. He’s not above giving anyone he fancies a good groping, and, for an 18 year old, his sense of humour is astonishingly filthy. This is probably due to the fact that his mother is an extremely well-known mangaka of an even more extremely well-known BL series (BL = Boy’s Love). He’s pretty much grown up with smut and the like, so it’s kinda commonplace to Aki now. He’s super hard to freak out, and can’t really be deterred by anything. Aki is stubbornness personified, and if he likes someone, you can be sure he’ll pursue them until they give in, in some way or another.
He loves Western TV, his favourite being Doctor Who (SHH!), and has a variety of ships a mile long. Aki also has a habit of quoting his obscure Western quotes at people, no matter whether they understand English or not.
Is also madly obsessed (read: in love with) Gackt. Has been known, on occasion, to squee like a fangirl at anything and everything Gackuto-related. As a result of this obsession, he spends a lot of time looking like a J-rocker.
Child & Element: Yatagarasu & Flute
Akihiko’s Yatagarasu is slightly different to the one we all know (and probably hate) from the anime. Yata is around the same size, but instead of having purple details, he has all silver. He also looks much more like the crow of his origin - ie: he has two legs, instead of looking like a Hoothoot. The feather-thing on top of his head is different too, in that it resembles a feather much more, and there are three of them which drape back to halfway down Yata’s neck. Though they are made of metal, these feathers can be moved as easily as if they were real feathers, only they make a fearsome clanking when Yata does this.
History: His mother, as previously stated, is the famous BL mangaka Sato Kamiko. She grew up mostly in America, moving to England when she was 19, and bringing Akihiko up there for five years. Aki is therefore perfectly bilingual, and can switch between English and Japanese effortlessly.
He got into Kangjia Gakuen on the basis that his mother is famous, and is desperate to prove that he’s worth his place there.
Relationships: Any and all! Preferably someone whom Aki can chase and grope to his little heart’s content. :)
Other: *lobs chocolate at other* OM NOM NOM ^______^
More reference pictures. Might be recognised from my siggie/avvie set. ¬_¬ Not obsessed. Honest.
[one (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y157/jingleweasel/AngeGenerelaxed.jpg)] [two (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y157/jingleweasel/ZackAngeal.jpg)] [three (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y157/jingleweasel/snap155.jpg)] [four (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y157/jingleweasel/scr_26717.jpg)] [five (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y157/jingleweasel/AngelGenesis2.jpg)] [six (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y157/jingleweasel/AngelGenesis.jpg)]


13th October 2008, 11:00 AM
Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllright, everyone thus far is accepted. Wenny is probably going to be late due to the fact that she's a very busy woman! But that's okay, she can hobble in here anytime and create whatever madnes she desires.

I've edited Masahiro's sign-up, so now he has a child and element. I'm going to start making NPCs to fill out the other elements, until Wenny comes and claims one (she can just overwrite the NPC that was there) or if you guys wanna make NPCs for certain elements/childs... let me know! I will reserve etc. You can make other NPCs as well if you desire. GO CRAZY.

And let us discuss relationships.
I was thinking Yuuto could know all your flamboyant types, since it'd just be comical. Per chance out of odd kindness, he helped some character pass gym class or saved them from a bully... xD

As for Masahiro, would it be alright if he knew... everyone- I was thinking especially since he aspires to be so 'perfect' that'd he be the social butterfly.

Bah but I dunnooooo....

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
20th October 2008, 08:54 PM
(last name, first name)

Name: Kinoshita Tetsuya
Age: 15
School Year: 1
Gender: Male (I love how you filled this out automatically for us, LOL)

Appearance: He looks his age. Approximately 5'7", quite skinny. His hair is a nondescript brown, messy, and long enough to be layered (to about his cheekbones), and his eyes are hazel. He wears the coat of his uniform open over a random, brightly coloured t-shirt, and has a spiky sort of dog-collar around his neck that he thinks is punk and rebellious but I think looks like, well, a dog-collar. He also wears sneakers instead of school brogues. He has a lot of piercings on his ears, and won't admit that he didn't get a tongue piercing because it was too painful.

Personality: Tetsuya is a brat. He pretends to have a bad attitude most of the time, though he does have a conscience underneath the sulky expression. He is exactly the kind of rebel student that puts his feet up on the table and naps when the teacher is teaching. Occasionally, though, he'll forget that he wants to be a gangster and act like an actual normal human being. If I were to describe him in two words, it would be as a 'sulky lord' type?

Child&Element: Gennai, which he is not tremendously pleased about; but his element is a bokutou.

History: He would really, really love to be a yakuza. His parents would really, really love their only son not to. His uncle Kinoshita Tokichirou, the head of the 'family', sent him to a posh school to try to iron the small-time-gangster out of him, and even provided a (not very helpful) guardian to make sure nothing went wrong.
Relationships: Suzuki-sensei is his guardian while he's at school. Otherwise, I'll reread everyone again and ask around when I post up the NPC.
Other: Uke desu.

