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18th May 2003, 10:33 PM

I was still happy that my Sneasel had won the race. I was hobbling around the lodge on my crutches, since I broke the little joint in my knee, and talking about how Sneasel won the race. Everyone was getting really tired of me talking about it. Finally, a dude came up to me.
“Heh, kid if you want to be the true master, then you need to go to the hockey match this afternoon” He said.
“Umm… how do I participate in this hockey match?” I asked.
“You go over towards the pokemon center in this lodge and see the rules. Then you can sign up” He said.
“Cool, thanks dude” I said.
I hobbled back towards the pokemon center to see the rules. The nurse greeted me.
“Oh, Hi!” She said.
“Hello” I said.
“Do you need something?” She asked.
“Yeah, do you have to rules for the hockey match?” I asked.
“Wait, aren’t you the dude that let your pokemon race” She asked.
“Yes I did” I said.
“Well don’t you want your pokemon healed?” She asked.
“Oh! Yeah I do” I said.
“Well give them to me…” She said.
I gave her my pokemon and waited on my crutches for her to finish healing them.
“Here you are, sir” She said.
“Thank you” I said.
“So, where do I sign up for the hockey match?” I asked again.
“You sign up here, of course” She said.
“Heh, that’s what I thought…” I said.
“So, what pokemon will you be using?” She asked.
“Hm… I guess I can use Natu, Abra, and Drowzee.” I said.
“That’s great.” She said.
“Ok, I finished signing you up” She finished.
“The hockey match starts in one hour. Don’t be late!” She said.
“Ok, I won’t” I said.
I hobbled out of the lodge and started off for the hockey rink. I called out the pokemon that I signed up.
“Go, Drowzee, Natu, and Abra!” I said.
The pokemon popped out of there pokeballs and out into the snow.
“Ok, you all are going to be in a hokey match. Do you think you can manage in it?” I asked.
“I think we might be able to win this one,” Abra said. He held his head up looking at the sky, which was getting quite dark.

I looked over towards Natu and Drowzee. “Do you think you both can manage in this match?” I asked.
“Of course!” they both said.

I started off towards the hockey rink. It wasn’t that far away from my current position. My knee had healed enough so I could walk on it now. I was really glad about that. I looked into my pack and grabbed my CD player. I turned it on and started listening to a song called Harmonia. I didn’t really know the artist because the song was in Japanese. I really liked the song though. When the song finished, I turned off the CD player and started walking faster. My pokemon and I finally got to the rink. I could see a lot of trainers around ready to let their pokemon play hockey. I smiled at all of the participants. My pokemon looked around to see all of the powerful pokemon.

An announcement was being made. Let’s start the Hockey Matches! Competitor Matt and competitor Chelsea please come to the ice rink to start the hockey match.

I had heard a familiar name. Chelsea…. That name sounded so familiar to me. I recalled my pokemon so they wouldn’t get lost in the big crowd. I ran over towards the rink to see my opponent. I got to the place where I was supposed to be standing and looked to the other side. I gasped. I knew now why the name Chelsea had seemed so familiar to me. It was my ex-girlfriend! We had tried to get back together recently but it didn’t work out quiet right. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. Then she said something.

“Hello, Matt. I can’t believe we are battling each other in this hockey match. This is going to be a very good hockey match!” She said.
“Yeah, I can’t believe I’m battling you either.” I said.

We both smiled at each other and the hockey match began.

Drowzee’s POV:

This was going to be a very good hockey match. It was me, Natu, and Abra VS a Smoochum, Swinub, Squirtle. I looked over towards Natu and Abra. I nodded to them and we got ready for the match to begin. I ran over and got a stick and came back. I was the only one that could use one on my team since Abra was the goalie and Natu didn’t have any hands. On the other team, Smoochum was the goalie. Squirtle grabbed a stick and came back to the hockey arena. A ref walked onto the arena and dropped the puck on the ground. As soon as he did, we began the hockey match.

I ran towards the puck with my stick in front of me. I wanted to win this really bad. Squirtle came running at me. I hit the puck with my stick, but Squirtle had gotten it from me. Squirtle ran towards our goal. Luckily, Natu flew down and pecked Squirtle on the head a few times. I ran over there and got the puck from Squirtle. Now I was going to go to their goal. I moved my stick back and hit the puck towards the goal. It went over Smoochum’s head and into the goal! We scored!!!!


Squirtle frowned and shot out a water gun at me. I jumped out of the way and the water hit the wall and disappeared. The ref saw this but did nothing about it. I put the stick in front of me and went for the puck again. This time, Swinub came after me. He ran into the back of my legs and knocked me down. Natu saw this and flew over. He picked up the puck in his claws and started to fly off, but as soon as he got into the air good, Squirtle hit him with a water gun. Natu tumbled down to the ground. Squirtle took the puck and hit it into our goal. I was not too happy.


Squirtle got control of the puck again, but he wasn’t going to have it for very long. I ran up behind the Squirtle and hit him in his feet with the stick. Squritle yelled in pain and stopped. I got control of the puck and ran over towards their side. The Swinub was standing in front of Smoochum this time. I didn’t know what to do. I motioned over towards Natu. Natu flew over to me. Natu knew what I wanted. He then flew down towards Swinub and pecked him on the head a time or two. That was the perfect time. I swung my stick back and hit the puck into the goal!


This was getting to be a very good hockey match. I smiled at Natu who was happy too. The other team was getting very uncertain about their abilities to win. They were questioning their skill too. This was going to be a little too easy. I shrugged and continued on. The puck was under my control now. I hit it back and forth over to the other goal. I hit the puck with the stick and towards the Smoochum. Smoochum knocked it back out of the goal! I gasped for a moment and looked for the puck. Then I saw a shadow under me. It looked like someone flying! Natu through the puck into the goal! We had scored again!!


Swinub and Squritle were really mad now! They ran into me at the same time and stole the puck. They ran off with it and started to charge towards Abra. Abra had no choice but to let them through… The puck flies into the net. They scored.


We really needed a plan now. It was getting really close to the end of the match. I called Abra and Natu over. We started to talk over the rest of the match and the plays we will be doing. Music began to play towards the stadiums. It was “Blind Game Again” from an anime that Matt just started watching. It was a pretty cool song. I tuned out the song for a bit and started thinking about the match again. When we finished talking over the plan, we got ready to finish this up. I ran towards Squirtle and got the puck. I hit the puck up in the air and Natu flew down and caught it in his claws. He flew over towards the goal and threw it in and it hit the net. The plan was working out perfect.


I got the puck again. I started to run towards the goal again, but this time Swinub ran into me and knocked me onto the ice. I slid across it some. I could hear Matt cheering me on. I didn’t want to mess this up. Squirtle started to run towards Abra, but Abra knew what to do. Squirtle reared back his arms and shot. The puck started flying towards Abra, but Abra stopped it. Abra used a Psychic attack! The puck flew back towards me and it hit the ground. I ran towards the other other side and shot the puck. The puck flew into the other net. We won!!


I was so happy. This was a really fun game.

Abra, Natu, and Drowzee all gain 1 level

Matt’s POV

I ran down and congratulated my pokemon a very good match. I looked over towards Chelsea. She had her head down low. I ran over towards her side and walked up the the platform. She was talking to herself. “….But all that training… day and night… and we still….we still lost…” She said.
“Oh don’t cry Chelsea” I said. “It was a very good match”
“Yeah, I know” She said. “I just thought we would win”
“Well we are pretty tough to beat” I said.
“Yeah I can tell” She said.

Me and my pokemon walked out of the hockey arena and walked back to the lodge in the middle of no-where. Hopefully we would find something else there to do…

This is all I could get done. Oh, and I would like a time extension on the easter one please. Thanks :D

Lady Vulpix
19th May 2003, 01:00 PM
Karin, that was great! Take 5 stamps! ¢¢¢¢¢
It will be interesting to see if your pokemon get to learn how to control themselves. I think you should work on that.

Becca gets a ¢ for her help.
Matt, Amy's going to rate your post soon. You can have the time extension.

Lady Vulpix
19th May 2003, 03:36 PM
Pokemaster Jay, if you're still there, these 25 stamps go to you! ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢

Now that spring has arrived on Ulthuan, all the ice and snow has melted, making traveling outdoors fun for Trainers and their Pokemon. There is a festival at the Pokemon Square Garden, a park, that is having Pokemon battles. This festival is like a late celebration for the coming of spring, and everyone is invited. There are refreshments, and two battlefields for people to battle on.

Battlefield 1

The Pokemon Square Garden Public Swimming Pool

There are two platforms near the center of the pool that. The pool is 20 feet deep, and is roughly 50 feet long and 25 feet wide. Water Pokemon have the advantage of battling here.

Below level 15:
Horsea Lv 7 +1
Poliwag Lv 13 +2

Lv. 15-24.5:
Goldeen Lv. 16 +1
Quagsire Lv. 20 +2

Lv. 25-34.5:
Octillery Lv. 25 +1
Golduck Lv. 30 +2

Lv. 35-44.5:
Dewgong Lv. 35 +1
Kabutops Lv. 40 +2

Lv. 45-54.5:
Cloyster Lv. 42 +1
Kingdra Lv. 50 +2

Lv. 55-64.5:
Blastoise Lv. 55 +1
Feraligatr Lv. 60 +2

Lv. 65-74.5:
Slowking Lv. 65 +1
Tentacruel Lv. 70 +2

Lv. 75-84.5:
Vaporeon Lv. 75 +1
Starmie lv 80 +2

Lv. 85-100
Mantine Lv. 90 +1
Lapras lv. 96 +2

Battlefield 2

The second area for battling takes place in the fields. The field has many trees and bushes, as well as large stones, but that is all. This is pretty much just an open battle.

Below level 15:
Charmander lv. 8 +1
Geodude lv. 14 +2

Lv. 15-24.5:
Giragarig Lv. 17 +1
Furret Lv. 23

Lv. 25-34:
Arbok Lv. 28 +1
Forretress lv. 32 +2

Lv. 35-44.5:
Dugtrio lv. 38 +1
Donphan lv. 44 +2

Lv. 45-54.5:
Crobat lv. 46 +1
Arcanine lv. 53 +2

Lv. 55-64.5:
Venusaur lv. 57 +1
Charizard lv. 64 +2

Lv. 65-74.5:
Ampharos lv. 68 +1
Flareon lv. 73 +2

Lv. 75-84.5:
Alakazam lv. 79 +1
Umbreon lv. 83 +2

Lv. 85-100
Lv. 90 Typhlosion +1
Lv. 97 Tyranitar +2

19th May 2003, 05:35 PM
I'll be gone for the entire month of June. Can I have an extension on this one?

19th May 2003, 07:57 PM
Originally posted by Lady Vulpix
Matt, Amy's going to rate your post soon. You can have the time extension.

Yes and even though I am terribly sleepy. Couldn't get to sleep last night (3:50 am before i finally got to sleep) and now I'm having trouble staying awake, lol ^_^;; Nice story, Matt. Take 7 stamps.

One thing i did notice, I think you meant patella (knee cap). I don't think you can actually break the knee joint, beause it is a joint.

20th May 2003, 12:47 AM
ok, I have never tried this before lets see if I screw it up.

I will use Inaras (stats below) that I got from the pokemon zoo
and I want to fight the lv.8 charmander on the Scenario 2

I scaned the park for a interesting pokemon to fight with Inaras walking next to me. I wanted her first pokemon battle to be with somewhat of a rare pokemon. I walked over to the open field to see if someone was battling and with my luck, no one was there. As I walked away Inaras stayed behind looking at something in the bushes, I walked over to see a charmander growling at Inaras. Charmander looked to see that I saw what he was doing to Inaras and spung infont of the bush into the battle area. He started to use a scratch attack and the battle was on. Inaras stayed one step infront of charmander as he continued to swipe at her.
" Inaras use your attract"
She began to wave her tail and charmander fell in luv with her. Charmander walked up to Inaras and hugged, Inaras not knowing what to do stood there and took it with a irritated look on her face.
" Ok hurry and put out his tail "
With her big fluffy tail she patted out charmanders tail as he hugged her. Charmander fell down being stuned and hurt.
" This isn't over yet Inaras, use Substitute for when he gets up"
Inaras created a life sized fake doll of herself and hid in the nearbye bushs. Charmander dizzily got up and headbutted the doll, but as he did it fell over and he hit one of the trees. This knocked him out. Inaras won the battle!

Inaras grew to level 8

Lady Vulpix
20th May 2003, 11:57 AM
That was interesting. Inaras managed to win a battle while using no offensive moves at all. :o
By the way, she should know Tackle and Growl too. All Skitties are born with those moves. Maybe next time she can Tackle her opponent and doesn't have to rely strictly on luck.
Take 3 stamps for this battle. You can still post one more. Welcome to the Battle Range! ¢¢¢

The Pet Keeper
20th May 2003, 01:15 PM
I'm a little confused about the new scenario, the two list of pokémon sais scenario 1 and 2.
Can I battle up to 4 pokémon (2 from each list), 2 pokémon (1 from each list) or should I choose one of the two scenarios and both opponents comes from the same list?

Lady Vulpix
20th May 2003, 01:21 PM
Since J is nowhere to be found, I'll make that decision according to what I understood.

You choose one of the 2 battlefields, and you can have 2 battles there. I've edited the post to make it clearer and also fixed a few typos.

Mew Trainer Rose
20th May 2003, 06:44 PM
we can't have one battle on one field, and the other on the second field? drat, that's what I was planning on doing. oh well, I'll go rethink my battles.

22nd May 2003, 09:02 PM
This is part 1 out of 3 parts to the scenario I am working on. Part 1 is basicly an introduction to the Pokémon. Part 2 will be Sidius' battle then Part 3 will be Legolas' battle.

Grey darkens my life with a great pain,
Fear and agony awaits in every corner of my soul,
Unwanting to have anything power or pride to gain,
All creatures and humans find my presence to be foul.

Sidius stared up at the small phrase in the poem. It reminded him of many things about himself. Most consider wolves to be dark creatures of hell. Fear awaits any who meet their small dark eyes. Their howls brought agony to the ears that heard it. Sidius grinned knowing how kick-*** it is to be a devilish wolf. He dug his claws into the dirt below his paws and howled into the night. His howl left a haunting echo throughout the land. The Houndoom's tail flicked back and forth along the ground, swiping the triangle at the end against the dirt. A wind swept through the meadow suddenly. It sang a chilly song to the wolf's ears. Eventually, he shivered from the harsh wind then threw his black cloak back over his body to keep warm. Only his face was exposed to the breeze. A few leaves were picked up from the wind and carried away gently. Sidius noticed a single leaf slowly rising along the winds, trying to escape. Minutes past and finally the leaf blew away. Sidius' eyes watched the leaf fly away. Sometimes he wished he could fly away and be free. The wolf put that aside though. His ears caught the sound of another voice. It wasn't the wind this time. It was a child. He knew who the voice was calling. He got back on his feet and rushed to the source of the sound.


While I was sitting by the fire, roasting a marshmellow I noticed Sidius kept running until he arrived in front of the campsite. A few tents were built around a single roaring campfire. Evylan was in her usual spot, sitting upon the rock and looking at her surroundings. Rogue laid on the ground just below Evylan's rock. She was asleep. Probably got tired after battling with Evylan. Mystique was grazing nearby and nibbling at grass. Varyar and Aaye were also asleep. Both of them were curled up on a soft blanket. Varyar had a paw over Aaye as if hugging her while they sleep. Juliet was busy cleaning herself near the fire while Amelia was sneaking over to speak with Kenobi. When Kenobi saw Amelia he smiled proudly and nuzzled her. Amelia nuzzled back but kept an eye on Varyar. It must be hard to be in that situation like that. Knowing my father, he would chain me up if I started to like a guy. Varyar probably has that in mind knowing him. He's been with me ever since I started here. I sat and remembered when I first found all of them. Kawaii mewed softly and nuzzled my hand. She stared up at me and meowed again. This was her way of saying she wanted petted. I did as the kitten wanted. While petting Kawaii, I noticed Sidius returning to the camp. Celebiel's eyes followed Sidius as he walked farther into the camp. When he looked at her, she turned away. Sidius grinned then sat besides her. He nudged her paw with his snout then smirked again.
"So, you've missed me, eh?" asks Sidius.
"You wish," sighed Celebiel.
Celebiel pushed Sidius away from her then raised her head in the air not wanting to speak to him. Instead of following her body language, he stepped in front of her, so she could see him again. Celebiel glared and snarled.
"Don't get excited," says Sidius.
"Being around you is hardly enough to get me excited," snapped Celebiel.
"Alright," said Sidius "I don't have time for anything else,"
"You're so arrogent and immature,"
"And that's why you love me?" asks Sidius.
Celebiel didn't even bother to answer that. She crawled into one of the tents to lay down. Sidius smirked again then padded over to me. Kawaii cowered in fear when she saw Sidius. The wolf simply stared at the little kitten. She breathed heavily feeling her heart pound wildly in her chest. Finally, she screamed then ran out to Mystique. Mystique nuzzled the frightened kitten with her snout. Kawaii giggled then climbed on Mystique's back for another ride. I watched as Sidius laid down besides me.
"Sidius, why do you always have to scare the little ones?" I asked. Sidius merely shrugged then grinned evily again. "Just what a wolf does best m'lady," said Sidius. He winked at me but I just rolled my eyes. I pat him on the head a bit until he fell asleep. By then it was time for everyone to rest. I slowly picked up Sidius with the help of Evylan and put him in a blue tent where the males sleep. Kenobi crawled into the tent as well who took a moment to give Amelia a goodnight kiss. Legolas went into the tent as well for a good night rest. There were also two pink tents for the females. Rogue, Mystique, Amelia, Kawaii and Juliet crawled into one of the tents. The other tent was for Evylan, Lirima, Celebiel and of course me. Celebiel was already asleep when I went into the tent. Lirima was laying on a blanket in there waiting for me to pet her before bed. Evylan stayed on guard a little longer. She always does. If she gets tired she'll sleep on that rock. If it begins to rain she comes into my tent. It's good to have a dragon on guard.

A bright sun blazed high in the endless blue sky that morning. Evylan's roar broke the peaceful song of morning birds. Everyone was awoken by this roar and slowly got on their feet. Lirima was the first to climb out of the tent. She stretched out and yawned. Her claws ejected out for a second and dug into the ground. Evylan looked over at Lirima and smiled. (A Charizard smiling? o.o) "How did you sleep Lirima?" asks Evylan. Lirima yawned again then scratched behind her ear. She didn't bother to answer. Evylan sighed. Legolas and Sidius both left their tent looking very confident. Eventually, I woke up by Celebiel. She was alarming me about being late for the battles! Rushing like a mad woman, I recalled all my Pokémon except Mystique, Sidius and Legolas. We all climbed on Mystique's back and she ran off against the wind. Legolas was sitting on Mystique's head while Sidius was sitting on her back. He was trying his best to keep a hold on the horse. We were all rushing over to the battlefield where two of my growing Pokémon were to battle again.

Well, there's the introduction to my scenarios. Part 2 should be coming soon. Let me know what you think :)


Grey darkens my life and mind with a great pain,
Fear and agony awaits in every corner of my soul,
Unwanting to have anything power or pride to gain,
All creatures and humans find my presence to be foul.

That small phrase is part of a poem I wrote in my creative writing class. Please don't steal it. Took me awhile to think of it and I would really appreciate it if no one stole my work. Thank you

Lady Vulpix
23rd May 2003, 01:20 PM
That was very nice, Rachel! And very nicely written. 8) Take 5 stamps!¢¢¢¢¢

By the way, Amber, my Charizard, smiles very often. But she's not the average Charizard, I admit that. :)

23rd May 2003, 01:28 PM
Just asking, but why can't anyone use the pokémon they have on their games? Probably because nobody will be able to prove they have them I guess... It would be fun for me to use the party in my sig but I guess I can't.... Is there any way I could?? Oh yeah, I may be new here, but i'm most certainly NOT new to pokémon.

Dark Dragonite
23rd May 2003, 02:03 PM
Originally posted by Treeko_Bayleef
Just asking, but why can't anyone use the pokémon they have on their games? Probably because nobody will be able to prove they have them I guess... It would be fun for me to use the party in my sig but I guess I can't.... Is there any way I could?? Oh yeah, I may be new here, but i'm most certainly NOT new to pokémon.

These pokemon we used have all been adopted, or bred here in PCG, that's the point, they are real in a sense, and we raise them through here, and the battle tower, that is the point of this game, and there are no Legendaries allowed. And raising them takes time, a good amount of time.

23rd May 2003, 02:08 PM
Legendaries aren't allowed?? Awww.... What fun is that? And, could anyone please define: "Legendary"?

Dark Dragonite
23rd May 2003, 03:10 PM
Originally posted by Treeko_Bayleef
Legendaries aren't allowed?? Awww.... What fun is that? And, could anyone please define: "Legendary"?

Apparently, you don't know many PCGers, cause we have a lot of fun without legendaries, and they would in my opinion be pokemon only found once in a game:

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Celebi, Ho-oh, Lugia, Regirock, Regiice, Registeel, Latios, Latias, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza,Jirachi, Deoxys.(Hope I got them all)

Even Dragonite/Dragonair/Dratini is rare here, because in the battle tower, we use their stats, so no fair advantages there.

Haven't you heard them called Legendary Dogs, Legendary Birds, etc...??

Plus, if you aren't a n00b to pokemon, you would know ASB, IRC, etc, people frown upon 00bers, and real knowledgeable pokemon trainers can beat any 00ber with a regular, non-00ber poke.

23rd May 2003, 03:20 PM
If a non-legendary can beat a legendary, Then why can't they be used? And if i recall right, there is more than one Lugia. You just have one chance to catch one. And in reality, Latias and Latios are NOT legenday birds. And i'm more knowledgeable about pokémon than anyone here i'd wager. (no offense intended) And all places who don't allow legendaries, are not true pokemon fans. 'Cause you don't allow all pokémn to participate. If you don't like lengndaries only because you only have one chance to catch them, does that mean Magikarp would be legendary if you only had one chance to catch it?

23rd May 2003, 03:24 PM
Originally posted by Treeko_Bayleef
If a non-legendary can beat a legendary, Then why can't they be used? And if i recall right, there is more than one Lugia. You just have one chance to catch one. And in reality, Latias and Latios are NOT legenday birds. And i'm more knowledgeable about pokémon than anyone here i'd wager. (no offense intended) And all places who don't allow legendaries, are not true pokemon fans. 'Cause you don't allow all pokémn to participate. If you don't like lengndaries only because you only have one chance to catch them, does that mean Magikarp would be legendary if you only had one chance to catch it?

Uh, no offense, but rules are rules. "When in Rome, do what the Romans do." If you don't like this place, you don't have to stay in this place. I wouldn't keep arguing if I were you... You're pushing yourself closer and closer to a Moderator warning, in my opinion.

Dark Dragonite
23rd May 2003, 03:27 PM
Originally posted by Treeko_Bayleef
If a non-legendary can beat a legendary, Then why can't they be used? And if i recall right, there is more than one Lugia. You just have one chance to catch one. And in reality, Latias and Latios are NOT legenday birds. And i'm more knowledgeable about pokémon than anyone here i'd wager. (no offense intended) And all places who don't allow legendaries, are not true pokemon fans. 'Cause you don't allow all pokémn to participate. If you don't like lengndaries only because you only have one chance to catch them, does that mean Magikarp would be legendary if you only had one chance to catch it?

You don't recall right, because there is 1 Lugia, how aren't Latios, and Latias Legendary, and there are millions of Magikarp.

I seriously doubt you are more knowledgeable than anyone here, and if you don't like the rules, leave.
I'm seriously not trying to flame, but dude, this is not the place to complain about the PCG Rules, there is a topic for that, I believe it is stickified.

23rd May 2003, 03:29 PM
I'm not arguing. I'm showing my opinion that legandaries should be allowed to be used. "you can talk, but you can't make them listen". If you don't like my views, ignore me. I never said I don't like this place, now did I?

23rd May 2003, 03:34 PM
According to the cartoon, there ARE more than one Lugia. A mother and child. And you didn't read it right. I said Latias and Latios aren't ledgendary BIRDS. I never said they weren't legendary. you didn't answer my question, i said IF there was only one chance to catch magikarp, would it be legendary?

23rd May 2003, 03:37 PM
Bud, what does this have to do with the Battle Range? The point is that lengendary Pokemon aren't allowed. Deal with it or leave

And honestly, do you want 4 mods who post at the Battle Range harrassing you because you can't accept the rules? I think not

23rd May 2003, 03:43 PM
I just want to know a good reason why lgendaries aren't allowed! There just as much pokémon as any other! right? So can anyone please give me a good reason why they're not allowed??

Dark Dragonite
23rd May 2003, 03:51 PM
Ok, this is the explanation:

This is Polls, Clubs, Games, and this follows the videogame more than the anime, if you want that, there is ASB, which won't allow 00bers anyway, and RPG.

In the videogames R/B/Y/G/S/C/Ru/Sa, there are only 1 of the 00bers in each game, and almost everyone would want to adopt 00bers here, and that would ruin what we have, which is fun, now please, no more questioning here, There Is A Stickified Topic Called PCG Rules, If You Have A Problem, Post It There, Not In A Game.

23rd May 2003, 03:57 PM
Why not have a contest to see who gets a legendary? Anyway, thank you for the explination. I'm one of those people who need an explination for everything.I'll shut-up and play the game now. :P

Lady Vulpix
24th May 2003, 09:15 AM
I lost my connection yesterday and I didn't get the chance to reply.
The legendaries are the following:
• Articuno
• Zapdos
• Moltres
• Mew
• Mewtwo
• Ho-oh
• Lugia
• Entei
• Suicune
• Raikou
• Celebi
• Latias
• Latios
• Regice
• Regirock
• Registeel
• Jirachi
• Deoxys
• Rayquaza
• Groudon
• Kyogre

Also identifiable as the pokemon who can't breed in the games and have no gender.

So, Magikarp isn't legendary in any way. Nidoqueen, Nidoking and Togepi aren't legendary either (they have genders).
Unown, Ditto, Magnemite, Beldum, etc. can breed, therefore they're not legendary either.

I hope that clears it up.

Treecko_Bayleef, stop double-posting. You can edit your messages, so don't SPAM. And these are the rules, so if you don't like them you can either think of a very detailed idea for a new and original game that includes legendaries and ask a mod to approve them, or leave things as they are. Legendaries won't be allowed at the Battle Range.

Lady Vulpix
24th May 2003, 09:18 AM
Steve, take 2 stamps: one for your help and one for your patience. Thanks! ¢¢

24th May 2003, 10:12 AM
Here is my scenario:

Pidgeotto (F) Lv. 19 (Faint Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Tackle, Steel Wing)

I walked slowly to the door, and I saw a little letter coming through the mail slot. I picked it up, and I knew instantly it was some freaklate Easter Party, due to the bunnies and colored eggs on it. Maybe my friends were throwing some weird party. I could never vouch for their sanity, of course…

Dear Trainer,
You have been invited to the Grande Master Tournament on Easter Island. Please bring a strong pokemon and be ready to battle. Our executive will pick you up at 3:30 on May 17, 2003. Be ready!

I rubbed my eyes to make sure they weren’t telling me any lies. They weren’t. I had been invited to a master tournament! This was great! I could finally show the world the power of my Pidgeotto.

And then I looked at the time and gasped. The executive should have been here an hour ago. Maybe the letter was sent to the wrong person? Maybe he was just late? Either way, I decided to put on my jacket and grab my pokeballs. I quickly tossed Pidgeotto’s pokeball onto my belt, and ran outside. I saw nobody, and I was beginning to think one of my friends had written to letter just to piss me off. And then I saw a black limousine pull up to my house. The window rolled down, revealing a young man, who waved me to she back seat.

“Ah, Mr. Sheu. I am sorry I am late.” The man said, and I got into the back. The man seemed quite nice to me, and he had a good attitude as well.

“I hope you enjoy the ride. Heheheheh!” The driver turned into almost a maniac. Suddenly, the windows rolled up and the doors locked. The roof on the limo turned blue, and there was a crazy buzzing noise. I screamed, and kicked at the door, trying to get out.

“Ahahahahh! I have you now!” I driver yelled, and suddenly there was a jolt, and I felt the car stop moving and the buzzing stop. The doors unlocked, and they mechanically opened. I was about to punch the guy in the face when I realized this was for real. I was on a beautiful island, and the limo was parked on the beach.

“Haha! I always like to scare newbies with the teleporter!” The driver laughed, and in an instant he had already teleported away. I felt quite pissed. He had called me a newbie! How dare he! And then I realized that being here wasn’t going to do me any good. I had to go into the luscious forest so I could get to the battlegrounds.

I took a cautious step, and then released Pidgeotto to sit on my shoulder. She smiled, and we calmly walked into the dark forest.

After awhile it got pretty boring. There was absolutely nothing around. Just forest. I was beginning to think this was just a wild goose chase to kill some trainers and then maybe cannibals could eat me. And then I heard some sounds up ahead. Human sounds. Normal human sounds. With extreme energy, I hopped over the bushes and found myself in a clearing.

So, I was hoping for civilization, but I did find two trainers battling. I just stood there, watching the battle and waiting for my turn at battling. I wanted to give Pidgeotto a little practice before the tournament. Little did I know that this was the tournament…

One trainer was using a Clefable, and the other a Blissey. Both were extremely powerful, and they were clashing many times. Clefable seemed to be on the offensive, and continued to smack Blissey. However, Blissey’s blubber made actually hurting it a very hard thing to do. So, Clefable would try a long-range attack. But then Blissey would generate an energy shield to block that. Both pokemon looked very tired, and both were about to give in. The trainers looked at each other, and nodded.

“Blissey, attack!”

“Clefable, attack!”

With that, a huge shower of eruptions followed. Elemental attacks went flying, and all you could see was smoke and a lot of blue, red, and yellow lines. When the smoke finally cleared, it appeared that Blissey was just barely standing, and the Clefable was defeated. Clefable’s trained recalled Clefable, and tossed the winner a small easter egg. The winner ate ravenously, and the egg disappeared in seconds. The loser walked off, disheartened.

I stepped up to where the loser once stood, and looked at my new enemy.

“Ahahahah! You think I’m going to use Blissey so you can easily KO it, right? Hahah! Well, guess again! I have a crazy good Raichu, and it will whoop your Pidgeotto. Gooooo Raichu!” The enemy trainer tossed out a pokeball, which revealed a…wait…there wasn’t a Raichu there, but a little egg. Wait, no, a Togepi!

“What! What! Where is Rai?!?!?! Oh ya, Rai went to the vet today…oh well! Togepi will destroy you!” The trainer yelled, putting his fingers into a V to symbolize his winning streak.

“Pidgeotto, lets do it!” I yelled, and Pidgeotto flew over in front of me. It hovered above Togepi and taunted it by flying up and swooping down.

Pidgeotto lv. 19 vs. Togepi lv. 20

Apparently, the Togepi was quite scared, as it jumped back every time Pidgeotto swooped down near it.

“Togepi! Lets do this! Use a Psychic to hold it in place and squeeze it!” The enemy trainer yelled. Suddenly, Pidgeotto stopped moving, and was taken down to ground level. Togepi’s eyes were closed, and suddenly Pidgeotto screamed. And then the Psychic grip ended, and Pidgeotto was free.

“Pidgeotto, try a Quick Attack!” I yelled, and Pidgeotto suddenly disappeared. And then, as if from nowhere, Pidgeotto slammed into the little egg. Haha! Finished off for good with one attack. Or so I thought. It seemed that this egg was not so easy to crack…

“Togepi, use a Fire Blast!” The enemy yelled.

