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3rd December 2009, 10:31 PM
Here is the story of the last events of the Pokemon Avenger’s. Along with the new storyline that will set off the next expansion.

Avengers Saga: Rise Of The Shadow Stalkers
Written By: Quicksilver62160


Five years ago there stood a great battle the tested the forces of the Avenger’s and the Dragon Tamers. Deep with the lands of darkness rose a creature of pure malevolence, Resomegnis, whom was created from the most powerful pokemon of all time. Mewtwo's DNA, Dark Tyranitar's DNA, and Lord Gengar's DNA. (Dark Tyranitar and Lord Gengar were two of the most powerful pokemon, at level with Mewtwo... they were destroyed long ago though) were fused to empower Resomegnis with unimaginable, limitless powers. It took the combined forces of the Avenger’s and Dragon Tamers paired with unlikely allies in the Black Hand and Shadow Elves.

The battle raged as the pokemon Resomegnis tainted with his black heart fought against the progressing troops. Still, Resomegnis had his eye on one prize… the head of Isilbane, leader of the Avenger’s. Were it not for the aid of Grifor and the legendary Pokemon the battle may have been lost on that day. In the end after Resomegnis was able to supercharge himself by sacrificing his loyal minions it seemed as if not even the combined strength of Grifor and the legendaries could prevent a cataclysmic awakening of Resomegnis’s powers. Then as Isilbane and Grifor lay nearly dead at the monsters feet, Isilbane was able to raise his sword, Lumadius and once it connected with Grifor initiated a fusion. In that moment the greatest warrior the light could create was born, Isilfor.

With both adversaries at maximum ability the clash of the invariable titans commenced. Their blows shook the very ground beneath and every swing created whirlwinds strong enough to lift anything off the ground. Still, Resomegnis’s limitless powers showed their depth as he continued to grow stronger with every swing. This was made even more evident with he caught Lumadius in full swing and shattered the mystical blade in his hands. Left holding nothing but the shattered hilt, Isilfor had all but the lost the fight. Wasting no time Resomegnis charged a massive cross chop and slammed Isilfor into the ground.

Battered, barely alive, Isilfor struggled to regain his footing as Resomegnis loomed over him laughing. Both of them knew what the outcome of this battle would be and Isilfor knew that only one thing could be done. Sheathing the shattered hilt of Lumadius, Isilfor channeled all of his energy into one final attack. Grabbing hold of Resomegnis, he spread his wings and soared high into the sky and launched Resomegnis upward. Then, charging all his energy into his wings he let a massive wind that blew everyone on the battlefield as far as they could be carried. Turning skyward he prepared as Resomegnis dove down at him. Colliding in the air Isilfor used the last of his strength to stay airbound and grabbed the hilt of Lumadius. Immediately he began to surge with a rainbow glow as he tightened his death grip. Then, with a tearful eye Isilfor plunged the shattered hilt into his own chest unleashing both their essences.

The resulting explosion created a massive white dome which consumed most of the battlefield. On lookers cringed in fear as they heard the Isilfor’s screams fade. As the explosion subsided all that was left was a crater over a mile wide and hundreds of feet deep. Almost immediately after the explosion, dark taint which had converted the Pokemon seemed to evaporate from their bodies. Things were returning to normal, but there was no sign of Isilfor. After two days of searching all that could be gathered of the hero was the shattered hilt of Lumadius and a few broken shards. In memorial of Isilfor the blades pieces were placed in a showcase at Avenger Mansion for all the bare witness.

Not much time had past on the barren battlefield then did a dark figure appear. Standing in the middle of the smouldering crater he raised his hands in the air and began to laugh. Then with a great flash to darkness the mist swirled across the ground and wrapped around his body. All he could say was, “the power, the power is finally mine.”

Five years later the Avenger’s have stagnated. Though they remained a critical opposition in the Pokemon world their influence was nothing without that of their leader. Soon word began to spread that Pokemon were disappearing from the wild while others reported seeing the higher evolved Pokemon taking on a darker aura and attacking other Pokemon and trainers. As the threat became more serious the Avenger’s knew they needed to spring into action. Revitalizing their once great empire they delved back to their outposts to prevent the loss of any other Pokemon only to find a changed world. The threats were far worse then before as shadow stalkers had risen.

Not much was known of these shadow stalkers, only that they were behind wiping out the Pokemon population. Still, the Avenger’s pushed into the field and were able to severely impede the spread of these creatures. As word spread that the Avenger’s were reviving to prevent the extinction of the Pokemon more people traveled to Avenger Mansion to join. Things got interesting one day as a man draped in a dark cloak appeared from nowhere in front of the mansion.

