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Roy Karrde
10th March 2009, 08:10 PM
The RPG News: March Ed
Edited by: Roy Karrde

A Mod Moves On, The End of a Legend by Roy Karrde
Letters to the Editor by Various Members
RPG Trailers by Various Members
Mystic_Clown Interview by Mew Master
Special Interview: ChobiChibi by Roy Karrde

A Mod Moves On: The End of a Legend
Roy Karrde

Around last week or so, when I realized that my article would be about the departure of one of if not the greatest mod TPM has ever had. I would open up the document, and then close it, how could you write something about that, what words could do justice to some one who has been a legend, a inspiration, and a friend.

Like others I told myself that this day would never come, I tried to trick myself into believing that the one guiding light in RPG would always be there. But in reality we knew this day would come, and as one of my friend’s put it “Who could replace Kalah?”

The answer is that no one can replace Kalah. Some one who has been there with the RPG Forum for good or ill, some one who has been a inspiration for many of us, some one who we knew would bring quality and gravitas to her work to the point that it brought a extra sense of excitement and weight when she would sign up for our RPGs.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find a replacement for the position, of course we will, and that person will probably do an outstanding job, but you just cannot replace a person like Kalah. So instead of expecting her replacement to be just like her, we should look at the new mod as some one who can reinvigorate the forum, to bring a fresh perspective, and fresh creativity to our little RPG forum.

So I will miss Kalah being mod dearly, when I first came to this forum, I saw her as some one worthy of emulation, a role model in role playing. And while other mods have gone by the wayside, I have always felt that way when reading her work.

As I said when I started writing, I do not have the words to do justice to my feelings, and I can only hope that she does stay around, and still graces us with her creativity and ingenuity.

I would also ask for the forum as a whole, to take this moment to step back and look at ourselves. Look at the petty politics we some times trap ourselves into, take a look at how we some times put off that post, or put off that sign up because we figure some one else will do it instead. Lets take this moment to search our souls, to become better, and to welcome in the new mod, who ever he or she may be with open arms.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
For many TPMers, RPG is their home base. But as we all know many people don't just post in RPG, they can be found on many other forums quite actively. Sometimes they will get into discussions on those other forums that are considered to be "touchy" or "controversial". When this happens they may get into debates with other people who frequent RPG, and disagreements may happen. Sometimes I feel this strains the relationships of people who work together in their RPGs because people seem to hold a grudge against people based on their beliefs. It makes it hard to work together as a team when people are like this. What can we, as RPers, do to keep RPG free of these real life prejudices and make it a place to have fun again?
-RPG Lover

Dear RPG Lover
I have found myself in the same situation as you describe, some times you get so worked up over topics that you forget any objectivity. There is no real way to switch on and off this objectivity, or to leave your emotions at the door. I would suggest that we act our age, in that we are all adults. If anything I would suggest that you offer a olive branch after a debate or touchy subject, either through PM or AIM, try to tell the person or persons that you had fun in the debate, and try to make it seem that you did not take it personally.

Anyway I do hope that helps.

RPG Trailers
Dragon Ball Spirits Unleashed (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFLW09KL7Qg)

The PokéMasters Proudly Present…
Interview with an Art God
This month: Mystic_Clown

Hello believers, non believers, followers, and those of a different breed. I am ~DR, the ART GOD… with 6 followers. *head-desk* This month we take a look at one of the more… less profound, but no less known members of the board. The one and only Mystic_Clown!

~DR: *Summons them in a puff of smoke and sparkles* Welcome Mortal!
Mystic_Clown: Welcome smokey, sparkly man!
~DR: Ooookay... interesting start. Thanks for being able to come by for your interview MC.
Mystic_Clown: Thank you for choosing to interview me.

~DR: Let's get started, shall we? How long have you been a member of TPM?
Mystic_Clown: Since September 2002, so about seven years roughly.

~DR: What first brought you to the boards? Why?
Mystic_Clown: Well, I can't remember how exactly I stumbled across the boards, but I do know it was the Roleplaying Games forum that made me stay. I'm always a sucker for roleplaying.

~DR: Why Roleplaying? What's it's appeal to you?
Mystic_Clown: I think it's the ability to create and act out your own characters, to interact with others and the fact that you have no idea where the story could possibly lead you.
~DR: So it's the freeform style of Role Playing that attracts you? Have you played any Table Top RPGs?
Mystic_Clown: Indeed. I'm currently taking part in a couple DnD campaigns and even one Star Wars campaign.
~DR: How are those going?
Mystic_Clown: They are going quite well, although the Star Wars one is just starting out.

~DR: What are some of your favorite Forums on the Boards?
Mystic_Clown: Well, Roleplaying, naturally. There's also the Fanfiction boards and the ASB boards.

