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Roy Karrde
1st December 2008, 08:51 PM
The RPG News: December Ed
Edited by: Roy Karrde

It’s that time of year again, snow is falling, a brisk chill in the air, presents lay wrapped under the tree, and RPG News hits the newsstands again! Chalked full of news, articles, and not one but two articles just for Christmas!

Speed Duels: The Return of RPG TCG by Roy Karrde
How To Role-Play a Japanese RPG Character by Dark-San
Credit Where Credit’s Due by Weasel Overlord
Bulbasaur4 Interview by Mew Master
Special Interview: McNinja by Roy Karrde

Speed Duels: The Return of RPG TCG
Roy Karrde

A few months ago the RPG Forum undertook a massive endeavor to create it’s own version of the Yu Gi Oh TCG. While it started off a success it eventually began to lag and then eventually disappear off the face of the earth. Yet even with it gone, many want it back, and enjoyed the creativity displayed in the brief flash of a existence the game had. So with a new Yu Gi Oh Anime on TV, and renewed interest by many, I am proud to announce the rebirth of RPG TCG.

Now many things will differ from the original run of RPG TCG, for one the system will be mod tested before it goes live some time between this month and the next. This means a fully worked out battle system, a complete 1.0 deck set, and a banned/restricted list. Next we are presenting this with one new promise, and that is to have a RPG created or available for the RPG Forum every two months that utilizes RPG TCG in some form or fashion. Meaning if you have duels in the RPG, the RPG TCG system could be used for dueling. Finally the most impressive feature is the one coming straight from Yu Gi Oh 5Ds, and that is Speed Duels!

Now many of you may have seen a episode of Yu Gi Oh 5Ds, or at least a commercial of it, or even a picture. Dueling on motorcycles? That was the first reaction of many, followed by uncontrollable laughter. But the motorcycle duels do bring about a new battling system which you will have the option of using in RPG TCG. This is called: Speed Duels.

More details of Speed Duels will come out when RPG TCG is launched, but I will say that it utilizes a mysterious thing called Speed Counters, as well as Speed Spells. You will not be able to play regular spell cards; instead speed spells provide an entirely new dynamic to the game.

Of course last but not least is a tournament, and I do plan on providing one, on the first day of release I plan on creating an opening tournament, which will have one restriction. You can only use RPG TCG cards or cards available in Legend of Blue Eyes, the first YGO TCG set! Meaning the return of old favorites such as Regeki and Black Hole!

I hope to have this available to the public by the next RPG News release, but if not expect another article detailing everything including a firm release date.

How to role-play a Japanese RPG Character?

It is a very observable trend in the RPG forum these days ever since Japanese animated series hit the shores of the Western world. Silently and without much people noticing, more and more TPMers have been picking up Japanese names for their RPG characters regardless of any RPG genre. This comes as a no surprise to me literally as lots of people are wondering on what is going on the other side of the globe from where they are at.

On the outside, Japan is very much alike structurally and economically like any other modern cities. They had your long buildings that harbors offices like those of you can find in New York. A Tokyo Tower that shares the same symbolic meaning as what the Eifel Tower is to the French as it would to the Japanese. Fashion sense, they are on par with those you find in the streets of Milan or Madrid. However what attract people to the Far East aren’t all these features but the very fact that this group of people are still very much nationalists.

You can have tons of these foreign imports coming in and out of Japan every day. But none of this really matters since Japanese are rooted to their eastern culture. And most of this foreign imported culture eventually gets ‘Japanese-nised’. The national identity and cultural bondage is strong.

When we take this into total consideration, it is a must that you will need to integrate this cultural identity into your RPGs. The below mentioned situations are just a few cultural aspects you will need to take into considerations.

