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12th April 2003, 04:13 PM
I'm the writer of destiny of 2, I thought that one was becoming boring, trainers fics are no news. So I decided to try something new

Hello, I am Iroko, a pokémon trainer, 18 years old. I already had the eight Hoenn badges, but on my way to the Pokémon Leauge in the middle of Victory Road, my life took a strange turn. I will tell everything about it.

Chapter one - Follow me please

'So you think you're so tough, huh?' A trainer said. I replied: 'I didn't say anything, but if it's a PokéBattle you want, I'm up for it!' The trainer threw out a Safari Ball, and a pokémon appeared. It was a Donphan. I had the perfect pokémon to handle this match. I took my Safari ball too, and threw it on the ground! It revealed a Heracross.
Trainer: 'Donphan, Rollout!'
Me: 'Heracross, try dodging!'
Trainer: 'Donphan, yet another Rollout!'
Me: 'Heracross, keep dodging!'
Trainer: 'You must be a rookie. Don't you know that a Rollout keeps getting faster and stronger every turn? Donphan, another Rollout!'
Me: 'Yes, I'm using your advantage to my advantage. Heracross, throw him up with your horn!'
Trainer: 'Oh no, Donphan, try to keep on rolling on the ground!'
Me: 'Don't let him escape Heracross, Mega Horn!'
Heracross: 'Heraaaa....cros!

The over-confident trainer called back his Donphan, and threw yeat another Pokéball. He yelled: 'Slaking, come out!' I withdrew my Heracross, and threw my Snorlax out of his Pokéball!

Trainer: 'I get the first turn! Slaking, Tackle!'
Me: 'Snorlax, Curse!'
Trainer: 'Slaking, Take Down!'
Slaking: '*moans* Sla SlaKing.'
Trainer: 'Slaking, why won't you move?'
me: 'Slaking has a bad condition, causing it to not attack every turn. Snorlax, Curse!'
Trainer: 'Hmm, fresh caught Pokémon suck, thank goodness that Snorlax can't attack! Slaking, Hyper Beam!'
Slaking: 'Sla...king!!!!!!!
me: 'Time is ripe Snorlax, Hyper Beam, you too!'

The Hyper Beams hit eachother, and both pokémon where fainted. Now I had to choose a pokémon first. 'Zangoose, come out!' The trainer, with a little more fait now yelled: 'Seviper, your turn!' Both Pokémon started to attack eachother without getting commands.

me: 'Zangoose, Slash!'
trainer: 'Seviper, Constrict and don't go easy on the squeezing!'
me: 'Zangoose, Bite!'
Zangoose: 'Zang...oose!
trainer: 'That was good, he can't move for one bit! Poison Sting!'
me: 'Zangoose, I see that you're not strong enough! Come back!'
trainer: 'Come back Seviper. Hey dude, last round?
me: 'sure!'

trainer: 'Sandslash, I choose you!'
me: 'Come out Tyrogue!'
trainer: 'Hmmm, not even an evolution! haha, Sandslash, dig!'
me: 'He doesn't want to, Tyrogue, use Dig too!'
trainer: 'Sandslash, come back up and use Earthquake to get him out of the ground!
me: 'Tyrogue, dig your way up and use Cross Chop!
trainer: 'Sandslash, Agility!'
me: 'Tyrogue, Tackle!

the Sandslash was too tired so I won the game. The trainer continued his way to the end of the Victory Road, but a strangely dressed man came to me. He said: 'I saw the whole battle, may I ask which other 2 pokémon you have with you?' I said: 'You saw four Pokémon of me, the 2 that you didn't see where Sneasel and Charizard!' The man said: 'A Charizard, wow, how did you get it?' I said: 'It was my first Pokémon, but he was a Charmander back then.' The man threw a Pokéball, containing a Rapidash. He said: 'Would you please follow me, you can go on your Charizard.' I replied: 'sure, Charizard, come out! Charizard, follow that Rapidash!

Writers note: 'Well this was my first chapter of this new fic, to me I did it pretty good, but those die hard fans are pretty hard to impress, so please give me tips. P.S. Silent Readers, come out, come out where-ever you are, I would love to hear other opinions too!

12th April 2003, 05:02 PM
I liked that chapter. Please post next chappie soon!:yes:

Mr Mayor
12th April 2003, 08:08 PM
Well, this fic could be good, but I would lose the script-type story. Make the speaking into paragraphs, and go into more detail about the battles. Just a thought. It would appeal more to me, that's for sure.