Holy crap! That little thing was about to fry my bird! I had to stop it!

“Pidgeotto, use a…erm…use a Sand Attack!” I yelled.

Pidgeotto swooped down low to the ground, and kicked a clump of sand at Togepi’s face. Togepi shuddered, and took a step back, but launched the ball of flames nonetheless. Pidgeotto was smashed into with enormous fury, and she fell to the ground, charred and hurt. However, she courageously got up, and got ready to fight again.

”Togepi! Finish it! Zap Cannon!” The enemy trainer yelled.

Oh no! This was even worse than last time! If Pidgeotto got hit by Zap Cannon…

“Pidgeotto, use a Quick Attack to dodge it!” I yelled. Too late. The ball of electricity rocketed towards Pidgeotto, and a huge explosion ensued. Out of the rubble I saw a few feathers on the ground. And then, I saw Pidgeotto whizzing through the air and smashing into Togepi.

“Pidgeotto! Steel Wing!” I yelled, and Pidgeotto flew into the air. Then, coming down like a divebomb with her wings outstretched, I knew I had this victory! Pidgeotto’s wings glowed silverish, and she smashed into Togepi like a bullet. Togepi flew into her trainer’s hands so fast that it was funny. And sad at the same time. Togepi was knocked out!

Pidgeotto grew to level 21. Pidgeotto learned Whirlwing. Pidgeotto learned Sky Attack.
Pidgeotto (F) Lv. 19 (Faint Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Tackle, Steel Wing, Whirlwing, Sky Attack)

“What! What! NO WAY!!!! TOGEPI!!! THAT’S SO! ITTTTT!!! DIEEEE!!! JIGGLYPUFF!!!” The enemy trainer yelled, hurling a pokeball to the ground revealing a little Jigglypuff. Pidgeotto smirked, and did a serious of loops to show off. Apparently it didn’t think much of the enemy. Jigglypuff angrily puffed up, and the enemy trained laughed.

“Jigglypuff, Ice Beam!” The enemy yelled. Jigglypuff glowed blue, and then suddenly a huge spurt of ice hit Pidgeotto. She was hurled to the ground and her wings were frosted over. Her eyes were red. I had seen this before.

“Dude, recall your Jigglypuff it will get seriously hurt now!” I said in a rush, hoping Pidgeotto wouldn’t cause too much hurt.

“Hahah! Wimp! Never! Jigglypuff, try a Fire Blast!” The enemy yelled, laughing. I smirked. Now I didn’t even need to order Pidgeotto.

The blast of flames came quickly, and suddenly Pidgeotto disappeared from view. And then, in an instand she appeared right next to Jigglypuff. Startled, Jigglypuff leaped back only to be pounded to a divebombing Pidgeotto. Now Pidgeotto started to go higher and higher into the air. I gasped. The sky attack.

And then, like an eagle catching little prey, Pidgeotto swooped down and, like a train, slammed into Jigglypuff. Like the little puffball it is, Jigglypuff flew over and struck a tree. The tree fell down. Pidgeotto’s breathing returned to normal, and the red glow in her eyes returned.

“WHAT! NO WAY! I AM NOT GIVING UP MY EASTER EGGS!!” The boy said, whining. I smiled. He then tossed one small easter egg towards me. I ate it quickly, and then spat it out. NASTY!!!

“Come on Pidgeotto. We have better things to do.” I said nonchalantly.

Pidgeotto grew to level 23!

Pidgeotto (F) Lv. 19 (Faint Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Tackle, Steel Wing, Sky Attack, Whirlwind)

I looked around for more opponent, but I knew I wasn’t going to find any anytime soon. Maybe I should go back home. But how, that was the question…

24th May 2003, 05:22 PM
Originally posted by Lady Vulpix
I lost my connection yesterday and I didn't get the chance to reply.
The legendaries are the following:
• Articuno
• Zapdos
• Moltres
• Mew
• Mewtwo
• Ho-oh
• Lugia
• Entei
• Suicune
• Raikou
• Celebi
• Latias
• Latios
• Regice
• Regirock
• Registeel
• Jirachi
• Deoxys
• Rayquaza
• Groudon
• Kyogre

Also identifiable as the pokemon who can't breed in the games and have no gender.

So, Magikarp isn't legendary in any way. Nidoqueen, Nidoking and Togepi aren't legendary either (they have genders).
Unown, Ditto, Magnemite, Beldum, etc. can breed, therefore they're not legendary either.

I hope that clears it up.

Treecko_Bayleef, stop double-posting. You can edit your messages, so don't SPAM. And these are the rules, so if you don't like them you can either think of a very detailed idea for a new and original game that includes legendaries and ask a mod to approve them, or leave things as they are. Legendaries won't be allowed at the Battle Range.

Who's double posting?? I never made 2 posts the same. So I didn't SPAM. And why doesn't anyone get it? I just wanted to know why they weren't allowed! I don't think I ever said "i want legendaries here!". So don't put words in my mouth. I want them here, but i'm not complaining that there not. I just needed to know why they weren't allowed.

24th May 2003, 06:10 PM
Originally posted by Treeko_Bayleef
Who's double posting?? I never made 2 posts the same. So I didn't SPAM. And why doesn't anyone get it? I just wanted to know why they weren't allowed! I don't think I ever said "i want legendaries here!". So don't put words in my mouth. I want them here, but i'm not complaining that there not. I just needed to know why they weren't allowed.

Double posting isn't necessarily posting the same thing twice. Its posting twice without anyone posting in between. Legendaries aren't allowed. They are too powerful and rare. Maybe this will answer your question.

24th May 2003, 06:15 PM
Gabi, I'd like to request a time extention for this scenario. I've got a few essays to write before the end of the month, so unless I finish the battle within the next few days I don't know when I'll be able to.

Treeko_Bayleef, you did double-post. Double-posting isn't just where you accidentally send the same thing twice; you can't post twice in a row. It clogs up the topic and the information can be edited into your first post, so it is SPAM. Also, Dark Dragonite gave you an explanation as to why legendaries aren't allowed here. Once you allow everyone to have a legendary, 'regular' Pokemon are neglected and it takes the fun out of the game. Legendaries have never been allowed here and probably never will be.

((Edit: Erp... Nala beat me to it))

24th May 2003, 06:22 PM
Hello!?!? Earth to people!! Get it through your heads!!! I'm not complianing because they aren't allowed!! ok??!?!? I wanted a reason, and I got a reason. So end of subject. So please stop saying that i'm complaining. Maybe you'll all get it now.

24th May 2003, 07:18 PM
Ugh, I'm getting a headache... Meh, maybe everyone can stop now... Anyway, L_V, just a picky thing, but Unown cannot breed, and Ditto cannot breed with another Ditto... Legendaries have nasty stats to back up their genderless non-breeding...ness, though; Unown definitely does not.

Erm, by the way, do we really have to choose a single arena for this scenario and hold both battles there? Meh, Lune was gonna go kick some swimmer's a- ....tail. Hmm, I guess I'll have to settle for a Tag Team on land, then. "Ryu" can't swim.

Lady Vulpix
24th May 2003, 11:29 PM
Dittos can breed with any pokemon except other Dittos. I've always found that strange. You're right about Unowns. Sorry, my mistake. Still, Unowns aren't legendary pokemon.

Could anyone please contact Pokemaster Jay and ask him if having a battle in each battlefield is allowed or not? If he doesn't reply, we'll have to make a decision by ourselves.

25th May 2003, 04:52 PM
Quick note: Isis and Quaye both came from the Dragon Tamers Adoption Center. Both have Faint Attack as a bred-on move.


It was just another day. Sapphire blue sky partly obscured from view by bits of cottony clouds, the sun’s golden rays spreading warmth and light around the town. Akia and I walked along the beach, hoping to maybe find a water Pokémon for her to battle with. It had been over a week since the battle with Justen, and Akia was getting restless, wanting another battle. She’d been practicing Shadow Ball, the move I had taught her, and now that she had it near to perfect she really wanted to test it out against an opponent. It was amazing how quickly she had gotten the move down, too; it was almost as if she was part ghost-type. But then again, maybe it wasn’t so amazing. Akia loved hearing about ghosts and the like; she had even said she wanted to BE a ghost. It was only to be expected that she’d pick up on a ghost-type move rather quickly.

A shriek from Akia and the sound of a crashing wave broke me out of my thoughts. I started to laugh as Akia, drenched and slightly sandy, made her way out of the water. She glared at me as she shook herself dry as best she could.

“It’s not funny!” Akia cried, trying - and failing - to get the sand off her paws. “I hate being wet! Sand sticks to my paws and I can’t stand it!” She shook her paw furiously trying to get the sand off.

“I’m not laughing, I’m not laughing,” I assured her, turning my laugh into a cough. She continued to glare at me as she attempted to clean the sand from her paws. Suddenly, her head shot up and she cocked it to one side.

“Was that you?” she asked.

“Was… what me?” I responded, bewildered.

“I heard something. It sounded kind of like a laugh. Listen!”

I listened. A small, tittering whine could be faintly heard over the waves hitting the beach.

“That sounds more like a cry than a laugh,” I told her. “Where’s it coming from?”

She listened carefully for a moment before taking off toward a large, washed up log. I ran after her, stopping a few feet from the log and approaching it slowly. I didn’t want to startle whatever was making that noise. Cautiously, I peeked over the log… and gasped.

A Vulpix lay behind it, badly bruised and whimpering in pain. I walked around the log, reaching a hand toward her. Her eyes fluttered open, and when she saw me a look of fear crossed her face. She snarled weakly, attempting to climb to her feet, but was unable to. Letting out a noise that sounded like a cross between a whimper and a growl, she tried to scoot away from me.

“Shh, shh, it’s okay,” I told her. What could have happened to her, to make her so afraid? “Akia, do you think you could talk to her? Tell her I won’t hurt her?”

Akia nodded, jumping down nimbly off the log and walking over to the Vulpix. In a soft, low (as low as a high-pitched Meowth kitten can get, anyway) voice, she explained to the Vulpix that I wasn’t here to hurt her, that I just wanted to take her to the nearby Pokémon Center and get her some help. “Please,” Akia added at the end, “you have to let her help you. Please.”

I reached out toward her. That same look of fear filled her eyes, but she made no motion to get away, no motion to defend herself. I lifted the small, bruised creature into my arms, cradling her gently.

“It’s all right,” I whispered. “You’ll be okay. It’s all right.”

She said nothing, did nothing except close her eyes and huddle deep into my arms as if trying to hide - from me, from everyone else, from the world. I felt a pang of sorrow run through my heart. What had this Vulpix so terrified?


“Nurse Joy!” I whispered urgently as I hurried into the Pokémon Center. I didn’t raise my voice because I didn’t want to wake the Vulpix, who was now asleep in my arms. “I found a Vulpix on the beach. She’s hurt… badly.”

“A Vulpix?” Nurse Joy said, looking and sounding very troubled.

“Yeah,” I confirmed. “I think she was attacked by a Pokémon or something.

Nurse Joy nodded and turned to a Blissey. “Blissey, take care of the center for a few minutes for me.” She then motioned for me to follow her. “Come with me.”

She led Akia and I into a small room with a soft, cushioned bed and asked me to lay the Vulpix on it. I did so, and the troubled look on Nurse Joy’s face grew worse. I thought it was just because of the state of the Vulpix, but I soon found that wasn’t the only reason.

“So you found her like this?

I nodded. “Yeah. Akia and I were walking on the beach, and we heard a cry coming from behind a log. We found her there. She seemed… scared of me. Terrified, even. She snarled at me and tried to get up to fight me, but she was so hurt she couldn’t stand. I had to have Akia talk her into letting me bring her here.”

As I finished talking, the Vulpix’s eyes opened slowly. She looked around, slightly panicked, but she visibly relaxed when she saw Nurse Joy. The fear left her eyes, replaced by happiness. She smiled weakly, poking her tongue out to gently lap the nurse’s hand.

“Isis?” Nurse Joy asked. The Vulpix’s smile grew bigger and she nodded.

“You know this Vulpix?” I said, surprised.

“I should say I do,” she said, smiling sadly as she petted Isis’s head gently, and then growing serious. “She belongs to a trainer named Danté. He used to come in here a lot with Isis. She was always pretty badly banged up. His excuse was that she was a tough fighter, and got into some pretty hard battles. I noticed that she wasn’t really getting any stronger, though, and I also noticed that she seemed scared of him. I planned on calling him on it, but then he stopped coming to the center. I don’t think it was a Pokémon that attacked her and left her on the beach. I think it was Danté.”

I was in shock, and so was Akia. We just gaped at her in stunned silence.

“You mean…” Akia struggled to find her voice, “you mean… her trainer actually beat her up? But… but that’s evil! Why would anyone DO that?” Her eyes shone with tears, and I could tell my eyes were pooling up as well.

Nurse Joy shook her head, unable to find the right words to answer Akia’s question. How do you explain to a naïve kitten that the world can just be cruel? “I… I don’t know. Some people are just evil. I don’t know why that is, but… that’s just how things are.”


I walked into the Pokémon Center the next morning, heading straight for Nurse Joy. I hadn’t brought Akia along. She was very distraught over the whole situation, and I didn’t want her upset any more, in case the news about Isis wasn’t good.

“How is she?” I asked the nurse as I approached.

Nurse Joy grinned. “Much better than she was. A lot of the bruises have faded, though there are a couple that might take a little longer to heal. Nothing was broken, and she seems to be in okay shape now, physically. However,” she added, more serious now, “she’s not going to be very trusting toward humans. It doesn’t matter if you’re a human or a Pokémon, you’re not going to be the same after you’re abused. You’re going to be scared. Isis is no exception.” The smile returned to her face. “She wants to see you, though.”

“Really?” I said, surprised.

“Yes. Why don’t you go in now? I’m sure she’s probably awake.”

I headed for Isis’s room. The door was closed, so I knocked softly, not wanting to startle her by just barging in. A soft, “Vul,” sounded from within, and I pushed the door open.

“How are you doing?” I asked quietly.

“Better,” she said. I was surprised to find I could understand her; but then again, she did trust me, and I had saved her. We had a sort of bond, even though I wasn’t her trainer. “Thank… thank you for helping me, even though I growled at you.”

“I couldn’t just leave you there,” I told her. “What kind of trainer would I be then? I’d be no better than Danté.”

At the mention of Danté Isis seemed to shrink a little. I immediately regretted what I had said. “I’m sorry, I… I never should have said anything.”

“No, it’s okay,” she said, trying to smile a little. “I’m okay.”

“No, you’re not,” I said. She looked a little shocked and started to protest. “You’re not okay, not yet. But you will be.”

She nodded slowly, digesting this information. I stood up. “I’d better get home. Akia’s probably waiting for me. She was pretty worried about you; she’ll probably grill me for information on you when I get back.” I leaned over to give her a goodbye pet and then turned to leave.


I turned back around. “Yeah?”

“I was… wondering… about something.”


“Well, I’m on… on my own now. You know, ‘cause… ‘cause… well, you know. And I was kind of wondering if maybe I could… well….”

I understood what she was getting at. “Isis, would you like to stay with me and Akia?”

Her eyes lit up. I don’t think the smile on her face could have gotten any bigger, but she managed to control her excitement. “Are… you serious?” she squeaked out.

“Of course I am… on one condition.”

“What?” Her smile receded a little, and she looked a bit worried.

“You stay here for a couple days and rest up. Nurse Joy can take better care of you than I could at home. But I’ll come visit you every day until you’re better.”

The smile came back full force. “Okay.”


“How’s Isis? Is she okay? Did they find that a**h*** of a trainer?”

“Akia! Where did you learn words like that?” I half-scolded, half-laughed.

She rolled her eyes. “You think I don’t listen to you and your friends when you talk about guys?” I laughed at that. “But seriously, how is Isis?”

“She’s okay. Her bruises have mostly healed, and there was nothing broken or anything. But it’s going to take her a while to get over what happened. She’s not going to be too trusting of humans.”

“She trusts you though, right?”

“Yeah. In fact, she trusts me enough to want to join us.”

“Really? She’s going to be part of the team?”


Akia grinned. “I’m glad. You’re a good person, Megan. It’s great to know that she’ll be here with us rather than with some random person who could be an a**h*** just like her last trainer.”

“Akia! Watch your language!”


Isis’ bruises were cleared up within the week, and to celebrate I decided to take her and Akia down to Pokémon Square Garden. There was a festival going on, a celebration of spring, and, by extension, I suppose, a celebration of life. I decided that after what Isis had been through, a celebration of life was just the thing. Besides, there were supposed to be a couple of battlegrounds, and Akia was still craving a battle.

Isis eyes grew huge with awe as we reached the festival. I didn’t know all the details of what exactly she had gone through with Danté - I wasn’t about to ask - but it was probably safe to assume that she hadn’t been to any festivals.

“So, food or battles first?” I asked.

“Um, I’d like food first, if it’s all right.” Isis replied.

“That okay with you, Akia?” I asked.

“As much as I’m looking forward to battling, I am pretty hungry. Food sounds good to me,” she said.

We headed for the grill, where they were cooking hamburgers and hot dogs, and as we neared I stopped and turned to Akia and Isis.

“Hamburger or hot dog?”

“Hot dog!” Akia said promptly.

“Yeah, a hot dog for me too,” Isis said softly, then looked a little scared. “Please,” she added.

“That makes three of us, I guess,” I said, walking up to the man in charge of the grill and ordering. He handed me three hot dogs, and I paid him.

“Either of you want anything on your hot dog?” I asked as we passed the condiments. Both shook their head.

“Then hold on for a second. I want some ketchup and mustard,” I told them. I quickly squirted a little of each on my hot dog, and then we sat down. I pushed their hot dogs toward them.

“Thanks!” Akia said.

“Thank you very much,” Isis said, proceeding to take a small, dainty bite out of her hot dog.

“Isis, you know, you don’t have to be so polite all the time. I’m not going to hurt you if you don’t say please and thank you and all that junk twenty-four seven.”

“Oh! I… I know. I just… I guess it’s habit,” she finished

“It’s okay for it to be habit just because you were raised like that,” I told her. “It’s not okay for it to be habit because you’re scared you’re going to be beaten.”

“Yeah, Isis,” Akia said. “Megan would never hurt you; you know that, right?”

“I know,” Isis said, eyes shining with tears. “I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for!” I said. “Nothing that happened is your fault at all.”

“You just had bad luck; the bad luck to be stuck with him,” Akia spat. “But now you’re with us, and no one will ever hurt you, not if either of us have anything to say about it.” I nodded in agreement. “Now, I don’t know about you two, but I’m hungry, and I think we should forget about all this and chow down.”

“Sound good, Isis?” I asked.

“That sounds great,” she said, smiling a little and taking another, much larger bite from her hot dog.


“So, from what I understand, there’s two battlefields,” I told the two Pokémon as we walked around. “One is a pool, and the other is an actual field. I was thinking we should go to the field, since Isis obviously won’t do too well with water.”

Akia nodded. “Works for me.”

We headed for the field. It was quite big, and there were a couple of other battles going on. Searching for a Pokémon that would be a good opponent for Akia, I heard a cry from behind me.

“Okay, this is not good; this is really not good…. Will you leave me alone?!”

I turned around. A Charmander was advancing on an Absol, grinning evilly. He spit a couple of flames from his mouth, and the Absol jumped. Things weren’t looking so great for her.

“I think we might need to stage an intervention,” I whispered to Akia. She nodded, and stepped out to do her thing.

[Akia’s POV]

“Hey! Pyro-freak!” I yelled. The Charmander turned around. I could hear Megan slap her head and sigh behind me, but I ignored it.

“What do you want?” he sneered.

“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” I challenged.

He walked right up to me, and I found that he was a good eight or so inches taller than me. “You mean like you?”

I was a little scared, but I didn’t let it show. “Yeah, like me.”

“You’re going to regret that challenge, you know,” he told me, taking a battle stance. Two can play at that game, I thought, as I got in battle position as well.

Akia (Meowth lv. 10) vs. Charmander lv. 8

[Megan’s POV]

Akia had gotten herself into a battle. What a surprise, I thought, rolling my eyes.

“Akia, scratch!” I said. Akia’s claws, already extended, swiped through the air, leaving angry red marks on the Charmander’s stomach. Annoyed, the Charmander used an Ember attack. Flames shot from the Charmander’s mouth, hitting the ground dangerously close to Akia. The red-hot flames danced and spun, singeing her fur black. Akia’s eyes grew big and she blew at the burned spot. The Charmander, taking advantage of the distraction, bit down on Akia’s ear. She yelped and clawed furiously behind her, claws catching the Charmander in the side of the head. He let go.

“Akia! Growl!”

Akia growled fiercely and the Charmander covered his ears, looking shocked. I laughed quietly to myself. It always shocked everyone when tiny little Akia growled like that.

“Shadow Ball!”

Akia grinned. This was the moment she’d been waiting for. Placing her paws about six inches apart, she closed her eyes and concentrated. Slowly, a ghostly ball of purple energy grew, alive and crackling with black lightning. It continued to grow until it was nearly twice her size; then, with a cry, she hurled it at the Charmander. The huge orb hit him dead-on, sending him flying about ten or so feet. He got up slowly, his body still enveloped in a faint purple glow that faded away after a couple seconds. He looked pissed.

Charging at Akia as fast as he could (which wasn’t that fast, seeing as he was on stubby little Charmander legs), he spat embers from his mouth as if they tasted bad. Akia dodged, but the Shadow Ball had taken a fair amount of energy to create, and she wasn’t quite up to speed. The flames caught her tail, and she patted it out as quickly as she could. Meanwhile, the Charmander was lunging at her, mouth open wide, ready to clamp his sharp teeth down on whatever he could reach. Akia looked panicked and completely at a loss for what to do.

“Try Hypnosis!” I urged her.

She nodded, then opened her eyes as wide as they would go, faint, deep purple rings emanating from them. The attack caught the Charmander off guard, and he came to a stop, tottering sleepily for a moment, but amazingly enough, not falling asleep. Akia and I were both shocked, but Akia snapped out of it fairly quickly. She leapt at him, sharp, pointed claws in attack position, and scratched him several times. The last scratch caught the Charmander across the head, knocking him to the ground. He didn’t get back up.

~Akia wins!
~Akia grows to level 11!
~Akia learns Bite!


“Nice job, Akia!” Isis congratulated.

“Yeah, you did great,” I said with a smile.

“That battle was most impressive. I commend you on your skills. I only wish that I had been able to help you in some way, as you did come to my aid.” The Absol the Charmander had been attacking stood in front of us, a grateful look on her face. “I thank you for that.”

“Oh… you’re welcome,” Akia said. “Um… not to be rude or anything, but… who are you?”

“Oh! I haven’t introduced myself, have I? My sincerest apologies. I am Quaye, fifth daughter of Chief Quanah of the Okami tribe, younger sister to Qiara, Quashie, Quincie and Quintella, and for saving my life, I am forever at your service.” She bowed low.

I was a little confused. ‘Forever at my service?’ I opened my mouth to say something, but before I could get anything out, there was a loud yell from behind me.


Another Charmander came running in our direction, but she didn’t seem to care a whole lot about us. She was more fixated on the Charmander - Saturos, apparently - that Akia had just fought. The female Charmander dropped to her knees beside him, lifting his head onto her lap.

“Oh, my poor Saturos, what has happened to you? You’re hurt,” she gushed.

Saturos’ eyes opened slowly. “Huh? What’s going on?” he asked dazedly.

“Oh no! You don’t remember anything! You have amnesia, don’t you? Oh, I KNEW I shouldn’t have left you alone; this is all my fault….”

“Menardi? What are you babbling about?” Saturos seemed to be regaining consciousness, for the most part.

The female Charmander - Menardi - got stars in her eyes. “Even through your amnesia, you still remember who I am!”

“‘Amnesia?’ What the hell are you talking about?”

“You don’t even know the meaning of the word amnesia? Oh, it’s worse than I thought! You just stay put. I’ll deal with the meanies who did this to you….” Her attention turned to us for the first time. “It was one of you, wasn’t it? You all look guilty. It was one of you! I demand for whoever attacked my poor Saturos to step forward, now!”

The four of us - Akia, Isis, Quaye and I - looked at each other.

“What should I do?” Akia asked, in a low whisper.

“Don’t worry, I shall deal with this,” Quaye said, taking a step forward. “Um, excuse me, Miss… Menardi, was it? In any case, we are deeply regretful for what has happened to your companion, but we are not the ones to blame. Your Saturos came after me with the intent to harm me, and we-”

“LIES!” Menardi shrieked. “My Saturos would NEVER harm anyone! You are a dirty, rotten liar, and you will pay for that!” She looked mad enough to spit fire - and, I realized, she probably could, seeing as she was a Charmander. I sensed another battle.

“Akia, Isis, either of you up to a battle? I think we’ve got one on our hands.”

“Please, great trainer, I beg of you. Let me take care of this. After all, it is my fault that you are in this situation in the first place,” Quaye said.

I looked at Akia and Isis. “Either of you mind Quaye taking care of this?” Both shook their heads. “All right then, go right ahead.”

Quaye (Absol lv. 5) vs. Menardi (Charmander lv. 8)

[Quaye’s POV]

“No one lies about my Saturos and gets away with it!”

Menardi stood arms akimbo, glaring at me. I felt sorry for the poor Charmander. I hadn’t meant for her companion to get hurt - if I would have known that battle would cause all this trouble, I would have attempted to stop it. But that was in the past, and I could do nothing to change it. The present was now, and there was a very angry Charmander in it.

With a cry, Menardi spit hot flames at me. I dodged fairly easily, as I am quite nimble. Not to brag or anything, of course.

Unsheathing my claws, I lunged at Menardi and scratched her hard across the back. She screeched loudly, a most unearthly, annoying sound. And she wasn’t even trying to use a Screech attack or anything.

While she wailed and moaned over the small claw marks I had left, I silently became invisible, thankful that I had had an ancestor somewhere down the line that had passed Faint Attack on to my other ancestors and eventually to me.

“Hey! Where are you?” Menardi cried, realizing I was gone. “This battle is NOT over! I still haven’t defeated you!”

If that was her definition of the end of a battle, the battle was never going to end in her eyes. I fully intended to win this fight, and my next step to doing that was to attack her while still invisible. I jumped at her, hitting her straight in the stomach and knocking the wind out of her. She gasped for air and looked around for her invisible assailant, a.k.a. me. I stood over her and became visible again.

“Hey!” she managed to croak out. “No fair becoming invisible!”

“Are you ready to admit defeat?” I asked her.

Her only answer was to spit embers into my face. I reared back, pawing at my eyes, which had taken most of the heat. She bit down hard on my leg, and I clawed blindly with one paw while rubbing at my eyes with the other. Luck was on my side; for I managed to claw her while I swung blindly, knocking her off my leg. My eyes cleared enough for me to see, though I was nowhere near my normal, crystal-clear vision. As Menardi attempted to hit me with another blast of flames, I scratched her across her muzzle. She clamped her hands over it, and I could hear muffled whines and cries coming from behind them. Now that she was unable to use her mouth, which was the source of both her attacks, I had the battle in the bag. Becoming invisible once more, I snuck around behind her. She was too busy moaning about her hurt muzzle to notice I was gone. I leapt, hitting her straight in the back and sending her flying. She knocked into a rather large rock, and the blow must have caused her to become unconscious, because she slid to the ground and didn’t get up to come after me again.

~Quaye wins!
~Quaye grows to level 6!


[Megan’s POV]

“Not bad, Quaye,” I told her, applauding lightly.

“Thank you,” she said politely, bowing once more.

“That was cool!” Akia said, staring at Quaye in awe. “Could you teach me to do that invisible attack?”

“Maybe some other time.” Quaye laughed softly. “I don’t think now is the time for learning new moves.”

“So, Quaye, do you think your tribe could spare you at all? If they could, we would love to have you with us,” I said.

“Did I not tell you I was forever at your service?” she said. “You came to my aid, you helped me, and for that, I shall follow you wherever you go. It is the way of my tribe.”

“Then, Quaye, it’s nice to have you with us,” I told her with a smile.

25th May 2003, 09:49 PM
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It had been a week since that fateful encounter with Kristyn. Ryu had been silent ever since that incident, and, if anything, was on the verge of collapsing with exhaustion. He had been pushing himself insanely hard, training for countless hours until I lost track of the times I thought I would have died when I saw him torture himself; and I knew that I couldn't stop him. Growing powerful to him was an obsession: to work until he finally reached his goal was what he lived for, and then he would work some more.

Lune was calmer; but they both understood each other well, and enjoyed the company for it. Both had outstanding battle sense, but Lune, somehow, always seemed to be on top. It sometimes reminded me of the feeling I had about him that disturbed me: like something was hidden in his past, some looming shadow that lay silently brooding in the darkness. But I could never understand what it was; all I knew was that it frightened me, and when it happened, I looked away from Lune immediately so that he would not think that something was wrong.

Ryu, on the other hand, had an iron will and steadfast determination; he would do anything to accomplish what he wanted to, especially abuse himself with the harsh training that he undertook day after day after day under the blazing Spring sun. By bringing everyone to the festival in the park, I hoped to keep Ryu busy with enjoying himself instead of working, for once.

When we got there, though, the first thing Ryu leapt up in joy about was not the soft grass of the spacious field, nor the delightful picnic, nor the colorful festival decorations... He had seen the battle arena, and promptly made his way there, happy that he could get more valuable training time. Switchblade groaned. Lune, amused, took one look at me, shook his head and followed the Trapinch. He will never change, he told me, as he sped off to the large ring.

The arena consisted of two circular fences, the inner one formed by an arrangement of scattered rocks of assorted sizes, while lush trees grew in a ring on the larger perimeter. Tall blades of soft, new grass sprouted all over the field, with tiny, fragrant flowers blushing sweetly through the green.

"Ryu" the male Trapinch's POV:

Another battle... Yes, that was exactly what I needed. No amount of petty training could replace the thrills of the real thing or the priceless experience that I would gain from it.

Karin ran to catch up with Lune and me, with Switchblade leading and the others' pokéballs on their hooks flying from her belt. It was an amusing sight, really; I found myself laughing before I realized it.

I saw a lone trainer standing by the arena ring. He was clutching two oddly marked pokéballs in his hands and seemed extremely agitated, for some reason. There was a small lighted computer sticking out of his pocket. It didn't look like anything I'd ever seen. The boy himself looked slightly younger than Karin. He wore a pair of thick glasses that seemed too big for his face, and, when put against his totally serious expression, the sight was too funny not to burst out laughing at. I had to physically clamp my mouth shut to restrain the laughter.

"Come on, come on, come on, someone, come ON!" he screamed, pacing back and forth. I saw Karin trying not to stare, but the boy's behavior was very strange, and even I couldn't help looking at him out of curiosity.

Very abruptly, the boy halted his pacing, looked up, and nearly leapt out of his skin. "Oh, oh, a trainer!" he exclaimed, giggling excitedly at the sight of Karin's pokéballs. "Perfect, you're perfect!"

"Um, for what?" she asked, backing away slightly. She was beginning to feel quite uncomfortable.

"BATTLE ME!" he cried loudly, nearly making her die of shock.

"Huh? Oh... Oh," she responded shakily. "Oh, okay." She glanced over at me disapprovingly when I stepped into the ring, but gave way. If only I could make her understand that I was perfectly fine, and that battles such as these helped me to relax and get some rest. For some crazy reason, she thought that I was overloading myself with work! Oh, the very thought! It was hilarious.

"Not so fast," the boy said, "This has to be a two-on-two. Choose two of your pokémon, please."