~DR: What grabs your attention about them?
Mystic_Clown: Well, you already know why I like roleplaying. With fanfiction, it gives me a chance to let out all the ideas that are swimming around in my head. As for ASB, well, it's something that you really can't find anywhere else.

~DR: So what ideas are "swimming around your head" now? Any projects?
Mystic_Clown: Well, at the moment, I am currently writing a Yu-Gi-Oh fic, but lately I have been wanting to do something with a sort of "Metal Gear Solid" feel to it.
~DR: How so?
Mystic_Clown: Pardon?
~DR: How do you mean adding a "MGS" feel to it? Why combine the two genre?
Mystic_Clown: Oh, I don't mean combining Yu-Gi-Oh with MGS, I meant a seperate project, a seperate story or RPG, the had same feel as that game. Deep, twisted story, memerable, unique characters, that sort of thing.

~DR: Ahh. Just thought I'd calrify. What would you consider your top five Favorite RPGs that you have participated in?
Mystic_Clown: Hmm, tricky. It's really hard to say. Blood and Magik goes in there somewhere. "It Sucks to be Us!" definately. Dragonball: Spirits Unleashed is turning out quite well as well. I'll have to get back to you on the other two.

~DR: What have been some of your own RPGs that you’ve started?
Mystic_Clown: Well, there's been "It Sucks to be Us!", "Oh Heck!", "Red VS Blue VS Green", "Ashford Asylum", which was popular enough that people wanted a remake, and "City of Sin". There have been many others, mostly unsuccessful -.-

~DR: Who are some of the players/characters that you enjoy to RP with?
Mystic_Clown: There are so many people here I love to RP with. Well, just to name a few, there's Bulbasaur4, Blademaster, Houndoom_Lover, CrystalTears, Asilynne, Shizo, and the list just goes on and on.

~DR: What have been some of your favorite characters to RP?
Mystic_Clown: Well, there's Yahoot, the demented mercenary I tend to play in Legend of Zelda RPGs (I'm actually hoping another will start so I can play him again), There's Jack Scarecrow from "It Sucks to be Us!". There's also Malik from the "Blood and Magik" series. There are plenty of others too. Well, the three mentioned above are always close to my heart. A while back I played as a bandit called Gali Virgo whom I wish to use again soon.

~DR: What have been some of your favorite characters that are someone else’s?
Mystic_Clown: Hmm, let's see. Sorcha by Drusilla was fun to play with, Andrew Dodger by Blademaster and Jane Fox by Asilynne were always a riot to play with.

~DR: What do you think are some of the problems in Role Playing?
Mystic_Clown: Well, I know I'll sound like a hypocrite for saying this, since I've done this too (infact, I think everyone's done this at least once). It just irritates me when an RPG shows so much promise during the sign ups and when it starts, it's dead within a few posts.
~DR: So you think that individual players should show more interest at sign-up and start?
Mystic_Clown: Well if you show a good deal of interest, you should at least put some effort into it when it begins. If you're going to drop out, let people know instead of just dissappearing.

~DR: Anything else that you enjoy to do in your spare time besides Role Play?
Mystic_Clown: Well, I enjoy drawing, chatting to friends of MSN, playing computer games, nothing specal.
~DR: Any game that's of interest right now?
Mystic_Clown: Well, I recently rented Disgaea 2, which was pretty fun. I want to play MGS4, but I don't have a PS3 -.-

~DR: It’s been going around that improvements need to be made to TPM or it will truly die. What are three things that you suggest be done?
Mystic_Clown: Hmm, I haven't seen any real problems with the boards I frequent, though if I had to say something, it woudn't hurt to have more activity in the RPG forums.
~DR: Then how would you try to increase activity?
Mystic_Clown: Well, mainly be creating more RPGs that would interest people. If people enjoy the roleplays they are in, they'll keep roleplaying.

~DR: Any ideas on RPGs that could get more support?
Mystic_Clown: Hmm, that I'm not so sure about. Maybe I should put up a topic asking that.

~DR: As we round down to the last question, if you ascended to God-hood, would you destroy the world and start anew, let it continue on as is, or join a Pantheon with yours truly?
Mystic_Clown: Join a Pantheon. Nobody likes to be lonely.
~DR: And what would you be the God of?
Mystic_Clown: Tricky...Humour maybe?

~DR: Alright, One more God for the TPM Pantheon. I'd like to thank Mystic Clown for going through with his first Interview.
Mystic_Clown: Thank you for the interview. Thanks for encouraging me to go through with this.

~DR: Oh Come now.. if I didn't, who else would I pick on?
Mystic_Clown: Gee, thanks...