Name: Suzuki Kenji
Age: 29, but he'll turn 30 this year
School Year: None. He teaches chemistry and occasionally general science - badly, but there you have it.
Gender: Male

Appearance: Six footer, pretty buff, though this is obscured by his teacherly raiments - a rumpled shirt, slacks and sometimes a tie, and the obligatory lab coat. He wears glasses for close work. Usually has something approaching a five-o-clock shadow on his chin that Tetsuya calls 'face fungus'. He has a rather nice manly chiselled type of face, with high enough cheekbones, a refined enough jawline and a pleasant kind of nose that prevents him from looking thuggish. Eyes are dark grey; hair is black, combed back with a little fringe sticking out on the left, and slightly spiked. He wears loafers and sometimes bedroom slippers to class when he's really lazy. The overall impression he'd give people is that he would not be out of place being a sleazy yet fascinating host at a nightclub.

Personality: Laid-back and don't-careish. He likes women and girls, from the age of 15 and up to around 45. Easy-going enough, he likes to take his time about everything, and won't be hurried. He does get prejudices against people, though, and to them he is noticeably ruder than usual. He is quite lazy. When provoked, or deprived of sleep (he has low blood pressure and is not a morning person), he can be extremely grouchy. He adheres to a somewhat garbled code of honour.

Child&Element: Dhuran. His element is a plasma-beam bazooka. Powerful, yes - disregarding the fact that it takes sometime between three to five minutes to charge between each blast. He does have some backup stuff (not elements, normal weapons) from the old days ranging from balisongs and Glock pistols to the ubiquitous leaden pipe.

History: He is somehow connected with the yakuza. He was part of the same gang as one of their leaders (Kinoshita Tokichiro) when he was younger; although he left eventually, saying he wanted to preserve his good looks for the benefit of the women of the world, his friend kept right on and now is the self-made kumicho of the Shinjuku Ryuuseikai. They remain best friends up to now. He somehow managed to get a degree in chemistry. It was probably his very attractive lecturer.
Kenji was fired from his last posting at a co-ed school for hitting on the underage high school girls; thus, with that kind of record, only a boys' school would accept him. Through the influence of the Kinoshita family, he landed a job at one of the highest-paying ones, Kangjia.
He is supposed to keep an eye on Tetsuya and make sure he doesn't go down the yakuza road. It is dubious whether he will actually succeed in this mission. He does meet up with Tokichirou every so often to discuss things and basically get sloshed together in the bar.

Relationships: Tetsuya is his ward. Otherwise, looking for eligible, fairly good-looking men in their late 20s/early 30s women. He treats his students very informally, although he does observe the school rules in a cavalier sort of way - eg. he can smoke on the no-smoking premises, but students can't. Yes Kalah, you can make Gawa-sama slowly seduce him or whatnot.
Other: I tried to make him less GTO, I really did. Oh yes, he smokes, even in the chem lab. Miraculously he has never blown anything up.

Introducing the (so far) only blatantly straight guy in this RP.
...but well, well, we'll see.

I will make NPCs later? I mean, I already have one definite NPC in mind. It's just that I've been up since 8 this morning... *whines*

Weasel Overlord
21st October 2008, 05:13 AM
*sings* Steal-ing, steal-inggg Kiyohime. Thankya kindly and goodbye. My Akihiko needs a big bear-man-mountain to molest. XD

21st October 2008, 01:16 PM
Ushi's not only one of the most powerful members in the school being part of the Student Council of Doom but he's also annoyingly sociable so everyone would probably at least know WHO he is.

28th October 2008, 07:42 AM
Alrighty, sorry for the delay... I'm gonna be working on NPC ideas after my nap! So if you have any, GET THEM IN BEFORE I WAKE UP. xD xD Anyway, Kiyohime is still reserved for WUrz so no worries.

I'll be filling the rest of the child spots when I return. :3 Then this will get kicked off... but of course, feel free to add NPCs if you'd like. They don't all have to be magical boys. xD

EDIT: Oh and Chiko, let me know what child yah want for the prof. ^_~

28th October 2008, 01:20 PM
Reserve Diana for me. Seeing so much Ouran High School has got me hyped for this. I can't get my sign up earlier than midnight Central time though; I fear for my classwork.

Oh, and Kai will need someone to see behind his future ball-and-chain's girlfriend's back. Please, Weasie? I love your male characters!

28th October 2008, 10:30 PM
ALRIGHT, here are the rest of the NPCs... NOTE!! Chiko-sai, just let me know what child/element you want for your prof and you'll get it. I've left you Gennai for now, but if you want a different one that my prof has or the NPC has, let me know!

Oh, and I think I'll be playing Gawa-sama, because I like his character a lot. xD


Name: Tomohisa, Ootani

Age: 16

School Year: 2

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ootani stands at a regular height of 5'7" with a slender yet slightly toned build, but has a slightly feminine appearance about him. His skin is milky pale and often is viewed as 'pristine' in a way, although he'd really want to hit you if you pointed it out. His eyes are a honey-suckle brown and his hair matches in color, although being perhaps a shade tad darker. His hair is cut short and has a rather spiky appearance, giving whatever outfit he wears a rather 'punkish' feel to it, even within the school's uniform.

Personality: Ootani isn't exactly a trouble maker, although he does love playing mind-games with people. He doesn't like socializing with people on a genuine level, although he'll socialize with you if he deems you interesting enough. Once he gets bored however, he'll flat-out tell you- in the end while he may play mind games, he's quite blunt to tell you in how he thinks.