I smiled as Lune joined me silently in the ring. Our eyes turned towards the trainer. What could be in those two marked balls? And why did the pokéballs look so strange?

"Go, Eruption and Destruction!" he yelled. Two sturdy forms rose confidently out of the brilliant light.

Lady Vulpix
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Part 2

Mystique raced through a meadow as fast as her hooves could carry her. A soft wind whispered in the distance. The sky was a soft baby blue, looking down on the meadow. A bright sun gleamed light all around. Only one cloud dared to disrupt the beautiful sky. Legolas sat on Mystique's head and peered around. A fresh auroma of new May flowers loomed in the air. Grass-Types love flowers very much, just as Legolas. He stood up on Mystique's head, staring at the meadow. The endless field of wild flowers was breath-taking. Even Sidius himself was pleased but pretended not to care. After awhile of running through the meadow, Mystique grew tired and laid in the flowers for a rest. Sidius sat on a large boulder in the meadow and glared at the flowers. He noticed Legolas picking a few flowers.

"What a disgrace," grumbled Sidius.

MY POVLegolas walked towards Mystique then placed a flower by her face. She opened her eyes to see a perfect daisy besides her. Mystique smiled then nuzzled Legolas' face. He put the flower behind her ear which made her look more dashing. Then, Legolas walked over to me and offered another perfect daisy. I smiled at my little gecko then pat him on the head, accepting the flower. "Thank you," I said. Legolas crawled up my arm then rest on my shoulder like he normally does. I looked around the meadow again. Pink, purple, blue, white, yellow and red splashes of color painted the meadow like a gorgeous painting. After awhile of resting, Mystique was finally ready to take us to the battlefield again. Sidius and Legolas were to fight in a battle between good and evil. Yes, I need to stop watching Lord of the Rings perhaps. For god's sakes, I named a lizard after an elf. I laughed to myself then climbed up on Mystique's back. Legolas was still on my shoulder. Sidius came walking towards Mystique. He crouched to the ground then pounced on her back. Legolas cowered slightly when Sidius got on my Rapidash. Sidius stared at Legolas from a corner of his eye.

Sidius' POV
Why is that little lizard so scared of me? He's just like the others..judge the outside of a beast and not the inside. Doesn't he know that some things aren't what they appear? Whatever. He's going to end up just like everyone else. Fear me forever and ignorant of what I truly am. The only ones who really seemed to understand me is Rachel, Lirima and Rogue. This may some as a surprise to the others but there was a time I was nothing but a shy little Houndour pup. It was a long time ago. Lirima was still a small Meowth kitten and Rogue was a tiny Totodile. We were all young and blissful. Lirima adored any type of string and playful. Rogue was a tricky little Totodile who liked to hide. When anyone came close to her, she leaped up giving them a surprise. Meanwhile, I was busy hiding. There was Moristar and Cuivadur but they were busy playing with each other. Those two were both little Eevees, back when they were just friends. Now, they're hopelessly in love with each other and share children. My best friend was a Vulpix. Her owner was Psiana, Rachel's best friend. I really cared about Trixie. Then, I evolved into Houndoom. the Vulpix then was scared of me and didn't want to talk to me..afterwards I grew bitter. I sighed softly then put the cloak over my face to hide a few escaping tears. Ever since then I feared my deadly reflection...

Finally, we were out of the meadow. Legolas sighed sadly as he looked behind us to see the meadow disappearing. Then, we arrived in a plain field with a single boulder in the middle of it all. Besides the boulder were two smaller boulders. Legolas crawled off my shoulder and over to the boulders. Sidius sniffed the air then growled angerly at the rocks.

"Calm down Sidius," I said "They're just rocks,"

Legolas crawled on one of the smaller boulders but it shook under his feet. The rock continued to move! Then, it was revealed that the two boulders were Geodude! One of the Geodude glared at Legolas while the other threatened to smack him! A boy's voice stopped them in their tracks.

"Play nicely," a boy said.

The Geodude rolled over to a little boy. Legolas stuck his tongue out at the Geodude.

"Nyah ! Nyah! Nyah! You can't hurt me!" mocked Legolas.

One of the Geodude grew very angry with this. He picked up the boulder sitting on the middle of the field. Then, he tossed it at Legolas! Legolas screamed in fear and couldn't move as the giant boulder drew closer. Sidius slowly faded away into a shadow. Legolas remained standing there, shaking with fear and crying. Sidius then reappeared besides Legolas. He picked Legolas up by his tail then used his faint attack again to get them out of their. The boulder slammed down on the ground with a giant thud. Sidius placed Legolas back on the ground.

"You okay kid?" asks Sidius.
"Yeah," studdered Legolas. "Why did you do that?"
"Well," started Sidius. "Since Rachel adopted you into our realm that means you're a shadow rebel and shadow rebels have to stick together,"

Sidius grinned down at Legolas. Legolas smiled happily then gave Sidius a hug. The Geodude laughed at how odd it was to see a Treecko hugging a full grown dangerous looking Houndoom. Sidius growled furiously at the Geodude and snarled loudly. His claw dug into the ground as he glared at them. While the Geodude were busy cowering in fear, Sidius grinned then slowly stalked around them in a circle.

"You know," started Sidius "Being a shadow rebel means you must have pride, courage and power. Also, we're like a giant family in darkness. If you mess with one of us then you mess with all of us. I don't know about everyone else but NO one messes with Sidius. We, Houndoom have been feared for ages for our appearence. Our power and superior intellicent couldn't be matched. So, in the future, leave the kid alone unless you want to find out how rough a Houndoom can be,"

The Houndoom's words startled the Geodude. However, the boy was not intimidated. He kicked Sidius hard and fast. Sidius went flying in the air and landed three feet away. He whined in pain. I gasped then ran over to check on Sidius. He was still whining. There is no way he could battle. Legolas helped me pick up Sidius then lay him besides Mystique. She nuzzled Sidius sadly then tried her best to heal him. Legolas glared at the boy and his Geodude who were all laughing. He tightened his fist, glaring at them.

"You hurt Sidius!" shouted Legolas.

He stood before the Geodude now. I also glared at the boy. No one hurts my Sidius and gets away with it! I told Mystique to keep an eye on him and to try help him. Mystique might be a horse but she can heal just about anything. Legolas and I decided to teach this kid a lesson.

"You're going to pay for that," I growled.
"Yeah," agreed Legolas.
"Oh please," laughed the boy.
"That puny lizard is going to defeat me?!" laughed one of the Geodude.
"Yeah, the uh..puny uh..what is it again?" asked the other.
"Okay, go ahead and rip that Treecko apart Geodude," the boy said.
"With pleasure," said Geodude.
"Haha! Uhh..yeah..uhh..what are we talking about?" asked the confused Geodude.
"Shut up Bob!" shouted the boy.
"Uh..who's Bob?

A battle was made, Legolas vs Geodude.

Legolas the Treecko Lv.10 VS Geodude Lv.14

Legolas' POV
I can't believe that the Geodudes' owner hurt Sidius. Rachel and I are both furious. Rachel loves that wolf very much. Yes, he's scary looking. All Houndoom are. But, he was right. When you mess with one shadow rebel, you messed with all of us. I hope Mystique can figure out a good way to heal our friend. Sidius saved me from danger now I have to repay him. I'll help them find a way to help him.

"Geodude, use your Tackle" shouted the boy.
"Give it your Solarbeam, Legolas." Rachel ordered.

I stared up at the bright sky and gathered its warm and pure energy. My eyes glowed a bright yellow from the sunlight. The Geodude then slammed into me without any warning. I fell back but got back on my feet. My eyes were still a dashing and dangerously bright yellow. It was almost ready to launch my Solarbeam attack.

"Protect yourself Geodude!"

With a simple blink, I released my furious Solarbeam. Everyone had to shield their eyes, it was that bright. It collided with a hard shield around the Geodude and exploded. Dust and smoke filled the arena and when it cleared the Geodude was fine. It didn't do anything to him!

"Alright Legolas, give it an Absorb"
"Geodude, use a Sunny Day,"

I ran over to the Geodude than sank my teeth into the boulder Pokémon's body. It screamed as I sucked its energy for my own useage. The Geodude stared at the gorgeous sky and it grew hotter and more merciless then before. Rachel took out a fan for herself it was that bad. Little did the Geodude know that I have a little trick up my sleeve for this Sunny Day. Hehehe

"Solarbeam him Legolas!"
"Alright Geodude, you know what to do.."

Once again, I stared up at the glistening blue sky. My eyes were bright yellow. I blinked then a roaring Solarbeam zoomed out. This time, the Solarbeam was dead on. The Geodude was hurt! Yes! Hahaha! Without warning, the Geodude released a roaring Fire Blast that hit me right on target! OW! I fell to the ground, now very hurt! Oh my god! It used a Fire-Attack! That hurt so much! I got back on my feet remembering what his trainer did to Sidius. I have to end this with a victory.

"Are you okay Legolas?" she asked me.

I nodded at my trainer. Meanwhile, the boy was screaming at the Geodude to continue on. You cannot help but pity the Geodude. Some Pokémon just aren't as lucky as others can be when finding a good trainer.

"Alright Legolas, finish if off with another Absorb,"
"Give it another Fire Blast!"

I rushed as fast as my feet could take me towards the Geodude. Without any mercy, I sank my teeth into its arm. As I sucked the energy out of him, the burns on my belly began to fade away. I feel great now! Besides me was the unconscious Geodude.

"Oh ****!" shouted the boy.

Rachel gave me a hug. Yet another battle won for me. It's good to be a shadow rebel. The boy picked up the fainted Geodude then glared at Rachel.

"You'll pay for this! Thursday, be here. I demanded another battle!"
"Then we'll defeat you again," said Rachel.

The boy scolded her then walked off carrying the Geodude with the other rolling after him. I feel so powerful now. I grew to level 12! I learned Quick Attack! YES!

I'm so proud of Legolas' victory. Just four more levels then he'll be a Grovyle. He's such a determined little fellow and I'm so pound of him. Seems like yesterday I adopted him from the Dragon Tamers Adoption Center. The same place I found a majority of my shadow rebels. I think Legolas will make a very powerful shadow rebel someday. I picked up Legolas then rushed over to check on Sidius.

"How is he Mystique?" I asked her.
"Not good, I think the boy kicked him in the rib and that's definetely not good," she answered.
"What can we do?" I asked.
"Well, there isn't a Pokémon Center for another hundred miles. We're in the middle of nowhere afterall." Mystique said.
"Is there another way to help him?" Legolas asked.
"Hmm..let me think," Mystique said.

Mystique thought for a moment. Then, a perfect idea came to her.

"Get on my back. I know just where to do," she said.

Legolas and I picked up Sidius and placed him safely on Mystique's back. Legolas climbed back on my arm and I climbed on my Rapidash. Then, she raced off. I didn't know where she wanted to go but we let her lead anyway. I stared at Sidius. He was barely breathing. I slowly pet him to try help him relax though I doubt there was anything I could do.

Part 3

Mystique's hooves made a loud and slightly annoying sound against a bunch of rocks. Sidius was still laying on her back, breathing heavily. I slowly pet his forehead and he gasped in pain. My hand froze. He began to whine like a puppy. That whine brought back memories from when he was a small puppy. I still remember when he was young hiding behind my legs when everyone was running around. God, I hope he's okay. He was one of my first Pokémon...if anything happened...no..I can't think about that... Legolas was sitting on Mystique's head, looking down on Sidius. He was just as considered. Even though Legolas is one of the newest members of the shadow rebels, he was very thankful that Sidius saved him from approaching doom.

Eventually, the smell of sulfur filled the air. Everyone except Mystique covered their noses. Sidius was in too much pain to care about the smell. In fact, he might enjoy it. Mystique held her breath as best as she could. I still didn't know where Mystique was taking us. She claimed it would help our Sidius. I sure hope so.. I looked forward and finally saw where Mystique was carrying us. In front of us, a mountain slowly began to show. As we got closer, the horrible stench became stronger. It wasn't a mountain though. It was a volcano! Smoke was rising from the top into the sky. Around the base of the volcano was covered in dark ashes. Mystique stopped. We all jumped off of her back. I was carrying Sidius. She walked over to a rock, covered with black ashes. Then, she beckoned Legolas to come over. He did so.

"Pick up a hand-full of the ash," Mystique said.

Legolas was confused just as I was. Yet, he did as she said so.

"Rachel," Mystique said "Set Sidius on the ground,"

I laid Sidius on the ground gently. He whined softly when he was completely out of my arms.

"Legolas," Mystique "Sprinkle the ashes over Sidius,"

Legolas stared up at my Rapidash oddly. He had no idea how this could help at all.

"You'll see," says MYstique.

Legolas shrugged again then sprinkled the ashes over Sidius. Before, there was a very large bruise right over his ribs. When the ashes touched the bruise, it began to fade slowly. It was still black and blue but not as brightly as before.

"Those ashes that Legolas had are called 'Sacred Ashes' and when they are used on a Pokémon, they heal them. These ashes are more of a black then a gray. Luckily, around here it's easy to find them. Scatter around and find as many ashes as you can. In about an hour, everyone return here and we'll see if these magical ashes can heal Sidius," Mystique explained.

Legolas was right on it! He ran off and began climbing on large rocks to find the ashes. Meanwhile, I decided to look around the base of the volcano. I looked around for a few minutes but no luck. Then I thought maybe I should look higher up. Higher up the volcano were larger rocks and all had the same grey ash over them. Mystique walked over to me.

"Any luck?" she asked.
"Nope," I answered.
"Try looking under rocks and small caves nearby,"

I didn't notice caves before. When I took a minute to check the surroundings, there were small caves around the volcano.

"What kind of animal would live near an active volcano?" I asked.
"It was active many many years ago, but for a long time it's been dead. Aerodactyls used to lair here before poachers destroyed them and banished them from their homes. Well, just look under rocks to find them," Mystique said.

I sighed again and looked up the volcano. Then, I saw something dark on a large rock up the volcano. I climbed the rocks and when I got to the rock there was nothing.

"Oh great," I grumbled.

When I looked up I realized I was at the entrance to a small cave. Curious, I crawled in. It was very dark and small. I kept crawling through until I arrived in a small space. Then, I realized I was in the middle of the volcano! The space I saw kneeling in was a giant rock and about 40 feet below the boulder was the base of the volcano. Letting fear of falling get to me, I attempted to crawl back. Something caught my eye though...there was something to the far left of me. I crawled over to see what it was. There was black ashes over it! Happy of my discovery, I picked up some of the sacred ashes and put them in my baggie for Sidius. At one point, I grabbed a hand-ful of ash something poked against my palm. There was a twig in it. I pushed aside some of the ash. Something is under these ashes. It was a nest, made of twigs, sticks and leaves. Black ashes were used to keep the twigs and stuff together. I kept gathering some of the ashes until I felt something touch my hand. Brushing aside some ashes there was a rock laying in the nest. I picked it up to toss it out but when I held it, I realized it wasn't a rock. It was an egg. Something moved inside! Holy **** the creature in the egg isn't dead! Whoa! I heard Mystique's voice calling me. I grabbed my bag filled with sacred ashes and put the egg in my bookbag.

When I climbed down the volcano, Mystique and Legolas were both waiting. Legolas had both of his hands full of the sacred ash.

"Did you find any?" asks Legolas.
"Yep," I answered.
"Both of you, pour all the ashes over Sidius' bruise."

We did as told. The ashes were poured over Sidius. Then, we waited. When they touched his body, they sank through his skin to tend his wound. Sidius then woke up and got on his feet. We cheered and hugged the Houndoom.

"Hey!" shouted Sidius. "Don't crowd me,"

Sidius smirked at us. Legolas pounced on Sidius happily.Sidius couldn't help but laughed. I hugged Sidius and he nuzzled me happily.

"I'm so glad you're okay," I said.
"Same here," he said.
"Now, lets go make a little boy cry," I grinned.
"Yeah!" shouted Legolas proudly.

I pet Mystique. She had been running all day and deserves a long rest. I recalled Mystique into her Pokéball then released Dieui, my captured Salamence, from his own. I also recalled Sidius into his Pokéball. He had a rough day..

"What did I miss?" he asked.
"Well, it all started," I started.
"Hey, are we just gonna sit here yaking or are we gonna go kick some booty?" asks Legolas.

We both got on Dieu's back and he flew us back on that battlefield. The boy was waiting with his other Geodude named Bob.

"I thought you'd never get here," he said.
"Come on! Lets tear him apart," Legolas snapped.
"Steady Legolas," I said.
"Uh....yeah..." Bob said.

Legolas' POV
Now part 2 of my battle with this creep is under way. I am determined to teach this little brat a lesson in pain! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Erm, anyway Bob is standing there looking like a bloody idiot. Hahahaha.

"Legolas, try your Solarbeam"
"Bob, use a Tackle"

I stared up at the gorgeous sky again and gathered the energy from it. I can feel my eyes are glowing brightly as I prepare for my most powerful attack. Bob charges and threatens to tackle me but he misses and crashes into the boulder. I turned around to look at Bob. This is too easy...

"Bob, Toxic!"

I blinked and the solarbeam was released. A direct hit! Slammed right into Bob and made that boulder explode! Haha! That take! He jerked his head slightly and I felt something on my chest. He spit on me! Oh man...I feel horrible now...he poisoned me! That little bugger spit poison at me! That's it! I'll tear him apart!

"Alright Legolas, you can shake it off, try a Dig,"
"Good work Bob, now use an Earthquake,"

Using my fists I dug deep under the ground. Like a cat I am ready to pounce! Ready to destroy! BWAHAHA! I'm scary. >D I could hear Bob slamming his fists on the ground. The ground shook wildly. It's hurting me too! I can't believe this! How can he hurt me when I'm down here?!?! No matter. Ow, that poison is kicking in. It drained some energy out of me. I dug my way out of my hole then pounced Bob. He seemed very weak now, barely hanging on a thread.

"Okay Bob, try your Rock Throw!"
"Finish him off with your Dragonbreath,"

Someone needs to change that attack's name. It's insulting >.< Oh well. Nothing in the world can be done your way I guess. Bob picked up a big part of that boulder that exploded earlier. He was getting ready to toss at me. I exhaled some oxygen through my nose. Then, a stream of a dark green fire-like thing came out of my mouth. The dragonbreath went past the Geodude and it took all his remaining energy. He fainted. I win! HAHAHA! Take that! VICTORY! I grew to level 14! Two more levels then I am offically a Grovyle! I did a little victory dance to celebrate. Rachel hugged me. The boy picked up Bob and simply ran off. That's it little boy. Run away. Fear me! I am Treecko, hear me roar! >D ....maybe I'm going a bit overboard o.O

"Excellent work Legolas!"

I smiled up at her then got back on her shoulder, like always. Then, a cracking sound disrupted the silence. She gasped then opened her bookbag and pulled out an egg.

OMG! The egg from the volcano is now hatching! I can't believe this! Legolas stared at me, confused.

"Where on earth did we get that?" he asked.
"I found it at the volcano,"
"What is gonna come out?"
"We're going to find out,"

I sat the egg on the ground gently. Slowly, the egg cracked until a claw was visible. The claw was followed by a what appeared to be a leg. It was grey. The baby inside squealed then the rest of the shell was completely broken. We both stared at the baby. It was an Aerodactyl! Legolas screamed then climbed in my bookbag to get inside his own Pokéball. I think he's adorable. I scratched his chin softly. He squealed again and enjoyed me petting him. Then, his eyes opened and he stared at me. After a few minutes, the little Aerodactyl squealed happily then nuzzled my hand. He is so cute. I think I'll keep him. I picked up the baby Aerodactyl. He's so tiny, but someday he'll be huge. I decided to name him, Voodoo.

27th May 2003, 12:31 AM
Its late but i was out most of the day. I only had time to look at three battles. As it is i'm sneakingon now, because it is so late.

SneaselReborned gets 11 stamps.
MarshmallowEgg gets 19 stamps.
Charizard04621 gets 5 stamps.

Now i'm off to bed. See everyone in the morning.

Lady Vulpix
28th May 2003, 10:33 AM
Sorry I've been away from TPM these days. I'm working on 3 big things at once. I will be back to full activity on Saturday.
By the way, I'm giving a workshop for high school students today, that's one of the 3 big things I've been working on. The others are a project I have to hand in tomorrow, and the projects I have to correct for the subject I'm helping at (I have to return them to the students today). Then on Friday I'll be working on my thesis all day because they (my director and my partner) won't let me postpone it any longer. But after that, I think I'll be able to live my life to a decent degree.

By the way, if anyone speaks Spanish or wants to see what I'm working on even if you don't understand most of it, you can see the program I'll be using on today's workshop here (http://members.lycos.co.uk/noentiendo/Megatute.html). It's a game, so if you have Windows 98/2000/XP and have Java Runtime Environment installed, you can play it. :)

Rachel, if your story hasn't been rated by Saturday, I'll do it then. Sorry for the delay.

AntiAsh Superstar
29th May 2003, 12:39 PM
Hihi, just popping in to mention that I may need a time extension for this one. I know it's early but I'm in the middle of exams and I'm not getting as much time to write as I'd like. And so it's better safe than sorry, right? :)

Knight of Time
29th May 2003, 06:09 PM
My trip to the Ulthuan Spring Festival


It was a great day for me. After making my return from the Easter Islands, I looked back towards the portal which had transported me back to my own world (which I am naming Crossroads). Seeing the portal begin to shrink before fading away, I let back a tear as I slowly began to chew on the treat I had earned, until I suddenly saw a boy riding a bicycle not too far off.

"Hey, wait up, what's going on?" I asked, wondering why the boy was in such a hurry.

Upon seeing me the boy parked his bike nearby, and jumped off, turning to face me.

"Hey mister, did you hear about the Spring Festival in Ulthuan? I think you really should check it out. What's your name?" the boy asked.

"My name is Kyle. I think I might have heard of Ulthuan, but I can't seem to rememeber it. You know how to get there?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah, there is a way into Ulthuan, but you will have to find a well hidden portal. I can't guarantee it will be easy to find, but if you want, you can borrow my bike to look around faster. By the way, my name's Maxwell. Nice meeting you, Kyle." The boy said.

After hearing if I wanted to borrow Maxwell's bicycle, I shrugged.

"Ummmm, Maxwell, just wondering, but do you have an advertising related job?" I asked, starting to feel a bit more curious.

"Sort of, I actually come from Ulthuan myself, but I'm not a trainer, I just tell people about it because this year's Spring Festival is going to be a smash hit." Maxwell replied.

"Smash hit?" I asked, rubbing a finger over my head in confusion.

"That means that this year's Spring Festival is sure to be a success."

"You can say that again!" I said, winking at Maxwell.

"Well, I must be going. If you find a way into the festival grounds, you can battle in one of two places. Just wondering, but which battleground will you use Kyle?" Maxwell asked me, starting to get a little curious himself.

"I'm going to head for the second Battleground. What kind of Pokemon can I battle there?" I asked curiously.

"Let's see, could you hang on please, Kyle? I gotta find my map of the area first." Maxwell replied.

"Okay, go right ahead Maxwell, I can wait." I said.

While Maxwell was looking around for his map, I suddenly felt a breeze of wind hit me in the back. Before I could say anything, I felt something hit the back of my leg.

"Hey Kyle, have you seen my map? I can't find it anywhere!" Maxwell shouted.

Turning around, I suddenly noticed what looked like a piece of paper with some drawings on it, and I picked it up, showing it to Maxwell.

"Hey, you found my map, thanks!" Maxwell exclaimed.

"You're welcome Maxwell." I said, smiling at him.

"Okay, Kyle, in the second Battleground, there are a variety of Pokemon you can battle. It's basically a field with lots of trees and bushes, and a few boulders here and there. Just wondering, but who will you use?" Maxwell asked me curiously.

Thinking for a moment, I decided to take out a Pokeball, and I opened it up to reveal a Squirtle, who began to sparkle a little after coming out.

"Huh, is this your Squirtle Kyle?" Maxwell asked.

"Yes, it is mine. His name is Sheldon, and he is L7. I adopted him months ago." I replied.

"Wow, cool. Hey, is it just my imagination fooling me, or is your Squirtle shiny?" Maxwell asked me curiously.

"Yes, Sheldon is indeed a shiny Squirtle. He wasn't always shiny, but I gave him a special bottle of Shiny Juice that I got for my birthday, as a gift I exchanged for a Gift Certificate a friend (if you're reading this, it's you, Gabi ;)) of mine gave me." I said.

"Wow, awesome. I bet he'll love the second battleground. You should try having him battle a Geodude or Charmander for starters." Maxwell suggested.

"Err, what levels are the Geodude and Charmander?" I asked.

"The Charmander you can battle are at L7, and the Geodude are at L14. You think Sheldon can handle any of them, Kyle?" Maxwell asked me.

"Yeah, I think he can. With his ability to use Bubblebeam, and the special Beach Ball I bought for him, he should be able to get a couple of wins without much trouble." I replied.

"Okay, good luck Kyle." Maxwell said to me, as he rode off, waving to me as he mysteriously vanished into thin air.

"Bye Maxwell!" I said, waving to him back.

Soon, I walked on, with Sheldon at my side. Not having any idea where this portal could be, I thought for a few moments, and decided to slowly walk forward, until I had an idea. Stretching out my hand in hopes that I could possibly find this invisible portal, I continued to slowly walk forward until my hand suddenly disappeared, and I could easily tell that the portal was right in front of me.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped in front of it, finding myself in the Festival Grounds of Ulthuan, with Sheldon right beside me as we began to look around, hoping to find someone that had some maps of this wonderful place.

Within a few minutes of entering this place, I finally came across just the person I was looking for, a man holding a container filled with maps.

"Oh, hello there. Have you come to battle at one of the Battlegrounds here at the Ulthuan Spring Festival?" the man asked me.

"Yes, I have indeed come to battle. Just wondering, but how much do the maps you have cost?" I asked curiously.

"The maps? Oh, they are free. Go ahead, take one." The man said to me with a smile.

Thanking the man, I happily took a map, and I opened it up, before turning to the man again.

"Hey, do you know a boy named Maxwell?" I asked.

"Do I? I'm actually his father. He told me about you. Your name is Kyle right?" the man asked me curiously.

"Yes, that's me. Did you give him a map?" I asked.

"Actually, we made these maps. You like them?" the man asked.

"Yeah, they are nice. Anyway, thank you1" I said.

"You're welcome Kyle. Good luck." the man said to me.

Walking away, I soon came across a sign. Moving a bit closer to it, I noticed that it read "Battleground 2", and I walked in, noticing a huge crowd of fellow trainers here, and I looked around for someone to battle, until I came across a boy who looked like he was a few years younger than me.

"Hey there, you must be new to this place. You wanna battle me?" the boy said.

"Sure, what's your name?" I asked.

"My name is Tommy, what's yours?" he replied.

"My name is Kyle. How about we use two Pokemon each?" I suggested.

"Okay, you've got it. You want to attack first?" Tommy asked.

"Fine. My L7 shiny male Squirtle, Sheldon is ready." I declared.

"A Squirtle? Oooh man, this could be a really tough battle for me, but I'm ready for you. Go, Rocky!"

Upon seeing Tommy take out a Pokeball, enlarge it and open it up, I saw that the Pokemon inside was none other than a Geodude, and I shook hands with Tommy, declaring myself ready to battle.

Sheldon the shiny Squirtle (M, L7) vs Rocky the Geodude (M, L14)


Seeing that the battle had begun, I turned to Sheldon.

"Hey Sheldon, you ready for this?" I asked him.

Within a couple of seconds, Sheldon nodded at me, declaring he was ready in a firm tone.

"Okay Sheldon, start things off by getting Rocky soaked good with a Bubblebeam!" I ordered.

Upon seeing Sheldon exhale a jet of lots of small bubbles from his mouth towards Rocky, I patiently watched, hoping that they would be able to soak the Geodude's rough skin but good.

"A Bubblebeam attack? Bah, you may have the right strategy for me Kyle, but Rocky will not go down to those hard bubbles so easily. Rocky, use a Protect to stop those bubbles from hitting you!" Tommy ordered.

Upon seeing Rocky put up a nearly invisible shield of energy to block all the bubbles coming his way, I shuddered. Thinking that Bubblebeam might be blocked a lot, I turned towards the boulder that was closest to Rocky, then turned to Sheldon again.

"Okay Sheldon, though your Bubblebeam might not be as useful as I hoped it would be, we have more than one move that Rocky would have to be careful of. Now, send an Icy Wind his way!" I ordered.

"Hah, once again you are underestimating Rocky's abilities of evasion, Kyle. Rocky, Dig underground to avoid that Icy Wind!" Tommy ordered.

Upon seeing Rocky dig underground, I shuddered again, then thought to myself. Knowing that it would be impossible to pinpoint Rocky's location, and also impossible to plug up the hole to keep the Geodude trapped underground, I quickly snapped my fingers; an idea had just popped into my head.

"Okay Sheldon, I've got an idea. Just because it is practically impossible for you or me to pinpoint Rocky's underground location, doesn't mean that he can get you when he comes up to the surface, so when you see cracks near you indicating where Rocky is about to come up for his Dig attack, jump out of the way, and try to land out of his reach." I ordered.

"Arrgh, you! Okay Rocky, since Sheldon is trying to trick you into coming up underneath him, I want you to tunnel up under one of the boulders. That way, if you are lucky, and a boulder is right in front of you, you can heave it at Sheldon!" Tommy ordered.

Upon seeing Sheldon patiently wait for Rocky to come up underneath him, I thought to myself for a moment. Staring at each boulder, one by one, I knew that I had to keep a keen eye on Rocky, and I watched as he surfaced just in front of a boulder that was several feet away from Sheldon.

"Okay Sheldon, there is a chance that Rocky may try to throw that boulder at you, so be prepared to sidestep it just incase. For now, I want you to use Bubble on Rocky." I ordered.

Upon seeing Sheldon send out a few small bubbles from his mouth towards Rocky, I smiled as they all popped against Rocky's skin, causing the Geodude to cry out in pain. Unfortunately for me, I could tell that Rocky still had a bit of strength left.

"Meh, Bubble may be Sheldon's weakest attack that is strong against you Rocky, but we still have to injure him. Now, Sheldon is bound to sidestep the boulder that is near you if you try to throw it at him with your Strength attack, so I want you to use a Rock Smash to break that boulder into pieces that you can throw at Sheldon later on." Tommy ordered.

Upon seeing Rocky use his rock-hard fists to smash the boulder, I watched in awe as he successfully smashed it into about 12 pieces, and I knew that with their sharp edges, they might be able to give Sheldon some nasty cuts if they were thrown at him.

"Okay Sheldon, it's time for some tough tactics this time. Rocky might throw any of those jagged pieces of the broken boulder at you, which means that we got to use force this time. I want you to start running towards Rocky, then execute a Bubblebeam when you are just about to run into him. That way, he might not have enough time to dodge it." I ordered.

"Well well, it looks like Sheldon wants to Bubblebeam you Rocky. You might go down, but there is one thing that might help us. When Sheldon is very close to you, and almost ready to execute a Bubblebeam, use your Rock Throw to throw one of the jagged pieces into Sheldon's path, and maybe we can make him trip and hurt himself."

Upon hearing Tommy's clever plan, I quickly turned to Sheldon. Seeing him run as fast as his legs could carry him, I watched in awe as Rocky picked up one of the boulder fragments.

"Sheldon, watch out!" I warned.

Too late. After seeing Sheldon trip over the fragment thrown in his path, I watched as he slowly began to get up. Sighing in relief that he wasn't that much hurt, I watched as be breathed out a powerful stream of bubbles into Rocky's face. Just before the Geodude could react, I suddenly noticed him starting to collapse, as if he was defeated.

