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11th April 2003, 10:08 PM
A long time ago, there was a small planet close to earth. Its name is Little Planet, sometimes called Little Moon. With time easily bent, it never seemed to stay in one place--or time period. Some say this is where Celebi was born.
Not too long ago, a man named Dr. Eggman took over the planet, enslaving all of its time periods, until his mad plan was thwarted by a brave hedgehog, who we all know as Sonic. Many scientists debate whether or not Sonic is a Pokemon, although Sonic vehemently denies he is one. He collected the gems known as the Time stones and reset the effects of time, having complete control of time and putting things back as they were.
Time passed, and many humans, beings, and Pokemon made their home on little Planet. Annie and Oakley, who har of the time stones after Sonic defeats them in a quick battle, set out to collect the time stones to control time for themselves. Unfortunately, they prove mostly successful, attracting desperate heroes and vicious villains far stronger than them... Annie and Okaley with the Time Stones were bad enough, but an even smarter villain could spell catalymistic doom for all of existence!

Sonic sets out to undo all of his errors with the help of Mewtwo...

Now your mission... catch Annie and Oakley to control the Time Sotnes to your desires... before someone else does.

The sign ups sheet declares you can sign up as any hero/villain/annoying sidekick/legendary (Not Jirachi/Celebi!) from any anime/video game. You can aslo make You could be good or evil, smart or stupid, like cheese or milk... wait. Just be good or evil or neutral! Here's the sheet:

Hails From (if not made up) :
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) :
Why are you after the time stones?
Buddies/enemies/love interests:

Here's mine for example:

Name: Annie and Oakley
Hails From (if not made up) : Pokemon 5
Side: Their own
Age: Young enough to be sexy
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) : Annie's got purple hair, Oakley has blond hair in an odd bun sort style.
Personality: Annie's eviler of the two. Oakley is vain
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: Espeon, Ariados, Meowth (Yes, THAT Meowth)
Why are you after the time stones? They got most of 'em, want to ownzors the universe!
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Annie has a relationship to Kuja of FFIX too detailed to be described here.
Other: Incredibly nimble--even attacks like Aerial Ace/Faint Attack don't always hit them.

Name: Sonic
Hails From (if not made up) : Dur... where?
Side: The good guys
Age: 16
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) :
Personality: Sonic has a big mouth, lives and dies by his own rules, and is free spirited, but he's also rightous and very caring.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: Incredible speed, has learned a couple of Pokemon attacks and even learned Shotgun from Yu Yu Hakusho. He has a talking Hitmonchan and a very fast Sharpedo
Why are you after the time stones? Save the damn world like last time
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Friends with Mewtwo, running away from Amy
Other: Nothin...

Name: Mewtwo
Hails From (if not made up) : Pokeyman!
Side: Good
Age: Ageless and Immortal
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) :
Personality: Mewtwo has become a bit more humorous and sarcastic, and very observant. Likes to challenge people.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: He IS a Pokemon. Has incredible psychic power, Shadow power (SSBM, anyone) and taught Sonic Shotgun. Also has an Umbreon.
Why are you after the time stones? Same reason as Sonic
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Friends with Sonic. Rumored there's a female Deoxys runnin anround...
Other: Can mimic other people's voices.

Name: Sephiroth/Babadi
Hails From (if not made up) : FF7/ DBZ
Side: Evil
Age: Can't remember/too old to count
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) : evil/real damn fugly
Personality: Seriously evil and cold/Seriously demented and old
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: Sephiroth wields a blade and is very powerful with Magic. Babadi wields powerful magic.
Why are you after the time stones? Why else?
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Sephiroth apparently hates Kuja, basically cause he "stole" Annie. Well EXCUSE me...
Other: Sephiroth hired Babadi for "comedy relief"

Sign up!

*The Four*
12th April 2003, 05:00 PM
I have returned....with a lot more knowledge and alot more ideas....heheh...