Child&Element: Julia - Thread Claws

History: Ootani grew up in a well-to-do family, never worrying about money or much of anything. His parents are fairly busy most of the time, but with his brother Yumi around, it doesn't bother him much. They're almost always seen together and have been that way for more of their life.

Relationships: Twin brother of Yumi, claims to be older

Other: SHHH

Name: Tomohisa, Yumi

Age: 16

School Year: 2

Gender: Male

Appearance: The exact same as his brother, except his hair is a very light shade of brown, lighter than his eyes. He however, holds the same punkish-feel as his brother, having short spiked hair, a slim build and the like.

Personality: Yumi would be called the 'softer version' of Ootani, or perhaps Ootani the harder version of Yumi. He enjoys playing games on others with his brother Ootani, but his words aren't as cutting and usually he's the one to soften social blows. He isn't quite as blunt as his brother, although he's not afraid to tell anyone what he thinks and is the first to realize when someone has become 'boring'.

Child&Element: N/A

History: Same as Ootani, although he sometimes has a bit more of an independent streak.

Relationships: Twin brother of Ootani, claims to be older as well.

Other: SHHH

*I think I'll be playing this next guy*

Name: Soujiro, Hasegawa

Age: 25

School Year: School's Nurse and also seems to be a gardener.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Hasegawa, often called "Gawa-sama" for short, looks like a foreigner and most likely is one, although he always claims to be Japanese and won't ever give up that arguement (and actually he seems to rather enjoy arguing the point, as he never gets too angry about it, unlike the locals). His hair is very long, reaching about halfway down his torso, but he always has it tied at the base of his head and at the very end of the tips, to keep it mostly out of the way. Shorter strands wisp about the sides of his face, framing his rather strong jaw-line and angular cheekbones. He usually has some stubble on the tip of his chin as well, seeming to forget to shave every day. However, the most notable thing about his hair is that it is a very light blonde, even more so towards the top of his head where the sun hits directly. His skin is decently tanned from his days working out in the garden, giving a stark contrast to his ocean-blue eyes.

Overall however, Gawa-sama stands just slightly over six feet, and while he has a toned build from working out in the garden, he doesn't appear to be strong. Perhaps the only thing notable about him is that he does have broad shoulders, but even in for a 'foreigner' they don't stand out as much as perhaps they should.

He usually wears light, khaki pants and a light blue button-up shirt and nicely polished brown leather shoes- however, such a nice appearance is usually ruined because he lets three buttons undone at the top if he goes outside to work in the garden. Outside he also doesn't change his clothes but merely puts on boots.

Personality: Almost as if he has two personalities, Gawa-sama seems to be two different people depending on where he is. As a Nurse, he seems very type A - everything is neatly arranged and perfectly labeled, the place is spotlessly clean and he's extremely thorough in his examinations. He also sometimes seems very calculating- as if he's not examining just your sickness, but your personality and the very soul of your being. So a lot of students are usually intimidated to go there, although he tries to laugh lightly to ease any situation but it usually comes across creepier than he wanted.

In the garden and outside of school however, he's more at ease. He forgets where he puts things, he trips over shovels, etc. At home, his apartment is a nightmare- his work office is completely clean while his living space looks as if he tried to simulate a tropical storm.

Child&Element: Harry - Dual Tonfas

History: He came to the school last year and this will be his second year teaching.

Relationships: Knows Suzuki Kenji and often makes visits to him out of sheer boredom or the fact that it bothers him that Kenji's appearance isn't "what it should be for a teacher at such a very lovely school". Also knows Hikamaru Jun, being that he is also a teacher but Gawa-sama doesn't usually pick at Jun's appearance, being that with the muscular appearance Gawa wouldn't mind if he didn't wear anything at all.

Other: He loves kittens and cats and in fact, owns two. One of the cats has been known as the 'devil cat' by his friends however, as whenever Gama tries to pet/feed/getclose to it, the cat always attacks him. Thus he's known to come to school with a few kitty scratches on his hand. No one understands why he keeps Devil Cat. The other cat (a kitten right now) is Angel Cat, and is very lovable, fluffy and well-behaved.

Alright, also... I WANT RELATIONSHIPS DAMMIT. So here are my proposed relationships for my characters. Let me know if you agree/disagree:

Chiko-sai: I'm not sure about your young'n character, but can your prof be "sorta friend" with Gawa? Being fellow teachers and all... :3 I was thinking at work, if ever Kenji shows up in the nurses office or in the teacher's lounge, Gawa would fuss over his appearance with a very scrutinizing gaze. xD

Weasie: I was thinking Masahiro could know Aki, and while they might not be 'best buddies' they could know eachother well enough that Masahiro would often give him unannounced hugs of affection to go with the groping. xD

Mc.Ninja: I was thinking Masahiro would know Ushi as well, but would try to pick fights with Ushi sometimes (feeling inferior due to his complex since ushi is a student council member). xD Also if Ushi tried to be friends with anyone Masahiro was friends with, he'd get insanely jealous.

Classy: MASAHIRO AGAIN! xD I think Masahiro would find it fun to poke fun at the girlfriend thing, and would make a point to embarress the girlfriend at all times.

ALL OF YOU- BAWW, I don't think Yuuto would willingly want to know any of your characters. xD But feel free to come up with ideas of how to be friends/know/torture him to your liking. If you also want to know Gawa, go ahead!