Sheldon grew to L9!

"Rocky! Oh man, that was so close. You deserve a nice long rest now. Return. Kyle, you may have been lucky, but my second Geodude can be just as good as Rocky. I choose you, Roxanne!"

Upon seeing Tommy recall Rocky, and take out a new Geodude, I knew that this one just had to be a female Geodude, and I sighed, figuring that Roxanne might be a more difficult opponent.

"Kyle, since Sheldon attacked first against Rocky, I'd like to have him go second, please?" Tommy asked.

"Fair enough. Sheldon, you up to battle Roxanne now?" I asked.

Upon him hearing my question, Sheldon nodded again.

"Okay, Roxanne is ready." Tommy declared.

Sheldon the shiny Squirtle (M, L9) vs Roxanne the Geodude (F, L14)


As soon as the battle started, I turned my attention back to Sheldon, as he managed to help himself back to his feet again.

"Okay Sheldon, good to see that you've gotten over your fall. Now, start things off by giving Roxanne a taste of your Icy Wind attack!" I ordered.

"Alright Roxanne, that Icy Wind may be dangerous to you, but there is one thing that we have to do right now, and that is make Sheldon win your heart, so use an Attract on him!" Tommy ordered.

Upon seeing Sheldon send an icy cold wind out towards Roxanne, I gave Sheldon a thumbs up when I noticed Roxanne starting to get quite a bit weaker, but my confidence in Sheldon wouldn't last for too much longer, as I saw him suddenly begin to fall in love with Roxanne, unable to take his eyes off of Roxanne's beautiful gaze.

"Oh man, Sheldon, this could be bad. You may have a huge type and attack advantage over Roxanne, but your attraction to her might be your downfall if we aren't careful. Now, try your best to get in a Bubble attack on Roxanne!" I ordered.

"Hah, you might not have underestimated previous opponents, but this is where I'm going to make sure at least one of your Pokemon faints in a place you have been travelling to, Kyle. Okay Roxanne, I don't think Sheldon will like this surprise very much. Get him with a Hidden Power!" Tommy ordered.

Upon seeing Sheldon open his mouth, I had hopes that he would be able to get out a few more bubbles, this time hopefully aiming them at Roxanne, but I started to become a bit more disappointed when he refused to blow the hazardous bubbles at his love. To make things worse, I couldn't figure out what the Hidden Power was that Roxanne was using against Sheldon, as I saw him begin to cry out in pain from the circling energy balls closing in on him.

"Hey Tommy, just wondering, but what is Roxanne's Hidden Power?" I asked, starting to get very curious.

"I dunno, that's exactly what I've been trying to figure out." Tommy shrugged.

"Hmmm, this is a tough one. Since Sheldon appeared to be weak to it, it must have been either Grass or Electric. Did you use it against any other Pokemon?" I asked Tommy.

"Nope, you're the first person I ever battled, Kyle. Anyway, you going to attack?" Tommy asked.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Sheldon, get Roxanne with another Icy Wind attack!" I ordered.

Upon seeing Sheldon attempt to send another cold wind at Roxanne, I shuddered. Knowing that he was starting to get really weak, I had no intent to let him faint, and I watched as he struggled to get up, before sending out another icy cold wind at Roxanne. To my surprise I began to suddenly feel more confident as Roxanne began to shiver.

"Roxanne, are you okay? That Icy Wind sure is painful to you isn't it?" Tommy asked his Geodude, starting to lose confidence in her.

However, I suddenly found out that Roxanne was not okay, as I saw her collapse in front of Tommy's eyes, indicating that Sheldon had won again.

"Wow, I can't believe you won, Kyle. Is this your first time using one of your Pokemon against two Pokemon?" Tommy asked me curiously.

"No, it isn't, Tommy. One time, I was lucky enough to have my Houndour gain four levels by battling two L10 Igglybuff. He was at L5 before the battles." I said.

"Wow, cool. Well, I better be going now, Kyle. See ya!" Tommy said, recalling Roxanne into her Pokeball as he walked off.

With this, I decided that it was time for me to go too, and as I went back to the invisbible portal, I watched as the portal suddenly began to appear, as if it was made visible so that I would not be stuck here looking for it, and I walked through it, finding myself back in Crossroads wondering what would be my next adventure...

Sheldon grew to L11 and learned Withdraw! He also learned Dive as his free TM!

29th May 2003, 06:33 PM
I'm just wondering where people are getting the scenarios with Geodudes and Charmanders and stuff. Because I thought it was still the Easter Island scenario...*confused*

29th May 2003, 06:42 PM
Nope, there's a new scenario up on page 17 or 18. The majority of the people are done with the Easter Island one so we moved on ^^

Lady Vulpix
1st June 2003, 02:00 PM
Sorry for making everyone wait. Not to delay this any longer, I've decided to start doing partial ratings. Every battle will be rated, but I don't have much time, so I'll let the stamps go to the writers as soon as I've read each story. I guess I'll have to keep things this way until either I get my printer back or some other worker rates some battles.

Rachel, you can have 9 stamps for part 2. ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢
I'll read part 3 and Kyle's story later. Thanks for your patience.

3rd June 2003, 06:14 PM
The rock smash tm came from the GT from the EMT. The hidden power tm I have had for a while. I will be giving it to Jasmine and it will be the flying type.

(Yana’s POV)

I woke up early with the intention of going to the Eevee House. Like things usually do, my plans changed when I saw Sparky in the kitchen. He was pacing back and forth. “Good morning.” I said when I saw him. He yelped in surprise and launched a thundershock at me. I ducked behind the rubber garbage can a quickly as I could. “Sorry. Ever since Arwen was born, she’s kept me busy and I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I should, and that’s making me nervous.” he said. I nodded. He looked like he needed sleep as well. HE had dark bags under his eyelids. “Is there anything I can do to help?” I asked. He closed his eyes in thought for a few minutes. When he opened them, he had a hopeful expression on his face. “If you don’t mind, could you watch after Arwen while I take a short nap?” “Sure.” “You don’t know how much I appreciate this. I know she’s in good paws.” I blushed at that statement. “She’s currently asleep in the living room.” I nodded as I watched him going upstairs. Then I made my way into the living room.

Things were fairly quiet. Dodger was already out and about. I didn’t understand him, but I trusted him. He would do anything for us. All I wanted was to get to know him better. I shook my head trying to get myself ready for the task ahead. Luckily, Arwen was still asleep. “Hi Auntie Yana.’ I turned around to see Jasmine smiling and wide awake. “Hey there Jasmine. How are you?” She smiled. “I’m doing great.’ “That’s always good to hear.” I heard Amy coming down the stairs. “Good Yana, you’re awake. Could you watch Jasmine for a while? I’m going out to run some errands. Blazer and a few of the others are coming with me.” I smiled. “Sure. I already agreed to watch Arwen for Sparky.” Nala smiled and scratched me between my ears. I licked her hand before she stood up. She waved, before she left. I was happy that the others trusted me enough to look after the two youngsters by myself. I wasn’t about to let Sparky or Amy down.

Within minutes of Nala leaving, Arwen woke up. At first, she was a little upset when she didn’t see Sparky. “Shh, its all right.” I whispered to her. She nodded and curled up in my paws. I decided to give her a bath, and she didn’t eve struggle. Arwen looked like she was even enjoying the attention. Soon, I was finished, and Arwen was purring happily. Jasmine slithered over to me. “Aunte Yana could we please watch Aladdin?” I was about to say sure when Arwen interrupted. ”Could we please watch Aristocats instead?” I sighed. This wasn’t good. Sure enough, Jasmine retaliated with, “You only want to see that movie because its about cats.” “And you only want to watch Aladdin because one of the main characters is named Jasmine.” Soon they were both crying. I had to do something fast. “How about we watch Homeward Bound the Incredible Journey?” Jasmine and Arwen nodded yes, and they stopped crying. Arwen stuck out her tongue at Jasmine. “All right, I’ll go get it. Arwen, you know that wasn’t called for. ”Yes mam,” I shook me head as I retrieved the tape and popped it into the VCR/ The three of us settled down in front of the television to watch the movie. Jasmine curled up between my paws as Arwen perched herself on the top of my head.

(Ayla's POV)

Yawning, I stood up and stretched. I didn’t want to open my eyes fearing that I had dreamed everything that had happened over the last few weeks were just the product of a mere dream. I just couldn’t lie there, because I wasn’t sleepy anymore. I slowly opened one eye and when I saw my paw was pink, I smiled and got up. I carefully stepped over Sparky who was snoring rather loudly. I carefully made my way downstairs and found Yana, Arwen, and Jasmine watching a movie. “Care if I join you?” I asked. “Sure you can.” Yana said and I lay down next to her. “Thanks.”

(Nala’s POV)

The last few weeks of April and the first couple weeks of May was a hectic time for me. I had to study for and take the finals, as well as take care of things that needed to be done. I was so busy that my birthday sneaked up on me. My Pokemon were the first to surprise me with a gift. They had found paint in the house and made a huge banner that said Happy Birthday and had all of their footprints on it. In the case of Jasmine, it was a wing print. A few of my other friends surprised me with birthday gifts as well. A few examples were the pink juice that I had used on Ayla and a delcatty plushie among other things. The only one that knew about the pink juice had been Sugar and that was only because I needed her to relay the surprise to Jesse and Torrey and M_K. It was a few days after my birthday before they showed up at the EH so that I could give Ayla the surprise.
“Nala, earth to Nala,” Salem’s voice brought me back to the present. “What?” I asked him. “I thought we were going to the Post Office.” “We are. Why?” “Because you passed it three buildings ago.” he said. I stopped dead in my tracks. Then I turned around and went back. Once inside the post office, I mailed the thank you cards to my friends. I was about to leave when I heard Blazer calling me. ”Amy come here. I walked over to where he was in front of a bulletin board. He was staring at one of several flyers advertising a spring festival. I smiled and grabbed a flyer. IT was going to be held tomorrow. This would be a great opportunity for Jasmine to have another battle. Speaking of Jasmine, I had a surprise for her and Yana in my pack.


I smiled as the four of us (Blazer, Salem, Kovu, and me) made our way back home. It was late when we got in. Ayla, Jasmine, and Arwen were all asleep. Yana was barely keeping her eyes open. She smiled at me when I came in. I placed my keys on the table by the door. “Yana, could you wake Jasmine up? I have a surprise for her. One for you too.” She nodded, gently nudging the tiny dratini with her paw. She yawned, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing,” Yana answered. “I have a surprise for you and Yana.” I said as I pulled out two TM boxes out. One was a rock smash TM. The other was hidden power. Jasmine looked a little apprehensive so I decided to let Yana have hers first to show Jasmine it wasn’t anything to be scared of. I sprinkled the powder from the box over Yana, and when it disappeared, she had learned rock smash. Jasmine, after seeing nothing happened to Yana eagerly slithered forward to get her tm. I sprinkled the powder over her. Soon it all disappeared, and Jasmine had learned hidden power. I gave her an affectionate pat on the head, before standing up. “I’m going to bed now. In the morning, we’re going to go to the park.

The next morning, I awoke with the sun streaming into my face. Dodger was outside my window, so I pulled on a housecoat to see what he was doing. As I neared, I could see him brushing some ashes off of his talons. “What happened?” I asked curious. He shrugged. “Nothing. I just got back from paying a visit to where I was born. Not much there anymore.” I nodded and walked back into the house to get ready. I knew Dodger didn’t much like talking about his past and I wasn’t going to force him to. If he wanted to he’d let us know. It didn’t take me long to get ready, and ever since I got my hair cut it was behaving rather nice.

Since it was such a beautiful day, Dodger offered to fly me to the park. Jasmine refused to go inside her pokeball since she heard Dodger’s offer. Everyone except those that could fly were recalled into their pokeball. I smiled. Jasmine loved flying and everything about it. She couldn’t wait till she could fly on her own. As it was she kept trying, only succeeding in hovering for a few seconds before her wings grew tired and she glided back down to the ground.

The ride was rather enjoyable. There was a gentle breeze, and the weather was perfect. It was neither too hot nor too cold. Soon Dodger was steadily and slowly circling downward, coming into land. As expected, people were looking up and pointing. IT wasn’t everyday you see an aerodactyl land in the park. Soon, he took off again. I wasn’t worried about him. He would eventually head home. I released the rest of my pokemon and after agreeing to meet back here in a couple of hours they went their separate ways.

Sugar stuck around with Yana, Jasmine and me. “So what are we going to do?” she asked. I’m going to try to find someone that wants to battle Yana and Jasmine.” She nodded. I felt someone pawing at my leg. It was Yana. “Nala, could I maybe try battling on my own. I think I’m ready.” “If that’s what you want, then sure you can.” She smiled. The four of us soon went to look for someone to battle. Jasmine decided that she wanted to ride with Yana. It was cute looking at them. “Excuse me. Are you a trainer?” I turned around to see that someone had once more found me. “Yes, I am. The young man smiled. “Care to battle?” he asked. “Sure,” I answered. He had hair the color of sand and sky blue eyes. “OK, then, I’ll start with my newest pokemon, Blaze.” Having said that, he enlarged a pokeball and released a charmander. “Jasmine you up to a battle?” She nodded yes as Yana lay down so she could climb off. The boy smiled. “I’ve never battled a dratini before this will be interesting. I nodded, offering my hand. He shook it.

Jasmine L.7 Winged Dratini VS. L.8 Charmander

“Jasmine, start off with wrap.” “Blaze scratch.” Jasmine nodded springing into action. The Charmander was slightly faster leaving three small scratches in her side. She whimpered bur curled herself tightly around the Charmander so that he couldn’t move his arms, and began squeezing. “Now Leer.” Jasmine continued to squeeze the Charmander, as she stared into his eyes. Soon her eyes were glowing the color of blood. The charmander’s knees began shaking. “Don’t just stand there, bite her.” Blaze nodded looking for a spot on Jasmine that he could reach with his mouth. That spot happened to be her wing. She cried out in pain, releasing her grip. “Jasmine, try your blizzard.” She nodded, but the boy just smirked. Blaze, get behind that tree, then melt the ice that’s heading your way with your strongest flamethrower.” Blaze nodded, doing as he was told. I watch as the attack didn’t even so much as hit the Charmander. Jasmine looked about ready to cry until I remembered that she had hidden power. I wasn’t sure what it was but maybe it would work. “Jasmine try using your hidden power.” “Blaze be careful.” Jasmine closed her eyes and concentrated, a tan or forming in the air in front of her. As I watched, it took the shape of a bird. Jasmine opened her eyes and released the energy. Blaze tried to run, but wasn’t fast enough. The energy slammed into him knocking him to the ground. “Blaze, quickly scratch her again.” The Charmander nodded running up to Jasmine. “Jasmine, use another hidden power.” For some reason I had to smile. I should have know that her hidden power had to be flying. She loved it so much. Jasmine was concentrating on harnessing her hidden power when Blaze scratched her, that she released the energy early. It didn’t matter as it slammed into the Charmander sending him into unconsciousness. I ran over to Jasmine and picked her up. She was panting heavily and sweating heavily, but she had won.

Jasmine Won!
Jasmine grew to L.8!
Jasmine learned Thunder Wave.

The kid smiled. “Your dratini is tough. Why don’t you choose your next pokemon first?” “All right. Yana will be battling next. You ready?” I asked her. She nodded that she was. “Houndour, huh?” The boy smiled. “Then I choose geodude.” Yana and I both gulped. “He’s a bit stronger than my Charmander was. He also like to battle without my help.”

Aiyana L.12 Houndour VS. L.14 Geodude

(Yana’s POV)

I gulped. This wasn’t going to be easy at all. I was thankful that Nala had decided to teach me solar beam for my level 10 tm. The geodude had taken advantage of my momentary lapse of concentration, and I paid for it when he hit me with a tackle. I glanced up at the sky and as if in response, the clouds parted and the suns rays beat down. I smiled. The geodude ended up slamming himself down on me. He was heavy and he had me pinned. I felt a rock under my paw. I picked it up and smashed it as hard as I could on him. That had the response I had hoped for. The geodude let me up and was rubbing his head. While he was distracted, I spit on a small patch of dirt. I grabbed some of the mud in my paw and raced toward the distracted geodude. I smeared the mud all in his eyes. I stood there panting, trying to catch my breath. That had bought me a little time, but not much. I needed to end this fast. As I looked up to the sky my eyes began to glow white and a beam formed from my mouth. I let the energy fly and smirked as the geodude was sent hurtling forward a few feet. By this time, he had gotten all the mud out of his eyes and was furious. Before I could get out of the way, he had hopped over to me and punched my hard in my idle with his fist. I was sent hurtling backwards, and landed on a rock. I roared out of anger and pain. Suddenly, I got the urge that I should move to the left. I did so immediately, and it was a good thing too. The geodude had thrown a huge rock at me, and if I had stayed where I was I would have been him. I closed my eyes and focused on my hidden powers. When I opened them, the geodude was enveloped in a pink glow and rising high into the air against his well. I stopped concentrating, and the geodude fell to the ground. He didn’t even try to get up.

I won!
I grew to L.14!
I learned smog!

As I watched, the boy recalled his geodude. He walked over to me. “You really are one strong little pup.” He bent down to pet me, and his hand touched where the geodude had punched me and I whimpered. “Sorry about that,” he said as he gave me a poke treat. I licked his hand in thanks. Then he turned his attention to Amy. If you’re ever interested in a rematch, look me up. My name’s Jondalar.” With that, he left. We decided to head back to the meeting place when Sugar stiffened. Then she got a smile on her face and I groaned. She stalked toward the bushes and pounced. Seconds later, we heard a shout of surprise and saw Salem running from the bushes. Sugar and Ayla emerged seconds later. Ayla was trying her best not to laugh, but Sugar had no restraints. Salem was glaring at her. Then he saw me looking at him. I winked, before slowly sneaking up behind Sugar. “BOO!” I shouted. She jumped up in the air and let loose a thundershock that struck me. I felt my muscles lock up. Salem was laughing, but he mouthed the words thanks. Then he noticed something was wrong. What happened? My muscles seized up. I think I’m paralyzed. He nodded. “Thanks for helping me.” I smiled. Don’t worry about it. It was fun.” he nodded then told Nala what had happened. She was struggling not to laugh at Sugar. IF you guys are done scaring each other, we should meet up with the others. Amy then picked me up, and carried me back to the meeting place.

3rd June 2003, 09:26 PM
Well, I've battled nearly all of my Pokémon here before, but I haven't kept records of where I've adopted them because I've gotten them over a year ago. I'm sure someone could confirm that they are real, though. ^^ I know I got War and Eclipse, my Jolteon and Persian, from the Pocket Monster Breeding Center when they were allowed to have adopted Pokémon.

Bright, shadowing sun flowed effortlessly down to the earth, sunning the flowers and grass which praised it's warmth, a serene feeling drifting by like the rare few of pure ivory clouds that floated in the azure sky. Felt as if the perfect day to enjoy the spirit of a merry festival of sorts, celebrating the coming of spring and seemed to last all the way through it. Sadly, as always, absent I was through the first few days of spring, summer soon about to take over.

Twelve bored Pokémon trotted and pranced in joy behind me, though some seemed to be bored, swatting as passing Butterfrees and other flying bugs.

"I don't see why..." Banshee scoffed, stubbed tail barely even moving, "Why we have to go to this, Ultraham festival."

"Ulthuan!" Willow cried, eyeing the female Houndour with a look of distaste. "Don't you even listen?" wavering about one of her six, fluffy tails, small and dainty paws pat lightly on the ground with every step. Glancing behind of her at the others, who seemed to be distracted or distressed, the small Vulpix released a sigh and shook her head.

Racing ahead of the others with a proud, bellowing nicker, Twilight crained her neck to glance to her side at Eclipse, nuzzled to my side as we walked. "Sell out." she chuckled with a whinny, avoiding the dangerous swipe of dagger-like claws.

"Am not." the ebony Persian hissed, fangs showing and dull yellow eyes glinting. "It's just... I like my master."

"Master!" Banshee roared from behind, though the roar was caused by laughter, an amused shine forming in her bright eyes. "We must serve master!" she continued to roar in a voice breaking from held-in laughter. Metallic bracelets glinted flawlessly in the sun, as the Houndour soon attended to them, nuzzling and licking to ensure a perfect shine.

Annoyed I was as I glanced backwards, sighing. "Stop fighting, you guys."

"Girls!" Siren chirped, blinking oddly towards me.

"Fine, girls."

Staring with mocking hurt at me, Mars couldn't help but toss in, "But I'm a guy. Are you calling me a girl? I'm insulted."

"Okay," I sighed, rubbing my forehead with one of my hands. "If we're going to act like this, we'll just go home."

"Yaye!" nearly every single adoptee of mine cheered.

Once more I looked ahead of me, grinning madly. "No, we're not."

"But you said..." Pride blinked, ruffling the mane-like fur around his neck, "Nevermind, my brain hurts." he whined, staring sadly at the ground.

"I lied." smirking once more, while stroking the small Electrike cuddled in my arms fast asleep, I couldn't help but to believe that I looked like a villian out of a bad movie with an army of stupidity marching bravely behind. Stroking the soft fur of Voodoo once more, staring ahead, awaiting the festival, bright signs began to flutter and twist in the wind.

"Ulthuan Spring Festival!"

They read, the spring colours warm and beautiful, though it was soon ruined by the screaming of Banshee.

"Ultraham! Finally!"

Everyone turned to give the confused Houndour a sharp glare, then continued on inside, gawking at the huge area and all the trainers gathered. Of course, it was a bad idea to have twelve Pokémon freed from their Pokéballs trailing behind you, but they'll keep up. Atleast, they should.

"Wow, good view." Rock DJ said quickly, the massive Aerodactyl flying higher in the sky, Hawkmoon the odd-coloured Murkrow trying so hard to keep up with her friend. Ballistic rolled his eyes, trotting slowly behind of us, of course staring longingly as someone slept nearby.

"I'm hungry." he mumbled, eyes fixed on the sleeping man.

"No dreams for you!"

Crossing short arms, the black and white Drowzee scoffed. "Fine."

Darting ahead of the entire group, War admired the scene with his crimson eyes, needle-like tail wagging the best it could. "Wiiicked." he mumbled, sitting and staring at the battle area which seemed to have is ever-switching attention.

A small yelp came as Voodoo lept from my arms and raced down to the battle area, small fangs showing in a happy smile, short legs seemingly to move faster every second. "Voodoo!" I cried, chasing after the small Electrike, who had already gained the attention of a person.

Kneeling beside of the run-away Pokémon was a short girl, obviously not very old, pale skin and jet black hair seeming to clash yet match. Her long, white dress dragged the ground, her semi-short hair tied in a bun.

"Is she yours?" the small girl called, pointing to Voodoo, who I quickly scooped up in my arms. "She's so cute!"

"Thanks." blinking, I noticed she took a Pokéball off her belt.

"Wanna battle me?"

"Um... sure." I glanced behind my shoulder, noticing my other eleven Pokémon sitting on the sidelines, staring. How polite.

"Go, Poliwag!"

Voodoo ~ Electrike (Level 5) verses Poliwag (Level 13)

Voodoo's POV

My first battle! Tough the opponent was stronger, to tell by the way it seemed to be ready for the battle and seemed expecting it, as I was merely exited to be in the first battle. It was swimming about in the pool, as myself was trapped on the center platforms, staring fearfully at the water as I have never even swam before. Perhaps it's a natural thing.

Sitting quietly, blinking while doing so, suddenly a stream of bubbles floated up, I stared in awe at their beauty. Their dangerous beauty at that. Releasing jolts of paralyzing static, they quickly burst into tiny spews of water, falling back into the pool. Showing a proud, smug grin at the first ever attack I had ever pulled off, sudden jerking in the water caught my eyes. Floating to the top was the opponent Poliwag, twitching with jolts circling it's body, obviously touched by the waves.

Leaping toward the edge of the platform, jaws open and sharp canines flashing, my head dipped into the water, piercing the flesh of the Poliwag's tail and then tossing it onto the platform with me. Only it could cry and squeal in pain, attempting to get away, but frozen it was, merely vain hope of getting back in the water. Suddenly the surging electric disappeared, the Poliwag now able to take full control of it's own body.

Looking quite worried about what move I should pull off next, I noticed the water-type waddling quickly back to the water, it's skin looking quite dry. Smirking at the perfect battle plan, small paws carried me forward, in front of the Poliwag. Tilting my head gingerly with a broad grin, and making my hind legs push me up, I crashed into the chest of the tad pole opponent, sending it tumbling backwards in a heep.

Every second it was out of the water, the slim on it's body grew slightly thinner, it's moisture leaving and causing it to dry. Dehydrate was the plan, as it seemed I would not have the power to defeat the higher-level Pokémon. Though, of course, always do what you can.

Leaping near it, Poliwag struggled to stand up, but simply rolled from side to side, struggling far to much and waisting precious energy. Nipping and tearing at it's flesh wore it's down, very light cuts and bite marks appearing on where I've attacked it, as it screamed and cried. Though, soon, a stream of water blurred my eyesight and filled my lungs as it was shot in my face.

Coughing and pride broken, I shook my head, trying to see clearly, though faintly in my vision was a blue figure trying to dash madly towards the water once more. Growling, and pulling up to my feet and toddling slowly after it, once more a cough came and water spewed from my lungs, finally making them feel lite once more. Snarling unlike a Pokémon of my own youth, I charged - speeding as quickly as the wind, paws lightly tapping the ground before being removed once more, fire danced within as I was convinced I could win.

Sliding on my stomach and just so happen to catch the Poliwag's tail in my mouth once more, I swung it behind me, hearing the thud of my opponent hitting the hard platform only gave me more fuel to win. Though, soon, the Pokémon once more got to it's feet and stared quietly at me. It's eyes seemed to begin to swirl, light lavender waves flashing before me. A feeling of sleepiness overcame me, but in attempt to keep my head held high, a sharp pain put pressure against my side and sent me falling into the water.

Choking for air as I attempted to paddle to the surface, the sweet scent of flowers a few feet from the edge of the pool caught my keen senses. Have something taken away for a few seconds and you notice just how much exactly you missed it. Taking notice that soon the Poliwag once more fell to the ground, muscles having spasms to prevent it from attacking, the chance for another attack sprang onto me.

Swimming even more quickly for the platform, I pulled myself onto it, staring at the Poliwag as I rushed quickly to it, fangs bared with a snarl. Pouncing onto it, my fangs snapped over it's tail again, as I tossed it and it landed with a harsh, twitching thud onto the cold surface. Suddenly, it stopped - even the spasms it was having even a few seconds ago had ended. Approaching slightly and nuzzling it, I noticed it had fainted. I... had won.

Voodoo grows to level seven!
I'll finish my other battle later. ^^

Lady Vulpix
4th June 2003, 03:49 PM
I'll finally hand out the long awaited stamps and make some comments:

Rachel gets 5 stamps. The story was good, though CC pokemon shouldn't be in the DT portion. The storylines are different. (You got Amy and I to discuss over this). Also, I think the battle lacked the creativity and originality that the rest of the story had. ¢¢¢¢¢

Kyle gets 14 stamps. I liked the description of the place you live in and the name you got for it, but how, being a Dragon Tamer, could you not know how to get to Ulthuan, where ou base of operations is? And where did you meet me?
Most of the story had a game-like atmosphere. It looked more natural than the previous one, but I think it can get more real.
By the way, you could try not to use the word "upon" so much. You practically started every sentence with it. And each paragraph of the battle had the same structure.
The ideas, however, were quite nice and original. I liked the part where they used the rock, and how both of you kept trying to counter the other's tactics.
Just one thing seemed strange to me: did Tommy know you? How did he know about your previous opponents and the places you'd visited? And he seemed too experienced for someone who had never battled before. Or was it just his first battle with Roxanne? ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢

Once more, I apologize for the delay.

Discothéque, either Amy or I will try to rate your story soon.
Amy, I'll read yours as soon as I can.

*Sighs.* I really want my printer back.

5th June 2003, 01:09 PM
Still recovering from the ever-exciting day of Banshee's gleeful cries of "Ultraham!", it was far dreaded that once more today we could trek back over to the still ongoing festival. Though, now, one member of the team had been given for adoption - though he did happily exclaim about being away from that psycho, or something. Though, in his place, was two new members of the ever-growing group. Enya, the energetic Torchic, with a flaming passion for battling. And with skittish little Kozue, who often stood in the corner and watched all around him, fighting his desire for a good battle.

Though they were younger, that didn't stop them from getting picked on by the older ones. Banshee gave them a hard time, always pestering them and often terrifying them by snapping and snarling when my back was turned. Of course, she was bitter due to Ballistic's leave, and decided to take it out on them. And, of course, over the past two days - the new egg. Eclipse and War were proud over it, but always cringed over the thought of that being their child, and soon began to bicker and it usually ended in a tail-pulling-ear-biting cat fight. Well, it would be if the Jolteon was indeed a cat. But he was more fox-like. But that was besides the point.

The three new members Banshee cared nothing about, sadly, and was currently smirking as Kozue screamed pityfully and jumped onto my lap, clinging onto my arm. Good thing the egg was on the couch, or it would've just been squished all over the lovely floor. And then another tail-pulling-ear-biting fight would break out. I couldn't even help smirking at the thought, as sad as it was.

"Tell Banshee to stop it!" Kozue cried, clinging sadly onto me, eyeing the Houndour which now paced, growling at the floor. Sighing lightly, I began to scratch the lizard's chin, as he continued to sniffle and pout.

"She's not very much stronger than you," grinning towards the newest member, he blinked curiously at me, "You could take her, Kozue. But not in the house, of course. I'm afraid Willow would start crying, or something."

"Would not!" the Vulpix wailed, tears gathering in her eyes. "How could you say something like that?!" stomping one small brown-coloured paw on the ground, she huffed through teared eyes, which now were slowly turning red. "That was so mean..." her lip quivered as she turned her back, head hung sadly towards the ground, all six tails tucked under her legs in a sign of defeat.

Blinking towards Willow, I frowned. "Sorry." she turned and looked at me, then smiled suddenly and bounced away. When she was out of sight, I glanced down at Kozue, then smirked. "See?" Pride arched a brow at the sight, then went back to happily firing beams of fire in the air, only to have them drenched by Mars' water, as if it was a game.

Taking a sharp glare at the clock, as if attempting to move the hand with my mind to say ten, I sighed when it only showed to be a nine fifteen. How slowly this morning has went by, of course, with all the fighting Pokémon, how could it go faster? It was hard enough deciding which of my thirteen Pokémon - fourteen if you count the egg - would battle. I decided on Hawkmoon, my Murkrow, who then decided it would be fun to a chicken dance of sorts and announce, "In your face!"

Ten minutes and a badly beaten Murkrow later, she finally decided - that wasn't fun. She was a Pokémon mummy now, wrapped and adorned with white bandages, barely able to move unless she wanted to fall down on the ground. "I can't breath!" she wheezed, staring at me, though... she didn't have any bandages covering her beak.

"Nice try." I smirked, as she seemed disappointed. "Atleast when we go to Ulthuan, I can boast that I have the first ever mummy Pokémon." Catching my attention, Siren and Banshee came skidding across the earth-toned hardwood floor, nearly crashing into the azure walls, before darting towards the bamboo-like sofa.

"It's ten! It's ten!" Siren cried, smiling.

"No, it's not."

"Oh. Sorry then."

Suddenly, the old, polished grandfather clock began to sound off the start of a new hour. Ten, of course. "Oh, wait, yes it is."

