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30th May 2009, 11:14 PM
Inside the bar known as Seventh Heaven, the friends of Crystal Tears were hard at work...

"Did you get all the decorations ready?"
"All the food laid out on the table?"
"All the---"

"Everythings good to go Asi calm down!" Ben and Elf exclaimed as Asi laughed quietly to herself. "Well, I just want everything to be set up well, its the first RPG party I ever hosted and I want her to like it!" She checked off everything that needed to be done from her list and, chewing on the end of her pen, thought for a moment. She had managed to rent out Tifa's bar (http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/1/2/0/0/7/3/8/MTS2_Ultimah_654165_sector7.jpg) for the party with the help of her friends, and she felt pretty sure that Sie would love it. "Oh by the way," Asi said, gesturing towards Elf with her pen. "Thanks for helping with this even though its your birthday too!" Elf nodded and poked around at the pinball machine. Turning to Ben, Asi looked at him curiously but he had already begun to bring out bottles of various drinks. "Dont worry Asi Ive got this covered," He said, grinning. "I'll be the bartender for the party."

"Excellent," Asi said, giving the two a pleased smile. "Well Roys given us the go ahead on this so lets get this party started!" She rushed over and set some music playing, then poked her head outside to look around the night shrouded city streets. "The other guests should be arriving any time now...."

Well guys we havent had a good old fashioned RPG party in quite awhile, and since its Sie's (and Elfs) Birthday on the 31st, we are going to fix that right now! You can either come as your characters or yourself (or as yourself bringing one or all of your characters with you XD). Remember, in a party you can do anything (including trashing James (Bear)'s car, which seems to be a tradition), but dont trash the place too much and dont forget to bring a gift! Heres the sign up form, just fill it out and enjoy the party! ^-^

Favourite Drink:
Favourite Food:
Music Suggestions:

Heres mine, Ill post an rp post again once some more guests arrive <333
Name: Brandy (or Asi)
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long slightly wavy reddish-brown hair, light green eyes. Pretty tall at 5'8, but slim, with a face that likes to smile. Wears a tight black shirt with a red ram on the front and the word Aries written underneath, and hip hugging flare jeans that almost cover her black shoes.
Personality: Generally happy, positive person, who loves to surprise people and make them happy. Leading comes naturally and she loves to organize parties and things of that nature, but she may worry too much about making sure everything goes well and needs help to relax XD Loves to laugh and talk with people but feels insecure about dancing unless shes drunk. Also likes to sing <3
Gift: A giant cake with strawberries and chocolate drizzled allllll over it ;DDDD lol
Favourite Drink: White Russians, mudslides, Jack and Dr Pepper, Baileys Irish creme etc
Favourite Food: Sushi, green tea ice cream, and of course pizza, chips, those little potato pancake horesdouvres, and veggies and dip.
Music Suggestions: Rock, metal, techno, ghetto booty shaking music, and really anything you can potentially dance to, but she will be too shy to dance until she has some booze in her XD

Crazy Elf Boy
30th May 2009, 11:37 PM
Name: Stephen
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: He is about 168 cm's with light brown hair and light green eyes, His hair is gelled up at the front giving a slight wave effect to make it look cooler. He wears a short red shirt with a picture of the entire crew of the Full Metal Alchemist anime, he is also wearing a long pair of dark blue, almost black pair of jeans with a chain on the right pocket. He is also wearing a pair of white and silver sneakers with orange stripes.
Personality: Stephen is the quite one who sits in the corner sipping away on his myriad of drinks, but once he gets a few into him he becomes a little more fun loving and will probably make a fool of himself.
Gift: It was a bit of a long stretch but since Sie likes Final Fantasy I managed to get my hands on a life sized statue of Cloud complete with a working Buster Blade.
Favourite Drink: Any type of Beer, mainly Tooheys, Cascade, Amsterdam and Ice Cold. But also enjoys an ABC drink which conists of a shot of Absynthe, Blue Contro and something else which I forget and then is filled with pineapple juice giving it a nice blue colour with freaky stripes.
Favourite Food: Stephen enjoys eating all the party foods, such as pizza, chips & dip, as well as a nicely cooked Steak from the Barbeque.
Music Suggestions: His music tastes are a little different from most other people but if it is from a game or anime he likes, then its good enough for him.