I'll be making a social group and putting all the NPC forms in it for easy reference, and also be making the start topic soon. (my fingers need a break. o.O)

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
29th October 2008, 04:00 AM
Bratty brat can be a NPC or whatnot, I made him to fill up ranks anyhow. :p in that case, I'll switch the brat's and the professor's Childs around.

Re: Gawa-sama, Kenji will most likely go "I'm a homophobe and an ex-gangster and I still have my metal baseball bat lying at the bottom of my locker, you bloody gaijin" if he tries to, you know, straighten his collar for him once too often. Snigger. Very complicated relationship.

I'm sorry about my failing to post NPCs up but I've been buggered to death (not literally, no) by cons and one-day same-day-hand-in projects and I has to go to class now as it is D: orz

Weasel Overlord
29th October 2008, 05:22 AM
Wagh, I forgot to reply yesterday! Sure Classy, Aki's always happy to have someone to grope. :D The character I'm making (AM doing one, honest! he's slightly delayed atm) was gonna be Aki's main love-interest... thing, but he's easily distracted. Could be some sort of love triangle or somet! Ooh, excitement! XD

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
29th October 2008, 04:18 PM
HAY KIRKLE if your to-be-made man is looking for some distraction we could maybe pair him up with my brat if you are agreeable? Brat's probably uke despite appearances :D

@ Kalah: I made changes to my forms in the Child/element department (professor has a bazooka now!), will probably be editing with NPC... or rather, NPC(s) in two or three days.

Weasel Overlord
29th October 2008, 07:06 PM

29th October 2008, 11:44 PM
Weasel: Oooh, I can't decide which character gets which! How about you look at this signup and see which one Aki would want? Masahiro can have the other one!

Name: Fukawa Jinnai
Age: 19
School Year: 4
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jinnai’s appearance looks somewhere between a typical nerd and a cold-blooded bishonen. His most striking feature is his ice-blue hair that goes down his back. Unlike Hasegawa, however, he keeps it in a French braid that is tied at the end with a white ribbon. His skin is very pale even though he’s been roaming outside more lately. He wears rimless eyeglasses over his brown eyes (unnecessary since he also carries contacts just in case). Wears a silver watch on his right wrist. If he’s not wearing his school uniform, he’ll show his love of denim with designer jeans and his favorite jacket.
Personality: His usual cold expression is just a mask. It’s easy to make him blush and stutter, especially by saying the right things. He’s not “in the closet” but still reacts strongly to acts of affection. He has a childish temper that’s rather cute to see. Strangely, he doesn’t seem to react to threats or insults at all; he’d rather just skip the useless talk and go straight to the beatdown.
Child&Element: Diana/Mirror
History: Jinnai’s parents both own businesses, but it’s the mother who is the more successful one. A world famous fashion designer, her kimonos are the rage in upper-class Japan. He’s actually modeled for her for a few occasions, and owns a couple. Although he had his pick of quite a few schools, he chose Kangjia for its lack of girl students, and with it the risk of being mobbed. Unfortunately he now gets mobbed by members of his own gender. He’ll hang out in the library just to avoid them.
Relationships: Open. He’s open to embarrassment, everyone!
Other: He likes to put things in his mouth. And wipe that perverted smile off your face; I meant things like chess pieces and pocky. He knows enough about a needle and thread to repair clothes and can even stitch up wounds, as well as other first-aid stuff.

And here's my NPC!

Name: Raki Ayaka
Age: 15
School Year: not a student but the daughter of one of the teachers
Gender: Female
Appearance: A petite girl at five foot even, a slim build and long legs. Her shoulder length hair is worn down and with a headband. Her green eyes seem to pierce a man’s soul. Usually wears dresses or skirts of different colors.
Personality: If she’s not trying to act super sweet to get what she wants, she’s acting like a total bitch. She won’t go into a total meltdown but instead will get icy. Jealous and overprotective, she won’t let Kai out of her sight unless she manages to get distracted. Her father, friends, and most adults don’t see this side of her. Sometimes can be seen giving another guy a flirty look. She’s starting to believe that Kai is more interested in his classmates.
History: Not much is known about her besides the fact that she’s the daughter of one of the English teachers. She latched herself to Kai a couple of weeks after he joined the academy.
Relationships: Besides previously mentioned relationships, she also knows a bit about Kai’s friends.
Other: *kicks other*

I can't find a site that explains the Child's and Element's powers. Does anyone know of a reliable source? Wikipedia doesn't help.

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
30th October 2008, 05:39 AM
Wikipedia has a list of My-HiME terminology, apparently. And I don't know any source of My-HiME stuff that isn't in Japanese. But what I understand of the Child/element thing is:

Child: depends on if you read the manga or watched the anime and also whether this RP follows the manga or the anime. Anyway it's a summon thingy. In the anime, how large and powerful it was depended on the intensity of feeling of the HiME for her most important person (I think), and if the most important person died the Child died and the HiME lost her powers (?). In the manga they were basically big powerful bio-mechs that killed things... but I didn't finish reading the manga (too much fanservice for the wrong demographic) so I dunno.

Element: it's the HiME's special magical weapon. Can be destroyed and reformed again depending on HiME's power. Can be used separately from the Child although I don't know how that would cover the use of the Yatagarasu flute which was useless without Yatagarasu around.