"Told you so! Haha! In your face!"

Taking a steep glance down at the slender Growlithe, I shook my head and pointed to the mummy Hawkmoon. The smirk of glee soon faded to a grim, terrified frown as she soon turned and burst out of the door, fearing for her... uh... prettyness. Following behind was War, Mars, Pride, Banshee, Willow, Twilight, Eclipse, Kozue, Enya, Voodoo and Rock DJ. Sadly, I had to scoop the fallen Hawkmoon in my arms, as she was waddling ever-so-slowly behind and then landed beak first on the floor. Slowly, I took off the bandages, and allowed the snow-coloured Murkrow to fly freely after the others.

Kozue turned around, then ran over and jumped on my shoulder, sitting happily while holding tightly onto my hair - just so he doesn't fall. Walking slowly back into the house, with the lizard still clinging onto my hair, I picked up the egg gently and hugged it softly in my arms, then followed after my Pokémon. Every now and then, I could feel it move, shaking, the small creature inside wanting to break free.

The fresh field breeze felt cool, yet not cold, just so light to ruffle the tall, bright flowers that adorned the ground everywhere. Yet, suddenly, the egg began to shake. So furiously, it fell out of my arms, and rolled onto the ground. It cracked, and continued to roll. "Runaway egg!" Willow cried, pointing with a paw, as we all ran as fast as we could after it. It thumped against a rock, stopping, then began to crack even more.

Eclipse hit me with one of her front paws.


"You cracked it, you moron!" she hissed.

I hit her back, because, seriously, it was the only thing I could do. "It's hatching, you moron!"

"Echo." she muttered, then stared at the egg. Emerging from it, a small Meowth, pink stripes running along his back and his face, even his tail and legs. Mewing lightly, he blinked up at me as I quickly scooped him in my arms, grinning.

"Aren't you a darling!" Once me, he blinked oddly at me, mewing. "I'll name you..."

"Not so fast!" Eclipse narrowed her eyes. War was far too amazed to speak, and had passed out on the grass. "I get to name him."

"No fair." I pouted, as Eclipse stared up at her son.

She continued to look at him, yellow eyes narrowed into slits. "Namir." she grinned.


The poor thing eyes widened as he mewed madly, attempting to wiggle free from my grasp, not used to the loud sounds. No wonder, everyone had joined into that, except War who was still passed out on the grass.

"Rock DJ." I signed, stroking Namir's fur. "Please carry War for us."

Shrugging, the massive Aerodactyl clamped the Jolteon in her mouth, then began to fly after the others of the group after she made sure War wouldn't fall. Slowly, the Jolteon began to see again, but then screamed and passed out once more as soon as he noticed himself clutched in Rock DJ's mouth.
It didn't take long until we reached the Ulthuan Festival again, and it was just as lively as the last time we were here. People were everywhere, chatting and showing off their prized Pokémon, and playing various games involving them.

Walking through the crowd, I noticed Hawkmoon suddenly dart off to the side, where a group of Murkrow rested on a building, obviously belonging to other trainers. It was sad, really, that she stood out so much from the other pure ebony Murkrows with her white feathers, silver-tipped wings and tail and those piercing, cold icy blue eyes. If she didn't come back over here soon, she'd lose her chance to battle! But she didn't seem to want to come back anything soon, as she was center of attention as the rest of the Murkrow trainers gawked and her and whispered, "Who does she belong to?"

Smirking a bit as she flapped her wings and cawed, loving the attention she was given, I noticed that she had missed her chance to battle now. We reached the battle field, noticing a younger boy sitting nearby, a Forretress by his side. He sighed, pushing back his aburn hair, emerald eyes glancing around. He was obviously wanting to battle, easy to tell by his longing stare at the battlefield.

Sitting down Namir next to Willow and Siren, who nuzzled him and gave him complete attention, I motioned for Eclipse to follow me. The pure-black Persian slinked after me, her crafty ways showing in her movements. Her sly way of walking in a stalking way, thin tail falling towards the ground then curled at the end barely bouncing with each long stride.

Approaching the boy, I smiled. "Hey, want to battle?"

"Sure!" he smiled happily. "Go Forretress!" the steel-type bounced onto the battle field.

"Eclipse." I motioned for her to go onto the battlefield, as she nodded, her yellow eyes dancing with pride.

Eclipse ~ Persian Level 29 vs Forretress Level 32

Staring smugly towards her opponent, Eclipse flicked her tail from side to side, claws emerging from her powerful paws and digging into the dirt. Fangs, long and sharp, showed as she pulled her lips back into a hissing snarl. Yellow eyes now showed the desire to win, as they went into slits, focusing all of her attention onto the Forretress. Slender, agile body twisted as she seemed to glide over to it, ears pinned back against her head and amused grin now showing.

Quickly, the air turned chilling, as mist surrounded the battle arena. Wind began to blow harshly, quickly, bringing along the cold air that seemed to carry pure ice within it. Though the opponent had not felt it yet, and began to spin suddenly. Faster, faster, the wind that now reached it blowing away in every direction. Yet, soon, it began to take effect. As the mighty wind still blew, the metallic shine coming from Eclipse's opponent had stopped, as it began to spin slowly. The cold air clung to it, making it's speed fall, as soon it had to stop and began to shiver.

Confident, though slightly cold, Eclipse lept up, then turned suddenly, releasing a stream of cold water onto the hard metal shell of the Forretress. Confused, but not even stopping to think of the plan, it looked up at the sky. Gathering solar energy, then closing it's eyes, all clouds left and the sun became harshly bright and warm, attempting to dry all the ice cold water from itself and bring heat to it's freezing muscles.

Snarling annoyedly, the pure black Persian suddenly released a bolt of lightning, which whipped at the ground beside of the Forretress, somehow the sun sending it off course. Opening her mouth once more, another bolt of electric sent, it came in contact with the still slightly-wet shell of the Forretress, causing the jolts to course and electrocute even more than it normally would. Though shaken and somewhat fried, and still slower than at the beginning of the battle, the Forretress was not beaten.

It began to glow yellow and green, the sun releasing strong beams of light onto the Forretress, the warmth slowly becoming less than what it was. It seemed that her opponent was taking all it's solar energy to power up it's next attack, borrowing from the natural source of energy and heat to beat it's enemy.

Noticing this was a perfect time to attack once more, it grew colder than even, and the sun's rays became thin and weak as the Forretress was gathering them. Once more, the misty and chilling air drifted around the grass arena, twirling and seemingly to dance in the air as it did so. Muzzle opened, and Eclipse released one, tiny breath and the air flew dangerously towards the Forretress. Yet, at the same time, it released the glowing beam of solar energy. The cold and the warmth fought, but then the solar finally broke through, leaving only slight breezes to pass by her opponent.

In a panic, darkness shrouded Eclipse, as she began to fade into nothingness, disappeared from sight as the beam went through merely an illusion of her. She appeared behind the Forretress, now more angry than before, not wanting to continue to bother with the opponent. Then, an idea sprung her.

Leaping in front of the Forretress, she growled at it, then dodged whenever it lunged for her. Again, over and over, she growled loudly, angerily and somewhat taunting. Soon, her opponent became annoyed, and that anger was only fueled when Eclipse ran back, scratching it's metallic shell. She continued to bounce up, scratching and gnawing at it, until it couldn't take it anymore.

Anger overtook it, as it began to glow, smoke dancing around it. Her plan had worked. It was beginning to Selfdestruct. Crimsone and orange beams appeared from around it, a loud exploding sound heard. Crashing of rocks and falling of trees were barely even noticed in the extremely loud explosion that the Forretress had caused. Rocks and trees layed scattered, and a hole in the ground which Forretress laid in, defeated.

In the center of the arena, near where Forretress laid, a faded vision of a Persian appeared. Slowly, it gathered completely, until Eclipse was shown fully, smirking at her plan which had worked. She, had won.

Eclipse grows to level 31!
Eclipse learns Roar as her free TM!
And that makes two. I've finished my two battles for this scene. ^^

Crystalmaster Mike
6th June 2003, 11:43 AM
I've got a few q's before I start posting:

Originally posted by Lady Vulpix
¤ Unevolved Pokemon learn the same moves as in the game.

Which game exactly? And can you choose the TM right on the spot a Pokémon reaches lvl.10, 20, 30...?

Lady Vulpix
6th June 2003, 12:00 PM
Originally posted by Crystalmaster Mike
Which game exactly? And can you choose the TM right on the spot a Pokémon reaches lvl.10, 20, 30...?

To your 2nd question, the answer is yes.
To your 1st question, pokemon learn the moves they can learn on any Gameboy game. If they learn the same move at different levels in each game, we go by R/S unless they learn it earlier in G/S/C. That means we ignore the levels from R/B/Y unless it's a move that's only learnt in those games. I hope that was clear enough.

Crystalmaster Mike
6th June 2003, 12:41 PM
Thanks Gabi! And about the Stamps (I know, I asked Jay this all ready, but...), how do you remember where you got all those? I mean, it seems some stamps may only be used at a certain place or for a certain purpose: Stamps from Buena's Radio Show can't be used for breeding for Dratini but DT stamps can... And what about the stamps you win at the Tower or somewhere else?

Lady Vulpix
6th June 2003, 02:42 PM
All stamps are the same for everything except for breeding Dratinis. For that, you need stamps from the Battle Range, which is exactly this topic.

6th June 2003, 05:41 PM
I have a question about the attacks. Say I evolve my Vulpix, Willow, into a Ninetales at level five - the level she is currently at. Vulpix learns Roar at level nine. Would the newly evolved Ninetales learn Roar at level nine such as the way Vulpix does, and continue to learn all of the Vulpix moves at what level the Vulpix gets them? (No, I did not evolve Willow... yet. ^^;...)

Crystalmaster Mike
7th June 2003, 01:44 AM
Ah! Okay! Thanks for the explanation!

Crystalmaster Mike
7th June 2003, 02:08 AM
~ Introduction ~

Hi there! Nice to meet you! I’m Mike Vihte, Pokémon Trainer. Which Pokémon I’ve caught out there? Doesn’t matter, because we’re talking about something else now. You see, we’re at Ulthuan, and here, there are other rules. Here, the Dragon Tamers reign.
The Dragon Tamers take care of Pokémon that have been abandoned or given-up-upon, by letting trainers adopt them. There’s only one thing different from the normal Pokémon Training: these Pokémon mustn’t leave the area. By demanding this from trainers, the Tamers can monitor how the trainers treat their Ulthuanese Pokémon, so that an abusive trainer is easily spotted.
For the rest, the Pokémon Training continues in the normal way: the Adopted Pokémon can battle and breed at specially chosen places. Trainers can even capture Pokémon through the Tamer facility: the Dragon Tamers keep up with the demographic Pokévolution in the Pokémon World, and if in a certain place the population of a certain species rises to a dangerous level, the Tamers go to that place and capture specimens of that species and bring them to their reserves. When and if trainers then capture these Pokémon through the Tamer facility, the amount of Pokémon is controlled but not forgotten. And so, everybody wins: trainers can relive how it was to be a beginning Pokémon Trainer, the Pokémon are tamed, and the Dragon Tamers… receive the feeling of a job well done.
Elsewhere on the Dragon Tamer grounds, there is the Eevee House, where trainers come to meet and show (off) there Adopted and Captured Pokémon.

Now, on to me. I myself am too a Pokémon Trainer, and when I heard of the Dragon Tamers, I decided to give myself up as a possible Pokémon Adopter. Doing so, I’d received a monthly letter telling me about the Pokémon up for adoption. Through this information, I had already adopted a Chinchou, whom I had named Rays (after a character from a book I had once read); a Larvitar (quiet little critter, must I say); and a Mudkip, who technically wasn’t my starter, but well… I’m now still waiting for a letter announcing the latest tournament, and then I will be off to train them. I guess I’ll see you around, then!

7th June 2003, 09:31 PM
Here's my first battle so enjoy!

<Zero's POV>
The sun shone down at Ryu (Eevee), Ken (Machop) and I like a big bright yellow skittle as we headed to the community pool. "I can't wait to work on my tan!" Ken yelled happily, dancing as we got to the pool. "Yeah, it'll get rid of that ugly green skin!" Ryu laughed, only to get a power noogie from a peeved Ken. "Now, children we're already there so have fun you knuckleheads." I said, giving them both noogies and tossing them into the pool. "Curse you Zero! CURSE YOU!" Ken yelled out, floating on his back. I just laughed as I set up my chair and boombox, only to get splashed by the ice-cold pool water, messing up my hair. "Ryu, Ken you're gonn-" I was cut short to see Ryu and Ken getting knocked around by two Poliwags. "Guys, execute battle formation!" I yelled out, still cold from the surprise splash. The weakened Pokemon backflipped out of the pool and landed infront of me, getting in their usual fighting stances. "COME ON!" I yelled at the much stronger Poliwags.

Ryu the Eevee LV.5 and Ken the Machop LV.5 vs. x2 Poliwag LV.14

Our first battle and we're weakened and overpowered. This just sucks but if we win, we'll get a huge power-up! "Ryu, Quick Attack! Ken, ride on Ryu's back and use Karate Chop!" Zero yelled out. This was the formation Dragon-Rider. Ken jumped on my back as I Quick-Attacked across the pool, making water rise behind me. Ken backflipped off and landed a hard Karate Chop on a Poliwag's head but the attack caused Ken to fall in and the Poliwag to follow. I went under to help my drowning friend with the other Poliwag on my tail. It charged at me, driving me downward many feet. I used my Skull Bash quickly and franticly swam back up to the surface for air. I panted hard and quickly as I spat out what felt like two tons of water. Ken was set flying by a team Bubble as he landed on the hard concrete. I went back to the surface to check on my badly injured friend. I growled in rage, not listening to anything Zero said. I dived in and did my strongest Skull Bash, KOing one of the Poliwags. I grabbed the other one with my teeth and threw him to the surface. The weakend Machop delivered a heavy right hook, sending the Poliwag smack into a tree, which of course knocked it out. I fell down, tired and happy.

What a battle! Zero pulled out our Pokeballs and recalled us to rest. We actually won against two level 14 Pokemon! Zero collected his things and left the pool, not wanting to risk another fight while I was this badly damaged.

Ryu advanced to level 10 and learned Hidden Energy- Dark!
Ken advanced to level 10 and learned Hidden Energy- Psychic!

7th June 2003, 10:54 PM
Discotheque gets 17 stamps for her two stories.

I haven't had a chance to look at the others but something i did notice. How did your eevee and machop grow from L.5 to L.10 when they each battled a poke that was only supposed to provide 2 levels of experience each?

7th June 2003, 11:05 PM
Sorry Nala. I rephrase it right here.

Ryu grew to Lv.7!
Ken grew to Lv.7!

Hope that clears everything up.

8th June 2003, 03:39 PM
Matt’s POV

I woke up and got out of bed. It had been quite a few weeks ago that I had been at the winter events. I looked at the clock and saw that it said it was 2:00 PM. I laughed. I had been waking up pretty late recently. I hoped it wasn’t anything bad. I walked into the bathroom and got ready for the day ahead. I put on my black pants and my black shirt and all. I looked into the mirror and started to fix my hair when Blackie came in.

“Blackie, can’t you see that I’m getting ready?” I asked. “Yeah, but I have something to tell you” He said. “Well what is it?” I asked. “You got this in the mail today” He said. “It’s like some kind of invitation to something,” He continued. I started to read it. It was talking about some event at the Easter Islands. I smiled. “Great, this is a perfect time to train you guys” I said. “Yay!” Umbreon said.

We walked out of the bathroom and I got the rest of my pokeballs. I called out my pokemon. “Dude, you guys are going to get some tough training at this Easter Islands!” I said. All of my pokemon cheered. It had been a while since we had trained somewhere. I smiled and recalled all of them but Blackie. “Well Blackie, looks like we need to get going.” I said. “Right” He said.

I walked outside and started to go towards this place that had transporters. Hopefully there was one to go to the Easter Islands. When we got there, I started to look around for the transporter. Finally I saw one. I called Blackie over and we ran into the transporter. When we finally opened our eyes again, we were at the Easter Islands!! I looked around and saw a near-by sign. I started to read it. "Hello, and welcome to the Easter Islands. In this exciting event, you are on a quest to earn Easter eggs, a very popular tradition held each and every Easter. However, in order to receive one of these delicious treats, you must defeat one of the many trainers here to find one (it will always be a random colour, and its contents are always random (e.g. for example the egg could be a chocolate flavoured egg with or without a creamy filling inside). The trainers here will always be holding one egg, but getting it (and learning what type of egg it is) will be difficult, as you will have to battle with any of the following Pokemon:
Level 10 and Below

Pichu L5 +1
Igglybuff L10 +2

There was more to the sign but I didn’t bother to read that part. I smiled and looked at Blackie. “Look Blackie, we can get chocolate for you and the rest of the pokemon” I said. “Yay!!” Blackie said. Blackie loved chocolate and so did everyone else. We started to walk to where the battling will be held. When we got there, we saw a lot of trainers battling it out for that chocolate. It was very exciting. I started to walk without looking. I bumped into this dude and started to hear yelling. “HEY DUDE!” he said. I looked down and saw him on the ground. “Oops, sorry about that” I said. “Sorry isn’t going to cut it” he said. He pulled out his fist and started to swing at me. I moved out of the way and he fell to the ground.

“Well looks like you are tougher than you look” He said. “What’s your name” He asked. “I’m Matt, and you?” I said. “I’m William” He said. “So what are you doing here” I asked. “I’m here to train my pokemon some. They haven’t been trained in a very long while.” He said. “Wow, that’s the same reason I’m here.” I said. “Really? I’ve already beaten several trainers around here so I already have an egg” He said. “Oh? Well why don’t we battle to see who is the best?” I said. “Fine with me” He said.

We walked out into the open a bit more and got out our pokeballs. “I’m going to use Blackie, my Umbreon” I said. “Fine, I’ll use one of my trademark pokemon. I’ll use Igglybuff!” He said. With our pokemon out we started to battle it out.

Umbreon Lv. 6 VS Igglybuff Lv. 10

Blackie’s POV

This battle didn’t seem like it was going to be all that tough. I mean I was tough as it is so something like this wasn’t going to keep me down. The Igglybuff looked like it had been through a lot of battles. It was wheezing a little too. “Ok Blackie, use a Tackle attack on it!” Matt said. I ran over towards the Igglybuff and flew into it. Igglybuff gasped for air as my head went into its body. “Igglybuff, counter that move with Psychic!” William said. “Tsk tsk, you should know better than that. You should know that psychic moves don’t affect dark type pokemon. Looks like you just wasted a turn” Matt said.

“Ok Umbreon, use Tail Whip!” Matt said. I used the attack and watched as Igglybuff used the next move it was ordered to use. “Ok Igglybuff, use Pound!” William said. Igglybuff came running towards me and pounded me on the head. I felt a slight pain in my neck but I diidn’t let it bother me.

“Umbreon, quick, use the strongest tackle you can!!” Matt said. I ran as fast as I could towards the Igglybuff. I hit it head on and the Igglybuff flew into William’s arms, unconscious. “No! My Igglybuff!!!” William said. I smiled and looked at Matt. He was running over towards me. He picked me up and congratulated me. It was a pretty good battle.

I grew to level 8. I learned Sand Attack and Growl.

Matt’s POV

“Well I guess I’m the best” I said to William. “Oh no, it’s not over yet!” He said. “Call out your next pokemon, we’re going to have a rematch!” He said. “Fine. Go, Eevee!” I said. My Eevee poped out of its pokeball and went by my side. “So what’s your pokemon, William” I asked. “I’ll be using my Igglybuff” He said. “WHAT!? It just finished a battle!!” I said. “I have another one, duh.” He said. “Oh, hehe” I said. We went to our respective places and started to battle.

Lv. 5 Eevee VS Lv. 10 Igglybuff

Psycat’s POV

This was going to be a very tough battle for me. That Igglybuff was five levels more than me. I just hopped Matt had a plan of action. “Ok, Psycat, use Tail Whip first!” He said. I used Tail Whip quickly. As soon as I had finished, Igglybuff knocked me down with a pound attack. I got up and heard Matt talking. “Quick! Tackle it!!!” He said. I tackled it right in the stomach. While it was in pain, I ran over to the other side of the open field place to get away from its brute force. When Igglybuff got its breath back again, it started to attack again.

“Ok, use another pound attack!” William said. Igglybuff came running towards me but I used an attack quickly before Matt could say anything. I tackled it right in the head. It knocked it back to the ground and started to try to get up. “Ok, Eeeve use a Tackle attack to finish it off” Matt said.

I galloped towards the Igglybuff and ran straight smack into its head. That knocked it down to the ground. It was unconscious. I had won this battle!!

I grew to level 7.

Matt’s POV

I ran over and congratulated my Eevee. It was very happy. I smiled at it then put it on the ground. Eevee ran over to Blackie and they started to celebrate. I walked over to William. “Good battle, William” I said. “Yeah, you too” He said. He handed me something. “What’s this?” I asked. “It’s the egg” He said. “Oh, Thanks!” I said. “Maybe we can meet up again sometime” He said. “Yeah maybe” I said. “Well, Bye” He said. “Bye” I said.

I walked over towards the transporter and transported back home. I walked in the door and went upstairs. I jumped on my bed and called out my pokemon. They ran over to the side of my bed. “So what’s in the egg” They all asked at the same time. “I don’t know, you guys can see” I said. I handed them the egg and they bit into it. “Yum! It has a Carmel filling!!” They said. I smiled and turned on the tv. They all got onto the bed and we started to watch tv.

Oh and could I have a time extension on the current scenario? Thanks. Oh and could you tell me if I got Blackie's new attacks right? Thanks.

12th June 2003, 05:47 PM
Ryu and Ken recently had a pool battle with two Poliwags. Ken was nearly drowned until the rage and bravery of Ryu, he was saved and finished off the remaining Poliwag (Ryu took down the other Poliwag). I had finally reached the fields where my Pokemon and I were about to have a big picnic (mainly because I had many and Caveman, my Snorlax.) I then released all of my Pokemon:

Ryu (Eevee)- L.7
Ken (Machop)-L.7
Caveman (Snorlax)-.L.6
Monica (Eevee)-L.7
Donatello (Totodile)-L.9
Rafael (Cyndaquil)-L.11
Micheal-angelo (Growlithe)-L.5
Leonardo (Treeko)-L.7
Torch (Torchic)-L.6
Tiny (Mudkip) -L.5
Proto (Plusel)-L.5
Tangela (Rapzilla)-L.8
Chickorita (Roll)-L.7
Mr. Clean (Mr. Mime)-L.6

Once everyone was released, I let loose the spread: fried chicken, rice balls, sandwhiches, peanut butter (creamy and crunchy), Gummy worms, Lots of soda, crackers, Pizza, breadsticks, salad, pie (every kind) and mac' and cheese.
I had to give Caveman a bib to keep Mr.Clean from using soap on him. We all began to dig in until a rock zoomed at us and hit Torch in the head, KOing him. Donatello, being Torch's best friend became extremely pissed at two newly arrived Geodudes, which looked suprisingly strong. Caveman stood up, ready to fight.

Donatello-L.9 and Caveman-L.6 vs. x2 Geodude-L.14

I dashed at the Geodudes, claws prepared. I then let loose a furious Scratch attack. Due to their rock-hard outer layer, my claws bounced off. I then took a heavy punch in the face, smack into Caveman, who broke my fall. I then saw Caveman smile down at me. I smiled right back him as I backflipped behind the big lug. I then let loose a huge surge of water right at Caveman's back. It was my Hydro Pump, my bred-on move. Caveman then went into a Rollout, bowling over the Geodudes. I then Water Guned them right back into the bowling ball-like Caveman, which sent them up into the air, dazed and battered. One then did a heavy butt (if they have one) drop right into my gut. I then went flying into the air, in alot of pain. Caveman then used his remaining speed to jumpinfront of me. I then saw what he was thinking and Hydro Pumped him down at the rocks with arms. The meteor-like Caveman then crashed, picking off one and heavily damaging them other. I then dived head first at the remaining Geodude, who was trying to escape. I grabbed Geodude and tossed it at a tree, taking it down once and for all.

Caveman advanced to LV.8!
Donatello advanced to Lv.11!

Donatello and I came back to see Torch was up again, but had a large lump on his head. We then managed to finish our picnic, while Roll and Micheal-Angelo watched guard and ate. Two hours later, P.Zero recalled us and headed home.

12th June 2003, 05:47 PM
Ryu and Ken recently had a pool battle with two Poliwags. Ken was nearly drowned until the rage and bravery of Ryu, he was saved and finished off the remaining Poliwag (Ryu took down the other Poliwag). I had finally reached the fields where my Pokemon and I were about to have a big picnic (mainly because I had many and Caveman, my Snorlax.) I then released all of my Pokemon:

Ryu (Eevee)- L.7
Ken (Machop)-L.7
Caveman (Snorlax)-.L.6
Monica (Eevee)-L.7
Donatello (Totodile)-L.9
Rafael (Cyndaquil)-L.11
Micheal-angelo (Growlithe)-L.5
Leonardo (Treeko)-L.7
Torch (Torchic)-L.6
Tiny (Mudkip) -L.5
Proto (Plusel)-L.5
Tangela (Rapzilla)-L.8
Chickorita (Roll)-L.7
Mr. Clean (Mr. Mime)-L.6

Once everyone was released, I let loose the spread: fried chicken, rice balls, sandwhiches, peanut butter (creamy and crunchy), Gummy worms, Lots of soda, crackers, Pizza, breadsticks, salad, pie (every kind) and mac' and cheese.
I had to give Caveman a bib to keep Mr.Clean from using soap on him. We all began to dig in until a rock zoomed at us and hit Torch in the head, KOing him. Donatello, being Torch's best friend became extremely pissed at two newly arrived Geodudes, which looked suprisingly strong. Caveman stood up, ready to fight.

Donatello-L.9 and Caveman-L.6 vs. x2 Geodude-L.14

I dashed at the Geodudes, claws prepared. I then let loose a furious Scratch attack. Due to their rock-hard outer layer, my claws bounced off. I then took a heavy punch in the face, smack into Caveman, who broke my fall. I then saw Caveman smile down at me. I smiled right back him as I backflipped behind the big lug. I then let loose a huge surge of water right at Caveman's back. It was my Hydro Pump, my bred-on move. Caveman then went into a Rollout, bowling over the Geodudes. I then Water Guned them right back into the bowling ball-like Caveman, which sent them up into the air, dazed and battered. One then did a heavy butt (if they have one) drop right into my gut. I then went flying into the air, in alot of pain. Caveman then used his remaining speed to jumpinfront of me. I then saw what he was thinking and Hydro Pumped him down at the rocks with arms. The meteor-like Caveman then crashed, picking off one and heavily damaging them other. I then dived head first at the remaining Geodude, who was trying to escape. I grabbed Geodude and tossed it at a tree, taking it down once and for all.

Caveman advanced to LV.8!
Donatello advanced to Lv.11!

Donatello and I came back to see Torch was up again, but had a large lump on his head. We then managed to finish our picnic, while Roll and Micheal-Angelo watched guard and ate. Two hours later, P.Zero recalled us and headed home.

Lady Vulpix
13th June 2003, 11:36 AM
Good news! My printer's back!! :D
I'd never missed a machine so much!
Now I'll be able to read and rate all your battles, so that's good news for you too.

Oh, and Pieshake2, I'm afraid your last 2 posts aren't valid. You can't have more than 2 battles on the same scenario. You'll have to wait for the next one. Sorry. In the meantime, you can post more stories to develop your pokemon's personalities and your whole storyline. Your pokemon won't gain levels from those stories, but you can get stamps for them.

13th June 2003, 01:16 PM
Ok LV, I can live with that. I want to start saving up my stamps anyways.

Lady Vulpix
13th June 2003, 03:56 PM
I've finally finished reading your story, Amy, and it was great! Sorry for taking so long. By the way, Jondalar was also a name from the books you mentioned, right? He seems like an interesting character.

Matt, Shadow Ball doesn't affect Igglybuff. You wasted more moves than William. Will you edit your last battle, please?

Pieshake2, you get 8 stamps for your double battle against the Poliwags. ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢

Mike, you can have 3 stamps for your introduction... of us. You can still write your battles and something else about yourself and your pokemon. Oh, by the way, we do leave the area quite frecquently. You'll see ifyou browse through previous scenarios, or even the next one. ¢¢¢

13th June 2003, 04:04 PM
Mmk I edited that part out. I can't believe I forgot that, lol. And btw, can you tell me if I got Blackie's new attacks right?

Lady Vulpix
22nd June 2003, 01:20 PM
I'm really sorry about the delay, Matt. You can have 9 stamps! ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢

And I'll request an extension for the current scenario. I wouldn't like to post the next one before I get to write my story, but I will if most people want it. I'm too busy and that shouldn't affect everyone.

22nd June 2003, 01:23 PM
I don't mean to post ONCE AGAIN, but you didn't tell me if my attacks were correct on my Umbreon. It learned new attacks and I don't know if those are correct :<. Please tell me :)


Quotes from my battle :o
Oh and could I have a time extension on the current scenario? Thanks. Oh and could you tell me if I got Blackie's new attacks right? Thanks.

Lady Vulpix
22nd June 2003, 01:31 PM
Oh, sorry. You get the extension too, and your Umbreon did learn Sand Attack. Not Growl, however. He'll learn Growl at level 16.

By the way, there's new info on my site (htt://forboards.tripod.com), and it could be useful.

22nd June 2003, 02:17 PM
I would also like an extension. I'm going to try and get my battle written today, but if I don't, then it will be up sometime within the next week, hopefully Monday or Tuesday.

22nd June 2003, 10:20 PM
Ok, I've gotten really behind on the scenarios.

I have not written battles for the following scenarios, and I would like extensions on them:

Charmander Lv. 8 +1

The one on the first page of this topic:
Aipom Lv. 6 +1
Meowth Lv. 10 +2

Are there any scenarios besides these that are up?

I will write my battles for these scenarios, if that is alright.

Lady Vulpix
24th June 2003, 10:21 AM
J, you can have an extension for the current scenarios, but I'm afraid it's too late for the previous ones. You can take this as an opportunity; you can skip the ones you missed and catch up instead of being months behind.

24th June 2003, 11:55 AM
Wait a minute.... I'm lost here. You mean that the scenario that was posted on page 1 was from months ago? I thought that that was the newest one, because this was a new Battle Range version. Ok, I'll just post one for the scenario I created. :)

Lady Vulpix
24th June 2003, 11:58 AM
The scenario on page 1 was posted in December! XD
I think the next one will be posted on a new version.

24th June 2003, 04:40 PM
A few days have passed since Brandi was born. She is now finally starting to open her eyes, and she is also starting to get used to things around my house, including me. She is now starting to eat hard food, as well as soft food. I sat on the couch, typing in the Dragon Tamer’s Battle Range, on The Pokemasters Forums. I looked over at Brandi, to see where she was. For a second, I thought she was in another room, and had almost decided to get up and look for her, until I noticed she was right below me, sleeping. I decided to let her be, as I kept typing.

I turned on the TV, to see what was going on today in Ulthuan. I flipped the channel to Channel 26, the U.N.N., or Ulthuan News Network. I listened to the reporter as I kept typing. “Well, it looks like there is a celebration in Pokemon Square Garden in Ulthuan today. Many trainers have brought there Pokemon to battle in this festivity to welcome spring. There are refreshments, and many activities down here today.”

“Thanks, Ted. Can you tell me what the battle conditions are down there?” the second reporter asked.