13th April 2003, 09:02 AM
Chapter two - the meeting with P.S.F.

As I watched the Rapidash, I saw the man on top of it sitting really calm, even tough my Charizard and I where both struggling to go as fast as them. I could see he was keeping his cools, not to lose us on their way. 'Come on Charizard, you can do it!' I yelled, trying to give him a little more fighting spirit. After a while we came to the sea shore. The man asked me: 'Do you happen to have a water pokémon?' I said: 'Yes, but he isn't in my party.' The man grabbed a small machine from it's bag and said: 'Place here a pokéball.' I placed Tyrogue's pokéball, and then I asked prof. Birch (the pokémon expert who keeps my pokémon) for my Gyarados. We switched the pokéballs and I grabbed Gyarados' pokéball. 'Gyarados, come out!' I yelled. The man grabbed a pokéball of him and yelled: 'Walrein, your turn! Now Iroko, climb on your Gyarados' back.' I did that, and the man did the same to his Walrein. We where somewhere in the middle of the lake, when the man threw me something. I looked at it. It was a red motor helmet, but it had a breathing device in it. The man put it on his head, and I did the same. Then the Walrein went underwater, and Gyarados and I followed. I couldn't believe what I saw, it was a underwater city. We went inside a building, and we got out of the water, strangely enough. The man and I both put our helmets off, and called our pokémon back. The man said: 'Follow me' and so I did. While walking I looked around me. I saw pictures of many famous pokémon trainers: Agatha with her Gengar, Prima with her Slowbro, Bruno with his Onix, Will with her Xatu, Lance with his Dragonite and the rest of the Elite Four and Champions. The man and I entered a room and he said: 'Please take a seat next to the other people.' I sat down, and looked around me. All tough looking trainers. Then the man that took me in here went away, and another man came in. He was wearing a uniform. That man said: 'Hello, I'm Ikowutza. You all got an invitation to go with somebody working at P.S.F. better known as the Pokémon Safety Federation. We at the Pokémon Safety Federation are an elite of trainers, protecting the pokémon from being hurt. This can go from little gangs abusing pokémon rights, or masterminds trying to conquer the world with pokémon. Now please all call out one pokémon, not to big please.' I called out my Sneasel, which inmediatly jumped on my lap. I said: 'Please Sneasel, ease down, I don't want to look bad.' but Sneasel paid no attention. I looked and saw other people's pokémon, Grandbulls, Quagsires, Sudowoodos and much more. The man continued explaining: 'We now will choose trainers who will fight against eachother. Remember, this is not a fight based on pure strength, we will judge strategy and team work too. The first battle will be: Iroko and his Sneasel versus Tay and his Scyther. Let the best pokémon win!'

Tay yelled at his Scyther: 'Scyther, use your Slash attack!' The Scyther was very quick and it was hard to dodge for Sneasel. I yelled: Sneasel, don't try to dodge, use your slash attack too!' The two pokémon bounced against eachother and where both hit back. Tay told his Scyther to perform a Sword Dance, and Scyther was spinning so hard that Sneasel couldn't attack him anymore. I was thinking, what I could do, and then I remembered it. I once saw a video about Ash Ketchum, my role model, fighting against Bugsy, the 2nd Johto Gym Leader. Bugsy used his Scyther and Ash his Cindaquil. Cindaquil used his Flame Thrower, but Scyther used his Sword Dance and the Flame Thrower was bounced right off. But Cindaquil jumped above Scyther, fired a Flame Thrower and defeated Scyther. 'Yes, I know what to do' I yelled. Sneasel, jump above Scyther and fire Shadow Ball!' Sneasel did this and Scyther stopped Spinning. 'Sneasel, quickly do your Faint Attack!' Sneasel ran at Scyther, and Scyther ran at Sneasel. But all of a sudden Sneasel disappeared and re-appeared behind Scyther, and then used a Slash, causing to knock out Scyther.

17th April 2003, 01:43 PM
Chapter three - The beginning of the rival triangle

Next thing we all had to do is fill in a form. The form had questions like: If we hire you, why would you want to work here, and Imagine you where in a burning house with 5 strangers and 1 one sibling. Who would you save? I answered these things with all easy, seeing there wasn't a right or wrong answer. After 10 minutes we had to give the forms, and then 5 minutes later the man all checked them.

