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Lady Vulpix
22nd November 2009, 01:31 PM
For everything you'd like to know (or let us know) about the storyline. You may post your questions here, and if you introduce something in your stories and would like everyone to know about it, you can also post it here.

I'll start by quoting the introduction post.

The story takes place mostly in Sector Alpha, Caledor, Ulthuan (http://forboards.tripod.com/Ulthuan.html), although some of the scenarios take us to other places. (For those who have played Warhammer, this is not the same Ulthuan, we just share the map and the names due to an unfortunate decision of one of the founders).

Pokemon trainers are common in Ulthuan but, unlike other regions, it's a lot more common to see pokemon walking/flying/swimming by their trainers' side or even on their own than stored in pokeballs. Pokeballs are generally used for transportation or to preserve sick or injured pokemon until they can be healed.

Many trainers tend to develop a connection with their own pokemon and it's not very rare for a trainer to learn to understand their speech (it is, however, VERY rare for a trainer to easily understand a pokemon he or she doesn't know very well, even if it's the same species as one of his/her own). However there are those who have a harder time understanding their pokemon, and there are also many who refuse to acknowledge pokemon as sentient beings and, for that reason, they're completely unable to understand them.

It is also very rare for anyone below 15 years of age to obtain a trainer's license (about as rare as non-humans being given such a license. There have been a few cases.)

I could speak at lengths about the history, culture, geography and other aspects of Ulthuan, but I wouldn't like people to go "tl;dr", so I'll focus on Sector Alpha, the capital of Caledor (I can give you information about any place in Ulthuan if you ask). Sector Alpha is a cosmopolite and multi-cultural city, with an architacture which combines modern buildings with what's left of ancient castles and fortresses. It resembles most typical European cities. It has everything you'd expect to find in such a place, and it is also the main base of operations of two organizations which play a key role in the game.

1. The Dragon Tamers: you'll probably be in this group if you join, although no one will force you. They started out as a branch of the Dragon's Guild (see below) but have since become mostly independent (the main authorities are Guild members, but they'll stick with the DT if they have to choose between the two). The Dragon Tamers run the main Adoption Center in Caledor, as well as a store named the Reward Center. They also hand out trainer's licenses and organize a variety of activities for pokemon and trainers, and they are tasked with protecting pokemon from abuse. However, during the last few years they've had to spend about half their time protecting their homeland from various threats and, due to the efectiveness of (most of) their actions, they have been given authorization to operate all across Ulthuan in times of crisis.

2. The Dragon's Guild: a very old, powerful, deep-rooted, mysterious and complex organizations. So mysterious complex that no one seems to know who's really runnung it these days, ever since it's last known leader Scott Mc Henry went missing several years ago. However, that doesn't stop them from participating in most of the activities that take place in Ulthuan. It has several branches, but the two which have the most direct contact with the Dragon Tamers (and either of which you may join if you wish) are the "Pokemon Research and Training Department" and the "Mercenary Trainers Union". Ask me if you'd like to know more about them.

For more information, check the Dragon's Guild and Dragon Tamers site (http://dragonsguild.com.ar).

Since Tsuyoi's Lair is gone, I may move the Dragon's Guild topic to this forum if people are interested. The aim of that topic [is/was/may again be] for Guild members to conduct their meetings.

Lady Vulpix
7th February 2011, 09:03 PM
Notes about the provinces (To be updated as we go along)

Eataine (description found among the former Dragon Master Scott Mc Henry's notes)
Its lands are dotted with vineyards, villas and summer estates to which the noble families of the city retire. The city is the real centre of power and source of Eataine's prosperity. It is one of the wonders of the known world and no-one who has ever visited it can forget it.

Approaching Lothern the first thing a mariner sees is the Glittering Tower, a great lighthouse filled with thousands of lamps, situated on a rocky isle in the mouth of techerous waters of the Straits of Lothern. This titanic fortress guards the approach to the Emerald Gate, the first sea-gate of Lothern. Any attackers approaching the Emerad Gate can easily be caught in a crossfire between the great war engines in the Glittering Tower and those on the gate. The sight of these great bastions gives any would-be attacker just pause for thought.