31st May 2009, 12:07 AM
Name: Mystic_clown. A.K.A. Ben
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standing at about 58 with a lean build, and a slightly pale complexion. He has long-ish brown hair, the fringe normally swept to the right, but still sometimes falling over his right eye. He has brown eyes, sitting behind a pair of glasses. For the party, hes simply wearing a white shirt, black vest and pants. He also got a hold of a black top hat.
Personality: Normally a quiet, soft spoken individual. Hes normally polite, willing to cheer up those who are upset, and always a good friend. He likes receiving praise, and so most of what he does works towards that, but he does care for his friends. Hes normally she about getting up in front of people.
Gift: Hes acting as the bartender for the evening, mixing up drinks for anyone wanting any.
Favourite Drink: Normally soft drinks, though he does like a cocktail now and then.
Favourite Food: Chops and Ribs off the barbeque are always nice. He has a bit of a sweet tooth.
Music Suggestions: He has a wide taste in music, just as long as he can dance to it.

31st May 2009, 02:34 AM
I'm just here to crash the party. And the car.

Weasel Overlord
31st May 2009, 03:17 AM
Name: Kirsten (but mostly Kirst)
Age: 22
Gender: Female (mostly the only time I'll play a girl LOL)
Appearance: Kirst has green eyes, very ginger hair and stands at around 5'9". Her hair is just brushing her shoulders, curly at the back and straight at the front, with a straight-across fringe that grazes her eyebrows. Pretty much at all times, she wears the baggiest jeans she can find (baggy in the legs, that is) and a band t-shirt, rotating through Radiohead, Muse, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer and her favourite Devil May Cry shirt. Oh, she also permanently wears bigass clompy black walking boots, good for kicking people in the shins with.
Personality: Sarcastic, filthy at an almost constant rate and talkative to the extreme when with friends. Quiet and awkward with people she doesn't know, or doesn't get along with. Likely to be found sniggering dirtily at something that can only be construed as dirty by very convoluted trains of thought. Either that, or the word "Kock." Likes to say "dude" a lot, and swears like a champion. Mention; Supernatural, Star Trek or Liev Schreiber/Misha Collins/Jensen Ackles at your own risk, for fear of being stuck in an eternal loop of fangirly gleeing.
Gift: A WOLVERINE! *sidles in with lifesize Hugh Jackman cutout*
Favourite Drink: Coffee! But alcohol-wise; red wine, kopparberg pear cider, sex on the beach cocktails (♥), amaretto, kahlua, pretty much any sweet liquor. Oh, and cherry flavoured Bacchus beer. Mmm.
Favourite Food: Stew, sushi, toast. With marmite on. OM NOM NOM MARMITE.
Music Suggestions: ROCKNROLL BBS. Smashing Pumpkins! :D And some Nightwish for Sie. ♥