Prepare to welcome back....The FOUR.

Name: Captain James "Jim" Raynor
Hails From (if not made up) : StarCraft/BroodWar
Side: Good
Age: 31
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) : He's a human, supposedly a western or southerner, dressed in a white shirt and brown leather jacket and jeans as casual wear. In severe battles, he usually changes into his Terran Marine combat suit.
Personality: He's clever, and a great tactician. He's sometimes a bit of a wise-***, and can be brash, but he's a very resourceful ally.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: He's teamed up with a Pokemon and a Digimon, but he lets them do their own fighting. He himself uses a high powered Gauss rifle. He also has an enhanced Vulture hoverbike and commands the battlecruiser Hyperion.
Why are you after the time stones? Actually, he doesnt really care much about the time stones. He hears that Annie and Oakley have a pretty high bounty on their pretty little heads, and, being a bounty hunter, decided to do a little hunting with his buddies.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: His friends are Master Sergeant Siege Mortar, Beelzemon, and Conker the Squirrel. He also has past alliances with an alien race called the Protoss. He also has a rivalry with Gene Starwind, a bounty hunter and outlaw and captain of the Outlaw Star. His enemies are Kerrigan, the Queen of blades, and her swarms. He is also an enemy of the notorious space pirate, Ryoko. He has no love interests thus far, so....yes, ladies...he's single. ^_^
Other: Since his last exploits, Jim has tweaked up his Gauss rifle to fire Caster rounds. He also has a portable version of the Battlecruiser's Yamato Gun, an extremely powerful beam cannon. (Heh...first time I ever used Other like that). He also carries a specialized machete for a melee weapon.

Name: Master Sergeant Siege Mortar
Hails From (if not made up) : Made-Up
Side: Good
Age: 42
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) : He's a Blastoise, and a very intelligent one at that. He can speak, too. He wears a weapons belt with two bullet chains strapped around his shoulders. He also has a cybernetic left arm, a scar on his left eye, and a red bandana.
Personality: He is a very intellectual Blastoise and is pretty much the brains of the group. He's often courteous and doesn't lose himself when he fights, but when times get rough, he can seem as primal as his Pokemon brethren.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: His main weapon is his cybernetic arm, which he has synthesised with his favorite Dreadnought-class machine gun lately. Now, the arm transforms into the gun. His arm also transforms into a high powered energy arm cannon, which is used for heavy duty attacks. He also carries two colt .150s and a blaster rifle. Not only does he ahve many hidden guns and weapons, he also uses the power he has from beign a Pokemon. His cybernetic eye enhancement and cybernetic arm are connected with the Hyperion's computer mainframe, and enhance his senses ten-fold. It also quadruples his strength, which is already naturally strong.
Why are you after the time stones? Same as Jim.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Same with Jim, except he has no history with Kerrigan or the Protoss. As for love interests, he isnt really searching, but he's open to things. However, his human-like mind strays him from interest among his Pokemon kin.
Other: He also stores a specially designed halberd in a compartment in his shell.

Name: Beelzemon
Hails From (if not made up) : Digimon Season 03
Side: Good
Age: None
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) : Your worst nightmare (http://www.theotaku.com/digimon/digidex/pictures/beelze.jpg)
Personality: A good friend and ally, but has a real nasty bad side that too many people get on. He's ruthless towards his enemies, but he has a heart of a hero.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: He is a Digimon, and he has 3 forms: his Rookie form, his Mega form, and his mode change.

Form 1: Impmon
Attacks: Bada Boom, Infernal Funnel, Summon

Form 2: Beelzemon (mostly seen in this form): Double Impact, Darkness Claw.

