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6th December 2009, 09:07 AM
Welcome to the Battledome, here you can battle against the Avenger Lieuntenants, enter the Avenger Battle Simulator, or complete a battle to match our current storyline.

Pokemon Avengers: Battledome V-1.0
Created By: Quicksilver62160



1) You may use Pokemon from Pokemon Avengers or any other Capture Center. If you use Pokemon from anywhere besides Pokemon Avengers then please put that at the top of your battle.
2) Pick either a Pokemon from the current scenario or challenge the Avenger Lieutenants in their respective area. Please select which Avenger Lieutenants you wish to challenge and include your Pokemon selection and levels. You may challenge up to two Lieutenants per week.
3) When completing a scenario you may use up to two Pokemon for the overall battle.
4) When fighting an Avenger Lieutenant you may use up to two Pokemon for the battle. Keep in mind you will be challenged by their subordinates before reaching them. With the Avenger Lieutenant battle you must make it a struggle and at the end the reviewer will decide if you have won or lost the battle.
6) You may not challenge a Captain until you have defeated all Lieutenants.
7) Make sure to give the levels of both Pokemon at the beginning of the battle, at the end I’ll give you how many levels your Pokemon gain. I’ll base it on length, content, difference in levels, and type advantages. You will also receive CCPs on that basis.
8) Pokemon evolve and learn attacks just like in the game, I will provide this after the battle for you. Your Pokemon will have attacks learned to that level, and 1 Breeded move, if they are evolved they will learn the same attacks as their Basic form till the evolution Level
9) Every 10th Level your Pokemon can learn a Compatiable TM, HM, or Move Tutor ability. 10) If you need TMs, Items for the battle, or evolutionary inducers go to the Temple Of Knowledge (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?t=19991) to purchase them.



I’ve created scenarios from which you can write battles that will follow the Avenger storyline.

Current Scenario: Pg 1


Avenger Lieutenants and Captains

North America-

1) Eastern Forest: Lieutenant Orville – Electric Type Master
2) Mountain Chain: Lieutenant Tyler – Steel Type Master
3) Frozen Tundra: Lieutenant Sylvia – Psychic Type Master

Captain Newton – Electric/Psychic Master
Prize: AM1, North American Badge

South America-

1) Mountain Top: Lieutenant Sandy – Fire Type Master
2) Ruins Of The Incas: Lieutenant Shifty – Grass Type Master
3) Deforestation Region: Lieutenant Bugsy – Bug Type Master

Captain Paula – Fire/Bug Master
Prize: AM2, South American Badge


1) Sahara Desert: Poacher Drew – Ground Type Master
2) The Savannah: Poacher Diedre – Rock Type Master

Captain Barbara – Ground/Rock Master
Prize: AM3, African Badge


1) Scottish Castles: Lieutenant Vlad – Ghost Type Master
2) Mountain Regions: Lieutenant Amelia – Flying Type Master
3) The Shore Of Normandy: Lieutenant – Normal Type Master

Captain Kevin – Ghost/Flying Master
Prize: AM4, European Badge


1) Mt. Everest: Lieutenant Yami – Dragon Type Master
2) The Great Wall: Lieutenant Bruce – Fighting Type Master

Captain Jackie – Dragon Master
Prize: AM5, Asian Badge


1) Eerie Swamp: Lieutenant Parker – Poison Type Master
2) Shadow Graveyard: Lieutenant Sarah – Dark Type Master

Captain Donnie – Dark/Poison Master
Prize: AM6, Australian Badge


1) Frozen Tundra: Lieutenant Marko – Water Type Master
2) Frozen Water: Lieutenant Jessica – Ice Type Master

Captain Steve – Water/Ice Type Master
Prize: AM7, Antarctic Badge


Avenger Battle Simulator

The cost to use the Avenger Battle Simulator is currently 7 CCP. If you would like to step into the simulator for a one on one battle simply request to use of the machine. You may use this once per day and your Pokemon gain one level from the battle and a few CCPs for the effort.

6th December 2009, 09:08 AM
Scenario #1

Isilbane has returned to the Pokemon Avengers and a huge celebration has broken out in Central Park next door. Avengers from all over have gathered together to join in the fun, when a challenge broke out. They decided that they’d have a homerun derby…with their Pokemon!


1) You must pick a Pokemon that can hold a bat, be creative
2) When you write the battle, choose two of your Pokemon, and two from the list
3) You get 20 At Bats each, whoever hits the most homeruns off those wins
4) Pokemon can earn 2-3 Lvs, depending on the quality of the Derby


#1- Machop and Larvitar
#2- Charmander and Squirtle
#3- Geodude and Abra
#4- Mankey and Raticate
#5- Jynx and Electabuzz
#6- Graveler and Primeape
#7- Gengar and Feraligatr
#8- Machoke and Blastoise
#9- Kadabra and Charizard
#10- Machamp and Tyranitar