The man said: 'From the seven of you, three will be selected to join P.S.F. We will now announce which people are that three. The first is Kuyami, battling with her Crobat. The second is Nuhara, battling with his Victreebel. The third and last one is.....Iroko, who battled with his Sneasel! Congratulations you three! Now will the others please go to the next room, where psychic pokémon will erase everything about P.S.F. Then Tay jumped up and yelled: 'You guys will just wait and pay for not letting me into P.S.F. especially you, Iroko!' He called out his Scyther and Sharpedo. 'Scyther, cut!' he yelled. Scyther cut the roof open, and water came falling down. Tay called back Scyther, and he held on to his Sharpedo. And as everybody was watching, Tay disappeared into the deep ocean. 'snorlax, come out!' I yelled. As I ordered Snorlax to hold the water outside, other people called their big pokémon too, and members from P.S.F. fixed the roof.

The man who announced that the other 2 and I where hired said to us: 'Get some sleep, take tomorrow off, and after that you'll be introduced to your parter/trainer.' So that's what I did, I went to take a nap. But just on my way I walked into Nuhara. Nuhara challenged me for a battle. 'Tyrannitar, come out!' he called. I yelled: 'Charizard, finish this!' Just when Nuhara and I where about to yell our commands, somebody came and said: 'I wouldn't do that, it's against the rules to battle team members while on the job, especially inside. So Nuhara and I called back our Pokémon and we both went to get some sleep.

18th April 2003, 09:06 AM
Chapter four - Silence before the storm

'Come all out you guys!' I yelled while throwing all my pokéballs at the ground. Now with my day off before becoming a member of P.S.F. I thought it would be nice for me and my pokémon to have a day off. It was a sunny day with a little breeze, perfect for a day in the woods at a lake. Snorlax and Charizard started sleeping, Heracross and Zangoose where training eachother, and Sneasel, Tyrogue and I where swimming. Then all of a sudden Tyrogue dissappeard under water. Zangoose noticed this, and he dived underwater too. 'Zangoose allways has been protective of the rest, I wonder what I'd do without him.' I thought to myself. Zangoose came up with Tyrogue on his back. Then all of a sudden a Pokémon with razor sharp blades came out of the water. Charizard flew towards me, grabbed me and the other Pokémon out of the water, and put us on dry land. I asked my Pokédex what kind of Pokémon it was. Dexter said: 'Kabutopts, a extinct pokémon. This Pokémon is part water, part rock. It uses it's powerfull blades to defeat it's foe.' I said: 'Well, so much for it's extincted theory. Everybody, in position. We'll get this guy. This is the plan: Tyrogue and Sneasel will run up to him, then you jump out of the way. Then Zangoose and Heracross must bash him into the air. From there Charizard will catch him and use his earthquake attack. Snorlax will catch him, and try to finish him off. Good luck!'

Tyrogue and Sneasel ran up to Kabutops. Kabutops was standing ready for them. Then Sneasel did Faint Attack to get away, and Tyrogue just jumped over him. Then Zangoose and Heracross ran from beside him, squeesing him together. Each of them grabbed a leg, and they threw Kabutops in the air. Charizard caught him, used his Earthquake, and he smashed Kabutops back on the ground. There Snorlax waited for him. I yelled: 'Snorlax, Body Slam!' but that didn't make him faint. Then I yelled 'Snorlax, Mega Punch!' That caused Kabutops to knock out, and I threw a Pokéball. Shake, Shake, Shake, caught! 'Yes, I caught a Kabutops!!!' I yelled happily! But then a energy beam, I think it was a Hyper Beam, was directed at me. Snorlax ran towards me, and jumped before it. While the smoke cleared, Snorlax was on the ground, fainted. I called back Snorlax, and Tyrogue, Charizard, Zangoose, and Sneasel stepped up, stading before me. I saw an Exploud stading there. I figured he must have been the Pokémon shooting at me. 'But why? Pokémon can't be mean, at least not the wild ones!' I thought. But then I saw a trainer standing. He was standing next to a Scyther, a Aggron, a Dodrio, a Camerupt, and a Dusclops. Then I saw the trainer more clearly, It turned out to be Kay, but he had the strangest uniform on ever. I asked: 'what uniform is it?' He said: 'Team Rocket' I replied: 'I know a Team Rockets uniform, and that's not one.' With a smile on his face Kay said: 'Yes it is, it's the highest rank of Team Rocket uniform.' He grabbed a device and said: 'Everybody but Sneasel, return to your Pokéballs.' Strangely enough, they all did go back, but Sneasel and Zangoose didn't. I said: 'Oh boy, He controls my Pokéballs!' But Kay said: 'Strangely enough, that Zangoose is still here! I don't want to steal your Zangoose, I want that Sneasel, it's a very rare pokémon.' I said: 'No he isn't Sneasel isn't that rare.' But again laughing Kay said: 'But the colors of him are. Usually Sneasels are black with pink feathers. Yours is dark red with golden feathers!' I looked at my Sneasel and said: 'Never noticed. Well, can't risk losing him! Sneasel come back!' Kay yelled: 'Nooo, Scyther, stop him.' Scyther came up close with his scythes, and Zangoose jumped infront of me. Zangoose's face had a giant cut in it and it bleeded. I called Zangoose back, and tried to run away with the pokéball in my hand. Kay called his Dodrio, and Dodrio ran so fast past me that I fell and I dropped the pokéball. I tried to grab him, but Kay grabbed him first using some kind of vacuum machine. I wanted to call out another pokémon, and Pokémon, but I knew that that Pokéball would be sucked up too. And all of a sudden Tyrogue came out of it's pokéball. Kay yelled at Scyther to attack Tyrogue. Tyrogue started screaming, and he was glowing. He grew bigger and bigger, and got a new body form. I asked my pokédex and it turned out to be: Hitmontop, when Tyrogue's attack and defence are the same stage Tyrogue evolves into Hitmontop. Hitmontop's special attack is rapid spin, where it starts spinning really hard. Hitmontop used Mach Punch on the Scyther and it was pushed back. I wanted to save Zangoose but Kay managed to escape.

