View Full Version : The first ever psyduck awards (not just for Pokemon fics)

11th April 2003, 02:41 PM
Yes the first ever psyduck awards on this board ( I carried it over from a differnt board). Now here are the rules.

1. All entrys must be sent to my e-mail DannyV137@hotmail.com
2. all entrys must fit in one of the following catigories:
Pokemon Fic
Digimon fic
Yu-gi-oh fic
Other fic
3. I must have at least 3 fics in each catigory
4. if there is not 3 entrys in any given catigory no award will be given in that award.
5. you may enter eather a short story (a story ending in 1 Chapter) or a chapter of a long story (a story ending in more than one chapter)

The judgeing will be done in two rounds:
1. My judgement on a scale of 1-20 (20 being the best)
2. Then I will hold a poll and that will have some dictation.

And the judging would be juged on this base
20% Crativity/
20% originality/
20% Albility to go on (long story) or Ending (short story)/
20% Characters/
20% Writing skills/


11th April 2003, 06:46 PM
Yeah whatever, all I can say is you'd better have Mod approval for this...

12th April 2003, 02:00 PM
nice idea and all, but mewf0ur's right you need a mod's approval for awards topics. maybe you already have it and just didn't let us know in the topic. anywayz, pm me or one of the other mods and tell us a little bit about these awards, i'm sure we'll be understanding =). i'll have to close this for now though.

btw, you were my secret santa last christmas and i posted up my present for you but i'm not sure you ever saw it. did you? if not i still got it lying around somewhere, so pm me! thanks