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12th April 2003, 04:27 AM
.:Anybody is allowed to join in this RP:.

** = thoughts
[] = description, setting
"" = speaking

[Stephen wakes up one morning to find that it is his 16th birthday. In one of his presents he receives a back pack and 6 Pokéballs.]

**He he, man, I oughta start my Pokémon journey. Six years I've had my license and I aint even been out to catch one Pokémon**

"W-wow! Thanks guys."

Mom n Dad: "Your welcome! We know you have been studying hard instead of going out collecting Pokémon and badges, so we thought now that you have finished school, you could go out and start your Pokémon journey."

"Heh! Yeah, thanks for this. I can't wait to get my first Pokémon!"

Dad: "Son... this chain... has been pasted down the family from generation to generation. I want to give it to you now as a sign of the beginning of your Pokémon journey."

"Hunh? It's got a Pokéball in the middle of one of the links..."

Mom: "Yes, thats because within the Pokéball resides a powerful and rare Pokémon which, you must only use when you are in need of any help"

"Whoa... oh boy! I can't wait to use it!"

Dad: "Hold on there, listen to your mother and take what she said seriously, okay son?"

**Oh man! I wonder what Pokémon it is!!**

"Yeah, sure. I will."

[Ding dong! The doorbell goes]

"Ahem! I'll get it!"

[Stephen runs to the door and opens it to find Prof. Birch]

Prof. Birch: "Well hey there Mr. 16 year old! I just came round to give you this, hehehe. See ya know!"

"What?? What’s this?"

Mom: "Ah! Prof. Birch brought your Pokédex round"

Dad: "He he, yeah. You got a Pokédex now to record any info and data on any Pokémon which you come across."

"Well, thanks you guys, I love you lots and will call you everyday to tell you my progress"

[Stephen sets off out the door to which, he has now started his Pokémon journey]

12th April 2003, 12:24 PM
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