Abilities from enemies: Hell's Grenade, Data Crusher, Primal Orb, and Fist of the Beast King

Why are you after the time stones? Same as Jim.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: His friends are his allies in the Four, but he also has some friends on Earth, his Tamers. He hates anyone who represents how he was before he turned good. He shares a deeper hatred for Ryoko than anyone on the Four.
Other: Since his last adventures, Beelzemon has gained two new abilities. Upon searching deep into the abilities he gained when he defeated Leomon, he has found out that he posesses the power of Shishioumaru, Leomon's powerful double-edged sword. With it, he can use the Lion King Sword ability. He has also let Siege do a little work on his Berenjena shotguns, the ones he uses the Double Impact ability with, so that they can fire Caster rounds.

Name: Conker the Squirrel
Hails From (if not made up) : various Rareware games (Donkey Kong-type games)
Side: Good
Age: 29
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) : He's a little red squirrel, a round 3 feet high, wearing a Neo outfit with black glasses (Neo as in the guy from the Matrix)
Personality: He's rude, crude, lude, and impatient. He's the comedy relief of the group. However, just like Beelzemon, he is a good friend and ally and has at least a small shred of kindness.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: he has every weapons from his games, from his slingshot to a bazooka. He also has a katana that he cannot wield so well.
Why are you after the time stones? Same as Jim.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: His buddies are the guys in the Four, but he hasnt really seen any of his buddies from Earth in quite a while. His enemies are the same as everyone elses, too. He has no love interest since his girlfriend was killed, so i guess he's single, too.
Other: Not that I remember.

I'm also gonna add a character for his own adventure, and he might meet up with the Four.

Name: Kenshin Himura
Hails From (if not made up) : Rurouni Kenshin
Side: Good
Age: Not sure...maybe around 28 or the early 20s.
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) : I doubt he's unfamiliar...heh.
Personality: Extremely kind and just. He never kills anyone because of his painful past. Though he seems calm and acts like he would never hurt a fly, he is a very serious fighter.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: His only weapon is his Sakabatou, a reverse-blade sword that keeps him from killing. However, it does hurt a bit if you strike someone with it. He uses the Hiten Mitsurugi Style of swordsmanship.
Why are you after the time stones? Thus far he has no knowledge of the stones, but lately he was mysteriously transported from his time era to the future, where he is quite confused. He is tryng to find a way back home.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: His friends are the people that he has left back in Japan: Miss Kaoru Kamiya, Yahiko Myojin, Sanosuke Sagara, and Miss Megumi Takani. (whew! thats the most Japanese names I ever said in one statement...heh). He is the enemy of all those who represented what he used to be. As for love interests...(I havent seen the whole series yet so i'm drawing a blank)...he might have feelings for Miss Kaoru.
Other: In his past, when he was a killer, he was referred to as Hitokiri Battousai, the Manslayer (does Battousai have two t's? I was wondering if anyone knew.)

Dont think that i dont have villains after it as well....You may not know these guys, but they surely fit the villain look.

Name: Prince Arthas
Hails From (if not made up) : WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos
Side: Evil
Age: No real age because he is now immortal.
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) : He is a fairly tall man, a little bit taller than Jim, with pale skin and white hair. He wears very strange medieval style armor with skull relief images on the shoulder and belt. He also wears a brown cape witha brown hood that he onyl wears to cocneal himself.
Personality: Heartless and emotionless, he's damned everone that he has loved in the past, and lives life like a ruthless killer and lord over the undead. He is only good as an ally and not good as a friend.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: He weilds an extremely powerful and dangerous runeblade named Frostmourne, which feeds from the souls of its victims. He wields powerful death magics, such as the ability to send bolts of death energy to harm enemies and heal other undead, or even raise the dead themselves.
Why are you after the time stones? He is after the time stones so that he can control time and bring the rampant undead forces of his time to the present, thus making him the king of all that is.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: He has no friends or loved ones, but he is the enemy of all who oppose him. His allies, however, are the lich, Kel'Thuzad, and the dreadlord, Tichondrius.
Other: he can also teleport himself from one place to another, but he cannot use it rapidly.