Addressing names

Only if you are very familiar with the other party, it is very disrespectable to call someone by their given name. For example if the other parties’ name is Ichiru Miharu, Ichiru would be the family name and Miharu would be the given name. It is also not unusual to add in a ‘-san’ when pronouncing the other party’s family name. For our case, it would be Ichiru- san. ‘-San’ is just an all- rounded purpose word that shares the same meaning as your ‘Mr.’, ‘Ms.’ or ‘Mrs.’ With exception that ‘-san’ does not take into account the gender.

RPG Scenario

When approaching a Japanese RPG character for the first meeting, remember to keep to the norm and call him by his family name. You will also need to differentiate what is his given or family name just by the order of the name itself. Also to avoid confusion if you are unaware on how to address the other party with your other all- rounded purpose words like ‘-kun’ or ‘-sama’, the best way is to keep to ‘-san’.

When feasting

It is always polite to start your meal by thanking your host with itadaki- mass and show your appreciate again when you are done with the meal with a gochiso-sama deshta. It is a rule that we must followed if we are having a meal.

RPG Scenario

Many a times when we are having a scene when we are taking a meal, I do notice that we tend to forget about these greetings many times. This makes the character less Japanese. Do note that having a Japanese name does not automatically qualify your character into Japanese. It is the way your character is adapted and fully embraced the culture that makes it really Japanese.

Other Misc points to take note

Sometimes a small mistake might pop out during the course of the RPG and you failed to recognize or even amend it when you are posting your RPG. Take for example, Japanese uses Yen as their national currency not dollars.

Other forms of minor mistakes are when people fail to distinguish the meaning of Otoko or Onai at times. Trust me, I have experience multiple times when people asked me these questions. Otoko is your male counterpart and Onai is your female counterpart. Note the gender difference here?

Conclusive considerations

You can go one level higher if you can take the different regional culture and adapted it into your character. Of course, Tokyo is in the Kanto region. You have your Kansai dialect if you originated from Osaka. But that is only possible, you have done sufficient research into the different Japanese cultures.

Credit Where Credit’s Due
Weasel Overlord

How often do we, as RPers, actually sit back and think about where we steal our ideas from? If you’re anything like me, the answer will be something along the lines of “uh, never?” But if you think about it, the owners worked damn hard to come up with those ideas. Or maybe they didn’t work so hard, but let’s face it, they have copyright on their side! Beware the copyright! Or something… But for us poor writers who don’t have copyright on our sides, oh almighty copyright, what are we to do? Ideas! Stolen! Left right and centre! Argh!

On the almighty livejournal, there’s an option in your icon settings where you can add credit for an artist or icon-maker. But we don’t have anything like that, no siree. So what can we, as humble RPers, do to stop this filthy theft of ideas?

Well… nothing. Ideas are stolen, get used to it (hah, I bet you thought this article was going to be serious!). As my creative writing tutor is fond of saying, find someone you like, then COPY THEM! Copy them like there’s no tomorrow. Or something. But yes, let’s face it, all ideas, everywhere, are basically strange amalgamations of other ideas, all mashed together into a tasty stew and boiled for an hour until the lentils of theft make a delicious, pulpy gravy... right?

Maybe I lost some people with that metaphor. Pitiful fools… Can’t even see that their Weasel Overmod makes perfect sense…

Anyway. Colourful food metaphors aside. We’re all friends here! Well, some of us. Well… a couple. Still doesn’t mean that we can’t give credit where credit’s due (ahah, bringing in the title! See what I did there…). So if you know someone who had their idea stolen, ripped asunder and then used for other, more diabolical ends, please, give them a thank-you hug. A… thank-you hug over the ether of the intarwebs. Or send them some e-cake. Everyone loves e-cake.

Personally, I’d like to send e-cake to one Messr. EngiMatikul (fondly nicknamed “Box”), without whose marvellous NPC idea we would all no doubt be lost. So, humble RPGers, I ask you. Give it up for Engi, who brought us the concept of “hey, what if we all make NPCs but LET ANYONE USE THEM!?!?”

I’ve been Weaslor, and this article has been pure silliness. Thank-you! *sends e-cake to the entire forum*

AND DON’T FORGET, FOLKS!! Season of goodwill coming up! E-crimbo-presents are the best kind of e-present! :D Yes indeedy.