~DR: It’s all in good fun. Well everyone, that was Mystic Clown, and that’s it for this edition of Interview with an Art God. Should you liked to set up a schedule for your own interview, just stop by the TPM Group Interview with an Art God ( http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/group.php?groupid=15) to start setting a time that works for you. Until then…


Special Edition Interview: ChobiChibi

Roy Karrde: Okay well thank you for your time Becki, you are known as PokemonLuver and ChobiChibi on TPM correct?

ChobiChibi: Yep, although I despise my old username! It makes me cringe every time I think about it XD

Roy Karrde: I think we all despise some of our old user names, but is there any reason in particular?

ChobiChibi: Most likely because at the time I joined TPM, I was annoyed that I could't get pokemonmaster as a username (no surprise why really!), so chose the next best thing... Which unfortunatly stuck with me all this time until I finally got my PDN change.

Roy Karrde: So do you remember how you came to be at TPM?

ChobiChibi: I'm not sure exactly how I found out about TPM, probably google. I'd been on other forums before and ASB looked really interesting to me, so I signed up!

Roy Karrde: Eventually you made your way to RPG and have created several memorable characters, but do you still spend time in ASB?

ChobiChibi: No, not any more. I lost my team once they revamped it and never really got back into it.

Roy Karrde: So you came to the RPG Forum, and I think we are all grateful for that, as you are fun to RP with, but are there any characters you created that you are embarassed of, like your first user name? I mean I can name a few of my own that when I look back I go "Oh God, please don't let anyone see that"

ChobiChibi: Haha! Some of my very first ones were extremely cringe worthy! My first character was a girl called Crystal, who was basically me, but an older, smarter, more attractive and confident version of myself... She kept making dramas out of everything, which is just how i RPed at the time... I'm so glad I've grown up! XD

Roy Karrde: So do you mind if I link our current interview to the character? ~.^

ChobiChibi: In what way? O_O;

Personal Note: As of this date I could not find a link to the character, but I did find the name of one of her first RPGs: The PokeMatrix

Roy Karrde: I am just kidding just kidding

Roy Karrde: So on the flip side, is there a character you have that you pride above others? Like a character that just stands out for you as your favorite?

ChobiChibi: I really like Paige from Twilight. She's just that little bit different from the characters I normally play. She's got this quirkyness from her OCD that I love and an actual excuse for crazy behaviour XD

Roy Karrde: So is Paige exclusive to Twilight or do you think we will see her in other RPGs in the future?

ChobiChibi: I don't really know. I suppose she could be adapted in some ways to fit other RPGs, but I kinda like her the way she is.

Roy Karrde: I would suggest for everyone to check out Twilight this week to see this character. Anyway to switch gears a bit, I believe you have created a RPG or two in the past, do you have anything in the pipeline for the next few months in terms of a new RPG project you are tossing about?

ChobiChibi: I've been toying with the idea of a Left 4 Dead RPG, but I'm a little stuck trying to come up with a plot, as the game itself has no real plot other than "kill the zombies, survive, get rescued" XD Otherwise, not really. I quite like developing ideas for RPGs with other people, particularly Tony and Jenn, although it was also a lot of fun to remake CotR with you and Kalah!

Roy Karrde: That was fun, and I am sure with Left 4 Dead you could add in elements from other Zombie survival movies such as Day of the Dead and such, either way I am sure that is something we all can look forward to

ChobiChibi: Hehe, Shaun of the Dead would be a hillarious concept to add XD

Roy Karrde: So, to ask a fun questions, you have to be one of the more playful members of the RPG forum, lets say you get modded, what would be the first thing you would do?

ChobiChibi: Edit all the spelling and grammar in your posts :P You know how much it bugs me! XD On a more serious note, do the RPG awards!

Roy Karrde: So you would say be our own Grammar Nazi? Like how Mr Pika is the Fan Fic Grammar Nazi?

ChobiChibi: Well, not really! It would just be your posts, not anyone elses'! XD

Roy Karrde: So you would like to see the return of the RPG Awards, would this include the funny fake RPG Awards Kalah also made a year or so back?

ChobiChibi: Haha, of course! I think I won the flamethrower award last time! First and only award! XD

Roy Karrde: Well thank you for the interview PokemonLuver, it has been fun

ChobiChibi: Don't you dare call me that _

10th March 2009, 09:51 PM
Hey, you put my trailer up!

You could help me a bit by putting my username next to it or something, and maybe bold it or something to make it stand out.

Otherwise, good edition.

10th March 2009, 09:53 PM
Good work. But Denny said last week that he was gonna interview me. -.- Remind me to kill him next time he's on here.

Mew Master
10th March 2009, 10:04 PM
Oh take a chill pill Blade. I never said which edition for which you'd be interviewed now did I? -,-U