View Full Version : HeartGold/SoulSilver Forum Rules

10th September 2009, 11:59 PM
Greetings! Welcome to the land of HeartGold/SoulSilver -- lovingly called the HGSS by its noble citizens. The dawn of a new age brings with it the recollection of our brightest memories. This is HGSS, where past and future collide.

We do have a few rules that we ask you to follow during your stay in HGSS. Nothing too strict, though... we don't want your blood or anything. (At least, not for now!) Please, take just a moment to observe the sign:

1) Don't talk about ROMs, emulators, or anything else that violates copyright laws. Don't ask about them, post information about them, or even allude to them. If you want to discuss them with someone, do that using private messages. Doing so here will get you into serious trouble.

2) Don't ask for links. No giving links either, unless you are linking to direct information. We don't want to be advertising for other sites. You can, however, ask for links via PM.

3) Don't ask for information that is visibly available in another thread or FAQ topic. That is, don't post a topic when there's already another topic currently discussing it.

4) Don't double-post or revive dead topics. If you'd like to add something to your previous post even though nobody else has posted after you, just hit the "Edit" button. And rather than revive a thread from several pages back whose purpose has been served, just start a new one.

The TPM rules (http://forboards.tripod.com/TPM_General_Rules.html) all apply, as well. No flaming, spamming. etc. It's really just common sense.

Welcome, and enjoy your stay our beloved HGSS!