Back at the headquartre the other contestants and I were now official members. A high member of P.S.F. told me to come to the hall after the ceremony. Everybody was having fun, except for me, I kept thinking of Zangoose. I walked to the hall and the man was standing there. He said: 'I know about your parting with Zangoose. You should not worry to much, I'm sure that we'll get it back. But here is a replacement for now. The man handed me a Pokéball with a lighting bolt on it. I opened the ball and it revealed a Pichu. The Pichu was stubborn and didn't listen to me. But in the beginning Charizard, who then was a Charmander, didn't listened to me either. The man said: 'You know about the Kabutops you captured? We think it's Pokéball fell into the lake. If we find it, we will test it, and then you may get it back.' And then, the man walked off.

I went back inside with the Pichu on my shoulder. Then a man showed me and the other 2 new members our partners. A girl with pink hairs, a sweet smile and a red outfit walked towards me and said: 'Hi, my name's Whitney, I'll be your partner!'

18th April 2003, 10:08 AM
The chapters are really good but, you need to make them longer and more descriptive. Other than that there really good.

18th April 2003, 11:28 AM
Thanks, I will put up my next chapter soon (maybe even tonight)

18th April 2003, 02:44 PM
I liked how the first paragraphs were setup. Hope you continue with it. I agree with Totidel lover with the legnth.

19th April 2003, 08:06 AM
Chapter Five - The First Mission

'What?!' I yelled 'You're Whitney? No you can't be THE Witney, she's a gym leader!' Whitney said: 'No you're wrong. I joined P.S.F and let my neece take over my gym. I gave her Clefairy.' I replied: 'So, you and your Miltank are all alone?' 'No' Witney smiled. 'I stopped training Normal Pokémon and I caught a bunch of others, but you'll see them soon enough, seeing we are partners!' 'Pichu!' Pichu squeeled, when Whitney padded him on the head. And then from Witney's bagpack came a voice. 'Smooch, Smoochum!' said a Smoochum, jumping out of her bag. Whitney said: 'Everybody, this is Lips, my Smoochum!' 'Lips...' I spoke 'Then I'll call Pichu Sparks!'

Whitney's watch started beeping and giving a red sign. 'Here' Whitney said, while handing over one of those watches. 'It's new P.S.F. equipment, it's a Pokégear plus a Pokénav in one!' I put it on and asked: 'What is the beeping all about?' Whitney said: 'Right, Follow me, we got a mission!' I followed Whitney and we got in a empty room, only with one big screen in it. I saw 2 jet like Pokémon, one red and one blue. Then a man and a women appeared. They said: 'Whitney and Iroko, you will be taken to a ware house in Olivine City.' Whitney asked what happened. The man and the women said: 'There was a Trading Party, but a bunch of thieves appeared and took ALL the Pokémon, so there where no people to defend themselve with Pokémon.' Whitney said: 'What's the transport?' The man and the women replied: 'Seeing Olivine City is in Johto, and the P.S.F. Base is in Hoenn, you will take the plane.' The floor went open, and Whitney and I fell in. We landed in a plane, with a pilot and a strange man in it. The pilot said: 'Ready far take off, and we went threw the water, and then we got in the air.

