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7th July 2009, 07:30 PM
So I've had a couple of lapses in my attendance to the board, this last one being the longest I can recollect. Last time I was on was back in June of '08. Part of that was my addiction to WoW, part because I had real life stuff to deal with, and lately it's been because I haven't had a working computer for weeks (I'm borrowing one right now).

However, it's invariably happened that every time I come back, people clamor about me asking for a remake of an old RPG, or even a completely new one that I come up with. It's part of the reason I can't bring myself to up and say "I'm leaving this board forever." 'Cause I can't. As I said in TT, there are too many people and memories at this board for me to leave permanently.

So I have two reasons for posting a new topic rather than replying in TT again. One, I wanted to make sure that people knew I was indeed posting again, and that the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. If there even are such reports. Second, I want everyone that wants to to be able to see/answer the questions I'm going to ask.

And here are said questions:

1) Do you want me to attempt to post one of my apparently (in)famous RPGs?

2) If I were to do an older one of mine, which ones would you want me to remake? If more than one, which one would you like redone most out of them all?

3) If I were to make a new RPG, what would you want me to base it off of and/or what kinds of elements would you want in it?

4) If I only were to post ONE RPG and that's it, would you rather I repost the one you wanted from Q2 (or any other old one), or make a new one like you described in Q3?

I actually am interested in what people say, so if you have any other comments feel free to leave them here or contact me via PM. I don't have easy access to e-mail, but if you send a message there I'll get it eventually.

Roy Karrde
8th July 2009, 07:03 PM
Man its great to see you back! And at a time we really need it! Alright to answer some questions...

1: Of course! There were some classics!

2: Real Virtuality could be interesting it had alot of possibilities, I would say RPG of No Return but I took some elements out of it for CotR and it just seems like a retread

4: Well you did have some classics, but its been years, I would love to see what you could cook up after all this time!