The PokéMasters Proudly Present…
Interview with an Art God
This month: Bulbasaur4

Hello believers, non believers, followers, and those of a different breed. I am ~DR, the ART GOD… with 6 followers. *head-desk* Last month I had an engaging transaction with Crystal Tears. This month I decided to try to find someone whose brains I’ve wanted to pick for a while. After playing “Summon-Tag” with her for about two weeks through several different means (goats-blood wasn’t my idea, but hey, it worked). I present the elusive, creative, Moderator herself… Bulbasaur 4!

~DR: *Summons them in a puff of smoke and sparkles* Welcome Mortal!
Bulbasaur4: Wow, did you upgrade your summon? I like the sparkles!
~DR: It was the Intern's idea... after a while you get used to it... Leaves an odd Cinnamon flavor in your mouth though...
Bulbasaur4: *tastes the air* Oh it does... hmm... needs a touch of vanilla and then it could be a candle.

~DR: Metaphysics aside, Welcome Bulbasaur4. You are a hard person to track down, even for an Art God of my stature... So let us begin with how long you have been on TPM.
Bulbasaur4: Sorry, I'm always testing my ninja-tactics. Hmmm... I've been at TPM since sixth grade in 1998, and then two years later I joined the forums in 2000. So eight years about! On the forums anyway, 10 years with TPM overall. But life without forums is hard to remember...

~DR: What brought you to the forums specifically?
Bulbasaur4: Fan Fiction, in the beginning it was the only forum that I hung out in but it was a blast. So many new stories were blooming and everyone was always so excited about it.

~DR: Oooh, I have a lot of questions, however I'll have to wait for their time.. So, your screen name. Does it have any certain significance or were Bulbasaur1-3 already taken and 5-after didn't have any appeal?
Bulbasaur4: LOL. Well Bulbasaur was my favorite Pokémon and was the Pokémon I started with way back when I had the big fat gameboy, so it seemed appropriate for a Pokémon board. The number four was easy- it's my lucky and favorite number and has been since I was little
~DR: Huh, that would explain why I never saw Bulbasaur1-3 or anything after five... What are some of your favorite Forums on the Boards?
Bulbasaur4: RPG, Fan Fiction, Misc., and I like Fan Art too, no matter how empty it can be sometimes. :3

~DR: What are their individual appeals?
Bulbasaur4: RPG is fantastic because overall I just love role playing and it is always so much fun to watch how people take their characters and interact with others and seeing a whole cast "grow" overtime on a group and individual basis. I love Fan Fiction because to put it simply, I just love writing in general and the people there are really helpful and encouraging. Misc. is a place I enjoy because it is where I can interact with many TPMers, not just Fan Ficcers or RPGers. And Fan Art? Well, I like art so I like to delve into there. :3

~DR: You've stated that Fan Fic was your reason for coming to the Boards, what sparked the transition from Fan Fic to RPG?
Bulbasaur4: Well I missed participating in the first RPG to come to TPM, but I got into the second- Ginger Cat's infamous Team Rocket RPG. It was wonderful... like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story but way beyond that. I then started an RPG in Fan Fiction and all of the RPGs in there were popular. So they made an RPG board and moved the RPGs there. I naturally went with them and eventually RPG sucked me mostly away from Fan Fiction for quite some time.