The strange looking man said: 'Congratulations on your first mission, Iroko. I'm Jack, I am the man choosing you for certain cases and I give both of you the gadgets. You will get s.t.e.w. Goggles, Vacuchine.' I asked: 'Stew and a vacuum machine?' He said: S.t.e.w. See threw every wall, and a Vacushine is a machine for sucking up Pokéballs.' He pressed a button and the floor beneath Witney and me disappeared. Whitney was full of joy, but I was kinda scared. She grabbed a Pokéball and pressed the button, and a Flygon appeared. The Flygon was flying beneath her, and she then sat on her back. I pressed the button of Charizard's Pokéball, and I went on his back too. Flygon and Charizard flew to the building, and we landed there. We called Flygon and Charizard back.

'And now?' I asked Whitney sarcastic. Whitney smiled and grabbed the s.t.e.w. goggles. We put them on, and we saw some people take boxes to a truck. One guy dropped a box, and many kinds of Pokéballs fell out. Whitney said: 'Okey, we have the right building, but how do we get in?' I saw a empty box near full boxes which the people where carrying. I said to Whitney: 'You and both of our Pokéballs will go in there. When you are in let all of the Pokémon out of their Pokéballs. Then me and Snorlax will brake threw a wall on the other side to surprise them.' And that's what we did. I grabbed all of my Pokéballs from my belt, except for Snorlax's. Whitney and I put our Pokéballs in the box, and Whitney with it. I let Snorlax out of it's Pokéball, and went to the other side of the building. I put on my goggles, and waited until Whitney came out. When she came out with the Pokémon, I noticed the Pokémon she had. I saw a Nidoqueen, Gengar, Absol and ofcourse Flygon and Miltank. I figured she had not taken Lips, just like I did to Sparks. 'Okey Snorlax, Hyper Beam!' Snorlax did this, and the wall broke. Whitney yelled: 'Flygon and Charizard, team up! Absol and Heracross, work together!' I was amazed my Pokémon listened to her, but I yelled: 'Snorlax and Nidoqueen, Sneasel and Gengar, Miltank and Hitmontop, you all work together!' Amazingly her Pokémon listened at me too. The thieves called out their Pokémon too. There where ten people, and all of them had one Pokémon.

Whitney said: 'Iroko, I take the five on the right, you on the left.' 'Right' I replied. I looked around what kind of Pokémon I saw. But then Whitney yelled: 'Iroko, the Pokéballs! What do we do with them? I yelled: 'I'll take the truck and drive it somewhere safe. Charizard will take me back, but Flygon has to fight alone then!' Whitney nodded and said: 'Flygon can handle them, I'll guide him threw the battle.' 'Charizard, return!' I said with his Pokéball in my hand, while running towards the truck. Then a man yelled: 'Machamp, don't let him get away!' I was scared, but I kept on running. I dove forwards because I wanted to slide between it's legs. But then I was grabbed by two of Machamp's arms. He grabbed me by the throat, and I felt like I was fainting. Then Absol ran towards Machamp, but Absol also got grabbed by Machamp's extra pair of arms. Then Heracross ran towards Machamp, and he put his horn in the side of Machamp. Machamp looked at Heracross, and Heracross grinned. Heracross swung Machamp against a wall with his horn, which caused Machamp to drop Absol and me. I wanted to thank the two for saving me, but then a Tauros ran after them. I kept running until a Rhydon tried to stop me. But Snorlax and Nidoqueen bashed him at the same time, and Rhydon fell back. Then I got inside the truck. 'Oh no, the key is missing!' I yelled. Then a Alakazam transported him next to me, but Sneasel bashed him away with Faint Attack. Sneasel used Slash at the dashboard, and wires came out. Sneasel jumped out of the truck, and I connected two wires which started the engine, and I drove off.

I kept driving until I saw a empty spot. I stopped the truck, let Charizard out of it's Pokéball and Charizard and I flew back. There we continued the battle. All of a sudden the people called back their Pokémon, except for Alakazam. They all grabbed eachothers hand, and with Alakazam they formed a circel. Alakazam did Teleport, and they where gone. 'Damn' I said 'Lost them' We called back all our Pokémon except for Flygon and Charizard, and Whitney and I flew to the place where I placed the truck. Then the truck drove off. Appearently the guys used Teleport to get here. Whitney and I called the base, to send much back up. Whitney and I followed the truck on Flygon and Charizard. Then Alakazam Teleported himself and a Houndoom on top of the truck. They started attacking us, and all we could do is dodge, because we might destroy the people and the Pokéballs. About five minutes dodging, Flygon got hit by Alakazam and Houndoom at the same time by it's wing. It fainted, and Whitney fell on the ground. Whitney called back Flygon, sent out Nidoqueen and Nidoqueen ran after the truck. Then another two minutes later the back-up came, and arrested the people.

