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30th March 2009, 05:13 PM
Normal Pokemon have always been kicked around (exept for Blissey LOL). But this theam surpasses the odds and makes them look good. (A note, the nickname will be first. Ex. BOB/Bidoof Also, I need Help with Items, EVs, and order; Im a beginner)

Natural Cure
Quiet Nature
Thunder Wave
Ice Beam
??? (oringinaly I thought Aromatheropy, But Then I saw another Pokemon in my team)

Mikumi/Clefable (Japanese Word for Hope Misspelled with a "u" instead of a "o"
Magic Guard
Quiet Nature
Thunder Wave
Ice Beam
Thunder Bolt

Shaam WoW/Dunspare
Senere Grace
Naive Nature
Rock Slide

Big Bear/Ursaring
Adamant Nature
Swords Dance
Fire Punch

Scarface/Raticate (thats right, I named my Rat after Al Capone The Ganster LOL)
Item: Toxic Orb
Jolly Nature

Modest Nature
Tri Attack
Ice Beam
HP Fighting

Please Help :) all suggestions will be appreciated

22nd May 2009, 07:33 PM
=D I like the nicknames, very schmancy... whatever that means. So anyway, it LOOKS good, but sadly, I guarantee you it would get pwned by some of the people playing Wi-Fi now-a-days. So uh, my suggestions are coming, just a sec'.
First of all, all of your Pokemon don't seem to have a purpose. I hate making metaphors without visual aids, but basically, a team needs a purpose, and without that GOAL or OBJECTIVE, they cannot progress. So, I would like to ask you what you want your Pokemon team's purpose is. After skimming over their move sets, it was easy to determine they were thrown together rather messily. No offense XD. Alright so, I guess I'll advise the move sets. If you have ever seen Marriland at work on a Wi-Fi video, you will notice he always has each Pokemon play a part. I don't want to give him too much credit, but as an example, his Blissey has a moveset that is partial to his whole team. I don't know know your each of your Pokemon's stats, but if they are good and have been EV and IV trained, then I'll cut to the chase. It looks like you built every move set as if each Pokemon was going to be able to handle itself. Uh, right. Withdrawing Pokemon has become very important in battle, and you should use each Pokemon for it's ow purpose. Blissey has high Sp. Def, so when your opponent is using a Sp. Atk-based Pokemon, counter with her. I don't recommend Ice Beam, as Blissey's attacks are near pointless because of low stats. Give her moves that either don't require good stats or don't intend to damage opponents immediately, for example, Seismic Toss does damage equal to the Pokemon's level, and if you train each of your Pokemon to Lv. 100, then it will do 100 damage every swing.
You didn't include items with your team choices, so obviously, give Blissey her traditional Leftovers, and use her to tank Sp. Atk Pokemon. When your opponent starts hitting with Physical attacks, you are gunna need high Def. Pokemon, which on this team seems to be Ursaring. Ursaring isn't really all that good of a Pokemon, even with a good Atk. IV. But if you are gunna keep him, you need to know how to use him. So, now that I'm tired of explaining, I'm gunna list the potential purpose of each Pokemon on your makeshift team.

- Blissey *Sp. Def Tank (Thrown into battle to weather Sp. Atk based Pokemon)
- Clefable * Crippler (Uses stat decreases or status problems to stall enemy)
- Dunsparce *Crippler (Uses stat decreases or status problems to stall enemy)
- Ursaring *Heavy Hitter (Raw strength used to deal heavy damage)
- Raticate *Heavy Hitter (Raw strength used to deal heavy damage)
- Porygon *Stat King (Uses Stat increases to deal heavy damage)

The one opponent I admire how you set them up is Raticate, because Facade is so fun =D.
I think you should outfit Dunsparce with a completely different move set, and Focus Sash, because he will be quickly killed if he doesn't have back up. Give him Reversal too. Ursaring's moves are well thought-out, but Return becomes irrelevant in Wi-Fi matches. Oh, and Porygon Z needs a new move set and he needs the Download ability, which is a game-winner ability. Focus on his Sp. Atk more, give him Hyper Beam or something. Clefable has always been a real strange Pokemon to work with, but like Blissey, you should give her Leftovers and Tank her but slightly more offensively. BTW what is Porygon Z's last move??

One last thing, let me know if you wanted me to outfit your team with my own preferences, which personally, I would like you to do as it builds experience and it's more DEAR TO YOUR HEART so to speak. Also, it saves me precious time. That frankly, I don't use for anything else. LOL

22nd May 2009, 09:49 PM
I don't have time to go over this team step-by-step right now (although it looks like DCE's given a pretty thorough analysis already). However, I will note that in my experience, Blissey isn't normally used first, as it basically must switch out when faced with a physical attacker. I'd lead with someone else and, like DCE suggested, throw it into the mix when you're faced with a special sweeper.

I can also quickly answer DCE's one question:

BTW what is Porygon Z's last move??

Hidden Power, using the Fighting type. HP [insert type here] is common notation around here for that move. :)