“Well, according to other trainers and to certain officials, there are two battlefields. I will take you over to the manager and owner of the Dragontamers Battle Range, and she can give you all the information. Lady Vulpix! Lady Vulpix!” At these words, I focused my attention to the television. A young woman turned to the reporter. Gabi! “Could you tell us how the battles are set up, and what the conditions are on the battlefields?”

“Yes, and, please, call me Gabi. There are two battlefields,” Gabi explained, “ in which trainers can battle Pokemon that are assigned to the two battlefields. The first battlefield is in the meadow, where many different kinds of Pokemon appear. The second battlefield is the Pokemon Square Garden Public Swimming Pool, where the opposing Pokemon will all be water-typed. No electric Pokemon are allowed here, in danger of electrocuting the pool. The Pokemon that trainers face coincides with the level of the Pokemon they wish to battle with. For instance, in the mead-“

“Thank you, Lady Vulpix! Back to you Greg,” the reporter interrupted. I looked at Gabi’s reaction from the reporters’ rudeness. She rolled her eyes, and left. I let out a soft snort, and shook my head, as I continued to type, focusing the majority of my attention back to my computer. The news then drifted toward the weather. It was going to be a sunny day today, at a high temperature of about 95, the weatherman explained. After posting in all the various topics that I usually post in, I decided to go to the Pokemon Square Garden, and test Brandi.

I turned off my laptop, and walked into the bathroom to get cleaned up. I got into the shower and did the usual bathing routine. After that, I got out, dried myself off, and washed my face, put my contacts in, and went into my room. I got dressed, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, since the weatherman said it was going to be warm today. Brandi stumbled in, and yawned. I wasn’t quite ready yet, and I felt that she realized this, because she made herself comfortable on my bed, and went back to sleep. After a few minutes, I was ready, and I woke Brandi up. She yawned, and jumped into my arms. I walked out of my house, and toward the Pokemon Square Garden. I kept walking, thinking about the battle in my mind, going through the various methods of the battle that could possibly happen. Brandi is wearing the Pokemon Collar, which gives her a bit of an Attack boost.

I wish that the interviewer would have given Gabi the chance to explain what Pokemon you could battle. Oh well, I would eventually see that for myself when I got down there. Brandi was squirming in my arms; a sign that she wanted to be put down to walk. I put her beside me, and we walked alongside each other. Ten minutes later, we got there.

I walked over to the registration table, and signed Brandi up. She will be fighting a male Charmander, at Level 8. I informed her of this, and she didn’t think anything of it. I knew Brandi could take down that Charmander. I had trained her with a giant Pikachu doll, and I had her practice from time to time with it, honing her skills to become a decent fighter. She loves to fight the Pikachu doll. To her, it was like playing a game. But, little did she know that Pokemon battles weren’t just a game. She was going to find that out soon.

I sat down under a tree, and Brandi sat beside me. Her one tail was just starting to curl, and there was a little slit were it looked as if a second tail was going to form. Newborn Vulpix always started out with one tail. That one tail was white. It has been said, that a baby Vulpix always starts out with one tail that was white in color, and, as it grew, and if it received enough love from its trainer, then the one tail would split into six, and gain a beautiful red hue.

It was now our turn to battle. I walked through the giant gate, that read “Meadow” on the top of it. The official closed the gate. I was left alone, with Brandi. We walked to the center of the arena, as the official threw the Pokeball that contained the Charmander.

http://www.pokemasters.net/images/games/ruby_sapphire/rs153.png Brandi Lv. 5 VS http://www.pokemasters.net/images/games/ruby_sapphire/rs206.png Charmander Lv. 8

The Charmander materialized from the Pokeball, and roared as loud is could. Brandi stepped forward, gritted her teeth, and growled back.

<Brandi’s POV>

So… this was my first battle. I’ve practiced on a Pikachu doll before, but now it was the real thing. The Charmander threw an Ember at me, and I threw one right back. The two balls of fire caught each other in mid-air, and exploded. “Come on… You can do better than that, can’t you?” I egged on. Charmander narrowed his eyes, and charged forward. Before he could reach me, I wagged my tail a few times by using Tail Whip. Once he came to me, I dodged out of the way of his Scratch attack. I bobbed my tail back and forth again, lowering his defense, and he didn’t even realize it. I stuck out my tongue. The more aggravated I got him, the better off I’d be. The Charmander came at me again, holding his paw up high, his claws withdrawn. I Tail Whipped again, before dodging to the left. I used another Tail Whip as soon as I got out of the way. That’s four times now. I think it’s time to get down to the fighting. “You’re pathetic, “ I mocked, “do you really want to be beaten by a girl?” This must have sent him over the edge. He bellowed, and ran forth. I began to dig a hole. I almost feared that I wasn’t going to be able to finish the hole it time.

I kept digging with my claws, as the whole continued to get deeper and deeper. He’s getting close! I had to hurry. I began to pick up the pace. The whole was almost big enough for me to go through. He was about five feet away from me now, and closing in. Finally, the hole got deep enough, as I jumped down into it. I began to dig around, smelling for him, trying to detect where he was. Ah, north five feet, and two to the west. I dug in that direction, as I counted how many feet I had been digging. I turned to the left, and dug two feet. I then dug upward, until I had felt I was near the surface. As I approached the surface, I doubled the speed I was digging. I was beginning to see little rays of sunlight. Suddenly, the ground above me crumbled as I came up to the surface. I had hit the Charmander, and sent him flying backward.

I got up, and shook the dirt off of my body. I looked at the lizard, lying on the ground. I went over to him, to see if he was still conscious. In a split second, I felt a searing pain across my cheek, as I was sent on my back. Charmander had Scratched me, without me even realizing it. I didn’t get up. Instead, I stayed on the ground, feigning injury. I sensed the Charmander near my side. I looked up at him, gave him a little wink, and blew an Ember in his face. That called him off, as I rose from the ground. I charged into him, knocking the wind out of him. I used another Ember, and another. I wasn’t going to stop. After shooting four more Embers at him, I backed away. Charmander’s skin was charred black, and he was almost gone. I looked over at Jay, who was watching me, waiting for me to make the next move. I looked back at the barely conscious Charmander, and he looked back. He charged forward, and hit me with another Scratch attack. I regained my ground as he came at me with another. This time, I was ready. I moved backward, with the flow of his movement, which made him almost land on top of me. With him like that, I threw him backward with my hind legs, and rose from the ground. I inhaled as much air as I could, and let out my breath, causing a large Ember to form. The Ember flew into Charmander, and knocked him out. There were cheers from the crowd at my victory, and the man who released Charmander recalled him. I looked back at Jay, and ran up to him. He picked me up, and hugged me as he carried me out of the meadow.

Brandi grew to level 6!

Lady Vulpix
25th June 2003, 09:59 AM
Sorry, J, but Brandi's battling at the Battle Tower. You'll have to wait until her battle has finished before he can battle here.

25th June 2003, 12:53 PM
Ok, when the battle tower battle is over, then I will modify the post if anything changes.

Avian Freeze
25th June 2003, 10:58 PM
This story is written all in Wolfwood, my Houndour’s, point of view. The colors are just to distinguish a bit. Oh, and I adopted Wolfwood in 2002 from Pokézoo Adoption Center. He was originally Discothèque’s Houndour. His bred-on move is Reversal and his TM move for level 10 is Sunny Day

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I watched as the radiant sun’s rays shone through the window. Ah, how I loved to watch the sunrise each morning. Every day, I would wake up early to get a good start on my day, and I would watch the gorgeous sunrise, not only because of its striking appearance, but each day I waited for winter to end. This morning, I knew that spring had finally arrived on Ulthuan. The winter this year had been frigid and intense-each day, fierce winds blew as flurries of snow flew through the wind. Snowstorms and blizzards happened frequently as the days slowly passed. But today, today was magical, I had no idea how, but every last clump of snow had melted into the fresh spring air, the leaves on the trees had grown and blossoms even began to peek out of the large branches. All this had happened over the course of one single night. What a miracle, I thought, a true miracle. I barked for joy and hustled over to my trainer’s room, slipping on the carpet for a second, but I regained my balance and leaped on to my trainer’s bed, licking his face and attempting to awaken him. The lazy bum just turned over on to his other side, his face buried in the pillow. I growled a bit and then pounced on the alarm clock, which set of an ear-splitting sound. My trainer Tyler let out a groan and pounded the “snooze” button on the clock. I woofed happily, panting, and my trainer petted me and ruffled my fur.

“Hey there Wolfwood.” He said sleepily. “So why’d you wake me up?” he asked me, chuckling. I ruffed at him, and ran out the door, trying to hint that spring was finally here. Instead, he just did all the daily morning routines -_-. I sighed, thinking he was hopeless, and waited patiently. However, soon enough, I got impatient and decided to take a stroll around the new spring day, and I began by wandering into the nearby meadow. I waltzed through the field, sniffing the fresh new flowers which bloomed overnight. I tasted the morning dew on the wet grass, and felt the cool morning breeze flow through my fur. The vivid appearance of the morning sun was stunning, its rays pouring over the night sky and dominating it. I noticed a silhouette of something that didn’t look quite right. It was hidden among the trees, and so I sprinted over to the place, and soon enough I noticed it was Palm, Tyler’s Tropius.

“Palm? What are you doing here?” I asked, becoming aware she was rummaging through the tall trees.
“Umm…nothing…just…looking for something.” She replied, a bit shiftily.
“Are you looking for fruit?” I asked suspiciously.
“How’d you know?!”
I laughed, replying, “I know how much you love fruit! Here, I’ll help you.” I rammed myself into the slender tree, and it shook violently. Several apples fell from the tree and Palm immediately began to feast on them.
“Thanks Wolfwood!” she said with a mouthful of apples, and as soon as she had said “wood”, a small chunk of apple fell into my eye.
I winced at the impact, and responded, “Um…no problem...” I wiped away the piece with my paw. “I’ll see you later.” I said, running back towards the house.
”Bye!” Palm said, still gorging herself with the red fruit.

I entered the house, seeing Tyler just finishing his breakfast. I barked at him and he answered, “Ah, Wolfwood. I was wondering where you were! Did you notice it was spring?” I rolled my eyes, but nonetheless went over to eat my breakfast, which he had placed on the ground for me. After wolfing down my meal, eager to return outside again, I woofed at Tyler again, and we headed back outside, me wondering where we were going.

The two of us walked along the road and I looked around, seeing Taillow, Pidgey, Spearow, and other bird Pokémon soaring towards their nests, and several Sentret coming out of the small grooves in the trunks of the trees, Goldeen, Remoraid, Magikarp, and other fish leaping out of the water, breaking through the surface which had been icy for so long. I let out a short howl at the other Pokémon, welcoming the long-awaited spring. The other Pokémon called back towards me, and I heard stuff like, “Nice day isn’t it?”, “Good morning!”, “How are you on this fine day?”. I smiled, feeling in such high spirits today. Soon enough, we came to a large square. I recognized this to be the Pokémon Square Garden. I saw a large banner across the entrance, titled “Welcome to the Ulthuan Spring Festival!”. I grinned; glad I wasn’t the only one to notice this wondrous event.

Tyler and I walked inside, seeing masses of people gathered in the town square. I was surprised that everyone was up so early! I saw many other Pokémon scattered around with their trainers. I noticed booths with souvenirs and candy and some with games and prizes too. I begin to get excited and yipped for joy. Tyler walked over to one of the booths and decided to buy something. I watched with intent and began to get absorbed in the astonishing way a stick was be held in the center of a bowl, and like magic, the swirling thingy would surround it with a pink fluffy substance. The machine kept spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning and I began to get dizzy, staggering a bit, but still keeping my eye on the curious contraption. Soon enough, there was a cloud of pink on the stick, and it was given to Tyler. I still was confused how the pink stuff had appeared out of nowhere! Tyler let me have a taste, so I licked the candy. It tasted so sweet, and so I bit some more. Strangely though, I realized it melted in my mouth! It disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared! I ate some more, but still noticed the same result. I scratched my head but shrugged it off. Soon enough, we came to a game booth. I curiously watched as Tyler paid for the game and I saw him throwing darts at something. I couldn’t see…due to my short height and so I jumped up. I grabbed the edge of the booth, and struggled to pull myself over. I succeeded just in time to see the dart hit a miniscule balloon, which popped, water pouring out. I saw the booth vendor give Tyler a large Articuno! I looked at it and growled-something wasn’t right here…We continued on through the plaza, and I observed the Articuno carefully. What’s that bird thinking now…I have to find out, he may be plotting against me! I was thinking. We came along to a stand with a person who seemed to be writing stuff on a clipboard.
“Excuse me,” Tyler said. “I’d like to sign up my Pokémon for a battle please?”
“Ah! Which arena would you like? The Public Swimming Pool or the Open Field?”
Tyler looked over at me and said, “So Wolfwood, do you want to try the Public Swimming Pool?” I whimpered at this decision, and then glared at him. I HATE water in any form! How does he not know that?! Looking at me oddly, and then as if something struck him, he replied “Oh yeah…I forgot you dislike water.” He continued talking with the man, “I’ll sign him up for the Open Field please.”
“Okay! Your Houndour will be battling with a level 14 Geodude!”

A Geodude eh? This battle would be tough, but I could take him on! We pushed through the crowds of people, heading towards our destination. I saw nothing but a bunch of legs walking around, but soon enough, I saw a meadow! There were plenty of people but there were definitely less people swarming about. Sauntering through the meadow, I noticed several trainers with different Pokémon, even some battling. I saw a Girafarig, who appeared to be focusing, ready to use a Psychic attack. There was a Crobat as well, flittering through the air unevenly, and ready to dive at its opponent, a fearsome looking Venusaur. I even noticed a huge Tyranitar shooting an intensely powered Hyper Beam at a Typhlosion with a formidable blazing mane around its neck. Though it was hit, the beast seemed to take it lightly, and countered with a Fire Blast, which singed the Tyranitar, who amazingly did not seem to be injured by the attack. I watched in awe as these awesome Pokémon battled, wondering if I could ever become this strong. Tyler tugged at me, saying, “Hey Wolfwood, what’s the matter? Chickening out?” he asked, jokingly. I snapped out of my trance, and woofed, signaling that I wasn’t going to give up that easily!

Within a few minutes, we came up to a trainer holding a Poké Ball in her hand, tossing it up and down. She had long, wavy chestnut brown her and wore a T-shirt and shorts. She noticed me and bent down to pet me, running her hand over my fur. I jumped in her arms and licked her face friendlily. The young girl laughed and she said, “So you're the trainer with the Houndour?” I noticed Tyler nod, and she threw out her Poké Ball, revealing a Geodude, who jumped up and down a bit, causing the ground to quake a bit. I stumbled, but kept my ground. “All right! Let’s battle!” she said, clenching her fists.

Wolfwood (Houndour) LV13 VS Geodude LV14

I began the battle by Howling to reinforce my will, and I got into a ready stance to battle. The rocky Pokémon began by digging a hole in the soft soil, punching the ground so that lumps of earth came flying out. “Wolfwood! Try a Sunny Day!” I subtly eyed the sky, noticing the bright sun only slightly risen from the horizon. I then closed my eyes, manipulating the sun’s position in the sky and thrusting it into the zenith of the atmosphere. The sun now shone brilliantly over the battlefield, and it felt great! I was determined to win this battle, and the new spring sun would help me do so. I heard some shifting beneath me, and I was anticipating the Geodude to emerge from the ground any moment and pound me into the soil. I was ready to dodge it, but I expected the attack to be a bit later. The Geodude popped out of the ground and slammed me into the squishy soil.

Determined, though, I got up and shot a glowing Ember at the stone Pokémon after hearing Tyler shout out, “All right Wolfwood! Now use your Ember attack!”. Making contact, the damage was boosted due to the sun’s sweltering heat. I grinned, and noticed the Geodude was suffering a burn. My grin widened, knowing that it would be harder for the Geodude to attack. This time, the Geodude tried a different approach. It concentrated its mind, which seemed a bit odd. I raised my eyebrow to this, having no idea what the Geodude could be attempting. “Geodude! Release your Hidden Power!” the girl shouted at her Pokémon. This surprise threw me off, and all I saw was the blast of swirling symbols strike me. I flew back from this blow, realizing it to be Hidden Power WATER. Bleagh! I shook myself, getting the wet stuff off my fur, and growled at the Geodude. Now he’s making me angry! I thought to myself, and snarled at the Geodude, who cringed from the burn.

“Wolfwood! Give it your best Smog attack!” I nodded at Tyler, and emitted a gaseous mauve colored mist at the Geodude. It slowly traveled toward the Pokémon, who hacked and coughed forcefully upon the cloud wrapping around his body. As soon as the fog died down though, the Geodude countered with a Rock Throw! The Geodude violently threw large stones at me, and I was struck down, moaning from the pain. I got up slowly, my legs trembling as I tried to stand my ground. I lifted my face and smirked at the Geodude. Now he was going to get it. I dashed at the Geodude, and it looked in fear as I dove at the rocky Pokémon, flipped around and threw it on to the soil. I had used a Reversal on it, dealing a fierce blow. He curled up into a tight ball, using a Defense Curl, but I shot out a final Ember, the blaze discharged from my mouth and collided with the Geodude, knocking him back, and fainting him! I barked in triumph and the girl smiled modestly. “Good job! I didn’t expect you to beat Geodude! Especially because of your Houndour’s weakness to rock. That Reversal trick he pulled was pretty clever, I have to admit. Well, I’ll see you around.” The girl wandered off, congratulating her Geodude for a good battle. I ran back toward Tyler, smiling in victory and wagging my stumpy tail. He laughed and offered me the Articuno as a gift. I was startled by the large creature, and bit it. I noticed some stuffing pour out, and I realized it was none other than a doll! I laughed heartily, and returned to my Poké Ball to rest after a battle well done.

Wolfwood grew to level 15!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here’s the second part of the scenario. This part is written in Vida’s point of view. Vida is my female Electrike adopted from Dragon Tamers and her bred-on move is Crunch.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was about time I was released from my Poké Ball! I saw the sun shining for the first time in months, and I shielded my eyes with my paw to block out the glow. I yipped happily for the coming of spring and even did a flip. I then ran around uncontrollably to stretch my muscles, for I had been waiting for so long to get out of the house. I got dazed though as I realized the sun was beating down on me really hard and I fell on my back, exhausted. “Are you okay Vida? Let me get you a drink.” I whimpered a bit as Tyler left to get me a drink and I panted heavily, craving for water so severely. I began to get very woozy, I saw doubles of every object and I was feeling very faint. I moaned softly, hoping Tyler would get back soon. As I had wished, Tyler did indeed come back in time, and gave me a bottle of water. I bit small holes in the bottle with my fangs and as the water leaked out, I caught the streams of water with my tongue and swallowed the delightful liquid. I felt reenergized right on the spot and licked Tyler’s face for his help.

For the first time, I realized we were in the Pokémon Square Garden and I noticed hordes of people crowded all over the square. I saw some hammering moles, some shooting bullets at targets, and some playing various arcade games. But I wondered, where were all the battles? I was eager to battle, and it would be my first battle too. I’ve never fought before and I was keen to start fighting already. I rushed around a bit, looking for Pokémon battles, but I found nothing but different games all over. I sadly gave up and looked around for Tyler, but he was nowhere to be seen! I whined a bit, hoping he would recognize my call, but after a few minutes, I couldn’t find him. I slowly walked around, sniffing around for his scent to see if I could track him down. Suddenly, I felt myself being lifted and I saw a little boy’s face in front of me. I barked and struggled to get free of his grasp, but I couldn’t, but I pursued. The baby boy began to laugh and tickle me. I giggled hysterically and tried to escape, but this kid had a strong grip! My eyes began to tear and I bit the toddler softly on his hand in an attempt to make him let go. Unfortunately, I hadn’t expected him to be hurt, and he began to bawl deafeningly as I began to feel guilty. Two adults appeared and I figured they were his parents; they picked him up and comforted him, and realized me soon after.

“Look honey, it’s an Electrike.” The mother said to her husband.
“You think she belongs to someone?” He looked at me, searching for a collar or anything. “Doesn’t seem to have any identification.” Agh! Tyler forgot to put my collar on! Oh…now how will I find him?
“Elec-twike!” the baby said, pointing at me.
“Yes, it is an Electrike! Very good!” The mother said to her son, softly squeezing his cheeks as congratulations for learning my name.

I whimpered at them, hoping they could help me find my trainer and they looked at each other and discussing the matter at hand. Finally, the father picked me up in his arms and he told me that they decided to keep me. Oh no! Now how will I ever get back to Tyler? I whimpered once more, and even shed a little tear, trying to hint at the fact that I was not a stray. It was no use however, and there was nothing to do but look for him. Since I was now over the heads of the crowd, I had a better view, and I searched for him, maybe I could find him in the groups of people. All of a sudden, I recognized a familiar face, and realized it was his. I barked happily as loud as I could but I was quickly put down and quieted. I growled at the parents, wanting to get back to my trainer and he let go of me, not wanting to have any trouble. I barked at the parents, signaling them to follow me. They did so as I ran through the masses of people in his direction. I hastily dodged around the legs of the people and finally reached him. I jumped on him and he fell over. I joyfully licked his face as he laughed. “Vida! Is that you? Where’d you go? I looked all over for you! Ah, c’mon, let’s go. You worried me! Don’t leave me next time okay?” I yipped for joy, and was sure to follow that order.

I noticed the parents and their child quickly running along to catch up with me and the man said to Tyler, “Is this your Electrike, son?”
Tyler nodded and said, “Yes, thank you for finding her for me.”
“Ah, no problem. It was actually her that found us, she was playing with my son and my wife noticed her. Your Electrike’s a real cute one she is, really loyal too. You're lucky to have her. I have a Horsea of my own, how about you and I have a battle at the Public Swimming Pool?” he said, taking out a Poké Ball and tossing it up and down on his hand.

The five of us wandered over towards the Public Swimming Pool of the Pokémon Square Garden. When we got there, I saw crowds of people gathered around, having barbecues and drinking and resting on beach chairs tanning. The pool was occupied by a Lapras who I saw floating on the surface and looking around for something. I then saw a large shadow ascending from the base of the pool. It jumped out of the sea and I saw that it was an enormous Mantine! It knocked Lapras flying and Body Slammed her into the pool, causing an intense splash all over the pool as it dove back into the pool. Lapras took up this opportunity and froze the water with an Ice Beam. The surface of the pool glistened as it was frozen, and Mantine’s fate was sealed! At least, that’s what I thought, but there was a heavy rumble and the manta ray Pokémon broke through the surface and used a Wing Attack on Lapras, slapping her with one of its wings and causing her to slide along the water and fainting! It was an amazing battle and it made me even more determined to win this battle. The father of the baby boy and Tyler talked about the rules and settled it, and soon enough, we began the battle after the pool was cleaned up.

Vida (Electrike) LV5 VS Horsea LV7

I gave the Horsea a determined grin, letting her know that I was determined to win this fight. He began by Diving into the sea, and I scanned around for the Horsea, but it was tough to find such a small Pokémon in a 50 by 25 pool that was 20 feet deep. I smiled, having a little trick up my sleeve, and began to charge myself up. I felt a surge go through my body and I sent the bit of electricity into the water, hoping it would strike the Horsea. Fortunately, it did and I watched as the shocked seahorse Pokémon floated up from the sea. Though paralyzed, she managed to shoot Bubbles in my direction. I was hit and though it wasn’t very strong, I suddenly felt very sluggish. I jumped at Horsea and Crunch[/b[ed down on her and this time she was paralyzed and could do nothing as I chomped her scaly skin. I felt a pain course through my canines as I bit down but she shrieked in pain.

I followed up with a Tackle, knocking her back into the water. She reemerged from the surface and the trainer yelled, “Horsea! Use a Double Team and baffle that Electrike!” The Horsea nodded and created several images of herself. “Vida! Try Crunching or Tackling the copies! One of them has to be the true Horsea!” I was indeed confounded and attempted to Crunch one of the Horsea, but instead, I received a mouthful of chlorinated water in my mouth. I spit out the rank tasting water and rushed at another Horsea, attempting a second [b]Tackle, but I banged my head against the hard wall. I rubbed my injured skull with my paw and realized a second too late that Horsea was increasing her speed with an Agility and she had run into me with a Return attack. I was battered and weak, not sure what to do. This time, I attempted to Tackle a third time at another image, and this one turned to be real! She plummeted into the deep and I crawled back out of the pool, coughing from all the water that I had swallowed.

The Horsea this time jumped out of the pool and charged an Ice Beam, which she aimed at me. This time, I was ready for the attack, noticing the frosty icicles appearing on her snout. I jumped out of the way just in time as the chilly beam hit the stone walk. I then retaliated by Crunching her again. She yelled and shot a hazy glob of ink at me! I let go of her right away and recognized it to be Octazooka! I yelped as my vision was clouded and I pawed around, trying to find my way into the pool to wash the filthy stuff off. I felt the coolness of the water and dove into it, my vision being cleared instantly. I looked up through the water and saw the Horsea, and I decided to sneak attack her with a Tackle. I swam swiftly upwards and struck the seahorse Pokémon unexpectedly. She was tossed up into the air but landed safely on the ground. I growled at her and noticed her beginning to charge up a second Ice Beam! This time, I had an idea. Just before she discharged the beam, I Crunched down yet again on her snout and the glacial ray backfired, freezing her from the inside out! I had won! I yipped for joy and saw as the parents congratulated Tyler on the well fought battle and returned her to his Poké Ball. The young infant crawled towards me and petted my wet fur, once again saying in an adorable voice, “Elec-twike!” I barked happily and licked his face.

Vida grew to level 6!

It was getting late, and I saw the magnificent sunset of the first day of spring. It was absolutely beautiful as the final red rays sank into the horizon and the pallid moon ascended toward the heavens. I watched as the stars slowly dotted the night sky, and I panted, waiting for Tyler to finish his last game of “Whack-a-mole”. He won and was given a small chew toy for me. I took the toy and began chewing on it and playing around as we exited the celebration of the belated arrival of spring.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And there’s the end of my second Battle Range story :).

Aipom Of Doom
29th June 2003, 04:29 PM
Meh, here's part two of my non-battle story (continuing from the end of Aipom's loss at the Dragon Games). Anyway, I just needed to get everything back together again and change a few things... now I go back to scenerios =D

Aipom’s Perspective

“Ughhh…” I woke up and grunted. My body felt sore and tired, and I wasn’t sure where I was. It felt like a bed, but I didn’t remember being in one…

I opened my eyes. I was in a bed; one in Dan’s hotel room. I quickly remembered what had happened; I had been battling in the Dragon Games finals before, and had been knocked out by the Hitmontop I had been battling. I wasn’t sure how long I had been fainted for, but I doubted it had been a long time; otherwise I would probably be in a Pokémon Center bed rather than here.

“Hey, Aipom,” my trainer’s voice was a bit startling at first. I looked over and saw him sit down on the bed next to me.

“So, anyway,” I sat up, and realized I had a pretty bad headache. “What are we doing next?”

“Well, we have to leave after tonight, so we’ll pack up tomorrow morning and head back to the Pokémon Center. But today we’ll just take easy. It’s only about two in the afternoon.”

“Okay,” I replied. I glanced around the room; most of Dan’s team was gone. “I’m going to go back to sleep.”

“Fine. How are you feeling anyway? You need some Aspirin?” I nodded gratefully, and took the painkiller pill with a glass of water.

“Okay, Tulie, Hydro, and I are heading out for now,” Dan got up off the bed, and I realized that the sleeping baby Dratini was looped around Dan’s neck as she usually was. Dan headed for the door, and Hydro followed him out.

I looked around the room. Gaea was sitting by the large window in front of the porch, reading a book in the sunlight. She was the only one left in the room.

“Hey,” the Sandshrew turned toward me. “Umm, congratulations for doing so well in the Dragon Games. I’m going to stay here, but I won’t bother you.” She then turned back toward the book she was reading.

I crawled back under the sheets and promptly fell asleep again, despite the fact that I still had a bad headache.


Dan’s Perspective

“So, anyway, we’re ready to head over to the Pokémon Center now?” It was the day after Aipom’s battle, we were just about ready to leave the hotel and head back to our normal residence at the Pokémon Center. Sai was riding up the elevator next to me; we were heading back to our room for the last time.

“Yeah, as long as Thunderblast got everything packed,” I told Sai, though it was obvious to both of us that she would have. We had given the psychic Raichu and the other fourteen members of my team plenty of time to get ready.

“Okay, we’re ready,” Thunderblast had all of our things packed. Two stuffed duffel bags and my backpack lay on the bed, containing everything we owned. It seemed surprising that we had so little; but then, there wasn’t really that much we needed to take with us because we traveled so much. Alongside those three bags, there was our tent-in-a-bag with two sleeping bags strapped to it. Outside, my bike was locked to the bike rack; but we had nothing else with us.

We grabbed our stuff, and headed out to the elevator to sign out of the hotel. Then we took the walk of a bit more than a mile over to our usual residence, one of the Caledor City Pokémon Centers.


We reached the Pokémon Center and got settled in over the next few hours. We had unpacked our things in the small bedroom we had rented; it had just enough space for two beds, a bathroom, and a clothes cabinet, plus a bit of open floor space. Of course, that was just about all the space we needed; the room was just about only used for sleeping and storage. There was plenty of space for my belongings plus thirteen of my team members, since Flatten and Lapras stayed elsewhere with other oversized or waterbound Pokémon. After arriving and unpacking, my team had split up around the large building as we talked to other trainers and Pokémon who we hadn’t seen in our two weeks away from here.

I looked out the massive windows around the dome over the third-floor lounge of the Pokémon center; it was getting dark now; I guessed it was around seven o’clock. I walked out of the room, and downstairs.

I neared the large room that I had left Flatten and Lapras in. I decided to enter it and see what those two were doing.

“Hi, Dan.” Lapras swam to the edge of the pool she swam in, which was close to the door. Flatten was asleep to the right; I walked toward Lapras.

“Hey, Lapras,” I said, “How have you been?”

“Umm,” Lapras looked down at the floor by my feet. “I’ve been thinking for a while. I’m not sure I fit in on your team. I mean, I know I was bred as a prize for the Griffin Games. But it’s just really hard on me because I never have much time out of my Pokeball, and I can’t do much. So… umm… I was wondering if you’d let me leave?” She finally looked up at me after her last sentence. Her manner was very unsure and somewhat fearful, but I got the impression that she really did want to leave my team.

“I know it seems kind of sudden,” Lapras said as I contemplated my reply, “But I have thought about it a while and I would like to be free… I hope it’s not too big of a problem.”

“Well, I guess, if you want to,” I replied, which surprised Lapras, who apparently was expecting to hear something else. But if someone on my team wanted to leave that badly, I wasn’t going to stop them; and Lapras was right that I wasn’t able to let her do much. She was either away from the rest of the team or in her Pokeball most of the time.

“Okay, then. Umm, thanks, I guess.” Lapras replied, still looking down at the floor, somewhat embarrassed.

“It’s fine,” I told her, “Do you have any idea how soon you want to leave?”

“Well,” she replied, “If it could be tomorrow or the next day, it would be great.” She seemed enthusiastic enough about it; I didn’t see why I would object. We had plenty of time the next day.

“Okay, tomorrow, I guess. I know a river a few miles away that should be big enough and runs all of the way to the Inner Sea. But only go if you really want to,” I told her. She responded that she had though about it a long time and was sure what she wanted to do. There was a pause in the conversation; not knowing what else to say, I started to leave.

“Oh, and one more thing, Danny?” Lapras asked, “Could you please keep this a secret at least until we leave tomorrow? I really would prefer not to be bugged about it by everyone else.” I nodded yes.