Guided by an Ulthuan pilot the ship then passes through the Emerald Gate, a great fortifies arch filled with war machines and the cloaked spearment and archers of the Lothern Sea Guard. Two gigantic valves of carved bronze set with monstrous emeralds bar the way but as the ship approaches they smoothly swing back through the churning waters to reveal the straits of Lothern. The craft passes down a wide channel between sheer cliffs lined with castles, ramparts and defences, before passing trough the second portal, a gate of shining silver set with sapphires the size of a man's head. Beyond the Sapphire Gate lies a huge lagoon ringed around with shining towers of Lothern. The city fans upwards from the coast, its white towers climbing gracefully into the foothills of the distant mountains. bobbing at anchor are thousands of vessels ranging from the trading ships of merchant princes to the fanciful pleasure barges of the people of Lothern and the sleek, deadly warships of Ulthuan's fleet. The city of Lothern is not simply build around the lagoon; at some points artificial islands have been built within its waters. On these rest great palaces, temples and storehouses forming an intricate network of canals. Tower two hundred foot-high statues of the Phoenix King and the Everqueen face each other across the mouth of the bay and around the harbout are other great statues of their gods: Asuryan, Lileath, Kurnous, Isha and many others.
Editor's note: other known locations in Eataine are the towns of Selenia and Tor Syle. Selenia has a good relationship with the Dragon Tamers and we trade with them regularly. As for Tor Syle... let's say we're still working on improving our relationship. Tension arose years ago when Team Rocket attacked both towns simultaneously and we only managed to defend Selenia, the reports from Tor Syle arriving too late for us to take action.

Avelorn (description extracted from Lady Vulpix's notes for DT trainers)
The province of Avelorn is covered by lush forests with multiple species of plants, some of which are not found elsewhere in Ulthuan. Please do not wander deep into the forest without a local guide, as travelers often get lost in them. You can also find ancient cities and shrines whose architecture has remained unchanged for at least 400 years, as well as two of the 5 ancient fortified gates which have alternatively allowed or blocked passage across the mountains throughout the centuries. The climate is warm, although the "eternal summer" promised in the touristic brochures is an exaggeration (or, rather, it's only real if you compare it to the rest of Northern Europe).

The Capital, Gaen Vale, contains some of the oldest buildings and monuments. It was the place where the King and Queen of Ulthuan resided back when elves ruled the land (although they were unable to prevent the wars between the provinces). Now the Parliament is there, but the provinces are more or less autonomous, so it's better known for being the capital of Avelorn than the capital of Ulthuan.

If you're interested in hearing about other provinces or anything else about Ulthuan, you can post here. We've never been to Cothique, Chrace or Tiranoc before, but I'm sure I can dig up some data. About the other provinces I can give you first-hand information.

The Blue Avenger
10th February 2011, 08:00 PM
Has anything of consequence happened at the Isle of the Dead?

Also, Nagarythe being called the Shadowlands. Is that just a name, or is there a reason?

Lady Vulpix
10th February 2011, 08:11 PM
If I recall correctly, Isle of the Dead was where the major events of the Sundering took place: the final battle and the chaotic magic explosion which ended the lives of most elves in Ulthuan. No one's been known to live there ever since.

Nagarythe is called the Shadowlands (and has even been called Mordor by some people) both for its inhospitable landscape and for its history of housing violent groups. Back in the old times it was usually at war with the other provinces (which used to be kingdoms), and more recently it was the home of the Dark Cloak, a very dangerous cult which, I'm glad to say, has been defeated by the Dragon Tamers.

The Blue Avenger
14th February 2011, 07:15 PM
*Description intercepted from the communications of Lady Lapras*
Lots of rocky cliffs and mountains, but also some very heavily wooded areas, and the grassland parts between the rocks were quite a vivid green. Tor Achare (the capitol) itself seemed pretty bustling too. It didn’t have a patch on Sector Alpha, but there were people milling about. As she looked around at the architecture, Sydney guessed that Tor Achare used to be a military town – many of the buildings still looked like forts, even if the signs on them proclaimed them to be office buildings or restaurants. She couldn’t see that far, but from the map she had, Sydney also knew that if she went far enough north, she’d hit the beach.

Other notes: Tor Achare is home to a lot of people displaced by Team Rocket's attacks on Tor Syle. As such, there is a lot of public distaste for the Guild and the Tamers alike. The mayor of Tor Achare, Piers Lagrange, is one such person.