~DR: Hmm that ties in with my next question. You’ve been a mod for as long as some members can remember, how did you get that position. Coup de ta? Democracy? Bribes?
Bulbasaur4: Candy. Candy bribes to every single moderator! Hah, but actually I was brought into the moderating position because the moderators and admins thought I was the best choice at the time. The transition actually was really smooth... no complaints, no drama or a welcome topic! I remember coming back from vacation, seeing my name as a listed moderator and just being thrilled and not caring about all the details. I just know I posted a lot and had little homework during that time in my life (or anytime in my pre-college days) so I was always active and being in as many RPGs as my fingers could type for. I could safely say it was a nerdy addiction. xD

~DR: You've touched on this a little bit, but why do you Role Play?
Bulbasaur4: There are a lot of reasons... but the first one that pops into my head is that I just simply love creating characters and fleshing them out. It is extremely fun for me to pretend to be that person- even if it is just for a short while when writing. It is even more of a rush to get a chance to have that character interact with others- interaction to some extent, you can't control. I can safely say that all my characters could be labeled alter egos of myself as well. It's like taking a piece of myself that I've seen, maximizing it and throwing in a few twists, and then throwing it out into a completely different world and watching it mutate and grow. RPGs are my own little happy world to get away from real world crap too. xD Those are just a few reasons why I role play. ^_^

~DR: What have been some of your favorite characters to RP?
Bulbasaur4: Hmmm... that's a tough one. Well, an easy character to pick is Yuar Oro (the original from Dawn of the Blood Moon) and ALL of his clones that I've made in other RPGs based off him. xD I've also enjoyed playing Kasai Akio from FurinKazan, just because that character has so many layers.... Hmm, OH and Legolas from Ashes in the Wind- an old LotR RPG that Ginger Cat made a while back ago. THAT was a lot of fun. I'll also always have a soft spot for my oldie but goodie character, Liz Oblaso. She was used in many of the old Team Rocket RPGs.

~DR: Any reason why those characters stand out? Or do they each have their own unique flavor that you have to experience to appreciate?
Bulbasaur4: They all have their unique flavor, but I think the biggest thing about my characters that I enjoy is their depth. I can't just make a papercut out- I have to create a character that has a full-fledged past and a REASON for doing the things they do. They have to react a certain way because of their experiences beyond the RPG and all of those characters had very detailed histories. Hmm.. the biggest thing that all of them except for Legolas had common though, was some sort of pain. It is a common theme with most of my characters- having some sort of internal struggle within themselves which makes them a little bit less-than-happy with life or perhaps a bit dreary towards it.

~DR: So would you say, the biggest thing for Role Playing, for you, is Character Generation?
Bulbasaur4: Hmm... I'd say the biggest thing for me is fleshing out the character and watching them grow, which can only be accomplished by interacting and role playing them. It's just fun to watch them change as an RPG progresses (and watch other characters alongside yours change as well). They often surprise you with how they turn out.

~DR: So, on the subject of characters. What makes a good character? What criteria, in your opinion, must be met in a Character Sign-up or Character Development?
Bulbasaur4: Hmm... to me, in the beginning of a sign-up sheet, a good character has to have a history. I don't care how many tragedies have happened or if they had the "perfect" life, they at least need to have a history that would explain their personality and actions at the start of the RPG. I also think it helps if a character has a personality quirk- it doesn't even have to be anything major, but anything that distincts them from being "like the rest of the cast" is good. Towards the end of the RPG or as it progresses, a good character... well, changes!

I like it when the change isn't planned either. I mean, we all can plot and twist RPGs to do what we want. But the really great stuff comes from the unplanned events- when someone asks your character or confronts your character about something and you didn't expect it. Maybe that interaction pushes your character to push their "limitation boundary" and when that happens, a character changes.

I actually don't even mind when people use the same character for different RPGs- it doesn't make that character bad or the RPer boring (because we all go through our phases). What's fun when people do that, is to see how the two characters differ as their individual RPGs progress. But alas, I ramble. XD

~DR: T'was a long response, but it's not rambling. Now, I ramble, but that is neither here nor there. What would you consider your top five Favorite RPGs that you have participated in?
Bulbasaur4: Hmmm...... that is really difficult and no doubt if you asked me the question tomorrow I'd give a different response. But for today... I'd say, in no particular order: Ashes in the Wind (by Ginger Cat), M-E-W Castle by Kuro Espeon, Dawn of the Blood Moon by Asilynne, Dragonsouls - the Sorrow of Tarasque by Weasel Overlord annnnd.... hmm... Probably Blood and Magick by Drusilla.