“Heed my warning Avenger’s for the darkest of days is neigh upon you!” He preached drawing a crowd in front of the mansion.

“From all spans of the globe you Avenger’s have traveled and many things have you seen. Still, this fight is with creatures with whom you have never matched whits with before. Bring me your leader Avenger’s, bring him so that I might show you the error of your ways against the superior beings.”

Immediately David, the temporary leader of the Avenger’s strode from the mansion. Armed with his guards he prepared to confront this strange figure.

“What is this you’re spouting? I am leading the Avenger’s to help stop this new evil and prevent the extinction of the Pokemon they’re hunting.” David said as he approached the figure.

The cloaked figure merely laughed, “what do you care of their extinction? What do you stand to gain by helping them as you say? Others may be fooled by your antics but I am not so naïve. This evil is far greater then any of the Avenger’s could imagine, and more powerful than anything the world has ever seen.”

“You seem to know a lot of what’s going on in the world stranger. Care to enlighten us?” David said as he motioned for the guards to restrain him.

“I’d be glad to tell them, but I think that you might be even better.”

Suddenly a strong gust of wind picked up and the cloaked man’s eyes began to glow bright white. From within the Avenger Mansion the display case that held the shattered blade Lumadius began to quake. David quickly was overcome with a look of fear as the cloaked figure began to glow a bright blue and green. Vicious winds picked up stronger when suddenly a surge of light exploded from within the doors of the Avenger Mansion and the shards of Lumadius flew through the doors and began circling outside. With a look of disgust David began to glow a deep dark aura.

“Sorry stranger, but I’m afraid this is where we’ll need to put you down. For the safety of the Avengers you and your dark master will never gain control of this world!”

Grabbing the shattered hilt of Lumadius as it spiraled through the air, David thrust it forward and plunged it into the cloaked man. Everyone gasped in horror at David’s actions only to be more surprised as the eyes of the cloaked man glew brighter, turning to white flickering flames. Suddenly light began to surge from underneath the cloak when suddenly with an incredible flash of light the hilt was thrust back into the air. A thunderous roar echoed through the skies as the shattered pieces pulled together spinning faster when suddenly the shards exploded. Lumadius had been reformed.

Quickly the cloaked man grabbed hold of the hilt and as he brought the sword down the cloak was shredded by bursts of bright light. Everyone stood in awe as the cloak figure was revealed to be their hero and forgotten leader, Isilbane. Then from above in the sky Grifor began to descend.

“Avengers, it has been a long time since we have been together. Though it may have seemed as if Grifor and I were destroyed along with Resomegnis, we narrowly survived the blast. Over these past five years Grifor and I have traveled much and seen the havoc these shadow stalkers have wrought on the world. Still, we needed to wait till we learned more and learned more of their leader. Though there is much we know, there is still vastly more that we do not. We will give you some of the information but there is much you must wait to learn for yourselves. Still, what I can reveal is this, David is one of them.”

Raising Lumadius, Isilbane brought it down in a stream of light upon David, slicing him seemingly in half. Instead of falling apart though David’s skin fell to the ground like a costume. Then there standing in his place was a shadow wraith.

“Isilbane, how dare you, the master will not be pleased…”

“Your master will never see you again!” Isilbane shouted as he swung the sword through the shadow wraith.

Slowly the shadow wraith dissolved, but not before saying, “you have defeated me Isilbane, but you know of the things to come…”

Turning to the vast crowd Isilbane spoke out, “today Avengers marks our rebirth! Though our numbers have dwindled our cause has not changed. We will return full force into the world, we will strike at these shadow stalkers, and we will not rest until we free all the innocent Pokemon from their grasp. Prepare yourselves Avengers, for soon, we shall travel back into the world with full force.”

Here is the information compiled on the Shadow Stalkers:


Shadow Wraith- Most powerful, cloaked in black

Phaetarius (Electric Death-Reaper)- Second most powerful, cloaked in orangish-yellow

Volcanus (Magma Wraith)- Third most powerful, cloaked in red

Vipuria (Dragon's Spirit)- Fourth most powerful, cloaked in bluish-white

Terra Phasma (Earth Phantom)- Fifth most powerful, cloaked in greenish-brown

Aquitus (Water Spirit)- Sixth most powerful, cloaked in blue

Herbatungo (Grass Poisoner)- Seventh most powerful, cloaked in dark green


Not much is known of the leader of the Shadow Stalkers, or what his abilities are. There are rumors there is more than just one leader and that he may even have more powerful minions. Still, do not underestimate any members, it could prove deadly.