OH yes I forgot to ask if we had the whole cheesy birthmark thing?

30th October 2008, 09:08 AM
Bah! Sorray...

Yes, Child's are summoned by calling their name with the intent of summoning them. they can erupt from teh ground, just appear... it depends on your style and the child. XD Also the elements or 'weapons' can be used independantly of the Child and materialize whenever. As for the flute... well, if yah wanna make the flute more weapon-like, go ahead. XD Oh yah if child dies = most important person dies. The more sure of yourself and who your important person is, the bigger/better the child will be.

And hmm... birthmarks... hmm... hmmm.... nah. Let's not have birthmarks, as that'd be a dead give away for everything.

EDIT: I'll be startin gthis soooon! I promise! I just am trying to organize and clean things up a bit, to make everything simple! Does anyone know how to link to a specific post, rather than a whole thread? I saw Crystal TEars did it... and I don't know how the hell to do it... @_@

Weasel Overlord
30th October 2008, 02:15 PM
You just click on the white #(number) in the blue bar at the top of your post. See it? It brings up the page thingy with just your post on. :D My other signup will most likely be around oh, by the end of tonight? Depending on how much time I get with costuming and the like. Possibly this weekend, but no later than that. Promises!

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
30th October 2008, 06:30 PM
Ok since I'm lazy and I'm sure you all don't want to read another NPC profile(s) let alone whatever I typed below here, have a relationship map (http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l37/starstray/Musou/senmu893-a.jpg).

Tetsuya @ brat and Kenji are the rightmost characters in it.

Center: Kinoshita Tokichirou. Yakuza boss. BFFs with Suzuki Kenji since high school. Notable traits include being small (5'1"!) and being one of the sponsors of Kangjia, although he's a sponsor they keep quiet about. Does not act like a yakuza and is actually pretty friendly. Likes girls too. Probably the only NPC I'll mention more than once. You really don't need to read the others but I'm listing them here because they were in the relationship map.

Starting from Tetsuya and going clockwise:

Kinoshita Tetsuya, a brat.

Suzuki Kenji, a chemistry/science teacher/ex-yakuza/ex-host.

Hosokawa Tama, middle-school student, the one who got Suzuki Kenji fired from his last job. Very innocent, very moe, walking jailbait.

Hosokawa Juubei, her overprotective father. Pretty boy. A minor crime lord, and associate of Kinoshita Tokichirou.

(unnamed) but otherwise known as Anego, wife of Kinoshita Tokichirou. Very frightening when she wants to be. The only person Tetsuya obeys without question.

5th November 2008, 06:17 PM
Hmm... Chiko Sai invited me into the RPG but all the slots are taken?

I guess I could be normal but that seems pretty lame. :(

5th November 2008, 08:51 PM
Oh no that's fine!!! You can join! *cackles*

You'd just be taking the NPC's spot, Ootani's. He'll become a normal person. :3

5th November 2008, 11:04 PM
Ok! And since McNinja took the threadclaws I think I'm going to switch the weapon with a bow and arrow if no one minds. :3


Name: Surishino Hikari
Age: 16
School Year: 3rd
Gender: Male
Appearance: ...trap. In general remarkably feminine for his appearance, and many people question his gender even though he attends an all boys school. His light pink hair's length reaches to about his shoulders and is typically tied back by a simple band. He personally would like to cut his hair but his mother forbids it. His eyes are large and shining, resembling that almost of a child... or a girl in her prime. His body frame is rather delicate and were not for some obvious traits that are missing, could have easily passed as a normal girl... at the very least, to his mother's satisfaction, he can appear as a "less-matured" girl. Though he wears the usual school uniform when he attends school, outside of school he wears female attire like sundresses because that's the only clothes his mother would buy for him. Overall, his existence in the school throws a wrench in anyone's idea of attending the school and being straight, because anyone who still believes they are "straight" and attracted to women only will fall headfirst for this guy.
Personality: Attempting to stand up for himself but failing. Even though he's feminine in appearance and feminine in acting, he doesn't want to be viewed in that way and vows to one day stand up for himself as the proper gender. Unfortunately, his dojikko personality and uke tendencies have put him at a difficult position to do so, but he's trying! Quite often a victim of bullying due to his appearance. Aside from that he's fairly smart and does well in his courses. He's generally okay at sports, though he does have a tendency to mess up sometimes due to his dojikkoness (its involuntary, he swears!).
Child&Element: Julia, and a modified bow and arrow where 1. she can shoot multiple arrows at one time and 2. there's a thin yet strong string attached to each arrow, where with a simple tug Hikari can drag whoever's the victim at the end of his arrows towards him with remarkable ease (think Scorpion from Mortal Kombat... if anyone remembers what that is)
History: Long story short, had a younger sister that died, father left family, mother becomes traumatized and sadistic and turns Hikari into her ideal daughter. Hikari manages to convince his mother to let him go to the all-males school in his first attempt to masculinize himself, but his experiences of being nearly raped (several times) at the school is making him somewhat worried.
-Tai Yuuto
-Suzuki Kenji (I think ChikoSai won't mind, but if you do, or think up something else, tell me)

Of course he still maintains good relations with them all, they just feel a little... uncomfortable about their previous thoughts.
Other: Likes cute things. Obviously does not help in his quest to become manly.
I hope I don't regret making this character. :V

6th November 2008, 12:09 AM
Remind me to thank Wenny later. XD If you want, perhaps Yuuto somehow knows him? Perhaps he was busy getting bullied or what-not, and Yuuto happened to stumble across the scene and saved poor Hikari! Plus Yuuto is exactly the type to demand/swear he is straight... totally..