31st May 2009, 11:03 AM
Name: Pancake
Age: 19
Gender: Rabid Fangirl (of Puppy-kins <3)
Appearance: Pancake is only 3 feet tall (actually, that's pretty tall for a pancake XD) and rather skinny. She has golden blonde hair which is wavey and reaches just past her shoulders, with a normalish fringe and bangs that frame her face. She has cute little freckles that go across her nose and cheeks. Her eyes are light brown and her skin is lightly tanned. Pancake wasn't really sure what to wear to the party, as she was just a pancake in a frying pan not long ago, so she is wearing a cute chocolate brown dress and a strawberry hat on her head. On her feet, she is wearing a pair of brown flipflops. Strangely, she has a collar around her neck, with a tag hanging from it that has "Puppy's bitch" engraved on it. She refuses to take it off and smirks when people ask about it.
Personality: Pancake is an odd girl. At first, she seems quite reserved, since she only really just came into being somehow. But... Pancake is rather clingy. She adores Puppy, so much so that she doesn't like to leave her side for long. She refuses to tell anyone about what she gets up to with her mistress (probably a good thing she doesn't tell anyone 8D). She is quite social though. Very willing to share her odd thoughts and obscene sense of humour...
Gift: Later, Puppykins ^o~
Favourite Drink: Milk
Favourite Food: Chocolate and Strawberries! Drizzled on her.
Music Suggestions: Lets have some... Of everything?!

31st May 2009, 11:10 AM
Feel free to start rping your arrival to the party at any time guys <3 Ive been eyeing that sushi and it may not last if you wait too long XD

1st June 2009, 04:36 PM

Eyeing the sushi I couldnt restrain myself anymore. Strolling over to the buffet I hovered around it for a few minutes, thinking that Sie and the rest of the guests certainly wouldnt mind if I partake of the food, especially as a small reward for all the decorating and such. Nodding to myself I grabbed a plate and began to load up on yellowtail, salmon and tuna sushi, taking my bounty to the bar. "While we wait, I figure Ill get a head start on the drinking, you know, just to give you something to do." I gave Ben a thumbs up and slapped the bar playfully. "A white russian my good man!" I called gleefully and began to dig into the sushi. " 'Ey Elf, you want anything?"

((Everyone is welcome to join in ^-^))

1st June 2009, 07:14 PM
Ben chuckled, shaking his head at Brandy's enthusiasm. "The party hasn't even started yet. At this rate you'll probably eat everything before they arrive." However, he didn't really complain about the drink order, whiping out some vodka, tia maria and some cream, and in no time at all, Brandy's cocktail was ready for drinking. "Here you are," he said with a small smile.

Roy Karrde
1st June 2009, 07:39 PM
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: Found here (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y16/Roykarrde/ryanbday.jpg)
Personality: Adalia is very active and energetic, she will tease and play around as much as she wants, and almost never takes anything seriously
Gift: A Giant Sword she found in the ruins of a massive temple, she carries it on a mana bubble because it is too heavy for her alone to carry, or even many of people in the room.

I found a drawing of a old sword by Crystal (http://crystal-hime.deviantart.com/art/The-Sword-80808160) and made it into a 3D Model! I just need to know the colors of it so I can texture it! I hope it lives up to your vision of the original.
Favourite Drink: Milk
Favourite Food: Chocolate Cake
Music Suggestions: Eyes on Me ( FF 8)

5th June 2009, 05:00 PM
Some time later.....

"Did I ever tell you..." Brandy giggled to herself, downing the rest of her white russian and pointing at Ben the bartender with a wavering finger. "That you have...a really nice hat." Elf looked over at Brandy from the game he was playing, before giving Ben a look. "No ones here yet and your loading her up on drinks already??"
Ben shrugged and spread his hands before him. "Thats her first one..."

"It doesnt take much!!" I exclaimed, laughing as I flipped my glass upside down and slammed it on the bar. "HIT ME!!! AHAHAH!!!!" I laughed heartily as Elf shook his head, turning to Ben. "Dont do it mate..." he said warningly.
"Hey Elf...Hey...." I started, trying to give him a serious look but a smile trying to fight its way through. "You dont tell me....Hey Ben can I borrow that hat?" I was feeling pretty good and a bit tipsy and so my attention span was really short. Suddenly I had an idea. "Guys...." I whispered as if it were a secret. "Lets do karaoke!!"
The two Aussies slapped their foreheads, but I didnt care. I was already running to the back of the bar to drag out the karaoke machine! ^.^
XDDD I had a busy day so I just wanna kick back and have some fun lol