I closed the door and headed back upstairs to where Sai and Thunderblast were sitting, not really knowing what to think. My team would have a significant change the next day; it had been quite a few months since anyone else had left. I sat back on the sofa and sighed, contemplating things.

“What’s up, Danny?” Thunderblast walked over toward me, not even needing her psychic abilities to tell that something significant had happened.

I was silent for a second; after all, Lapras had asked me to keep it a secret. But then, I trusted Sai and Thunderblast completely; and I wanted their input anyway. “Lapras says she wants to leave the team. For some reason, she wants to do it really soon. Like tomorrow.”

“So we’re going somewhere to let her leave tomorrow?” Sai asked. I nodded.

“We’ll head down to the river that cuts through the park to the west of here. It’s plenty big enough for a Lapras to get to the Inner Sea through,” I responded. The two Pokémon nodded in agreement.

“Just don’t tell anyone else about it,” I sighed. “Lapras told me to keep it secret, and I would prefer if it didn’t go any farther than you guys.” Both the Scizor and the Raichu agreed, and then we went about our business again.


“So, Lapras, you’re still sure you want to do this?” It was about ten o’clock the next morning; we were all ready to leave. I walked into the pool room where Lapras and Flatten were.

“Yes,” Lapras sighed; I had asked her the same question many times already.

“Okay then. I guess I’ll get you and Flatten in your Pokeballs now,” I pulled the two Pokeballs out of my pocket.

“Flatten isn’t going to come with,” Lapras said matter-of-factly. I stared at her quizzically. I didn’t see why she wouldn’t want one of her better friends to come with and say goodbye to her.

Lapras sighed, “I just don’t want to make anyone have to stay inside one of those Pokeballs any more than he has to. Anyway, I talked to him for long enough last night, and he’s really tired now.” The story seemed a bit farfetched. I turned to Flatten as he floated over.

“Yeah, I won’t be coming with. I wanted to, but Lapras was pretty insistent. She kept me up all night probably so I would just be too tired to go now,” Flatten said; both he and Lapras laughed. However, I didn’t quite buy this either; and what Flatten said seemed a bit forced. Something seemed strange, but I didn’t really think about it.

“So, anyway, you I guess I better get going,” Lapras said, while using her minimal psychic powers to move Flatten’s Pokeball back into my pocket. “Well, hopefully I’ll see you again sometime, Flatten.”

“Umm, bye, I guess,” Flatten said, “I hope you have fun in the wild.” I pressed the button on Lapras’ Pokeball; the large water Pokémon disappeared into the small electronic sphere.

Flatten frowned a bit and seemed like he wanted to tell me something. After a few seconds, he yawned, “Well, I’m going to sleep. See you when you get back,” and he promptly closed his eyes and started to snore. I pondered for a second why he was acting like this, but then just shrugged it off and went downstairs. The rest of the team had been assembled there by Thunderblast and Sai, and would be waiting for me.


“So Dan, what is this trip all about?” May asked me. We were a mile or so away from the Pokémon Center at that point; thirteen Pokémon plus myself were walking through a small field toward the river that we were heading to. Most of my team had been chattering away, except for Tulie, who was asleep around my neck; Mopia, who was walking behind the rest of us; and Zippy, who was flying high overhead.

I turned toward my Eevee to answer the question; I was surprised it hadn’t already come up. I picked my words carefully, and said, “Well… we’re heading over to a river nearby. Lapras, umm, is going to leave our team.”

That got just about everyone’s attention. A Pokémon hadn’t left my team for a long while; many of the members of my team hadn’t been there the last time someone left. It was quite a big deal, and it was obviously surprising to most of my Pokémon that I was announcing it at the last minute like this.

“Sorry that I didn’t tell you guys earlier…” I said a bit sheepishly, “But Lapras only told me she wanted to leave yesterday. And she told me not to tell anyone.” Most of the Pokémon accepted this; they knew that they would like me to do the same thing for them if they were in Lapras’ situation.

“Okay,” Flare yawned, “Though she just mentioned it yesterday? Isn’t that kind of sudden?”

“Yeah, I thought it was too. But she said she had thought it over for a while and was really insistent,” I shrugged, “I don’t want to have her stay around longer if she doesn’t want to.”

“I guess,” Flare looked a bit suspicious. “It still seems somewhat weird.” I had to agree with her; and how Flatten had acted seemed even stranger. However, I didn’t believe that Lapras was up to anything; I decided it must have been a coincidence.

We continued walking, but this time in relative silence. A few of my Pokémon talked quietly, but the carefree mood and the happiness that had been coming from most of my Pokémon had disappeared as they contemplated this sudden change in events.


We arrived at a large open space near the river a little while later. The flowing water looked plenty deep enough for a Lapras, yet the current was fairly gentle at this point. The water was crystal clear too; we could easily see the Goldeens swimming along the bottom.

The thirteen Pokémon that had walked with me gathered around the river bank as I pulled Lapras’ Pokeball out of my pocket and released her for one last time. Her deep blue skin materialized as her flippers and underside sank into the water.

“I take it you guys all know already,” Lapras addressed the rest of my team a bit sadly as she used her flippers to stay in a constant spot in the moving river.

“Umm, yeah, but can I ask why you’re leaving?” Flare spoke out first, asking the question that everyone, including me, wanted the answer to.

“Well, I just don’t want to be a trained Pokémon anymore. I don’t get to do too much since I’m stuck in a pool. I want to be free.” Lapras paused for a second, seemingly waiting for something. No one said anything; the reasons Lapras had given made perfect sense for why she wanted to leave.

Lapras, seeing no one questioned her about that, continued, “But the real reason is just how much I hate Pokeballs. Okay? They’re evil. So many Pokémon die when the cheap ones break, and it’s just… bad to have yourself reduced to electronic data and be practically dead and stuff for days at a time. I just hate it, and have all my life.”

“Okay…” I spoke up. This seemed sort of strange; if she had a big fear of Pokeballs, why did she wait until now to talk about it? “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Lapras paid no attention to me. “So you guys, don’t you agree with me? Wouldn’t you all want to come along and be free of trainers and Pokeballs and stuff?”

No one moved. I stared at Lapras in disbelief; why on earth was she trying to get my entire team to rebel against me? It seemed very strange, and I would have thought she’d realize that, in general, my team was pretty happy being with me.

Seeing that no one followed her away from me, Lapras tried to take control of the awkward moment again. “Come on, don’t you realize how much better it will be? You’ll be free, you can do whatever you want, and you won’t have to deal with any more stupid humans,” Lapras glared at me as she said the last sentence.

“Oh, shut it, Lapras,” Thunderblast said loudly, “You may not like it being a trained Pokémon with Dan, and that’s fine. But, if you’re too stupid to realize it, I don’t think anyone else wants to go with you.” This was true; everyone seemed to be nodding.

Lapras seemed appalled by the lack of support for her ideas. She turned to my Spearow, “What about you, Zippy? I thought you were always unhappy. And weren’t you abused by trainers? Don’t you know how bad they can be?”

The Spearow laughed a bit and replied, “So what? I’m too weak to survive alone yet. Later I might want to be alone, but for now I need to battle and grow. Anyway, I’ve found a trainer that won’t abuse me, and I’m not pressing my luck. Besides, the food is good and I have somewhere nice to stay most of the time.”

“But…” Lapras persisted in her quest to get some Pokémon to leave, “Don’t you hate your Pokeballs? I mean, how can you trust someone who keeps you inside some little electronic thing all of the time?”

“I wouldn’t like that,” it was Aipom who decided to counter Lapras’ latest statements. “But we’re not in it all of the time. And though I really don’t like Pokeballs, Dan doesn’t use them much and they’re probably there for the better.”

“Fine. Fine,” Lapras glared at all of us, “You can be insolent and whatever you want. Well, I’ll do you at least one favor.”

As she said that, she closed her eyes and called upon the psychic powers she had been born with. Her Pokeball floated out of my hand and toward her. Fourteen other empty Pokeballs flew from a pocket of my backpack toward her; and all of them landed in a depression on Lapras’ shell. The large water -type then swam off along with the river current, disappearing with the Pokeballs very quickly.

“Huh.” Sai said, “Well… that was… weird.” I nodded in agreement.

“What about Flatten?” Gaea spoke up for the first time since I had talked about Lapras leaving on the walk over, “wasn’t he in his Pokeball?”

“No,” I turned to the Sandshrew, “Lapras did him a favor, I guess. She forced him to stay back at the Pokémon Center so he wouldn’t have to walk home.”

Thunderblast shook her head, “I can’t believe she actually thought that she’d get us to leave with her. She might have had her crazy ideas, but I thought she had some common sense and some observation skills too”

“Well, if she wanted to leave that much, I’m glad she’s gone,” May said as we started to walk back to the Pokémon center. “But what happens with the Pokeballs she stole?”

“I’d guess she’ll destroy them or something,” Thunderblast said, “I can tell she was serious about taking them being a favor to us. Anyway, she can’t use them against us unless we’re in a close proximity anyway.”

“About the Pokeballs, Dan,” Blaze glanced at me, “are you going to get new ones? Since I would rather be without one.” A few other Pokémon nodded in agreement with him.

“Do any of you want another Pokeball?” I asked the group; no one replied. That was just fine with me; I couldn’t see any reason to have them anyway. Flatten might need one for easier travel, but he wasn’t here and I’d ask him later. “Good, so you’ll save me a few hundred stamps. Good Pokeballs are getting expensive these days.”

So we headed back to the city and to whatever else we’d be doing next, minus one Pokémon and having freed everyone from their Pokeball. Though Lapras’ other ideas weren’t exactly great, I felt that having no more Pokeballs would make things better for everyone. So, I actually felt pretty good; we’d lost all of the Pokeballs plus the one Pokémon who didn’t want to be with us anyway.

29th June 2003, 08:29 PM
Gabi, now that my battle with Mew Trainer Rose has come to a close, you can rate my battle now.

Mew Trainer Rose
29th June 2003, 09:13 PM
AQnd now that our battle is done, I can post about Myst battling in teh scenario. ^_^ But first, a description of his adoption...

It was a warm, sunny day when I wandered into an Adoption Center. I regularly checked the Adoption Centers, just because. You never knew what you might find in them. In the Center, number of pens and cages of all sizes were in an around the main building. There was one section in the back of the room set aside for abandoned pokémon. I peeked into the area, saw nothing, and was about to turn away when a faint “Wee?” caught my ears. I turned back to the large cage nearest me. It had a dirt floor, bars on the side nearest me, and 3 walls that were painted white, so it didn’t look too intimidating to any pokémon who might be inside. In it was huddled a brown-and-white furry pokémon, looking very forlorn. I checked the card attached to it’s cage, which held information about it. It read:
Hi, my name it Myst!
I’m a level 5 male Eevee, and my attacks are
Tackle, Tail Whip, and Toxic.
My Trait is Run Away.
I’m looking for a good home. Will it be yours?

I looked at Myst, who had taken a few steps toward the barred front of the cage. I knelt down and reached a hand trough the bars to pet the Eevee on the top of it’s head. Then I withdrew my arm and went to take a look at the other pokémon there. All the while I was considering if I should adopt the Eevee. I’d always though Eevees were adorable, but wasn’t sure if I wanted another pokémon yet.
After I’d seen all the other pokémon and decided that I wasn’t interested in adopting any of them, I came back to Myst. He had curled up in a corner, and lifted his head to look at me as I approached. In a moment, I made up my mind.
“Don’t worry, little guy, I’m gonna get you outta here.” I said to Myst. I though I saw a hint of a smile as I turned away to go to the front desk where you asked to adopt a pokémon. In a minute, The Adoption Center worker on duty had come back to the cage with me and undid the lock. Myst, who by now was standing up and looking considerably more cheerful, ran up to me the second the door was opened. I laughed and picked the Eevee--my Eevee--up, and carried him home.

A few days later, Charmander and Myst were playing around in the backyard, and I was sitting under a tree, watching them. It was a very nice day, perfect for being outside. I decided that it was too good a day to stay here all day. I thought I’d heard that something was going on at the Pokemon Square Garden today, so we all went to see what was up.
We were happy to find a spring festival going on, and Myst was running around trying to look at everything at once. Charmander, less excitable, was content to stay near me as I browsed eth attractions. It was Myst who found the found the battle field, which looked like it was a pool converted for the event. Charmander and I were munching on hotdogs when Myst came up, “Wee-vee”ing excitedly. Charmander listed to him a moment, then his eyes lit up. He and Myst started running, and Charmander motioned for me to follow. Wondering what was going on, I followed.
Myst led up to the pool, which had a couple platforms in the middle. Another trainer was standing at one end, and when I got near she yelled, “Hey, you wanna battle? I’ve been waiting here a while and nobody’s been to the pool since I got here.”
“Yeah, OK,” I said. I decided to send Myst out, for obvious reasons. I turned to my Eevee.
“You want to battle, little guy?” Myst bounced up and down happily and said “Veee!” I smiled and said “I’m gonna recall you into your pokeball, then toss it onto the platform. That way you don’t have to swim out there. OK?” Myst, still bouncing, nodded. “OK, then,” I said, held out his pokeball, and pressed the button on the front. After he dissolved into red energy and was sucked into the ball, I walked to the end of the pool opposite my opponent. From there I tossed the pokeball out onto the nearest platform.
The other trainer said “Your pokémon will be fighting my Horsea,” as she threw her pokeball into the water. Myst, curious, walked over to the edge of the platform and peered into the water. The blue seahorse popped up a moment later, then blew a short stream of bubbles at Myst.

Myst (Eevee level 6) vs. Horsea (lv.7 )

Myst jumped back, startled, and wiped the bubbles off his face with one paw. “Tail Whip!” I called. In a second, he had whipped around and slapped Horsea with his tail. The Horse dove underwater again, then reappeared farther away.
“Horsea, keep diving underwater, attacking, then diving back under.” The other trainer called.
“Horsea!” her pokémon called, then dissapeared underwater.
“Myst, Tackle it if it gets close,” I called. He nodded and looked around, trying to guess where the seahorse would pop up next.
The blue pokémon popped up a few feet away from the platform, near the side closest to me. It sprayed another stream of bubbles and Myst, then dove underwater. Myst wasn’t prepared for an attack from behind, so the attack hit full force. A moment later Horsea appeared again, farther away from me but still near the platform, and attacked Myst again. My pokémon was expecting the attack now and was able to dodge it. But the Horsea kept popping up, spraying Myst, and disappearing. Myst was able to dodge many of the attacks, but his opponent never got close enough for him to even attempt a Tackle.
I frantically scanned the water, trying to see if there was a pattern to Horsea’s attacks. I watched as it attacked first from one side, then another, then doubled back and attacked in a the first spot spot, then dove under the platform and attacked on the other side, then moved to yet another new place. There didn’t seem to be any pattern that I could tell. However, I noticed something else. It usually was swimming not far below the surface, so I could see where it was heading. Just as it reappeared above the surface again, I had an idea. The instant it dropped back below the surface, I called to Myst.
“Myst, get a Toxic ready!” obediently, he began secreting a poisonous substance from the tip of his tail. It coated the area, turning the tip of his tail from white to a sticky purple. I tracked the Horsea’s movements, watching where it headed.
“It’s heading to your left, turn that way and get ready to fire that Toxic.” Myst obediently jumped that way and stood near the edge of the platform.
Horsea stopped swimming and resurfaced just a little to the right of where Myst was standing.
“Now! Toxic!” I called, just as the opposing trainer yelled “Horsea, get down!”
Myst was prepared, and so was quicker. In an instant, he had spun around exactly like he was using Tail Whip. Horsea was a couple feet away, too far for the tail to reach, but that wasn’t the aim. Just as the tail passed in front of Horsea, the momentum of the movement blew the goo off Myst’s tail and straight onto Horsea’s head. It tried to dive underwater to wash it off, but the attack was thick as tar and twice as sticky. It seeped through Horsea’s skin quickly as the pokémon struggled to get it off. Once the poison seeped into the bloodstream, Horsea’s frantic movements only made it’s heart beat faster, causing it’s blood to flow more quickly and spread the poison.
After a while, I saw it’s struggles beginning to slacken, so I called to Myst.
“You should be able to finish it off now. Leap off the platform and Tackle it!” And that’s just what he did. He took a few steps back, then made a running leap to crash right into Horsea. Both sank for a moment, and I held my breath until Myst’s soggy brown head broke the surface. The Horsea floated to the top a moment later, fainted.

Myst won the battle! Myst grew to level 7!

The other trainer recalled her pokémon, but was smiling.
“That was a good battle,” she said. “I didn’t expect your Eevee to be able to land such a devastating attack. You up for another battle? I’ve still got another pokémon.”

Battle 2 coming later!

The Pet Keeper
30th June 2003, 02:27 PM
my internet is down so I have no idea whats curently happening here, so i have alot to catch up. I'm using internet at a computor at my dads' work today for some minutes, and wanted to drop by and say hello ^_^
I have no idea when the internet over here will get back up on-line, and i'm not 100% sure what's the current sceniaro (heh, i bet I spelled that wrong... again o_O;) , but i wonder if i still can have extension for the "late spring party" one?
*realizes something*
heh, I won't be able to cheak if someone said "yes" or "no" ^_^;

what happens if I would post for a late sceniaro? will this only make it impossible to get stamps or would new levels also be set back?

see you all later!

1st July 2003, 09:00 PM
Matt’s POV

I threw the blinds open and looked out the window. “Such a nice day today” I said. I walked back over to my bed to lie down. I started to stare at the ceiling. “Boo, there’s nothing to do…” I said. Umbreon came up to me. “Hi” Umbreon said. “Hi” I said. “What are we doing today” He asked. “I don’t know yet; there’s really nothing to do around here.” I said. I heard a rumble downstairs; then a few of my pokemon yelling. I got up with a sigh to see what was happening. I saw my new Poochyena fighting with my Espeon over something. “Dude, what’s up here?” I asked. “Um… I tried to get the mail, but she stole it from me.” Espeon said. “Sorry, I just wanted to do something.” Poochyena said. “That’s ok Madeen” I said.

I grabbed the mail from Poochyena and started to look through the stuff. It was mostly junk. The only thing of importance was my Shonen Jump magazine. I put that on a near-by table and looked at the other things closely. One of the letters in the pile was from Pokemon Square Garden or something. I opened it eagerly to see what was in it. ” Now that spring has arrived on Ulthuan, all the ice and snow has melted, making traveling outdoors fun for Trainers and their Pokemon. There is a festival at the Pokemon Square Garden, a park, which is having Pokemon battles. This festival is like a late celebration for the coming of spring, and everyone is invited. There are refreshments and two battlefields for people to battle on.”

“Wow! Cool! That’s what we will do today!” I said. “What are we going to do?” My Abra asked. “We’re going to the pool at this place!” I said. “Yay!!” My pokemon cheered. I smiled and ran up to my room. I grabbed something out of my dresser drawer and went into the bathroom. When I came out, I had a shirt unbuttoned and a bathing suit on. I was fairly skinny so it didn’t matter if I wore these kinds of clothes. I walked out of my room and put on some flip flops. I grabbed my pokeballs and recalled all of my pokemon for now. I walked out of the house and went over to the little bus stop place. I sat down and waited for the bus. Finally, it came and I got on. There weren’t many people around in that bus. I sat down in one of the seats and waited until the bus came to the stop I needed to get off on. “Pokemon Square Garden stop….” The bus driver said.

It was a pretty big place, bigger than I imagined it to be. I looked around for anyone that I knew, but didn’t see anyone. Soon, I walked into the place to have a look around. Loud sounds were coming from ever where as I looked around the long corridors. I looked out one of the little window things and I could see a little battling platform. People were battling with their pokemon. “This must have been what they were talking about in that letter I got…” I thought to myself. I walked around a bit more, until I got to the little pool place. There were a lot of people sprawled out ever where near the pool. I laughed and went to one of the little chair things and sat down in the sun. I threw my shirt on the ground and laid out in the sun. I put on my sun glasses and just did nothing.

A few hours later, a few girls came up to me. “Hi there” One of them said. “Uh… hi” I said. “What’s up?” They asked. “Um… nothing, I just came here because there’s nothing else to do anywhere else” I said. I took off my sunglasses and looked at them. They were pretty hot; they had on two piece bathing suits which was pretty cool. “So are you here for the pokemon battling?” One of them asked. “Yeah, I am” I said. “Cool, me too. I’m Lauren, nice to meet you!” One of them said. “Hi, I’m Matt.” I said. The other girl went off with some other guy, but Lauren stayed where I was. “So what do you want to do?” She asked. “I don’t know, let’s go for a walk?” I said. “Sure!” Lauren said. I grabbed my shirt and we walked out of the pool area to where the food was. “Let’s get something to eat.” She said. “Ok” I said. We got something to eat and sat down at the tables. I got my pokeballs out of my shirt pocket and I called out my pokemon. I fed them some of my food then I started to eat it. She did the same thing. She didn’t have a lot of pokemon, but they were water pokemon. I could tell that she had a Horsea and a Poliwag. Actually, she had two Poliwags.

After we ate, we walked around some more talking about random things. Umbreon was walking beside me, too. It was pretty boring at this park. Even if they did have a pool in there, it was still boring. “Um… do you want to go swim in the pool for a little while?” I asked. “Ok, sure” Lauren said. We went back to the pool area and I threw my shirt off and my flip flops. Umbreon got up into the chair and watched my stuff while Lauren and I swam. We went over to the deep water part and jumped in via the diving board. We raced a couple of times around the pool. Then we started to play chicken. The lifeguard must have heard her talking about it because we got thrown out of the pool. “Haha, that was fun while it lasted” Lauren said. “Yeah” I said in-between laughs. “It sure is boring here…” Lauren said. “Yeah…” I said.

Lauren looked at the clock on the side of the wall. “Oh my god; It’s time for the battles!” Lauren yelled. “Dude!” I said. I ran over to my stuff and put on my flip flops and my shirt and we ran over to where the battles were being held. We both chose Battlefield 1 since it was suited for our pokemon best. We went over to the stands and signed up for the battling. We both had to take a number. The numbers served for a lot of reasons. One was that they would call two numbers when they started the battles. Those two numbers would be the two battlers for that match! The other reason was to keep things a little organized. When that was all done, we went to the bleachers to find a seat until our number was called. The battles were really intense. A lot of powerful pokemon had come to this little battle place. “I just hope I’m not against one of these people with the extremely strong pokemon…” I thought.

People were winning and others were losing; it was pretty exciting to watch. But, finally, my number was called. “Number 14, you may battle now!” The announcer said. I walked out of the bleachers to my little trainer stand. Then he called out another number. “Number 28, you may battle too” He said. I could see someone get up from the bleachers but I couldn’t tell who. Then I finally figured out who it was. It was Lauren! I was battling one of my new friends; this was going to be tough. “So we’re battling?” She said. “Guess so…” I said. “Ok, you can send out your first pokemon, I guess” She said. “Ok, Go Madeen!” I said. My newest addition to my team came out onto the platforms. “This is my female Poochyena” I said. “Well, if you’re going to use that, then I’m going to use… Poliwag!” She said. A Poliwag came out of her pokeball on one of the platforms in the water. With that all done, the battle began!!

Madeen, Poochyena Lv. 8 (F) VS Poliwag Lv. 13 (F)

Madeen’s POV

I can not believe my master put me in a battle this tough. I mean, he just adopted me today and now he wants to put me in a battle. I hope I don’t lose this; he will be highly disappointed. The Poliwag glared at me for a while; I guess she thought she was better than me or something. Boy was I going to teach her a lesson. “Ok Madeen, start out with a Howl attack!” Matt said. “Poliwag, use a Bubble attack on the thing!” The girl on the other side said. I opened my mouth and let out a very loud howl. I could feel my strength increase. I sure hopped Matt knew what he was doing… I could see transparent bubbles flying towards my way. I gasped as they got over towards me. They popped on my head but they weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. I laughed at the little bubbles; I mean I had gotten damage, but not a lot.

Poliwag was looking pretty evil; It was giving me the creeps. I’ve seen people make rude gestures but this is ridiculous. The girl was just laughing and talking about how puny I looked. I growled and started to bark at her. I could hear Matt trying to tell me to stop. I kept barking; I can’t stand it for people to call me puny! “Ok Madeen, jump over there to where Poliwag is and bite it with Poison Fang!” Matt said. I started to jump across on those little platforms very carefully. It was pretty hard since the platforms moved as soon as I jumped on them. Finally, I got over there. But as soon as I did, I could hear the Poliwag’s trainer talking. “Ok, Poliwag, use Water Gun to knock it into the water!” She said. I panicked. I didn’t know what to do! Then I saw the Poliwag’s tail. I slid over there and grabbed the tail in my mouth. I bit down and poison sank in from my teeth. Poliwag started to yell as I bit down further and further. She started to spray the water gun at random. Some water hit her trainer and some even hit Matt! Finally, Poliwag stopped spraying water. I smiled evilly at the Poliwag and jumped to a platform away from it.

“Hm… ok Poochyena, go over to her platform again and use a Tackle attack!” Matt said. I quickly did what he said. It wasn’t that many platforms to jump on to so this would be easier than before. “Quick, Poliwag, fire a water gun right at the Poochyena to knock it into the water!” The Poliwag’s trainer said. Water shot from the water pokemon’s mouth and on to me. I slipped and fell into the water. Gasping for breath hastily, I tried to dog paddle my way back over to a platform. Finally, I reached one of the platforms and pulled myself on to it. I gasped for air as I spit out some of the water that I inhaled. I looked over towards that Poliwag. It was still staring at me evilly. I was really going to give it to smile about this next time. I looked over towards Matt. He looked down at me and smiled. I could see that he had something planned. I looked back over towards the Poliwag. It wasn’t looking too good; It must have been poisoned when I bit into it. I smiled evilly. This battle was finally going in my favor.

Matt started to laugh. “I see your Poliwag isn’t looking too good after that Poison bite my Poochyena did.” He said. “Oh, it will get that Poochyena! That little whimpy dog isn’t going to be able to stand against my Poliwag!!” The girl said. I wonder what she meant by that. I know for sure that I am not whimpy. I may be small but only a few things can bring me down! I growled loudly; I’m pretty sure that Matt could hear me. “Ok, Poochyena, show them who’s boss! Hit her with a Tackle attack! This time, watch out for her water gun!!” Matt yelled. I started to jump on to each of the platforms, careful each time. “Poliwag, use Hypnosis!!” The girl said. I ignored her, for I was trying to concentrate on not falling into this water. When I got over there to her platform, I could see her eyes were a very bright color. I was wondering what she was trying to do. Ignoring again, I stepped back a few inches and charged right for the Poliwag. I hit it hard and knocked it right into the water. When I saw Poliwag grabbing for the platform again, I bust out laughing. It was nice to see the Poliwag in the water for a change. I jumped away from it and looked over towards her trainer. She was pretty mad. “How come Hypnosis didn’t work?!” She said. “Maybe you should look up your types again. Psychic moves don’t work on dark pokemon.” Matt said. “Oh poo.” The girl said. Poliwag gasped again as the poison affected it some more.

I was shivering a little; I had gotten soaked from falling into that water and now the wind was blowing. I sure hoped that I didn’t get sick. “Madeen, let’s finish this Poliwag off! Get over there and use another Poison Fang!” My master said. I smiled and jumped across those platforms again; all this jumping was making me very tired. Finally, I got over there. “Poliwag, get her with Water Gun!” The girl said. I gasped; I was going to be knocked into the water again! The water shot out from Poliwag’s mouth and hit me in the head. I was knocked away from the Poliwag again. But this time I didn’t fall into the water. I had held onto the platform with my teeth so I wouldn’t fall into the water. I slowly pulled myself back up and smiled evilly and ran over to the Poliwag and bit it right on the head. It wailed in pain but it wasn’t long until it stopped. It fell to the ground unconscious. I let go of its head and looked at the Poliwag. It looked pretty helpless. I turned my back to it and went back to where my master was. “Wow! You won your first battle, Madeen” He said. I smiled and tried to jump up and down but I couldn’t. I had wasted too much energy in this battle. Matt got out his pokeball and recalled me. I was glad he was giving me a nice, long rest.

Madeen grew to level 10! She learned Sand-Attack and Facade as her free TM!

Matt’s POV

I looked over there towards Lauren. She was recalling her Poliwag. “Don’t think you have this battle won!” She said. “What? Wasn’t that the only pokemon we were using?” I asked a little confused. “No, we have another pokemon too. Didn’t you read the rules?!” She asked. “Uh…” I said. “WHAT?! You enter a battle without reading the rules first?! What kind of trainer are you?” She asked. “Um… the kind of trainer that skims through the rules.” I said laughing a little. “Grrr, just draw your pokeball!” She said in a rage. “Um… ok. Go Diablos!!” I said. I threw the pokeball down on the platform and it opened. My male Sneasel appeared on it. “Oh, and here Sneasel, take this!” I yelled. I through Sneasel a box; he opened it and looked inside. It was full of a silvery blue type powder. “Go ahead, sprinkle it on!” I said. He reached in the box and got the powder out. He then sprinkled it on all over his body. He looked a little confused, but I knew that would pass. “Ok, if you two are done I will call out my next pokemon. “Go, Poliwag!” She said. “Ugh, another Poliwag?!” I said sighing. “Of course!” She said. “Ok, let’s begin this battle!” I said.

Diablos, Lv. 9 Male Sneasel VS Poliwag, Lv. 13 Male

Diablos’ POV

What was with this powder that Matt gave me? I still couldn’t figure it out. I looked up at the sky and I could see dark clouds coming in. Matt looked up there not long after I did and saw them too. “Uh oh, Diablos we need to hurry. It looks like a storm is coming in!” Matt said. I sighed and looked over towards the Poliwag. It looked like it was Male, but that didn’t really matter. Hopefully I would win this battle. “Ok, Diablos start out with Leer!” Matt said. I opened my eyes wide and shot two beams out of them. The beams flew right into the Poliwag; Poliwag gasped as he could feel his defense slowly slipping away. Poliwag growled and waited for his trainer’s next order. “Poliwag, hit it with a Bubble!” She said. Little bubbles came over my way and popped right on my head. I looked a little confused but I could feel that my health was a little lower. I felt little droplets of water fall on my head. I put my claw out into the open so I could see if it was raining. Sure enough, it was raining. I sighed; this was going to be a tough battle.

It started to poor down rain. I knew this was going to give that Poliwag an edge in this battle. I looked over towards Matt. It seemed he had a plan, like always. “Ok, Diablos, jump over there and hit it with Scratch.” Matt said. I jumped onto each little platform until I got over there. I reared back my claw so I could strike. “Poliwag, Water gun now!” The girl said. Water hit me in the eye; I had to put down my claw to get it out. When I could see again, Poliwag was gone! He must of gotten into the water while I was trying to get that water out. This was getting bad. I didn’t feel like jumping anywhere, so I stayed where I was at.

“Diablos, quick, use a Blizzard attack; Try to get the ice everywhere!” Matt said. I closed my eyes, opened up my mouth, and shot out ice crystals in as many places as I could. When I opened up my eyes again, I could see that I froze the whole thing of water. Some of the water drops froze too. I was a little shocked. I could see a blue figure at the bottom of the water. “That must be Poliwag!” I thought. It was frozen solid, so there was nothing for it to do. I laughed at the little water pokemon. Then I noticed something; It had stopped raining! The clouds were moving out and the sun started to shine down on the water. The ice was going to melt! That meant that there was going to be more water. I had to find a platform quick! I ran over to what looked like one and waited for the ice to finish melting.