Name: Kel'Thuzad
Hails From (if not made up) : WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos
Side: Evil
Age: None anymore since he is undead
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) : He is a Lich, a terrifying skeleton that wields magical powers. He is basically the top half of a skeleton floating in the air with a strange cloak hanging from a belt at his hip bones. He carries an amulet around his neck, attached to chains that coil around his arms. His skull is adorned with devilish horns and his eyes glow a deathly blue.
Personality: Cold, yet intelectual and a great strategist. He has a manipulative voice that seems almost human, but it has an eerie echo to it.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: He is a master of death magics and ice magics, able to summon upheavals of ice to impale and freeze enemies. He can also use his powers over death to desolate whole areas that are full of life, decaying and rotting everything in an area.
Why are you after the time stones? Same as Arthas
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Same as Arthas.
Other: same as Arthas.

Name: Tichondrius the Darkener
Hails From (if not made up) : WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos
Side: Evil
Age: More years that can be counted
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) : He is a Nathrezim, a vampiric demon from from another realm. His race are referred to as dreadlords. They are pale demons with evil, glowign eyes that are outlined by shadows. They have horns protruding from their foreheads and large, demonic wings. Their feet are like hoofs on their powerful legs and their hands are slightly larger than a normal human's hands, with long, sharp claws. Tichondrius is the commander of this such race, and wears demonic armor that is different than the armor of other dreadlords.
Personality: He is dark, cruel, ruthless, evil, and manipulative. He has no love for mortals, and is only allied with Arthas because his true master, Archimonde the Defiler, was defeated a long while back. He was killed as well, but he was somehow revived when a time warp commenced in his world...the same one that brought Arthas and Kel'Thuzad.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: He uses his powerful claws and great strength to fight, but he has other powers. He can summon a horde of bats to attack his enemies and do hid bidding. He can also use his magic to put people to sleep. He feeds off of the souls of his enemies as he attacks them. He also posesses many demonic magics, including the ability to summon a mighty demonic creature called an Infernal, a burning effigy of fire and stone in a golem-like shape. One of his more powerful demonic abilities is a spell called the Finger Of Death, which can be innacurate but is nearly fatal to those who are not strong enough to withstand its power.
Why are you after the time stones? Same as arthas.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Same.
Other: Same as Arthas, but he can also use this teleportation ability on a larger scale and transport others to himself.

Well, thats all of them! Whew...what a lot of writing.

12th April 2003, 05:48 PM
Ok, Im new at the RPG thing so just delete this if I screw up

Name: The Keeper
Hails From (if not made up) : Made Up
Side: Neutral
Age: Unknown, most likely from beyond the beginning of Human Kind.
Looks (if made up/unfamiliar) : Grim Reaper type figure, Always wears cloak w/hood. and Hardly ever speaks. When (If) He does speak, it is in a deep, frightening voice
Personality: Mean, direct and professional in his duties.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: He has the Power to open a magical gate, which can send to any place you desire...but the Keeper always asks for a price for his services.... Carries a large scythe.
Why are you after the time stones? The Keeper wishes to control all Time and all Space. He is very Egotistical.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: He will only take sides if that side has something he wants..... His Enemies are all who oppose him.
Other: All that is visible of his face are his red eyes, which cause fear in any creature that glares into them.

12th April 2003, 11:30 PM
Name: Carbuncle
Hails From: Made up
Side: Evil
Age: 21
Looks: He has green messy hair and blue eyes. He wears a white lab coat, brown pants, black shoes and black glove on his right hand. He also wears some black armour underneath his coat.
Personality: Very very evil. He only cares about himself. He’s really sly and cunning. He has an awful temper.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: His right arm is robotic and can turn into a chain gun. He also has an energy shield.
Why are you after the time stones?: He wants to use them to control all time and space.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: he hates Sonic.