~DR: What did you enjoy about them?
Bulbasaur4: They were engaging and all the characters in them were just amazing.
~DR: Anything in particular about the individual RPGs or is it just an over-all consideration?
Bulbasaur4: If I tried to explain why I liked each one individually, we'd be here for a while. xD So just overall, the quality and character level of the RPGs was something that struck me- all for different reasons. Of course, to put it simply they were just plain fun to be in too.

~DR: Fair ‘nuff. What have been some of your own RPGs that you’ve started?
Bulbasaur4: Correct Souls Divine, Naruto: The Hidden Curse, PokeHeroes!! (xD sorry the name just cracks me up), Eeveelution sequels and more than I can't remember.

~DR: Who are some of the players/characters that you enjoy to RP with?
Bulbasaur4: Hmm... just to name a few: Emotional-faun Chiko-sai, Weasel Overlord, classy_cat18, EngiMatikul, Drusilla, Prof.JBWolf (when he posts!) and etc. Even Dr.McNinja, who I always have to nag to get to do anything. xD I like RPing with everyone, really, I find that usually everyone is pretty fun to group up with! For example, in Heald's RPG I was given the opportunity to RP with people I don't always get to RP with and that's a blast.

~DR: What have been some of your favorite characters that are someone else’s and what is it about that character that you enjoy?
Bulbasaur4: I really liked Weasel's character, Aubrey, for the mere way he interacted with others and I just LOVED how he talked. xD "Daaahling!!" I also enjoyed Chiko-sai's character from CotR2, which we will refer to as "The Body" for humorous purposes. It was just really creative and I loved how her character interacted... with itself! The artwork she did for the character was really lovely as well... side note there. Anywho, I also think Enigma (Blademaster's creation) is hilarious and it is extremely refreshing to read those posts because they're such a stark contrast to everyone else's.

Hmm... oh! And I really liked Koger from Dawn of the Blood Moon (OutlawJT's creation) simply because the guy was so ANNOYING at times... but yet so intriguing! I believe that was exactly how Outlaw intended for him to come across as well, so it worked perfectly with the other character cast. There are a ton more.. but that's just a few.

~DR: Are there any TPMers that you would like to RP with more?
Bulbasaur4: WOLF! *throws an accusing finger in his direction* Lol, but honestly I wouldn't mind RPing with everyone a bit more. I know it seems like such a scapegoat answer, but it is the truth. I can throw out a few names though! For example, Samchu, Crystal Tears, Shizo... yes, definitely Shizo and you too!

~DR: Have there ever been some RPGs that you've seen that, given time, you would have wanted to participate in?
Bulbasaur4: The original Harry Potter school RPG that BBP started way back when and of course, the very original RPG way back in Fan Fiction.

~DR: What are important features in an RPG that you would be willing to join?
Bulbasaur4: There really isn't an important feature for me... it simply just has to catch my interest at the time. My interests waver, so an RPG genre can seem interesting at one point and then three months later that same genre could not appeal to me. RPGs are like foods- you just get cravings for certain kinds every once and a while.

~DR: What do you think are some of the problems in Role Playing?
Bulbasaur4: People planning things waaaay to much. If you want to plan everything, then write a story. RPGs should have more surprises... regardless if you think they're good or bad ones. What's the point of interacting with others if you plan your every move? That's probably one of my peeves actually... some planning is good and fun, but elaborate planning can be just annoying. Another problem is 'hang time'- AKA the time you wait for a needed poster to post next. But everyone has experienced that at one point or another. xD

~DR: Indeed they have. You've stated that you draw and write, anything else that you enjoy to do in your spare time besides Role Play?
Bulbasaur4: I play video games, play sports, listen to music, go hang out with others, clubbing and play DnD/DnD-like things! I also like baking. xD Although right now, being stuck in China, prevents about oh, almost all of those from happening. xD

~DR: It’s been going around that improvements need to be made to TPM or it will truly die. What are three things that you suggest be done?
Bulbasaur4: 1.) Get a Website so we can have incoming traffic, 2.) Advertise and 3.) PERHAPS expand our horizons and not just be exclusively about Pokémon.