6th November 2008, 12:17 AM
Yes yes relations are good! Especially those who will stop him from getting raped. :(


6th November 2008, 12:24 AM

BTW: Sorry for teh delay in starting this, I'm having... college-related antics right now that are making it difficult for me to concentrate. I SWEAR IT WILL BEGIN THOUGH.

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
6th November 2008, 09:58 AM

Kenji: mo-moe~ *lecher's blush* hey now Hikari-chan, wanna hang out with your sensei? I promise I don't do you girls on the first dates.
Hikari: *oshioshioshi I just got saved and now this?!* I-I'm a guy!


(at the bar that night)
Kenji: TOKIIII I FELL FOR A TRAP MY GIRL RADAR FAILED ME orz orz zetsubou shita OMG I HATE THIS JOB. *proceeds to get drunk*

Also, this is probably a sore point with him so he gets ticked off if someone mentions it. Tetsuya (brat) might also have a crush on him, discuss with you later... could get interesting if Yuuto liked Hikari as well and you know there is drama and blah and then they find out he's male and there is massive OTLing.

I completely understand about college antics. I have been a victim of them for far too long.


6th November 2008, 12:51 PM
I would also like to state that Hikari wants to consider himself "straight" that is he's fondly attracted to girls as well, but because of his condition many people consider him a girl with yuri tendencies. :V

Also ChikoSai would you mind having a sort of strange relationship where Hikari sees your sensei as a "role model" and a teacher to teach him how to be a guy, and while Kenji somewhat tries to help out there will be many orz moments as he realizes how impossible it is to masculinize Hikari? :V

Weasel Overlord
9th November 2008, 01:12 PM
Am making a teacher character for my Kiyohime reservation (he's about 26, is that ok with people?), and gonna do an NPC as well, who's younger. I wanted my man-mountain to be older than Aki, so yeah...

NPC will be solely for distractioning purposes. XD

Last name, first name

Name: Hikimaru Jun
Age: 26
School Year: N/A, Jun teaches Japanese History.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jun is tall and sort of stout (6’3”). He’s heavily muscled and extremely strong, but he generally chooses not to utilise his strength for anything other than lifting huge amounts of books at once. He wears glasses, and can’t see more than the distance of his outstretched arm without them. He wears smart uniform, a black pinstriped suit jacket and a clean, freshly ironed cream short-sleeved shirt. He wears a tie in a rich plum colour (the same one every day, but he probably has about seven of these ties). Shoes are black and shined to perfection, and his trousers have a sharp, ironed crease right down the middle of each leg.
His hair is black and tidy, about shoulder length, and held back at the nape of his neck by a slim hair bobble (also in plum, lol).
Out of work, he also wears suits, only plain ones, and he dresses them down with a plum-coloured shirt and no tie. However, if you catch him at the weekend, you’d probably be shocked to see him in traditional yukata; and at special occasions, he breaks out his hand-painted kimono, which are a treat for the eyes.
Personality: Jun is pretty much obsessed with history. His speciality is Japanese History, especially the Samurai period, but his secret passion is mid-period Roman history, focusing on the Julio-Claudian emperors.
He’s studious and adores books; can read and speak Ancient Greek and Latin but not English, and has 5th rank in Japanese Calligraphy. When he’s not talking about history or books, Jun is pretty quiet, preferring to listen to what everyone else has to say. If, however, one of his students shows an aptitude for the subject, he is eager almost to the point of unprofessionalism in making them pursue it more seriously. He’s also likely to offer after-school education at his house, which could be construed in a weird way, but he has absolutely no ill-intentions whatsoever. Jun is sort of an innocent in the ways of sex and that. He knows that it’s there, sure, and that there are different options in the way of sexuality and such, but he’s never really shown any interest in it.
Child & Element: Kiyohime & Katana
Instead of a Chain Spear, Jun has a Katana. The blade is bright, polished to a mirrored finish, and the hilt is wrapped in plum material, with a gold thread running through its centre to tie at the base (where the blade meets the hilt) and dangle off for about three inches. The Katana, if swiped horizontally, can extend to three times its normal length (think that thing in InuYasha, if I’m thinking of the right one).
History: Always a quiet, bookish child, Jun made his way through college and university without much in the way of social interactions. Not to say that he doesn’t know how to talk to people - more that… he feels uncomfortable unless they’re talking about history in some way, shape or form. He was brought up to always be polite, whatever the situation, and he can’t bring himself to be rude to anyone, preferring the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” view.
His mother and father were avid collectors of Japanese art and works of art, and were very rich through their jobs of university lecturers. Jun was therefore sent to Calligraphy classes, tea ceremony classes and he also took quite a few kimono-making classes as a sort of side-interest. He is very accomplished in these arts, but rarely mentions the fact.
Relationships: Will eventually have something with Akihiko, but as of the beginning of the RPG, will only know the other teachers. Is probably going to be distracted by pretty-looking people, but don’t expect it to be easy!