Tor Achare also houses a Silph Co. branch office.

Lady Vulpix
15th February 2011, 12:04 PM
Here's a bit of information I sent DL a while ago during a PM conversation. I'm leaving it here in case anyone wants to know.

About elves

There are elves in Ulthuan, but not many. Most of them died during a great war known as the Sundering about 300 years ago. Two of the elves who are still alive are Teclis, who lives at the Tower of Hoeth and has helped us a few times, and Lord Absol, who lives in Sector Alpha, runs one of the most mysterious branches of the Dragon's Guild and we generally try to avoid him as he's quite scary and his motives are unknown. Not everyone knows they're elves, but rumors circulate about them. There are also humans with elven blood, like one of the members of the MTU (Mercenary Trainers Union), many of the Soldiers of the Griffin, and the currently missing and probably dead Scott Mc Henry, former head of the Dragon's Guild.

24th February 2011, 07:59 PM
Any info on the Mercenary Trainers Union?

Lady Vulpix
25th February 2011, 11:58 AM
From the Dragon's Guild website (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/guild/guild.html):

Mercenary Trainer's Union. Head: Lady Banette
Closely linked with the Research and Training Department although not directly under its influence, the MTU was born recently owing to a need to regulate the large number of 'trainers for hire' throughout Ulthuan. Now every time a trainer is required as a bodyguard, an assistant to public training facilities or just to put on an impressive acrobatics display with their pokémon you know exactly where you can find one. Or two thousand, as the most recent employee figures shows. The MTU head office is situated a mere two roads away from the Pokémon Research and Training Department in Sector Alpha and is normally a large, impressive modern building that closely resembles a skyscraper, many offices and random training rooms contained within its confines (although quite recently it suffered a terrorist attack by the Crimson Blades and still hasn't quite recovered from that). Its members work closely with their Guild neighbours and even help the Guild and Dragon Tamers members out with their pokémon training in times of peace.

Other information: they take part and usually organize most events that involve Pokemon training, including the Training Grounds, the various incarnations of the maze and several training competitions. Over the last few years a section of their main building has been open to the public to battle their pokemon for the price of 7 stamps each. They have also helped the Dragon Tamers on our Eagleland and Sybyll missions. While their main building is located in Sector Alpha, they also have an outpost in Tor Elyr.

Known MTU trainers (and references):
-Eric (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/Gabi1.html) (also shown here (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/09.html) and here (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/20.html#battle2))
-Lady Banette (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/ade/battles/029.html)
-Ian (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/01.html) (also shown here (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/08.html) and here (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/21.html))
-Aaron Randall (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/04.html) (previously mentioned here (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/Gabi5.html) and here (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/01.html), also mentioned here (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/21.html))
-Donna Tyler a.k.a. Lady Noctowl (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/12.html) (also shown here (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/21.html))
-Gina Williamson (shown or mentioned on most of Ade's RBG battles)
-Trey (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/trey/index.html)
-Justin (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/trey/battles/01.html)
-Ash Davenport (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/soo/battles/unicorn.html) (also shown here (http://dragonsguild.com.ar/Archives/gabi/battles/21.html))

Notes: Trey was the only player to join the MTU. His stories show more about how the Union works. Ian is the only MTU member who is known to have elven blood. There are, of course, other trainers besides those I have listed.

And their building has a fountain which is connected to the PRTD's fountain via a secret underground tunnel.

Lady Vulpix
10th July 2011, 08:37 PM
Today I was asked about the ratio of the measures on the map (http://forboards.tripod.com/Ulthuan.html) and it wasn't easy for me to find an answer. I thought back about a number of Battle Range stories, checked the sizes of some real locations, and finally reached the following conclusion: the "diameter" of Ulthuan (from the south coast of Eataine to the north coast of Chrace) is roughly 1300 kilometers.

Some smaller islands and peninsulas extend beyond that, and going from one point to another along roads or by train would result in traveling a MUCH longer distance, but that measure should help estimate the distances between different spots in Ulthuan. Also, the "circumference" of Ulthuan is a bit over 4000 kilometers. For those using the crazy imperial system, 1300 kilometers are about 812.5 miles, and 4000 kilometers are about 2500 miles.