~DR: And finally, if you ascended to God/Goddess-hood, would you destroy the world and start anew, let it continue on as is, or join a Pantheon with yours truly?
Bulbasaur4: I'd destroy the world and start anew, letting a few choice people survive. >:3 O, and kittens. All the kittens would survive.

~DR: Just a note. You can't kill me because I'm not immortal yet. Well thank you Bublasaur4, for a delightful conversation.
Bulbasaur4: I'll make that note, no worries. And thanks for the interview! It was a lot of fun!

~DR: Any advice to Members (old and new)?
Bulbasaur4: My advice: RPGs are supposed to be fun. If you find you're stressing over something or getting upset over something RPG-related, then take a step back and reevaluate. No sense working yourself up over something that's supposed to be enjoyable!

~DR: And we hope your studies abroad go well and your safe return to the states... whenever that is.
Bulbasaur4: xD

~DR: And so we say farewell to another RPG noteable. If you, yes I’m talking to you all, would like to be interviewed for the RPG Newsletter, then do not be afraid to stop by the Social Group started for the Column Interview with an Art God ( http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/group.php?groupid=15). Until next time Morals…


Special Edition Interview: McNinja

Roy Karrde: Well you and Kalah have to be one of the more popular and atleast the most well known couple in the RPG Forum, and on TPM. But obviously you two did not meet on TPM, so how did you two meet?

McNinja: We met at school during the second semester of our Freshman year.

Roy Karrde: And then she introduced you to TPM before or after you two started dating?

McNinja: Before, shortly after we met she showed it to me and I started posting.

McNinja: Andrew in your old Digimon RPG was my first character.

Roy Karrde: And since then you have been in several great RPGs and had several memorable characters. Do you have a favorite character or RPG?

McNinja: My favorite character definetely has to be either Ushi or Aelfrik, both for different reasons (Aelfrik hasn't had much chance to be played yet though)

McNinja: Both of which, coincidently, were created outside of TPM before making the transition

Roy Karrde: Really? What do you mean by that?

McNinja: Ushi was actually created in my first PnP game I ever ran which was a Naruto campagin, he was the Sensei of my players and his character really developed over that campaign from someone much more serious and serene to what he is now

McNinja: Aelfrik was a character I made for one of Kalah's Vampire: The Masquerade campaign

Roy Karrde: So you guys must do alot of Pen and Paper RPing outside of the forum

McNinja: Yeah, I started DMing at the start of Sophmore year and it's developed from there. IT's nice when Kalah DMs because no one else will and I like to play once and a while as a character.

McNinja: I made my own rule-set for the Naruto campaign but since then we've used DnD and V:TM mostly.

Roy Karrde: So speaking of outside of the forum, not many of us are able to meet a TPMer offline, and obviously you are one of the few that are able to date off the net, do you guys spend time talking about TPM offline? Plotting RPGs things like that?

McNinja: Oh yeah, we plot like crazy, at least when we both have characters in the RPG or, heaven forbid, one of us starts one.

McNinja: It helps to develop character relations when you can actually talk to the other person outside the RP

Roy Karrde: Of course, so any RPG that Kalah has created that you really helped in the creative process before it got posted?

McNinja: hmmmm

Mc Ninja: Not really, I don't think other than jsut being around and discussing things that I've ever had a major part in an RP she's started. A few characters crossed over from my Naruto campaign into her RP but that was the extent of the overlap completely.

McNinja: Chiyoko, Ushi, Raizen really.

McNinja: Kalah's plenty creative in that she doesn't need help to come up with crazy things XD

Roy Karrde: Alright so has there ever been a post or plot point in a RPG that you created that after seeing the post Kalah has gotten on to you about, or are you two pretty insync about future plot ideas for your characters?