Weasel Overlord
15th November 2008, 11:38 AM
Sorry for doublepost, I am a bad person. Here is final NPC character from Weas. Yay!

Last name, first name, blahdiblah.

Name: Ishikawa Hiko
Age: 15
School Year: 1
Gender: Male
Appearance: Hiko has shoulder-length hair, poker straight and black with a really long fringe that comes down from his parting and covers his right eye. The fringe is dyed blue (buggered if I know how, Messr Hiko is very rich), and he has a few purply bits in the feathered sides. Like this (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y157/jingleweasel/mob253_1183402491.jpg) (the guy in the middle). And yes, this is basically the model for my current hair. Shh.
Hiko’s totally androgynous, skinny, short for his age and likes wearing tight clothes that do nothing to help people think he’s male (well, if you discount the crotch bulge, hur hur). His school shirt has ruffles attached at the neck and really wide sleeves, and the blazer/jacket thing is cut off jaggedly on the left side, with the right side being extended with cream lace underneath. He loves asymmetrical things, so he got his seamstress to alter his uniform as soon as it arrived.
His eyes are brown, with darker lashes and eyebrows and his facial features are petite and delicate. Hiko’s skin and complexion are perfect, without a blemish, and when he’s not in public, he carries a parasol around with him to act as a sunshade.
Personality: Hiko is spoiled, flouncy and generally a brat. Comes from being coddled all his life. He likes it when people call him Hiko-sama, and refers to himself with the honorific when he’s feeling particularly egotistical (which is much of the time). He’s used to getting his own way, and when this doesn’t happen, out comes the magnificent pout and quiver. Hiko’s perfected this over the years, and now he can even make a glistening little tear appear in the corner of his eye.
Hiko has an extremely loud voice when he wants to, and there’s a glimmer of charisma hiding underneath the spoiled brat that leads him to try and take control of situations whether people want him to or not. He’s very much the dominant seme type. Hur hur hur. Although not at all averse to making ukes be vaguely dominant, depending on his mood.
Hiko: “You! Do this. At once.”
Uke: “Yes Hiko-sama…”
Child & Element: N/A
History: Hiko is the only child of an extremely rich and influential family. He lives in a very large, very fancy mansion which has horse-drawn carriages, hedge mazes, the works. His parents are aficionados of all things fairy tale, and they brought Hiko up like a prince. He had tutors up until about the age of 11, when he finally decided that he wanted to go to a real school. Didn’t take much to persuade his parents - he just stropped until they said yes.
Relationships: Standard NPC whorish character. Come one, come all! Hur hur hur.
Other: Can ride a horse. Very well. Also likes sage green coloured things.
Oops, my characters have similar names… OH WELL Aki is Aki and Hiko is Hiko. :D

18th November 2008, 10:02 AM
*cries* Teh Ushi needs some relationships other than being hated by Masahiro (as joyously Raizen-esque as that could become :3)

19th November 2008, 06:31 PM
Hey McNinja if you want my character can be associated somehow with your character, since we're in the same year. Possibly classmates? Unless you want to do something deeper... :V

NPC of Hikari's Mom.

Name: Surishino Ayami
Age: 34
Gender: FeMale
Appearance: Appears that of a normal, caring, loving mother were it not for the fact that she seems like she can snap and kill you at any minute. Her eyes are the dead giveaway that something is wrong with her, being dark, hollow, and without color. Aside from that no one else can tell from appearance if something is wrong with her. She has dark reddish-brown hair, slightly wavey and about the length to the shoulders. She usually wears a pink apron over a simple blouse and long skirt (she's typically seen in the kitchen). Unusually, she appears half the time with a knife in one of her hands.
Personality: Her self seems very... strained, to outsiders. While she acts seemingly like the nice, caring maternal figure, something just doesn't seem quite right and people notice this. That is to say, aside from the fact that she loves her dear son as a daughter and believes wholeheartedly that he should be girllike, allowing no objections from anyone at all. If anyone objects... suffice to say no one has objected to her rulings in a very long time. Hikari might know of the consequences, yet he does not speak of it.
Hikari believes his mother is somewhat lightening up, though, seeing how he manged to convince her to joining the all-male school due to better education (although for his personal purposes, to become more masculine).
History: See Hikari.
Relationships: Hikari's mother. Yi's Yakuza Guy's wife's sister.
Other: She's Yandere. :V A Yandere and a trap, what can get any better in this family!

Weasel Overlord
20th November 2008, 10:49 AM
*cries* Teh Ushi needs some relationships other than being hated by Masahiro (as joyously Raizen-esque as that could become :3)

Wanna do something with Akihiiiiko? He appreciates a pretty boy a hell of a lot. :D Might not be in the same year, but OH WELL.

Post = half-written. Weasel had unsuspected work leap upon her on Tuesday. :(

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
20th November 2008, 07:44 PM
Ok yes I'm halfway through my post but I just wanted to let some crack out of my brain while it's still fresh and, um, cracky.

Things I want to eventually make the cast do, or at least do in my imagination
1. Go to karaoke. And EVERYONE has to sing. everyone. more than one song is ok.
2. AU post where everyone is grown up in their own professions, has had or adopted some offspring, or a really really really far in the future AU with grandchildren, or a in the past AU with samurais and daimyos.
3. Act in a play. (and/or musical.)