Finally, the ice melted. There was a lot more water but it seemed I could manage. The Poliwag was out of the water, shivering. “Diablos, finish it off with a Bite attack!” Matt said. I decided to do something different for a change. I jumped into the water and swam over towards the Poliwag. Once I got over there, Poliwag gasped. I smiled evilly and opened up my mouth. I jumped on to the Poliwag and bit its tail. The water pokemon screamed in pain and fell to the ground. “Yah, I won!” I screamed. A red light engulfed me and I went back into my pokeball.

Diablos grew to level 11! He learned Secret Power as his free TM!

Matt’s POV

I stepped down from the trainers place and walked over there were Lauren was. “Uh… great battle” I said. “Yeah, you are a pretty good trainer” She said. “Thanks, you are too” I said. “Hehe, thanks” Lauren said. “Well, now what do we do?” She asked. “I don’t know. It’s getting pretty late, so I think I’m going to go home.” I said. “Ok, maybe we can meet up again sometime.” Lauren said. “Sure!” I said. I walked out of the park and went to the bus. When I got home, I went upstairs and jumped onto my bed. It had been a long day and I was pretty tired. I put my arm up to my nose. “Oh man, I smell like chlorine; I hate it when that happens” I said. “Haha, I was smart and didn’t go into the water” Ark said. “Grrr, wait until I get you!” I said. I jumped up and grabbed him and tossed him onto the bed. We both burst into laughter. After all that, we turned on the TV and started to watch stuff.

Aipom Of Doom
4th July 2003, 08:48 AM
Can I have an extension for the current scenerio? I know the new version with a new scenerio will be posted soon, but at the rate new scenerios are being posted around here, I should easily be able to write for this one and the next one =/.

Lady Vulpix
4th July 2003, 11:40 AM
Yes, Danny, you can have the extension, and I'd like one for myself too.
I'm printing Tyler's story from last page, and yours too. I'll do my best to read them today. I'm really sorry for the delay.
Jay's Rose's and Matt's battle will have to wait a little longer, sorry. Maybe Amy can rate some of them.

Lady Vulpix
5th July 2003, 02:00 PM
Tyler gets 20 stamps for his 2 battles. Well done! ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢

Danny gets 6 stamps for his story. Though I must say I found Lapras's sudden outburst really unexpected. What got into her? ¢¢¢¢¢¢

5th July 2003, 05:36 PM
This is Jay, L_P changed my PDN. I'm fine with waiting. I will try and get my second battle up before the next scenario gets underway.

Lady Vulpix
6th July 2003, 01:46 PM
<Caledor's POV>

It all started out like a normal day. I was playing with my little bouncy ball in the garden, where Gabi had confined me after the ball hit the side of the TV set, since she was afraid I would break something. I wouldn't, of course. I wasn't as careless as some liked to say I was. I was just experimenting. And having some fun while at it. But why argue with her? She had the right to be concerned about the stuff we had at home. She was the one who'd paid for it, after all.
The only problem with playing at the garden was that I couldn't use strong attacks because they might end up hitting Sylvan. She was busy tending to her plants - well, our plants, but she's the one who takes care of them - which meant that not only she wouldn't play with me, but she wouldn't leave me much room to move around either. I missed the Eevee House. There, I could do anything I wanted. But Gabi was too busy tending to her million and one projects and activities to take me there, and going without her was not the same. I stopped to reflect on my current situation, and my conclusion was so shocking I could hardly believe it: I was bored!!

"Aren't Hero and Tsunami around?," as usual, Lagi appeared at the right time with less than comforting words.
"I don't know where they are," I told her. "But I don't care. I don't want to talk to them until they get over it."
"Get over what?"
"Whatever it is that got into their heads. Hero looks at me with a scary reflective look I'd never seen on him, and doesn't even say a word! And Tsunami... if he asks if there's anything he can do for me once more I'll zap him back to reality. That's not like him at all! Why can't they understand that I'm perfectly fine?!"
"If you're fine, then why are you so mad at them?"
"I'm not mad at them!"
Sitting on the ground, Lagi made a pause and I realized how stupid what I'd just said was. Never lie to Lagi about your feelings. You'll only make a fool of yourself.
"Alright, I am," I admitted. "But that's because they're acting so strange and so annoying! As if there was something wrong with me. Do you know what Tsunami did this morning?"
"What did he do?"
"He called me by my name!!"
"Now that's unforgivable," Sylvan laughed, joining the conversation.
I stuck out my tongue at her.
"Go ahead, laugh, but you don't get it," I told her. "Normally, I would be glad that he stopped calling me 'Kid'; but he's not doing it because he sees me as an equal. He's doing it because... I don't know why he's doing it!"
"Has it ever occurred to you that your closest friends simply care about you?," Lagi questioned me.
"I know they do," I replied. "I care about them too, but why do they have to treat me differently now? I'm the same Caledor I've always been. They didn't do this even when I evolved, so why now?"
"Now as in...?," Sylvan inquired.
"When do you think they started treating you differently?"
"What are you, analyzing me? It's not something I think. It's the truth. They've been acting this way since the trip to Easter Island."
"I'm not trying to analyze you, I'm trying to understand you. Do you have any idea why they began to act that way?"
"Why are we even discussing this? I just wanted to play."
"But something is upsetting you," Lagi remarked. "Let it out. You'll feel better afterwards. I know it works for me."
"I'm not you, Lagi. You have something eating at you, the whole world shakes and then there's a big explosion and you cry and your tears are felt all over Ulthuan. I'm different. When something's bugging me, it only takes a good game to flush my worries away."
"Or, rather, to bury them until they come out with an explosion."
"You know what, Lagi? This time you're wrong. True, I had a little outburst on the ship, but I'm way over it. I face the present and the future, not the past. You must know it, Lagi. Please make them understand. I want the terrible trio back just as it was."
"I don't know what you think, Lagi, but I'm not so sure I'd like to help him achieve that goal," Sylvan commented.
I stared at the Venusaur, my gem turning red and a matching glow coming out of me.
"Uh-oh. Always cooperate with the glowing Espeon. We'd better do as he says," Sylvan retracted herself, faking fear.
"Yes. Cooperate or else you'll feel the wrath of the electric willow!," I replied, faking seriousness.
Both Lagi and Sylvan gave me a puzzled look.
"I heard Gabi say that once," I explained. "Doesn't she make the most ridiculous threats?"
"I can't picture Gabi threatening anyone," Sylvan said. "It was probably a joke."
"Getting back to our topic..." Lagi had to ruin the atmosphere, "I understand you better than you think. I'll tell them how you feel. They know you, and they'll understand."
"What will you tell them?"
She thought for a moment, and then replied.
"That you don't need any special attention... and that you want the 3 of you to be the friends you've always been."
"That's ok," I approved. "And please tell them to come and play because there's only so much a single pokemon can do with a little plastic ball."
"I'm sure you'll be able to tell them that by yourself. I'll get going now and see if I can find them."
"Wait, why were you looking for them in the first place?"
"Gabi got a challenge at the Battle Tower, and managed to find an opening in her really tight schedule, so I'd say a battle is on its way. I figured they'd like to watch."
"A challenge? Who's battling?"
"It's not completely set yet. I guess it's up to you. The challengers are Rachel and Sidius. He's an interesting pokemon, by the way, but I can't tell you more or else I'd be cheating."
"Wait. Let me get this straight. Are you saying they're challenging... me?!"
"Well, you were Gabi's first choice and Rachel has agreed, so now it's up to you to decide if you want to battle or not."
"Are you serious? I wouldn't pass out on this one! I've never been challenged by a Dragon Tamer before! But are you sure Rachel has accepted?"
"I'm positive. I was there."
"Wow! And what did she say about my moves? She must have read my Battle Tower papers, right?"
"She did, and she asked Gabi how you'd got them, to which Gabi gave her the standard response."
"Prize pokemon. Was that enough for her?"
"It satisfied both her and Jay, who has agreed to be the judge."
"Alright, then. What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

So, it wasn't such a normal day after all. As we headed for the BT, I was really looking forward to my battle. Win or lose, I'd get to train, burn out some energy and show my friends what I could do. It was funny, because I took my little ball to the arena, and Sidius showed up carrying an Igglybuff plushie! I liked that guy from the beginning. But we were there to battle, so after a little competition over the control of the elements, we both released our attacks. Only that mine was stronger because I had the weather on my side, so I ended up winning the match. After Sidius got up, I thanked him for the great opportunity he'd given me. Someone like me doesn't get to battle everyday, and I'd also met an interesting pokemon, just as Lagi said, and probably a new friend.

Many things happened after that day. To start, my new friend and his whole team changed their names (what's with so many teams doing that lately? I think it would be confusing to be called a different name.) Water Angel had a go at the EMT at the Goldenrod Tower and learned an amazing new move, and then Someone gave Gabi a Hidden Power TM and she gave it to Ventura. We were all speculating about what type of power she'd have; I thought it would be Psychic, Gabi thought it would be Bug (because she's always bugging her)... I don't remember what everyone else thought, but it turned out to be Poison type.
"Well, that's a good thing," Gabi said after watching Ventura try out her new attack. "As a Poison type pokemon, you won't have any problem harnessing that power."
"I'm not one of those who have had problems with that anyway," Ventura replied, probably making an allusion to me and Amber. "But I realize it's convenient."
"I see my training is bringing remarkable results," Water Angel laughed.
"Your training?," Hero asked her. "What are you talking about?"
"I'm talking about vocabulary, of course," the Kingdra clarified. "What else could I possibly have to teach Ventura?"
"I can think of a few things," Gabi said.
"Yeah, let me guess..." Tsunami joined in. "Modesty? Humility?"
"Look who's talking," Hero retorted. To which, naturally, Tsunami stroke back with a:
"Look who's talking too."
"Modesty's such a rare value these days..." I laughed.
"Alright, have fun, everyone. Make all the jokes you want. But then don't dare say that I am annoying," Ventura complained.
"Easy, everyone," the local peace seeker stopped us. "There's no reason to fight. No one has meant to hurt anyone in any way."
"You know what, Gabi? I think you started it this time," Ventura pointed out.
"Me? How?"
"I don't know, but you said something about me right when I finished testing my power."
"I just said you were a Poison type pokemon, which shouldn't offend you, since you are."
"Are you sure you didn't say anything else?"
"I said you'd make good use of that power. I didn't say anything you can turn against me."
"Wow! It looks like Ventura lost an argument! This day will be marked forever in history!," Tsunami joked.
"You never know when to stop, now, do you?," Pidgeot sighed. "But why did it have to be Poison type, I wonder?"
"Well, poison has always been an excellent weapon for pokemon and even other beings to attack or defend themselves, and it's been known as a powerful annoyer since... I think ever since pokemon battles were officialized. It makes sense; I'm a natural battler and annoying is my specialty, though I know you'll be laughing all day long because I said it myself. But it's true."
"I think there's been enough making fun of others for one day," Gabi said.
"Sometimes it can be relaxing," Hero pointed out.
"I don't see how," Gabi replied. "But then again, that's the one thing I never got to understand about your little group."
That was the second indirect reference to me in just a few minutes. There are nicer things to say about me, aren't they?

Well, never mind all that stuff. Even more days went by as we were virtually locked inside either the house of the DT Central. I mean, we could leave if we wanted to, but there wasn't much we could do without Gabi, and we didn't want to leave her alone. And her life those days was a succession of projects and exam, mixed with a touch of hard work for the Dragon Tamers and the breeding center. Speaking of which, someone requested a little Vulpix and it was Hero's turn to do the honors. We didn't ask any questions, but we did go to the Eevee House to watch the birth of the baby. It was a cute little girl. And Hero was so... disoriented! He didn't know what to do with her, he just sniffed her and watched her and there was a mess in his mind. (Don't ask me what was inside that mess, my psychic powers aren't nearly that strong).
And then, after what seemed like centuries, we heard about the Ulthuan Spring Festival and Gabi realized it was high time we went for a day out.

The festival was held at Pokemon Square Garden, one of the biggest squares in Sector Alpha - or Caledor City, for the friends; I could say they gave it that nickname after me, but it would be blatantly obvious that I'd be lying. Still, Caledor City has a nice ring to it. :rolleyes:
The place was filled with fun things to do. There was this big fair, with lots of games and sweets and balloons and stuff. There were also two arenas for pokemon battles. We first checked out most of the games. We had a team whack-a-mole session just for fun (there was nothing interesting to get for the tickets that machine gave us). Then we went for the water gun competition: 4 players had to throw water at a target until a little ship stroke a bell and made it ding. There, Gabi won a small toy shaped like a Sharpedo. Then they made a round for pokemon, so Tsunami and I played against another Vaporeon and a Golduck using our own Water Guns. But the other Vaporeon won and got a small Vaporeon toy (makes sense). Tsunami was glad that at least it was one of his kind who won. I didn't see how that mattered, but then again, I didn't have his race pride.
Then, we went to register for the battles. It was clear that some of us would be battling, but we couldn't decide which of us would. Luckily, the woman at the registration booth said we could decide that later; for now we only had to choose the arena. Tsunami and Water Angel preferred the swimming pool, but they didn't really need the training at that moment. I didn't mind either arena; anyway, I had recently battled, so I didn't think I'd be doing it again that day. Hero, Ventura, Sylvan, Amber and Iael preferred the meadow, so unless the remaining 3 all chose the swimming pool, they were the majority. Gabi chose the meadow before Pidgeot and Lagi got to make up their minds, so it was 6 against at most 4. We were registered to battle on the fields.
Something funny happened right after Gabi signed the registration paper. A pair of reporters from UNN and a camera man came out of nowhere and blocked our way to the arena. One of the reporters was holding a mic. That man started asking Gabi questions about the festival. She answered as well as she could, but then the guy interrupted her in the middle of a sentence, said something to the camera and left along with his partner.
"That was weird!," Gabi exclaimed once the reporters had disappeared.
"Indeed," Hero agreed.

Once we reached the battlefield, we so trainers scattered all around the place, either engaged in battles or looking for opponents. One of them, a young man with spiky brown hair, walked over to us and asked Gabi if she wanted to battle.
"Alright," she said. "But I'd like to know your name."
"Oh. My name is Gavin," he said.
"It sounds similar to mine," she commented.
"Gabi, right?"
"Yes," she replied, startled. "How did you know?"
"I saw you talking to the reporters a minute ago," he explained. "I'd seen you on TV before, but I hadn't heard your real name. It will be an honor to battle you. But I must warn you, I may not be famous, but I'm good. My pokemon and I train hard to be the best."
"The best at what?," inquired Gabi. Now that was a question I'd always wanted to ask too.
"Umm... odd question. We just try to become as good as we can. At battling and everything else too."
"Oh. Then we have something in common," Gabi said.
"I can imagine. People say your pokemon are very high leveled."
"Well, we've been training hard for years. Are you from Caledor?"
"Yes, I live here in Sector Alpha. I haven't joined the Dragon Tamers because I like independence."
"I like independence too. And being Dragon Tamers doesn't put bounds on it. It just means we'll be there for each other when we're needed, and we notify each other when something interesting comes up, like this festival. I call everyone when there's an emergency, but no one is forced to attend. We just try to help."
"Yes, I heard you've all gone to Eataine and Nagarythe? Aren't those places out of your jurisdiction?"
"Scott got us permission to act all over Ulthuan. Besides, we only help those who need it. We don't get mixed in politics or anything, and we don't take the law on our hands, so it's not really a matter of jurisdiction. If someone in Eataine asked for your help, wouldn't you go and help them?"
"It depends on who they are and what kind of help they need. I don't see myself trying to stop an invasion or bring down a criminal organization."
"I didn't see myself doing that either. Scott himself said I wasn't made for war, and he was write for the most of it. But when it comes to either waiting for the end to come or doing something to prevent it, my choice is clear. If there's something I can do, I'll do it."
"Are you always giving those speeches?"
"This is the way I talk. It's not a speech, it's what I feel."
"You're strange."
"I've often been told that."
The two trainers looked at each other, and then finally Gabi broke the silence.
"Are we going to battle?"
"Yes, we are. Choose your pokemon."

Gabi looked at us, either trying to decide or expecting one of us to step forward.
"Come on, it mustn't be that hard of a choice!," Gavin told her.
At last, Pidgeot decided to take the chance.
"If no one else goes, I'll do it," he said. "I won't miss out on this opportunity."
"Alright, Pidgeot, you go first."
"A Pidgeot, uh? What level is it?"
"57 right now," Gabi answered.
"I have a Venusaur of the same level. I think he'll make a good opponent for your bird."
"Are you sure?"
"Don't give me the type disadvantage speech, please, save that for the newbies."
"I wasn't going to. You're being too aggressive to me, I've done nothing to you."
"Alright, then. Yes, I'm sure. I know what I do and I like a challenge. Besides, Pidgeots don't learn very strong attacks, so I won't have that much of a disadvantage."
"Ok, then."
"Sunbringer, come here!," Gavin called out.
A huge Venusaur came out of the crowd of pokemon who were walking around the field. By his looks, I reckoned Pidgeot might not have the upper hand in that battle. But my feathery teammate was not intimidated. He was quite big for a Pidgeot himself, and he knew as well as I did that there's no telling how tough a pokemon is in battle until you've seen them in one. So, Pidgeot shook his wings and got ready for the rumble.

Level 57 Pidgeot vs. Level 57 Venusaur

Pidgeot went straight for it with a Wing Attack. The Venusaur shrieked for a moment, but then he retaliated with a Sludge Bomb before my friend could get away, with the worst possible result (worst for Pidgeot, I mean).
"Poison! I HATE poison!!," my teammate shouted.
"Then you should have known better than to challenge me," Sunbringer replied.
"You don't know, it's personal. If you have an electric attack, a rock attack... even an ice attack, use it against me, I don't mind. But poison... that's something I can't stand."
"Whatever you say," Sunbringer answer. "But you might want to set yourself in motion before you're brought down by that thing you hate so much."
I could see the rage in Pidgeot's eyes. It was something I didn't see everyday. He picked up some dirt from the ground and slapped Sunbringer's face with it. The Venusaur knew better than to waste time trying to shake the mud away. Instead, he showed us what he'd got his name for, making the sun shine brighter. It became quite hot all of a sudden.
I heard Pidgeot cry. It couldn't be because of the heat, I knew him better than that. It was the poison. He shook his wings strongly and rose above the Venusaur. High above him. Actually, so high he looked like a little birdie in the distance. Sunbringer used that time to replicate himself. Pidgeot would be in trouble if he couldn't target the real pokemon.
My friend plunged down at an incredible speed. I wondered if he'd be able to aim while moving so fast, but I should have trusted him. He got it right. Very right. Still, he was far from winning. The poison was taking its toll on him. He and Sunbringer were about as weak now, and the Venusaur had a very dangerous trick up his petals. He'd used a Sunny Day for something, that much was clear.

<Pidgeot's POV>

I was hurt and worn out, but I wasn't paying attention to any of it. I'd have time to collapse later. Right then it was Sunbringer I was worried about. Him and what he could do if I wasn't careful enough. I had blown most of the air out of him with that attack, but that wasn't necessarily a good thing. Now I realized I'd played right into his trap, done exactly what he'd wanted me to do. But what else could I have done? I was glad I had at least used that Mud-Slap, that way I had a chance of avoiding the devastating move that was coming next. That and my speed, and the fact that I did know what Sunbringer's next move would be, were the only things I had in my favor.
All those thoughts ran through my mind in a split second. My mind does that when I'm in a battle. That characteristic had saved me multiple times, and I hoped this wouldn't be an exception. I knew it was just a friendly match, but since I had been poisoned the 'friendly' part had popped out of sight for me. I didn't like that Venusaur, and I didn't care much for his arrogant trainer either. That Venusaur was out to get me. So... how do you evade an Overgrow-boosted Solarbeam...?
"By getting on the opposite side," the answer suddenly came to me. If I was lucky enough, Sunbringer wouldn't realize where I was going until it was too late. I moved as fast as I could. As soon as I saw the bright spot of light form in the center of Sunbringer's treetop, I dashed forward. The beam came out about half a second after I'd reached the back of my opponent. There it went, the most powerful Solarbeam I'd ever seen, headed exactly on the opposite direction to where I was. It was quite a spectacle. I was really glad I hadn't been in the middle of it. Bird pokemon or not, I wouldn't have lasted that one.
I was up against a smart opponent. The same trick wouldn't work twice. Chances were the poison wouldn't give me the time to try it again anyway. I had to finish the battle right now. From my strategic position, I hit Sunbringer's backside with my wings as hard as I could. The Venusaur tried to turn around, but that only served him to get hit on his head as well. He tried to attack, but his strength failed him. With a sigh, he let himself fall.

I grew to level 58!

That had been a good battle, but now that it was over, the pain and exhaustion had come to me and there was no way to block them. My legs failed to hold me and I fell, breathing heavily and with my heart making the same sound as a machine gun. Gabi shouted out my name (well, it wasn't really a name) and ran to my side. All my friends gathered around me, asking if I was alright, and I didn't even have the strength to say "no, I'm not". That was until Gavin opened my beak and put something inside. I didn't know what it was, and it tasted a bit bitter, but I felt I had nothing to lose, so I swallowed it. As if by magic, my internal organs stopped hurting and my heart calmed down.
"You should equip some poison cure berries if you battle seriously," Gavin told my trainer. "Especially if your Pidgeot hates poison so much."
"How did you know...?," Gabi began. But he didn't let her form the sentence.
"It was quite obvious. The way he reacted... Not many pokemon get so mad when hit by a Sludge Bomb. You should teach him to control that."
"He's been through hard times," Gabi explained. "He's had some awful experiences. He's great at dealing with it most of the time, but you can't blame him for hating poison after it's been used to torture him."
"Oh! I'm sorry, I had no idea."
"It's ok," Gabi said. "You had no way to know." Then she turned to me again and hugged me. "Do you feel better now?," she asked me.
I nodded and rested my head against her chest. It wasn't something I'd do very often, but at that moment I needed her comforting tough, and I was grateful for her caring about me so much. I was also grateful for Gavin's help. He was a bit rude in his manners, but now I could see I had misjudged him. He was a good guy.
"Thanks for helping him," Gabi told Gavin.
"No problem," he said. "You don't have to battle again, I'll understand it. I can look for another opponent to finish my training session."
"Is Sunbringer alright?," Gabi asked.
"He'll be fine. He's a natural fighter. I see you have a Venuraur too. Does he like battling as much as Sunbringer does?"
"Actually, she prefers to spend the day in the sun and enjoy the view, but she wants to be strong enough to confront any dangers that come to her, so she trains when she gets the chance."
"Oh. I see you have some extraordinary pokemon. Now I understand how you became the head of the Dragon Tamers."
"Actually, the reporters were wrong about that part. I'm just one of the co-owners. I wouldn't be able to keep the whole thing up on my own. Right now, it's Amy who's doing the most to keep everything going."
"Oh, yes, I've seen her too. She looks like a very caring trainer."
"She is. It's much easier to work with her than with Scott. We think alike most of the time. Well, I guess I'd better take Pidgeot to a Pokemon Center now."
"Don't," I told her.
"What?! Why not?," Gabi asked me.
"Later. Have your battle. I want to watch. I won't get worse now."
"Alright, if you say so..."
"If he says what?," Gavin asked.
"He wants us to have another battle. He wants to watch his teammates. Well, teammate, whoever it is that goes next."
"In that case, I won't say no to a challenge. Even better, it can be two."
"What do you mean?"
"Your Venusaur's not a fighter but she wants to train, right? Well, you can have her and another pokemon battle together against my Arcanine. That way it should be fair. I think Tiger is a bit stronger than her, and he has type advantage, but if he battles against her and... say, your Venomoth, it could be interesting."
"Is it me or has he just said the magic word?," Ventura declared.
"I guess my Venomoth won't reject a challenge by a Fire-type pokemon," Gabi noted. "Sylvan, what do you say?"
"Fine for me as long as I don't get burnt," was Sylvan's reply.
"Ok, we accept. Just one thing, can we use items?"
"Sure. Tiger has a Pokemon Collar. What items do your pokemon have?"
"Sylvan has a 4-Leaf Clover and Ventura has a Magical Glass Koffing Sculpture."
"What's that?"
"Something you shouldn't mind after our last battle."
"Alright, if you want to be all mysterious, go ahead."
"Well, you've heard a lot about me and I had never heard of you before today. I have to level the field somehow."
"Sounds logical. Maybe you're a better trainer than I thought."
"Same to you."

Tiger, the Arcanine, who was sitting nearby and watching all the events, came over to where we were. Sylvan and Ventura moved to his side, and the rest of us made room for the battle.

Level 45 Venusaur & Venomoth vs. Level 53 Arcanine

Tiger didn't waste time. He took a quick glance at his two opponents and immediately shot a Fire Blast at Ventura! Luckily, Ventura was ready for it and teleported away right in time. Knowing that she wouldn't stand a chance if an attack like that one hit her, she poured some Sleep Powder on the Arcanine, who instantly fell asleep.
"This will buy us some time," Ventura told Sylvan. "Let's make good use of it."
When Sylvan hit Tiger with a Headbutt, Ventura scolded her.
"What part of good use don't you understand?"
The Venomoth then sent Sylvan a psychic pulse. I heard Caledor say it. He didn't know what was in it, but he felt the energy.
"He's asleep. I wouldn't do that to a sleeping pokemon," Sylvan protested.
"That pokemon won't hesitate to use a Fire Blast at you when he wakes up," Ventura said.
Sylvan turned to Gabi.
"This is a friendly battle," Gabi told her. "Don't do anything you'll feel bad for. He uses strong attacks, so you can use them too, but you don't have to if you don't want to."
"Oh, please, I don't want your pokemon holding back," Gavin said. "I want a decent battle. I won't be holding back at all. Tiger's at a disadvantage now, you can choose to make use of it or not, but when he wakes up, he won't be grateful for your softness. He'll bring your two pokemon down."
"You've heard him," Ventura said. "Now do something."
With this, Ventura used a Psychic attack on Tiger. Then Sylvan threw herself at him with a Body Slam.
"Well, that's a bit better, but I still think you're not taking this seriously," Ventura said. "That Arcanine threw a Fire Blast at me. If I hadn't teleported in time, I would be ashes by now. He could do the same to you."
"He wouldn't have killed you. He's not evil," Sylvan remarked.
"I'm not talking about evil. He uses strong moves against us. He wants to win. I want to win. Why don't you? You say he's not evil, and I agree with you, he's not. Then do you think you would be evil for doing the same thing he does?"
"You were not asleep when he attacked you. You had the chance to defend yourself."
"At this rate, he won't be asleep when you attack him either."
"Hold it," Gavin interrupted. "I thought your pokemon would be battling against Tiger, not each other."
"They have their differences," Gabi explained. "But they should put them aside now. They're arguing about whether it's fair or not to use strong moves against a sleeping pokemon, but it's not the right time for that. So please, Ventura, Sylvan, stop arguing and do what you think is right."
"I'll do my part," Ventura said, summoning her hidden power. Tiger didn't move. "Not strong enough," Ventura sentenced. "But I had to try."
Sylvan went for another Body Slam.
"We're lucky he hasn't waken up yet," Ventura said.
"I still think it would be fairer if he did," Sylvan insisted.
"No, it won't," Gabi said in a puzzling tone.
At that moment, Tiger woke up and released a powerful Flamethrower at Sylvan!
The fire burnt mercilessly. Sylvan had to call for her Hidden Power to put it out. While Ventura held Tiger back with another Psychic attack, Sylvan let all the remaining water pour on the Arcanine's body. He returned to the ground but, this time, it didn't look like he was going to get back up for the next hour.

Sylvan and Ventura won! They both grew to level 46!

"So that's what she was hiding!," Gavin exclaimed. "Hidden Power Water. I should have known it had to be something like that."
"Yes. She didn't want to use it on Tiger while she was asleep, but then he woke up and she was lucky to endure his blow."
"I understand what you meant when you said she didn't like battling much. But I do have some questions."
"What are they?"
"Well... first of all, what did that Koffing thing do? I didn't notice anything special about it."
"Oh, that's because Tiger fell asleep and the sculpture didn't have a chance to act, but it has a chance of poisoning the pokemon Ventura is attacking."
"Wow! Now I get it. Sunbringer poisoned your Pidgeot, so you wanted revenge."
"I wouldn't say I wanted revenge. I just thought you wouldn't mind if Ventura did the same as Sunbringer."
"Where did you get that thing?"
"Oh, I got it a long time ago. A guy named Joelie held a contest and gave magical sculptures to the winners."
"I missed that one. I'll watch out for things like those."
"I think we should go to the Pokemon Center now. Are you coming too?"
"Yes, but I didn't get to ask you the rest of the questions."
"Oh. Ok, ask."
"How did you know what your pokemon were arguing about? And what was that 'no, it won't' right before Tiger woke up."
"Oh, those things are harder to explain. Sometimes I just know things, I don't know why. I understand my pokemon and I knew Tiger was about to wake up and attack Sylvan with fire. I think I have some kind of low level psychic ability."
"It would be cool to have that."
"Yes, some people think it's cool and some others are freaked out," Gabi said. "But I've met many people with different degrees of psychic abilities. I'm not the only one. Most of my friends can at least communicate with their pokemon."
"You have a singular group of friends. Mine are all normal, as far as I know."
"What's normal, anyway?"

Gavin didn't answer that question. Gabi sent me and Sylvan into our pokeballs to take us to the Pokemon Center. Ventura was so lucky, she didn't even have a scratch on her.
Both Sylvan and I had exhausted ourselves a bit too much for a friendly battle, so we had to stay for the night. But we were fine soon enough. Sylvan was nice company, and the following day I was allowed to go to the pool before leaving. I took a refreshing dip in the company of Water Angel, and when I got out I shook my feathers on Tsunami to pay him back for the many tricks he'd played on me in the past. Then he jumped into the water and try to do the same, but water didn't stick to his skin as it did to my feathers.
Once we got back home, we returned to the normal routine. Which in my case was flying around and paying some visits to the Eevee House. Some interesting events happened there, but that's another story. The good news was that Gabi finished most of her university work, so he finally had a little free time.
Then, one day, Gabi received a letter from the Dragon's Guild. That was odd considering they hadn't contacted her since te beginning of the year and now she was running an investigation on them. When I saw the envelope, I wondered if the Guild had become aware of what Gabi and Tracker were doing. But when she read the letter out, I saw it had nothing to do with her personal quest. They were asking her to write a report on Vigoroth, and to remember the words she was told when she first joined the guild.
"Now that's puzzling," Ventura commented.
"What were you told when you joined the guild?," Iael asked Gabi.
"Well, during the welcoming ceremony, Scott told me I was someone people would turn to for guidance in times of peace, but when war came it would be time for others to take the stand. Something like that. I can't think of anything else I've been told at that moment, so it must be that. But I still don't understand."
"Do you have any idea what it might mean?," Lagi tried to help.
"I don't know. I just know that those words have come to my mind a lot lately, and that something just doesn't feel right. Now I'd really like to know what the Guild knows, and if Scott is still connected to it in any way."
"Why don't you go and ask?," Lagi suggested.
That solution was impossibly simple. But none of us could think of a reason why it necessarily couldn't work.
"Alright," Gabi accepted. "I don't know what I'm getting into, but I'm a high rank Guild member, and I think I have the right to talk to the authorities and find out what they want with me. I may be drowning in a glass of water. We've found no proof that the Dragon's Guild is up to anything bad or dangerous these days. I'll still try to find more about those secret labs and all those things they're hiding, but maybe a direct approach would be best right now. That's the way things work best for me."
So it was decided. We would all go and check on the Dragon's Guild.

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