McNinja: Sometimes after making a post we'll discuss whether or not our depiction of the characters was right on or whatnot. Since we're around each other we give each other some leeway in concerns with controlling each other's characters but sometimes there are moments where one of us will be, "so and so wouldn't do that" in which case either of us is plenty willing to edit afew points to keep true to a character concept.

McNinja: We talk about our posts enough that any problems come up in the writing than during the reading really.

Roy Karrde: So no slaps upside the head?

McNinja: None that I feel safe enough to talk about :P

McNinja: I fear retaliation ;_;

Roy Karrde: So I don't believe you have ever created your own RPG, and forgive me if you have, but any future plans for your own RPG?

McNinja: I have some ideas, I'm busy enough and in enough RPs that I haven't really decided to start one but I definetely plan to.

Roy Karrde: So that's something to look forward to
McNinja: I have one idea in particular that I had this semester, I might base an RP off one of my campaigns actually.

Roy Karrde: So we could see that in the Yes/No topic soon?

McNinja: Possibly

McNinja: I won't commit to any timeframe though

Roy Karrde: Alright my last question and the one I have teased for a while

Roy Karrde: So while out on dates, or just around eachother, has Kalah ever thrown around her power? Say deciding on a movie has she said "Better watch my movie or I will ban you?" or better yet "Delete your post?"

McNinja: lol no, Kalah takes her moderation job seriously and separates it from her normal or RP life quite well.

Roy Karrde: Not even once?

McNinja: Not to say OTHER threats haven't been made but nothign to do with the board or posting.

Roy Karrde: I believe I can hear Kalah's whip cracking in the background

Roy Karrde: Well thank you for your time Brian ~.^ I mean Bryan~

McNinja: Anytime, the more tiem you spend me is less time for you to write Loli posts so I see it as my duty to humanity *bow*
McNinja: *spend interviewing me that is

Quote of the Month: Drusilla

Following the path of destruction (which made me smile darkly), I found a man lying in a heap. He was well and deeply unconscious, and for obvious reasons. I had never seen such an unconventional and inconvenient form of travel; it made me wonder if he used this on a regular basis or not. If so, stealth would be impossible for him...

No matter how much I wished to find out if he was an available food source, it was imperative to hold off any snack-making if I wished for answers to my other questions. I nudged the man with my booted foot; no response. I nudged him harder, and still nothing. Sighing, I sat next to his trench to wait...

Mew Master
1st December 2008, 08:57 PM
Ya know, I never knew they were a couple... shows how much I tay appention.

Good Edition as always ^^U

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
1st December 2008, 09:02 PM
KUDOS TO MCNINJA for the Parthian shaft in that special interview :D

EDIT: Oh, and Dark-san's article is painfully relevant although I do appreciate that not everyone is a hardcore otaku like some of us.

1st December 2008, 09:11 PM
Hehe, Roy's interview with McNinja was funny. And Kalah was awesome too. But...why just save the kittens? Save my doggie! *holds up Sassy*

And thanks, Dark, for that useful info. I know Osaka dialect is more informal, especially since I've read it's why Gin sounds "country" on subbed Bleach episodes.

6th December 2008, 06:07 AM
Nice job Roy, even if you DID forget my article. >.>;;; Oh well, next issue!

Edit: Oh and I did want to comment on Dark-san's article. It was very interesting to read, although I'll point out that just because people use Japanese names does not mean they aspire their characters to be Japanese. For example, I like using -san, -kun and -chan and using Japanese names because they're unique- not because I want it to be Japanese, but just different than what I'd deal with around here. Often in RPGs it is not specified where the world is or even if it is supposed to be a 'modern' world! :3


The January - first issue of 2009 - will be put together by me! So send articles, RPG fandom works, suggestions, questions and such to me! As always, I am doing Dear Bulbie where you can submit any question you have for me to answer! I encourage everyone to participate in the news for the new year!!!