20th November 2008, 08:12 PM
I'd be up for Akihiiko stoof! *cheers*

And as for going into the past that'd be easy for Ushi what with being based on a ninja already and all :P

20th November 2008, 08:15 PM
How about a cosplay party? That might be fun to do!

20th November 2008, 08:28 PM
LOL, I'm imagining Ouran Host Club-esque themed parties now... with all their costume changes... XD

OMG and the play! What play would they do however? Hrmmm?

I'm so copying Wenny

Things Bulbie Wants to Make the Cast Do IC or in imagination
* Go on a field trip to a beach or exotic location, all are required to wear bathing suits of some sort. Teachers must chaperone.
* Have a festival where they all wear jazzy festival costumes.
* They go camping!! All outdoorsy adventuring stuff!
* School sleepover- you know you want it.

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
20th November 2008, 08:29 PM
Not to mention that I'd like to write all these in dialogue because my brain is shot to death and all I can write is dialogue nowadays.

Oh, and some measure of crack.

Which is why it's taking me a few years to write fuurinkazan action wrapuptheday post but never mind.

Cosplay party~ Some rich character should give a masquerade ball~

I am however probably going to write the karaoke regardless because I like to mock characters, most of all my own. orz

EDIT2: SOMEONE VIRILELY MALE/SOMEONE WHO THINKS HE IS STRAIGHT/SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T LIKE IT since we already have a trap and several flamboyant types

20th November 2008, 08:39 PM
OH Ushi in a swim suit. That is quite relevant to my interests.

21st November 2008, 12:55 AM
XDXD I'd say it'd be either Yuuto or Kenji then! BOTH OF THEM CAN BE FEMALES! Like like, we could do Midsummer Night's Dream! BWHAHAHA!

21st November 2008, 12:58 AM
Yeah, Ushi could be Puck.

21st November 2008, 01:09 AM
For some reason, Ushi being puck SCARES me. And it probably should scare all the characters! xD For some reason I can't stop thinking of Kenji being Titania and having the title, "QUEEN OF THE FAIRIES" thrown in his face during play practices. xD

Aki could totally be Lysander! And for some odd reason I have this image of Jinnai being Helena and chasing Yuuto (Demetrius) around.. xD

And I have this insanely cute picture of Hikari dressed up as the changling child.. xD

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
21st November 2008, 03:25 AM
OMG Kenji's masculinity will be impugned!

We can do all the things listed above in the school festival; I have some sort of proof that they actually do things like this in all-boys-school festivals in Japan. According to my friend who went to one they have "Miss" contests too where the guys get up in drag and... yeah... basically drag queen beauty contest.... snigger.

And with school festivals we can have battle of the bands and things :D

21st November 2008, 03:50 AM
xD The festival will be the anticipation of happiness for some and dread for others! Hurr hurr!

And really?! That'd be awesome... drag queen festivals... pffffft! That reminds me of homecoming where there'd be a competition to dress the male court up as women and they'd vote who was the best. That had only four guys though. Boo.

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
21st November 2008, 03:59 AM
LOL are the guys you dress up in homecoming manly?! XD

Hmmm oddly my friend said there were 4 guys but she couldn't tell if there were only 4 guys participating or if they were the 'best of show' (there were 4 subcategories, china dress (qipao), kimono, casual dress and girls school uniform). Incidentally casual dress won because 'she' brought a date.

However she also uploaded this video of a whole bunch of them dressed in sailor fuku dancing to some Johnnys song... so who knows.

21st November 2008, 04:10 AM
LOL subcatagories?! Fantastic! *now imagines the entire cast in a qipao, feeding eachother various sweets and such* xD XD Oh dear...

Weasel Overlord
21st November 2008, 05:50 AM
OMG you guys are awesome. XD The karaoke reminds me of HiME. Which, duuuh, it's probably meant to... *slaps head* Shh, I've just got up.

21st November 2008, 11:40 AM
Jinnai would whip all in the kimono category.

Something else that would be good would be a...oh shoot, what's the name for the kind of Japanese play where the girls are played by guys? They could have the guys dressed as geishas or something.

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
21st November 2008, 01:45 PM
I think you mean kabuki. Silly Ieyasu and his law banning women off the stage.

Most kabuki plays tend to have only one woman principal, from what I remember. Of course we could always make up our own :V

21st November 2008, 02:14 PM
If you guys do the play Hikari will not know who to turn to anymore for his lessons in manliness!!! :(

...But I'm sure Hikari will be having too much fun trying out all the outfits anyway to care. :V

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
21st November 2008, 07:24 PM
...Right, yes, I now remember that I wanted Kenji to be somewhat manly and not participate in all this tomfoolery and nonsuch.

OH WELL we'll work something out.

23rd November 2008, 06:48 PM
They might disqualify Ushi from a drag contest for looking too much like a girl already. Him and Hikari'd clean up.

EDIT: After writing that I got a funny image of if Ushi and Hikari ended up hooking up...people would be soooo confused O_o;

24th November 2008, 11:53 PM
Your Ushi would have several angry suitors of Hikari who still consider themselves "straight" if you do that... :(


26th November 2008, 02:20 PM
It'd only be funnier cause Ushi'd be totally oblivious to it all.