Whitney and I went back, both to our own bunk, and Sparks was waiting there. I thought he was waiting for me, because he ran right at me. I wanted to give it a hug, but Sparks dodged me, pressed on the button of Sneasel's Pokéball, and they started playing together. I fell on the ground, feeling very stupid, and then going back to sleep.

21st April 2003, 07:23 AM
Chapter Six – Number Seven?!

‘Will everybody please report to the main room?’ the speakers boomed in my room. Pichu jumped under the bed, so loud it was. I wonder what this was all about. I walked around on the hallway, and took Hitmontop if something would happen to me. I had no idea where I had to go, I’ve only been on one mission. Then I noticed Whitney walking. I followed her. Then I got to a gigantic room filled with chairs and a super sized screen. I said: ‘Maybe we’ll watch a movie’ which made Hitmontop laugh. I told him laughing: ‘What, maybe we will.’ Everybody took place on a chair, and I followed the herd like a sheep. There where no empty chairs next to each other, so Hitmontop had to sit on my lap. The screen went on, and I saw that red and that blue Pokémon again followed by the same man and women as last time I saw those Pokémon.

The man said: ‘When a P.S.F. was patrolling today, he saw a kid catch a Pidgeot. He grabbed the Pokéball and after five minutes of looking at it, he fell on the ground. The P.S.F. member walked towards the boy, and after he got back up he asked the boy what was wrong. It appeared that the boy had already six Pokémon in his party, but the Pidgeot didn’t get send to the Professor of his region.’ The women said: ‘Investigators went to Bill, the creator of the PC System, and Bill figured there had to be a error with the boy’s transport system. If Bill finds out what went wrong, we might fix it.’ The man said: ‘If anybody else had the same problem he could use it to his advantage, like a battle.’ The women now said: ‘Or if somebody from a evil organisation has the same thing, the scientists from that organisation may discover the problem themselves, then every member of that organisation will have seven or even more Pokémon in his party. Every member and his/her partner will be send to a random place to check for somebody with seven Pokémon on his party. The list with locations where everybody goes is put in everybody’s bunks now as we speak. You may go now.’

Hitmontop and I walked away, and we saw Whitney walking. ‘Hitmon..Top…Hit!’ Hitmontop said while he was pointing at Whitney. I said: ‘Yeah Hitmontop, I see her too! Whitney, wait up!’ Whitney walked up and said: ‘Hey, let’s check where we have to patrol. I said: ‘I don’t have my Pokéballs with me.’ She replied: ‘Okey, then let’s check in your bunk!’

Whitney was cuddling Pichu while I grabbed my other Pokéballs. I said: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if one of us could have 7 Pokémon in our party?’ ‘Yeah’ Whitney replied ‘Altough I don’t know what type of Pokémon I should have then. Do you?’ I said: ‘Yeah, one strong fire Pokémon could probably take out my entire team, so I would have to go with a water type.’ Whitney then suddenly squealed. I asked what was wrong. She said: ‘We have to go patrol in Goldenrod City.’ ‘So what?’ I said. ‘So what?! I come from Goldenrod. And that’s not all. Because Goldenrod City is possibly the biggest city in Johto, we have to stay there until we checked every citizen plus travelling trainers!’ I said: ‘To Goldenrod then! And I am going to catch my water Pokémon there!’ Whitney said: ‘But I thought you had a Gyarados?’ ‘Yeah’ I replied ‘But it’s not safe, because I know it will probably attack a stranger.’

What will happen in Goldenrod City? Will Iroko catch a new water Pokémon? And what do the red and blue jet Pokémon have to do with Pokémon Safety Federation? Stay tuned for answers on this questions in Pokémon Safety Federation!

What will happen next? Will Iroko catch a Pokémon? Pm me the answer you think is correct. If yes, post what water Pokémon Iroko will catch [Hint: IF he catches a water Pokémon, it will be a unobtainable one.] If you Pm me the correct answer (2 guesses a person) you will get your but starred in a chapter (maybe even more then 1?)