Name: Gali Virgo
Hails From: Made Up
Side: Evil (and he doesn’t even know it)
Age: 25
Looks: He has long, scruffy, purple hair and brown eyes. He wears a white shirt, a black leather jacket, torn jeans ands sneakers
Personality: He’s very quiet and secretive. He’s quiet charming with the ladies and is a quick thinker.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: A gunblade
Why are you after the time stones?: He got hired by Carbuncle to get them.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Friends with Spike, Jet, Feya and Ed

Name: Spike Spiegel
Hails From: Cowboy Bebop
Side: Same as Gali
Age: 27
Looks: Looks like Spike from Cowboy Bebop
Personality: a bit sarcastic at times and serious at others. He’s a quick thinker and loves the ladies.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: He’s got a gun and is good at fist fighting.
Why are you after the time stones?: He got hired by Carbuncle to get them.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Friends with Gali, Jet, Feya and Ed

Name: Jet Black
Hails From: Cowboy Bebop
Side: with Gali
Age: 36
Looks: Looks like Jet from Cowboy Bebop
Personality: He’s pretty serious. He knows a lot about the criminal underworld. He doesn’t really like some of Spike’s ideas, but is always there to help his friends out.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: He’s got a bazooka and is good at fist fighting
Why are you after the time stones?: He was hired by Carbuncle to get them.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Friends with Spike, Gali, Feya and Ed.
Other: Has a dog called Ein

Name: Feya Valentine
Hails From: Cowboy Bebop
Side: With Gali
Age: 23
Look: Looks like Feya from Cowboy Bebop
Personality: Very sure of herself and really cocky. She’s really vein and seems to think she’s the only smart person there. She thinks Spike’s a total idiot, along with some other guys.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: She’s got an Uzi and is good at fist fighting.
Why are you after the time stones?: She got hired by Carbuncle to get them.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Friends with Gali, Spike, Jet and Ed.

Name: Ed
Hails From: Cowboy Bebop
Side: With Gali
Age: 13
Looks: Looks like Ed from Cowboy Bebop
Personality: Very wacky. She’s got the brains of a 5 year old and thinks that life’s just a game. She comes up with the most farfetched theories.
Magic/Weapons/Attacks/Pokemon/Digimon: She uses Ein as an attack dog. She’s also good at fighting.
Why are you after the time stones?: She was hired by Carbuncle to get them.
Buddies/enemies/love interests: Friends with Gali, Spike, Jet and Feya.

13th April 2003, 04:34 AM
xD Man, the storyline of this RP sucks man...

*The Four*
13th April 2003, 06:08 PM
Hmph....be that as it may, it's quite rude to just barge into an RPG and berate the plot without even signing up. I should know about the consequences people get from making such rude comments. I suggest that if your not here to join, you should not say anything. If you have suggestions, why not join and talk to Kuja about it? But if you have no intention, i suggest you keep quiet. You wouldnt want to anger the mods, now, would you?

So what is it? Sign up or shut up?

15th April 2003, 06:52 PM
Hmm... Four, why'd you up your old RPG? You're gonna kill this one! You'd better have a good reason...

And Kikyourt, you ain't done crap, so your opinion doesn't matter. Begone, or the mods will kick you a new one.

15th April 2003, 07:18 PM
I must admit that the storyline IS a bit contrived, but I like it that way.

Name:KuroKi Kaze(goes by Kaze)
Hails from Final Fantasy Unlimited
looks:go here (http://www.shaylart.com/FFU%20Galleries/kuroki.htm) for several pages of pics.
personality:Very mysterious, rarely shows any emotion, but will go into a near rampage to kill Shumoi Kumo(I want him as an NPC)
magic/weapons/etc.:he has a really spiffy red gun, and the Demon Gun, which uses bullets containing a substance that is known as "Soil" to summon mighty creatures, however, it doesn't seem to do it whenever he wants it to.
Why?:to help him get at Shumoi Kumo
Enemy:Shumoi Kumo, the one reason he lives is to kill this man.