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Roy Karrde
8th January 2009, 07:22 PM
The RPG News: January Quick Update
Edited by: Roy Karrde

My God isn't it cool that Bear is back? He really brings back some memories! OH! Well, I'm not Kalah as you can obviously tell, she is going to get the latest edition of RPG News up to you, but right now is getting some much deserved rest after her China visit. So until she can get something up, here is a quick one article update to satisfy the RPG News thirst!

It's returned! The RPG Tournament by Roy Karrde

It's returned! The RPG Tournament
Roy Karrde

Okay, show of hands who remembers the RPG Tournament? Not many, well it was a special RPG event held a year or two back with specialized rules and a lot of fun and a tad bit of controversy. But that last bit of controversy shouldn't mean it disappear into the dusty pages of the RPG Forum.

So it's coming back, and it will be a tad bit different. Mainly in that the RPG Tournament will not completely rely on mods being the judges, instead the judges will be voted in by the RPG forum. Weasel and I believe this will help stem a lot of controversy that arose in the last round of the RPG Tournament.

Well I can't release too much information on the RPG Tournament, but while we are waiting for Kalah, how about a discussion of what you would like to see in it. Should new characters be required? Or should you be able to use old pre existing RPG characters. Should there be battles in a bracket system or should it be based on writing posts of pre determined situations? Who would you like to see as a Judge?

I know Weasel and I would love to hear from you on this matter, and hopefully Kalah will be back soon with the full edition of RPG News!

8th January 2009, 11:14 PM
Wasn't the original point of the RPG tournament to use pre-existing characters from your RPGs? I dunno. Thanks for putting me on the front page of the update, I feel honored! Maybe I'll go ahead and advertise here that my NEW RPG HAS JUST BEEN OPENED FOR SIGNUPS SO GO JOIN TODAY!

Erhem, sorry I digress. I think the new RPG tournament should incorporate new ideas and ways to do battles so as to make it different from last time. Not that there was anything WRONG with the last one, but something new and different is always nice! I'll feed ya more ideas when I'm not so braindead. Later!

9th January 2009, 03:28 PM
Feedback should be necissary and required for all judges, and if they cant handle writing up feedback for possibly 8+ people they shouldnt be a judge. No hard feelings though Roy, just I never get feedback for anything I do and its really nice to have sometimes.
Anyway, now I digress XD I think it would be fun for the judges, or maybe a random unbiased person to be in charge of going through past rpgs and choosing a wildcard character for each person out of all the RPGs theyve been in, then the contestants themselves can choose to use a preexisting character of theirs or create a new one just for the tourney. Finally, there could be rounds where the contestants are forced to RP from the perspective of someone elses character, and this would judge how well someone does at sticking to character (based on sign up form/previous posts from that character).

Anyway thats my two cents for now. I might have more ideas/suggestions later :>